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A Guide to the Charles Wright Mills Papers, 1929-1975, 1997, 2000

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mills, C. Wright (Charles Wright), 1916-1962.
Title: Charles Wright Mills Papers
Dates: 1929-1975, 1997, 2000
Abstract: Typescripts and drafts, notes, notebooks and journals, research reports by Mills and others, survey instruments and tables of survey results, correspondence, reviews and clippings from newspapers and journals document the academic, professional and personal interests of C. Wright Mills, from his days as a University of Texas undergraduate during the 1930s until his death in 1962.
Accession No.: 70-096; 98-078; 99-241; 2000-224; 2001-034; 2001-105; 2009-071
OCLC No.: 23284756
Extent: 36 ft., 8 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

American sociologist Charles Wright Mills (1916-1962) was born in Waco, Texas. In 1934 he enrolled as an undergraduate at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, but one year later transferred to the University of Texas. In Austin he met and married Dorothy Helen Smith. His first published work, "Language, Logic and Culture" appeared in the American Sociological Review in 1939. He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin (1942), and worked as a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland from 1941 to 1945, then at the Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University from 1945 to 1948. Mills was appointed to the full time faculty at Columbia in 1946 and served there until his death in 1962. He and Dorothy separated in 1945. From 1947 to 1959 Mills was married to Ruth Harper, and subsequently to Yaroslava Surmach until his death. His major works include White Collar: The American Middle Class (1951), The Power Elite (1956), The Causes of World War III (1958), and The Sociological Imagination (1959), as well as numerous articles, addresses and reviews. A self-described Texas maverick, Mills’ relations with other sociologists were sometimes contentious. He traveled extensively to Europe, Russia and Latin America, and maintained a wide-ranging correspondence. First diagnosed with angina in 1957, Mills died of a heart attack at his home in West Nyack, New York in March 1962.

Scope and Contents

Typescripts and drafts, notes, notebooks and journals, research reports by Mills and others, survey instruments and tables of survey results, correspondence, reviews and clippings from newspapers and journals document the academic, professional and personal interests of C. Wright Mills, from his days as a University of Texas undergraduate during the 1930s until his death in 1962. The collection includes typescripts and mimeographed drafts of his books in various stages of completion, as well as drafts of articles, speeches and reviews. Other literary productions represented include statistical reports, seminar papers, magazine and journal articles, and classroom materials for courses taught by Mills and others. The bulk of the collection consists of newspaper and magazine clippings organized by subject or by project, many with underlining and written comments by Mills. These research and project files also contain scattered correspondence, notes and literary productions by Mills. The collection includes a few financial records, bibliographies and resumes of Mills’ career.


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The collection is open for research use.

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Subjects (Persons)
Mills, C. Wright (Charles Wright), 1916-1962 -- Archives.
Elite (Social sciences)
Marxism and culture.
Social research.
Sociologists--United States.
Teachers--United States.

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Charles Wright Mills Papers, 1929-1975, 1997, 2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

The C. Wright Mills papers were accessioned by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History in 1970. The papers had been removed from wooden cases that Mills built for himself, and their original arrangement could not be entirely preserved. The papers have been left in the order in which they were received, as we believe this replicates, to some extent, their arrangement in Mills’ office and home. Folder titles in this finding aid replicate, to the extent possible, the titles written on the original folders by Mills. Titles in [brackets] were supplied by the archivist, to identify mislabeled or unlabeled folders. Other materials by and pertaining to Mills are in the collection of the Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas, Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



4B336 Lectures:
Social psychology, Copenhagen, 1944-1956
Research files:
Religion, 1924-[circa 1950]
Movements and leadership, 1940-[circa 1950]
Fear and safety, [circa 1950]
Magazine readership, 1943
Sociology of motivation, 1943
Composition and unity of social structures, 1945
Theory of kitsch, 1945
Books and publishing, 1945-1947
Biography and types of childhood, [circa 1945]
Language, sociology, China, [circa 1950]
4B337 Character and social structure, [circa 1960]
National Socialist education, 1929-[circa 1951]
Bibliographies, 1937-[circa 1950]
"A Note on the Classification of the Social-Psychological Sciences", 1940
Urban life, 1923-1948
Sphere of symbols, 1943-1950
Indices of modernization, [circa 1950]
Art and science, 1937-1944
Social psychology, 1939-1944
Journalism and the press, 1942-1947
"The American Way", 1955
Course material:
Philosophy seminar, 1937
Sociology I and II, 1943
Correspondence, 1955
4B338 Course material:
"The Analysis of Community Resources", October 1947
Grades and exams, 1946-1953
Financial records:
Correspondence, 1950-1953
Literary productions:
Character and Social Structure, galley sheets, [1953]
Research files:
Movies, 1940-1945
Organism of the psychic structures, chapter 2, [circa 1950]
The person, [circa 1945]
Social stratification and occupations, [circa 1950]
Character and social structure, 1947-[circa 1953]
Speeches, [circa 1950]
4B339 Correspondence, 1939-1948
Research files:
Miscellaneous notes, [circa 1950]
Art and architecture, 1948-1958
Office workers, [circa 1947]
4B340 Office workers, [circa 1947]
Labor leaders, 1946-1947
Columnists, 1954-1955
4B341 Sociology and science, 1943-1955
The New Men of Power, [circa 1945]-1948
Intellectuals, 1943-1955
Nomad, Max. Apostles of revolution, 1945
North, Joseph. Cuba: Hope of a hemisphere, 1961
Ogburn, William F. and Meyer Nimkoff. Sociology, 1940
TXC 225 National Opinion Research Center. Interviewing for NORC, 1945
Norman, E. Herbert. Japan’s Emergence as a Modern State, 1940
North, Cecil Claire. Social Differentiation, 1926
North, Robert C. Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Elites, 1952
Northrup, F. S. C. The Meeting of East and West, 1960
Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, Vol. 28 and Index, 1911
Popular Science. Everybody’s Home Workshop Encyclopedia, 1948
4B342 Niebuhr, Reinhold. The irony of American history, 1952
Nomad, Max. Rebels and renegades, 1932
Nordenskiold, Eric. The history of biology, 1935
Northrup, Herbert. Organized labor and the negro, 1944
Novak, Joseph. The future is ours, comrade, 1960
O’Conner, Jack, et. al. Sportsman’s encyclopedia, 1947
Research files:
Public opinion polls, 1937-[circa 1950]
Communism and labor, 1946-[circa 1950]
4B343 Henry A. Wallace, 1948
Labor bibliographies, 1946-1950
Labor and the 1948 election, 1948
"The Organizability of Labor", [circa 1947]
Encyclopedia Americana labor article, [circa 1952]
Third parties, circa 1948
University seminar on labor, 1951
United Auto Workers, circa 1948
Labor leader study code books, circa 1948
Literary productions:
The Puerto Rican Journey, [Spanish Harlem], 1949-1950
4B344 Research files:
Labor leaders seminar, 1951
Diary, United Auto Workers, [circa 1950]
Notes for chapter 14, [circa 1947]
White collar unionism, [circa 1947]
Idea for an essay for Politics, ["The Reluctant Elite"], [circa 1948]
Industrial sociology, seminar, [1948]
Business elite in the United States, [circa 1955]
Nativity tables, 1947-[circa 1950?]
Occupation tables, [undated]
Social origins, chapter 5, 1937-1947, [undated]
Literary productions:
"Language, Logic and Culture", 1939
"UAW [United Auto Workers], The Vanguard Union", 1947
"Methodological Consequences of the Sociology of Knowledge", 1939, [circa 1940]
4B345 Research files:
Language, actions and situations, 1941, [undated]
The personality market, [circa 1946]
The great salesroom, 1947-1948
Middle classes, [circa 1946]
Old work sheets [tables], 1935-1945, [undated]
Meaning and dimensions of success, [circa 1948]
Women, 1944-1948, [undated]
Big business and the middle class, [circa 1948]
The status panic, [circa 1948]
"Passions Spin the Plot", [undated]
Work alienation, [circa 1948]
Enormous file, miscellaneous [assorted notes and typescript], 1938-1948
Occupation [by] region, 1940-1947, [undated]
"Concepts and classification in two studies", 1939-1940
Literary productions:
"The Middle Classes in Middle Class Cities", May 1946
4B346 Research files:
Professions, [circa 1949]
Trade unions and political parties, 1948-1949
Unemployment, Unemployment]
Worksheets [trade unions], [circa 1948]
Unions, 1946-1949, [undated]
"Old Professions, New Skills", [circa 1949]
Intellectuals and academics, [circa 1949]
The AFL [American Federation of Labor] oligarchy, [circa 1949]
White collar unions, [circa 1947]
United Auto Workers, [circa 1946]
United Financial Employees, [undated]
Course material:
Ohio State University, sociology of knowledge, October 1945-March 1946
4B347 Research files:
Rubber, 1948
Questionnaires [unions], [circa 1947]
Intelligentsia, 1942
[News and magazine clippings], 1942-[circa 1960]
Office Life and Personal Problems of White Collar Girls, by Mary Jane Gold, thesis for The New School, 1949
Indexes and data tables:
Importance of work, [circa 1950]
Miscellaneous tables and notes, [circa 1950]
Analysis, [circa 1950]
Market orientation, [circa 1950]
Routine, [circa 1950]
Reduction tables, [circa 1950]
Boredom, Macy’s work structure, [circa 1950]
Aspirations and success, [circa 1950]
Samples, [circa 1950]
Machine room, [circa 1950]
Ideas for analysis [office workers], [circa 1950]
White collar to 1950, 1950-1952
Course materials:
Labor seminar lecture notes, [circa 1948]
Course outlines, [circa 1947]
4B348 Research files:
Miscellaneous quotes, [circa 1950]
Indexes and data tables:
Work relations, [circa 1950]
Political apathy , [circa 1950]
Aspirations and success, [circa 1950]
Social estrangement, b-friends, [circa 1950]
Social estrangement, [circa 1950]
Competitiveness, [circa 1950]
Social relations with co-workers, [circa 1950]
Alienation, [circa 1950]
Methodology, 1946-[circa 1950]
Democracy and social structure, 1950
United States politics, excess, [circa 1950]
A Proposed Study of White Collar Workers and the Union by Zena Smith, [typescript], 1948
White collar unions:
Machine data tables, [circa 1950]
Politics, [circa 1950]
News clippings, reports, notes, [circa 1950]
Union reports, 1943-1948
Attitudes in action, strikes, 1947-[circa 1950]
4B349 Power, freedom and security, 1945-1949
Chapter 17, politics, 1947-1950
The Master Teacher, pamphlet and news clippings, 1957
[News and magazine clippings], 1948-1961
4B350 [Notes and clippings], 1958-1960
Labor, 1938-1955
Art and artists, 1955-1958
Statistics and scientific method, 1930-[circa 1940]
[News clippings, course syllabus], 1952-1958
[News clippings and political newsletters], 1960-1961
4B351 "The Managerial Demiurge", [circa 1958]
[News clippings and magazine articles], 1929, 1950-1961
4B352 Industrial relations, [journals], 1953-1955
[News clippings, journal reprints and magazine articles], 1941-1962
Correspondence, 1937-1940
Course material:
Class notes, 1937
4B353 Education records, 1930-1939
Correspondence, 1935-1965
Articles, 1949-1960
"Doctors and Workers", report, 1948
Reviews and clippings, 1955-1965
4B354 Research files:
Social Science Research Council, 1940-1941, [circa 1940]
Sociology of knowledge:
Journal reprints and notes, [circa 1940]
Seminar, [circa 1940]
Notes, [circa 1940]
Critique of 'Ideology and Utopia', [circa 1940]
Structure of normative action, [circa 1940]
Methodology and value judgment, [circa 1940]
Social Pathologists:
Career lines, [circa 1940]-1943
Theory problems, [circa 1940]
Methodology, 1939, [circa 1940]
John Dewey, [circa 1940]
Sum up of Dewey, [circa 1940]
Sum up of Charles Sanders Peirce, [circa 1940]
Imputations of others, systematized and tested, [circa 1940]
"Pragmatism, Politics and Religion", 1942
"Moral Intersections of Science and Society", [circa 1940]
Notes and correspondence, 1940, [circa 1940]
4B355 Notes, [circa 1940]
Total sum up, [circa 1940]
Types of intellectual change, [circa 1940]
"The problematic situation", [circa 1940]
Excerpts, mainly Dewey, [circa 1940]
Social psychology, [circa 1940]
Methods and presentation, [circa 1940]
Adjustment, [circa 1940]
Physical science in western civilization, [circa 1940]
Career paths of philosophers, [circa 1940]
Lines of doctrines, [circa 1940]
Preliminary drafts, December 1940-January 1941
"A Social Account of Pragmatism", [circa 1940]
Assorted notes, [circa 1940]
4B356 Uses of the philosophy of science, [circa 1940]
Correspondence, 1941
Criteria for [imputation?], [circa 1940]
Phases of the movement, [circa 1940]
Assorted notes and plans, [circa 1940]
Significance of the American frontiers, [circa 1940]
William Graham Sumner and John Dewey, 1938-[circa 1945]
Functions of philosophy, [circa 1940]
Social role of philosophy, [circa 1940]
Intellectuals, [circa 1945]
Foremen, 1945-1950
Managers, [circa 1945]
"The Third Camp", 1947-1950
4B357 Sociology of knowledge, 1942-1944
Occupational structure, [circa 1945]
Marital status, [circa 1945]
"The Farm Ladder", [circa 1945]
"The Status Panic", 1941, [circa 1941]
Career paths of pathologists, 1943
Eliseo Vivas on value and art, 1938-1939
Negatively privileged status groups, Jews, 1942-1948
Course material:
Sociology 101, September-December 1942
Contemporary social problems, 1942-1943
Modern Hedonism, [circa 1940]
Scientific method, January-May 1938
"Relativity in Values and Ethical Theory", 1938
"A Structural Analysis of Meaningful Actions", [circa 1940]
Re: "The Professional Ideology of Social Pathologists", 1943-1944
4B358 Research files:
General reference, [circa 1940]
"The American Business Elite", 1944-1946
Chapter 8, [circa 1945]-1953
Chapter 9, [circa 1940]-1953
White collar workers:
Occupational statistics, [circa 1940]-1947
Correspondence, 1946
Interviews, 1945-1947
Income distribution, 1936-1948
Chapter 6, [circa 1950]
Chapter 13, [circa 1950]
Chapter 15, [circa 1950]
"A White Collar Day", 1948-[circa 1950]
Course material:
Sociology 48, January-May 1950
4B359 Research files:
Business, labor, farmers, 1952-1954
Business and political elites:
Studies of elites, 1950, [circa 1950]
Decline of politicians, [circa 1950]
The visible government, [circa 1950]
Methodology, 1929-1942, [circa 1945]
Sketch of travel trailer, [circa 1950]
"The Middle Classes in Middle-Sized Cities", 1945-1946
Course material:
Sociology 195-196, 1946-1947
Sociology 205, 1947
"Sampling", [circa 1950]
4B360 Articles:
"Work Milieu and Social Structure", March 13, 1954
"Sociological Theory", May 1945
January 16, 1946-January 15, 1948
January-July 1946
January 17-28, 1947
Research files:
Celebrities, 1933-1950
The very rich, [circa 1950]
Criteria for research proposals, 1937, [circa 1945]
Warlords, [circa 1955]
Higher morality, October 14, 1954-March 15, 1955
Elites, 1952-[circa 1955]
Politicians, [circa 1955]
Business elites, 1947-[circa 1955]
Typescript notes, [circa 1955]
Executives, March 1955
Chief executives, [chapter?] 7-6, [circa 1955]
Cut from "The Chief Executives", December 1954-May 1955
Danish symposium on social psychology, September 1956-February 1957
4B361 Research files:
"The Corporate Rich", 1949-[circa 1955]
Elites, 1953, [circa 1955]
Local society, [circa 1955]
"The Very Rich", June 1955, [circa 1955]
"The American Political Elite", 1955
The military academy, January 1947-February 1955
Social psychology, Sociology 139, [circa 1940]
[Political theory, alienation, socialism], 1937-1947
4B362 [Notes, articles and clippings], 1938-1952
Cut from "The Corporate Rich", [circa 1955]
"The Corporate Rich", [chapter?] 8, 1953-1955
The conservative mood, 1949-1955
[The very rich], [circa 1955]
Visible government, 1952-1954, [circa 1955]
Corporation politics, 1953-1954
"The All-American Girl", 1953, [circa 1953]
[Diplomats], 1943-1954
4B363 The higher immorality, 1953-1955
Decline of politicians, 1947-1954, [circa 1954]
Galbraith, 1954, [circa 1954]
[Labor, business, farms], 1953-1955
Notes to mass society, [circa 1950]
Unions, [circa 1950]
Military, 1952-1954
Military, warlords, not used, [circa 1954]
Literary productions:
The Power Elite, notes and drafts, [circa 1950]-1955
The Mass Society, earlier drafts, April 1954
"A Marx for the Managers", typescript and offprint, 1941-1942
4B364 Research files:
[Political Elites], 1952-1955, [circa 1955]
[Goethe, methodology], [circa 1940]
[Germany], [circa 1940]
[Journals], 1944-1951
Books to get or see, 1958-1959
Course material:
[Reading lists and course syllabi], 1945-1951
Sociology 48, 1947
Sociology 145-146, 1952
CCBB [Contemporary Civilization?], 1958-1959
Class business and research, 1959-1960
Literary productions:
Character and Social Structure, galleys and correspondence, 1953
The New Leader, February 1952
Harcourt Brace and Company, 1953
McGraw Hill, 1960
4B365 Research files:
[Survey instruments, offprints, notes], 1924, 1947-1951
[Office equipment, promotional materials], [circa 1960]
Women and love, 1948-1952, [circa 1950]
Items to code: dimensions for typologies, 1958-1959
[America, public opinion and success], 1950-1954
[Social class and economic stability, typologies], 1949-1951
Course material:
Sociology 8, 1956
Contemporary Civilization, 1960
Religious institutions, student report, [circa 1955]
Literary productions:
"Of Time and Human Affairs", [undated]
4B366 Research files:
[Occupational structure], 1930-1947
Work and social structure, 1954, [circa 1954]
[Elites, notes and reprints], 1950, [circa 1950]
[Journals and statistical abstract], 1941-1944
English gentlemen, [circa 1955]
Course material:
[Elites and the professions], 1949-1956
Outline for course on the professions, 1954-[circa 1960]
Literary productions:
"Autopsy of Prometheus", [1952]
"Plain Talk on Fancy Sex", 1952
4B367 Biographical notes and personal bibliography, 1954-1960
Research files:
Books to get, 1945-[circa 1950]
[News clippings, magazine and journal articles], 1958-1959
Course material:
Sociology 48, 190, 191, student reports, 1950-1951
Politics, student reports, [undated]
"The Cultural Apparatus":
[Parts] 9 and 10, [circa 1959]
[Parts] 11 and 12, 1957, [circa 1959]
4B367a [Parts] 1-3, [circa 1959]
[Parts] 4, "The Overdeveloped Society", [circa 1959]
[Parts] 5-6, [circa 1959]
[Parts] 7-8, [circa 1959]
Outline and agenda, [circa 1959]
Projects, outlines and misc., 1952-1955
Literary productions:
"Situated Actions and Vocabularies of Motive", 1940-1941
4B368 Research files:
[News clippings, magazine and journal articles], 1957-1958
The automobile argument [and] "Crackpot Realism", 1957-1959
"The Marxians" [notebook], 1949-1960
[Notes and clippings], 1950-1960, [circa 1960]
Literary productions:
The Marxists typescript:
Chapters 1 and 2, [circa 1960]
Chapters 3, 4 and 5, [circa 1960]
4B369 Chapters 6 and 7, [circa 1960]
Chapter 8, "The Social Democrats", [circa 1960]
Chapter 9, "The Bolshevik Pivot", [circa 1960]
Chapter 10, "The Stalinist Consolidation", [circa 1960]
Chapter 11, "Democracy and Dictatorship", [circa 1960]
Chapter 12, "Soviet Marxism", [circa 1960]
Chapter 13, "Marxism Outside the Bloc", [circa 1960]
Chapter 14, "New Beginnings?", [circa 1960]
Leftover photostats, [circa 1960]
Character and Social Structure:
Volume I, chapters 1-6, [1953]
Volume II, chapters 7-11, [1953]
4B370 Volume III, chapters 12-16, [1953]
Typescript, [circa 1953]
Research files:
[News clippings and magazine articles], 1954-1959
Publicity leads, March-May 1958, February 1959
4B371 Research files:
[Labor, unions, politics] note cards, 1945-1948
4B372 [News clippings, magazine articles and correspondence], 1955-1959
"Stratification and Opinion Leaders in Four Areas...":
[Part one and summary], 1946
[Part two], 1946
[Influence study part II], April-May 1946
Literary productions:
The Causes of World War III:
[Reviews, script of "Listen, Yankee"], duplicates, 1958-1961
"On the Decline of the Left", [circa 1960]
"A Diagnosis of Our Moral Uneasiness" and "The Higher Immorality", 1952, [circa 1952]
4B373 Research files:
The Marxists:
The Marxists, 1957, [circa 1957]
Marxism today, collapse of ideology, 1957-1961
Roads to Socialism, 1953-1959
[Georg Lukacs], 1958, [circa 1958]
Marx inventory, 1959-1960
Social democracy, 1956-1960
China, Russia, the United States Maoists, [circa 1960]
Chapter 1 and 2 all files, 1956-1960
4B374 Obstacles and prospects, 1954-1960
Thesis notes, 1942, 1958-1960
"The Sociology of Stratification", 1954-1960
Correspondence, June 1960
Literary productions:
CWM Writings [articles and reviews]:
4B375 1952-1954
Notices and publicity materials, 1946-1962
"The Darling Little Slaves", 1953
"On Knowledge and Power", 1955
[Assorted articles, clippings and typescript drafts]:
4B376 1940-1960
1943, 1958-1960
"The Man in the Middle", 1958
"The Professional Ideology of Social Pathologists", 1942-[circa 1954]
"Illiberal Practicality", 1946-1958, [undated]
Correspondence, December 1941
Course material:
"The Value Situation and the Vocabulary of Morals", 1938
Research files:
[Irving Lewis] Horowitz symposium, 1957-1960
Value theory, 1938-1940, 1958
4B377 Power Elite update:
Kennedy administration, the capitalist bloc, 1959-1962
1956-1958, [circa 1960]
The USA, 1955-1961
Youth and students, 1960-1961
4B378 U.S. Negro, student sit-in movement, 1957-1961
Civil disobedience, 1961
Europe (not elsewhere), 1953-1961
France, 1958-1961
England, 1958-1961
Germany, 1959-1961
Scandinavia, 1961
Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, 1959-1961
"Listen, Yankee" reviews, 1960-1961
4B379 Theory of Cuban revolution, 1961
Cuba [post November 1961], 1959-1961
U.S. Cuba policy before Kennedy, 1960-1961
Cuba and Latin America, 1960-1962
Kennedy and Latin America, 1960-1961
Decline of the old left, 1957-1960
The new left, unclassified, 1946-1961
Collapse of ideology, 1955-1961
4B380 On new beginnings, 1960
[Sociology and the social sciences], 1948-[circa 1960]
Trotsky Reader, 1960-1961
The C.P. [Communist Party] issue, 1960-1961
Riots and revolutions, 1961
Opportunity, 1955-1957
Literary productions:
The New Left:
Unclassified [notes], 1957-1961
Outlines, agenda, 1947-[circa 1960]
"Two Styles of Research in Current Social Studies", 1953
4B381 Images of Man:
[Notes], 1958-1960
"The Classic Tradition", typescript, [circa 1960]
Social Psychology of the Metropolis, typescript, 1942
Research files:
Counter-revolution, 1960-1962
Date sheets [country profiles]:
South America, [circa 1960]
Europe, [circa 1960]
4B382 Africa, [circa 1960]
North America, [circa 1960]
Asia, [circa 1960]
Pacific area, [circa 1960]
Fund for the Republic, 1958-1960
Rabinowitz [Foundation], application, 1960, [circa 1960]
4B383 Research files:
Ideas re: codes, further sources, 1958-1959
Comparative sources, 1956-1960
Unclassified comparative, 1949-1960
4B384 Meanings of freedom:
Democratic secularism, freedom and talent, 1949-1960
[Typescript and notes], 1942-1961
Literary productions:
The Sociological Imagination:
[Correspondence], 1958-1959
[Galleys, notes and correspondence], 1958-1960
4B385 [Notes], 1952-1959
White Collar:
Basic data outline, March 1947
Interviews administration, 1946-1948
Master occupation tables (1890-1940), [circa 1950]
Notes [typescript], [circa 1951]
Research files:
The social sciences, 1955-1958
The classic sciences, 1956-1957
Politics, 1956
Central and East Asia, 1958-1960
North Africa, Algeria, 1959-1961
Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Laos, 1958-1961
4B386 Congo, 1960-1961
East and South Africa, 1958-1961
Africa, not elsewhere, 1958-1961
Yugoslavia, 1957-1961
4B387 Middle East, Turkey, 1957-1961
Mexico, Puerto Rico, 1958-1961
Caribbean, not elsewhere, 1960-1961
Latin America, not elsewhere, 1960-1962
Cuba in general, internal, sugar, politics, 1959-1961
4B388 Types of establishment, 1957-1959
Political power and cultural prestige, 1954-1955
Unsorted, "Cultural Apparatus", 1954-1961
4B389 Literary productions:
A Sociological Account of Pragmatism:
"Sociology and Pragmatism", [typescript], [circa 1942]
[Untitled typescript], [circa 1942]
Penultimate draft, July 1942
Notes and correspondence, [circa 1942]-1943
4B390 Books:
The Search by C.P. Snow, 1958
The Aims of Education by Alfred North Whitehead, 1949
Research files:
Education and styles of life:
Academic elites (born 1830-1885), [circa 1950]
Professors, Chicago, 1949-[circa 1950]
Academic men, 1954-1956
Portrait of the young man as a social scientist, 1937-1942
[Scholars], 1955-1956
[Academia], 1959-1961
The cheerful robots, theory of mass culture:
[Science and culture], 1960-1961
Liberal education, 1952-1955
[Science and education], 1959-1961
[Academics, media and the arts], 1955-1961
Leisure, 1953-1960
4B391 [Education and the arts], 1953-1958
[Religion in society], 1958-1960
4B392 [Religion and education], 1954-1960
Religion, 1954-1959
The military, [atomic?] physics (put with religion), 1952-1955
Men of God, religious trends, 1953-1958
National Council of Churches, 1958-1961
4B393 Research files:
On the future of culture:
[Political culture, intellectuals], 1955-1960
[Intellectuals, ideology], 1955-1960
Science values, 1947-1961
Collapse of ideology, 1956-1959
Conservative mood, [circa 1950]-1955
The political intelligentsia, 1946-1954
Literary productions:
The Cultural Apparatus, 1950-1960
The Power Elite update:
[Reviews and notes], 1957-1958
4B394 [Reviews and notes], 1957-1958
The Power Elite:
Chapter 1, September-November 1955
Chapter 2, September-November 1955
Chapter 3, September-November 1955
Chapter 4, September-November 1955
Chapter 5, September-November 1955
Chapter 6, September-November 1955
Chapter 7, September-November 1955
Chapter 8, September-November 1955
Chapter 9, September-November 1955
Chapter 10, September-November 1955
[News clippings and reports], 1957-1958
Criticism of The Power Elite, February-June 1955, [circa 1955]
"The Growth of Administrative Structures and the Modern State", speech at Army Air War College, August 1954, June 1955
"The Power Elite", speech at Toronto and Princeton, February-March 1956
4B395 Speech at Buffalo Conference on Industrial Relations, May 12, 1950
"Liberalism and Labor Unions", [undated]
"A Note on Professor Perlman’s Theory of Unionism", [undated]
"The Labor Leaders and the Power Elite", [undated]
Research files:
Popular culture, 1946-1954
Labor, the working man, 1958-1960
White Collar update, 1960
Middle levels, [United States politics], 1958-1959
Industrial relations paper, labor, 1956-[circa 1960]
Mass society:
[Notes and reports], 1951-[circa 1955]
4B396 [Notes and reports], 1951-[circa 1955]
Manipulators, “The Opinion Makers,” 1954-[circa 1955]
[Clippings], 1958-1959
Literary productions:
The Power Elite:
Typescript, chapter 14, September-November 1955
Research files:
National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1956-1960
The politics of truth, "The Darling Little Slaves", leisure, 1955-1960
4B397 Images of America:
Foreign Service, 1946-1954
Movies, 1958
[unsorted], 1952-1959
Committees, civil liberties, 1961
Psychoanalysis, 1946-1959
History, 1952-1960
4B398 [Automobiles and cities], 1958-1959
Conservatism, John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater, 1955-1961
History of the Cold War:
Military technology of the Cold War, 1948-1959
Conscription, [training, women], 1941-1954
The Balance of Blame, 1961
4B399 Literary productions:
The Causes of World War III:
[Typescript and notes], 1944-1958, [circa 1958]
Reviews, 1959-1961
"Crack Pot Realism":
United States foreign policy, 1952-1961
4B400 [Clippings and notes], 1947-1954
Research files:
Programs for peace, 1957-1959
The news myth, 1956-[circa 1960]
On advertising, 1958-1959
4B401 Economics of war:
[Correspondence and clippings], 1946-[circa 1960]
[Reviews and clippings], 1958-1959
Imperialism, 1952-1960
Neutrals and neutralism, role of United Nations and States, 1949-1960
The idea of the Fourth Epoch, 1953-1958
Letters on The Causes World War III, 1958-1960
4B402 The Balance of Blame, 1960-1961
TV scandal, The Power Elite, immorality, 1959-1960
Argentina, 1959-1960
Bolivia, 1954-1961
The Soviet bloc, 1956-1961
The capitalist bloc:
The House that Jack Must Build [copy of The Nation], October 1961
Kennedy administration, 1953-1961
4B403 The hungry nation bloc, 1959-1961
We and they, or the parallel, ["The House that Jack Must Build"], 1961, [circa 1961]
Canada, 1958-1961
Literary productions:
"The Power Elite":
Typescript, chapter 12, September-November 1955
Research files:
[Clippings], 1959-1961
4B404 [Correspondence, reports and clippings], 1952-1960
[Reports and clippings], 1940-1961
Japan, 1954-1960
India, Pakistan, 1958-1960
4B405 The US and the USSR [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics], 1951-[circa 1955]
Poland, 1957-1961
[Clippings], 1956-1958
[Clippings and notes], 1957-1960
[Clippings and notes], 1954-1960
4B406 [Clippings, typescript and notes], 1960-1962
[Clippings], 1959-1960
Soviet culture, 1948-1960
Letter, [circa 1940]
2.325/V16 Diplomas:
Dallas High School, 1934
University of Texas, 1939
Literary productions:
White Collar, study data tables, [circa 1950]
"Commentary", [unions], [circa 1950]
3Y77 Photograph, [undated]
2.325/A101 Takahashi, Hajime, from the criticism of Pragmatism to an ecology of "Thought," C.W. Mills earliest theorizing works, 1997
The Nation, includes review of "C. Wright Mills: Letters and Autobiographical Writings" October 9, 2000
Bookmark from New York Public Library tribute event for C. Wright Mills, 2000
2X82b Audiocassette:
Todd Gitlin on C. Wright Mills, Bloomberg radio, New York City, 2000
WBAI (NY) Radio Program “The Causes of C. Wright Mills,” 1962
4S14-4S15 "Everyday life in America", 1946-1947 and undated
[Research interviews], 1946-1947 and undated
4S15 [White collar code book], undated
4S15-4S16 Research notes, 1929-1954 and undated
4S17 Manuscripts and drafts, 1946-1960 and undated
[Manuscript chapters from "The sociological imagination"], undated
[Manuscript of "The Marxians" chapters one through eight], undated
[Manuscript chapters of "Tovarich: contacting the enemy"], 1959-1960 and undated
[Unknown manuscript], undated
[Manuscript of "The intellectual and the labor leader"], 1946
[Portion of unknown manuscript], undated
"Listen, Yankee", 1957-1961 and undated
[Preliminary draft of "Listen, Yankee"], undated
["Listen, Yankee" letters and publicity], 1960-1961
[Clippings and publications on Cuba], 1957-1961
4S18 Clippings and articles, 1935-1969
[Book reviews and clippings], 1954-1964
Theories of intellectuals-articles and clippings, 1935, 1954-1961
[Clippings and reports on population growth and birth control], 1952-1961
Sociological/psychological articles, 1957-1958
Press and censorship clippings, 1961
The burden of U.S. aid, 1961
[Articles, newsletters and other publications], 1942-1969
4S19 Correspondence, 1941-1975
[General correspondence], 1955-1975
[Correspondence with Hans Gerth], 1941-1962
Miscellaneous, 1953-1958 and undated
Notes on symposiums, undated
[Papers by students], 1953-1955 and undated
[Car invoices and notes], 1958
2.325/D24d [Photo of Yaraslova Mills], undated
4S19 Obituaries, tributes etc., 1962-1964