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Bruce Hoertel Photographic Archive, circa 1940-1989 (bulk 1977-1988)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hoertel, Bruce, 1923 - 2004
Title: Bruce Hoertel photographic archive
Dates: circa 1940 - 1989 (bulk 1977-1988)
Abstract: The Bruce Hoertel photographic archive consists of predominantly prints, slides, and negatives, along with printed material, clippings, and correspondence. The photographic material covers Hoertel's work from the 1940s to the late 1980s and includes Washington politics, news stories, celebrities and the presidencies from Truman to Reagan.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.02126
Extent: 7 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

A native New Yorker, Bruce Hoertel (1923-2004) enlisted in the Navy after high school, attending the Naval Photographic School then serving on the USS Cowpens during World War II. Early in his career, Hoertel worked as a news photographer for the New York Times, then transitioned to work as a cameraman for CBS News. In his work for CBS, he traveled the world filming the news, documenting President Lyndon B. Johnson's trip to Asia, South Vietnamese troops, and President Richard Nixon's trip to China. After leaving CBS in the 1970s, Hoertel returned to work as a still photographer, freelancing for Newsweek, Fortune, and the Associated Press. He retired in 1989.

Scope and Contents

The Bruce Hoertel Photographic Archive consists of predominantly prints, slides, and negatives, along with printed material, clippings, correspondence, and artifacts. The photographic material covers Hoertel's work from the 1940s to the late 1980s and includes Washington politics, news stories, celebrities and the presidencies from Truman to Reagan. His earliest work includes a series of photographs documenting the attempted assassination of President Harry S. Truman. Additional items include publications featuring Hoertel's work, images of Hoertel throughout his career, and a small amount of correspondence, clippings, press releases, and artifacts.


The collection is arranged in six series:
I. Slides and negatives, circa 1974-1989
II. Prints, circa 1946-1984
III. Publications and memorabilia, circa 1950-1980
IV. Correspondence, clippings and press releases, circa 1950-1970
V. Photographs of Hoertel, circa 1950-1965
VI. Artifacts, circa 1950-1985


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Personal Names
Bush, George, 1924-
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-....
Kennedy, Edward M. (Edward Moore), 1932-2009
Reagan, Ronald
Truman, Harry, 1896-1980
Weinberger, Caspar W.
Corporate Names
New York Times company
Newsweek, inc.
United States. Congress
United States
Washington, D.C.

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Bruce Hoertel Photographic Archive, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Processing Information

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center's "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Archivist's Note

The collection is arranged in six series: I. Slides and negatives; II. Prints; III. Publications; IV. Correspondence, clippings and press releases; V. Photographs of Hoertel; VI. Artifacts. Arrangement is alphabetical within each series. Subject information has been included in brackets ([ ]) when identified by the archivist.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Slides and negatives, circa 1974-1989

2006-145/1 Abrams tank and Bradley Personnel Carrier
Adelman, Kenneth - arms control administrator, before House Foreign Affairs Committee
Aerials of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C.
Aerials of Soviet complex, upper Wisconsin Avenue
Air Florida rescue attempt, Potomac River, January 1982
Air shots, Rosslyn, Virginia, June 1977
Alfred St. Baptist Church, April 1980
Allegra, Dr. Carmen and Drake, Jim at National Cancer Institute laboratories
Allen, Richard V. former National Security Adviser
Allen, Richard and Tower, John
Allen, William, one commissioner to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Alsop, Joseph, newspaper columnist, June 1978
Anderson, John, announcing he will drop out of Republican Party and run for President as an independent
Anderson, Robert, CEO, Atlantic Richfield
Anti-Savimbi demo in D.C.
Arens, Moshe, Defense Minister of Israel, at the Pentagon
Aspin, Les, Representative, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee
Azalea close up, April 1977
Baker, Howard with President Reagan and a genuine photographer
Baker, James, April 28, 1986
Ballard, Dr. Robert, Woods Hole, MA at news conference on Titanic discovery
Baltimore, MD, restoration projects
Baryshnikov, Mikhail, backstage
Bayh, Birch, Senator D-Indiana
Beach scenes, Mexico
Beirut bombing
Bennett, Charles E., Chairman, House Ethics Committee, February 1980, February 1980
Black Bag, Secret Service, September 20, 1981
Blair House, April 1979
Blandon, José and Rodriguez, Ramon, February 9, 1988
Blumenthal, M., September 1978
Bohm, Dr. Karl, November 1979
Bordallo, Richard J., Governor of Guam
Boren, David - Senator
Bork, Judge Robert, in his chambers
Bosworth, Barry; Schultze, Charles; Kahn, Alfred
Brady, James, leaves hospital
Brown, Charles, Chairman of AT&T, testifying after company was ordered to divest itself
Brown, Jerry
Bryan, John, Chairman and CEO, Consolidated Foods Corporation and Richman, John, Chairman and CEO, Dart and Kraft, at meeting to discuss tax reform
Brezinski, Zbigniew and the Hulk
Burial of unknown Vietnam soldier
Burlatsky, Fyodor
Bush, George [H. W.], February 17, 1988
Bush, George, Vice President; Warren Burger, Chief Justice and Ronald Reagan, President
Burford, Anne Gorsuch, EPA, fights tears during hearing before House Energy and Commerce Committee
Burger, Warren, Chief Justice
Burns, Arthur, Chairman, Federal Reserve System
Byrd, Robert, School lunch
Byrd, Robert, Senate Majority Leader (D-WV)
Caddell, Pat, Hart Pollster
Caldwell, Philip, Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor, Co.
Carlucci, Frank, Secretary of Defense
Carpenter, Dr. William T.
Lord Carrington, Secretary General NATO, receives honors at Pentagon with Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, September 13, 1984
Carter, Amy and Jason, Tree House, April 1977
Carter, [Jimmy] in Cabinet Room, April 1977
Carter, Jimmy, President, Press Room, April 1977
Carter, Jimmy, President
Carter, Rosalynn [and Carter, Lillian]
Casey, William, CIA
Cathey, Dr. Marc at a fashion show
Celebrities, George Hamilton, Barbi Benton, Donna Mills, Joan Collins
Celeste, Richard, Governor of Ohio with state delegation at Capitol on Savings & Loan situation
Census Bureau
Channing, Carol with Rosalynn Carter
Cherry blossom and internegatives, April 1977
Cheney, Dick, March 18, 1987
Chichén Itzá Ancient Mayan ruin, Yucatan, Mexico
Chiles, Lawton, Senator (D-FL) and Rockefeller, Jay, Senator (D-WV), pushing legislation to help stop sale of "crack" cocaine. Chiles shows beer can used to smoke crack.
CIA emblem
Clairborne, Judge Harry during his Senate hearing
Clausen, A. W.
Clark, Don and Anja working out in their gym at home, in Washington, D.C., June 1984
Clay model of Vietnam statue to be placed at site of Vietnam Memorial after caste in bronze, May 18, 1984
Close up tulips – White House Rose Garden, April 1977
Close up yellow daffodil, April 1977
Cochran, Thad
Colson, Chuck, head of prison fellowship, June 1983
Conable, Barber
Conover, C. T., Comptroller of Currency, May 1984
Courthouse, generic, Woodstock, Virginia
Crowe, William, Admiral, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
C-SPAN School
Curley, John
Dam, Kenneth, Deputy Secretary of State
Daniel, Charlie, March 21, 1988
Darman, Richard
D. C. prison interiors, male and female prisoners
Deaver, Mike and Wick, Charles, Washington, D.C., June 1982
Denby, James, shot down over Nicaragua. Holds news conference at the Capitol
D'Estaing Giscard Valery, former president of France
Dinkins, Carol, Deputy Attorney General
Doar, John
Dole, Elizabeth
Dole, Robert, Senator (R-KS), Chairman, Finance Committee
Dole, Robert, Senator (R-KS), presidential campaign
Dole, Bob, Senator (R-KS) and Domenici, Pete, Senator (R-NM)
Domenici, Pete, Senator (R-NM) Chairman, Senate Budget Committee
Donovan, Ray and Menon, General Menachem, Israel
Doolittle, James H, in the National Air Museum new exhibit, "Golden Age of Flight". He is standing in front of a Gee Bee "Z" a Stubby Racer of the 1930s
Duarte, José Napoleon, former President of El Salvador
Dukakis, Michael (D-MA)
Duncan, Charles, Secretary, Department of Energy
Duncan, Lieutenant Colonel Dale, November 1985
Durenberger, David, Senator (R-MN)
F-15's and control tower Langley AFB, Virginia
Fairbanks, Joan, discussing Social Security problems with clients in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, D.C.
Fall in the Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains
Falwell, Reverend Jerry
Family at Hershey Park Arena, 1979
Farrakhan, Louis, Minister of Islam
Federal Reserve
Ferguson, Lena, African-American applicant to the Daughters of the American Revolution
Ferraro, Geraldine, speaking to American Federation of Teachers in Washington, D.C.
Fine, Dr. Johns Hopkins
Finley, Joyce K., Daughters of the American Revolution [lawsuit, 1986]
Florist mixing roses with condoms for Valentines Day
Food Stamps
Foley, Tom, Representative (D-WA), Speaker of the House
Ford, Betty
Ford, Nixon, Reagan, Carter, October 9, 1981
Fort Knox
Fortas, Abe, 1981
French Smith, William, January 23, 1984
Frisbee, September 1979
Fthenakis, Emanuel, former Chairman, American Satellite Corporation and Fairchild Industries
Gaffney, Frank, Assistant, Secretary of Defense
Gallo, Dr. Robert, Dr. Edward Brandt, Assistant Secretary, HHS
Gandhi, Rajiv, slain leader of India
Garn, Jake, Senator (R-UT) and Sasser, Jim, Senator (D-TN)
Gebhardt, Richard, Representative (D-MO)
General Electric
General view pictures of President Reagan speaking to a Joint Session of Congress
Genscher, Hans Dietrich, Germany's Foreign Minister
Getty Images returned (with correspondence)
Gibson, Captain James, Reeve Aleutian airways pilot with wife and Ronald Reagan
2006-145/2 Giddings, Ernest
Glenn, John - Senator
Goldsmith, Judy
Goldwater, Barry
Goodwin, Richard - author
Gorbachev arrival at White House and Gorbachev, Raisa, with Harriman, Pamela Churchill, December 10, 1987
Gourmet Food Store, owned by Giant, in McLean, VA
Graham, Donald, publisher, Washington Post
Gramm, Phil - Senator (R-TX)
Gray, Edwin, Chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB)
Gray and Company
Gray and Company, April 21, 1986
Gray and Company, law firm Barnett and Alagia, October 31, 1986
Gray and Company, law firm Barnett and Alagia, November 3, 1986
Gray and Company, law firm Barnett and Alagia, November 5, 1986
Gray and Company, law firm Barnett and Alagia, November 8, 1986
Gray and Company, Moroccan trade, July 22, 1985
Gray N.G
Greer, Frank
Greider, William, writer for David Stockman
Grey Panther, protest signs
Griffiths, Betsy
Harper, Mary, August 1983
Hart, Gary - Senator (D-CO)
Hawkins, Paula
Helms, Jesse, Senator (R-NC)
Hinckley, Jack and Jo Ann, parents of John Hinckley, entering and leaving court in D.C.
Hinton, Deane, shown here as ambassador to El Salvador
Hirsch, E. D., University of Virginia
Hite, Shere
Hollings, Ernest – Senator (D-SC)
Honegger, Barbara; Goldsmith, Judy; and Wilson, Kathy, NOW Women's Political Caucus
Hope, Bob, May 19, 1983
Hormone fed swine, Agricultural Research Center in Maryland
House Rules Committee
House of Gary Hart on Capitol Hill, front and back
Hufstedler, Shirley, Secretary, Department of Education
Hunt Bros, April 1980
Inaugural Ball, George H. W. and Barbara Bush
1981 Inaugural preparations, 1981
Inaugural stand preparations at the Capitol
Inman, Bobby
Inouye, Daniel
Isaac, William
Israel and France, 1978
Iwo Jima Memorial
Jackson-Stops, Garvese, with Prince Charles
Jarvis, Harold, author of Prop 13, California legislation, June 20, 1978
Jefferson Memorial, Washington D. C.
Jerusalem, the Old City, the Wailing Wall, the markets
Johnston, Bennett – Senator (D-LA)
Joint Session of Congress, February 1984
Jones, Beth
Kahn, Alfred, advisor to the President
Kahn, Alfred; Burns, Arthur; Scotti, Cranston & Byrd
Kane, Robert, president of U. S. Olympic Commission
Kaufman, Henry
Kassebaum, Nancy – Senator (R-KS)
Kelly, Richard, Representative (R-FL) and Abscam scandal, February 4, 1980
Kemp, Jack
Kennedy, Edward – Senator (D-MA), April 1981
Kennedy, Edward – Senator (D-MA), March 1979
Kennedy, Edward – Senator (D-MA), February 1983
Kennedy, [Edward] Ted, Cambodia hearing, October 31, 1979
Kennedy, [Edward] Ted, New York Democratic Convention, 1980
Keyworth, Dr. George
Khrushchev, Nikita, grave, July 1974
King, III, Martin Luther
King, Mrs. Walter Hughey, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, President
Kirkland, Lane, head of AFL-CIO
Kirkpatrick, Jeanne, UN Ambassador
Knight Ridder, Rockefeller Estate, Ellen Warren, Alfonso Chardy, July 16, 1986
Kohl, Helmut
Kondracke, Mort
Koop, C. Everett, former Surgeon General
Korologos, Tom
Kostropovich, Mstislav with wife Galina
Kreps, Juanita Morris, first woman Secretary of Commerce
Kristol, Irving, November 7, 1988
Kudlow, Lawrence
La Pierre, Wayne, NRA, Institute for Legislative Action
Lamblin, Claude, Communist mayor of Reims, France and Marchais, Georges, Communist Party of France
Lance, Bert, Head of OMB for President Carter, currently writing his political autobiography, "The Truth of the Matter"
Landrieu, Moon, Secretary, Housing and Urban Development
LaRouche, Lyndon at National Press Club
Lautenberg, Frank – Senator (D-NJ)
Leahy, Pat, April 1986
Lehman, John, Secretary of the Navy
Levitas, Elliot, Representative (D-GA) with Capitol and Supreme Court in background, June 1983
Lewin, Nathan, Attorney for Ed Meese at press conference
Lewis, Drew; Hendra, Tony; Wilson, Pete; Crane, Mrs. Phil
Liddy, G. Gordon
Lincoln, Evelyn, Kennedy secretary in her home. Kennedy chair and photo, October 1983
Linear accelerator
Little Rock – 25th Anniversary for graduation class of Little Rock Central High School. Ernest Green, first black to graduate after President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne to enforce Supreme Court rule, July 30, 1983
Little Rock, Arkansas, Christmas, 1979
Long, Russell, retired senator from Louisiana
Loren, Sophia, 1980
Lorenzo, Frank; Borman, Frank; and Bakes, Philip
Lott, Trent – Senator (R-MS)
Luns, Joseph, former Secretary General of NATO, Al Haig in background
Mack, Connie – Senator (R-FL)
Maison Blanche, December 18, 1983
March on Washington, 1983
Marchais, George and Lambin, Claude
Maschke, Christopher-Thomas, November 1982
Mathias, Charles
May, Jr., General Charles, briefing on the MX Missile
Mazzoli, Romano – Representative (D-KY)
McCoy, Peter, top staffer to Nancy Reagan in the White House
McCurdy, Dave – Representative (D-OK)
McEvoy, John, former Hart man
McGee, Jim, Miami Herald reporter at the Knight-Ridder office in Washington, D.C., May 7, 1987
McGrath, J. Paul, Assistant Attorney General
McGovern, George - Senator
McPherson, M. Peter, Director, Agency for International Development
McKay, James, council holds news conference on Ed Meese, July 18, 1988
Meese hearing, Mrs. Meese with tears
Mexican poverty, begging children
Madrid, Miguel de la, President of Mexico and Selva Roosevelt, ambassador to Mexico
Miller, G. William, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
Minsky, Leonard in his office in Washington, D.C.
Miscellaneous governors:
Thompson, James, governor of Illinois
Collins, Martha, governor of Kentucky
Kunin, Madeleine, governor of Vermont
Graham, Bob, governor of Florida
Sununu, John, governor of New Hampshire
Lamm, Richard, governor of Colorado
Thornburgh, Dick, governor of Pennsylvania
Miscellaneous personalities:
Rehnquist, William, Chief Justice
O'Neill, Tip
Turner, Ted
Meese, Ed, Attorney General
Doolittle, Jimmy
Regan, Don, Secretary of Treasury
Haig, Al, Secretary of State
Baker, Howard – Senator (R-TN)
Glenn, John – Senator
Thurmond, Strom – Senator
Shultz, George, Secretary of State
Mondale, Walter
Channing, Carol
Woodcock, Leonard, February 8, 1979
Sasser, James – Senator (D-TN)
Sarbanes, Paul, April 1987
Rockefeller, John D., governor, 1981
Schlafly, Phyllis, February 1986
Michel, Bob, December 1980
Nader, Ralph, 1987
Lalta, Delbert, May 1981
Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington D.C., June 1982
Gordon, Dr. James, using acupuncture, 1985
Mitchell, George, November 29, 1988
Mondale, Walter, in his law office and campaigning
Moomaw, Bill, World Resources Institute, July 11, 1988
Moss, Dr. Bernard at National Institutes of Health, leading researcher in recombinant vaccine development for AIDS
Mott Jr., William Penn, Director, National Park Service
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick – Senator
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick and Symington, Stuart – Senators
Naisbitt, John, author, August 1985
Nakasone, Yasuhiro, Prime Minister of Japan
National Christmas tree, 1981
[Native American paintings]
Naugle, Jo Ann
NBC tech shot in Guyana
Nelson, Bill – Senator (D-Fla.)
Netanyahu, Benjamin, minister, Israel Embassy
Nixon, Richard, used in Newsweek , May 10, 1984
Nofziger, Lyn
North Anna power plant
2006-145/3 North, Col. Oliver, at lawyer's office after indictment, March 16, 1988
Nuclear power plant, Surry, Virginia, Virginia Electric Power Company
Nunn, Sam – Senator (D-GA) and Warner, John – Senator (R-VA)
Nunn, Sam – Senator (D-GA)
O'Connor, Sandra Day
O'Neill, Tip, Speaker of the House, and at joint session
O'Neill, Tip and Kennedy, Ted, August 1982
Old gas pump
Order, Dr. Stanley, Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins University
Pace, Stanley C., CEO, General Dynamics
Packwood, Charles – Senator (R-OR) Chairman, Senate Finance Committee
Parloff, Dr. Morris, psychiatrist
Parkhurst, Michael, Head of Independent Truckers
Pastoral scene, Shenandoah Valley, Woodstock, VA
Penner, Rudolph, Director, Congressional Budget Office
Pentagon aerials
Pepper, Claude, Representative (D-FL) with part of vast mail protest to budget cuts in Social Security
Percy, Charles, former senator (R-IL) now head of an international consulting firm in Washington
Peres, Shimon, Prime Minister of Israel
"Perks of Washington Officialdom"
Perle, Richard, Assistant Secretary of Defense
Phelps, Johnny, Chief, Cocaine Desk and John C. Lawn, DEA administrator. DEA news conference on agent killed in Mexico, March 6, 1985
Pickens, T. Boone, CEO, Mesa Co.
Pivonka, Michal, Czech hockey player and fiancée Renata Nekvin Dova
Port of Baltimore [automobiles, steel, steel pipe, aluminum ingots and containers of goods arriving from Japan in the Port of Baltimore]
Pratt, Richard, Chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board
President Marcos visit [with Reagan], September 16, 1988
Prince Philip
Pryor, David – Senator (D-Arkansas)
Public housing, no longer fit for habitation in southeast Washington, D.C.
Queen, Richard
Rabin, Yitzak, defense minister of Israel, after White House visit with Vice President Bush, June 27, 1988
Radio Therapy Treatment, Bethesda, Maryland
Rafshoon, October 1980
Reagan, Nancy
Reagan, Nancy, with Mikhail Baryshnikov
Reagan, Nancy, attends circus and visits Indian exhibit at the Smithsonian with M. M. Gandhi
Reagan, Ronald, swearing in
Reagan's dance, January 20, 1982
Reagan, Ronald, and Nancy, tree lighting
Reagan, Ronald, President
Reagan, Ronald, delivering State of the Union address, February 6, 1985
Reagan, Ronald, with President of Turkey Kenan Evren, June 27, 1988
Reagan, Ronald, with prime minister of Fiji, Ratv Mara, on the latter's departure after meeting in White House, November 27, 1984
Reagan, Ronald, with Andrei Gromyko, foreign minister, Soviet Union
Reagan, Ronald, and Mitterand, François
Reagan, Ronald, press conferences
Reagan, Ronald, surprise stop in Boston at an Irish-American pub, January 1983
Reagan calling play-by-play of Chicago Cubs with Harry Caray WGN at Rigley Field, Chicago. Ronald Reagan had been sportscaster in youth
Reagans depart White House
Redwood Forest, California
Regan, Donald, Secretary of the Treasury and Murray Weidenbaum, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
De la Renaudiere, Xavier, World Bank
Ribicoff, Abe – Senator (D-CN)
Richardson, Elliott
Rickover, Admiral Hyman, father of the nuclear navy
Riegle, Donald
Riggins, John, the Washington Redskins, December 1983
Riviera, Brooklyn, Miskito Indian leader
Robinson, Jim, CEO, American Express
Robertson, Pat
Rockwell Jr., Willard F., CEO General Space Corporation
Rose Garden tulip
Rosenberg, Dr. Steven in his lab and at home with family, December 1985
Rostenkowski, Dan – Congressman
Rotunda, before burial, guard change
Ruckelshaus, William
Ruder, David, Chairman, SEC before the Senate Banking Committee
Safire, William, New York Times columnist
San Diego Zoo
San Francisco, redwoods and cable cars
Sawyer, David, John Glenn ad man
Savimbi, Jonas, Angolan freedom fighter
Scalia, Judge Antonin
Schlesinger, James, Secretary of Energy, energy bill briefing
School busses, education
School, Maryland
Schweiker, Richard, former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of Health & Human Services, now head of American Council of Life Insurance in D.C.
Scowcroft, Brent, National Security Advisor to President Bush
Seal of the Department of State, United States of America
Sears, John
Security training for private guards, taught by a former secret service agent
Segal, Dr. Julius, director of NIMH, helping to write "white paper" on psychology involved in reaction to AIDS
Sessions III, Jefferson B., to be U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Alabama, March 13, 1986
Senators Rudman, Gramm, and Hollings
"Sheep and Lambs," Strasburg, VA
Shevardnadze, Eduard, March 1988
Shultz, George, secretary of state, 1983-1988
Shultz, George and Weinberger, Caspar, Armed Services Committee, April 1983
Sign on the entrance to the Senate Armed Services Committee
Smithsonian feature
Smith, Gerrard
Soensatto, Ed
Sorensen, Theodore, special counsel to President Kennedy and now a New York lawyer
Soviet embassy, 16th Street, Washington, D. C.
Speakes, Larry
Spencer, Stuart
Sprinkel, Beryl
St. Martin Great Bay
Stafford, Robert – Senator (R-VT)
Stanley, Ann, Jack Kemp's campaign coordinator, with Kemp and alone
State Department, Crisis Room, during Iranian hostage situation
Stein, Jake
Stevens, Justice John Paul, playing cards
Stillwell, General Richard, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Planning, in his office at the Pentagon. Retired Army working as assistant in civilian status, September 1983
Stockman, David
Strauss, Robert, Commerce Committee hearings on consumer regulations, November 21, 1978
Sullivan, Brigadier General Gordon R. at Fort Knox
Supreme Court chamber, November 1979
Taylor, Liz, January 1982
Teeters, Nancy
Thatcher, Margaret, holds news conference at British Embassy in Washington, D.C., September 1983
Thayer, Paul, former Deputy Secretary of Defense
Thevenot, E. Wayne, president, National Realty Committee
2006-145/4 Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana, Mexico, border check
Tower, John
Trost, Admiral Carlisle, Chief of Naval Operations
Trump, Donald
Tuck, Richard, Democratic Party prankster
The Capitol, Washington, D. C., July 1982
[U.S.] Capitol, ceiling
Uhl, Edward G., former Chairman of Board, Fairchild Industries
Vance Protection School
Verna, Tony, president, Television Division at Global Media Ltd.
Vessey, General John, February 1983
Viguerie, Richard, 1982-1987
Volcker, Paul, former chairman, Federal Reserve System
Waite, Terry, November 1985
Wald, Robert & Truitt, Thomas, March 1984
Wall, Howard, head of Post, Newsweek cable, Phoenix, AZ
Walters, Vernon, 1985
Warner, John – Senator, with wife, Elizabeth Taylor, at their home near Middleburg, VA
Warnke, Paul, April 1977
Washington, D.C. celebs help homeless
Washington cherry blossoms
Watson, Tom, White House
Watt, James, Secretary of the Interior, July 5, 1982
Weaver, A. Vernon, Admin SBA on missing advance funds in N. Y., November 21, 1978
Webb, James, author
Webster, William, FBI and CIA
Weinberger, Caspar and Supreme Court
Weir, Benjamin, September 1985
Weyrich, Paul, January 30, 1986-February 1986
Whelen, James
White House
White House, April 1977
White House from Lafayette Park
White House from south end, April 1977
White House Rose Garden, President's Office, April 1977
White House under colored lights
Wick, Charles
Wilder, Doug
Wilkins, Judge William, U.S. Sentencing Committee
Will, George
Wirthlin, Richard, heavy duty pollster and adviser to Republicans, February 6, 1984
Woods, Harriet, July 1986
Woody Woodpecker
Woodward, Robert, Washington Post
Wright, Sir Oliver
Wright, Jim, February 1984
Yamani, Sheikh, former Saudi Oil Minister
Yard, Molly
Yeutter, Clayton, March 31, 1987
Zimmerman, A., April 22, 1979
Zimmerman, A., October 1979
Zimmerman, A., March 1985
Zimmerman ancestors
Zimmerman, Scott, tuxedo, February 1980
Zimmerman, Wendell, April 1984
[Unidentified negatives], "Questionables" folder
[Unidentified transparencies]
Liaison returned slides (15 slide boxes)

Series II. Prints, circa 1946-1984

2006-145/5 Adams, Brock, Secretary, Department of Transportation
Amish, The Plain People, Intercourse, PA
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, Robert O., Chairman, Atlantic Richfield
Armacost, Samuel H., CEO Bank America
Baker, Howard – Senator (R-TN)
Bentsen, Lloyd – Senator (D-TX) Chairman, Senate Joint Economic Committee
Birk, Roger E., CEO Merrill Lynch
Blumenthal, Michael, Secretary of the Treasury
Bosworth, Barry, Director, Council on Wage and Price Stability
Brown, Gordon, State Department
Brown, Harold, Secretary of Defense
Brown, Jerry, Governor
Bullock, Clarence and Ladell Johnson give classes to prison inmates
Bunning, James, Candidate for governor, Kentucky
Califano, Joseph, [Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare] HEW
Califano, Joseph, HEW and Costle, Douglas, Administrator, EPA
Cannon, Howard – Senator (D-NV)
Carter, Jimmy, President
Chavez, Cesar, President, United Farm Workers
Christopher, Warren, Deputy Secretary of State
Conover, C. T., Comptroller of the Currency
Costle, Douglas, EPA administrator
Cutler, Lloyd, counsel to the President
Dole, Robert – Senator (R-KS)
Estes, E. M., president of GM with Electrovette
Eastern Airlines goes on strike. Kirkland, Lane, head of AFL-CIO
Egger, Roscoe, IRS Commissioner in front of oversized federal tax returns; Class Room Tax Payer Assistance
Falwell, Reverend Jerry, "Moral Majority"
Federal Reserve Board
Feldstein, Martin, chairman, Council of Economic Advisers
Foreman, Carol, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture (food stamps)
Fortas, Justice Abe
Fraser, Douglas, president, United Auto Workers
Garn, Jake – Senator (R-UT), Chairman, Banking Committee
Giaimo, Robert – Representative (D-CN), chairman, House Budget Committee
Glenn, John – Senator
Goldschmidt, Neil, Secretary of Department of Transportation
Graham, Bob, governor, Florida
Gray, Edwin, chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Handler, Philips, president, National Academy of Sciences
Hart, Gary - Senator (D-CO)
Helms, J. Lynn, FAA administrator
Helms, Jesse - Senator (R-NC)
Hodel, Donald, Secretary, Department of Energy
Hollings, Ernest
Hormone-fed swine, Agricultural Research Center in Maryland
Hufstedler, Shirley, Secretary, Department of Education
Hunt Brothers, Nelson and Herbert
Iacocca, Lee, Chrysler chairman
Isaac, William, chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Kemp, Jack – Representative (R-NY)
Kennedy, Edward – Senator (D-MA)
Kirkpatrick, Jeane
Klutznick, Philip, Secretary of Commerce
Kraft, Tim, Committee to Elect the President
Laffer, Arthur
Landrieu, Moon, Housing and Urban Development
Linowitz, Sol, Mid-east ambassador
Little Rock Central High School, 25th Anniversary for graduation class of Little Rock Central High School. Ernest Green, first black to graduate after President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne to enforce Supreme Court rule
Long, Russell – Senator (D-LA), Chairman Senate Finance Committee
Loren, Sophia
Lugar, Richard – Senator (R-IN)
Maison Blanche
Metzenbaum, Howard – Senator (D-OH)
McGovern, George – Senator
McGowan, William G., CEO, MCI
Miscellaneous personalities:
Ford, Gerald
Ford, Betty
O'Neill, Tip
Nixon in China
Clark, William
Thurmond, Storm
Savimbi, Jonas
U. S. House of Representatives
Hawkins, Paula - Senator (R-FL)
Robertson, Reverend Pat
Burnett, James
Acheson, Dean, press conference, March 10, 1959
President Eisenhower as he chats with Defense Secretary Neil McElroy (L) and General Wilton Persons at the Augusta National Golf Course, November 16, 1959
Kefauver crime hearing
[President Lyndon B. Johnson at White House]
Defense budget, March 4, 1981
Marcuse, Herbert, April 11, 1974
Clairborne, Judge Harry
Moynihan, Daniel
Mullen, Francis, Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration
Murdoch, Rupert, publisher, New York Post
Muskie, Edmund – Senator (D-ME), chairman, Budget Committee; Secretary of State
Nunn, Sam – Senator (D-GA)
Neuharth, Al, chairman of Gannett with logo of new newspaper [USA Today]
Nader, Ralph
O'Leary, John, Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy
O'Neill, Thomas – Representative, Speaker of the House
Ohira, Masayoshi, Prime Minister, Japan with President Carter
Penner, Rudolph – Congressional Budget Office
Pepper, Claude – Representative (D-FL)
Perot, H. Ross
Port of Baltimore, foreign imports
Powell Jr., Lewis, Justice, U. S. Supreme Court
Reagan, Ronald and Nancy, dancing
Regan, Don, Secretary of Treasury
Rehnquist, William, Justice, U. S. Supreme Court
Romney, George
Ruckelshaus, William, EPA
Sawhill, John, Chairman of the Board, U. S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation
Schultze, Charles, chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
Shultz, George, Secretary of State
Strauss, Dr. Franz Josef, Federal Republic of Germany
Strauss, Robert, Mid-east ambassador
Supreme Court
Teeters, Nancy, Member, Federal Reserve Board
Telling, Edward R., CEO, Sears, Roebuck
Truman, Harry, assassination attempt prints returned from New York Times
Truman, Harry, Williamsburg, Virginia
Turner, Stansfield, Director, CIA
The [U.S.] Capitol
U.S. House of Representatives
Usery, William, General Motors, Toyota
Valenti, Jack, President, Motion Picture Association
Volcker, Paul, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
Webster, William, Director, FBI
Weinberger, Casper, Secretary of Defense
Williams, Harold, Chairman, Securities and Exchange
Wirth, Tim – Representative (D-CO)
Wriston, Walter, CEO Citicorp
Yamani, Sheikh
[Unidentified prints]
[Loren, Sophia, mounted print]
3So41a [SRH1230022681] Harry Truman assassination attempt [mounted and unmounted prints]
Mounted 11x14 prints:
3So41b [SRH1230022680] President Harry Truman throws out the first ball of the 1946 or 1947 Major League Baseball Season at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C. between the New York Yankees and the Washington Senators. Looking on are Mickey Vernon of the Senators and Bucky Harris of the Yankees
[President Truman with binoculars and civilian Dwight D. Eisenhower]
[Ronald and Nancy Reagan, dancing]
Top Teacher, Secretary of Education Shirley Hufstedler
Secretary of National Defense George Marshall testifying before a Senate Committee
Senator Paul Douglas removes his shoes during the hot R.F.C. heading
Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Representative Charles Eaton, R-NJ, 1950
Winston Churchill addresses Congress during Truman Administration
The President returning from Independence after the election
Margaret, Bess, and President Harry Truman
Secretary of State Dean Acheson Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, February 16, 1951
Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, Secretary of Army Gordon Gray and Secretary of Air Stuart Symington
Henry J. Kaiser entering his car parked next to a fireplug [hydrant] after attending a House hearing
John. L. Lewis taken before a hearing in the Senate Office Building
Metropolitan Opera House, The Abduction from the Seraglio, November 29, 1946
A Senate committee meeting listening intently to George Marshall, Secretary of Defense, February 15, 1951
General George C. Marshall with wife at home, Leesburg, VA
Bust of Konrad Adenauer greets visitors to the Chancellery in Bonn, Germany
Passengers arrive in this beautiful, historic train station in Cologne, Germany
Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, testifies on Capitol Hill, February 1984
[Reagan surprise stop in Boston at an Irish-American pub], January 1983
3So41c [SRH1230022682] Senator George McGovern, July 1980
[Moynihan, Daniel – Senator]
Admiral Rickover, January 1982
President Lyndon B. Johnson waiting for King Faisal, June 21, 1966
Secretary of State Haig bids farewell to State Department employees after meeting with President Reagan, June 25, 1982
Arthur Burns before a Senate committee, September 1980
[Nixon in China with photojournalists]
[Unidentified mounted prints]
Unmounted 11x14 prints:
3So41c [SRH1230022682] General Douglas MacArthur arrives at [Capitol] Hill for "Old Soldiers Never Die" speech
Secretary of State Dean Acheson on Capitol Hill
Helen Hayes and daughter Mary MacArthur at Bucks County Playhouse, circa Winter 1946
Eisenhower testifies before Congress before 1952 election
Senator Paul Douglass of Illinois with shoes off
Chicago, Democratic Convention, 1956
"Heads Together," Dean Acheson and Representative Charles Eaton (R-NJ)
[U.S. Capitol Building]
[Jefferson Monument with cherry blossoms]
Loading the French Carrier Ditmude with U. S. Arms, Norfolk, VA, March 9, 1950
Bermuda rescue, November 21, 1950
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, 1977-1980
Truman starts fifth year in office, 1950
[Ronald Reagan, saluting, and Nancy Reagan with flag draped casket]
[Reagan "Spirit of America"]
[Ronald and Nancy Reagan, dancing]
[George McGovern]
[Unidentified unmounted prints]

Series III. Publications and memorabilia, circa 1950-1980

2006-145/6 Publications featuring Hoertel's work, including clippings
Oversize items:
Framed invitation from Nan Ping to banquet at Hangchow Hotel on the occasion of the visit to Hangchow, China by President Richard Nixon and Mrs. Nixon. Invitation in English and Chinese, February 26, 1972
Air Force One flight certificate – with Gerald Ford, 1974
Happy Holidays card from President Eisenhower

Series IV. Correspondence, clippings and press releases, circa 1950-1970

2006-145/6 Correspondence, clippings and press releases, circa 1950-1970

Series V. Photographs of Hoertel, circa 1950-1965

2006-145/6 [Hoertel with Truman, after winning prize], 1951
China with Nixon, Bruce Hoertel and Communications Director Gerald Warren
Eisenhower and Bruce Hoertel
[Formal portrait]
[Hoertel with George H. W. Bush]
Watergate, waiting for defendants
Bruce Hoertel is part of the traveling White House Press Corp with President John F. Kennedy arriving in Bonn, West Germany. Bruce was a TV cameraman for CBS News, June 23, 1963
Bruce Hoertel, CBS cameraman holds a light at Union Station 1952 photographing the Dwight Eisenhower campaign train. [With Henry Burroughs and Gene Gerlach]
Cooper at White House, May 1963
[Hoertel, fishing], February 1956
[Bruce with camera]

Series VI. Artifacts, circa 1950-1985

Artifacts Acupuncture doll and needles
License plates, compliments of the Inaugural Committee. Plates read "INAUGURAL 2215 1953 Dist. Of Columbia" and show a picture of Eisenhower and a picture of Nixon
Box of White House press badges for Bruce Hoertel, 1957-1985