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A Guide to the Willis R. Woolrich Papers, 1933-1970

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Creator: Woolrich, Willis R., 1889-1977
Title: Willis R. Woolrich Papers
Dates: 1933-1970
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, publications, printed materials, pamphlets, maps, glass negatives, slides, financial records, and newspaper clippings comprise the Willis R. Woolrich Papers, 1933-1970, which document Willis Woolrich career as an engineer, a dean, and a professor.
Accession No.: AR 65-014; 65-060; 65-061; 65-065; 65-068; 65-071; 65-074; 65-077; 65-090; 65-096; 65-107; 65-108; 65-109; 65-115; 68-004; 68-084; 69-108; 71-112; 72-010; 72-019; 73-079; 2003-068; 2009-229
Extent: 40 ft., 4 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Willis Raymond Woolrich, 1889-1977, was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, on March 1, 1889. He received a bachelor of science from the University of Wisconsin in 1911 and an advanced degree in 1923. Afterward Woolrich worked as an engineer for both Western Electric and the International Harvester Company. In 1916 he joined the University of Tennessee and helped develop new methods of refrigeration. Woolrich later became the director of the Agriculture Industry Division of the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1933, developing a quick freezing method for the storage of foods. In 1936, Woolrich became the dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. During his tenure at the university he served as the director of the Bureau of Engineering Research, helped obtain accreditation of five departments of the college, and managed the acquisition of the Balcones Research Center (which later became the J.J. Pickle Research Campus). Woolrich established two Foundations, the Engineering Foundation, 1955, and the Neena Myhre Woolrich Foundation for Women Engineers, 1973. Furthermore, during his career he published over 100 books and papers. He retired as dean in 1958, but remained a faculty member until 1966. He died in Houston in 1977.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, manuscripts, publications, printed materials, pamphlets, maps, glass negatives, slides, financial records, and newspaper clippings comprise the Willis R. Woolrich Papers, 1933-1970, which document Willis Woolrich's career as an engineer, a dean, and a professor. The bulk of the material primarily concerns Woolrich’s research interests in refrigeration and cold storage, which feature prominently in his correspondence, writing, and printed materials. Furthermore, Woolrich’s papers include material relating to his position as a dean and a professor as well as his activities in many professional organizations such as the Refrigerating Engineering Foundation for Education and Research and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers.


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Subjects (Persons)
Woolrich, Willis Raymond, 1889-1977 -- Archives.
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University of Texas at Austin. College of Engineering.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Tennessee Valley Authority.
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery.
Austin (Tex.)

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Willis R. Woolrich Papers, 1933-1970, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



At Sid Richardson Hall:
CDL2/L135 Correspondence, reports:
Miscellaneous printed material
Correspondence, 1967-1970
Woolrich Biography
Publications list
Letter of Award, 1969
Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association, 58th Annual Conference, Detroit, October 19-21, 1967
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, 1969
CDL2/L136 Thesis, correspondence, publications:
Graduate and thesis, 1933, 1941, 1951
Phi Kappa Phi:
Executive Committee, 1966-1968
Historical, 1966
Spring, 1967
Spring, 1968
Journals, 1968
Committee on Nominations, 1967-1968
Committee on Auditing, 1967-1968
Texas Chapter, 1965-1967
Phi Kappa Phi Journal, 1963-1968
CDL2/L137 Correspondence, publications:
Miscellaneous printed material, 1941-1947, 1965-1970
Source material
Beef refrigeration/packing in Texas, source materials
Refrigerating Pioneers of the Southwest . . . , W. R. Woolrich
Refrigeration systems; various manuscripts, notes, 1943-1946
CDL2/L138 General file, A-2, association files, Phi Kappa Phi files:
Kenneth Andersen, Managing Director - RETA (Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association), 1965-1969
American Men of Science, 1967, 1969
Exchange libraries, 1960
John M. Beath
Commencement, 1968
Boggs, Andrew T., III, ASHRAE, 1962-1963
R. W. Cumming, Life Membership Club, 1964-1968
Dictionary of International Biography, brochure, 1968
Richard J. Dube, 1967-1969
Ittipon Padunchewit, Chulalongkorn University and The University of Texas, 1960
Lewis R. Decker, 1968
The Epic of American Engineering Education, 1952
Crosby field, 1969
Finding New Products for Small Industry, W. R. Woolrich, 1967
General correspondence, 1966-1968
H. G. Goldstein, 1968
Hallowell, Elliott, 1967-1969
History of Refrigeration/A. C., 1947
W. E. Holtz, 1969
List of exchange libraries
CDL2/L139 Mechanical Engineering department office, 1964-1968
Library of Congress, Copywright Division, 1968
Mei, Dr. Harry, 1968-1969
John Muller, Education and Publication Committee, RETA, 1966-1969
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1966-1968
A. L. Moyer, 1969
National Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, 1968
National Gypsum Company, 1957
Newcomen Society - C. Penrose, Jr., 1946, 1968
John J. O’Neil, Avi Publishing Co., 1967
Dr. A. Packchanian, 1969
Philosophical Society of Texas, 1963-1968
Roeyer, O. F., 1967
Henry H. Snelling, 1968
Texstar Corporation, 1968
Dr. Donald K. Tressler, 1969
Pictures and personalities (photographs)
The Men Who Created Cold, Index, 1967
Texas Academy of Science, 1967
Texas State Historical Association, 1966
Texas Exs, Bishara Hanania, Jerusalem, 1968
Henry Beckman Fund, 1965-1968
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1963-1967
CDL2/L140 Refrigerating Engineering Foundation for Education and Research (REFER), 1963-1967
Frigidata, 1966
Frigidata, advertisements, 1965-1967
W. Ray Woolrich, correspondence, 1968
Miscellaneous printed material, 1965
CDL2/L141 Source Book for OSD Representatives, 1961
Phi Kappa Phi, 1967-1970
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1965
Tau Beta Pi, 1949, 1966
Phi Kappa Phi, History, 1941, 1967-1968
American Society of Chemical Engineers, 1968
K. D. Timmerhaus, 1968
CDL2/L142 Philosophical Society of Texas
Standing Committee, 1957-1958
Life Members Club of ASRAE, 1966
W. R. Woolrich, 1966
Engineering faculty, 1967
Definitions of engineering, 1939-1957
W. M. Wallace, II, Chariman, Life Members Club, ASHRAE, 1964-1969
Phi Kappa Phi, Constitution, 1960
ASEE Bahnfleter
College of Engineering, Engineering Foundation, various donors, unallotted, 1967
CDL2/L143 Correspondence, manuscripts, publications:
Heat transfer
Natural Refrigeration, A Gift of the Gods
Phi Kappa Phi:
Initiates and members, 1963-1967
Committee on membership
Initiation ceremony
Requests for copies of cryogenic paper given at Los Angeles
Management and personnel conference
Dr. Donald K. Tressler, 1966-1967
Chicago meeting of ASHRAE, 1968
Air Refrigeration and Conditioning:
Chapters 1 through 5
Chapters 6 through 10
CDL2/L144 Chapters 16 through 21
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Papers presented at the Food Preservation Conference, The University of Texas, April 13-14, 1939
Miscellaneous printed material, correspondence
CDL2/L145 Miscellaneous publications, printed material
CDL2/L146 Miscellaneous publications, printed material
CDL2/L147 Miscellaneous printed material
Research project, sponsor correspondence
CDL2/L148-L152 Miscellaneous printed material, publications, clippings, notes
CDL2/L153 Miscellaneous correspondence, printed material
Southwest Research Institute
San Marcos State Institution
Basic Research Corporation
Crosby Field
John Gocal
Roeyer, O. F.
Inventions, 1793-1930
ME 387, 1957-1958
John Cheatham (photographs)
CDL2/L154-L155 Miscellaneous printed material, correspondence
CDL2/L156 NAPRE (National Association Practical Refrigerating Engineers, Inc.), Instructors manual
NAPRE, information and data sheets
Correspondence relative to Mrs. Thompson’s salary from RETA
Miscellaneous correspondence
Miscellaneous maps
CDL2/L158 Miscellaneous printed material, publications
CDL2/L159 Miscellaneous publications
CDL2/L160- CDL2/L163 Miscellaneous printed material, publications, books, maps, pamphlets, bulletins
CDL2/L164 ME 387 papers, Summer 1946
CDL2/L165- CDL2/L166 Miscellaneous publications, printed material, class notes and papers
CDL2/L167- CDL2/L169 Glass negatives and slides
CDL2/L170- CDL2/L173 Miscellaneous printed material, publications
CDL2/L174 Miscellaneous printed material, correspondence, framed pictures
CDL2/L175 Financial material
CDL2/L176- CDL2/L181 Miscellaneous printed material, correspondence, manuscript material, publications, newspaper clippings
CDL2/L182 Plans (rolled)
At Sid Richardson Hall:
3H16 Correspondence with R. A. O'Neill, 1952-1958
Letters of Appreciation of Dean Woolrich upon his retirement, 1958
Book of letters of appreciation given to Woolrich at testimonial dinner
Funeral service program, February 25, 1977
Air Refrigeration and Conditioning, Willis R. Woolrich, 1961
Freedom and Your Transcending Horizon, 1956
Correspondence concerning the Transportation of Refrigerated Foods, 1938-1949
UT publication: "Proceedings of the Mid-Southwestern Conference on Tropical Housing and Building," 1952