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A Guide to the Alternative Views Video Collection, 1978-1998

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Alternative Views
Title: Alternative Views Video Collection
Dates: 1978-1998
Abstract: Videocassettes, financial records, correspondence, programming materials, articles of incorporation, and by-laws comprise the Alternative Views Video Collection (1978-1998), which documents the operations of the Austin, Texas, public affairs program.
Accession No.: 2000-35; 2000-247
Extent: 59 ft., 1 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Alternative Views was a sixty minute public affairs program cablecast twice weekly on Austin Community Television, Austin, Texas, between 1978 and 1998. Produced by Douglas Kellner, a University of Texas philosophy professor and Frank Morrow, the program grew out of a 1977 media study group designed to examine distortion and censorship in the media. As a result, Alternative Views sought to present issues ignored by conventional media. Topics addressed in the programs include: alternative energy sources, the CIA, civil liberties, international politics, labor unions, the effects of multinational corporations, poverty, pornography and violence towards women, racism, and U.S. foreign policy. Alternative Views also investigated local issues such as Austin politics, urban development and the University of Texas. International topics include interviews with former political prisoners from Chile, Iran, and Argentina, survivors of the Nagasaki bombing, and returned travelers from Cuba, Vietnam, El Salvador, Jamaica, Grenada, Nicaragua, Iran, South Africa, and Central Africa. Notable guests to the program were: anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; film director Edward Dmytryk; Jim Hightower; civil rights lawyer William Kunstler; biologist George Wald; and former U. S. Senator Ralph Yarborough.

Scope and Contents

Videocassettes, financial records, correspondence, programming materials, articles of incorporation, and by-laws comprise the Alternative Views Video Collection (1978-1998), which documents the operations of the Austin, Texas, public affairs program. The collection primarily consists of 574 sixty-minute 3/4 " videocassette recordings arranged chronologically according to their date of exhibition. Those programs beginning with a twenty minute news segment are labeled with an (N), while those with information pertaining to the CIA are labeled with a (C). Furthermore, the collection contains operating records for the program.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Morrow, Frank.
Kellner, Douglas, 1943-
Caldicott, Helen
Clark, Ramsey, 1927-
Dmytryk, Edward.
Hightower, Jim, 1943-
Kunstler, William M. (William Moses), 1919-1995.
Wald, George
Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996.
Subjects (Organizations)
Alternative views (Television program)--Archives.
United States. Central Intelligence Agency.
Political science--United States.
Renewable energy sources.
Civil rights--America.
World politics.
Austin (Tex.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Alternative Views Video Collection, 1978-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.


(N): News Section; (C): CIA Information

Detailed Description of the Collection



Box Tape
2000-35/1 4 (N)Energy Sources and Alternatives
5 (N)The World Power Structure
6 (C)John Stockwell and the CIA, Part I
6b (C)John Stockwell and the CIA, Part I: Raw, Re-Edited
7 (C)John Stockwell and the CIA, Part II
9 John Henry Faulk
10 (NC)Gary Shaw and Kennedy Assassination
10 (NC)Gary Shaw and The Kennedy Assassination [Rev.]
11 (N)Sunbelt Snow Job
12 (N)Our Vanishing Civil Liberties
13 (N)Will It Be Guns or Butter: The Pentagon Budget
14 (N)Nuclear Energy Debate and Discussion
15 (N)Agribusiness and Death of the Family Farm
16 (N)Viet Nam and China
Box Tape
2000-35/2 17 (N)Iran; Human Rights; Welfare for Rich; Chemical Wastes
19 (N)Labor's Untold Story
19 (N)Labor’s Untold Story, [Rev.]
19 (N)Labor’s Untold Story, [Rev.]
20 (N)Helen Caldicott and Nuclear Madness
20 (N)Helen Caldicott and Nuclear Madness, [Rev.]
21 (N)The Rockefellers
22 (N)Greg Calvert, SDS and the New Left
23 (N)Mexico: An Impending Revolution
24 (N)The Outlaw State: The Attack on Civil Liberties
25a Energy Week: Lignite, Solar Collector
25b The China Syndrome
28 (N)Africa: A Continent In Crisis
29 (N)A Conversation With Ralph Yarborough
Box Tape
2000-35/3 29 (N)Karl Marx and Socialism Today
30 (N)Karl Marx and Socialism Today, [Rev.]
32 (N)The Not So Jolly Side of “Olde” England
34 A Conversation With Edward Dmytryk
35 (N)Poverty In America
36 (N)On to Matagorda
40 S.O.S.: Save Our Shacks
40 S.O.S.: Save Our Shacks, [Rev]
41 (N)Salt II: What Does It Mean?
42 Alternative Views First Retrospective
43 Alternative Views First Retrospective, [Rev.]
43 (N)Racism and Political Repression at the University of Texas
44 (N)The Great Tex-Mex Oil Spill
46 (N)Terrorism: The Anatomy of Political Violence
Box Tape
2000-35/4 47 Karen Silkwood vs. Kerr-Magee
48 (C)John Stockwell: The CIA Case Officer, Part I
48 (C)John Stockwell: The CIA Case Officer, Part II
50 (N)A Conversation With George Wald
50 (N)A Conversation With George Wald, [Rev.]
51 (N)Losing Ground: The Fight to Save Barton Creek
52a Blacks Britannica, Part I
52b Blacks Britannica, Part II
53 A Conversation With Ramsey Clark
54 (NC)Iran, Civil Liberties, and the CIA
55 (N)The Ku Klux Klan
58 (N)Iran: Two Views From Within
60 John Henry Faulk Speaks Out!
Box Tape
2000-35/5 62 (N)Civil Liberties Under Attack
63 Rape, Pornography and Violence Towards Women
64 William Kunstler Speaks Out!
65 Michael Klare: Prospects for World War III
67 Why Should Energy Cost So Much?
70 Nagasaki: A Survivor's Story
70 Nagasake: A Survivor’s Story , [Rev.]
71 (N)Eugene Debs, Freedom Fighter
72 The Controlling Interest: Multinational Corporations
72 The Controlling Interest: Multinational Corporations, [Rev.]
73 Inside Saudi Arabia
74 (NC)The CIA: “On Company Business”
Box Tape
2000-35/6 75 The Chicano Experience; the Arms Race
76 (N)Repression In Argentina
78 Cambodia, Year Zero
78 Cambodia, Year Zero, [Rev.]
79 Ramsey Clark; “Sharing Global Resources”
80 Registering Opposition
82 (N)Creeping McCarthyism: The McKinnon and Kelleher Cases
83 (N)Inside Nicaragua
84 (N)Iran-Iraq War; Reindustrialization Of America
85 (NC)Inside Jamaica and Grenada With John Stockwell
86 How South Africa Got the Nuke
87 (N)Civil Liberties and the Native American
88 (N)Civil Liberties and the Native American
Box Tape
2000-35/7 88 (N)The Struggles of the Texas Farmworkers
89 The Viet Nam War
89 The Viet Nam War, [Rev]
90 (N)Inside El Salvador: Revolution or Death
91 A Conversation With Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Part I
92 A Conversation With Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Part II
93 Russell Means Speaks Out!
93 Russell Means Speaks Out! [Rev]
94 Hollywood Films Today
95 (N)The Resurgence of the Klan
96 (N)Women, Witches and Herbs
97 Illinois Power vs. "60 Minutes"
98 (N)A New Red Scare
99 (N)El Salvador: Another Viet Nam?
Box Tape
2000-35/8 101 (N)The Nicaraguan Revolution: “With These Hands”
102 (N)An English Lesson: Austerity for the U.S.
103 (N)Income Tax, IRS, and You
104 (N)Eat, Drink, and Be Wary
106 (N)Poles Apart: Struggles of the Polish Workers
107 The Forgotten Guinea Pigs: Agent Orange and A-Bomb Survivors
109 (N)Why Aren't They Smiling?
109 (N)Why Aren’t They Smiling? [Rev.]
110 (N)Austin and the Sunbelt
111 (N)The New Counter-Insurgency
112 (N)Inside the Iranian Revolution, Part I
112 (N)Inside the Iranian Revolution, Part I [Rev]
113 Inside the Iranian Revolution, part II
114 (N)Sonya Johnson: Mormons For ERA
Box Tape
2000-35/9 116 (N)People's War in Namibia
117 (N)War Against Drugs in Texas
119 A Conversation With Dave Dellinger
120 An Informal Evening With Charlie King
121 (N)Repression, American Style
121 (N)Repression, American Style [Rev.]
121 (N)Repression, American Style [Rev.]
122 Ireland: The 800-Year Tragedy
124 (N)Prison--What It's Like Inside (Prisoners’ Rights)
125 (N)Austin: To Nuke or Not
126 (N)Boys for Sale, Part I
126 (N)Boys for Sale, Part I [Rev.]
127 Boys For Sale, Part II
127 Boys For Sale, Part II [Rev.]
Box Tape
2000-35/10 128 John Henry Faulk on Reaganism and the Threat of Nuclear War
129 (N)Jim Hightower and Texas Politics
130 The Russians Aren’t Coming!
124 Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang
125 Alternative Views Fund Raiser
126 (N)El Salvador Update
135 (N)Poland in Perspective
136 (N)The FBI on Trial
137 (N)Alternative Health Care
138 (N)The Politics of Medicine
139 (NC)CIA Update
140 (N)Nicaragua Revisited
141 (N)Inside the FCC
142 (N)A Conversation With Stokely Carmichael (Defective)
Box Tape
2000-35/11 143 (N)Reaganomics Revisited
144 Political Murder, Klan-Nazi Style, Part I
144 Political Murder, Klan-Nazi Style, Part I [Rev.]
145 Political Murder, Klan-Nazi Style, Part II
145 Political Murder, Klan-Nazi Style, Part II [Rev]
146 (N)Three Mile Island Aftermath
147 The Last Epidemic
147 The Last Epidemic [Rev]
148 Alternative Views Retrospective II
149 Ben Sargent: Populist Cartoonist
150 (N)Leonard Peltier: An American Political Prisoner
151 The Last Epidemic
152 (N)Other Black Voices
153 (NC)Covert Action, Part I
Box Tape
2000-35/12 154 (NC)Covert Action, Part II
155 (NC)Covert Action, Part III
156 Forum on Palestine
157 A Syrian Evaluates the Lebanon Crisis
158 (N)Bishop Matthiesen Speaks Out on the Arms Race
159 Inside Lebanon
160 (N)Inside Israel
161 (N)Helen Caldicott: Medical Implications of Nuclear Power
162 (N)Talkin' Union, Part I
163 (N)Talkin' Union, Part II
164 Mexico and the International Financial Crisis
166 Inside Honduras and Nicaragua
Box Tape
2000-35/13 167 (C)Making a CIA Movie
167 (C)Making a CIA Movie
168 (N)A Conversation With Dr. Spock
168 (N)A Conversation With Dr. Spock
170 An Evening at Esther’s, Part I
170 An Evening at Esther's, Part I
171 An Evening at Esther's, Part II
171 An Evening at Esther’s, Part II
172 Generations of Resistance In South Africa
173 Inside Guatemala
174 Lebanon: The Horrible Reality [1 of 2]
174 Lebanon: The Horrible Reality [2 of 2]
Box Tape
2000-35/14 175 Lies Agreed Upon: George Seldes and The American Press, Part I
175 Lies Agreed Upon: Part I [Rev.]
176 Lies Agreed Upon: George Seldes and The American Press, Part II
176 Lies Agreed Upon: Part II [Rev.]
177 177 Lies Agreed Upon: George Seldes and The American Press, Part III
177 Lies Agreed Upon: Part III [Rev.]
178 What's Happening: An Interview With Manning Marable
179 (N)The War Game
179 (N)The War Game [Rev.]
180 Distorting The News: A Nicaraguan Example
181 Behind The Lines In Central America
182 (N)Alternative Nutrition, Optimum Health
182 (N)Alternative Nutrition, Optimum Health [Rev.]
Box Tape
2000-35/15 183 (N)The World Works For Peace
184 New Technology: Whose Progress?
185 The Nicaraguan "War"
186 Palestine After Beirut
187 (N)The Worldly Warblers: Political Singers
188 (N)The Worldly Warblers: Political Singers [Rev]
189 John Henry Faulk For Congress
190 (N)Herb Schiller Reads The New York Times
190 (N)Herb Schiller [Rev.]
191 The Texas Legislature: Civil Liberties, The Utilities And
192 Acid Rain
193 (C)What's New With the CIA
193 (C)What’s New With the CIA [Rev]
Box Tape
2000-35/16 194 Genocide in Guatemala
194 Genocide in Guatemala [Rev]
195 (N)Syrian Filmmaker Nabil Maleh
196 Don't Let the Draft Blow You Away, Part I
197 Don't Let the Draft Blow You Away, Part II
198 On Our Land: The Palestinian Tragedy
199 Charlie Clements, Rebel Doctor
200 (N)Press Distortion and Censorship
201 Press Ownership and Control
202 Nicaragua: A New Bay of Pigs?
203 (N)Nutrition and Aging: A New Fountain of Youth?
204 Inside the Allende Government
205 A Peaceful Trip to Russia
206 Europe Yearns for Peace
Box Tape
2000-35/17 207 Alternative Views: A View From the Inside
207 Alternative Views: A View From the Inside [Rev.]
208 (N)Grenada: Another Latin American Tragedy
209 (C)Inside The CIA: One Man's Testament, Part I
210 (C)Inside The CIA: One Man's Testament, Part II
211 Minie War - Maxie War
212 Reagan's Gunboat Diplomacy: Lebanon and Central America
212b (N)The Week After “The Day After”
213 Another Look at Civil Liberties
214 Ma Bell Catches Hell
215 On Company Business.Part I
216 On Company Business, Part II
217 On Company Business, Part III
218 Nicaragua: Views from the Inside
Box Tape
2000-35/18 219 (N)Guatemala: The Human Tragedy
221 Henry Gonzalez Speaks Out!, Part II
222 (N)Racism On TV: An English Example
223 Jacob Fontaine, Austin's Unknown Giant
225 (C)Alternative Views Benefit II
224 (N)Central America-Caribbean Update
226 (N)Nicaragua: An Inside View From the Top
227 Paul Hernandez: Hood or Robin Hood? Part I
228 Paul Hernandez: Hood or Robin Hood? Part II
229 (C)Nicaragua, Grenada and the CIA
230 (N)Peace: A Soviet Perspective
231 (C)The CIA, Assassination, Disinformation and the Next War
232 (N)Sonia Johnson: The First Woman President?
233 The Libertarian Idea
Box Tape
2000-35/19 234 Central American Update, Part I
235 Central American Update, Part II
236 (N)Eurocommunism and Eurosocialism
237 Mean Things Happening in the Land
238 (N)Common Courage
239 The Real El Salvador
240 (C)Manipulating America: The Russian Troops in Cuba
241 (N)Reagan's Defense/Offense Budget
242 John Henry Faulk on the 1984 Presidential Elections
243 (N)The Caldicott's Speak Out!, Part I
244 (N)The Caldicotts Speak Out, Part II
245 (N)Waiting for the Invasion
Box Tape
2000-35/20 246 Central America: From the Grassroots
247 (N)Ship of Peace
248 (N)The Soviet People Speak Out!
249 Ronnie Dugger Observes
250 (N)Interaction: San Diego and Moscow
251 Nicaragua, Yesterday and Today
252 (N)El Salvador: In Rebel Territory
253 Max for Mayor!
254 (N)Nicaraguan Elections: An Observer's View
255 (C)John Stockwell: Preparations for War
256 (NC)John Stockwell: The CIA Around the World
257 The Austin Power Structure
Box Tape
2000-35/21 258 (N)Hiroshima-Nagasaki: What the People Experienced
259 Four Country Focus
260 The Urban Growth Machine
261 (N)Pulling the Plug: Divestment in South Africa
262 Faulk at His Finest
263 (N)Potpourri I: Chile, Brain Research, El Salvador, Repub. Convention
264 (N)Two Trips to Nicaragua
265 Banned Aids
266 Civil Liberties: The Reagan Threat
267 (N)Our Invaded Cities
268 Inside Austin, with the Daryl Herald
269 The American Power Structure: The Elites Who Govern Us
270 The Houstonization of Austin
Box Tape
2000-35/22 271 Red Scare, Part I
272 Red Scare, Part II
273 No Nukes for New Zealand
274 (N)Politics in New Zealand: The Feminist Factor
275 (N)Star Wars: Panacea or Pipe Dream?
276 (N)The Communist Party: A Personal, Historical Perspective
277 (N)Hiroshima-Nagasaki: Were They Necessary?
278 (C)The Last Days of the CIA in Viet Nam
279 (NC)John Stockwell: Return to Viet Nam
280 (NC)The Overburdened Economy
281 (N)A Glowing Evening with Barbara George, Part I
282 A Glowing Evening with Barbara George, Part II
283 Austin Transportation Study: Loop or Noose?
Box Tape
2000-35/23 284 (N)Ramsey Clark, Then and Now
285 The Daryl Herald Strikes Again!
286 Bias in the Mass Media
287 Michael Manley Speaks Out!
288 Nazareth in August
289 (NC)Our Undeclared Wars
290 Ron Dellums Speaks Out!
291 (N)Faces of War
292 (N)Face of The Contra
293 The Terrorism Syndrome
294 The Perils of P-9
295 Five Remarkable Women
296 (N)Blue Collar, New Collar, No Collar
Box Tape
2000-35/24 297 SDI Debate
298 Angela Davis Speaks Out on Rape and Racism
299 (C)KAL-007: Whose Murder?
300 (C)Nicaragua, The CIA, Reagan, Lies, War
301 (N)Nicaragua: Friendly Relations
302 The Daryl Herald Returns - Again
303 Labor's Lament: Reaganomics and Gramm-Rudman
304 (N)Nicaragua Eyewitness
305 A McCarthy Victim: His Ordeal and Triumph
306 (N)The Business of Hunger
307 (N)Potpourri II: Central America, Civil Liberties, Peace, Laos
308 Presidential Politics: Who Controls, and How
309 (N)A Conversation with Ray Marshall
Box Tape
2000-35/25 310 (NC)Reagan and Iran: Uncovering a Covert Action
311 (N)Potpourri III: Iran, Peace, Austin's Street People
312 (N)Civil Liberties in Israel: A Palestinian Perspective
313 Destination Nicaragua
314 (N)Notes from Nicaragua
315 (N)Cable Crunch
316 The Perfect War: Technowar in Vietnam, Part I
317 The Perfect War: Technowar in Vietnam, Part II
318 (N)Our Constitutional Crisis: Church-State Separation
319 The Contra War
320 (N)War Without Winners
321 (C)The Fine Art of Lying
322 (NC)Contragate-Impeachgate
Box Tape
2000-35/26 323 Jim Hightower: The Contrived Crisis
324 Beyond War, Part I: The Nuclear Threat
325 C)Beyond War, Part II: Other Wars
326 (NC)Beyond War, Part III: The Enemy
327 Beyond War, Part IV: What Can We Do?
328 (N)The 10 Best Censored Stories
329 (C)The Secret Team
330 (N)Max for City Council!
331 (N)Potpourri IV: Ray Marshall, Central America, Peace and Imperialism
332 (N)The Religious Right in the U.S.
333 (N)Cable Crunch Revisited
Box Tape
2000-35/27 334 Who Rules America? Part I
335 Who Rules America? Part II
336 (NC)Potpourri V: Iran-Contra, Liberation Theology, Central America
337 (NC)John Stockwell Evaluates The Reagan Revolution
338 (NC)Henry Gonzalez: America in Crisis, Part I
339 (NC)Henry Gonzalez: America in Crisis, Part II
340 (N)Cable Crunch III
341 (N)The “Daryl Herald:” Take Four
342 (N)Smoking: Suicide/Homicide
343 (N)Potpourri VI: Farmworkers, Bombshelters, Political Satire
344 Age, Aging and Ageism
345 The Glowing Green Grocer: Food Irradiation
346 Inside Jesse Jackson
Box Tape
2000-35/28 347 (NC)Potpourri VII: AIDS/CIA, A Political Song, Whimsical Satire
348 (N)Nicaragua and El Salvador in Contrast
349 (N)Guatemala: A Comprehensive View, Part I
350 (N)Guatemala: A Comprehensive View, Part I
351 Inside Labor
352 (N)The Impending Depression
353 (N)Glasnost: An Open and Shut Case?
354 (N)A Socialist President?
355 Eyewitness in Palestine
355b Eyewitness in Palestine [Rev.]
356 (N)Cesar Chavez: Farmworkers' Continued Struggles
357 (C)John Stockwell Views the '88 Election
358 (C)The Real Drug Lords
359 Democrats' Decision: Grover Cleveland or FDR?
Box Tape
2000-35/29 360 Alternative Views Sampler, 1988
361 (N)Daniel Ellsberg: A Retrospective View
362 (N)A Libertarian President?
363 JFK Assassination Update, Part I
364 (C)JFK Assassination Update, Part II
365 (N)The American Power Structure: A Congressman's View
366 (N)Troubles in River City
367 (N)Today's Trail of Tears
368 (N)October Surprise and the Media
369 (N)Cuba-Mexico Update
370 (NC)Potpourri VIII:Corporate Treason; "Coverup," Poverty,Rich Welfare
371 (C)Election '88 Post Mortem: John Stockwell
372 (N)Nix the Nukes
Box Tape
2000-35/30 373 (C)Accent on Angola
374 (N)The Cracked Mirror: Looking at Austin’s Politics
375 (NC)George Bush's Greatest Secrets, Part I
376 (N)Noam Chomsky Speaks Out!
377 (NC)George Bush's Greatest Secrets, Part II
378 (NC)Ollie, Ollie, In Free!!
379 (NC)Under The Bush with the CIA
381 (N)Pearl Harbor II
382 (N)El Salvador: The Continuing Struggle
383 (N)The Preventable Holocaust [Rev.]
384 (NC)Contragate Update
385 Stopping the Coming Ice Age
Box Tape
2000-35/31 386 (N)A New Convention Center for Austin?
387 El Salvador: Two Rebels' Views
388 (N)Glastnost: Soviet Students' Experiences
389 (N)Nicaragua Update
390 (C)JFK Assassination: Part I - The Conspiracy
391 (C)JFK Assassination: Part II - The Cover-Up
392 (N)A Wild Evening with Paul Krassner, Part I
393 (N)A Wild Evening with Paul Krassner, Part II
394 (N)The Media and Politics: Dirty Tricks and Tricky Dicks
395 (N)The Semi-Reported War: Nicaragua and the Contras
396 Emile De Antonio Takes Us Behind the Bush
397 (N)Palestinian Update
398 (N)Labor Songs, Then and Now
399 (N)Eastern Europe: The End or the Beginning of Marxism?
Box Tape
2000-35/32 400 (N)Potpourri IX: S and L Crisis, The Deficit, Surviving Nuclear War
401 (N)The Panama Puzzle
402 (C)John Stockwell: The Panama Connection
403 (N)(C)John Stockwell: War and Peace
404 (N)Scumbags and Scoundrels: Austin Politics
405 (N)(C)Potpourri X: Nicaragua, Panama, Oil Co. Scams
406 Fighting for Justice: The National Lawyers Guild
407 (N)Observing the Nicaraguan Elections
408 Just Desserts: Feeding and Housing the Poor
409 (N)John Stockwell: Who's Next? (Cuba)
410 S and L: Stolen and Looted.
411 (N)(C)Potpourri XI: Nicaragua, Mexico, Lithuania, U.S. Atrocities
412 (N)Lying in State
413 (N)A Lively Conversation with Arthur Kinoy
Box Tape
2000-35/33 414 Nazis, Fascists and Republicans
415 Voices in Dissent
416 (N)To Pee, or Not to Pee
417 (N)Potpourri XII: Econ. Collapse, Abortion, Poland, Suppressed Science
418 (C)Philip Agee Speaks Out! Part I
419 (N)(C)Philip Agee Speaks Out! Part II
420 The S and L Crisis: 3 Perspectives
421 (N)Between Iraq and a Hard Place
422 S and L Update, Part I
423 (N)S and L Update, Part II
424 The Gulf Crisis: A Palestinian Perspective
425 (N)The Coming Ecological Disaster, Part I
426 (N)The Coming Ecological Disaster, Part II
Box Tape
2000-35/34 427 The Wipp Trail
428 (N)Bad News, Good News
429 A Conversation With Huauhtemoc Cardenas
430 (N)The Desperately Desired War
431 Sand Doin's
432 (N)(C)Potpourri 13: S and L Crisis, Corporate Treason, CIA,Food Irradiation
433 Judge Not
434 War In The Gulf: The Long View
435 (N)Bank Bailout II
436 (N)The Truth Gulf
437 (N)Gulf Potpourri
438 New War, Old War
439 (N)Update on El Salvador and Nicaragua
440 (N)Potpourri 14: Nuke Dangers, Mental Retardation, Star Wars
Box Tape
2000-35/35 441 The Lying Elites, Part I
442 The Lying Elites, Part II
443 Humpin' For Hemp
444 (N)The War at Home
445 (N)(C)Philip Agee Looks at the Gulf War
446 (N)(C)Potpourri 15: Racist Pubs, CIA and Spies, Gulf, Palestinians
447 (N)Another Unknown War
448 (N)The Censored Casualties
449 (N)The Corporate Killer
450 (N)El Salvador: The War Continues
451 (N)Don't Pay for Peace
452 (N)Rape: Its Infinite Variety
453 (N)(C)Potpourri 16: Us Propaganda, Unions, A Witch, Yugoslavia
Box Tape
2000-35/36 454 (N)Secrets of the Gulf
455 The Worldly Warblers II
456 The S and L Coverup: A Reporter's Story
457 (N)Scandals of our Time
458 Drug War: In the Trenches, Part I
459 (N)Drug War: In the Trenches, Part II
460 The Ex-USSR
461 (N)A Trip to Post-War Iraq
462 (N)A Trip to Palestine
463 (N)Potpourri 17: CIA/Drugs, Hiroshima, Ecology, Political Videos
464 Holocausts, Past and Present
465 (N)No More Bandaids
466 (N)No Nukes is Good Nukes
467 Inside the Sandinista Revolution
Box Tape
2000-35/37 468 (N)Murray Bookchin Speaks Out!
469 Power and Politics vs. The Earth
470 (N)Election '92: Hidden Scandals
471 A Class Act: Reagan-Bush Years
472 (N)Potpourri 18: Mexico, Hiroshima, Torture, Yankees
473 (N)Potpourri 19: Iraq, The Economy, Viet Nam, New World Order
474 (N)Eyewitness in Iraq
475 (N)Austin's "Rodney King"
476 (N)Trickle-Down Candidates; Turned-Off Voters
477 (N)Potpourri 20: Gatt, Homeless Vet, Gladio, Bush and CIA
478 (N)Fed Up
479 A Conversation With Arun Gandhi
480 (N)Free Trade: Who's Gonna Pay?
Box Tape
2000-35/38 481 The Columbus Legacy
482 (N)People Power: It Can Work
483 The Mafia, CIA and Geo. Bush, Part I
484 (N)Mafia, CIA and Geo. Bush, Part II
485 (N)NAFTA is Afta Ya'
486 (N)Class War, American Style
487 (N)The Alternative Press
488 (N)Power and Pollution
489 (N)Native Americans: Today's Suppressions
490 (N)Potpourri 21: Indoctrination, Thos. Jefferson, Schwartzkopf, Elvis
490 (N)Potpourri 21 [Rev]
49-1 Appalled at Paglia
492 The De Antonio Legacy, Part I
493 The De Antonio Legacy, Part II
Box Tape
2000-35/39 494 The De Antonio Legacy, Part III
495 The De Antonio Legacy, Part IV
496 (N)Nukes: The Eternal Problem
497 (N)Potpourri 22: Clinton; Taxes, Religious Right; Nuke Testing
498 (N)Up the University!
499 (N)A Nobel Peace Prize Winner Speaks Out!
500 (N)Potpourri 23: Iraq, U.S. Propaganda, Agent Orange
501 (N)The Terrible Twins: Gatt and NAFTA
502 Suffer, Little Children
503 (N)Deadly Corn
504 Health and Hazards
505 Peace in Palestine
506 (N)Carbon II and NAFTA, Too
507 Health vs. Profits
Box Tape
2000-35/40 508 (N)Potpourri 24: Political Videos; NAFTA; Cable Mergers
509 (N)Potpourri 25: Labor History; Alt. Media In E. Europe; NAFTA; Iraq
510 Goodbye Democracy; Goodbye Prosperity: Gatt and NAFTA, Part I
511 (N)Goodbye Democracy; Goodbye Prosperity: Gatt and NAFTA, Part II
512 (N)Potpourri 26: NAFTA/Gatt; Acid Rain; Car Pollution
513 (N)Potpourri 27: JFK, Satirical Songs; Civil Liberties
514 (N)Single Payer, Singular Health
515 (N)Slusher for Mayor
516 American Power Structure Update, Part I
516 American Power Structure Update, Part I [Rev.]
517 American Power Structure, Part II
517 American Power Structure, Part II [Rev.]
518 (N)Potpourri 28: Nixon, Mexico, Hard Times
Box Tape
2000-35/41 519 (N)Civil Liberties: The Reagan Legacy
520 (N)Potpourri 29: Clear Cutting; '52 Election; The Fed; Food Irradiation
521 (N)A Justice for All
522 Living with Aids, Naturally
523 (N)North Korea: The Latest Designated Enemy
524 (N)Potpourri 30: Limbaugh; Haiti; Esther's Follies; '52 Election
525 (N)Potpourri 31: Corporations, Elections, Bedouins, Poetry
526 Health Care for All
527 The People's War in Mexico
528 (N)Potpourri 32: Derivatives, Power Structure, Esther's Follies
529 (N)Potpourri 33: Christmas, Chiapas, Arms Race, NAFTA
530 Nice and Easy
531 (N)Potpourri 34: Chiapas; Logging in Canada; Balanced Budget
Box Tape
2000-35/42 532 Surviving Cancer Naturally, Part I
533 Surviving Cancer Naturally, Part II
534 (N)Against All Odds
535 (N)Big Elites, Little Elites
536 Slackers All, Part I
537 Slackers All, Part II
538 (N)The Inside Game: Corporate Welfare
539 (N)Bougainville: Another Colonial War
540 The Company and the Country, Part I
541 The Company and the Country, Part II
542 (N)Potpourri 35: Nukes, McNamara, Religions
543 Holy Terror, Part I
544 Holy Terror, Part II
Box Tape
2000-35/43 547 In Tokyo We Trust, Part I
548 In Tokyo We Trust, Part II
549 The Magic Day
550 School for Assassins
551 (N)Potpourri 36: Mexico; Sam From Sales; Media Monopoly
552 (N)Stupidity and Cupidity
553 (N)Potpourri 37: Indians, Cold Fusion, Food
554 A Signature - And Fascism
555 (N)Potpourri 38: Civil Rights; Grammar; Capitalism
556 Under Siege, Part I
557 Under Siege, Part II
558 Back Then
559 Way Back Then, Part I - Edit Master
560 Way Back Then, Part II - Edit Master
Box Tape
2000-35/44 561 Way Back Then, Part III - Edit Master
562 Way Back Then, Part IV - Edit Master
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