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A Guide to the Stan Wayman Photographic Archive, c. 1945-1970s

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wayman, Stan, 1927-1973
Title: Stan Wayman Photographic Archive
Dates: c.1945-1970s
Abstract: The Wayman Photographic Archive, ca. 1945-1970s, consists mainly of photographic materials from Stan Wayman’s career as a photojournalist with the Miami Herald and with LIFE magazine.
Accession No.: 2008-313
Extent: 23 linear feet
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Stanley Edmond Wayman was born in Moore Haven, Florida, in 1927. He got his first camera when he was 12, and pursued his vocation in the Navy’s V-5 program and later as a darkroom technician for Pan American airlines. He joined the Miami Herald in 1950 and began freelancing in 1955. He moved to LIFE magazine in 1957, where he worked at the Chicago bureau. Subsequent postings to New York, Bonn, and Paris culminated in his becoming Moscow bureau chief in 1962. In 1964 he moved to the Washington, D. C. bureau. Wayman won many awards during his career from the White House News Photographers Association and the National Press Photographers Association. He also received the Albert Schweitzer Medal from the Animal Welfare Institute. Wayman died in 1973.

Scope and Contents

The Wayman Photographic Archive, ca. 1945-1970s, consists mainly of photographic materials from Stan Wayman’s career as a photojournalist with the Miami Herald and with LIFE magazine. The photographic material is in a variety of forms, including color slides, negatives of several sizes, photographic prints, and published images. The collection also includes manuscript materials, including correspondence and notes, pertaining to Wayman’s career. There is also a small selection of personal photographs



The archive has organized into three series: Photographic Materials, Printed Materials, and Mixed Materials. Series are divided into subseries by type of material. Original order has been maintained where possible.
One hundred 35mm slides from the Wayman archive have been digitized and are available for viewing online in a Briscoe Center for American History database . Using the online finding aid, patrons may click the highlighted entries in the archive to view digitized images from that entry. To make an appointment to view other images from the archive, please contact the Photographs Archivist. Click here to see all images digitized from the Stan Wayman Photographic Archive


Access Restrictions

Access restricted for all photonegatives and transparencies. Contact repository for further information.

Use Restrictions

A portion of this collection is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Hickel, Walter J., 1919-2010
Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978
Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Muskie, Edmund S., 1914-1996
Animal welfare
Kalapalo Indians
Photojournalism--United States
United States--Politics and government--1945-1989
Baffin Island (Nunavut)
Washington (D.C.)

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Library and to Exhibits.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Stan Wayman Photographic Archive, ca. 1945-1970s, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Emily Calkins, 2010.

Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Photographic materials

Slides [restricted]
Slides in slides boxes or envelopes
2008-313/1 Wally Hickel
Tiger (2)
Tiger - night kill, day kill (2)
Sea otters (3)
Palau (5)
Palau - coral (5)
Palau - [rock?] islands, spear fish, Pat Bryan
Brack [Jones?], [O. Wilson?]
Palau - Helen Isle
Palau - jellyfish
HHH [Hubert Humphrey] (3)
HHH [Hubert Humphrey], 1968
HH [Hubert Humphrey], (3) Jan. 1968
HHH [Hubert Humphrey] in Africa, (2) 1968
HHH [Hubert Humphrey] in California
HHH [Hubert Humphrey], cat in Addis Abba, 1968
HH camp. [Hubert Humphrey campaign]
HHH [Hubert Humphrey], cat in Addis Abba, 1968
HHH [Hubert Humphrey], Mexico 1968
Wally Hickel in Micronesia (2)
JFK [John F. Kennedy] funeral (2)
NASA [Witcapski?] (2)
Vertical parking
Teledyne Co.
Teledyne Co., Williams
C and P samples (3)
Baffin (3)
Whales (5)
Gray Whales, San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California
Whales, 1967
Baffin general
Baffin - flowers, birds
Baffin - flowers
Baffin - white wolf, caribou, sunflowers
Baffin - white wolves (2)
White wolves (8)
Duplications of white wolves
Lindbergh (2)
Lindbergh family
Lindbergh, San Benito, 1967
John Lindbergh fishing, Seattle, 1968
Sea elephants
Sea elephants and killer whales
Muskie, New Hampshire, 1971
Alaska earthquake, 1964
Kalapolo [Kalapalo] Indians, Brazil, Aug. 1967 (2)
Panda (6)
Panda arrival (2)
Panda bath
California, 1968
Nixon inauguration, (3) Jan. 1973
Nixon in Europe, Oct. 1970
Monkey, Crandon Zoo
Kennedy Center (4)
Cape Kennedy
Underwater test
WWI Air exhibit (2)
Truman funeral
Senator Frank - church
GOP convention, 1964
LBJ [Lyndon B. Johnson] (2)
Breathing devices
Carl Albert
Unidentified (12)
2008-313/2 Muskie (7)
Muskie - golf (2)
Muskie - portraits (2)
Rejects from pop photos
Skyline drive
Tiger - day kill
Tiger - gold and day kill
Tiger - gold (2)
Tiger - night kill
Tiger - under tree
Tiger (2)
Truman funeral (4)
Mrs. McGovern and grandchild
USSR (2)
USSR - general
Senator Gaylord Nelson
Lady Bird Johnson, 1968
St. Augustine wade-in, Panama canal crisis, Goldwater '64, MacArthur funeral
Palau - coral
Palau - fish family
Sea elphants (2)
San Benito - sea elphants
Pryor (4)
Surinam resuce - Gwamba, 1964
Operation Gwamba - monkey and anteater
Operation Gwamba - ocelot and deer
Gwamba - tribal dance
Gwamba - tribal dance
Gwamba, rodent, porcupine, piranha
FNMA [Federal National Mortgage Association]
Monkey, Crandon Zoo (2)
Hubert H. Humphrey (2)
Price Charles and Princess Ann
Misc. animals underwater and channelization
Thule air crash - B-52, 1968
Hickel in Micronesia
HH camp. [Hubert H. Humphrey campaign], (3) 1968
Sea otters (3)
General Westmoreland, 1967
Breathing device out of water
Parking lots
Queen Elizabeth II (ship) - first class lounge, fancy headress
Walnut furniture
Deer, pirhana, sick monkey
Timberwolves, walrus, Canada (4)
Adenauer funeral
Channelization, Huntsville, A'bam[?], Dr. Adamp, William Humphrey
Transpo. [Transportation] (3)
Sgt. Charlie Morris
Panda - inside
Black walnut (2)
Mangla (2)
Mangla dam
HHH and JKF [Hubert H. Humphrey and John F. Kennedy], 1960
Istanbul, 1961
Democratic convention, LBJ and Pope [Lyndon B. Johnson and Alexander Pope?] 1964
Maxine Cheshire, Chelsea Court
Tektite II - girls in habitat
Tek II [Tektite II?] - camera
Tricia Nixon
Smithsonian exhibit on ballons
Congress party-time[?]
Art salon
Unidentified (14)
2008-313/3 Tektite I
Tek II [Tektite II] and breathing devices
Tek II [Tektite II] - suit (2)
T-2 [Tektite II?]
Tektite II (3)
Tektite, Jan. 1969
Palau - coral
Palau - saltwater lake
Reefs of Palau
Dawn people, black and white
HH [Hubert Humphrey] announcement, 1968
Coyote (8)
Coyote pups (4)
Pups [Coyote] (5)
Vertical parking
Kidnap dogs
Moscow picnic, Oct. 1964
Earthquake, Alaska, 1964
Misc. uw [underwater]
Pub. stories
Ocean deep quest
Tricia Nixon
Nixon in Europe
JFK Center
Thor - guided missile
Unidentified (3)
Large slide boxes
Box 1
Easter sunrise, Key Bisc., 1956
Haiti - duck hunt
Haiti - general
Cuba lottery
Pinar del Rio [Cuba]
Camaguey [Cuba]
Santiago de Cuba
Nashua [Florida?]
Box 2
Stan's operation
Misc. from LIFE assignments
Box 3
Twin party, 1956
Easter parade, 1956
Bagfront Park, 1956
Shorty, 1956
Slightshot, 1956
Collier's, 1956
Pelican Island and sunset [Florida?]
Indian Comissioner US it
LIFE Xmas, 1954
Mexico, 1955
Caracas, 1955
Bings, 1955
Collier's, 1955
Miab[...], LIFE
Nassau, 1956
Asdastra Gardens
George Symonette
Debbie, Eddie [?], and Doraly [?]
Roberts camp and boar
Seller and shark
Box 4
Moulin Rouge
Pool [?] scenes
Box 5
Mariachi dancer at Hotel de Cortez
Golden garfish
Johnny Mizell
Football - campus
Capital Grey and marfish
2008-313/4 Slides in folders
Hubert H. Humphrey
Selects with caption sheets
Selects 1
Selects 2
Selects 3
Misc. slides, some labeled, some unidentified (3)
Misc. slides from carousel, incl. some images of LIFE spreads featuring Wayman's work
2008-313/5 Negatives [restricted]
120 negatives
Ann Cumming
Celebrities in Miami
Davy Crockett for [Florida?] theaters
Fox hunt
Giant mola mola, 1957
Nadine Ducas
Pelican Isles
Shrine of Guadalupe (also includes 4x5 in. negatives)
Snake vs. dog, L. Okee [Lake Okeechobee?], fish
Spelman Prentice
Underwater (also incl. 4x5 in. negatives)
War and Peace
35mm negatives
Assassination of Guatamalan President [Carlos Castillo Amas], 1957
Cotton Club
Kalapolo [Kalapalo] Indians of Brazil
Munich ballerina
[...] Orange ball
Soviet poet Yevtushenko on the Amazon river, 1968
Spelman Prentice
William Humphrey
4x5 in. negatives
Florida scenes
German girl, 1961
Hubert Humphrey, 1966
Pope Paul visit to the US, 1965
Mixed transparencies
LIFE magazine images
Stan Wayman, c. 1947-1953
Wayman family and home, 1945-1950
3H243 Prints
Contact prints
Walrus hunt, May 30, 1958
Tornados, Feb. 12 and June 6, 1959
Olaf Krans paintings, Jan. 30, 1959
Culver Military Academy dance, Feb. 3, 1959
Two pitiful pirates, Feb. 16, 1959
Gardening, April 6, 1959
Spacemen/Astronaut Grissom's family, April 10, 1959
P.T.A. show, Huron, SD, April, 20, 1959
Stock market, Dr. Harry Heiss, stock market excitement, May 1-2, 1959
Teamster story/Schoessling, May 2, 1959
Johnson outboard factory/boating story, May 17, 1959
Teen-age beauty clinic, May 18, 1959
Little Rock, May 29, 1959
Indianpolis auto race, May 30, 1959
Percy, Chuck, June 23-24, 1959
Hart, Jacqueline/runaway heiress (incl. note), July 25, 1959
Muller, Jack, Aug. 18, 1959
Khrushchev's visit, Sept. 17, 1959
World Series game 1, Oct. 2, 1959
World Series game 2, Oct. 3, 1959
Block, J.L., Oct. 28, 1959
Disappearance of Judge Parkinson, Nov. 5, 1959
Grain storing in 'Schelevator' in Granite City, IL, Nov. 17, 1959
Frostbite mining (incl. correspondence, also called "cold iron ore mining"), Nov. 25, 1959
Pine Ridge, Dec. 27, 1960
Hammarskjold funeral, Sept. 1961
Mine disaster, Feb. 9-10, 1962
Algeria, March 1, 1962
Neuberger, Maurine Brown, Dec. 1963
3H244 State of the Union address, Jan. 8, 1964
Panama crisis, Jan. 1964
The Beatles - crowd members, Feb. 12, 1964
Johnson, Lyndon B. - trip to California, Feb. 24, 1964
Allston, Walt, March 6, 1964
McCarthy, Eugene, March 23, 1964
Johnson, Lady Bird - trip to Huntsville, March 25, 1964
Alaska - earthquake, March 1964
President's daughters - Luci and Lynda Johnson, March - May, 1964
Macarthur [funeral], April 1964
Rail strike, April 11, 1964
Swearing-in ceremony, April 15, 1964
Mrs. Ross and Negro children/Mrs. Ross's children from Baltimore, May - June, 1964
Cambridge race riot, May 12, 1964
Discotheque and Whiskey A Go Go (Washington), May 1964
Kennedy, Jacqueline and Brandt, Willy, May 20, 1964
Watusi dance in the courtyard of DOS, May 20, 1964
Shah of Iran at French Embassy Ball, June 7, 1964
Governor's conference, June 9, 1964
Johnson, Lyndon B. - at Holy Cross, June 11, 1964
Byrnes, John W., June 16, 1964
Taylor, Mawell and Wheeler, Earle, June 24, 1964
Kennedy, Robert, June 24, 1964
St. Augustine, June 29 - July 1, 1964
USA-USSR track meet, July 27, 1964
Russian track coach, July 18, 1964
Pentagon maps of bombed bases, Aug. 4, 1964
Schwerner, Rita, Aug. 5, 1964
Mesta, Perle (preparing for party), Aug. 11, 1964
Junk navy in Vietnam, Aug. 18, 1964
Goldwater, Barry - Ohio, Oct. 2, 1964
Johnson, Lady Bird - Southern tour, Oct. 10-12, 1964
Operation Gwamba, Dec. 23, 1964
3H245 General LeMay retirement, Feb. 2, 1965
Johnson, Lyndon B. - press conference, Feb. 5, 1965
Killer Joe Piro, Feb. 15, 1965
Lt. General Tran Thien Khien, Feb. 20, 1965
Ambassador Lloyd Hand, March 1, 1965
Tigers in India, April 4, 1965
Shastri, April 12 - 19, 1965
Washington Report: Congressmen Roncalio and Tunney doing isometric exercises, April 27, 1965
Johnson, Lyndon B. - press conference, April 28, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird - Virginia tour, May 12, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird - beautification of the Potomac, May 20, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird - opening beautification ceremony, May 2, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird, May 28, 1965
Johnson, Lyndon B. - Luci's graduation, June 2, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird, June 14, 1965
Federal Reserve Head Martine, June 16, 1965
Doug Kennedy wedding at Walter Reed, June 21, 1965
Johnson, Luci - driving Stingray convertible, June 23, 1965
Grizzly bears, June 29, 1965
Johnson, Lady Bird, June 29, 1965
Moyers, Bill, Aug. 9, 1965
Humphrey, Hubert, Aug. 18, 1965
Humphrey, Hubert, Sept. - Oct, 1965
Minnesota Vikings football, Sept. 27-29, 1965
Reston, Virginia, Oct. 1965
Johnson, Lyndon B. - singing immigration bill, Oct. 4, 1965
3N74 Torch suicide and Norman Morrison, Nov. 4, 1965
Reston, Virginia, Nov. 8, 1965
Bleed-ins on Capitol Hill, Nov. 9, 1965
New York blackout, aerial views, Nov. 10, 1965
Arts Council meeting, Nov. 21, 1965
Vietnam Day march, Nov. 21, 1965
Stolen dogs (see also "Dog sequel"), Jan. 3-25, 1966
Little State of the Union address, Jan. 18, 1966
Johnson, Luci and Pat Nugent, Feb. 7, 1966
Dog sequel (see also "Stolen dogs"), Feb. 19, 1966
Ambassador Dugan, Santiago, Chile, March 1966
Lake X (outboard motot testing), March 21, 1966
Johnson, Lady Bird - Big Bend trip, April, 17, 1966
Snooping, April 14, 1966
Knight, Francis (Dir. of US Passport Office), May 17, 1966
PA manhunt aerials, May 17, 1966
U.F.O.s, May 23, 1966
Dirksen, Senator Everett McKinley, May 25, 1966
Johnson, Luci, June 1, 1966
White wolves, Sept. 3, 1966
Rutledge, Carl, Dec. 14, 1966
3N75 Sgt. Charles Morris Day in Galax, Va., 1967
Rare Madgascar, Jan. 11, 1967
Capitol women's demonstration (incl. note), Jan. 16, 1967
Gray whales, Feb. 9, 1967
Orangutan - Washington Zoo, March 8, 1967
"Deep Diver" submarine, March 21, 1967
Kalapolo [Kalapalo] Indians of Central Brazil, Aug. 1967
Douglas, Cathy, Sept. 30, 1967
Gov. Harriman trip, Nov. 26, 1967
Soviet poet Yevtushenko on the Amazon River, March 10, 1968
Rockefeller press conference, April 30, 1968
Boyd, Alan, May, 1968
Kennedy organization - Washington, May 29, 1968
Humphrey, Hubert, July - Nov. 1968
Anti-Russian demonstration in Washington, May 29, 1968
Rusk, Dean, Dec. 1968-Jan. 1969
Seidenberg, S. - heart transplant patient, Dec. 19, 1968
Brown, Sam (in D.C.), Jan. 16, 1969
Para Mola, May - June, 1969
Palau (reefs), Oct. 15, 1969
White, Kenneth (author of jail cookbooks), Nov. 15, 1969
3N75.1 Rodeo cruelty, Feb. 3, 1970
Nixon, Richard - Indianapolis and Chicago trip, Feb. 7, 1970
Midi fashion - Washington reaction, Feb. 13, 1970
The lone coyote, Feb. 18, 1970
Albrecht, Gary and Albrecht, Mary Ellen (incl. note), March 4, 1970
O'Brien, Larry, April 8, 1970
JFK Center for the Performing Arts, May 20, 1970
Commencement - American University, June 8, 1970
Finch, Robert (former HEW Secretary), June 10, 1970
Blatchford, Joseph (Peace Corps director), June 25, 1970
Blacks in government, July 11, 1970
Temple removal on mall - parting shots, July 27, 1970
Hickel, Walter, July 30, 1970
Bicycles on the C and O canal, Aug. 9, 1970
Operation Chase: loading nerve gas, Aug. 9, 1970
Wilson, Cody, Aug. 17, 1970
Vietnamese boy/Vietnam wounded children, Sept. 16-17, 1970
Pelly, Thomas M. - parting shots, Sept. 24, 1970
Nixon, Richard (incl. note), Sept. 30, 1970
Ukari monkeys, Dec. 7, 1970
Gillette, Guy - Supreme Court hearing (incl. note), Dec. 10, 1970
U.S. Supreme Court, Jan. 1, 1971
Hoover, J. Edgar, Jan. 8, 1971
Carter, Jimmy, Jan. 18, 1971
Coyote hunt, Feb. 11, 1971
Banzhaff, J., March - April, 1971
John Gardner and Common Cause, March 1, 1971
Ervin, Samuel, March 14, 1971
3Q58 Undated
Abney, Carol Jane
Calumet City raids
Concentration camp for dogs
Girls (incl. note, Nov. 11, 1966)
Goat story
Fields, Benita
Humphrey, William
National League Pennant race
Racetrack pets
Walker, Jackie
West, Melody
Contact prints by other photographers
3Q59 8x10 in. and smaller
Riddle Field RAF training album, 1944
"Let's Go, Goats" scrapbook
3Q59.1 Allen, Madeline (incl. contact prints)
Amateur striptease contest (incl. story, captions, and contact prints)
Boulais, Diane (incl. bio statement)
Byers, June (incl. bio statement)
Blonde dance teacher (incl. contact prints)
Everglade ranger (incl. story, print list, tear sheet, and contact prints)
"The face of death," Hope Root (incl. story and contact prints), Dec. 3, 1953
Fishing (incl. contact prints)
German girl (incl. correspondence), 1961
Gold Coast bust out (incl. captions and story)
Humphrey, Hubert
Hurricane research (incl. research materials, correspondence, and notes)
3Q97 The lone coyote, Feb. 18, 1970
[Pine ridge tanker]
Proctor, Ann (incl. contact prints)
Spaghetti eating contest (incl. captions, story, and contact pritns)
Tigers (India)
Wayman, Stan (self-portraits and other images)
2008-313/16 8 1/2x11 in. - 11x14 in.
Belgian Air crash (incl. captions)
Everglades field trip (incl. captions)
Florida children buying ice cream
Germany, Aug - Sept. 1961
Gov. conference, June 9, 1964
Haitian duck hunt (incl. captions and story)
Housing, Aug. 20, 1963
Humphrey, Hubert, Sept. 9, 1964
Kalapalo [Kalapolo] Indians of Central Brazil, Aug. 18, 1967
Kitt, Eartha
Johnson, Lady Bird, 1964
Johnson, Lady Bird - trip to Hunstville, March 25, 1964
Johnson, Lady Bird - Southern tour, Oct. 1964
Johnson, Lynda and Luci
3R98.1 Johnson, Lyndon B., 1963-1964
Johnson, Lyndon B. - inside the White House/Oval Office, Dec. 2-3, 1963
Johnson, Lyndon B. - presidential trip to Califoria, Feb. 24, 1964
Johnson, Lyndon B. - Texas, Dec. 1963
Macarthur [funeral], April 7, 1964
Miami weather bureau, Aug. 18, 1956
North Dakota senatorial race, June 22, 1960
Panama crisis, Jan. 14, 1964
"Reaction to JFK assassination," Nov. 22, 1963
Russia (incl. Danny Kaye in Moscow), April - Aug. 1963
3So71.3 Sen. McCarthy for Vice President, March 23, 1964
Session of Congress, Nov. 27, 1963
Shastri, April 12-19, 1965
St. Augustine, June - July 1964
Tigers (India), 1965
Walrus hunt, May 30, 1958
Watusi dance in courtyard at DOS, March 20, 1964
Wayman, Stan (self-portraits and other images)
2008-313/19 Larger than 11x14 in.
Mounted prints
Mounted exhibition prints, 16 x 20 in. (Photographs are listed under competition by category, title, and date of production)
22nd Annual Competition, National Press Photographers Association
Sports, "US vs. USSR"
Sports, "Russian Broadjump"
News (color), "Alaska Earthquake (LIFE cover), April 10, 1964
23rd Annual Competition, NPPA
News, "Last Campaign Speech" (Barry Goldwater), [1964]
Picture story, "Inaugural Ball," [Jan. 1965]
News, "Inauguration Ball (Lyndon Johnson)", [Jan. 1965]
News, "White House Press Conference (Lyndon Johnson)", [1965]
Portrait, "Indian"
Feature, "King of the Mountain"
Picture story, "The tiger's kill," (3 panels, separated), [April 1965]
2008-313/20 Portrait and personality, "Luci's Wautisi" [Luci Johnson], [Jan. 1965]
Feature, "Seth"
Portrait and Personality, "The Vice President" [Hubert Humphrey]
Picture story, "Ole!" [Hubert Humphrey], 3 panels
News, "Kremlin Leaders"
Portrait and personality, "Indian Girl"
Portrait and personality, "Lal Bahadur Shastri," April 1965
Feature, "Help!"
Feature, "Flood vicitim"
White House News Photographers Association Photo Competition
Color news, "Lal Bahadur Shastri," April 1965
Color news, "Pope's visit," Oct. 1965
Color feature, "Dining in the jungle," April 1965
2008-313/21 Unidentified
2008-313/22 Mounted prints, smaller than 16x20 in.
Yassily Sitnikov (4)
Stan Wayman (2)
Stan Wayman and Yevtushenko
Unidentified (23)
2008-313/23 Un-mounted prints larger than 11x14 in.
Autographed prints
Lyndon B. Johnson (2)
Hubert H. Humphrey (2)
Eugene McCarthy
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Jimmy Ernst
Elmer Snight [?], Tom Meany, and Pat Shap[...]

2008-313/23 Printed Materials
Matted magazine covers
May 5, 1969
LIFE International
Aug. 28, 1961
Undated (Vol. 33, No. 2)
March 24, 1958
March 28, 1960
Aug. 8, 1960
Aug. 9, 1963
Sept. 13, 1963
April 10, 1964
June 25, 1965
Aug. 13, 1965 (with note from Lady Bird Johnson)
April 14, 1967
Feb. 28, 1969
Nov. 5, 1971
2008-313/24 Magazines containing Wayman's work
2008-313/25 Tear sheet books
2008-313/26 Books and annuals containing Wayman's work


Mixed material

2008-313/27 Mixed materials [restricted], primarily 1950-1957,
35mm negatives (many from Miami Herald) c. 1950-1955
120 negatives, mostly unidentified
4x5 in. negatives, mostly unidentified
Slides, unidentified
Prints (includes pin-up girl shots, many identified)
Contact prints
Larger prints
Manuscript materials
Clippings of Wayman's published photos
Story drafts
Caption sheets
2008-313/28 Mixed materials [restricted], c. 1948-1972
35mm negatives, mostly unidentified (many from Miami Herald, ) 1950-1955
120 negatives, mostly unidentified
Slides, unidentified
Unidentified contact prints
LIFE magazine contact prints, (All LIFE contact prints are stamped with story title and date; only contact print series in folders are listed below) 1959-1972
Florence Crittenden Home for Unwed Mothers, July 20, 1972
John Hall Retired Man
Morris Milgrim, home builder
King family
Ohio floods
Caricaturist Gordon Currie
Gaslight club
Nixon Alaska
8x10 in. prints
LIFE magazine 11x14 in. prints
Mounted exhibition prints
Manuscript materials (primarily story notes and captions from Wayman's tenure at the LIFE bureau in Moscow, 1963-1964
"Goat story," contains correspondence, 35mm negatives, and prints
"Panda story," contains prints, manuscripts materials, and 35mm negatives
2008-313/29 Office files (files retain original order and titles and contain mixed materials, including notes, correspondence, and prints)
Dawn people
Reefs of Palau
Story suggestions
Operation Gwamba
Animal research
Misc. text
Moscow reports, etc.
Stan's diary
Wolf/Baffin Island
Indians of Brazil
LIFE stories
Time, Inc: syndication
Memberships and LIFE letters
Equipment inventory
Merritt Island
Sea otters
Day planners/appointment books, 1958-1973
2008-313/30 Biography of Stan Wayman by Diane Wayman
Certificates and awards
2008-313/23 Certificate - Riders of the Rio Grande, Order of the Big Bend from Lady Bird Johnson, April 5, 1966
Journals and notebooks
Story notes and idea