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A Guide to the Denise Schmandt-Besserat Papers, 1953-2016

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schmandt-Besserat, Denise.
Title: Denise Schmandt-Besserat Papers
Dates: 1953-2016
Abstract: The Denise Schmandt-Besserat papers include research materials, manuscript drafts, subject files, correspondence, reviews, clippings, publications, and teaching materials.
Accession No.: 92-234; 93-293; 2000-147; 2003-031; 2003-054; 2003-101; 2007-100; 2009-052; 2009-250; 2009-305; 2013-240; 2017-074
OCLC No.: 407115404
Extent: 45 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English and French.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Denise Schmandt-Besserat is a professor emerita of Art and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Schmandt-Besserat studies the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. Her research has focused on the origin of writing and counting, and her published works include: Before Writing (1992), How Writing Came About (1996), The History of Counting (1999), and When Writing Met Art (2007). Dr. Schmandt-Besserat trained at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France. She received an honorary doctorate from Kenyon College in 2008.

Scope and Contents

Research materials, manuscript drafts, page proofs, and editorial materials document the creation of Denise Schmandt-Besserat’s published works, including Before Writing (1992), How Writing Came About (1996), When Writing Met Art (2007), and scholarly articles. Also included in the collection are subject files, correspondence, reviews and press clippings, publications, teaching materials, and research materials that document Dr. Schmandt-Besserat’s scholarly activities, research, teaching, lectures, and travel.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Schmandt-Besserat, Denise -- Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Art and Art History.
Writing and art -- Middle East.
Art, Ancient -- Middle East.
Art, Prehistoric -- Middle East.
Writing -- History.
Archaeology and art--Middle East
Middle East--Studying and teaching.
Middle East -- Antiquities.

Separated Material

Some material has been separated to the Artifact Collection.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Denise Schmandt-Besserat Papers, 1953-2016, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Onsite at SRH:

2.325/D8c Galley proofs of Before Writing, Vols. 1 and 2
2.325/T63a Page proofs of How Writing Came About, 1996
3X138c Filmstrips:
‘Origin of Writing,’ The Reading Laboratory, Inc., Archaeological Perspectives on Man, undated
‘How Writing Began,’ The Reading Laboratory, Inc., undated
VHS Tapes:
‘Treasures from the Royal Graves of Ur’ The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, undated
‘Origins of Writing,’ Discover Magazine, undated
‘How Writing Began,’ Alarion Press, History through Art and Archaeology, 1987
‘The Origin of Writing,’ First UU Church of Austin Public Affairs Forum, undated
‘Origins of Writing,’ Scotch home tape, undated
‘Origins of Writing,’ Scotch home tape, undated ‘Ain Ghazal’ Edit, TRT 10 mins, February 1999
‘How writing began’ Alarion Press, History through Art and Archaeology, 12 mins, undated
U-matic Tapes:
‘The Royal Archives of Elba,’ undated
‘Science Magazine, Show #3, Interview with Denise Schmandt-Besserat, discussion of the Origin of Writing’ CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, undated
‘Odyssey – Key to the Land of Silence’, undated
2X83c Audio material:
Origins of Writing Event, 9658-59 3037/Quad, Tapes 1-6, August 10-11, 1990
Mexico, Denise Schmandt-Besserat, February 8, 1993
Utah Public Radio Interview Broadcast, February 9, 2000
Origin and Development of Writing, automatic, undated
Madison lecture, Symbols, April 1988
Canadian Broadcast Corporation Broadcast, Tapes 1-2, January 19, 1994
Frontiers of Communication, Tape 2, Media Centre Audio Production Services, undated
Una’s Lecture, “Origin of Writing” Tapes 1-2, March 7, 1989
Lecture on the “Origins of Writing” Oriental Lab, April 16, 1980
Held in the residence of Ms. Safeya Binzagr, undated
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Science Update, “Numbers and Taxes,” April 1989
“How Writing Began,” 1987 (Includes a short filmstrip, VHS tape and maps at 3X138c)
“Archaeological perspectives on man; The Origin and Development of Writing,” 1980 (Includes a short filmstrip, VHS tape and maps at 3X138c)
2/FILM E70 Search for Solutions flat film
2.325/D20b Certificate
2W15 Computer printout of token discovery location, size, shape and museum location
Display Cards showing token shapes
Map of Token locations
Photographic paper of Token illustrations
3Y387 Photographs of tokens with a colorized overlay. Separated in envelopes by figure numbers from the book “Before Writing”
3So100 Illustrations in small envelopes
3R38a Diskettes (77)
3W105 VHS Introduction I
2.325/P17 Subject files:
Letters of recommendation, educational certificates, early professional history, 1953-1984
Notes (Photocopied articles and book excerpts), 1981-2005
Language Origins Society, 1991, 2002
W. W. Norton & Company, correspondence, 1992-1993
Japan (Translations of Schmandt-Besserat’s works), 2000-2008
Retirement, 2001-2002
The Warburg Institute – London (Colloquium on “Iconography without Texts,” June 2005), 2004-2005
Handbook of Writing Research (chapter contribution), 2004-2006
Elsevier (Article on “Writing Systems” for the Encyclopedia of Archeology), 2005-2007
Henri Contenson (Article for Syria in his honor), 2006-2007
Georgia (Paper presented to the Georgian National Academy of Sciences), 2007
92nd Street Y, Young Men & Young Women’s Hebrew Association – New York (October lecture), 2007
Archeological Institute of America lecture (Talks for Seattle, Spokane, and Walla Walla societies), 2007
Chicago (American Accounting Association lecture), 2007
Correspondence and applications, 2007
New York Y, 92nd Street Young Men & Young Women’s Hebrew Association (May lecture), 2007
Ravenna (XIX International Conference on South Asian Archeology, Italy), 2007
UT Business School (lecture), 2007
Kenyon College (honorary doctoral degree conferral), 2007-2008
New Orleans – Charles Bazerman (Conference on College Composition and Communication, “Writing Realities, Changing Realities”), 2007-2008
Business (correspondence), 2008
Georgia (Tblisi visit), 2008
Neolithic – Leiden (Conference on “Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia”), 2008
University of Oklahoma (speaking engagement), 2008
Illustrations for When Writing Met Art, University of Texas Press, 2007
Korean translation of The History of Counting, 2007
Assorted collected publications, 2007-2008
Diploma, honorary doctorate, Kenyon College, May 17, 2008
4C768 Correspondence
General, 2008-2010
Lambros MALEURIS, 2007-2008
Ovideo, 2009
Ain Ghazal Figurines-BASOK, 2009-2010
Alex Marshack, 2005-2006, 2008-2010
Oxford Companion, 2010
Cambridge Encyclopedia, 2010
Glottologia, 2004-2012, undated
Anne Kilmer, 2008-2011
Scripta, 2008-2011
Writing: a Mosaic of Perspectives, 2008-2012
Wroclaw, 2011
Legacy of the Middle East, undated
American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR), 2001, 2008, 2011
Publication Fellowship, 2011
Society of American Archaeology, 2010-2013
Seoul Symposium, 2008
Lecture: Bazermann/Writing Research Across Borders II, 2011
Quotes, 1985, 1992, 1998-2012
2.325/E486 RESTRICTED:
Personal and financial information [2009-052], 1933-2007
Passport [2017-074], 2010-2014


Offsite at LSF:

2.325/F36 Manuscript, rough draft and galley proofs, Before Writing: From Counting to Cuneiform, Vol. 1
CDL2/L335 Before Writing, book:
Permissions, 1990
UT Press, correspondence and publications, 1990-1991
Readers, 1989
Preface, correspondence, 1990-1991
Book edition, 1990
Vol. II, catalog
Original manuscript to UT Press, August 3, 1989
CDL2/L336 Drafts of book
Chapters on Iraq, Iran, tablets
Tokens: Cones; Spheres; Discs; Cylinders; Tetrahedrons; Others
Clay analysis
Correspondence, circa 1979- 1989
CDL2/L337 Grants, circa 1980- 1990
Articles on origin of writing
Correspondence, 1980-1985
CDL2/L338 Articles on origin of writing, 1980s
Correspondence, 1980s
CDL2/L339 Articles on origin of writing, 1980s
Correspondence, 1980s
Critics' press reaction, magazines, and newspaper clippings
CDL2/L340 Computer printouts:
Key to computer program
Per Millennia
CDL2/L341 Data forms file
Computer tapes
CDL2/L342 Token catalogs:
Token charts
Tokens typed per millennium
Eighth Millennium
Computer masters
Coded sheets
CDL2/L343 Data sheets, notes, printed material
Seals: Bullae, Tablets
Impressed tablets
Pictographic tablets
CDL2/L344 Site files:
Uruk, miscellaneous materials
CDL2/L345 Syria
CDL2/L346 Iraq
Turkey, Palestine, Egypt, and others
CDL2/L347 Iran
CDL2/N205 Miscellaneous oversized files
2000-147/1 Before Writing, Abridged Version:
Figures, May 15, 1995
Copy 2, May 15, 1995
Corrected by Teresa, February 16, 1995
American Scientist, “The Top 100 Science Books of the Century,” reprint, 1999
2000-147/2 How Writing Came About, edited drafts, circa 1995
Before Writing, Abridged Version, copy 1, May 15, 1995
2003-054/1 Teaching materials, 1998-2002
Symbols and Writing, 2002
ARH Art History 302, Fall 2002
Magic, 2001
Celeste, 2001
Spring, 2001
Masako, 2001
Interface, 2000
Egypt, 2000
Conference Course, 2000
Art of Wings, 2000
Sumer, 2000
Zeb Garrett, 2000
ARH Art History 302, Fall 2000
Conference Course, 1999
Magic, 1999
Art as Power, 1999
Humanities, 1999
ARH Art History 302, Fall 1999
ARH Art History 302, Fall 1998
David Hill, 1998
Technology, Fall 1998
Interface, 1998
Conference Course, 1998
Book Lists, 1974-2000
Course Descriptions, 1981-1994
Course Manuals
2003-054/2 Publications,
Anatolian Studies, 1977
Spycket: Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1983
Goody: LOS Newsletter, 1988
Harris Libraries and Culture, 1988
Clay Symbols for Data Storage in the VIII Millennium B.C., 1985
Corona-Xerox, 1992
Baghdader Mitteilungen Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Abteilung Baghdad, 1988
Tokens aus dem Heiligtum Eanna in Uruk by Liana Jakob-Rost and Denise Schmandt-Besserat (7 Copies)
Tokens and Counting, 1983
Before Numerals, 1984
Tonmarken, 1985
Discovery: Invention of Writing, 1977
Papyrologie, 1982
Science, 1981
Emergence of Recording, 1982
Erizzo, 1989
Tokens as Funerary Offerings, 1988
Vicino Oriente VII 1988. A. Archi, Universita Di Roma, 1988
Sciences et Avenir, 1981
Contract, 1989
Spycket Review, 1982
Spycket off print, 1983
Journal of the America Oriental Society Volume 103:4, 1983
A Palestinian Pottery collection on exhibit at the Peabody Museum. Volume 15:4. by Denise Schmandt-Besserat (10 Copies), 1967
Harvard Library Bulletin. Volume 15:1, 1967
Harvard Library Bulletin. Volume 15:4, 1967
Zagnos, 1974
Stone Age Painting, 1978
Godin, 1974
Art in Urban, 1986
Melaart, 1976
Vinca Signs, 1981
Amret, 1979
Heyer, 1989
Nissen Jacks, 1994
AIA Archaeological Institute of American, undated
Bampur, 1977
Martin Power of Writing, 1995
The coming of the age of iron offprint (2 copies), 1980
Habuba Kabira, 1986
Habuba Correspondence, 1986
Habuba Catalog, undated
Habuba-Manuscript, 1986
Habuba last manuscript, undated
de Cardi, 1983
Envelopes, 1980
Recording System in Egypt, undated
AJA American Journal of Archaeology, 1979
Archaeology Volume 32:3 (4 Copies), 1979
TV, undated
TV, undated
Charts, undated
2003-054/3 Slide Show AIA American Institute of Archaeology, undated
Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, undated
Science Reprint, undated
Clay Symbols, undated
Visual Languages, undated
Emergence of Recording, undated
Scientific American, undated
Technology and Culture: International Quarterly of the Society for the History of Technology Volume 21:3, 1980
Technology and Culture, 1980
AJA American Journal of Archaeology Recording System
Archaeology, 1980
Archaeology, 1979, 1986
Xerox- Tokens at Susa, 1986
Altertum, undated
Winn Review, undated
The Sciences, 1987
Token Catalog, undated
Eanna, undated
Xerox, 1982
Biblical Archaeology, 1983
Social Construction of Written Communication, undated
Les Imaginaires, II, 1979
LOS Review, undated
Xerox Copies – Tello, undated
Vallat/Lieberman Ist draft response, undated
Melaart, undated
Journal of the America Oriental Society Volume 97:4, 1977
Stone Age painting – India Reviews, undated
Godin reviews, undated
L’Art Antique Review Amier, undated
Journal of the America Oriental Society Volume 99:3, 1979
Libraries and Culture: a journal of Library History. Volume 23:1, 1988
Review Harris Journal of Library History, undated
Contemporary Sociology Review Heyer, undated
Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, 1977
Visible Languages Tokens to Tablets, 1981
Discovery, 1977
Arete, undated
Origins of Writing Early Technologies, undated
Scientific American, 1978
Scientific American – German
Scientific American – French
Scientific American – Oriental
Scientific American – Italian
Scientific American Letter to the editor, undated
Studies Historicos, undated
Written language, undated
Journal of Library Science, 1986
Communication and Social Structure – Maines and Couch
Social Construction, 1988
Origins of Visible Language – Cortona
MS Manscript
Biology of language – Poland
Reading Lab Manual, undated
Open Ceilings. Women of power outside the paradigm by Connie Miller Burton, 1994
2003-054/4 Art and Token letters, 1993-2002
Tokens, 1985-1988, 1990-1992, 1996-1998
Tokens Letters, 1982-1984
Tokens, 1979-1998
Visible Language, undated
Written Communication, undated
Art, 1993-2002
Man, undated
Written Communication Xerox, undated
Internationale de l’ Imaginaire, 1985
Visible Language. Volume 20:3, 1986
Journal of Library History, 1986
Tokens and Pictography, undated
Xerox – International Encyclopedia of Communications, undated
Strasbourg, undated
Visible Language Volume 8:1, 1984
Collected Papers of the Society for Near Eastern Studies, Volume 2, 1984
Clay in Anatolia, undated
Clay in Syria, undated
Syria reprints, undated
On the Invention of Writing, undated
The Legacy of Sumer, undated
Immortal Egypt, undated
On the Origins of Writing, undated
Early Technologies-Technology and Cultures
2003-054/5 Newspaper clippings, 1975-2001
American Scientist, 1999
Inside Liberal Arts, 1999
Texas Union Calendar of Events, undated
Hartmut Schmokel, undated
Texas Times, 1980
Scientific American, 1977-1978
Site Line, 1977
Smithsonian, 1979
Spiegel, 1977
San Antonio Express, 1977
Scientific American, 1977-1978
On Campus, 1977
Popular Archaeology, undated
Prensa Libre, 1977
NEH On Campus, 1980
Milwaukee, 1979
Modern Maturity, 1978
News Release, 1977
New York Times, 1977
Houston Post, 1977
Images, 1976
Iran Times, 1977
Los Angeles Times, 1977
Letters, 1979-1980
Marzhaye Now, 1976
Al Calde, 1975
Archaeology, 1977
Austin American Statesman, 1980
Austin Citizen, 1976
Chemistry, 1977
Christian Science Monitor, 1977
Compton Book, 1977
Daily Texan, 1980
Dallas Times Herald, 1977
Discovery, 1980
Dallas Morning News, 1978
Encyclopedia Britannica, undated
Time Magazine, 1977
Varshaw, undated
Washington Post, 1978
Frankfurter, 1977
Funk and Wagnalls, undated
Wigi Cagni, 2001
RAM, 2001
San Antonio, 2001
Witte, 2001
Baghdad, 2001
Encyclopedia Italiana, 2001
Gardners, 2001
Grayson College, 2001
Milan, 2000
EC, 2000
Annual Reports, 2000
Art Funds, 1999-2000
Annual Reports, 2000
Review: Isis, undated
Penelope Davies, undated
Red Skull, 1999
Sigrid, September 20, 1999
MESA, 1999
Unesco, 1999
Polome, 2000
Saint Stephen, 2000
Book Festival, 2000
Book Club, 2000
CAA, 2000
Wilkinson, 2000
Galveston, 1999-2000
Mark Southern, 2000
Oleson – San Jose, 2000
Headliners, 2000
Hong Kong, 1999-2000
Cleveland, 1999
Landmark Graphics, 2000
CAA, 1999
Utah, 1999
Pam Long, 1999
2003-054/6 Lectures, 1985-2000, undated
San Marcos, 1999
Humanities, 1999
MIT, 1998
Texas UT Interactive University of Texas, March 6, 1999
Archaeology Magazine, 1999
Hamilton Award, 1999
UAHA Undergraduate Art History Association, 1998
Dissertation, 1998-1999
Dallas Museum, 1999
Granada, 1999-2000
Annual Report, 1999
College Art Association, 1999
Stanford, 1999
Ljubljana, 1999
Lecture Committee, 1998
First International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 1998
Feasts, 1998-2000
James Elkins, 1995
ACOR American Center for Oriental Research, 1996
Lectures, 1985
U.S. / International Press, 1977-1987
Newspapers, undated
Tokens Correspondence Newspapers, undated
Magazines A, undated
Magazines B, undated
Magazines C, undated
Magazines D, undated
Saudi MS, undated
David Hill, undated
Saudi Exhibit English Alphabet, undated
Slides (15) Tokens: The Cognitive Significance, 1999
Saudi Exhibit Alphabet, undated
Near East Legacy Metallurgy, undated
Cities and Civilization, undated
Monumental Architecture, undated
Agriculture, undated
Material for children's books, 1994-1999, undated
How do we learn?
1st Cities
Temples of Uruk
Building Technique
The Sumerians
UR Cemetery
Metal Work
Art of Sumer
Alarion, 1994
Alarion MS, 1994
Manaster, 1996
Jane Manaster, undated
Manaster, undated
Alarion, undated
Manaster, undated
History of Writing - Edited Copy, undated
History of Writing – Judy Round 1, 1999
2003-031/1 Research material, 1977-2001, undated
2nd Revision and Judy Levine Invention of Writing, 2000
Judy Levine
History of Writing, 1994
History of Writing 2nd Draft, 1994
Invention of Writing, June 18, 2000
Invention of Writing Last, August 2000
History of Writing Proposal, undated
Writing 1994 Original
Rewrite – Writing, 1998
History Writing, 2000
Legacy of Near East, undated
Jordan, 1997 1997
Higgins, 2001
Saudi exhibit, 2001
Research Triangle, undated
Wisconsin, undated
Woodrow Wilson Center, undated
Wenner Gren Foundation, undated
MacArthur Foundation
Legacy Lectures, 2000
NIAS Netherland Institute for Advanced Study, undated
Triangle Park, 1991-1992
National Geographic, undated
National Gallery of Art, undated
DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchange Service, undated
Princeton, undated
Wissenschafs College, undated
Smithsonian Fellowships, undated
Olivia James Fellowship, undated
Johnson Foundation, undated
ACLS – American Council of Learned Societies, undated
Dougherty Foundation, 1996
Dougherty Foundation, 1995
NEH, 1996-1997
NEA-Sumer, undated
NEA – Persian Achaemenian, 1977-1978
URI – University Research Institute Copy, 1990
University Research Institute, 1995
Last small URI – University Research Institute, 1997
Past small URI – University Research Institute, 1996
FRA – Faculty Research Assignment, 1996
Dean’s Grant, 1987
American Center for Oriental Research, 1996
$200 Grant
College of Fine Arts, 1986
Art Grants, undated
Drawings, undated
Shapes, undated
Visual material, undated
Old charts, undated
Charts – Maps, undated
Permission photos, undated
Permissions to reproduce articles, undated
Rending permissions, undated
Signed permissions, undated
Permissions committee to reproduce, undated
New, 1991
Forms, undated
Forms, undated
Williams Hallo Book Publicity, 1993
Metal Printing Plates, undated
Description Book Publicity, 1993
Kayden Award, 1993
Correspondence, 1992-1994
UT News Releases, 1993
ART, 1992
Publicity, 1992
My Publicity, undated
Marjorie, undated
Permit to sell, undated
Bookmarks Publicity, undated
Announcements, undated
Ann Morris, undated
2003-031/2 Quotes, 1977-2002, undated
Prize, 1992
Book Club, 1993
Finance, 1994
Amy Root, 1993
Book Signing, 1993
Quotes, 1977-2002, undated
Noyear, undated
Evaluation, undated
Popular, undated
Letters since Tenure, undated
Popular Letters, undated
Letters, undated
Good Letters, 1994
Index Quotations, undated
Who’s who in society
About the Author
Who’s who among American Women
Who’s who in America and the South and Southwest
Passports, undated
2003-031/3 Publications, A-Z by title, 1967-2000
Ancient Persia. The Art of an Empire. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1978
Archaeology. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1974
At the court of the great King. The Art of the Persian Empire. Sara Otto-Diniz, Jacqueline Pinsker McCaffrey, Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1978
Baghdader Mitteilungen Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Abteilung Baghdad, 1988
Bibliotheca Mesopotamica. The Legacy of Sumer. Invited lectures on the Middle East at University of Texas at Austin. Volume 4, 1976
The Coming of the age of iron, 1980
Communication and Social Structure, 1988
Discover. Volume 19:10, 1998
Emergence of Language: Development and Evolution. Readings from Scientific American Magazine, 1991
First Civilization. The Legacy of Sumer. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, S. M. Alexander, 1975
5000 years of popular culture. Popular culture before painting, 1980
History of Counting. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1999
How writing came about. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1996
Immortal Egypt: Invited lectures on the Middle East at the University of Texas at Austin, 1978
Isis; An international review devoted to the history of science and its culture of influences. Volume 91:3, 2000
Language, Writing and the computer with introduction by William S-Y. Wang, 1986
Les Imaginaires, II. Gilberto Freyre et al, 1979
Letters and Texts of Jewish History. Published for the 1998 Waikato Jewish Studies Seminar (2 Copies), 1998
Letters and Texts of Jewish History. Published for the 1998 Waikato Jewish Studies Seminar. New revised edition, 1999
Libraries and Culture: a journal of Library History. Volume 26:4, 1991
Open Ceilings. Women of power outside the paradigm. Connie Miller Burton, 1994
“Open Sesame”, the story of Persian Locks . Sara Otto-Diniz, Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1976
Oral and written communication-Historical Approaches. Written communication Annual. An international survey of research and theory. Volume 4, 1990
The Origins of Writing, 1989
A Palestinian Pottery collection on exhibit at the Peabody Museum. Volume 15:4. Denise Schmandt-Besserat, 1967
Porocilo o raziskovangu paleolitika neolitika in eneolitika v Sloveniji XXIV, 1997
Scientific American. Volume 238:6, 1978
Le Scienze dossier edizione italiana di Scientific American. Volume 12, 2000
Selected Papers from the 1981 Texas Writing Research conference, 1981
The Social Construction of Written Communication. Editors Bennett A. Raforth, Donald L. Rubin, 1988
Sumer: the story of the first civilization. Susan Meyer, Denise Schmandt-Besserat 1975
Visible Language. Volume 20:3. Editors David Olson, Derrick de Kerckove, 1986
2003-101/1 Reviews, 1992-1999, undated
“History of Counting,” undated
Ceramics, undated
“Open Ceilings,” undated
“How writing came about,” undated
Accounting business and financial history, undated
Accounting inquiries – Swanson, undated
American Anthropologist – Michalowski, undated
Arab News, undated
Behavioral Sciences, undated
Celador, 1995
Classical Numismatic Review, undated
Diachronica, 1993
Journal of Field Archaeology, 1993
Fort Worth Star Telegram, 1993
France Presse, undated
General Linguistics, undated
Glozel, undated
Historia Mathematica, undated
Indo European Studies, undated
JAOS – Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1994
Japan, 1995
Libraries and Culture, 1993
London Times Literary Supplement, undated
Los Forum, 1993
Marotta, Michael E., undated
Minos, 1992-1993
Natural Sciences – Natural History, 1992
Numismatist, 1995
Origini, undated
People’s Daily – Overseas Edition, undated
RUUL – Reports of Uppsala University – Linguistics, undated
Science, 1993
Astronomy, undated
Le Scienze edizione italiana di Scientific American, 1994
Scientific American, 1992
Semiotica – Watt, W.C., 1994
Syria, 1994
Washington Post, 1993
Die Welt, 1994
Early Works/Publications
Ms. Archaeology
Archaeology promotion reviews
Archaeology contract
Alarion Correspondence
Legacy of the Middle East Project, 1999
“Igor digs into the past”
Clay in Zagros
Reevaluation of Bampur
Department of Near-Eastern Archaeology – Peabody Museum
Citation: Art, 2003
Salary: Past annual reports, letters
2003-101/2 Reviews, 2000-2003, undated
Correspondence, 2003
Next Annual Report, 2003
Grand Rapids, 2003
Nazareth, 2003
Princeton, 2003
Engaging Conversation, 2003
Odyssey, 2002
Murphy, 2002
Odyssey, 2002
Bocchi, 2002
Scienze, 2002
ASA BW Review, 2002
Colgate, 2002
Elseier Encyclopedia, 2002
Stanford, 2002
Guilty, CA, 2002
Colgate, 2002
Port Arthur, undated
Interview – The book and the spade, undated
Denton, undated
Arlington, Tx, undated
Beloir, undated
Unitarian Church, undated
Ramanuga, undated
Wisconsin, 2000
Chicago, undated
Sage, undated
UAHA, undated
Annual Report, 2002
Masako, undated
Tifany, undated
Computer Printouts, 1986
Cones, Spheres, Discs
Bent Coil
Drawings used in Volume 1 of Before Writing
Drawing references
Volume 1, Before Writing
Photocopies: Printout of Token location, number, museum location and size
2009-250/1 Course Notes:
Syria sites
Islamic Era
2009-250/2 Turkey
Persia-symbols/writing, 1997.
Islamic Persia
Islamic Iran
2009-250/3 Egypt:
Everyday life
Middle Kingdom
Early New Kingdom
Old Kingdom
2009-250/4 Late Egypt
Topics--economy, warfare
2009-250/5 Assun:
2009-250/6 Achaemenian:
History and objects
2009-250/7 Theory
Early Mesopotamia, Zawi-Cheri, Ubald
Spychet [Uruk notes in French].
Diskettes, 1996-1997
Kid books
Diskettes, 1998-2000
Kid books
Diskettes, 2001
Kid books (none on "articles")
2009-305/1 Photo albums:
Family, 1997-2001
Turkey, 2005
Egypt, 2000
Reunions, 2006
2009-305/2 Family, 1987-2000
Schmandt Chronicles for mama’s fiftieth birthday [articles by Jurgen, Phillip, and Alex Schmandt]
Course notes:
Kings I
Kings II
Sumer topics
2009-305/3 Ed
Ed art
Photo album, 1990-1994
Floppy disks:
Book part I: Intro – outline – chap. 1-4. Abbrev. Title. Title pt. I., March 1, 1990
(3 disks)
Drawer Uruk/Berlin, 1987, Final. Map. Photos. Tiefschmitt, May 25, 1989
Book II. Chap 5-9 – concl – title cat – title pt. 2 charts, March 1, 1990
(3 disks)
2009-305/4 Teaching and writing files
Uruk tablets
Sigrist and Omer lectures
Foreign press – book
“Reckoning before Writing”
Clay – Iran, Syria, Turkey
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