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A Guide to the Archibald A. Hill Papers, 1924-1989

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hill, Archibald A.
Title: Archibald A. Hill Papers
Dates: 1924-1989
Abstract: Correspondence, works and publications, notes, sound recordings and photographs document the life and career of Dr. Archibald Anderson Hill, 1902-1992, a renowned scholar and professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin.
Accession No.: 92-275; 93-329; 95-233; 95-241; 2017-087
Extent: 8 feet, 8 inches
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Archibald Anderson Hill (1902-1992) was a renowned scholar and professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin. Born in New York City on July 5, 1902, Dr. Hill grew up in San Diego and graduated from Pomona College, California in 1923 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He received a Master of Arts in English from Stanford University in 1926 and a Ph.D. in English from Yale University in 1927. Dr. Hill taught at the University of Michigan (1926-1930), the University of Virginia (1930-1952) and Georgetown University (1952-1955) before joining the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 1955, where he remained until his retirement in 1972. In 1928, he married Muriel Louise Eyard. Dr. Hill died in Austin on March 29, 1992.

Dr. Hill's research was in structural linguistics, emphasizing language teaching, dialects, the history of the English language, English manuscript studies, and the use of linguistics in the study of literature. He was instrumental in developing the Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas. He donated an extensive collection of books and periodicals about linguistics to the university, and the Department of Linguistics established the Archibald A. Hill Library to house his numerous contributions. Additionally, Dr. Hill served as Secretary and Treasurer for the Linguistic Society of America (1950-1968), and in 1969 was elected President.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, works and publications, notes, sound recordings and photographs document the life and career of Dr. Archibald Anderson Hill. The records relate chiefly to Dr. Hill’s career as a linguist, both during his tenure at the University of Texas and after his retirement. The majority of the records are correspondence about linguistics, 1968-1986, including criticism of colleagues’ works and a set of letters to his wife describing his 1968 lectures in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Dr. Hill’s published and unpublished works also comprise a significant amount of the collection, including collaborative work with Martin Joos. Dr. Hill’s professional activities with the Linguistic Society of America and his visit to Bogota, Colombia are also documented in the collection. A portion of the records consist of Dr. Hill’s own subject files, such as “Middle English Dialects,” “Phonemics for Class Use,” and “Archaeology and Germanic Expansion,” and notes about teaching linguistics. Sound recordings of the 1958 Texas Conference on Problems of Linguistics Analysis in English include an early Noam Chomsky presentation and subsequent discussion. This collection also contains photographs, records of Dr. Hill’s naval career, personal correspondence, and honors and awards.


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Archibald A. Hill Papers, 1924-1989, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers

Series I. Personal Material
92-275/1 Navy, 1924-25; 1941-49; 1954
Correspondence, 1970-1985
2.325/A22a Correspondence, Archibald and Muriel Hill, while A. Hill lecturing in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1968
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979-1986
92-275/12 Assorted correspondence, 1986
2.325/A143c Assorted correspondence, 1988
Address file, undated
3S53 Photographs, from correspondence between Hill and his wife, February 16, 1968
92-275/2 Photographs (5 items), undated
Assorted Materials

Series II. Linguistics
92-275/2 Professional Activities
Linguistic Society of America, 1975-86
Bogota, Columbia Visit, 1962-63
Assorted Materials
92-275/3 Correspondence
Criticism of Colleagues' Works, 1949-50; 1970-85
92-275/4 About Linguistics, 1970-85
92-275/5 About Linguistics, continued, 1970-85
92-275/6 Works and publications
"Relevant Phonetics: Physical Sounds, Classes of English," two volumes, undated
"Handbook of Twentieth Century English," Stockwell-Hill book/draft, undated
92-275/7 "Parts of Speech," undated
Notes and Drafts
Correspondence, 1967
Collaborative works, Archibald Hill and Martin Joos
"Poetry and Stylistics"
"The Sound of Symbolism of Poe"
2.325/N57 "Analysis of the Windhover," 1969
92-275/7 "Pippa's Song"
ELEC, undated
Section 1: Chapters 1-49, 59-61
92-275/8 Section 2: Chapters 50-57
Chapters 50-61, carbon copies
"Albert Henry Marckwardt," obituary, 1975
"Deconstruction and Analysis of Meaning in Literature," off print, 1985
A Review of The Theory of English Lexicography, undated
"Charles Carpenter Fries and the Teaching of Literature," off print, two copies, 1985
"Phonemics Thirty Years After," off print and manuscript, 1985
"It's How You Say It," letter to Time magazine, 1981
"A Structural View of Sound-Change," undated
Manuscript (2 copies)
"Critics, Dictionaries, and Meaning," undated
"Rhymes and Reasons, the Practice of Two Poets," 1976
3 manuscripts and notes
2.325/N57 Rhetorical Balance in Chaucer's Poetry (2 files), 1927
Principles Governing Semantic Parallels, 1959
Post-nominal Modifiers: Transformations and Phonology, 1965
Analogies, Icons and Images in Relation to Semantic Content of Discourses, 1968
Studies in Language, Literature, and Culture of the Middle Ages and Later, 1969
Laymen, Lexicographers, and Linguists, 1970
92-275/8 Book jacket for Constituent and Pattern in Poetry
92-275/9 Rejects
"'Tennessee's Partner' by Bret Harte: Literature and the System Values in Language Classroom," Tokyo, 1967
"'How Does Rhythmic Prose Work?' Essays in Honor of Claude M. Wise," 1970
"Sound-Symbolism in Lexicon and Literature," undated
"The Green Knight's Castle and the Translators," undated
"A Phonological Description of Poetic Ornaments," undated
"Pseudo-Linguistics and Literature," undated
"English Metrics: A Restatement," undated
"A Sample Literary Analysis," undated
"Some Linguistics Approaches to Total Meaning," undated
"The Windhover Revisited," undated
"Two Lines from Dylan Thomas: Meaning and Source Elements," undated
"Literature and Language Teaching,” undated
"Introduction," undated
Untitled, 12 pages, undated
Unidentified Manuscripts (4 inches)
3U12 Folder 5: Drill Materials and Instructor’s Handbook for ELEC Intensive Course in English for Adults, Preliminary Edition, typescript, 1961
Folder 6: Papers and articles by Archibald A. Hill, reprints and clippings, 1949-1961; list of publications, 1931-1972
2.325/N57 Introduction to Linguistic Structures: From Sound to Sentence in English (pub. 1958), typescript with handwritten corrections, undated
Notes on Writing and Writing Systems undated
List of Publications 1969
92-275/10 Subject Files/Notes
92-275/11 Subject Files/Notes, continued
2.325/A21c Conferences
Texas Conferences on Problems of Linguistics Analysis in English, 1958
7” reel-to-reel tapes
Tapes 1-5: J. Sledd, presentation and discussion, Friday, May 9, 1958
Tapes 5-7: Long, paper and discussion, Saturday, May 10, 1958
Tapes 7-9: Smith, presentation and discussion, Sunday, May 11, 1958
Tapes 9-11: Noam Chomsky, presentation and discussion, Monday, May 12, 1958
2.325/D42b Honors and Awards
Certificate of Emeritation, Board of Regents, University of Texas at Austin, May 20, 1972
4Zf3.3 Plaque, Award Presented by the Liberal Arts Foundation Advisory Council to Archibald A. Hill in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the College of Liberal Arts, 1989
2.325/P68a Sound Recordings – Linguistics
12” metal phonograph records
Boatman Prayer, undated
Jim Kewanwytewa, Oraibi, Arizona, Third Mesa, #1264-#1268, undated
B. Bloch, Atlas Alphabet, copy, undated
No. 6, Prayer Key Ode Heaven / Lighten the Valley, undated
No. 10, Mr. Carter, undated
No. 13, [?] Berry, undated
No. 20, Henrietta Perry, undated
155-157, Captain Tom Smith, copies, II-IV, July 31, 1934
W.E.F. 3, 6-1, 7-7, 10, undated
Part 1, Mrs. Williams, Norfolk, undated
Unidentified (2)
12” vinyl (coated) phonograph records
#1380, Gustavas G. Dudley, West Point, King and Queen County, Virginia, copy, undated
#1388 and 1390, Aunt Phoebe Boyd, aged 88, Dunnsville, Essex County, Virginia, copy, undated
#1398-1399, Mrs. Lawrence A. Washington, Oak Grove, Westmoreland County, Virginia, copy, undated
Unidentified (1)
2.325/P68b 7” Soundscriber disc
Unidentified, inserted Tagalog writing sample, 1947
10” metal phonograph records
Fraser, Nova Scotia / Aylett Everett, Cismont, Virginia, May 19, 1934
Tones of Siamese, courtesy of Boone L. Boriboon / Siamese poetry and national anthem, November 19, 1935
Sarah Ast[ou?] Brooks daughter / Sally Ashton, Former Slave, undated
Gehmann Daitsch, undated
Mrs. Fanny Grub / [?] Grubb, Roanoke County, May 30, 1934
Hancock, undated
Charlie Si[?[fes / Rule Mahanes, Keswick, Virginia, May 20, 1934
Mrs. Margaret Samson, Cismont, undated
Mr. Robert Lee, New Castle, Virginia, Brother of Charles, undated
Tom Morris, Keswick, May 20, 1934
Dicey, undated
No. 12, Mrs. Annie Williams, 101 years, undated
Louis [U.?] Hock, Roanoke and Charlottesville, undated
1. Shout – Hold Me / 2. Names and Ages, No. 15, undated
Morton D. Vaughn, student from Altavista, Campbell County, Virginia, undated
10” vinyl records
Mazateco Whistle Texts - Summer Institute of Linguistics, undated
“Good American Pronunciation,” Professor Miles L. Hanley, University of Wisconsin, For Use with the Thorndike-Century Dictionaries, 1942
8” metal phonograph records
Muriel and Archibald Hill reading “The Colonel’s Trout Yard,” from “Colonel Carter of Cartersville,” J. Hopkinson Smith, transcribed, January 1, 1934
Jack Patterson / George Reese, undated
McMullen, Standard Northern, undated
Richardson, undated
James Warfield Smith; Brazilian; Portuguese; Born and brought up in Brazil; November 21, 1935
T. Steven Tegu; Macedonian-Rumanian; (Vlach); born in Macedonia, lived in this country for ten years; left Macedonia c. 10 years old. This is still spoken in house; Vovousa – Macedonia, undated
Agnes Allen; Flandreau, S. Dakota; Sioux, undated
Julio Gallan, Havana – middle class, Spanish, February 7, 1934
German; Standard and Silesian, with transcripts, undated
Mrs. Volm; Standard German, undated
Harry Corbin, II (Boy about 16 years, 2nd grade schooling), undated
9, [Reese?], Reading, with transcription, November 10, 1937
Gilliéron Mangin, Etudes de géographie linguistique, Paris, Champion, with transcript, 1915
Duke reading, Richmond, undated
Unidentified (2)
92-275/13 7” reel-to-reel audio tapes, material in French, Spanish and German, contents unidentified, undated
5” reel-to-reel audio tapes, contents unidentified, undated