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A Guide to the Creekmore Fath Papers, [circa 1920s]-2014

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Fath, Creekmore, 1916-2009
Title: Fath, Creekmore, papers
Dates: [circa 1920s]-2014
Abstract: Composed of correspondence, memos, reports, speeches, flyers, photos, audio recordings, and original artwork, the Creekmore Fath Papers, [circa 1920s]–2014, document Fath’s education at the University of Texas, his work in the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, his involvement with the Democratic National Committee and Democrats of Texas, numerous political campaigns in which he was involved, his legal practice, and other personal and professional matters, such as his book and art collections.
Accession No.: 99-228; 2009-247; 2012-079; 2012-239; 2015-257
OCLC No.: 449721711
Extent: 44 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born in Oklahoma, Creekmore Fath (1916-2009) grew up in Cisco and Fort Worth, Texas, before attending the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied economics and earned a law degree in 1939. After a year of private practice, Fath moved to Washington, D.C. to serve in the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration as legal council for the House Select Committee investigating the millions of destitute workers migrating from Oklahoma to California. Fath famously drew attention to the issue by arranging for Eleanor Roosevelt to testify before Congress on behalf of the committee.

In 1942, Fath underwent basic training in the U.S. Army and briefly worked in the Office of Strategic Services. He served as legal council for a number of other boards and committees under the Roosevelt Administration, including the Board of Economic Warfare investigating international cartels and the Presidential Advisory Commission. In 1946, he became Special Assistant to Secretary of the Interior J.A. Krug.

In 1947, Fath resigned from his post in the Department of the Interior to become Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). However, his work in the DNC was short-lived, as he married Adele Hay Byrne and returned to Austin that same year, where he reopened his private practice and immersed himself in Texas politics. After unsuccessfully running for U.S. Congress as a Democrat in 1948, he became involved in the Democratic Party in Texas, then the only active political party in the state.

During the 1950s, Fath, Frankie Carter Randolph, and other progressive Democrats organized the Democrats of Texas as the liberal opposition to the conservative Dixiecrat rule of the Democratic Party under Allan Shivers and Lyndon Johnson. In 1960, Fath returned to Washington to act as council to the Freedom of Information Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee, which enforced media requirements for giving equal time to political candidates. Fath served as chairman for Ralph Yarborough’s Gubernatorial Campaign in 1968, and as Frances Farenthold’s gubernatorial campaign manager in 1972 and 1974.

Fath was a generous donor to political causes and campaigns, with many connections to politicians and activists in Washington and Texas, such as Bernard Rapoport, Robert Eckhardt, and Bill Clinton. As friends of Clinton, Fath and Adele spent the night at the White House in the Lincoln Bedroom in 1997. He also supported the University of Texas and was member of the school’s Liberal Arts Foundation Advisory Council.

An avid collector of books and art, Fath owned the largest private collection of Thomas Hart Benton Lithographs in the world and published a book on Benton’s work entitled The Lithographs of Thomas Hart Benton through the University of Texas Press in 1969.

Scope and Contents

Composed of correspondence, memos, reports, speeches, flyers, photos, audio recordings, and original artwork, the Creekmore Fath Papers, [circa 1920s]–2014, document Fath’s education at the University of Texas, his work in the Roosevelt administration, his involvement with the Democratic National Committee and Democrats of Texas, numerous political campaigns in which he was involved, his legal practice, and other personal and professional matters, such as his book and art collections.

The Democrats of Texas series, 1940-1980s, covers Fath’s involvement with the organization as vice-chairman, secretary treasurer, and in other capacities. The series is composed of correspondence, memos, reports, newspaper clippings, campaign materials, pamphlets, photographs, and five audio recordings from Ralph Yarborough’s 1954 campaign. It is divided into several subseries relating to county organization, committees, elections, special events, and Senator Yarborough.

The Campaigns series, 1948, 1960, and 1971-1974, documents the Farenthold gubernatorial campaigns of 1972 and 1974 and Fath’s own campaign for U.S. Congress in 1948. The series is composed of press releases, speeches, internal memos and communication, articles, advertisements, campaign finances, donor records, and photographs. It also includes 54 audio recordings from the 1972 Farenthold Campaign.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration series, 1932-1947, comprises materials relating to Roosevelt’s presidential campaigns in 1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944, as well as the numerous government committees and agencies for which Fath served as legal council, including the Board of Economic Warfare, which investigated international cartels, and the Defense Migration Committee, which investigated the millions of destitute workers moving to California. This series also covers Fath’s service as executive assistant to Secretary of the Interior J. A. Krug. Materials in this series include memos, speeches, reports, advertisements, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs.

The Personal Papers series, 1920s-2000s, pertains to Fath’s personal activities and interests such as his education and art collection. The series consists mainly of correspondence, but also includes assorted papers and reports, newspaper clippings, photographs, and original artwork by Bob Eckhardt and other political cartoonists.

Documenting Fath’s private practice, the Legal Papers series, 1950s-1960s, contains records from several organizations for which Fath served as legal council, including ICT Corporation and the Austin Labor Temple Association, as well as client files, court transcripts, and legal documents.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) series, 1940s-1970s, covers Fath’s brief service as executive assistant to the executive director of the DNC, and is composed of correspondence, memos, reports, and newspaper clippings.

The Young Democrats series, 1930s-1960s, consists of material relating to the Young Democrats club that Fath helped to found as a student at the University of Texas at Austin, including correspondence, pamphlets, and publications. Fath maintained ties to the organization well after he graduated.

The Tidelands Controversy series, 1940s-1940s, is composed of material relating to the legal dispute between the federal government and a number of states over rights to coastland. Fath followed the controversy with great interest, preserving articles, reports, correspondence, and his letters to the editors of several newspapers.

The Freedom of Communication Subcommittee series, 1960-1965, documents Fath’s service on the media watchdog subcommittee and the equal coverage laws. It consists of memos, budgets, correspondence between Fath and Yarborough, and senate resolutions.


Organization and Arrangement

The papers are arranged into nine series. (Subsequent additions to the collection have not been inserted into the arrangement scheme, and are listed at the end of the inventory.) Series and subseries are arranged by size and relative importance, and material within each subseries is arranged chronologically:
  • I. Democrats of Texas
  • II. Campaigns
  • III. Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration
  • IV. Personal Papers
  • V. Legal Papers
  • VI. Democratic National Committee
  • VII. Young Democrats
  • VIII. Tidelands Controversy
  • IX. Freedom of Information Subcommittee


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Fath, Creekmore, 1919-2009 -- Archives.
Benton, Thomas Hart, 1889-1975.
Briscoe, Dolph.
Clinton, Bill, 1946-.
Eckhardt, Bob.
Farenthold, Frances (Frances Tarlton), 1926-.
Fath, Adele Hayes, 1917-2007.
Gore, Albert, 1948-.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Krug, Julius A. (Julius Albert), 1907-.
McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-.
Randolph, Frankie Carter, 1894-1972.
Rapoport, Bernard, 1917-2012.
Rayburn, Sam, 1882-1961.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
Shivers, Allan, 1907-.
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972.
Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996.
Subjects (Organizations)
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Democratic Party (Tex.) -- History -- 20th century.
Freedom of information -- United States.
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce.
Democratic Party. National Committee, 1944-1948.
University of Texas at Austin.
United States. Board of Economic Warfare.
United States. Board of Economic Warfare.
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration.
Political campaigns -- United States.
Politicians -- Texas.
Political culture -- Texas.
Progressivism -- Texas.
Cartels -- History -- 20th century.
Texas -- Politics and government.
Texas -- Politics and government -- Periodicals.

Related Material

See also Carter (Frankie Randolph) Papers, Farenthold (Frances Tarlton) Papers, Rapoport (Bernard) Papers, and Yarborough (Ralph Webster) Papers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Creekmore Fath Papers, [circa 1920s]-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection revised by Megan Mummey, September 2009, Jeff Warner, August 2012, Keelee James, January 2013, Paloma Graciani Picardo, October 2015, and Esther Kirchner, July 2016.

Detailed Description of the Papers



Democrats of Texas, 1950s-1980s

Offsite at LSF
2012-079/1 General
1953, 1956-1958
2012-079/2 1958-1962, 1976-1978
Democratic Party History, 1953
Texas Manufacturers Association, 1953
Valley Poll Tax, 1957
Code of Ethics
Texas Regular Party, 1946
Onsite at SRH
2.116/OD1285 Scrapbook
Offsite at LSF
2012-079/36 Democratic Reporter dry boards, 1958, 1960
Democratic Reporter, 1960
2012-079/3 County Organization
Meetings and Conventions, 1948, 1952, 1956-1958, 1960
2012-079/4 1960
Names and Questionnaires, 1957-1958
Voting Records and Strength by County, 1944-1948
County Clubs
County Leaders
Executive Committees
Election and Organization Procedures, 1950s
Workshop for County Leaders, 1956
Research Bulletins
Travis County Democrats TV Ad, November 2, 1956
2012-079/5 Boards and Committees
Executive Board and Steering Committee
2012-079/6 1960, 1968
Financial Committee
Creekmore Fath, Secretary/Treasurer, 1957-1961
Checkbooks and Finances
Organizing Committee, 1952-1954
2012-079/7 Districts 1-31
Committee Receipts
Five-Dollar Fund Books
Wages Paid
Code Committee
Young Democrats Resolution
Code Draft, 1957
Original and Proof Sheet
California Democratic Council, 1956, 1959
Democratic Advisory Committee, 1955-1956
2012-079/8 Volunteer Democratic Committee
Taft Harley Act, 1951-1952
Committee on Principles, 1957
AFL-CIO, 1961
Election Material
Ralph Yarborough Campaign
2012-079/35 Audio Recordings, [circa February 1955]
2012-079/9 Allan Shivers, 1951-1954
Stevenson and Sparkman Campaign, 1952
McGovern Campaign, 1972
Senatorial and Gubernatorial Elections, 1978
2012-079/10 Elections Scrapbook
County Contributions 1958-1960
Texas Truman/Barkley Club Contributions, 1948
Tom Moore for District Attorney
Don Yarborough Campaign Correspondence, 1962
Senate, Lt. Governor, and Governor Runoff Elections, 1972
Injunction Draft, 1972
Senate and Justice Election Materials, 1948 - 1952
Texas Citizens for Humphrey-Muskie:
Report, 1968
$5.00 Receipt Book
Drew Pearson Article and Information
Saturday Evening Post, "The Case for the Democrats," October 6, 1956
Anti Ben Barnes Mexican-American Campaign
Otto Mullinax Candidate for Representative
Alan Haley Court of Appeals Candidate
Harris County Election Material, 1956
Handbook for the Election of Judges and Clerks
Gonzalez Campaign Complaint to Federal Communications Commission, 1961
Special Senate Election, 1948
Texas Senatorial Districts
Political Newspaper Ads, 1948-1950, 1958
Texas Democrats Platforms 1920-1940
State of the Union Excerpt, 1964
Special Events
Texas Jefferson/Jackson Dinner, 1950
2012-079/11 Friends of Ralph Yarborough Dinner, 1963
Ralph Yarborough Appreciation Dinner, 1970
Ralph Yarborough Homecoming, 1970
Barkley Dinner Contributions
State Conventions, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1958-1960
Letter File, 1958
Austin Report, 1953-1955
Harris County Democrat, 1958
Texas Liberal Democrats, 1940-1966
1953, 1957-1958
"The DOT Calls YOU"
Freshman Democrat Dinner Meetings, 1947
2012-079/12 Ralph Yarborough Papers
Correspondence, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1980s
Speech Transcript
Releases and memos scrapbook
Distinguished Alumnus and Observer Dinner
LBJ file
Ralph Yarborough Photos
"Portrait of a Steadfast Democrat"
Governor Campaign
Yarborough, Fath, Gonzalez
Yarborough and Adlai Stevenson
D.o.T. Convention Photos
Possible Russell Lee photos
JFK and Nixon Photos, 1960
D.o.T Assorted Photos
Texas Honors Sam Rayburn
Krugs Alaska Trip
Adlai Stevenson
"Loyal Democrats" proofs
President Truman
2012-079/36 Assorted


Campaigns, 1948, 1960, 1971-1974

2012-079/12 Farenthold Campaign, 1971-1972
Campaign Organization
Yarborough Campaign Primary Contacts, 1970
Yarborough Campaign Contributors by County, 1970
County Leaders and Headquarters
County Chairs
"Sissy Lists" (Campaign Staff, Volunteers, and Supporters)
Onsite at SRH
2.116/OD1285 County Map of Texas, Polls
Offsite at LSF
2012-079/13 Schedules and Itineraries
Speeches, Statements, and Releases
"New Trends in Politics" by Sissy Farenthold
Memos and Internal Documents
Austin Report
County Mobilization
2012-079/14 Gay Liberation Front
Name Tags
Post Election
Priority Counties
Second Generation Computer Vote Count Systems Reports
Voting Records
Voting Records and Polls
November 1971
Letter to Ralph Nader, November 1971
Letter from Rachel Gaitan, December 1971
January 1972-February 1972
Mrs. Tobin Armstrong & Mark Stewart, February 1972
March 1972-June 1972
Endorsement from Mary Hopkins
Form Letters
Letters for Contributions
Letters to Hockaday Alumnae
Ad Campaign Material
Ads, Flyers, and Pamphlets
"Sissy Si" Song
TV Ad Transcripts
2012-079/15 Donors
Donors and Demographics by County
Onsite at SRH
2R374 Donor index cards
Offsite at LSF
2012-079/15 Finances
Pending Bills and Invoices
Financial Reports, February 7-June 13, 1972
Account book
2012-079/16 Account books 1-6
Campaign Articles
Campaign Photos
2012-079/34 Audio Recordings
2012-079/16 Farenthold Campaign 1973-1974
Contributions and Expenditures, February 4-April 24, 1974
2012-079/17 Contributions and Expenditures, April 25-May 29, 1974
Financial Statements, 1973
Financial Reports, February 4-December 31, 1974
Invoices and Receipts
Petty Cash and Expenses
Expenditures by County
Campaign Checkbooks
2012-079/18 Campaign Checkbooks
Donor Lists
Memos and Internal Documents
Campaign Schedules
Correspondence, November 1973
Post Election Report on "The Face of Texas - An Appreciation Night Honoring Governor and Mrs. Dolph Briscoe"
Redistricting Law Suit, Farenthold v. Briscoe
2012-079/19 Campaign Advertisement Material
T.V. and Radio Broadcast Agreements
Campaign Articles
Newspaper Clippings
County Files
2012-079/20 County Files Continued
Photos and Negatives
Fath Congressional Campaign 1948
Personal History
Fath Biography newspaper clippings
Newspaper clippings, "The Early Years of Creekmore Fath"
Fath for Congress Flyers
Fath for Congress Pamphlets
Fath Promotional Photos at work with Negatives
Fath Senatorial Campaign, 1960
2012-079/35 Fath Recording, vinyl record, November 6, 1948


FDR Administration, 1932-1947

2012-079/21 Board of Economic Warfare
Memos and Correspondence
Memo for Ed Levi
Sullivan and Cromwell
Reports on Cartels
Bolivia and Mauricio Hochschild
2012-079/22 Mexican Chemical Industry
Sterling Products
Match Cartel
Mercury Cartel
Rubber Cartel
German Cartels
Nickel Cartel
Company Profiles
"Financial Fifth Columns" and "The Three Men from Miami" Reports
Patent Law
Bill for patent law protection
Draft Charter for an International Trade Organization
Testimony of Attorney General before Congress
Law Suit Against Cartels
Election Materials, 1932
Releases, Speeches, etc., DNC Bureau of Publicity
2012-079/23 1932
Memos and Press Releases
Memo on Editorial Attitudes
Power Authority Speech
Reports, Division of Press Intelligence
Women’s Publicity
Roosevelt Speeches
Columbus, Ohio, August 20, 1932
Topeka, Kansas, September 14, 1932
Metropolitan Opera House, November 3, 1932
Madison Square Garden, November 5, 1932
Poughkeepsie, New York, November 11, 1932
Editorials on Presidential election
Memo on increased costs of government under Hoover Admin
Roosevelt Business and Professional League Material
Roosevelt’s Bank Law Record
John Garner Speech, October 4, 1932
Republican National Committee
Memo on Hawley/Smoot Tariff Act
Agriculture and Labor on FDR
2012-079/36 Articles on agriculture, [circa 1932?]
2012-079/23 Newspaper clippings
Roosevelt Election Assorted
Election Materials, 1936
"Elections of 1936" Study
Memos on editorial reactions to congress, 1934-1935
Memo on editorial response to Roosevelt election, 1936
Republicans for Roosevelt
Republican party and Platform
Congressional record 1936, Democratic platform pledges and fulfillment
Election Materials, 1940
National Committee of Independent Voters
Political Abstracts
DNC Bureau of Publicity Releases
Collier’s Magazine article
Report on treatment of politics in the news
2012-079/24 Report "Business Under the Roosevelt Administration as Reflected in the Press"
Report from Affiliated Young Democrats
Election Material, 1944
Democratic Platform
Texas State Map - Political breakdown
Secretary Krug’s Alaska Trip 1946
General and Photos
Field Activities
Fath’s File
Geological Survey in Alaska, 1946
Newspaper Clippings
Secretary Krug’s Western Trip, 1946
Defense Migration Committee
Draft Speech to Congress
Department of the Interior
President’s Advisory Commission
Statements and Press Releases, 1932-1937
Democratic National Committee, "One Year’s Record," 1934
O’Mahoney Bill, 1942
Nazi Propaganda House Report, 1942
Notes on Cuba, 1942
State of the Union Addresses and Congressional Reports, 1941-1946
U.S. Veterans Committee, 1946
Campaigns in 1946
Truman and Eisenhower Elections, 1948, 1952
President Truman’s Messages, 1945-1946
United States v. Standard Oil Final Judgment
Livingston Genealogical Chart
Ads and Pamphlets
Red Scare Photos and Newspaper Articles
2012-079/25 Red Scare Photos and Newspaper Articles
Sam Rayburn Fishing Trip


Personal Papers, 1920s-2000s

2012-079/25 Personal Correspondence
1930-1950 (bulk 1940s)
2012-079/26 1950, 1968
2012-079/27 1969-2002 (bulk 1970s)
Mark, Mullinax, and Wright Correspondence
1984, 1935-1937
2012-079/28 1937-1948
Tom Miller
Mrs. Judd Collier
Clay Cochran
Minnie Cunningham
Ann Richards Inauguration Invitation
Request for Photos
Political Correspondence
1937, 1940, 1950
Personal Files
1940-1946, 1954-1955, 1957-1959, 1970
Report on the Economic Conditions of Texas, 1938
Fath’s Law License
2012-079/29 "A House Divided Democratic Party vs. Congressional Leadership" 1952-1960
"Them and Us and Total War"
Mark Adams Memo to Walter Webb: "The South: the Nation’s #1 Economic Problem"
Report, "Predatory Irresponsible Greed"
Lithograph Print Collection Correspondence, 1950s-1960s
Book Collection 1947-1948
"To be added to the joint application of Creekmore Fath and Clay Cochran"
Biography, Resume, Misc.
DAC Workshop 1956
The Magic Rings of Vira Cocha, 1935
Political Essays and Correspondence, 1987
"Penalosa" by Eugene Rhodes
Excerpts on Populism and Liberalism
"Destruction of The Big Thicket"
Political Articles
Economics 368F Classical Economic Theory
"I Saw Three Chancellors" Satirical Poem by Bob Eckhardt
Zapata Photo and Negative, signed
Fath Stationary
Newspaper articles, 1940-1960s, 1974
Texas Legal politics
"Yarborough, Portrait of a Steadfast Democrat" Contract and Correspondence, 1957
Jackson, William, Turrentine, "Some Aspects of Supreme Court Decisions Affecting the Development of Corporations," 1936
"The Democrats of Texas and Texas Liberalism, 1944-1960: A Study in Political Frustration"
A.B.A Essay Contest and Submissions, 1951
Letters to the Editor of the New York Times, 1950s
Letters to the Editor regarding Clinton Affair
Fath interview with Sam Rayburn, 1990
Fath Request for Farenthold Collection, U.T. Arlington 1988-1996
Pare Lorentz-Statements and Proposals, 1972-1982
JFK Assassination and Zapruder Film correspondence, 1970
U.S. House and Senate Correspondence
Amy Carter
Adele Hay’s sketchbook
2012-079/30 "Range Zero" Comic, 1937
Original Artwork
Bartlett Cartoons
Political Cartoons
2012-079/36 Political Cartoons
Onsite at SRH
2.116/OD1285 Political Cartoons
Coin concepts photocopies
Offsite at LSF
2012-079/30 Coin concepts
"That day" JFK Assassination
Bob Eckhardt Photos
Fishing Trip
2012-079/36 Creekmore Fath
2012-079/30 Bill Clinton
1st gay matador signed photo and negative
2 Asian Bill Malone Prints, Undated
"An Election Ball" Tom Clean
Blain and Logan presidential broadside sample


Legal Papers, [RESTRICTED] 1950s-1960s

2012-079/31 ICT Corporation
Executive and Investment Meetings
February - July 1956
Financial Statements, 1956
Stock deals
Proposed amendments to bylaws
Notice from State Federation of Labor
Notes and information
Austin Labor Temple Association
Charter, Constitution, Bylaws
Bank Loan, 1954
United Brotherhood of Carpenters v Austin Labor Temple Association
Jack Cage and Co.
Executive and Investment Committee Meeting, June 5, 1956
Board of Directors Meeting, June 10, 1956
Spelce Client File
Ray v. Blair Case File
Mary Faulk Koock Client File
Carpenters Local Union v. State Federation of Labor Building
E.W. Dixon Property correspondence
Contract Between Long and Long, 1966
Notes and Correspondence, 1955-1956
Professional Correspondence


Legal Papers, 1950s-1960s

2012-079/32 Court Transcript, untitled undated
Port Huron Broadcasting Application to FCC
E.W. Dixon Property correspondence
State v. Navidad Fuentes
Marjorie Smith Last will and testament, 1967


Democratic National Committee, 1940s-1970s

2012-079/32 Finance Committee
Policy Papers
Carter-Mondale Campaign, 1976
Ohio Congressional District Reports, 1946
9, 14, 16, 17, 29, 43, 44
Americans for Democratic Actions
Truman Speech, 1958
Black Women’s Issues
2012-079/33 American National Bank Checkbook, 1948-1949


Young Democrats of Texas, 1930s-1960s

2012-079/33 General, 1958-1960
Correspondence and Publications, 1930s-1940s
Liberal Young Democrats
Pamphlets, 1946


Tidelands Controversy, 1940s-1950s

2012-079/33 General, 1945-1948
Newspaper Clippings, 1947-1948
Reports, 1949-1950
"Facts Forum" letter and article, 1953


Freedom of Communication Subcommittee, 1960-1965

2012-079/33 General, 1962, 1964-1965
Correspondence, 1961, 1962
Memos, 1960-1963
Senate Resolution 305, 1960
Memo to interested senators from the Antitrust and Monopoly Subcommittee, 1961



4Jc148 Elections, 1992, 1996-1998
Organizations, circa 1992
Clinton-Gore Rapid Response Team, 1992
4Jc149 Election publications, 1960-1973
Election plans/papers, 1960-1973
Election bumper stickers, 1960-1973
Election memorabilia, 1960-1973
Election mailings, 1992-1996
Elections, 1960-1975, 1980-1982, 1990-1996
Election-related invitations, 1960-1973, 1980-1982, 1990-1996
4Jc150 Elections, 1988-1992
4Jc151 Elections, 1988-1992
Invitations, elections, 1988-1992
Organizations, 1989-1991
TV Guide with convention commentary, July 1988
Austin Light, June 8-14, 1988
Elections, 1982-1986
Audiocassettes, Creekmore Fath, September 25, 1992
Clinton-Gore, "The Man from Hope," videotape, 1992
Clinton-Gore campaign button, 1992
Other organizations (non-political), 1991-1998
Bumper stickers, 1988
Creekmore Fath, personal, 1974, 1988
4Jc152 Elections, 1980-1982, 1996-1998
Election-related invitations, 1976-1980, 1996-1998
Election memorabilia, 1955-1968
4Jc153 Elections, 1970-1980, 1994-1996
Election-related invitations, 1994-1996
Barton Creek/Barton Springs, 1994-1996
4Jc154 Elections, 1994-1996
4Jc155 Election memorabilia, 1972-1976
Elections, 1972-1976, 1982-1988
Onsite at SRH
2.325/D32a Political mailings, 1991-1992, undated (oversize)



Onsite at SRH
4Jc155 Photocopied research files on the life of Creekmore Fath, [circa 1940s-2000s]



Onsite at SRH
4B48 Homecoming Bienvenida United States Senator Ralph Yarborough Texas Appreciation Dinner, 1970



Onsite at SRH
4Ze133 Music sheets and lyrics, 1938-1939, undated
Song sheets probably from Fath's days at UT. Includes cowboy songs, folk ballads, and country music.