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A Guide to the William P. Hobby, Jr., Papers, 1866, 1895-2015

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Creator: Hobby, William P., Jr.
Title: William P. Hobby, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1866, 1895-2015
Abstract: Photographs, printed material, notes, and clippings comprise the William P. Hobby, Jr. Papers, 1866, 1895-2015, and document the life and career of Hobby and members of his family.
Accession No.: 2009-129; 2009-248; 2010-167; 2011-076; 2012-074; 2013-188; 2015-221; 2017-078
OCLC No.: 456717133
Extent: 23 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

William “Bill” P. Hobby served as lieutenant governor of Texas for 18 years (1973-1991). Born in Houston on January 19, 1932, he is the son of former Texas governor William Pettus Hobby, Sr. and Oveta Culp Hobby. He graduated from Rice University in 1953, served for several years in the United States Navy, and then joined the staff of the Houston Post, owned by the Hobby family. Hobby became executive editor and president of the newspaper company in 1965, and he remained president until the sale of the Post in 1983.

Hobby began his career in public service in 1959, serving as parliamentarian of the Texas Senate. Under President Lyndon B. Johnson, he served on the Presidential Task Force on Suburban Problems and the National Citizens Advisory Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation. In 1969, he was appointed to the Texas Air Control Board and the Senate Interim Committee on Welfare Reform. Hobby was elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas in 1972, and he won re-election in 1974, 1978, 1982, and 1986. During his tenure, he promoted policies to improve the state budget-making process, chaired the Hobby-Clayton Commission, which recommended the Texas Sunset Act (1970s), and served on the Select Committee on Public Education (1983-1984). Following his terms as Lieutenant Governor, Hobby served as Chancellor for the University of Houston System (1995-1997); sat on several boards including Southwest Airlines; was a Trustee of the LBJ Foundation; and held the Sid Richardson chair in Public Affairs at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Hobby was married to Diana P. Stallings until her death on July 4th, 2014. They have four children.

Scope and Contents

The William P. Hobby Jr. Papers document Hobby's career in public service, including his tenure as Lieutenant Governor from 1973-1991, as well as his career at the Houston Post. The collection also includes the text of speeches delivered before, during and after his time in office. Additionally, the collection includes family papers and photographs documenting the lives of many of Hobby's family members, including his father William P. Hobby (1878-1964) and his mother, Oveta Culp-Hobby (1905-1995). The collection also includes personal papers, legal records, and memorabilia collected by Karen Bodner and then forwarded to Lieutenant Governor Hobby.


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Subjects (Persons)
Hobby, William P., Jr. – Archives.
Hobby, Oveta Culp, 1905-1995.
Hobby, William Pettus, 1878-1964.
Political campaigns -- Texas – History.
Politicians -- Texas.
Texas. Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

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Some material has been separated to the Artifacts Collection.

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William P. Hobby, Jr., Papers, 1866, 1895-2015, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Stored on-site at SRH

2.325/M7 1982 re-election campaign:
Information kit and campaign buttons, 1982
Photographs, 1982
Notebook – Media contacts, 1982
Newspaper clippings, 1982-1983
Invitations and tickets to inaugural events, January 1983
Materials collected by Karen Bodner-Chaiet:
Correspondence, Karen Bodner-Chaiet with William P. Hobby, Jr., Paul W. Hobby, and campaign workers, 1982-1998
Programs, award dinners honoring William P. Hobby, Jr. and Oveta Culp Hobby, 1982, 1987
Memorabilia concerning Hobby, 1980s
Photographs of the Texas Inaugural Parade, 1987
Letter from Charles Butt, research material, 2011
Report on swearing-in of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1963
Assorted article, invitation, and biography of Hobby, 1983, 1987, 1990
2AA20 Photographs:
Oversize historical photos
Oversize miscellaneous photos for Business Center
3W18b Photographs:
Oversize historical photos
2P5 Photographs:
St. Albans School, 1940s-1990s
Historical photographs, 1930s-1950s
Miscellaneous family and travel, 1960s-1980s
Dedication of LBJ Library and related events, 1970s
Equestrian events, 1960s-2000s
Sports and recreational events, 1960s-1990s
Misc. family and travel, 1980s-1990s
Family, campaign, and official events, 1970s
Official events in Laredo, Texas, 1982
Texas gubernatorial inagural events, 1973
Texas gubernatorial inagural events, 1975, 1979
Texas gubernatorial inagural events, 1983
Texas gubernatorial inagural events, 1987
Photographs featuring Lady Bird Johnson and Ann Richards, 1960s-1990s
Democratic Party and official events, 1980s
Bill Hobby Day at Texas Capitol, 1989
ICE bullet train, Germany, undated
Anti-Defamation Jurisprudence Award, 1992
Water Resources Engineering, 1994
McDonald Observatory, 1995-1996
Dedication of South African Large Telescope, 2005
Misc. family and official events, 1990s-2000s
Studio and formal portraits


Stored off-site at LSF

2010-167/1 Photographs:
Childhood - Post years, 1932-1983
Lieutenant Governor years, 1972-1991
University of Houston Chancellor Years, 1995-1997
Bill Hobby, 2000-2010
Historical photos
Miscellaneous photos for Business Center
2013-188/1 Family papers
Allen family miscellaneous, 1984.
Catto family miscellaneous, 1975-1997.
Culp, Emma Hoover (Mrs. I. W. Culp), 1937-1961, 2008.
Photos, 1901 and undated.
Culp family miscellaneous, 1931-1941, 1961-2008.
Culp, Ike W. (Mr. I. W. Culp), 1934-1992, 2008-2009.
Photos, undated.
Culp, Lynn (Mrs. Lynn Culp Loving), 1996-2008.
Photos, 1960 and undated.
Hobby, Alfred, 1866, 2002-2013.
Photos, undated.
Hobby, Edwin Sr. and Jr. , 1895, 1921-1949, 1961, 1988-2011.
Photos, 1920 and undated.
Hobby, Eudora Adeline Pettus, 1920 and undated.
Hobby, Laura Aline, 1944-1967, 2000.
Hobby, Louise, 1956.
Hobby, Oveta Culp,
Biographical, 1952-1953, 1985-2010.
Clippings, 1995-2001.
2013-188/2 Family correspondence, 1912, 1973-1995.
HEW (Department of Health, Education and Welfare), 1995-1996.
LBJ, 1969.
Memory book compiled by Al Shire, 1995-1997.
Unused chapters, undated.
Thank you letters, 1997-1998.
Miscellaneous, 1942-2012.
Photos, 1943-1953 and undated.
Website- Rice University, 1996-2004.
Sympathy notes, 1995-1998.
Tributes, 1985-2007.
WAC (Women's Army Corps), 1977-2009.
2013-188/3 Hobby, Pearl, 1956-1975.
Hobby, William Pettus Jr. - family, 1989-2007.
Hobby, William P. (Bill) photographs, 1973 and undated.
Hobby, William Pettus Sr.,
Estate, 1965-1969.
Miscellaneous, 1914-1925, 1961-2010.
Photos, 1918-1964.
Sympathy notes, 1964.
Hobby, Willie Cooper, 1929, 2010 and undated.
2013-188/4 Hobby family- Miscellaneous, 1961-2007.
Hoover family- Miscellaneous, 1906, 1947, 1995-1998.
Pettus family- Miscellaneous, 1955-1982.
Personal papers
Awards and honors, 1965-2009.
2013-188/12 Awards and honors, 1986.
Issue of the Houston Post announcing Governor W.P. Hobby's death, June 7, 1964.
2013-188/4 ICPSR program, June 28-July 24, 1993.
Writings, 1973-1989.
2013-188/5 Journalism career
Board for International Broadcasting, 1994.
Bylines, 1946-1979, 1991.
Clippings, 1957-1997.
2013-188/12 Scrapbook of clippings, 1963-1968.
2013-188/6 Houston Post, 1953-2001.
LBJ Deanship, 1997.
KPRC, 1982-2001.
Lieutenant Governorship
Governor's Taskforce on Revenue, 1991.
Lt. Governor's apartment, 1983-1984.
Public service
Houston Metropolitan Study, 1997-1998, 2002.
2013-188/7 Milteach program, 1991-1993.
Vocational rehabilitation, 1968.
2013-188/10 Texas Commission on a Representative Student Body, 1997-2000.
Texas Ethics Commission, 1997.
Texas Parks and Wildlife, 1992-1994.
2013-188/7 Speeches
Speech exercises, undated.
Why God made Newspapers, 1964.
Speech material, 1959-1966.
Speech file-reference, 1967-1969 and undated.
Speech to Federal Law Enforcement Association, Houston, November 28, 1962.
Statement to Committee on Constitutional Amendments, Senate of State of Texas, March 12, 1963.
An editorial comparison of Houston Post & Houston Chronicle to Gen. Adv. Dept., Feb. 12, 1963.
Speech file-reference, 1964.
City of Hope, 1964.
Inter-faith Charity Bowl Awards Luncheon Sheraton-Lincoln, June 16, 1964.
Hts. Rotary Club and many others, the speech, Pine Forest CC, August 12, 1964.
Speech to American Association of University Women, M.D. Anderson Library, UH, October 8, 1964.
Texas Association for Mental Health Conference Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, October 22, 1964.
Speech to lifetime members of Chamber of Commerce, Cork Club, November 2, 1964.
Speech on election results, Warwick Hotel, University Rotary Club, November 4, 1964.
Introduction of Edgar May, Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas, Texas Social Welfare Association, November 15, 1964.
Speech on hospital district for Salesmanship Club, Rice Hotel, December 11, 1964.
Hospital district speech given at various civic clubs in Houston, January, 1965.
Introduction of Ambassador Lincoln Gordon, Houston Council on Foreign Relations, Tejas Club, January 12, 1965.
Sam Houston State Teachers College, Citizenship & Career Conference, February 5, 1965.
50th Anniversary, YWCA, Galveston, February 18, 1965.
Speech to Chamber of Commerce group, Roundup Club, Gallery Room, February 10, 1965.
Speech for Career Day at Robert E. Lee High school, March 24, 1965.
Speech to Galveston Merchants on noon luncheon, March 25, 1965.
Speech to Young Democrats, Political Trends in Texas, April 7, 1965.
Speech at Lakewood Yacht Club dinner, Political Trends in Texas, May 18, 1965.
Speech given at National Jewish Hospital dinner giving award to Max Levine, May 27, 1965.
Introduction of Rowland Evans Jr. at Rotary Club, July 8, 1965.
Introduction of Ambassador Maxwell Taylor, Bayou Club, August 31, 1965.
Houston Club, speech to American Right of Way Association, September 10, 1965.
Federal Law Enforcement Association, September 23, 1965.
Edinburg Rotary Club, Hotel Echo, The Texas Gov. Speech, September 30, 1965.
2013-188/8 Speech in McAllen, Texas "Leadership Forum" Jaycees Conference, October 2, 1965.
Economic Outlook-1966, speech at Houston Post, October 13, 1965.
City Planners Association of Texas, speech at City Council Chambers, City Hall, San Antonio, November 2, 1965.
Texas Social Welfare Association Conference summary speech of probes, November 17, 1965.
Speech for Houston District meeting of the Holy Name Society at St. Christopher's Church, November 30th.
Speech in San Antonio to Research and Planning Council meeting, Gunter Hotel, December 7, 1965.
Houston Council on Human Relations speech, Rusk Milam Room, Houston Club, "Houston: A Community too Busy to Hate", January 12, 1966.
Speech for West Texas Chamber of Commerce, Plaza Hotel, El Paso Texas, January 13, 1966.
Houston Central Lions Club, Rice Hotel, Grand Ballroom, the speech, January 25, 1966.
CAA Books Workshop, discussion leader for Raintree County, January 26, 1966.
Speech to Houston Business and Professional Men's Club, Social Hall, YMCA, Houston, February 9, 1966.
Introduction of Dr. George Beto, at 100 Club Dinner, Shamrock, March 3, 1966.
Speech to Beaumont Rotary, Beaumont Hotel, Beaumont, Texas, April 6, 1966.
American Camping Association, Hotel America, April 15, 1966.
The speech, South & East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Baker Hotel, April 19, 1966.
The speech, Rosenberg Rotary, June 2, 1966.
Speech to Beaumont Home Builders (Why God made Newspapers), June 21, 1966.
"Spaceship Earth" Abilene Christian College Annual American Studies dinner, Public School Teachers, July 8, 1966.
District XXII PTA Fall Workshop, Temple Beth Israel (Spaceship Earth), September 29, 1966.
Introduction of Governor John Connally, Navy Day dinner, Shamrock, October 28, 1966.
1967 Graduating class- San Jacinto "Astronauts All" (new title for Spaceship Earth", January 19, 1967.
"Education in Texas" speech to Unitarian Church- Houston, November 26, 1967.
"Texas at the Educational Crossroads" speech to English teachers Assn. Rice Hotel, February 16, 1968.
Young Men's Breakfast Association Nsp. speech, March 7, 1968.
Speech "Free press & fair Trial" given to Houston Jr. Bar Association luncheon, March 25, 1968.
"Civic Responsibility" speech to Greater Beaumont Inc. , June 28, 1968.
Economic Outlook- 1968 Delivered to Houston Post Division & dept. heads, August 14, 1968.
Speech- Downtown Rotary Club introduction of Frank Wozencraft speaker to club, September 26, 1968.
Speech- "The responsibility of the news media" Urban Problems Seminar Texas A & M University, November 13, 1968.
Rotary-Houston Downtown, Speaker: Hon. James Farmer, September 18, 1969.
River Oaks Rotary Club "What's new in Communications", October 7, 1969.
Speech file-reference, 1970.
"The Welfare Crisis" National Association of Christians & Jews dinner- San Antonio, April 8, 1970.
Abigail Van Buren- introduction at Downtown Rotary, May 7, 1970.
Hobby Fountain dedication, Hobby Airport, August 25, 1970.
Galveston County Homebuilders Association- welfare, October 20, 1970.
Speech-YWCA Public Welfare Workshop Houston, October 24, 1970.
National Association of Social Workers, November 10, 1970.
League of Women Voters, November 13, 1970.
KBMT- Beaumont (Panel) (Welfare), January 7, 1971.
KUHT- Channel 8 appearance (program on Pacific bombings), January 21, 1971.
United Fund Annual Mtg. (welfare) main speaker, January 25, 1971.
Speech- Greater Houston Kiwanis- welfare, February 25, 1971.
Speech KLRN-TV Austin-welfare, February 26, 1971.
Film taping KHOU-TV on welfare, March 12, 1971.
Speech to Young Republicans-welfare, April 6, 1971.
Speech UH World Issues Conference, March 30, 1971.
Taping- KPRC Radio for welfare amendment- spot ad, April 19, 1971.
Speech- Little Rock AR- journalists, April 24, 1971.
Church Women United-welfare-Ft. Worth, April 29, 1971.
Jewish Community Center Houston-welfare, May 3, 1971.
SMU speech Dallas (welfare), May 4, 1971.
Sigma Delta Chi-luncheon at Hebert's Ritz (welfare), May 18, 1971.
Debate on abortion- First Methodist Church Houston (moderator), June 2, 1971.
Appearance on KTRH Radio- on welfare discussion, June 7, 1971.
Houston Apartment Association speech, June 22, 1971.
Marlin Rotary-speech political, June 30, 1971.
Speech- Announcement of Candidacy, July 6, 1971.
Texas Pharmaceutical Association speech *did not give it*, July 28, 1971.
Diana Hobby: speeches, 1973, 1987.
Lt. Governor speeches, 1973-1977.
2013-188/9 Lt. Governor speeches, 1978-1990.
Speeches, 1991-2000.
2013-188/10 Travel
Miscellaneous travel, 1992-2001.
Bangladesh trip, October 1-31, 1994.
Canadian hunt, August 28, 1988-September 10, 1988.
China, 1985.
India and Nepal, 1987.
Africa trip, 1999.
2013-188/11 Legal records
Brilly vs. Hurst, et al., 1989-1991.
Felder vs. Hobby, 1998-1999.
Artesia Hall, 2004.
Farrar vs. Cain, 1973-1987.
Farrar vs. Hobby, 1990-1993.
2017-078/1 Ancestors
Hobby, Oveta Culp - Magazines
Hobby, William, Sr. - Miscellaneous
Hobby, William, Sr. - Suffrage movement
Awards and honors
Birthday greetings
Broadaces - 1506 South Blvd. residence
By-lines and columns
The Chronicle of the Horse
Columns, 1998-2012
2017-078/2 Campaign literature
Clippings, 1998-2015
Bill Hobby, 1930s - 1940s
2017-078/3 Bill Hobby, 1959
Bill Hobby, 1960s
Bill Hobby, 1970-1972
Bill Hobby, 1973-1974
Bill Hobby, 1975-1978
2017-078/4 Bill Hobby, 1979-1982
Bill Hobby, 1983-1986
Bill Hobby, 1987-1991
Bill Hobby, 1990s
Bill Hobby, 2000-2010
Bill Hobby, 2010-2015
Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
2017-078/5 Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
Hobby, Diana
Hobby-Eberle Telescope
Houston Post
Hunts: Scarteen Masters of Foxhounds
Invitations lists, 1970-1990s
2017-078/6 Magazines
Memorial Park
Policy Research Projects
State of Texas
2017-078/7 Videos, etc.
2017-078/8 Videos, awards, artifacts, etc.