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A Guide to the Michael G. Hall Papers, 1959-2010

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hall, Michael G. (Michael Garibaldi)
Title: Hall, Michael G. Papers
Dates: 1959-2010
Abstract: Correspondence, research material, class materials, student work, drafts, manuscripts, maps, and printed materials comprise the Michael G. Hall Papers, 1959-2010, and document Hall’s activities as a history professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
Accession No.: 2001-120; 2010-150
Extent: 10 ft., 9 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Michael G. Hall was born in Princeton, New Jersey, on January 8, 1926, and attended Princeton University, graduating with a B.A. in 1949. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Hall earned a Ph.D. in history from John Hopkins University in 1956. From 1956 until 1959, Hall served as a fellow at the Institute of Early American History and Culture in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 1959, Hall came to the University of Texas at Austin, where he spent the remainder of his career as a history professor, initially focusing his research on Puritans in New England, but later expanding his interests to World History as a whole. He taught numerous classes at UT, including Basic Books in American History, History of Science in the Western World, Puritan New England to 1740, The Encounter: Anglo-Americans and Native Americans, World History to 1500, and Seminar in Early American History. Currently, Hall is a professor emeritus at UT, occasionally teaching freshmen seminars in World History.

Additionally, Hall served as the undergraduate advisor from 1965 until 1968, when he became Graduate Advisor and the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee. For four years, 1976-1980, he served as the Chairman of the History Department. Besides his professional activities in UT’s history department, Hall taught as a visiting professor at Columbia University, 1963; University of Pennsylvania, 1965; University of São Paulo, 1976; and Quaid-i-Aslam University, Pakistan, 1984-1985. He sat on the advisory council for the Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1990-1992, and the Board of Directors for the University Co-operative Society, 1996-2000. Furthermore, he belonged to numerous academic and non-academic organizations including the American Antiquarian Society, the Massachusetts Historical Society, Colonial Society of Massachusetts, and the American Alpine Club.

Hall’s major publications include Edward Randolph and the American Colonies, 1676-1703, The Last American Puritan: The Life of Increase Mather, and "Jared Diamond and the 17th Century Encounter in North America." In addition, he edited The Autobiography of Increase Mather, The Glorious Revolution in America, and Science and Society in the United States.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, research material, class materials, student work, drafts, manuscripts, maps, and printed materials comprise the Michael G. Hall Papers, 1959-2010, and document Hall’s activities as a history professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Research material on world history, demographics, and New England composes the bulk of the papers. However, both correspondence, 1981-1998, and class materials also make up a significant portion of the papers. The segment of class materials containing student work and grades has been restricted. Additionally, the papers contain ample documentation of Hall’s activities with UT’s History Department, the American Antiquarian Society, the Massachusetts Historical Society, the Institute of Early American History and Culture, and the American Alpine Club. Furthermore, the papers include some drafts and manuscripts of Hall’s writing as well as proofs of Increase Mather’s diary with his edits.


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Portions of the collection are restricted until 2079 due to privacy concerns.

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Subjects (Persons)
Hall, Michael G. (Michael Garibaldi)--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of History
American Antiquarian Society
Massachusetts Historical Society.
Institute of Early American History and Culture (Williamsburg, Va.)
American Alpine Club
World history.
New England--History.
Austin (Tex.)

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Michael G. Hall Papers, 1959-2010, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Megan Mummey, July 2010.

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3W213 Photocopies articles
Thoreau and the Indians, Michael G. Hall, reviewed 1997
Hewlett Project, 1998
Discovery Learning, 1998
Santa Fe
Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1989-1996
American Antiquarian Society
Teaching appreciation
PhDs and Careers Outside
British West Indies
957 Hall His 328N
Anti-Nomians - 1637
Rob Willingham
Barry Cohen
Gary Hartman - Major Orals
Lisa McClain
American National Biography, 1991-1994
New DNB - New Dictionary of National Biography, 1998
Computer Game - American History [American History: A Computer Game, by Michael G. Hall, ] 1983
Early American Literature Conference, March 1989
Miscellaneous - Printed materials concerning conferences and fellowships
Olwell - URI
Institute of Early American History and Culture
Institute of Early American History and Culture Annual Conference, June 1999
Institute of Early American History and Culture Council, 1991-1993
EAH Group, 1995-1995
Early American History Group, 1993-1994
NEH - American Literature Conference, 1987
Olwell, Robert
Selection Committee for History Chair - UT, 1990
Religious Studies
Naoki Onishi
NEH Fellowship application, unsuccessful, 1990
McCusker - correspondence
Fred Hall - posthumous PhD, 1987
Hall, His 315K, 1988
Austin Peay College - Talk, 1991
Millersville - conference on Puritanism talk, 1991
Evans project, 1997
Marilyn Baseler, 1997
Thoreau and the Indians, Michael G. Hall, Draft
Last American Puritan
Increase Mather, Last American Puritan, 1988
Reviews of Last American Puritan
Wesleyan University Press
John Davey at Blackwell’s
Correspondence, August 1996-January 1998
3W214 World History Association
WHA Paper - "Jared Diamond and the Great Frontier in North America"
WHA Travel Expenses, 1999
WHA Victoria
Germs, Guns, and Steel Reviews
Research files - New England
Cotton Mather, 2001 - New Dictionary of National Biography
New Dictionary of National Biography, Cotton Mather
Richard Lovelace, Cotton Mather
HRC - notes
ESM on Cotton Mather
Cotton Mather and Puritan Creed
Richard Mather’s will
Richard Mather, Farewell Exhortation
Cotton Mather Parentator
Samuel Mather: Biography of Cotton Mather
Mather et al: Sermons in Print
Increase Mather’s will
MHS Proceedings - Diary
Samuel Mather - Figures or Types
Massachusetts Charter 1691
Life and Death, Ribbon copy
Increase Mather - Photo of portrait
Detroit Consoles
Mather Talk LBJ
S. Danforth Comets
Dr. John Clark
B. M. Map
"Revolt in Boston, 1689" Michael G. Hall
Hall - "Mathers and Witches" AHA 1960s
Nicholas Street - Errata Synodalia, photocopies
"Science in Boston: a Historical Survey"
Almanacs - typed notes
Edward Randolph Manuscript, photocopies
Hall - "Glorious Revolution in Massachussetts," 1988
Early American Population Studies
Demographic graphics
Graphs and charts
M.G. Hall - Demography bibliography
Early American Populations materials: Summer 1975
Colonial Pop. - Brazil Version
Demography bibliography
Van Arendonk: UN Population
Colonial Population, ribbon copy
Hall, Colonial population
Population in England’s American Colonies
Lathrop Memorial
"The Encounter between Anglo-Americans and Native Americans: A History of Racial and Cultural Competition in the United States, 1585-1860," Michael G. Hall
Jeanette Hopkins re. Increase Mather biography
Mather Diary correspondence
University of Texas - Miscellaneous
Book reviews and publications
M. G. Hall - annual reports
Hall - annual salary reports
Post-tenure review procedure
M. G. Hall - contracts, 1959-2000
Old Budgets, 1980-1986
Grant Applications general
URI Application - University Research Institute
MHS - Massachusetts Historical Society, 1990
Research Grants New England
NEH application: travel
Menard - Slavery, 1658-1710
R. Menard Dissertation - Md/Slavery
Menard Dissertation - Economy and Society in Maryland
Menard - Maryland slave population
Calvin Martin: Keepers of the Game
Martin rebuttal to Keepers of the Game ed. by Kretch
Gloria MAIN wealth
Jackson Turner Main - Connecticut
Main: Tobacco Colony
Menard, Carr, Harris: Opportunity and Inequality
Menard - "Comment on paper by Ball and Walton": per capita wealth growth
Menard and Walsh - Death in the Chesapeake
Russell R. Menard, From Servant to Freeholder
Menard - Immigration to the Chesapeake
Menard - Transition to Slavery
Merchant - Ecological Revolutions
Merrell, Indians’ New World
Robert Merton, Puritanism and Science
Thomas D. "Tommy" Meyers
Middleton: Bibliography of pre-contact and early contact Indians
Mitchell: Menard’s work
3W215 E. S. Morgan "Slavery and Freedom" Virginia labor 1650-
E. S. Morgan: Review Essay: Constitution
E. S. Morgan: "Head Rights and Head Counts"
John Morgan: Godly Learning
S. E. Morison: Harvard Astronomy
G. Mullin: Slave Resistance in 18th Century Virginia
Harvard College: S.E.M. and Quincy
K. B. Murdock, Clio in Wilderness
Kenneth B. Murdock: Lit and Theology
John Muir: Pacific Historian, 1992/Muir & Thoreau; & God: & Yosemite
Murrin - Review Essay
Murrin - Anglicizing
American Alpine Club
CTM’s organizational docs - Central Texas Mountaineers
Sam Davidson, Access Fund
Nicholas Dodge
Sandy East: International Alpine climbing near Boulder
Jeff Elfont
Ralph Erenzo
John Hart
Inyo National Forest
Clyde Johes, CMS Access Chair
Joshua Tree
A.A.C. Lobbying
McConnell Files
Robert McConnell
Bob McGown
Greg Miller
AAC miscellaneous
Eliza Moran
Dan Morrison: Writer/Photographer
National Park Service
NPS: Trails
NOLS: Leave No Trace
Phil Powers
Verne Read
Sharon Reynolds
Joel Robinson
Charley Shimanski
Sierra Nevada Alliance
Henry Skade
South Central Section
William Stall
Eve Tallman
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Trails Program
Trust for Public Lands
UIAA, Mountaineering
Anne Vickery
Video Program
J. E. D.
Ted Wilson
Witesman, Fred
AAC membership by zip code
AAC board meeting
Network Correspondence
Grass Roots Climbing Organizations
AAC Quarterly Reports
AAC Expenses
AAC Newsletter
AAC HQ: Pomfret, Susskind, et al
American Mountaineering Center
The American Mountaineering Center, Fundraising Project Strategy
Van Arendok
Jyoti Shankar Singh, ICPD 1994
United Nations, 1993
Simmons: Mass. Franchise
R. Simmons - Three Broadsides
Simmons, R. C. - Massachusetts Charter of 1691
Alan Simpson - Puritanism Old & New
Germans - Col. South Carolina
R. A. Skelton: Vinland Map
P. G. Slater - Children in NE Mind in Death & Life
R. Slotkin - Regeneration Through Violence
Smith, Daniel - Demographic History of New England
Carleton Sprague Smith - Music & Poetry in Boston
W. U. Solberg, Redeem the Time
Sosin - English America, Vol. I
David E. Stannard: Puritan Way of Death
Lawrence Stone: Rev. 1689
Stout - New England Soul
Harry Stout - University Men in New England
Marion Stowell: Almanacs
Strout: New Heavens, New Earth
Suffolk County Court
E. G. R. Taylor, Original Writings of the Two Richard Hakluyts
E. G. R. Taylor, Tudor Geography
Terrie: Environmental History: Bibliography
Thomas & Anderson - White Population, Labor, Etc.
Benjamin Thompson, New England’s Crisis
Thompson - Sex in Middlesex
Tillson: Southern Backcountry
Peter Toon: Puritan Eschatology
Toulhouse - Art of Prophesying
Robert Trent - Mannerism
Trudel, Marcel - Population of Canada
F. J. Turner, Frontier Essay
Vaughn & Clark - Puritans Among the Indians
Donald Weber, Rhetoric & History
Lynn White: Roots of Ecological Crisis
Phil White: Multiculturalism
Richard White - Middle Ground
Tawney: Religion & Rise of Capital
Trumbull - Northampton
Tuveson, Redeemer Nation
Van de Wetering - Puritan Science and Puritan Reasoning
Van Dyken - Samuel Willard
Verlinden, Beginnings of Modern Colonization
M. Vinovskis - Miscellaneous
Vinovskis, Maris - Mortality Rates, etc.
M. Vinovskis - Puritans
James P. Walsh - Solomon Stoddard
G. B. Warden critique of economic stats and inequality
Washburn - various
Owen C. Watkins - Puritan Experience
Walzer - Revolution of the State
Joan Webber - Eloquent "I"
Philip White - Multiculturalism
Willard, Ne Sutor Ultra Crepidam TTR by M 1681
Samuel Williard: Reformation a Great Duty, 1694
John Williams, Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion
Williston Walker: Heads…
Robert Wilson: Ebeneezer Gay & Rationalism
Whittemore, Edwards Bibliography
George Hunston Williams - Harvard Divinity School
3W216 Offprints - by Michael G. Hall
Articles - by Michael G. Hall
Nelson, New Hampshire, 1780-1870, by Michael G. Hall
Increase Mather’s diary, manuscript edited by Michael G. Hall, fourteen parts
Photocopies of various manuscripts relating to Increase Mather
3W217 John Wise, Churches Quarrel & Vindication
J. Winsor, Memorial History of Boston II
Wroth, Colonial Printer
Gordon Wood, Interest & Constitution
Adams & Wroth: American Engravings
Linnie Marsh Wolfe: John Muir
Gordon Wood: Review of Puritanism
Peter Wood: Black Majority
Isser Woloch, French School Social History
E. A. Wrigley, Introduction to English History Demography
Wells - Population
Wyckoff - Maryland Land Prices
Peter Wacker - Land & People N. J.
Walter Webb
Williamson - Age of Drake
William Willis, Divide and Rule, Red White and Black
Gray and Wood: Introduction of Slavery in Georgia
Walton Bibliography
John Waters - Otis Family
Shepherd and Walton - Skipping Maritime Trade
Conrad Wright: Liberal Christians
Conrad Wright: Unitarianism
William T. Youngs: God’s Messengers
Peter Zagorin, Social Intepretation of the English Revolution
Larzer Ziff: Career of John Cotton
Zuckerman: Peaceable Kingdoms
Zuckerman: Apes are not us
325P Packet Originals, Summer 1997
LAH350/HIS366N - Seating
Axtell and Columbus
Encounter materials
White Nationality in World History
LAH305/HIS306N materials, visuals, maps
WH a major or minor
World History Music
381 - World History Spring 1998
392 - Colonial British America
Boyer Commission
Boyer Report
Lovat Dickson, Wilderness Man Grey Owl
AP Course in World History
Hatch - Abstracted
McNickle, Native American Tribalism
Anglo & Indians: Packet
McArthy - A Review Essay
McLoughlin - Revivals, Awakening
McLoughlin, New England Dissertation
William McLoughlin - N. E. Dissent
McLoughlin - Baptist debate 1668
Nash - Urban Crucible
Nash - Quakers and Politics
Roderick Nash - Bibliography
Nash - Wilderness: Bibliography
Roderick Nash - Readings, 1968
Navigation Acts
H. Richard Niebuhr: Social Origins
H. Richard Niebuhr: Social Source
Douglas North and Robert Thomas: Rise of Western World
John Norton - On Order
Mary Beth North: Women’s Experience
Susan Norton - Population Growth in Colonial America
Nuttall - Visible Saints
Nuttall - Holy Spirit n Puritan Faith and Experience
Urian Oakes: New England Pleaded with 1673
Max Oelschlaeger - Idea of Wilderness
Roland Oliver on African Slavery
Ortiz - The Tewa World
Paglia - Sex and Violence or Nature and Art
Pearce: American Poetry
Roy Harvey Pearce: Captivity N’s
Roy Harvey Pearce: Savages of America
Pells: Liberal Minds, Conserv. Age
Perzel, Edward S. - Landholding in Ipswich
Norman Pettit, The Heart Prepared
Nathan Phelps - King Philip’s War
Plumstead: Wall and the Garden
Powhatan’s Mantle
Quinn - Roanoke Voyages
Quinn - Gilbert
D. B. Quinn - sr. T. Smythe, Magdalen
Randolph Letters
John Redwood - Reason, Ridicule and Religion 1600-1750
Susan Reed: Church and State
Resnick: Literacy
Richter and Merrell: Covenant Chain
Chandler Robbins, History of 2nd Church
Wendy Rose: White Shamanism
S. J. Roper - Revere House
Jesper Rosenmeier: John Cotton
Mary Rowlandson
Milton Rugoff: Beechers
Anita Rutman - Still Planting Seeds of Hope
Salem Witchcraft Trials
William L. Sachse: Americans in England
Scheick: American Literary Scholarship
Schlesinger: Age of Jackson
G. Scholem - Sabbatai Sevi
George Sarton on Book Reviews
Thomas Shepard: Eye Salve 1672
Handwritten notes
Silverman - CM
Bruce Trigger: Romantic vs. Rational
Trigger - Huron
R. White: Constructing Self and Persons
Richard White - Western History
PCL Reserves
PCL Renewals
3W218 Lecture materials:
Map Catalogues
Maps and Atlases
Map Catalogues
325P Maps
Eastern U.S.
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United States
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North East, New England
New England Indian Maps
Indians of King Philip’s War from Unredeemed Captive Article, January 1993
Western and Southwestern US
Africa - Oliver’s Maps
Indians of Southern U.S.
Trigger - Huron Trade
Henry Hudson - Sea of Darkness
White - Middle Ground
Muir’s Alaska
Dufour Overheads: Maps
Liberty, Equality, Power Maps
Slave Trade Statistics
Native African Society
French in North America
Wood’s Black Majority
Southwest Indians
Visuals for African Population Growth
Visuals Chesapeake Tours
Overheads of Virginia Demographic and North East Towns
H. Fall ’97 #1
H. Fall ’97 #2
H. Fall ’97 #3
H. Fall ’97 #4
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H. Fall ’97 #6
Chp. VI Revolutionary War
H. Fall ’97 #7
H. Fall ’97 #8
Chp. VIII 1790-1800
Lewis and Clark IX
H. Fall ’97 #9
IX Romanticism
X Politics, 1828-1840
X Industrial and Agricultural Revolution, 1800-1840
H. Fall ’97 #10
H. Fall ’97 Weld - Abolition - Voluntary #11
H. Fall ’97 #12
XII Slavery
H. Fall ’97 #13
XIII Westward Expansion
Smithsonian Exhibit - How the West Was Won
H. Fall ’97 #14
Civil War Lecture Materials
H. Fall ’97 #15
XV Civil War
Canada - Alaska - North Pole
Misc. Maps
U.S. Maps
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U.S. National Parks, Wilderness, Rivers
South America
North America
Mexico - Central America
Great Britain
Henry Hudson
World History 1997:
World History Maps
L. L. Cavalli-Storza Neolithic Transition
World History Fall 1997 #1
World History Fall 1997 #2
World History Fall 1997 #3
World History Fall 1997 #4
World History Fall 1997 #5
World History Fall 1997 #6
World History Fall 1997 #7
World History Fall 1997 - Islamic Asian
Readings in World History
Marshall Hodgson Rethinking World History
Migrations CD, 1500-2000
Freshman Seminar 2001:
Freshman Seminar/Admin
FS 2001 Globalization
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Salisbury: Manitou & Providence
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Kupperman: Settling
Dean R. Snow: Mohawk Cultural Exchange
Russell Thornton: Indian Populations
Suggested Readings for Encounter
Sheburne Cook: Death by War
Jennings: Invasion of America
Cronon: Changes in the Land
Vaughan: revised edition
Neal Salisbury: Man in the Northeast
Covenant Chain, edited by Richter
Salisbury: After the Pequot War
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Population articles
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