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A Guide to the Ray Farabee Papers, 1836-2014

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Farabee, Ray
Title: Ray Farabee Papers
Dates: 1836-2014
Abstract: The Ray Farabee Papers, 1836-2014, consist of a series of materials related to different areas of Farabee's career. Materials cover his labor as legislator at the Texas State Senate, his contributions to the University of Texas System as a general counsel, and his later non-profit work with the University of Texas.
Accession No.: 2009-037; 2010-259; 2015-042; 2015-074; 2015-157
OCLC No.: 946049996
Extent: 7 ft., 5 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Sketch

Kenneth Ray Farabee, known as Ray Farabee, was born in 1932 in Wichita Falls, Texas. After graduating with a Juris Doctor from the University of Texas at Austin, he had a private law practice in Wichita Falls. Farabee served in the Texas State Senate from 1975 to 1988 and authored 245 Senate bills that became law. Recognized as one of the state’s best legislators, he championed the Texas Natural Death Act, supported a limitation on medical malpractice in Texas, and increased child support for state employees. In 1988, he became general counsel for the University of Texas. After retiring in 2000, he continued to serve UT as an executive assistant to the chancellor. Farabee published an autobiography, Ray Farabee: Making It Through the Night and Beyond: A Memoir in 2009.

Source: “Kenneth Farabee.” Texas State Cemetery.(accessed December 16, 2010)

Scope and Contents

The Ray Farabee Papers, 1836-2014, consist of a series of materials related to different areas of Farabee's career. Materials cover his labor as legislator at the Texas State Senate, his contributions to the University of Texas System as a general counsel, and his later non-profit work with the University of Texas. Some documents can also be found relating to his early career in Wichita Falls as a lawyer.

The papers include campaign materials, correspondence, legislature programs, speech materials, subject files, honors and awards, photographs, and a copy of his memoirs published in 2008. The audio materials comprise cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes of interviews and speeches given by Farabee. Additionally, the collection also includes a variety of materials related to Texas given over the years to Farabee from his friend Stan Glass, such as signatures of political leaders, photographs, pamphlets and other political ephemera.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Farabee, Ray--Archives
Bentsen, Lloyd
Briscoe, Dolph
Clements, William P., 1917-
Jester, Beauford Halbert, 1893-1949
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Moody, Daniel James, 1893-1966
Runnels, Hardin Richard, 1820-1873
Shivers, Allan, 1907-1985
Smith, Preston, 1912-
Stevenson, Coke R. (Coke Robert), 1888-1975
White, Mark, 1940-
Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin
Austin (Tex.)
Wichita Falls (Tex.)
Texas. Legislature. Senate.
Texas--Politics and government.

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Ray Farabee Papers, 1836-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



3E440 Letter from J.G. Kearby to “wife and babies”, 1893
Letter from Beauford Jester to Dr. Patterson, 1944
Letter from Sen. Tom Connolly to Hon. Chas Funk, April 1936
Letter from Sen. Tom Connolly to Gov. Coke Stevenson, Aug. 1942
Letters from Sen. Ralph Yarborough to Conway Barker, 1986-1987


Political materials

3E440 Texas One Hundred Dollar Certificate, 1840
Congressional Record, Dec. 1845
Inaugural invitation of Texas Gov. Jester and Lt. Gov. Allan Shivers, 1947
Booklet, Fifty Texas Rarities, 1946
Facsimile, George Tyler Wood, 1963
Autographed photograph of Gov. Preston Smith, with letter, 1971
Gov. Dolph Briscoe signed card
Lyndon Johnson Senate campaign pamphlet, 1941
Gov. H.R. Runnels signature, 1857-1858
Gov. Beauford Jester signature on Smithsonian Centennial envelope,
Gov. Coke Stevenson signed election certificate and signed envelope, 1944-1945
Gov. William P. Clements signed photo,
Certificate of election for Judge Roy Archer, 1960
Ralph Yarborough for President bumper sticker, signed, July 1974
Gov. Mark White and Sen. Lloyd Bentsen signed photos,
Gov. Allan Shivers signature and Christmas card, 1955
Poll tax receipt, 1924
Gov. Dan Moody signature,
Political and campaign correspondence, 1986-1998
Assorted papers, 1955-1959


University of Texas

3E440 University of Texas Calendar, 1908
Bulletin of The University of Texas, no. 165, Jan. 1911
UT vouchers signed by Allan Shivers, student president, 1932


Audio materials

4D257b Cassettes
Senator Ray Farabee Legislative updates, January 1981-May 1981, February 1983-March 1983
(12 Cassettes)
3U145c Senator Ray Farabee Legislative updates, March 1983-May 1983
(9 cassettes)
National Conference of State Legislatures: Death with Dignity, 1977
(2 cassettes)
Senator Ray Farabee weekly report, February-March 1981
(2 cassettes)
Senator Ray Farabee Q&A with Lisa Anderson, January-February 1983
(2 cassettes)
Assorted speeches and interviews, 1971-1996 and undated
(18 cassettes)
1/4 inch sound-tape reel
3" reels, 1975 and undated
(8 reels)
4" reels, undated
(6 reels)
5" reels, undated
(5 reels)


Photographic materials

3S309c Slides of Farabee, undated
3U145b Photos, 1988-1989

2.325/G134 Ray Farabee: Making It Through the Night and Beyond: A Memoir in 2009, 2009



4Ja58 Farabee - A-G, 1985
Biographical Materials, 1981-1989
Clippings, 1987-1988
Speech Files and Materials
Commencement Addresses, 1974-2009
Personal Correspondence, 1961-1987
Conference of Medical and Correctional Personnel, Galveston, June 2, 1988
Criminal Justice 1981-2001
UTMB/TDCJ: AAS Articles and Correspondence, 2002
Prison Privatization, 1987-1994
Certificates, 1990-1999, undated
3So4.3 Photograph, 1999
4Ja58 Eulogy, 2000-2007, undated
Ethics, 1991-2002
Tasscubo Mtg., Radisson Plaza Hotel, Ft. Worth (1 p.m.), August 9, 1994
Health, 1984-2000
People's Community Clinic Speech, August 22, 2001
Health Care, 1977-1998
Human Services, 1983-2001
Humor, 1975-2002
Immunity, Charitable and Governmental, 1990
Judicial, Selection and Reform, 1984-2001
Dallas Conference on Judicial Selection, January 31, 1985
Judicial Speech File (Houston), December 19, 1984
TX District and County Attorney, Galveston, September 26, 1984
Juvenile Justice, 1980-2000
Leadership, 1993
Computer and General Law and Lawyers, 1983-1996
Lawyers, 1958-2000
Legislation and the Law Practice, 1971-1995
Career Service Day, UT Law School - Public Service, 12:00 (Law School Atrium), 1994
4Ja59 Medical Ethics, 1985-2001
Law Day Speech, Wichita Falls, 12:00pm, May 3, 1996
Medical Power of Attorney (Durable Power of Attorney) - Legal Authority and Forms, undated
Advance Directive Act (Natural Death Act) - Legal Authority and Forms, undated
Right to Die - Articles and Materials, 1990-2001
Right to Die - Legislative History and Materials, 1978-1992
Regs. Natural Death Act and Durable Power of Attorney, 1989-2002
Legislative Issues - Texas Natural Death Act, 1989
Termination of Life Support Systems, undated
Organ Donor, 1988-2002
UT Southwestern - Organ Transplant, First Recipient Award, April 21, 1988
Herman Hospital, March 26, 1987
Tarrant County Organ Donor Speech (Harris Hospital) - 9:00 - 9:45 am, August 13, 1987
SW Organ Bank Speech, August 21, 1987
Political Participation, undated
Leadership Academy for Public Service Panel, LBJ School, 7:30 pm, November 13, 2002
Grassroots Coalition Bldg. for Diabetes - ACC, 5930 Middle, 8:30 am, November 11, 1995
Corrections Assn., Radisson Plaza, Texas - 11:45am to 12:15 pm, November 9, 1990
Warren Quote, 1978
Communicating with Legislators, 1987-1990
Politics, 1974-2002
Private Prisons, 2000
Roasts, 1983-1987
SW Rotary, June 30, 2006
State Senate
Dtrs. Repblc of Texas, Austin Women's Club, 1:30 pm, December 5, 2001
Texas, 1978-2001
Tort Reform info, 1988-1995, undated
Texas Eastern Legal Department, June 18, 1988
State Bar of Texas Tort and Compensation Section, Houston, TX - 8:00-5:00 pm, April 14, 1989
Tort Reform Speech, Wichita County Bar Assn., 1986
Good Speeches - by others, 1984-1987
Futurist Predictions, 1987
Miscellanea, 2008
Congratulations File - Appt to UT System, 1988
72' Hobby Campaign Reunion, 1990
Newspaper Clippings, 1988-1992
UTAUS: Admission letters of Recommendation from Farabee, 1995-2000
Chancellor Matters, 2000-2002
Chancellor: Yudof, 2002
Bruck Contract, 2000-2001
3X219 WHC Sabbatical Q-IBT, 1999-2001
Office of Human Resources, 1996-2001
Technology Transfer - IP, 2001
Speech File: Office of General Counsel, 1996-2002
OGC Speech File, undated
Speech: General Counsel, 1994-2001
TACT Speech, Howard Johnson's - 7pm, October 28, 1994
LAMP Speech, Thompson Conf. Center - 11:00 am, November 3, 1994
UT System: Overview of 75th Legislature, undated
Outside Counsel (Intellectual Poroperty), undated
UT System and C/BS, 1988-2004
Speech: Hopwood / Affirmative Action, 1998-2003
Hopwood III, 2000-2001
Historically Underutilized Businesses, Attorney Notes, undated
SACUBO Mtg. - Wyndham Anatole Hotel, Dallas, TX, March 30, 1999
Congratulations, 1965-1979
Letter Heads and Cards, 2001, undated
System: American Health Advisoris Lawsuit, 1994
Articles UT System (by Farabee), 1989
National Conference of State Legislators, Baltimore, MD, November 11, 1988
Biographical Sketches, 1985-1989, undated
Thanking Ray Farabee letters, 1989-1992
Miscellaneous Senate Correspondence, 1988-1989
Honorary Doctor of Human Letters Degree, St. Edward's University, 1990
Higher Education, 1985-2002
Speech: Faculty, 1996
UTSYS: General (Speech File), 1995
Higher Ed. Speeches, 1994-1995
Dr. Chas B. Mullins Resignation, 2001-2002
UT System Miscellanea, 1988-2000
A Cold War Memoir - Hans Mark (second draft), September 2005
Miscellanea, 2001-2004, undated
Texas Access to Justice Committee, 2010
Governor for a Day, 1985
KUT Advisory Board, 2004-2013
KUT Board Mtgs., 2008-2013
KUT Donations and Pledges, 2009-2013
Newspapers - Mats and slicks, 1974
30th District Newsletters and Info Materials, 1981-1987, undated
Governor for a Day (clip service), 1985
Farabee Appellate Briefs, 1964-1966
Vice President - Junior Bar, 1966-1967
3So4.3 Photographs, 1966-1967
3X219 Personal Correspondence, 1987-1988
4A461b [RESTRICTED] Personal: General Counsel Compensation, 1989-2002
UT System Emplmt. Letter Contract, 2000-2001
Earning Statements, 1991-2001
4Zf38a OGC Retiremnt., Related Correspondence, 1999-2000
4A461b [RESTRICTED] LBJ School Appointment, 1995-2007
4Zf38a ORP, Ins.Benefits, Memberships, Parking, etc., 1991-2003
4A461b [RESTRICTED] UT System Personnel File, 1988-2004
4Zf38a Parking - UT system, 1988-2004
Bills Sponsored by Farabee (faxes), 1992-1999
Farabee on the Press, magazines, 1981-1987
Texas Senate Publications, 2013
Miscellaneous Reports (The State of Texas, The University of Texas Systems, Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges) 1984-1994
The Constitutional Amendment Giving Criminal Jurisdiction to the Courts of Civil Appeals and Recognizing the Inherent Power of the Supreme Court - Joe R. Greenhill, 2001
Miscellanea, 1979-2012
Legislature Programs (Volumes)
64th Legislature
65th Legislature
66th Legislature
3J211 67th Legislature
68th Legislature (vol I and II)
68th Legislature, Second Called Session, Education and Tax Legislation
3J212 69th Legislature (Vol I and II)
70th Legislature (Vol I and II),
3W219 Austin Public Radio - Tax Exempt Info, 2005-2012
KUT Corp, 2005-2006
KXBT Purchase KUTX, 2012-2013
Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation, Endowment Committee, 2005-2006
County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas, Speech, Corpus Christi, October 6, 2009
Rotary Speech, November 18, 2009
KUT Leadership Council, 2006-2009
Texas Exes, Distinguished Alumnus, 2008
Center for American History, Advisory Council, 2009-2012
Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation, Personnel Committee, 2007-2013
Texas Access to Justice Committee, 2008-2014
Texas Access to Justice Foundation, 2004-2014
KUT New Broadcast Center, 2006-2010
KUT Progress Repor - 2008-2011), 2012
Texas Access to Justice Foundation materials, 2013-2014
Farabee's Resume and Photos, 1955, 1990-1994, undated
Farabee's Legislation, by subject, undated
Select Committee on Public Education, March 28, 1984
Texas Equal Access to Justice Foundation Materials, 2007
Capitol Preservation, 1990-1995
Medical Liability Benefit Plan, Annual Reports, 1997-2000
Texas Tech Law Review, vol. 33, n. 2, 2002
Center for Public Policy Priorities Materials, 2005
Office of General Counsel - Annual Reports, 1989-2001, 2003
3So4.3 Photographs, 1975-1988, undated
3S182 Honors and Awards, 1980-1986
Campaign posters, undated



2.325/T27 Oversized photographs (matted and foamboards), circa 1970s
2.325/AAA30 Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX (clipping), November 4, 2007