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A Guide to the Radin Community in Lithuania Collection, circa 1930-2005

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Radin Community in Lithuania
Title: Radin Community in Lithuania Collection
Dates: circa 1930-2005
Abstract: Photographic prints, slides, audio cassette tapes, research files, correspondence, news clippings, periodicals and collected publications document the Jewish community in Radin prior to World War II and during the Nazi occupation and decimation of the town.
Accession No.: 2008-137
Extent: 2 feet, 6 inches
Language: Materials are written in English and Yiddish.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Prior to World War II, Radin, Poland was a farming village with a sizeable population of Yiddish-speaking Jews. The town was widely known for its Yeshiva, founded in 1869 by Rabbi Israel Meir ha-Kohen, the Chofetz Chaim. In 1941, the Nazis occupied the town and established a Jewish ghetto. A slaughter of the Jewish community took place in 1942. The Jewish community of Radin was not reconstituted after the war.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Frank Kasman obtained a set of glass lantern slides taken prior to 1933, documenting daily life in pre-World War II Radin. Dr. Kasman conducted extensive research on the village, located survivors and immigrants from Radin, and collected oral history interviews.

Scope and Contents

Photographic prints, slides, audio cassette tapes, research files, correspondence, news clippings, periodicals and collected publications document the Jewish community in Radin prior to World War II and during the Nazi occupation and decimation of the town. Notable images in the photograph collection include a portrait of Rav Meris, a village rabbi, and a photograph featuring Rabbi Israel Meir ha-Kohen.


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Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Israel Meir, ha-Kohen, 1838-1933.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Poland.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Lithuania.
Jews--Europe, Eastern--History--20th century.

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Radin Community in Lithuania Collection, circa 1930-2005, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2M121 Photographic material
Photographic prints and documentation, no. 1-49
Master list of pictures
List of photograph captions
List of persons in photographs, alphabetical
List of persons in photographs, by slide number
Prints of B’nai and Bnos of Radin
Prints of Rav Mendel Zaks, Rav Gershon Zaks, the Chofetz Hayyim
Color photographs of Radin supplied by Yitchak M. Weisenfeld
Transparency slides (95) [restricted]
Slideshow notes and documentation
2M122 Photo album containing prints of Radin
2M121 News articles and publicity
Moment Magazine [contains photographs of Radin], January-February 1979
“Radin Remembered,” by Golda Sue Kasman, Jewish Herald-Voice, 1983
“The Ravaging of Radin,” by Stan Redding, Texas: Houston Chronicle Magazine, October 7, 1984
Article typescript, Texas Magazine, undated
Newspaper clippings, 1984-1985
Publicity material, 1984-1985, 2005
Frank Kasman press slides and photograph, 1985
Notes on the source of pictures and provenance of collection, undated
Kasman biographical material, undated
Stan Redding material [author of series of articles on Radin and Dr. Kasman’s project], undated
Script 1-2: Radin Program for GLC Television program, undated
2.325/Lo3c “Unique Record of Life in a Shtetl: Life in Radin,” Suzy Kasman, The Jewish Outlook, April 1983
“Saintly scholar and folk hero,” The Jerusalem Post International Edition, October 30-November 5, 1983
“Midland dentist’s photo series shows pre-Nazi life in a small Lithuanian town,” Midland Reporter-Telegram, October 23, 2005
“The life and death of a forgotten village,” Stan Redding, Onward – Austin-American Statesman, December 18, 1984
“Radin Remembered,” Jewish Herald-Voice, p. 39-43, March 29, 1983
2M121 Research material
Biographical files, interview transcriptions, notes
Individual files 01-42, labeled by last name, 1979-1985
Other biographical files: Moshe Zyi, Hillel Zachs, Auraham Ben Ari, Chiam Berkowicz, Leon Young
Radin – General information
Typewritten article, “Radun,” undated
Assorted notes
Radin Yeshiva and the Chofetz Hayyim
Yivo 1-10 [Lists of Yeshiva students, donors and contributions, budgets; in Yiddish]
“History of Yeshiva Chofetz Hayyim,” by Rabbi David Zariz, translated by Rabbi Sidney Zimelman, February 2003
Chofetz Hayyim, Israel Meir Kagan, notes
Chofetz Hayyim tributes (two publications, in Yiddish)
News of the YIVO, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, 1982-1984
“Did You Conduct Your Business Affairs with Faith?,” by Rabbi Avrohom Pam, The Jewish Observer, commentary on Chofetz Hayyim’s “Business Affairs,” May 1978
Vilna: list of Radun Yeshiva people who moved to Vilna when Yeshiva closed or also moved
Yad Vashem, Jerusalem documents
Beryl and David Bachshot
Description of the liquidation of the Radin Ghetto
Assorted translated documents
Testimony from survivor Chaim Berkowitz
Document 3, YV [in Yiddish]
Document 5, YV, translated, Chaim Berkovitz
Collected publications
“KZ – Bildbericht aus fünf Konzentrationslagern” [“Pictorial Report of Five Concentration Camps”], in German, published by the American War Information Office, 1945
Paper on Yiddish translation, by Gail Tosto-Geiger, for Professor Charles Robert Kline, Jr., September 1985
News articles on Meirke Stoler, 1997 and undated
2M122 Newsletter: "The Radin Newsletter," Number 1, September 1983
General correspondence, 1979-1983, 1984-1985
Yeshiva letter, August 1983
Administrative material: Addresses, labels, interview sheets, forms
Audio cassette tapes: Interviews and oral histories
Belkin, Mrs. Samuel (Abby), May 31, 1983
Ben Ari, Abraham, August 10, 1981
Kaplan, Harry, Brooklyn, New York, 1983
Kowitz, Hersch, undated
Kuvalski, Yaakov, undated
Lebovitz, Pesha Trop, June 1, 1983
Leverton, Y., translations, two tapes, undated
Pupko, Rabbi Isaac, two tapes, Brooklyn, May 31 and June 2, 1983
Vishniak, Roman, 1985
Young, Leon (Leibke Yankelovich), with typewritten transcription, undated
Zaks, Feiga, “Daughter of the Chofetz Hayyim. Interviewed with her son, Ron Gershon Zachs, Rabbi Moshe Kolodny, Dr. [?] Kamov, Rabbi Yisrael Mayer Zadis,” New York City, June 1983
Miscellaneous notes, undated
VHS video cassette tapes, undated
Radin 1, 2, 7
Holocaust 1, 2 and 3
Liberation of the death camp (4)
Light of the Southwest, Guests: Dr. Charles Scott, Dr. Ariel Revel, Dr. Frank Kasman
DVDs, undated
Light of the Southwest [God’s Learning Channel]
Guest: Dr. Frank Kasman
Guests: Kasman and Borik
Guests: Kasman & Todd
Compact discs
Leon Young, undated
Radin photos, Touch-ups, copy, July 12, 2005
Radin photos, from Jimmy L. Patterson
Exhibit material
Exhibit labels
3S225a Exhibit prints (16” x 20”)
2W75a Exhibit prints (12” x 15”)
3Z319b RESTRICTED – Negatives