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A Guide to the James Neyland Papers, 1935-2004

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Neyland, James
Title: James Neyland Papers
Dates: 1935-2004
Abstract: Both professional and personal materials compose the James Neyland Collection, 1935-2004, documenting Neyland’s career as a writer and activist.
Accession No.: 2009-063, 2009-334, 2009-358, 2009-366; 2010-011; 2010-266; 2010-095; 2011-015; 2011-191; 2012-101; 2017-034
Extent: 27 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

James Neyland was born in Centerville, Texas, on December 4, 1939. He was an art student at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) during the late 1950s and 1960s. While at UT, Neyland was active in the Student Government and the Christian non-violent civil rights movement. He served on the council of the student groups, YMCA-YWCA, the Christian Faith and Life Community, and the Students for Direct Action. He also organized stand-ins to protest the whites-only policy of the cinemas on Guadalupe street in Austin and read-ins to protest the exclusion of black students from campus dorms.

After graduating from the University in 1963, Neyland moved to New York City. He began his career as an assistant art director and later worked his way up to editorial positions at Prentice Hall, T. Y. Crowell, MacMillan, and Hawthorn New York Publishing companies. Neyland was also a part of the Greenwich Village artist scene and the “Off-Off” Broadway theatre scene as a playwright from 1961 through 1972. Among his most notable productions was The Assassination of Guiteau.

In 1964, Neyland married Ellen Raphael, with whom he had two children, Douglas and Laura. After divorcing 10 years later, Neyland moved to Venice, California, in 1977. From that time until his death in 1997, he moved back and forth between California and Palestine, Texas. In California, he worked as an editor, author, and ghostwriter for such firms as Grosset & Dunlap, Rhapsody Romances, Roundtable Publishing, and Holloway House Publishing. Neyland also operated his own company, The Word Factory.

As a writer, Neyland covered many genres, such as historical fiction, science fiction, and biography. A few of Neyland’s more famous subjects included actress Bette Davis and film director Frank Capra. Neyland also covered the Dr. Robert Pendleton murder case, Texas lawman and gunfighter Christopher Columbus Rogers, and the film Battlestar Galactica. Neyland’s 1977 publication, The Carter Family Scrapbook, chronicled his relationship with the Carter family, having been invited to the inauguration ceremony and ball for President Jimmy Carter. Additionally, his personal fascination with the study of astrology led Neyland to publish Gay Signs under the nom de plume of James Kneeland. Published by Hay House, it was one of the first books of its time to focus on astrological charts for the homosexual man.

During his sporadic returns to his childhood home of Palestine, Texas, Neyland served on the Palestine Historical Commission and as president of the Museum for East Texas Culture. He wrote and published numerous historical walking tours and brochures on historic Palestine.

Moving back to California for the final time in 1993. Neyland served as editor for Melrose Square publishing company. He died from cancer on January 2, 1997, in Inglewood.

Scope and Contents

Both professional and personal materials comprise the James Neyland Collection, 1935-2004, documenting Neyland’s career as a writer and activist. Professional materials consist of manuscripts and drafts, articles, research for Neyland’s writings, book revisions and book jackets, and published works, such as Crispus Attucks, George Washington Carver, Palestine: Historical Walking Guide, Gay Signs, Eternal Fire, and The Carter Family Scrapbook. Legal contracts are also present. Personal papers include genealogical research materials, correspondence, cards, and invitations. Notable correspondents include actress Bette Davis, actor Richard Webb, director Frank Capra, and members of President Jimmy Carter’s family. The collection also contains personal artwork, poetry, broadsides advertising political campaigns and performances of Neyland’s plays, unpublished writings, materials on astrology, and private journals. Digital materials include audio cassettes and micro cassettes of interviews (including several with Lillian Carter), 3.5” and 5.25” floppy disks with drafts and notes, and microfilm containing early Massachusetts historical records.


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Index Terms:

Subjects (Persons)
Neyland, James, 1939-1997 -- Archives.
Carter family.
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Davis, Bette, 1908-1989.
Capra, Frank, 1897-1991.
Webb, Richard, 1915-1993.
Subjects (Organizations)
University of Texas at Austin -- Students.
College students -- Political activity -- Texas -- Austin.
Authors, American -- 20th century -- Archives.
Gay authors -- United States -- Archives.
Palestine (Tex.) -- History.

Separated Material

Some materials have been separated to the Library Unit.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

James Neyland Papers, 1935-2004, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

This collection processed by Savannah Gignac, December 2010. Subsequent revisions made by Stacey Helmerich, Laurel Rozema, Jocelyn Petyak, June-July 2011, Maria Soscia, May 2012; Stefanie Lapka, October 2012; and Esther Kirchner, May 2017.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Onsite at SRH:

2.325/D48 Civil rights support cards
Political pamphlets
Student political organization documents
McGovern campaign banner
Democratic party activist literature
Christian Faith-and-Life Community essays, 1959-1960
Civil Rights information
YMCA conference information
Political and religious newspaper clippings
3S182 Oversize materials:
Broadside, Palestine Community players in “No Mother to Guide Her,” by Lillian Mortimer
(3 copies).
Photocopy, “The glory (????) of the Human Voice” by Florence Foster Jenkins
Photograph of Times Square
Photograph of Anita Loos
Photographs of James Neyland
2.325/T45o Broadside, “For the people. McGovern. Vote Democratic”
(2 copies)
2.325/T45p Broadside, “The Playbox Presents: Serpentine, 2 Plays by J. E. Neyland”
(2 copies)
2.325/T45q Broadside, “I Believe Him”
2.325/T45r Broadside, members of the American Book Community calling for Nixon’s resignation


Offsite at LSF:

2009-334/1 Play Script for "How Does Your Garden Grow"
Marker Possibilities
Runaway Heiress
Chris Shay - Preservation Magazine
John H. Reagan Memoirs
The Anderson County Court House
Palestine (Texas)
Once Around the Square - A Palestine Walking Guide
Palestine History
Chiaroscuro #1 and #2
Contracts - Gay Signs
Contracts - A. Philip Randolph
Booker T. Washington
George W. Carver
W. E. B. Du Bois
The Reluctant Gunman
Book Covers
Rhode Island
Astrological charts, author biography
Untitled manuscript
Contracts - The Heiress
David Carr and Correspondence
Collaboration contracts
George Washington Carver MS
Agency contracts
Contracts - The Strangler
Pictures of a chair
Book titles
The Word Factory County Filing (DBA)
Empress Books order forms
Research Guide
The Strangler
Illustrations of Palestine, Texas
2009-334/2 Astrological studies
Rough drafts for book, 1990, 1993-1994
Personal memoirs
Rough drafts of work
1977, 1979, 1982-1986
1982 Planner
Astrological calendar, 1978
Sketch Book
Notebook 1977, 1985
The Convictions of the Assassin Guiteau play script
Anderson County Walking Tours by Jim Neyland
Correspondence with Director Frank Capra, essay on, “The Greening of the Whitehouse”
Correspondence with Joe Winter, MS chapters from “The Old Gods Wept”
2009-334/6 Los Angeles Times clippings
Good Housekeeping, “The Jimmy Carter Scrapbook!” July 1977, book signing clipping
School notebooks
Education documents
Assigned class readings
Personal correspondence
Palestine Herald Press news clippings
Astrological research
Astrological charts
Editing and styling sheet
Palestine (Texas), A History by James Neyland
Once Around the Square by James Neyland
2009-366/1 A. Randolph Philip MS
W. E. B. Du Bois
Booker T. Washington MS
Strangler Comments, letter by Amy Lock
The Holy City MS
Murder By Subconscious MS
Palestine MS
Actors’ resumes
Genealogical records
Themis MS
2009-358/1 Robert Anderson
Theatre works
Legal -- Divorce
Projects - Partnership
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Las Vegas
Projects - Galactica
Rejection letters: Miscellaneous - A Memory of People, The Long Afternoon
Gay Signs Writings
The Hollywood Strangler
Article on Texas Brigade commanding officers
Crispus Attucks Research
Palestine, Texas, novel outline
Fax message to Doris Halsley
Palestine (Texas novel) draft
Screenplay adaptation for Palestine, Texas, novel
Map of Palestine, Texas, [ca. 1875]
Scripts, sketches, essay
Theater Reviews of “The Assassin Guiteau and The Lord God Himself,” Interview with Mr. Nassaney, Interview copy with “Marcus”
Birth Certificate, “To Build a Woodshed” script, Gay Signs illustration
Two notebooks
Honor Without Title MS
The Twilight Man MS
2009-334/3 1959 Class writings and critiques
Poetry, book report, 1959
Texas Observer newspapers, 1960-1962
Sketches, play scripts, UT student organization papers, class syllabi, class reports
Correspondence with Jack B. Sharer, Anne B. Appenzellar, YMCA & YWCA’s student group organization documents
Pamphlets on YMCA & YWCA student organizations, report cards
YMCA & YWCA student organization documents
National Student Assembly of the YMCA, YWCA documents, Theological brochures
Segregation Notice, Report, Southwest Regional Council Student YMCA & YWCA Folder
Greenwich Village Café Rafio menu, University correspondences, pamphlets
2009-334/4 Newspaper, 1968
Personal photocopies of books
Jim’s account of meeting Lee Harvey Oswald, newspapers
Projects - Pendleton
Editorial work for Gloria
In the Sweet Bi and Bi, opening chapters
The Strain MS
Correspondence with Thomas, Neyland Family Tree, My Prediction of Things to Come by Harold Sherman, alphabetical list of stage production titles, race horse graph chart statistics, fictitious map of “Island of the Spirit (The Four Elements)
Pictures from the murder crime scene of Dr. Robert Pendleton
Medical Exchange of Houston
Pay roll/census, fiction and/or facts, August 31, 1977
Various newspaper clippings
State of Fear: The Pendleton Project excerpts and chapters
2009-334/5 Notebooks, 1986-1990
Unknown stage script, Chapters 1- 6 of Palestine, Texas novel
Directive to Physicians
“The Reluctant Gunman” working MS
“Chiaroscuro”, working MS
Notebooks, 1986, 1987, 1990
American Heritage Desk Calendar, 1978
House construction
Publishing contracts
2009-334/7 Galveston News, manuscripts
Grade school and high school folders - 1950s
Crispus Attucks Research material
"How Does Your Garden Grow" Script
Notebook, 1995
Videotape library,
Chris Rogers Biography MS
Notebook, 1990 - 1991
"How Does Your Garden Grow," Revised, 1995
Risen Again MS
Jimmy Carter Family Scrapbook MS
Play Scripts
Notes for the Carter Family Scrapbook
The Vipers screenplay
Poetry of Gloria Guajardo
Notebook, 1993
Personal notes
Notebook, 1993
Palestine, Texas, research
School writing assignments
Writing notebooks, 4, undated
2009-334/8 College notebook - English 319
Seven notebooks
Notebook, 1978-1982
Anderson County courthouse pamphlet
Correspondence with actress Bette Davis
Correspondence with Mr. Henry Durkin
Correspondence with Richard Webb
Essay, “Positive Response to the Next Twenty Years”
Questions of the Future, Time Space and History rough drafts
In the Sweet Bi and Bi - Proposal for book
Writing projects
Hello My Name Is ____ What’s Yours, MS novel
Yesterday, Today and the Day After Tomorrow, MS novel
Humphrey Bogart MS
Rebuilding Self-Worth by Cecil B. Carle
2009-334/9 Astrological research
Astrological charts
Editing and styling sheet
Talk With the Future by Monte Clifford Kemmerling
Confessions of a Psychic by Susy Smith
The Frisco Fortune by Jeraldine Saunders
George Washington Carver by James Neyland (2)
Legacy of Love by Jeraldine Saunders
Palestine (Texas), A History by James Neyland
Once Around the Square by James Neyland
2009-334/10 Newspapers from the 1960s
David Carr Literary Agency
Publishing contract
David Carr literary correspondence concerning, Eternal Fire
Anderson County Historical Calendar, 1986
James Neyland portrait, 1959
2009-334/11 Student Athletic Season Ticket, University of Texas, 1958-1959
Pamphlet on Fatima and the Consecration
Newspaper clippings
Writings, May, 1980
State of Fear - Sample chapters by Neyland & Pendleton
Writings, April, 1980
Newspaper and magazine clips, 1980s
Writings, research and drafts
American Dreams writing proposal by Gregg Tyler
Rejection letters: Beyond This House, In My Palace There Will Never Be a King
The Hex MS by Andrew E. Beer
Sinatra and Women - Sinatra tabloid covers
Richard Webb project, photos and correspondence
Grab for a Halo MS
New York City Councilman Carter Burden
Dr. Howard Olgin
Richard Webb
These Came Back by Richard Webb
Play review, The Assassin Guiteau and the Lord God Himself
Correspondence with Richard Webb, 1972-1974
The Curse - Proposal for suspense novel
2009-334/12 The Circle Book of Charts
Good Housekeeping (July 1977) featuring James Neyland work
Roundtable Publishing Catalog, 1984
Cookbook MS
3D homemade scrapbook, 1953
Student group pamphlets
Calendar, writings
Scrapbook of comic strips
Two framed art pieces
2009-334/13 Gay Signs Copy of Publication #1-2
The Strangler
Untitled manuscript
Photocopies of “Confessions of a Cruise Director”
Jim - Personal - Keep
She Wolf
Backup (Legal) C. Rogers
Palestine Walking Tour Manuscript
Copy of “Painting the South, Delta and Bayou Country”
Palestine history
Murder at the Wiffletree Inn Manuscript
Computer information, letter to Mr. Frank Johnson
Martha Surles scrapbook
Research findings
Kennedy stuff
"How Does Your Garden Grow" play script
3. Moses C. Remington
Courthouse book
2009-334/14 Astrological charts, 1980, undated
Resume, mid-1960s
Writings, December 1980
Gay Signs reviews and features in National Examiner
Play script
Gay Signs research
Correspondence with Ruth Hagy Brod
List of publications
K.B. Slocum books
Holloway House Publishing, Blacklist Catalog
Correspondence between Drew Franklin and Freddie Kolstad Hopgood
A Master Plan for Historic Downtown Palestine
A Matter of Honor Chapters
Palestine history
“Solitude” by William Carney
Photocopies of photos, A Memory of People - Play script
A Memory of People - Play script
Projects - Joe Roth
A Hollywood Story - Outline for novel
Away From Home - Television production proposal
Frisco’s, Synopsis for sequel to Jeraldine Saunders first novel
Short story, “Life Among the Pigs”
The Long Afternoon
Film and stage drafts
Writings - plays, poems, chapter books
The Madison of Washington DC Guidelines, publishing house Correspondences
Press Kit for Battlestar Galactica
Correspondence with Brooks Atkinson
Play script
Writing drafts
2009-334/15 The Runaway Heiress MS
Writings and correspondence
Business documents
Black sketchbook, play development notes, blank stenographers notebook, second blank stenographer notebook
Journal, Pocket astrologer, Personal videotape library log 1956, 1982
Notebook with personal purchases, astrology notepad, 1963
Journal, personal expense reports, 1983-1986, 1987
Planners, 1973-1975
Showmanship in Publicity by C.E. Carle
2009-334/16 Ernest Jones Articles, Chris Rogers
Avera/Chris Rogers
Holy City Volume II
Palestine/Chris Rogers research
Palestine research
Chris Rogers biographies
Rogers Research
Census of Texas Leon County, 1850, Chris Roger’s Astrological Natal Chart by Neyland
Census, 1860
Photocopies of research on Palestine, Texas
Chronology & outline, Rogers biography
The Reluctant Gunman
Resources for Chris Rogers biography
Runaway Heiress MS and second copy
The Hollywood Strangler MS, first draft
2009-334/17 Photographs
2011-015/1 Driver’s license
Empty “Astroflash” horoscope folders
Photographs of James Neyland, undated
Assorted photographs, 1956-1985, undated
School clippings and memorabilia, [1959], undated
UT Student Christian Association brochures illustrated by Neyland, 1959-1962
"How Does Your Garden Grow," bound manuscript, undated
Guiteau, bound manuscript, undated
Address books
House blueprints and estimated costs, undated
Resumes and lists of books edited, undated
Correspondence, 1994-1996
"Chapter 64" typewritten, undated
(2 copies)
Clippings, photocopies, handwritten notes, undated
National Bulletin, [has article with photo of Neyland] September 1958
"Miscellaneous" 3.5" floppy disk
5.25" floppy disks:
"Boys" and "Gang of Four," chapters, July-August 1989
Old projects, "Eternal Fire," chapters and outline, undated
Old projects, "Orange," "Signs," "Nassaney," and "Choose," undated
Old projects, "Olgin & Haig," undated
"Orange," "Tarnished Metal," and "Crunch," chapters and reviews, 1990
Resume and office files, 1989, undated
"Barcel" and "Armaged," 1990, undated
Unboxed in sleeves:
Black.txt through Nom.txt
State.txt through Btwnts.txt
Runaway Heiress, Chapters 21-26, 1991
Runaway Heiress, Chapters 1-10, August 1991
Runaway Heiress, Chapters 11-20, August 1991
Square2.txt and Tour2.txt
MS-DOS 3.3
Rogers Research and Trinity Advocates, August 15, 1991
Rogers Research and Trinity Advocates, December 20, 1990
Rogers Research and Galveston News I, January 2, 1991
Rogers Research and Galveston News II, January 2, 1991
Rogers Research and Galveston News, 1882A-1885BB, April 15, 1991
Galveston News, 1882CC-1886DD, April 8, 1991
Rogers Research and Galveston News, 1885C-1886C, April 15, 1991
Rogers Research and Galveston News, 1886D-CITY, April 15, 1991
Galveston News, 1886A-1850-60, April 8, 1991
Rogers Research and Galveston News, GN1879-MORE5, December 20, 1990
Rogers Research and Galveston News, MORE6-MISC4, December 20, 1990
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1871.TXT-1880.TXT
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1881A.TXT-1882B.TXT
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1882C.TXT-1883C.TXT
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1884A.TXT-1885B.TXT
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1885C.TXT-1886C.TXT
"Chris", CALVIN.DOC through TEST.DOC
"Lttrs," CAR through UNCLE
"Misc," 1989 through CONFIG.SYS
"Conf/Diary", HEAVY.DOC through 8-16.DOC
Rogers Research, CITY-CH-02, December 20, 1990
HEIR-2.TXT and HEIR-3.TXT, May 18, 1992
HEIR-1.TXT, May 18, 1992
"Baroness," Chapters 1-13
"Baroness," Chapters 14 and 15
"Heiress" Prologue and Chapters 1-30, WP5.0
"Heiress" Prologue and Chapters 1-30, WP5.1
"Neyland," 1790-WMS, December 20, 1990
"Du Bois," WEB-02.TXT through WEB-01.TXT
"Carver (in WP)", FM.TXT through AUBIO.TXT
BTW01.TXT through Letters, May 18, 1992
"Chiaroscuro," MYS01.TXT through MYS-FM.TXT
SQ-01.TXT through SQ-14.TXT
Galveston News (corrected '92), 1886D.TXT-1888.TXT
"State (MM)", CH-01 through INTRO
"Office," BAJA through INDEX (BAJA)
"Word" and "Signs", AIDS through TOFC
"Booklets (in WP)", CHBOOK.TXT through SQFRONT.TXT
BKFRONT.WP/CHBOOK.WP (courthouse book)
"Once Around the Square," ONE.TXT/TWO.TXT/THREE.TXT, 1991
CREDITS.TXT through I-CH-01, May 18, 1992
"Misc," EVANS through ORDER, December 20, 1990
FM through CONT, July 27, 1990
"Anderson County Cemeteries," CEMTRY8.TXT and CEMTRY9.TXT
"Anderson County Cemeteries," CEMTRY5.TXT and CEMTRY6.TXT
"Anderson County Cemeteries," CEMTRY7.TXT
"Anderson County Cemeteries," CEMTRY1.TXT (edited) and CEMTRY2.TXT (partly edited)
"Anderson County Cemeteries," CEMTRY3.TXT and CEMTRY4.TXT
Rogers Research, Galveston News, Etc., and Freedman's Bureau,MISC5-ARCHVS, December 20, 1990
"Neyland," CH-01 through CH-05
"Disk II c," NEY-1 through NEY-B
"Cemetery One"
"Cemetery Two"
HODGES.DOC through ST.DOC, May 18, 1992
"Genealogy", KTRLST through JONES, July 19, 1990
CHRON.DOC through TAX.DOC, May 18, 1992
"Misc," BYLAWS through ART, May 8, 1991
9-27.TXT through HPART.TXT
2010-095/1 Twelve Bullets in Los Angeles MS
The Armageddon Trilogy book proposal and MS
Poetry, short story, and play MS
John F. Kennedy research
Play MS
Correspondence with Frank Capra
My Barcelona Love materials
Letter to Ellen Neyland, wife, draft
Letter to Ellen Neyland, wife, MS
Book jackets designed by James Neyland
Correspondence with publishers
Twelve Bullets in Los Angeles MS
Reviews and press
Chiaroscuro MS
Book MS
W.E.B. Dubois MS
Photocopies and news clippings
Personal correspondence
Professional correspondence
Professional correspondence II
Greeting cards and addressed envelopes
Correspondence with family
Drawings, articles, promotional items
2010-095/2 Left Alone Memoir MS
Muhammad Ali biography MS
Honor Amongst Thieves contents, parts I, II, III MS
Left Alone notes
Encyclopedia labels
3 ½ in. floppy disc, resúmé, news clipping
Fiction MS
Holy City synopsis MS
2010-096/1 Dedication MS
Nelson, Fred, Living with Crystals MS
Brochures and Maps
Correspondence with organizations
"Hello Dolly" sheet music
The Convictions of Assassin Guiteau MS
Newspapers, New York and Texas, [ca. 1965-1978]
News clippings
Community organization correspondence and information, [ca. 1975-89]
Play and fiction MS
2010-096/2 Photograph negatives, Ebony magazine clipping (1970), film-themed photographs
Black address book, 2
Magnetic tape recording
Astrological materials, [ca. 1970 ]
Etching plates, original
Roundtable Publish catalog, 1984-1985
Queen Elizabeth's coronation scrapbook
Scrapbook, schoolwork, news clippings
Brochures, promotional material, addresses
Legal-themed news clippings, [ca. 1970-1979]
Correspondence, [ca. 1970-87]
2017-034/1 Genealogical materials
Porter and Phillips families, undated
Phillips family, undated
Porter family, undated
Hodges family, undated
(2 folders)
Kittrell family, undated
(2 folders)
Walter White, 1981
Speer family, undated
Oden family, undated
Brashear family, undated
Rigby family, undated
Photocopies of photographs - Jones family, undated
Line I - Francis Harris Neyland line, undated
Line II - The Neylands of Texas, undated
(3 folders).
Line III - Orlando L. Neyland line, undated
Line IV - Warren J. Neyland line, undated
Line V - William M. Neyland line, undated
Line IV - Elbert Nathaniel Neyland line, undated
Line VII - John Louis Neyland line, undated
Lines VIII and IX Elizabeth and Mary Ann Neyland, undated
Robert Neyland line, undated
Gilbert Neyland line, undated
Joshua Neyland line, undated
Williams Neyland line, undated
Kneelands/Neylands of the new world, undated
Kneelands of Scotland - part 1, undated
Primarily Kneeland and Cleland, undated
Neyland family, 1981, and undated
(10 folders).
Assorted genealogical materials, undated
(10 folders).
2017-034/2 Assorted genealogical materials, 1935-1984 and undated
(19 folders).
Genealogy correspondence, 1969-1976
Maxine Casadei - includes genealogical materials, 1980-1982
Genealogical correspondence - includes clippings and notes, 1904-1982
Copies of Neyland correspondence, 1953-1905, 1934
Mrs. A. R. Parrott - includes genealogical materials, 1962-1981
Aunt Eula Mae, 1968-1980
Leon County Historical Society materials - includes correspondence, 1971-1981
Correspondence, 1974-2004
Frank and Harold Neyland, 1980
Foy Moore, 1980
Herschell R. Winslett, 1980
Charles Vernon Neyland, 1980
Mrs. Mayo Neyland, 1980
Berta Katherine Willey, 1980-1981
Midge Coker, 1980-1982
Lawrence Dee Neyland, 1980-1981
Correspondence and genealogical materials, 1980-1987
(2 folders)
M. V. Hawkins, 1981
Lloyd Benton, 1981
Annie Lee James Nutt - includes genealogical materials, 1981-1982
Margaret Wood - includes Neyland genealogical materials, 1981-1983
Macecevic, 1982
Raymond Neyland, 1982
Correspondence and genealogical materials, 1984-2001
Correspondence, genealogical materials and family crests, 1955, 1990-1991
2017-034/3 Manuscripts and publications
Ale and Bread: The Chronicle of a Family 1350-1990, Being the Story of the Kneelands, Clelands and Neylands with Allied Lines by James Neyland - manuscript, undated
Appendices A-K - Genealogical materials, census records, court records, anecdotes etc., undated
The Neylands of Texas, undated
Kneelands of Scotland, undated
Oakwood Memories pamphlet, 1979
Three Centuries of Neylands - compiled by the Neyland Family Roots Center, undated
Pamphlets about Leon County, 1977-1981
Leon County Historical Collections, volume I, 1981
Genealogical newsletters, 1998-1999
The Best of the Neyland Family News, undated
Issues of Family Trails Magazine and Leon County Genealogical Society Newsletter, 1981-1983
Genealogical materials and notes - includes issues of Leon County Genealogical Society newsletter and Anderson County Genealogical Society newsletter, 1977-1983
Family Trails Newsletter, Spring-Autumn 1984
Issues of Thickerthan newsletters, 1987-1992
Assorted papers
Sketches by James Neyland, undated
Maps of 1860 Leon County, Texas
Gravestone inscriptions from Clear Creek Cemetery, Leon County, Texas and assorted genealogical materials, 1973-1981
Expense ledger - includes diary entries, 1956
Photocopied pages from Encyclopedia Britannica, undated
Newspaper articles featuring photo of Jimmy Carter taken by Jim Neyland, 1976
School paper - "Autobiography: Eighteen Years - My Life so Far," 1958
Fictional maps, undated
Financial charts, [ca. 1977]
2K130 unlabeled 3.5" computer disk, undated
2011-191/1 Audio cassettes:
Mary Mathis
Laura Wilson, 1986
Laura Wilson, “Same Song – Separate Voices”
Unlabeled Ampex tapes (2)
Convention, Walter Mondale Acceptance, 1976
Our Spirit of ’76 Carter Campaign
Side 3 – Conv. W. Al Lowenstein, Dec. 15, Yale Club
Burns & Allen Show
Meyers Reading
Side 2 – Conv. W. Al Lowenstein, Dec. 15, Yale Club
1st Reading – J. Neykive; 2nd Reading – T. Tietze
Unlabeled tape
Florence Webb lessons on Astrology
Ethel Meyer
Lillian Carter – Gloria Spann (2 tapes)
Lillian Carter
Allie Smith
Radio Interview – Carter Book
John Matlock I
John Matlock II
T. Danisi
Medavoy, April 20, 1979
Nassaney second interview, September 17, 1987
Nassaney third session (w. end of 2nd), September 21, 1987
Nassaney fourth session
Nassaney fifth session, October 22, 1987
Nassaney sixth session, October 24, 1987
Nassaney seventh session
National Archives box, labeled “821 12”
National Archives box, labeled “821 13”
Early Massachusetts Records, Natick, Roll 001, 1745-1803
Early Massachusetts Records, Natick, Indian Records, Roll 002, 1700-1773
Early Massachusetts Records, Framingham, MA, Items 7-16, Roll 003
2012-101/1 Audio cassettes:
Heaven’s Plan Radio Program
Pat Sandell Pendleton telephone interview
Small sermons, Chris Rogers book research
Jim Neyland interview research Chris Rogers book
Jim Neyland history of Palestine read at Anderson City historical meeting
Interview research for Jimmy Carter presidency, evangelism and prophecy
Phone interview with Louise Ratliff, October 3, 1978
Beginning of Interview with Pat Sandell, October 4, 1978
District attorney – tape I
D. A. Bob Burdett – tape II
Tape II – Bob Burdett
Olgin II, December 5, 1978
Pat Sandell, November 20, 1979
Jim Neyland describing scenes from play No Mother to Guide Her
Family reunion, 1980
Jose Feliciano ghostwrite biography
Battle Star Galactica book interview
Interview with Richard James
Leon County Genealogical Society – Christmas memories, December 8, 1980
Pat Sandell phone interview, February 20-21
Unidentified ghostwriting project
Nassaney – first interview, September 9, 1987
Digital backups of audio cassettes on compact disc, 1978-1987
Captain Midnight Makes General, Public Affairs Office, Office of the Chief, U. S. Army Reserve, The Pentagon, Washington D. C. (microfilm)
Palestine, Texas
Family Farm, Palestine, Texas
Anderson City Fair
James Neyland with Betty Davis
Miscellaneous slides Austin, New York, Washington, DC
James Neyland
Anderson, Texas
“No Mother to Guide Her,”
Washington D.C.,
Lennon Sisters book signing
James Neyland’s dog Bonnie
UT Austin campus, 1956-1960
Colorado trip, 1958
3S49.5 Relatives of Jehu Smith of Flynn, Texas, probably taken in Mississippi undated
Assorted photos undated
2012-101/1 Boat on the Water (record)
Flyers, playbills, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings for James Neyland plays and other writings
2012--240/1 Personalized engraved plate
American legion medal
University of Texas bow tie
Civil War Centennial bow tie
YWCA and YMCA [conference?] name tag
Unofficial transcript, fall 1961
Student Athletic Season Ticket, 1961-62
Civil Rights support cards
Political support cards
Personalized cards
Democratic Platform, “The Rights of Man,” 1960
Republican Platform, “Building A Better America,” 1960
Pamphlets on YMCA and YWCA student organizations
Pamphlets on Christian Faith-and-Life Community organization
Christian Faith-and-Life Community, “Letter to Laymen” newsletters, 1959-1962
Map of the University of Texas campus, no date
Wedding invitation
Program for a Japanese reception[?], 1958
Address books
Greeting cards and addressed envelopes
Personal correspondence
Professional correspondence
Miscellaneous writings
Assorted news clippings
5.25" floppy disks (19):
Relating to the cemetery in Palestine, Anderson County, Texas
List of files on floppy disks 1 through 7
5.25" floppy disks (10):
Backup disks relating to the cemetery in Palestine, Anderson County, Texas
2013-053/1 Gulf Refining Company plate
Pocket copy of The New Testament
Personal Correspondence, 1944-1990
Professional Correspondence
Anderson County Archives and Research Center gift receipt and inventory
Certificates and diploma, 1947-1958
Drawings and Sketches
2013-053/2 Drafts and critiques of poems
Calls for try-outs
Calendars of events
Frank Capra “The Name Above the Title,” 1971
“Flashbacks; From Television’s Golden Age,” 1984
Book catalogs
Excerpts from Don Quixote
John Keats poems
Audio cassettes:
Jim and kids
Anderson County Historical Commission Meeting?
Genealogy oral history
Old music research
Radio music research
Old radio recording
Tony [?], 1980
Flash drives
Palestine, Texas
2013-053/3 Negatives
Possibly Palestine and Anderson County
Lennon Sisters and Webbs
Chris and Travis
Bruce and Michael
Warren, Margo Jones
St. Louis
Devon in LA
John Painting
“Me 1990”
A-Shots for magazine
G-Shots for magazine
Gay Pride
Rodeo, Palestine, Texas
Hwy. Ten Party
Palestine Old Homes, 1982-1983
Carter/Presidential Family
Serpintine 2
2013-053/4 Drawings and sketches