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A Guide to the Paul R. Halmos Papers, 1915-2006

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Halmos, Paul R., 1916-2006
Title: Paul R. Halmos Papers
Dates: 1916-2006
Abstract: Correspondence, notes, lectures, publications, and teaching materials (1915-2006) document the mathematical career of Paul R. Halmos as a teacher, editor of mathematical publications, and as an author and lecturer.
Accession No.: 89-315; 2005-062; 2007-233; 2008-324; 2015-167; 2015-232
OCLC No.: 610018592
Extent: 22 ft., 10 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Paul Richard Halmos (1916-2006) is known for his work in operator theory, ergodic theory, and functional analysis, as well as his mathematical exposition and his teaching style. His major teaching positions were at the University of Chicago (1946-1960), the University of Michigan (1961-1967), Indiana University (1969-1985), and Santa Clara University (1985-1996), where he was Professor Emeritus until his death in 2006.

Halmos was born March 3, 1916, in Budapest, Hungary. He came to the United States in 1929 and attended high school in Chicago. In 1931, at the age of 15, he entered the University of Illinois, intending to study chemical engineering, and graduated three years later (1934) with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and philosophy. Halmos then entered graduate school at the University of Illinois in order to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy. After failing the oral comprehensive exam for the master’s degree, he changed the focus of his graduate studies and registered as a student in the department of mathematics. Halmos earned his doctorate in mathematics under Joseph Doob in 1938.

Following the completion of his doctorate, Halmos served as John von Neumann's assistant at the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) (1939-1942), a post that led to the publication of his first book, Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces, in 1942. After working at the IAS, Halmos taught soldiers in the Army's Specialized Training Program at Syracuse University before moving to the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan. After one year as the mathematics department chair at the University of Hawaii (1967-1968), he began a professorship at Indiana University, where he would stay until 1985, with the exception of two years spent at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1975-1977). In 1985, he moved to Santa Clara University where he worked until his retirement in 1996. In addition to these posts, Halmos held visiting appointments at the University of Montevideo, Uruguay (1951-1952), the University of Miami (1965-1966), and the University of Washington (1959), among others.

Halmos served as editor of several publications, including the Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematical Monthly (1982-1986) and Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (1958-1963). For the Van Nostrand publishing company he edited the University Series in Undergraduate Mathematics. Halmos also served as editor for the Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete series and Graduate Texts in Mathematics series published by Springer-Verlag.

He received the Steele Prize for exposition from the American Mathematical Society in 1983 and the Distinguished Teacher Award from the Mathematical Association of America in 1993. Halmos was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a Guggenheim Fellow. In 2000, he was awarded the Yueh-Gin Gung and Dr. Charles Y. Hu Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics by the Mathematical Association of America, the organization’s most prestigious award for service.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, notes, lectures, publications, and teaching materials (1915-2006) document the mathematical career of Paul R. Halmos as a teacher, editor of mathematical publications, and as an author and lecturer. Arranged in nine series representing Halmos’s teaching and professional activities, his work with mathematical organizations, his research notes and travel diaries, and his work as author and lecturer. The Teaching/Professional series consists of course notes used by Halmos for teaching, correspondence concerning employment and relations with the mathematics department of which he was part, awards, and student dissertations. Halmos’s role as editor of the American Mathematical Monthly is richly documented through correspondence and editors reports arranged in the Organizations series. Also well represented in this series is the renovation of the Mathematical Association of America Carriage House, to which Halmos donated substantially. The Notes series includes Halmos’s mathematical research, a substantial portion of which consists of problems collected and created by Halmos, and often used in his publications. The Conferences series contains correspondence and diaries documenting Halmos’s travels abroad to attend conferences. In several instances, the lecture associated with the conference can be found in the Lectures series. The bulk of the Publications and Writings series consists of reprints by Halmos and others. Halmos’s personal life is represented in the Correspondence and Personal series. Much of the correspondence, arranged alphabetically, is both personal and related to questions of mathematics.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Subjects (Persons)
Ambrose, Warren Arthur, 1914-
Boas, Ralph Philip
Doob, Joseph L.
Gillman, Leonard
Halmos, Paul R. (Paul Richard), 1916-2006
Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957
Willcox, Alfred B., 1925-
Subjects (Organizations)
American Mathematical Society
Indiana University, Bloomington. Dept. of Mathematics
Mathematical Association of America
Mathematical Association of America. American Mathematical Monthly
Mathematical Intelligencer
Santa Clara University (Calif.)
University of Chicago. Dept. of Mathematics
Ergodic theory
Linear algebras
Mathematics--Study and teaching (Higher)--United States
Bloomington (Ind.)
Budapest (Hungary)
Chicago (Ill.)
Montevideo (Uruguay)
Santa Clara (Calif.)

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Paul R. Halmos Papers, 1915-2006, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Teaching/Professional

Courses and lectures
4La95g “University of Chicago” (RESTRICTED until 2036, class lists with grades), 1946-1961 1946-1961
4La72 “Theory of spectral multiplicity,” typed manuscript, 1949
“HILB,” assignments, winter 1950, undated winter 1950, undated
“Notes on topological algebra,” 33 lectures at the University of Chicago, autumn 1952
“Logic Course 1954,” 1954
“Ergodic Theory,” Math 373 A, University of Chicago, 1955
“Entropy in Ergodic Theory,” bound mimeographed lectures, 1959
4La73 “Entropy in Ergodic Theory,” “Invariant Subspaces,” bound lectures, 1959, 1969
“Axiomatic Set Theory,” manuscript, 1950s?
“Axiomatic Set Theory,” manuscript with edits, 1950s?
“C.V.,” Complex analysis course (Math 603), 1965
Commutative Banach algebras notebook, summer 1967
“Logic Course,” typed manuscript, circa 1977
4La95g “Topology,” notes, correspondence, student assignments (RESTRICTED until 2059, student grades), 1984, undated
4La73 “Knuth [D.E.],” notes for writing class taught by Halmos at Stanford, 1987
4La74 “Problems,” May 1993
“Solutions,” LAPB Solutions, May 1993
“Sets,” undated
“Problems Draft 0,” Combinatorics, undated
“How Rich is Finite?” undated
Professional Records
“Uruguay,” typewritten account of year, correspondence, 1950-1952
4La75 Australian Mathematical Society Summer Research Institute, 1963-1964
“Jobs,” correspondence, 1957-1984
“Bibliography,” 1957, 1990, circa 1996, undated
Farcical play about “University of Nancago” by Chicago Mathematics Department, February 1963
“Announcements and Appreciations,” correspondence, flyers, clippings, 1970-1992
“Faculty Report,” 1970-1984, 1994
Faculty reports, 1977-1984, undated
4La76 “Faculty Activities Report,” reports, 1984-1992
Faculty Activities Reports, 1992-1995
"Santa Barbara Visit,” correspondence, tax forms, 1975-1976
“Santa Barbara Perm[anent],” correspondence, tax forms, 1975-1976
Letters of recommendation to University of California, Santa Barbara, 1975-1976
“Old Pro[fessional] Rec[ord],” reviews, correspondence, and clippings, 1980-1990
“Pro[fessional] Rec[ord],” list of publications and lectures, archives correspondence, 1986, 1996, 1999, undated
Curriculum Vitae, 1989
General professional correspondence (2 folders) 1987-2004, undated
“Uruguay,” correspondence, 1991
Student evaluations – forms, notes, 1991-1996, undated
Faculty evaluation, 1992, 1993, 1995
Maharishi International University, correspondence, university information, 1994
Emails concerning Indiana University visit, 1994
Ph.D. students list, master lecture list, 1991-1998
Emeritus status, 1995
Faculty service, letter, filled-out form, 1995
University and departmental newsletters, draft, email, form, 1995, circa 1997
4La77 Awards and Honorary Degrees
Certificate of Induction into the Royal Society of Edinburgh, March 3, 1975
4La78 Certificate of Induction into the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, May 11, 1979
AAM-OS/3 (CDL) Honorary doctorate, St. Andrews University (St. Andrews, Scotland), 1980
4La77 Plaque for honorary doctorate, De Pauw University (Greencastle, IN), 1984
4La78 Honorary doctorate, De Pauw University, May 19, 1984
Honorary doctorate, Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, MI), March 14, 1986
Honorary doctorate, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada), May 26, 1990
“Waterloo,” University of Waterloo honorary degree correspondence, 1990
University Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), 1993-1994
“University Award for Excellence in Scholarship,” Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA), April 7, 1994
“Who’s Who in America” announcement, 1999
Yueh-Gin Gung and Dr. Charles Y. Hu Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics, MAA, January 20, 2000
Recognition of Sixty-Five Years of Membership, MAA, December 2006
Student dissertations
On Some Questions in Ergodic Theory, Carl Linderholm, University of Chicago, 1963
The Hp Spaces of Annuli, Donald Erik Sarason, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1963
Function Algebras and Hilbert Space, Lewis Alan Coburn, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1964
Some Contributions to the Theory of Toeplitz Operators, Eric Albert Nordgren, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1964
Weighted Translation Operators, Stephen Kinsley Parrott, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1965
4La79 On Lattices of Invariant Subspaces, Peter Michael Rosenthal, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1967
On Lattices of Invariant Subspaces, K.J. Harrison, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), 1970
Decompositions of Weighted Translation Operators, Joseph John Bastian, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), 1973
Quasidiagonal and Quasitriangular Operators, Russell A. Smucker, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), 1973
Reductive Operators on Hilbert Space, Robert Laurens Moore, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), 1974
4La80 On Chains of Invariant Subspaces, José Barría-Sánchez, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), 1974
Closures of Unitary Equivalence Classes, Donald W. Hadwin, Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), 1975
Normal Spectral Approximation, Donald David Rogers, Indiana University, 1975
Characterization Theorems for Integral Operators, V.S. Sunder, Indiana University, 1977
“Stanford Newsletter,” clipping from unidentified publication, 1986-1987, circa 1994
Los Gatos Weekly-Times, Los Gatos, CA, February 16, 2000


II. Organizations

4La80 Mathematical Association of America
American Mathematical Monthly [PRH was editor from 1982-1986]
"American Mathematical Monthly", 1991-1995
4La81 Articles [Manuscripts, some with editorial annotations. Roughly alphabetical by author’s last name.]
Aaronson-Bellcastro, 1985
Balinsky-Harkin, 1985-1986
Harkin-Lankford, 1985-1986, undated
Kauffman, 84-616, 1984
Lewinter-Nag, 1985-1986, undated
London-Rogosinsky, 1987-1988
Obi-Snider, 1985-1986, undated
4La82 Small, 83-413, 1983-1985
Sommese, January 22, 1986, undated
Subramanian-Teugels, 1985, undated
Tolosa, January 1986
Tsai-Vasantha, 1985-1986, undated
Weinberg, February 1985
West-Zuricker, 1985-1986
4La83 RESTRICTED [These entries contain referee names, and are restricted for 30 years from date of creation. Redacted copies can be used by researchers, see archivist for details.]
Alexander, 84-555, 1984
Bender, 85-762, 1985-1987
Bentz, 85-733, 1985
Blaum, 84-641, 1984-1985
Henrich, 84-644, 1984-1985
Howland, 85-711, 1985
Roginsky, 1988
Wang, 83-486, semi-reject, 1983-1984
4La82 Best young mathematician, 1981
Budget, 1980-1985
Leonard Gillman, Treasurer, 1984-1986
Ivan Niven, President, 1983-1985
Warren Page, College Mathematics Journal, 1983-1987
Ken Ross, Secretary, 1984-1987
4La84 Lynn Arthur Steen, President, 1984-1986
A. B. Willcox, Executive director, 1979-1987
Editors/Associate Editors
General, [includes notes], 1981-1985
Final issue letter, September 3, 1986
R. P. Boas, 1979-1986
Wistar Comfort, 1982-1986
Richard K. Guy, 1981-1986
Raoul Hailpern, 1981-1986
Seymour Schuster, 1980-1986
Herbert S. Wilf, 1980-1985
Book Reviews
Extended Reviews
Allen L. Edmonds, 1981-1985
4La85 John H. Ewing, 1980-1986
Telegraphic Reviews, Lynn Steen, 1980-1986
Mathematical Education, R. F. and M. R. Wardrop, 1982- 1987
Sabra S. Anderson, 1982-1986
Sheldon Axler, 1983-1986
J. Arthur Seebach, about, 1984-1985
J. Arthur Seebach, to/from, 1983-1986
G. L. Alexanderson, 1982-1985
Dale H. Mugler, 1982-1983
Advanced, David Borwein and Kenneth Stolarsky, 1980-1985
Elementary, Hugh M. W. Edgar, 1982-1985
Progress Reports
Thomas Banchoff, 1981-1984
Richard S. Millman, 1982-1984
General [Filed roughly in alphabetical order by the name of the correspondent and/or the subject of the correspondence. File numbers in brackets reflect the original file numbering system. Note: single subject files were generally not numbered.] 1977-1987
General MAA correspondence and printed material, 1977-1986
4La86 Aaronson-Alder, [file 1]
Andree-Ascher, [file 2]
Assmus-Ayoub, [file 3]
Backlog-Bateman, [file 4]
Bear-Beyl, [file 5]
Bhuiyan-Blyth, [file 6]
Boas-Boyarsky, [file 7]
Book award
Braden-Byrnes, [file 8]
Cable-Cater, [file 9]
Chakerian-Chung, [file 10]
[file 11 is missing]
Cohen-Cox, [file 12]
Cronin-Czech problems, [file 13]
Das-Dawson, [file 14]
DeBranges-Dhage, [file 15]
4La87 Dilworth-Dorsett, [file 16]
Distinguished service, MAA
Dress-Duncan, [file 17]
Eagon-El-Sabaa, [file 18]
Engel-Ewell, [file 19]
Fettis-Feuer, [file 20]
Fischer-Flanders, [file 21]
Ford awards-Fusard, [file 22]
Gallian-Gersting, [file 23]
Ghandehari-Gottschalk, [file 24]
Grabiner-Gzyl, [file 25]
Hackett-Hartzler, [file 26]
Hammer-Hayes, [file 27]
He-Hewitt, [file 28]
Hicks-Hill, [file 29]
4La88 Hoffman-Hsiung, [file 30]
Hubbard-Hyllengren, [file 31]
ICM-Izenman, [file 32]
Jacobson-Jech, [file 33]
Johnson-Jongsma, [file 34]
Kalam-Ken Schaft, [file 35]
Khajeh-Khalili-Knollenberg, [file 36]
Kocherlakota-Kurshan, [file 37]
Labuda-Lax, [file 38]
Lee-Liu, [file 39]
Logos-Lozano, [file 40]
Mack-Mandelbrot, [file 41]
Marcus-Mavrigian, [file 42]
McConnell-McGuigan, [file 43]
[file 44 missing]
Meetings-Meyerson, [file 45]
Mihalou-Mneimne, [file 46]
Moeckel-Mosteller, [file 47]
Mukherjee-Mycielski, [file 48]
Nabutovskii-Neumann, [file 49]
4La89 Nachbin
New projects
Nielson-Nummela, [file 50]
Obi-Owings, [file 51]
Packard-Phillips, [file 52]
Pi-Putnam, [file 53]
Photos, lists of names
Quandt-Qvant, [file 54]
Rajasekhar-Rautenberg, [file 55]
Reany-Reznick, [file 56]
4La90 Richards-Rivlin, [file 57]
Roan-Royden, [file 58]
Rosenberg via Boas
Rubel-Rungaldier, [file 59]
Saban-Saxena, [file 60]
Schaffer-Scriba, [file 61]
Segal-Shub, [file 62]
Sibley-Smyth, [file 63]
Snell-Srivastava, [file 64]
4La91 Stacy-Struve, [file 65]
Subrahmanyam-Szemeréde, [file 66]
Tanik-Thyagarajan, [file 67]
Tiruneh-Tyler, [file 68]
Ungar-Von Randow, [file 69]
Wagon-Waterhouse, [file 70]
Weaver-Wetzel, [file 71]
Whitaker-Whitt, [file 72]
Wieschenberg-Winkel, [file 73]
Wolinsky-Wyler, [file 74]
Xing-Zwicker, [file 75]
4La83 RESTRICTED [Correspondence revealing referee names is restricted for 30 years. It may be viewed after being redacted. Please contact the archivist for more information]
Fekete, [from file 20]
Marlow, [from file 42]
Martin, [from file 42]
Norwood, [from file 50]
Nyikos, [from file 50]
Powell, [from file 53]
Priestly, [from file 53]
4La92 Early problem receivers
General, 1985-1986, undated
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Copies sent out, 1981-1986
Editorial assistant, salary requests, 1985-1987
Editor's reports to the MAA, August 1982, January 1986
Form letters, undated
Form letters, help form letters for refereeing suggestions, undated
Letters, invitation number one, undated
Master of blank used by PRH to record work done on each submitted manuscript, undated
Transmittal, cover page, undated
Letters to the editor, proposal, 1982-1983
Master log of submitted papers, 1981-1984
Permissions, 1982-1985
Procedures, referee acknowledgment, 1980-1986
Progress reports, 1978-1980
Solicited articles
Authors, 1981-1985
Subjects, 1980-1981
Statement of policy, 1982
Supplies, 1980-1984
4La93 Subscriptions, Kay Lamont, 1982-1987
Table of contents
General, 1983-1985
Mailing list, 1985-1986, undated
Writing manual, [research, correspondence, and drafts], 1962-1984
MAA Carriage House
4La94k Thank you letters to Paul and Virginia Halmos for monetary donation, 2002
4La93 “Adv. Bd. Conf. Center I,” Conference center email, 2002-2003
“MAA Building Committee,” 3 folders, email, proposals, forms, 2002-2006
Conference Center committee email, 2003-2007
AAM-OS/3 (CDL) MAA Carriage House architectural plans, 2005
4La94a MAA Carriage House renovation study drawing, 2005
MAA Carriage House renovation digital photo printouts, card from MAA, 2005-2006
Distinguished College or University Teaching, Northern California Section, National, 1993-1994
Gung-Hu Award, 1999
Section meetings
Minutes of the Northern California Section, May 30, 1987
“Santa Barbara,” Southern California section meeting correspondence, 1991
“Is Research Necessary After Lunch?” Northern California section meeting, 1993
Letters of thanks to Halmos for serving on committees, 1993, 1996
Publications committee, 1988
American Mathematical Society
Executive Editor position, correspondence and notes, 1990
“Expo,” Committee on Expository Writing, 1969-1971
History of Mathematics committee, correspondence, minutes, 1994-1995
History of Mathematics correspondence, 1995-1996
Cincinnati, OH, program for 100 years of AMS Meetings, letter, 1993-1994


III. Publications and unpublished material

4La94b “Fan Mail,” letters of appreciation of Halmos’ works, circa 1938, 1958-1996
Bourbaki, “The Mathematician Who Does’t Exist,” 1960-1963
“FA”: “The Problem of Invariant Measure,” “Functional Analysis,” 1960, 1987
Power Boundedness, S. R. Foguel, 1962-1963
“Boolean algebras, Druckfertig,” manuscript for Lectures on Boolean Algebras, circa 1963
Algebraic and Quasi-algebraic operators, book chapter or paper, photocopy of handwritten manuscript, June 25, 1970
“How to Write Mathematics”
Correspondence, fan mail, and translations, 1970-1975
Translations, correspondence, and related publications, 1976-1981
“Products of Shifts,” notes, 1972
4La94c “American Mathematics from 1940 to the Day Before Yesterday,” with J.H. Ewing, W.H. Gustafson, S.H. Moolgavkar, W.H. Wheeler, and W.P. Ziemer
Unused history, [notes, drafts, etc.], 1973-1977
Published copies, 1976, undated
“How to Talk Mathematics”
Correspondence and notes, 1973-1976, undated
Drafts, publication, and translations, 1973-1977
Review of Creative Teaching: Heritage of R.L. Moore by D. Reginald Traylor, 1973-1974
“Limsups of Lats,” correspondence about paper, 1974-1980
“Springer-Verlag Agreements,” 1974-1992
Mathematical Intelligencer, mostly book review material, [also includes some Monthly items], 1977-1982
Letter from Leonard C. Gamble re PRH paper, 1977
4La94d “Finite-dimensional Points of Continuity of Lat,” with J.B. Conway, 1979-1980
“The Heart of Mathematics,” 1979-1981
“Applied Mathematics is Bad Mathematics”
Drafts, 1980
Typed drafts, circa 1980
Review of The William Lowell Putnam Competition, Problems and Solutions, 1938-1964, 1980-1981
“The Work of F. Riesz,” manuscripts and photocopy of published article, circa 1980
“Asymptotic Toeplitz Operators,” with José Barría, 1981
“Elements,” correspondence about article, 1981-1982
“The Monthly and Me,” MAA FOCUS, 1981-1982
“Quadratic Interpolation,” paper drafts and reprints, correspondence, 1981-1982, undated
“Weakly Transitive Matrices,” with José Barriá, 1981
“Reference,” notes and articles about refereeing, circa 1983
“Béla Szökefalvi-Nagy,” circa 1984
“Congress,” “Why Is a Congress?” correspondence and drafts, [photographs removed to Paul Halmos Photograph Collection], 1986-1987
4La94e “Kleene,” book review drafts and correspondence, 1989
“MAA:Letters,” correspondence about “Has Progress in Mathematics Slowed Down?” 1989-1991
“Postcards from Max,” American Mathematical Monthly printouts, 1993
Linear Algebra Problem Book, copy of back cover, 1994
Logic email and correspondence, 1994
Book list, circa 1998
“Part I, The Axioms,” manuscript, undated
“Limits of Shifts,” and manuscript for “The Algebra and Topology of Shifts,” undated
Published lectures and conference proceedings
“Spectral Approximants of Normal Operators”
Colloquium talk, 1968
Drafts and proofs, 1973, undated
“The Teaching of Problem Solving”
Lecture from panel discussion, “The Problem of Learning to Teach,” with E. Moise and G. Piranian, 1973-1975
[How to Teach], drafts, notes, correspondence, 1973-1978, undated
“What to Publish,” panel discussion and paper, 1974-1976
“Some Unsolved Problems of Unknown Depth about Operators on Hilbert Space”
Correspondence, drafts, and proofs, 1976
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1976-1977
4La94f Integral Operators, correspondence, 1977-1979
Integral operators, old lectures, undated
I Want to Be a Mathematician
“Materials,” notes (2 folders), 1969-1987, undated
“ITBM New,” correspondence and reviews, 1974, 1986-1998
“HTBM Correspondence,” 1982-1984
4La94g “Draft 0,” handwritten and typed drafts, 1982
Correspondence (3 folders), 1984-1985, 1985-1986, 1995
“ATHAN,” positive reviews and correspondence about I Want to be a Mathematician, 1985-1992
Reviews and fan mail, 1985-1987
Von Neumann
Documents, [research], 1947-1964
4La94h Useless, 1954-1970, undated
Movie, 1966-1968, undated
Correspondence, 1972-1974
“John Von Neumann,” for Encyclopedia Britannica, Draft 0-4, and final draft [draft 6], 1972, undated
“The Legend of John Von Neumann,” 1972-1973
“The Legend of John von Neumann,” typed manuscript and reprints, 1972, 2004, undated
Von Neumann talk/”The Legend of John Von Neumann,” 1973, undated
4La94i Reprints by Halmos
6 folders, 1938-1981
4La94h Reprints and proofs [separated from the Abraham Robinson Papers (2005-062)], 1948-1970
Reprints, 1950-1998
Reprints, contents from binder, 1957, 1974-1978
4La94j Reprints by Halmos, “Paul Halmos: Maverick Mathologist,” by Donald J. Albers, 1957-1958, 1977-1983
Reprints, 1958-1980
4La93 Reprints by Halmos (English and Hungarian), 1968-1992
4La94j Reprints, 1982-1992
Reprints (2 folders), 1982-1990
4La94k Reprints, 1991-1998, undated
Bound reprints by Halmos
“1,” 1938-1942
“Reprints, 1938-1957,” bound, copy 1, 1938-1957
4La94L “Reprints, 1938-1957,” bound, copy 2, 1938-1957
“Halmos Reprints, 1951-1957,” 1951-1957
“Reprints, 1958-1973,” bound, 2 copies, 1958-1973
4La94m “Rejecta Research Contributions, 1938-1983,” unpublished, bound, 1983
Books by Halmos
Algebraic Logic, 1962
The Chauvenet Papers: A Collection of Prize-Winning Expository Papers in Mathematics, Ed. J. C. Abbott, 1978
A Hilbert Space Problem Book, 2nd Edition, with 2 letters, 1982, 1987-1988
4La94n “Selecta Research Contributions, 1939-1982,” Halmos’s copy of his selected work, 1983
“Selecta Expository Writing, 1944-1982,” Halmos’s copy of selected work, 1983
Reviews of Halmos publications
“Reviews,” of Halmos publications, one referee review by Halmos, 1972, 1986, 1990-1992
Reviews and notices of Halmos books, 1991-1992, 1995
Reprints by others
Reprints about Halmos by D. Albers and A. Dijksma, 1995
Reprints by others, 1900, 1935-1978
4La94p Reprints by others, 1978-1987, undated
John von Neumann, reprints by others (includes Hungarian), 1958, 1979, 1982-1983
4La94o Bound reprints by others
“Probability I,” 1920s, 1930s
“Probability II,” 1929-1939
“Probablility 3,” 1931-1940
“Probability 4,” 1930-1940
“Operators, von Neumann,” 1940
4La94p Books by others
Foundations of Point Set Theory, R. L. Moore, 1932
Printed materials
Quaestiones Mathematicae circular, 1990
“Topology,” excerpts from Set Theory and Metric Spaces by Irving Kaplansky, undated
Obituary - Kaufman-Bühler, Walter, 1986


IV. Lectures

4La94p “Mathematical Machines,” 1957
4La94q “Problem Talk Records,” 1963-1986
“Scotland,” British Mathematical Colloquium, 1964-1965
“Hungary 1965,” letters, notes, tourist information, 1965
“Some problems,” 1967-1968, 1972, 1980
“Finite – Dimensional Hilbert Spaces,” 1969
Various, [folder labeled ‘Talks 1968’], 1970
Algebraic operators, lecture notes, 1970-1971, undated
Three talks, “Non-commutative approximation theory,” “How Normal Should You Be?” “Is Every Matrix Symmetric?” 1973, 1993-1994
“Bounded Matrices,” lecture notes, March 1976
Unsolved problems, notes, 1976-1977, undated
“Ten Solutions in Hilbert Space,” Texas Christian University Regional Conference on Hilbert Space, 1978-1979
"Ten Years in Hilbert Space"
From survey talk, 1979-1980
Lecture, 1979
“A Decade of Progress in Operator Theory,” 1979, undated
“Why Do Mathematicians Get Paid and What Do They Do for It?” 1982
“Questions,” 1983-1985
“Language,” manuscript, 1984
4La94r “Problems Tel-Aviv,” manuscript, 1985
“Ramsey,” lecture manuscripts and notes, 1985, undated
“MAA/DC,” notes and manuscripts for “Is Your Mathematics the Same as Your Grandfather’s?” 1986-1989, undated
“Fifty Years of Linear Algebra,” correspondence, 1986-1988
“Problems,” notes and manuscripts, 1988-1994
California Mathematics Council Community Colleges (CMC3) lecture correspondence, 1989
“Memops,” notes and lecture on operator theory, 1989
Untitled talk about “chomp,” letter from Martin Gardner, circa 1989
“Spain,” correspondence, itinerary, 1989-1991
“Everything…” manuscript for “Everything I Don’t Know About Matrices,” circa 1990
“Lecce,” manuscript and notes for talk, circa 1992
Talks, University of Mississippi, Oxford (MS), San Francisco State University, San Francisco (CA), New York University, New York – announcements, bulletin, letter, 1994
“Berkeley,” “Hundred Years of Analysis: A Personal Reminiscence,” manuscript, 1997
4La94s “My Religion of Mathematics,” 1997
“Big Matrices and Little Kernels: The Examples that Come Before the Theorems,” [notes, manuscripts, and lecture version], undated


V. Notes/Research

4La94s “DOOB,” Topology notebook, 1936
Notebook, September 1936
“Notebook on the Theory of Numbers,” 1936
“Von Neumann,” 1939
4La94t “Invariant Measures” by John Von Neumann, with Halmos notes, 1940-1941
“Von Neumann”: “Invariant Measures” notes (photocopy), 1940-1941
“Martingales,” February 1956
“Axiomatic Set Theory,” 1958
“Toeplitz notes,” 1962
“Problems,” 1967, 1972-1986
4La94u “Int. Ops,” Theory of integral operators, 1974
“SET,” notes on set theory, 1975-1976
“Diary,” manuscript and notes from binder, 1976-1983, 1989, undated
Math diary, notes from binder, 1977-1981, undated
“LAT U.S.C.,” 1978-1980
Mathematical diary, 1979
“Hyperspace Topologies,” 1979-1982
4La94v “Diary, July 1980,” Mathematical notebook, 1980-1983
“Toeplitz:Finite,” 1982-1984
“Report on a trip to the Soviet Union, May 16-30, 1959,” by Lipman Bers, 1959
Index of Names – list of mathematicians, 1986
“1-40,” 1963-1967, 1971-1976, 1986-1991, undated
“41-80,” (2 folders) 1955, 1961-1976, 1984-1991, undated
“81-120,” 1963-1967, 1971-1976, 1986-1991
4La94w “121-160,” 1952, 1965, 1971-1991, undated
“161-200,” 1955, 1963-1995
“201-240,” 1955-1960, 1970-1991, undated
“241-280,” 1953, 1963-1964, 1970-1991, undated
“281-320,” 1953, 1960-1989, undated
“321-360,” 1952-1958, 1962-1968, 1971-1991, undated
“361-400,” 1961, 1991-1995
4La94x Problems notes, undated
“Algebra, Approximation, Calkin, Category, Commutator, Compact, Cyclic, Dilate,” 1962-1982, undated
“Finite, Fredholm, Functional Calculus, Geometry, Invariant, Lattice, Matrix, Miscellaneous,” (2 folders), 1959, 1963-1984, undated
4La94y “Normal, Number Range, Perturbation, Power Boundedness, Projection, Quasinilpotent, Quasitriangular, Reducible,” (2 folders), 1962-1977
“Shift, Subnormal, Toeplitz, Topology, Volterra, Weighted,” (2 folders), 1962-1982, undated


VI. Correspondence

4La94y Anthony, Joby, letter, May 12, 1998
“Ambrose,” (Warren), 2 folders, 1965-1997
“AMS,” correspondence with foreign mathematicians, 1938, 1946, 1958-1959, 1973
Assorted correspondence and notes, 1965-2000
4La94z “Axler” [Sheldon], 1992-1997
Doob, Joseph
"Doob," 1936-1998
“English,” letters and enclosed articles from Leonard Gillman, 1974-1996, undated
Ewing, John H., 1976-1993
4La95f Gardner, Martin (and Richard Gardner), 1974-1984
4La94z General inquiries, 1957-1994
4La95a Gillman, Leonard
“H,” 1967-1997
Helgason, Sigurdur, correspondence and reprints, 2000, undated
Hochschild, Gerhard, 1997
Kaufman-Bühler, Walter, 1977-1985
“L” 1976-1997, undated
Lefschetz, Simon, correspondence and list of pictures, 1964, undated
Lehrer, Tom, 1985-1986, 1997
4La95f [M], 1970s-1995
4La95a “Nakano,” Kazumi, letter and photograph, 1988
National Academy of Sciences, concerning 1965 Russia trip, 1976
“Old Van Nostrand,” correspondence with and about the publisher, 1964-1974
4La95b “P,” 1977-1997, undated
Personal correspondence (4 folders), includes photographs, 1973-1997
“Photo ackn.,” concerning photographs, 1965-1990
4La95c “R,” 1977-1996
Rogers, Patricia, emails, c.v., articles by Rogers, 1990-1994
“Russia 1965,” concerning National Academy of Sciences exchange trip, 1964-1965
“S,” 2 folders, 1968-1996
Smithies, Frank, 1996-1998
“Sokolowsky’ [Dan], letters to Halmos, 1989-1993
“T,” 1978-1994
Untermeyer, Louis, January 1971
“V,” 1979-1996, undated
4La95d “Von Neumann,” with Nicholas Vonneumann and others about his book The Philosophical Legacy of John von Neumann, 1986-1992
“W,” 1978-1997, undated
Wallen, Larry
Email to Frank [Wattenberg], “Permuted Vectors,” undated
Weil, André, 1978, 1986
“Z,” 1985-1996


VII. Conferences/Travel Diaries

4La95d “Oberwolfach 1965,” correspondence, 1964-1965
“Budapest 1964,” travel diary, March 1964
Travel diary, 1966
St. Andrew’s Colloquium, correspondence, diary, 1970-1972
Travel diary, “Scotland Etc. 1973,” volumes 1 and 2, January-July 1973
Banach Spaces, group photo identification list, 1973
4La95e Vacation Course on Banach Algebras – 2 diaries, programme, participant list, 1976
“Approximation and Functional Analysis,” Germany, correspondence, 1979-1980
Travel diary, St Andrew’s, Oberwolfach, Budapest, Summer 1980
International conference on functional analysis, University of California Santa Barbara, participant list, 1985
“Budapest 88,” correspondence about algebraic logic conference, 1988
“Lecce,” University of Lecce mathematics department 25th anniversary, 1992
International Linear Algebra Society – Florida, program, March 1993
Journal for unidentified event, May 1995
Banach Space participant list, undated


VIII. Personal

4La95e Correspondence
Delay, Rita (neé Chang?), 1986-1997
Greenberg, John L. (includes 3.5 x 5 disk), 1997-1999
Laemmle, Alyse, 1977-1985, 1995-1999
Leibling, Jean Stafford, letter, December 29, 1971
4La95f [M], 1970s-1991
4La95e Robertson, Wendy, Alexander, and Vivien, 1968-1996
4La95f Unidentified correspondent, email, 1998
Unidentified correspondent, letter in Hungarian, undated
Official documents – passports, birth certificates, U. S. citizenship certificate, marriage certificate, 1906, 1915-1916, 1945-1971
“Paula Halmos,” correspondence and clippings, circa 1916
Legal papers – accident settlement, annulment, separations and divorce decrees, 1933, 1938, 1945
Certificates, degrees and transcripts, Social Security Card, 1934-1939, undated
Personal journal of poetry and prose, autumn 1944
Driver's license, circa 1977
“Curiosa” – notes, articles, poems, 1970s-1990s
“Aftermath” – Halmos interview transcript with T. P. Speed, December 1976
West German postage stamp, gift from Tom McKnight, April 1983
Birthday lists, 1989, 1994
Certificate for biographical record in Who’s Who in America, information sheet, 1994
Monetary donation to Santa Clara University, 1995
Akadémiai Értesítő – Hungarian newletter, 1998
4La95g Envelope, RESTRICTED until 2020, undated


IX. Photographs

4La95f Paula Halmos, unidentified woman (removed from Correspondence, “T”), 1915, circa 1989


X. Artifacts

2009-020/1 (LSF) Honorary Degree Hoods
D.Sc., 1980, University of St. Andrews, Scotland (white satin with dark rose-colored faille)
D.Sc., 1984, De Pauw University (gold velvet, solid gold satin)
Doctor of Humane Letters, 1986, Kalamazoo College (white velvet, orange satin with black chevrons)
Doctor of Mathematics, honoris causa, 1990, University of Waterloo (white satin, maroon satin)


XI. Virginia Halmos

4LA95f Incoming correspondence to Virginia Halmos (includes Joan Didion and Philip Larkin), 1968, 1988-2002
Diplomas, birth and death certificates