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Dennis Brack Photographic Archive, 1959-2019

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Brack, Dennis, 1939-
Title: Dennis Brack photographic archive
Dates: 1967-1999
Abstract: Dennis Brack is a freelance photojournalist with over 35 years of experience in photojournalism, commercial, and advertising photography. The collection includes slides, contact sheets, negatives, and prints of U.S. Presidents, other government officials, U.S. Military operations, human interest stories, entertainment, and other important national and international events.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01222
Extent: 50 linear feet (extent is approximate)
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Dennis Brack was born in Great Bend, Kansas in 1939. He received a B.A. from Washington and Lee University in 1962 and an LL.B from George Washington University in 1965. A free-lance photojournalist, he has over 35 years of experience in photojournalism, commercial, and advertising photography. He has completed assignments successfully in every continent of the world and his work has been published in magazines around the world. He owns one of the largest photographic studios in Washington, located one hundred yards from the U.S. Capitol complex. Brack currently does approximately two-thirds of his assignments using digital cameras.

Dennis Brack's photographs have won awards from the White House News Photographers Association, the National Newspaper Photographers Association and the World Press Association. He is currently President of The White House News Photographers Association. For the past sixteen years, Mr. Brack has been one of the five members on the Standing Committee of Press Photographers of the U.S. Senate.

Scope and Contents

The collection includes slides, contact sheets, negatives, and prints of U.S. Presidents, world leaders, the Supreme Court justices, Senators and other government officials, U.S. Military personnel and operations, protest demonstrations, public works projects, human interest stories, entertainment, and other important national and international events.


The archive is arranged into seven series by material type:
I. Slides; returns from Black Star, circa 1966-2002
II. Prints, contact sheets, negatives and related materials; includes Black Star returns, circa 1959-2011
III. Mounted photographic prints, circa 1968-2005
IV. Unmounted photographic prints, circa 1965-2011
V. Digital materials, circa 2002-2019
VI. Publications and tear sheets, circa 1954-2012
VII. Personal materials, 1991, undated


Conditions Governing Access

A portion of this collection is stored remotely; contact repository in advance for retrieval. Access to some digital materials requires an appointment; contact repository for more information.

Conditions Governing Use

The photographs in this archive are copyrighted. Contact repository for information and publication requests.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Brack, Dennis, 1939-
Bush, George, 1924-
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-....
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Kennedy, John F. John Fitzgerald 1917-1963
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
Nixon, Richard M. Richard Milhous 1913-1994
Reagan, Ronald
Corporate Names
United States. Congress. Senate
United States. Supreme Court
Watergate Affair (1972-1974)
United States
Washington, D.C.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Dennis Brack Photographic Archive, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Accession Number(s)

2008-039; 2008-042; 2008-300; 2009-200; 2010-161; 2011-004; 2011-089; 2011-356; 2011-382; 2012-191; 2012-320; 2012-348; 2019-069; 2019-215

Archivist's Note

The numbers noted in brackets are the log numbers from Black Star photo agency. The first two numbers are the month and year and the last number is the acquisition number. Some archival boxes contain multiple Black Star "boxes" that separate a box into sections, but hold no special meaning. Most of the Black Star box sections come with an inventory list. However, the list is organized chronologically and often does not correspond to the order of the folders.

"Selects" refers to groups of specific images that were selected, digitized and burned to CD by Dennis Brack. Box 2008-042 contains "Carter" and "Nixon" drawers, which were also selected and digitized by Brack. Both the slides and CDs are included in the collection. CDs can be viewed by appointment. Please contact the Photographs Archivist for further information.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Slides; returns from Black Star, circa 1966-2002

2008-039/1 Black Star Boxes 1, 2, 3
General Westmoreland [11-67-3723]
Aviation - Dulles Airport [2-73-1633]
Misc Senators [2-73-1551]
Casper Weinburger [2-73-1550]
Misc Senators [1-73-1458]
Prison, City of Fairfax Jail [11-67-3725]
Sen. William Fulbright, Arkansas [2-73-1696]
Sen. Thomas Eagleton, Sen. Stuart Symington [3-73-1732]
Russell Means, Indian Leader [4-73-2074]
Thurgood Marshall [11-67-3567]
POW's return to U.S., arrival at Andrews Air Force Base [2-73-1639]
Black Child [3-73-1733]
Meat [3-73-1931]
Meat Price Demonstrations, Washington and Alexandria, VA [4-73-2057]
Row of mailboxes [4-73-2075]
Sen. Sam Ervin, Watergate [2-73-1694]
Meat Price Demonstrations, Washington D.C. [4-73-2076], 1973
Housing [4-73-2078]
Highway construction [4-73-2077]
Industry – Building & Construction [4-73-2081]
Prime Minister Edward Heath of Great Britain [2-73-1632]
Environment (Ecology) [1-73-1403]
Buffalo herd in Wyoming [1-73-1366]
Flower Abstract [1-73-1369]
Construction [1-73-1372]
Computers [1-73-1373]
Stream fishing – Wyoming [1-73-1374]
House on fire [1-73-1397]
Education [1-73-1398]
Elderly women [1-73-1402]
Children playing [1-73-1404]
Stores [1-73-1400]
Pres & Mrs. Nixon visiting Truman home day before funeral [1-73-1456], 1972
David Packard – Assistant Secretary of Defense [4-70-2192], March 1970
Kissinger at airport leaving for Paris [11-72-1195], Novemnber 1972
Mt. Vernon [10-72-968]
Gen. Alexander Haig Jr. [11-72-155]
Richard Elliott 73 [1-73-1461]
Apollo 17 blastoff [12-72-1272]
Nixon Meeting w/Pres Thieu's personal emissary [12-72-1238]
Black Star Box 1 selects
Pathet Lao Held Territory [1-80-1495], 1970
Youths in Europe, London & Paris [2-70-1651], November 1969
Robert Ellsworth at Nixon Headquarters [12-67-3785]
Rescue at sea – Queen Elizabeth II, Sea Venture [4-74-3957]
Rep Lott (Trent), House Judiciary Impeachment Committee [6-74-4264]
Mayor Haskill of Wilmington Del [6-72-149], 1972
Contest pictures
Holden House
Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Fed. Reserve Bd. Of Gov. [5-70-2762]
Marriott Motor Hotels [3-69-9046]
The Pointer Sisters at J.F.K. Center, 1973 [12-73-3376]
Woman Doctor, Dr. Driscoh [12-66-1314]
Carter years
Misc. Pictures
Cuba – Castro
LBJ & Cabinet (Giving Awards) [7-69-9], April 1966
Football [12-67-3836]
Box 2 selects
Box 3 selects
Earl Butz, Sec. of Agriculture [11-71-8069]
Golda Meier [1-72-9382]
Ted, Joan, and Ethel Kennedy [1-72-9381]
Richard Kleindienst, Watergate [3-72-9659], March 1972
School Bussing Illustration [1-72-9386]
John Mitchell, Nixon's campaign manager [3-72-9653], March 1972
Florida White House [1-72-9385]
Kurt Waldheim, New Secy. General of U.N. [2-72-9568]
Sen. George McGovern at home [3-72-9700]
Gov. George Wallace in Florida [3-72-9730], March 1972
Sen. George McGovern (Heads) [3-72-9699]
Mayor Lindsay campaign Florida [1-72-9345]
Sen. Hubert Humphrey campaigning in Miami [1-72-9344]
Painting with light [12-71-9156]
Grand Teton National Park [12-71-9125]
Eye Examination: Psychedelic Sensations [11-71-7065]
Assembly line 1972 models, Ford plant, Loraine Ohio [12-71-9024]
Sen. Henry (Scoop) Jackson – 102 [12-71-9105], 1971
Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau – Canada [10-71-6071]
Ottawa, Canada, includes Parliament Buildings [10-71-6070]
Airplane Cockpit [10-71-6068]
Jet engine & clouds [10-71-6066]
R.F.K. memorial, wife, and children [6-71-5449]
Scenes of Washington D.C. [5-71-5304]
Vacant railway tracks during strike [8-71-5754]
Bermuda [6-71-5453]
J. Edgar Hoover [6-71-5451]
Premier Alexei Kosygin visit to Canada [10-71-6073]
"Crisis of the Conscious" Conference, Washington [10-71-6054], 1971/10/15
Fireworks over Washington D.C. [9-71-5966]
Mayor John Lindsay [9-71-5946]
Opening J.F.K. Center Wash [9-71-5873], 1971/09/08
George Meany [8-11-5842]
Continental Divide – Glacier Nat' Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado states [8-71-5824]
Women's Liberation Protest March (Also Abortion) [12-71-9023]
Abandoned Prison – Delaware [3-72-9664]
Mayor John V. Lindsay [3-72-9697]
2008-039/2 Black Star Box 4
Box 4 selects
U.S. Supreme Court Building, Washington D.C [7-67-2682]
Washington D.C. buildings [8-67-2851]
Sol Linowitz, U.S. Ambassador to the O.A.S. (Organization of Amer. States) [11-67-3566]
McGeorge Bundy [11-67-3565]
J.F.K. Center under construction [8-67-2848]
Vietnam War Demonstration [10-67-3539]
J. E. Hoover, Ramsey Clark, Thurgood Marshal, Earl Warren [9-67-3331]
Wyoming [9-67-3291]
Detroit riots [8-67-2953], 1967
Sargent Shriver [8-67-2918]
Rural America [8-67-2852]
Kennedy gravesite at Arlington [3-67-1984]
Sol Linowitz [4-67-2160]
Senator Javits [4-67-2161]
Dean Rusk & Sol Linowitz [4-67-2164]
Mike Mansfield [4-67-2165]
Gov. Wallace at Princeton [5-67-2311], May 1967
Hong Kong [5-67-2367]
Launching of the new aircraft carrier [6-67-2378]
Gov. Wallace [7-67-2599]
Hubert Humphrey in front of White House [7-67-2601]
Funeral of astronaut Chaffee at Arlington [2-67-1653], 1967/02/01
Beatles in Washington [8-66-743]
Speech to the Am. Legion Convention [9-66-817]
Luci Johnson and Pat Nugent [6-66-458]
Bobby Kennedy [6-66-459]
Harold Wilson, former Prime Min. of Great Britain [9-66-835]
Robert Kennedy [10-66-1000]
Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations [10-66-1020]
Funeral of astronaut Grissom [2-67-1654]
Charles Percy and Wife [3-67-1858]
Helms – Director Of CIA [3-67-1861]
Gen. James Gavin [3-67-1862]
Black Star Box 5
Box 5 selects
Martin Luther King Jr. [4-68-5680]
Rev. Abernathy [5-68-6007]
Drop of water [7-71-5619]
Hubert Humphrey [4-68-5857]
Old age couple [5-75-6162]
L.B.J. [4-68-5606]
Ray Robinson Jr. being arrested at Supreme Court [6-68-6222]
Sen. Fulbright [4-68-5867]
Ted Kennedy – Car accident, Martha's Vineyard [7-69-148]
Ted Kennedy and Family leaving Church [7-69-231]
Henry Kissinger [7-71-5620]
Lyndon Johnson [4-68-5866]
Spiro Agnew [12-69-1325]
L.B.J. at memorial [4-68-5658]
Pope Pious XII [8-68-6900]
Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia [8-72-624], July 1972
Sen. McGovern in Miami (Democratic Convention) [8-72-618], July 1972
Convention to nominate Sargent Shriver [8-27-551]
Mrs. McGovern & Mrs. Eagleton [8-72-616], July 1972
Sen. George McGovern [8-72-547], August 1972
[Republican Leadership], 1997-1999
Capitol Building – Special effect [6-72-213]
Camping in Glacier Park [9-72-753]
Federal Reserve System [10-72-942]
Capitol, 200th anniversary of Revolutionary War [10-72-963]
Lincoln Memorial [10-72-966]
Capital City [10-72-963]
U.S. Mint, Federal Reserve System [10-72-942]
Democratic Convention final night, McGovern, Eagleton and Families [7-72-402]
Democratic Convention final night [7-72-405]
Democratic Convention final night, Misc personalities [7-72-406]
Memorial service at grave of Robert Kennedy [6-72-171]
Traffic [5-72-0107]
Voting booth – interior – no people [5-72-0108]
White House – exterior shots only, Watergate [5-72-0109], 1972
Airforce One March in flight [5-72-0104], 1972
[George McGovern Presidential Campaign 1972] [7-72-0359]
Close-up – Black Woman, Florida [5-72-9991]
George Meany [4-72-9943], April 1972
Panda on arrival in Washington [4-72-9920]
Children [4-72-9778]
Miami Florida, hotels & tourist at pool [8-72-656], 1972
McGovern and Sargent Shriver in Washington [9-72-690]
Pollution – Car Junkyard & Water Pollution sign [5-72-0103]
J. Edgar Hoover lies in state in Capitol Rotunda 5/1972 [5-72-60]
Melvin Laird, Sec. of Defense (Press Conference after Haiphong Mining) [5-72-49]
Anti-Haiphong demonstration – Washington, D.C. [5-72-47]
Supermarket – Interior [5-72-39]
Republican Convention Personalities [8-72-652]
George McGovern campaigning in NYC [6-72-253]
Misc. Subject Matter [6-72-233]
2008-039/3 Black Star Box 6
Box 6 selects
S. I. Hayakawa [3-70-1894]
Sen. Muskie [4-70-2197], January 1970
Lunar sample: on view at the Smithsonian [4-70-2133]
Eclipse, Wallops Island, VA [3-70-1935], 1970/03/14
Democratic Convention, Sen. George McGovern [7-72-359]
Democratic Convention [7-72-469]
Paris, France [2-70-1656]
Hubert Humphrey [3-70-1892]
Sen. Edmund Muskie [3-70-1891]
Experimental Repronar photographs [2-70-1812]
Kennedy family in Hyannisport [11-69-1157], 1969/11/19
U.S. Capital [4-70-2206]
Ralph Nader [4-70-2205], January 1970
Richard Helms, Dir. Of CIA [4-70-2199], January 1970
Gov. Lester Maddox in Washington, D.C. [3-70-1893], February 1970
Senator and Mrs. Muskie [10-69-857], October 1969
Sen. Hugh Scott [10-69-859], September 1969
Golda Meir/Pres. Nixon [10-69-862]
Vietnam Moratorium, Washington D.C. [11-69-1100], 1969/11/15
Funeral of Joseph Kennedy [11-69-1158]
Maurice Stans, Secretary of Commerce [4-70-2207], November 1969
Washington D.C., Historical Site [7-72-343]
Chambers of U.S. Supreme Court [4-70-2214]
Mount Vernon [7-72-344]
Democratic Convention, George Wallace [7-72-358]
Democratic Convention, Hubert Humphrey [7-72-0357]
Earth Day, Washington D.C. [4-70-2584]
Henry Jackson at Democratic Primary in Florida [6-72-0273], January 1972
Ed Muskie at Democratic Primary in Florida [6-72-0272], January 1972
Capitol Building [7-72-343]
Democratic Convention, Democratic Party telethon [7-72-0360]
Democratic Convention, Various subjects [7-27-361]
Florence, Italy [2-70-1652], 1969
Speakers' Corner, London, England [2-70-1653]
Rhine Valley, Germany [2-70-1654]
Bangkok's floating market and Laos, Thailand [1-70-1493]
H. Ross Perot's trip to Hanoi [12-69-1704]
Nixon and Agnew at press conference and in the White House [4-70-2200]
Nixon family during State of the Union Message [1-70-1607], January 1970
Black Star Box 7
Box 7 selects
Nelson Rockefeller [12-67-3874]
Sen. William Fulbright (the foreign relations committee), Dean Rush testifying [3-68-5382]
Resurrection City March through Washington [6-68-6424]
Jackie Kennedy at Expo [F-153]
Mexico [1-68-3929]
Strom Thurmond and wife [8-69-396]
Naval Academy, Annapolis [1-68-3983]
White House – Christmas tree [1-68-3936]
Wilbur Mills [7-69-17]
Attorney Gen. Mitchell [8-69-365], July 1969
George Meany, AFL-CIO [8-69-370], July 1969
Sen. George McGovern [8-69-371], July 1969
Vince Lombardi [8-69-372], July 1969
R.F. Kennedy Memorial Service at Arlington [6-69-9759], June 1969
Dean Rusk's testimony before Foreign Relations Committee [6-68-6339]
Emanuel Celler – Cong. – Chairman of the House Judicial Committee [7-69-4]
John McCormack, Speaker of House [7-69-9998], June 1969
Vince Lombardi [7-69-151]
James Mitchell VA (Black College) [5-68-5982]
Mrs. Gandhi [4-66-123]
Sen. Edmund Muskie [4-68-5868]
Hubert Humphrey speaking at Nat'l Press Club [4-68-5857]
Hubert Humphrey [4-58-5858]
Hubert Humphrey's arrival in Washington from Mexico [4-68-5675]
Washington Riots (M.L.K. Assassination) [4-68-5640]
Washington Riot after M.L. King assassination [4-68-5659]
"Start of Poor People's March" – Coretta Scott King [5-68-6007]
Sen. Strom Thurmond [7-69-3]
Sen. Eugene McCarthy [12-67-3867]
Republican Convention [8-68-6755], 1968
Poor People's March – Rev. Ralph Abernathy [5-68-5992]
F. Lee Bailey [7-69-2]
Nelson Rockefeller [4-68-5865]
Sen. Mark Hatfield [8-69-377], July 1969
Hubert Humphrey [6-68-6369]
Hubert Humphrey [6-68-6414]
Hosea Williams [6-68-6370]
Henry Cabot Lodge [6-69-9752]
R.F.K. assassination – mourning at Resurrection City and picketing Nat'l Rifle Association [6-68-6224]
Ralph Abernathy [6-68-6434]
John Lindsay [7-68-6608]
M. Laird [6-69-9753]
William Rogers, Sec. of State 1969 [6-69-9751]
Margaret Mead [7-69-1]
Hubert Humphrey's arrival in D.C. after L.B.J.'s announcement [4-68-5615]
Astronauts at State Dinner in Los Angeles [8-69-397], July 1969
Eugene McCarthy [4-68-5601]
Bob Dylan [2-68-5084]
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Warren [12-67-3873]
Chuck Robb with Lynda Bird [3-68-5440]
R.F.K. Funeral [6-68-6271]
John Glenn in Washington office of the Emergency Committee for Gun Control [7-68-6524]
2008-042/1 Carter Drawer
Carter Selects
Jimmy Carter campaigning in Williamsburg, Virginia [10-76-8698]
Jimmy Carter signing windfall profits tax proposals [5-79-3761]
Jimmy Carter's televised energy speech [4-79-3631], 1979/04/05
National Conference on Mental Health [5-79-3817]
Mount Vernon, 200th Anniversary of Revolutionary War [10-72-968]
Alexandria, 200th Anniversary of Revolutionary War [10-72-967]
Middle East Treaty signing and state dinner [3-79-3545]
Jimmy Carter heads [11-76-8725]
Jimmy Carter in Mexico [2-79-3359]
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter before senate committee, 1979
Jimmy Carter speaking to United Food and Commercial Workers Union [7-79-4142]
Jimmy Carter and Plains, Georgia [11-76-8828]
Jimmy Carter on Election Day, Plains and Atlanta, Georgia [11-76-8742], 1976
Jimmy Carter in Israel [3-79-3500]
Jimmy Carter in Cairo for Peace Talks [3-79-3464]
Teng Hsiao-Ping visit to U.S. [1-79-3258]
Jimmy Carter Roland pictures
Miscellaneous Jimmy Carter pictures
Jimmy and Amy Carter with dog
Jimmy Carter and Tokyo Summit [7-79-4178]
Jimmy Carter on Election Day [11-80-8363], 1980
Jimmy Carter's trip to Egypt [1-78-1127]
Nixon Drawer
Nixon selects
Eisenhower lying in state in National Cathedral [3-69-9051], 1969/03/29
William McChesney Martin [10-69-8671], October 1969
Eisenhower funeral Abilene, Kansas [4-69-9131]
Washington Senators baseball, 1966/04/22
Eisenhower funeral Abilene, Kansas [4-69-9131]
Washington Senators baseball, 1966/04/22
Prime Minister Pompidou in U.S. with Nixon and Sgt. Shriver [3-70-1895]
Richard Nixon State of the Union[1-70-1596], January 1970
President Richard Nixon [8-70-3397], August 1970
Nixon and State of the Union and Ambassador George, Sec. John Connally, Tricia Nixon, Mrs. Nixon and Henry Kissinger [2-71-4555]
Richard Nixon headshots, getting off helicopter with wife and speaking in East Room with tourists [3-71-4799], February 1971
The Nixon family [4-71-5189], 1971
Black Star Box 8
Box 8 selects
Ron Ziegler White House Communications [7-70-3095], June 1970
Sergeant Shriver [7-70-3094], June 1970
H. Ross Perot, Millionaire [6-70-3041]
Prime Minister Olof Palme of Sweden in U.S. [6-70-3039], June 1970
H. Ross Perot, Millionaire [6-70-3041]
Prime Minister Olof Palme of Sweden in U.S. [6-70-3039], June 1970
Justice Thurgood Marshall [5-70-2788]
Attorney General Ramsey Clark with J. Edgar Hoover [5-70-2787], 1967/06/22
March to Augusta in Commemoration of the Jackson and Kent State deaths, Ralph Abernathy [6-70-2899]
Football [6-70-2903]
Transparencies for Republican National Committee [5-70-2767]
Margaret Mead [5-70-2741], 1970/05/19
Washington D.C., 2003
Boeing Supersonic
Nixon Resignation
General Ky and wife, November [11-70-4050], 1970
Senator Edmund Muskie [1-71-4474], January 1971
Lyndon Johnson at Notre Dame-Texas Cotton Bowl football Game [1-71-4398], 1970
Martha Mitchell [1-71-4358]
Rhino, giraffe [11-70-4083]
Ted Kennedy [11-70-4076]
Drug illustration shooting up heroin [11-70-4075]
Pro. Football misc. action [11-70-3967]
Spiro Agnew [11-70-3936], October 1970
White House dinner for Heads of State attending U.S. Anniversary Celebration [10-70-3907], 1970/10/24
John Kennedy at Piano Concert, Philadelphia [10-70-3799]
Women's Liberation Demonstration, Washington D.C. [10-70-3752]
Yellowstone, Wyoming [10-70-3743]
Black Panther rally at Yale including Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden, [5-70-2637]
Senator and Mrs. George McGovern [1-72-4476]
Yitzhak Rabin [2-71-4565]
Mayor John Lindsay [2-71-4658], February 1971
Moon and sunburst over ice, Madeleine Islands, Canada [3-71-4871]
Seal slaughter [3-71-4872]
Prime Minister Abba Eban of Israel in Washington [4-71-5008]
Vietnam Vets March on Washington [4-71-5195]
Easter Egg Hunt on White House Lawn [4-71-5206]
May Tribe Demo, Washington D.C. [5-71-5278]
Anti-war march on Washington [4-71-5214]
Peace demonstration, Washington D.C., White House [5-70-2730]
Washington D.C. [5-70-2724]
J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson [5-70-2671]
Senator Mike Mansfield [5-70-2669], 1968/04/05
Hubert Humphrey [5-70-2664], 1968/04/05
Golda Meier headshots U.S. [9-70-3641]
Hosea Williams [9-70-3590], September 1970
Attorney General John Mitchell (Watergate) [8-70-3454]
Steel Mill [9-70-3528], 1970
Nixon press conference [6-70-3040], June 1970
Government Seals [8-70-3364]
Pollution over Detroit, Great Lakes Steel, National Steel Corp. [7-70-3297]
2008-300/1 Black Star Box 9
Box 9 selects
Frank Sinatra singing at White House [4-73-21401], April 1973
Washington DC views [12-68-8019]
Iwo Jima Statue, Virginia [12-68-8015]
Supreme Court Washington, DC (includes Warren, Abe Fortas, William O. Douglas, etc.) [12-68-7974]
South America – Cusco, Peru and llamas [12-68-7971]
South America – Lima, Peru and Machu Picchu [12-68-7973]
Dean Rusk at White House conference on International Cooperation [12-68-7967]
Corn farmer Russell Inskup [11-68-7863]
Samples [12-68-7969]
Dean Rusk and Paul Martin, Canadian Sec. of State for External Affairs [12-68-7960]
Corn farmer Russell Inskup [11-68-7863]
Samples [12-68-7969]
Dean Rusk and Paul Martin, Canadian Sec. of State for External Affairs [12-68-7960]
Jerry Rubin [12-68-7925]
Blacks in America [11-68-7891]
William McChesney Martin [11-68-7890]
Robert McNamara [11-68-7889], 1966
Library of Congress, [11-68-7888]
George Kennan [11-68-7887]
Senator Fullbright [12-68-7883; 12-68-5867]
Christmas, White House tree [11-68-7861]
Christmas shopping [11-68-7860]
Christmas decorations [11-68-7859]
Pope in Bogota [8-68-6900]
Alaska [4-69-9307]
John F. Kennedy gravesite, on assassination anniversary [11-68-7812], 1968/11/22
U.S. Naval Carrier JFK [11-68-7737]
Workers leaving from work [11-68-7736]
Fireworks [11-68-7735]
Democratic Convention [8-68-6923], 1968
The Nixon Cabinet [2-68-8549]
Dining in Washington, Holiday [4-73-2103], March 1973-April 1973
Entire Nixon Cabinet 1/69 [2-69-8738]
Sec. Melvin Laird [3-69-8835]
Wall Street, interior and exterior of 99.Y.C. Stock Exchange [5-69-9586]
Nixon announces cabinet appointments, Maurice Stans [2-69-8737], January 1969
Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky in Paris [3-69-8792], February 1969
Apollo XIII Launching [12-68-8084], 1970
William McChesney Martin (Federal Reserve) [12-68-8046]
Washington D.C. Winter [12-68-8020]
Pollution, air and water [11-68-7539]
Vice Pres. Humphrey [10-68-7338]
Bullets [11-68-7538]
Democratic Convention, demonstration and police outside [9-68-6973], 1968
Madison Square Garden Rally with Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon and family, David Eisenhower [11-68-7582]
Black Star Box 10
Box 10 selects
Director of FBI Clarence Kelley, FBI Senate hearing [6-73-2419]
John Erlichman, Watergate [6-73-2345]
H.R. Haldeman, Watergate [6-73-2344]
"Nixon Doghouse" [5-73-2336]
Henry Kissinger [6-73-2341]
Sam Ervin, Watergate investigating committee [6-73-2342]
Watergate hearing, Senate investigating committee [6-73-2349]
Bag of groceries, high cost of living [6-73-2418]
Jeb Stuart Magruder, Watergate
Jean Dixon [6-73-2470]
Traffic, Los Angeles Freeway, California [7-73-2506]
Camp David [7-73-2600], 1973
Henry Kissinger at confirmation hearings for Sec. of State [8-73-2813], September 1973
RFK Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament at Forest Hill [8-73-2739]
Watergate Hearing, John Mitchell [7-73-2516]
Watergate Hearings, scenes of caucus room (filled) [5-73-2289]
Henry Kissinger [5-73-2164]
Richard Nixon with Italian Premier Andreotti [5-73-2168]
Robert Haldeman, Nixon's assistant, Watergate [5-73-2169]
Former Attorney Gen. John Mitchell arriving and departing offices 06, Watergate committee in new Senate office building [5-73-2257]
Mayor Lindsay campaigning for presidency [5-73-2266], 1972
John Dean, Watergate [5-73-2278], 1973
Watergate Senate Investigating committee, Edward Gurney, Herman Talmadge, Lowell Weicken, Sam Ervin, Howard Baker [5-73-2286]
L. Patrick Gray, former Acting Director of FBI, supervisor of FBI investigation of Watergate [5-73-2288]
Watergate Case, Cox and Richardson [5-73-2290]
Watergate, James McCord at Senate Hearings [5-73-2291]
Watergate office building, Washington D.C. [5-73-2292]
Henry Kissinger, Watergate [5-73-2294]
Jack Anderson, newspaper columnist, Watergate [5-73-2295]
Capitol building and White House [5-73-2297]
Senators Sam Ervin and Howard Baker of Senate Investigating Committee on Watergate [5-73-2301], May 1973
Watergate Building and sign [7-73-2562]
Frank Sinatra
Frank Wills, guard who discovered Watergate entry [7-73-2564]
Judge Sirica, Watergate [7-73-2565]
Automobile accidents [8-73-2613]
Smoking [8-73-2614]
Ron Ziegler [8-73-2674]
Crowds [8-73-2730]
Spiro Agnew press conference, Watergate [8-73-2743], August 1973
Elliot Richardson, Attorney General, Watergate [8-73-2745]
John Mitchell, Watergate [9-73-2797], 1973
Spiro Agnew [9-73-2798]
Maurice Stans, Watergate [9-73-2800], 1973
Frank Lloyd Wright house "Falling Waters, near Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania [9-73-2874]
Money, arrangement of dollar bills [9-73-2895]
Pres. Richard Nixon [9-73-2896]
2009-200/1 Black Star Box 11
Box 11 selects
Rep. Peter Rodino [2-74-3594]
Frank Fitzsimmons [2-74-3595]
General Moshe Dayan (Israel) and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger [2-74-3674]
Secretary of Treasury George Shultz [2-74-3676]
Elliot Richardson for Time [1-74-3503]
James D. St. Clair (Nixon's lawyer) [1-74-3539]
Pres. Richard Nixon Jan. 1974 [1-74-3571]
Black Fashion [9-73-2928]
Washington D. C. - Capitol Building [9-73-2900]
Washington D. C. – Supreme Court building [9-73-2899]
Washington D. C. - White House [9-73-2898]
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger [9-73-2897]
Richard Nixon [2-74-3708]
Panda at Washington Zoo [2-74-3709]
Rep. Peter Rodino [3-74-3806]
Smithsonian Institution [2-74-3710]
C.G. (Bebe) Rebozo [3-74-3852]
President Nixon Speaking at Lincoln Memorial, 2/12/1974 [2-74-3694]
Leon Jaworski, 1973 [11-73-3142]
Panama Canal [11-73-3123]
"Containerized" ships passing through Panama Canal [10-73-3063]
White House Attorney Fred Buzhardt outside courtroom [11-73-3090]
Gerald Ford, Nov. 5, 1973 Head Shots Only [11-73-3121]
Mr. Jaworski , special Watergate prosecutor [11-73-3122]
Misc. Color Sample Material [11-13-3144]
White House and Tapes Watergate [11-13-3154]
Home heating oil delivery [11-73-3188]
Kathleen Kennedy wedding to David Townsend [11-73-3231]
10th anniversary of John F. Kennedy assassination, Arlington Cemetery, 11/22/1973 [11-73-3252]
John F. Kennedy Center, Merce Cunningham Ballet [12-73-3351]
Boy Scout hike [12-73-3359]
Youthful audience at rock concert [12-73-3385]
JFK Center of the Performing Arts, Washington D. C. [12-73-3394]
Mt. Vernon, Virginia [12-73-3399]
Vice President Gerald Ford [1-74-3445]
Impeach Nixon Rally [1-74-3465]
William Simon- Energy Czar [1-74-3420]
Sen. Birch Bayh [12-73-3374]
Elton John [12-773-3377]
Chicago Symphony at JFK Center [12-73-3384]
Black Star Box 12
Box 12 selects
H.E. General Chatichai Choonhavan, Prime Minister of Thailand [6-90-5738]
Public Service Appreciation Day, military in the Capitol [6-90-5727]
Flag Burning Amendment [6-90-5713]
Senators – Jesse Helms, Fritz Hollings, Tim Wirth, John Heinz, Chris Dodd, Don Riegle [6-90-5697]
10k Run for Life [6-90-5682]
Sen. Durenberger [6-90-5710]
Washington D. C. cherry blossoms [5-90-5563]
Budget meeting, 5/23/1990 [5-90-5564]
Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell [5-90-5568]
Neil Bush [5-90-5587]
AIDS demonstration at National Institute of Health [5-90-5588]
Washington summit – Mikhail Gorbechev [6-90-5598]
President George Bush with Pres. of Mozambique [6-90-5626]
Census 1990 [4-90-5340]
John Poindexter after sentencing [6-09-5781]
East German Prime Minister Lothar De Maizière, 6/12/1990 [6-90-5783]
Mandela in Washington D. C. [6-90-5745]
Census takers (Census enumerators) [6-90-5749]
Nelson Mandela speaking before Joint Session of Congress [6-90-5769]
Kansas wheat harvest [7-90-5861]
Bush at a ceremony for Civil Rights Commission [5-90-5540]
Carla Hills, U.S. Trade Negotiator [5-90-5398]
Robin Williams and Whoopie Goldberg [5-90-5423]
Democratic leadership: Rep. Thomas Foley, Sen. George Mitchell [5-90-5424]
George Bush [5-90-5428]
Campaign finance – John Kerry, Joseph Biden, Bill Bradley [5-90-5429]
War on Drugs at White House [5-90-5441]
Alan Simpson [5-90-5485]
Mrs. Marilyn Quayle Emotional Speech [5-90-5489]
HUD Abuses [5-90-5493]
Marion Barry and Jesse Jackson [5-90-5549]
Marilyn Quayle testifying [5-90-5531]
Budget meeting: Bush with Cabinet [5-90-5542]
2009-200/2 Selects Box 1
Selects Box 2
2009-200/3 Black Star Box 13 Selects
Black Star Box 14 Selects
Kosygin and LBJ [7-67-2679]
LBJ laying wreath on tomb of the Unknown Soldier [6-66-446], May 30, 1966
Johnson at Lincoln Memorial [3-67-1863]
Johnson entering office [4-67-2166]
LBJ, Lynda Bird, Thurgood Marshall [8-67-2914]
LBJ with Georg Kiesinger [8-67-3099]
Lyndon Johnson [8-67-2915]
LBJ with Aldo Moro, Otto Krag, Thurgood Marshall, J. Edgar Hoover, and Ramsey Clark [9-67-3331]
LBJ, Rusk, Goldberg and Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin [2-67-1766]
LBJ with Chuck Robb and Lynda Johnson, Pat and Luci Nugent [11-67-3674]
Luci Johnson [12-67-3791]
Johnson-Robb Wedding [12-67-3792]
Lynda Johnson and Chuck Robb [12-67-3792]
LBJ and Ladybird with the Harrimans [12-67-3877]
LBJ with A. Harriman [12-67-3878]
LBJ [9-67-3329]
Lyndon Johnson headshots [3-68-5437]
LBJ [4-68-5606]
LBJ [4-68-5866]
Richard Nixon and LBJ with wives [11-68-7613]
LBJ's last State of the Union [1-69-8321]
Lyndon Johnson [7-69-9937], December 1968
Opening of LBJ Library [6-71-5433], May 24, 1971
Lyndon B. Johnson press conference [5-70-2670]
LBJ funeral [3-73-1850]
Nixon campaigning in NY and PA [9-68-7124]
Nixon family [4-71-5189]
Nixon's resignation [8-13-74]
President Elect Richard Nixon [11-68-7705]
President Nixon 1st press conference [1-69-8401]
Nixon Inauguration [1-69-8403]
Nixon Cabinet appointees - William Rogers [2-69-8724]
Clifford Harden at Nixon announcement of cabinet appointment [2-69-8725]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – Walter Washington [2-69-8726]
Nixon announces cabinet appointment – Herb Klein [1-69-8727]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments - John Mitchell [2-69-8728]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – John Volpe [2-69-8729]
Nixon announcing cabinet appointees – Walter Hickel [2-69-8730]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – George Romney [2-69-8731]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – David Kennedy [2-69-8732]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – Robert Finch [2-69-8733]
Nixon with different members of cabinet [2-69-8735]
Nixon's European tour, London [3-69-8775], 1969
Nixon's European tour, Berlin with Dan Rather [3-69-8769]
Nixon's European tour, Rome [3-69-8767]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments – Melvin Laird [2-69-8740]
President Nixon announces cabinet appointments [2-69-8736]
Secretary of Defense Elliot Richardson [1-73-1461]
James Baker, David Stockman, William Niskanen [3-85-9412]
Jim Brady press conference [1-81-8822]
Ronald Reagan in his White House Office [2-85-9305], February 4, 1985
Secretary of Treasury James Baker [2-85-9306], February 4, 1985
Secretary of Agriculture John Block [2-85-9307]
Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole [3-85-9391]
Whitehouse Chief of Staff Donald Regan [3-85-9400]
Larry Speakes- Deputy White House Press Secretary [3-85-9405]
Attorney General Ed Meese and Mexican Attorney General Garcia Ramirez [4-85-9522]
President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Averell Harriman [4-78-1778]
President Ford announcing the signing of the Tax Bill [4-75-5941]
President Ford in San Diego, California - press conference [4-75-5935]
President Ford on the golf course [4-75-5942]
Ford's Address to Joint Session [4-75-5944]
President Ford press conference in Rose Garden [6-75-6242], June 10, 1975
President Ford's trip to California [4-75-5955]
President Ford at Concord, Mass. [5-75-6143]
President Ford in swimming pool [7-75-6485]
President Gerald Ford press conference on White House Lawn [7-75-6348]
Ex-President Ford [8-78-2356]
Reagan Selects
President Ford in Finland [8-75-6585]
President Ford in Air Force One at dusk [7-75-6494]
President Ford and Mrs. Ford at Fort McHenry [7-75-6495]
President Gerald D. Ford receiving honorary degree [8-75-6524]
President Gerald D Ford press conference [8-75-6525]
President Gerald D. Ford playing golf [7-75-6491], July 1975
President Gerald D. Ford in Michigan [7-75-6492], July 1975
President Ford in Cleveland [7-75-6493]
President Ford in Poland [8-75-6586]
President Ford trip, meeting in Helsinki [8-75-6584]
President Ford in Germany [8-75-6597], July 1975
President Ford trip to Europe [8-75-6598], August 1975
President Ford press conference [11-75-6993], November 4, 1975
Press conference [9-75-6719], September 8, 1975
President Ford in Boston [11-75-6994]
President Gerald D. Ford [12-75-7182], December 17, 1975
President Ford at signing ceremony [3-76-7545]
President Ford press conference [3-76-7603]
President Ford campaigning in New Hampshire [3-76-7628], 1976
President Ford [4-76-7797], [5-76-7897], [5-76-7898], [5-76-7899]
Mrs. Betty Ford campaigning in California [6-76-8055]
President Ford in New York [7-76-8144], July 4, 1976
President Ford on Mississippi riverboat [9-76-8553]
President Ford campaigning in Philadelphia [10-76-8604]
Gerald Ford, Bob Hope, Lee Elder [9-77-0551]
Ford's last State of the Union Address [2-77-9275]
2009-200/6 Black Star Box 15
Box 15 Selects
Nixon Cabinet, 1968 [8-41-5816]
Pres. Nixon with Vice President Agnew and Secretary of State Rogers, also Kissinger [8-71-5841]
President Nixon and labor leaders George Meany, Leonard Woodcock, Abel and Fitzsimmons [9-71-5948]
Henry Kissinger in Alaska [10-71-6067]
President Nixon in Alaska [10-71-6069]
President Richard Nixon [12-71-9126]
Nixon and Hirohito, Anchorage, Alaska [10-71-6074]
President Nixon with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau at White House [12-71-9127]
Henry Kissinger and President Nixon at Key Biscayne, White House [11-72-1217]
Nixon in campaigning in Texas, 1972 [1-73-1461]
President Richard Nixon [1-73-1457]
Nixon-Brandt meeting [2-72-9432]
Nixon Returns from China – arrival at Andrews Air Force Base [3-72-9647]
President Nixon at his desk [3-72-9652]
President Nixon and Vice President Agnew, March 1972 [6-72-248]
President Nixon at news conference- 1972 [7-72-326]
President Nixon speaking, July 1972 [8-72-621]
Nixon victory celebration [11-72-1060]
President Richard Nixon on return from Key Biscayne and Bahamas, May 1973 [6-73-2348]
Nixon during 1972 election, campaigning [5-73-2287]
Nixon Inauguration [1-73-1491]
Brezhnev in USA with Nixon, signing treaty at Camp David [6-73-2454]
Brezhnev in USA, San Clemente [6-73-2463]
Nixon reading speech [6-73-2461]
Nixon's European tour: Brussels, incl. NATO meeting [3-69-8776]
Nixon in Europe: Paris [3-69-8768]
Nixon in Europe: Bonn, W. Germany [3-69-8777]
Nixon signing 26th Amendment [7-71-5618]
President Nixon, July 1971 [9-71-5576]
Nixon campaign, 1968 [8-71-5811]
President Nixon [3-69-8832]
Nixon arrives at Andrews A.F.B. after Far Eastern Tour, 8/3/69 [8-69-312]
Nixon alone with President Ceausescu, Oct. 1970 [11-70-3930]
San Clemente (Nixon California residence)[8-69-492]
President Nixon alone, July 1969 [8-69-394]
President Nixon and Mobutu [8-70-3398]
President Nixon with Chief Justice W. Burger [7-70-3104]
Nixon's Cambodia speech [5-70-2785]
William McChesney Martin [10-69-867]
Richard Nixon [8-70-3396]
Prime Minister Georges Pompidou visits Nixon in D.C. [3-70-1895]
Trica Nixon wedding to Ed Cox, June 12, 1971 [6-71-5513]
Nixon's State of the Union Address [1-70-1596]
President Nixon headshots [11-70-3934]
Richard Nixon [2-71-4742]
Nixon State of the Union, incl. George Bush, Kissinger, Pat and Tricia Nixon, cabinet members, Jan. 1971 [2-71-4555]
President Nixon [1-71-4387]
Nixon and [Moshe] Dayan [2-71-4564]
President Nixon, March 1971 [3-71-4834]
Mrs. Nixon with Mrs. Rogers [4-71-4990]
President Nixon at bill signing ceremony, also George Romney and Maurice Stans [4-71-5003]
Tricia Nixon engagement party [4-71-5045]
Nixon at Texas- Arkansas football game [12-69-1373]
Nixon at opening of baseball season [4-69-9301]
2009-200/6 Black Star Box 16
Box 16 Selects
President Ford at Bakersfield, California [4-75-5934]
Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter boarding helicopter, Oct. 1981 [6-84-7944]
Richard Nixon's return to the Capitol, incl. Pres. Bush pumping gas, with Senator Sununu, Oliver North hearing [3-90-5093]
Nixon Library [8-90-5943]
Opening of the Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, Poindexter, CA [7-90-5896]
Rep. Gerald Ford, Michigan. 1967 [12-68-7881]
Gerald Ford, House Minority Leader [8-69-380]
A day with Vice President Gerald Ford [1-74-3578]
President Ford departs Bakersfield, CA [4-75-5933]
President's office and cabinet meeting room [11-73-3117]
President Gerald Ford [2-74-3638]
President Gerald Ford and family at home [3-74-3741]
President Ford with Henry Kissinger, first day of presidency, Aug. 9, 1974 [8-74-4795]
President Gerald Ford 2nd Press Conference [9-74-4933]
President Gerald Ford's accession to presidency, swearing in ceremony and inauguration speech, Aug. 9, 1974 [8-74-4734]
President Gerald Ford's first day [8-74-4776]
Nixon in the Middle East [6-74-4324]
Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger [3-85-9489]
Nixon's trip to the Middle East [7-74-4499]
Nixon's trip to Middle East, incl. Pat Nixon [7-74-4500]
Nixon's Middle East trip: Syria [7-74-4502]
Nixon in Middle East: Jordan [7-74-4503]
Nixon in Middle East: Israel [7-74-4506]
Nixon in Middle East: Saudi Arabia [7-74-4504]
Nixon's departure from White House, Aug. 9, 1974 [8-74-4733]
Nixon's resignation, Aug. 8, 1974, incl. Ron Ziegler, Rose Mary Woods, Alexander Haig, Fred Buzhardt [8-74-4696]
Richard Nixon in Michigan [4-74-4052]
Impeach Nixon rally, Washington D.C., April 27, 1974 [4-74-4076]
President Richard Nixon in Egypt and Austria with Sadat [6-74-4324]
President Nixon press conference, 3/6/1974 [3-74-3797]
President Richard Nixon State of the Union, Jan. 29, 1974 [2-74-3590]
President Nixon with aides John Sawhill, Bill Walker, John Alexander [1-74-3572]
President Nixon headshots, Dec. 1973 [1-74-3444]
President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger [11-73-3094]
President Nixon Press Conference in October 26, 1973 [10-73-3066]
President Nixon After White House church service with Gerald Ford [10-73-2990]
Nixon press conference, Sept. 1973 [9-73-2779]
President Nixon Television speech during [8-73-2744]
President Richard Nixon portraits [7-73-2601]
2009-200/9 Black Star Box 16a
Gulf War, August 1990 selects
Ronald Reagan selects
Martin Feldstein selects
Misc- box clean up
Clinton - California
Jurgen Schrempp
Women in Saudi Arabia
Presidential debates in St. Louis, 2000
President Bush
Gulf War, 1990
Medical equipment
FBI Director William Webster [12-85-1108]
Donald Regan press conference [4-85-9648]
Schultz and Shevardnadze, Russian mission to the UN, 9/25/85 [10-85-0633]
Robert McFarlane at Air Force Association, 9/16/85 [10-85-0700]
Attorney General Ed Meese [8-85-0386]
James Miller, Office of Management and Budget, 10/30/1985 [11-85-0918]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger at National Press Club, 10/9/1985[10-85-0818]
C.I.A. Director William Casey in his office [10-85-0809]
Attorney General Ed Meese at the SPAC Convention, 1/30/86 [2-86-1479]
Larry Speakes, press briefing on shuttle explosion, 1/28/1986 [2-86-1434]
Secretary James Baker and Admiral Poindexter [1-86-1352]
Gulf War, General Charles Horner
Gulf War Central Commander Schwarzkopf
Cheney- Gulf War, 1990
Fort McNair
Gulf War
Jonas Savimbi and Casper Weinberger [2-86-1470]
Larry Speakes reads statement on arms control, 1/16/86 [1-86-1351]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger's press conference, 3/27/86 [4-86-2044]
National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane [5-85-9851]
Ambassador Vernon Walters [6-85-9972]
Reagan cabinet members outside White House [4-85-9569]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger [4-85-9650]
Secretary of Treasury James Baker, 4/29/1985 [5-85-9767]
Jeane Kirkpatrick [6-85-0041]
Secretary of State George Shultz Briefing [5-85-9832]
Secretary of Treasury James Baker [6-85-0062]
C. Weinberger and G. Schultz's press conference concerning Libya attack [4-86-1962]
Secretary of Treasury James Baker [6-85-0062]
Sec. of Defense Casper Weinberger before Senate Armed Forces Committee, 2/5/86 [2-86-1515]
Secretary of Education William Bennett [12-85-1226]
Secretary of Energy John Harrington, 4/2/86 [4-86-1970]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberg's press briefing, U.S. interception of Egyptian place 10/10/85 [10-85-0736]
Swearing in of James Miller [11-85-0974]
Greeting cards
Donald Regan and Patrick Buchanan, 3/9/86 [5-86-2156]
Secretary of State George Shultz, 3/15/85 [4-85-9651]
Tokyo Summit Foreign Ministers' Meeting at Akasaka Palace, 5/5/86 [5-86-2197]
Donald Regan, Pat Buchanan, Dennis Thomas, and Al Kingon, 5/13/86 [6-86-2402]
Tokyo Summit, Baker and Shultz [5-86-2207]
Secretary Shultz briefing press at Economic Summit [5-8-2199]
Yitzak Rabin with Shultz and Weinberger [4-86-1973]
Attorney General Edwin Meese [7-86-2686]
Larry Speakes Press Briefing at the Santa Barbara Sheraton, 8/18/86 [9-86-2987]
Casper Weinberger and Japanese Defense Minister Yuko Karihara [10-86-3168]
Larry Speakes conducting daily press briefing, 10/5/86 [1086-3203]
Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige with genuine and counterfeit products [4-86-2043]
Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole [3-86-1664]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger at Pentagon Budget Briefing [2-86-1537]
C.I.A. Director William Casey [10-86-3239]
Secretary George Shultz briefing [10-86-3305]
Attorney General Edwin Meese, 10/22/86 [10-86-3322]
2009-200/10 Black Star Box 17
Box 17 Selects
Robert Dole campaigning in New Hampshire, 2/17/88 [3-88-0806]
Jesse Jackson in Iowa, Jan. 1988 [1-88-0391]
Jesse Jackson campaigning before Super Tuesday, University of Houston, TX [3-88-0783]
Iowa Caucus 1988 [1-88-0389]
Oil field burning in Kuwait [3-91-6586]
Kuwait: before and after, 2/14/91 – 3/17/91 [3-91-6585C]
Kuwait liberation and aftermath, 2/28/91 – 3/6/91 [3-91-6585]
Iowa caucus, 6/25/84
Walter Mondale with Ted Kennedy in Minnesota [6-84-8119]
Jesse Jackson speaking at Washington D.C. statehood meeting, 1/23/90 [5-90-5403]
Jesse Jackson's advisors Mark Steitz and Ann F. Lewis [4-88-1138]
President Bush using a computer [5-91-6648]
Walter Mondale on Iowa caucus night, 2/20/84 [2-84-7512]
Democratic debate in Dartmouth, New Hampshire [4-84-7753]
Walter Mondale with Senator Lloyd Bentsen in Minnesota, 6/23/84[6-84-8118]
Jesse Jackson's arrival in Atlanta, 7/17/88 [7-88-1673]
Jesse Jackson reaction to Dukakis selection of Bentsen as VP candidate, 7/12/88 [8-88-1753]
Jesse Jackson at NAACP Convention in Washington D.C. [8-88-1778]
Rev. Jesse Jackson portraits [6-88-1334]
Jesse Jackson, 6/23/88 [7-88-1563]
Michael Dukakis and Sen. Lloyd Bentsen at NAACP convention [7-88-1631]
Greenhouse effect [5-89-3309]
Senator Al Gore and Tipper Gore, 3/15/88 [3-88-0909]
Al Gore and Jesse Jackson campaigning [4-88-1063]
Rev. Jesse Jackson in Springfield, Illinois [4-88-1137]
Gas station in Washington D.C. with Capitol dome in background [6-79-3908]
Gas shortage [6-73-2460]
Republican Convention press coverage [7-80-7556]
Democratic Debate - Atlanta, Georgia [3-84-7520]
Gasahol [7-79-4120]
Republican Convention [8-84-8412B]
1984 Republican Convention [8-84-8412]
1984 Democratic Convention [7-84-8292]
1984 Democratic Convention [7-84-8291]
Democratic Convention 1976 [7-76-8191]
1984 Democratic Convention [7-84-8278]
President Bush addressing troops in Saudi Arabia, Thanksgiving holiday [11-90-6258]
British Parliament leaders visit troops in Saudi Arabia [12-90-6273]
Gulf Crisis, Saudi Arabia [11-90-6265]
Gulf Crisis in Saudi Arabia, soldier eating on tank [12-90-6267]
Gulf Crisis in Saudi Arabia, boxes of mail [12-90-6271]
Saudi Arabia, U.S. Military [8-90-6104]
Iraq Crisis: Iraqi Embassy in Washington D.C., press conference by Mohamed Sadiq al-Mashat, 8/2/90 [8-90-5998]
Saudi gas station shrines, 2/11/91 [3-91-6525]
1980 Republication Convention [7-80-7487]
1976 Republican Convention [8-76-8376, 8-76-8376]
Brack [10-82-4134]
1980 Democratic Convention [8-80-7704]
Senator Robert Dole with President Reagan [12-87-0302]
NBC Republican/Democratic Debate [12-87-0203]
2010-161/2 Black Star Box 18
Box 18 Selects
Tandon Computers [7-86-2663]
Washington Mall – Durk. 04
Computer crime [2-82-2042]
Pentagon computer room [7-83-5795]
Pre-convention demonstrations [7-88-1674]
Computer room, General Electric, Rockville, MD [7-83-5863]
China 1984 (miscellaneous0 [5-84-7834]
Hostage story – hostages at West Point [2-81-9071]
Anti-US involvement in El Salvador in Washington, D.C., 3/27/82 [3-82-2533]
Unemployment office in Philadelphia, 1/82 [1-82-1880]
Pres. Reagan arriving in Oklahoma City, 10/24/86 [10-86-3293]
Pres. Reagan on TV – reports to the nation on his Iceland summit with Gorbachev, 10/13/86 [10-86-3298]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan at the dedication of the Carter Library [10-86-3299]
Washington, D.C. – government offices at 78 degrees [8-79-4343]
Pres. Reagan signs the tax reform bill on the South Lawn of the White House, 10/22/86 [10-86-3278]
Pres. Reagan in Missouri, 10/24/86 [10-86-3294]
Reagan with NY Giants at the White House [2-87-3991]
Pres. Reagan in Georgia and North Carolina, 10/8/86 [10-86-3244]
Sec. of Energy John Herrington [2-87-4045]
Pres. Reagan returning to the White House from Camp David, 10/23/86 [12-86-3519]
Pres. Reagan during a panel on welfare and head shots [2-87-4004]
Israeli Prime Minister Shamir with Reagan in Washington, D.C.
President Ronald Reagan in Wisconsin, 10/24/86 [10-86-3292]
Pres. Reagan signing Tribally Controlled Community Colleges Assistance Act [2-87-3925]
Pres. Reagan dinner at Library of Congress, 11/20/86 [1-87-3840]
Pres. Reagan with Jerry Falwell and Natan Sharansky [Anatoly Shcharansky] [3-87-4100]
Computer games [12-81-1705]
Pres. Reagan announcement of Adm. Poindexter resignation 11/25/1986 [12-86-3492]
Pres. Reagan (angry) – speaking to press outside the White House on his way to a helicopter to go to Camp David [10-86-3204]
Pres. Reagan arrives in California, 8/16/86 [9-86-81]
Opening of Carter Library – Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter with President and Nancy Reagan [10-86-3180]
Hostage memorial, Hermitage, Penn. [3-80-6526]
Funeral of soldiers killed in Iran rescue mission at Arlington National Cemetery [5-80-7110]
Drought in Illinois [9-83-6261]
Pres. Reagan in New York to address United Nations, 9/22/86 [10-86-3157]
Pres. Reagan and Prime Minister Shimon Peres of Israel at the White House [9-86-3038]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan leaving Bethesda Hospital, 8/12/86 [8-86-2927]
Hostage return: Michael Metrinko to Scranton, PA [2-81-9043]
Pres. Reagan campaigning for Republican candidates in Michigan and Nebraska, 9/24/86 [10-86-3205]
Richard Queen (former hostage in Iran) at State Dept. press conference [7-80-7553]
Pres. Reagan in Kansas, incl. Senate candidate Kit Bond, 9/29/86 [10-86-3225]
Pres. Reagan speaking at International Monetary Fund, 9/29/86 [10-86-3222]
Pres. Reagan in South Dakota, 9/29/86 [10-86-3226]
Ceremony for Iran hostages 200th day as captives [7-80-7405]
Iran hostage: planning the homecoming for hostage Michel Metrinko [8-80-7766]
Hostage family: the family of Victor Tomseth, McLean, Virginia [9-80-7974]
Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base waits to take Carter to Germany to meet Iranian hostages [2-81-9170]
Former hostages arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. and at White House [2-82-9108]
Iceland Summit [10-86-3208]
Eisenhower funeral [4-69-9131]
Eisenhower funeral, lying in state [3-69-9051]
Jackie Kennedy at Expo [10-67-3421]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan departure from White House for Camp David [6-85-0036]
Reagans depart White House for Camp David 6/7/85 [6-85-0038]
Reagan presents the Congressional Gold Medal to Elie Wiesel [4-85-9662]
Pres. Reagan with Benejedid of Algeria [5-85-9723]
Woman military aide to Pres. Reagan carries "the football" – black bag with national defense info [6-85-0032]
First Ladies' Conference on Drug Abuse [4-85-9698]
Pres. Reagan with Sen. Robert Dole and Sen. Pete Demenici before Reagan departure from White House [5-85-9730]
Dwight Eisenhower [11-66-1270]
TWA flight #847 hostages returning to the US, 7/2/85 [7-85-0139]
Eisenhower funeral in Abilene, TX [5-69-9579]
Eisenhower [8-67-3096]
Pres. Reagan with the Summer Youth Employment Initiative in the Cabinet Room, group shot [5-85-9735]
Pres. Reagan going into the hospital, 7/12/85 [7-85-0146]
Nancy Reagan officiates at Boston Pops 100th Birthday Celebration [7-85-0144]
1985 Economic Summit in Bonn – includes Pres. Reagan [5-85-9768]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan with former hostage David Jacobsen at the White House, 11/7/86 [11-86-3405]
Pres. Reagan – Thanksgiving Day, 11/26/86 [12-86-3495]
President's polyp surgery – doctors' press conference [7-85-0133]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan depart the White House for Camp David, 2/20/87 [3-87-4223]
Pres. Reagan announcing Iceland Summit, 9/29/86 [10-86-3228]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan depart the White House for Camp David, 12/19/86 [1-87-3681]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan leaving helicopter on his way to Bethesda Naval Hospital, 1/4/87 [1-87-3696]
Pres. Reagan leaving for California, 11/26/86 [12-86-3494]
Pres. Reagan in South Dakota [11-86-3435]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan returning the White House after his prostate operation at Bethesda Naval Hospital, 1/8/87 [1-87-3742]
Pres. Reagan address the nation on the Iran-Contra affair, 3/4/87 [3-87-4211]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan departing L.A. for Washington, D.C. on election day, 11/4/86 [11-86-3408]
Pres. Reagan and Buthelezi of South Africa [12-86-3552]
Reagan at fund-raising for Senate candidate Ed Zschau [11-86-3379]
2010-161/3 Black Star Box 19
Box 19 Selects
Washington, D.C. [11-82-4244]
Federal Reserve Board [10-82-4034]
Rep. Jack Kemp in his office in the Rayburn building of the Capitol [8-82-3698]
Sen. Jesse Helms on the East Portico of the Capitol [8-82-3687]
Japanese car being off-loaded on the docks in Seattle; Japanese goods being off-loaded from a container ship in Seattle [9-82-3896]
Interstate highways: trucks, trailers, general traffic on roads [10-82-3962]
New Hart Senate office building [8-82-3686]
Military aide carrying black briefcase with top secret info and codes in case of a nuclear emergency (called "the football") [11-82-4157]
Mars antenna at jet propulsion lab outer space facilities near Barstow, CA [10-82-3960]
Voting in Youngstown, OH [11-82-4206]
Kennedy and Mondale together in Boston, 10/82 [10-82-4134]
Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. [11-82-4245]
John Naisbitt, trend analyst [11-82-4276]
Sen. Robert Packwood, Rep. Tip O'Neill, Rep. Tony Coelho reacting to election returns 1982 [11-82-4349]
Suburban home [11-82-4368]
Video game parlor, California [12-82-4437]
Sen. Patrick Moynihan, Sen. John Heinz, Rep. Claude Pepper [12-82-4494]
Lane Kirkland in the lobby of ALF-CIO headquarter building in Washington, D.C. [9-82-3830]
Tattoos [12-82-4444]
Lobbyists [9-82-3778]
US Festival in California [9-82-3831]
Washington Monument takeover [12-82-4448]
Democratic Party 12/7/82 [12-82-4518]
Farm surrounded by suburban development [10-82-4051]
World Bank building in Washington, D.C. [6-82-3153]
Indira Gandhi [8-82-3526]
John Hinckley's brain, CAT scan x-rays [8-82-3625]
William Bradford Reynolds, Dept. of Justice [6-82-3189]
Louis Rekeyser, "Wall Street Week," public TV stations [6-82-3180]
Sen. Orrin Hatch [6-82-3192]
Michael Ullman, the White House [6-82-3191]
Richard Viguerie, publisher of "Conservative Digest" [8-82-3669]
Pres. Mohamed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt [2-82-2116]
E.R.A Amendment Rally [8-82-3521]
Gov. James Thompson of Illinois [4-82-2554]
American stock exchanges meeting [7-82-3288]
Democratic mid-term convention [6-82-3228]
New housing and construction, Maryland; houses for sale, Virginia [8-82-3626]
"The children's Washington" [4-82-2583]
Rep. Thomas Foley; Sen. Robert Dole [4-82-2727]
Admiral Bobby Inman, Deputy Director of CIA [5-82-2964]
Senate Foreign Relations, European Affairs Subcommittee [3-82-2286]
Congressional leaders leaving the White House after meeting with President Reagan [7-82-3476]
Washington personalities: Ann Shana; Clarence Thomas, Dept. of Education [8-82-3555]
Sen. Paul Tsongas, Rep. Silvio Conte [8-82-3685]
Lobbyists, Washington, D.C. [8-82-3676]
Helmut Schmidt in US [1-82-1816]
Air Florida plane crash investigation and follow-up [1-82-1855]
Washington plane crash, Jan. 1982 [1-82-1873]
Air Florida crash investigation [2-82-2025]
Edward Gierek, Poland, incl. Pres. Gerald Ford and Kissinger [10-74-5109]
Evel Knievel canyon jump [9-74-4850]
Rev. Sun Myung Moon [10-74-5155]
Navy ADs
Bush 41 – Florida
Charles Colson, Watergate [9-74-4926]
Secretary of Treasury William Simon [10-74-5082]
Pres. Gerald Ford and Kissinger [10-74-5110]
Alan Greenspan, Chief Economic Advisor to Pres. Ford [10-74-5154]
Mormon Tabernacle Church, Salt Lake City, Utah [11-74-5263]
Coin manufacturers at the Philadelphia Mint [11-74-5264]
Nelson Rockefeller confirmation hearings, portraits [12-74-5381]
Sen. Robert Byrd at Rockefeller confirmation hearings of Senate [12-74-5315]
Vice Pres. Nelson Rockefeller in Seal Harbor, Maine [9-74-4855]
Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger [9-74-4912]
John Mitchell, leaving US District Court during Watergate trial [11-74-5204]
United Mine worker Arnold Miller [11-74-5198]
Julie N. Eisenhower [11-74-5202]
Economic Summit, Ford administration [11-74-5180]
Nelson Rockefeller, Senate confirmation hearings for Vice-Presidency [12-74-5316]
Sec. of Defense James Schlesinger [11-74-5206]
2010-161/3 FB Box 1
FB Box 1 Selects
Revolutionary War [re-enactments]
Jody Powell, Hamilton Jordan
Judge Sirica
Prince Charles
Ronald Reagan
H.R. Haldeman
Les Aspin
Capitol restoration
Rumsfeld and Ford
Stevens – Supreme Court
Warner and Taylor
Kennedy Library opening
2010-161/5 Black Star Box 20
Box 20 Selects
Sam Donaldson, media, photographers, crews
Paula Hawkins, space shuttle, Bush 43 in tux, Pennsylvania Ave.
Air Florida black box
Watergate, light bulb, Regan – 1980, Washington
New York Stock Exchange, 12/1974
Reagan years – Federal Reserve
Carter years
Dole campaign, 1996
Parades: Operation Desert Storm welcome home, Washington, D.C.
Senate hearings: Clarence Thomas
George Bush: State of the Union, 1991
Paris arch
Washington riots (black and white)
Pig, 4x5
Senate hearings: Clarence Thomas confirmation
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1992
Desert Storm welcome home
Bill Clinton Inauguration, Jan. 20, 1993
Vancouver Summit, 1993
State of the Union, 1992
Poor People's March, 1968
GM [General Motors] auto plant
Light bulb illustrations
Republican convention, 1996
George Wallace and Ted Kennedy in Alabama [7-73-2502]
Moscow Summit
US Capitol, 2000
Rockefeller swearing-in, Washington scenes
USS Nimitz returns to Norfolk, VA, May 26, 1980
Misc. duplicates from the 80s
Atlanta convention, 1988
Jimmy Carter, 1978
Anti-abortion demonstration, Washington, D.C. [1-79-3230]
Hostage return, West Point [1-81-8971]
Parade for former hostages in N.Y.C., 1/30/81 [2-81-9038]
Nuclear radiation action center at the Dept. of State [3-88-0939]
John Kerry, 1991
[Ross] Perot, 1992
Senate hearing: BCCI, 1991
Democratic convention, 1996
Election signs, 1992: Perot, Clinton-Gore
Grandfather and son, staged photos, 1992
Coal in railroad car
Reagan and Queen; Jesse Jackson; abortion rally; Shultz and Reagan, Iran scam
Election 1996: Sen. Simon, Bob Dole, Babbitt, Hart
Pope John in Philadelphia and New Orleans
Democratic convention, Atlanta
Martin Feldstein, Stockman
President Nixon
Senator John Tower, Tower Commission report
Cheney and Powell, press conference at the Pentagon
George [H.W.] Bush selects
Carter years
Philippines election, press conference at the Philippines Embassy, 2/25/86 [4-86-1921]
2010-161/7 Black Star Box 22
Box 22 Selects
Jesse Jackson returns to Dulles Airport outside Washington, D.C., with Cuban political prisoners, 6/28/85 [7-84-8178]
Democratic Platform hearing, group shot [6-84-8150]
The Huntsmen [6-84-8135]
Press conference – NATO Sec. General Joseph Luns, 5/29/84 [6-84-8071]
1984 NATO meeting opening ceremony at Dept. of State [6-84-8021]
Unknown soldier arrival at Capitol and in rotunda [6-84-8010]
Fred Bergsten, economist [6-84-7991]
Gromyko addressing U.N. General Assembly [10-84-8630]
Apache attack helicopter [9-84-8516]
The American voter (collection of pictures of caucuses, voters at polls, convention delegates, etc.) [9-84-8549]
Press on telephones, covering Mondale campaign [9-84-8568]
Joggers – Washington, D.C. Memorial Bridge at noontime [10-84-8632]
"Common cold" study, Univ. of Virginia students [1-84-7049]
New Hampshire primary, voters at polss, 1984 [3-84-7296]
New Hampshire primary, Feb. 1984 [3-84-7295]
Rev. Jesse Jackson in New Hampshire [3-84-7292]
Sen. Gary Hart in New Hampshire, Feb. 1984 [3-84-7286]
George McGovern campaigning in Iowa, Feb. 1984 [3-84-7270]
Ted Koppel of ABC News [2-84-7218]
Sen. Robert Dole, Sen. Robert Byrd, Rep. Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Rep. Thomas Foley, Sen. Howard Metzenbaum [1-84-7120]
Jack Valenti at home with his video tape player [2-84-7177]
US Capitol Buildind at night, night of Pres. Reagan's State of the Union [1-84-7114]
New Hampshire primary campaign, Jan. 1984 [1-84-7093]
Martin Feldstein, Jan. 1984 [1-84-7090]
Rev. Jesse Jackson in New Hampshire, Jan. 1984 [1-84-7079]
J. Peter Grace at press conference [1-84-7021]
Washington metro [1-84-6903]
Sec. of Transportation Drew Lewis announcing the House decision on PATCO strikers [12-81-1658]
Paul Volker (Federal Reserve Chairman) [3-82-2343]
Murray Weidenbaum, Reagan's Director of Office of Management and Budget [2-82-2044]
Ray Donovan, Sec. of Labor, 12/81 [12-81-1758]
David Stockhan, Donald Regan, and Murray Weidenbaum testifying before House Appropriation Committee, incl. Chairman Jamie Whitten [2-82-2115]
Vice President George Bush [2-82-2047]
Paul Volcker before House Finance Committee [2-82-2127]
David Stockhan before House Budget Committee [2-82-2161]
George [H.W.] Bush – silhouette (from 1980 Republican Convention) [2-82-2099]
Iowa primary Democratic candidates debate (Barbara Walters) [3-84-7299]
Richard Allen, 12/81 [12-81-1759]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan lightning Christmas tree [1-82-1790]
Nancy Reagan at Children's Hospital [1-82-1791]
William Clark, National Security Advisor with Pres. Reagan [1-82-1798]
Ed Meese (headshot), Caspar Weinberger (headshot) [1-82-1894]
Larry Speakes, Deputy White House Press Secretary [12-81-1657]
Chris DeMuth, Reagan Economic Advisor [2-82-2045]
Jesse Jackson, press conference [1-84-6896]
Reagan inaugural [1-81-8930]
Presidential assistant Mike Deaver, incl. Secret Service agent Jerry Parr [10-81-11-78]
Sec. of State Alexander Haig with Japanese Foreign Minister [3-81-9535]
Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger testifying before a House Appropriations hearing at the Capitol [3-81-9538]
Sec. of State Alexander Haig before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [3-81-9551]
Daniel Ruge, personal physician to Pres. Reagan [4-81-9807]
Richard Allen, National Security Advisor to Pres. Reagan [6-81-0141]
Richard Allen, Reagan's National Security Advisor [7-81-0483A]
Sec. of State Alexander Haig [8-81-0524]
Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan [8-81-0525]
Sec. of the Interior James Watt [8-811-0530]
William Casey, CIA Director, on Capitol Hill [8-81-0558]
Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger [10-81-1003]
Sec. of Defense Weinberger at a press conference where he released a study detailing Soviet military power [10-81-1098]
Haig in Cairo with Pres. Mubarak and others [11-81-1367]
Washington, D.C. – cherry blossoms, Taft Memorial, Jefferson Memorial [4-84-7700]
Chairman Nunzio Palladino of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [4-84-7664]
Thomas Dine, Executive Director, American-Israel Public Affairs Council [4-84-7649]
Ex. Senator George McGovern withdraws from Democratic Presidential campaign [3-84-7630]
Oliver Henkel, Gary Hart's campaign director [3-84-7605]
Ambassador McGee at his home in Georgetown [3-84-7599]
Sen. John Glenn withdrawing from Democratic presidential campaign [3-84-7594]
Sen. Gary Hart in New Hampshire [3-84-7580]
Blacks voting in Alabama, March 1984 [3-84-7564]
Sen. Gary Hart campaigning in the South (Alabama and Georgia), March 1984 [3-84-7563]
Sen. Gary Hart on "Super Tuesday" night in Washington, D.C. – victory party [3-84-7562]
Jesse Jackson, incl. Arnold Pinkney, Preston Love [2-84-7492]
Pope John Paul II in Korea [6-84-7945]
Peter Ueberroth of L.A. Olympic Committee meeting press outside the White House [5-84-7905]
Rep. Robert Michel talking to press, 5/15/84 [5-84-7904]
Pope John Paul II in Korea, May 1984 [5-84-7885]
Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, May 1984 [5-84-7856]
Dr. Robert Gallo, AIDS research [4-84-7728]
McCutchin party for Republicans in Dallas [9-84-86]
Peter Ueberroth – Pres. of L.A. Olympic Committee, press conference in Washington, D.C. [7-84-8476]
Sen. Mark Hatfield campaigning in Portland, Oregon [8-84-8405]
Judy Woodruff [2-84-7458]
Voters on Tuesday, 4/3/84, New York primary [4-84-7436]
Gary Hart campaigning in New York [4-84-7435]
Clara Peller – "Where's the beef?" lady – at a Wendy's in downtown Washington, D.C. [4-84-7432]
Sen. Gary Hart jogging in Central Park [4-84-7416]
Sen. Gary Hart in New York [4-84-7415]
Gen. John Vessey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [3-84-7366]
Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Germany [3-84-7365]
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico [3-84-7364]
Judge Harold Greene at home, 5/16/84 [5-84-7909]
2010-161/8 Black Star Box 21
Box 21 Selects
Leon Jaworski and House of Rep. committee investigating Korean scandal [9-77-0456]
Gen. Alfredo Stroessner of Paraguay, arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, 9/6/77 and Gen. Fransico Morales Bermúdez of Peru [977-0466]
Hamilton Jordan, Asst. to Pres. Carter, and Jack Watson, White House Chief of Staff [3-77-9425]
Richard Viguerie, "Stop the Panama Canal Giveaway Movement" [10-77-0754]
Pres. Augusto Pinochet in USA for Panama agreement [9-77-0506]
Panama Canal treaty: outside Pan-American Union at signing [9-77-0454]
Arrivals of Latin American dignitaries for signing of Panama Treaty (Andrews AFB) [10-77-0550]
Washington, D.C.: White House and Pres. Carter's helicopter departing Washington for Easter vacation, April, 1977 [4-77-9646]
White House Easter Egg Roll, 4/11/77 [4-77-9653]
George Meany [4-77-9657]
Washington, D.C.: refurbishing the Capitol Building [4-77-9608]
CIA Director Stansfield Turner [5-77-9805]
John Snow, Dept. of Transportation, "Deregulation study," 2/77 [4-77-9695]
Governors after meeting with President Carter [4-77-9670]
Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau [2-77-9328]
Blumenthal, Secretary of Treasury [1-77-9099]
Abortion: Congressman Daniel Flood, Congressman Henry Hyde, Congresswoman Millicent Fenwick, Congressman George Miller [12-77-0963]
Misc. samples [4-77-9620]
Prince Charles in USA [10-77-0650]
Panama Treaty: luncheon for heroes of state at Kennedy Center [9-77-0453]
Farmers' protest in Washington, D.C. [12-77-1000]
Georgetown [8-77-0229]
London, England: 10 Downing Street and Big Ben [5-77-9845]
Pleasure (scenes of various leisure activities) [6-77-0020]
Chancellor Helmut Schmidt – Germany [8-77-0366]
Skateboarding [6-77-0021]
Carter Brown [3-77-9413]
Israel army [3-77-9430]
Chip Carter and son (Jimmy Carter's son and grandson) [3-77-9444]
"Annie" – new musical comedy [3-77-9536]
Energy Chief James Schlesinger [3-77-9538]
Lesley Stahl (CBS reporter) [4-77-9554]
West Virginia [4-77-9556]
Anwar Sadat, visit to US and departure [4-77-9597]
Barbara Jordan, Ray Kline, Thomas Hughes [2-77-9278]
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown and Gen. George S. Brown [5-77-9837]
Labor leaders leaving the White House, incl. I.W. Abel and George Meany, 3/77 [4/77/9606]
Washington siege by Hanafi Muslims [3-77-9414]
Andrew Young, US representative to the U.N. [1-77-9097]
Sen. Byrd plays the fiddle [3-77-9371]
Swine flu [2-77-9320]
Andrew Young [7-77-0066]
Press Secretary Jody Powell briefing press about Korea situation [7-77-0131]
Helmut Schmidt in Washington with Carter [7-77-0132]
National Gallery shooting [3-77-9413]
Ray Marshall, Secretary of Labor [1-77-9093]
Sen. Russell B. Long and Sec. of Treasury Michael Blumenthal [1-77-9094]
Opening of Congress, January 1977 [2-77-9224]
Paul Simon, Jean Stapleton [2-77-9276]
Zbigniew Brzezinski [3-77-9360]
Illustrations on coffee [3-77-9410]
Tennis: Washington, D.C. 1977 tennis tournament of charities [6-77-9921]
Summit – London, May 1977 [5-77-9814]
2010-161/9 Black Star Box 23
Sen. John Glenn in Mississippi Aug. 1983 [8-83-5998]
Drug Enforcement Task Force [2-83-4786]
Doris Foster on death row in Maryland [2-83-4808]
Sen. Mark Hatfield, Sen. John Stennis [2-83-4939]
St. John's College [1-83-4691]
Anne Gorsuch, EPA Administrator, press conf. on Superfund 12/20/82 [1-83-4664]
Wolf Trap [2-83-4954]
Former Treasury Secretaries having press conference on a balanced budget 1/19/83 [2-83-4783]
John R. Reilly, senior Mondale advisor [9-84-8567]
Reporters and photographers on the campaign trail [7-84-8253]
Demo. on the capitol steps on the Korean Air Lines massacre [9-83-6258]
March on Washington, 8/27/1983 [8-83-6116]
Sen. John Glenn in New Hampshire and Maine [8-83-6059]
Paul Volcker, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. [8-83-6031]
US Capitol bldg. at night [8-83-6056]
Candle light prayer vigil for freedom in El Salvador, 7/26/83 [8-83-6001]
Rep. Jack Brooks, 7/26/83 [8-83-5962]
Sen. John Tower, 6/29/83 [7-83-5914]
Republican Women's Rally for Ronald Reagan, 7/17/83 [7-83-5913]
Oliver "Pudge" Henkel [7-84-8301]
Queen Elizabeth's visit to California [3-83-4983
Queen Elizabeth in Mexico [3-83-4974]
Russian Embassy in the US in Washington DC with big antennas, 1/13/8 [2-83-4869]
Sen. John Glenn at the controls of airplane, 2/83 [2-83-4854]
Senators after the State of the Union Speech [2-83-4823]
Sen. Pete Domenici along with Rep. Jim Jones [2-83-4819]
Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys playoff games [2-83-4817]
Sen. Howard Baker-Heads, Sen. John Tower at microphone [2-83-4810]
P.M. Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan in Washington, D.C., 1/17/83 [2-83-4782]
P.M. Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan [1-83-4723]
Sen. and Mrs. Dole in her office in the White House [1-83-4701]
Hart Senate office bldg. [1-83-469]
Sen. Pete Wilson (California) at his reception in (Dirksen?) office bldg. after his swearing in [1-83-4672]
Iowa Caucus Election, 2/20/84 [2-84-7513]
At Ed Meese Confirmation hearing, includes Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Charles Mathias, Sen. Paul Laxalt, Sen. Arlen Specter, 3/2/84 [3-84-7583]
Alejandro Orfila Sec. Gov. Organization of American States [6-83-5608]
Washington D.C. Zoo-Panda (Hsing Hsing and Ling Ling) [5-83-5501]
Young couple looking at used cars in Sabina, OH; New housing construction in Warren, OH; Closed steel plants in Pittsburg, PA (Jones and Lauglin Steel Plant) [4-83-5357]
Chancellor Helmut Kohl with Hans Dietrich Genscher, Washington, D.C., 4/15/83 [4-83-5353]
Queen Elizabeth in Santa Barbara and L.A. Feb. 28/29 [3-83-5039]
Queen Elizabeth in Seattle [3-83-5038]
Queen Elizabeth in Mexico [3-83-5035]
Queen Elizabeth in San Francisco, demonstration and dinner [3-83-5034]
Queen Elizabeth in California, L.A. and Sacramento [3-83-5018]
Queen Elizabeth in Yosemite [5-83-5033]
Elie Salem, Lebanon Foreign Affairs Minister 6/8/83 [7-83-5904]
US exports to foreign countries, Port of Baltimore, MD [7-83-5897]
Rep. Peter Rodino, 6/24/83 [7-83-5800]
Langhorne Motley confirmation hearings, 6/28/83 [7-83-5790]
Richard Stone, includes Max Kampelman [7-83-5801]
Neil Armstrong: Color internegatives [7-83-5786]
Sen. Orin Hatch, 6/28/83 [7-83-5762]
Sen. John Glenn, 6/29/83 [7-83 5740]
Sen. Alan Cranston in " Cranston '84" red t-shirt and jogging [6-83-5710]
Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. [6-83-5700]
Neil Armstrong [6-83-5699]
Larry King [6-83-5690]
Preston Martin, Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve [6-83-5680]
House Government Operations Committee [10-83-6463]
Sen. Edward Kennedy with Jerry Falwell at Liberty College [10-83-6428]
Reagan speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference '81 [4-81-9571]
Pres. Reagan-recent portraits and meeting with the National Board of Realtors [4-81-9614]
Reagan - heads [4-81-9674]
Nancy Reagan at the White House Easter egg roll [4-81-9754]
Pres. Reagan [4-81-9801]
Pres. Reagan departing White House for Camp David [4-81-9832]
Pres. Reagan's economic speech to Congress-Tues, 4/28/81 [4-81-9843]
Ronald Reagan (heads) [5-81-9987]
Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Portillo [5-81-9998]
Pres. Reagan at West Point [5-81-0037]
Nancy Reagan with Lady Bird Johnson [6-81-0099]
Pres. and Mrs. Reagan with Frank Sinatra [6-81-0113]
Pres. Reagan honoring astronauts Young and Crippen [5-81-0018]
Prime Minister Helmut Schmidt in Washington, D.C., May 1981 (and w/Reagan) [6-81-0135]
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Retrospective (F-5312)
Pres. Reagan with Claude Cheysson, French Foreign Minister (also V.P. George Bush) [6-81-0148]
Nancy Reagan on White House balcony [6-81-0213]
Pres. Reagan and Vice Pres. Bush together [5-81-0017]
Pres. Reagan and Pres. Lopez Portillo of Mexico in Washington [6-81-0221]
Pres. Reagan at a reception for athletes in the East Room of the White House [6-81-0328]
Pres. Reagan meeting with special ambassador Philip Habib [7-81-0393]
Pres. Reagan at podium with presidential seal, Larry Speakes - Deputy White House Press Secretary, Att. Gen. William French Smith [7-81-0420]
Canadian Summit [7-81-0487]
Pres. Reagan with economic advisors [7-81-0490]
The Imperial Presidency [7-81-0516]
Pres. Reagan Tax Speech - Mon. July 27, 1981 [8-81-0539]
Anwar Sadat alone with Pres. Reagan [8-81-0604?]
Helmut Schmidt in D.C., May '81 [10-81-1062]
"Solidarity Day" Labor Party in Wash, D.C. - Sat. 9/19/81 [10-81-0990]
Mrs. Sadat and Mrs. Reagan at Decatur House, D.C. [9-81-0883]
Reagans depart for California [9-81-0886]
US Capitol Bldg - mood shots with clouds [12-83-6827]
Jesse Jackson campaigning in Philadelphia, 12/14/83 [12-83-6823]
2010-161/10 Memorial service for Pres. JFK in Washington [12-83-6815]
Washington D.C. [12-83-6812]
New concrete barriers at the gate of the White House (near old exec. Office bldg) [12-83-6791]
Christmas shopping at Sears [12-83-6737]
Waste Treatment Plant-DuPont (11-83-6654)
Reagan in Canada [5-81-9532]
Pres. Ford carrying Vietnam orphans off plane [4-75-5936]
Vietnam orphans in San Francisco's Presidio Army Base before joining their new US families [4-75-5938]
Vietnam orphans with their new family [4-75-5939]
Gov. Gerry Brown of California [4-75-5964]
Pill-medical illustration [5-75-6077]
Sec. of Defense James Schlesinger [5-75-6081]
Judge Gerhard Gesell [5-75-6078]
The Shah of Iran visits the White House [5-75-6139]
Church [5-75-6143]
Old age couples [5-75-6162]
Panama Canal Treaty [3-78-1555]
Begin at Washington Press Club [3-78-1607]
Sec. State Cyrus Vance [4-78-1747]
2011-089/1 Black Star Box 24
Box 24 Selects
Emperor Hirohito's Funeral, 2/1989
Reagan endorses George Bush, 5/11/88 [5-88-1245]
Opening of Richard Nixon Library, 1990 [F-3756]
Democratic Convention, 1992 [F-4663]
George Bush on election night, 11/3/1992 [F-4781]
Donald Regan [F-3206]
White House reacts to the military coup in Moscow, 8/20/91 [F-4170]
1991 contest – originals, Gulf War
Contest pictures, 1982
The photographic collection at the Smithsonian Institute warehouse, 01/02 [F-6435-CD]
Judge Clarence Thomas senate hearing, 10/91
Kuwait, 03/91 [F-4327A]
Economic summit, England, 1991 [F-4140]
Clarence Thomas hearing, 1991
Summit, Washington D.C., Gorbachev and Bush, 5/1990
Liberation of Kuwait, [3-91-6585]
Democratic convention, 7/92 [F-4665]
Bush campaign, Houston, final rally, 11/88 [F-3303]
Cronkite and Rather at Democratic convention, Atlanta, GA for Time magazine, 7/88
Bush and Quayle in Indiana [9-88-2080]
Moscow summit, [6-88-1351] [6-88-1347]
Clinton visit aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt [F-4899]
The ordeal of Felix Bloch [8-89-3958]
David Souter, Supreme Court nominee [7-90-5910]
Elvis stamp [F-4837]
Contest 1997
Bush and Atwater singing blues, 01/1989 [1-89-2701]
Presidential debate, 1992 [F-4751]
Oliver North campaigning [F-5115]
Studying common cold, 1984 [F-2461]
Clintons visit Washington, 11/92 [F-4792]
Democratic convention, first day, 1992 [F-4651]
Bush campaigning, 08/92 [F-4735]
Cardboard cutout of president [8-89-3970]
Gulf War press briefing, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [2-91-6435]
US Troops in Saudi Arabia
US Troops in Saudi Arabia [8-90-6104]
Gulf Crisis, USS Saratoga Se, 1990
Gulf War, Saudi Arabia [8-90-6104]
US Troops in Saudi Arabia, Coca Cola, 9/3/90 [9-90-6124]
Sadat and Reagan state dinner, 1981 [F-1990]
Contest entries, 1995
Campaign, Bush and Clinton neighbors [F-4769]
Queen Elizabeth II in Congress, 1991
US Navy Middle East task force, Persian Gulf, 2/88 [F-3344]
NOW march, Washington D.C., 4/5/92 [F-4449]
Nixon resignation originals [8-74-4733]
Gulf War, 1991 [5-91-6656]
Gulf War, used in Time book
Welcome home, Desert Storm, Washington D.C., 06/91 [F-4107]
Bush's Thanksgiving in Saudi Arabia [F-3852]
Saudi Arabia, selects other than F-set
Ferry boats
Gulf War selects
Gulf crisis, Saudi Arabia
Gulf War, medical base America [F-3993]
Gulf War selects, 1990 – 1991
2011-089/1 Black Star Box 25
Box 25 Selects
Buster Douglas [3-90-5106]
Military budget hearing [2-90-4914]
"The Great American Workout" [5-90-5387]
Dan Quayle, head shots [5-90-5393]
Jesse Jackson and Mayor Marion Barry, Washington D. C., 10/89 [2-90-4916]
Testimonial – President's Council of Economic Advisors for New York Times"Week in Review" [2-90-4937]
Air and Space Museum, Washington D. C., [2-90-4653]
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Washington, D.C., after meeting with President Bush, 11/89 [2-90-5044]
Lee Iacocca, portraits, Chrysler cars, 1990 [3-90-5060]
Secretary of Defense, Richard Cheney and Deputy Secretary of Defense, Donald Atwood [3-90-5105]
1990 Census, 03/90 [3-90-5168]
Paul Garber [4-90-5190]
John Sununu, White House chief of staff [4-90-5336]
Surgeon General Antonia Novello [5-90-5368]
Reza Pahlavi, son of the Shah of Iran, speaking in Washington, D.C. [5-90-5369]
President George Bush with President Endara of Panama [5-90-5370]
Jesse Jackson, Marion Barry and Walter Fauntroy, representative of Washington D. C., [5-90-5371]
Second Vacation Homes assignment for Money magazine
Edward Bennet Williams, 1981
A children's tour of Washington D.C.
2011-004/1 Black Star Box 26
Black Star Box 26 Selects
Hijacking TWA 847; Robert Stethem's funeral, Arlington Cemetery, Thursday 6/20/85 [6-85-0040]
Radio Marti, USIA radio station to Cuba for Time [6-85-0004]
House and Senate leadership [10-85-0733]
Dirty Rock hearing for Time [9-85-0602]
Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Washington [6-85-0059]
Bald Eagle for Du Pont [9-85-0459]
E.F. Hutton officers testifying before House Judiciary Committee hearings for Fortune [7-85-0175]
White House state dinner for Time [10-85-0744]
Sanctuary Movement – All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, D. C. for Time [10-85-0853]
Vietnam Memorial Wall – close ups of names [6-85-9970]
Carla Hills, U. S. Trade representative [6-89-3612]
Marilyn Quayle, 6/89 [6-89-3656]
James Watkins, Director Department of Energy and William Reilly, Director of E.P.A. at Presidential Press Conference on Environment Policy, 6/12/89 [6-89-3657]
Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan, testifying before Senate Banking committee, 6/17/89 [6-89-3670]
"Congress at Work" – House and Senate conference on the budget [8-85-0331]
Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C. showing antennas on the roof, for Time [8-85-0278]
Larry King for Time [8-85-0271]
Representative Time Wirth [7-85-0179]
Washington, D.C., 4th of July fireworks 1985, for Time [7-85-0156]
William Colby at home in northeast Washington, for Time, 6/27/85 [7-85-0120]
Richard Helms in Washington office, for Time [7-85-0119]
Beach Boys concert on mall, Washington D.C., 07/4/1985, for Time [7-85-0110]
Security in Washington, D.C. [6-85-0066]
Chuck Yeager, pilot, for Time [10-85-0732]
Clayton Yeutter, U.S. Trade Representative, for Time 9/18/85 [10-85-0690]
Eric Block, National Science Foundation, for High Technology [10-85-0650]
River illustration and cattle drive [9-85-0584]
Yellowstone National Park [9-85-0583]
Washington, D.C. demonstration to commemorate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 8/4/85 [8-85-0366]
Paul Kirk, chairman, Democratic National Committee [11-85-0975]
President Duarte and daughter, Inez, outside White House after meeting with President Reagan for Time, 10/31/85 [11-85-0851]
Joseph H. Sherick, Inspector General for Time, 10/16/85 [10-85-0816]
Lee Iacocca at Statue of Liberty fundraiser, for Time, [10-85-0813]
Douglas Castle, for her E.P.A. administrator, for Time, 10/2/85 [10-85-0810]
Security at U.S. State Department, for Time, 10/2/85 [10-85-0793]
Navy Sec. John F. Lehman, Jr. rowing for Cambridge in a race on the Potomac River against Oxford, for Time, 10/31/85 [10-85-0771]
William McGowan, for Nations Business, [10-85-0768]
State Department, press conference on Soviet strategic defense systems, for Time, 10/4/85 [10-85-0757]
2011-004/1 Black Star Box 27
Black Star Box 27 Selects
Frank Lautenberg [1-90-4787]
Louis Sullivan [1-90-4801]
Operation Just Cause briefing [1-90-4824]
Alan Greenspan [1-90-4834]
Senate Hearing on Lincoln Federal Savings & Loan Assn [1-90-4845]
Federal Reserve Board; Chairman Alan Greenspan, 11/89 [1-90-4847]
Marion Barry at U.S. court, 1/19/90 [1-90-4858]
House Committee, 1990 Budget Hearing, 1/90, [2-90-4890]
William Reilly, Head of EPA [2-90-5017]
Alan Greenspan [2-90-5034]
George Washington birthday, black marching [2-90-5035]
William Bennett, drug czar, testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee on drug program 8/7/88 [10-89-4172]
Nicholas Brady, Secretary of the Treasury [10-89-4283]
Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney and Gen Yazov at the Pentagon, for Time, 10/2/89 [11-89-4374]
War on Drugs – drug czar William Bennett, Atty Gen. Richard Thornburg, Richard Darman, testifying before House Committee [11-89-4403]
General Brent Scowcroft, National Security Advisor to President Bush 11/89 [11-89-4428]
Governor John Sununu, Chief of Staff Bush Administration 11/89 [11-89-4429]
Vice President Dan Quayle, for Time [12-89-4624]
Marlin Fitzwater 11/27/89, for Time [12-89-4657]
James Baker briefing press on situation in Panama [12-89-4694]
Miss Olympia Congress, International Federation of Bodybuilders [12-85-1052]
Prince Charles and Princess Di at V.C. Penney [11-85-1024]
Prince Charles and Princess Diana in U.S. for Burda [11-85-1008]
Dr. Arnond Hanner [11-85-1005]
Prince Charles and Laoy Di in Palm Beach, Florida for Burda [11-85-1001]
Guests arriving at the State dinner for Lady Diana and Prince Charles [11-85-0950]
Released hostage Robert Polhill with President Bush [5-90-5378]
President Bush with Carlos Perez of Venezuela [5-90-5379]
Robert Polhill arriving at address Air Force base [5-90-5380]
Voting in Prince Edward County, Virginia, 11/8/89, for Time [2-90-4938]
Carol Thompson [2-90-4946]
Senator George Mitchell, Majority Leader and Speaker of the House, Thomas Foley, 11/89 [2-90-4998]
Richard Darman, Office of Mgt and Budget, testifying before Senate Comm, for Time [10-89-4311]
Ambassador Paul Nitze, Dept of State, for Time [12-85-1211]
Marine Military maneuvers, for Time [12-85-1209]
Jack Matlock, National Security Council, for Time [12-85-1208]
Noel Koch, principle Dep. Ass't to Secretary of Defense 12/5/85, for Time [12-85-1166]
AFA Convention [12-85-1116]
Dr. Rosenberg [12-85-1100]
Washington, D.C., executive office building [12-85-1059]
Washington, D.C., Jefferson Memorial [12-85-1057]
Washington, D.C., Capitol Building [12-85-1056]
Washington, D.C., Washington Monument [12-85-1055]
Washington, D.C. [12-85-1054]
Washington, D.C., Supreme Court building [12-85-1052]
Portfolio – Originals, Editorial II
Portfolio – Originals I
Bush, 1989
Terry Waite, negotiator in Lebanon for U.S. Hostages, 11/27/85 [12-85-1212]
Gulf War, Colin Powell
Gulf War
Politicians address the issue of Homeland Security
Acupuncture, 12/2001
Cleaning the Capitol dome, 7/88
General Colin Powell, Chief of Staff, testifying before Senate Armed Services committee, 9/20/87 [10-89-4145]
Fortune [12-88-2449]
2011-089/2 Black Star Box 28
Box 28 selects
Senator Dan Quayle campaign for Time, 9/14 [10-88-2155]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign for Time, 9/12 and 9/13/88 [9-88-2126]
William Bennett drug director at press conference on War on Drugs in Washington, D. C., 4/10/89 [4-89-3120]
Vice President Dan Quayle, 04/89 [4-89-3164]
Vice President Day Quayle, press conference with Senator Lugar and Representative Dan Coats [12-88-2579]
Vice President Dan Quayle gets box of Virginia apples from Senator Byrd [2-89-2823]
Richard Darman [3-89-2997]
Jack Kemp, secretary of H.U.D. [3-89-3011]
Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney with President George Bush for Time magazine, 3/10/89 [3-89-3022]
Swearing in ceremony of Richard Cheney, Secretary of Defense [3-89-3029]
Michael Boskin, chairman, Council of Economic Advisors [4-89-3106]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign, Arizona, 9/21/88 for Time magazine [10-88-2159]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas for Time magazine, 9/15 and 9/16/88 [10-88-2158]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign, Oklahoma, 9/15/88 for Time magazine [10-88-2161]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign, Wyoming, Idaho, Tennessee, 9/19 and 19/20/88 for Time magazine [10-88-2162]
Senator Dan Quayle campaign, Idaho and Nevada for Time magazine, 9/20 and 9/21/88 [10-88-2156]
Jack Kemp, visiting housing project [5-89-3384]
Secretary of State James Baker for Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards [6-89-3582]
James Baker, secretary of state; Chief of Staff Sununu Scowcroft [4-89-3187]
Secretary of State James Baker and Foreign Minister Sousuke Uno of Japan in Washington D. C., 2/89 [4-89-3257]
William Bennet, drug czar with Gene Upshaw, NFL players association, David Stern, NBA commissioner, and Bartlett Giametti, baseball commissioner [6-89-3594]
Nicholas Brady, secretary of the treasury, speaking to the N.A.M. annual meeting, 3/27/89 [4-89-3108]
Secretary of Defense, Richard Cheney, 3/30/89 [4-89-3119]
Robert Kennedy memorial, 20th Anniversary, 06/06/88 [6-88-1369]
Senator Dan Quayle talking to press before republican convention for Time [9-88-2054]
Pope in Miami, 9/10 [9-87-9546]
Pope John Paul II, in San Francisco and Monterey, 9/17/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9622]
Pope John Paul II, in San Antonio, Texas, 9/13/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9621]
Pope John Paul II, in Phoenix, Arizona, 9/14/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9623]
Pope John Paul II, in Los Angeles, 9/16/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9624]
Pope John Paul II, in New Orleans, 9/11/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9625]
Pope John Paul II, in Detroit, 9/19/87 [9-87-9681]
Pope John Paul II, in San Francisco, 9/18/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9685]
Pope John Paul II visit to Miami, Florida, 9/11/87 for Time magazine [9-87-9541]
Black Star Box 29
2011-089/2 Box 29 selects
President George Bush with Little League World Series winners [11-89-4405]
President and Mrs. Bush at "Don't Do Drugs" pep rally [11-89-4420]
Cindy and Dennis in CA and Cabo
Cuba, 1989
President George Bush with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir for Time magazine [12-89-4622]
President George Bush at presentation of Reagan portraits for Time magazine [12-89-4623]
Bush at NATO [12-89-4717], December 1989
Mrs. Barbara Bush and 1989 Christmas tree for Time magazine [12-89-4719]
President George Bush with Sibghatullah, Afghan Interim government for Time magazine [12-89-4721]
[President Bush] [4-90-5248]
President Bush at Chanukah ceremony with Vice President Quayle [1-90-4753]
President Bush and war on drugs [10-89-4180]
President George Bush returns to White House on helicopter for Time magazine [10-89-4289], October 1989
Saudi Arabia, U. S. tanks military [9-90-6021]
Kuwait demonstration in front of White House [8-90-6000], August 5, 1990
Hostages come home, Iraq crisis [12-90-6228]
Iraq crisis, Saudi Arabia, U.S. Troops in Desert Air Field [9-90-6124]
Saudi Arabia [9-90-6154]
Emir of Kuwait arrives in Washington for Time magazine [10-90-6181]
Iraq crisis, U.S. Senators visiting [8-90-6104]
Iraq crisis, Saudi Arabia, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf for Time magazine [9-90-6114]
President George Bush [11-89-4468]
Winter, coping with the cold, Ohio, for Time magazine [2-77-9327], 1977
Briefing on Panama at Pentagon [1-90-4760]
Heat wave, Washington, D. C. for Time magazine [7-77-0164], July 1977
Mondale, head shots and hecklers [9-84-8560]
The Mondale's with Humphrey, Widow, Muriel and her husband, Max Brown for Time magazine at a reception honoring Humphrey [9-84-8566]
Representative Geraldine Ferraro and John Zaccaro after Bush debate [10-84-8670], October 11, 1984
Mondale, heads at San Jose State University [9-84-8475]
Mondale's megaphone, campaign 1984, [9-84-8491]
Saudi Arabia, U.S. military, for Time magazine [8-90-6104A]
2011-089/3 Democrats campaigning in Iowa, 2/85 for Time magazine [3-84-7268]
Democratic candidates debate in Dartmouth, NH for Time magazine [1-84-7076]
Mondale with campaign workers at his HQs in Washington, D. C.; outside of ABC news bureau for Time [10-84-8672]
Hart, Mondale and Jackson, joint debate appearance on WNBC [4-84-7417], April 1984
New Hampshire primary for Time magazine [3-84-7298]
Lech Walesa, receives "Medal of Freedom" from President Bush [11-89-4444], November 13, 1989
President George Bush [12-89-4667]
President George Bush with Thanksgiving turkey [11-89-4467], November 17, 1989
President George Bush signs minimum wage bill [11-89-4466], November 17, 1989
President Bush on drug program, 2nd announcement [2-90-4880], 1990
Mondale and Ferraro parade and rally in Merrill, Wisconsin [9-84-8473]
Walter and Joan Mondale together in Minnesota [6-84-8120], June 23, 1984
W. Mondale on election night in Philadelphia, for Maclean's [5-84-7792]
Representative Geraldine Ferraro at democratic platform hearings [6-84-8093]
Walter Mondale with Mayor Diane Feinstein in Minnesota [6-84-8117], June 23, 1984
Arthur Burns [4-70-2135]
Mondale and Ferraro Labor Day parade in New York, for Nations Business [9-84-8472]
George Bush [1-90-4839], January 1990
Malta summit for Time [1-90-4778]
President Bush, Secretary Baker and USSR foreign minister Eduard Shevardnaze at the White House [9-89-4128], September 1989
President Bush and William Bennett [9-89-4105]
Mrs. Bush accepts White House Christmas tree [12-89-4558], December 1989
Walter Mondale alone in informal clothes in Minnesota [6-84-8121]
Mondale and Ferraro in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for Nations Business [9-84-8468]
Mondale in Lansing, Michigan for Time [9-84-8521], September 14, 1984
Walter Mondale campaign for Time magazine [9-84-8512], September 14, 1984
2011-356/1 Black Star Box 30
Box 30 selects
Dupes for synd. cat.
Bush 41, Oliver North, Bobbitt, Reno, syndicated dupes
Bush 43, Convention & inauguration dupes 1989
Royal Wedding dupes
Clinton/Mandela dupes, 1986
Reagan dupes, 1982
Nixon, Reagan dupes and originals
Bush 43, Cabinet syndication dupes, 2001
D-Day from National Archives, 50th Anniversary, 1994
Nixon retrospective
Clinton, Bush, Castro, Hart (?), Reagan dupes for syndication
Clinton, Bush 41, Quayle dupes for syndication
Deng Xiaoping, 1979
Bill and Hillary Clinton dupes
Inauguration 1989 [1-89-2685], Kennedys dupes
Clinton, Bill Gates, Senator John Glenn dupes
AIDS quilt, Clinton dupes
Dennis Brack, 1991
Al Gore dupes
Convention 2000, Clinton, Buchanan syndication dupes
Billy Graham, Reagan, James Baker syndication dupes
Democratic Convention, 2000, Kennedy, Bob Dole
Reagan-Bush 41, Colin Powell, Quayle, Jesse Jackson
Clinton 1st inauguration, syndication dupes, 1997
Governor's Island, Statue of Liberty, Reagan, Clinton convention, papal visit 1987 syndication dupes
Castro, Pope, Reagan, Sinatra, Clinton syndication dupes
Colin Powell
Black Star Box 31
Box 31 selects
Reagan staff
Sec. of Defense Frank Carlucci testifies about drugs in the armed forces [7-88-1594]
Attorney Gen. Edwin Meese, May 1988, for Time; includes Justice William Rehnquist, Justice Anthony Kennedy [6-88-1342]
Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci: press conference on Soviet military power for Time, 4/29/88 [6-88-1415]
Sec. Defense Frank Carlucci with Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin 6/27/88 for Time [7-88-1564]
Moscow Summit III: Sec. of Defense Frank Carlucci with defense chief USSR Yazov at USSR Defense Ministry bldg. for Time, includes Russian generals and admirals [6-88-1341]
Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese for Time, 6/28/88 press conference [7-88-1570]
Alan Greenspan, chairman, Federal Reserve Board testifying before House Banking committee 7/28/88 [8-88-1725]
Donald Regan, James Baker and Bill Brock [8-88-1939]
Sec. George Shultz: signing tax agreement with Bermuda, 12/2/88 for Time [12-88-2563]
Pres. Reagan departure from White House, 12/23/88, for Time; speaking on bombing of PANAM flt. 103 [1-89-2663]
Attorney Gen. Edwin Meese, 6/27/88, for Time; speaking at ceremony commemorating 1st anniversary of Intl. Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking [7-88-1566]
Briefing on downing of Libyan plane for Time, includes Admiral Crowe, Sec. Defense Carlucci [2-89-2725]
James Brady press conference, 3/13/89 for Time; talking to Mary Jack Owen, dir. of "Disability Focus," talking to James Thornburgh [4-89-3229]
Ronald Reagan campaigning, for Time (272Trans.) Candidate [1-76-7346]
White House Chief of Staff Howard Baker, 3/4/87, with Sen. Robert Dole, Rep. Robert Michel, Sen. Robert Byrd [3-87-4132]
National Security Council director Frank Carlucci, 3/4/87 [3-87-4133]
Sec. of Interior Donald Hodel for Time 3/2/87 [3-87-4165]
Frank Carlucci, Howard Baker Jr., Sec. State George Shultz 3/87 [3-87-4253]
Atty. Gen. Ed Meese: press conference at Dept. of Justice, 3/5/87 for Time [4-87-4532]
Frank Carlucci, William Webster and Sec. Casper Weinberger, press briefing on President's position to escort Persian Gulf, June 30, 1987 [7-87-9050]
Secretary Defense Casper Weinberger press briefing on Soviet military power, 3/24/87, for Time [4-87-4547]
Frank Carlucci: National Security Council head for Time, at Venice Economic Summit 6/87 [7-87-9039]
Judge Robert Bork with Howard Baker and Sen. Byrd for Time 7/9/87 [7-87-9201]
Sec. of State George Schultz: press conference, 8/6/87 for Time [8-87-9307]
Alan Greenspan: swearing in as head of Federal Reserve Board, 8/10/87 [8-87-9325]
James Brunley IV, Sec. of transportation, Nov. 1987, includes: Sen. Wendell Ford, Sen. Brock Adams, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. John Danforth, Sen. Ernest Hollings [11-87-0088]
Sec. of State George Shultz before committee hearing for Time, 1/25/88 [1-88-0468]
Sec. of State George Shultz testifying on INF treaty before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1/25/88 for Time; includes Paul Nitz, Max Kampelman, Sen. Jesse Helms, Sen. Joseph Biden, Sen. Christopher Dodd, Sen. Alan Cranston, Sen. Claiborne Pell, Sen. Pat Moynihan, Sen. John Kerry [2-88-0527]
Attorney Gen. Ed. Meese press conference, April 1, 1988 for Time [4-88-1035]
Ann McLaughlin, Sec. of Labor in Dept. of Labor child day care center for Time [5-88-1240]
Sec. of Defense Frank Carlucci for Time [5-88-1307]
Atty. Gen Edwin Meese press conference of Pentagon investigation, 6/21/88 for Time, includes U.S. Atty Henry Hudson and Edward Dennis [7-88-1573]
Donald Regan in Oklahoma, Regan and Poindexter together, also Henry Bellmon, 10/24/86 for Time [11-86-3369]
Larry Speakes press briefing on hostage release (in Calif.) for Time, 11/2/86 [11-86-3388]
Sec. of State George Shultz, Robert McFarlane appear before House Foreign Relations Committee on Iran-contra $ controversy, Mon., 12/8/86, includes Dante Fascell, Adm. John Poindexter, Lt. Col. Oliver North [12-86-3556] (includes captions)
Donald Regan entering and leaving Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Tues., 12/16/86 [12-86-3609]
Donald Regan after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee [12-86-3634]
Larry Speakes conducting daily White House press briefing, Tues., 11/25/86 for Time [12-86-3646]
Citizens for America rally in Lafayette Park, across from the White House, & signs supporting the president; includes Sec. of Ed. William Bennett, Patrick Buchanan-White House communications director, Rep. Jack Kemp, Richard Viguerie, 1/5/87 for Time [1-87-3823]
Marlin Fitzwater, White House press secretary, for
CIA Director William Webster, 3/4/87, in White House briefing room, Frank Carlucci (NSC) and Webster; used as partial Time cover 3/16/87 [3-87-4129]
Press secretary Marlin Fitzwater, 3/4/87 [3-87-4131]
2011-382/1 Black Star Box 32
M. L. King gala at Kennedy Center, 1/20/86, for Time [2-86-1428]
Gary (?) [4-79-3610]
William Rogers & Neil Armstrong testifying about the Roger's Committee [Rogers Commission] Report on the space shuttle before the House Space Committee [6-86-2504]
Federal Reserve Board nominations, includes: new Fed. Reserve board governors Wayne D. Angell, Manuel H. Johnson, Sen. Robert Dole, Sen. Phil Gramm, Sen. John Warner, Sen. Jake Garn, for Time [4-86-2086]
Flying Pterosaurs (Andrews Air Force Base), Dr. Paul MacCready, for Time [5-86-2229]
MLK Library Mural, 1/14/86, Don Miller (painter of the mural), for Time [1-86-1337]
Robot family (Auf Einen Blick) [3-86-1701]
VP Bush swearing [in] - senators [1-83-4673]
Auchter – OSHA [8-81-0596]
Children's Hospital, includes surgery – open heart, burn treatment, CAT scanner, stuffed animals, for Time [2-86-1451]
Malcolm Forbes & his new yacht "The Highlander" for Time [4-8-1929]
Accuracy in academia, Reed Irvine (Chairman & founder), Lee [Les] Csorba III (executive director), for Time [4-86-1979]
Bishop Tutu in Wash., D.C. [2-86-1413]
Petition campaign against S. Africa press curbs, for Time [1-86-1288]
Press conf. on AIDS, Dr. Myron Essex, Dr. Judith Wilber, Dr. John Sever, Dr. Jay Levy, Dr. Mario Escobar, Roy Stevens, Phyllis Kanki, for Time [4-86-1985]
Paul Wolfowitz, asst. Sec. of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs [4-86-1983]
Richard Perle – in his office in the Pentagon, 11/7/85 [4-86-1972]
Sen. Robert Packwood talks to press outside White House after meeting Pres. Reagan on tax package, 3/11/86, for Time [4-86-1971]
U.S. Senators playing in a tennis tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona, includes Gary Hart, Alexandra Haig, John Kerry, Eva Gabor, etc. for Time [3-86-1707]
Law offices, Baker & Hostetler, for Dossier Magazine, March, 1986 issue [3-86-1742]
Ambassador Clayton Yeutter, U.S. trade representative [3-86-1743]
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend campaigning for Congress in Baltimore [3-86-1753]
Sec. Weinberger & David Packard in Pentagon, meeting of the Packard Commission at the Pentagon, 2/27/86, for Time [3-86-1804]
Dr. Gaston J. Sigur, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Asian Affairs National Security Council [3-86-1833]
Sen. Carl Levin (press conf. in the Senate press gallery – 1/23/86) for Time [3-86-1842]
Low gas prices in Eastern Maryland [4-86-1919]
Clarence Pendleton, Jr. at the Civil Rights commission, for Time [4-86-1995]
Sen. Robert Dole; Rep. Daniel Rostenkowski; Sec. Otis Bowen, Sec. Health & Human Services, at National Governor's Conference, Feb. 1986 [3-86-1672]
Lee Thomas, Director E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) for Time [3-86-1667]
Sec. of Treasury James Baker [3-86-1665]
Jonas Suimbi [Savimbi] in Wash., D.C. (leader of the UNITA movement in Angola) [2-86-1577]
Tokyo Summit, Prime Minister Nakasone press conference after statement, for Time [5-86-2209]
Salvador Laurel press conference in Bali, 4/29, for Time [5-86-2165]
James Miller (OMB) (Office of Management & Budget), Rudolph Penner (CBO) (Congressional Budget Office) 1/15/85, for Time [4-86-2095]
George Mason College, includes Pres. Dr. George Johnston, general campus scenes, for Time [4-86-2059]
Bomb scare at the White House, shows D.C. bomb dispersal truck parked on 17th St. at entrance near where the mail comes into White House, for Time [4-86-2048]
Security in NYC during Reagan speech, 4/18/86 [4-86-2014]
White House special anti-terrorist barricades [4-86-2013]
Gasoline prices, sign at Northeast Washington gas station advertising free glass giveaway with purchase of 10 gallons of gas, for Time [4-86-2007]
Sen. Jake Garn, includes: Sen. Alphonse D'Amato, Sen. William Proxmire, for Fortune [6-86-2411]
Senators after the tax reform vote in the Senate; Sen. Packwood, Sen. Bradley, Sen. Long, Sen. Chaffee, Sen. Mitchell [6-86-2489]
Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, includes: Rehnquist with Sen. Dole, Rehnquist with Sen. Strom Thurmond of the Senate Judiciary Committee [6-86-2518]
Paul Nitze, SDI, for Time [6-86-2407]
Hands Across America; Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, Koreta [Coretta] King & Martin Luther King III [6-86-2366]
Tax report bill action on Capitol Hill: 1) Senators Dole & Packwood talking in the Presidents room off the Senate floor 2) Senators D'Amato, Dood [Dodd], Hawkins, Pressler & Murkowski – they have an amendment to keep the I.R.A. deduction [6-86-2361]
Senate on Television, the editing room in the basement of the Capitol Building [6-86-2330]
Anatoli [sic] Shcharansky talking to reporters outside the White House [5-86-2246]
Black Star Box 33
Box 33 Selects
American Stock Exchange; Stockman, Hollings, Tower [7-82-3288]
Rukeyser, Washington [6-28-8180]
United Nations 1982 [6-82-3162]
World Bank, 1982 [6-82-3153]
Paul Sarbanes, 1982 [10-86-4086]
Dionne Warwick, singer [6-88-1412]
Gen. Lajoie, 6/13/88, for Time [6-88-1445]
Sen. Claude Pepper [6-88-1409]
Professional football personalities, includes Richard Bennett (sports agent), Wilbur Marshall (Washington Redskins), Joe Gibbs (Redskins coach), for Sports Inc. [6-88-1401]
Pizza [6-88-1398]
Red Square – Moscow USSR: night scene – St. Basil's church & Kremlin, crowds in Red Square attempt to see Pres. & Mrs. Reagan, for Time [6-88-1384]
Moscow, USSR: Novo Dievisek [Novodevichy?] cemetery, Army unit running on the bank of the Moscow River, May 1988, for Time [6-88-1351]
Pentagon indictments, 1/6/89, Henry E. Hudson, U.S. Atty. for Eastern Dist. of Va. at press conference announcing indictment, includes: Edward Dennis (black), Ken Walton (FBI), for Time [2-89-2734]
Moscow, USSR: Red Square at night, Circus – Gorky Park, general scenes, old women, for Time [6-88-1340]
John Tower's confirmation hearings for Secretary of Defense (heads), includes: Sen. James Exon, Sen. Sam Nunn, Sen. John Warner, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Daniel Moynihan, Sen. John Chaffee, Sen. Carl Levin, Mr. Ruder [2-89-2757]
"Gucci Gulch," people outside House Ways and Means Committee hearing room, Washington, D.C. [2-89-2740]
Shootout at Washington's Woodrow Wilson High School, for Time [1-89-2719]
Misc. senators, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Sen. Chuck Robb, Sen. Richard Bryan [1-89-2711]
East Wing of the National Gallery at twilight, view of Congress [1-89-2681]
Meeting of Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Alan Greenspan, December, 1988 [12-88-2561]
Phyllis Oakley, State Dept. spokesperson at daily briefing on P.L.O. accord, 12/2/88, for Time [12-88-2560]
Military base closures, Sec. Wm. Howard Taft IV, Rep. Jack Edwards, Sen. Abraham Ribicoff; Ribicoff & Edwards brief press on planned base closures [1-89-2723]
Justice Thurgood Marshall, 8/10/88, speaking to National Bar Assoc., Washington, D.C., for Time [12-88-2559]
Federal Reserve Board meeting, 8/10/88, incl. Alan Greenspan, for Time [12-88-2555]
Cafritz Estate, possible house of Secy. of State, house belongs to Gwendolyn Cafritz, 2301 Foxhall Rd., Wash., D.C., for Time [12-88-2558]
Convention Center, Washington, D.C. [12-88-2540]
USSR trade show at Jacob Javitz Center, NYC, inc. Soviet fashion show, Dec. 1988, for Fortune [12-88-2502]
Sen. Brock Adams [6-88-2432]
William Seidman, chmr. of Federal Deposit Insurance [11-88-2408]
William Demby, double amputee, preparing for Special Olympics; trainer – Tony de Luca, coach – John Philbin – outside, for Time [11-88-2364] (includes prints)
Home health care, Anna & James Price, elderly blacks, for
Washington, D.C. Capitol bldg. Painters caulking the Indian on Capitol dome, for Time [11-88-2230]
Gov. Michael Dukakis & Sen. Lloyd Bentsen at Lone Star Plan near Longview, Texas, inc. B.A. Bentsen, for Time [10-88-2202]
Democrat & Republican dog cookies [10-88-2182]
A.I.D.S. "Quilt Project" in Washington, D.C. [10-88-2180]
Capital dome, painters working on dome [10-88-2167]
Lloyd Bentsen in Charlotte, N.C., 9/30/88, for Time [10-88-2166] (empty)
Dukakis & Bentsen in Texas: Dallas & Nashville, fund raising, press conference after endorsement by C.L.E.A.T., Bentsen & wife watching TV coverage of Discovery lift-off at Nashville Airport; Bentsen dancing with his wife (fund raising), for Time [10-88-2164]
Sen. Lloyd Bentsen campaigning, Fresno, Cal., 9/21/88, includes: anti-Dukakis signs, pro Dukakis-Bentsen sign, Mrs. Bentsen, really nice Bentsen heads, for Time [10-88-2160]
Sen. Lloyd Bentsen campaign in California, at Intel Corp. in Santa Clara, 9/22/88, for Time [10-88-2154] (empty)
Gun control, lobby effort, for Time [9-88-2129]
25th anniversary of march on Washington, 8/27/88, includes: Michael Dukakis, Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King & family, Martin Sheen, Jesse Jackson & family, for Time [9-88-2103]
"Gridlock," National Airport, Washington, D.C., 8/14/88, for Time [9-88-2089]
Iranian Stamp: anti-USA propaganda on stamp sent to Washington, D.C. law firm, for Time [9-88-2086]
Highway traffic, Rt. 395 – gridlock, Houston(?), includes: train depot, for Time [9-88-2085]
March on Washington 25th anniversary, 8/28/88 [8-88-2025]
Political campaign buttons [8-88-2011]
Media: still & TV cameraman at work covering a Jackson press conference [8-88-1975]
United States Marines marching in Joint Services parade at Battle of Yorktown site [8-88-1959]
Whistle blower Rodney Joye, for Time [8-88-1917]
2011-382/2 Rita Braver, TV Guide, 1986 [8-88-1906]
Senator Byrd & Sen. Dole Contra Aid legislation, 8/10/88, for Time [8-88-1899]
AIDS: CD4 – new treatment for AIDS by National Cancer Institute – a study by Dr. Sam Broder and Robert Varchoan [8-88-1898]
Brig. Gen. Roland Lajoie, Director of the on sit[e] inspection program (INF), 4/12/88, for Time [8-88-1877]
C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General, also Deputy S.G. Michael McGinnis, press conference on NUTRITION (July 88) for Time [8-88-1868]
Elsie L. Scott (Ph.D.) Executive Director of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (Wash. D.C.) July 88, for Time [8-88-1865]
Republican Convention, New Orleans, last night – Thursday August 18, 1988, includes: V.P. George Bush and family; Barbara Bush; Gov. James Thompson, Illinois; Sen. Dan Quayle and family; Rep. Jack Kemp; Bush & Quayle together; general convention scenes, for Time [8-88-1864]
Black Star Box 38: Mobil
Mobil, 1996-1997
Mock gas station – Reston(?) environmental brochure, 1998
New Jersey chem plant 1998
Crisis preparedness – students, 1999
6D [construction site] 1996
Sap(?) story, 1998
Annual stockholders' meeting, Dallas 1999
1996, also 1997
#3, unidentified plant, men
Quatar [Qatar] treasury, 1996
Transition teams, 1999
Angels of Mercy, 1999
Gas station, 1995
Quatar [Qatar] general, 1996
Poly plant, Holland, 1995
Year 2000 graph room, 1998
Quatar [Qatar], 1995
Saudi Arabia, 1995
Job sharing, 1998
Boat people, 1997
Scoggins, 1997
Unidentified office, 1996
Rochester, NY, 1998
Kazakstan [Kazakhstan], 1995
K72(?) 1995
Hibernia, 1996
2012-191/1 Black Star Box 34
Box 34 Selects
Inaugural Stand: 1981
Sadat's Funeral
Solidarity Day, 1981
Senator David Pryor, Roger Jepson
House construction, 1982
Clarence Thomas, Anna Shana
Congress in 1979
Minneapolis-Downtown 1979
Secretary Cyrus Vance
Pres. Reagan's economic speech to congress & the nation on T.V. Weds. 2/18/81, for Time [2-81-9256]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in New Hampshire, February 1976, for Time [3-76-7629]
Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire, for Time [3-76-7646]
Ronald Reagan with Henry Kissinger informally at Wexford-Regan's temporary Virginia home, for Time [10-80-8245]
Ronald Reagan & Nancy campaigning in Illinois 10/18/80, for Quick mag. [10-80-8256]
Ronald Reagan in Washington, D.C., for Time [12-80-8726]
Pres. Reagan at the Lincoln Memorial on Lincoln's birthday [2-81-9242]
Pres. Reagan with Cabinet, includes Reagan with David Stockman [2-81-9240]
Reagan's TV address on the economy – Thursday, 2/51/81, Reagan with $1 bill [2-81-9140]
Pres. Reagan with Chun Doo-hwan – President of Korea [2-81-9078]
Pres. Reagan's 1st press conference – Thursday, 1/29/81, includes James Brady, Reagan's press secretary [2-81-9059]
Ron Reagan at Pres. Reagan's inauguration 1982
Maureen Reagan for Time (from 1980 Rep. convention) [7-80-7487]
Pres.-elect Ronald Reagan in Washington, D.C., 12/10/80-12/12/80, for Time [12-80-8663]
Ronald Reagan with Cardinal Cooke in New York – Tues., 12/9/80 [12-80-8667]
Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia [9-80-7946]
Ronald Reagan in Pasa Robles, California for Time [6-76-8073]
Ronald Reagan addressing the B'nai B'rith convention in Wash. Weds., September 3, 1980 for Time [9-80-7889]
Ronald Reagan in Florida for Time [3-76-7640]
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reagan for Time [3-76-7580]
Ronald Reagan posed against Pres. Ford photo for Time [3-76-7578]
Ronald Reagan campaigning [3-76-7581]
Ronald Reagan in Illinois and leaving Florida for Time, March, 1976 [3-76-7577]
Pres. Nixon, Ronald Reagan & Frank [Borman?] at the Western White House (Aug. 1969) [8-69-391]
Reagan inauguration clippings
Reagan with cabinet members, with att. Gen. Smith D. Brack [7-81-0427]
Ronald Reagan campaigning November 20, 1975, in Florida [3-76-7694]
Ronald Reagan in Florida for Time 2/16/76 [3-76-7645]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in Florida and Illinois 2/25 and 2/26/76 for Time [3-76-7602]
Ronald Reagan at reception [1-81-8891]
Black Star Box 35
Box 35 Selects
William Safire, New York Times for Time [3-77-9426]
Tar Sands Athabasca, Energy [3-76-7570]
Ireland [4-79-3658]
Sen. David Durenberger of Minnesota, with Sen. Bellman, for Time [4-79-3693]
Demo. on Weber Affirmative Action case in front of Supreme Court [6-79-3978]
Alice Rivlin for Time [6-79-4065]
Trucks on highway [7-79-4130]
Cheryl Sterns, woman parachutist for Look [6-79-3962]
Sheikh Yamani in Washington, D.C. 10/18/79, for Time [10-79-4819]
Rep. James Wright in the reception room of his office, for Time [4-79-3684]
Sec. of State Cyrus Vance and Sec. of Defense Harold Brown testifying re: Israel-Egypt peace treaty [4-79-3657]
Ralph Nader – press conference, for Time [4-79-3692]
Sen. Paul Laxalt, Rep. John Anderson [4-79-3694]
Brzezinski announcing the date of the S.A.L.T. treaty signing for Time [5-79-3864]
Brzezinski, Vance & Brown at lunch in Brown's office at the Pentagon for Time [5-79-3847]
Vance Brown & Brzezinski make S.A.L.T. announcement, for Time [5-79-3853]
Sec. of State Cyrus Vance in his personal office (next to his ceremonial office) with Marshall Shulman – special advisor on Soviet affairs, for Time [5-79-3858]
Anti-trust conference, for Time [7-79-4125]
Pro-abortion people lobbying in Congress, for Time [7-79-4159]
White House at night, for Time [7-79-4199]
Hamilton Jordan, for Time [7-79-4203]
Sec. Michael Blumenthal for Time [7-79-4204]
Sec. Benjamin Civiletti, for Time [8-79-4353]
William Miller press conference on Chrysler at Treasury Dept., for Time [8-79-4370]
SALT II Senate hearings, includes Gen. Alexander Haig, Sen. Frank Church [8-79-4447]
Henry Kissinger testifying before Senate Foreign Committee on SALT II, for Time [9-79-4624]
Pope J.P. II in N.Y.C., Time [10-79-4677]
Pope J.P. II in Boston, for Time [10-79-4681]
Pope John Paul II in Philadelphia, Time [10-79-4693]
White House, Washington D.C. for Fortune [10-79-4695]
Pope John Paul II in Philadelphia [10-79-4706]
Pope John Paul II in Chicago, Time [10-79-4707]
Pope John Paul II in Iowa, for Time [10-79-4702]
Pope J.P. II in Washington D.C., Time mag [10-79-4718]
Sen. Robert Byrd (Va.) for Time [10-79-4762]
Rev. Jerry Falwell [10-79-4763]
Alfred Kahn with moustache [10-79-4766]
White House senior staff meeting – 9/7/79 for Time [10-79-4831]
Opening of Kennedy Library – October 20 '79, includes Pres. Carter & Ted Kennedy, Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, Joan Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, etc. [10-79-4833]
Sen. Gary Hart working on his sculpture of an eagle in his senate office, for Time [11-79-4906]
Gen. David Jones, for Time [11-79-4900]
Fang-Yi in USA [4-79-3704]
Stephen Smith announcing formation of Kennedy-for-President committee [11-79-4880]
2012-191/2 Black Star Box 36
Box 36 selects
James McKay in his office, 7/5/88 (Meese Quits) for Time [7-88-1646]
Kitty Dukakis (Democratic Convention), visiting soup kitchen, with Director Rbt. Altman, taping of "Tanner", 7/20/88, for Time [8-88-1770]
Carl Rowan, Benjamin Hooks, at 1988 NAACP Convention, Washington, D.C. for Time [8-88-1781]
Charles Kuralt and Dan Rather, CBS commentators in Moscow during Reagan-Gorbachev summit, also includes Kuralt and Rather with Katherine Sullivan, Dan Rather and Howard Baker, for Time [8-88-1741]
Pentagon procurement scandal, Pentagon doors, for Time [8-88-1740]
John Lehman, former sec. of the Navy in front of aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" [8-88-1739]
Yuppies: outside bar "Penny Lion" located on L St., downtown, Washington, D.C. [7-88-1635]
Jane Kennedy at NAACP Convention [7-88-1631]
Michael Dukakis & Lloyd Bentsen Press Conference (at Senate Hart Bldg., D.C.) [7-88-1629]
Field Marshall Sergei Akhromeyev (first Deputy Min. of Defense & Chief of General Staff of USSR) and Adm. William J. Crowe, Chairman U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, July 6, 1988, includes arrival ceremony, press conference [7-88-1624]
Water & irrigation, San Joaquin Valley, California [7-88-1623]
Crop duster, San Joaquin Valley, California [7-88-1621]
Jack Kemp in Iowa [3-88-0653]
Pete Dupont in Iowa, playing miniature gold tournament in Des Moines, 2/7/88 [3-88-0656]
Mail box arts (in Iowa) [3-88-0651]
Gary Hart in Iowa, Demoines [Des Moines], 2/6/88 [3-88-0649]
U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf, on board U.S.S. Foxx, includes: helecopters [helicopters], crew on deck – many situations, scenes on the bridge, war room, Captian William Mathis, Rear Admiral Harold Bernsen, press briefing [2-88-0602]
U.S. Navy task force in the Persian Gulf (February 1988) [2-88-0602]
Vietnam Vets Association for Time [8-81-0598]
State dinner for Anwar Sadat, Time Magazine [8-81-0588]
Group shot of White House correspondents of major networks: Sam Donaldson-ABC, Bill Plante-CBS, Judy Woodruff-NBC [7-81-0466]
Rep. Dan Rostenkowski [7-81-0456]
Rodin sculpture show, for Time [7-81-0396]
Leon Jaworski accepting the chairmanship of the democrats for Reagan for Time, 9/29/1980 [6-81-0302]
Eugene Rostow, Sen. Charles Percy, Sen. Alan Cranston [6-81-0327]
Rev. Billy Graham rally in Baltimore [6-81-0306]
Henry Kissinger, for Time [6-81-0301]
Codex Leicester, for Time [5-81-9931]
Prince Charles visit to U.S.A., includes arrival ceremony at SACLANT flag plaza, aboard U.S.S. Nimitz, arrival for White House private dinner, departure from Andrews AFB, at Washington Cathedral for evensong [5-81-9880]
Nelly Grey in her office, for Time [4-81-9822]
Atlanta child killings, burial services for Joseph Bell [4-81-9805]
Sen. Jesse Helms in his office, for Time [4-81-9637]
Cable News Network, the antennae in back of C.N.N. headquarters in Atlanta, newsroom at CNN hdqtrs [4-81-9568]
Peter Jennings – ABC at Moscow summit, for Time [8-88-1804]
E.R.A. rally Washington, D.C., includes: Alan Alda, Susan Ford & baby, Mary Crisp [7-81-0358]
Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, Sen. Dan Quayle, Sen. Steve Symms, Sen. Ernest Hollings, Sen. Pete Domenici, Gary Hart, Sen. Orin Hatch at Stockman hearings [3-81-9346]
2019-069/1 Black Star Box 37 and 38
Box 37 selects
New York Stock Exchange [7-88-1632], 1988
Father Healy [12-85-1226]
Paul Garber [3-90-5145]
Toshiki Kaifu [9-89-4071]
Dr. Steven Rosenberg [9-90-6161]
Iowa Caucus [4-84-7740], 1984
Normandy [6-84-8039], 1984
Senators, 1990
Mayor Edward Koch [2-89-2736]
UN at 40, Brock and Sharon [10-85-0782]
Children's hospital [2-86-1451], 1986
Statue of Liberty [8-86-2882]
Pro Bork protests [10-87-9785]
Congress leadership
George Bush, American fitness [5-91-6644]
New Hampshire Primary, 1988
Democratic Convention [7-88-1694], 1988
Jack Kemp [5-89-3384]
George Bush team
Dennis Brack slides
Making pennies
Brack samples
Misc. samples
Ronald Reagan team
Supreme Court
Peggy Noonan and Ann McLaughlin [5-88-1197]
Robert Strauss [4-89-3228]
Assorted assignments
House of Representatives [12-81-1709]
Gray Panthers, senior citizens [12-81-1776]
William Bennett, drug policy press conference [11-89-4509]
Richard Cheney's confirmation hearing [3-89-2987]
James Baker and James Wright [2-89-2792]
James Baker confirmation hearing [2-89-2783]
Robert Mosbacher [1-89-2714]
Transition briefing [1-89-2667]
William Sessions [1-89-2665]
Tom Selleck [7-88-1620]
Pentagon: Greed and Graft [7-88-1610]
Water sprinklers "Beating the Heat" [7-88-1589]
Cleaning the Capitol Dome, Washington, D.C. [7-88-1576]
John Whitehead [7-88-1568]
Pentagon briefing [7-88-1567]
Armand Hammer [7-88-1558]
Pentagon inquiry [7-88-1557]
Disk 38 Exxon
Black Star Box 39
Box 39 selects
Arthur Burns [11-75-7045]
James Schlesinger [9-74-4912]
John Doar and Charles Rangle [6-74-4270]
U.S. Capitol, 1977
Washington [1-76-7255]
Vietnam orphans, Frank Zarb
John Connally [7-71-5577]
Peter Rodino [6-74-4276]
Clarence Kelley FBI [12-75-7183]
New York Stock Exchange [12-74-5440], 1974
Revolutionary War Reenactment [8-76-8328]
Blue Jay Barbara Jordan Albert Jenner
Prince Charles [11-77-0690], 1977
Plains, Georgia 1971 [12-76-8920]
Brock Adams [1-77-9057]
Griffin Bell [1-77-9034]
Mike Blumenthal [1-77-9085]
Cyrus Vance, 1977
Television news in 1979 WTOA [7-79-4180]
Television newsmakers
Braniff Airlines flight attendants [11-68-7858]
Carol Tyler [12-68-7975]
Astronaut funeral [11-68-7857]
Everett Dirksen [11-68-7864]
Swimming pools in the 1960s [8-68-6785]
Bennett Cerf [3-68-5305]
Union Camp Corporation
Television important portraits
Representative Bill Brock [6-70-2902]
Dr. Julius Axelrod [8-69-320]
Dr. Bernard Brodie [8-69-321]
Sister Marlane runs for governor [6-70-2898]
2019-069/5 Black Star Box 40
Box 40 selects
Box 41 selects
Box 42 selects
Mailbox art [11-89-4343]
Child daycare [11-89-4351]
Auto accident, Washington, D.C. [11-89-4382]
Police raid on Anacostia housing project [11-89-4359], 1989
Pepper Commission [11-89-4427], 1989
Antonin Scalia [11-89-4434], 1989
Roh Tae Woo in Washington, D.C. [11-89-4435]
Lech Walesa in Washington, D.C. [11-89-4459]
Drug raid in Washington, D.C. suburb, Prince George's County [10-89-4259]
Children waiting for school bus [11-89-4464]
Miss U.S.S.R visiting U.S. [11-89-4502]
Doll house [6-89-3441]
Radon [6-89-3443]
Washington, D.C. murder capital [6-89-3444]
Bob Graham meeting with staff [6-89-3446]
Alfredo Cristiani in Washington, D.C. [6-89-3448]
ACORN demonstration [6-89-3468]
Armed Forces Day [6-89-3475], 1989
Exxon oil spill hearing [6-89-3540]
Supreme Court justices before Senate Budget [6-89-3545]
Presidential veto of minimum wage bill press conference [6-89-3587]
Newt Gingrich [6-89-3659]
Hadrian's Wall [6-89-3676]
Black Star Box 41 and 42
Civil Rights march Cummings, Georgia [1-87-3828], 1987
Donald Engen [1-87-3822]
Lawrence Walsh [1-87-3821]
Antonin Scalia confirmation hearings [1-87-3664]
Supreme Court group picture [1-87-3808]
Dennis DeConcini [1-87-3749]
Richard Scammon at Jefferson Memorial [1-87-3700]
Stephen H. Axilrod [1-87-3699]
Barry Goldwater's retirement ceremony [1-87-3680]
White House demonstration [12-86-3654], 1986
James Wright announcing the House Select Committee to investigate the Iran arms deal [12-86-3651], 1986
Margaret Thatcher in Washington, D.C. [12-86-3649]
Neil Kinnock [12-86-3642]
Senators [12-86-3640]
Press conference of the Senate Select Committee on the Iran arms deal [12-86-3636]
Lee Hamilton [12-86-3635]
Announcing names of members of the Special Committee of the Senate to investigate Iran [12-86-3610], 1986
Committee Chairmen of the Senate Intelligence Committee [12-86-3608]
White House at night [12-86-3567]
Committee Chairman Dante Fascell at first day of hearings on Iran-Contra [12-86-3557], 1986
Antonin Scalia Senate confirmation hearings [12-86-3554]
Goya opera [12-86-3553]
Neil Kinnock [12-86-3543]
Great Peace March arrives in Washington, D.C. [11-86-3490]
Ralph Stanley [11-86-3472]
Traffic [11-86-3467]
Bennett Johnston [11-86-3413]
Robert Dole and Robert Byrd [11-86-3403]
Veteran's Day at Vietnam Memorial [12-86-3394]
Washington, D.C. [10-86-3324]
Nitze-Karpov arms talks, Geneva [10-86-3320], 1986
William Bradford Reynolds press conference [10-86-3315]
Alan Simpson and Peter Rodino [10-86-3311]
Richard Perle [10-86-3297]
Orrin Hatch and Chris Dodd after day care vote [7-89-3779], 1989
Jonas Savimbi [10-89-4194]
Tax reform [10-89-4205], 1989
David Durenberger [10-89-4275], 1989
Sam Nunn [10-89-4278]
Hosni Mubarak in Washington, D.C. [10-89-4312]
England [7-89-3734]
Decaying of America [7-89-3735]
Edward Koch in Washington [7-89-3736], 1989
John B. Book burning Soviet flag 4th of July [7-89-3751]
Senators [7-89-3752]
Double exposure Capitol and Washington Monument [7-89-3765]
Batman movie opening, Washington, D.C. [6-89-3695]
John Tower talking to press [1-88-0423], 1988
M-1 decoy tank [1-88-0421]
George McGovern and wife in Cuba [6-75-6194], 1975
Kenneth Parkinson, Watergate trial [1-75-5491]
Cuba [6-75-6195], 1975
Henry Kissinger at Public Broadcasting luncheon [7-75-6347]
George Wallace [7-75-6344]
Robert Haldeman, Watergate trial [1-75-5490]
2019-069/6 Black Star Box 43
Box 43 selects
Box 44 selects
Watergate trial [1-75-5489]
John Ehrlichman, Watergate trial [1-75-5488]
Democratic Leadership Conference [2-87-3868]
AIDS Commission [3-88-0903]
Pope John Paul II in New Orleans and Phoenix [2-88-0495]
William Safire [1-88-0428]
George Bush campaigning in Illinois [3-88-0911], 1988
Colin Powell [11-87-9984]
Elizabeth Dole, highway bill veto [3-87-4315]
Malcolm Baldrige, trade sanctions against Japan [3-87-4313], 1987
James Baker briefing press at economic summit [5-86-2198], 1986
Robert McFarlane testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee [1-87-3835], 1987
David Abshire testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee [1-87-3836]
Opening of Congress [1-87-3843], 1987
Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Special Prosecutor Michael Deaver case [3-88-0745]
New Hampshire primary [3-88-0721]
Dick Gephardt in Florida [3-88-0718]
George Bush in New Hampshire [3-88-0710]
Bruce Babbit in New Hampshire at victory celebration [3-88-0701]
Thinking for Reader's Digest [2-88-0537], 1987
Washington, D.C. cherry blossoms [4-88-1077], 1988
Jerry O. Williams [4-88-1055]
Protest U.S. troops going to Honduras [3-88-0952], 1988
Schultz and Shevarnadez [3-88-0937]
C. Everett Koop, AIDS posters [3-88-0915]
March for the Homeless [3-88-0832], 1988
Exit polling [3-88-0804]
Dick Gephardt's campaign staff in Iowa [3-88-0797]
Homeless demonstration, Chicago-Gary Area Coalition [3-88-0767]
Polling place in South Carolina [3-88-0766]
Gary Hart news conference [3-88-0762], 1988
Maurice Dawkins [6-88-1526]
John Warner [6-88-1525]
Katherine Broderick [6-88-1524]
Allen Keyes [6-88-1483]
Dental implant [6-88-1455]
Department of Labor child day care center [5-88-1242]
TV for the blind [5-88-1241]
Frank Lorenzo [5-88-1219]
Supreme Court group pictures [5-88-1212]
Jesse Jackson at senior citizens center, Washington, D.C. [5-88-1198]
Born-again Christian movement demonstration on the National Mall [5-88-1177]
Persian Gulf [4-88-1141]
Bernard Shaw [4-88-1127]
Black Star Box 44
President Carter's announcement on Iran [1-80-6224]
President Carter's inflation speech [3-80-6652], 1980
President Carter press conference [3-80-6654]
President Carter and Menachem Begin in White House Rose Garden [4-80-6834]
U.S. Olympic team at White House [5-80-6980]
President Carter at memorial service for soldiers killed in Iran rescue mission [5-80-7031], 1980
President Carter in Philadelphia [5-80-7035]
President Carter on Super Tuesday [6-80-7193], 1980
President Carter welcomes home the crews of the Nimitz, the Texas, and the California [6-80-7294]
Carter in Italy [6-80-7321]
President Carter trip to Venice [6-80-7362]
President Carter in Europe [7-80-7398]
President Carter press conference on Billy Carter controversy [8-80-7764]
Cincinnati, Ohio [7-75-6384]
Anwar Sadat in Washington, D.C. [11-75-6940]
Automobile parking lot [8-75-6642]
Morris Udall [10-75-6859]
Ted Kennedy [10-79-4835]
Ted Kennedy at Save Our Stuarts reception at Army-Navy Club in Washington, D.C. [10-79-4829]
Donald Rumsfeld and President Ford [11-75-6961]
Proprietary school [12-75-7067]
Christening of U.S.S. Eisenhower [12-75-7084]
Henry Kissinger [12-75-7085], 1975
Alexandr Solzhenitsyn [12-75-7088]
President Gerald D. Ford [12-75-7090]
Sargent Shriver [12-75-7171]
Senator Fred Harris [12-75-7171]
Helsinki [8-75-6616]
Vice President Walter Mondale [8-80-7768]
George Meany [7-75-6496]
Alexandr Solzhenitsyn at AFL-CIO luncheon [7-75-6498], 1975
Alger Hiss [8-75-6583], 1975
Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia [8-75-6598]
Cincinnati [7-75-6385]
Miscellaneous [7-75-6393]
James Rhodes [7-75-6468]
Susan Ford [7-75-6471]
Ted Kennedy, campaigning for president [11-79-4962]
Ted Kennedy, announcing for president in Boston [11-79-4908], 1979
Ted Kennedy in Philadelphia with Bill Green [10-79-4816]
Ted Kennedy in Kentucky with John Y. Brown and Phyllis George [10-79-4776]
Ted Kennedy, Judiciary Committee [10-79-4761]
Ted Kennedy at Touchdown Club [10-79-4756]
Ted Kennedy [9-79-4646]
Ted Kennedy with Secret Service protection [9-79-4644]
Ted and Joan Kennedy at Capitol [9-79-4641]
Ted Kennedy in his Capitol office [9-79-4640]
Ted Kennedy headshots [9-79-4585]
Ted Kennedy during hearings on health and women [9-79-4506]
Ted Kennedy at a press conference on the revision of the Federal Criminal Code [8-79-4352]
Ted Kennedy at ceremony in FBI building [8-79-4367]
Ted Kennedy [6-79-4055]
Ted Kennedy in his office [7-79-4154]
Daniel Moynihan [12-75-7176], 1975
Senate FBI hearings [12-75-7172], 1975
Ted Kennedy campaigning in Chicago with Jane Byrne [11-79-4970]
Ted Kennedy and family at Wesleyan and Trinity College [11-79-5026]
2019-069/7 Black Star Box 45
Box 45 selects
Carter, Tokyo Summit [7-79-4178]
President Carter press conference, East Room [8-79-4276]
President Carter and Hamilton Jordan in Oval Office [8-79-4345]
State Dinner for Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat in Washington, D.C. [8-79-4364]
President Carter at Justice Department [8-79-4414]
President Carter press conference [10-79-4777]
President Lopez-Portillo and President Carter at White House [11-79-4854]
President Carter and Hamilton Jordan, South Lawn [11-79-4876]
President Carter announcing decision on Mexico missile [11-79-4903]
President Carter making statement on Cuba [9-79-4584]
President Carter in Indianapolis [7-79-4073]
AIDS protest in front of White House [5-87-8807]
President Carter's televised energy speech [4-79-3631]
President Carter signing windfall profits tax proposals in Oval Office [5-79-3761]
President Carter at Democratic Congressional Dinner [5-79-3815]
National Conference on Mental Health [5-79-3817]
President Carter in Oval Office, reaction to vote in Congress on energy [5-79-3849]
President Carter departs White House for Camp David [6-79-3927]
President Carter at Black Jazz Festival on White House South Lawn [6-79-4045]
President Carter, James Schlesinger, and Stuart Eizenstat briefing on California gas crisis [6-79-4056]
President Carter with Senator Kennedy, trucking deregulation [6-79-4058]
President Carter making SALT briefing [6-79-4071]
Rosalynn Carter presenting the 25th Landscape Awards in the White House Rose Garden [7-79-4148]
President Carter addressing Congress on SALT II [7-79-4156]
President Carter press conference [7-79-4157]
President Carter, head shots [12-79-6025]
President Carter's TV address on Afghanistan [1-80-6226]
President Carter's State of the Union speech [1-80-6317]
Memorial service for George Meany [1-80-6223]
President Carter in Egypt [3-79-3501]
Middle East treaty signing on White House Lawn and State Dinner for Sadat and Begin [3-79-3545]
Rosalynn Carter appearing before Senate Health and Science Subcommittee [3-79-3421]
President Carter in Cairo for peace talks [3-79-3464]
President Carter in Israel [3-79-3500]
President Carter in Mexico [2-79-3359]
President Carter press conference [3-79-3414]
Black Star Box 46
Box 46 selects
The making of a spacesuit [1-85-9154]
One moment in the world [1-85-9133A]
Nicaraguan Ambassador Carlos Tunnerman after leaving White House presentation of credentials to President Reagan [12-84-9038]
Desmond Tutu talking to reporters outside the White House after meeting with President Reagan [12-84-9033]
Senator Dole and Rep. Robert Michel in the White House press room talking to reporters after meeting with President Reagan [12-84-8991]
Senator Packwood talking to press ofter meeting with President Reagan [12-84-8989]
Dinner for Senator Baker, includes President Reagan and Senator Dole [12-84-8985]
Samples [12-84-8978]
Petitions from citizens in support of a 10% flat rate income tax [11-84-8934]
New Vietnam vets statue [11-84-8908]
Vietnam Memorial wall and new statue in Washington, D.C on Veterans Day [11-84-8867]
Packaging of a Presidential Candidate, Walter Mondale [11-84-8808]
Dedication of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt [11-84-8797]
Senator Robert Packwood [10-84-8878]
Bald eagle for DuPont [10-84-8736]
Federal Reserve Board meeting [10-84-8733]
Rep. Lynn Martin [10-84-8708]
Donald Trautlein, Bethlehem Steel [10-84-8700]
Dorothy S. Ridings, League of Women Voters [10-84-8688]
Senators outside of the White House after meeting with President Reagan and American Farm Bureau Members [10-84-8668]
Rally against tax for catastrophic health care, Washington, D.C. [10-89-4176]
Jacques-Yves Cousteau at National Press Club [10-89-4182]
T. Boone Pickens press conference [10-89-4183]
President Carlos Salinas of Mexico [10-89-4192]
Homeless march on Washington [10-89-4191]
AIDS quilt Washington, D.C. [10-89-4193]
Lech Walesa in Washington, D.C. [12-89-4550]
Cam wheel [12-89-4557]
Washington, D.C. [12-89-4661]
Paris [12-89-4696]
Senators Cohen, Nunn, and Glenn [12-89-4725]
Soviet Generals [5-87-8637]
Jane McLaughlin [5-87-8638]
Spelunking in West Virginia for Boy's Life [5-87-8677]
Mitch Daniels [5-87-8680]
Gary Hart's townhouse on Capitol Hill [5-87-8698]
Andrew Wyeth and Helga portrait [5-87-8873]
Stark naval disaster, Senate Foreign Relations Committee press briefing [5-87-8775]
Cardboard cutout of world leaders [8-89-3970]
Thomas Foley at National Press Club [8-89-3998]
Cleaning of the Jefferson Memorial [9-89-4081]
Fairlawn Coalition fights drug dealers [9-89-4091]
Grand Canyon [9-89-4089]
Miss USSR in Washington, D.C. [10-89-4149]
Grand Canyon [10-89-4150]
Tax reform, Senate Finance Committee meeting [10-89-4159]
Tax reform [10-89-4159]
German Finance Minister Hans Dietrich Genscher [7-89-3892]
Duke Ellington memorabilia at the Smithsonian [8-89-3924]
Felix Bloch [8-89-3958]
Horseman and horse [8-89-3966]
The Louvre, Paris, France [8-89-3967]
Rep. Dan Rostenkowski [5-87-8792]
Black Star Box 47
2019-069/7 Box 47 selects
George Shultz and Andrei Gromyko meeting in Vienna [5-85-9946]
2019-069/8 Congressmen from farm states hold a press conference in Lafayette Square [3-85-9420]
Premiere of Cry Freedom movie [11-87-0033]
Budget summit [11-87-0031]
Eduard Shevardnadze, Soviet Foreign Minister [11-87-0020]
Bob Dole announcing candidacy [11-87-9997]
Martha Layne Collins and Bill Collins [5-85-9948]
The other side of Washington [5-85-9860]
Congressional hearing on takeover financing [5-85-9731]
Farmers march in Washington, D.C. [4-85-9562]
Russian delegation in US [4-85-9534]
Senators Gary Hart and William Cohen, authors of a new novel on stairs of the Capitol [3-85-9480]
Volodymyr Shcherbytsky visits the US [3-85-9479]
David Lawsky [3-85-9478]
Georgy Arbatov [3-85-9477]
Robert Packwood [3-85-9457]
Federal budget books [3-85-9434]
Supreme Court justices [3-85-9475]
James "Mike" McKevitt [3-85-9426]
Wrestlemania at Madison Square Garden [5-85-9721]
Rep. Robert Michel talking to press outside the White House [3-85-9411]
Governors outside the White House after meeting with president [3-85-9409]
Senators Bob Dole and Robert Byrd outside White House [3-85-9395]
2019-069/9 Chester Crocker, Peter McPherson [3-85-9394]
Senators and Congressman outside the White House after meeting with Reagan [3-85-9392]
Paul Nitze [3-85-9383]
Margaret Thatcher before Congress, Washington, D.C. [2-85-9308]
Senator Pete Domenici [2-85-9279]
William Niskanen [2-85-9256]
Senate Foreign Relations Committee [2-85-9250]
Congressman Jim Cooper [2-85-9208]
Xerox training center in Virginia [2-85-9199]
Larry Speakes announcing Defense Department budget cuts [1-85-9170]
William Roth with $600 toilet seat [2-85-9272]
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. [1-85-9162]
Black Star Box 49
Box 49 selects
President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua at National Press Club [11-87-0039], slides
President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua at OAS [11-87-0040]
Budget summit [11-87-0041]
Kansas interstate highway [11-87-0042]
Anthony Kennedy [11-87-0047]
Douglas Ginsburg [11-87-0075]
President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua in Washington [11-87-0076]
Washington, City of Grandeur [11-87-0096]
New Zealand [11-87-0098]
Des Moines, Iowa [1-88-0402]
Bruce Babbitt in Iowa [1-88-0401]
One rooms school house in Cummings, Iowa [1-88-0399]
Raisa Gorbachev at National Gallery [1-88-0362]
Physical fitness [1-88-0349]
Joint Conference Committee on Spending Legislation [1-88-0312]
Representatives Robert Michel and Thomas Foley call President Reagan to announce house adjournment [12-87-0304]
USSR-USA summit, Washington, D.C. [12-87-0301]
Washington summit [12-87-0300]
Jim Koons, presidential aid [12-87-0298]
Father Timothy Healy, Georgetown University [12-87-0295]
White House and National Christmas Tree [12-87-0294]
Anti-summit demonstrations, Washington, D.C. [12-87-0288]
White House Marine guards [12-87-0280]
Summit, December 10 [12-87-0235]
Summit [12-87-0217]
Gene Upshaw [12-87-0197]
Free Summit t-shirts for the press [12-87-0193]
Max Kampelman, Michael Armacost, Rozanne Ridgway [12-87-0190]
Max Kampelman [12-87-0189]
Summit toys for pets [12-87-0180]
USA/USSR art exchange [12-87-0182]
Jewish demonstration, Washington, D.C. [12-87-0181]
Farm scenes in Iowa [1-88-0403]
Hugh and Edwin Sidey, Iowa [1-88-0404]
Pete du Pont in Iowa [1-88-0406]
US warships and reflagged tankers in the Persian Gulf [2-88-0601]
Black Star Box 50
2019-069/9 Box 50 selects
Joe Biden at a Congressional Budget mockup session, 1976
Trojan horse, hidden health care costs, 1994
Vice President Rockefeller attends King Faisel's funeral, Saudi Arabia [4-75-5839]
Clarence Kelley [6-73-2419]
Washington, D.C. [1-76-7255]
Washington, D.C. [4-76-7787]
Cyrus Vance
Joe Califano [1-77-9090]
Harold Brown [1-77-9087]
Bert Lance [12-76-8972], 1976
Ron Ziegler [3-76-7685], 1971
Ron Nessen [12-75-7089]
Nelson Rockefeller [8-74-4763], 1974
Carla Hills [3-76-7544], 1976
White House South Lawn [4-77-9646], 1977
Cassie Mackin [3-77-9515]
George Wallace [3-76-7678], 1976
Senator Lloyd Bentsen and wife [2-75-5661], 1975
James St. Claire [9-74-4925], 1974
LBJ Library opening [6-71-5433], 1971
Senator Robert Griffin [8-74-4784]
Alice Rivlin [8-76-8374]
Plains, Georgia [12-76-8920], 1976
Senator Bob Dole [9-76-8495], 1976
President Clinton State of the Union, 1996
Robert Pitofsky, 1999
President Clinton Business Week interview, 1999
Robert Eaton, 1995
Larry King, 1994
Rep. Sam Gibbons, 1994
Newt Gingrich, 1995
President Clinton nominates Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1993
Brian Thompson, 1999
Bill Clinton Inauguration, 1997
Crate & Barrel store, 1994
2019-069/10 Republican Convention, 2000
Alan Greenspan, 1996
Federal Reserve board room, 1990
Senator Trent Scott, 1996
Auction of radio frequencies, 1994
Housing construction boom, 1997
Federal Reserve Board meeting, 1994
Senator Frank Murkowski and Rep. Don Young, 1995
Steve Forbes, Iowa, 1996
Akihito, Japanese Emperor, 1994
President Reagan interview, 1985
Rep. Richard Gephardt, 1996
Laura Unger, 1998
Larry Summers, 1999
Robert Rubin, 1994
Treasury Building, 1994
Capitol scenes, 1994
Jacques Nasser, 2000
Phil Condit and Harry Stonecipher, 1997
Rep. Henry Gonzalez
Senator Phil Gramm
Senator Alfonse D'Amato, 1994
Jean Hanson, Whitewater, 1994
2019-069/11 Black Star Box 51
Box 51 selects
The Jefferson Hotel[9-81-0808]
Vietnam veterans on hunger strike in Washington [9-81-0821]
Sandra Day O'Connor confirmation hearings [9-81-0880]
Anwar Sadat funeral [10-81-1081]
Soviet military power, Department of Defense graphics [10-81-1147]
AWACS airplane [10-81-1152]
FB-111A and F-16 [10-81-1160]
Illinois Central railroad [10-81-1221]
Industrial samples [10-81-1247]
Kardale, Ohio GM plant [10-81-1252]
Entitlement habits [11-81-1278]
Capitol [11-81-1366]
Anwar Sadat funeral [11-81-1391]
Senator Paul Tsongas [12-81-1531]
Senator Howard Baker and Rep. Robert Michel [12-81-1656]
Senator Henry Jackson [12-81-1701]
Senator Charles Percy [12-81-1704]
Senator Mark Hatfield [11-80-8484]
Senator Strom Thurmond [11-80-8485]
Washington, D.C. [11-80-8499]
Senator Jesse Helms [1-81-8860]
Atlanta killing [2-81-9259]
Atlanta Black child killing [2-81-9259]
Survivalists [3-81-9296]
Washington Star last day of publication [8-81-0610]
Senator William Proxmire [8-81-0626]
Opening of Congress [1-81-8893]
William French Smith [2-81-9085]
Billygate hearing of Senate Judiciary Committee [8-80-7623]
Benjamin Civiletti press conference on Billy Carter investigation [8-80-7625]
Thurmond, Baker, Byrd, Birch Bayh Billygate investigation [8-80-7626]
Senator Ted Kennedy and Rep. John Anderson after hearing [8-80-7646], 1980
Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Billy Carter controversy [8-80-7655]
Edward Muskie before House Foreign Affairs Committee [8-80-7731]
Billygate hearings [8-80-7772], August 1980
Senator John Tower [8-80-7773]
Ted Kennedy [8-80-7776]
Joint Economic Committee [9-80-7913]
Senate Finance hearing [9-80-7914]
John Paul Stevens in his chamber [9-80-7944], 1980
Zbigniew Brzezinski [9-80-8002]
White House at dusk and after dark [10-80-8091]
American goods being exported from the Port of Baltimore [10-80-8102]
Rep. Michael Myers expelled from Congress [10-80-8189]
Alfred Kahn in his office [11-80-8456]
Senator Roger Jepsen in Senate kitchen [11-80-8459]
Queen Elizabeth II visits US [7-76-8203], 1976
Margaret Osmen [3-77-9516]
Governor David Pryor [10-76-8676]
Paul Warneke [1-77-9100]
Republican Convention, 1976
William Rogers [3-72-9618]
Midge Costanza [3-77-9374]
President Ford State of the Union [8-74-4714]
Cassie Mackin [3-77-9515]
Black Star Box 52
Box 52 selects
Ted Kennedy campaigning in Massachusetts [10-70-3786]
Hodding Carter III [3-80-6538]
Nixon tapes to National Archives [6-80-7216]
William Miller [3-80-6640]
Elizabeth Howard, female construction worker, and Georgetown female cardiologist [1-76-7314]
Ted Kennedy in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts [7-69-231], 1969
Ted Kennedy car accident [7-69-0148], 1969
Ted Kennedy in Alaska [4-69-9307]
Ted Kennedy in Boston [8-70-3336], 1970
Abscam scandal house in Washington, D.C. [2-80-6497]
Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Kissinger, Liza Minnelli, and more [4-76-7745]
George Wallace in Fort Lauderdale, Florida [3-76-7678]
Darlington 500, South Carolina [9-76-8554, 9-76-8553]
All the President's Men, movie opening [4-76-7733]
Rep. Wayne Hays on Ohio farm [9-76-8453]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan on ranch [9-76-8452]
Duck hunt [9-76-8448]
Senator Howard Baker [8-76-8376]
Congressional budget process [8-76-8374], 1976
1st Maryland Regiment [8-76-8328, 8-76-8327]
Sailing ships [7-76-8144]
John Warner, Bicentennial Commission [8-76-8299]
Air and Space Museum [7-76-8229]
Malibu and Santa Monica, California [7-76-8225]
Senator John Glenn [8-76-8301]
Queen Elizabeth II visits US [7-76-8203], 1976
Visitors to Washington, D.C. [7-76-8173]
Energy environmental research development agency [7-76-8152]
Elliott Richardson [6-76-8074]
Governor Jerry Brown [6-76-8053], 1976
Senator John Tunney and Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley [6-76-8052]
Charlotte, North Carolina [5-76-7852]
Washington, D.C. [4-76-7808]
Henry Kissinger [4-76-7807]
Henry Kissinger [4-76-7796]
Washington, D.C. [4-76-7787]
Senator Henry Jackson campaigning in Florida [3-76-7652]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in Illinois and New Hampshire [3-76-7606]
Governor George Wallace [3-76-7604]
Senator Birch Bayh campaigning in New Hampshire [3-76-7593]
Rep. Morris Udall campaigning in New Hampshire [3-76-7592]
TV production [2-76-7397]
Richard Heckert, duck hunt [1-76-7260]
Washington, D.C. [1-76-7255]
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller [12-75-7181], 1975
Senators Kennedy and Mathias [10-69-861], 1969
Samples, Mobil
National Governors Conference, Washington, D.C. [2-80-6536]
Rep. John Anderson campaigning in Illinois [3-80-6625]
Cyrus Vance before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [3-80-6698], 1980
Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee [3-80-6699]
William Miller at Senate Banking Committee [3-80-6718], 1980
Ted Kennedy in Illinois [4-80-6730]
Nelson Bunker Hunt and W. Herbert Hunt testifying before the Senate Agriculture Committee [5-80-7048]
Menachem Begin press conference at Blair House, Washington, D.C. [5-80-7064], 1980
Rupert Murdoch testifying before Senate Banking Committee [5-80-7075]
Military [6-80-7265]
Senator William Proxmire [6-80-7268]
Black Star Box 53
2019-069/11 President Carter in California [6-77-9915]
President Carter [4-77-9675], slides
President Carter announces cancellation of tax rebate. Also Michael Blumenthal, George Shultz, Bert Lance [4-77-9666]
President Carter at the OAS [4-77-9669], 1977
President Carter's energy speech to Congress [4-77-9710], 1977
President Carter cabinet meeting [4-77-9712]
Amy Carter playing baseball and frisbee [9-77-0462], 1977
President Carter [11-77-0781]
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter with King Hussein [5-77-9820]
Jody Powell and Hamilton Jordan [6-77-9912]
2019-069/12 Box 53 selects
President Carter and Griffin Bell [6-77-9916]
President Carter with Prince Fahd [6-77-9923]
President Carter announcing Foreign Intelligence Act [6-77-9924], 1977
President Carter giving awards to Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, Sr. [7-77-0134]
President Carter meetings at White House [7-77-0048], 1977
Charles Schultze [1-77-9092]
Menachem Begin in USA [7-77-0161], 1977
Harold Brown [1-77-9087], 1977
Griffin Bell [1-77-9086]
Michael Blumenthal [1-77-9085]
Concorde airplane and assorted recreation [1-77-9081, 1-77-9082]
Brock Adams [1-77-9057]
Bert Lance [12-76-8972]
Plains, Georgia [12-76-8920], 1976
Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner [12-76-8896]
Assorted USA [10-76-8656]
Washington, D.C. [10-76-8655]
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant [10-76-8593]
South Carolina back roads [10-76-8665]
Black Star Box 54
Box 54 selects
President Carter in France [1-78-1131]
President Carter and NATO [1-78-1129]
Meeting NATO heads of state and White House state dinner [6-78-2078], 1978
White House dinner for the Shah of Iran [11-77-0690], 1977
Panama Canal treating signing [9-77-0552]
Organization of American States reception for Panama treaty signing [9-77-0507]
President Carter's trip to Saudi Arabia [1-78-1128]
President Carter in Egypt [1-78-1127]
President Carter's trip to Europe, India, and Saudi Arabia [1-78-1125A]
President Carter's trip to India [1-78-1125]
President Carter's trip to Iran [1-78-1126]
President Carter's trip to Venezuela [4-78-1655]
President Carter in Nigeria [4-78-1716]
President Carter in Liberia [4-78-1717]
President Carter on St. Simons Island [4-78-1651]
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier [3-78-1613]
Rosalynn Carter receiving Bible [12-77-0877]
Menachem Begin in Washington [12-77-1016], 1977
President Carter news conference [12-77-1018], 1977
President Carter headshots [1-78-1062]
President Carter in Poland [1-78-1064A]
President Carter in Warsaw, Poland [1-78-1064]
President Carter's trip to Belgium [1-78-1132]
President Carter making nuclear policy statement [4-77-9596], 1977
Amy and Jason Carter [4-77-9648], 1977
President Carter in Brazil [4-78-1654]
President Carter after Panama Canal treaty vote [4-78-1832], 1978
President Carter and Robert Strauss at White House [5-78-1962]
President Carter at Annapolis graduation [6-78-2077], 1978
President Carter meeting with US Panama Canal Negotiators [8-77-0238]
President Carter [8-77-0334], 1977
President Carter and Omar Torrijos [9-77-0510]
President Carter and Bert Lance [10-77-0562]
President Carter with Georgia congressional delegation [11-77-0768]
President Carter TV address on energy [11-77-0773], 1977
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter [2-78-1382]
President Carter and Josep Broz Tito [3-78-1587]
SALT II talks [3-78-1556], 1978
President Carter [11-77-0774], 1977
Black Star Box 55
Box 55 selects
President George H.W. Bush with ambassadors of nations [12-90-6311], 1990
Harold Jenkins and his medical kit, 2002
Dan Quayle and David Rockefeller at State Department [5-91-6661]
George H.W. Bush and Margaret Thatcher [10-90-6220]
Yitzhak Shamir and Eduard Shevardnadze [12-90-6292]
Photomicrograph of rat's hippocampus, marijuana receptor [11-90-6247]
President Bush at hospital [5-91-6662]
Dan Quayle and Thomas Foley at Queen Elizabeth II's address to Congress [5-91-6665]
George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, Helsinki summit [5-91-6654]
President Bush's doctors [5-91-6657], 1991
Queen Elizabeth II addresses Congress [5-91-6663], 1991
Violeta Chamorro at White House [5-91-6652]
George and Barbara Bush [5-91-6645]
Senate Judiciary Committee [4-91-6637]
Tom Foley and John Warner at White House [3-91-6613], 1991
President Bush press conference on Iraq crisis [1-91-6342], 1991
Senate Ethics Committee hearing on Keating Savings and Loan [1-91-6335]
Senate hearing on ozone depletion [4-91-6636]
George and Barbara Bush at all-star show salute to war veterans [4-91-6619], 1991
Ted Kennedy campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6495]
David Souter confirmation hearings [10-90-6238]
David Souter confirmation hearings [10-90-6238]
Vietnamese murders [11-90-6255]
President Bush and Yitzhak Shamir [12-90-6289]
President Bush press conference on Gulf crisis [12-90-6306], 1990
President Bush Hanukkah [12-90-6310], 1990
James Baker and Hans Genscher [1-91-6381]
Dick Cheney press conference [2-91-6459], 1991
George Bush meets with congressional leaders [4-91-6638]
George Bush and Hassan Gouled Aptidon [5-91-6651]
Chancery of the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C., 2000
Scientific and medical aspects of human cloning conference, 2001
Iraq War protest
Cruise ships, Caribbean cruises, Miami skyline
Hilmar Kopper, 2001
Cameras from a story for American Heritage
Howard McKeon, 2002
Pond War, 1983
Rod Paige confirmation hearing
Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C., 2001
2019-069/13 Black Star Box 56
Box 56 selects
President Gerald Ford, 1974-1975
Ted Kennedy campaigning in Massachusetts and New Hampshire [2-80-6406]
Rod MacLeish [1-80-6300]
James Florio [2-80-6443]
Ted Kennedy campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6483]
Rep. James Howard [2-80-6446]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan
President Lyndon B. Johnson with congressional leaders at White House
Richard and Pat Nixon, 1973-1974
President Reagan, circa 1980
President Carter, Hamilton Jordan, staff, circa 1978
President Reagan staff
George Meany, 1972
Rep. John Murphy [2-80-6448]
Senator Harrison Williams [2-80-6445]
Rep. Richard Kelly [2-80-6444]
Senator Howard Baker campaign in New Hampshire [2-80-6442]
Republican platform hearings [2-80-6441], 1980
Ted Kennedy campaigning [2-80-6417]
Cyrus Vance and Robert Byrd with letter Carter sent to Byrd on SALT II [1-80-6225]
Cyrus Vance testifying before House Foreign Affairs Committee [2-80-6447], 1980
Larry Speakes making a statement on the hijacking in Iran, 1984 [12-84-9077]
Jeane Kirkpatrick in the White House press room after meeting with President Reagan [12-84-9078], 1984
James Baker [1-85-9168]
Ed Meese confirmation hearings for Attorney General [1-85-9193], 1985
George Shultz testifying before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [2-85-9249]
Paul Volcker [2-85-9255]
Black Star Box 57
Box 57 selects
Reagan Cabinet meeting [11-84-8944]
Cherry blossoms, Iwo Jima statue, Washington, D.C.
Health care demonstration
News booths, 1996 conventions
White House and Dick Cheney
Pentagon 9/11 anniversary, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, CEO MCI, Robert Gallo
Clinton Administration
George Shultz press briefing after Gromyko meeting [10-84-8685], 1984
Ed Meese [10-84-8693], 1984
Larry Speakes [10-84-8707]
Bill Brock announcing Reagan's steel policy [10-84-8734]
Larry Speakes announcing Reagan's steel policy [10-84-8740], 1984
President Reagan victory party on Election Night [11-84-8883], 1984
Reagan's senior advisors [11-84-8921]
George Shultz and Caspar Weinberger outside White House [12-84-8979]
Larry Speakes in Briefing Room [12-84-8994], 1984
Ed Meese and Caspar Weinberger [12-84-9041], 1984
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, 2001
George W. Bush Inauguration party, Marine One, Rose Garden
Wheat harvest, Kansas, 1982
Tip O'Neill, Capitol Christmas Tree, 1983
Cars on the docks, Baltimore, Maryland, 2000
Black Star Box 58
Box 58 selects
President Reagan in China [5-84-7758], 1984
President Carter signing the Intelligence Executive Order [2-78-1261]
President Carter fireside chat on Panama Canal [2-78-1305], 1978
President Carter speech before White House conference on Economic Growth [2-78-1304], 1978
Middle East peace talks in the East Room [10-78-2717], 1978
President Carter trip to Germany for economic summit [7-78-2315], 1978
Robert Strauss and President Carter, anti-inflation fight [6-78-2115]
President Carter and four network correspondents in White House Red Room [2-78-1379]
President Carter signing the Inspector General bill [11-78-2788]
President Carter and Jennings Randolph in Elkins, West Virginia [10-78-2751]
President Carter State of the Union [1-79-3248], 1979
President Carter State of the Union [1-78-1205], 1978
President Carter press conference [2-78-1335], 1978
President Carter meeting with Midwest governors [2-78-1336], 1978
President Carter, Ed Koch, Bella Abzug, Mike Blumenthal [2-78-1137], 1978
President Carter and Anwar Sadat on White House lawn [2-78-1374], 1978
President Reagan in China [5-84-7758A], 1984
Ed Meese speaking to American Retail Federation [5-84-7911], 1984
Donald Regan, economic summit press briefing [6-84-8052], 1984
Martin Feldstein and George Bush [8-84-8374]
Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale first debate in Louisville [10-84-8626], 1984
President Reagan's statement after Beirut bombing at the American Embassy [10-84-8667], 1984
Jeane Kirkpatrick speaking before American Society of International Law [4-84-7695], 1984
Black Star Box 59
2019-069/13 Box 59 selects
President Carter on Election Day [11-80-8363], 1980
Democratic Midterm Conference, Memphis, Tennessee [12-78-2978], 1978
President Carter campaigning [10-80-8229], 1980
President Carter campaigning in Detroit, Michigan, and New York City [10-80-8163]
President Carter at Labor Day picnic on White House lawn [9-80-7879]
President Carter with Lane Kirkland [9-80-7970]
Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, and President Carter at US Chamber of Commerce [8-89-3932]
Oliver North leaving court after sentence [7-89-3750]
Oliver North roast, Washington, D.C. [3-90-5169]
Oliver North trial [6-89-3393], 1989
Oliver North trial [4-89-3206], 1989
Oliver North trial [2-89-2822], 1989
Iranscam indictments [4-88-1033], 1988
Carter Presidential Center [10-86-3271]
Paul Volcker [4-86-2004], 1986
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter with Joseph Califano, Willie Nelson [1-82-1893]
President Carter addressing Congress [11-81-1340]
President Carter headshots [2-81-9253]
Former President Carter in Germany visiting hostages [1-81-8964]
President Carter and Menachem Begin in Oval Office [11-80-8454], 1980
US Olympics athletes at the Capitol [10-80-8260]
Naval oil reserve, Elk Hills, California [7-88-1622]
Strip coal mine in West Virginia [5-82-2959]
2019-069/14 Oil rigs offshore near Santa Barbara near Channel Islands [3-82-2367]
Oil rigs [12-81-1557]
Oil pump rig pumping oil in the middle of imported cars [3-82-2371]
Solar One project, Barstow, California [10-82-3961]
Energy suggestion box [6-80-7363]
President Carter jogging [1-79-3184]
President Carter trip to Germany for economic summit [7-78-2303], 1978
President Carter at NATO meeting in Washington [6-78-2118]
President Carter and Teng Hsiao-ping in Washington [1-79-3258]
National Prayer Breakfast [1-79-3234]
President Carter and James McIntyre [1-79-3222], 1979
President Carter press conference [1-79-3205], 1979
Guadeloupe Conference [1-79-3114]
2019-069/15 Black Star Box 60
Box 60 selects
President Reagan announcing decision on arms negotiations in the Rose Garden [6-83-5632], 1983
President Reagan's departure from Hawaii [5-86-2168]
Reagan with Salvador Laurel of the Philippines [5-86-2155], 1986
President Reagan with Suharto of Indonesia [5-86-2152]
President Reagan in Brazil [12-82-4417]
President Reagan's trip to Asia [5-86-2169]
President Reagan returns to White House from Camp David [5-86-2158], 1986
President Reagan's trip to Guam [5-86-2201]
Tokyo Summit [5-86-2203], 1986
Tokyo Summit [5-86-2204], 1986
President Reagan speaking to private sector supporters for US aid to Nicaraguan resistance [5-86-2162], 1986
President Reagan's arrival in LA on his way to economic summit in Japan [5-86-2163], 1986
Reagan at meeting of Asian foreign ministers [5-86-2164]
Reagan's arrival in Hawaii [5-86-2167]
President Reagan speaks to US Chamber of Commerce [5-86-2160], 1986
James Baker at US Chamber of Commerce [5-86-2161], 1986
President Reagan speaking to American Retail Foundation in Washington, D.C. [5-84-7910], 1984
President Reagan at Olympic coin ceremony [6-84-7938]
President Reagan news conference [5-86-2200], 1986
President Reagan at Asian Pacific Council of American Chamber of Commerce [5-86-2196]
President Mitterrand at press conference [5-86-2210]
Tokyo Summit joint statement [5-86-2208], 1986
President Reagan with President Houphouet Boigny of Ivory Coast [6-83-5638]
President Reagan with General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan [12-82-4476]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan [12-82-4446]
President Reagan press conference [1-83-4682], 1983
President Reagan tv address on Mexico missile decision [12-82-4438]
President Reagan with Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan [1-83-4724]
Tokyo Summit [5-86-2205], 1986
Tokyo Summit [5-86-2206], 1986
Black Star Box 61
Box 61 selects
President Reagan with King Hussein of Jordan [1-83-4598]
President Reagan with Arab League ministers in Rose Garden [10-82-4140]
President Reagan and William Clark [1-83-4597]
President Reagan and Yasuhiro Nakasone at White House [4-86-1264], 1986
President Reagan at Arlington National Cemetery [6-86-2449]
Reagan viewing captured weapons [3-86-1818], 1986
President Reagan leaving Bethesda Naval Hospital after check-up [5-84-7903], 1984
President Reagan with winners of the National Medals of Science and Technology awards [3-86-1845], 1986
President Reagan and Ambassador Philip Habib [4-86-1917], 1986
President Reagan, George Shultz, Caspar Weinberger, George Bush, James Baker, White House [4-86-1961]
President Reagan addressing nation on Libyan bombing [4-86-1965], 1986
President Reagan at the Waldorf with Al D'Amato [4-86-2010]
President Reagan with President Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico [6-84-8015]
President Reagan press conference [5-84-7906]
Burial of Vietnam Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery [6-84-8012], 1984
President Reagan trip to Ireland [6-84-7998]
President Reagan and President Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico, state dinner at White House [6-84-7793]
President Reagan olympic torch [5-84-7907], 1984
Black Star Box 62
Box 62 selects
President Reagan press conference, 1986 [12-86-3493]
President Reagan with students from J.A. Holmes High School of Edenton, North Carolina [6-86-2372], 1986
President Reagan departs Bethesda hospital [7-86-2619], 1986
Reagan press conference, Tokyo Summit [5-86-2211], 1986
White House state dinner for President Julio Sanguinetti of Uruguay [7-86-2598]
President Reagan speaking to supporters of contra aid in E.O.B. [7-86-2591], 1986
President Reagan departs White House for Las Vegas [7-86-2588], 1986
President Reagan's address to the nation on contra aid [6-86-2507], 1986
President Reagan with Mother Teresa in Oval Office [6-86-2505]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan in East Room [6-86-2490]
Reagan campaigning in California [11-86-3376], 1986
President Reagan campaigning in Oklahoma [11-86-3364], 1986
President Reagan speaking to White House Conference on Small Business [8-86-2926], 1986
President Reagan and President Miguel de la Madrid of Mexico outside White House [8-86-2919], 1986
Reagan speaking to Channel City Club in Santa Barbara, California [8-86-2909]
President Reagan headshots [8-86-2817], 1986
National Governors Conference [3-86-1669]
President Reagan at White House press photographers dinner [6-84-8032], 1984
President Reagan with Amy Smith, arthritis poster child and Victoria principal [6-84-8032], 1984
President Reagan military aide carrying 'black bag' with nuclear secrets [5-84-7902], 1984
President Reagan with Michael Jackson [5-84-7890]
President Reagan returns to White House [5-84-7773], 1984
President Reagan headshots [4-84-7706]
President Reagan meeting with Future Farmers of America in Rose Garden [8-83-5997]
President Reagan leaving White House for Camp David [10-82-4139]
President Reagan at National Cathedral [9-83-6271], 1983
President Reagan addressing the United Nations [9-83-6329]
Reagan campaigning in Las Vegas [11-86-3377], 1986
President Reagan presents check to Washington Mayor Barry for D.C. Summer Employment Program [7-83-5912], 1983
Box 62 almost selects
Black Star Box 63
2019-069/15 Box 63 selects
Joint hearing on contras, Robert McFarlane [5-87-8727], 1987
Robert McFarlane, Iranscam hearings [5-87-8739], 1987
Gen. Richard Secord testifying, Iran-contra hearings [5-87-8700], 1987
2019-069/16 Fawn Hall with attorney, Irangate [2-87-4053], 1987
Oliver North leaving Church of the Apostles at Fairfax H.S. [2-87-4054], 1987
Clintons, Democratic Convention, 2000
Clinton from B. drawer
John Poindexter and Oliver North appearing before House Foreign Relations Committee for 1st time [12-86-3566], 1986
Juan Carlos visits Washington, D.C. [10-81-1180]
Gore, 1992
Clinton busting No. 1
Aldolpho Calero and John Singlaub testifying, Iranscam hearing [5-87-8768]
Aldolpho Calero testifying, Iran-contra hearing [5-87-8794]
Robert Dutton, Iranscam hearing [6-87-8799]
2019-069/17 Iranscam hearings [6-87-8824], 1987
Elliott Abrams testifying, Iranscam hearings [6-87-8849], 1987
Gen. Richard Secord with attorney [5-87-8716]
Iran-Contra hearing committee room [5-87-8719]
Gen. Secord testimony, Iran-Contra hearing [5-87-8718], 1987
Fawn Hall, Oliver North's secretary [3-87-4056]
Tower Commission report [3-87-4109]
Rep. Lee Hamilton and Dick Cheney [3-87-4160]
Luncheon for hearing committee, Iran-Contra hearings [5-87-8634], 1987
Irangate hearing [5-87-8655]
Group shot of the Senate Select Committee on the Iran arms deal [5-87-8679]
Black Star Box 64
Box 64 selects
Diplomatic dinner at White House [2-82-2166], 1982
President Reagan press conference [6-81-0292], 1981
St. Matthew's Cathedral service for Pope John Paul II [11-81-1397], 1981
President Reagan speaking to aging conference [12-81-1649]
Nancy Reagan in Florida [2-82-2172]
Nancy Reagan in Dallas [2-82-2173]
Nancy Reagan on Air Force One [4-85-9575]
Cancun Summit [10-81-1224]
President Reagan press conference [1-82-1853], 1982
Nancy Reagan [4-85-9556]
President Reagan and President Mitterrand at Yorktown, Virginia Bicentennial celebration, [10-81-1202], 1981
President Reagan with President Betancur of Colombia [4-85-9639]
President Reagan with Villanova basketball team [4-85-9643]
Presidential security [12-81-1580]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan with Navy Glee Club [12-81-1659]
President Reagan gives Tip O'Neill Reagan golf balls for his 69th birthday [12-81-1660]
President Reagan press conference, [12-81-1760], December 17, 1981
President Reagan at Mount Vernon for George Washington's birthday [3-82-2204]
Maureen Reagan [3-82-2400]
President Reagan with Margaret Thatcher [2-85-9299]
Reagan's departing for Camp David [4-85-9533]
President Reagan State of the Union [2-82-1963], 1982
President Reagan with Gen. Dozier [2-82-2046]
Empty podium with Presidential Seal [2-82-2048]
President Reagan press conference, [2-82-2152], February 9, 1982
President Reagan in China [5-84-7758]
President Reagan in Tacoma, Washington [4-84-7729]
Paper work illustrations
President Reagan in China [6-84-7758B]
President Reagan in Hawaii [4-84-7746], April 24, 1984
Black Star Box 65 and 66
2019-069/17 Box 65 selects
Box 65 and 66 selects
President Reagan with Prime Minister Ratu Mara of Fiji [12-84-8987], 1984
President Reagan with Chancellor Helmut Kohl at White House [12-84-8975]
Photodynamic Laser Light Therapy in the fight against cancer [F-5993]
Ron Carey [F-5871], 1997
President Reagan with the Grace Commission [3-85-9415], 1985
President Reagan with Ed Meese and Caspar Weinberger [12-84-9040], December 11, 1984
President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in golf cart [3-85-9398]
White House China [2-82-2029], February 1982
President Reagan with aides [3-85-9444], March 12, 1985
President Reagan meeting with representatives of the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation [12-84-8996], 1984
President Reagan and Bishop Desmond Tutu in Oval Office [12-84-9032]
President Reagan speaking to governors in East Room [3-85-9414], 1985
Hosni Mubarak visiting White House [2-82-2025]
President Reagan planting a Sugar Maple Tree on White House grounds [12-84-9076], December 1984
Reagans leave White House for California for New Year's vacation [1-85-9110]
Content pictures
President Reagan with President Seyni Kountche of Niger at White House [12-84-9052], December 11, 1984
President Reagan with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in Canada [4-85-9542]
President Reagan arriving at White House from Camp David [3-85-9369], 1985
President Reagan press conference [4-85-9524], 1985
State of the Union [2-85-9270], February 7, 1985
President Reagan departs White House for Camp David [12-84-8977], 1984
Ronald and Nancy Reagan at inaugural balls [1-85-9139], January 1985
President Reagan press conference [3-85-9472], 1985
President Reagan departs White House for California for Thanksgiving [12-84-8970], 1984
President Reagan with congressional leadership [12-84-8986]
President Reagan with Tariq Aziz of Iraq [12-84-9029], 1984
President Reagan headshots [3-85-9421]
Ronald Reagan, James Baker, Caspar Weinberger [3-85-9443]
Nancy Reagan [1-85-9105]
2019-069/18 President Reagan and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt at White House [3-85-9449], March 1985
Auto plant [10-81-1252], 1981
Farms [7-82-3437]
Bill Brock [4-81-9732]
Paul Volcker swearing-in ceremony [10-79-4697]
Government Printing Office [3-81-1511]
House of Representatives [12-81-1709]
Julian Bond [8-78-1612], 1978
SALT II hearings [8-79-4443], 1979
Joseph Califano [8-79-4275]
Senator Ed Brooke [12-77-0954]
Helmut Schmidt [1-82-1816], 1982
Cardinal James Hickey, St. Matthew's Church [12-82-4440]
Jello wrestling [7-82-3386]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan departing from Point Auger Naval Base [4-85-9519], 1985
Middle East Peace Conference [F-5668], 1996
Bill Clinton's first 100 days [F-4953], 1993
Bill and Hillary Clinton [F-5853], 1997
David Stockman [2-85-9280], February 1985
President Reagan on White House Portico [12-84-8980]
President Reagan with Thanksgiving turkey [11-84-8943]
Caspar Weinberger speaking to American Legion in Washington, D.C. [3-85-9474], March 1985
President Reagan headshots [4-85-9548]
President Reagan signing bill for International Human Rights Day, presenting a flag to Ueberroth [4-85-9549]
President Reagan speaking at New York Stock Exchange [4-85-9540]
President Reagan headshots, interview for Business Week [3-85-9381]
President Reagan press conference [1-85-9150], January 10, 1985
President Reagan in San Diego [1-85-9172]
Reagan Inaugural, Washington, D.C. [1-85-9179], January 1985
2019-215/1 Black Star Box 67
Box 67 selects
George Bush, Interview by Reader's Digest [3-89-3047]
Inauguration Parade and Gala [1-89-2685], 1989
Menachem Begin, Senators Javits, Church, Anwar Sadat [002], 1979
Blumenthal, Secretary of the Treasury [002], 1979
Baryshnikov Dancing at the White House [001], 1979
Vice President Hubert Walker Bush during a mock swearing in ceremony [005], 1983
St. Elizabeth's Hospital [004], 1982
Indira Gandhi [003], 1982
Helmut Schmidt, Foreign Ministers Hans-Dietrich Genscher [004], 1982
Democratic Maj. Leader Robert Byrd and Republican Maj. Leader Howard Baker [003], 1979
Social Security Office in Baltimore [001], 1979
Michael Boskin (Chmn. of Pres. Cou. Of Eco. Advisors), Leon Panetta (New Chmn. Of House Budget Comm.), and Robert Strauss (former Carter Admin. Member [4-89-3228], 1989
Pres. George Bush w. Congressional Leadership for Time, includes Speaker Jim Wright, Rep. Michel [4-89-3236], 1989
Yitzhak Shamir in Washington with Pres. Bush, includes Baker, Sununu, Scowcroft [4-89-3130], April 7, 1989
Easter Egg Roll on White House Lawn, includes Pres. And Mrs. George Bush [4-89-3168], 1989
Pres. George Bush in Islamorada, Florida for Stern, fishing trip [3-89-2986], 1989
George Bush w. King Hussein of Jordan at the White House, Queen Noor, Mrs. Bush, Baker, Sununu, Scowcroft [4-89-3185], 1989
Pres. Bush's trip to Asia, bi-lateral meeting with Mario Soares (Por.), Hosni Mubarak (Egy.), Chatchi (Thai.), Pres. Venkataraman (India), King Hussein (Jordan), Pres. Herzog (Israel), Time 110797 [2-89-2935], 1989
Pres. Bush w. Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Arens [3-89-2985], 1989
Bush and Quayle Signing at V.P.s Desk and First Cabinet Meeting [2-89-2735], 1989
Pres. Bush and V.P. Dan Quayle, for Time [2-89-2766], 1989
Bush State of the Union Speech [2-89-2805], February 9, 1989
Pres. Bush at Swearing-In of Sec. of Agri. Clayton Yeutter, Time 110664 [2-89-2880], February 16, 1989
Pres. George Bush returning to White House by helicopter [2-89-2893], 1989
Pres. George Bush, inc. press conference, w. March of Dimes poster child, signing proclamation (Amer. Heart Month), Lee Atwater, w. congressional leadership (Wright and Mitchell), working press, heads [4-89-3096], 1989
Pres. and Mrs. Bush at dinner of Electronic Industries Association, for Time [4-89-3129], 1989
Pres. and Mrs. Bush at meeting of Assn. Of Community Colleges, Mrs. Bush named "Woman of the Year" [4-89-3169], April 30, 1989
Pres. Bush appoints Elizabeth Dole as Sec. of Labor, for Stern [4-89-3224], 1989
Bush departs for Camp David, w. Louis Sullivan, press media in front of White House [3-89-3012], 1989
Pres. and Mrs. Bush at swearing-in of Louis Sullivan, Sec. of Health and Human Services, Lee Atwater, George and Barbara [3-89-2993], 1989
Sec. Baker and Takeshita at State Department, inc. Sununu [4-89-3243], 1989
Pres. George Bush returns to White House, for Time [4-89-3252], 1989
Pres. Bush's trip to Asia, Arrival at Alaska, Elmendorf A. F. Base, Time 110790 [2-89-2927], February 22, 1989
Pres. Bush at NATO, inc. James Baker, Dan Rather, Martens, Margaret Thatcher, Manford Werner [6-89-3471], 1989
Black Star Box 68
2019-215/1 Box 68 selects
Presidential debate, Lansing, Michigan, 14 originals [F-4766], 1992
2nd Presidential debate, Richmond, Virginia, 10 originals [F-4761], 1992
Five presidents at dedication of Ronald Reagan presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA [F-4262], November 5, 1991
R.F.K. Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, 19 originals [F-4970], Sunday, June 6, 1993
Recent Hillary Clinton and Tipper Gore, 7 originals [F-5035], October 1, 1993
Orangutans take transit line to their think tank, 19-35mm color chromes (originals) and extra dupes [F-5462], October 1996, June 6, 1996
The Dalai Lama on Capitol Hill, 3-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5810], May 1997
"Black Box" from California air crash, from the Mexican airliner [9-86-3037], 1986
Pro-choice abortion rally in Washington, D.C., 31 originals [F-3424], April 9, 1989
New pandas make their debut at the national Zoo in Washington, D.C., 7-35mm color chromes [F-6340], February 2001
Barging through the south of France, 20-35mm CT (originals) [F-6285], 2000
The ghost of Mallows Bay, art from Invention and Technology, 17-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-6106], December 1998
Military robots called critters, 37-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-6105], 1998
Silent march on Washington, 38,000 pairs of shoes [F-5259], 1994
Haitian refugee processing at Guantanamo Base, Cuba [F-5198], 1994
Newt Gingrich, 7 originals [F-5301], December 13, 1994
Gene treatment for cancerous brain tumors, 6-35mm color chromes (originals), text from the DHHS [F-5828], July 1997
Baby Derby, 16-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5991], March 1998
Cyber war, 14 for F-story, 11 selects [F-5447], August 1995
Renovating the Washington Monument, 2-35mm color chromes (originals) [FS-6132], February 1999
Israel/Jordan pact, King Hussein/Prime Minister Robin, President Clinton in Wash. D.C. [F-5213], July 26-27, 1994
Haitian refugee processing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 18 originals [F-5198], July 13, 1994
Prime Minister Hosokawa with Pres. Clinton in Washington, D.C., re: trade treaty, 5 originals [F-5106], February 22, 1994
Emperor and Empress Akihito in the United States, 15 originals [F-5179], June 29, 1994
Bus trip from Charlottesville to Washington and fireworks, 20 originals [F-4839], January 17, 1993
Silent march on Washington: 38,000 pairs of shoes, 10 originals [F-5259], September 1994
The Lorena Bobbitt trial [F-5091], February 1, 1994
Bill Clinton in NYC for 1st day of Democratic Convention [F-4653], July 13, 1992
Ross Perot meets the press, includes picture published in TIME/Nation [F-4536], October 1992
Clinton at Georgetown University, 10 originals [F-4844], January 18, 1993
Forest conference, Portland, Oregon, 9 originals [F-4920], April 6, 1993
K-9 dogs in Frisbee Championships, 19 originals [F-5273], October 18, 1994
The Whitewater Scandal, 15 originals [F-5119], 1994
Contest entry pix, dupes and originals, 1987
The Exciting New Field of Virtual Reality Uses in Medicine, 18 originals [F-5379], April 22, 1995
A visit to a lethal injection chamber, 6 originals [F-5326], January 16, 1995
Dr. Dean Hamer, "Gay Genes," 9 originals, 1993
A day in the life of Newt Gingrich, 34 originals [F-5384], April 19, 1995
Pope visits Baltimore mass at Camden Yards, 8 originals [F-5481], October 13, 1995
White House Easter Egg Roll, 2 originals, April 1993
Peace Treaty signing in Washington, D.C. [F-5472], October 6, 1995
Hubble's pictures, 2-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5532], January 1996
Pres. Clinton's State of the Union message, 12 originals [F-4879], February 17, 1993
Eric Lars Bakke, Pope John Paul in Denver, World Youth Day, 28 originals [F-5016], August 25, 1993
Holocaust Museum opens in Washington, D.C., 20 originals [F-4931], April 1993
In-vitro fertilization, cloning embryos, 4 originals [F-5059], November 1993
Middle East peace agreement, Washington, D.C., 27 originals [F-5032], September 13, 1993
Mubarak and Clinton at White House, 7 originals, April 6, 1993
Noriega in U.S. custody [F-3613], 1990
First Ladies dress exhibits, Smithsonian Museum (for PPS), 1992
Yeltsins in Washington [F-4593], June 15-16, 1992
Bush on election nite, 6 originals [F-4781], November 1992
Miyazawa in Washington, D.C. with Bush [F-4626], July 1992
Summit in Vancouver, 26 originals [F-4919], 1993
Pres. Bush's campaign trail, scenic train thru Wisconsin, also Michigan rally, 20 originals [F-4776], October 31-November 1, 1992
The White House conference on the New Economy, 7-35mm color chromes [F-6255], April 2000
Yeltsin in Washington, D.C. [F-4593; F-4602], June 1992
Clinton 1st week in office, 24 originals [F-4867], 1993
Swearing in and parade, 33 originals [F-4857], January 20, 1993
President Clinton's first day in the office, 7 originals [F-4862], 1993
Clintons visit Washington, 16 originals [F-4792], November 1992
Jiang Zemin, 19-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5930], 1997
Hillary Clinton on bus tour, 1 original, 1992
B-29 Bomber Enola Gay at Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum, 6 originals [F-5311], December 13, 1994
Hillary Clinton, 8 originals, October 1993
Laser eye surgery in the mall, 14-35mm color chromes [F-6241], January 2000
A Million Moms march on the capitol, 10-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-6268], May 2000
Jefferson's library: The Library of Congress, 8-35mm CT [F-6293], August 2000
Black Box, 10-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5683], November 1996
The New Chancery of the Embassy of Italy, 12-35mm color chromes [F-6322], November 2000
Biosafety level 4 labs, 12 original slides + captions [F-6222], September 2, 1999
Births Spark New Hope for Rare Tiger Species, 5-35mm color chromes [F-6220], September 2000
The President, his Buddy, his First Lady, his V.P., the Prime Minister and the U.N. Sec. Gen., 9-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5995], March 1998
Inside the Federal Reserve boardroom, 4-35mm color chromes (originals) [FS-6126], February 1999
Battle in Washington, the impeachment of Bill Clinton, 14-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-6124], February 1999
Zhu Rongji, Chinese Premier in D.C., 6-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-6163], April 1999
Kite Wars [F-6119], 1998
2019-215/2 Pentagon under terrorist attack, 17-35mm CT [F-6407], 2001
The Spying Game: Inside the CIA, 10-35mm color chromes, article from Time [F-5603], February 1996
Pro and anti-abortion rallies, 20 originals [F-5346], February 1, 1995
Pennsylvania Avenue, 17-35mm chromes (originals) with article from The Wall Street Journal [F-5606], July 1996
Who Hired Craig Livingston? 2-35mm color chromes with article from Time [F-5622], July 1996
Baby rhino at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 3 originals (35mm color chromes) [F-5664], 1996
Hispanic Civil Rights March 10-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5676], October 1996
The Possible Cure for Baldness, 3-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5717], January 1997
Punkin' Chunkin', 16-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5933], 1997
Jehan Sadat, 6-35mm color chromes [F-5938], November 1997
Mary Albert, 4-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5881], October 1997
Stephen Case, CEO of America Online, 3-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5809], June 1997
Donald Hodel, The New Christian Coalition, 4-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5819], June 1997
The CEO's of the software industry, 12-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5815], June 1997
Airlines CEO – Software CEO, 6-35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5816], 1997
The Promise Keepers, 9-35mm color chromes [F-5893], 1997
Blessing, a rededication to marriage and family with Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 5-35mm color chromes [F-5946], 1997
Enola Gay restoration [F-5311], 1994
Oliver North campaign of senate [F-5115], 1994
Dog Frisbee Championships [F-5273], 1994
Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich [F-5301], 1994
Owen D.B., President Bush's First 100 Days, 1-CD, 36-300 dpi color images [F-6355-CD], February 2001
Contest pix, color internegatives, Reagan with microphones of press, 1986
Castro Cuba, Brack with Castro, Barbara Walters, 1975
[Untitled folder with black-and-white prints]
Black Star Box 69
Box 69 selects, 1978-1986
Housing and Construction; Arlington, VA; Annandale, VA; Factory Built Housing – Annandale, VA; Beach Housing Construction near Fenwick Island, DE; Residential and Commercial Buildings in Virginia Beach, VA [7-86-2636], 1986
Air Traffic Controllers at Work, FAA facilities, Leesburg, VA [8-86-2885], 1986
NBC's "Today Show" hosts Jane Pauley and Bryant Gumbel on location across from Buckingham Palace for Royal Wedding [8-86-2775], July 28, 1986
London, England, Big Ben, includes American tourists [8-86-2807], 1986
London, England, double decker bus (sight-seeing bus), tourists, magazine stand, Royal Guars, subway station sign [8-86-2808], 1986
House hearing on crack, includes Rep. Charles Rangel, "crack" equipment, Davis Westrate, Asst. Administrator for operations – Drug Enforcement Administration [7-86-2692], 1986
Salman Rushdie, 5 35mm color chromes (originals) [F-5536], January 1996
Dr. Samuel Broder of N.I.H., AZT researcher and major contributor to its discovery, guy with microscope, [10-86-3214], 1986
"AZT" (AIDS experimental drug), AZT "hot line" for information about drug, Rockville MD, closeups of drugs in bottles and capsule, Time article on AZT (9/29/86) [F-2884], 1986
Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara in his Pentagon Office [6-78-2065]
Dr. Steven Rosenberg and his cancer research, immunotherapy, finding "LAK" therapy, lymphokine-activated killers for Time (set T81754) [9-86-3024], 1986
Roger C. Molander, "Debtbusters" for Time [9-86-3095], September 12, 1986
Father Charles Curran, Catholic University Professor, alone and with Archbishop Joseph Foley on "Meet the Press" [8-86-2904], August 1986
House-Senate joint hearing on tax reform (see also, Dennis Brack 8-86-2878) [7-86-2659], 1986
Rep. John Seiberling, Rep. William Grey, Sec. of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige, Sen. Robert Kasten [7-86-2661], 1986
Eleanor Smeal now, Common Sense [7-86-2744]
"Elderly People" road sign, illustration for "The Aging of America" [8-86-2813], 1986
House and Senate joint committee on Tax Reform for Time (set T80630 and T80634), includes Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Sen. Bob Packwood, Rep. Gephart, Sen. Bill Bradley, Sen. John Danforth) [8-86-2878], 1986
Scotland, Lough Arrow, castle and lake, Stirling Castle, landscapes, cemetery, Mallaig – Port Scene, stream, sheep, cattle, traffic [8-86-2892], 1986
Homeless illustration, homeless around fig tree, Santa Barbara, CA [8-86-2922], August 1986
White House briefing on space shuttle for Time, includes Larry Speakes, Madeline Johnson (D.O.T.), Adm. Richard Truly (NASA), Maj. Richard Rand (D.O.D.), [8-86-2925], August 15, 1986
Farming, MD, fertilizing, irrigating, corn, wheat, cattle, farm landscapes [9-86-2982], 1986
Supreme Court, Justices Rehnquist, Burger, and Scalia on day of swearing-in for Time, includes Rehnquist and Scalia families [10-86-3145], 1986
Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, press conference for Time, includes USSR ambassador to USA Yuri Dubinin [10-86-3146], 1986
Ms. Loret Miller Rupp, Director, Peace Corps for Time [10-86-3162], September 19, 1986
David Gergen, U.S. News-World Report for Time, reaction after Sec. Schultz announcement re: Daniloff affair [10-86-3165], 1986
USDA Beagle Brigade for Time [10-86-3174], 1986
Federal Reserve Board for Time [10-86-3220], September 10, 1986
Hearing on downing of plane in Nicaragua for Time [10-86-3285], October 14, 1986
Cyrus Vance cover story for Time, also Andy Young, Elliott Abrams, 1978
Carter Staff: Hamilton Jordan, Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1978-1979
Gerald Ford, Averill Harriman, Henry Kissinger, 1978
Howard Baker, John Rhodes, 1979
Senator Henry, Scoop, Jackson, 1981
Penthouse models protest, inflation, 1981
Labor Day march, 1981
Black Star Box 70
2019-215/2 Box 70 selects, 1978-1989
Jeremy Rifkin protest on vote of DNA Advisory Committee, includes W. French Anderson and Dr. Steven Rosenberg whose genetic engineering experiments was voted on, for Time [4-89-3157], January 30, 1989
Washington: Drug/Murder Capitol, inspectors from Fed. Marshall's Off., confiscated weapons [6-89-3395], 1989
Washington crime, police funeral, arrests, ambulance [3-89-3036; F-3417], 1989
Women in the Military, 1978
Job Corps, Woodstock training center near Granite, MD, for Time [7-89-3878], 1989
Steven Ross, Warner Bros. at "Batman" opening [7-89-3875], 1989
Children's Day Care Center "Super Tots", includes 1 roll color negatives, integrated [7-89-3874], 1989
Government day care center at Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. [7-89-3873], 1989
Paul Tsongas, 1981
100th Anniversary Bastille Day, for Time, includes Defile Jean-Paul Goude (Parade), Military parade, Bastille ball, Arc de Triomphe [7-89-3845], 1989
Anti-Exxon Press Conference by the C/LEC and CAF (Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition and Citizen Action Fund), CAF Pres. Heather Booth, C/LEC Asst. Dir. Edwin Rothschild, also some newscaster material [5-89-3383], 1989
Gray Panthers Keep Social Security, 1981
House of Rep. hearings on Speaker Jim Wright, includes Counsel Richard Phelan presenting case against speaker Wright, Mrs. Betty Wright attending hearings [5-89-3371], 1989
Rep. James Wright defends himself against ethics charges, Rayburn Rotunda, for Time, good heads [5-89-3291], 1989
Congress [illegible] pay raise for Time, Bob Walters, Gaithersburg, MO, fasting to protest pay raise [4-89-3255], 1989
U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C., 4x5" transparencies [4-89-3212], 1989
Speaker of the House Rep. James Wright for Time, leaving White house after meeting with Pres. Bush [4-89-3210], 1989
Dr. Everett C. Koop, Surgeon General, no smoking pledge by black kids, for Time [4-89-3207], 1989
Queen Noor of Jordan in Washington, D.C., at Stevens school in D.C., with her children, Iman and Rayatt [4-89-3186], 1989
Genetic engineering, for Time, includes color negatives and prints [4-89-3180], 1989
Washington crime, color negatives [4-89-3179], 1989
Construction on Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. [4-89-3166], 1989
Cuba, Soviet ships loading/unloading cargo, sugar on trucks, bananas on trucks, old cars, Casa Blanca ferry, Morro Castle, the Malecon, skylines, couple, [4-89-3159], 1989
Death at the Capitol, Washington, D.C., police and dead body [4-89-3121], April 18, 1989
2019-215/3 Mikhail Gorbachev visit to Cuba, for Time [4-89-3115], 1989
Guns, Senate hearing on firearms, includes Edward Conroy, Assoc. Dir. Dept. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms with AR-47 rifle, Daryl Gates, chief L.A. police dept., Sen. Allen Spector, Sen. Howard Metzenbaum [2-89-2843], 1989
Swearing in of 101st Congress, Wright, Bob Dole, Tom Foley, George Mitchell, Bob Michel, Pat Schroeder [2-89-2799], 1989
Pentagon, Crystal City, Washington National Airport, 1978
Eastern Airlines strike, National Airport Wash. D.C., workers picketing including pilots, empty counter at airport, idle Eastern planes, line for $12.00 Eastern air shuttle [3-89-2990], 1989
Eastern Airlines on strike [3-89-2977], 1989
John Tower at National Press Club, heads [3-89-2945], March 1, 1989
John Tower with his girlfriend, Time [3-89-2937], March 6, 1989
Gene transplants, collecting TIL cells that will be used to combat a patient's tumors [2-89-2885], 1989
New York City, skylines, Wall Street area, stock exchange, treasury building [2-89-2848], 1989
Senate Banking Committee, includes Sen. Donald Riegle Jr., Paul Volcker, Sen. Phil Gramm, Sen. James Sasser [2-89-2836], 1989
National Gallery, Washington, D.C., Moore sculpture, colder mobile, interior and exterior [2-89-2794], 1988-1989
Coal, 14 color [2-89-2781], 1989
Government checks, food stamps, 1981-1982
Air to Air refueling, 1981

Series II. Prints, contact sheets and negatives; includes Black Star return boxes, circa 1959-2011

2008-039/4 Unidentified contact sheets [5-80-7031]
China [4-80-6795]
Abelardo Valdez, Chief of Protocol for U.S.A. [4-80-6759]
Plaque honoring diplomats killed in action—in lobby of Department of State [4-80-6768]
Hostage Memorial in Heritage, PA [2-80-6535]
National Governors Conference in Washington, DC; includes Gov. Dixie Lee Ray, Ella Grasso [2-80-6536]
Afghans demonstrate in Washington, DC [3-80-6581]
Rep. John Anderson campaigning in Illinois [3-80-6625]
Rep. John Anderson campaigning in Illinois (black and white conversions made from color) [3-80-6625]
Campaign workers fro John Anderson [3-80-6628]
Homeowner installing fiberglass insulation in his attic [3+80-6680]
Clark Clifford [3-80-6684]
U S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, 3.14.80; includes Barry Bosworth, William Proxmire, Arthur Burns, Dr. Alan Weber, Dr. Albert T. Sommers [3-80-6699]
Sen. Edward Kennedy campaigning in Chicago, IL [4-80-6757]
Census 1990 [3-90-5168]
Paul Garber [4-90-5190]
Prince Sultan, Saudi Minister of Defense [3-90-6602]
Arthur Kent [5-91-6659]
Bank of Credit and Commerce International hearings [11-91-6774]
Special Trade Ambassador William Brock, Sec. of Commerce Malcolm Baldridge [5-82-2963]
Sec. of Defense Casper Weinberger, Press Conference on Defense budget [2-84-7333]
Reagan and Bush together prior to Regan announcement of candidacy for re-election [2-84-7195], 1984/01/29
Sec. of State Schultz, press briefing on Grenada invasion [11-83-6543]
Pres. Reagan with P.M. Shamir of Israel at the White House [11-83-6685]
Ed Meese Confirmation Hearings for Attorney General [1-85-9193]
Donald Regan – White House Chief of Staff in his office [2-85-9305]
James Baker – Sec. of Treasury Designate [1-85-9168]
Reagan's TV address on the economy [2-81-9140], 1981/02/05
Attorney General William French Smith; U.N. Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick; Sen. Charles Percy [11-81-8816]
Pres. Reagan and Merle Haggard [3-82-2433]
Pres. Reagan and Pres. Mitterrand of France in Oval Office, Fri., 3/12/82 [3-82-2456]
Ed Meese and James Baker together [9-81-0844]
Sec. of State – Designate George Shultz confirmation hearings [7-82-3382]
Pres. Amin Gemayel of Lebanon in Washington [10-82-4120]
Pres. Reagan addressing Republican candidates – Good Pix of Reagan pointing at Gary Arnold When Reagan said "Shut-up" [10-82-4024]
Special Envoy Philip Habib after meeting Reagan at the White House [10-82-4070]
Group Shot of Top Presidential Advisors (Shot during Marcos visit) Mike Deaver, James Baker, Ed Meese [9-82-3938]
Pres. Reagan with Ferdinand Marcos in the Oval Office and arrival ceremony and Marcos head shots and dinner [9-82-3931]
Pres. Reagan in Oval Office making TV announcement that he is sending U.S. Marines back to Lebanon [9-82-3939]
Pres. Reagan and Gromyko shake hands for the 1st time [9-84-8555], 1984/09/23
Pres. Reagan and Supreme Court Justices meeting in the White House includes Reagan and Chief Justice Burger [10-82-4059]
Ed Meese – Confirmation hearings as Attorney General [3-84-7570]
Dr. George A. Keyworth (Science Advisory to Pres. Reagan) having a press briefing on the MX missile – 12/6/82 [12-82-4463]
Martin Feldstein – Chairman of the Economic Advisers in his office in the Old Executive Office Bldg. [4-83-5378]
Pres. Reagan Announcing Policy on MX Missile [4-83-5377]
Pres. Reagan Meeting with MX Missile Advisory Panel [4-83-5379]
Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan speaking to Credit Union National Association [2-83-4881], 1983/02/08
Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan before Senate Appropriations Committee [2-83-4940], February 1983
Martin Feldstein – Chairman of Economic Advisers to Pres. Reagan [2-83-4821]
Group and Single Shots of Martin Feldstein, Donald Regan and David Stockman at Budget Briefings [2-83-4863]
Sec. of State George Shultz press briefing in Brazil [12-82-4425]
Vice President and Mrs. Bush at home with their dog [8-82-3673], 1982/08/05
Rep. John Murphy (Abscam Scandal) [2-80-6448]
Sec. of Treasury William Miller before Senate Banking Committee [2-80-6525]
Hodding Carter, State Dept. Spokesmen, at Daily Briefing [2-80-6538]
Zbigniew Brzezinski in his White House Office [3-80-6580], 1980/01/03
Sec. of Treasury William Miller in his Office in the Treasury Bldg. [3-80-6640]
Paul Volcker press conference [3-80-6653], 1980/03/15
Sec. of Treasury William Miller at Senate Banking committee, includes Sen. Alan Cranston, Sen. Proxmire (back of his head with his nameplate showing questioning Miller) [3-80-6683]
Edmund Muskie studies secret State Dept. briefing material [5-80-7054]
Sec. of State Muskie before House Foreign Affairs Committee [8-80-7840], 1980/07/30
Zbigniew Brzezinski, includes Al Moses, a senior advisor to the President; Sen. Strom Thurmond; Sen. Birch Bayh [9-80-8002]
Alfred Kahn in his office in the Old Executive Office Bldg. [11-80-8456], 1908/11/06
Pres. Carter jogging in Korea with troops [9-81-0776]
Paul Volcker of Fed. Reserve Board [4-82-2689]
Sec. of Interior James Watt testifying before the House Maritime Committee about the Bald Eagle [6-83-5707]
Hamilton Jordan and Alonzo McDonald [10-79-4696]
Alfred Kahn with moustache [10-79-4766]
Paul Volcker with Sen. Lloyd Bentsen [10-79-4794]
Robert Strauss and Robert McIntyre [11-79-4855]
Sec. of Treasury William Miller [11-79-4858]
Stuart Eisenstat, Carter's Special Assistant [12-79-6053]
Vice Pres. Mondale and Agriculture Sec. Bob Bergland [1-80-6230]
Vice Pres. Mondale Campaigning in Iowa [1-80-6236]
Rep. Richard Kelly (Abscam Scandal) [2-80-6444]
Rep. James Florio (Abscam Scandal) [2-80-6445]
Rep. James Howard of N.J. [2-80-6446]
Cyrus Vance [2-80-6447]
Alfred Kahn [2-79-3311]
Griffin Bell [2-79-3328]
Sec. Michael Blumenthal of Treasury [3-79-3471]
Sec. Cyrus Vance and Sec. Harold Brown testifying on Israel – Egypt Peace Treaty; also, Sen. Church, Sen. Lugar, Sen. Glenn, Sen. Hiyakawa [4-79-3657]
William Miller, of Federal Reserve speaking to Washington Press Club [5-79-3821]
Brzezinski announcing the date of the S.A.L.T. Treaty signing [5-79-3846]
Atty. Gen. Griffin Bell testifying before House Judiciary Subcommittee [5-79-3851]
Cecil Andrus – Sec. of Interior [6-79-3912]
William Miller with 1-5-10 football [6-79-3938]
Bob Strauss [6-79-4030]
Sec. of Trans. Brock Adams at Press Briefing and with experimental cars [6-79-4032]
Jack Watson; Ray Marshall; and Bob Bergland [7-79-4068]
Patricia Harris confirmation hearings for Sec. of H.E.W., includes: Sen. Bill Bradley, Sen. Herman Talmadge, Sen. Robert Dole, Sen. Russell Long [8-79-4290]
Pres. Carter and Hamilton Jordan [8-79-4245]
Sen. Ted Kennedy in F.B.I. Bldg. for Ceremony, includes Stuart Eisenstat, Benjamin Civiletti, Griffin Bell, William Webster. [8-79-4367]
Pres. Carter meeting with environmental groups, includes Kitty Schumer, Midge Costanza, Charles Warren (C.E.O.), and Dr. Elvis Stahr [12-77-0902]
Pres. Carter presenting diplomatic credentials [12-77-0949]
Pres. Carter Press Conference after London Summit [5-77-9813], 1977/05/13
Pres. Carter in Europe [5-77-9814]
Pres. Carter standing at microphone leaving White House for Thanksgiving [12-77-0950]
Pres. Carter Press Conference [12-77-0959], 1977/11/30
Mrs. Carter receiving Bible [12-77-0969]
Pres. Carter in Poland [1-78-1064]
Pres. Carter with Sol Linowitz and Ellsworth Bunker [1-78-1117]
Pres. Carter and Henry Kissinger [1-78-1118]
Pres. Carter in Georgia for formal dinner, includes Bert Lance [1-78-1222]
Pres. Carter getting off airplane in Atlanta, Georgia; includes greeted by Gov. Busbee, greeted by Mayor Maynard Jackson of Atlanta, and Carter's personal secretary [2-78-1239]
Camp David, sign in front, security fence, and press on road leading to Camp David [2-78-1317]
Pres. Carter with Brzezinski and Vance [3-78-1556]
Pres. Carter in Africa [4-78-1716]
Pres. Carter on aircraft carrier, Eisenhower, and in Winston-Salem, North Carolina [4-78-1726]
Pres. Carter in Germany [7-78-2303]
Pres. Carter with Congressional Democrats in the Roosevelt Room of the White House [8-77-0243]
Pres. Carter with Most Rev. Jean Jadot [8-77-0244]
Pres. Carter with Mike Mansfield, U.S. Ambassador to Japan [8-77-0318]
Pres. Carter with Ambassador Averill Harriman [9-77-0382]
Pres. Carter signing the Management Intern Bill [9-77-0383]
Pres. Carter with Cleve Ryan, White House News Electrician since Roosevelt [99-77-0430]
Pres. Carter meeting the Order of Elks [9-77-0445]
Pres Carter Press Conference [9-77-0461]
Amy Carter throwing Frisbee [9-77-0462]
Pres. Jimmy Carter with Presidential Seal [9-77-0465], 08/1977
Pres. Carter having breakfast in the White House with Members of the House Sub-Committee on Energy; includes Pres. Carter meeting Sec. of Agriculture Cecil Andrus [9-77-0539]
Pres. Carter meeting with Republican Members of Congress and Vice Pres. Mondale and Sec. Califano at a Joint Press Conference on adoption and foster care as alternatives to abortion [9-77-0540]
2008-039/5 Jimmy Carter with Congressional leaders announcing the Foreign Intelligence Act [9-77-0541], 1977/05/19
Jimmy Carter on TV screen [11-77-0797]
Pres. Carter gives out National Medals of Science, Peter Goldmark gives Carter first LP record gold-plated [12-77-0875]
Pres. Carter signing the amendment to the Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act [12-77-0901]
Pres. Carter with Travis Britt [5-77-9821]
Pres. Carter meeting with Ohio Senators and Congressmen on the Portland project, Frank Moore running across White House lawn [5-77-9823]
Pres. Carter with Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez, children, and Eminence Iakovos [5-77-9839]
Pres. Carter in California [6-77-9915]
Pres. Carter with Attorney Gen. Griffin Bell [6-77-9916]
Pres. Carter receiving his family tree from members of the Mormon Church [7-77-0107]
Pres. Carter at breakfast with House Ways and Means Committee at the White House [7-77-0109]
Pres. Carter and Helmut Schmidt of Germany [7-77-0132]
Pres. Carter in the South [7-77-0172]
Helmut Schmidt in Washington, including Carter and Vance [7-77-0141]
M. Begin of Israel with Carter [7-77-0161]
Pres. Carter with Michael Blumenthal, Bert Lance, George Schultze, Arthur Burns [5-77-9817]
Pres. Carter meeting with Congressional group [5-77-9818]
Pres. Carter at the Democratic National Committee Finance Committee [5-77-9819]
Pres. Carter and campaign headquarters, with his mother [9-76-8480]
Carter and Mondale, Jimmy holding Amy, in Plains, Georgia, [9-76-8481], 1976/08/03
Swine flu vaccine [9-76-8499]
Democratic Convention 1976 including Ted Sorenson, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Brown [8-76-8320]
Queen Elizabeth's visit to U.S. including President Ford and Royal Yacht [7-76-8221}
Sen. Robert Dole [8-76-8332]
Republican Convention [8-76-8376], 1976
Ronald Reagan on his ranch [7-76-8280]
Betty Ford campaigning in California [8-76-8306]
Carter on Democratic whistle-stop train [9-76-8544]
Pres. Ford campaigning in the South on Mississippi riverboat [9-76-8553]
Events around the first Ford-Carter debate [9-76-8586]
Nuclear power plant [10-76-8593]
Sen. Strom Thurmond [10-76-8596]
Pres. Ford in Philadelphia, including pro-Mayor Rizzo demonstration [10-76-8604]
Sen. Herman Talmadge [10-76-8610]
Sen. Sam Nunn [10-76-8612]
Carter-Ford second debate, San Francisco [10-76-8620]
Carter-Ford third debate, Williamsburg, Virginia [10-76-8686], 1976/10/22
Election Day, Jimmy and Billy Carter in Atlanta and Plains, Georgia [11-76-8745], 1976/11/02
Jimmy Carter on Election Day and Night, Plains, Georgia [11-76-8780]
Election Day, Jimmy Carter staff waiting for returns [11-76-8800]
Jimmy Carter, Plains, Georgia [11-76-8803]
Senator Howard Baker [8-76-8311]
Energy, hand with gas pump [7-76-8223]
Jimmy Carter and Mondale in Plains, Georgia [7-76-8251]
Ron Nessen [7-76-8258]
Jimmy Carter and Jerry Brown [7-76-8191]
Democratic Convention conversions [7-76-8191]
Sen. John Glenn in Ohio [7-76-8206]
Sen. John Glenn [7-76-8207]
Miscellaneous headshots
Ronald Reagan golfing and with family on California Primary night [6-76-8081]
Copy negatives, President Carter
Jimmy Carter in California with Jody Powell [6-76-8086]
Pres. Ford's statement on killing of Ambassador Meloy [6-76-8087]
Paul Warnke, Washington lawyer [7-76-8175]
Paul Nitze [7-76-8176]
Sen. John Glenn [12-81-1703]
Sen. Charles Percy [12-81-1704]
Conference on Aging, "Gray Panthers" Sr. Citizens demonstrating in front of White House [12-81-1776], 1981/12/03
Corinne Alphen, 1978 Penthouse Pet of the year, promoting movie in front of White House [7-80-9]
Prime minister Helmut Schmidt with Hans Dietrich-Genscher [1-82-1812]
Street people in cold, Philadelphia [1-82-1840]
Young lawyers at Justice Dept. AT&T division, funny t-shirts [1-82-1851]
Unemployment office in Philadelphia [1-82-1880]
Color Conversions: Senators Byrd, Jackson, Long, Cranston, Laxalt, Stevens, Sasser and Representatives Wright and Michaels [1-82-1888], 1978
Air Florida crash remains being reconstructed at National Airport by FAA [2-82-1994]
White House China and Mubarak's arrival in DC [2-82-2029]
Computer crime instruction at FBI [2-82-2042]
Edward Bennett Williams press conference for an open convention, 1980 campaign [8-82-2086], 1980
Pres. President: Mohamed Hosni Mubarak of Egypt at National Press Club [2-82-2134]
Pres. Reagan [2-82-2152]
Senate Foreign Relations European Affairs Subcommittee on Poland, including Sen. Lugar, Sen. Biden, Marc Leland, Robert Hormats [3-82-2286]
Governor Jerry Brown announcing candidacy for Senate [3-82-2366], 1982/03/10
Largest truck stop in the world [12-81-1675]
Nelson Rockefeller [12-81-1575], circa 1974
Pres. Richard Nixon [12-81-1578]
John Mitchell, Watergate [12-81-1579]
Justice William Douglas walking on the C and O Canal Tow Path [12-81-1618]
John Hinkley's Brain CAT Scan [8-82-3625]
Housing Construction in Virginia and Maryland [8-82-3626]
Individual shots of Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Paul Tsongas, Rep. Silvo Conte [8-82-3685]
New Hart Senate office building [8-82-3686]
Sen. John East, Sen. Steven, Syhs, Rep. Phil Crane [8-82-3702]
2008-039/6 Sen. Robert Dole in Iowa [9-76-8529]
Elliott Richardson [8-76-8380]
Sen. Robert Dole in his office [9-76-8440]
Borden Co., Mr. Marusi and Mr. Sullivan [9-76-8468]
Carter and Dole at Darlington 500 car race, South Carolina [9-76-8537]
Eugene McCarthy, presidential candidate [9-76-8540]
Senator Dole at Maryland State Fair [9-76-8503]
Jimmy Carter in Iowa [9-76-8532]
Carter in NYC [9-76-8509]
Jimmy Carter with Ted Kennedy, Hugh Carey, George Meany, Jody Powell [9-76-8512]
William Bennet, drug czar [11-89-4453]
Prince Edward County [11-89-4464]
Jonas Savimbi, Angola UNITA [1-90-4811]
National Security Council meeting [2-77-9223]
Elton John concert, 1973
Garbagemen's Parade, Memphis; Coretta King on day after MLK's murder [4/68/5708], 1968/04/08
Peace March, Washington DC, 1965/11/27
Mrs. Michael Schwesuer in Washington, 1964
Ethel and Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Phillip Lee [3-67-1803]
RFK Assassination, RFK Funeral [6-68-6248], June 4, 1968, June 8, 1968
RFK Memorial Service at Arlington [6-69-9759]
RFK at JFK's grave [6-68-6423]
Swearing in of Gen. Maxwell Taylor as Ambassador to Vietnam, Robert Kennedy, 1964
Senate Committee on NATO, Dean Acheson, Robert Kennedy [5-66-217]
RFK Assassination: Hubert Humphrey speech, picketing of the National Rifle Association, Resurrection City [6-68-6223]
Ronald Reagan headshots, including Ed Rollins [10-84-8639]
Ronald Reagan and campaign aides [3-76-7524]
Gerald Ford in New Hampshire [3-76-7525], February 19, 1976-February 20, 1976
Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire [3-76-7523], January 29, 1976-January 30, 1976
Betty Ford at party for children of diplomatic corps members [1-76-7335], 1975/12/16
Jimmy Carter [2-76-7475], 1976/01/22
Gerald Ford meeting with the press [1-76-7285]
Gerald Ford meeting with advisors in private office [1-76-7286]
Nelson Rockefeller press briefing [1-76-7297]
Gerald Ford announcing veto of tax bill [1-76-72-99], 1975/12/17
Gerald Ford speaking [1-76-7312], 1976/01
Ronald Reagan [1-76-7320], 1976/01
Ronald Reagan [1-76-7322]
Ronald Reagan [1-76-7323]
Confirmation hearing on CIA Directorship for George Bush [1-76-7324], 1975/12/16
Senator Muskie [1-76-7224]
Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire, early January [1-76-7270], 01/1976
Swearing in of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, with Gerald Ford and Chief Justice Burger [1-76-7275]
Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz [1-76-7283], 1975/01/02
Senator Adlai Stevenson [2-76-7471]
Ronald Reagan getting birthday cake and social security forms on 65th birthday [2-76-7474]
Space Exhibit [2-76-7493], 1975/02/24
Brack photos in Black Star Conference room
Stephen Sondheim [1-76-7213]
Republican National Committee campaign, Gerald Ford [1-76-7369], 1976
Henry Kissinger press conference [2-76-7386]
Gov. Jimmy Carter at Urban Coalition meeting [2-76-7421], 1976/01/22
Richard Kleindienst portrait at Justice Dept. [2-76-7464], 1976/01/22
Ron Nessen [2-76-7465]
Ronald Reagan [11-75-7058], 1975/11/21
Henry Kissinger on Capitol Hill after contempt citation [12-75-7078], 1975/11/14
Gerald Ford in Boston, Mass. [12-75-7081]
Assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan [12-75-7101]
President Ford in California and New Hampshire [12-75-7109]
Henry Kissinger testifying on the Hill [12-75-7115], 1975/11/18
Senior Citizens [12-75-7142]
Gerald Ford Sunday Massacre press conference [11-75-7028]
William Simon before Senate Finance Committee, includes Senators Long, Byrd, Ribicoff, Hanson, Bentsen and Mondale [2-76-7501]
Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire [3-76-7520], February 4, 1976-February 6, 1976
Ronald Reagan in North Carolina [3-76-7521]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in Florida and Illinois [3-76-7522]
Republican leadership and Kissinger leaving the White House [11-75-7029], 1975/11/04
2008-039/7 Donald Rumsfeld in office, with Dick Cheney and Gerald Ford [11-75-7030]
General Brent Scowcroft in oval office with Gerald Ford [11-75-7035]
Ronald Reagan for The Reagan Committee [11-75-7056], 1975/11/20
Ronald Reagan in Florida [11-75-7057], 1975/11/20
Arthur Burns [10-75-6831]
Gerald Ford in Germany [10-75-6914], 1975/07/28
Gerald Ford meeting with House Committee on Gov. Ops. [11-75-6992], 1975/11/06
Henry Kissinger leaving White House [11-75-7019], 1975/11/04
Anwar Sadat press conference at Blair House [11-75-7021]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in New Hampshire for Senator Wyman [10-75-6784]
Gerald Ford in New Hampshire [10-75-6786]
William Colby and Mitchell Rogovin press conference at CIA [10-75-6803]
Gerald Ford European Trip, Helsinki [8-75-6588], August 1, 1975-August 2, 1975
Gerald Ford signing at European Security Conference [8-75-6589], 1975/08/01
Gerald Ford in Romania [8-75-6590], 1975/08/02
Gerald Ford and Leonid Brezhnev [8-75-6598]
Gerald Ford in Yugoslavia [8-75-6591], 1975/08/03
Gerald Ford in Europe with Schmidt, Wilson and d'Estaing [8-75-6592], 1975/07/30
Judge John Sirica [8-75-6626]
Gerald Ford watches Russian and U.S. space blastoffs [9-75-6700], July 14, 1975-July 15, 1975
Rep. Morris Udall [9-75-6706]
Henry Kissinger press conference [9-75-6714], 1975/09
Rep. Bella Abzug practicing volleyball [9-75-6760]
Gen. George Brown and Sec. of Defense Harold Brown [8-79-4313]
Members of Congress boarding plane for China [8-79-4328]
Women in the military [8-79-4329]
Gerald Ford playing tennis, Mackinac Island [7-75-6450], 1975/07/13
Gerald Ford at Traverse City, Michigan [7-75-6451]
Gerald Ford speaking to conference of mayors [7-75-6454], 1975/07/10
Gerald Ford press conference on the South Lawn [7-75-6455], 1975/06/25
Gerald Ford in Cleveland, Ohio [7-75-6456], 1975/07/03
Gerald Ford press conference at Palmer House Hotel, Chicago [7-75-6465], 07/12/1975
Gerald Ford and cabinet meeting [7-75-6466], 1975/07/16
Gerald Ford and German Chancellor Walter Scheel [7-75-6475], 1975/06/16
CIA Hearing with Frank Church, Barry Goldwater, John Tower [7-75-6476]
Susan Ford's graduation from Holton Arms School [8-75-6537], 1975/06/04
Sean Morton Downey announcing presidential candidacy [7-79-4131]
Independent Oil Producers [7-79-4141]
Gas lines in Virginia [7-79-4162]
Senate hearing on productivity with Lloyd Bentsen and Clarence Brown [7-79-4175]
Rep. Henry Reuss [7-79-4208]
Gasahol [7-79-4120]
Anti-trust conference [7-79-4125]
Sec. Michael Blumenthal and James McIntyre [8-79-4427]
Patrick Caddell in his Washington office [8-79-4436]
Treasury Secretary William Miller and Treasury Department building [8-79-4451]
Brock Adams, Washington [12-76-8977]
Bert Lance [12-76-8972]
Rep. Bob Bergland [12-76-8951]
Stu Eizenstat, Carter issue's man [9-76-8513]
Jody Powell, Carter's Press Secretary [12-76-8952]
Andrew Young [12-76-8959], 1976/11/25
Richard Nixon East Room press conference [9-82-3829], 1969/03/17
Lane Kirkland in AFL-CIO building in Washington DC [9-82-3830]
US Festival, California [9-82-3831]
Sen. Henry Jackson announcing presidential candidacy [5-82-2981], 1971/11/19
Economic Summit, London with Nancy Reagan and Prince Philip [6-82-3099], 1982
Orrin Hatch at Sen. Labor committee hearing on handling of Longshoremen's cases [6-82-3043]
World Bank Building, Washington DC [6-82-3153]
Prime Minister Begin of Israel addressing the United Nations [6-82-3162]
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Foreign Minister Francis Pym [6-82-3209]
Democratic mid-term convention in Philadelphia [6-82-3228]
Margaret Thatcher/Reagan/Haig [6-82-3247]
Closed businesses, Baltimore [7-82-3262]
American Stock Exchange meeting [7-82-3288]
Kansas wheat harvest [7-82-3464]
St. Elizabeth Hospital (where John Hinkley is incarcerated) [7-82-3499]
Indira Ghandhi in Washington DC (headshots) [8-82-3526]
Oil rigs offshore near Santa Barbara near Channel Islands [3-82-2367]
Oil pump rig in middle of foreign cars being imported to the US [3-82-2371]
Peter Grace (head of Reagan's non-government commission to eliminate waste in government0 [3-82-2405]
Guests to National Press Club going through metal detector before Hubarak's speech [3-82-2454]
Dr. Stephen Lesner, head of U.S. Chamber of Commerce [3-82-2458]
Anti-US involvement in El Salvador in Washington DC [3-82-2533], 1982/03/27
Rep. Stan Parris [4-82-2621]
Sen. John Tower [4-82-2726]
Rep. Thomas Foley, Sen. Robert Dole, Rep. Paul Foley [4-82-2727]
Strip coal mine in West Virginia, female panda in Wahington DC [5-82-2959]
Ronald Reagan signing a bill [5-82-2960], 1982/04
Admiral Bobby Inman, Deputy Director of CIA [5-82-2964]
Japanese goods being off-loaded from a container ship in Seattle [9-82-3896]
Dupont executives [9-82-3947]
NASA Mars antenna in the Mojave Desert [10-82-3960]
Solar One project in Barstow, California [10-82-3961]
AFL-CIO Pres. Lane Kirkland speaking at a rally [10-82-4073]
President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Mexico [1-90-4852]
Sec. of Defense Dick Cheney [1-90-4948]
Nixon returns to the Capitol [4-90-5197]
George H.W. Bush and Pres. Of Mozambique [4-90-5178]
"Pro-Life" protest in front of abortion clinic, Alexandria, Virginia [4-90-5187]
War on drugs briefing at White House [5-90-5489]
Alan Greenspan [5-90-5510]
Pat Buchanan
Abortion: Roe v. Wade
Vietnam Wall 10th Anniversary [11-92-1053]
Alan Greenspan testifying before House committee [8-88-1954], 1988/07/28
Iraq crisis, Saudi Arabia [12-90-6308]
Ed Meese Hearing [8-88-1994]
First Debates Ross/Bush/Clinton, St. Louis, 1992
Edwin Moses in Laguna Beach
2008-039/8 Paul Warnke [12-76-8961], 1976/12/09
Juantia Kreps, also Sen. Sparky Matsunaga [1-77-9106], 1977/01/10
Cyrus Vance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee [1-77-9108], January 10, 1977-January 11, 1977
Griffin Bell before the Senate Judiciary Committee [1-77-9104], January 11, 1977-January 12, 1977
Griffin Bell in front of the Supreme Court Building [1-77-9105], 1977/01
Patricia Harris Sen. William Proxmire, and Sen. Robert Morgan before the Senate Housing and Urban Affairs Committee [1-77-9130], 1977/01/10
Ray Marshall, Labor Secretary, before the Senate Labor Committee, 1/77; also Sen. Williams (NJ), Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT), Sen. Cranston (CA) [1-77-9131]
Harold Brown before Senate Armed Services Committee [1-77-9132]
Charles Schultze before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee [1-77-9133], 1977/01/11
Michael Blumenthal before the Senate Finance Committee; includes Sen. Russell Long, Sen. Talmadge, Sen. Harrison Schmidt, Clarence Mitchell [1-77-9134], 1977/01/12
Bob Bergland before Senate Agriculture Committee [1-77-9168], 1977/01
Jack Watson [1-77-9176], 1977/01
Robert Lipschutz, counsel to President Carter; includes President Carter at podium with presidential seal [2-77-9208], 1977/02
President Carter at swearing in of Joseph Califano as Secretary of H. E W; includes Carter in front of Truman photo [2-77-9210], 1977/02
Zbigniew Brzezinski in his office [2-77-9211], 1977/02
Swearing in of Cabinet and Cabinet meeting [2-77-9212], 1977/02
Robert Lipschutz (copy negative) [3-77-9372], 1977/03
Margaret "Midge" Costanza, key Carter aide [3-77-9374], 1977/03
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown and Gen. George Brown (Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff) before House Armed Services Committee [3-77-9522], 1977/03
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown [3-77-9523], 1977/03
Anne Wexler, special assistant to President Carter [1-79-3265], 1979/01
Paul Warner in his office [2-79-3271], 1979/02
Amy Carter with her new dog named Grits [2-77-9203], 1977/02
Rosalynn Carter in her morning staff meeting [2-77-9206], 1977/02
Jimmy Carter [11-76-8839], 1976/11
President Carter—misc. [2-77-9204], 1977/02
Carters waving goodbye to V. P. Mondale (off on 10 day trip to Europe and Japan) [2-77-9205], 1977/02
Celebrity Wrestling—Hulk Hogan and Mr. T [12-86-3555], 1986/12
Robert McFarlane before House Foreign Relations Committee for the first time on Iran-Contra controversy, includes committee chairman Dante Fascell [12-86-3556], 1986/12/08
House Foreign Affairs hearing on Iran-Contra; includes Dante Fascell, Lt. Col. Oliver North, John Poindexter [12-86-3557], 1986/12
Empty folder [12-86-3566]
Sen. Dan Inouye, Sen. Warren Rudman, at press conference of the Senate Select Committee on the Iran arms deal [12-86-3636], 1986/12/17
Robot family [3-86-1701], 1986/03
Neil Kinnock, British Labor Party, speaking at National Press Club [12-86-3642], 1986/12/04
Rep. James Wright, Rep. Lee Hamilton [12-86-3651], 1986/12
Iran-Contra hearings personalities: William Cohen, Dick Cheney, Daniel Inoue, Ed Miese, Sam Nields, Casper Weinberger, Oliver North, 1987
Jimmy Carter on Capitol Hill [12-76-8919], November 22, 1976-November 23, 1976
Jimmy Carter in St. Simon's Island, Georgia [1-77-9003], 1977/01
Jimmy Carter carrying and loading luggage, includes Carter deplaning in Albany after St. Simon cabinet meeting [1-77-9112], 1977/01
Jimmy Carter inauguration [1077-9147], 1977/01
Carters greeting people in White House, includes Jody Powell [2-77-9201], 1977/02
Jimmy Carter's first day, includes Jody Powell, George Wallace, Carter and Mondales 2-77-9202], 1977/02
J. F. Kennedy grave [12-66-1401], 1966/12
Launching of the new aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy, Newport, Mass [5-67-2398], 1967/05/27
Carter and staff (Jody Powell, Hamilton Jordan, Jack Watson. Pat Caddell, Greg Schneiders, Rex Granum)—Church Incident; also Rev. Klennon King and aerials of Plains, GA [12-76-8874]
Watergate—Richard Kleindienst before Senate Judiciary Committee; also columnist Jack Anderson [3-72-9637]
Watergate: Senator J. William Fulbright and Sen. Sam Ervin [2-73-1629]
Watergate hearing [5-73-2284]
H. Robert Haldeman, presidential assistant [5-73-2173]
John Dean (copy regatives) [5-73-2278]
Sen. Howard Baker, Watergate Committee [5-73-2316]
Watergate: Sen. Hugh Scott, Rep. Ford [5-73-2313]
Watergate: Senate Investigating Committee hearings [5-73-2314]
Watergate: James McCord entering U. S District Court and Thomas Oliphant, Boston Globe reporter (arrested for dropping supplies on Wounded Knee, SD) [5-73-2318]
Watergate: H. R. Haldeman [6-73-2351]
Watergate: "John Scali" [6-73-2358]
Watergate: Maurice Stans, Jeb Stuart Magruder [6-73-2412]
John Mitchell--Watergate Committee [7-73-2520]
Watergate: President Nixon speech on television set [8-73-2744]
Watergate: H. R. Haldeman, Ron Ziegler, President and Mrs Nixon, Charles Colson [9-73-2788]
President Nixon's trip to Texas [10-72-889]
Tricia Nixon's wedding (dupe folder) [6-71-5513]
President Nixon with his dogs [3-72-9614]
President Nixon's arrival in Washington from China trip [3-72-9620]
President Nixon with Duke 1937 law school class [5-72-61]
President Nixon at news conference [7-72-326]
President Nixon campaigning in Texas, including party at John Connally's ranch [10-72-889]
Opening of the "Nixon for President" headquarters [5-67-2375]
Richard Nixon with Rep. Mel Laird [11-67-3719]
Press conference—David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon in Philadelphia; Julie and David at rally in shopping center, Morristown, PA; rally, Madison Square Garden [11-68-7478], 1968/10/31
Richard Nixon and LBJ together [11-68-7641]
Richard Nixon/family at Walter Reed Army Medical Center [11-68-7576]
President Nixon signing Narcotics Bill [10-70-3918]
President Nixon at bill signing ceremony—showing Commerce Sec. Maurice Stans and George Romney [4-71-5003]
Richard Nixon New York and Philadelphia campaign trip [9-68-7124]
President Nixon's trip to Europe, copy negatives from color [3-69-8787], 1969/02
Nixon victory party [11-72-1060]
President Nixon's breakfast for congressional leadership, with Speaker Carl Albert, Rep. Gerald Ford [1-73-1376]
Nixon meeting with Sen. Mike Mansfield [1-73-1379]
Nixon departs for Mississippi [5-73-2201]
Nixon and Brezhnev—Camp David, yacht Sequoia, J. D. L demonstrations, dinner at White House (copy negatives with contact sheets) [6-73-2454]
Nixon admitted to hospital [7-73-2534]
National Press Club Dinner; includes President Carter, Sen. Robert Byrd playing violin, Sen. Moynihan [2-77-9207]
Carters dancing at Inauguration (color internegative) [2-77-9289]
Carter meeting with National Security Council [2-77-9223]
Carter's first press conference [2-77-9303]
Carter (color conversion) [2-77-9305]
Vice-President Mondale [3-77-9398]
President Carter with Sam Brown (director of ACTION) [4-77-9549]
Amy Carter and Jason (her nephew) in her tree house on White House grounds [4-77-9648]
Rosalynn Carter (Woman of the Year Award at Woman's National Democratic Club) [4-77-9594]
Carter signs Reorganization Act [4-77-9595], 1977/04/06
Carter departing White House [4-77-9646]
Carter with Mr. and Mrs. Yehudi Menuhin [4-77-9647]
Easter Egg Roll at White House; includes Carter women on balcony [4-77-9653]
Carter with energy chief James Schlesinger [4-77-9677]
Carter meeting with Massachusetts congressional delegation [4-77-9686], 1977/04/05
Carter signing Drought Relief Bill [4-77-9701], 1977/04/07
Carter in miscellaneous situations [4-77-9703]
Carter's energy speech to Congress [4-77-9710], 1977/04/20
Rosalynn Carter in Chicago [4-77-9715]
Carter making a statement on nuclear power policy [4-77-9723], 1977/04/07
Carter at the Organization of American States; includes Ellsworth Bunker and Sol Linowitz together—our negotiating team on the Panama Canal [5-77-9729]
Carter announcing the cancellation of the $50 tax rebate; includes Bert Lance, Jody Powell, George Schultz, W. Michael Blumenthal [5-77-9730]
Carter meeting with Gov. Boren of Oklahoma; James Schlesinger in foreground of some pictures [5-77-9731]
President and Mrs. Carter at the White House [8-77-01216]
Attorney General Griffin Bell press briefing, Assistant Atty. Gen. Civiletti at his right [10-77-0578], 1977/09
Zbigniew Brzesinski [12-77-0872], 1977/05
Carter on election night [11-80-8363], 1980/11/04
Edmund Muskie on "Issues and Answers"; includes Henry Kissinger [11-80-8452]
Carter staff says goodbye to Carters as they leave for Camp David after election [12-80-8602], 1980/11/05
Carter and Hussein [5-77-9752], 1977/05/09
Carter in Italy [7-80-7440]
Carter signing a bill; includes Frank Moore [8-80-7667]
Carter in NYC at National Urban League Convention; includes Mayor Ed Koch listening to speech [8-80-77730]
Carter at Democratic Dinner for Asian Americans at Washington Hilton [8-80-7765], 1980/05/23
Carter at White House Labor Day Picnic [9-80-7879]
Carter campaigning in Michigan and New York [10-80-8163]
Carter campaigning; incudes Columbus Day Parade in NYC, coal mine in Illinois, town meeting in St. Louis [10-80-8229], 1980/10/13
Rosalynn Carter campaigning in Kentucky and Ohio [10-80-8265], October 20, 1980-October 21, 1980
Carter press conference [7-79-4157]
Carter's energy speech on TV off TV screen [8-79-4292]
Carter trip to foreign countries [8-79-4326], 1978/01
Carter, Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon [8-79-4345]
Carter head shots [12-79-6025], 1979/12/07
Carter's announcement on Iran [1-80-6224], 1979/12/21
Rosalynn Carter campaigning in New Hampshire (head shots) [2-80-6464]
Rosalynn Carter campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6492]
Carter inflation speech [3-80-6652], 1980/03/14
Conditions Governing Access
Carter press conference [3-80-6654], 1980/03/14
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance before Senate Foreign Relations Committee; includes Vance and Sen. Frank Church, Sen. Javits reading, Church holding up copy of UN document [3-80-6698], 1980/03/20
Carter and Begin [4-80-6834], 1980/04/15
Carter at memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery for soldiers killed in Iran rescue mission [5-80-7031], 1980/05/09
Carter in Philadelphia, at town meeting, "Resign Now" sign [5-80-7035]
Carter at Carter-Mondale election committee headquarters [6-80-743]
Carter on Super Tuesday [6-80-7193], 1980/06/03
Carter with Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira of Japan in Washington, DC; includes Carter alone in Rose Garden, William Miller alone in doorway, Carter with Phil Wise [6-80-7215], 1980/05/01
Carter with Summer Olympians [6-80-7358], 1980/03/20
Carter's trip to Europe for Economic Summit [6-80-7362]
2009-200/2 President Johnson with Bobby Kennedy, entering White House
King Hussein of Jordan
President Johnson with Ludwig Erhard, June 1964
President Johnson press conference, Feb. 1964
LB Johnson activities, Oct. 6, 1965
President Johnson's operation, Oct. 9, 1965
President Johnson, gall bladder operation, Oct. 7, 1965
President Johnson at Ellis Island, Oct. 1965
LBJ Scar Pictures, 10/12/65
Mrs. Indira Gandhi at White House, March, 1966 [3-66-52]
President Johnson and his cabinet, April 1966 [4-66-86]
President Johnson's new Beagle dogs
Johnson State of the Union Address, Jan. 1966
President Johnson and VP Humphrey, March 1966
President Johnson meeting with Robert McNamara on return from Saigon, Aug. 1966
President Johnson at American Legion Convention [9-66-817]
Sen. R. Kennedy and Sen. A. Ribicoff [10-66-998]
L.B.J.- Erhard visit to Cape Kennedy [10-66-1053]
President's operation [11-66-1225]
LBJ after operation, Luci and Pat Nugent [12-66-1304]
LBJ's return to U.S. from Far East trip [12-66-1306]
Pres. Johnson's press conference [1-67-1513]
LBJ's State of Union address and opening session of Congress [1-67-1516]
Arlington Cemetery (Kennedy gravesite) [3-67-1984]
Governor Wallace at Princeton [5-67-2311]
Glassboro Summit [7-67-2630]
Detroit riots [7-67-2815]
Detroit riots 1967 [7-67-2953]
Detroit riots [8-67-2953]
President Dwight Eisenhower [8-67-3096]
Peace rally in Washington D. C., includes Norman Mailer, Oct. 1967
Dean Rusk's testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee [3-68-5382]
Jackie Kennedy at Expo 1967 [10-67-3421]
Protest - Vietnam War in Washington D. C. [10-67-3539]
President and Mrs. Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. P. Nugent [11-67-3665]
Lynda B. Johnson and Chuck Rogers [11-67-3670]
Sen. Eugene McCarthy [12-67-3740]
Supreme Court Justices 12-67-3767]
U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk at conference [1-68-4006]
Eugene McCarthy [1-68-4008]
Ronald Reagan [1-68-4021]
Thurgood Marshall [10-67-3448]
Sen. Eugene McCarthy [3-68-5517]
Dean Rusk's testimony [3-68-5382]
Sen. Eugene McCarthy [3-68-5517]
Washington riots - Dr. M. L. King assassination aftermath [4-68-5724]
Poor People's March on Washington, 1st day [5-68-5929]
Poor People's March on Washington, 1st day [5-68-5929]
Memphis rally, 5/1/1968 [5-68-5946]
Rev. Abernathy on balcony of the Lorraine Motel [5-68-5949]
Poor People's March in Marks, Mississippi [5-68-5972]
Poor People visit the Dept. of Justice [6-68-6222]
Dr. M. L. King Jr. at Washington Cathedral [6-68-6291]
Rep. Convention 1968 [8-68-6755]
Pope's visit to Bogota, Colombia [8-68-6909]
Democrat Convention, Chicago, Aug. 1968 [8-68-6923]
Burning of draft cards, Baltimore, MD [10-68-7277]
RFK - JFK's grave, Nov. 22, 1868 [11-68-7821]
Library of Congress [11-68-7888]
R. Nixon and family visiting Eisenhower at Walter Reed [12-68-8024]
Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House [12-68-8025]
Apollo 8 launching [12-68-8084]
President R. Nixon's first press conference [1-69-8401]
LBJ's last State of the Union Address [1-69-8321]
Pres. R. Nixon's trip to Europe [2-69-8759]
Pres. R. Nixon press conference [4-69-9191]
Ted Kennedy in Alaska [4-69-9307]
Pres. Johnson showing operation [4-69-9408]
Sen. Kennedy being charged with leaving scene of accident [7-69-144]
Ted Kennedy accident, Martha's Vineyard [7-69-156]
L.B. Johnson on front of his seal [7-69-176]
Ted Kennedy and family on family yacht [7-69-221]
Ted Kennedy and family leaving church 7-69-231]
Ted and Joan Kennedy, H.H Humphrey, Mike Mansfield, Ed Muskie [8-69-453]
Sen and Mrs. Ted Kennedy [10-69-837]
Golda Meir [10-69-848]
Vietnam moratorium [11-69-1100]
Jackie Kennedy [11-69-1157]
Hyannis Port- Kennedys on beach, funeral of Joseph P. Kennedy, [11-69-1158]
Edward Kennedy inquest [1-70-1439]
Edward Kennedy inquest, take II [1-70-1449]
Sec Ted Kennedy Skiing [3-70-2075]
Harry Treleaven, Johnny Cash [5-70-2624]
Black Panther demonstration at Yale University [5-70-2632]
Dr. Margaret Mead [5-70-2637]
Rev. Abernathy, Leonard Woodcock, M.L. King children [6-70-2895]
Ralph Nader shopping in supermarket [6-70-3049]
Mrs. Muskie [3-71-4842]
Henry Kissinger [3-71-4843]
Seal killing - Madeleine Islands, Canada [3-71-4871]
Abba Eban [4-71-5008]
Tricia Nixon at White House Easter Egg Roll [4-71-5168]
JFK Memorial Library opening [6-71-5418]
Nixon Wedding [6-71-5513]
Rabbi Meir Kahane, Chairman Jewish Defense League [7-71-5571]
Senate Foreign Relations Comm. [7-71-5579]
Louis Armstrong funeral [7-71-5643]
Leonard Bernstein in front of JFK Center for the Performing Arts[9-11-5882]
Funny political pictures of Nixon, etc. [9-71-5893]
Pres. Nixon's trip to Dallas [10-71-6033]
Secretary of Treasury Connally [10-71-6038]
President Nixon's Trip to Alaska [10-71-6041]
Kosygin in Canada [10-71-6059]
Federal Reserve Board, Arthur Burns [10-71-7027]
Marshal Tito [11-71-7066]
Eternal flame at JFK gravesite {11-71-8000]
Animals [11-71-8001]
Evict Nixon demonstration [11-71-8014]
Abortion rally- Washington DC [11-71-8058]
2009-200/4 America Illustrated cable news network [1-83-4712]
President Reagan [10-82-4141]
Terry Herndon, president of Citizens Against Nuclear War [11-82-4191]
Unemployment in Youngstown, Ohio [11-82-4224]
Tattoo convention [12-82-4441]
Nick Orsi [12-82-4498]
Video game parlor, Santa Barbara, California [12-82-4505]
10th anniversary of J.F. Kennedy assassination, 11/22/73, Arlington, VA [11-73-3252]
President Nixon's secretary Rose Mary Wood and Jill Volner, Watergate hearings [12-73-3324]
Prototype- gas rationing coupons [1-74-3423]
Self-portrait - Dennis Brack [1-74-3425]
Hubert Humphrey [1-72-9230]
Mayor John Lindsay campaigning in Florida [1-72-9231]
HHH campaigning [1-72-9344]
Ted Kennedy [1-72-9403]
Nixon-Brandt Meeting [2-72-9432]
President Nixon Action Awards ceremony [2-72-9530]
President Nixon Meeting with Kurt Waldheim, George Shultz, Ron Ziegler, George Bush, etc.[2-72-9569]
George Wallace – Florida primaries [3-72-9370]
George Meany [4-72-9834]
Pandas - gifts from China to Nixon [4-72-9920]
J. Edgar Hoover [5-72-0096]
R.F.K. Jr. [6-72-171]
George McGovern campaigning in New York [6-72-240]
Photographs of George Wallace and George McGovern [7-72-355]
Democratic Convention [7-72-370]
Democratic Convention [7-72-393]
Democratic Convention [7-72-396]
Senator George McGovern and Sergeant Schriver [8-72-548]
Mrs. Eleanor McGovern and Mrs. Spiro Agnew [8-72-552]
Rep. Convention Conversion [8-72-652]
Senator George McGovern in his office, Lawrence O'Brien at home with wife [9-72-803]
Joan Baez walking to Capitol [1-73-1378]
Memorial service for President Truman [1-43-1384]
Peace Demonstration in Washington [1-73-1385]
President and Mrs. Ford with Ex-Governor and Mrs. Ronald Regan [4-75-5947]
Barbra Streisand concert at JFK Center [3-75-5766]
President and Mrs. Ford after Easter Sunday service, Palm Desert, CA [4-75-5948]
Governor Wallace shooting, 5/17/72 [11-72-1162]
Nixon and Kissinger together [11-72-1217]
President and Mrs. Ford at Palm Springs, California [4-75-5949]
President Ford playing golf at Mt. Dorado Country Club, Palm Springs, CA [4-75-5950]
President Ford at a reception, San Francisco, CA [4-75-5952]
President Ford Speaking to the National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas, NV [4-75-5953]
President Ford with Secretary Kissinger and General Weyand [4-75-5954]
President Ford's trip to California [4-75-5955]
Secretary Henry Kissinger [4-75-5960]
Governor Pat Brown of California [4-75-5964]
President Ford at Ford Theater [4-75-6005]
President Ford press conference in old Executive Office [4-75-6014]
President Gerald D. Ford [4-75-6018]
Judge Gerald Gesell [4-75-6021]
President Gerald Ford in New Orleans [4-75-6023]
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Gen. Fredrick Weyand, 4/21/75 [4-75-6024]
President Gerald D. Ford press conference [4-75-6025]
President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 4/24/75 [4-75-6028]
President Gerald D. Ford at presentation of his printed portrait, 4/24/75 [4-75-6029]
President Gerald Ford at Lexington-Concord bicentennial celebration [4-75-6030]
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller trip to Saudi Arabia [5-75-6033]
Secretary Henry Kissinger in his office at the White House [5-75-6061]
Senator Bennett Johnston [11-86-3413]
Traffic on interstate highway [11-86-3426]
Union Station in Washington D.C. [12-86-3538]
Neil Kinnock, British Labor Party leader, 12/3/86 [12-86-3543]
Actor Martin Sheen feeding the homeless in a soup kitchen on Capitol Hill, incl. activist Mitch Snyder [1-87-3762]
Robert McFarlane testifying before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [1-87-3835]
David Abshire testifying before Senate Armed Forces Committee[1-87-3836]
Senate Confirmation Hearings for Robert Gates as CIA Director [2-87-3999]
Tori Ernest Wittenberg and Associates [1-83-4568]
Anne Gorsuch administration press conference on Super Fund [1-83-4664]
Conversions [1-83-4691]
Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis Announcing Resignation [1-83-4709]
President Ford and meeting with King Hussein of Jordan, 4/29/75 [5-75-6064]
Rep. Jim Wright and aides [5-75-6065]
President Ford meeting with Governor Hugh Carey and Mayor Abraham Beame [5-75-6134]
Shah of Iran and President Ford, also Ann Margaret, Bob Hope, Roger Smith [5-75-6135]
Shah of Iran visits USA, incl. President Ford, Richard Helms, Robert McNamara, Henry and Nancy Kissinger, Vice Pres. Rockefeller, Daivd Kennerly, Susan Ford, 5/15/ - 5/16/75 [5-75-6144]
Shah of Iran in the USA, also Pres. Ford, Ambassador Zahedi, Ted Kennedy, Goldwater [5-75-6156]
Inter-Negative , Vietnam refugees arriving in California [4-75-5938]
President Ford announcing signing of tax bill [4-75-5941]
President Ford's address to the Joint Session [4-75-5944]
Henry Kissinger arrives at Palm Springs to meet with Ford [4-75-5945]
Interior of Congress [4-75-5944]
President Ford at the U.S. Naval Petroleum Reserve, Elk Hills, CA [4-75-5946]
President Ford at Bakersfield, California [4-75-5934]
Elliot Richardson [3-75-5767]
Alan Greenspan, Economic Adviser to President Ford [3-75-5795]
Rep. Peter Rodino in Office [3-75-5801]
Jack Anderson [3-75-5828]
President Ford departing Bakersfield, CA [4-75-5933]
Vigil for Civil Rights
2009-200/5 National Conference on Mental Health: Rosalynn Carter, Claude Pepper, Wilber Mills [5-79-3817]
Evan Dobelle, Chairman of the Carter-Mondale Presidential Committee [5-79-3818]
Federal Reserve Open Market Committee [5-79-3819]
Dick Clark, Coordinator for Refugee Affairs at House Judiciary [5-79-3848]
Cash machines, Springfield, VA and Fairfax County, VA [5-79-3866]
Carter Convention [5-79-3815]
Solar panels being installed at the White House [5-79-3816]
Anti-abortion demonstration in Washington D.C. [1-79-3230]
Senator Howard Baker and Rep. John Rhodes [1-79-3242]
Trucking deregulation – incl. Ted Kennedy, Alfred Kahn, Ralph Nader [1-9-3249]
George Meany, incl. Charles Diggs [1-79-3256]
Deng Xiaoping in Washington with Carter [1-79-3258]
A. Daniel O'Neal [1-79-3263]
Council of Economic Advisers, incl. Charles Schultze, Lyle E. Gramley, William Nordhous [1-79-3264]
Joseph Kraft [6-79-3905]
Qais Zawawi [6-79-3907]
Gold buying [6-79-3936]
Congressman Jim Jones [6-79-3937]
American Airlines plane crash investigation [6-79-3976]
Demonstration on Weber Affirmative Action in front of Supreme Court [6-79-3978]
Draft Kennedy Press Conference [6-79-4004]
Sen. Herman Talmadge Before Senate Ethics Committee, incl. Daniel Menchaw[6-79-4016]
Jim Smith, Florida Attorney General [6-79-4031]
William Nelson, Minneapolis, Minn. [2-79-3272]
Leonard Woodcock introducing Deng Xiaoping at an Atlanta (GA) Chamber of Commerce luncheon [2-79-3289]
Jack Anderson in his Washington office [12-78-2974]
Senator Ted Kennedy [12-78-2978]
Judge Harold Greene in his chambers [1-79-3127]
Christopher Fager [1-79-3148]
Cheryl Sterns, woman parachutist [6-79-3962]
Briefing of businessmen at State Department on China trade, incl. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Juanita Kreps [1-79-3226]
Tip O'Neill and John Rhodes [1-79-3227]
Katherine Graham [1-77-9171]
American Iron and Steel Institute [3-79-3486]
Cadillac at the White House [4-79-3564]
Garry Wills [4-79-3610]
Anti-Nuclear Demonstration in Washington, D. C. [4-79-3629]
Albert Brueckmann, Commerce Dept. [4-79-3635]
Senators Robert Byrd and Howard Baker [4-79-3692]
Ralph Nader press conference [4-79-3692]
Senator David Durenberger [4-79-3693]
Rep. John Anderson and Sen. Paul Laxalt [4-79-3694]
Anti-Nuclear demo. in Washington D.C., incl. Ralph Nader, Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, Barry Commoner [5-79-3708]
Jessica Savitch [5-79-3769]
Jay Van Andel [5-79-3802]
Gas stations in Washington D.C. [5-79-3812]
Black Star Parts, 1978 [2-79-3334]
National Governors Conference, incl. Jerry Brown, James Schlesinger, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, and Ella Grasso [3-79-3380]
Sen. Adlai Stevenson [3-79-3427]
Evan Dobelle with staff members and Chip Carter [6-79-4041]
Gas crisis in Virginia [6-79-4051]
Pres. Carter headshots [6-79-4056]
Alice Rivlin [6-79-4065]
Rep. John Anderson [7-79-4066]
Pres. Carter [7-79-4073]
Mayor Koch and Gov. Carey [3-79-3428]
Mobil, Herb Schmertz [2-79-3296]
Deng [Xiaoping] in Texas [2-79-3304]
Deng Xiaoping in U.S. with Leonard Wood [2-79-3310]
Theodore Mann and Ambassador Ephraim Evron [2-79-3327]
Arthur Burns [3-77-9514]
Catherine Mackin of NBC News [3-77-9515]
Anwar Sadat in Washington [4-77-9597]
Ambassador Anatoly F. Dobrynin [4-77-9654]
George Meany press conference, also Sol Chaikin, Murray Finley, and Pres. Carter [4-77-9657]
Senator Mansfield and Stroke Talbott [4-77-9659]
Amy Carter with her dog [2-77-9253]
Lynda Bird Robb [2-77-9263]
Barbara Jordan [2-77-9278]
Party for Andy Warhol at Iranian Embassy [2-77-9338]
FBI building [J. Edgar Hoover Building] in Washington D.C. [3-77-9347]
Sen. Robert Byrd playing fiddle [3-77-9371]
William Safire NY Times columnist [11-77-9172]
Sally Quinn interviewing Cater aide Gerald Rafshoon [1-77-9173]
Washington Post, incl. Ben Bradlee, William Raspberry, David Broder, Howard Simons, Meg Greenfield [1-77-9174]
Hubert Humphrey tribute in Congress [11-77-0736]
Sol Linowits and Ellsworth Bunker [11-77-0798]
Prince Charles in California, incl. Farrah Fawcett [11-77-0799]
Prison [11-77-0806]
Deaf person using the sign system [11-77-0828]
Maxine Chesire of the Washington Post, 7/1972 [11-77-0829]
Labor Leaders leaving the White House [4-77-9687]
Chip Carter with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band [4-77-9724]
Arthur Burns [6-77-9951]
President Carter giving awards to Mrs. Coretta Scott King and M. L. King, Sr. [7-77-0134]
Gov. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia and family [8-77-0276]
Leon Jaworski and House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct [9-77-0381]
Celebrity Golf featuring President Ford and Bob Hope [9-77-0443]
Shah of Iran in Washington D.C. [11-77-0844]
Judge Sirica [12-77-948]
Senator Edward Brooke [12-77-0954]
Tip O'Neill [1-78-1108]
Ralph Nader [1-78-1121]
William Cohen, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, John Brademas, George Mahon [1-78-1143]
Hubert Humphrey memorial service in Capitol rotunda, 1/15/78 [1-78-1146]
William Webster, FBI Director [2-78-1238]
Capitol Building in the snow [2-78-1315]
Frank Carlucci, also Senator Hathaway, Senator Bayh [2-78-1318]
Admiral Rickover, incl. Paul Rogers [3-78-1464]
Sen. Russell Long [3-78-1535]
Sen. Sam Nunn [3-78-1535]
Richard Nixon [4-78-1718]
Sen. Sam Nunn [5-78-1897]
George Meany [5-78-1958]
I. M. Pei [5-78-19xx]
Robert McNamara in his office [6-78-2065]
Lobbyist [8-78-2379]
Sen. William Roth and Rep. Jack Kemp [8-78-2421]
Sen. Ted Kennedy, incl. George Meany and Lane Kirkland [8-78-2423]
James Earl Ray [8-78-2439]
Barbara Jordan [12-76-8958]
Tip O'Neill and Jim Wrights [12-76-8960]
Rosalynn Carter [11-76-8760]
President Ford Giving his last State of the Union speech [1-77-9107]
Carter in Washington, 11/22/1976 [12-76-8918]
Rep. Thomas Foley of Washington [12-76-8956]
President Ford Receiving a science award [12-76-8927]
2009-200/7 Sen. Ted Kennedy in Philadelphia with Bill Green [10-79-4816]
Sheikh Yamani in Washington, 10/18/79 [10-79-4819]
Russian Embassy complex in Washington D. C. [11-79-4856]
Pope John Paul II in Philadelphia [11-79-4857]
Sen. Howard Baker announcing for President and campaigning [11-79-4878]
Anti-Nuclear demo. at Department of Energy in Washington DC [11-79-4879]
Stephen Smith announcing Kennedy for President committee [11-79-4880]
John Pekkanen [11-79-4898]
Sen. Ted Kenney announcing for President in Boston, 11/7/1979 [11-79-4908]
Ted Kennedy staffers Paul Kirk and Carl Wagner [11-79-4930]
Sen. Ted Kennedy campaigning [11-79-4962]
9 Contact Sheets [11-79-4981]
Midnight Gardener [12-79-6007]
Harold Kelly, Republic Steel for AISI [12-79-6087]
Thomas Boggs and Mark Green [1-80-6111]
Federal Reserve Board of Governors [1-80-6121]
Rep. Peter Kostmayer, campaign pin [1-80-6184]
Sen. Howard Baker [1-80-6218]
Memorial service for George Meany [1-80-6223]
Henry Kissinger in his office in Washington, Sept. 19, 1979 [10-79-4723]
Gold sign in window of Deak and Co., Inc. [10-79-4750]
Rev. Jerry Falwell and Liberty Baptist College [10-79-4763]
Susan B. Anthony dollars in a pile at American Security Bank in Washington, D. C. [1-80-6231]
Robert Hays [1-80-6232]
6 Contact Sheets [1-80-6236]
Sen. Ted Kennedy campaigning in Kentucky with John Y. Brown [10-79-4776]
Scouting [10-79-4796]
Pres. Carter at opening of Kennedy Library [10-79-4799]
Susan Stamberg and Bob Edwards of "All Things Considered" [8-79-4490]
Frank Mankiewicz, director of National Public Radio in his office [8-79-4491]
Sen. Ted Kennedy during hearings on health and women[9-79-4506]
Sen. Lloyd Bentsen [9-79-4507]
Sen. Foreign Relations Committee [2-80-6475]
Sen. Ted Kennedy campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6494]
Abscam House and Harrison Williams [2-80-6497]
International Masonry Institute, Ray Lackey [2-80-6503]
Nick Peterson Portrait [2-80-6515]
Republican platform hearings 1/14/80 [2-80-6441]
Sen. Howard Baker campaigning in Iowa [2-80-6459]
George Bush campaigning in New Hampshire, Sen. Edward Kennedy campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6460]
George Eads [9-79-4513]
Boat people [9-79-4555]
Sen. Ted Kennedy with Time Reporter John Stacks in Kennedy's Capitol office[9-79-4635]
Jerry Brown in New Hampshire [10-79-4669]
Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve [10-79-4670]
Senators Howard Baker, James Sasser and Frank Church [10-79-4672]
Aerial of the White House and Washington Monument [10-79-4674]
Sen. Ted Kennedy at a press conference on revision of Federal Criminal Code, incl. Peter Rodino and Benjamin Civiletti [8-79-4352]
Chief Justice Warren Burger [8-79-4414]
Street Vendors and Deak-Perera window [8-79-4437]
Senators Javits and Church on SALT II [8-79-4442]
Press conference on SALT II, incl. group shot of senators [8-79-4443]
Rep. Steven Symms [8-79-4444]
John Dolan teaching seminar hosted by NPAC for prospective campaign managers [8-79-4446]
Sen. John Durkin in his office [8-79-4448]
A.I.D.S. demonstration in front of White House [12-87-0153]
NFL Players Association, Gene Upshaw [12-87-0198]
Rep. Charles Wilson in his office [2-80-6465]
Budget summit [12-87-0199]
Jesse Jackson at NBC/Republic/Democrat debate at Kennedy Center [1-88-0332]
An experiment in training the wild at Canyon City, CO [1-88-0334]
Anti-Abortion in Washington D.C. [2-88-0494]
Pres. Carter in the Middle East, 1979
Cherry blossom in Washington [8-79-4331]
Camp David Accord – peace treaty signing [8-79-4338]
V.P. George Bush and Sen. Robert Dole [6-88-1518]
Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci testifying on drugs in the military [6-88-1519]
Cleaning the Capitol dome [7-88-1576]
USSR Field Marshal Akhromeyev and Adm. William J. Clove [?] [7-88-1624]
Dukakis and Bentsen at NAACP [7-88-1689]
Detroit riots, 1967 [8-88-1941]
James Brunley, Sec. of Transportation, incl. Sens. John Kerry, John Breaux, and Brock Adams [11-87-0088]
Ronald Reagan, fall 1987 [11-87-0139]
Robert Dutton at Iran-Contra hearing [11-87-0146]
Iran-Contra hearings, Elliot Abrams [11-87-0149]
Elliot Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State at Iran-Contra hearings, 1987 [11-87-0151]
Iowa caucuses [3-88-0722]
George Bush, 3/2/88 [3-88-0916]
George Bush in South Carolina, 3/3/88 [3-88-0917]
James Blum, Congressional Budget Director [4-88-1021]
Matthew Alexander Henson (Adm. Perry's expedition to North Pole) [4-88-1140]
Frank Lorenzo, CEO Texas Air [5-88-1246]
"Stark" Crisis memorial service, Jacksonville, FL [6-87-8801]
One Moment of the World, female bodybuilding, Olympus project [4-87-4423]
National Association of Manufacturing [6-87-8816]
Iran-Contra hearing [6-87-8901]
Iran Scam Hearing, Noel Koch, Henry Gafney [6-87-8981]
Pope John Paul II in New Orleans and Phoenix [2-88-0495]
Ed Meese, Iran-Contra hearing, incl. Rep. Peter Rodino, Sen. George Mitchell [3-88-0661]
Secretary of Energy John Herrington [2-87-4045]
Italian American Foundation Dinner – Geraldine Ferraro, Ronald Reagan, George Bush [3-87-4085]
Washington D. C. Anti-Nuclear demonstration [3-87-4117]
Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir of Israel [2-87-4172]
Copy Negatives [3-87-4194]
Hurricane Aioma [Arlene?] damage on the Texas Gulf Coast [3-87-4197]
General Stroessner of Paraguay and General Morales of Peru arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, approx. 1977 [3-87-4198]
President Carter at OAS signing ceremony, 6/1/77 [3-87-4199]
President Carter at OAS signing ceremony, 6/1/77 [3-87-4199]
Press conference by Rep. Jack Kemp and Sen. Phil Gramm [3-87-4277]
Drug dog used by Howard County (MD) police to search for drugs in schools [3-87-4278]
Horse taming (training program for prisoners)
Clayton Yeutter and Sen. Baldridge [4-87-4349]
Search for Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) [4-87-4417]
Marine security training, Quantico, VA [4-87-4487]
Jacques Chirac press conference, 4/7/87 [4-87-4422]
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown with Senator Ted Kennedy in Kentucky, Oct. 1979 [4-87-4495]
Paul Volcker [4-87-4498]
President Reagan and Prime Minister Jacques Chirac announce US-French agreement on AIDS research, 3/30/87 [4-87-4507]
Biden's headquarters [4-87-4520]
Gary Hart announcement in Colorado [4-87-4521]
Senator Paul Simon announces his candidacy for President [5-87-8627]
Iran Scam [5-87-8789]
Iran-Contra hearing, Donald Reagan [10-87-9849]
Pat Schroeder, 6/22/84 [11-87-9905]
Ferraro and Sally Ride, 6/22/84 [11-87-9907]
AIDS demonstrations in Washington [11-87-9918]
President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua at National Press Club, Nov. 1987 [11-87-0039]
Judge Anthony Kennedy nomination with President Reagan [11-87-0048]
Poindexter testifying Iran-Contra Hearing [8-87-9272]
Mobile telephone [9-87-9493]
C. Weinberger, Iran-Contra hearing [9-87-9577]
Edwin Meese, Iran-Contra hearing [9-87-9578]
Supreme Court Justices John Paul Stevens, William Brennan, Jr., Harry Blackman, September 1987 [10-87-9710]
Mayor Marion Barry, Washington D. C. [11-87-9709]
Jesse Jackson and family [10-87-9840]
AIDS demonstrations in Washington [10-87-9845]
Oliver North, Iran-Scam hearing [10-87-9848]
Adm. Poindexter testifying, incl. lawyer Richard Breckler and Mrs. Poindexter [7-87-9170]
V.P. George Bush and supporters on steps of Capitol [8-87-9232]
Fredrick Chien, Taiwan's Chief Representative to Washington [8-87-9289]
Oliver North testifying, Iran-Contra hearing [8-87-9271]
Iran-Contra hearing Robert McFarland [6-87-8919]
Iran Scam hearings Stanley Sporkin testifying [7-87-9049]
Iran Scam hearings [7-87-9153]
2009-200/8 General Schwartzkopf portrait, interview, etc. [2-91-6435A]
Kuwait aftermath since March 7, 1991 [3-91-6585C]
Powell, Cheney Schwartzkopf in Saudi Arabia February 8, 1991 [2-91-6435B]
Gulf War press briefing February 9, 1991 [2-91-6459]
Gulf crisis, incl. Tom Brokaw, August 21, 1990 [8-90-6746]
Gulf crisis, USS Independence, military command post [8-90-6747]
Gulf War, August 14 and 15, 1990
Gulf War Saudi and Kuwaiti troops moving through desert in Kuwait [3-91-6606]
Gulf War, U.S. Army medical base [3-91-6607]
Gulf War, U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia [3-91-6608]
Gulf War, Patriot missile, Saudi Arabia [3-91-6590]
Gulf War, General Schwartzkopf [9-90-6114]
Press coverage of Gulf War, Saudi Arabia [1-91-6389]
U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia [1-91-6413]
American medical base in Saudi Arabia and Saudi troops entering Kuwait [3-91-6527]
Kuwait Liberation Day and aftermath, Feb. 28 – March 6, 1991 [3-91-6585A]
Kuwait: before and after, Feb. 14 – March 7, 1991 [3-91-6585B]
Neil Bush [5-90-5587]
Post office census taking [11-90-6253]
Vietnamese murders [11-90-6255]
Senator Dan Quayle campaigning [2-89-2902]
President Bush at Washington University in St. Louis, MO [2-89-2903]
War in the gulf, February 5, 1991 [2-91-6463]
Gulf War, Saudi Arabia, Patriot Missile battery [2-91-6500]
Press Pool at work; missile being reloaded February 17, 1991 [2-91-6508]
Gulf War [2-91-6510]
Gulf War British helicopters [3-91-6522]
Governor Michael Dukakis campaign, Tennessee, October 6, 1988 [11-88-2420]
Bush in Nebraska [12-88-2425]
George Bush campaign [12-88-2426]
Craig Fuller and George Bush [12-88-2427]
Bushes aboard airplane [12-88-2428]
Genetic engineering [4-89-3180]
President George Bush in Hungary, July 1989 [7-89-3909]
Drugs [10-89-4259]
Russian goods display [1-89-2634]
Richard Cheney [3-89-3057]
Pro-choice abortion rally Washington D.C. [4-89-3107]
Louis Sullivan, Sec. H.E.W. [6-89-3679]
Businessman [8-89-3989]
Ras-Algar desalination plant [5-91-6658]
Richard Darman, Phil Gramm, Texas [6-91-6685]
President Bush, fishing trip, Islamorada, Fla. [6-89-3687]
Alan Greenspan, Head of Federal Reserve Board [6-89-3696]
Speaker Tom Foley, Sen. George Mitchell, and Sen. Edward Kennedy [8-89-3969]
William Reilly, Director of E.P.A., at Senate hearing, March 3, 1989 [8-89-3990]
Barbara and George Bush, Dept. of Health and Human Services [8-89-3991]
Jack Remp, H.U.D., March 2, 1989 [8-89-3992]
David Rudder, SEC Chair [6-89-368]
CBS reporters, March – April 1984 [3-84-7522]
Franz and Cox [1-84-7112]
CBS executives [3-84-7522]
ITT Children's Museum [10-82-4117]
Governor du Pont of Delaware [1-84-7121]
Jack Valenti at home with his video tape player [2-84-7177]
Ted Koppel (of ABC News) [2-84-7218]
Ex. Sen. George McGovern campaigning [3-84-7301]
Walter Mondale campaigning in Iowa [3-84-7303]
Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany [3-84-7365]
Hart running in Central Park, April 1, 1984 [4-84-7416]
Debate [4-84-7417]
Judy Woodruff [2-84-7458]
President Reagan with King Hussein and Pres. Mubarak, 2/15/1984 [2-84-7468]
New Hampshire primary, incl. Sen. Gary Hart and Sen. Ernest Hollings [1-84-7093]
Walter Mondale and Rep. Tip O'Neill [2-84-7336]
Mondale in Iowa [2-84-7491]
Sen. Gary Hang in New Hampshire [3-84-7531]
Jesse Jackson in Alabama [3-84-7560]
President Reagan with Helmut Kohl [3-94-7565]
Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro in New York campaigning on Labor Day [9-84-8544]
Jesse Jackson campaigning in Philadelphia, 12/14/1983 [12-83-6823]
George Bush vacationing in Florida [1-89-2693]
Bush in Chicago, 1992
William Seidman FDIC [6-89-3686]
Vaclav Havel, Lee Iococca [5-90-5511]
2009-200/11 High schools in Fairfax County, Virginia [7-78-2281]
Government Printing Office in Washington D.C. [3-78-1463]
Bureaucracy [3-78-1511]
American Iron and Steel [10-78-2664]
Ian Smith and [Sithole?] speaking to the American Conservative Union[10-78-2692]
Assassination of Orlando Letelier [9-76-8539]
National Security Agency [2-78-1227]
Senator Robert Byrd press conference, 1/3/78 [2-78-1234]
Tad Szulc, author [4-78-1725]
Iowa State Fair [9-76-8543]
Gardens [4-76-7836]
Female construction worker Elizabeth Howard [1-76-7314]
Athabasca tar sands [3-76-7570]
Opening of "All the President's Men" at the Kennedy Center [4-76-7733]
Jack Limpart of Washingtonian Magazine [3-76-7566]
Henry J. Kaufman, Bricklayers' Annual Report [7-75-6518]
Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing on nomination of George H.W. Bush as Director of CIA [1-76-7296]
Dealing with violent patients [6-75-6200]
Voting hands [4-74-4035]
Dennis Brack in front of chartered Lear Jet for Queen Elizabeth [5-74-4161]
The Exorcist [3-74-3869]
John Gardner – Common Cause [10-74-5178]
Birds, Graceham, MD [3-74-3864]
Flight data recorder (Eastern Flight 66) being examined, 6/26/75 [7-75-6402]
Presentation of Book "Portrait of a President" to Ford [5-75-6095]
NBC Reporter John Cochram gives a dawn report from inside White House [5-75-6063]
President Ford Motorcade at airport [7-75-6462]
Christening of U.S.S. Eisenhower [10-75-6838]
"King of Capitol Hill" [9-75-6728]
White House Mail Room [6-75-6177]
President Ford announcing Energy Bill decision [1-76-7284]
John Stansberry, Senate Page [8-78-2445]
Women in the military [1-78-2746]
Exxon: Surinam and Venezuela [1-75-5541]
Governor David Pryor of Arkansas [9-76-8518]
Jerry Parsky, Treasury Department [11-74-5280]
Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo [3-75-5765]
Vietnam orphan's arrival at San Francisco International Airport [4-75-5937]
Senator Mike Mansfield leaving White House [12-74-5369]
Hugh Sidey and Hays Gorey covering Watergate trial [2-75-5625]
Customer receiving coupons at giant store [3-75-5815]
H.E.W. Secretary Joseph Califano Jogging [6-78-2110]
New York Stock Exchange [12-74-5432]
Rep. Wright Patman, 1/15/75 [3-75-5719]
Henry Kissinger with Hans Dietrich Genscher [7-74-4479]
Ford's Economic Advisors [10-74-5113]
Opening of N.A.T.O. [5-77-9926]
Richard Holbrooke [5-77-9756]
Georgetown Section, Washington D.C. [4-77-9562]
Moving office furniture in Washington D.C. [12-76-8921]
Maxine Cheshire makes cookies [12-76-8978]
Kissinger with Globetrotters [12-76-8974]
Mark Russell at Shoreham Hotel [7-76-8220]
Mayor Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia [7-76-8270]
Arthur Burns [11-77-0727]
Rep. Clarence Brown for Congress [7-74-4472]
Rural Electric [8-74-4678]
Henry Kissinger With Bernard and Martin Kalb [8-74-4728]
Senator Edward Brooke [8-74-4727]
Impeachment hearings, 7/26/74 [8-74-4770]
Economic Summit [10-74-5020]
Tad Seulc [10-74-5092]
Tourist lines in Washington [6-76-8042]
Greg Schneiders, Rex Granum, Hamilton Jordan [12-76-8874]
Concord airplane taking off [1-77-9881]
Sans Souci restaurant, Washington D.C. [12-76-8986]
Carter transition (minor staffers) [12-76-8965]
Alice Rivlin testifying before Joint Economic Committee [4-77-9611]
Esther Peterson, Presidential Assistant for Consumer Affairs [4-77-9601]
Refurbishing the Capitol [4-77-9608]
Winter in Pennsylvania 1977 [2-77-9292]
National Gallery [3-77-9413]
Washington D.C. hostage story [3-77-9414]
Chip and Caron Carter and James Earl Carter IV [3-77-9475]
Marriott Corp. [2-77-9295]
Federal Reserve Board of Governors [3-75-5803]
Opening of Congress [2-77-9224]
Daniel Schorr on assignment at Capitol [7-75-6478]
National Gallery of Art [3-77-9413]
Illustrations on Coffee [3-77-9410]
Jim Jones, Tulsa Congressman [7-77-0125]
Beach and oil tanker [7-77-0079]
Heat wave [8-77-0245]
Passengers walking to airplane and armored truck [7-77-0133]
Richard Viguerie, "Stop the Panama Canal give-away movement" [10-77-0574]
House of Representatives Government Operations Committee on FBI fires [1-76-7353]
The economy - cash rebates at Levitz Furniture stores [3-75-5814]
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at State Department Ceremony, 4/22/75 [4-75-6027]
Wiretap illustration [5-74-4197]
Antal Dorati [8-74-4812]
Kennedy Center production of Mozart opera Idomeneo [7-74-4637]
Secretary of State Kissinger with Iran Ambassador Zahedi and Minister of Finance Ansary [4-75-5887]
President Ford in Texas [4-76-7826]
President Ford with Richard Cheney, 4/22/76 [4-76-7832]
President Ford speaking at Jefferson Memorial, 4/13/76 [4-76-7831]
Washington D.C. subway, 3/31/76 [4-76-7830]
President and Mrs. Ford with Outstanding Young Women of America [12-75-7099]
William Simon press conference, 11/20/75 [12-75-7098]
Senate Armed Service Committee hearings on nominations, 12/16/75 [1-76-7327]
William Greener [1-76-7325]
Hanging of Calder mobile at the National Gallery in Washington [5-78-1899]
Mobil Board of Directors Second Sitting [12-78-3052]
Mobil: several members of Board of Directors [12-78-3008]
Lobbyists in Washington [8-78-2379]
Lobbyists [8-78-2365]
Medical pictures [10-76-8639]
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and General George Brown [10-76-8687]
Moving van moving things into Executive Office buildings [2-77-9109]
Empty Presidential Reviewing Stand [1-77-9166]
National Gallery [5-78-1935]
Pictures of Senator McGovern, 5/5/75 - 5/8/75 [6-75-6137]
Exhibit of Time Cover Pictures [5-78-1926]
Leslie Stahl [4-77-9554]
2010-161/1 President Nixon's second inauguration [1-73-1491]
Alcoholism – illustrations [3-73-1778]
Truman funeral, Independence, incl. Nixon, Feb. 1973 [2-73-1981]
Ambassador Mike Mansfield
Ethel Kennedy, tennis at Georgetown University [12-71-8097]
Henry Kaufman, Mrs. Muskie [12-71-8099]
Sen. Edmund Muskie [1-72-9210]
Mayor John Lindsay [1-72-9212]
Rep. Shirley Chisholm [1-72-9213]
Richard Nixon [1-72-9227]
White House at night [4-73-2006]
Sec. Earl Butz, Agriculture Dept., speaking before National Press Club, April 1973 [4-73-2032]
Congressional night at the circus [4-73-2033]
Sen. Sam Ervin, Watergate [4-73-2034]
Frank Sinatra at the White House [4-73-2142]
Pres. Nixon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base [4-73-2164]
John Ehrlichman, presidential assistant [5-73-2174]
Ethel Kennedy and Sen. Edward Kennedy, press conference at Hickory Hill [5-73-2202]
Watergate apartment complex [5-73-2214]
Elliot Richardson at confirmation hearing for Attorney General, Senate Judiciary Committee [5-73-2227]
Watergate hearing [5-73-2283]
L. Patrick Gray, former acting chief of the FBI [5-73-2288]
A. Cox and E. Richardson [5-73-2290]
John Dean, activities outside home [5-73-2229]
James McCord entering U.S. District Court with Henry Rothblatt and Bernard Fensterwald (Watergate) [5-73-2317]
Richard Helms, ex. C.I.A. (Watergate) [5-73-2322]
John Ehrlichman (Watergate) [6-73-2355]
Henry Kissinger (Watergate) [6-73-2357]
Sen. Daniel Inouye (Watergate) [6-73-2361]
Sen. Ervin and Baker [6-73-2371]
Sam Dash – alone and with Sam Ervin [6-73-2372]
Sen. Joseph Montoya (Watergate) [6-73-2373]
Cubans Barker and Martinez (Watergate) [6-73-2375]
Gen. Cushman, Jay Schlesinger, Sen. Symington (Watergate) [6-73-2376]
Vice Pres. Agnew in Cleveland, 6/2/73 [6-73-2394]
Nixon and Breshnev, 6/73 [6-73-2463]
George Wallace and Ted Kennedy, July 4, 1973 [7-73-2502]
Gerald Ford swimming [11-73-3136]
Leon Jaworski [11-73-3142]
Justice Dept. crisis after firing Archibald Cox, resignation of Elliot Richardson [11-73-3198]
Vice President Agnew playing tennis one week before resignation [11-73-3219]
Kathleen Kennedy wedding in Washington D.C. 11/17/1973 [11-73-3249]
Lyn Nofziger, Henry Kissinger, Mike Deaver, Wexford Estate [9-80-7940]
Frank Sinatra presenting muscular dystrophy [award] with Pres. and Mrs. Reagan [6-81-0110]
Sec. of State George Shultz being sworn in [8-82-3581]
Pres. Reagan addressing the United Nations [6-82-3116]
Pres. Reagan with Sec. of State designate George Shultz [7-82-3240]
Pres. Reagan and Prime Minister Begin of Israel [6-82-3154]
Reagan's trip to Europe – economic summit at Versailles [6-82-3099]
Secretary of the Interior James Watt speaking at National Forest Products Association, 5/12/82 [5-82-2976]
Attorney General William French Smith and Assistant Attorney General William Baxter
Confirmation hearings – Richard Schweiker and Donald T. Regan [1-81-8905]
Major General Alexander Haig, Jr. [10-72-959]
George Bush campaigning in New Hampshire, 2/12/80 [2-80-6416]
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan on ranch [9-76-8452]
Ronald Reagan announcing for President [11-79-4971]
Ronald Reagan, incl. John Sears, Paul Laxalt, Jack Kemp, Reagans together [11-79-4981]
Reagan campaigning [11-79-4981]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in New Hampshire [2-80-6493]
Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia [9-80-7946]
Misc. Reagan photographs [11-80-8391]
Reagan cabinet designates [12-80-8683]
Reagan with Henry Kissinger at Wexford [10-80-82-45]
Ronald Reagan campaigning in Ohio and Michigan [10-80-8229]
Pres. Reagan in Canada with Prime Minister Trudeau [3-81-9532]
Sec. of Defense Casper Weinberger [9-81-0967]
Alexander Haig, confirmation hearings for Secretary of State [1-81-8861]
President Reagan – head and shoulder shots, Oct. 1981 [10-81-1126]
Richard Allen [7-81-0483A]
David Stockman, Director of Management and Budget [2-81-9285]
Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger at a press conference [10-81-1098]
Sec. of Interior James Watt [3-81-9530]
Ed Meese, 12/1/80 [12-80-8613]
Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan [1-81-8905]
Sec. of State Haig before Senate committee [3-81-9551]
James Watt, Secretary of the Interior [8-81-0530]
Pres. Reagan and Cabinet meeting; Reagan with Stockman and Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan [2-81-9240]
David Stockman [1-81-8890]
Reagan with aides; also incl. Regan with George Bush, Ed Meese, Richard Allen, Gerald Ford, and James Baker [1-81-8801]
Ronald Reagan addressing B'nai Brith convention, 9/80 [2-82-2091]
George Bush campaigning in New Hampshire [12-79-6068]
Ronald and Nancy Reagan campaigning in Illinois, 10/18/80 [10-80-8256]
Ed Meese, Caspar Weinberger, and Gen. Tom Turnage [1-82-1894]
Pres. Reagan's first press conference, 1/29/81 [2-81-9059]
Pres. Reagan with Pres. Chun Doo-hwan of Korea [2-81-9078]
Murray Weidenbaum, Chairman of [Council of] Economic Advisors [2-81-9138]
Pres. Reagan with David Stockman and Sec. of Treasury Donald Regan [11-81-1436]
Pres. Reagan press conference, Jan. 1982 [1-82-1881]
Pres. Reagan – press conference, 2/19/82 [2-82-2152]
George Bush – silhouette [2-82-2099]
German Prime Minister Helmut Schmidt in Washington, D.C., May, 1981 [6-81-0166]
Pres. Reagan and Pres. Lopez Portillo of Mexico [6-81-0221]
Nancy Reagan on White House balcony [6-81-0213]
Sec. of Labor Ray Donovan [1-81-8810]
Transition, Carter to Reagan administration, Washington D.C., incl. Ed Meese and William Casey [11-80-8468]
Reagan and Congress [4-81-9845]
Reagan at podium with presidential seal; Deputy White House Press Secretary Larry Speakes, Att. Gen. William French Smith [7-81-0427]
Ronald Reagan silhouette [11-75-7059]
Jim Brady press conference [1-81-8822]
David Stockman before House Budget Committee [2-82-2161]
David Stockman, Donald Regan, and Murray Weidenbaum, testifying before House Appropriate Committee, incl. Chairman Jaime Whitten [2-82-2115]
Maureen Reagan, 1980 Republican Convention [7-80-7487A]
Ronald Reagan [10-80-8229]
Pres. Carter, press conference 4/22/77 [4-77-9726]
Senate Budget Committee [5-77-9753]
Brock Adams, Sec. of Transportation [5-77-9816]
James Schlesinger, Energy Advisor [5-77-9838]
Stansfield Turner, CIA Director [5-77-9812]
Sec. of H.E.W. Califano [5-77-9822]
Andrew Young [3-77-9392]
Hamilton Jordan [3-77-9425]
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown testifying before Senate Armed Services Committee [3-77-9456]
James Schlesinger briefing at the White House, 3/1/77 [3-77-9458]
Pres. Carter with Schlesinger at strip mining hearings in West Virginia [3-77-9537]
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown and Georg Leber of Germany [4-77-9555]
Sec. of Defense Harold Brown and Joseph Luns, Sec. Gen. of NATO [4-77-9655]
Sec. of State Vance in his State Dept. Office [4-77-9568]
Jody Powell, briefing press in White House press room, 11/28/77 [1-78-1120]
Joseph Califano [1-78-1139]
Andrew Young [1-78-1141]
Stansfield Turner, CIA Director [2-78-1227]
Stansfield Turner, CIA Director [2-78-1260]
Sec. of Treasury Michael Blumenthal [3-78-1460]
William Miller, Federal Reserve Chairman [3-78-1465]
Barry Bosworth, Director of Council on Wage and Price Stability [3-78-1568]
Cyrus Vance, 2/24/77 [3-77-9391]
Sec. of State Vance, press conference at the State Dept., 12/6/77 [12-77-0958]
Cyrus Vance, press conference [1-79-3149]
Zbigniew Brzezinski [1-79-3226]
James McIntyre, Budget Director [1-79-3237]
William Miller, Chairman of Fed. Reserve Board testifying before House Banking Committee [1-79-3254]
Zbigniew Brzezinski [1-79-3255]
Frank Moore, Asst. to the President for Congressional Liason [12-77-0900]
Warren Christopher [4-78-1758]
Robert Strauss [6-78-2115]
James McIntyre, Jr. and Lester Fettig (Admin. for Federal Procurement in O.M.B.) [7-78-2300]
Gerald Rafshoon [10-78-2728]
Benjamin Civiletti, Asst. Attorney General [3-78-1583]
Sec. of State Cyrus Vance [4-78-1747]
Sec. and Mrs. Vance in their home [4-78-1748]
Pres. Carter and Midge Costanza [8-77-0242]
Cyrus Vance testifying on Panama Canal Treaty before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee [10-77-0570]
Bert Lance leaving White House after meeting with President Carter, 8/15/77 [10-77-0576]
Bert Lance and Pres. Carter[10-77-0577]
Sec. of Treasury James Barker in his office, 2/4/85 [2-85-9306]
David Stockman – Budget Director [2-85-9283]
Sec. Caspar Weinberger and Gen. Bernard William Rogers [8-82-3674]
Pres. Reagan's press conference, 7/28/82 [8-82-3511]
Mike Deaver, top advisor to Pres. Reagan, in his office in the White House [5-82-2967]
Pres. Reagan's trip to Cheyenne, WY, Albuquerque, NM, and Los Angeles, CA, 3/2/82 [3-82-2263]
Vice Pres. George Bush (head and shoulders shots), press conference, 1/27/83 [2-83-4870]
Pres. Reagan with Robert McFarlane [10-83-6423]
William Ruckelshaus, E.P.A. Administrator [3-83-5167]
Pres. Reagan with William Clark, new National Security Advisor [1-82-1798]
Paul Volcker and Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve meeting [2-82-2056]
Paul Volcker before the House Finance Committee [2-82-2127]
Paul Volcker, Federal Reserve Chairman [3-82-2342]
Jody Powell and Zbigniew Brzezinski [6-77-9912]
Hamilton Jordan and Jody Powell [6-77-9912]
Andrew Young in Geneva [7-77-0066]
Jody Powell announcing latest developments on Korean Crisis, 7/13/77 [7-77-0140]
Pres. Carter with James Schlesinger on off-shore oil rig [8-77-0222]
Sec. of Interior James Watt at Patuxent Research Center [8-83-5959]
Sec. of State George Shultz – press conference, 6/22/83 [7-83-5783]
Sec. of Agriculture John Block – press conference [8-83-5963]
Democratic mini-convention in Memphis [12-78-2978]
Pres. Carter in Guadaloupe [1-79-3147]
Pres. Carter [1-79-3150]
Pres. Carter press conference, 1/18/79 [1-79-3205]
Pres. Carter press conference [3-79-3414]
Pres. Carter in Israel and Egpyt [3-79-3501]
Pres. Carter in Oval Office – reaction to vote in Congress on energy [5-79-3849]
Pres. Carter – in meeting with editors in Cabinet room, meeting with Gov. Fob James of Alabama [6-79-3939]
Pres. Carter meeting with auto executives [6-79-3911]
Carter and Ted Kennedy [6-79-4058]
Pres. Carter, James Schlesinger, and Stuart Eizenstat briefing on Califonia gas crisis [7-79-4072]
Pres. Carter speaking to the U.F.C.W.U. [7-79-4142]
James Schlesinger [5-76-7902]
2010-161/4 RFK funeral, St. Patrick's gravesite
Joseph Califano before Senate Finance Committee and Ray Marshall before Senate Labor Committee [2-77-9293]
State dinner at the White House (Carter negatives)
Civil rights demonstration, Washington, D.C., March 12, 1965
Pres. Carter with Schlesinger [2-77-9291]
Impeachment hearings, July 23, 1974 [7-744617]
Arraignment of Mitchell, Haldeman, Colson, Parkinson, etc., March 9, 1974 [3-74-3789]
Watergate – Lawyers at U.S. Federal District Court [3-74-3828]
Veterans protest at Washington Monument [4-74-3882]
Zacchini – human cannonball being shot out of a cannon at opening of Phillies' baseball season [4-74-3926]
Nixon in Michigan [4-74-3957]
Watergate: Dwight Chapin trial [4-74-3950]
Nixon in Michigan [4-74-4052]
Impeachment rally [4-74-4077]
William Simon, Secretary of Treasury [5-74-4157]
Impeachment hearings, July 10, 1974 [7-74-4529]
White House coverage, May 1974 [5-74-4203]
Impeachment hearings, May 15, 1974 [5-74-4205]
Impeachment hearings, May 16, 1974 [5-74-4206]
Ron Ziegler – White House press briefing [7-73-2503]
Ron Ziegler press conference [7-73-2539]
Judge Sirica [7-73-2565]
Leonard Garment, Charles Wright, and Ron Ziegler [7-73-2602]
Nixon's press conference [9-73-2776]
Watergate: Herbert Kalmbach, John Mitchell [9-73-2787]
Kissinger at confirmation hearings [9-73-2804]
Watergate: James McCord [9-73-2809]
Impeachment hearings, 8-12 July, 1974 [7-74-4524]
Nixon vs. US at Supreme Court hearing [7-74-4525]
Impeachment hearings, July 11, 1974 [7-74-4528]
Senate Watergate committee, last session [7-74-4530]
Impeachment hearings, July 2, 1974 [7-74-4556]
Impeachment hearings, July 1, 1974 [7-74-4557]
Impeachment hearings, July 3, 1974 -7-74-4558]
Impeachment hearings, June 24, 1974 [7-74-4474]
Impeachment hearings, June 27, 1974 [7-74-4475]
Impeachment hearings, May 14 and 15, 1974 [7-74-4476]
Henry Kissinger press conference, Salzburg, Austria [7-74-4478]
Pres. Nixon trip to the Middle East [7-74-4480]
Impeachment hearings [6-74-4314]
Impeachment hearings, June 6, 1974 [6-74-4315]
Kissinger press conference, June 6, 1974 [6-74-4316]
Pool picture of Gerhard Gesell [6-74-4336]
Henry Kissinger upon arrival in Salzburg, Austria; Mrs. Nixon with bouquet [6-74-4370]
Watergate trial [6-74-4411]
Watergate trial, June 1974 [6-74-4411]
Impeachment hearings, May 21, 1974 [6-74-4289]
Impeachment hearings, May 23, 1974 [6-74-4285]
Impeachment hearings, May 28 and 29, 1974 [6-74-4286]
Impeachment hearings, June 3, 1974 [6-74-4313]
Watergate [9-73-2810]
Washington, D.C. monuments and buildings, [9-73-2872]
President Nixon with members of Council for the Arts, Spet. 1973 [9-73-2909]
Spiro Agnew, television speech after resignation; Pres. Nixon and Rep. Gerald Ford after White House church service [10-73-3002]
Jack Anderson [10-73-3053]
Pres. Nixon, press conference, 10/26/1973 [10-73-3066]
Log of presidential tapes [11-73-3086]
Rep. Gerald Ford, testifying before Senate Rules Committee on confirmation [11-73-3089]
White House attorney Fred Buzhardt leaving court after testimony before Judge Sirica re: missing tapes [11-73-3090]
Egyptian Foreign Minister Fahmi with Nixon [11-73-3092]
Nixon and Kissinger together [11-73-3094]
White House demonstrations against Nixon {11-73-3102]
Impeach Nixon rally [11-73-3103]
Senate Judiciary Committee [11-73-3104]
Archibald Cox at home in McLean, Virginia [11-73-3115]
Oval Office/Office of the President and 2 cabinet rooms [11-73-117]
State of the Union, Pres. Nixon, Jan. 1974 [2-74-3630]
Gas shortage: oil shortage near New Haven, Conn.; gas stations in Virginia – "out of gass" or "out of business" [2-74-3700]
Rep. Ford's hearing before the Senate Rules Committee [11-73-3118]
Leon Jaworski, Special Watergate Prosecutor [11-73-3120]
Returning Vietnam POW gala affair at Washington, D.C., incl. Nixon and other dignitaries [12-73-3329]
Watergate [1-74-3463]
Henry Kissinger and Moshe Dayan [1-74-3473]
Henry Kissinger [1-74-3476]
Watergate: tape experts at Sirica court and lawyer James St. Clair [1-74-3537]
House Impeachment Judiciary Committee [3-74-3783]
Pres. Nixon press conference, 3/6/74 [3-74-3784]
Vice Pres. Gerald Ford and family [3-74-3726]
Attorney General Elliot Richardson [3-74-3752]
Attorney General Elliot Richardson at swearing-in ceremony for William Ruckelshaus [3-74-3753]
Charles Colson at office after indictment [3-74-3782]
A day with Vice President Gerald Ford, Columbus, OH [1-74-3578]
Pres. Richard Nixon in office, Sen. Henry Jackson outside White House [1-74-3580]
John Doar, Rep. Peter Rodino, Albert E. Jenner, Rep. Hutchinson [1-74-3581]
Pro-Nixon demonstration outside Capitol [1-74-3608]
Pat Nixon at White House reception [1-74-3611]
Impeachment committee hearings [5-74-4183]
Cars lined up for gas; gas shortage [2-74-3623]
Impeachment hearings, May 15, 1974 [5-74-4207]
Impeachment hearings, May 15, 1974 [5-74-4208]
Press conference re: impeachment – Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower [5-74-4210]
Charles Colson – indictment reaction [6-74-4281]
Impeachment hearings, May 30, 1974 [6-74-4282]
Impeachment hearings, May 22, 1974 [6-74-4283]
2010-161/6 Congressman William Green III [5-67-2385]
LBJ and governors at the White House, March, 1966 [3-66-43]
United Automobile Workers – Leonard Woodcock
Washington traffic
Sheppard Supreme Court hearing, 2/24/66 and 3/1/66
Dean Rusk
Spiro Agnew meeting with press after victory [11-68-7577]
United Auto Workers – Sen. McGovern, South Dakota [6-68-6388]
Astronaut Frank Gorman and Senator Brooke [5-67-2322]
Prime Minister Harold Wilson of Great Britain [9-66-835]
Sec. of Defense McNamara announcing bombing of Hai Phong and Hanoi [7-66-535]
Pres. Johnson laying a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Memorial Day, 1966
Operation Headstart
Sen. George Aiken, Vermont; Sen. Gore, Tenn.; Sen. John McClellan, Ark.; Sen. Frank Lausche, Ohio; Sen. Clark and General Church; Gen. James Gavin [7-67-2717]
Sec. McNamara announcing bombing of oil facilities at Hanoi and Hai Phong [7-66-548]
Washington, D.C. traffic [8-66-659]
Gov. Nelson Rockefeller [3-68-5525]
Women's Peace March, Washington, D.C., Jan. 15, 1968 [1-68-4082]
General Westmoreland press conference [11-67-3723]
Lighting White House Christmas tree – Pres. Johnson [6-66-426]
National Christmas tree [6-66-425]
Attorney General Katzenbach, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and Cyrus Vance, Undersecretary of Defense, March 1966 [3-66-48]
Ted Sorenson [11-67-3722]
Gun control legislation efforts [7-68-6526]
Scorpion submarine disaster, search and survivors [7-68-6486]
Bill Moyers and George Reedy, August 1965
Office of Education, Title I
H.E.W: Lorton Prison youth center
Office of Education: education facilities for handicapped
Office of Education: School for Americanization
Riot city causes (Plainfield) [3-68-5536]
Washington scenes [7-66-586]
Wrestling [7-67-2707]
Mauren, Fleisher, and Zon – Capitol moods [7-67-2723]
Integration at US Naval Academy [1-67-1519]
Riot city causes (Detriot) [3-68-5537]
Elderly people in Baltimore
Office of Education, Title I – second day, 12/5/65
Office of Education, libraries
Office of Education, Latin Youth Center (no faces showing)
Luci Johnson's wedding 8/6/66 [8-66-683]
Washington, D.C. – treasury
Captions, Inauguration, 1965
Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Chronicle of Higher Education [3-67-1888]
Chavez, Ethel Kennedy, Washington, D.C. [10-69-967]
Senator Philip Hart [11-69-11-46]
Ugliness in American: Congestion of the central city [8-68-6879]
Alan Cranston and Ted Kennedy [10-68-7190]
Arthur Burns [3-69-9028]
Judge Harold Caswell, Sen. Gurney, Ethel Kennedy, Mrs. Steven Smith, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and Sen. Birch Bayh [2-70-1649]
O.F.E. – American scenes [7-66-587]
Aerials, Washington, D.C. [6-66-427]
Office of Education, Title I – second day, 12/14/65
Shirley Chisholm [4-69-9349]
Office of Education: Work study program [1-68-5002]
Riot city causes (Newark) [3-58-5535]
Riot city causes (New Haven) [3-68-5534]
Peru [6-66-368]
Rural America [8-67-2852]
White House [8-67-2853]
Reston, Virginia and Columbia, Maryland [8-67-2861]
2010-161/8 Box Black and White Negatives 1
Gov. Ronald Reagan [2-71-4563]
Demonstrator being carried away by police [12-70-4329]
Ted Kennedy campaigning [9-70-3614]
Senator and Mrs. George McGovern, January 1971 [1-71-9470]
Nixon's State of the Union address [2-71-45xx]
Mayor John Lindsay and Mayor Richard Daley [2-71-4674]
Nixon – news conference, 2/71 [2-71-4743]
Golda Meir, Sept. 1970 [9-70-3641]
Joan Kennedy playing piano with Philadelphia Orechestra [10-70-3799]
Ted Kennedy on the campaign trail [10-70-3809]
Drug illustration [11-70-4075]
Martha Mitchell [11-70-4077]
Princess Anne and Prince Charles at White House ball [8-70-3316]
Burying cars for Earth Day [9-70-2550]
Attorney General John Mitchell [8-70-3x37]
Kennedy family on carrier in Boston [8-70-3333]
Sen. Edward Kennedy and Larry O'Brien (new Chairman of the Democratic National Committee) [7-70-3301]
Nixon looking at man with eye-patch – funny [12-70-4330]
Senator Muskie, January 1971 [1-71-4474]
President Nixon addresses student at Kansas State University [11-70-xxxx]
Pres. Nixon news conference [12-70-4239]
2010-161/10 Secretary of Treasury: Michael Blumenthal [3-78-1635]
State Dept., incl. Warren Christopher, Matthew Nimetz, Ambassador Marshall D. Shulman, Peter Tarnoff, Alfred Atherson, Leslie Gelb, Anthony Lake [4-78-1758]
Brezhenski [4-78-1777]
National Gallery, I. M. Pei, Carter Brown [5-78-1935]
Robert Strauss w/Pres. Carter [6-78-2115]
Ralph Nader [7-78-2286]
Sen. Clifford Case: Briefing Press After Rhodesian Vote ; Sen. S.I. Hayakawa; Sen. Clifford Case with Sen. Jacob Javits; Sen. Hayakawa with Sen. Danforth [8-78-2361]
Rep. James Wright in his office [8-78-2364]
Lobbyists in Washington [8-78-2379]
Turkish Arms Embargo Vote, includes Sens. Pell and Sarbanes talking to Sen. George McGovern; Lobbyist John Meek talking to Sen. Ted Stevens; Sen. Paul Sarbanes; Sen. George McGovern; Sen. John Sparkman [8-78-2400]
Sen. William Roth and Rep. Jack Kemp [8-78-2421]
James Earl Ray being sworn in to testify before the House Assassination Committee [8-78-2439]
Moshe Dayan [9-78-2557]
Washington D.C. includes Capitol Building, Supreme Court building, Jefferson Memorial, octagon house, National Cathedral, Potamic River and Watergate Hotel, Pan American Union, Kennedy Center, White House, spring scenes, tourists, Hirschorn Gallery [9-78-2559]
Taxation Conference [10-78-2634]
American Iron and Steel: The Five Generation Steel Family [10-78-2664]
Rep. Phillip Crane, Republican-Illinois [10-78-2681]
Ian Smith in Washington [10-78-2692]
Women in the Military [10-78-2746]
Prime Min. Ian Smith and Rev. Sithole of Rhodesia in USA [11-78-2793]
Bareback Charters [11-78-2922]
Deng Xiaoping in Washington, 1/31/79 [2-79-3275]
Judge Harold Green in his chambers [1-79-3127]
Briefing of businessmen at State Dept. on China Trade 1/15/1979 [1-79-3226]
Opening of Congress Jan. 1979 [1-79-3227]
Hirshorn Museum in Washington, D.C. [8-74-4679B]
2010-161/11 Evel Knievel jump, Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho Sept. 8, 1974 [9-74-4850]
Nixon resignation, reaction to Nixon speech outside White House, Aug. 8, 1974 [8-74-4730]
Pres. Ford's State of the Union Address [8-74-4714]
Pres. Gerald Ford with Press Secretary Jerry terHorst, Aug. 9, 1974 [8-74-4729]
Pres. Ford in office [8-74-4766]
George Bush in Maine [8-74-4767]
Impeachment Hearings May 14, 1974 [8-74-4768]
Presidential Crisis [8-74-4774]
Pres. Nixon's Resignation: Crowds demonstrating outside White House [8-74-4796]
Nelson Rockefeller and wife in Seal Harbor, Maine [9-74-4882]
Pres. Gerald Ford's 2nd Press Conference [9-74-4932]
Betty Ford-Hospital surgery; Pres. Ford visiting hospital [9-74-4959]
Betty Ford-Hospital surgery; Pres. Ford visiting hospital [9-74-4959]
Nelson Rockefeller [10-74-4993]
William Colby-CIA, at home, in office [10-74-4994]
Nelson Rockefeller in Maine [9-74-4839]
Impeachment hearings, John Doar [8-74-4814]
Nelson Rockefeller [9-74-4838]
Nelson Rockefeller in Washington D.C. with Sen. Eastland, Pell, Allen, Williams [9-74-4840]
George Bush [9-74-4841]
Nelson Rockefeller Confirmation Hearings Nov 14, 1974 [12-74-5379]
Rockefeller swearing in as Vice President-senator chamber, 12/19/74 [12-74-5417]
Vice Pres. Nelson Rockefeller [1-75-5556]
Dr. Edward Freis Veteran's Administration [1-75-5563]
CIA Signs on G.W. Parkway and Route 123 near the CIA [10-74-4995]
Rockefeller Confirmation Hearings [10-74-4996]
Rockefeller Confirmation Hearings [10-74-4997]
Pres. Ford letters for (handbag?) inflation [10-74-5032]
Pres. Ford announcing economic plans to Congress [10-74-5033]
Sec. of Treasury William Simon, Oct. 3, 1974 [10-74-5094]
Rev. Sun Myung Moon at Madison Square Garden NYC-9/18/74 [10-74-5155]
Sec. of Defense James Schlesinger [11-74-5217]
Pres. Ford watching election coverage [11-74-5278]
Ron Nessen at White House briefing on CIA [2-75-5591]
Pres. Ford's State of the Union Message, Jan. 1975 [1-75-5593]
Sec. of State Henry Kissinger Jan. 4, 1975 [2-75-5592]
Sen. Henry Jackson reacting to speech by Pres. Ford Jan. 15, 1975 [2-75-5606]
Sen. William Fulbright cleaning out his office and getting ready to leave Washington [2-75-5607]
Watergate trial - jury leaving the Federal Courthouse Dec. 19, 1974 [2-75-5626
Watergate trial [11-74-5279]
Pres. And Mrs. Gerald R. Ford Nov. 4, 1974 [12-74-5373]
George Meavy, AFC-CIO press conference [12-74-5374]
Ron Nessen, presidential Press Secretary [12-74-5376]
Julius Shiskin, O.M.B., at joint economic hearing [2-75-5634]
Gerald Ford and Melvin Laird [2-75-5635]
Pres. Ford meeting with advisors [2-75-5636]
Prime Minister Harold Wilson (2-75-5641)
Pres. Ford at Rockefeller testimonial dinner NYC Feb. 1975 [2-75-5649]
Pres. Gerald Ford speaking to American Security Analysts [2-75-5650]
Frank Zarb: New head of the Federal Energy Administration [1-75-5564]
Rep. William Poage: Ex-chairman of the House of Agriculture Committee [1-75-5565]
Social Security Administration for Nation's Business [1-75-5566]
Elderly couple (4x5 internegative) [5-75-6162]
Watergate trial: day of sentencing Feb. 21, 1975 [2-75-5676]
John Mitchell leaving his lawyer's office building Feb. 21, 1975 [2-75-5677]
Watergate trial: Haldeman and Ehrlichman leaving after sentencing Feb. 21, 1975 [2-75-5678]
Pres. Ford laying wreath at Lincoln Memorial: for Time [2-75-5683]
Pres. Ford at Salute to Rockefeller [2-75-5684]
Watergate trial [2-75-5655]
James Angleton, CIA [3-75-5732]
Sec. Kissinger and Pres. Ford in Oval Office after Kissinger return from Middle East 2/19/75 [2-75-5687]
Rep. James Wright and aides drafting legislation on import quota plan [3-15-5720]
Sec. of State Henry Kissinger before Foreign Relations Committee [3-75-5724]
Mrs. Betty Ford with mail about the Equal Rights Amendment [5-75-5726]
Shah of Iran arriving at Pentagon; Sec. Kissinger briefing press 5/15/75 [6-75-6176]
Pres. Ford meeting with Congressional leader [5-75-6166]
Shah of Iran receives Honorary degree at Georgetown University [6-75-6202]
Pres. Ford television address on energy legislation, tearing pages of calendar [6-75-6201]
Susan Ford's prom [6-75-6190]
Pres. Ford signing his crime message to Congress 6/20/75; Atty. Gen. Levi in attendance: [7-75-6358]
Sally Quinn [7-75-6335]
President Gerald D. Ford in New Hampshire, 4/21/75 [6-75-6298]
Pres. Ford and Nelson Rockefeller CIA REPORT [6-75-6264]
Homosexual Sergeant: Air Force T. Sgt. Leonard Matlovich [6-75-6227]
Ronald Reagan speaking at National Federation of Business [7-75-6421]
Pres. Gerald Ford in Cincinnati, 7/3/75 [7-75-6420]
Sen. Mike Mansfield in office 3/19/75 [7-75-6418]
Pres. Ford with Democrats [7-75-6416]
Pres. Gerald D. Ford press conference in Rose Garden of White House 6/9/75 [7-75-6400]
George Meany leaving White House after meeting with Pres. Ford and (Toka Dunlop?) 6/22/75 [7-75-6447]
Pres. Ford and Carla Hills announce Ford Veto of Housing Bill 6/24/75 [7-75-6448]
Pres. Gerald D. Ford talking to US and Russian astronauts 7/17/75 [7-75-6449]
Henry J. Kaufman annual report (Bricklayers?) [7-75-6365]
V.P. Rockefeller presents CIA report to the President 6/6/75 [7-75-6395]
2011-004/2 President Ford at National Federation of Independent Business, 6/14/75, for Time [7-75-6422]
Secretary Henry Kissinger, speaking at Public Broadcasting luncheon, 6/16/75, for Time [7-75-6423]
Governor George Wallace speaking to National Federation of Independent Business, 6/19/75, for Time [7-75-6424]
President Ford at swearing in ceremony for Daniel A. Moynihan as representative to U.N., 6/21/75, for Time [7-75-6426]
President Ford addressing NAACP convention, 7/1/75, for Time [7-75-6427]
President Ford talking to teenage republicans in Rose Garden 6/20/75, for Time [7-75-6443]
Alexander Solzhenitsyn speaking to AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C., for Time [7-75-6439]
Senator Edward Kennedy, before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [7-75-6444]
President Reagan signs the tax reform bill at the White House, 10/86 [10-86-3278]
Mike Castle, Governor of Delaware [10-86-3279]
Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, for Time [10-86-3308]
Jeanne Kirkpatrick, for Time [10-86-3309]
Veteran's Day at Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C., 11/11/86 [11-86-3394]
Justice William Rehnquist [6-86-2518]
England, U.S. Tourists in London [8-86-2821]
Joint Session on tax reform [7-86-2659]
Air traffic controllers [8-86-2885]
Father Charles Curran, Catholic University Theology professor [8-86-2904]
President Reagan and President de la Madrid of Mexico together outside the White House, 8/13/86 [8-86-2919]
Ex. Congressman John Jenrette [9-86-2998]
"Black Box" from California plane crash of Mexican airliner, 9/2/86 [9-86-3037]
President Corazon Awuino speaking to a joint session of Congress [9-86-3055]
Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. [9-86-3069]
President Reagan and Israeli P. M. Shahir together outside the White House [2-87-4000]
E. F. Hulton, Robert Berloclar [3-86-1710]
Jonas Suimbi in Washington, D.C. [2-86-1577]
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend campaigning for Congress in Maryland [3-86-1753]
CBS [3-86-1841]
Wayne D. Angell and Manuel H. Johnson, new governors of the Federal Reserve Board, for Time [5-86-2120]
Senate on TV [6-86-2330]
National Association of Manufacturer meeting, 05/1986 [6-86-2339]
Washington, D.C., "Hands Across America" [6-86-2366]
Senator Robert Dole talking to the press about tax reform legislation [6-86-2517]
TVX for Channels Magazine [6-86-2468]
Washington Security [6-85-0066]
President Reagan meets reporters in the Oval Office and discloses his nose kin cancer, 8/5/85 [8-85-0268]
House Ways and Means committee, lobbyists waiting and filing into the committee room and getting tax reform info [7-85-0169]
President Reagan, 05/30/1985, for Nation's Business [8-85-0312]
"Congress at Work", House and Senate conference on the budget [8-85-0331]
Washington, D.C. Democrats to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 8/4/85 [8-85-0366]
Attorney General Ed Meese [8-85-0386]
Announcement of Masters Beer, for Times [11-85-0833]
Paul Kirk, chairman of the Democratic National Committee [11-85-0975]
Women Body Builders [12-85-1071]
The Making of a Space Suit, for America Illustrated [1-86-1267]
Bishop Desmond Tutu in Washington, D.C. [1-86-1395]
G. William Miller [2-86-1432]
Children's Hospital, Washington, D.C. [2-86-1451]
National Association Manufacturers Annual Meeting, Dick Flamagan, National Association [7-1-85-0074]
First Reagan Mondale Debate. 10/7/84 [5-85-9878]
Ambassador Vernon Walters [6-85-9972]
U. S. Israel Trade, Brock and Sharon signing Trade Agreement, for Time [6-85-9977]
Prime Minister Rejiv Gandhi in Washington [6-85-0059]
Secretary of Treasury James Baker [6-85-0062]
William Niskanen of the Council of Economic Advisers [2-85-9256]
Painting of the White House, for Time [3-85-9410]
President Jimmy Carter, NATO, 1978 [3-85-9442]
President Reagan and President Muburak outside the White House [3-85-9449]
Exercise Story [4-85-9554]
Making of a space suit, for America Illustrated [3-85-9459]
President Reagan's press conference in White House press room [4-85-9605]
Donald Regan press briefing in White House press room [4-85-9606]
President Reagan in Europe, for Time [5-85-9814] [5-85-9844]
Special Trade Ambassador, Bill Brock announcing President Reagan's steel policy in the White House press room, 9/18/84, for Time [10-84-8734]
Packaging of a candidate, President Reagan, for Time [11-84-8802]
President Reagan's press conference the morning after the election at Century Plaza Hotel, L.A., 11/7/84 [11-84-8862]
Packaging the candidate, President Reagan, for Time [11-84-8881]
Making of a space suit for N.A.S.A. [1-85-9154]
1984 contest copy negatives [2-85-9206]
Conversion [2-85-9299]
Secretary of State George Shultz testifying before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [2-85-9249]
Diana's exercise studio [10-84-8718]
President Reagan with Peres of Israel in the Oval Office, 10/11/84 [10-84-8722]
Mondale, head shots, with Hart arms raised, hecklers [9-84-8560]
Apache attack helicopter [9-84-8422]
Reagan and Gromyko meet in the Oval Office, for Time, 9/28/84 [10-84-8586]
Gromyko at the U. N. [9-84-8630]
President Reagan at Bowling Green State University, 9/26/84 [9-84-8561]
Mrs. Reagan in Oregon and Washington, for Time [9-84-8570]
Reagan – Mondale 1st debate in Louisville, for Time, 10/7/84 [10-84-8626]
President Reagan in Illinois, for Time [10-84-8680]
Donald Trautlein CEO Bethlehem Steel, for Time [10-84-8700]
American Society of Internation Law, for Time, 4/17/84 [7-84-8206]
Reporters on the campaign trail, for Time, [7-84-8253]
Jim Johnston, senior Mondale advisor, in Minnesota, 6/23/84 [7-84-8272]
Demonstrators at 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco, for Time [7-84-8278]
Geraldine Ferraro and Walter Mondale at Democratic Convention [7-84-8278]
Geraldine Ferraro and Walter Mondale in Queens [8-84-8332]
Great Seat, Mrs. Ann L. Macdonald [8-84-8376]
Mondale Campaigning and Ferraro [8-84-8407]
Senator Mark Hatfield campaigning in Portland, Oregon [8-84-8405]
Representative Geraldine Ferraro campaigning on the west coast [8-84-8406]
Representative Geraldine Ferraro, head shots and Pat Barrio, her press secretary [8-84-8407]
President Reagan in Florida and Alabama [8-84-8449]
Working Mother [9-84-8507]
Walter Mondale campaign St. Louis, for Time [9-84-8512]
President Reagan addressing the U. N. General assembly [9-84-8522]
Inventors Convention, for Time [3-84-7604]
Oliver Henkel, Gary Hart's campaign director, Press conference the morning after "Super Tuesday" at the mayflower hotel in Washington, D. C., for Time, 3/14/84, [3-84-7605]
Kwik Kopy, franchise store, Falls Church, Virginia, for U.S.I.A. [3-84-7609]
President Reagan, April 1984 [4-84-7706]
Jesse Jackson in New Hampshire, for Time, 2/84 [4-84-2087]
Jesse Jackson campaigning in New York City [4-84-7418]
New York Democratic primary. Senator Gary Hart at day care center in Harlem, voting in New York, Hart election rally, CBS poll taker [4-84-7711]
Dr. Robert Gallo, AIDS research, for Time [4-84-7728]
Jesse Jackson [5-84-7771]
George Bush, approximately 12/79 [6-84-7979]
Senator John Glenn and wife, 1983 [6-84-8026]
Representative Geraldine Ferraro at Democratic platform hearings [6-84-8093]
Walter Mondale with Mayor Diane Feinstein in Minnesota, 6/23/84 [6-84-8117]
Walter Mondale with Senator Lloyd Bentsen in Minnesota, 6/23/84 [6-84-8118]
Walter Mondale with Senator Ted Kennedy at State Capital in St. Paul, Minnesota, 6/25/84 [6-84-8157]
Mondale and Hart together in New York City, for Time, 6/26/84 [7-84-8158]
Military aide carrying "black bag" with top secret info that is always kept close to the president. Ford administration circa 1975. [5-84-8159]
President Carter, circa 1977 [7-84-8166]
Air Force One, circa 1977 [7-84-8177]
Auto train from Virginia to Florida for America Illustrated [3-84-7571]
Senator John Glenn withdrawing from Democratic presidential campaign [3-84-7594]
Ambassador McGhee at home in Georgetown, for Time [3-84-7599]
Demonstration on Capitol steps on Korean Airlines massacre [9-83-6258]
Animal talk, Smithsonian books [9-83-6316]
Bones, Smithsonian books [9-83-6317]
Burson Marstellar, Washington D. C., U. S. Committee for Energy Awareness [10-63-6388]
Anti-Nuclear demonstration, Washington, D. C., 5/79 [10-83-6389]
For Smithsonian Books [10-83-6398]
House government operations subcommittee, for Time [10-83-6463]
Representative Martin Frost [12-83-6734]
Blacks voting in Alabama, for Time [3-84-7564]
Helmut Kohl in Washington, D. C., for Time [3-84-7565]
Jim Lehrer of McNeil –Lehrer Report, for U.S.I.A. [8-83-6090]
March on Washington, for Time, 8/26/1983 [9-83-6138]
Walter Mondale, for Time, 8/9/83 [8-83-6117]
Ambassador William Brock, testifying before Senate International Trade Committee, for Time, 8/4/83 [8-83-6132]
H. J. K. and Association, National Mortgage Association [9-83-6246]
Walter Mondale in Iowa [9-83-6251]
Unemployment for Time, 1/11/83 [6-83-5614]
Preston Martin, Vice Chairman Federal Reserve testifying before house banking and finance subcommittee, for Time [6-83-5680]
Senator Alan Cranston in Cranston '84 T-shirt jogging and posing for camera [6-83-5710]
E. P. A. administrator, William Ruckleshaus, for Time [7-83-5761]
Lou Cannon in White House press room and at his desk in White House press area, for Time [7-83-5808]
U. S. Exports to Foreign Countries, Baltimore port [7-83-5897]
John Fedders, Director S. E. C. Division of Enforcement, for Time, 6/28/82 [7-83-5905]
John Glenn campaigning [8-83-5998]
Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings reading a newspaper while waiting for an airplane in Atlanta airport [8-83-5998A]
Senator John Glenn in New Hampshire and Maine [8-83-6059]
Helmut Kohl press conference, in Washington D. C., 4/15/83 [4-83-5353]
New houses under construction in Warren, Ohio [4-83-5357]
Preston Martin, Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve Board in his office at the Fed., for Time, [4-83-5372]
MX Missile advisory panel, to President Reagan [4-83-5380]
Washington, D. C. Zoo pandas for Olympus, Pacific Press [5-83-5501]
President Reagan and Nakasone, prime minister of Japan [1-83-4724]
Prime minister Nakasone of Japan in Washington, D. C. [1-83-4724]
Doris Foster on death row in Maryland, for Time [2-83-4808]
Russian Embassy in Washington, D. C., with big antennaes on the roof, for Time [2-83-4869]
Washingtonian, Senator William Cohen [2-83-4887]
Washingtonian, Leslie Williams, Coveningtow and Burley [2-83-4888]
Massachusetts Democratic party convention, for Time [4-83-5344]
James Sweeney, portraits [1-83-4734]
2011-089/1 Black Star Box 24
Brack 1981 contest pictures
[Jimmy] Carter in balcony
1990 White House contest
Aids protest at White House [6-87-8807]
Gulf War, archival, 1990
Brack contest pictures, 1977 - 1978
Black Star Box 25
1983 contest pictures
2011-089/2 Black Star Box 28
Dan Quayle, for Time magazine [9-88-2135]
Black Star Box 29
Billy Graham at his rally in Baltimore
International forces in Saudi Arabia [12-90-6268]
President Ford and Mayor Frank Rizzo, 07/4/1976 [7-76-8270]
Gulf crisis, Saudi Arabia [11-90-6263]
2011-089/3 Bob Dylan, Life
Demonstrations in Washington, D. C. against the bombing of Haiphong Harbor [5-72-38]
Federal office building lit up at night [6-72-278]
Little old lady in supermarket [6-72-296]
Secretary Laird's press conference, 5/10/72 [5-72-59]
Demonstration – White House, for Time [5-72-62]
Fred Graham [3-74-3827]
Senator McGovern announcing Sergeant Shriver as running mate [8-72-516]
Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, for Time [1-74-3610]
William Simon [2-74-3685]
Senator Packwood [2-74-3604]
New York Times, Roger Stevens at the J.F.K. Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D. C., 10/73 [1-74-3527]
"Full Circle" (a play) [1-74-3530]
President Nixon meeting with bi-partisan leadership; President Nixon meeting with John Sawhill and Don Alexander on energy crisis, 01/74 [1-74-3535]
New York Times, singles [11-73-3251]
President Nixon meeting with John Love, and Melvin Laird on energy preparations [12-73-3298]
Senator Eagleton [11-73-3250]
Speaker Carl Albert, for Time [11-73-3093]
San Souci restaurant in Washington [10-73-2983]
Newsweek, Black fashions, 1972 [9-73-2928]
Vice President Agnew A. F. base – California [10-73-2944]
Speaker Carl Albert [10-73-2945]
Les Whitten and Jack Anderson, Watergate [4-73-2893]
Dining in Washington, D. C. (Mme Chenault's party) [4-73-2103]
Nixon in Florida [12-72-1212]
Vice President Ford meeting with Dobrynin, Russian ambassador; Nixon signing bi-centennial bill [12-73-3332]
Henry J Kaufman, Smithfield foods [1-74-3533]
Gas station with sign "We Have Gas" [12-73-3408]
Tennessee Williams out cry, New York Times drama section [3-73-1904]
Sans Souci restaurant, Washington, D.C., Kissinger and Reon Zeigler dining at restaurant [11-73-3111]
Panama canal [11-73-3123]
People looking for U.F.O.'s (Madison, Virginia) [11-73-3137]
Energy crisis – an oil truck delivering oil to a private home [11-73-3160]
Speaker Carl Albert and Representative Peter Rodino [11-73-3105]
Speaker Carl Albert and Representative Peter Rodino, chairman house judiciary committee, for Time [11-73-3105]
Representative Gerald Ford with "Michigan Annabelles" [11-73-3106]
Hubert Humphrey in Wisconsin [3-72-9612]
Pageant, Maxine Cheshire [6-72-184]
Representative J. Jake Pickell, campaign [10-72-1007]
Board of Governors, Federal Reserve Board [10-72-1014]
Bowling [9-72-815]
Nation's Business, returning former prisoner of war [5-73-2242]
National Lampoon, Washington, D. C., [5-73-2251]
Senator Russell B. Long, KKK hearings, house humanitarian activities committee; Robert Shelton, head of KKK [6-72-251]
Opening of Congress, Representative William Cohen (Maine), Representative Paul Cronin (Massachusetts) [1-73-1388]
Acupuncture Center [1-73-1423]
Opening of Congress [1-73-1383]
Office of Education, butterflies [5-72-3]
Block busting in reverse [12-72-1276]
Explorer Magazine, Chesapeake lighthouse [1-73-1367]
Capitol building, Time magazine [1-73-1377]
Anita Doratt for the New York Times, conductor [10-73-3062]
Panama Canal [10-73-3063]
Republican leadership press conference, Representative Gerald Ford, Senator Hugh Scott [9-73-2868]
Melvin Laird [9-73-2871]
Gasoline shortage [6-73-2421]
Representative William Cohen, news letter pit [3-73-1777]
Clarence M. Kelly, F.B.I. Director nominee [6-73-2406]
Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird [5-69-9593]
Secretary Schultz, Department of Labor [5-69-9592]
Senator Edward Muskie, Governor Lester Maddox, Hubert Humphrey, Senator Williams [8-70-3385]
Urban coalition, seventh street, Washington, D. C., progress and rest area [2-69-8584]
Acapulco [7-68-6598]
Secretary of State William Roger [8-70-3383]
Harry Trealeven, Representative Brock, primary day [8-70-3442]
Spiro Agnew talking with supporters before victory [11-68-7578]
State Department, Operations Center [5-68-6146]
President Ceausescu of Romania [10-70-3919]
Walter Reuther, Charleston, S. C. [5-69-9625]
Beverly Sills in Airio Dante [9-71-5880]
Ron Ziegler [8-70-3381]
General Ky arriving in New York Kennedy airport, 11/18/70 and at West Point, N.Y. [11-70-4056]
Secretary of State, William Roger [9-69-657]
Brock, Knoxville [10-69-868]
2011-089/4 Impeachment hearings, Time [7-74-4617]
Impeachment hearings, 07/25/74, for Time magazine, [7-74-4621]
Impeachment hearings, house judiciary committee, 7/26/74, for Time [7-74-4622]
Impeachment hearings, 7/24/74, for Time [7-74-4623]
Ronald Reagan in California, for Time [6-76-8084]
Ronald Reagan in the south, Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee, for Time [6-76-8085]
Ronald Reagan in California, for Time [6-76-8084]
U.S. Mint, [5-91-6668]
Ronald Reagan in Kentucky, Michigan and Cincinnati [5-76-7993]
Wayne Hays, congressman [6-76-8004]
Senator Ted Kennedy [6-76-8065]
Elliot Richardson, for Time [6-76-8080]
Ronald Reagan in Pasa Rebles, California, for Time [6-76-8082]
President Ford, for Time [5-76-7893]
President Ford in Texas, for Time [5-76-7894]
President Ford campaigning in Texas, 4/7/76, for Time [5-76-7946]
Ronald Reagan in California, voting in primary, for Time [6-76-8083]
Mrs. Coretta King, at premier of "I Have A Dream" at Ford's Theater, for Time [5-76-7981]
Senator Ted Kennedy and others, for Time [5-76-7982]
President Ford in Alabama and Indiana, for Time [5-76-7906]
Impeachment hearings, 7/22/74, for Time [7-74-4625]
Impeachment hearings, 7/76/74, for Time [7-74-4626]
Impeachment hearings, 7/18/74, for Time [7-74-4627]
Impeachment hearings, 7/17/74, for Time magazine [7-74-4628]
Impeachment hearings, 7/17/74, for Time [7-74-4629]
Impeachment hearings, 7/19/74, for Time [7-74-4630]
Charles Colson at home in McClean, Virginia with daughter, Emily, for Time [8-74-4642]
Impeachment hearings, 07/26/74, for Time [7-74-4618]
Alan Greenspan [5-76-7859]
The "Blue Bird" opening, Liz Taylor and Iranian Ambassador Zahersi, for Time [5-76-7882]
President Ford, for Time [5-76-7892]
James Boren, for Harper's Weekly [5-76-7684]
President Ford in Texas, for Time [5-76-7891]
Jimmy Carter on Capitol Hill for Time [4-76-7790]
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee [4-76-7827]
Reggie Jackson uniform in Baltimore dugout, for Time [4-76 -7828]
William Simon "Roast" for Time, 4/8/76 [4-76-7829]
George Wallace for Time, [3-76-7574]
Ronald Reagan in Florida and Illinois, 3/8/76, for Time [[3-76-7651]
Ronald Reagan campaigning [3-76-7684]
President Ford press conference, in Washington, 2/17/76, for Time, [3-76-7526]
"Mo" Udall and Birch Bayh, for Time [3-76-7528]
Verdict day, Watergate trial (Haldeman, Parkinson, Mitchell, Erlichman, Mardian) for Time [3-76-7530]
Ronald Reagan in Florida, 2/76, for Time [3-76-7538]
George Bush, C.I.A. Director, for Time [3-76-7555]
Auto train, America Illustrated [3-84-7571]
Soup kitchens, 2/10/85, for Parade [1-84-7045]
Senator Kennedy [3-76-7703]
Liz Taylor and Kissinger, Kennedy Center [4-76-7745]
Ronald Reagan in North Carolina, for Time [4-76-7773]
Jimmy Carter in North Carolina, for Time [4-76-7788]
Ronald Reagan in Florida and Illinois, 3/10/76, for Time [3-76-7688]
Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson and Pat Moynihan, for Time [3-76-7689]
2011-356/1 Black Star Box 30
1988 Contest, internegs
The Clinton Affair: Crisis at the White House Jan. 1988
Crisis at the White House: Clinton's Retaliation F-6058
Black Star Box 31
2011-356/1 The Report, White House News Photographers Association, August 2011
2011-356/2 Jimmy Carter in Plains, Georgia, for Time includes Carter coming out of airplane, "Peanut One" [11-76-8813]
Jimmy Carter press conference & other events – post election, Nov. 3, 1976 for Time [11-76-8833]
George Meany for Time [11-76-8845]
Benjamin Hookes of N.A.A.C.P. for Time [11-76-8846]
Election day, Nov. 2, 1976: Jimmy Carter, Plains, Georgia "Winner" [11-76-8832]
Carter & Kissinger in Plains, Ga., for Time [12-76-8913]
Arthur Burns for Time [12-76-8914]
Washington Star – last day of publication [8-81-0686]
Copy negs: 1.) Sen. James Sasser; 2.) Gov. Raymond Shafer; 3.) Sen. Howard Baker; 4.) Sen. William Cohen [8-81-8396]
Sen. Howard Baker, 1978 [9-81-0791]
Judge Sandra J. [Day] O'Connor confirmation hearings [9-81-0880]
Olivia Newton-John [9-81-0972]
I.B.M. Rodin exhibition [9-81-0989]
Solidarity Day – Wash. D.C., for Time 9/19/87 [10-81-0990]
Black Inc. "Candidate Charles Black" [10-81-1140]
Railroad industry for American Iron & Steel Institute
Sec. Califano briefing press on mental health bill, for Time [10-81-1188]
Cancun summit, includes head shots of Mrs. Thatcher, Mrs. Gandhi, Mitterand. Mohamed Bedjaoui-Algeria, Pres. Luis Herrera Campina (Venezuela), Pres. Lopez Portillo, for Time [10-81-1224]
Dallas City Hall [10-81-1254]
House of Representatives committee signs [11-81-1401]
"Solidarity day" labor demo. in Wash., D.C., includes Lane Kirkland of A.F.L.-C.I.O., Robert Poli of P.A.T.C.O., Douglas Fraser, for Time
Ronald Reagan in a hardhat [11-81-1482]
Harding Lawrence and Mary Wells right after their marriage in 1966, for Time [12-81-1536]
Sen. Everett Dirksen talking to press in the senate press gallery, for Time (circa 1960) [12-81-1572]
Sec. of State Dean Rusk, for Time (circa 1961) [12-81-1573]
Eric Segal, author of "Love Story" for Time [12-81-1574]
Bryce Harlow dinner for Time [6-81-0289]
Bank – Annual report shooting, Washington, D.C. [5-81-0046]
Leon Jaworski accepting the chairmanship of Democrats for Reagan Committee, for Time [6-81-0302]
Billy Graham rally in Baltimore [6-81-0306]
Baltimore Harbor [6-81-0309]
Eugene Rostow 2.) Sen. Charles Percy [6-81-0315]
FDA: A day with commissioner [6-81-0318]
Sen. George McGovern with constituents in office, by Lincoln statue, June 1967 [6-1-3013]
E.R.A. rally in Wash., D.C., includes Alan Alda, Susan Ford and her baby, Mary Crisp [7-81-0358]
Vietnam vet being counseled at a veterans center in Wash., D.C. [7-81-0454]
Rep. Dan Rostenkowski [7-81-0456]
Charles Wick & Robert Gray, co-chairmen of Reagan inaguration [inauguration] committee, for Time [7-81-0456]
Airport – weigh in, lines, signage [7-81-0460]
Sharp & Co. (?) Brasil: Washington visit [7-81-0479]
Cancun summit, for Time [7-81-0483]
Interview with Vice President George Bush for Nation's Business [8-81-0533]
William Carson at home in Potomac, Md., for Time [8-81-0565]
Sadat state dinner, includes Reagans and Sadats together, for Time [8-81-0588]
Thorne Auchter – Director of O.S.H.A., for Nation's Business [8-81-0596]
Sadat press conf. in Wash. [8-81-0604]
Civilianization of the Army, for Time 2/15/81; Sgt. Mike Farr at his home in Newington, Va. & wife Debbie; he is based at an army base in Washington, D.C. [8-81-06]
Social Security commissioner John Svahn [3-81-9520]
Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, for Time 3/10/81; meeting with Pres. Reagan, news briefing in White House briefing room with Sec. Haig [3-81-9521]
Cable news network in Atlanta, Georgia [4-81-9568]
Sen. Jesse Helms in his office, for Time [4-81-9637]
Nelly Grey in her office, for Time [4-81-9822]
Counterfeit American products, for Time; Levis real & made in Paraguay [5-81-9946]
Gold Prices – Deak & Co., for Time [5-81-9988]
Marana, Arizona – Evergreen Air Center for Time: US & Foreign airline planes parked at the Evergreen Base in Marana, Ariz. [5-81-9999]
Maryanne Fackelmann – on the staff of the White House press photographers & Cynthia Johnson – personal photographer to Vice-President Bush [5-81-9965]
Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, for New York Magazine [2-81-9068]
Air Force One at Andrews AFB waits to take Pres. Carter to Germany to greet hostages, for Time [2-81-9170]
Bailey Deardourff, Marshall Coleman [2-81-9248]
Black childrens' killings in Atlanta: Mrs. King & mothers of boys killed, listening to a song about the killings written by the brother of one of the victims; Guardian Angels marching and soliciting the support of the people of Atlanta and other cities [2-81-9259]
Sing-Sing & Ling-Ling – pandas at Wash. D.C. zoo 10/7/80: in cage – eating bamboo – Sing-Sing, on TV monitor – Ling-Ling [3-81-9322]
Sen. Ernest Hollings, Sen. Daniel Quayle, for Time [3-81-9346]
Inaugural stand in front of White House for Time (set T26804) [1-81-8975]
Inaugural stand in front of the White House for Time (set T47010) [1-81-8975]
Inaugural stand in front of Congress, for Time [1-81-8981]
Jessica Savitch for Int. Communications Agency [2-81-9052]
Sen. Ted Kennedy on the senate subway, for Time [12-80-8600]
Senate Republican caucus: Sen. Paula Hawkins, Sen. Ted Stevens, Sen. Robert Packwood, Sen. Howard Baker, Sen. James McLure, Sen. East [12-80-8612]
Sen. Charles Percy [12-80-8616]
Pendleton James, for Time [12-80-8619]
Mayor Ed Koch at National Press Club breakfast, July 31, 1980, for Time [12-80-8668]
Abscam Personal: John Jenerette [Jenrette], Frank Thompson, Wm. Hughes, also Benjamin Ciciletti [Civiletti]
Sen. Jesse Helms [1-81-8860]
Opening of Congress 1981, for Time, Republican leadership: Reps. Edward Madigan, Trent Lott, Jack Kemp, Robert Michel, Dick Cheney (Group shots) [1-81-8893]
Talks on Presidential debate, for Time, 10/20/80, includes: James Baker (for Reagan), Robert Strauss (for Carter), Ruther Hinerfeld – pres. of the League of Women Voters
Iran situation room at the State Dept. in Wash., D.C., for Time [11-80-8386]
Self-portrait [11-80-8415]
Miscellaneous Carter photographs, color conversions [11-80-8443]
Quick: Helmut Schmidt in Washington, includes: Reagan & Carter together, Reagan & Schmidt together, Carter & Schmidt together [1-81-8908]
Sen. Jake Garn in his office, for Time [11-80-8458]
Cord Meyers, for Time [11-80-8464]
Sen. Mark Hatfield, for Time [11-80-8484]
Sen. Strom Thurmond, for Time [11-80-8485]
Sen. Orin Hatch, for Time [11-80-8498]
Picture of Dennis Brack in action [12-80-8568]
Sen. Robert Dole, for Time [11-80-8505]
Washington, D.C. bureaucracy, for Time: computer room, Dept. of Health & Welfare [12-80-8590]
James S. Albus of National Bureau of Standards, for Time [12-80-8594]
Senate finance hearing, for Time: Henry Fowler – former Sec. of Treas.; Arthur Burns – former chairman Federal Reserve [9-80-7914]
Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in his chamber, 7/12/80, for Time [9-80-7944]
Hostage family: the family of Victor Tomseth, McLean, Virginia, for Quick [9-80-7974]
Hostage family: Marge German & family, for Quick [9-80-8004]
American goods being exported from the port of Baltimore; the goods with the earth moving equipment are being sent to Africa [10-80-8102]
John Anderson campaigning, for Time [9-80-8103]
James Schlesinger, Sen. Scoop Jackson, Sen. Ribicoff, 3/77, for Time [10-80-8111]
Julia Walsh Company, 11/77, for Time [10-80-8112]
Close of session of Congress for election break, for Time [10-80-8126]
Rep. Michael Myers is expelled from congress for his part in "Abscam", includes: Myers walking to capitol before House vote, Rep. Myers making his speech on floor of house – pix taken off of closed circuit TV [10-80-8189]
NBC, Marvin Kalb [10-80-8201]
Nation's Business: Commerce Sec. Philip Klutznick [10-80-8222]
John Anderson on night of Carter-Reagan debate, Tues., 10/28/80, having his own mock debate on cable TV – in Wash., D.C. [10-80-8331]
Joint Economic Committee: G. Willam Miller, Sen. Bentsen, Rep. Clarence Brown, Rep. Henry Reuss [9-80-7913]
"Billygate" Senate hearings with Sen. Birch Bayh, Sen. Strom Thurmond [8-80-7623]
Att. Gen. Benjamin Civiletti press conference on Billy Carter investigation, for Time; includes (next to Civiletti) Philip Heymann – head of the criminal division of the Justice Dept. [8-80-7625]
Senators Thurmond, Baker, Byrd & Birch Beyh: "Billygate" investigation, for Time [8-80-7626]
Nick Peterson [8-80-7631]
Ernest Cooke, father of one of the hostages in the lobby of the State Dept., for Time [8-80-7639]
Noon briefing at the State Dept., John Trattner – State Dept. spokesman, 7/11/80, for Time [8-80-7652]
Senate Judiciary Committee on Billy Carter controversy, for Time [8-80-7655]
NYC Democratic Convention, for Time [8-80-7704]
Irving Shapiro, DuPont testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee, for Time; includes Sen. Ted Kennedy
Hostage homecoming? for Time [8-80-7766]
Anti Khomeini demo. in Wash, D.C., for Time 7/27/80 [8-80-7771]
Billy Gate hearings, for Time; witness: undersecretary David D. Newson, Senate Judiciary committee, Sen. Birch Bayh [8-80-7772]
Big Boots (40 ft. high) in Wash., D.C. by artist Bob Wade [8-80-7774]
Dr. George Hyatt, Georgetown University, for Time [8-80-7775]
Ted Kennedy [8-80-7776] [empty]
Ted Kennedy, for Time [8-80-7776]
Stan Parris for Bailey Deardourff Advertising [8-80-7780]
Parade: Rep. Pat Schroeder [8-80-7823]
Billy Carter before the Senate Judiciary Committee [8-80-7824]
Robert M. McKinney in his home office in Middlebury, Va., for Time [8-80-7825]
Harold Williams – Chairman of the S.E.C.; Rep. Benjamin Rosenthal, for Time [5-80-7058]
M. Begin press conf. at Blair House in Wash., D.C., for Time [5-80-7064]
Carl & Joyce Acker, C.I.A. [5-80-7069]
Rupert Murdoch [5-80-7075]
Nelson Bunker Hunt & Herman Hunt testifying before the Senate Agriculture Committee [5-80-7126]
Bill Brock in his office, for Time [6-80-7142]
Sen. Ted Kennedy on "Super Tuesday" – June 30, 1980, primary nite in Wash., D.C. (primaries in Calif., N.J., Ohio) [6-80-7194]
Nixon tapes to National Archives, for Time [6-80-7216]
Energy, for Fortune [6-80-7363]
Chief Justice Warren Burger in his office – Nov., 1979, for Time [7-80-7391]
Ceremony to mark the 200th day of hostages' captivity, for Time [7-80-7405]
Japanese cars being offloaded at Baltimore docks (Datsuns and Subarus) [7-80-7450]
1980 Republican Convention, for Time [7-80-7487]
Richard Queen (former hostage in Iran) returns to State Dept. for press conference [7-80-7553]
1980 Republican Convention press coverage, for Time [7-80-7556]
Draft registration in Wash., D.C. 1st day – Mon., 7/21/80 [7-80-7555]
Henry Kissinger press conference during 1980 Rep. Conv., for Time [7-80-7571]
Senate Finance Committee: Sec. Treasury William Miller, Sen. Russell Lon, Sen. Heinz, Sen. Roth [7-80-7575]
Senator Nunn for Chief Executive Magazine [empty; all at Chief Executive] [7-80-7586]
2019-069/1 Black Star Box 37
Black Star Box 39
Great Dismal Swamp black and white for Union Camp [8-72-624]
2019-069/6 Black Star Box 43
National Mall, Washington, D.C. [5-88-1264]
Persian Gulf press pool [5-88-1231]
Black Star Box 44
Returns list
2019-069/7 Black Star Box 45
Returns list
Black Star Box 48
2019-069/2 Briscoe Center exhibit flyer
Sister Marlane runs for governor [6-70-2898]
Spiro Agnew (Ted), Republican candidate for Maryland Governor [11-66-1146]
Mike Mansfield and Everett Dirksen
Kenneth Robinson, December 1965
George Lincoln Rockwell [9-67-3123A]
Peace Corps [8-68-6905]
Pope Paul VI [8-68-6905A]
"A Patriot For Me" Broadway play [12-70-4303]
Humphrey and Ford
Dean Rusk [7-67-2719]
Adam Clayton Powell [10-66-1086]
Lyndon B. Johnson press conference on illness
FDA Goddard [T542], 1966
Nixon prints [T21296]
Robert Shelton, District Court, 1965
Robert Shelton, House Un-American Activities Committee
Washington Post staff [T207], 1966
Federal Reserve hearing [T859]
American Nazi Headquarters [3911], 1968
Robert Kennedy, Alaska [4-69-9307]
General Nathan Twining [T358], 1966
Democratic ladies [T885], 1966
Old Louisbourg, 1966
Protest march [T8689], 1968
John Lindsay, New York City mayor [T860]
Casbah Nightclub
Gaylord Nelson, 1965
Federal Reserve tennis session [T229]
Maryland gun and pawn shops [T400], 1966
Father William Wendt and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church [T15707], 1970
Flatfoot Floozie [T17495], 1970
Nixon and Ron Ziegler before Laos television address [T17509], 1970
Roger Priest, Representative Rivers dummy [T15708], 1970
Hubert Humphrey at wedding [T852]
Dallas Morning News , circa 1959-1965
The Quiet Capitol [9-69-660], 1969
Summer riots, 1967
Voting in Maryland Governor Agnew [12-66-1303]
Robert Weaver, Housing and Urban Development [11-66-1268]
William Fulbright [11-66-1266]
Hubert Humphrey as Acting President [11-66-1224]
Dean Rusk testifying before Senate Foreign Relations Committee [6-67-2522]
Nation's Business work release program [5-67-2331]
Hubert Humphrey [T582]
Charles Percy [5-67-2323]
Hubert Humphrey [6-68-6414]
Nation's Business Washington, D.C. bus boycott [9-67-3311]
Nicholas Katzenbach [8-67-3100]
Washington transition of President-Elect Richard Nixon [12-68-7960]
Nazi Headquarters [9-68-7151]
Adam Clayton Powell [7-66-593]
Walter Hickel and Scoop Jackson [1-69-8318]
Melvin Laird hearing, W.J Hickel hearings [1-69-8317]
Melvin Laird, John Mitchell, and David Packard [1-69-8320]
David Kennedy [1-69-8319]
Dwight D. Eisenhower funeral, Abilene, Kansas [4-69-9131], 1969
Dwight D. Eisenhower funeral, part 2 [4-69-9106], 1969
Dwight D. Eisenhower, lying in state, Washington, D.C. [3-69-9051]
Hubert Humphrey press conference [10-68-7393]
General Harold Johnson, military operations at Fort Jackson, South Carolina [T397]
Everett Dirksen [7-67-2650]
Albert Gore [6-67-2525]
Bird watching [8-67-2845]
Peace demonstrations in Baltimore [82005]
William McChesney Martin [3-70-1902]
9 chefs [6-70-2949]
New Congressman [1-69-8258]
George Lincoln Rockwell, day of cremation [9-67-3254], 1967
Koanga, Washington Opera [12-70-4349]
White girl at all Black school [11-68-7894]
Nixon presenting golf ball to Billy Casper [7-69-100]
Lynda Johnson wedding [12-67-3787]
Lynda Johnson wedding [12-67-3789]
President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson welcoming Lee Kuan Yew and his wife to White House [6-68-6415]
Hubert Humphrey arriving at airport from Mexico City [4-68-5736], 1968
Ernest Guening [7-68-6513]
Sally Whitcomb [10-68-7366]
Lyndon B. Johnson at ceremony for 200 millionth person in U.S. [12-67-3754]
Air to sea search Scorpion disappearance [6-68-6193]
Lodge's return from Vietnam
Women heads of the military
2019-069/3 Sit-in demonstration at Department of State with Paul Goodman [6-68-6420]
Washington, D.C. snow storm [T584], 1966
Abba Eban and Dean Rusk [T692], 1966
Press table in Senate Dining Room [T715], 1966
Conference of Economists, Arthur Burns [T875], 1969
Hong Kong, 1965
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Washington, D.C. [T263], 1965
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Washington, D.C. [T747], 1965
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Washington, D.C. [T957], 1965
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Washington, D.C. [T738], 1965
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit Washington, D.C. [T737], 1965
Resurrection City [4631], 1968
Paul Douglas
President Johnson signing Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area bill [T943]
President Johnson and OAS Minister Mora [T949]
New Ford Theatre [10-67-3449]
2019-069/4 Lt. General James Gavin [3-67-1797]
Cartoon of Lyndon B. Johnson at National Press Club, 1965
Dean Rusk and Paul Martin, 1966
Robert Weaver swearing-in
Chevrolet Sales [1-67-1450]
Computer game [12-68-7954]
Reverse integration
Bill Moyers [T899], 1965
Rear Admiral Charles Curtze [T518]
US Price Commission and Pay Board Offices [T23608], 1972
William Saltonstall [T958]
Peking duck, Hong Kong [6755], 1965
Ross Perot takes Christmas dinner to POW in Hanoi [1-70-1426], 1969
Play It Again Sam, National Theater, Washington, D.C. [2-69-8793], 1969
Walter Reuther, Olga Madar hearings [6-69-9817]
Mod fashions [7-69-220]
Car phones [5-69-9607]
Woman filling station attendant [3-68-5470]
AT&T control room, Washington, D.C., 1965
Lyndon B. Johnson with Shah of Iran
Patsy Mink
Ballet Folklorico, Mexico City, 1961
Henry Cabot Lodge
Acapulco [2621], 1967
Washington and Lee, 1960
John Glenn gets citation from President Johnson, 1964
2019-069/9 Black Star Box 49
Hazelton Labs, Reston, Virginia, 1968
Eastern Airlines and Greyhound buses
Lyndon B. Johnson and dogs
November 22nd, 1963
Black Star Box 50
2019-069/9 Golda Meir, 1969
Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings [3-67-1801]
U.S.S Scorpion submarine search [7-68-6486]
Ballet Folkorico, Mexico, 1962
Sunbathers on roof, 1960s
President Nixon [2-72-9530], 1972
Hubert H. Humphrey presidential campaign [3-72-9612], 1972
Anti-war rally
2019-069/10 Dell Optiplex GX Pro computer, 1996
2019-069/11 Black Star Box 51
The Survivalists [3-81-9296]
Supreme Court building [11-80-8501]
Black Star Box 53
Lyndon B. Johnson, Everett Dirksen, Mike Mansfield
Marine General Leonard Chapman, Vietnam War
Pig farmer in Danville, Virginia, general store
Mexico, 1965
Georgia Clark, wife of US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, 1965
Texas Rangers, 1965
2019-069/12 Black Star Box 55
RAS-Algar plant desalination [5-91-6658]
John Edwards, presidential candidate, 2002
Department of Defense photographs of Iraq War, circa 2003
SARS story, 2003

Series III. Mounted photographic prints, circa 1968-2005

2AA33.1 [SRH1230020397] Presidents (19 prints), circa 1968-2005
2AA33.2 [SRH1230020398] Politics (17 prints), circa 1978-2004
2AA33.3 [SRH1230020399] Personalities and portraits (14 prints), circa 1980-2004
2AA36.1 [SRH1230020403] Color features (5 prints), 1982-1987
Pictorial (8 prints), circa 1980-1990
War and military (7 prints), circa 1990-1991
3S227 [SRH1230022775] Concert attendees, kissing (1 print), undated

Series IV. Unmounted photographic prints, circa 1965-2011

2AA33.3 [SRH1230020399] Photojournalists (8 prints), circa 1968-1990
Pictorial (3 prints), circa 1985-2003
Digital prints; Obama, Carter, Reagan, Iraq War (13 prints), circa 1965-2010
2012-191/1 White House News Photographers Association 2011 Annual Awards book, The Eyes of History

Series V. Digital materials, circa 2002-2019

3R39a [SRH1230019401] CDs of select images scanned by Dennis Brack
[12 discs]
2011-089/1 Jackie Kennedy's style goes on display in D. C., 4/2002 (10 discs) [F-6450-CD]
3R38b [SRH1230019398] DVD with approximately 40 digital images of Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Detroit riots, and Iraq War
3P193b [SRH1230019279] CDs of select images scanned by Dennis Brack
[3 discs]
Tools to combat terrorists: Items that measure for chemicals, nerve gas and radiation [F-6421-CD], included with The Clinton Affair: Crisis at the White House Jan. 1988
3P193b [SRH1230019279] DVD with scanned image of Beatles performance in 1964, Washington D.C.
[1 disc]
DVDs with select photographs scanned by Dennis Brack (13 discs) [AR 2019-069]
3W95d.1 [SRH1230030375] Thumb drive for Black Star boxes 67, 68, 69, 70 [Restricted access]
Conditions Governing Access

Series VI. Publications and tear sheets, circa 1954-2012

2012-348/1 A&A World , Winter 1982
2019-069/32 Advantage , August 1999
2012-348/1 Aera (Japan), July 24, 1990
Air Transport World
February 1990
March 1990
2019-069/32 Allstate Now, Number 1, 1985
2012-348/1 American Express Guide to Mexico 1990, December 1989
2019-069/32 American Heritage
December 1993
March 1996
American Photographer
2012-348/1 July 1988
2019-069/31 April 1989
2019-069/33 American Way , March 1976
Amerika (Russia), October 1980
2019-069/31 AMF Annual Report, 1973
2012-348/1 Andrews Federal Credit Union Annual Report, 1990
2019-069/32 Architecture , September 1983
2019-069/31 Ashland Oil Annual Report, 1994
2019-069/34 ASMP Bulletin , August 1994
Astrojet , August 26, 1966
2012-348/1 Aviation Week & Space Technology
March 26, 1990
April 9, 1990
Bechtel Briefs
2019-069/33 February 1989
2012-348/1 February 1992
2019-069/31 Black Star
2019-069/32 Booster , November 1965
2012-348/1 Bottom Line, Volume 2, Number 4
Boys' Life
2019-069/33 October 1976
2019-069/32 January 1999
2019-069/31 Braniff Place , March/April 1973
2019-069/32 Brill's Content , April 1999
2012-348/1 Broadcasting & Cable
July 17, 1995
March 4, 1996
March 18, 1996
April 15, 1996
August 12, 1996
September 2, 1996
February 10, 1997
March 31, 1997
May 19, 1997
August 18, 1997
November 3, 1997
Business Week
August 3, 1987
June 19, 1989
June 6, 1994
Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas, Health and Welfare and Pension Funds
2012-348/1 Annual Report, 1983
2019-069/33 Annual Report, 1983
2019-069/34 Annual Report, 1983
2012-348/1 Annual Report, 1986
Chem Sphere
2019-069/32 Volume 7, Number 1, 1974
Volume 7, Number 2, 1974
2019-069/33 Volume 7, Number 3, 1974
2019-069/32 Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Companies Annual Report, 1972
Chicago Tribune Magazine
2019-069/32 February 16, 1992
2019-069/34 October 31, 1993
The Chronicle of Higher Education , June 8, 1994
Chubb Circle , Autumn 1990
2012-348/1 Columbia Journalism Review , November/December 1987
2019-069/31 Commercial Credit Company Annual Report, 1973
2019-069/33 Communications Workers of America - The Mercury Building, circa 1968
2019-069/32 Computer Decisions , December 1984
2019-069/34 Contact , May/June 1996
2019-069/33 Country Journal , November 1982
2019-069/32 Corporate Travel , June 1994
2019-069/31 Cosmopolitan , July 1966
C-SPAN America Goes to the Polls Election Calendar, circa 1992
The Daily Northwestern
2012-348/1 October 19, 1993
January 27, 1994
2019-069/34 April 26, 1996
May 8, 1996
2012-348/1 The Dallas Morning News , August 31, 1994
2019-069/34 Days (Japan), April 1989
Dealer World
2012-348/1 August 1997
2019-069/33 March 2002
January/February 2003
2019-069/32 June/July 2003
2019-069/33 The Democrat , April-May 1968
Der Spiegel (Germany)
Number 22, May 27, 1996
Number 23, May 29, 2004
Number 35, August 23, 2004
Number 29, September 12, 2004
Special issue, Number 1, 2003
Special issue, Number 3, 2003
2012-348/1 Design Magazine , Summer 1995
2019-069/31 DuPont Annual Report, 1978
2019-069/33 DuPont Context, Volume 5, Number 3, 1976
2019-069/32 August 1971
2019-069/33 March 1972
2019-069/34 The Economist (cover), September 19, 1998
2019-069/32 Spring 1969
2019-069/34 Summer 1969
2019-069/33 Enterprise , May 1983
2012-348/1 Entertainment Weekly , February 16, 1990
Ernst & Ernst
2019-069/34 Winter 1969-1970
Summer 1973
2019-069/33 Summer 1974
2019-069/34 Esquire , February 1972
Esquire (Japan)
2019-069/34 March 1989
2012-348/1 August 1989
2019-069/31 Exxon Mobil Annual Report, 2003
Family Circle
2019-069/32 April 27, 1993
2019-069/34 November 1, 1994
June 27, 1995
2012-348/1 Fauquier Times-Democrat , August 3, 1994
FDA Papers
2019-069/33 April 1968
July-August 1969
2019-069/34 July-August 1969
Fidelity Focus , Spring 1994
2012-348/1 Financial World , October 27, 1992
2019-069/33 Firehouse , December 1984
First Monday , Summer 1989
2019-069/34 First for Women
October 3, 1994
February 10, 1997
Focus (Germany), April 2, 1994
Focus, Daily Northwestern
April 5, 1995
September 27, 1995
October 4, 1995
October 11, 1995
May 1, 1996
2019-069/32 February 12, 1972
2012-348/1 August 24, 1981
February 26, 1990
2019-069/32 Friends
October 1973
May 1978
2012-348/1 FYI , September 10, 1990
2019-069/32 Geo (Germany), October 1997
2019-069/33 Government Photography , September 1971
2019-069/34 GTE Together, Volume 9, Number 1, 1992
The Guardian , October 26, 1994
L'Hebdo (Switzerland), November 17, 1994
2012-348/1 March/April 1973
2019-069/32 March/April 1973
2019-069/34 July/August 1973
2019-069/33 Horticulture , August 1976
2019-069/31 IABC Communication World , March 1990
Industry Week
2012-348/1 June 5, 1989
2019-069/32 September 4, 1995
2012-348/1 Institutional Distribution
March 1989
July 1989
2019-069/34 Intune, Volume 8 Issue 4, 1993
Invention & Technology
2019-069/33 Fall 1993
2019-069/32 Fall 1995
2019-069/34 Spring 1996
2019-069/33 Winter 2002
2019-069/32 Investment Company Institute General Membership Meeting, 1971
2019-069/33 Investment Dealers' Digest , November 18, 2002
IUD Agenda
2012-348/1 March 1965
2019-069/33 March 1965
2019-069/32 April 1965
2019-069/33 April 1965
June 1965
2012-348/1 June 1965
2019-069/33 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, September 1971
March-April 2003
May-June 2003
July-August 2003
March-April 2004
2019-069/34 The Lamp , Fall 1974
2019-069/33 Leader , Spring 1978
2012-348/1 L'Espresso (Italy) (cover), March 3, 1991
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2012-348/1 March 11, 1991
2019-069/29 March 1991
December 1994
Spring 1999
October 1999
Long Lines
2019-069/31 March 1967
2019-069/33 March/April 1974
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2019-069/31 July 20, 1992
2012-348/1 February 8, 1993
Marathon Oil
2019-069/31 Annual Report, 1978
2019-069/32 Number 3, 1979
2019-069/31 Annual Report, 1973
2019-069/34 Annual Report, 1973
2019-069/31 Annual Report Highlights, 1973
2019-069/34 Mead Annual Report, 1983
2019-069/32 Medical Tribune , May 14, 1966
2019-069/34 Medical World News , July 15, 1993
Mid-Atlantic ASMP , May 1994
2019-069/31 Annual Report, 1995
Environmental, Health and Safety Performance Report, 1997
Global Inclusion and Diversity Report, 1997
2019-069/32 Global Inclusion and Diversity Report, 1997
2019-069/34 Global Inclusion and Diversity Report, 1997
2019-069/31 Mobil World , June 1997
Annual Report, 1998
2019-069/34 Money , April 1994
2019-069/32 Movin' Parts , October 1993
National Gallery of Art
2019-069/34 Fall 1999
2019-069/32 Connaissance des Arts, special issue, circa 2000
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National Journal
2012-348/1 November 6, 1993
2019-069/31 November 6, 1993
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Nation's Business
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November 1973
July 1974
January 1975
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Naval Institute Proceedings
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New Times
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January 8, 1979
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June 23, 1975
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April 13, 1981
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Petroleum Today
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2019-069/33 Number 2, 1974
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Pine Ridge News
2012-348/1 December 1988
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April 1989
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Pro! Magazine , November 22, 1970
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2012-348/1 Regulation , 1993
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Saturday Review , September 20, 1969
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May 1975
January 1976
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August 1999
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1977: The Year in Review
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First Run copy. Not for quality checking, May 13, 1985
Reagan in Germany: "Horror Cannot Outlast Hope", May 13, 1985
Reagan in Germany: "Trying to Heal the Wounds", May 13, 1985
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2019-069/33 Annual Report, 1997
2019-069/32 Spring 1998
Wall Street Journal , June 12, 2000
2019-069/29 Washington Calendar Magazine , January 1980
2019-069/33 Washington Dossier , March 1986
2012-348/1 Washington Flyer , July/August 2004
2019-069/31 Washington Gas Light Company Annual Report, 1972
2012-348/1 The Washington Post, Business, June 24, 2004
Washington Post Magazine
2019-069/32 March 17, 1991
2012-348/1 December 31, 1995
2019-069/34 Washington Times , November 21, 1997
2019-069/29 November 1967
March 1968
July 1968
August 1968
February 1969
May 1969
July 1969
September 1969
April 1970
May 1970
November 1971
2012-348/1 May 1989
July 1989
2019-069/29 November 2002
December 2002
March 2003
White House News Photographers
2019-069/34 Annual Awards, 1978
2019-069/31 Annual Awards, 1980
Annual Awards, 1992
2012-348/1 The Eyes of History, 2007
The Wichita Eagle , July 25, 1995
2019-069/34 Wine Spectator , April 15, 1994
Woman's Day
2019-069/31 November 2, 1993
2019-069/32 January 11, 1994
2019-069/33 World , Summer 1976
World Monitor , October 1990
Military pamphlets
2019-069/31 As an Officer of Marines, U.S. Marine Corps, 1974
Life in the Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2019-069/34 The Marine Officer Candidate Handbook, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2012-348/1 Occupational Opportunities in the U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2019-069/31 Occupational Opportunities in the U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2019-069/34 Officer of Marines, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2012-348/1 People Who Care, US Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2019-069/31 Precious Metal, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2012-348/1 A Woman Marine, US Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2019-069/34 A Woman Marine, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1970-1980
2012-348/1 Navy Officer, Judge Advocate General's Corps, circa 1980-1990
2019-069/31 Navy Officer, Judge Advocate General's Corps, circa 1980-1990
Today's Navy, U.S. Navy, circa 1980-1990
2019-069/33 You and the Navy. Full Speed Ahead., U.S. Navy (1997 calendar)
Other pamphlets
2012-348/1 Russell W. Peterson, Delaware, circa 1972
F.J. Corbett Company, circa 1985-1995
2019-069/31 Assorted, circa 1970-1990
Business Maestros, Mobil MBA Careers, circa 1990
F.J. Corbett Company, circa 1985-1995
National Realty & Construction Company, Inc., Summer 1971
2019-069/32 Realty World, 1983
2019-069/33 Annual Donor Luncheon, Mizrachi Women's Organization of America, 1970
A Bicentennial Preview, The Hartford (1975 calendar)
President's Commission on Executive Exchange, The White House, circa 1985
President's Commission on Executive Exchange, The White House, circa 1987
2019-069/34 Adhesives for Everyday Use, U.S. Department of Commerce, circa 1960-1970
Annual Awards Dinner, White House News Photographers' Association, May 20, 1995
Appeal to this Age: Photography of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968, circa 1994
Architects, Engineers, Planners, LBC&W, circa 1970-1980
Bill Green Congressman, circa 1970
Engagement Calendar, 1972-1973, U.S. Marine Corps
Industrial Consultants, Engineers, and Architects, LBC&W, circa 1970-1980
A Lifetime of Accomplishment, President Ford '76, circa 1976
President's Commission on Executive Exchange, The White House, circa 1985
Return to Tradition, Inland Steel, 1973
SEC and Financial Reporting Institute, School of Accounting University of Southern California, circa 1980-1990
Stephenson Printing (1990 calendar)
2019-069/30 Tear sheets No. 1, including Advantage, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, People, Scouting, Sikorsky News, Time , 1965-1999
Tear sheets No. 2, including Industry Week, Time, National Crosstalk, PC Week, Der Spiegel, Business Week, Medical Economics, The Guardian, White House Photo Op, Nation's Business, The News , 1975-2003
Tear sheets No. 3, including IP photography, Democratic Leadership Council, FDA Papers, Washington Post, The Report, Entering professional careers, Hecht's Washington, Washington Report , 1966-2002
Tear sheets No. 4, including Financial World, The Lamp, Illustreret Videnskab (Denmark), National Gallery of Art, Exxon, Kling Partnership, Naval Electronic Systems Command, Roumell, Days (Japan), 1974-2004
Tear sheets loose, including Inquirer, PhoTak, The Lamp, The Sophisticated Traveler, The Saturday Evening Post, Alabama Annual Report, The Deal, Metropolitan Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, Newsweek, New York Times Magazine, Epoca, Boys' Life, American Education, Quick, Family Weekly, Billed Bladet , 1964-2004
2019-069/31 Tear sheets, including Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Inc., Campaign flyers, Focus (Germany), New Times, Saturday Review, Student Lawyer, Nation's Business, Fortune, Parade, Book Digest, Time, Contact, U.S. Marines, C&P Telephone, Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Post, LBC&W, Quality Inn, Steel, U.S. Coast Guard, Pepco, Current Events , circa 1970-1993
2019-069/34 Tear sheets, including Business Week, USA Weekend , The Daily Northwestern, The Plain Truth, Fullbleed, Newsweek, Time , circa 1966-1997

Series VII. Personal material, 1991, undated

2012-348/1 Book cover
Photographers with Presidential railcar
Funeral bulletins
Photography and friends prints
National Gallery of Art postcards
The Last Cross-Check, October 26, 1991