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A Guide to the Dora Dieterich Bonham Papers, [ca. 1866]-1973

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Bonham, Dora Dieterich, 1902-1973.
Title: Dora Dieterich Bonham Papers
Dates: [ca. 1866]-1973
Abstract: Materials produced by Dora Dieterich Bonham document Dieterich family history and Bonham's career. Materials include correspondence, biographical resumes, literary productions, reports, programs, essays, speeches, minutes, legal papers, maps, brochures, ledgers, scrapbooks, and photographs.
Accession No.: 62-067; 63-032; 63-097; 63-141; 64-008; 64-100; 67-087; 67-119; 67-136; 67-147; 67-148; 69-039; 69-040; 69-060; 70-076; 71-101; 71-039; 71-129; 72-063; 73-104; 74-003; 89-268
OCLC No. 70916232
Extent: 16 ft., 6 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Dora Dieterich Bonham (1902-1973) was a San Angelo businesswoman, civic leader, writer, and historian. She was born to Roy and Annie (Fulkes) Dieterich in Watters, Texas, and attended the University of Texas at Austin. In 1937, Dora married Eugene Bonham (died March 1942), becoming associated with the Rauscher, Pierce Company (1937-1942).

Bonham worked with the Texas Trust Company and as a student assistant in the University of Texas Department of Business Education. She also served as secretary, statistician, and writer with the Texas State Department of Public Health, Division of Child Health and Public Health Nursing. Bonham worked in many civic, social, religious, and educational services, including San Angelo Council of United Church Women, United Council of Church Women of Texas, San Angelo Branch of the American Association of University Women, San Angelo Nursery Schools, Fort Concho Museum Board, San Angelo College, Austin Public Library Bonham Project, National Resources Conference at The University of Texas, and The University of Texas Archives.

As an active member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Bonham served as secretary, treasurer, and president of the Fort Concho Chapter, as well as district representative, fifth vice president, chairman of flags, and member of the Legislative and Education Committees. She promoted the study of Texas history in public schools and wrote several biographies on, among others, Emma Kyle Burleson, Francis Dieterich (subject of her 1958 book Merchant to the Republic), Sam Houston, Elizabeth Houston Fulkes family, and multiple churches.


Dora Dieterich Bonham Papers, [ca. 1866]-1973, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Kielman, Chester V. "Bonham, Dora Dieterich (1902-1973)."Handbook of Texas Online, accessed November 14, 1008.

Scope and Contents

Materials produced by Dora Dieterich Bonham document Dieterich family history and Bonham's career. Materials include correspondence, biographical resumes, literary productions, reports, programs, essays, speeches, minutes, legal papers, maps, brochures, ledgers, scrapbooks, and photographs.

Subjects include the career of Francis Dieterich of Austin, who was a soldier and merchant of the Republic of Texas; Bonham's book about Francis Dieterich, Merchant to the Republic (1958); Fulkes family history with particular reference to Elizabeth Houston Fulkes; the establishment and growth of Walnut Creek Baptist Church (Old Rock Church) in Travis County; the life and military service of Roy Dieterich during World War II.

A substantial portion illustrates the early life of Dora Dieterich Bonham in Watters Park and Fiskville; her business and college activities; her marriage to Eugene Bonham and association with the Rauscher, Pierce Company (1937-1942); her many civic, social, religious, and educational services; Bonham's participation in the preservation of Texas history, including service in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas with particular reference to the promotion of the study of Texas history in the San Angelo Public Schools - a model for other Texas school systems; and her personal historical research and writing, including a biographical study of Emma Kyle Burleson, Sam Houston and secession in Austin, Elizabeth Houston Fulkes and her family, Homer S. Thrall, Walnut Creek Baptist Church (Fiskville), and Walnut Creek Methodist Chapel.



I. Merchant to the Republic
II. The University of Texas Archives: A Guide to the Historical Collections in the University of Texas Library
III. Special projects
IV. Autobiographical material
V. Dieterich family
VI. Bonham family
VII. Research material
VIII. Business files
IX. Investment files
X. Rauscher, Pierce, and Company
XI. Business records
XII. Ledgers
XIII. Miscellaneous papers
XIV. Photographs [Photographs are sorted among other papers listed in Series I-XIII.]


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Subjects (Persons)
Bonham, Dora Dieterich, 1902-1973 -- Archives.
Bonham, Eugene.
Dieterich, Francis, 1815-1860.
Dieterich, Roy.
Fulkes, Elizabeth Houston.
Subjects (Organizations)
American Association of University Women.
University of Texas at Austin. Center for American History.
Fort Concho Museum. Board.
Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Rauscher, Pierce and Company.
Women--Societies and clubs--Texas.
Austin (Tex.)
Fiskville (Tex.)
San Angelo (Tex.)

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Dora Dieterich Bonham Papers, [ca. 1866]-1973, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

  • Chester V. Kielman, 1962
  • Kent Keeth, 1970
  • Gail Robinson, 1970
  • Robert Tissing, March 1972
  • Sara Rumbo, 1973
  • Jean de la Rosa, October 1977
  • Lynn Bell, 1984
  • Laurel Rozema, 2008

Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Merchant to the Republic

2N274 Merchant to the Republic
Francis Dieterich papers
Chapter one, "Fiskville"
Chapters two and three
Notes for chapter six
3G216 Illustrations for chapter seven
Notes and map
Miscellaneous notes
Francis Dieterich:
Store in Austin, descendants...
Family pictures
General file
Correspondence with descendants
Chapters four and seven, legal papers
3G217 Correspondence with publisher
Reports and letters concerning book, 1958-1970
Review, December 1965
Naylor Company catalogs
Donation to Gladewater Public Library
3G218 Elizabeth Houston Fulkes
Map and street guide to Austin
J. D. (Jack) Fulkes
Walnut Creek Baptist Church
Roy Dieterich, veteran of WWII
Roy Dieterich, Army papers
D-Day celebrations
Mary Elizabeth Ferguson
Roy F. Dieterich
Fiskville, Travis County
3K207.1 Roy Dieterich:
Small bibles
World War II era menus from Germany
Postcards from Germany
Life insurance policy
Military publications, World War II
Photograph of 2nd Medical Regiment, Fort Sam Houston
Memorial service registry, 1948
3G219 Fiskville pictures and interviews
Fiskville correspondence


II. The University of Texas Archives: A Guide to the Historical Collections in the University of Texas Library

2N275 Publicity:
Publicity by UT Press
First publicity, 1962-1963
Publicity by Texas State Genealogical Society
3G220 Publicity
Dorman Winfrey; Chester V. Kielman
Correspondence, 1965-1973
"The Archivist's Code"
Convention of the Society of American Archivists
Alcalde, October 1965, April 1968
Forms for gifts
UT clippings
Spring commencement, 1966
L. B. J. Library Publicity
Harry Ransom, 1967-1973
3G221 Correspondence


III. Special projects

3G221 U.T. Development Board:
William D. Blunk
James S. Triola
Board, 1966-1971
Investing in Knowledge
U. T. Ex-Student Association
Texana Collection
San Angelo, Tom Green County Library
San Angelo College scholarships
Texas Memorial Museum, 1966-1973
Texas State Historical Association:
H. Bailey Carroll
Joe B. Frantz
Texas State Library, Archives
Texas Tech University, Museum
South Texas Historical Association
Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park Association
4N44a Framed certificate


IV. Autobiographical material

2N274 Classification of papers by and biographical sketch of Dora Dieterich Bonham, 1965
3S189 Certificates and diploma, 1917-1924, 1966
3H17 Narrative I-VI
Austin High School, Class of 1921 Reunion, October 16, 1971
Correspondence, 1955-1969
3H18 Daughters of the Republic of Texas
W. B. Travis School, 1959-1963
Goliad Elementary School, 1960-1961
Flag Chairman, 1962-1963
San Angelo Public Schools, 1963
President, Fort Concho chapter, 1963-1965
1966, 1968-1969
Biographical summary, Dora Dieterich Bonham
Service record, 1951-1972
Service record and activities
3G228 Applications
State board and other material, 1957-1963
District 2 correspondence, 1960-1961
Fort Concho chapter, 1946-1959
Fort Concho membership lists, 1962-1973
Flag chairman, 1961-1964
Flag material
Fort Concho corresponding secretary, 1971-1973
Mrs. Frank Smith
3H18 American Association of University Women, 1963
3G230 American Association of University Women, 1939-1967
The Century Magazine, May 1902
3H18 Community activities, San Angelo, 1937-1958
Texas Wesleyan College
3G225 Correspondence courses:
U. T., Psy., 246a, 1926
Columbia University, 1929-1931
Drake Business University, 1933-1934
Article for Texas Outlook, October 1932
List of books
San Angelo, First Christian Church
Anniversary book
3H18 Fort Concho Museum:
Activities, 1961
3G226 Publicity, 1953-1962, 1968-1970
Radio talks:
Material, 1950-1961
Pamphlets and postcards
Publicity, "Little Chapel", 1955-1962
Publicity, "Heritage Days" 1953-1954
Financial records, 1954
Notes and correspondence
Fort Concho report, 1960
Fort Concho and San Angelo clippings, 1967-1968
TXC-59 Fort Concho and San Angelo clippings, 1953-1969
San Angelo street map
3G231 Three scrapbooks
TXC-62 Tourism publications and postcards:
HemisFair '68, including Fort Sam Houston Day 1968
3G233 Chicago World's Fair, 1933
TXC-61 Chicago World's Fair, 1933
Houston and New Orleans, 1956
California and the far west, undated
3G233 California, 1959
Trips and other material
TXC-61 Assorted, [ca. 1930s-1970s]
TXC-62 Tickets and publications about The Alamo (1960) movie and premiere in San Antonio, 1958-1961
3G224 Assorted:
Notes and pictures
Guide and catalogues
Pictures, [ca. 1907-1927]
Notes for inventory
Re: Walnut Creek Baptist Church
Personal, 1911-1933, 1944-1973, undated
3G230 Assorted


V. Dieterich family

3G222 Roy F., Annie, and Roy Dieterich
Roy F. Dieterich
James Dieterich
Elizabeth Houston Fulkes
Charles Fulkes family
Ebb or Lucretia Fulkes
Kate Fulkes Payton
Maggie Fulkes Payton
Mecca Fulkes Palmer
Crooks family
Mattie Fulkes Crooks
Dieterich family correspondence, 1949-1970
3S180 Pictures


VI. Bonham family

3G233 Malkijah Williams
Eugene, Lillie, and Claude Bonham
3G234 Claude Edward Bonham
Eugene Bonham, trip, 1907
Lillie Bonham
Eugene Bonham and other material
3G235 Cuero Trukey Trot
Eugene Bonham:
Notes on business
Dora Dieterich
Peggy Elson
Guy Bonham
Notes on Eugene Bonham's family
Bonham family arms
4N44a Framed photo of Eugene and Claude Bonham


VII. Research material

3H17 "Tumlinson's Blockhouse, Fort Kenney, and Dr. Thomas Kenney in Williamson County, Texas" by Dora Dieterich Bonham with supporting documents
3G233 Texas notebooks
TXC-62 Will Rogers and Wiley Post clippings, 1935
TXC-394 Museum publications:
"The Mustang", June 1965-February 1972
"Texas Letters"
Bibliographic aids
Clippings, 1956-1969
TXC-396 Clippings, June 1969-June 1971
Special topic clippings, 1969
3W115 Stereoscopic Views
[Photographic material]
Unidentified persons
[Photographic material]
TXC-395 Clippings, July 1971-February 1973
Columbia Exposition
Sam Houston Genealogy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Sidney Lanier
Menger Hotel
TXC-397 New Haven, Conn., The Austin Family
Texas missions
Texas State Historical Association, 1955-1962
Texas Tech
Senator John Tower
TXC-398 Assorted
Book catalogs:
The Brick Row
TXC-399 Genealogy
The Jenkins Company
TXC-374 The Jenkins Company
The Pemberton Press
Price Daniel, Jr., Bookseller
Ray S. Walton, Bookseller
Texian Press
Textbooks and bibles:
Textbooks, 1880-1919, undated
TXC-380 Textbooks, 1880-1919, undated
TXC-379 Textbooks, 1885-1924, undated
TXC-378 Textbooks and bibles
TXC-377 Textbooks and bibles
TXC-63 Texas Municpal Bond Service statements, published on all Texas counties and municipal subdivisions, 1940-1942
Bond register
TXC-64 Bond register
TXC-65 Bond register
TXC-66 Bond register
TXC-67 Bond register
TXC-68 Bond register
TXC-69 Bond register
TXC-70 Bond register
TXC-71 Bond register
TXC-72 Bond register
TXC-73 Bond register


VIII. Business files

3G274 Austin realtors
Central National Bank, San Angelo
Clippings on banks
Dora Dieterich Bonham, personal
Congress, O. C. Fisher, Rep. 21st District, Texas
Crooks, Morgan, loans
First Savings and Loan, San Angelo
Hospital, 1972
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
3G275 Fire and property
Fire insurance claim, July 31, 1969
3G274 Investments:
Correspondence, 1954-1964
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc., 1960-1972
3G275 American Express; Gulf accounts
Attorneys correspondence, 1967-1969
Dallas, April 1969
San Angelo National
Texas Bank and Trust
Book companies and orders
Duplex, 1402 Kenwood, San Angelo
Rent property, San Angelo
Magazine subscriptions and society memberships
Property on East Harris Street, San Angelo
University of Texas Development Board, 1970-1972
Boy's Ranches


IX. Investment files

3G276 American Telephone and Telegraph
AT&T, IT&T, Pamphlets
Dora Dieterich Bonham Trust
Central Power and Light
Consolidated Natural Gas
Delhi Oil
Delhi-Taylor Oil, 1954-1962
3G277 Delhi-Taylor Oil, 1963-1969
First National Bank:
Big Spring, Texas
Lamesa, Texas
Midland, Texas
Frigikar, Inc.
General Telephone and Electronics, 1958-1963
3G278 General Telephone and Electronics, 1964-1970
Holly Corporation
McCulloch Oil
Northeast Utilities
Pacific Power and Light:
Annual reports, 1958-1971
Quarterly reports, 1958-1964
3G279 Quarterly reports, 1965-1973
Correspondence and clippings, 1959-1971
Southern Union Gas:
Annual reports, 1954-1971
Quarterly reports, 1953-1973
3G280 Clippings and purchases, 1959-1966
Reports, 1954-1973
3G281 Clippings and notices, 1953-1972
Tenneco, Inc.:
Annual reports, 1966-1972
Reports and clippings, 1966-1973
Quarterly reports and purchases, 1966-1968
Dow Digest, 1968-1970
3G282 Texas City Chemicals, 1953-1959
Texas Reserve Life Insurance, Co.:
Litigation, 1957
3G283 1958-1964
Certificates and reports, 1959-1963
Union Electric Co., 1969-1973
United Gas Corp., 1959-1966
Clippings and articles
3G284 Annual reports, 1972
Virginia Electric and Power Co. reports, 1971-1973
Wisconsin Public Service Corp., 1970-1972
Assorted publications on investments


X. Rauscher, Pierce, and Company

3G285 Sales records, 1932-1942
Sales slips, 1938
3G286 Sales slips, 1939-1941
Assorted, 1923-1942


XI. Business records

3G287 Goliad Bank and Trust, 1915-1948
San Antonio Life Insurance Co., 1915-1931
Eugene Bonham bonds, 1929
Frost National Bank, 1929
William Aubrey law suit, 1932
Fenner, Beane, & Ungerleider, 1933
Bonham & Bonham, 1929-1937
Bonham & Bonham loans
National Bank of Commerce, 1934-1935, 1947
Eugene Bonham, 1935-1941
Groos National Bank, 1935, 1947
Loans, 1940, 1949
Bonds, sales, and purchases, 1941
Commodities, 1941
Filed correspondence for C-M, 1941-1942
3G288 Filed correspondence for O-W, 1941-1942
Correspondence, 1939-1943
Records, 1942
Notes and records
Card files
3G289 Card files
Bank directories
Letter book, 1938-1942
Farm account book, 1947-1948
Account book, 1943-1946


XII. Ledgers

3G290 Ledgers, 1937-1971
3G291 Ledgers, 1932-1941


XIII. Miscellaneous papers

3S180 Plan of the city of Austin, [original from 1853]
3G219 Natural Resources Conference, Austin, Texas, May 16-27, 1955
Fiskville, Texas
Texas Centennial Exposition, 1936
2N275 Sam Houston and the Secessionist Movement, Austin, 1859-1861
Homer S. Thrall
Emma Kyle Burleson
George W. Grover letter
Notes on photos of East Sixth Street and Brazos in Austin, Texas
Photos of Sixth Street in Austin
Collection of small photos of Austin
Documents about eight U.S. coins presented to the University of Texas Archives by Dora D. Bonham


XIV. Photographs

[Photographs are sorted among other papers listed in Series I-XIII.]
2N275 East 5th St. and San Jacinto St., Tom B. Walling Store, Austin
"Northeast corner of Brazos and 6th Streets"
Michael Ziller's home...Northeast corner East Sixth and Brazos Streets, Austin
Peck's Hall, present site of Driskill Hotel, Austin
"East Sixth Street and Brazos, Missouri House"
East Sixth Street, south side
Gracy Title Building
(2 photos)
South side of W. 7th, alley, back of nos. 708, 710, 712 Congress Ave.
East Sixth Street alleys
(2 photos)
Brazos Street and 5th Street alleys
(3 photos)
East Sixth, Grove Drug Store
(2 photos)
East Sixth Street looking toward Congress Ave.
St. David Episcopal Church, Austin
UT Archives, interior, unidentified person
Brazos Street looking north from the 200 block
Brazos Street looking north from 5th Street
Building at 607 Trinity Street
Sixth Street and Trinity Street
3H17 Austin Senior High School, 1921
(4 photos)
Dora Dieterich at UT
(4 photos)
Offices of Austin Gas Light Co., 1923
(4 photos)
George C. Bengener Hardware Store, Austin, interior
Dora Dieterich and Mrs. L. Ledbetter
Office workers
Mrs. Olga Buresh
"Olga and her car"
Katherine Hagquist
Two view of Texas State Capitol
Elba Wheat
Office of State Department of Health, [ca. 1935]
Dora Dieterich and others
Dr. H. N. Barnett, Director of Bureau of Child Health, [ca. 1935]
3H18 Fort Concho Museum, group with Dora Dieterich Bonham
(2 photos)
"Old Fort Concho Days" celebration, 1961
(9 photos)
Dora Dieterich Bonham and Daughters of the Republic of Texas members, 1960
Dora Dieterich Bonham and teachers from Goliad Elementary School, San Angelo
Dora Dieterich Bonham and C. L. Cotton
Goliad Elementary School
(3 photos)
Dora Dieterich Bonham, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, 1962
Dr. O. E. Olander, Texas Wesleyan College
Mrs. O. E. Olander
Administration Building of Texas Wesleyan College
Dining Hall of Texas Wesleyan College
Roy's dormitory, Texas Wesleyan College
Agnes Ericson and two friends
Teachers at Texas Wesleyan College, 1922-1923
David, Clarence, Johnny Johnson
Anna and Agnes Ericson
Anna and Agnes Ericson and friend
Girl's ball team, 1923-1924
Five girls, students at Texas Wesleyan College
Two girls, students at Texas Wesleyan College, washing
Dora Dieterich at UT
(2 photos)
Fifteen small pictures of individuals and groups at Texas Wesleyan College
Gower School near Georgetown, Texas
Anna Ericson
3G218 Walnut Creek Baptist Church
(5 photos)
Bandstand, East Ave., Austin, 1930
Jacobsen home, 1613 Sabine St., Austin
1701 Sabine St., Austin, built 1910
Horton home, Fiskville, [ca. 1910]
Home of Mathis Wuethrich, Pflugerville
"Family of Mary Jensen Pils"
"T. A. Christensen Family"
"T. A. Christensen home in Kimbro, Texas", 1943-1944
"T. A. Christensen home in Kimbro, Texas", 1922, 1926
"Scene on Little Walnut Creek"
"Mr. Ralph Jensen and daughter, Almarie"
"Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen and family", 1939
Almarie and Harold Jensen
Jens Jensen family
T. A. Christensen, Cotton Gin in Kimbro, Texas, September 5, 1922
(2 photos)
F. A. Jacobsen, Sr.
Harold Jensen
Dorothy Hornberger
"First home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson...Dessau Rd...Travis Co."
(2 photos)
"Home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jakson, 906 East 38 1/2 St., Austin, Texas"
Paul and Hugo Hornberger, [ca. 1900]
Dorothy Jackson
Mrs. William Hornberger and family
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson
Ocie Jackson
Fred S. Jackson, with his horse and buggy
3G219 Fred S. Jackson, with his horse and buggy
3G218 Peter F. Jacobsen
"Outing on Onion Creek" Dora Dieterich and others
"Montoplis Bridge" (sic)
Home of T. A. Christensen
Mrs. F. A. Jacobsen, Sr.
"Searching for bodies...Austin, Texas, after flood...", 1915
F. A. Jacobsen Carriage and Blacksmith Shop, Austin
F. A. Jacobsen Carriage and Blacksmith Shop, interior
Horton family home, near Fiskville, Texas, 1910
"Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Jacobsen in front of their home"
3G219 "Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Jacobsen in front of their home"
3G218 Mrs. William Hornberger, Sr., and daughter Dorothy
Annie Hornberger
F. A. Jacobsen, Sr., and family and home, [ca. 1895]
3G219 F. A. Jacobsen, Sr., and family and home, [ca. 1895]
(2 photos)
3G218 Almarie Jensen and cow
Fiskville School, group, 1913-1914
Mrs. Jennie Baker and Miss Mamie Baker, teachers, 1913-1914
Front cover of Souvenir of 1910
3G219 Front cover of Souvenir of 1910
3G218 Fiskville School, group of boys, 1916-1917
Fiskville School, group of girls, 1916-1917
3G219 Statesman office, Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson of Austin
Home of Mrs. August Giesen
Six pictures of old Austin
Scene on Cameron Rd. at bridge over Buttermilk Branch Creek
(2 photos)
Close-up of bridge over Buttermilk Branch
(2 photos)
Scene on Buttermilk Branch just below bridge
(2 photos)
Scene on Little Walnut Creek
(2 photos)
2N274 Texas State Capitol:
"Old Capitol, built 1836, Columbia, Texas"
"The Capitol at Houston, Texas"
"Capitol Building Republic of Texas, 1839-1856"
Capitol (the one destroyed in 1881)
"Texas State Capitol, 1896--Unveiling of Fireman's Monument"
3G216 Roy F. Dieterich and Annie Fulkes, November 23, 1898
Francis Dieterich
James Dieterich's home, Dessau, Travis County, Texas
Sarah Elizabeth Browning
Albert Dieterich
(2 photos)
Dieterich-Hancock Home, 3401 Red River, Austin
Congress Ave. and 6th St., Austin [ca. 1866-1870]
"Pecan (6th St.) and Congress Ave. from Driskill Hotel Site-1866"
"Congress Ave. Looking North..."
"Sixth Street Look West..."
"Sixth Street Look East..."
"Sixth Street North Side..."
"Congress at West Sixth Street..."
Demolition of building at Congress and W. 6th
First National Bank, Austin
Scarbrough office building, Austin
Congress Ave. looking south from Scarbrough Building
Scarbrough Building after 1910
Congress Ave. at E. 6th (Driskill Hotel)
Littlefield Building about 1910, Austin
Congress at W. 7th, Walter Tips Hardware
The paving of Congress Ave., [ca. 1905]
Old Courthouse, Austin
Mattie Earnest Dieterich
Thomas Dieterich
Anna and Luther Hamon
Thomas Dieterich, Mrs. Josiah Whipple, Melchora Dieterich McCrea, John McCrea
Mrs. Penina Browning
Mary Browning Glasscock
Anna Dieterich Hamon
Dieterich-Hamon group pictures
(9 photos)
Addie Dieterich
Mabel Dieterich Maul
Almarie and Beuford Maul
Thelma Dillingham Mandaville
Albert and Addie Dieterich
George Dieterich
Anna Hamon and Frank Dieterich
Sarah Elizabeth Browning
(2 photos)
Dieterich-Hancock home in Austin
(8 photos)
3G217 Publicity photographs for Merchant to the Republic
(7 photos)
3G220 Dr. Chester V. Kielman
(3 photos)
3S27 Dora Dieterich Bonham
(13 photos and life history)
Dora Dieterich Bonham receiving the UT Chancellor's Council membership scroll, with Harry Ransom and Chester Kielman, March, 1968
Eugene Bonham
Bonham home in San Angelo
(9 photos)
Fort Concho Museum, San Angelo
(3 photos)
Belaire Elementary School, San Angelo
Clifford and Doris Palmer family and Dora Dieterich Bonham
(10 photos)
"Old Blind Institute, Austin"
Chester Kielman and Mrs. Jesse Fox
Roy Dieterich
Dora Dieterich Bonham, 1921
(3 photos)
Dora Dieterich Bonham, 1927
(3 photos)
Dieterich family, Fulkes family, and Dieterich-Fulkes family groups
(40 photos)
Virginia Abramson
Janie Sumner
[Plan of] San Antonio, The Alamo [and Texas postcards]
Small photo album
3G226 Views of San Angelo, postcards
(26 photos)
3G229 Texas State Libray
Governor Price Daniel and Daughters of the Republic of Texas members
3G231 Travel photograph albums
3G233 Eugene Bonham
(2 photos)
Eugene and Lillie Bonham
(4 photos)
Lillie and Claude Bonham
(4 photos)
Eugene, Lillie, and Claude Bonham
Claude Bonham
3G234 Eugene Bonham, 1907
(8 photos)
Eugene and Lillie Bonham
(49 photos)
Photo album
3G235 "Turkey Trot, Cuero, Texas", 1912
Eugene Bonham's Stores
(4 photos)
Eugene Bonham
(27 photos)
Eugene Bonham and Dora Dieterich
(9 photos)
Nora Knopp Elson (Mrs. Murray Elson)
Murray Mel Elson
Nora and Murray Elson
Peggy Elson
(5 photos)
Linda Mlinar
3W115 Stereoscopic photographs:
"The White House", Washington, D.C., 1908
"A Glorious May-day", 1904
Washington's Tomb at Mt. Vernon, 1904
"He don't like his pants", 1904
"Repairing while you wait", 1905
Mount Vernon, Virginia, 1908
View of Reading, Pa.
Gettysburg, Pa.
Two unidentified interiors
Venus and Washington Monuments, Boston, Mass.
Two views of Chicago World's Fair grounds
Niagara Falls, 1902
"Railway Suspension Bridge, New York"
"Elevated R. R., Bowery, N. Y."
"He rules the Roost", 1897
"Santa Claus' 'Good Bye'", 1897
"The Sleepy Lover", 1902
"White Mountain Views -- Franconia Range"
Unidentified persons:
Ambrotypes of man and woman in case
Mounted magazine clipping of George Washington and family
Mounted photographs of unidentified persons
4N44a Eugene and Claude Bonham
Not in 3S180 Mexican War veterans
Sixth Street and plats of old Austin
(7 photos)
3S180 Annie Fulkes Dieterich enlarged photograph
Mary Elizabeth Ferguson Dieterich enlarged photograph and tintype
Congress Ave., Austin, 1866-1870
Plan of city of Austin, [original from 1853]
Roy Dieterich Photo Album, containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and postcards, [1920s-1940s]
3S27 Loose photographs of Roy Dieterich removed from front of photo album, [1920s-1940s]