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A Guide to the John Singleton Papers

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Singleton, John
Title: Singleton, John, Papers
Dates: 1932-2008 (bulk 1960s-1980s)
Abstract: Professional papers of retired U. S. Federal Judge John Singleton including correspondence with John F. Kennedy and papers relating to the President's planned visit to Texas in 1963.
Accession No.: 2012-034; 2012-179; 2012-293
Extent: 75 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

A resident of Houston, Texas, John V. Singleton received his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. After passing the Texas bar in 1942, Singleton served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Following the war, he returned to Texas, where he practiced law in Houston. In 1966, Singleton was appointed District Judge of the U.S. District Court for southern Texas, and Chief Judge in 1979. Additionally, he served as District Judge Representative to the U.S. Judicial Conference from 1980 through 1983.


"John V. Singleton." Accessed March 29, 2012.

Scope and Contents

Professional papers of retired U. S. Federal Judge John Singleton of Houston, including photos, resumes, court opinions, trial documents, case files, transcripts of oral history interviews, and correspondence with President John F. Kennedy, Governor John Connally, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Jim Wright. Also, papers relating to Kennedy’s visit to Texas in 1963, including a program for the canceled “Texas Welcome Dinner” to be held for Kennedy, Johnson, and Connally in Austin, Texas, on November 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was assassinated.


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Subjects (Persons)
Connally, John Bowden, 1917-1993.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 -- Assassination.
Singleton, John -- Archives.
Dinners and dining -- Texas -- History -- 20th century -- Sources.
Austin (Tex.).
United States. President.

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John Singleton Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Stored on-site at SRH

2.325/M87 Professional Papers
Photo of John V. Singleton
"Reflections: John V. Singleton" Texas Bar Journal, March 1993
Correspondence, 1957, 1960
Letter from John F. Kennedy, October 4, 1960
Letter from Frank Ikard, August 31, 1960
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson, July 26, 1960
Letter from J. E. Connally, July 25, 1960
Letter from Jim Wright, July 20, 1960
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson, July 18, 1960
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson, December 9, 1957
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson, December 6, 1957
Memorandum pertaining to President Kennedy's planned visit to Texas, undated
Memorandum, May 19, 1963
Oral history transcripts
"Texas Welcome Dinner" program, 1963
2.325/T38c Oversize
Signed photo of President Lyndon Johnson and family, 1965
Signed photo of Singleton with President Lyndon Johnson
Signed photo of Lyndon Johnson family at LBJ Ranch
Signed photo of Governor John Connally
Photos of Singleton with President Lyndon Johnson outside the White House
Signed photo of Singleton, John Connally, Bob Strauss, and Jake Pickle
Signed photo of Jake Pickle
Proclamation “John V. Singleton Day,” City of Houston, 2008
John Singleton collage
Photo: “Me and Lyndon”
Photo of Singleton swearing-in ceremony with John Connally
Pastel sketch of Singleton sitting as judge
2.116/OD1420 Photo collage of Singleton in the U.S. Navy
Commission to State Depository Board, signed by Governor John Connally, with photo, 1965
Appointment as U.S. District Judge, signed by President Lyndon Johnson, 1966
Color group photo of the district judges from the Southern District of Texas, 1982
Honorary crew member certificate and photo collage for the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, 1987
2.325/B132c Corrugated container antitrust litigation, 1982
Threshold of Tomorrow: The Great Society, commemorative book for the inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson, 1965
Certificates, proclamations, invitations
Cased letter and one dollar bill from John Connally, 1971
2.325/M101 Daily log, including entries from President Kennedy's visit to Texas, 1963
2.325/R55.1 LP record: His Last 24 Hours: The Three Texas Speeches of President Kennedy and His Inaugural Address, A memorial album prepared by the state democratic executive committee of Texas for those who would have attended the “Texas Welcome” dinner in Austin on November 22, 1963.


Stored off-site at LSF

2012-179/23 Chief District Justice, Point Clear, AL, August 29-30, 1977
5th Circuit, Chief Judge Meeting at Sea Island, GA, Feb. 6-9, 1977
Judicial Conference of the 5th Circuit, Biloxi, Mississippi, May 3-6, 1981
Judicial Conference for the 5th Circuit, Dallas, May 18-21, 1980
Judicial Conference for the 5th Circuit, Atlanta, GA, 1979
Judicial Conference for the 5th Circuit, New Orleans, LA, 1978
Judicial Conference for the 5th Circuit, Houston, April 20-22, 1976
Judicial Conference Host Committee, 1976
Judicial Conference for the 5th Circuit, Orlando, FL, 1975
2012-179/4 In the United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit (R-Z)
Opinions Delivered by John V. Singleton, Jr., 71-87
2012-179/11 University of Texas Cactus Yearbooks, 1932, 1936-1938, 1940-1941
2012-179/3 Slip Opinions when Judge sat on 5th Circuit
In the United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit (A-Q)
2012-179/1 John V. Singleton
J.V.S Navy records
John V. Singleton Personal file (Jury charge criminal)
Criminal Charge, US vs. Windham and Harlow
Criminal Charge, US vs. Wilson and Abercrombie
Criminal Charge, US vs. Willis
Criminal Charge, US vs. Marvin L. Turner
Criminal Charge, US vs. Wilson
Criminal Charge, US vs. Tom Williams
Criminal Charge, US vs. Williams
Criminal Charge, US vs. Washington
Criminal Charge, US vs. Leland Williams
Criminal Charge, US vs. Walker
Criminal Charge, US vs. Cuddell Watkins
Criminal Charge, US vs. Walbey
Jake Pickle
Legal cases and documents (unlabeled)
UT Law School
UT Ex-Students Association (Alumnus)
John F. Kennedy
Texas Bar Journal/State Bar of Texas, 50 Year Essay
LBJ general
USDJ - John V. Singleton
United States Department of Justice Interview of Judge John V. Singleton
Farb Foundation
Opinions, List of J.V.S.
2012-179/15 In the United States District Court for the southern division of Texas, Houston Division (W)
Canatxx v. Silverhawk, Motions for summary judgment
John V. Singleton opinions, Q-R
In the United States District Court for the southern division of Texas, Houston Division (A-D)
2012-179/50 Inter-court Public defender (Noel)
Federal Rules
Federal Judicial Center, 1982-85, undated
Federal Judicial Center, Report of trial in district court
Federal Judicial Center, Circuit executive
Federal Judicial Center, General to 1974
Federal Judicial Center, Case-load study
Federal Judicial Center, Automobile insurance, comp. study
Energy and conservation and occupant emergency plan
Appointment of administrators and trustees, 1983-1985
AO (Administrative office of the Untied States courts) Management Review, 1979-1985
Administrative office, lawsuits against judiciary, 1985, undated
Administrative office, legislative affairs
2012-179/41 Court of appeals, inter-intra circuit assignments
Court of appeals, diner honoring Judge Brown, Sept. 12, 1984
Court of appeals, General, 1982-83
Court of appeals, Judicial Council - Action
Court of appeals, General, 1966-1973
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Merit selection panel
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, 1984-1985
2012-179/33 Photographs of John V. Singleton
Correspondence, 1966
Appointment of US Marshalls and Deputy Marshalls
Appointment of Probation Officers and their Secretaries
Appointment of Court Reporters
In the United States District Court in the eastern District of Pennsylvania, 1983
Judgment and Commitment Order, southern district of Texas, 1970
Case Files:
Crane, Ralph T.
Treadway, Dean C.
United States of America vs. International Paper Company, et. al
Consolidated Packaging Corp
Alton Box Ford Company
Olin Kraft, Inc.
Hoerner Waldorf Company Presentence Memoranda
2012-179/68 Reading file, July-December 1982
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1980-1982
Administrative office, reports and letters
Docket, Bass v. Singleton and Seals
Docket, Report of fines and restitutions
Docket, Multi-district litigation
Case activity reports, 1983
Curt Singer, polygraph service
Correspondence concerning decision
Reading file, 1981
Court of appeals docket
Cases, 1983
Local rules, 1980
Reading file, January-June, 1982
2012-179/7 John V. Singleton opinions (C-F)
In the United States Court in the Southern division Houston district, Civil order/judgements (E-G, T-Z)
2012-179/12 John V. Singleton opinions (N-P, Sn-T, T-V)
John V. Singleton sentences, A-H
2012-179/10 Case files: Two Pesos v. Taco Cabana, USA v. Hatteras
Criminal Charges: USA v. Adams, USA v. Mertens and Collins
Misc. correspondence relating to federal judgeship, 1965-66
2012-179/14 Sentences
Loose leaf paper, likely from top binder
2012-179/26 Chief District Judges’ meeting, 1977-1978
5th Circuit Chief judges; meeting, 1978-1980
Metropolitan Chief Judges’ meeting, 1978-1979
Judicial panel on Multidistrict litigation, Conference on Section 1407, Transferee judges, 10th-14th, 1977-1981
Judicial conference - Joint Sentencing Institute
Judicial seminars
Material disseminated at seminar for newly appointed judges, 1971
Regional judges’ conference, 1971
2012-179/29 Seminar on habeas corpus and prisoners’ civil rights
Workshops - Attorney General seminar, 1973
Conference for District Court judges, 1973
Speech - Federal Practice and Procedure Institute
Sentencing Institute, 1974
Federal Bar Association - Federal rules of evidence seminar, 1975
Workshop - Pretrial and Discovery, 1975
Seminar - Federal Trial Practice Skills
Workshop for District Judges of the 5th Circuit, 1976-1979
Antitrust Damage Institute
Workshop - Moot Court competition, 1977
Seminar - Litigating the Issue of Punishment before trial, 1977
Workshop - Legislation and judicial decision affecting corrections in Texas, 1977
Sentencing Institute for 5th circuit, 1975
Ohio State Bar Antitrust Section Institute, 1979
Economics Institute for Federal judges
2012-179/45 US v. International Paper Company, et al and US v. Boise Cascade Company et al
2012-179/6 John V. Singleton opinions, G, H
Civil orders and judgments, J-L
Opinions Continental Oil Co. to end of C
2012-179/5 USS Dempsey
U. S. Navy files
John B. Connally
State Bar of Texas - Standing committee liaison with US Federal judiciary
Copies of Civil 310 charges
Instructions re: note taking
Civil Pattern Jury Charges/5th circuit
Abbs vs. Rier Inn, et al
Index to Civil Charges: Andries v. Delta v. Canadian drift --- Bruner v. Republic; Bykowicz, et al v. Pulte Home Corp. et al
Book materials
Newspaper clippings
JVS 10th Anniversary on bench
Looper v. Morton
Trial advocacy “Seminar of the Century” III, 1983 (tapes)
Jury forms
Thornell v. State Bar of Texas
Index to Criminal Charges: Massage Parlor case (letters and news clippings), Copies of letters and opinion
2012-179/17 Newspaper clippings re: Singleton
2012-179/9 Opinions Alphabetical Index Subject Index A-B, I-M
2012-179/27 Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation
Woodlands Telecommunications Corporation vs. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - Order Allowing Amended Complaint
Fred Friendly Series: Columbia University - Atlanta, 1987
Owens-Illinois Inc.
International Paper Company
Weierhaeuser Financial Reports
2012-179/28 Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation
2012-179/8 US District for Southern District of Texas, Houston Division: Civil Orders/Judgements, H-I, M-S
2012-179/44 Magistrate’s Division - Applicants
Inter-court - Magistrates (Bue), 1977
Inter-court - Magistrates (Singleton)
Karen K. Brown
Anna E. Stool
George W. Long
Carolyn D. Hobson
Abraham Ramirez, Jr.
Raymond Judas Resume
Inter-court - Magistrates (Singleton), 1972-1975
Inter-court - Magistrates, 1968-1971
Inter-court - Magistrates Act
Magistrates Pin Personnel
US Magistrates Laredo Applicants
Magistrates Pin General
2012-179/47 USDC: Case Load - Reassignment of Case, 1984-1985
Clerk’s Division: Case Load - Reports
Speedy Trial Act
Legislative History
Central Library - General
Court Executive
Clerk’s Division: Court Interpreters
Exhibits - Houston, Texas
Clerk’s Division - Court Reporters, 1976-1980
2012-179/36 Miami Criminal Cases
Docket Sheets
Bill of Particulars
Attorney List - CR.H-78-11
Attorney List - CR.H-78-12
Grady Motions, Etc.
Witness Names
Corporate Intent
Criminal Defendants Discovery
Depository Authorized Entrants - Criminal
Depository - Interim Protective Order - Criminal
Document Designation - Motions to Extend Time For
Fines Payment
Government Trial Documents to Civil Plaintiffs
Hearsay Miscellaneous
CR.H-78-11 Indictment
CR.H-78-12 Indictment
Compliance Programs
Sentencing - Consolidated ACG. Corporation, and Others
Indictments, Grand Jury Abuse Attack
US vs. International Paper Company, et al.
US vs. Boise Cascade Corporation, et al.
Indictments - Gypsum Attack
Indictments - Vagueness Attack
Jackson Motion to Dismiss
2012-179/13 Civil Charges: Kitchen v. McMillian - Yarbrough v. Sturm, Ruger, and Co. Inc.
2012-179/2 Index cards of speeches
“A Milestone in the Judicial Career of Judge John V. Singleton,” 1988
Jury Charges and other forms
Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, for years 1953-1958
LBJ Library Oral History Interview
LBJ General
Johnson Boys
2012-179/34 Judicial Conference of the United States
Judicial Conference of the United States, 1980-1983
District Judge Representative Meeting
Judicial Conference of the United States - District Judge Representative Reports
Cases Assigned in the Courts of Appeals, Claims, and Customs and Patent Appeals
District Judge Representative
Restructuring Circuit Councils
Judicial Conference Committees
5th Circuit District Judges Association
5th Circuit District Judges, 1975
Federal Judiciary
5th Circuit District Judges Association
Legislative Committee
5th Circuit Committee to study district wide vs. division wide juries
Ad hoc Committee Litigation, 1977
Judicial Conference Reports, Legislation, miscellaneous
2012-179/30 Ad Hoc Committee General
Ad Hoc Committee Litigation, 1976
State Bar Committee on Liaison with Federal Judiciary, 1969-1970
District Judges Association - Newsletter
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
USDJ - Judicial Compensation
2012-179/20 Motion Picture Licensing Antitrust Litigation
Attorneys and Steering Committees
Class Definition
Class Discovery - TT’s vs. Sargory
Class Discovery - TT’s vs. MPAA
Class Discovery - TT’s vs. Ex. D-s
Class Discovery - TT’s vs. District Attorneys
Complaint SYUFY
Complaint Unified
Complaints M Amend No. 1
Complaints U/Amend No. 2
Distributors Request to Disclose - Denied
Discovery-Exhibitors D Documents
Document Request TT’s
Employee Lists
Kudon Disqualification
Malco Rule 30 (G) Motion for Fees and Expenses with Lapidus Deposition
Merit Discovery - TT’s
TT’s Motion to Compel Documents of Distributor D
Motion to Compel Answers, Documents, and Sanctions of Exhibitor Rep. Arnold Sharton (American Multicinema); Joseph Crotty (United Artists); Joe Jackson (ABC Interstate); Staley Durwood (American Multicinema)
Motions for Documents for Distributors and Exhibitors and for Extension of Discovery
Motion to Compel Documents MDC 366 MPAA
TT’s Motion for Documents from Sargory, Stein, and Hanft
2012-179/16 Criminal charge
USA vs. Marcelo
USA vs. Frank Garcia and Nicassio Junior
USA vs. Norton
USA vs. Mike Eze Onu
USA vs. Palmer
USA vs. Molina
USA vs. Patton
USA vs. People’s (Preliminary Instructions)
USA vs. Perez and Moreno
USA vs. Plaster and White
USA vs. Pledger
USA vs. Potts
USA vs. Profous
USA vs. Rice and Bowen
USA vs. Rejas et al
USA vs. Betty Sam
USA vs. Sarver
USA vs. Schurmann
USA vs. Sharma
USA vs. Schepps
USA vs. Singleton et al
USA vs. Soto
USA vs. Spiller
USA vs. Taylor
USA vs. Trevino
USDJ - Judicial Compensation
Miscellaneous Correspondence, Etc. Relating to Federal Judgeship, 1961
Singleton Personal Federal Judgeship - Lists of Invitees to Receptions and Dinners
Singleton Personal Letter Invitations to Swearing in Ceremony Etc. as Federal Judge
Congratulatory Notes and/or Messages and Replies Thereto
2012-179/54 Draft - Uniform Local Rules
Clerk’s Division
Miscellaneous, 1979-1980
Personnel, 1979-1982
USDC - Personnel: Clerk’s Staff, 1983-1986
Inter-court - Courtroom and Chamber Space, O’Conner
USDC - Space and Facilities: Houston, 1979-1985
2012-179/39 Singleton Personnel
State Depository Board, 1963-1965
Grievance Committee: Complaint No. 22-20-64: Robert R. Mullen Against William
E. Butler and Dan Kennerly
Jesse Shivers (Investigation Complaint), 1965
Dismissed Complaints
Director - State Bar of Texas
2012-179/75 Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation, 1984
Settlement of Interstate Container Corp. with Opt Outs
Opt Out Settlement with Longview Fiber Company
Opt Out Settlement with MacMillan and Bloedel
Settlement of Opt Outs with Mead Corporation
Opt Out Settlement with Menasha
Settlement of Olinkraft, Inc. with Opt Outs
Order Dismissing Owens-Illinois from Opt Out
Settlement of Packaging Corporation with Opt Out
Settlement of Hotlatch Corporation with Opt Out
Opt Out Settlement with Southwest Forest
Opt Out Settlement with St. Joe Paper Company
Opt Out Settlement with St. Regis
Opt Out Settlement with Stone
Settlement of Union Camp with Opt Out
Opt Out Settlement of US Corrugation-Fiberglass Company
Opt Out Settlement with Westbaco
Settlement of Weyerhaeuser
Opt Out Settlement with Willamette
Fifth Distribution of Settlement Funds to Claimants, 1984
2012-179/58 Docket - Three Judge Court
Houston - C.A. 70-H-1376 Roy Hearn DBA Martinique, Lounge VHB Short
Houston - C.A. 70-H-1115 Academy Vivance
Austin - C.A. 67-71-A John J. Terrell vs. Rand McNally Company
Beaumont - Sitting for Judge Fisher
Brownsville - Sitting for Judge Garza
Corpus Christi - C.A. 70-C-42 Beare et al vs. Preston Smith et al
Houston - No. 24154 Richard Case Nagel vs. USA
Houston - C.A. 68-H-294 Robinson vs. Hackney
Houston - C.A. 67-H-37 The State of Texas vs. W. Willard Wirtz et al
2012-179/65 Gramm/Rudman/Hollings
USDC - United States Bankruptcy Court - General
US Court of Appeals - Judicial Council
USDC Automation
USDC - Caseload: General
USDC - Caseload: Case Management
2012-179/51 Clerk’s Division - Court Reporters, 1981
Jury - Closed Method and Legislation
Drafts of Local Rules
Intercourt - Local Rules
Intercourt - Local Rules (Bue)
Local Rules - General
2012-179/56 Singleton Calendar, 1983-1984
Procedures to be Followed by Council for Trial Before Singleton
Original Forms - Singleton Manual, Rule 16 Notice, Schedule Order
Criminal Forms
Exhibits Receipt for Withdrawal of Exhibits
Order to Deliver Prisoner
Rule 23 - Class Action
Docket Sheets - Civil
Re: O’Conner/CIRE
Office Memos
Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978: Materials and Proceedings
Court Appointed Council (CJA 20)
Habeas Corpus Forms
Order - Appointing FPE
2012-179/55 Sanction Orders (Britain/Oral)
Minute Orders and Courtroom Minutes, 1985
Singleton Minute Orders, 1984-1985
Monthly Report - SD/Texas
Copies of Criminal Court Lists (Samples)
Cases Closed, Reassigned, and Reinstated, 1984-1986
2012-179/48 Admissions: 1983, 1982; Standards; General
Inter-Court: Committee on Admissions and Grievances and Clerks Office, 1976-1978
Texas Highway Department - Office License plates
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
2012-179/32 Inter-Court: Omnibus Procedure; Miscellaneous, 1966-1974, 1976-1978
Federal Judges Association - Washington D. C., May 22-24, 1989
Federal Judges Association meeting - Washington D. C., Oct. 6-8, 1986
FJA Conference - Washington D. C., May 16-20, 1987
2012-179/35 Judges meetings, 1975-1984
2012-179/38 Administrative Office
Legislative affairs, 1979-1980, 1985
Office - General
Advisory opinions
Rules of practice and procedure, 1969-1978
Report on Trial Practice and Technique
Judicial conduct, 1973-1976
Criminal Justice Act to 1975
Lawsuits against Federal Judiciary, to 1975
2012-179/37 Framed Democratic party platform, 1964
Dub Singleton for President card
In Memoriam booklet for the Honorable Hugo Lafayette Black
Presenting: The Leaders of Texas booklet
Legal document concerning controversy over the Navigation District’s proposed bond election (3)
Daybook, 1951
Texas Bar Journal, Vol. 29, No. 10, November 22, 1966
Congressional Record, Proceeding and Debates of the 89th Congress, 2nd Session, Vol. 112, No. 117, July 21, 1966
Planned JFK Speeches in Texas after assassination, 1963
Texas Welcome Dinner for JFK, November 22, 1963
“Keep that Boy In You Alive!” lyrics
Guajardo letters, file #2
Bell and Singleton - General Correspondence
Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation
2012-179/42 USPO General, November 1983 - December 1985
Probation division: 1983; General 1982; Bureau of Prisons Parole Commissions, 1976-1978
Magistrates Division: Appointments; Merit
Inter-Court: Probation, 1977; Probation (Drug Abuse and Vocational programs)
2012-179/63 Docket
San Antonio - sitting for Judge Spears
Houston - Younger Brothers vs. USA and Interstate Commerce Commission
New Orleans - Sitting for Court of Appeals
Victoria - Willet Wilson v. City of Court Lavaca
Jerome Burger v. CBS
Miami - Jerome Burger v. CBS
Houston - Universal Theaters v. Herman Short et al
Multidistrict Litigation (3)
2012-179/61 Appeals
Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. v. Wesley Construction Company et al
Watkins, Author John v. United States of America
United States of America v. Edna Generes
Textile Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO CLC v. Textile Paper Products, IN
Stewart, Mrs. Marie DeJaham, et al v. Chester A. Usry
Simon, Randall v. USA
Reed, Mose Foylebank v. Strachan Shipping
Manner v. Manner
Everline and Margaret Truss v. The Housing Authority of the City of Talladega, Alabama
Luckenbach Overseas Corp. v. Joseph C. Usner
2012-179/71 Reading file, letters, calendar, ca. 1966-1985
2012-179/72 Pretrial Orders (PTO)
Potlatzh, partial summary judgment
Postal boxes
Pre-judgment motions
Pass on interrogatories
Panel handout
Unfoldered papers
2012-179/46 Administrative Office memos, 1966-1977
2012-179/62 Criminal cases: United States v. International Papers, United States v. Crawford Enterprise
Civil cases: Industrial Investment v. Mitsui Co., Corrugated Container (3)
2012-179/73 Settlements: CPC, Chesapeake, Champion, Boise Cascade, Alton
Sheet plant settlements, final approval
Settlement approval, suggested language
Last author stipulation and request for admission
Recusal: Appeal, Recusal, Green Bay Motion
Pretrial Orders
2012-179/59 Monthly statements
Docket sheets
Daily log for lawyers, 1961
2012-179/64 MacMillan Bloedler
Late claims since November 18, 1971
Invalid claims
Claim periods closing
Grand jury testimony of Phillip Fleischacher
US v. International Paper et al; US v. Boise Cascade et al
Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation - Appendix to Plaintiffs joint reply memorandum in support for motion of determination of these actions as a class action, Vol. 1-3
Corrugate Container Antitrust Litigation - Defendants’ affidavits, Vol. 1-2
2012-179/66 Cases for appeals
Lafayette Royel Apartments, Inc. v. Meadowbrook National Bank
Klate Holt Company v. General Drivers, Warehouse Men and Helpers Local Union
Hardboard Machinery Co. v Postal Products Cork
Hunt v. Federal Power Commission
Fox, Sam dba A and M Sales Co. v. USA
Percy Fontenot v. Texaco Incorporated
Brooks, Lauren (Red), More v. USA
Edward Askew v. State of Alabama
Akin Distributors of Florida, Inc. v. USA
Gulf Oil Company v. Chotin
2012-179/25 Judicial Conference of the 5th Circuit
Atlanta, Georgia, 1967
Dallas, Texas, 1968
Biloxi, Mississippi, 1969
Hollywood, Florida, 1970
San Antonio, Texas, 1971
Savannah, Georgia, 1972
El Paso, Texas, 1973
New Orleans, 1974
Federal Judiciary - General correspondence and legislative matters, 1966- 1972
Federal Judiciary - Legislative and miscellaneous, 1973-1975
USDJ - General
2012-179/53 USDC: Pending Civil cases, Reports
US Attorney: Federal prison system, 1975-1983
Inter-Court: Marshall’s office, Title VII, Division of District
District Court Security Survey, Southern District of Texas, September 1982
U. S. Marshall - General
United States Marshall Service - Judicial Security Plan, Southern District of Texas
Clerks Division - Telecommunicating
Clerks Division - Staff attorney
Washington D. C., March 12-13, 1980
2012-179/67 USDC
Caseload: Court annex arbitration; Reassignment of cases
Clerks, staff
Judges’ staff
Magistrates’ staff
Staff law clerk
Court reporters and interpreters
Records, preservation, and destruction
Registry funds
Space and Facilities; Omnibus Judges perspective
Speedy Trial Act: Plan
United States Magistrates - General
2012-179/43 Bankruptcy Division: Rules, General, 1972-1983
Opinions for Publication, 1973
Law Clerk Internship
Post Oak Bank
Intercourt Bankruptcy, 1976
2012-179/70 Calendars and Appointment Sheets, 1973-1985
2012-179/74 Settlement
Crown Zellerbach
Diamond International
G/P Potlatch, Fibreboard
Disclosure Provisions
Interstate Container
I.S.C. [Opt Out]
St. Joe
St. Regis
S.W. Forest
Union Camp
Fibrebox Co.
Opt Out
Texas Corps from the Valley
Alten Packaging Corp.
Boise Cascade
Champion International/Horner Waldorf
Chesapeake Corp
Consolidated Packaging
C.C.A. (Container Corp of America)
Continental Roof
Corco, Western Craft East, Willamette
Crown Zellerbach
Diamond International
Fibreboard Corp
Fibrebox Association
Georgia Pacific
Greenbay Packaging
Inland Container
International Paper
2012-179/69 Reading File, 1980
Travel Vouchers
Annual Report of the Director, 1980
Appointment Books, 1978-1985
2012-179/40 Personal: State Depository Board, 1965-1966
Federal Bar Association
MDL-366: Miscellaneous, Attorneys Listing, Forms
MDL-310: 132; 3369; Attorneys Listing; Forms; Opt Out Trial; Memoranda, Opinion re: Award Attorney Expenses
2012-179/52 Photographs of Singleton
Photographs of Lyndon B. Johnson signed to Singleton
A Tourist’s Guide to Points of Interest in Central Texas: When Grandad Fought the Indians [Pamphlet]
Time Magazine, April 11, 1969
Newspapers, 1966-1970
Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the 89th Congress, Second Session, Vol. 112 No. 118, July 22, 1966
Certificates of Singleton’s, 1958-1966
2012-179/60 Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation
Decision/Settlement on Most Favored Nations Clause
Amending Motion to Compel Greenbay to Comply with Settlement
Approval of Distribution Plan
Information on Attorneys’ Fees
Fee Committee
Summary Expenses Paid, 1983
Attorneys’ Fees Interim Award
Denial of Third Party Attorney Fees
ee Petition to Be Filed Under Seal
Attorneys’ Fees Procedural Orders
Mead Escrow Account
2012-179/57 Preliminary Jury Instructions
Jury Instructions
James Determination Opt Out Cases
Voir Dire
Fifth Jury Instruction
MDL-310 (Class Action Cases)
Industrial Investment vs. Mitsui Company
2012-179/49 Bar Liaison Committee
Case Load, 1974-1976
Comparison of Case Load
Cases Pending More Than One Year - Criminal Three Years - Civil
Docket Case Load, 1977-1978
Clerk's Division
Case Management Case Load, 1979-1980
Case Load
Pending Cases
Prisoner Litigation
Reassignment of Cases, 1979-1980, 1982-1983
Intercourt Prisoner Civil Rights - Habeas Corpus
2012-179/31 Corrugated Container Antitrust Litigation: Affidavits; Case Files; Review and Processing of Claimed Purchases
2012-179/24 Motion Picture Licensing Antitrust Litigation
TT’s Motion for Sanctions Against MPAA
Motion/Dismiss or Quash, Malco, Weis, Etc.
Practice and Procedure 1-2
Pretrial Order 1-10
Privileged Documents - PT 010
Protective Order for MPAA Documents
TT’s Discovery Schedule
Order Extending TT’s Discovery Deadline
Order for Memos on National Conspiracy
TT’s Motion to Modify MPAA Protective Order
Order Dismissing Balmoral Cinema Against Lester Incompetent
General Cinema Balmoral vs. Allied Artists Pictures
Order Dismissing Balmoral Cinema Against American
International Pictures
Settlement with Buena Vista
Settlement of TTSYUFY with Columbia
Order Dismissing Cineworld and Oracle View Theater
Order Dismissing Family Enterprises C/A (Settlement)
Order Dismissing Parking Amusement Against Mann Theaters
Settlement - Siegal Family
Shadid Request for Access to Discovery
Corrugated Container Exhibits