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A Guide to the Darryl Heikes Photographs, circa 1960-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Heikes, Darryl
Title: Darryl Heikes Photographs
Dates: 1960-2001
Abstract: For decades, Darryl Heikes’ photographs appeared in leading publications worldwide including on the front pages of the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Washington Post and the covers of U. S. News and World Report. The collection includes transparencies, negatives, contact sheets and prints spanning Heikes’ career as a photojournalist.
Accession No.: AR 2006-31; 2007-205; 2007-187
Extent: 32 feet
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

For decades, Darryl Heikes’ photographs appeared in leading publications worldwide including on the front pages of the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Washington Post and the covers of U. S. News and World Report. Throughout his career, many of his photographs have won awards from the White House News Photographers Association, Picture of the Year Competition, and World Press.

Heikes began his career in photojournalism taking photographs for the Salina High School newspaper in Kansas. While enrolled as a student at Kansas State University, Heikes was a stringer for United Press International (UPI), Associated Press (AP), the Kansas City Star, Topeka Capital Journal and the Salina Journal. In 1961, UPI recruited Heikes to work as a wire service photographer. For the next twenty years he worked at the bureaus in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, in Austin, Texas on contract with the Austin American Statesman and in Dallas on contract with the Dallas Times Herald, Madison, Wisconsin (1964-1965), Minneapolis (1966-1967), and Washington D C (1967-1981).

In 1981 Heikes began covering the White House for U.S. News and World Report. He traveled with Presidents Johnson and Nixon to Russia and the Middle East. He covered President Ford’s summit with world leaders in Finland, President Carter’s Middle East shuttle diplomacy, President Reagan’s Finland summit with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, and President George H. W. Bush’s trips to meet with world leaders. He was present at the funeral of Japanese Emperor Hirohito, President Clinton’s summits with Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and most of the G7. Heikes additionally covered the political campaigns of George McGovern and Richard Nixon in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976 and 1980, Gerald Ford in 1976, Ronald Reagan in 1984, Walter Mondale in 1984, George H.W. Bush in 1988 and 1992, Michael Dukakis in 1988, Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996 and Bob Dole in 1996.

Heikes also excelled at sports photography, most notably while covering the Olympics in Mexico City, Munich, and Montreal. He captured Bob Beamon’s world record-breaking long jump in 1968, Jim Ryun’s tragic fall and Russian gymnast Olga Korbut in 1972, and Romanian gymnast Nadia Comenci in 1976. Following the Israeli athletes massacre in Munich, he photographed the negotiations between the terrorists and German officials.

Darryl Heikes retired in 2001 and lives with his wife Dell in Winchester, Virginia.

Scope and Contents

The collection includes transparencies, negatives, contact sheets and prints spanning Heikes’ career as a photojournalist. From his work as a feature, sports, and spot news photographer for UPI to his tenure as a White House photographer for U.S. News and World Report, it serves as a rich and extensive visual documentation of the political and social history of the United States from the 1960s through 2001.


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Bush, George, 1924-
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Clinton, Bill, 1946-
Reagan, Ronald.
Washington (D.C.)

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Darryl Heikes Photographs, circa 1960-2001, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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The majority of this collection is minimally processed. A selection of Mr. Heikes’s images can be found online here.

Detailed Description of the Photographs


Photographic Material:

2006-031/1 [Restricted] Slides [RESTRICTED]:
Personalities A-Carter
2006-031/2 [Restricted] Personalities Cranston-H
2006-031/3 [Restricted] Personalities H-L
2006-031/4 [Restricted] Personalities M-P
2006-031/5 [Restricted] Personalities R-S
Billing Packets, June-August 1994
2006-031/6 [Restricted] Billing Packets, September 1994-August 1995
2006-031/7 [Restricted] Billing Packets, October 1995-December 1996
Personalities T
2006-031/8 [Restricted] Personalities U-Z
January-June 1992
2006-031/9 [Restricted] July-September 1992
2006-031/10 [Restricted] Pres. Bush, October 1992-January 1993
Pres. Clinton, December-January 1993
2006-031/11 [Restricted] Pres. Clinton, February-June 1993
2006-031/12 [Restricted] Pres. Clinton, July 1993-March 1994
2006-031/13 [Restricted] January 1990 [Restricted]
January-July 1991
February 1992
April 1994
2006-031/14 [Restricted] Pres. Bush, February-October 1990
2006-031/15 [Restricted] Pres. Bush, November-December 1990
Pres. Bush, January-June 1989
2006-031/16 [Restricted] Pres. Bush, July-December 1989
August 1987
Democratic Convention, July 1988
Military Training Camp
Shuttle Launch
2006-031/17 [Restricted] Pres. Reagan 1981 – 1983
2006-031/18 [Restricted] Pres. Reagan, 1983
2006-031/19 [Restricted] Heikes’ selects, Reagan-Clinton, 1981-1997
2006-031/20 [Restricted] Pres. Reagan, 1985-1987
2006-031/21 [Restricted] Pres. Reagan, 1987-1989
Pres. Bush, July-August 1988
2006-031/22 [Restricted] Bush/Quayle, September-December 1988
Negatives and Contact Sheets [RESTRICTED]:
Pres. Bush, 1989-1990
2006-031/23 [Restricted] including Pres. Bush and Pres. Reagan, 1987-1993
2006-031/24 [Restricted] 1992
2006-031/25 [Restricted] including Pres. Bush and Pres. Clinton, 1993-1994
2006-031/26 [Restricted] 1993-1994
2006-031/19 [Restricted] 1993-1994
3So34d Prints, 11x14 and smaller:
Eisenhower on birthday, 1959
H. Ross Perot
Reagan visit to Berlin, April 23-25, 1987
Presidents and First Ladies, mostly featuring Carter through George W. Bush, focus on George H.W. Bush
Various news assignments
2.325/T18a Prints, 16x20:
2.325/T21 Presidents, primarily Nixon and Johnson
General news assignments
U.S. News and World Report with Heikes on cover, signed by colleagues
4Jb42a Scrapbooks:
“A Deadline Every Minute,” Darryl Heikes art exhibit, Kansas State Student Union, 2006
Mounted Prints, including White House News Photographers Association contest entries:
“Anwar Sadat” 1978
“Sheepshead Bay, ME,” lobsterman and mate in dingy 1988/08/27
Pres. Reagan and Soviet Pres. Gorbachev leave failing Summit 1986/10/12
Nancy Reagan arrives to see Pres. Reagan after he was shot, George Washington University 1981/04/01
Pres. Bush plays softball with press corps and secret service, Kennebunk, Maine 1992/08
Young Bush supporter with face painted 1992/11/01
Billy Carter testifies on dealings with Libya 1980/08/21
“Really Gary I’m Going To Win,” Sen. Gary Hart and Walter Mondale 1984/10/22
“Dad’s Wandering Eyes,” A Man watches a bikini clad girl 1989/08/21
“Good Ole’ Boys,” Kentucky 1984/08/28
“Sharing Sadness” Young couple weeps at dedication of Vietnam Memorial 1982/11/11
“Security?” Followers of Nation of Islam guard church for Yosef Hawkins’ funeral
“Spelling Boredom” Two national spelling bee finalists wait for turn 1986/05/29
“A Reaching Hand,” assistant holding scrim reaches out toward model on other side
“There’s a Bag Lady Under There,” bag lady in rain gear near Washington Monument
“Two Sisters Share A Bubble” 1978/08
“Patron Saint of the Homeless,” Mitch Snyder 1984/12/28
“Crying for a Job,” Detroit sign board walker dressed like Charlie Chaplin 1983/03
“True Colors,” Showing support for U.S. Hockey team at Winter Olympics 1998/02/17
“I Know, I Know,” Sen. Jesse Helms at news conference 1986/09/12
“Defiant,” Col. Oliver North at investigation into Iran Contra 1987/07/14
“Blah to You,” Chief Justice Rehnquist sticks tongue out after close confirmation 1986/09/18
“Too Young to Pray,” Islamic marchers at demonstration 1979/011/09
“Cold Shoulder,” Vice Pres. Al Gore turns back on Speaker Tom Foley
“World Series of Poker,” Las Vegas 1988/05/01
“Taming the West’s Wild Horses,” 1989/03/10
“First Cup of Coffee,” Lobster fishing 1988/08/24
“Men of Butcher Holler,” 1984/08/28
“The Hat,” Gorbachev has trouble with his hat 1986/10/10
“Lobsterman’s Dinner,” 1988/08/27
“Lobstermen Forever,” 1989/08/23
“Brownsville, TX, USA,” illegal aliens 1984/02/28
“Home Sweet Home,” Cameron Park, TX 1984/02/28
“Death Row,” Angola State Prison 1985/03/14
“It’s Not Like Home,” Jessup State Prison 1981/08/27
“Mixed Emotions,” Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Mrs. Reagan, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter 1981/10/18
“Remembering,” AIDS quilt display 1989/10/06
“On Death Row” 1985/03/14
“Not the Devil,” laser scientist 1986/10/17
“Blue and Red Hands,” laser scientist 1986/10/17
“Sleeping Is Better Than Working,” Juarez, Mexico 1983/02
“Always On the Left,” Sen. Ted Kennedy 1994/10/20
“Tiny Muscles,” Michael Dukakis 1989/10
“There’s A Bag Lady Under There” 1982/01
“Grate Person,” homeless person Sam Rogers sitting on grate 1982/01
“Hard Time,” inmate at Jessup Prison 1981/08/27
“Duin’ Time,” Jessup State Prison 1981
“An Eyeful,” Jessup Prison 1981/08/27
“Just Showing Off,” French jets over Utah Beach, Normandy 1984/06/06
“Desert Duty,” Kuwaiti Desert 1994/10/28
“So What Can I Say?” Prime Minister Begin at Meeting of the Kinnessett
“Remembering,” Vietnam Memorial Dedication 1982/11/11
“Nyet,” Russian Foreign Minister Kozyrev 1993/10/03
“Just Resting,” Rep. Claude Pepper
“George Meany, Hat and Tree” 1978/12/18
“Tired and Out,” Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Roger Altman
“I’ve Got the Vote,” Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell
“He Did It,” Sen. Bob Dole and other Senate and White House officials
“Trouble Ahead,” Zoe Baird 1992/12/24
“Puppy Love,” Pres. Bush and dog Millie’s puppy 1989/03/29
“Getting The Point,” Pres. Carter, Pres. Sadat of Egypt 1979/03/08
“At Days End,” Lobstermen row home 1988/08/26
“Ouch!” Ecuadorian marathoner winces 1987/08/09
“Pres. Reagan in front of U.S. flag” 1982/02
“Crisis,” Pres. Bush reacts to Soviets balking at arms treaty 1990/06/01
“Widow of Pilot Killed in the Gulf War” 1991/06/08
“Joan and Ted’s Last Hurrah,” Joan and Ted Kennedy at Democratic convention 1980/08
“Happier Daze,” New York Gov. Cuomo and Pres. Clinton
“The Prez Rocks,” Pres. Bush plays guitar with B. B. King 1989/01/21
“Still Swinging,” Pres. Carter play softball 1985/08/31
3X139 “Kiss Me,” Barbara Bush and Pres. Bush 1990/04/21
“Turkey Time,” Bush and White House turkey 1990/11/14
“A Face In The Crowd,” Bush and foster children 1990/05/21
“My Time,” Naval Academy grad with Pres. Bush 1992/05/27
“Up You Go,” Bush lifts baby 1989/09/20
“Republican Party’s Future,” Bush supporters at Wisconsin rally 1992/10/31
“News at Dusk,” Bush news conference 1990/02/15
“Riding High,” Bush re-election campaign 1992/03/01
“Sitting Pretty,” Quayle in Oval Office
“I See the Future,” Bush speaks about economy 1992/10/29
“She Really Cares,” Barbara Bush comforts handicapped child 1990/01/26
“Loudmouth,” John Sununu yells 1990/02/06
“All Is Lost,” Bush walks toward Oval Office 1992/08/07
“It’s All Over,” Bush looks at concession speech 1992/11/03
“The Gift,” Naval Academy grad and Pres. Bush 1992/05/27
“Bite the Balloon,” Bush on his birthday 1989/06/12
“President and Mrs. Bush After Inauguration” 1989/01/20
“Mutual Admiration,” Barbara and Pres. Bush applaud one another 1990/06/01
“Looking For Heaven’s Help,” Bush at campaign rally 10/28/92
“I’ve Got A Secret,” Sen. Packwood whispers in Tres. Sec. Brady’s Ear
“Too Hot” Bush eating hot pancake 1992/09/06
“Approving Looks” Bermuda children with Pres. Bush flying kite 1990/04/13
“Presidential Pet” Pres. Bush with dog Ranger 1990/09/07
“Running Man” Bush jogging 1990/11/16
“A Birthday Tangle,” Bush and balloons
“Diehard Supporters,” Bush speaks in rainstorm 1992/09/05
Untitled, Pres. And Mrs. Bush
“Puckered Up,” Pres. and Barbara Bush 1990/04/21
“Flags,” Bush campaigns in Missouri 8/4/92
“I Can’t Hear You,” Vice Pres. Bush plugs his ears 1988/08/16
“Skeptic,” Barbara and Pres. Bush 1988/08/07
“The Chairman Jams,” Lee Atwater at party 1989/01/21
Determination,” Bush golfing in rain 1990/04/29
“The Whites of His Eyes,” John Sununu and successor Sam Skinner 1991/12/05
“A Little Help for A Friend,” Bush helps Sec. Jim Baker 1990/04/14


Printed Material:

2006-031/27 Air Force One Certificates


Manuscript Material:

2006-031/27 Publications containing Heikes’ work
2007-205/1 Briefing Books:
President of the United States Pre-advance to Bonn, West Berlin, Rome and Venice 1987/04/22-05/1
The Trip of President Reagan to Helsinki, The Moscow Summit and London 1988/05/25-06/03
The White House Photographers Working Group: President Bush’s Trip to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and Hawaii 1991/11/28-12/07
The Trip of President Reagan to the Bonn Economic Summit, Spain, The European Parliament and Portugal 1985/04/30-05/10
Book manuscript, 57 Years of Presidential Photography and Stops Along the Way


Digital materials:

3R39a CD of images scanned by Darryl Heikes:
First ladies at the Reagan Library
George and Barbara Bush in Maine