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A Guide to the Visions of Texans Photographs, 1971-1988

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Visions of Texans exhibition
Title Visions of Texans Photographs, 1971-1988
Identification: AR 97-296
Extent 2 ft.: 2 introductory text panels; 8 color prints (3 11 in. x 14 in., 5 16 in. x 20 in.); 117 black & white prints (16 in. x 20 in. and smaller
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Content

This collection is a set of matted exhibit prints from a 1988 exhibition presented by the Texas Photographic Society. It consists of five photographs by each of 25 Texas documentary photographers. Of the 125 photographs, 120 are of people and five are landscapes. The main focus is on everyday life and the individual and collective ways in which diverse ethnic groups of Texans reflect both continuity and changes occurring in their lives in the latter part of the 20th century.

Collection is arranged alphabetically by photographer and format. See published catalog entry for names of individual photographers. Catalog text is in English and Spanish.

The exhibit from which these photographs came was co-curated by Roy Flukinger of the University of Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center and Rick Williams of the University of Texas Journalism Department.


Unrestricted access. Individual photographers retain reproduction copyright on all images. Contact repository for further information.


Austin (Tex.)--Photographs.
Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (Tex.)--Photographs.
Big Bend National Park (Tex.)--Photographs.
Dallas (Tex.)--Photographs.
San Antonio (Tex.)--Photographs.
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (El Paso, Tex.)--Photographs.
High school athletes--Texas--Photographs.
High school student activities--Texas--Photographs.
Reformatories for women--Texas--Photographs.
Rites and ceremonies--Texas--Photographs.
Tigua Indians--Texas--Photographs.

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Visions of Texans Photographs, 1971-1988, The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection



3So50 Introductory text panels
Color Prints
Dannemiller, Keith:
27. “Body Builders, Austin, 1985”
29. “Seven, Austin, 1985”
Brown, Peter:
11. “Pecan Salesman, near Burkburnett, Texas, 1986”
12. “Ritter’s Imports, near Marshall, Texas, 1986”
13. “Couple on the Rio Grande, Big Bend, Texas, 1985”
14. “Grain Elevators and Boy with Gun, Graham, Texas, 1985”
15. “Woman At Her Home, Sugarland, Texas, 1982”
Edwards, Mary Lee:
40. “Sherry: A Homeless Woman, 1988”
3So51 Black and white prints, 16 in. x 20 in. and smaller (matted to 20 in. x 24 in.):
Fred Baldwin/Wendy Watriss:
1. “East Texas Farmers, 1971”
2. “Railroad Street, East Texas Bar, Saturday Night, 1984”
3. “Wedding, East Texas, 1984”
4. “Family Reunion, East Texas, 1976”
5. “Working Out, High School Football Practice, East Texas, 1984”
Doherty, Richard (from the Oak Cliff Series):
31. “Tenth Street, 1985”
32. “Jefferson Boulevard, 1986”
33. “Jefferson Boulevard, 1986”
34. “Jefferson Boulevard 1986”
35. “Backyard, Edgefield Avenue, 1984”
Edwards, Mary Lee:
36. “Five Women in Black, 1988”
37. “Teenage Boys, 1986”
38. “Senior Prom, 1987”
39. “The Hunt, 1986”
3So52 Black and white prints, 16 in. x 20 in.:
Feresten, Peter:
41. “High Steppers and Rebelettes, Haltom City, 1977”
42. “Reo Lusty and Tom Wiggs, Saginaw, 1976”
43. “Texas Girls Choir, Memorial Day, Fort Worth, 1976”
44. “Pastor’s 25th Wedding Anniversary, Fort Worth, 1976”
45. “Police Department Open House, Fort Worth, 1977”
Newton, Julie:
61. “I’ve been taking care of kids for 25 years and I just love it. I’m 73 and I hope I don’t ever have to stop.” Annie Hoover, Kinney Avenue, Austin, Texas, 1977
62. “I’m fightin’ on the battleground of the Lord.” The Rev. Jesse Sampson, Barton Springs Baptist Church, Austin, Texas, 1988
63. “I exist here....It’s a really big house for one person.” David Gibson, Kinney Avenue, Austin, Texas, 1977
64. “The houses line Kinney Avenue like giant faces with windows for eyes and doorways for noses and sidewalks for long, long, tongues, stretching out as if to say, ‘Come on in.’” Kinney Avenue, Austin, Texas, 1977
65. “They always called this over in here Barton Spring...I love it because it’s all I know.” Savannah Spence, Nash Street, Austin, Texas, 1977
Rapier, April:
76. “Untitled”
77. “Untitled”
78. “Untitled”
79. “Untitled”
80. “Untitled”
Smith, Luther:
91. “Young Couple, High School Rodeo, Denton, Texas, 1986”
92. “Parking Lot, Arlington Heights High School, Fort Worth, Texas, 1984”
93. “Smoker, High School Rodeo Finals, Fort Worth, Texas, 1984”
94. “Young Couple, High School Rodeo, near Fort Worth, Texas, 1985”
95. “Chute Dogging, High School Rodeo, Azle, Texas, 1985”
3So53 Vuchetich, Carol:
106. “No. 6. Rosanna”
107. “No. 19. Perry, James and Karen”
108. “Lester”
109. “Ezekiel”
110. “Marian Kelsey”
Williams, Rick:
116. “Gatework, near Matador, 1984”
117. Melvin Gayle at the Longhorn Cafe, Albany, Texas, 1982”
118. “Roughneck in the Doghouse, Jones Rig #51, near Albany, Texas, 1983”
119. “Gary Hebel, Green Ranch Cowboy, near Albany, Texas, 1983”
120. “Ballet Class, Albany, Texas, 1984”
Wright, Bill:
121. “Louis and Mary Lou Silva with an image of Saint Anthony after preparation for the procession to the mission, Ysleta Pueblo, 1986”
122. “Joe Sierra and grandson preparing for the Celebration of Saint Anthony, Ysleta Mission, 1986”
123. “Leo Garcia before the grave of his grandfather, Sostenes Gonzales, an Indian Scout for the U.S. Cavalry, Ysleta, Texas, 1987”
124. “Lawrence Luhan at home, Ysleta Pueblo, 1988”
125. “Tigua Children at Hueco Tanks, a sacred Tigua place, now a Texas State Park, 1987”
3So54 Black and white prints, 11 in. x 14 in.:
Bonar, Ave:
6. “Church of Our Lady of the Valley, San Juan, Texas, 1984”
7. “Adalberto Z. Perez and Hermilia Zavala, Alamo, Texas, 1984”
8. “U.S. District Judge Reynaldo Garza, Brownsville, Texas, 1984”
9. “Stacking Cantaloupe Boxes, Rio Grande City, Texas, 1984”
10. “Los Ebanos International Ferry, Los Ebanos, Texas, 1984”
Brubaker, Diane:
16. “Kate and Molly, West Beach, Galveston, Texas, 1985”
17. “Kate, Houston, Texas, 1988”
18. “Kate and Molly, Bellaire, Texas, 1984”
19. “Molly and Kate, Houston, Texas, 1988”
20. “Molly and Kate, Houston, Texas, 1987”
Campbell, Michelle:
21. “Barton Springs, 1978”
22. “Barton Springs, 1980”
23. “Barton Springs, 1982”
24. “Barton Springs, 1982”
25. “Barton Springs, 1978”
Dannemiller, Keith:
26. “Welder, Houston, 1985”
28. “Birthday Party, Austin, 1986”
30. “Dog Show, Austin, 1984”
3So97 Garza, Mary Jessie (The People of San Antonio Series):
46. “Westside S.A.”
47. “St. Mary’s Street, S.A.”
48. “Guadalupe Street”
49. “Guadalupe Street”
50. “East Terrace ‘Chillin’”
Houtchens-Kitchens, Meri:
51. “Barbara, 1983”
52. “Marg, 1983”
53. “Lupita, 1983”
54. “Self-Portrait, 1983”
55. “Self-Portrait, 1983”
Murphy, Mike:
56. “Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon, Bandera, Texas, 1981”
57. “Women at Taylor, Texas, Barbecue, 1982”
58. “Rattlesnake Sacking Contest, Austin, Texas, 1977”
59. “Saturday Night at Gruene Hall, Gruene, Texas, 1981”
60. “Juneteenth Celebration, Anderson, Texas, 1976”
O’Brien, Suzanne:
66. “Miracle Cure, 1984”
67. “Born Again, 1986”
68. “Receiving the Word, 1985”
69. “Touched by God, 1984”
70. “Slain by the Spirit, 1984”
3So98 Orton, Richard:
71. “Factsmaster, 1987”
72. “Library Time, 1987”
73. “Reckless Abandon, 1986”
74. “Eggroll!, 1987”
75. “The Legacy, 1987”
Roesler, Janet:
81. “Stompin’, Huggin’ and Slingin’, 1986. A professional risks his life for the cash prize.”
82. “Waiting, 1986. Father and two children wait to line up for Stamford’s Reunion Parade”
83. “Dancin’ Like We Used To, 1981. Square Dancing at the Texas Cowboy Reunion, Stamford, Texas”
84. “First Bull, 1986. Local kids practice bull riding when their parents aren’t looking”
85. “And the *@#%~`! Calf Wins, 1986. Two old timers chase an energetic calf”
Sims, Cindy:
86. “Mission Country Club, Odessa, Texas, 1986”
87. “Drilling Superintendent Gordon Wills and Wife, Diane, University #48, near Andrews, Texas, 1986”
88. “New Housing Development, Odessa, Texas, 1985”
89. “Playground, Noel Elementary, Odessa, Texas, 1988”
90. “Roughneck in Mud Pit, 1986”
3So99 Stone, Susan Jane:
96. “Warden Linda Woodman in front of the Gatesville Women’s Prison”
97. “Mother’s Day, mother and her inmate daughter"
98. “The inmate Virginia and her newborn son Justin”
99. “Linda, an inmate beaten and burned by other inmates for supposedly snitching”
100. “Dorm 2 inmates”
Thornhill, Ashton:
101. “Cottonfield, 1988”
102. “Lubbock Fence, 1984”
103. “Train Tracks, Ropesville, Texas, 1988”
104. “Grape Planting, Chester with Tractor, 1987”
105. “Beach People, Freeport, Texas, 1985”
Wharton, David:
111. “Evelyn Wolf with Martha Wolf, Her Dying Mother-in-law, McDade, Texas, 1985”
112. “Four Generations, Lewis Family Reunion, McDade, Texas, 1985”
113. “Tom Dungan, McDade, Texas, 1985”
114. “Adeline Eschberger, McDade, Texas, 1985”
115. “Mary Farris, McDade, Texas, 1986”