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Ima Hogg Photographs, 1830-1977

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hogg, Ima, 1882-1975
Title: Ima Hogg photographs
Dates: 1830-1977
Abstract: Images related to the life of Ima Hogg, her family, friends, associates and activities.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.02084
Extent: 5.5 linear feet (extent is approximate)
Quantity: Includes approximately 1300 photographic prints, 42 slides, 1 film reel, 4 photograph albums
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Only daughter of Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg, Ima Hogg was a philanthropist, supporter of the arts, collector of antiques, and historic preservationist.

Scope and Contents

Images related to the life of Ima Hogg, her family, friends, associates and activities. Includes photographs of Bayou Bend, Varner-Hogg Plantation, Winedale Historical Center, and historic homes in San Augustine, Texas; the 1830 last will and testament of Martin Varner; an 1834 Varner land deed.


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Personal Names
Hogg, Ima, 1882-1975
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906
Hogg, Mike, 1885-1941
Hogg, Sarah Stinson, 1854-1895
Hogg, Thomas Elisha 1887-1949
Hogg, William Clifford, 1875-1930
Family Names
Hogg (Family)
Corporate Names
Hogg foundation for mental health
Houston Symphony Orchestra.
Miller Memorial Amphitheater (Houston, Tex.)
Winedale Museum
Conductors (Music)
Historic buildings
Historic sites
Symphony orchestras
Governor Hogg Shrine State Historical Park
San Augustine
United States
Document Types
Antiques (object genre)

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See also Ima Hogg Papers, 1824-1977

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Ima Hogg Photographs, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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1965-143 through 1997-352

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Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center's "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Group 1 - People

3T240/3T241 [SRH1230021868] 1. Adams, Wayman, Uncle Raw Jolpers and His Hoss, 1923
2. Bibesco (Prince), 1923
3. Bing, Mrs. Leach
4. Blaffer, John
5. Bringham, Mrs. H. E.; Mrs. J. C. Brockman; Mrs. Geraldine Lee
6. Campbell, Mrs. (3 copies)
7. Chalmers, Mrs. Eloise
8. Chavez (5 poses)
9. Clemenceau; E. M. House; Martin Bailey
10. Cobb, Irvin; Wayman Adams, 1923
11. Cobb, Irvin
12. Cobb, Irvin
13. Cotner, Dr. Robert C.; Mrs. Price Daniel; Mrs. Robert Johnston
14. Davis, Mrs. Martha (4 copies), 1903-1904
15. Gail, 1911
16. Gail, 1911
17. Gertrude, 1926
18. Godowsky, Leopold
19. Goode, Blanche
20. Goode, Blanche
21. Goodson, Katherin, 1915
22. Goodson, Katherin; Hinton, 1915
23. Goodson, Katherin; Hinton, 1915
24. Havemeyer, Mrs. H. O.; Mrs. Watson (Electra) Webb
25. Harding, President Warren G.; Wayman Adams, 1923
26. Harding, President Warren G.; Jackson, Laddie Boy, 1923
27. Hartmann, Arthur, 1908
28. Hinton, 1915
29. Hogg, David S.
30. Hogg, Ima (4 copies), 1882
31. Hogg, Ima
32. Hogg, Ima (framed, 2 copies)
33. Hogg, Ima, 1887
34. Hogg, Ima
35. Hogg, Ima; Mr. Bob Brahan; Maude Whatley; Hancel Jinley
36. Hogg, Ima, 1892
37. Hogg, Ima (3 copies)
38. Hogg, Ima
38. Hogg, Ima
39. Hogg, Ima
40. Hogg, Ima; Eloise Thomson; Frankie Withers; Emily Graham; Wagner; Lella Fisher; Mary Mayfield; Miss Harrison; Miss Minnie Carrington; Janet House; Hally Bremond
41. Hogg, Ima
42. Hogg, Ima
43. Hogg, Ima; Mary Thomson; Ethel Robinson; Marguerite Dunnington, 1890s
44. Hogg, Ima (11 copies, 7 poses), 1899
45. Hogg, Ima, 1901
46. Hogg, Ima
47. Hogg, Ima (6 copies)
48. Hogg, Ima; Will Hogg, (3 copies), 1902
49. Hogg, Ima; Tom Hogg; Mike Hogg, (2 copies), 1903
50. Hogg, Ima; Tom Hogg; Mike Hogg, 1903
51. Hogg, Ima (3 copies), 1905
52. Hogg, Ima (5 copies), 1905
53. Hogg, Ima, 1909
54. Hogg, Ima
55. Hogg, Ima (2 copies)
56. Hogg, Ima (2 copies)
57. Hogg, Ima
58. Hogg, Ima
59. Hogg, Ima
60. Hogg, Ima
61. Hogg, Ima
62. Hogg, Ima; Mike Hogg
63. Hogg, Ima; Will Caswell; Vivan Beniger [?]; Charlton Hall (2 copies)
64. Hogg, Ima
65. Hogg, Ima
66. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Campbell
67. Hogg, Ima; Gov. and Mrs. Campbell; Gov. Hogg (4 copies)
68. Hogg, Ima; Laura Franklin; Miss Elizabeth Rouse, 1911
69. Hogg, Ima; Laura Franklin; Miss Elizabeth Rouse, 1911
70. Hogg, Ima (2 copies), 1911
71. Hogg, Ima, 1911
72. Hogg, Ima
73. Hogg, Ima (2 copies)
74. Hogg, Ima (2 copies)
75. Hogg, Ima, 1912
76. Hogg, Ima
77. Hogg, Ima, 1924
78. Hogg, Ima (3 copies), 1924
79. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Herbert Roberts; Mrs. W. A. Paddock; Dr. Henry Barnston; Mrs. William Hogue; Frank St. Leger; Radislav Tsanoff
80. Hogg, Ima, 1925
81. Hogg, Ima, 1925
82. Hogg, Ima, 1925
83. Hogg, Ima
84. Hogg, Ima; Will Hogg (6 copies), 1930
85. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Sharp; Mrs. Garwood, 1936
86. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Sharp; Mrs. Garwood; Mrs. Mongrolies [?], 1936
87. Hogg, Ima; Ellie; Huberta; Julia
88. Hogg, Ima
89. Hogg, Ima
90. Hogg, Ima, 1940
91. Hogg, Ima
92. Hogg, Ima
93. Hogg, Ima (2 copies)
94. Hogg, Ima (3 copies)
95. Hogg, Ima; Arthur Stout; Mrs. Beauford Jester; L. R. Sanford; Mrs. Mike Hogg; Beauford Jester; J. P. Robison, 1943
96. Hogg, Ima, 1943
97. Hogg, Ima, 1943
98. Hogg, Ima, (2 poses, 2 copies), 1948
99. Hogg, Ima
100. Hogg, Ima, 1950
101. Hogg, Ima; T. S. Painter; Mr. R. Cotner, 1951
102. Hogg, Ima
103. Hogg, Ima
104. Hogg, Ima, 1955
105. Hogg, Ima
106. Hogg, Ima (8 copies)
107. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Eloise Chalmers, 1955
108. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Eloise Chalmers, (2 copies), 1955
109. Hogg, Ima; Stokowski; Mr. and Mrs. Hersch, 1956
110. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. and Mrs. Hersch, 1956
111. Hogg, Ima; Mr. Charles Bybee; Gen'l Maurice Hersch (2 copies)
112. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. J. Griffith Langhon; Mrs. Olaf L. Olsen (2 copies)
3T242/3T243 [SRH1230021869] 113. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. John Sayles Leach; August Belmont; Mrs. O. O. McIntyre, 1956
114. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. J. S. Leach; Mrs. O. O. McIntyre; August Belmont, 1956
115. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. J. S. Leach; Mr. Bing, 1956
116. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. John Leach; Mr. Bing, 1956
117. Hogg, Ima; Marcel Duchamp (2 copies), 1957
118. Hogg, Ima, 1957
119. Hogg, Ima
120. Hogg, Ima (3 copies)
121. Hogg, Ima, 1959
122. Hogg, Ima
123. Hogg, Ima (2 poses, 4 copies)
124. Hogg, Ima; Mrs. Robert A. Johnston; Mrs. Alice N. Hanssen; Mrs. Eloise H. Chalmers; Mrs. John Staut; Mrs. Katherine Prentis Murphy; Dr. Robert A. Johnston; Mrs. Jane Zivley; Mrs. Ray Dudley; Mrs. James Chillman; Mr. James Chillman; Mrs. Fran Jaworski; Mr. Jaworski; Mr. Charles Bybee; Mrs. Charles Bybee; Mr. John Staut
125. Hogg, Ima, 1961
126. Hogg, Ima
127., Hogg, Ima; Gov. Shivers
128. Hogg, James Stephen; Sarah Ann Hogg (4 copies)
129. Hogg, James Stephen; Tom Hogg
130. Hogg, James Stephen
131. Hogg, James Stephen; Sarah Ann Hogg; Ima Hogg; William C. Hogg; Tom Hogg; Mike Hogg (2 copies)
132. Hogg, James Stephen, 1891
133., Hogg, James Stephen (3 copies)
134. Hogg, James Stephen (3 copies)
135. Hogg, James Stephen (cartoon)
136. Hogg, James Stephen (15 copies)
137. Hogg, James Stephen (2 copies)
138. Hogg, James Stephen
139. Hogg, James Stephen
140. Hogg, James Stephen (2 copies)
141. Hogg, James Stephen
142. Hogg, James Stephen (2 copies)
143. Hogg, James Stephen
144. Hogg, James Stephen; Patsy and Betsy (2 copies)
145. Hogg, James Stephen, normal school, 1894
146. Hogg, James Stephen; Will Hogg (2 copies), 1905
147. Hogg, James Stephen; Will Hogg (4 copies), 1905
148. Hogg, James Stephen; Gov. Campbell
149. Hogg, James Stephen
150. Hogg, James Stephen (5 copies)
151. Hogg, James Stephen; Ima Hogg
152. Hogg, James Stephen; John Hogg
153. Hogg, James Stephen
154. Hogg, Joseph Lewis (2 copies)
155. Hogg, Joseph Lewis
156. Hogg, Joseph Lewis (5 copies)
157. Hogg, Lucanda (McMath) (2 copies)
158. Hogg, Lucanda (McMath) (2 copies)
159. Hogg, Lucanda (McMath) (2 copies)
160. Hogg, Mike (2 copies), 1887
161. Hogg, Mike
162. Hogg, Mike
163. Hogg, Mike
164. Hogg, Mike (3 copies)
165. Hogg, Mike (5 copies)
166. Hogg, Mike
167. Hogg, Mike
168. Hogg, Mike; Will Hogg
169. Hogg, Mike
170. Hogg, Mike
171. Hogg, Mike
172. Hogg, Sarah Ann (3 copies)
173. Hogg, Sarah Ann (2 copies)
174. Hogg, Sarah Ann (5 copies)
175. Hogg, Sarah Ann
176. Hogg, Thomas E. (2 copies)
177. Hogg, Thomas E.; black mammy and "culled brudder"
178. Hogg, Thomas E. (3 copies)
179-80. Hogg, Thomas E.; Mike Hogg
181-183. Hogg, Thomas E.
184-185. Hogg, William Clifford (2 copies)
186-187. Hogg, William Clifford
188. Hogg, William Clifford, 1905
189. Hogg, William Clifford, 1905
190. Hogg, William Clifford, 1912
191. Hogg, William Clifford
192. Hogg, William Clifford (4 copies)
193. Hogg, William Clifford (14 copies)
194. Hogg, William Clifford
195. Hogg, William Clifford (2 copies)
196. Hogg, William Clifford, 1930
197. Hogg, William CLifford
198. Hogg, WIlliam Clifford (6 copies), 1930
199. House, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.; Miss Fanny Denton; Henry Roberts
200. House, E. M.; Paderowski
201. Koch, Otto (3 copies), 1911
202-204. Koch, Otto, 1911
205. Ike
206. Lacy, Mrs. Rhonda
207. Lomax, John
208. McDonald, Olive
209. Margulies, Mrs. Adele
210. Newhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Victor; Merle Henriot
211. Pease, James
212. Perry, Hally Bryan (2 copies)
213. Perry, Hally Bryan
214. Peterson, Drusilla Huffmaster
215. Saraste
216. Sutherland, Robert (2 poses), 1948

Group 1 - Places

3T242/3T243 [SRH1230021869] 1-3. Austria
4-8. Bayou Bend, 1927
9-23. Bayou Bend
24-25. Bayou Bend, garden (2 copies)
26-32. Bayou Bend, garden
27. Bayou Bend, garden (3 copies)
34-40. Bayou Bend, garden
41. Bayou Bend, garden (3 copies)
42. Bayou Bend, garden (4 copies)
43., Bayou Bend, garden (2 copies)
44-49. Bayou Bend, garden
50. Bayou Bend, garden (4 copies)
51-52. Bayou Bend, garden
53. Bayou Bend, garden
54. Bayou Bend, garden (2 copies)
55-59. Bayou Bend, garden
60. Bayou Bend, house (6 copies)
61-65. Bayou Bend, house
66-68. Bayou Bend, interior
69-71. Cuba (2 copies), 1911
72-74. Cuban, 1911
75. Green's Bayou, 1925
76. Guatemala (postcard)
77. Hancock Opera House (2 copies)
Hancock Opera House
79-80. Hawaii, in route, 1898
81. Jerusalem (Postcard)
82-85. Japan (postcard)
86. Mexico (postcard), 1931
87. Mexico, 1897
88. Miller Summer Auditorium, Houston, 1948
89-90. Peru
91. Phelps home near W. Columbia
92.Pikes Peak, road to
93. Pikes Peak [?]
94-97. San Jacinto Bottom Lands
98. Shadows on the Teche, Weeks Hall estate
99. Spain
100. Varner
101. Varner (2 copies), 1907
103-117. Varner, house
118-119. Varner
120. Varner, band at program
121-124. Varner, hostesses
125-135. Varner
136-138. Varner, speaker, Gov. Daniels
139-145. Varner, speaker
146-152. Varner
153-154. Varner, house
155. Varner
156. Varner, interior and exterior
157. Varner, house
158. Varner, drawing
159-168. Varner, interior (2 copies)
169. Varner, interior
170. Varner, kitchen
171. Varner, entrance
172-173. Varner, interior
174. Varner, bed
174-176. Varner, interior
177. Varner, staircase
178. Varner, interior
179. Varner, bed
180-181. Varner, interior
182-185. Varner, dining room
186. Varner, entrance
187-190. Varner, interior
191. Virginia
192. West Columbia, oil field
193. West Columbia, Congress under the Oak
194.West Columbia, birth place of a republic
195. West Columbia, Charley Brown High School colored choir

Group 1 - Objects

3T242/3T243 [SRH1230021869] 1. Bed, antique
2. Chair, antique
3. Dressing table, antique
4. Funeral train, J. S. Hogg
5. Hutch, antique
6-7. Inaugural dress, Sarah Ann Hogg (3 copies)
8-9. Hogg, SS James S., ship
10. Hogg, James S., law office marker (3 copies)
11-12. Hogg, James S., monument at grave
13. Hogg, James S., monument at grave (2 copies)
14. Wardrobe, antique

Group 1 - Miscellaneous albums

3T238/3T239 [SRH1230021867] World War I, pictures
Picture album, three pictures, Will Hogg, Ima and Will Hogg, and Ima in buggy with a man (photos removed and interfiled, 11/29/90)
Picture album, men in uniform, pictures aboard a ship, pictures of natives and huts possibly in Caribbean
Album of postcards, postcards of Europe (removed from album and filed with papers 3B151)

Group 1 - Oversized and framed pictures

3T244 [SRH1230021870] Hogg, Ima
Hogg, Ima; Mr. Bybee; Mr. Hersche
Hogg, Ima, as a young woman
Hogg, Ima
Hogg, James Stephen
Hogg, James Stephen; John H. Reagan; Gov. Sayers; Attorney General Tom Smith (3 copies)
Hogg, James Stephen, lying in state at the Capital
Hogg, Ima, as a child (see I-32)
Hogg, James Stephen; Mr. Bartlet; Lord Durhurst; Mr. W. T. Campbell; Lady Durhurst; Lady Harbord [?]; Mrs. Furber; Mr. Norman Hamilton; Mrs. Bardett; Mr. J. S. Holt; Miss Bardett; Mr. Burke Roche; Mrs. Barttlett
Hogg, James Stephen (2 copies)
Hogg, Ima; Will Caswell; Vivian B. Caswell; Charlton Hall (2 copies)

Group 2 - People

3W1 [SRH1230030489] Ima Hogg, studio portraits
As a small child; copied by Hamilton Studios, Angleton, Texas, circa 1885
By Journay of Austin: probably Ima Hogg as a child of about 9 or 10, circa 1892
By Elliott, Austin, Texas (original and 2 glossy copies), circa 1905
With May Bess Orr and Mat Benson, picture postcard, early 1900s (torn)
By Gittings of Houston (14, various sizes), circa 1945
By Conway Studios, New York, undated (3 poses, proofs, 1 negative, 10 copies of first pose; 9 of second pose; 3 of third pose)
Small oval, hand-tinted, by X. J. Thompson, Jr., Houston, undated
Carte de visite, Gittings of Houston, circa 1956
Gittings (2 copies), 1956
Passport photos, (2), 1953
3Y127 [SRH1230028516] As a child (handcolored photo-print portrait, mounted on glass, BROKEN)
3S127e [SRH1230029531] Oversize portraits, various years and photographers
3W1 [SRH1230030489] Snapshots and newspaper photos
With Texie Finley (Reilly), Austin, Texas, circa 1900
At Bayou Bend with Joyce Arce and James Dick, Houston Post photo by Roger Powers, 1966
In fur coat at outdoor party, 1966
With Ricardo E. Alegria, 1967
With Ricardo E. Alegria and unidentified man, 1967
With Joyce Arce, Wayne Bell, and Nettie Jones, trip to Mexico, (2 images), 1967
Alone, 1967
At Winedale workshop, 1968
At dedication of Miss Ima Hogg Museum, Quitman, Texas, (5, with various people), 1969
With unidentified woman and baby in christening gown, 1970
With young man, inscribed: "To Miss Ima, with thanks and love, Sid Norris, Jr., July 1971
With David Earl Holt, Austin Public Library, November 1971
Seated, formal occasion, [1971?]
At 90th birthday party, Winedale, 1972
With Nettie Jones and unidentified man, at 90th birthday party, Winedale, planting a tree, 1972
With Nettie Jones at 90th birthday party, Winedale, 1972
90th birthday celebration at Varner, 1972
With Mrs. John Margrave, Houston Chronicle photo, 1972
With Artur Rubenstein, 1973
"At museum opening", 1974
With two small boys in garden, Bayou Bend, 1974
With Reba Mormon and Betty Ring, undated
With Wayne Bell and Reba Mormon, undated
With Reba Mormon, undated
J. S. Hogg in various groups, (8"x10" b&w, glossy, 7)
James Stephen Hogg (photograph of his portrait, b&w, 8)
J. S. Hogg, Mexico, March, 1898
Joseph Lewis Hogg (8)
Lucanda McMath Hogg (2)
Will, Mike, and Tom Hogg as children
Mike Hogg and Tom Hogg as children with family servant holding violin (2)
Mike Hogg, as an adult (2)
[Mike Hogg ?] on porcelain
Sarah Stinson Hogg (3)
Tom Hogg as an adult (3)
Will Hogg as a young man
Will Hogg (photograph of drawing, (6)
Will Hogg (original and 11 copies)
Will Hogg, as child, carte de visite, made by C. A. Teagarden, Tyler, Texas
Will Hogg (newspaper mat)
Will Hogg and Irving S. Cobb in Florence, Italy (postcard)
Will Hogg, [1916?], inscribed "Some Yiddisher"
James A. Stinson
"Texas Tourists, New York, June 26, 1894," group includes Gov. J. S. Hogg (2)
Charcoal portraits of Gov. Hogg, W. C. Hogg (2) and Mike and Tom Hogg as children
3S127e [SRH1230029531] Oversize photographic portraits of Tom Hogg (2)
Studio portraits and 8 x 10 enlargements
Beecham, Sir Thomas
Campbell, Thomas Mitchell, photomechanical reproduction
Chavez, Carlos, 1948
Christian Farms residents, inscribed on back by George Hill
Daniel, Price; A. R. Schwartz; Barefoot Sanders, May 20, 1957
Edens, Elizabeth, and escort, Bayou Bend, 1969
Huffmaster, Drusilla, 1972
Korn, Richard, 1950
Kreisler, Fritz, circa 1903-1904
Nice, Clarence Carter
Novaes, Guiomar, 1919
Taylor, Zachary, photographs of portraits (4)
Umland, Henry
Wroe, John L, Dec. 9, 1911
3W2 [SRH1230030488] Snapshots
Archer, Virginia, 1964
Bachauer, Gina, Christmas card (2)
Ballas, George, family, [1974?]
Bandy, Griff and Margo, on Christmas card from Ron and Missy Bandy, 1974
Bickler, Max H.
Blaffer, Robert, 1950
Blalock, James Wyly
Brooks. James Abijah, "Capt. Brooks and his pecan tree," (cont.) undated
Caldwell, Trudy, Sarah, and Ben III, Christmas card
Evans, Frances, and [son?] Christmas card, 1974
Ford, Wandita, Michael, Linda, and John, Christmas card from Wanda and O'Neill Ford, 1955
Fuller, Mary, 1953
Garwood, Het, and dog "Lord Jack," Christmas card, 1974
Getze, Josie, 1956
Hill, David Lee, postcard, 1945
Hill, John family, Christmas card, [1974?]
Hines, Jerry and Dot, family, Christmas card
Hobgood-Jackson, Ima, 1965
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, group photographs, 1966
Hogg Foundation Medical Advisory Committee, 1966
Hogge, Harry Davis, 1948
Jaster family, David, Gloria, and LaDonna, Christmas card
Jennings, Gary Walter, Columbus, Ohio, 1967
Johnson, Lyndon, grandchildren, Christmas card, 1974
Katterhenry, Ima, 1961
Katterhenry, Ima, circa 1925
Katterhenry, Ima, circa 1943
Katterhenry, Ima, circa 1950
Kilroy, Bill, family, Christmas card
Kime, Ima Berryman, 1964
Liddell, children of Frank and Lise, Christmas card
Malcuzynski, Colette and Witold, 1955
Margulies, Adele, Trio, print of drawing, 1908
Miller, Bill, Mary Catherine, Charles, and Michelle, Christmas card
Osborne family, Christmas card
Parten, Opal [Mrs. J. R.], 1973
Pitkin, Happy and Jamie, 1957
Rankin, Mrs. R. R., and granddaughter Nancy Rankin, 1952
Rasbach, Roger, and sons, Christmas card, 1974
Rubenstein, Artur, 1972
Rubenstein, Artur, receiving honorary degree, Southwestern University, 1972
Stewart, Josephine Armstrong, 1966
Taylor, Van, son of Nicholas and Trinka Blaffer Taylor, 1973
Tripp, Karen and Werner, 1973
Van Dyke, Gene, family, 1974
Ward, Will Caswell, 1943
Wespoli, Uriel, 1931
Willoughby, Cynthia and Allison
Willoughby, Rod and Marie Joe, and family
Wilson, Lucile, grandsons, Christmas card, 1969
Wilson, Ross F, 1955
Wortham, Gus, daughter, grandchildren, 1969
Wortham, Gus, grandchildren, 1969
3S127e [SRH1230029531] Oversize
3W2 [SRH1230030488] Unidentified
Carrie, Christmas [Davison? Burison?], 1974
Gerry, aged 17
Hurricane Tom and P., postcard addressed to Will C. Hogg
Bearded man, "Memories!"
A family, December 1974
Group of four children, December 1974
Baby girl, Mr. & Mrs. Early Rogers, Photographers, Lampasas, Texas
Man and woman, photoprint copy of daguerreotype
Retouched copy of above daguerreotype
Group of women on porch of large building, April 1958
Two boys with a dog, postcard, Andy and Neven, 1949
Woman in military uniform, "In uniform at Radio City", [1940s?]
Young man and woman with hunting horns, circa 1900
Woman (copy of 19th-century photograph)
Woman seated at piano, August 1969
Elderly woman, seated, "P. C. W."
[Barker?], 1958
Two young children, September 1970
A family, September 1970
Couple with baby
Two young women kneeling at home altar, enclosed with Christmas card from Lester and Burdine Anderson Giese, 1968
Woman's portrait on bookshelf or mantle, with Christmas card from "Ralph,", [1974?]
Group of women with "Symphony Birthday Cake"
Portraits, two men (negative only)
Man at outdoor gathering
Young student [Everette Madison?] from St. Paul Industrial Training School, Malakoff, Texas, Taylor Studio, Corsicana, Dec. 17, 1958
3W4 Woman, ambrotype, cased
Woman with seven children, ambrotype, cased
3S127e [SRH1230029531] Oversize

Group 2 - Places

3W2 [SRH1230030488] Bayou Bend, front exterior
Bayou Bend, back exterior
Bayou Bend, gardens (7 snapshots, 4 slides)
Bayou Bend, Music Room (2 postcards)
Bayou Bend, Queen Anne Sitting Room (2 postcards)
Bayou Bend, Belter Parlor, Christmas card
Hogg Foundation offices, 1968
Foundation offices, tea table display, Christmas, 1965
Quitman, Miss Ima Hogg Museum (9 b&w interior, 4 color interior, 6 b&w exterior)
Quitman, "Honeymoon Cottage", exterior
Quitman, Stinson house, exterior
Quitman, Stinson house, interior, dedication and opening
Quitman, Stinson house, 15 interior [may be Honeymoon Cottage]
Quitman, Stinson house
Quitman, [Stinson house?] interior
Quitman, [park road?]
Varner mansion, exterior, 1965
Varner, farm, brushy area, 1941
Varner, mansion
Varner, outbuildings
Varner, mansion, interior, Hall of Texas Colonists (snapshot, 2 postcards)
Varner, mansion, hall, portrait of Sam Houston (2 postcards)
Varner, mansion, dining room (2 postcards)
Varner, mansion, kitchen (2 postcards)
Varner, mansion, exterior, 1965
Varner, masonry defects, June 1957
Varner, mansion, parlor
Varner, exterior, front of mansion (2 postcards)
Winedale, road
Winedale, Round Top, parade, floats, July 4, 1973
Winedale, Round Top, parade, horseback riders, July 4, 1973
Winedale, Round Top, parade, [electric?] car
Winedale, Round Top town hall with banner, "Round Top Appreciates Miss Ima"
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, exterior
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, exterior, 1964
Winedale, stagecoach
Winedale, exterior, house, 1965
Winedale, MacGregor House, exterior, 1970
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, exterior (2 postcards)
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, exterior, 1964
Winedale, front of two-story house
Winedale, back of two-story house
Winedale, exterior (copy of 1920)
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, interior, kitchen (2 postcards)
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, interior, Melchior Room (postcard)
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, Texas Room, postcard
Winedale, MacGregor House, bed
Winedale, Britton bed
Winedale, Britton cupboard
Winedale, Bybee wardrobe
Winedale, Lauderdale House, secretary desk
Winedale, framed item "LINA"
Winedale, framed item "Seine Rossen ohne Dornen"
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, interior, Melchior Room, decorated ceiling
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn, interior, Melchior Room, decorated wall
Winedale, Stagecoach Inn (33 slides)
Winedale, Lauderdale House, 1968 (slide)
Winedale, Theater Barn, 1968
Winedale, Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage, 1968
Winedale (67 negatives)
3W3 [SRH1230030491] Miscellaneous sites and buildings in Texas
Austin apartment house, from James W. McDugald
Austin, buildings adjacent to Capitol, owned by Ima Hogg, 1956
Austin, Congress Avenue, 1866
Austin, family on picnic (postcard), 1880s
Austin, Governor's Mansion, Bill Malone Photography, Austin, Texas
Austin, Hotel Gondolier on Town Lake (postcard)
Austin, ice cream parlor, 1890s
Austin, J. S. Hogg's grave, Oakwood Cemetery
[Austin?] 3 horses with flock of chickens, inscribed on back "'Nap and two ponies of mine", found in Ima Hogg's autograph book, 1890s
Austin, Union Depot with horsedrawn hacks and mule cars, 1880s
Birthplace of J. S. Hogg and Mike Hogg, house, [Tyler?], Christmas card from Edith M. Russell
Blessing, Hotel Blessing (postcard)
Castroville, grounds of Landmark Inn (postcard)
David Stinson farm at Mount Vernon, Texas
Fredericksburg, Gillespie County courthouse (postcard)
Fort Davis, Indian Lodge (2 postcards)
Hebbronville, Stockman Motel (postcard)
Houston, swimming pool, on Christmas card from Elva & Jack Josey
Houston, azaleas, River Oaks Garden Club Azalea Trail (2 postcards)
Jacksboro, Fort Richardson (2 postcards)
La Grange, Faison Home (postcard)
Rusk, building at Jim Hogg State Park, April 1969
Rusk, Hogg burial ground, at state park
San Augustine, S. W. Blount House
San Augustine, Cartwright House
San Augustine, Garret-Parker House, "Courtesy Curtis Mitchell"
San Augustine, Cullen House
San Augustine, Stephen Blount House
San Felipe, Stephen F. Austin monument (snapshot)
San Felipe, Stephen F. Austin museum, San Felipe flag (snapshot)
Site of J. S. Hogg's first law office
Stinson farm barn, taken by Will Hogg
"Tall Timber"
Unidentified house, sign by front door says: "Spiritual readings by Ida Mae"
Weatherford, Parker's Hillcrest Motel (postcard)
Weatherford, Chandor Gardens (4 postcards)
West Columbia, Brazos River on the rise (postcard)
Will C. Hogg Building, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, dedication (44 color snapshots), June 7-8, 1968
Miscellaneous places in the United States
Washington D. C., house and grounds of J. R. Parten home
Tucson, Casa de Bien Venida, enclosed with 1933 Christmas card
Louisiana, property owned by Hogg family, 1973
[Mississippi?] burial site and grave of Sarah Hogg
Mississippi, Joseph Lewis Hogg Memorial marker
Grave stone of C. F. Hogg
Lenox, Mass., Tanglewood Theater, 1948
Highland Park, Ill., Ravenia Park theater, 1948
41 postcards of various houses, interiors, churches, motels, in Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California
Miscellaneous places in England, Italy, and unidentified locations
26 postcards, 3 Christmas cards, and 2 b&w snapshots
3Y195 [SRH1230028366] Venice, Italy (2 color half-tone prints)

Group 2 - Objects

3Y195 [SRH1230028366] Furniture and funishings
Early Texas and Louisiana antiques, color and b&w
Tables (6)
Chairs, benches and settees (10)
Wardrobes and safes (11)
Chests and dressers (10)
Desks (6)
Beds (4)
Andirons (3)
Candelabra (3)
Chandelier, rugs, decorative items, tureen and platter
Art and art objects
British Man O-War by J. C. Schetsky, painting
Silhouette, cut at Ocean View, Virginia, mounted on postcard
Photograph of portrait of Will Hogg hanging on wall
Copper flagon, 300 B. C. , postcard, from museum in Salzburg
Objects from Smithsonian
Limestone sculpture
Benjamin West portrait of women with two children
Henri Matisse "Portrait" in Bayou Bend collection (postcard)
"Germania Gesangverein, New Braunfels, Texas, 2 Maerz 1850" (postcard)
Antique toy coach and horses, Antique Toy Museum, Houston (postcard)
Portrait of young woman by Lester Chace
Two ships of Texian Navy, the San Antonio and the Austin, painted by Robert Poore
Antique German baromet, Winedale Stagecoach Inn (postcard)
"Round-Top in Texas," photo of sketch
"1829 Rudesheimer," photo of [wine label?]
"Wyndale Coach," Christmas card from Harry and Beula Worthman
Newcomb pottery, 1975
Miscellaneous objects
Yellow flowers (Polaroid)
Automobile, antique Hispano-Suiza Town Car, alleged to have belonged to Gov. Hogg

Group 2 - Miscellaneous

LSF "Houston Symphony" (motion picture film, 16 mm, b&w)
3W2 [SRH1230030488] Photos of architectural drawings and model
3S123.2 [SRH1230029436] Unsorted photographs and postcards
3S65.2 [SRH1230027767] Cabinet card album
James S. Hogg
Mike Hogg
Tom Hogg
Signed Elliot
Will Hogg and two others
Tom and Mike Hogg (?) [chalk portraits]
Will Hogg (?) [chalk portrait]
Ima Hogg
Unidentified woman on throne
Unidentified young woman
Hogg family members and friends
Two unidentified boys reading
Watercolor landscape painting
Watercolor painting of house and gardens
Lithograph of the first Temperance Society
3S123.3 [SRH1230029437] Unsorted photographs and postcards
3S123.4 [SRH1230029435] Unsorted photographs and postcards