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A Guide to the Irving H. Webb Texas Surveyors Collection, 1836-1976

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Webb, Irving H.
Title: Irving H. Webb Texas Surveyors Collection
Dates: 1836-1976
Abstract: The collection is comprised of historical records collected by Irving H. Webb and relating to land surveys and surveyors in Texas.
Extent: 21 feet
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Irving H. Webb was President of the Texas Surveyors Association, 1967-1968.

Scope and Contents

The collection is comprised of historical records collected by Webb and relating to land surveys and surveyors in Texas. The collection contains notes, research materials, legal documents, and photographs, in addition to Webb's survey reports relating to oil exploration, Texas Surveyors Association publications and books and manuals of surveying.

Condition note: Some of the materials exhibit small amounts of mold damage. Researchers wishing to access boxes 3P327, 3P338 and 3P339 are cautioned that inactive mold spores may still be present. Users access these materials at their own risk and those sensitive to mold should wear gloves and a mask while handling this material.


Access Restrictions

Access to portions of this collection, including negatives, is restricted. Some of the materials exhibit small amounts of mold damage. Contact repository for further information.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Call, Oscar
Daniell, Wilson Forrest, 1902-
Doucette, A. B.
Estes, Robert E.
Garrett, Pat F. (Pat Floyd), 1850-1908.
Omohundro, Philip Grimes
Twichell, W. D.
Webb, Irving H.
Williams, O. W. (Oscar Waldo), 1853-1946
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Surveyors Association
Petroleum -- Prospecting -- Texas.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Irving H. Webb Texas Surveyors Collection, 1836-1976, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Description of the Papers



3P326 Personal/Professional files, notes, publications and manuscripts:
Editor – Texas Surveyor
Speeches, Irving Webb
Webb – Personal
Professional Surveying Practice, Robert Coltharp
Technical Papers
Volume Tables Etc.?
Survey Record Search
Pipeline Surveys
D. D. Shine Bilby Tower
Culbertson Co.
Proposed Outline Sur. – In-Training Program
Computations (Personal I. H. W.)
3P327 Misc.:
Bibliograph Mat.
Plans, Etc. …
T. S. A. Historical Committee
Opening Routes Across West Texas [transcribed mid-1800s correspondence]
O. W. Williams:
From Dallas to the site of Lubbock in 1878 (pgs. 6-9)
“The Big Snow of 1878”
“Muddy Wilson and the Buffalo Stampede”
“The Honca Accursed”
“Historical Review of Animal Life in Pecos County”
“Mendosa – 1684 in Pecos County, Texas”
“By The Campfire In the Southwest”:
Santiago Peak
Mescal as a Defensive Weapon
An International Kidnapping
Poverty Flat on Darwin
Letter dated, Alpine, Texas, March 16th, 1902
“The Story of Guero Carransa”
Letter from O. W. Williams to His Children, Terlingua, Tex., March 7, 1902 – This for promo and 2nd book
Letter from O. W. Williams to His Children, Terlingua Creek, Jan. 25, 1902
Letter from O. W. Williams to Mr. G. F. Grant, Ft. Stockton, Tex., June 30, 1930
“An Early College Year in the Hills”
“To the Boys and Girls of the Ft. Stockton Schools,” Ft. Stockton, Jan. 1930
Biography Oscar Waldo Williams, born March 17, 1853, died Oct. 29, 1946
Two excerpts from O. W. Williams book “Historic review of Animal Life In Pecos County” by F. Daniell
Biographical II:
“General John Thomas Mason,” by Kate Mason Rowland
“General Jose Maria Jesus Carabajal,” by Herbert Davenport
Philip Grymes Omohundro, by Malvern Hill Omohundro
Benjamin Rittenhouse (1740-1825)
David Rittenhouse (1732-1796)
Rittenhouse and Evans
Rittenhouse and Potts
First American Transit
A. B. Doucette – Biographical – from Beaumont Journal, Oct. 13, 1931
Edmond J. Foster – Biography
R. W. Fenner – Biography
James Benjamin Gibson – Biography and from Texas and Texans
John J. Goodfellow – Biography
James Franklin Weed – Biography
James Wilson Henderson – Biography
Major J. N. Dark – Biography
Robert E. Estes – Presentation Certificate (copy) to Mrs. R. E. Estes
W. J. (Jeff) Williams – Biography
Gustave Schleicher – Biography
R. E. Estes (Presentation of Book to Library etc. 1965)
J. M. Hall of New Waverly, Tex. – Biography
Biographical III:
William Hudson Hunt – Wise Co., Tex., 1815 - ca. 1860
John J. Terrell – Wise Co., Tex. – Sur. and Commissioner of G. L. O.
John W. Hale – Surveyor Wise Co., 1824-?
Dr. George Wilton – Surveyor Wise Co.
Albert Devereux – Surveyor Wise Co., 1848 to ?
Jacob De Cordova
S. A. Thompson the Surveyor by Barry Scobee
Re: Major Emory
Letter from Brian Montague to I. H. W., Feb. 4, 1966, re: Surveyor Daniel Montague
H. R. Gard, Co. Sur. Brewster Co., Tex., died June 22, 1954 (22nd?)
Thomas Benton Wilson, 1840-1913, Surveyor of Collin Co., Tex.
Hugh Woolridge Pennington and Sydney O. Pennington – Letter from W. I. Hill, 785 Pinehurst St., Jackson, Miss
Charles P. McKnight, died July 3, 1967
A. B. Gray, born Norfolk, Virginia July 6th, 1820, died Miss. Riv., April 16, 1862
Arthur Lord Stiles, born Aug. 28, 1871, died Feb. 20, 1958
The Reminiscings of J. Stuart Boyles, P. E. and L. S., June 10, 1886 to March 1966, revised copy by I. H. W.
E. J. Foster of Laredo, Tex. and photocopy of F/N by him in Webb Co. 1904
Forrest Daniell, brief resume and Forrest Daniell Land Surveyor
Capt. A. B. Gray – report of the U. S. and Mexican Boundary Survey by William H. Emory, 1857
Capt. A. B. Gray letter to Irv. H. Webb, July 5, 1967 from Mrs. W. Edwin Gledhill, granddaughter A. B. Gray
Biography IV:
Re: Peter Chappell Ragsdale, Edward Baxter Ragsdale, land surveyors, includes letter, Colom Allen to I. H. W., Oct. 22, 1967
Col. T. S. McFarland, land surveyor, b. 1810 - d.1880
George Dougherty, surveyor, b-178[?] – d-
Mark E. Ragsdale, letter from A. b. Kelly to Irv. H. Webb, Nov. 29, 1967
Report of Mark E. Ragsdale, dated July 25, 1902
John Knox, surveyor, b. 1881 – d. ?, county Sur. Lee Co., Sur. In Burleson Co.
Charles Bellamy, 1851-1935, Sur. Boston, Mass. area
J. Stuart Boyles (The reminiscings of), June 10, 1886 to March 1966 (Copy I changed to 1st person ok’d by J. S. B)
Andrew Nimrod Ragsdale
Letter to I. H. W., Oct. 23, 1967, from Theron Ragsdale
Charles P. McKnight, 66 - d. July 3, 1967, Houston
E. J. Foster, 83, Laredo, Tex – Laredo Times, Mon. May 1, 1967
“Memoirs,” by Robert J. Wood, 1967
T. S. A. book orders
List of book dealers, Texas
Book plan, suggestions, things to do
TSA Historical Committee, June-December 1936
TSA Historical Committee, 1964
[Surveyors Handbook]
3P328 Water Rights outline, Title and Bndry Prob. Relating to Riverbeds by K. Roberts
TSA Historical Committee, 1957-1962
TSA Historical Committee, January-May 1963
TSA Historical Committee, 1965
TSA Historical Committee, 1966
TSA Historical Committee, 1967
TSA Historical Committee correspondence with Miss Sue Watkins, 1963, 1964
TSA Historical Committee copies of Irving H. Webb’s letters, 1966
Future projects - I. H. W.
Brief Duval Corp. v. Jerry Sadler, Commissioner of G. L. O. of the State of Tex., Supreme Court of Texas
Personal file Webb, re: Seals of G. L. O., Mexico, Repub. Of Tex., Confederacy, etc.
Annual Report, National Council of Surveyors
Surveying forms
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Owen Funk
Santa Isabel Grant, Cameron County, Texas, 1848
The State of Texas vs. Charles J. Canda, et al, No. 10351
First four Texas Surveyor’s Association Short Courses, 1940, 1941, 1945, 1948
Introduction to Texas Land Surveying, M. E. Spry
[Unidentified file]
3P329 Newspaper Clippings I
Newspaper Clippings II
Newspaper Clippings III
Newspaper Clippings IV
“A Synopsis of the History of Texas,” D. D. Hodges
Trees, Spanish and English names
Releases – “One Leagues to Each Wind” and proposed book
“One League to Each Wind” book reviews
Original field book of Jacob Kuechler of his survey of the T. & P. Ry. Co. Lands west of the Pecos River in Reeves, Culberson, Hudspeth, El Paso, Jeff Davis, Pecos and Presidio Counties, Texas
[photocopied facsimile] [2]
Oscar Call Diary I., Horsehead Crossing bearings, photocopies, etc.
Diary of Oscar Call, July 8-Aug. 4, 1858, copies
“Man Who Knows Lots in Fort Worth To Observe 77th Birthday Quietly,” Aug. 5, 1949
[Unidentified files]
Survey Records
South Texas Development Co., notes, 1926-1938
Irving H. Webb Correspondence, 1939-1940
3P330 Memoirs of an Engineer in the Confederate Army in Texas
[Unidentified files]
Historical: Shafter’s Explorations in Western Texas, 1875
Felix A. V. Blucher, grandfather of Carl and Conrad V. Blucher
Gen. James J. Byrne
J. Stuart Boyles
W. S. Mabry
T. D. Hobart, “Surveying Exp. of a Vermonter in Texas”
Forrest Daniell
Early Engineering in Texas (Unknown)
Jacob De Cordova, see James M. Day’s book on De Cordova
Chas. U. Connellee
P. G. Omohundro, “Christmas In A Canyon”
Moses Lapham (edited by Joe B. Frantz)
R. Ernest Lee, “Pioneer Surveyors”
Major Geo. B. Erath
Frank Ford Friend
John and Hayes Dix
Col. R. P. Smyth – Surveyor
“Early Art of Terrestrial Measurement” in Texas
Miscellaneous Articles XV
Miscellaneous Articles XIV
Dewitt’s Colony
“Surveyor In The Woods,” Kenneth Andler; “Surveyor’s Fight,” Majorie Rogers
Gen. John T. Mason
Historical: Initial Mon. on Red River (100 Meridian)
[loose papers]
Legrand, Howard, Smyth, “Block 97,” Butterfield Trail
Miscellaneous “Old Surveyors” and historical stories
Miscellaneous surveyors and stories [empty]
Oscar Call [empty]
Text: “Caldwell’s Practical Land Surveying” (old surveying book, 1882) (see W. Douglas)
Mason-Dixon Line
[Unidentified file]
[Unidentified file]
Duplicates of Material in $3 Per Mile
B - Biography
3P331 Historical, The Old West pg. 77, “The Old Guide,” Jose Policarpo Rodriguez, Surveyor
[Unidentified files]
3P332 RESTRICTED History 315L
Surveyor promo ads
Ads – Surveyor, negatives
Photos and halftones – TSA
[Miscellaneous papers and correspondence]
Paul McCombs Field Book, T & P Reservation West of the Pecos River, 1883
P – Various pictures
Tex. Surveyor used copy
Introduction to Texas Land Surveying
[Unidentified file]
3P333 Biographical I.
Miscellaneous Articles I
Miscellaneous Articles II
Miscellaneous Articles III
Miscellaneous Articles IV
Miscellaneous Articles V
Miscellaneous Articles VI
Miscellaneous Articles VII
Miscellaneous Articles VIII
W. D. Twichell
McFarland’s Journal
Items from “Exploration of the Red River of La. In The Year 1852,” Capt. R. B. Marcy, compiled by Irving H. Webb
“Story of Maps”
Counties in State of Texas (their origins)
John J. Dix Journal for [?] – 1900
Caldwell’s Practical Land Surveying 1880
Mason and Dixon Line by Irving H. Webb
James J. Byrne, Biographical
Howard Trigg of Amarillo ([transcript] from a taped interview June 1961 – some experiences)
Seals of General Land Office
Boundary between Texas and New Mexico, 1858-1861
The Vara
Meridianal Boundary Between Louisiana and Texas by R. R. O’Neal
3P334 [Unidentified files]
Report on Survey of the Anderson County School Land Block, Anderson County, Texas
Legal Aspects Surveying I
Legal Aspects Surveying II
Legal Aspects Surveying III
Lambert Tables – Louisiana and Texas, for offshore computations
“From Rome to Rolatape: a history of the measuring wheel”
“Survey Manual Texas and Louisiana,” Irving H. Webb
“Shell Oil Company Survey Manual”
“Index to publications by Texas Surveyors Association,” prepared by Publications Committee, 1966, M. E. Spry Chairman
ACSM – Little Rock Base Line and Meridian
[Unidentified files]
Proposed Technician’s Short Course Manual
TSA: Surveyor-In-Training
“Report of Investigation Relating To The Vara”
3P335 Survey Technician Short Course, 1975
Technicians Short Course
Technician Short Course, July 29 – Aug. 2, 1974
TSA Convention Reg., 10/16-18/75
1973 Convention Program
1967 Short Course Program
1975 Conv. Programs
1974 Convention Exhibits
TSA 1975 Short Course Booth File
Texas Surveyors Ass’n 1975 Convention File Sheraton Ft. Worth Hotel
TSA Convention Repts., 1974 contracts/proposals
1976 [Membership] applications
1975 [Membership] applications
Late 1973-1974 [Membership applications]
Flowers of Texas, [brochure], published by Texas Highway Department
TSA – Governmental affairs
[Envelope of Index to Publications carbons and copies]
Index to Publications by Texas Surveyors Association, prepared by Publications Committee, 1966, M. E. Spry, Chairman
3P336 [Unidentified miscellaneous files]
[Orders for “One League to Each Wind,” loose in box]
3P337 National Diary for 1966
National Diary for 1967
Miscellaneous survey-related newsletter and publications, 1974-1976
[Unidentified file]
“Law and the Surveyor,” draft
[Various TSA fliers and articles, multiple copies]
Survey Manual for Texas
Texas Surveyors Association, Technicians Short Course Manual, Revised 1976
3P338 Data on the Story of the Compass
[Unidentified file]
Job Description File: Irving H. Web, COS Co.
[Unidentified research file]
[Unidentified manuscript]
Report of Investigation Relating to the Vara, Feb. 3, 1938, Jack H. Meeks
Legal References, personal property, Irving H. Webb
Shell Oil Company, survey manual
Survey manual, Texas and Louisiana, office copy
Survey manual, Texas and Louisiana
Manual of survey notekeeping
Luke Natchez Area Assumption Parish, La., Survey Report, T12S, R12 & 13E
Oplin Area Survey – Callahan County, Texas
Index, Webb, Field books at Conroe Texas [photomechanical facsimile]
Binder of “Chapters in the History of Terrestrial Magnetism,” A. Chrichton Mitchell and other miscellaneous clippings
[Transcripts of historical survey-related documents from mid-1800s]
3P339 Survey Manuals/Methodology:
Manual of Survey Notekeeping
[Various note-keeping notes and instructions]
Survey Law Questions and Answers
“Survey Manual”
“The A-B-C’s of Land Descriptions and Illustrations”
“Partners in Creating/The First Century of K&E” (promotional brochure)
“The Gradient Boundary: The Line Between Texas and Okla. Along the Red River,” Arthur A. Stiles
“Summary of Offshore Drilling Methods and Equipment,” C. M. Hartwell
“Humble and Shell Survey Manual,” Irving H. Webb
3P340 Historical Section Texas, Volume I
Tidewater Oil Company
Nolan Co.
[Unidentified files]
Extra Material TSA Notekeeping
3P341 Shell Survey Manual
PSL Blocks 109, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115, Culberson Co., Texas
Talcott’s 1839 Report, Head of Passes Area of the Mississippi River, Volume II
Talcott’s 1839 Report, Head of Passes Area of the Mississippi River, Volume III
Talcott’s 1839 Report, Head of Passes Area of the Mississippi River, Volume V
Talcott’s 1839 Report, Head of Passes Area of the Mississippi River, Volume VI
Talcott’s 1839 Report, Head of Passes Area of the Mississippi River, Volume VII
Further Report with Plan Profiles and estimate of the West Feliciana Railroad, Capt. Wm. Turnbull, July 14, 1832 [photocopy]
Origin of Tex. Counties, neg. and copies
3P342 Maps and Survey Reports:
San Jacinto 1-4
Shannon Ranch Area, Crockett Co.
Portions of Sec. 33, T.19.N, R12E., Tulsa Co., Okla.
Andrews Co.
Armstrong Co.
Bee Co.
Callahan Co.
(Burnett Ranch) Carson and Gray Co.’s
Cochran Co.
Cooke Co.
Crane Co.
Dawson Co.
Ford Co.
Glasscock Co.
Grayson and Fannin Co.’s, No. Ambrose Area, Sheets 1-6
Sheets 7-15
Gregg Co., Tex.
Hardeman Co.
Hardin Co.
Howard Co.
Jack County (Wizard Wells)
Kimble Co.
Limestone Co.
Montague Co.
Loose Maps:
Reconnaissance of Routes from San Antonio to El Paso and Red River, 1849
Working Sketch, J. B. Shaw Sur. Area, Burnet County, Texas
Lunar Farside Chart
Keystone Dam and Reservoir
Lake Eufaula
Oologah Reservoir
Northeast Portion of Floyd County Texas
3P343 Parker Co.
Reagan County
San Jacinto 5-9
San Jacinto County, Texas, Old Waverly block
Scurry Co.
Sherman Co.
Smith County
Stephens Co.
Throckmorton Co.
Tom Green Co.
Upton Co.
Willbarger Co.
Wise Co.
Winkler Co.
Young County
3P344 F. B. Index, Webb
Survey Manual, Irving H. Webb
Survey Notebooks of the South Texas Development Company and Irving Webb
3S64 RESTRICTED Photographs:
Photos I:
Location engineering party, 1912
J. A. Simpson in office, Courthouse San Angelo, Tex., 1939
Survey camp no. 2, Padre Island, about middle of Island, Aug. 14, 1941
Survey camp no. 3, Padre Island, south end of Island, Aug. 15, 1941
B. D. King Sr., Wharton County, Tex., 1945
Survey party: Freemen, Simmons, Post, Buttermore, N. Harris County, 1934
Camp at Paisano near Alpine, Willis and J. D. Freeman, Brewster Co., Tex., 1925
H. O. “Hig” Compson, Co. Sur. Liberty Co., in Wharton Co., 1945
J. D. Freeman in his office, 1013 Brazos, Austin, Tex.
Survey party, Montgomery Co., Freeman, McIver, Scott, Stirtzn, 1933
Survey party, Montgomery Co.: McIver and Freeman
Survey party, Wharton Co.: Davidson, A. Munson, King Sr., 1945
R. G. Partlow, Nov. 15, 1936
R. G. Partlow, Dec. 30, 1936
A. Munson and B. D. King Sr., Wharton Co., 1945
Padre Island survey crew, Aug. 15, 1941
Estes, Williams and Twichell, Dec. 1928
Twichell and Estes at N. E. C. Haskell Co., Dec. 1928
A. N. (“Anna Belle”) Lea at ca. 60 years, ca. 1929
Frand Ford Friend
Photos II:
Wm. F. Henderson’s, 1830s?
J. A. Simpson
John James Goodfellow
Jacob Kuechler, 1870-1874
A. B. Doucette, Pampa, Tex., 1922
Survey party at Camphouse, Progreso, Tex; Clifton, Rice, Doucette and Mex. help, 1905
Survey party at Pampa, Tex., 1905
Survey party: Brayles, Bundy, Mills; Orange, Tex., 1934
R. E. Mills, Orange Co., Tex, 1934
Forrest Daniell, Orange Co., Tex, 1934
Wilkenson, Ed Brant, Kimble, J. S. Boyles, Austin, Tex., 1940
J. A. Simpson, 1902
J. R. Woodsworth, Age 45, 1901
Samuel L. Chalk (22 years old), Belle Plain, Callahan Co., from tintype, 1878
Early Sur. Party at site of Courthouse, Pampa, Tex., 1907
Albert H. Doucette
Photos III:
Hugh George and Melton, 1930
Hugh George, Reading Inst., 1930
Hugh George, Reeves Co., Tex., 1930
Hugh George and dog, 1930
Paul McCombs at 75 years of age, 1930
Group pic near Borger, Tex.: Doucette, Pierce, Browning, Omohundro, Moore, 1928
George H. Bringhurst
New Mexico-Texas state line, 1903
J. M. Hall of New Waverly, Tex., Feb. 12, 1936
J. M. Hall of New Waverly, Tex., 90th birthday, Nov. 12, 1929
Xerox copy various pictures in possession of Forrest Daniel
J. M. Hall and Mr. Tomme, 90 years old, June 24, 1939
J. M. Hall on his saddle horse, 1912
Photos V:
Wm Hudson Hunt, Surveyor Wise Co., Tex., born May 1815 -1860
F. N. Davidson of Eagle Lake, Tex., Colorado Co., Tex.
Jacob De Cordova, 1808-1868
Jacob De Cordova, reclining
W. S. Mabry (upper left in group picture, Pat Garrett slayer of “Billy the Kid” in lower right)
Oscar Williams, R. T. Bucy and W. D. Twichell, 1930s
A. M. Randolph (born 1850 Williamsburg, Pa, died Oct. 10, 1924, Pecos, Tex.) at 30 years from tintype in possession of Mrs. Doris R. Boatright of Pecos, Tex., 1880
Geo. B. Erath (born Jan 1, 1813, Vienna, Austria; died May 13, 1891, Waco, Tex.)
Ray Utt, photographer C. S. O. Co., 1966
W. S. Mabry about 1884 from “XIT Ranch” by J. E. Haley
Lt. to rt.: J. S. Boyles, Matt Darrow, Homer Henderson, Paul Darrow, Galveston County, Tex., 1909
E. Tex. Chap. No. 4, T. S. A.: R. L. Dougherty, F. D. Smith, Jake Bivins, R. R. “Bangs” O’Neall, Harry L. Johnson, 1966
Matt Darrow, Homer Henderson, Barnes, Paul Darrow; Rattlesnake Mound, mouth of Hall’s Bayou, checking water flow (from J. S. Boyles, Houston), 1910
Santa Fe R. R. sur. Party, Richland Springs, Tex. (from J. S. Boyles, Houston), 1910
Photos VI:
Matt Darrow, Homer Henderson, Barnes, Paul Darrow; Rattlesnake Mound, mouth of Hall’s Bayou, checking water flow (from J. S. Boyles, Houston), 1910
Santa Fe R. R. sur. Party, Richland Springs, Tex. (from J. S. Boyles, Houston), 1910
H. F. Johnson, father of J. Frank Johnson of Midland (born Lufkin, Tex., Aug. 5, 1894; died Midland, Tex., Aug 4, 1948)
George M. Williams
Major William J. Powell (born 1883; died Jan. 2, 1967 Dallas, Tex.), with newspaper clipping
A. B. Gray, passport (front and back), appointment Bndry. Com. Mex. and U. S.
Photos VII:
The Bunch at Lunch, 1888 (Xerox print and film neg., large and small)
Running Sec. lines in the Texas Panhandle, 1887
Survey party, Von Blucher et al, 1876
R. Ernest Lee as Pioneer Surveyor, 1954
L. F. Daniell, Beaumont, Tex. (from tintype and note by W. F. Daniell), ca. 1890
W. R. Norfleet
W. D. Twichell, 83 yrs old, 1946
W. J. (Jeff) Williams, ca. 80 years old
Howard Trigg
Group: Pierce, Johnson, Omohundro, Moore, Browning: Borger, Tex., 1926
Oscar Williams, Ft. Stockton, Tex., age 85
Photos VIII:
P. G. Omohundro
Photos IX:
Andrew Nimrod Ragsdale – E. Tex. Land Sur. (b. Mar. 14, 1857; d. Apr. 2, 1936 at age 79), ca. 1882
Andrew Nimrod Ragsdale - Land Surv., merchant and real estate operator, typical field attire, ca. 1933
Taos, Tex., Porters Bluff, Navaro Co., 1860
Indian Springs where Surveyors camped, Navarro Co., Re: Indian fight
Surveyors and Indian Battle, Navarro Co.
Andrew Belcher Gray, from Mrs. W. Edwin Gledhill, Santa Barbara, Calif.
A. G. Loder and D. A. Culpepper, Cor. On S/L Mann Sur., Sur. W. E. Jones on Rt., June 25, 1939
Surveyor H. F. Johnson
Surveyor Chas. P. McKnight
Major Wm. J. Powell, news clipping re: death (negative)
Edward Baxter Ragsdale
Wm. J. Young Transit
Photo of news clipping from Waco showing old time surveyors in Sur. Town of Briggs: S. Kendrick, Dr. McCarty, O. Roundtree, J. Roundtree, W. Roundtree, Dr. Hazelwood, Geo. Briggs, J. H. Lewis, 1890s
Photos X:
Chairmen Tex. Board of Registration: Boyles, Cod, Thompson, Hillin, Walston, 1967
Peter Chappell Ragsdale
Irving Harrington Webb
Parchment and bottle recovered from mound #6, Tex. and La. Boundary, May 1941
R. A. Wood, Rt. 4, Box 28, San Augustine, Tex., 75972, Dec. 1967
P. G. Omohundro and R. A. Nichols in camp, Jasper Co., Tex., on Angelina River, April 1908
Owen T. Funk, age 38, Feb. 1938
Owen T. Funk, age 56, Oct. 23, 1955
W. H. Hunt Cemetery, J. Fitzgerald Sur., Wise Co. Tex., loc. Near Bridgeport Dam spillway, 1929
Owen Funk, Gene McDonald, Wichita Mts., Okla.
Brooks Baker Jr., Glenn McAuley, Jack Co, Tex., June 1, 1956
Bridge Xing Hunt’s Cr., on old state road Bridgeport to Jacksboro, 1928-29
Owen Funk, Boulder Canyon, Wichita Mts., Okla., March 1953
Hoffman, Cullum, Funk, surveying Lemon clearing Eagle Mt. Lake area, Apr. 1931
Owen Funk and Model T
Owen Funk and Gene McDonald, last camp, Boulder camp, Wichita Mts., Okla.
Home of Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Funk, Bridgeport, 1913
E. Leonard, G. Leonard, R. Leonard, C. Funk, H. G. Leonard, I. Stover, car, 1913
Photos XI:
Peter Chappell Ragsdale home, San Marcos, Tex.
Peter Chappell Ragsdale Memorial Mon.
S. E. Hockley area, Hockley Co. Tex., Ragsdale’s Earth Ring
W. Escondito Spring, J. N. Shaffner Sur., #310, Pecos, Co., Tex., 1956
Old stage stand S’ly from N. Escondito Spring, Pecos Co., 1956
Lg. Rk. In center pic. Near NWC., J. N. Shaffner Sur. #310, Fred Williamson in pic, 1956
Poss. Earth Md. Near SWC Sur. 5, Blk. A., SE Hockly Area, Hockley Co., Tex.
Hockley Co. Tex, Twichell’s 1’4” I. P. NWC Lg #17, 1954
Pontoon Xing stage stand, wall at stone corral, 1953
Pontoon Xing stage stand, remains old bldg., 1953
Pontoon Xing on Pecos River, looking upstream from pontoon Xing, 1953
Pontoon Xing on Pecos River, bridge site near 2 lg. boulders, 1953
Pontoon Xing on Pecos River, looking downstream, 1953
Pontoon Xing stage stand, Pecos Co., 1953
Pontoon Xing stage stand, Pecos Co., stone corral, 1953
SE Cor. Shackelford Co., west view of Mon. marked “SE Cor. S. C.”
SW Cor. Stephens Co., set July 1889, marked “SWCor S. C. July,” east view
SW Cor. Stephens Co., S. view marked “L-E”
SW Cor. Stephens Co., N. view marked “1889”
Historical Photos negatives:
Brooks Baker
John Baker
Stanley Baker
Newspaper article on Brooks Baker, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Aug. 5, 1949
Photos – Old Instruments I:
Brass Surveying Compass ca. 1795, Lawrence A. Washington
Compass David Rittenhouse 1760-1770
Gurley Solar Compass 1860-1900
Compass, Benjamin Rittenhouse ca. 1790
Compass, Horatio Hanks 1790-1838 (E and W reversed)
Gurley Surveyors Compass 1852-1900
Gurley Surveyors Compass on Jacob Staff 1852-1900
First Transit Made in U. S. by Wm. Young 1831
Gurley Pocket Compass, side view L
Gurley Pocket Compass, front-end view
Gurley Pocket Compass, side view R
Gurley Railroad Compass with one-minute vernier, view of compass face
Gurley Railroad Compass with one-minute vernier, view of left side with telescope
Gurley Railroad Compass with one-minute vernier, top view with sight vanes
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, side view right
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, front-end view
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, side view left
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, back view
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, in box
Wurdeman’s Pivot Level 1867, box
Wm. Young and Son, Phila. Pa. Transit 1870s, back
Wm. Young and Son, Phila. Pa. Transit 1870s, side
Photos – Old Instruments II:
Surveyors Vernier Compass made by Potts of Bucks Co. Penna., ca. 1800
Oscar Hanks, Julius Hanks, hoop compass
Compass, Col. Benjamin Hanks (1755-1824)
Negatives, early Survey Instruments by Hanks
Picture proofs used in “One League to Each Wind”
T. F. Randolph Compass, in collection of Fulton S. Mills
Elias R. Wightman’s Compass, now owned by Judge McNabb of Bay City, Tex, used to survey Matagorda Townsite in 1832
Oscar Call II:
Diary – photocopy
The Surveyors from “Patison Rangers” by Adam R. Johnson, Nov.-Dec. 1858
Photos from Oscar Call’s Diary, Nov.-Dec. 1858
5 copies
3S65 RESTRICTED [Water damaged photographs]
Photos 1958, marsh near Orange, Texas (Louisiana)
Mex. Monument photos
TSA Historical Pictures
Texas Surveyors Assoc. 1975 Annual Short Course photographs
Surveyor photos
[Photograph proofs for book]
[Matted group photograph] Texas Surveyors, College Station, 1940
2 negatives, Fannin S-9597, Re: Geo. Spiller and Mexican Monument, Briscoe Co., Tex.
Stinson Lock
H. E. Rennels, Pres. TSA
Photos Historical Com. T. S. A., Albert Ducette Sur.
Surveyors Camp on Rio Grande River at Brownsville, 1850s
Horse head Crossing of the Pecos River with Jack Spry [4]
P12 – LQ-TX Boundary
P13 – Antique instruments
T. S. A. picture and Articles for book, Albert Doucette, J. M. Hall, etc.
Hearne Tr. A. Benge, Sur. Anderson Co. Tex.
Culberson Co., Tex.
[Vermillion Bay, tower building]
[Unidentified folders and loose photographs]