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A Guide to the Frank Neville Ikard Papers, 1951-1992

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Ikard, Frank Neville, 1913-1991
Title: Frank Neville Ikard Papers
Dates: 1951-1992
Abstract: Correspondence, district files, constituent information, printed materials, subject files, and legislative materials comprise the Frank Ikard Papers, 1951-1992, documenting Ikard’s activities and major areas of interest during his tenure as a U.S. Congressman from the 13th District of Texas.
Accession No.: 62-16, 67-2, 68-21, 70-117, 2015-282
Extent: 56 feet, 1 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lawyer, judge, and U.S. Representative Frank Neville Ikard (1913-1991) was born in Henrietta, Texas, to Lewis and Ena (née Neville) Ikard. After graduating from the University of Texas law school in 1936, Ikard practiced law in Wichita Falls, Texas before enlisting in the United States Army in 1942, where he served as an infantryman in World War II. During the war, Ikard was twice wounded and later captured by German forces that kept him as a prisoner of war for the remainder of the conflict. When Ikard returned to Texas in 1947, he acted as the chairman of Wichita County’s Democratic Party and was appointed as a judge in 13th District Court by Governor Beauford Jester in 1948.

In 1951, Ikard was elected as a Democratic U.S. Representative for the 13th Congressional District replacing Ed Gossett following his resignation. Ikard subsequently served for five additional terms in Congress and was an active member of the Committee on Ways and Means and the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee. During his time in office, Ikard was a noted advocate for veterans’ rights, military affairs, and the oil industry. In December 1961, Ikard resigned from Congress to take an executive position with the American Petroleum Institute (API), where he served as president from 1963 to 1980. After leaving the API, he practiced law in Washington D.C. and continued to serve as a consultant.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, district files, constituent information, printed materials, subject files, and legislative materials comprise the Frank Ikard Papers, 1951-1992, documenting Ikard’s activities and major areas of interest during his tenure as a U.S. Congressman from the 13th District of Texas. The papers are arranged as they were received and reflect the filing system used within Ikard’s Congressional offices. The records fall into three chronologically arranged subgroups: Constituent Records, Legislative Records, and Personal Files.

The CONSTITUENT RECORDS document Ikard’s relationship with the residents of the 13th Congressional district and the activities of his office on behalf of the district. The records include correspondence and subject files organized by county, military academy appointment files, newsletters, requests for government publications, and case files. The papers also reflect Ikard’s involvement in oil and gas legislation and the development of Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls.

The LEGISLATIVE RECORDS include materials generated from Ikard’s Congressional career and, in particular, his involvement with the Committee on Ways and Means. These records include committee and subcommittee files, bills authored by Ikard, congressional publications, correspondence, and case files.

The PERSONAL FILES include invitations and responses, Democratic National Committee files, travel-related documents, correspondence with fellow members of Congress, office telephone and telegraph accounts, job requests, and financial information. These records also include programs from Ikard's funeral and a memorial booklet prepared by the American Petroleum Institute. Additionally, the collection includes a photograph of Ikard and actress Elizabeth Taylor, and a sketch of "The Brick House," Lady Bird Johnson's childhood home.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use Restrictions

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Subjects (Persons)

Ikard, Frank Neville, 1913-1991 -- Archives

Subjects (Organizations)

Democratic Party (U.S.)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means


Military bases -- Law and legislation -- United States
Petroleum law and legislation -- Texas
Politics, Practical -- United States -- History -- 20th century.


Denton (Tex.)
Sheppard Air Force Base (Tex.)
Wichita Falls (Tex.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Frank Neville Ikard Papers, 1951-1992, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2R478 General files: A-B, V-Z, 1951-1952
Montague County general file, 1951-1952
Throckmorton County general file, 1951-1952
Brazos Telephone Coop, 1952
Wilbarger County general file, 1951-1952
Santa Rosa Telephone Co-op, 1951-1952
Vernon and Wichita Falls, et al.: Civil Aeronautics Board application (Docket 3246), 1953
Vernon Theatre file
Wise County general file, 1951-1952
Brazos Telephone Coop, 1952
Young County general file, 1951-1952
Airlines: Wichita Falls to Kansas City, 1952
2R476 General files: H-I, J-U, 1951-1952
2R480 Nation Production Authority file (Levine’s Department Store), 1951-1952
Wichita County general files: M-W, 1951-1952
Rural Electrification Administration correspondence (Joe Ward), 1951-1952
Archer County general file, 1951-1952
Baylor County general file, 1951-1952
Clay County general file, 1951-1952
Cooke County general file, 1951-1952
Gainesville Chamber of Congress, 1951-1952
Muenster Scared Heart Church (Cooke County), 1951-1952
2R477 Yearbook requests, 1953
Denton County colleges file, 1951-1952
Denton Chamber of Commerce, 1952
Central Airlines, Inc., docket 4083 (Denton County)
Roanoke Telephone Co-op, 1952
2R477 Foard County general file, 1951-1952
2R477 Hardeman County general file, 1951-1952
Jack County general file, 1951-1952
Knox County general file, 1951-1952
General files: C-G, 1951-1952
2R481 Wichita County General files: A-K, 1951-1952
Tax information by trade journal magazines and other publication
Military request files, 1954
2R374 Military request files: A-B, F-H, 1953-1954
2R375 Military request files: B-E, K-L, 1953-1954
2R373 Fulcher Armstrong Pilot Training Program
Vets Pension Increase, 1956
Military files: M-O, I, 1954
2R479 Military request files: R-Z, 1951-1954
2R381 Military request files, 1955-1959
Cecil H. Pierson morals case, 1958
2R409 Military-related requests, 1957-1959
2R382 Military request files, 1958-1959
2R450 Archer County general file, 1953
Baylor County general file, 1953
Clay County general file, 1953
Compensation dispute file (Mr. S.B. Finley), 1952
Bellevue Water Works (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) file, 1953
Cooke County general file, 1953
2R451 Denton County general file, 1953
Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce
Good roads committee, 1952
Willis Ferry Bridge (Texhoma)
Denton colleges, 1953
Garza-Little Elm Dam (Denton County)
Foard County general file, 1953
Wichita County general file: H-O, 1953
2R452 Wichita County general files: P, R-Y, 1953
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, 1953
Wichita Falls Civil Aeronautics Board, docket 3094
Wise County general files, 1953
Sheppard Air Force Base, 1953
Denton County general file, 1955
2R449 Young County general file, 1954
Olney-Wichita falls and Southern Rock Island Railroad, 1954
Wilbarger County general file, 1954
Wise County general file, 1954
Jack County general file, 1954
Knox County general file, 1954
Montague County general file, 1953
Throckmorton County general file, 1953
Wichita County general file: A, 1953
Wilbarger County general file, 1953
Young County general file, 1953
2R373 General file,“I”
Wichita Co. general files: B-D, 1953
2R436 General correspondence, 1953
2R437 General files: A-B/J-K, 1953
2R473 General files (out of district): B-H, 1954
2R475 General files (out of district): I-L, 1954
2R448 Wichita County general files: M-Z, 1953-1954
2R406 Hixon boys assistance (prisoner requests), 1953-1954
2R472 File on the sale of packaged liquor on military bases
General file (out of district): Mc-Z, 1954
2R453 Archer County general file, 1954
Baylor County general file, 1954
Clay County general file, 1954
Cooke County general file, 1954
Denton County general file, 1954
2R454 Buckburnett County general file, 1954
Foard County general file, 1954
Hardeman County general file, 1954
Jack County general file, 1954
Knox County general file, 1954
Montague County general file, 1954
Nocona Chamber of Commerce (water program), 1954
Throckmorton County general file, 1954
Wichita County general files: A-C, 1954
2R455 Hardeman general file, 1953
Koeninger Case (Hardeman County), 1952
Wichita County general files: D-E, F-L, 1954
Electra County general file, 1954
2R470 Yearbook requests, 1953-1954
Wichita County general files: M-O, 1955
General request file, 1954
General files (out of the district): A-B, 1954
2R371 Request file, 1955
Foard County general file, 1955
Hardeman County general file, 1955
Jack County general file, 1955
Clark and Cobb Claim (Denton engineers), 1955
Knox County general file, 1955
Wichita County general files: A-D, 1955
2R372 Congratulations and condolences, 1955
Veteran’s widow issue file, 1955
Wichita County general files E-L, 1953-1955
2R471 Wichita County general files: P-R, W-Z, 1955
Wilbarger County general file, 1955
Wise County general file, 1955
2R474 Young County general file, 1955
Repurchase of land in Oklahoma (Betty L. Peck), 1952
2R463 General files: A-C, E-G, M-N, 1955
2R462 General files: D, O, P-R, 1955
2R464 General files: J-L, Mc, U-Z, 1955
2R447 Archer County general file, 1955
Baylor County general file, 1955
Clay County general file, 1955
Cooke County general file, 1955
2R419 Throckmorton County general file, 1955
Montague County general file, 1955
General file: H, 1955
Yearbook requests, 1955
2R353 Veteran’s Cases: A-F, 1956-1959
Widows of the Spanish-American War Vets, July 1956
2R354 Veteran’s Cases: Ferrell through McGee, 1955-1961
2R355 Veteran’s Cases: Mc- through W (general file), 1953-1959
2R356 Veteran’s Cases: W through Y, 1955-1961
2R416 Applicants to Military Academies, 1955-1961
2R417 Applicants to Military Academies (Edwards through Moore), 1955-1961
2R418 Applicants to Military Academies (Morgan through Youngblood), 1951-1961
2R376 Agriculture yearbook requests, 1955
Local post office files: Anarene-Woodbine
Congratulations and condolences, 1956
2R377 Agricultural yearbook requests, 1956
General requests, 1956
2R378 General files (out of the district): A-I, 1956
2R379 General files (out of the district): J-Z, 1956
2R474 Archer County general file, 1956
Archer County drought relief, 1956
Baylor County general file, 1956
Baylor County drought relief, 1956
Clay County general file, 1956
Clay County drought relief, 1956
Cooke County general file, 1956
Gainesville Radio Station, 1956
Cooke County drought relief, 1956
Denton general files, 1956
2R468 Knox County general file, 1956
Knox County (drought relief file), 1956
Montague County (drought relief file—second application), 1956
Jeff Henderson, Chisholm Trail museum, 1956
Throckmorton County general file, 1956
Throckmorton County (drought relief file), 1956
Wichita County general file: A-D, 1956
Wichita County (drought relief file—second application), 1956
Lewisville application for sewer plant
Foard County general file, 1956
Foard County (drought relief file), 1956
Hardeman County general file, 1956
Hardeman County (drought relief file), 1956
Jack County general file, 1956
Jack County (drought relief file), 1956
2R467 Veteran’s and Federal Housing Authority files (Wichita Falls), 1956
Wichita County general file: W, 1956
Wichita Falls Municipal Airport file
Young County general file, 1956
Young County drought relief file, 1956
Drought-freight reduction file, 1957
Petitions; Pamphlets: Claim of Wichita Falls against US Air Force
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce file, 1956
Wigington Transfer and Storage
Westover Hills Community House project
Wichita County general file: Z, 1956
Wilbarger County general file, 1956
Wilbarger County drought relief file, 1956
North Texas Generating Plant
2R466 Wise County General file, 1956
Wise County drought relief, 1956
D.E. Coble file (property issues in Chico, TX), 1956
Wichita County general file: X-Z, 1957
Wichita County drought relief, 1956
Wichita Falls/Waurika water issues
General files: S-T, 1955
Natural Gas Pipeline Company v. Federal Power Commission (Jack-Wise County area), 1955-1956
Postal Pay Raise file, 1953-1954
2R469 Wichita County general files: E-V, 1956
Sheppard Air Force Base file, 1956
2R382 Newsletter cards, 1955
2R439 Ikard newsletters, 1953-1956
2R440 Ikard newsletters, 1956-1958
2R441 Ikard newsletters, 1958
2R422 Congrats and condolences
Agricultural yearbook requests, 1957
General files (out of district), 1956-1957
2R423 General requests, 1957
General requests files (out of the district): B-D, 1957
General requests (out of the district): E-H, 1957
2R393 General files: R-Y (including: relocation of the San Jacinto ordinance plant), 1956-1958
2R424 General files (out of the district): U-Y, 1957
2R456 Archer County general file, 1957
Baylor County general file, 1957
Clay County general file, 1957
Packers and Stockyard Act
Denton County general file, 1957
Dr. John A. Guinn (Texas State College for Women), 1957
2R457 Denton Co., Flood Control Information, 1957
Denton TV Educational Channel matter
Denton Co, TSCA applications for Research grants, 1955
Foard County general file, 1957
Hardeman County general file, 1957
Haskell County general file, 1957
Jack County general file, 1957
Knox County general file, 1957
Montague County general file, 1957
Throckmorton County general file, 1957
Wichita County general files: (A-F), 1957
2R458 Wichita County general files: G-T, 1957
2R459 Wichita County general files: U-Z, 1957
Wilbarger County general file, 1957
Decatur application for airport aid, 1957
Decatur industrial development file, 1956-1957
Wise County animal disease laboratory proposal
Wise County government land inquires, 1953-1957
Young County general file, 1957
Olney industrial development file, 1957
Protest against raising of the Possum Kingdom Dam adjacent to Graham, 1957
Young County flood relief, 1957
2R356 County general files: Archer through Denton, 1958
2R357 Denton County general files, 1958
Denton application for urban planning, 1958
North Texas State University at Denton: application for grant-in-aid for water research
Roanoke Federal Credit Union, 1958
Texas Boat Manufacturing Company: loan application to Small Business Administration (Lewisville, TX), 1958
Foard County general file, 1958
Hardeman and Wilbarger Counties: small business administration application (excessive rainfall), 1958
Hardeman County general file, 1958
Haskell County general file, 1958
Jack County general file, 1958
Kent County general file, 1958
King County general file, 1958
Knox County general file, 1958
Cotton Classing Station (Munday, TX), 1958
Knox County financial assistance application (excessive rainfall), 1958
Nocona and Montague farmers-villages creek-watershed file, 1958
Nocona water file, 1958
2R358 Montague County general file, 1958
T.B. Coffield aircraft crash file, 1956-1958
Stonewall County general file, 1958
Throckmorton County general file, 1958
Wichita County general files: A-K, 1958
2R359 Wichita County general files: L-T, 1958
Sabre Oil file, 1958
Sheppard Air Force Base file, 1958
2R382 Precinct Chairman, Counties in the 13th Congressional District, 1958-1959
2R360 County general files: Wichita County through Young County, 1958
2R397 Congratulations and condolences, 1958
Yearbook requests, 1958
Miscellaneous requests, 1958
General file (out of the district): A, 1958
2R398 General files (out of district): B-H, 1958
2R399 General files (out of the district): J-Mc, 1958
2R400 General files (out of the district): M-P, 1958
2R412 Gainesville Post Office, 1955
Denton County general file, 1959
Denton County civil defense building project, 1959
Denton country protests RE: Garza-Little Elm Reservoir, 1959
Hardeman County general file, 1959
Haskell County general file, 1959
Jack County general file, 1959
Kent County general file, 1959
King County general file, 1959
2R413 Wichita County general files: I-Y, 1959
Kell Field (Sheppard Air Force Base) file, 1959
Red River pollution-saline studies supported by Wichita County Water Districts 1 and 2 (Red River Valley Association), 1959
2R414 Knox County general file, 1959
Montague County general file, 1959
Stonewall County general file, 1959
Throckmorton County general file, 1959
Wichita County general files: A-C, 1959
Visa petition file, 1959
Wichita County general files: D-H, 1959
2R382 Information on Kent, King, and Stonewall Counties
2R410 Wilbarger County general file, 1959
Wise County general file, 1959
Young County general file, 1959
Small Business Administration file: Rolling Hills Estate Motel (Graham County), 1958
2R391 Agriculture yearbook requests, 1959
Congratulations and condolences, 1959
General files (out of the district): A, 1959
2R443 Requests, 1959
General files (out of the district), B-C, H, 1959
2R441 General files (out of the district): J, M, 1959
2R442 General files (out of district): D-M, 1959
2R408 General files (out of district): N-S, 1959
2R392 General files (out of the district): W-Z, 1959
2R434 Red River Valley water quality survey and hearings, 1959
Reserve Armory (Wichita Falls), 1960
Wilbarger County general file, 1960
Wise County general file, 1960
Young County general file, 1960
Wichita County general files: B, N-Z, 1960
2R435 Wichita County general file: D-M, 1960
Foard County general file, 1960
Denton Chamber of Commerce report, 1958
North Texas State College (depository of government documents)
Fairhaven, Inc: home for the elderly file (Denton County), 1960
2R383 Denton County general file, Apr.-Dec, 1960
2R436 County general files: Hardeman through Wichita, 1960
2R403 General files (out of the district): A, 1961-1962
Yearbook requests, 1961
Miscellaneous requests, 1961
2R404 General files (out of the district), 1961-1962
2R405 General files (out of district), 1961-1962
2R433 Position files, 1958, 1961
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, 1960
Southwest Area Local Service Case (Civil Aeronautics Board), docket 10758
Lake Kemp spillway study, 1960
Wichita County water districts 1 and 2, Bureau of Reclamation, 1958
2R415 Form letters related to the tax credit on dividends proposed by President Kennedy, 1961
2R400 Archer County general file, 1961
Mrs. W.N. Potter, oil leases in Archer County, 1958-1960
Baylor County general file, 1961
Clay County general file, 1961
Cooke County general file, 1961
Denton County general file, 1961
2R401 Denton County general file, 1961
Foard County general file, 1961
Hardeman County general file, 1961
Haskell County general file, 1961
Jack County general file, 1961
Kent County general file, 1961
King County general file, 1961
Knox County general file, 1961
Montague County general file, 1961
Stonewall County general file, 1961
Throckmorton County general file, 1961
Wichita County general files: A-H, 1961
2R402 Wichita County general files: I-Z, 1961
Wilbarger County general file, 1961
2R403 Wise County general file, 1961
Young County general file, 1961




Bill Files:

2R425 Ikard Sponsored bills, 1955-1958
2R426 Ikard Sponsored bills, 1955-1958
2R427 Ikard Sponsored Bills: 1956-1958:
2R367 Ikard bills introduced in the 84th, 85th, and 86th Congresses
2R365 Ikard bills introduced in the 85th and 86th Congresses
2R437 Congressional publications
2R438 Congressional publications and various print materials, 1955-1958
2R462 Tidelands file, 1951
Un-American Activities file, 1953
United Nations correspondence, 1954
Zionism publications
Issues file, 1953-1954
Legislative file, 1955
Labor file, 1953-1954
Moral Re-Armament file
Oil depletion allowance
President’s executive office, 1955
2R463 Tidelands, 1953-1954
HR 3465
Parcel Post legislation
Federal Spending Facts, 1955
Tax legislation file, 1953-1954
2R475 Agriculture parities (price supports: milk, etc.)
Agricultural appropriations (vocational education)
Bricker Amendment
Child labor laws
Church of Christ (Italian government actions)
2R465 Fluoridation file
HR 4170: Freight Rate Absorption, 1953
Immigration file, 1952
Church of Christ, 1954
Communism, 1950
Cotton Allotment, 1953-1954
Federal Court file, 1952
Crackpot file, 1955
Defense production legislation, 1952-1957
Doctors draft law, 1952
Drought letters, 1953
Education and labor, 1952
Education and labor, 1951
Electoral College, 1952
Fair Trade, 1952
Federal Trade Commission, 1952
Fair Employment Practice Act, 1952
2R380 Subcommittee for European Hearings and Inspections, 1954
Various publications
2R382 Prisoner of war legislation file, 1952
Medical doctors file, 1959
Farm Bureau file
Oil industry mailing list, 1954
Agricultural Stabilization Committee file, 1953
Soil conservation district file, 1959
Veterans of Foreign Wars mailing list, 1958
Precinct Chairman, Counties in the 13th Congressional District, 1958-1959
Dean Ritman (District of Columbia) file
2R464 Railroad retirement, 1951-1953
Social Security Revision, 1951-1954
Soil Conservation, 1953-1954
St. Lawrence Seaway, 1952
Taft-Hartley Act, 1953-1954
Tariffs and trade, 1954
Oil Imports, 1953
2R381 Various name files, 1955-1959
2R447 Civil Service Retirement file, 1956
Minimum wage file, 1955
McKinney Hospital, 1955
Church of Christ in Italy, 1953-1955
Doctors draft law, 1955
Doctors draft law, 1955
Postal pay raise, 1955-1956
Federal law on drunken drivers, 1955
2R450 Federal Highway legislation file, 1955
2R394 Humane Slaughter Bill, 1956
Navajo legislation file, 1955-1956
Zionism file, 1958
Labor file, 1955-1958
Moral rearmament, 1955
National Guard training matter, 1957
Oil imports, 1957
HR 627: Civil rights hearings, 1956-1957
Annuity increase for retired civil service employees, 1957
Classified pay raise, 1955-1958
Dental research appropriation, 1956
Federal aid to education, 1956-1957
Fort Sill file, 1955-1958
Gas Bill, 1955-1956
Highway Bill, 1956
2R395 House Congressional Resolution 190 file, 1955
HR 4627:Alcohol advertisements via all ad mediums
Budget file, 1957
Charter World War I Veterans, 1957-1958
Church of Christ v. Italian government, 1957
Insurance legislation, 1956-1958
2R446 Natural Gas files, 1951-1957
Oil Depletion Allowance (information for the 86th Congress)
2R443 Oil import files, 1957-1958
2R444 Oil import files, 1957-1958
Natural gas information
2R445 HR 11781: Ways and Means Committee, 1958
Oil imports, 1955-1956
Oil and gas Information, 1953-1954
Natural Gas Act
HR 6790: Harris Gas Bill, 1957
Natural Gas information
Oil and Gas publications
2R370 Oil imports correspondence, 1959
2R367 Oil import legislation file, 1960
2R406 Arkansas-White-Red River Basin
Department of Agriculture watershed assistance (soil conservation service
Trinity River watershed (includes 13th Congressional District), 1957
Brazos River Authority
Brazos River Flood Control Project
Brazos River Authority: flood control (protests from Graham and Young Counties)
Gainesville Reservoir (Arkansas-White-Red river)
Ways and Means: Arkansas-White-Red River Basin
2R407 Arkansas, White and Red River file #2
Publications related to Texas water resources, 1959
2R408 Reports on Texas water resources
3G359 Tax incentives for educational expenses
Trade bill, 1958
Old bills, Frank Ikard
Judicial Review of Administrative Findings of the Secretary of Labor under Title III of the Social Security Act
Duty Free Entry of an Electron Microscope for Use of Wadley Research Institute of Dallas, Texas
Internal Revenue Code, Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies
Internal Revenue Code to Provide for Depreciation of Rolling Stock of Railroad and Private Corporations
2R392 Connally amendment correspondence, 1960
National Council of Churches file (communism, pacifism, and socialism), 1958
Fair Labor Standards legislation, 1959
HR 12176: Farm Labor Bill, 1960
Civil Service status for Agriculture Stabilization Conservation (ASC) employees, 1960
Church of Christ file, 1959
Federal education aid, 1960
Foreign affairs and aid files, 1959
Gasoline tax increase correspondence, 1959
Interstate Highway file, 1958
Income tax deduction files, 1958
Forand Bill (Social Security), 1958-1959
2R409 HB-4700: Forand Bill files, 1959-1960
2R419 Department of Defense general file, 1954-1960
Export-Import Bank Information, 1956
Farmer’s Home Administration, 1958
Federal Aviation Agency, 1959-1960
Federal Communications Commission, 1957
Federal Communications Commission: Phonevision file, 1955
Federal Housing Administration, 1958
Federal Power Commission, 1955
Federal Trade Commission, 1958
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, 1954
General Accounting Office file
Great Plains Conservation Program, 1958
House of Representatives building completion plans
Ikard Gas Bill, 1955
2R420 Highway program, 1955
Department of Agriculture releases
Army Engineers (river and harbors, Red River, etc), 1959-1960
Budget Information, 1957-1959
Bureau of Mines
Civil Aeronautics Board, 1959
Bureau of the Census, 1959-1960
Civil Service Commission, 1960
Commerce Department, 1955-1960
Office of Defense Mobilization, 1956-1959
Interior Department
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1959
International Cooperation Administration, 1957
Justice Department, 1955
Labor Department, 1951-1959
Library of Congress, 1956-1958
Marine Corps correspondence, 1952-1956
National Park Service, 1959
Navy Department, 1957-1959
Patent Information, 1957-1958
Plumbing fixtures (federal specifications)
2R421 Urban renewal and public housing, 1958
Health Education and Welfare, 1959-1960
Housing and Home Finance, 1957-1960
General Services Administration: Lease purchase information, 1956-1959
Immigration and Naturalization requests
Post Office file, 1958-1960
Rural Electrification Administration file; Reclamation file, 1958
Small Business Administration file
United States railroad retirement board benefits for railroad workers
Social Security Administration: claims file, 1957-1958
Soil Conservation Service file, 1957
International Rescue Committee: sponsoring Hungarian refugees, 1956-1957
2R424 Social Security for physicians, 1957
Social security for firemen and policemen
States rights file
Supreme Court file, 1956-1957
2R460 Supreme Court file, 1959
State unemployment compensation benefits, 1958
Shrimp import quota bill, 1960
Smathers bill for relief of railroads, 1958
Smith bill for state’s rights, 1958
Social Security file
Telephone Tax correspondence, 1959
2R422 State Department
Surplus property
Treasury Department
Uranium in Texas
Veterans Administration
2R461 Transportation excise tax, 1959
Veteran’s affairs committee, 1959
Correspondence related to bills pending in the committee
Veteran’s legislation correspondence, 1960
Keogh bill, 1959-1960
Boggs bill
Churches and temperance organization object to provision (local option), etc.
Forand Bill, 1960
2R391 Farm Bill, 1959
2R368 Labor legislation files (including constituent correspondence), 1959
Forand Bill file, 1960
2R369 Forand Bill files, 1960
Foard County general file, 1960
Texas Women’s University National Science Foundation Grant, 1958-1959
Minimum Wage file, 1960
Life insurance taxation, 1960
National Debt Retirement (correspondence related to Ikard’s bill, HR 4587), 1959
2R370 Pay television file, 1960-1961
Post office and Civil Service commission, 1959
Repeal of Parcel Post law limiting size and weight of parcel post packages, 1959
Railroad employees’ retirement benefits file, 1959
Railroad unemployment insurance legislation, 1959
School Construction Act, 1960
Segregation file, 1959
Labor legislation file, 1959-1960
2R388 Tax treatment of refunds by cooperatives
HR 7123: Boggs Bill
Cooperative taxation information, 1960
Social Security, proposed changes, firemen, policemen, 1960
Proposed natural gas tax bill, 1960
Panel discussions on revisions of taxes, 1959-1960
Membership list, 1958-1959
3C131 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations:
Metropolitan area transportation, etc.
Federal grants in aid
Restriction on local debts
Docket books:
April 27-28, 1961
June 15-16, 1961
September 14-15, 1961
3C132 Tax overlapping in the United States, 1961
Canadian oil
Pound, Ezra, 1958
News releases of Ikard's resignation
Electoral college statement
American Bankers' Association, regarding proposed withholding tax on dividends and interest
3G360 Internal Revenue Code Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies
Internal Revenue Code to Allow a Deduction from the Gross Estate for the Value of Property Passing to Children
Subchapters of Internal Revenue Code to Provide for its Application in the case of Certain Rental Housing
Chapter I of Internal Revenue Code in Regard to Certain Investments of Dealers in Real Estate
Internal Revenue Code to Provide Exemption from Excise Tax on Rebuilt Auto Parts and Accessories
Ways and Means Committee:
Statement of Robert Wagner, the Chicago Corporation Taxation
Income tax data
General file, 1961
3K89 Eighty-fourth Congress, second session, bills introduced by Ikard
Eighty-fifth Congress:
First session:
Bills introduced by Ikard
Reports on Lead-Zinc industry
Eighty-sixth Congress:
First session:
Bills and resolutions introduced by Ikard
Second session:
Bills introduced by Ikard
Depletion allowance
Depreciation and salvage in states under community property
Long-term United States bonds
Technical Information Release 113, Treasury Department
Report, "Taxation of the Factory Mutual Insurance Companies Under the Internal Revenue Code"
3K90 Eighty-seventh Congress, first session:
Bills introduced by Ikard:
HR 2: Small business tax adjustment, 1959-1961
Newspapers, Periodicals, Clippings, and Pamphlets
Press Releases. Speeches, Testimony, and memoranda
HR 96: Excise tax on club dues
HR 232: Amendment to the Liberty Bond Act
HR 232: Amendment to the Liberty Bond Act
HR 233: Education tax deduction
HR 407: Non-taxable property exchange
HR 3045: Back pay for Army officers
HR 3488: Insurance agent tax issues
HR 4830: Radio broadcasting hours
HR 4903: Gasoline tax
HR 6362: Tax liability
HR 6363: Excise tax on toilet preparations
3K91 HR 6666: Construction reserve funds (interstate commerce)
HR 7057: RE: Cannelton Sewer Pipe
HR 7058: Burnt clay products
HR 7219: Railroad tax credit
HR 7804: Grant-in-aid review
HR 8338: Supreme Court
HR 8600: Estate taxes
3K92 Correspondence, 1961
87th Congress (1st session): Reports, Newsletters, and Memoranda
Correspondence with members of Congress, 1961
Bill forms
2R429 Agriculture file, 1961-62
Minimum wage file, 1961
Piggy-back letters for HR 5937, S 1089, and S 1197
Interstate and foreign commerce file, 1961-1962
House Judiciary, 1961-1962
House Foreign Affairs Committee, 1961
Castro’s Prisoners for Tractors proposal, 1961
Government operations, 1961-1962
House Administration, 1961-1962
Foreign aid file, 1961
House Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1961-1962
Situs Picketing, 1961
Strike and labor file, 1961
World War I Pension letters, 1961
HR 4606: Herlong’s bill
HR 6363: Ikard’s bill
2R430 Merchant Marine and Fisheries file, 1961-1962
“Piggy-back” letters concerning S. 1089, S. 1197, and HR 5937, 1961
Post Office and Civil Service file, 1961-1962
Public works file, 1961-1962
Rules Committee controversy, 1961
House Committee on Un-American Activities file, 1961-1962
Veterans Affairs file, 1961-1962


Ways and Means Files:

2R405 Ways and Means Committee:
Newspaper publicity
Statistics on Federal Appropriations and Expenditures
Election returns, 1954
Newspaper clippings, 1951-1952
2R364 Ways and Means Committee Files:
Social security; segregation, 1955
General files L-X, 1953
News releases, 1953
Correspondence, 1953-1955
Newspapers in the 13th District, 1953
New Year’s letter, 1953
2R362 Ways and Means Committee:
Social Security file, 1954-1956
Trade Agreements Extension Act
Testimony before Ways and Means Committee on HR 1
Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1955, HR 1, 84th Congress
2R361 Ways and Means Committee Files, 1955:
Taxes and cooperatives
Tax bill information
Narcotics subcommittee
Change in excise tax on cosmetics
Committee notices
Applicants for committee assignments
84th Congress, 1st session, notices and agenda
Testimony cabinet on Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
Analysis of the Custom Simplification Act, 1955
National Debt Increase
2R363 Ways and Means Committee, 1955-1956:
Trade Agreements extension testimony
HR 1, 84th Congress 1st session: reciprocal trade
HR 43, 1955; to amend internal revenue code, 1954
HR 2815: Capital gains and loses holding period
HR 4259: Tax rate extension action, 1955
HR 4582: Un-used pension trust contribution
HR 4671: Wool Bill, 1956
HR 4904: Extension of the renegotiation, 1951
HR 5550: Organization for Trade Cooperation
HR 6040: Customs Simplification Act, 1955
HR 6059: Philippine trade extension agreements
HR 6595:Amend law relating to estate tax
HR 6802: RE: Gift Tax
HR 7160, 1956
HR 7201: Revenue code revision (insurance)
HR 7225: Taxation
HR7466: Duty on watch imports
HR 9075: Highway bill (Boggs)
HR 9559: Oil and gas tax law
HR 11436 and 11437: Imported watch “upjeweling”
Alger amendment to internal rev. code of 1954, 84 Congress, 1st session
2R396 Subcommittee on Customs, Tariffs, and Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Ways and Means Committee files (HR 838: Mills bill—Ikard filed a minority report)
Ways and Means Committee files
Insurance information file
2R393 Ways and Means Committee files, etc., 1956-1958
2R385 Ways and Means Committee
85th Congress 1st session Sub-committees, 1957-1960:
Status of bills referred to the committee on which legislation was taken, 1957
Miscellaneous bills correspondence, 1957
Anti-dumping act, 1957
Anti-merger bill: House judiciary committee, 1957
Miscellaneous statements, letters, and committee press releases 86th Congress
HR 3000
Internal Revenue bulletins, 1959
Foreign trade tax provisions info, 1959
General tax revision hearings, 1958
Carved out oil payments (subcommittee on Internal Revenue taxation), 1957
Keogh bill, 1960
Income tax file, 1958
2R388 Standing Committees of the House of Representatives for the 86th Congress
HR 5551: except retirement funds from income tax, 1957
HR 1, 1955 Reciprocal Trade
Taft-Hartley and amendment
Tito (opposition to U.S. visit), 1957
Ways and Means Committee: Excise Tax on handmade auto seat covers, 1956
Miscellaneous and general (out of district): Q-R, 1957
President file
2R389 Ways and Means Committee files:
Interoffice correspondence, 1957
Inaugural information, 1957
Postal rate increase, 1957
Tax matters, 1955
Out of District General file, 1957
United Nations, 1957
Veteran’s requests, 1957
Television subscriptions, 1957
Treaties, 1957
Postal employee pay raise, 1957
Invitations, 1957
2R390 Ways and Means Committee, 1957
News commentaries, 1957
Miscellaneous and general (out of district): M-P, 1957
National Federation of Independent Business Ballots, 1957
Boggs Subcommittee on foreign trade policy, 1957
Ways and Means committee, HR 9 and 10: Jenkins-Keogh bill
2R386 Ways and Means Committee, 1957-1960:
HR 454: Rank Smith Bill
HR 2151: Harrison Bill
HR 4613: Harden Bill
HR 4734 United States Savings Bonds
HR 5938: Surviving Spouse
Forand Subcommittee on excise taxes, 1957
Telegraph excise tax problems, 1958
Tax relief for small corporations
Sec. 264: life insurance borrowing
Social Security file, 1960
General tax information for committee’s use
HR 7125: Excise tax on leased or second-hand articles, 1957
HR 4090: Tax Rate Extension Act, 1957
2R387 Ways and Means Committee files:
Subcommittee on Internal Revenue Taxation, 1956
Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation, 1959
National Fuels Policy
Taxation, 1959
Posting of Bonds in certain estate cases
Halbert Woodward
Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act, 1958
Watch tariff, 1957
Letter from Weeks, Bird, Cannon, and Appleman to Mr. Stamoon (Amending Section 421 Internal Revenue Code)
State unemployment compensation benefits, 1958
Forand Bill
2R366 Ways and Means Committee files, 1959-1960:
Action on Ikard’s bills to the House, 1959
Federal Reserve System: Facts and Problem, 1960
Texas Tax Information, 1959
Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation, 86th Congress
Internal Revenue Service publication, 1959
2R391 Ways and Means Committee: Insurance file, 1959
2R410 Ways and Means Committee: miscellaneous reports, 1959-1960
Housing Bill, 1959
HR 1217: free importation of amorphous graphite
HR 3000/3001: Herlong-Baker bills, 1959
Automobile financing by manufacturer, 1959
HR 5640: temporary unemployment compensation
Miscellaneous statements, letters, and Committee press releases on Ways and Means legislation (86th Congress), 1959
HR 1: Lake diversion bill; HR 5: Boggs bill (86th Congress), 1959
HR 519: Creates additional depository airports, 1959
HR 1011: Federal Airport Act, 1959
HR 5555: State’s water rights bill (Rogers, TX), 1959
HR 5950: Interstate Highway system, 1959
HR 6432 and HR 1181: non-service connected veterans pension issues, 1959
Ways and Means Committee: Debt management, 1959
HR 8126: applies to stock or securities distributed under an antitrust decree, 1959
HR 7175: Agricultural appropriation,
2R411 HR 7236: to allow gas tax refunds due for gasoline used for aerial applicators for farmer (refunds to applicators)
HR 9625 and S 3103: technical amendments act (objections by railways), 1960
HR 10590: Mortgage finance legislation
Family Farm Income Act, 1960
Poage Bill
Farm Bureau issue file
Advertising of alcoholic beverages on radio/television
2R427 Ways and Means Committee:
President’s recommendation on tax credit for purchase of new equipment (incentives)
Capital gains tax on real estate sales, 1961
Keogh Bill: retirement for self-employed, 1961
General tax reform measures, 1961
Interstate highway financing, 1961
Social Security reform: aged medical care (negative position file), 1961
2R428 Social Security reform: aged medical care (negative position file), 1961
Social Security: general file
Banking and currency files, 1961
Housing Act, 1961
Federal Reserve bank file: elimination of the 25% gold requirement
District of Columbia file, 1961-1962
Print materials, 1961
Federal aid to education file, 1961
General issue file, 1961
House Committee on Armed Service, 1961-1962
Appropriations Committee, 1961-1962
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1961
Farm legislation, 1961
3K93 Ways and Means Committee: 87th Congress (1st session):
Matters concerning the Internal Revenue Code and taxation of foreign goods, 1961
Business expenses, 1961
Acquired property, 1961
Mutual Insurance Companies, 1961
Foreign income, 1961
Cooperatives, 1961
Transportation and compensatory stock options, 1961
3K94 Ways and Means Committee, 1961 (87th Congress)
Matters concerning recommendations by the President
Committee staff
Foreign aid
Domestic economic policy
Gold and the balance of payments
Unemployment compensation and social security
Miscellaneous reports and statements
3K95 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Affairs:
Ikard's appointment to the Commission
Informational materials
Docket book for eighth meeting
2R415 Ways and Means Committee: correspondence on El Paso savings and loan and withholding tax
Gore Bill against tax on foreign retirement pay
Kennedy’s tax message
Ways and Means Committee:
Du Pont divesture of General Motors stock legislation, 1961
Transportation tax file, 1961
Telephone tax repeal, 1961
Income tax exception increase, 1961
Tax on gasoline, 1961
President’s recommendations on taxation of savings and loan associations
President’s recommendations on business entertainment and travel expense deduction
Co-operative tax file, 1961
Mutual Fire and Casualty Insurance taxation file, 1961
Tax deduction for lobbying, 1961
Life insurance taxation, 1961
2R416 Ways and Means Committee, withholding tax on dividends and interest, 1961



2R475 List of Ikard's law class, 1936
2R476 Ikard personal file, 1951-1952
Invitations and responses, 1951-1952
2R473 Personal file, 1954
Invitation and responses, 1954
Independent business file, 1954
2R370 Christmas cards (received), 1954
2R372 Christmas cards, 1954
Interoffice mail
2R479 Democratic National Committee, 1955
Invitations and responses, 1955
2R419 Mrs. Ena Ikard European trip file, 1955
2R464 Personal file, 1955
Texas Ex-students Association dinner, 1955
2R376 Stationary room account, 1956
Telephone account, 1956
File copy of telegrams, 1956
2R378 The Capitol in Story and Pictures, 1956
Democratic National Committee file, 1956
Invitations and responses, 1956
Interoffice correspondence, 1956
2R379 Personal file, 1956
2R422 Stationary room account, 1957
Telegraph account
Telephone account
2R423 Democratic National Committee file, 1957
2R424 Personal file, 1957
Personal bills paid
Personal file (W.S. Carrow, deceased), 1957
Personal file (W.S. Carrow, deceased), 1957
Information on additional district Judges for Texas, 1957
Invitations and responses, 1957
Resolutions Passed by Texas State Legislature, 1957
2R382 Job request files: R-S, 1957-1960
Job request files: R-S
2R398 Interoffice correspondence, 1958
2R399 Ikard invitations and responses, 1958
Ikard personal file, 1958
2R397 Stationary room account, 1958
Telegraph account, 1958
Telephone account, 1958
2R391 Telephone account, 1959
Telegrams, 1959
2R392 Stationary room account, 1959
2R383 Job requests, 1961
2R431 Job seekers (help requests), 1955-1961
2R432 Job seekers (help requests), 1955-1961
2R441 National Federation of Independent Business Ballots, 1959
Member of Congress correspondence, 1959
Invitations and responses, 1959
2R442 Invitations and responses, 1959
Personal file, 1959
Interoffice correspondence
Democratic National Committee file, 1959
2R404 Invitations and responses: J-Z, 1960-1961
Statement about leaving Congress, 1961
Congratulations and condolences, 1961
2R405 Invitations, 1961
Letters of condolence (death of father), 1953
3F183 Photograph of Frank Neville Ikard with actress Elizabeth Taylor, 1977
Program for funeral service of Frank Neville Ikard, 1991
"Resolution in Memoriam, Frank N. Ikard," American Petroleum Institute, with accompanying letter, 1992
Sketch "The Brick House," Lady Bird Taylor Johnson's childhood home in Karnack, Texas, by Max Cole, 6 in. X 8.5 in. Description typed on social card with printed names: "Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Benjamin Baldwin"
2.325/OD6 Oversize photographic prints:
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, 1956, 1959, 1961