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Alli Aweusi Collection, 1969-1995

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Aweusi, Alli
Title: Alli Aweusi collection
Dates: 1969-1995
Abstract: Cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and slides comprise the Alli Aweusi Collection (1969-1995), which documents the Black Panther Party and the civil rights movement. Alli Aweusi (John O. Greenlow III) was a former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in the 1960s and 1970s. His collection contains speeches, interviews, and slides dealing with the Black Panthers and other movements.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01602
Extent: 20 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Alli Aweusi (John O. Greenlow III), born in 1947, was a former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in the 1960s and 1970s. In the mid 1960s, Aweusi began documenting the Panthers and other aspects of the civil rights movement. He moved to Austin in 1981 and became involved in the music, art, and poetry scene. In 1994 he started the Catfish Poets, an Austin poetry group aimed at African-Americans. Aweusi passed away in Austin in 2003, at the age of fifty-six.

Scope and Contents

Cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and slides comprise the Alli Aweusi Collection (1969-1995), which documents the Black Panther Party and the civil rights movement. The collection contains speeches, interviews, and slides dealing with the Black Panthers and other movements. Furthermore, there are a number of radio shows on tape from the 1980s and 1990s. These shows were broadcast on KPFA in Berkeley, California; KUT FM in Austin, Texas; KOOP FM in Austin, Texas; and KAZI FM in Austin, Texas. The collection includes tapes of African-American speakers who came to the University of Texas at Austin in the 1980s. The majority of the slides deal with the Black Panther Party, however the collection contains some nature and architecture slides. In addition, the collection has slides depicting the Black Cowboy Parade in Oakland and the Afrikan Liberation Day Program in Oakland.


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Personal Names
Aweusi, Alli
Newton, Huey P.
Corporate Names
Black Panther Party
Civil rights movements
California--San Francisco Bay Area

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Alli Aweusi Collection, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


96-129/1 KAZI 8.7 radio shows
Souls of Black Folks, June 30, 1987 - December 7, 1987
96-129/2 Souls of Black Folks, December 14, 1987, January 4, 1988-July 1, 1988, January 1, 1989, October 2, 1989
Souls of Black Folks special shows
Fourth of July, 1988
Tribute to Black Women, July 17, 1988
Juneteenth Special I & II, June 1, 1988
96-129/3 Juneteenth Special III
Mom & Pop interviews, November 26, 1989
Sun Ra at Liberty Lunch, July 24, 1988
Marcus Garvey, August 17, 1987
John Coltrane, September 21, 1987
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., January 1, 1988, January 18, 1988
Survival shows
Marcus Garvey, August 18, 1987
Peter Tosh, September 15, 1987
Music from the Battlefield, December 22-29, 1987
KUT 90.5 radio shows
World Music Show (Dan Del Santo)
FELA Special, November 7, 1986
Marcus Garvey, August 14, 1987
Dr. Aweusi
August 12 - December 2, 1988; April 28, 1989, part I
96-129/4 April 28, 1989, part II; September 1, 1989
Folkways, July 9, 1988
Spirit of Soweto Lives, RR, June 16, 1986
The History of Reggae Music, Numbered cassettes [lectures, speeches, workshops, poetry, music]
0001: Black Studies Department, Fred T. Smit, Elvocyce Hooper, Sid Walton and others, concerning a chairman at Black Studies Department, Merrit College, Oakland, California
0003: Black Panther Party, party members, KPFA radio Berkeley, March 23, 1971
0004: San Francisco State College, Bobby Seale speech, 60 minutes
0005: Eldridge Cleaver, In Peace and Freedom Rally in Syracuse, New York; Soul on Wax Black Panther Party Minister of Information dig, July 28, 1968
0006: Stokely Carmichael interview by Belva Davis, KPIX TV, San Francisco, California
0007: Costlo Moore, conversation and song
0008: Mary Anne Pollar, Rainbow Sign, interview, 1974
0009: Matter of Pride Conference, July 23, 1972
0010: Malcolm X and Bayard Rustin, Choices of Two Roads, 1960
0011: [box 28] Stokely Carmichael, Oakland, February 17, 1968
0012: Bobby Seale, Black Panther Party, Oakland, California 1968; Huey P. Newton Birthday Rally, Oakland Auditorium, February 17, 1968
0013: Malcolm X interview, January 1965
0015: H. Rap Brown, Black Panther rally, Oakland, California 1968; Huey P. Newton Birthday Rally, February 1, 1968
0017: The Nigger Machine, Kathleen Cleaver
0018: Bobby Seale, Black University Conferences, Merrit College workshop
0019: Fascism, Ron Dellums, 1969
0020: Black Panther 1969/The Pill, TV special, David Hillard, Brenda
0021: Chancellor Williams, June 7, 1975
0023: Nettle Ford, Independent of Jaminica West Indies
0024: Inner Vision interview with Oscar Brown, Jr., August 17, 1975
0025: Yosef ben-Johnson; he recorded himself; A Black historian, A TAPE THAT MUST BE HEARD
0026: Betty Shabazz at McClymmonds High School, May 18, 1971
0027: Carole Ward, KDIA interview, black films, June 22, 1975
0029: Stokely Carmichael, Whither College, March 1, 1971
0030: Stokely Carmichael, questions and answers in student union, San Jose State #3
0031: Sister Ruth Haywood, KCBS radio interview talk show, San Francisco, 1974
0032: Chicago 7 trial, Bobby Seal, 1970
0033: Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, Black Awareness Week, poetry, California State University, Hayward, noon, April 14, 1976
96-129/5 0034: Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, poetry, June 14, 1975
0035: Poetry reading by Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, Afrikan Festival, Richmond, California; also Swahili lesson, June 14, 1975
0036: KNEW 91 AM Community Affairs, Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, interviewer Billie Johnson, 30 minutes, February 2, 1976
0037: "Voices of Change," slide and speech presentation on Black History, Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, Freedom Hall, University of California, Davis, 12-2 pm, March 4, 1976
0038: Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, KRE, 7 second delay, interview by Fred Wayne; poetry/telephone talk show; Berkeley, California, March 21, 1976
0039: KPFA radio, Souls of Black Folks, Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, MC Paul Fleming; discussed our book Words Never Kill; CIA exposure, June 15, 1975
0040: Poetry reading, Alli and Macheweo Aweusi, Merrit College, 1975
0041: Alli and Macheweo Aweusi poetry; Melvin Van Peebles interview, KPFA radio, February 15, 1976
0042: Alli Aweusi, poetry readings, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, April 3, 1971
0043: Alli Aweusi lecture at East Bay Negro Historical Society, December 20, 1974
0044: The Last Poets: This Is Madness
0045: Poetry reading, Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn and Ntozake Shange
0046: Alex Haley, My Furthest Back Person
0047: Alli Aweusi poetry, 1970
0048: Africa; Music of the Princes of Dahomey; Festival of the Tohossou
0049: Music of Zaire; libinza
0050: John Coltrane: Jazz Giant
0051: Opinion '71: (A) Heering, Beekin Eckles, KABL radio part 2/2; (B) Claude Brown for McGovern campaign, May 12, 1972
0053: John Coltrane Quartet
0054: Folk Tales of the tribes of Africa as told by Eartha Kitt, TC, 1967
0055: Imamu Amiri Baraka, A Black University Conferences workshop on leadership, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1971
0056: Halifu; poetess, director, writer, dancer/instructor, choreographer, interviewed in her home in Berkeley by Macheweo Aweusi, April 21, 1975
0057: Sarah W. Fabio, Marvin X, Don L. Lee, Black experience, San Jos State, 1969
0058: Little Johnny Brown, Ella Jenkins
0059: Anthology of Negro History, parts I & II; "Simple" reading by Langston Hughes [2 tapes]
0060: Anthology of Negro Poets, edited by Arna Bontemps
0061: South Africa Black '77 Theatre Project, Epic West Theatre, February 27, 1977
0062: Gwen Brooks/C. Diggs, University of California at Berkeley, May 1, 1974; University of California Zellerbach, Macheweo and Alli Aweusi, Robert Woods
0064: Uranoa Cummings, history, Oakland Museum, June 1, 1975
0065: Brother Phil McGee, University of California, Berkeley, October 14, 1973
0066: Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Peace Prize
0067: This Fear of Faith, KQED TV, Black History in Poetry, Dance, Art and Drama, Breck Peter MC, Oakland, California, February 26, 1977
0068: Sister of Motivation/Rainbow Sign, Macheweo, Alli, Sister Baji, February 23, 1975
0069: "Which Way Black Students" conferences workshop, nation building, University of Minnesota [2 tapes], February 12, 1969-February 16, 1969
0070: Black Journal, summary of their programs, April 24, 1976
0071: Rog and Joyce Thomas, lecture on art, music, black history; slides and film used, Mt. Diablo College, February 13, 1976
0072: Urania Cummings
0073: South Afrikan poet Keorapetse Kgositsle, University of California, May 1, 1975
0074: Don Warden talk show, KDIA AM, July 20, 1975
0075: "I Have a Dream," Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.; original address from March on Washington (Creed Records), August 28, 1963
0076: Hugh Masekela
0077: John Coltrane, OM
96-129/6 0078: South African Black '77 Theatre Project, Epic West Theatre, Berkeley, California, February 27, 1977
0079: Evolution of the Blues, On Broadway Theatre, starring Oscar Brown, Jr., San Francisco, California, June 12, 1975
0080: Mel (Malachi) Andrews, April 7, 1974
0081: Black folktales written by Julius Lester, read by Alli Aweusi
0082: Don Warden talk show, KDIA, Sunday; talked about Panama, Ethiopia, Angola
0083: Jim Copeland Public Relations, Macheweo Aweusi interviewer, Oakland Ensemble Theatre, August 29, 1975
0084: Minister Louis Farakhan, Soul TV, May 1974
0085: Yosef ben-Johnson, Vakanace Cultural Center, Oakland, California, November 6, 1976
0086: Anthology of Music of Black Afrika
0087: Keorapetse Kgositsile interview, May 22, 1975
0088: Donald Warden talk show, KDIA AM, Oakland, California, May 8, 1977
0089: Eugene E. White, artist and publisher of KUJIONA magazine, at home in San Francisco, October 5, 1975
0091: Jerry Randolph, Deep Black artist workshop, skill of writing, Rannick Playwright Company, August 24, 1971
0092: John X, philosophy of the Nation of Islam, 1969
0093: BWOPA conferences (Black Women Organized for Political Action), North Pealta College, old Merritt, 1974
0094: Amuru Press Inc., Jeremy Randolph chief editor, Deep Writers Workshop, chairman of meeting Alli Aweusi, 1971
0095: Republic of New Africa conference 1974; Oscar Brown, Jr., Sister of Motivation
0096: Elton Fax, Racism, class of Don Davis, part I/(B) Opinion 1971 Herring, Beekin Eckles, KABL radio part 1/2;, October 20, 1971
0097: Brother Amos White, African American History (2 tapes), June 4, 1971
0098: Marcus Garvey Day 1970, California Hall, San Francisco [2 tapes], August 16, 1970
0099: Maya Angelou, Black History Week, University of California, February 20, 1975
0100: Dave Mudavanha, March 31, 1974
0101: Honorable Wallace D. Muhammad, KTVU TV interview, August 20, 1977
0102: John O. Killens, University of California lecture "Cotilion"; also Sarah Fabio, March 11, 1971
0103: Dr. Francis C. Welsing, M. D., "The Cress Theory of Color—Confronting Racism (White Supremacy)," University of California, November 3, 1973
0104: Joanne Little, KPFA 94 AM, Elaine Brown, Larry Little interview at the Learning Center, Berkeley, California, August 25, 1975
0105: Charlotte Mitchell, presidential candidate for the Communist Party 1968; Black Messenger, Merritt College
0106: Angola, KPFA, 1975
0107: A Black University, National Black Work Conferences, sponsored by Soul Students Advisory Council, March 28 - April 5, 1968
0108: Martin Luther King, Jr.; TV program on Martin Luther King Jr. the day he was assassinated, April 3, 1968
0109: Deep Black Writers Workshop meets with the Black Scholar, interview and rap session with editor Robert L. Allen and business manager Glory Bevien [2 tapes], The Black Scholar, March 10, 1976
0111: Black montage, KDIA, talk about media, MC Steve Little, Terry, Lang, Ismael Reed, Willie Hearst, September 7, 1975
0112: Ella Collins, Queen Mother Ella Collins, Sister of Malcolm X, 1970
0113: Last message of Malcolm X
0114: Willington 10, March 1976
0115: Costlo Moore Rap, July 1976; Macheweo Aweusi
0116: Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Veterans Memorial Building, August 6, 1977
0117: Nationhood, Queen Mother Moore, 1966
0118: Dr. Raye Richardson, KDIA Inner Vision radio talk show, June 12, 1977
0119: KDIA talk show, Afrikan Liberation Day discussion, Oakland, May 15, 1977
96-129/7 0120: Souls of Black Folks, KDFA, Jonathan Jackson, August 10, 1975
0121: Ron Stacker Thompson on theatre, interviewed by Macheweo Aweusi at Oakland Ensemble Theatre, September 5, 1975
0122: Donald Warden talk show, KDIA AM 1310, discussion about August 4, 1975, Tribune article on South Africa, September 1, 1975
0124: Melvin Van Peebles lecture on film, Wheeler Auditorium, University of California, Berkeley, February 11, 1976
0125: Howard Fuller, Laney College, November 1, 1971
0126: Black Family meeting; Elvocyce Hooper, Fred T. Smith, University of California, Berkeley
0127: Operation Speak Out, Queen Mother
0128: Harold Cruz, Seattle, Washington, December 3, 1972
0129: Gwen Brooks, Women's Center, University of California, Berkeley, May 16, 1974
0130: Gwen Brooks, University of California, Berkeley [tape I], May 15, 1974
0131: Black Experience in Children's Literature, Daphne Muse, University of California, Berkeley Women's Center [2 tapes, one in box marked 0130], November 11, 1975
0132: Ahimsa Sumcha: NEXT-KPFA radio, poetry and music, Berkeley black radio station
0133: Oscar Brown, Jr., Rainbow Sign, Berkeley, January 10, 1974
0135: Elton Fax, Africans and Afro-americans, Froben Lozada's class, January 20, 1971
0136: Black University Conferences, Merritt College workshop on black nationalism, Elvocyce Hooper, chair
0137: Aileen Hernandez, San Francisco State conference, 1970
0139: Malachi Andrews
0140: "Which Way Black Students?" conference 1969, University of Minnesota [2 tapes], February 12, 1969-February 16, 1969
0141: Black History Week, Black psychology workshop, University of California, February 12, 1975
0142: Joan Little, KPFA 94 FM, Joan Little case, on her day of acquittal, August 15, 1975
0143: The Republic of Mozambique Independence Day, KPFA radio, June 25, 1975
0144: KPFA interview with Taj Mahal, Souls of Black Folks, July 20, 1975
0145: Dave Mudavanha, class lecture on religions and slavery, December 19, 1974
0146: Wilmington 10 case on 60 Minutes, KROW TV, March 6, 1977
0147: The Awusioo of Henry Dumas, Rainbow Sign, Berkeley, February 2, 1975
0148: Dave Mudavanha class lecture
0149: African Liberation Day; Oba T'Shaka, Brother Ajili, Alli Aweusi, KDIA Oakland, August 7, 1977
0150: Mr. Gaines, author of Jane Pittman, Golden State Library, Oakland, February 11, 1975
0151: Dave Mudavanha lecture at Berkeley Unified School District, March 1974
0152: Mohammed Ali at Merritt College, May 22, 1971
0153: Black Journal
0154: University of Ife, Oluwansamni
0155: Hamilton Recreation Center benefit [2 tapes], June 5, 1970
0156: Marcus Garvey, "Afrika for the Afrikans at Home and Abroad"
0157: Ballot or Bullet, Errol Garner
0158: Jimmy Garret, San Francisco State strike, March 25, 1975
0159: Black Journal, June 23, 1969
0160: Huey P. Newton interview KDIA, interview by Louis Freeman, February 28, 1971
0161: NEXT, KPFA, Alli and Macheo Aweusi, May 9, 1976; poetry by Aweusis, rap on African Liberation Day, 1976
0162: NEXT, KPFA, Alli and Macheo Aweusi, May 9, 1976
0163: Malcolm X documentary, May 11, 1982
96-129/8 0164: John D. Hanson interview, January 18, 1983
0165: Elonise Burrell, Black Arts Alliance, Austin, Texas, January 18, 1983
0166: Dr. John Warfield, KAZI interview, November 3, 1979
0167: A South Afrikan Story
0168: Eldridge Cleaver, KPFA interview from Paris, France, Souls of Black Folks, March 25, 1975
0169: Mamadou Lumumba interview, on beginning of Black Panther movement in Oakland; Black Panther Party in Northern California; House of Umoja; ideas and feelings of black movement in America; a look back to early 1960s, July 1976
0171: Malcolm X after his trip to Mecca, radio interview [2 tapes]; side (b), tape 2: Stokely Carmichael Black Panther support speech, 3 minutes.
0173: Souls of Black Folks, KPFA, poetry by Bay area black poets, Berkeley, August 31, 1975
0174: Afrikan Liberation Day, Soledad prison poets, May 1978
0175: Huey P. Newton, KPFA interview, Charles Garry, Hue's sister, March 7, 1968
0176: The Last Poets, poetry readings (Abiodum Ovewle, Alafia Pudm, Omar Ben Hassen)
0177: Unidentified
0178: John Dee, July 4, 1974
0179: Jazz Alive #791104: Michael Franks, Spyro Gyra, National Public Radio
0180: Jazz Alive: World of Sam Rivers
0181: Jazz Alive: KC women's festival
0182: Puppeteer Bruce Schwartz
0183: Yosef ben-Johnson
0184: Africa, the voices and drums of Keita Fodeba, Mwangue, Kante Facelli
0185: FELA interview, Jello Biafra on his arrest and record ban; Revolutionary Rock, July 1986
0186: The Reverend Jesse Jackson, University of Texas at Austin, Lyndon Baines Johnson auditorium, April 22, 1987
0187: Music of Afrika, Louis Hick interview, KUT, April 24, 1987
0188: Paul Simon, "Graceland"; Bob Marley, "Legend"
0189: Music of the Humpback Whale
0190: The House that Montu Built; folktale/puppet show about Afrikan homes, by Alli Aweusi, Austin Children's Museum
0191: Black Women Writers, KUT radio
0192: Voices of Change: Malcolm X, theme from Sweetback, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Kathleen and Eldridge Cleaver, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael
0193: Furaha Hiyati, KDIA, Black Woman World, Carol Patricia Scott, Macheo Aweusi, August 14, 1977
0194: Tony Brown, Austin, Texas, "In Black America," part I
0022: Stokely Carmichael, San Jose State
0002: Huey P. Newton, release on $50,000 bail press conferences, KPAT people radio station, August 5, 1970
0110: Howard Fuller, Merritt College, November 19, 1970
0170: Free at Last, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Drum Major Instinct Sermon, Ebenezer Baptist Church, February 4, 1968; I've Been to the Mountain, Memphis, April 3, 1968; I Have A Dream
0123: Imamu Barka interview, 6 pac, June 1974
0157: Ballot or the Bullet, Malcolm X
0016: John Henrik Clark: Blacks in the Communist Party, Council of Elders meeting
Other cassette tapes
Music from Spaces
OK jazz
Tribute to Nelson Mandela, KUT
Harold O'Chester, Series on David: For Cave Dwellers Only, Simple Secrets for Successful Christian Living
Continues Afrikan music
KAZI FM, Kharen Mousho Jazz
Kwanza on KUT FM, Dan Del Santo Show, December 2, 1987
Seminole, Doug Sirad
96-129/9 (A) Under Fire; (B) Wanda Brown
Information Technology and Telecommunication Systems, April 5, 1984
(A) Vol. III Mousho; (B) Angela Davis
Caribbean Echo 13/87: Car (United Nations)
Stokely Carmichael, Kwame Toure, University of Texas at Austin, October 27, 1987
World Music Show I (box I, II, IV)
South Africa Now, Tony Brown's journal, July 2, 1990
World Music Show II, KUT FM, August 31, 1990
Kwame Toure, part II, side one only
Ron Williams, psychic, September 16, 1990
(A) "Ebony", theme love, July 1978, carnival, Eartha Kitt, music; (B) WLIB James Brown, Last Poets
Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, AIDS: Biochemical Warfare [2 tapes]
(A) The Last Poets; (B) The Last Poets: Right On
Nelson Mandela speech to U. S. Congess, taped from KUT, June 26, 1990
Interview with King Sunny Ade with music, KUT FM, Austin
(A) Anti-Apartheid Programme number 52/88, English; (B) China Interview
Malikah Shabazz, University of Texas at Austin, February 24, 1991
(A) Shallid Third Eye Conference; (B) Duke Ellington
John Hope Franklin, on Afrikan History, University of Texas, Austin, April 1, 1989
Studio 89, BFRS[?], April 13, 1985
Go West, Young Man
Black Male View of Black Women, KAZI FM
(A) Message to the Grass Roots; (B) Malcolm X Speaks Again
(A) Anti-apartheid 4/88 English (United Nations); (B) In Black America #47, part I, Kerner+20
Flower show: (A) music by Ahmed Jamal; Tranquility; (B) 97 color slides of California flowers
Malachi: Brand New, Sunshine and Rain, You Sing and I'll Pray
Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Ali Kiva Room, Education Building, University of Texas at Austin, November 28, 1984
Haile Selassie
"Civilization or Barbarism: Using Religion to Service the Spiritual, Social and Economic Needs of Black People" , May 17, 1992
Poetry of Langston Hughes: Dreamkeeper
Kwame Toure: Organization and the Struggle, March 2, 1983
Mary Lee Copeland, poet and writer; interview by Alli Aweusi
Kwanza on KUT FM: discussion by Alli Aweusi, DJ Louis Harrison, December 27, 1991
Dr. Leonra Fulani, KAZI FM, host Terry Calahan, March 14, 1992
Malcolm X: Prospects For Freedom, New York, January 7, 1965
Strutural Set Analysis of African Music, Adowa I lecture, Dr. Willie Anku, University of Texas at Austin, March 31, 1993
Yetunde Omoniwa, interview on Batik and Yoruba dance, some storytelling, Nike Center for Art and Culture, Osogbo, Nigeria, April-May 1994; Music from Osogbo, Nigeria, Traditional music from Joni Jones video
KILL radio
The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, interview with Alli Aweusi, Southwest Texas State University, KTSW FM, February 19, 1993
Black Panther II: Bobby Seale (continued), Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael; (A) Newton interview KPFA March 1968; Seale, Oakland, February 17, 1968; (B) Brown at Oakland; Stokely, February 17, 1968
96-129/10 Forum: Marcus Mosiah Garvey, host Olive Graham, KUT; with Colin Garvey, grandson, and Alli Aweusi, December 8, 1993; KFON Ben Baldwin talk radio with Aweusi on Kwanza, December 30, 1993
Garvey Festival interview with Alli Aweusi, KUT, August 1, 1993
The Garvey, Washington, Allen Project: The Resurrection of Malcolm X, Young's Chapel AME Church, Austin, Texas, December 3, 1992
How the Leopard Got His Spots
The Lion Speaks; Rev. Ray Brown, Alli Aweusi
New World Order by William Cooper
Susan Taylor: Rameses
Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tarig Al-Mansour I, II, III [3 tapes]
Dick Gregory, Washington, D. C., June 1990
Pickleberry Pie (Longhorn Radio Network); "One World," March 11-17, 1991; "Lizard of Oz" , March 11-24, 1991
The Environment Show (Longhorn Radio), March 11-24, 1991
In Black America (Longhorn Radio) #42, October 16-29, #43, undated
Malcolm X, Louis Farakhan, Huey P. Newton
Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, University of Texas at Austin press conference in Afrikan Studio room, September 28, 1989
Rameses promotional on the World Music Show, KUT
Forum (Longhorn Radio) #10, 11, March 5-18, 1990
(A) Marcus Garvey interview, KUT Louis Harrison, March 14, 1991; (B) Garvey interview, KUT Dan Del Santo, August 1, 1991
Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan: "Revival of the Alkebu-Lan Connection," Southwest Texas State University [2 tapes], February 16, 1994
The Lawson Story, Lake Tahoe Leadership Retreat, Dan Lawson [2 tapes], 1975
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, August 15, 1986
City Center parade, Black Cowboys
Women of the Calabash, KUT Austin, part I, II [2 tapes]
To Be Young, Gifted and Black: Ruby Dee, Al Freeman, Barbara Berrie, Ossie and Ruby, February 27, 1981
Jesse Jackson, University of Texas at Austin, September 1988
The Day God Came, 15:19:94
Nation of Islam: (A) Bernard Cusmer and Heather Vincent, Nightline groundrules, ; (B) Jane Wells, KOB interview, Albuquerque, April 5, 1984, April 14, 1984
Alli Aweusi: The Importance of Black History, Houston-Tillotson College, Austin, February 3, 1989
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, August 22, 1986
Copyright workshop, University of California at Berkeley, May 27, 1975
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo [2 tapes], February 20, 1987
Afrikan Liberation Day
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, part I, August 15, 1986
King Tutenkaman
KAZI interview, KUT storytelling; Beautiful Black People, Dan Del Santo, January 4, 1987
Mutaburka interview on NPR, KUT FM
NPR Black Poets
Japan, 1968
John Coltrane Special, NPR/KUT, September 23, 1987
Afrikan Liberation Day; music by Kpanlogo party with Oboade, music of Ghana, narration by Alli Aweusi
96-129/11 Barbara Jordan, Texas State Chambers, Austin, April 14, 1988
Kenneth Jones, National Committee of the Venceremos Brigade, Washington, D. C., tour, KAZI FM, Souls of Black Folks, November 27, 1988
Sandra Greenlove
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, Tribute to Alli part I, II [2 tapes], March 6, 1987
A Practical Look at Afrocentricity [2 tapes]
Dr. Maulana Karensa, University of Texas at Austin, Black Student Association [2 tapes], September 10, 1990
Kwame Toure, part I
Catfish Poets Society
Afrikan Voices [3 tapes]
Minister Louis Farakhan: A Message by Minister Louis Farakhan at University of Texas at Austin, January 21, 1992
Forum (Longhorn Radio) #25, 26, June 15-28, 1992
Dan Del Santos, Macus Garvey
A Thanksgiving: Can Africans at Home and Abroad Survive the Current Global Military and Economic Crisis?, November 23, 1990
Anubia: Gateway to Nile Valley Culture, Dr. Yosef ben-Jocannan [2 tapes]
Why We Must Stop Bush's War in the Persian Gulf, Ralph Scoenman speaker, Harriet Tubman School, New York [2 copies], February 22
There Is Hope, program #00268, March 23, 1995
Black Cowboys
Afrikan Art: The Afrikan Mbira, music of the Shona people of Rhodesia, music for Afrikan art slide show
World Beat, KOOP Austin, DJ Donna Hoffman and Alli Aweusi [2 tapes], December 22, 1994
Marcus Garvey, Jr., Alli Aweusi at Colin and Lloydris Garvey house, Austin, December 5, 1993
The Black Panthers, Alli Aweusi, UTC, February 12, 1991
Marcus Garvey
The Mystifying Sounds of Africa; Nana Yao Opare Dinzlu and Company
Minister Louis Farakhan at Prairie View, Texas A&M, 1988
Amos Wilson
Dr. Maulana Karenga: Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility
Angela Y. Davis
Jesse Jackson, 12 noon rally, University of Texas at Austin, part I, January 26, 1987
Joni Jones, Sistas Doctor; Black Panther New York; play by Jones
Texas Circuit Poetry Fest, University Hills Branch Library, Austin, April 1, 1995
Big Bash on the River #2
Afrikan stories read by Alli Aweusi, 1995
Marcus Garvey, Horizon, KUT
(A) Marcus Garvey; (B) The Last Poets
Marcus Garvey Tribute, music from the play
Imam Jamil Al-Amin, H. Rap Brown, February 25, 1995
Ali A. Manzni, Africa Week, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Union, March 2, 1995
96-129/12 Special Tribute to Alex Haley, Austin [2 tapes], March 28, 1992
Norbert Mundorf, Peace Dale, Rhode Island
Afrikan American Folktales: John Henry, Four People, July 25, 1995
Ebenezer Obey: The Horse, The Man, and His Son
Marcus Garvey, KUT FM
Lamont Steptoe poetry reading and interview, Resistumeca Bookstore, July 7, 1997
There Is Hope, program #00274, April 12, 1995
Forum (Longhorn Radio), program #49,50, December 5-18, 1993
Nita Wheeler, language tape, July 1995
The Organization for African Progress: Assuring a Black Tomorrow [2 tapes]
Garvey Tribute [2 tapes]
Black Panther, NPR, Druba Bin-Waded
Souls of Black Folks, interview with Roselyn of Folktales, January 19, 1992
Poesia y Calle, poetry by Alli Aweusi, June 29, 1994
Juneteenth, Symphony Square, Rosewood Park, Pape ye Pade, 1992
KAZI FM Austin, Talking Spear, Dr. Alli Aweusi [2 tapes], February 2, 1992
Rise, Vision Comin'
World Beat, KOOP Austin, Donna Hoffman and Alli Aweusi [2 tapes], December 2, 1994
Nikki Giovanni
Gate Crash the Dawn, poetry, music
Alli, Fungary [?] rehearsal, March 1993
John Henry as told by Denzel Washington, music by B. B. King
World Beat, KOOP Austin, Donna Hoffman and Alli Aweusi, part I, December 22, 1994
World Music Show, KUT Austin, Dr. Aweusi, part I, May 4, 1990
Journey Woman, Alex Mellor (poetry)
Liveset, November 17, 1991
Minister Louis Farakhan, University of Texas at Austin [2 tapes], January 2, 1992
Rameses II (3rd Eye Presents Rameses II: The African Origin of Civilization) Dallas [9 tapes], April 27, 1989-April 29, 1989
Black Panther Interviews: Good Morning America, Where are the Panthers, August 11; KUT, The Legacy of the Panthers, May 31, 1995; Eye To Eye interview with Geranamo Pratt
"Kwanza"" by Teresa Jennings
KUT FM, DJ Ken McKenzie with Alli Aweusi, December 19, 1995
96-129/13 Left in Sight, KOOP Austin (A) Black Wall Street and Kwanza, December 19, 1995; (B) Poetry of Struggle, January 2, 1995
Sieze the Time Production, KAZI FM, October 15, 1995
GWA Project, (A) Nelson Linder interview, Sieze the Time Production (Aweusi show), September 3, 1995; (B) Bobby Seale and Eldridge Cleaver, Mumia Abu-Jama, Victory Grill, September 1, 1995
(A) Marcus Mosiah Garvey, KAZI FM, August 17, 1995; (B) Commentary and Dick Gregory, August 27, 1995
(A) Black Panther Party, part II, KAZI FM documentary; (B) Lamont Steptoe KAZI poetry reading and interview
(A) Mumia Abu-Jamal, first show, Sieze the Time, KAZI FM, July 2, 1995; (B) Black Panther Party, part I, program II, July 9, 1995
Good music tape, Afrikan
Amandla Poets: Makube Njalo
Moments Are Forever, poetry by Robert Woods [2 copies]
Gifts of the Tortoise, Ladysmith Black Mabazo
Oscar Brown, Jr.: (A) Sin and Soul; (B) Between Heaven and Hell
Play by Joni, rehearsal tape
We Shall Be Changed, New Mount Carmel choir, Houston, Texas
Dan Del Santo, "Off Your Nyashi"
Music from the Heart's of Space
Miriam Makeba
Miriam Makeba: Sangoma
Toowoomba: Happy Drivers
Reel-to-reel tapes
96-129/13 Olatunji Drums of Passion
Survey of the Arts
For Black Women Only; Poetry for a Tribute to Black Women (Longhorn Radio)
A Conversation with Father Theodore Hesburgh, program R-1/80, 6/30
Reggae Music (Longhorn Radio)
Swing Low Sweet Dizzy
Flaming Drums/Olatunji
Jimmy Smith Got My Mojo Working
Miles Davis Birthday Special, 1988
Radio K-I-L-L
King Sunny Ade (Longhorn Radio), 1987
Asian Communique
96-129/14 Black Panthers: (1) Huey Newton (March 1968) interview, Bobby Seale (February 17, 1968) Oakland, KPFA; (2) Rap Brown at Oakland, Stokely Carmichael at Oakland, February 17, 1968
Dialogue: Angel Marie Greenlow Baby Talk, May 5, 1981-May 6, 1981, May 11, 1981-May 12, 1981, May 15, 1981
Wole Soyinka, honor at University of Texas at Austin, part I, November 11, 1986
Ray Charles
Robin Goodfellow, paper artist
Souls of Black Folks, May 15, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, April 24, 1988
Souls of Black Folks [2 reels], May 8, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, September 2, 1987
Dan Del Santo World Music Show, KUT, July 1, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, June 12, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, August 10, 1987
History of Civil Rights songs, part I
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, Jazz, part II, September 29, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, April 24, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, Jazz, December 28, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, June 12, 1988
Music from the Battlefield, April 26, 1988
Survival Show, interview with Peter Tosh, KAZI Austin, DJ Raz Skywalker
Souls of Black Folks, undated
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part I, tribute to Black Women, KAZI Austin, December 21, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part II, KAZI, July 2, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, tribute to Alli, March 6, 1987
Hai R. [?] (Don L. Lee) Rise Vision
Souls of Black Folks, May 15, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI Austin, Jazz dedicated to CJ Smith, Sr., October 5, 1987
Masekela, part III, March 20, undated
World Music Show, June 2, undated
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, tribute to Alli, part I, March 6, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, May 1, 1988
A Day in the Life of Wes M.
Angel; Stories/Poems by Alli
Ohio Conference
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part I, KAZI Austin, May 9, 1988
Survival Show, Music of the Struggle, part II, KAZI, September 21, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part I, August 3, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, John Coltrane Special, part II, KAZI, September 21, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, August 31, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, Marcus Garvey Special, August 14, 1987
Survival Show, Reggae, KAZI, part II, September 8, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, KAZI, part I, July 27, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI, part I, July 14, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, KAZI, part II, July 7, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, KAZI, part I, July 7, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo [2 reels], April 1, 1986
Souls of Black Folks, KAZI FM, Brother Ali, parts I, II [2 reels], June 30, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, part II, July 14, 1987
James Farmer; In Black America, March 2-8, 1987
King Sonny Ada, KUT interview, 1987
K-I-L-L radio
The Aging Society Program #9
African Peace Tour
Malcolm X documentary
[?] Battlefield, April 1, 1988
Miles Davis birthday special, KUT FM, Larry Monroe Show, May 24, 1988
The Texas Travelers
Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael) University of Texas at Austin, part II, October 1987
Stokely Carmichael, Black Panthers Rally, Oakland, California, February 1968
FELA, KUTI World Music Special [4 reels], November 7, 1986
Malcolm X; The Last Poets
John Hartford [?], erasable
Larry Monroe Show, KUT, September 23, 1987
U-Zulu interview, KUT
World Music Show; Charlie Parker
Racism in America, C. Mack Hall, January 1, 1969
Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael), University of Texas at Austin, part I, October 1987
The Last Poets
New Voices
Radio Dialogue
96-129/16 Survival Show, May 17, 1988
World Music Show, June 26, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part II, July 4, 1986
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, undated
Dan Del Santo, World BOFS [?]
Carl Dix, co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Houston, Texas, October 1987
Alli Aweusi, February 24, 1988
Count Stovall
Souls of Black Folks [2 reels], May 22, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, May 1, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, May 29, 1988
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, John Coltrane Special, part I, September 21, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, A Tribute to Black Women, part II, December 21, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part I, August 24, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part II, August 24, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, September 7, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, part I, August 11, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, part I, August 24, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Peter Tosh dedication, part I, September 14, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part I, May 22, 1987
Masekela, part IV, March 20, 1987
Masekela, part II, August 20, 1987
Desmond Tutu, In Black America , undated
Miriam Makeba interview
Malcolm X
Jazz with Kharen Monsho, KAZI Austin, October 1987
History of Civil Rights songs, part II
House work not done, Steve P.
Music from the Hearts of Space, November 1, 1986
(1) English Consort Music; (2) World Music Show, July 4, 1986
Jimmy Lynch comedy
Black Journal, undated
Afro-American Culture Night, poetry by Alli, [1986]
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part I, July 4, 1986
Twine Time (Motown) [2 reels]
Black is Beautiful (Leroi Jones) [2 reels]
Lawrence Olivier's King Lear promos, Mobil Showcase Network, 1984
Jazz Sampler
Charles Pace interview with Alli Aweusi, KAZI, recorded June 16, 1988, aired, June 19, 1988
PBS theme music, fills
Azania, KAZI (Longhorn Radio), part I, II, May 2, 1987
96-129/17 Wanda Brown lecture (Longhorn Radio), to teenagers (Aweusi Educational Enterprises)
Wanda Brown lecture (Longhorn Radio), Steps to Success, parts 1 & 2
Wanda Brown lecture (Longhorn Radio), Steps to Success, parts 3 & 4
Wanda Brown lecture (Longhorn Radio), Steps to Success, parts 5 & 6
Survival Music, Susan Richardson, KAZI Austin (Longhorn Radio), August 11, 1987
Survival Show, Skywalker (Longhorn Radio), March 15, 1988
Survival Show, Reggae, Brother Alli Aweusi, KAZI (Longhorn Radio) part I, II [2 reels], November 11, 1987
Souls of Black Folks, Jazz, dedicated to C. J. Smith, Sr., KAZI (Longhorn Radio), October 5, 1987
Twine Time, part II (Longhorn Radio)
University of Pacific BSU Conference
Cabin Tales, read by E. Hooper; music for slide show, (2) music for karata demo
Dr. John W. Blassingame, "Books in Chains: The Critical Reception of the Works of Afro-American Historians", March 3, undated
(1) Hugh Masekela; (2) Good music
Oral History Library: World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part 4, July 4, 1986
Jesse Jackson, University of Texas at Austin, Hogg Auditorium (Longhorn Radio), January 26, 1988
Wanda's [Brown?]
Sound Affect
International Women's Day [2 reels], January 10, 1988
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part I, II [2 reels], June 12, 1987
World Music Show, Dan Del Santo, KUT Austin, part II, III [2 reels], May 22, 1987
52 unidentified and/or damaged reels (flood, mold)
General music reels
Ray Charles [mold]
Red Head Stranger, Willie Nelson
Changes I, David Bowie
Stan Rogers, Kerrville '83
Moody Blues
Glen Campbell, Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves
Masekela part I
15 unidentified and/or damaged reels (flood, mold)
59 commercial music cassette tapes
24 blank, unidentified cassette tapes
24 7" 45 rpm commercial music records
1 12" commercial music record
3 commercial music CDs
empty CD pearl cases
96-129/20 Slides: (blank spaces noted in sleeves represent blank spaces in carousels)
Tray 1: Dance Fest, Africa/Native American/Mexican, 1970s
Tray 1: African Art, undated
Tray 1: Avocados [print advertisements; also KOOL cigarettes, AVIS, Educational opportunities]
Tray 2: Print displays, office interiors, vehicles, etc
Tray 2: Various images in advertising [Kraft, Sears, AVIS, Pearl beer]
Tray 2: Black Cowboys Parade, Oakland, California, 1978
Tray 3: Flowers, undated
Tray 3: Victorian House and Miniature Show (Bay Area), undated
Tray 4: Outdoor African Dance/Music Program, [1970s?]
Tray 4: Black Cowboy's Parade, Oakland, California, 1978
Tray 5: Egypt/African American History (Slavery to Civil Rights of 1970s)
Tray 6: Flowers
Tray 8: African and African American Art lecture (with script)
Aweusi Educational Enterprises, Inc.
Japan [Beautiful Black People]
Afrikan Liberation Day, [1976]
Afrikan Liberation Day, 1974-1977
Slide Boxes
San Francisco Scene, Tony Albert
Sports [notable football, baseball, golf, tennis figures]
Sports #2
Linda Luckett, Black Cowboy Parade, Flowers, 1977