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George G. Arnakis Papers, 1918-1975

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Arnakis, George Georgiades, 1912-1976
Title: George G. Arnakis papers
Dates: 1918-1975
Abstract: Correspondence, research materials, publications, printed material, and photographs of George G. Arnakis, Professor of History at The University of Texas at Austin, 1957 to 1976.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00787
Extent: 9.33 linear feet
Language: Greek, Modern (1453-) , English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

George Georgiades Arnakis (1912-1976) was born in Constantinople (Istanbul) and became a citizen of Greece before moving to the United States in 1948. He taught at the University of Kansas (1948-1955) before serving the University of Texas at Austin as visiting Associate Professor of History in 1955. In 1956 and 1957 he taught at the University of Chicago and Texas Christian University, returning to UT Austin in 1957. He specialized in Near Eastern and Modern Greek History as well as in Ancient Roman and Greek History.

Dr. Arnakis was a member of multiple organizations and committees, and in 1965 he founded and served as director of the Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies.


Memoriam for George G. Arnakis on the University of Texas website

Scope and Contents

The George G. Arnakis Papers, 1918-1975, include manuscripts, publications, research materials, correspondence, printed material, photographs, clippings, and other materials pertaining to Arnakis' career at The University of Texas at Austin, Greek authors and historians, and the history of Rumania.


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Personal Names
Arnakis, George Georgiades, 1912-1976
Corporate Names
The University of Texas at Austin

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George G. Arnakis Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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1995-198; 2009-326

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Detailed Description of the Collection


95-198/1 Reprints and publications, 1926-1970
Personal identification papers of Apostolos Paul Flabouras
95-198/2 Eva Catafygiotu Topping, "Thalassa, Thalassa: An Essay on Kalvos," edited manuscripts, 1970-1972
Cornelia Papacostea Danielopolu, "Historiographie Grecque en Roumanie, 1821-1866," edited manuscripts and galley, 1970-1972
C. M. Woodhouse, "Capodistria and the Philike Hetairia," edited manuscripts and galley, 1971-1974
A. E. Vakalopoulos, "Background and Causes of the Greek Revolution," edited manuscripts and galley, 1970-1974
Nicholas Tgettis, "Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon," 1967, photocopy of music score and program for concert, 1974
Lemos Greek Repertory Theatre, programs, newspaper clippings, and related material, 1960-1970, undated
Manuscripts, 1973, undated
Newspaper and magazine clippings in an envelope addressed to Michael Hatsos, 1969, 1970, undated
Postcards, photographs (includes 1 photograph of Nikos Kazantzakis), newspaper clippings, playbills, and other material (many postcards addressed to Michael Hatsos), 1948, 1950, 1958-1960, 1968, undated
James Alexandris, "Leonas Destiny," undated manuscript
Newspaper and journal clippings, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1946-1947, 1961, 1970
Photographs, Studio photograph of a man signed Alban, Alban Alexandrie, no date, and photograph of President Lyndon B. Johnson with Karina Tsopei (Miss Universe 1964) and Mike Manatos (Administrative Assistant to President Johnson), August 12, 1964
M. Valsa (Demetrios Valsamides), "A Cabinet Meeting: One Act Mockery in 5 Scenes," manuscript, 1924
Newspaper and journal clippings, 1923, 1926, 1927, 1964, 1966, 1971
Greece 1967, pamphlets, clippings, manuscripts, reprints and other material
Photographs of sculptures, paintings, Gus Vali, Ulysses Lappas, and others, 1926, 1927, undated
Prints, Galanis 1928, reprints, manuscripts, correspondence, 1960, 1964, 1965, 1975, undated
AHEPA correspondence, 1968
United States political position of Greece and Turkey, and the Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois, correspondence, article photocopies, 1975
Correspondence, clippings, manuscript, 1928, 1929, undated
Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, and other material, 1963-1975, undated
95-198/3 Annotated manuscripts, reprints, and books
95-198/4 New-Hellenika, Manuscripts and edited galleys, 1971-1974
Cover and title pages
Discarded material
Mark L. Davis, "Seferis' 'Thrush'"
John P. Anton, "Henderson's Treatment of Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment," review article
Georgios Fatouros, "Versuch Einer Interpretation Zweier Gedichte Von Solomos"
Carl R. Zimmerman, "Philhellenism in the American Press During the Greek Revlution"
Jean Dimakis, "La Chute de Missolonghi et la Politique Partisane en France"
M. Byron Raizis, "American Philhellenic Poetry, 1821-1830"
Dionysios A. Zakythinos, "Neo-Hellenic Letters and Comparative Literature"
Johannes Irmscher, "Friedrich Thierschs Philhellenische Anfange"
Stavros Deligiorgis, "A Byzantine Romance in International Perspective: The Drosilla and Charikles of Niketas Eugenianos"
Georgios Fatouros, "Uber das Volkslied...."
Harry L. Levy, "The Word 'TOIOYTOE' as a Euphemism"
Antonio Garzya, "Sull' Accezione Coloristica di Formazioni da Indoeuropeo *pak-(pag) Nella Storia Della Lingua Greca"
James J. Farsolas, "The Greek Revolution in the Principalities as seen by Alexander Pushkin"
Nikolaos B. Tomadakis, "The Proclamation of Ypsilantis...and the 'Hymn to Liberty' by Solomos"
William Peter Kaldis, "The Evolution of Executive Power During the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1831"
George G. Arnakis, "Everett and the Question of Recognition of Greece in 1823-1824"
The Near East in Modern Times
Outline, Part III, Professor George Arnakis, mimeographed pages
Text, pamphlet
95-198/5 Telos Agras, manuscripts, correspondence, undated
Menos Anagnostopoulos, letter, manuscripts, 1925, 1928
Phoibos Anatoleas, manuscripts, 1915, undated
Sophia Antoniades, note, 1932
P. Aravantinos, letter, 1924
Stephanos Avleos, manuscripts, 1925
Rita Boumi [-Pappa], letter, 1930
Constantine P. Cavafy, correspondence, 1924, 1928
Petros Charis, manuscript, 1924
Christos Christovasilis, letter, 1926
Irene Dendrinou, photograph, correspondence, galley proof, manuscript, 1923, 1929, undated
Kimon Doukas, manuscripts, 1927, 1928
Kostas N. Drakopoulos, manuscripts, correspondence, 1927-1929, 1931, 1932
Anastasios Drivas, manuscripts, 1924, undated
Pythagoras Droussiotis, letter, manuscript, 1927, 1928
E. Eleftheriades, manuscript, undated
Kaisar Emmanouil, manuscripts, undated
Menos Filintas, manuscripts, drawing, correspondence, 1924, undated
Romos Filyras, manuscript, 1927
Paul Floros, manuscripts, correspondence, 1927, 1928
Nikos Frambaschalis, manuscript, 1923
Anastasios N. Frangos, manuscript, 1928
Velisarios Freris, correspondence, manuscript, 1925, 1928, undated
Photos Ghiophyllis, manuscripts, undated
Rigas Golfis, manuscripts, 1931, undated
Lili Iakovidi (Patrikiou), manuscripts, undated
Achilleas Grammatides, manuscripts, clipping, correspondence, 1928, 1929, 1952, undated
Nikos Hager-Boufides, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Yannis Kapsambelis, manuscripts, 1923, 1927, undated
Eitsa Karaiskaki, manuscript, undated
Isidoros Karalis, manuscript and reprint of portrait, undated
Vasilis Kasapakis, photograph, manuscripts, undated
Gerasimos D. Kasolas, manuscript, undated
Thrasos Kastanakis, photograph, manuscripts, correspondence, 1924, 1928, 1929, 1930, undated
N. G. Katiforis, manuscript, undated
G. C. Katsimbalis, letter, 1925
K. N. Konstantinides, correspondence, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Yannis Kordatos, photograph, letter, 1924
Archis Kovas, correspondence and manuscript, 1926
Nikos Laides, manuscripts, 1920
Napoleon Lapathiotis, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Orestis Laskos, manuscript, undated
D. S. Lavrangas, manuscript, undated
Andreas Loizos, manuscript, undated
Sarantos (M. D.) Loumos, manuscripts, 1918, undated
Miltiades Malakassis, manuscript, undated
Timos Malanos, letter and manuscript, 1928, undated
Apostolos Mammelis, reprinted portrait sketch, correspondence, manuscripts, 1924, undated
Apostolos Manganaris, reprinted portrait sketch, manuscripts, 1923, 1924, 1931, undated
Spyros Mavrelis, manuscripts, undated
Aristides Mavrides, manuscripts, 1922, 1924
Andreas Michalakopoulos, letter, 1925
Phanis Michalopoulos, manuscript, undated
Marietta Minotou, correspondence, 1928, 1933
George Modis, correspondence, manuscript, 1927, 1928
Stephanos Morphis, manuscript, undated
Kostas Mousouros (actor), correspondence, 1952
Stratis Myrivilis, calling card with notes, correspondence, 1929, 1931, 1933
Melos Nikolaides, photograph, letter, 1930
Dolis Nikvas, letter, manuscript, 1928, undated
Demetrios Oikonomides, printed portrait, correspondence, manuscript, 1929
Kostas Ouranis, correspondence, 1924
Kostis Palamas, printed portrait, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1923, undated
Spyros Panayotopoulos, manuscripts, undated
A. D. Papademas, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Emmanuel Papastephanou (friend of N. Kazantzakis), correspondence, photograph, 1924
Evangelos Papanoutsos, letter, 1929
Avram Papazoglou, letter, 1933
Stylianos Paraskevas, manuscript, 1924
Kostas Paroritis, photograph, correspondence, manuscript, 1924, 1926, undated
G. Pelleren (Hadjopoulos), photograph, manuscripts, 1923, undated
Hubert Pernot (professor) and Lascari (lecturer), correspondence, 1928, 1929
Petimezas-Lavras, manuscript, undated
Michalis Petrides, manuscripts, correspondence, 1925, 1931, undated
George Philanthides, manuscript, undated
Yankos Pierides, correspondence, undated
Yannis Psycharis, manuscript, correspondence, photograph, 1924, 1926, undated
Platon Rodokanakis, manuscript, undated
Leonidas Razelos, manuscript, undated
Romain Rolland, letter, 1930
Vasilis Rotas, letter, manuscript, 1929, undated
Louis Roussel, correspondence, photograph, 1928, 1929, undated
N. J. Saravas, correspondence, manuscript, 1929, undated
Rita Segopoulou, correspondence, 1928, 1931
Marinos Sigouros, letter and manuscript, 1928
Angelos Sikelianos, photocopy of poetry manuscript, newspaper clipping, undated
Iris Skaraveou, correspondence, photograph, manuscripts, 1928, 1929, undated
John Skarimbas, correspondence, photograph, 1930
Sotiris Skipis, correspondence, newspaper clipping, manuscript, 1928, undated
Stelios Sperantzas, manuscript, undated
G. K. Stambolis, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Michalis D. Stasinopoulos, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Thrasyuoulos Stavrakis, manuscript and letter, 1928, undated
Alexander Steinmetz, correspondence, manuscript, photograph, pamphlet, 1928, 1929, undated
Panos Tangopoulos, correspondence, newspaper clipping, 1929-1931, undated
Athena Tarsouli, notes on cards, undated
Angelos Terzakis, correspondence, 1929, 1933
George Theotokas, correspondence, 1928, 1929, 1933
Thomas Thomopoulos (sculptor), letter, 1925
N. B. Tomadakis, letter, 1925
Michalis Tombros (sculptor), correspondence, 1924, 1928
Dionysios T. Tsakasianos, letter, manuscripts, 1928, undated
Gerasimos Tsoukalas, manuscript, 1929
Takis Tzortzis (Georgis), manuscripts, undated
G. Vafopoulos, correspondence, manuscript, 1929, undated
M. Visanthis (=M. Hatsos) and family, correspondence, photographs, and other materials, 1923-1925, 1927, 1952, 1962, 1964, undated
M. Valsas, manuscripts, 1921, 1924, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1933
Kostas Varnalis, manuscript, 1927
John Vassos, correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlet, 1928, 1929, 1932, undated
Olga Vatidou, manuscripts, 1923
Alexander Veinoglou, correspondence, manuscripts, photograph with college application, 1929, 1930-1932
Marios Vayanos, manuscripts, 1923-1927, undated
Kostas Velmyras, manuscripts, undated
Elias Venezis, correspondence, 1952, undated
Petros Vlastos, correspondence, 1928
Demosthenes Voutyras, photograph, correspondence, and manuscript, 1924, 1929
Yannis Vouvakis, manuscripts, undated
Panayotis Vrisimtzakis, manuscript, letter, photograph, 1928, 1929
Antonis Yalouris, manuscript, undated
Gregorios Xenopoulos, correspondence, 1929, 1931
Antonis Yalouris, galley proof, letter, two photographs of portraits, 1926, undated
Other correspondence and manuscripts, 1919-1932
Manuscripts, including "The Orthodox Church and the Greek People," by George Arnakis and others unidentified
95-198/6 A Modern Greek-English Dictionary, manuscript
Neo-Hellenika, manuscripts and edited galleys, 1970
Eric P. Hamp, "On the Frequency of Lexical Finals in Modern Greek"
Demetrios Moutsos, "Two Derivatives of a Common Source in Medieval and Modern Greek"
Kostas Kazazis, "A case of interference in the Greek Grammar of a Trilingual Child"
Kostas Kazazis, "The Bulgarian-Greek Dictionary of the Bulgarian Academy"
Donald M. Nicol, "Philadelphia and the Tagaris Family
D. J. Delivanis, The Greek Economy and the West"
D. I. Polemis, "A Note on the Origin of the Title..."
Thanos Vaghenas, "Three Castles of the Morea Identified"
Anthony Bryer, "The Tourkokrati in the Pontos"
G. Ch. Papacharalampous, "Perideipna in Cyrus: An Ancient Custom"
Costas P. Kyrris, "The Cypriote Family of Soderini and Other Cypriotes in Venice"
George G. Arnakis, "The First American Volunteer in the Greek Revolution: George Jarvis"
M. Byron Raizis, "Solomos and the Britannic Muses"
Evanghelos Moutsopoulos, "La Conception de L'histoire dans la Pensee Grecque du Dix-neuvieme Siecle"
Eva Catafygiotu Topping, "Seferis 'Mycenae': A Tragic Lyric"
Introduction and Layout for Volume I
Review articles
Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies Bulletin, manuscripts
Number 1, Fall 1967
Number 2, Fall 1968
Number 3, Winter 1969-70
2009-326/1 Research files on Rumania
2009-326/2 Research files on Rumania
2009-326/3 Research files on Rumania
2009-326/4 Research files on Rumania