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A Guide to the Jack Newfield Papers, 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk 1964-2005)

Descriptive Summary

Creator:Newfield, Jack.
Title:Jack Newfield Papers
Dates:1910, 1932-2005 (bulk 1964-2005)
Abstract:Newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, legal documents, drafts, manuscripts, galley proofs, diaries, appointment/date books, annotated books, audiovisual material, and photographs comprise the Jack Newfield Papers, 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk 1964-2005), and document Jack Newfield’s career as an investigative journalist and author.
Accession No.:2006-274
Extent:195 ft.
Language:Materials are written in English.
Repository:Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Investigative journalist, Jack Newfield (1938-2004), made a career out of exposing abuses of power in his native New York City. Born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesent, Newfield lived most of his adult life in Greenwich Village, New York. After graduating from Boys’ High School, he attended Hunter College, earning a degree in journalism in 1961. Newfield, a supporter of and participant in the civil rights movement, spent two nights in a Mississippi jail in 1963 after his arrest at a sit-in.

The next year, Newfield joined the Village Voice and worked there as a columnist, reporter, and editor for twenty-four years. While at the Voice, he helped define the idea of the alternative press through his investigative articles and unwavering defense of New York’s dispossessed. He became popular in part for his periodic “10 Worst Judges” and “10 Worst Landlords” pieces, as well as for his Thanksgiving neighborhood heroes columns and other recognitions of local activism. In 1988, after twenty-four years, Newfield left the Village Voice due to a dispute over the direction of the paper.

Newfield then joined the New York Daily News as an editor and writer for a new investigative reporting unit. Three years later, he quit after making a principled choice to support the striking newspaper pressmen and refusing to cross their picket line. He quickly joined the New York Post as a columnist. During this time, however, the New York Post almost closed, and a group of writers, which included Newfield, took over production of the paper until Rupert Murdoch reacquired it in 1993. Newfield left the New York Post in 2001 after ten years when a new editor, wanting to take the paper in a different direction, fired him. Subsequently, Newfield wrote columns and investigative articles for the New York Sun, the New York Observer, and The Nation. In 1980, the Center for Investigative Reporting awarded Newfield the George Polk Award for Political Reporting. He also received the 25-Year News Achievement Award from the Society of Silurians in 2000 and a New York State Bar Association Special Award in 1986 for his series of articles on Bobby McLaughlin.

In addition to his career as a newspaper journalist, Newfield wrote many books, among which the most prominent include: A Prophetic Minority (1966), Robert Kennedy: A Memoir (1969), The Abuse of Power: the Permanent Government and the Fall of New York (1977), City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York (1988), and Only in America: the Life and Times of Don King (1995). A Prophetic Minority, written in 1966, studies the origins and development of the “New Left” radicals of the 1960s. Newfield wrote The Abuse of Power, a classic urban muckraking bestseller, with Paul DuBrul in 1977. City for Sale, written in collaboration with Wayne Barrett, documents the municipal corruption in Mayor Ed Koch’s administration from 1981 to 1988. In, Only in America, Newfield presents a complex portrait of boxing promoter Don King, which includes an examination of his dominance of the boxing world and his exploitation of fighters. Newfield, along with filmmaker Charles Stuart, won an Emmy Award in 1991 for writing in connection with the Frontline documentary Don King, Unauthorized, which aired on PBS.

Newfield traveled with Robert Kennedy during his presidential campaign in the late 1960s and was present at Kennedy’s assassination in 1969. Drawing on his close relationship with Kennedy, Newfield wrote and published Robert Kennedy: A Memoir in 1969; it was reissued in 2003. Additionally, in 1998, he and Charles Stuart collaborated to produce a documentary for the Discovery Channel entitled Robert Kennedy, A Memoir.

Other books written by Newfield include: Bread and Roses Too: Reporting about America (1971); A Populist Manifesto: The Making of a New Majority (1972); Cruel and Unusual Justice (1974); The Education of Jack Newfield (1984); Somebody's Gotta Tell It: The Upbeat Memoir of a Working-Class Journalist (2002); The Full Rudy: The Man, The Mayor, The Myth (2003); American Rebels, editor and introduction (2003); American Monsters, co-editor (2004).

Jack Newfield considered himself a participatory journalist, deeply involved in politics and advocacy. He investigated and reported but also championed his causes and criticized and named his adversaries. His articles often affected change by influencing policy, policymakers, and other media. Notable examples include the creation of a law banning the use of lead paint in apartments, changes in campaign finance laws, the prosecution of corrupt nursing home owners, and the enforcement of regulations to protect the frail and elderly in nursing homes. Furthermore, his series of articles on Bobby McLaughlin, who was wrongly convicted for murder, led to McLaughlin’s exoneration and release from prison in 1986. Newfield was still writing and working when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September 1986. He died on December 21, 2004, at the age of 66.

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Scope and Contents

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, legal documents, drafts, manuscripts, galley proofs, diaries, appointment/date books, annotated books, audiovisual material, and photographs comprise the Jack Newfield Papers, 1910, 1932-2005 (bulk 1964-2005), and document Jack Newfield’s career as an investigative journalist and author.

Newfield’s research files compose the bulk of the papers and consist mainly of annotated newspaper clippings and correspondence. In the instances where a subject became an article, the file also includes his annotated typescript notes and drafts. Because the collection spans Newfield’s entire career, the contents of a file will often extend over several decades. The research files constitute source material for many of his books as well as for articles published in the Village Voice, New York Daily News, New York Post, New York Sun, and The Nation. Major topics covered by the files include New York City politicians, such as mayors, local officials, and judges, particularly those involved in scandals or corruption; neighborhood development; boxing; organized crime; the civil rights movement; journalism and journalists; and race relations in America. Furthermore, they reflect Newfield’s special relationships with Robert F. Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, Mike Tyson, Bobby McLaughlin, and Bill Patterson.

The series concerning Newfield’s writings documents the creation and development of his articles, speeches, and books as well as his involvement in various radio, television, and film projects. To varying degrees, the papers contain material for all of his books and film projects, including notes, galley proofs, scripts, correspondence, and manuscripts. Newfield’s personal papers contain legal documents and depositions; material concerning awards and recognition; calendars and appointment books; and his diaries from 1981, 1989, and 1995 to 2004. His correspondence consists of a small amount of personal correspondence from 1991 to 2004 and fan mail from the 1960s to 2000. Photographs in the papers depict Newfield, his family, Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, John Gotti, Don King, and David Dinkins. The remainder of the collection contains the collected writings of others and audiovisual material, including videotapes, audiocassettes, and micro cassettes.

Forms part of the News Media History collection.

Archivist's Note:

Jack Newfield wrote folder titles and at times extensive notes on the front of his file folders. All of Newfield's files were placed in new acid-free folders, but the original folders were also retained in each file. Folder titles reflect Newfield’s original labeling. In the case of unnamed folders, unclear titles, or illegible writing, the archivist created folder titles, which are indicated by brackets.



Due to size, this inventory has been divided into two separate units:
1. Jack Newfield Papers, Part 1
2. Jack Newfield Papers, Part 2


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Newfield, Jack, 1938-2004--Archives.
Cuomo, Mario Matthew.
Giuliani, Rudolph W.
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968.
King, Don, 1931-
McLaughlin, Bobby.
Patterson, Bill.
Tyson, Mike, 1966-
Koch, Ed, 1924- Mayor
Subjects (Organizations)
Daily news (New York, N.Y. : 1920)
New York Post.
Village voice (New York, N.Y.)
Sun (New York, N.Y. : 1920)
New York observer (New York, N.Y.)
Political corruption -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
Judicial corruption--United States.
Journalism -- United States.
Boxing--Corrupt practices--United States.
Organized crime -- United States.
Civil rights movement.
Investigative reporting--United States.
New York (N.Y.)
Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
Greenwich Village (New York, N.Y.)

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Jack Newfield Papers, 1910, 1932-2004, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Ed Sevcik, Courtney Chartier, Javier Franco Garza, and Lauren Goodley, May 2007. Subsequent revisions were made by Megan Mummey, August 2010.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Research Files

2006-274/174New York
[Antonin] Scalia, 2000-2004
Judges, Brett Kavanaugh, 2003-2004
GOP Computer Hacking Bush Judges, 2003-2004
Justice Blackmun papers, Roe v. Wade, 2004
Earl Warren and Brown decision, 2004
Wm. [William] Myers from Nan Aron, 2003-2004
[Charles] Pickering’s Recess appointment, 2004
Filibuster Issue [Supreme Court Appointments], 2003
[Trent] Lott Just Symptom of GOP and race, 1999-2003
Brett Kavanaugh, 2003-2004
[Charles E.] Schumer notes on NYC, [ca 2003]
“Blue Slips” and Next Judge Piece, 2002-2003
[Alliance for Justice judge bios], [2003]
[Charles E.] Schumer, 1991-2002
The Extremism of James Leon Holmes, 2003
[Charles E.] Schumer, 2001-2003
[Carolyn] Kuhl, 2002-2003
[Trent] Lott, 2002-2003
[Miguel] Estrada follow-up material, 2002-2003
[Carolyn] Kuhl, [Priscilla] Owen, [Jeffrey] Sutton info, 2001-2002
D. Brooks Smith, 2002
The Basic Queens list, 1991-1998
2006-274/175[Amadou] Diallo venue change, 1996-2000
More on Civil Liberties and Supreme Court, 1989-1992
[Sol] Wachtler Clips, 1991-1993
[Sol] Wachtler, 1988-1991
Vito J. Titone, 1985-1986
Ralph Sparks, 1982-1993
2006-274/127Laura [Blackburne], 1990-1992
2006-274/76Judges, 1991-1993
[Judge] Daynda Andrews, 1990-1992
[Judge] Lorraine Miller, 1967-1993
[Judge] Mark [Constantino] update, 1975-1978
Draft 1979 piece [Judges and judicial corruption], 1974-1979
Bernard Lange, 1960-1977
[Judges] [William] Mertens, [Hyman] Korn, [Irwin] Silbowitz, 1960-1977
[Judge] Mark Constantino, 1973-1978
Judges [John] Monteleone, [Dominic] Rinaldi, [Maurice] Nadjari, 1972-1979
Court Reform, 1976
[Judges] [George] Postel, [Paul] Fino, 1966-1974
[Judges] [Edward] Pincus, [Anthony] Jordan, [William] Suglia, Al Murray, [Eugene Sharpe], 1975-1977
Judge Michael Corriero, 1982
[Judges, Grievance Committee], 1977
[Judges/Courts], 1988
2006-274/1[David] Dinkins--Judges, 1992-1995
[David] Dinkins and Criminal Court Appointees, [ca 1995]
[David] Dinkins and Civil Court Appointees, 1984-1993
Judge Ron Aiello, 1986-1995
Kings [County] Judges, 1980-1988
Judge Scanlan notes, undated
2006-274/110Courts--General, 1973-1984
Judgeship: Kevin Frawley, [Abe] Beame and [Ed] Koch, 1977, 1989
2006-274/176Lt. [Patricia] Feerik and Judge [Bonnie] Wittner, 1990-2000
Criminal Justice Panel [Lecture], 1996
[Judge Lorin] Duckman complaint, 1995-1996
[Judge] Lara Safer Espinoza, 1993
[Judge] Leslie Crocker Snyder, 1977, 1990-1995
Best [Judges] List, Draft of Judges Intro, 1995
[Judge] Yvonne Lewis, 1992-1995
[Judge Bernard] Bloom, 1968-1995
News Series [Judges], 1982-1986
[Judge Jerome] Hornblass, 1977-1995
Criminal Court Judge Bob [Robert] Sackett, 1995
[Judge] Margaret Taylor, 1979, 1992-1995
Intro, Done Drafts--[Jerome] Hornblass, [Bernard] Bloom, [Edward] Picus--[Judges], undated
[Judge Edward] Picus, [Judge] Frank Vaccaro, 1976-1982
Judges Panel, undated
Judge Arthur Scott, 1994-1995
Laura Espinoza and Post Judges, 1989-1994
[Judge] Yvonne Lewis, 1993-1994
Court Patronage, 1992
Judge [Alex R.] Renzi, 1993
[Thaddeus] Owens, Brooklyn Judge, 1983-1989
Soft Drug Judges, 1985-1993
[Judge] Richard Lowe III, 1989-1992
[Judge] Bertram Gelfand, 1970-1993
Judge [Bernadette] Bayne, 1993
2006-274/34Judge [Gerald] Held, 1993-1998
Possible [Worst] Judges, 1967-1995
List of all judges’ home addresses, 1996, undated
2006-274/180Next 10 Worst Judges, 2001-2004
My Judge pieces, 1997-2001
2006-274/115Questions for Judge [Michael] Feinberg, 1994-1997
2006-274/155Judge [Lawrence] Finnegan, 1987-1988
[Judge] Bertram Gelfand, 1972-1986
[Stanley Friedman]--[Judge] Berton Roberts [phone] calls, 1987
[Judge Joseph] Calabretta, 1970-1984
2006-274/75Judges, notes & list, 1997
Queens Surrogate Court, 1994-1998
[Judges], 1998
Brooklyn courts, basic list, 1997-1998
2006-274/148Notes on worst judges, 1988, undated
John Monteleone, 1974-1983
Pearle Appleman, [ca. 1982]-1988
[Frank] Blangiardo, [Louis] Grossman, 1984
[Vito J.] Titone & mall case, 1985
Titone decisions, [ca.1985]-1986
Key Titone bio disclosure!, clips & notes, 1985
Bert [Burton] Roberts, 1975
Judge [Joseph] Slavin, Judge [Justice] Edward Greenfield, 1989
Brooklyn judges productivity stats, [Michael] Corriero lowest, 1988
2006-274/167Bloomberg’s new judges, press conference, July 2003
Sun patronage piece, 1998 Queens patronage series, [related series], February 1998-July 2003
Queens patronage clips, [related clips], February 1988-July 1992
Laura [Blackburne], June 2004
Bronx court patronage, NYT story & Emily [Goodwin?] editorial, January 2004
2006-274/35“Covering the Courts” issue of Media Studies Journal, Winter 1998
Charles Heffernan, 1981-1997
[Anthony] Spero, 1987-1988, 1994, 1999
Shut-up week, 1999-2000
“Nueva York” issue of New York Magazine, September 6, 1999
“The Power Issue”, Entertainment Weekly, October 29, 1999
Productivity stats, New York courts, 1997-1998
Judge attendance and assessment records, 1997-1998
Surrogate [Michael] Feinberg campaign promises ethics [?], 1996-1997
[Carolyn?] [D?], 2 decisions [State of New York vs. James Barrows], 1997
Richard Lee Price, 1975, 1982-1984, 1991
Nicholas Pitaro, Howard Bell, 1996
Patricia Williams, overruled jury in child molestation case, October 31, 1996
Judge-Lott (7), 1993
Cases before specific judges, Lexis-Nexis search results, July 24, 1998
Workmen’s comp, 1997
2006-274/64Marie Lambert, 1978-1988
[Clippings], 1975-1979
[Joseph] Quinn and [Mark] Constantino, 1975, undated
Bar report file, [Haddad], 1974
10 Worst debates, 1974
Steven Cohn, 1972-1974, 1994-1996
2006-274/73[Ravi] Batra, 1991-2000
Clarence Norman and [Michael] Feinberg ’96, 1996-1997
Steve Cohn, 1993, 1997
Machine-clubhouse-judgeships, 1967, 1970-1976
Judicial patronage, receiverships, 1975-1978
See receiverships, [list of judges’ names], 1968-1981
Mike Curci [?] and Herb Kramer, undated
[Vito] Titone, 1978-1982
Unjust judges notes, people to call, 1989
10 unjust judge intro section, stats, ideas, specifics, 1983-1988
Judge Jerome Marks, 1978, 1987, 1989
Martha Zelman, 1982-1988
[Vallore Carrel?] RAC filing, [empty folder], undated
Vito [Titone] sleeps, April 1989
“A Study of Illegal Narcotics Sentences in New York County”, September 1974
“Drug Dealers Freed ‘Illegally’”, Newsday, April 8, 1973
Judge Edward Greenfield, 1974-1977
Billy Liebowitz, good judges, 1978
Complaints against judges, 1974-1976
Jack Rosenberg, Pelham St. George Bissell, 1967-1974, undated
Indicted judges, 1974-1976
Notes on individual judges, undated
Judicial elections, May 19, 1988
Gun control and soft judges, 1990-1993
Judge Diane Gasworth, 1989-1990
Judge Lorraine Miller, February 25, 1993
Judge William Friedman, 1982, 1988
Receiverships for Cohn and Greenberg, 1991-1992
Bernadette Bayne, 1991-1993
List of good judges, 1983, undated
2006-274/59Bert Bunyan, 1995
3 [Post] pieces [judges], 2000
2006-274/38Joe Lisa, 1987-1991
James Starkley, 1998
Lazy Judges, 1984-1995
G [Gerald] Held, 1993
Geoffrey Wright, 1997
2006-274/112City Departments
[Elliot Gross and NYC Chief Medical Examiner’s Office], 1977-1985
2006-274/124Liman [commission] whitewash of [Elliot] Gross; NY Post, 1985
[Eleanor] Bumpurs murder by cops, 1984-1985
[Robert Morgenthau, Elliott Gross], 1978-1985
Arthur Liman, 1985-1993
2006-274/105[DOT Bridge Hearing], 1991
Fire Dept., 1987-1991
[Bridges], 1988-1991
[City Utility Regulation], 1977-1978
2006-274/109EMS problems and promises, 1987-1988
EMS breakdowns, management reports, testimony, 1985-1988
2006-274/110[Fernando] Ferrer’s 1986 EMS Hearing, 1986-1987
Nick [Pileggi] on [Joseph] Pikul case and HRA, 1988
EMS Mismanagement, 1982-1988
Homeless Issues, HRA Issues, 1982-1988
1989 School Board Vote, 1988 Reading Scores, 1989
Board of Education drop-out stats, 1989
School Board [District] 15, 1975-1989
Broken promise on metal detectors in schools, 1987-1988
2006-274/78[NYCERS (New York City Employees Retirement System) Israeli bonds], 1991
[NYCERS (NYC Employees Retirement System) Delegation of Authority], 1991
2006-274/111Board Patronage and Cronyism, 1989
School Custodians, 1987-1988
Education Failures, 1984-1987
City Hospitals, 1984-1988
2006-274/109Wieder’s call, 5-7 minute EMS delay, July 1987-December 1988
Statistical manipulations, dispatcher’s testimony, August 1988
EMS management report, 1983-1985
EMS lies about response times, 1988
Victor Botnick, 1986-1988
Mollen Report, 1994
2006-274/51[Mollen] Commission Report, 1994-1995
1994 clips on Mollen [Commission] recommendations, 1994
2006-274/157Mollen memo, 1980-1984
2006-274/123Decline in police quality and discipline, 1983-1985
[Jimmy] Breslin, [Edmund] Perry killing [by cop], 1985
Jerome Mackey, John Davis, 1975-1989
Israel Martinez, 1985-1989
[Daniel] Feldman, 1982-1989
[John] Conyers, police violence, 1983-1984
2006-274/110Crime, 1981-1988
2006-274/78Matt [Matthew] Johnson follow-up, 1986-1997
2006-274/51Cop Column ms [police corruption and brutality], 1997
Ed Boyar and 70th Precinct scandal, 1997
[NYC police brutality], 1997
[Officer] Patrick Regan, 1992-1995
2006-274/8630th Precinct [police corruption], September 1993-April 1994
[Michael] O’Keefe for questions, June-July 1993
Frontline script [“Behind the Badge”], October-November 1993
Dominican cops, January 24, 1994
NYPD misconduct, September 1995
1995 crime stats drop!, July 23, 1995
PR & blacks police probe, February 1995
Bill Bratton, November 1993-November 1994
NYC crime down in ’94, January 1995
[Charles J.] Hynes speech on crime & drugs, November 22, 1994
[Giuliani, family violence], April 26, 1994
[Joseph] Trimboli & Xerox, June-November 1992
Michael Dowd, June 1992
Basic police department stat. chart, [ca. August 1993]
Phil Caruso, September-October 1993
Mollen, [Les Payne], on racism, October 1993
Mollen docs including Aug ’88 memo!, August 1988-February 1992
2006-274/89Bob McKenna, [Serge] Frenchy [Gervasi], police corruption, 1982-[ca. 1986]
[Judge Milton] Mollen hearings, [police corruption], 1973, 1992-1993
[Police corruption], 1994
2006-274/95Ray Kelly, 1996-2002
2006-274/90[Police corruption], 1986
Ray Kelly questions, undated
73rd precinct, 30th precinct, Edward Dowd, Frank Serpico, John Gudo, 1971-1993
Ray Kelly & corruption, John Pritchard, Michael O’ Keefe, 77th precinct scandal, Thomas Gallagher & Dowd, 1987-1993
Dominican drug gangs, Baby Hope clips, 75th, 34th, 79th precinct, clips, 1991-1993
2006-274/69Crime 1999, 1999
Kevin Butler’s Arrest, 1997-1998
[Anthony] Baez--[Francis X.] Livoti, 1996-1997
[Howard] Safir, 1996
Rudy [Giuliani]-[William] Bratton, [John] Miller ban Feb. 95, 1995
Bx [Bronx] cops, 1995
95 Crime stats, [William] Bratton clips, 1995-1996
[Police Commissioner’s Report], 1992
John Miller, 1984-1991
Mollen [Commission], Wash [Washington] Heights [cop shooting], 1992-1993
Ideas for close [“Behind the Badge”], 1993
[Officer Jet’s Laboratory/community policing], 1993
2006-274/127Corruption and Scandals
[NYC corruption, Hulan Jack], 1972-1976
[Nydia] Velasquez, 1992-1994
CCNY Stampede, 1991-1992
2006-274/175[John] Murphy, 1974-1980
[John] Murphy Trial Clips, 1979-1980
[John] Murphy, 1969-1980
[John] Murphy Best Profiles, 1980
2006-274/96Wedtech Indictments, 1974-1987
Richard Rubin and JWS [Jamaica Water Supply] Co., 1985-1986
NY Times and Shoreham [Nuclear Power Plant], 1983-1986
2006-274/177Shoreham, 1983-1987
2006-274/7Sam [Samuel D.] Wright, 1969-1976
[Frank S. Rossetti], 1969-1975
Tom Cuite, 1970-1974
[James L.] Buckley, 1968-1974
[William M.] Tweed, 1976
Dreck Nominees [NYC payroll abuse], 1975
General routine of power and decision-making [Banks], 1975-1976
Jay Turoff, 1980-1986
2006-274/118Charles Rangel, 1978-1986
Major Owens, 1985-1994
Business as usual in the Bronx, 1986-1988
[Andrew] Stein, 1978-1990
[Thomas Phillip] Puccio, 1980-1983
Councilman [Jose] Rivera, letters from Vinnie DiNapoli, 1982-1984
Bronx hacks living outside the Bronx, 1986-1987
Ramon Velez, 1975-1986
Robert Rodriquez, 1985
Business as usual list [Bronx], undated
[Richard] Gugliotta, 1979-1984
[Charles] Schumer case and [Jim] Sleeper, 1983-1991
Enoch Williams, 1967-1984
[photographic material]
2006-274/135[Albany Money Machine], 1988
Liz Holtzman, 1986-1987
Claire Shulman, 1986
Stein 85, 1985
[Donald] Manes, 1986
Bronx machine, 1979-1982
Jay Goldin contributions, 1976-1981
[Jay] Goldin, 1975-1979
LILCO [Long Island Lighting Company], 1980-1984
[Arnold] Beigen, 1983-1992
2006-274/23Saul and Laura Steinberg, 1973-1981
[Harrison Jay] Goldin series, 1981
[Harrison Jay Goldin as comptroller], 1973-1979
2006-274/12Fishers [Jay Goldin], 1984-[ca. 1987]
2006-274/41[Harrison J.] Goldin smears [John] Dearie, June 1973-June 1982
Material for Goldin boy, May 1973-July 1981
Goldin & local 3 [construction union], [ca. 1980]
[Goldin & Richard] Wells, 1979
[Jack] Bronston, [construction], 1978
Lupkin report on Goldin, testimony, 1980
Bronston indictment, C&S [Convenience & Safety corporation], April-May 1980
Bronston & Wells, notes, [ca. 1980]
Jay Goldin, basic clips, tax shelters, 1975-1982
Goldin to Xerox [assorted clippings], 1978-1981
Bus Shelters basic clips, 1980-1981
Goldin’s contacts & campaign finance reform, 1981
Goldin’s m.o. [modus operandi] of fixing audits, 1981-1985
Jay Goldin financial disclosures, 1983-1987
Walter [Prawzinsky] & Integral Construction, 1983-1984
Goldin, Sylvan Lawrence, Franz Leichter financial statements, 1979-1985
2006-274/112[Stanley Friedman trial, NYC ethics], [ca. 1988]
2006-274/119[Stanley] Friedman’s power, 1986-1987
[Stanley] Friedman and S&D [Maintenance] contract, 1986
[Stanley] Friedman 1985 calendar of meetings, 1985
[Stanley] Friedman on the stand, 1986
Peter Rivera clips, 1986-1988
Tom Manton, 1986
Stanley Friedman PVB ticket fixing, 1972-1975
SF [Stanley Friedman] closeness to [Ed] Koch, 1986-1987
SF [Stanley Friedman] and Mafia, 1987
SF [Stanley Friedman] sentencing/possible last book chapter [City for Sale], 1987
[Robert] Richards testimony against [Stanley] Friedman on Citisource, 1986
Stanley Friedman and [Stanley] Simon, 1979
[Stanley] Friedman and Taxi Industry, 1986
[Bernard Ehrich], Citisource, 1986
Citisource, [Stanley] Friedman indictment, 1983-1986
[Donald] Manes and [Stanley] Friedman relationship, 1986
[Stanley] Friedman and water tunnel, 1975-1986
[Stanley] Friedman for Rudy [Giuliani], undated
[Stanley] Friedman for intro [City for Sale] wealth, power, 1974-1986
[Stanley Friedman] phone messages, [Donald] Manes, PVB, 1985-1986
[John] Dyson, 1976-1986
[Stanley] Fink, Julie Greenspan, B8G [Bower & Gardner], 1982-1986
2006-274/52Stanley Friedman, 1987-1993
2006-274/118[Stanley] Friedman, 1986-1987
Lincoln Hospital/ [Stanley] Friedman column, 1987-1988
Stanley Friedman, 1976-1993
2006-274/176[John] Murphy, 1953, 1976-1977
[John Murphy], 1979
Material after 1st [John] Murphy piece, 1979
[John] Murphy, 1975-1978
Basic [John] Murphy--[Anastasio] Somoza clips, 1974-1980
[Elias] Kulukundis and [John] Murphy, 1979
[John] Murphy, Pahlavi [Foundation] of Iran, 1976-1979
[John Murphy] Basic Votes and Special Interests, 1972-1979
Todd Shipyard [John Murphy], 1978-1979
[John] Murphy and Gambinos, 1972-1978
[John Murphy], 1977-1979
[Louis] Beck clips, 1968-1978
2006-274/157[Raymond J.] Donovan, 1981-1982
[Anthony] Angelos, 1976-1981
2006-274/78Draft of Greene article, 1986-1998
The SLA [State Liquor Authority] itself, 1981-1997
Hearings on Campaign donations, 1988
2006-274/37Mark Green piece on [Alfonse] D’Amato, 1989
Phil Basile [case], [Alfonse] D’Amato, judge, etc, 1974-1984
Armand D’Amato and Vanguard [Water] Meter Co. 1989-1991
[Alfonse] D’Amato’s PAC money, 1990
[Alfonse] D’Amato HUD Subpoena, 1990
[Alfonse] D’Amato poll, 1989-1990
HUD cover-up and stonewalling, 1989
Liquidating [Bureau] Patronage, 1986
[HUD and Housing Bonds], 1984-1988
[Michael Dowd, PVB], 1990
Al DelliBovi [HUD], 1989
2006-274/38Sid D [Davidoff], 1990-1993
Bob M [Robert Morgenthau] and BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International], 1990-1993
2006-274/4Ed Koch and Jay Turoff and campaign work , DOI report, undated
Memo opening SIC’s [State Investigation Commission] taxi probe, 1984
Jay Turoff medallions scandal cover-up, 1978-1986
Turoff indictment (2 days after his 78th birthday) and superceding indictment, undated
Hyfin, Edmund Lee’s jury plea for Turoff, undated
Reena Raggi, bio and clips, undated
[Notes], 1986
April 17, 1986, SIC [State Investigation Commission] Turoff Hearings, notes, and clippings, 1986
Turoff diesel indictment with [Donald] Shermans, 1987
[Tony] Valenti profile, April 9, 1986
Tony Valenti notes, interview notes, 1986
Turoff trial, guilty tax fraud sentence clips, undated
David Tragen notes on chronology, 1986
Turoff personal bio, profie gambling record, 1985
Hank Sheinkoff notes, Turoff-Koch 86 campaign, in kind dollars, 1986
[David] Sergio and sentencing and Turoff’s, 1987
2006-274/128Federal, other white collar sentences, Dean Freedman [white collar crime, nursing homes], 1976-1977
Legal craft, clips, 1973-1977
Clubhouse system, general, 1974-1976
Billy, dinner, indictments [Bill Shea, King’s County Democratic Committee dinner, organized crime], 1974-1976
Corruption tour, 1974-[ca. 1980]
Arson indictments, July 1983
Pisani, Riccio & Court of Appeals, 1978-1980
Meade [Esposito] & [Matthew] Troy, new breed of boss, 1971-1979
2006-274/20City Patronage
Receiverships 95-97, 1997
Guardianships 95-97, 1997
Betsy Barros, 1992
Harvey Greenberg follow-up, 1997
Martin Connor payroll, 1996-1997
2006-274/127Elections and Voting
[School] District 2 clips, 1983-1993
[New York] Primary results, general results, 1981
[New York] Primary and general results, 1986
Pres [presidential] and dem [democratic] primary results, 1984
[New York] Dem [democratic] primary and general election results, 1982-1984
[New York] election results, 1978-1980
Nov. 1984 Results, 1984
2006-274/135[NY] democratic primary, 1985
2006-274/127Dem Pres [Democratic Presidential] primary results, 1988
Dem [Democratic] primary results, 1993
Election stats, 1973-1976
1973 Mayoral Campaign, 1971-1973
2006-274/133Redistricting Clips, 1980-1981
Articles on the [Reapportionment] Plan, 1981
Fabian [Palomino] Submission [Redistricting Committee], 1981
City Council/[Thomas] Cuite, 1968-1977
Throwing out election decision, 1981
How [Reapportionment] Plan evolved, 1981
NYCLU [New York Civil Liberties Union documents on Plan], 1981
[Gilberto] Valentin [and Bronx reapportionment], 1981
[Reapportionment notes], 1981
Voting Rights Act, [ca. 1981]
1981 Gay Rights Debate, 1981-1982
Gay Rights ‘83, 1978-1983
NYC powerful people who don’t live in NYC, 1977
2006-274/51[Deborah] Glick--[C. Virginia] Fields, [Adam Clayton] Powell primary for B.P. [Burough President], 1994-1997
2006-274/271997 Dem primary, 1997
1997 mayoral elections prospects, Rudy [Guiliani], 1996-2004
2006-274/31Hillary Clinton, Paul Adler, New Square pardons/clemency, 2001
Ten reasons why Hillary [Clinton] won, 2001
[Transit Workers Union] election, 2000
Hillary [Clinton]--[Richard] Lazio debate ideas, 2000
Hillary [Clinton], 1999-2000
Hillary [Clinton]’s character, 1994-2000
2006-274/162[Elections, legislative voting records, HPD], 1982-1986
2006-274/104Landlords, Housing, Rent
Nehemiah as model for housing, 1982-1991
2006-274/178[Mitchell-Lama], [ca. 1977]
2006-274/36[Alfonse D’Amato and HUD], 1984-1986
2006-274/127[Andrew] Cuomo, 1986-2000
Genesis Apartments, 1988-1995
Genesis [RFK Center] Dedication, [and Andrew Cuomo], 1986-1997
Andrew [Cuomo] at HUD, 1997-1998
Homeless--Andrew [Cuomo], 1991-1997
Andrew Cuomo homeless Report, 1992-1999
2006-274/124Civil Court Proceedings, landlord/tenant, 1994
2006-274/7Remedies [and housing], 1975-1976
2006-274/76[Councilman Archie] Spigner filing landlord $, 1988
2006-274/110[Ed] Koch on CRC [Commercial Rent Control], 1971, 1986
Remedies, Issues, 1985-1986
Housing Trust Fund, 1981-1983
Tax Justice, New Revenue, New Ideas, 1982-1984
CRC [Commercial Rent Control], 1982-1984
Community Bookstore Fight CRC [Commercial Rent Control], 1984
2006-274/70[Ed] Koch backs vacancy decontrol, 1984-1985
Basic Housing Crisis Stats and Data, 1984-1989
Homeless Program from [Bob] Hayes Coalition, 1989
[NYC Rent Guidlines Board], 1989
Real Estate Lobbyists and Commercial Rent Protection, 1987-1988
Notes for Landlord Book, printed materials, 1974-1985
Berstein brothers, [Ferdinand] Marcos, [commercial land], 1985-1986
Rent laws, [NY] Times series, 1985
2006-274/111[AIDS, drugs], 1989
Men’s Holland Hotel series, 1987-1988
Daily life among the permanent underclass, 1987
Newsday Neighborhood series, 1986
2006-274/52ACT UP and St. Pat’s [St. Patrick’s Cathedral], 1989-1993
Morris Horn 86th St. welfare hotel, 1988-1992
[Abe] Hirschfeld documents on hotel, 1992-1993
Leonard Goldstein and [Robert] Abrams, 1984-1986
[Joseph] Galliber, 1982-1989
[Donald] Crown, 1981-1984
Morris Gross, 1983-1986
ACORN, 1986
[Jonathan] Rubinstein essay, 1986
[Leonard] Spodecks, 1982-1986
Sam Pinter, 1985
Abe Hirschfield, 1974-1986
Curtis Katz, 1979-1985
Buildings Dept. and SRO landlords, 1984
[Jerome Garland], 1983-1985
Leon Katz, 1948, 1962-1985
2006-274/78Donald Trump finance, 1990-1992
Newsday’s Mitchell-Lama piece, 1988
Manhattan over-development, 1986-1987
2006-274/51Joe Bruno, [Sheldon] Silver’s win, 1990-1997
[Herman I.] Kraus [Mitchell-Lama], 1997
Randy Daniels, Harlem UDC [Urban Development Corp.], 1992-1997
West Side DAS [Division of AIDS services] and ACTUP, 1995
[Kathryn Freed and rent control], 1997
Attempts to abolish rent control, 1996
2006-274/27Bed-Stuy Gym, [Philip] Rosenberg, 1987-1996
[Jay] Wartski follow-up, 1996
15th St. Crack House owned by the city, 1993
2006-274/59Worst Landlords, [ca. 2002]
HPD General, [Lawrence] Rezak, 1983-1984
[Ian] Eichner, outlaw developers, landlords, 1985-1991
[Steve] Banks, Beachview lead poisoning, 1987-1988
[Harry] MacKlowe, 1985-1995
Brooklyn Arms, 1973-1988
Lew Rudin, 1972-1981
Peter Vallone, 1986-1990
[Peter] Vallone, Newsday Council Series, 1986-1990
[Peter] Vallone money, 1985-1989
Worst Landlords ‘95, 1995
[Tran Dinh] Truong, Kenmore Hotel, 1989-1995
Landlord Crime update, 1985
Leona Helmsley, landlord update, 1973-1995
Peter Kalikow, 1979-1988
Harry Fotopoulis, 1979-1982
Flatbush blockbusting series, 1980
Welfare hotels, 1971-1974
[Rent], 1981-1982
[Samuel] Lefrak, 1970-1978
[Jerry] Kretchmer, [Lewis] Futterman, 1982
Rent Control, [ca. 1980]
2006-274/60David Fisher, Chevra [Machazikei Hashcunah], 1976-1980
[Hardmon] Lambert Indictments, 1983-1985
Kenneth Noonan, 1981-1982
[Anthony] Postiglione, West [Side SRO Law Project], 1981-1982
[Thomas] Lydon, 1979-1982
[Zenek] Podolski, 1978-1985
Lillian Seril, 1978-1980
Jacob Finkelstein, 1979-1982
[Chaim] Babad, 1982-1983
Paul Stallings, 1981-1983
Bob Hayes notes on [Peter] Vallone, 1988-1989
Leona Helmsley, 1980-1986
Bob Hayes, 1987-1988
Morris Booke, 1975-1977
2006-274/80Rent stabilization, Koch, December 1979-February 1985
ICIB [Industrical and Commercial Incentive Board], December 1981-January 1982
Tax breaks for the rich, ICIB, September 1979-May 1983
Property tax study, February 1981
2006-274/117Koch’s poverty pimps, [Luis] Olmedo, 1977-1985
Howard Rubenstein, 1974-1982
Roberto Napoleon, May-June 1985
Charles Goldstein & UDC [New York State Urban Development Corporation], 1978-1980
Victor Robles, June-October 1984
Poverty, state housing, HRA [Human Resources Administration] syndication, 1984-1985
John Zuccotti, 1974-1978
2006-274/3NYPRIG [New York Public Research Interest Group], 1977-1978
Bank in Brooklyn and investment [?] redlining, 1977-1978
[Correspondence, Petition in Opposition and In Support of a Hearing by South Brooklyn Against Investment Descrimination], 1979
Proposed reforms to SBD [New York State Banking Department] rules and regulations, 1978
Private mortgage bankers, undated
State legislative, 76-77, co[mmunity?] and i[nvestments?], c[?], 78 redlining, 1977-1978
Redlining [?], Eastern Savings PIRG [Public Interest Research Group], 1976-1977
Basic redlining data, including Williamsburg Savings Bank, 1977
R[emedies?], 1977
WSB [Williamsburg Savings Bank] agreement, 1978
FHA [Federal Housing Administration] and redlining, 1978
Banks reneg [clippings, correspondence, data tables], 1978
Redlining [Harlem Savings Bank Application, press releases, clippings], 1977
In the matter of Application of Williamsburgh Savings Bank for prior approval to open new branch, [2 copies] 1977
[Sam] Wright, undated
Banks general opening, odd state deposits, remedies, undated
Wallstreet, bankers/names role in running things, 1975-1978
Bank Power, traffic from SB[?] to banks and bank directors, 1976
Insurance redlining, 1978-1979
Banks, investments, redlining, 1973-1976
Bank remedies, redlining and interest trade posts, 1976, undated
2006-274/4Redlining research and paper, 1977
[Robert] Abrams on Bronx redlining, 1977
Banks to show State I-F deposits, 1970-1975
DIME [Savings Bank] of New York and Brooklyn Savings Bank Newspaper articles, 1975, undated
2006-274/128Landlords pass along [fuel costs], rent control, 1970-1975
Mortgage Affiliates [Corp.], Meade, Keogh, 1974-1976
[Alliance for Good Government], November 3, 1978
Miscellaneous legal graft, 1973-1975
Legal graft, Rentar [Corp.], PG, banks, Nadjari-Albano, 1968-1974
EDA [Economic Development Administration], use city jobs to get better jobs in real estate, 1973-1977
[New York City corruption], 1974-1980
Housing corruption, municipal loans, 1972-1975
2006-274/42Legal documents, Do-Bar Hotel Corp. vs. The New York City Department of Housing, Preservation & Development, 1991
Legal documents, The City of New York vs. Judelson Realty Corp., et. al, 1990
Legal documents, The City of New York and the New York City Department of Health vs. Jerry Wartski, et. al, 1989
Newspaper clippings on the Wartski family and Judelson Realty, October 1988
Minimum wage columns, 2004
2004 poverty, latest clips, 2003-2004
Congress pork scandals & NYC, 2003-2005
Clean air court decision & Spitzer suit, December 2003
Poverty manuscripts from early 2002, January-March 2002
Big picture, poverty & plutocracy, 2002-2003
Homeless, Bellevue psych ward, 2002-2003
Tax breaks, [ca. 1997]-2003
Education [“No Child Left Behind”], 2003
NYC poverty manuscript & clips, 2003
Living wage, job crisis, April-September 2002
Bush economy poll numbers, Wallace’s New Deal, lost safety net, 2002-2003
[Unions, schools, immigrants], 1998-1999
2006-274/124Racial Violence
Bensonhurst [racial violence], 1989
Race relations and NYC, 1985-1989
Racist violence on S.I. [Staten Island], 1986-1988
Blacks and crime, 1987
Koch’s [racial] smear of Basil [Paterson], 1978-1987
[C. Vernon] Mason [vs.] Transit Police material, 1987
Racial Healing, 1988
Transit Police Racism, 1987
Black crime, white racism, 1988
Koch’s record on race relations, 1978-1984
Koch and minorities, 1978-1986
Koch flip flop on [Bernhard] Goetz, 1985
[Mayors and race relations], 1982-1984
Police brutality hearing, 1983
[Koch attacks blacks, children, poor], 1986
Koch mythology on poverty pimps, 1977-1985
Basil [Paterson]’s campaign, dinner notes, 1983-1984
2006-274/123Sal [Taormina, racial violence on Staten Island], 1988
2006-274/77[John] Santucci, 1986-1988
[Jason] Ladone sentencing, 1987-1988
2006-274/4Howard Beach columns and commentary, 1987
White kids culture and mentality, 1987
Newsbad piece reconstructing the Howard Beach crime and Wayne [Barrett] piece, 1987
Police DN5, reports from Howard Beach kids, 1986-1987
Joe Hynes on case in progress, 1987
Legal lives, Charles J. Hynes, 1993
Admissibility hearing, 1987
Jury selection, racism case, 1987
Police reports on confessions, 1987
2006-274/156Cedric Sandiford [Howard Beach trial], 1987
Howard Beach trial clips, [ca. 1987]
2006-274/51Crown Heights second trial verdict, 1997
2006-274/50Crown Heights case, 1993-1994
Crown Heights disturbances report, 1993
Crown Heights case, transcripts, clippings, 1993
2006-274/27Crown Heights [riot] most recent, 1993
[photographic material]
2006-274/52[Ralph Nimmons, Yankel Rosenbaum, Crown Heights African American and Jewish violence], 1992-1993
2006-274/116Black anti-Semitism, 1988-1992
NYPIRG [New York Public Interest Research Group], candidates issues including Dinkins & all others, August 1985, undated
New York Times story on [Tawanna] Brawley, February 1988
Weakness & pathology of minority leadership, Caughlin & [Cuomo?], 1983-1985
News column on MM&S [Tawanna Brawley, Al Sharpton], the last lie, June 1988
[Calvin] Butts, Roger Green, 1985-1992
Brawley, grand jury findings, October 1988
Black based party, November 1993
Black wackos & Howard Beach, December 1987-January 1988
Divisive news [Howard Beach], Maddox, Sharpton, Carson, February 1987-[ca. 1987]
Mario & Brawley case, March 1988
[Charles] Schumer case, 1980-1983
Nat [Hentoff] on Eric Adams, March-May 1994
[Leonard] Jeffries clips, August-December 1991
Black anti-Semitism & Voice piece about Left anti-white biases, May-August 1991
David Patterson [clips on race], March-May 1994
[Stanley] Crouch on race & crime, April-May 1994
[David] Dinkins clips, victory speech, etc., March-May 1985
Wyatt Walker, October-December 1987
2006-274/1173 Stooges [C. Vernon Mason, Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley], 1988-1994
New Amsterdam News, hate mongering, D’Amato, 1991
[includes several complete newspapers]
Black racism, mass culture & hate, 1990-1993
Sonny Carson, 1976, 1989
2006-274/128Nursing Homes
Bergman, [nursing home scandal], charges day by day, 1975-1976
2006-274/127Rabbi [Bernard] Bergman, [Albert] Blumenthal, 1960-1980
2006-274/77[Charles] Sigety, 1986-1988
[Charles] Haynes case history, [Charles Sigety], 1975-1986
[Robert] Sigety stipulation, 1985-1987
[Charles Sigety, Florence Nightengale nursing home, 129 Tenants Association], 1983-1990
2006-274/119[Nursing Home: Buswick-Stuyvesant Rehabilitation in Brooklyn], 1976-1983
2006-274/134[Long Term Care Regulation, Moreland Act Commission Report], 1976
[Report on Nursing Homes], 1975-1984
2006-274/117Michael Del Giudice, [nursing homes], 1975
2006-274/157Death Penalty and Bobby McLaughlin
Ray Krone ms draft, 2001-2002
Death Penalty [column], 1982-2002
Bobby McLaughlin gets out on Liberty Weekend, 1986-1989
[Bobby McLaughlin scripts], 1987-1990
[Bobby] McLaughlin, 1986-1987
[Robert] Tobin Affadavit and Paul Asher notes, 1979, undated
[Richard] Emory’s brief, 20/20 script, [Barbara] Underwood letters, 1986
[Bobby] McLaughlin murder conviction file, 1985 and undated
Death Penalty, 1994-2000
Death Penalty General, 1983-1986
The MS, 1984, undated
Notes [McLaughlin], 1985, undated
Nat Laurendi polygraph, 1975-1985
The I. D., 1980
Lineup minutes, 1981
Bobby [McLaughlin], 1986-1995
2006-274/51Death [Penalty] Deval [Patrick]--Charles Hynes, 1994-1997
2006-274/38Local Issues
Jennings [Family] cartel, guns, 1994
2006-274/113Lead poisoning and [Archie] Spigner, 1995-1996
Lead poisoning bill, 1992-2002
Lead [poisoning] bill column, 2003
[Empire Zones tax breaks, Chinatown post-9/11], 2002-2003
2006-274/79Judge Griesa, 1982-1985
John Oakes, 1983, undated
Bas[s?] Westway clips, 1981-1983
[?] and Westway, 1985
State of New York Commission of Investigation, The Westway Enviromental Approval Process, The Dilution of State Authority, 1984
1962 Bond of Estimate press release, opposing [?], lower Manhattan Expressway, 1962
Landfill permit, study and bass, 1984
Koch breaks his word on Westway, 1977
Time Westway series [?] and 1984 clips, 1984-1985
The Basic [?] – Westway Columns, 1982-1985
Many notes for Sept[ember] Westway piece and current clips, 1985
Basic trade-in clips, Ravitch memo, and [?] memo, 1985
Griesa quotes on substance of [?], 1982
Colonel Smith’s Letter and Hennessy memo, 1982
Ravitch memo to Mario M. Cuomo, 1983
State Investigation Commission, Westway probe, 1983
Robert Moses on Westway, undated
The Puccio Report, 1983
C[?] contempt trial, June 1983
Westway notes, 1983
Joe Westway outline, undated
Mario M. Cuomo Westway rebuttal, 1983
Westway, 10 Westway myths and misconceptions, undated
Federal studies from [Ted] Weiss on Westway permits, 1984
Mario [Cuomo] amendment, 1983
Butzel’s brief, 1983
[Westway correspondence], 1977-1983
Butzel documents, 1982
Clips on Griesa decision, 1982
Times Westway editorials and all Oakes columns, 1974-1982
Clips Marcy [Benstock] op-ed notes, 1972
Marcy [Benstock] documents, 1979-1982
Marcy [Benstock] 1971 application and evaluation from Greg Farrell, undated
Village Westway clips, 1977-1982
Westway endgame, 1982-1985
2006-274/98Night Clubs
[Club Scene in NYC, Sports], 1998-1999
2006-274/20Clubs, 1996-1998
2006-274/101Liquid business, [State Liquor Authority, night clubs], 1998
Minors arrests, China Club shooting, April-July 1997
[Peter] Gatien, Finley, [Flatiron Alliance], August-September 1998
My SLA [State Liquor Authority] series, Scores Entertainment suspension, clippings, 1997-1998
NV Bar, basics, 1908, [ca. 1970]-1998
Gatien file, 1997
Gatien, career, 1986-1998
Gatien clubs, 1999
Gatien, 1994-1999
[Peter Gatien], Tunnel [night club], 1999-2000
[New York dance clubs], 1999-2000
Ecstasy, Peter Gatien, Jimmy Lyons death, 1997-2001
Ecstasy basic clips, 1985-2000
2006-274/114NYP [New York Post], SLA series [State Liquor Authority], January 12-16, 1997
Casares, Fishbein, SLA [State Liquor Authority], 1998-2000
[Peter] Gatien clips for Spike, January 1999-June 2003
Clubs & Capadula clips, noise, drugs, November 2002-March 2003
Gatien, Tunnel [club], [Dunleavy to McVeigh], May 1996-June 2001
2006-274/5[Jeremiah] McKenna’s list, Gail [Sheehy]’s article [sex industry in Manhattan], 1971-1979
[Carroll] Mallow, [Michael] Zaffarano, [sex industry in Manhattan], 1975-1978
[Pornography], 1978
Martin Hodas [Times Square peep shows], 1972-1977
Mel Thaler [nude bars], 1977
Midtown Report and [Neil] Berzak, 1978
Pornography, 1975-1977
Porn, 1977
Matty Ianniello, 1975-1978
Matty the Horse [Ianniello], 1977-1979
[Michael] Umbers, 1972-1978
[Herbert Kassner] and [Seymour] Detsky, 1977-1978
Korean [groceries] Boycott, 1990
2006-274/159Current Neighborhood Issues, 1976-1978
[Ken] Patton/Northside, 1969-1976
2006-274/123Homeport [US naval bases], 1985-1990
Frank Mickens, 1988-1989
Rev. Howard Moody, 1959-1989
Jim McNamara, 1982-1988
2006-274/70Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee v. New York Human Resources Administration, 1996
NYC Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program, 1988
2006-274/78HANAC [Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee] v. City of New York et al, 1995-1996
2006-274/156Good guys clips and notes [neighborhood heroes], 1979-1986
1986 Good Guys [Walter Stafford], 1985
Good guys ms 1988, 1988
2006-274/159Labor Unions
[Labor, Brokers column], [ca. 1982]
[John] Cody, [Teamsters local] 282, 1978
[Local] 282, 1975-1981
[Local 282 Notes], [ca. 1980]
[John] Cody, General Crimes, [ca. 1980]
[Brokers/Michael Cody], undated
2006-274/157Current [John] Cody, 1978-1985
2006-274/52[Teamsters local 272 lease], 1985
2006-274/77Doris Turner fraud, 1984-1985
2006-274/127[1199 History], 1988-1989
2006-274/31Home Care Workers 1199, 1986-1988, 2003-2004
2006-274/14[local] 1199 [health care union], 2002
2006-274/127City Economy
10 Reform Ideas [municipal finance reform], 1991
2006-274/137Prophets, [Lewis] Mumford on the city, 1985
Catholic Bishops on Economics and Unions, 1984
2006-274/54New York Politicians
Robert F. Kennedy
Kennedy’s column, 1997-1998
2006-274/99Bob M.[?] notes, undated
Robert F. Kennedy notes, 1997, undated
Frank Ragano questions, undated
Jerry Kretchmer notes, undated
Notes [?], undated
Pre-interview notes, undated
Peter Mass notes, Bill [?], notes,
Frank Thomas – B[?] story notes, Harry B[?], questions and notes, undated
Murray Kempton notes, undated
Marshall Ganz, 1997
Doris Kearns, undated
Ronnie B[reslin], undated
EMK [Edward Kennedy], 1997
John S. notes, 1996
Robert F. Kennedy weekend conference, L.A. clips, 1988
60s clips, 1996
Stuart Television Productions, 1992-1993
Robert F. Kennedy, 1988-1992, undated
Robert F. Kennedy assassination, 1967-1968
2006-274/172Mario Cuomo
Mario C [Cuomo] Basics 85-86, 1985-1987
[Pat] Cadell notes on MMC [Mario Cuomo], 1984-1985
More of my time with Mario [Cuomo], 1984-1985
MMC [Mario Cuomo] and Teddy’s [Edward Kennedy] withdrawal, 1985
Piece on Mario C [Cuomo], 1986-1988
2006-274/76Mario [Cuomo] smears, 1987
[Mario Cuomo], 1984-1991
MMC [Mario Cuomo] Notes, 1988-1989
2006-274/118Anti-Italian prejudice in media against MMC [Mario Cuomo] and [Geraldine] Ferraro, 1984-1992
2006-274/60MMC [Mario Cuomo] Smear Threats, 1977-1988
Basic Mario [Cuomo] pieces, 1982-1991
Mario [Cuomo] Indiana Speech (RFK), 1987
MMC [Mario Cuomo] second term inaugural speech, 1987
Mario [Cuomo] Crime Speech, Action Agenda, 1989
[Jimmy] Breslin on [Mario] Cuomo, 1987
Right wing surveillance threats, 1987
MMC [Mario Cuomo] notes, 1986
[Mario Cuomo, Donald Manes], undated
[photographic material]
Chief Judge notes, 1981-1985
Rigging Court of Appeals Nominee, 1982-1983
[Mario] Cuomo transition notes, 1982-1983
[Mario] Cuomo good thing, 1983-1984
2006-274/93Mario [Cuomo], speech & Bruce’s epigraph, Mario notes, 1991
2006-274/100Mario Cuomo, Voice interview, December 1985
Notes on Mario Cuomo, February-March 1987
MMC [Mario Cuomo], Woody Allen, Carol Gressler, [ca. 2001]
2006-274/62Notes of my Tales [?] with Mario [Cuomo], 1983
1983 State [Mario] Cuomo Budget, 1983
[Mario] Cuomo decline and legalities, 1983-1984
Mario [Cuomo] and Sing Sing hostages, 1983
Mario [Cuomo] at 65, 1996-1997
Rudy’s endorsement and last two weeks, Mario’s [Cuomo] last loss, 1994
Mario [Cuomo] and idea of Senate race, 1990-1991
Mario [Cuomo]’s speech in California, September 1989
Mario [Cuomo] and mayor’s race, 1977
Mario [Cuomo], 1973-1976
General election clips, 1982
2006-274/64Thanks to Mario Cuomo, Xerox, 1974
Mario [Cuomo]’s nursing home report in 1974, Bill Cabin memos to Cuomo on state issues, 1974-1978
[Ed] Koch, [Mario] Cuomo, run off stats, 1977
Mario [Cuomo]’s primary win over Ed [Koch] analysis of primary vote, 1982
10 reasons why [Mario] Cuomo won, 1982
[Mario] Cuomo keynote speech and aftermath, 1984
Governor Mario M. Cuomo speech texts, 1976-1983
Ken’s [Auleta] Mario Cuomo’s profile, 1984
Mario M. Cuomo keynote notes, undated
Mario Cuomo bio and columns, 1982-1987
Mario Cuomo for governor, 1982
1977 election, 1977
Cuomo campaign, 1977
Mario and 1988, 1985-1988
1985 Cuomo budget, 1985
Ron Rosembaum, profile of Mario Cuomo, 1985
Mario [Cuomo] book reviews, 1984
2006-274/41Ed Koch
Koch & Bess [Myerson], 1977-[ca. 1990]
Koch deal, Basil Paterson notes, 1977
Meade Koch deal, Meade meeting, 1977-1987
Koch admission on getting too close to party bosses, February 1986-July 1987
Andy Logan piece, GOP [Republican Party], Koch, SF [San Francisco] speech, December 1983-March 1986
How Koch got elected, Koch Cuomo primary, June-October 1977
Koch pieces, 1981-1982
Sally [Goodgold?], notes, [ca. 1980]
Columns on ’77 campaign, July-August 1977
Koch polarization, scapegoating, bullying, 1982-1984
2006-274/112Koch and Racism, 1984-1989
2006-274/36[Ed] Koch - [Alfonse] D’Amato, 1981-1986
2006-274/135[Ed] Koch $ [money], 1980-1986
[Ed] Koch in 89, 1973-1989
2006-274/111[Ed] Koch’s 1987 budget, 1988
DOI [Department of Investigation], 1986
[Ed] Koch 1986 Budget, 1982-1986
Sanitation, 1986
Transit, 1983-1986
Ruth Messinger’s state of the city, 1987
[Ed] Koch--credit and responsibility, 1980-1987
2006-274/158[Ed] Koch op-ed, 1971-1978
2006-274/2Koch at the peak of his powers, bullying, ABC News poll, January-December 1985
Bess [Myerson] shoplifting arrest, May-July 1988
2006-274/12Letters to read [Ed Koch, City for Sale, Bess Myerson], 1995-2000
Bess, Andy Capasso indicted, January 1987
Bess, Capasso, 1977-[ca. 1982]
New York Magazine profile of Bess [Myerson], clippings 1986-1987
Tyler Reprint [Bess Myerson], June-July 1987
David [Cavenene?] and Tony Lambert, Bess clips, 1969-1987
The Tyler papers, 1987
Andy Tyler and Capasso divorce, legal papers 1985-1987
Witness might be killed, May 1987
What did Koch know & when did he know it?, June 1987
Sealing the Tyler report, May 1987
Sukhreet [Gabel]’s walk with Bess, June 1986
[Myerson, Capasso, clippings and notes], (1986)
Myerson, ranting phone call transcript, February 3, 1987
Rudy [Giuliani] notes, [1987]
Koch note to Bess, October 21, 1983
A.D. [Appellate Division] reverses Gabel, March 1, 1984
Carpasso & Myerson, $100,000 to Goldin!, 1987
Koch deposition by Rudy, September 1987
Bess cash deliveries, June 1987
Rickman, call to Bess, May 1986
Bess notes, [Justice Hortense] Gabel resigns, Wayne Tarshis, 1987
Where scandal goes from here? September 1987
2006-274/140Koch columns, July 1990-October 1991
Koch budget hole, March-October 1991
Poll on Koch responsibility, October-December 1990
New scandals, Koch, August-October 1990
[Charity] finances [Koch], February 1989
2006-274/144Koch [Tikkun interview], January-March, 2000
Ed Koch, [clippings and notes], 1982-1989
2006-274/43[Ed] Koch on Gabe [Pressman], December 7, 1986
[Ed] Koch documents, 1985 net worth, 1986 dinner security list, 1985-1986
[Ed] Koch’s 1973 announcement for mayor, story in [Village] Voice, February 15, 1973
The liberal [Ed] Koch, 1964-1970s
[Ed] Koch and Forest hills--1971, 1971, 1984
[Village Independent Democrats]’ 1960 statement of principles, 1960-1961
[Ed] Koch election with [Village Independent Democrats] pres? In January 1963, and defeat of Carmine [DeSapio] in September 5, 1963, 1963
Sarah Karen? On [Ed] Koch, 1962-1963
[Ed] Koch basics, 1977-1989
[Ed] Koch texts, 1981
[Ed] Koch and [Victor] Botnick, public standards on integrity[?], June 1986
[Ed] Koch’s positive accomplishments, 1985-1986
Opportunism factor, [Ed] Koch change – flip-flop, 1971, 1977-1979, 1983-1984, 1987
[Ed] Koch and scandal, 1983-1986
Times poll on [Ed] Koch and scandal, March 13, 1986
[Ed] Koch’s May ’86 driver [?], May 1986
[Marty] Gottlieb notes, 1986, undated
Bill Johnson’s May 1986 poll and [Ed] Koch down 21 points, raw data, May 1986
Daily News poll on [Ed] Koch, June 4, 1986
Anti-[Ed] Koch cartoons, June 10, June 13, September 25, 1986
3 [Daily] News [editorials] in [October and November] 1986, 1986
March 1986 Times poll on [Ed] Koch scandal attitudes/[Wall Street Journal] poll-focus group, May 9, 1986, 1986
[Ed] Koch losing his touch, January 13, 1987
[Ed] Koch’s 1987 “State of the City” speech, January 21, 1987
[Ed] Koch not running the city during the scandals, April-August 1986
[Ed] Koch poll, July 1983
Pete’s piece on [Ed] Koch’s 60th birthday party, December 1984
[Ed] Koch cover-up, 1982-1986
[Ed] Koch goes to Nicaragua, September 1986, September 1987
[Ed] Koch revenge against [borough presidents], September 1987
[Ed] Koch announces his funeral wishes, calls stroke a “coda”, September 1987
Andy Logan [article on Ed Koch], September 1987
[Ed] Koch denials in [NewYork] Times, July 1987
[Ed] Koch stroke, August 6, 1987
[Ed] Koch scapegoating the press (and other ?) during scandal, February-October 1986
[Ed] Koch’s passivity on integrity, 1986
[Ed] Koch’s low campaign ethics, 1986
Joe Klein’s [New York Magazine] piece on [Ed] Koch, July 1987
[Ed] Koch reacts to scandal, March 16-17, 1987
Ken Conboy on system graft, February 1987
[Ed] Koch, [?] interview, 1986
January 1987 [New York] Times poll 1987
[Ed] Koch at Daily News, January 31, 1986
Pete [Hamill]’s piece on [Ed] Koch’s 60th birthday party, December 1984
June 1989 [New York] Post poll June 1989
[Ed] Koch’s evasions of accountability, 1986-1987
Mayoral maneuvers, preferences, etc., 1988-1989
[Ed] Koch nastiness, 1988
1989 [Daily] News poll on [Ed] Koch, 1989
2006-274/135David Dinkins
Chart on [David] Dinkins campaign promises, 1989-1991
Allyn Sielaff connections, 1990-1991
S. Africa trip [David Dinkins], [ca. 1991]
[David] Dinkins 1992 state of the city address, 1993
[David] Dinkins elected, 1989
[David] Dinkins losing credibility, 1988-1991
[David] Dinkins and race speech, 1990
Poll on [David] Dinkins popularity, 1990
Jewish Week on [David] Dinkins speech, 1990
[David] Dinkins poll, 1990
[David] Dinkins racial healing after [Bensonhurst] verdicts, 1990
[David Dinkins polls], 1990-1991
[Institute for Puerto Rican Policy] and [David] Dinkins, 1990
Last week of [David] Dinkins campaign, 1989
[David] Dinkins budget cuts, 1990-1991
Rudy [Giuliani] -- [David] Dinkins dirt, 1974, 1989
2006-274/134[David] Dinkins cover-ups: stocks and ethics, 1989-1991
[Norman] Steisel and sludge story, 1991
Spring Creek site, Rev. [Johnny Ray] Youngblood, 1992
[Bill] Lynch, 1989
[David] Dinkins, best basic profiles, 1985-1989
[David] Dinkins optimistic state of the city, 1992
Hazel Dukes, 1990-1992
[David] Dinkins actual appointments, 1989-1990
Private funding on [David] Dinkins inauguration, 1989
[David] Dinkins helping [Ramon] Velez, 1992
[David] Dinkins inaugural speech, 1989-1990
[John] Gotti company gets contract, 1991
[David] Dinkins speeches, 1988-1990
[David Dinkins], 1989-1991
[David] Dinkins police plan, 1990
2006-274/158[David Dinkins’ Task Force on Education], 1989
2006-274/153Dinkins, Stein, 1982-1989
Dinkins & phony anti-Semitism charge, Arlena Kayatt, 1981-1983
Dinkins, moral character, [campaigns and biography], 1985-1988
Dinkins poll & News poll, July 1989
[Koch and Dinkins], polling, June 1989
UFT [United Federation of Teachers] & Dinkins, Feldman, April-June, 1989
Dinkins wins primary, September 1989
2006-274/46Rudy Guiliani
[Rudy] Guiliani and Politics, 1987
2006-274/28Homeless, [Coalition for the Homeless report], October 1997
[Rudolph] Giuliani/Disregard [for] law, 1995-1996, 2003
Clips on Rudy [Giuliani’s] performance on 9/11, 2001
[Metropolitan Transportation Authority] finances, 2002-2003
Mike Bloomberg, 2001
Ten things [Mike] Bloomberg should do, 2001-2002
Mayor [Mike] Bloomberg, 2001-2002
My New York Magazine [Fernando] Ferrer draft, 2001
The opportunist Rudy [Giuliani], 1994-2002
Rudy [Giuliani’s] fiscal follies, 2001-2002
Coalition for Homeless, 1993-1994, 2002
Rudy Crew, 2002
[School Board District] 12, Justice Department and [Fernando] Ferrer and [Rudy] Crew, 1996
“Windows theory” piece in New Yorker/crime drop, 1996-1998
David Robinson, undated
[folder only, no content]
[Fernando] Ferrer’s withdrawal and [Israel] Ruiz, 1997
[World Trade Center]/[Rudy] Giuliani/command center body count, 2001
2006-274/8Rudy [Giuliani] & race, February-May 2002
Police, pensions, race, February 1994-July 2000
Rudy, Donna, divorce proceedings, September 1999-December 2001
Rudy censorship, 1st amendment, attack at Brooklyn museum, September 1995-March 1999
Basic docs for civil liberties & Rudy, November 1999-July 2002
Henry Stern, from Jody Yetzen, January 2003
Rudy G. notes, [ca. 2000]
Newsday op-ed on Rudy, January 2003
Notes for ending, September 2002-[ca. 2002]
My Henry Stern deposition, January-July 2003
Rudy speeches, [assorted clippings], January-May 2002
9/11 blunders & Rudy’s responsibility, March-August 2002
2006-274/45Rudy [Giuliani], 1983-1989
Rudy [Giuliani]’s positions/abortion, 1989
Rudy [Giuliani] negatives, 1987-1989
[Rudy Giuliani] Newsday poll, 1989
Post, Rudy [Giuliani], Simon Berger story, 1989
Rev. Donald Harrington [Giuliani], 1975-1989
Cheap Shots [Giuliani], 1989
Newsday poll [Giuliani], 1989
[Rudy] Giuliani possible clips for column, 1985-1989
Ray Harding notes [on Giuliani], undated
Rudy [Giuliani], 1974-1988
Rudy [Giuliani] and [Jimmy] Breslin notes, 1988
Rudy [Giuliani’s] Summation, 1985-1987
Mike Dowd, 1982-1986
[Mike] Dowd’s own notes, 1986
Rudy [Giuliani] notes, 1987
2006-274/18Rudy [Giuliani]’s Power play to stay, 2001-2002
Rudy [Giuliani] Newsday ms, 2001-2002
Rudy [Giuliani] negatives, 2001-2002
Rudy [Giuliani]/[divorce], 1999-2001
Rudy [Giuliani] ms for Nation, 2002
Rudy [Giuliani] low approval rating, 1995-2000
The Divorce Case [Giuliani], 1997-2001
[Herman] Badillo and CUNY/[Rudy Giuliani], 1997-2001
[Rudy Giuliani], 1998-2002
2006-274/134Rudy [Guiliani] 1993, 1989-1993
2006-274/37Rudy [Guiliani] v. Mark Green, 1994-1995
Rudy [Guiliani] poll, 1995-1996
2006-274/35Rudy [Giuliani]-Hillary [Clinton] draft of proposal, profile of [Susan and Howard] Kaminsky, 1999
Hillary [Clinton manuscript], 1999
Rudy [Giuliani] vs. Hillary [Clinton] [column], 1999
The master of [political] spin, 1999
2006-274/20Charles Schumer
[Files on New York Senator Charles Schumer], 2000-2001
2006-274/32[Charles E.] Schumer [manuscript], 1998-1999
[Charles E.] Schumer July ’99, October-November 1998, February-July 1999
[Charles E.] Schumer, 1998
2006-274/31Alfonse d'Amato
Alfonse [D’Amato] current lobbying, 1980-2004
[Alfonse] D’Amato and mob clips and documents, 1986-1999
2006-274/130[Richard] Korn note, [Alfonse] D’Amato attack on Korn, 1989
[Alfonse] D’Amato basic, 1980
[Alfonse] D’Amato, 1981-1984
Social issues, abortion and school prayer, 1982
[Edward] Korman and [Alfonse] D’Amato and [George] Clark, 1980
Newsday piece on Nassau GOP machine, 1989
[Alfonse] D’Amato contributors, 1985
1980 [Alfonse] D’Amato documents, 1980-1981
[Alfonse] D’Amato voting record, 1981-1986
New York Times Magazine and [Tom] Goldstein puff pieces on Alfonse [D’Amato], 1980
Alfonse [D’Amato], 1982-1985
[Alfonse] D’Amato notes, undated
[Alfonse] D’Amato beatable in ’86, politics, clips, 1986
[Alfonse] D’Amato, 1985
FBI, [Dan] Russo, 1979-1980
Neil Welch anecdote on Fisk and corruption in 1978 and praise to Ray, [ca. 1978]
[Alfonse] D’Amato and Kravco, Inc., 1981
Reaction and response to [Alfonse] D’Amato article, 1980
[Alfonse] D’Amato disclosures, 1983
2006-274/36HUD Civil Rights Suit on Island Park home, 1990
Alfonse [D’Amato] HUD-Section 8, complaint, 1982-1989
[Arnold] Biegen memo to his files on JM [Joseph Monticciolo], 1986-1992
Sol Polosi chapter on [Alfonse] D’Amato, mob, Armand [D’Amato], Cocaine, 1991
Richie Rodriguez, Al [Alfonse] D’Amato, 1990
[Playboy Alfonse D’Amato article], 1991
Armand [D’Amato] and Unisys, 1983-1991
1% letter, Harper’s piece, 1971-1981
[Alfonse] D’Amato transcript on Gabe Pressman, 1989
[Alfonse] D’Amato on 1% letter and history, 1971, 1985
[Alfonse] D’Amato’s original 1980 announcement statement, 1980
[Alfonse] D’Amato and proof of influence on HUD, 1989
Al [D’Amato] PR [Puerto Rican] fund-raisers indicted, 1987-1991
Al [D’Amato] tax return, 1979
Buffalo clips on [Alfonse] D’Amato and HUD, 1989
[Alfonse] D’Amato 1971 1% letter, 1971
For Faith Sale, [Alfonse] D’Amato clips, 1981
Kevin McCoy’s [Alfonse] D’Amato file, 1983-1990
[Alfonse] D’Amato notes, general, 1991-1992
[Alfonse] D’Amato poll data, ethics update, 1991
[Alfonse] D’Amato ms, 1992
2006-274/84Donald Manes
United States of America v. Stanley Friedman, et al., 1982, 1985
[Jay] Turoff indictment, [ca. 1986]
Phone message book, photocopy, October-November 1985
Andy Logan on scandal, 1986-1987
Phone messages, December 5-30, 1985
[Donald] Manes medical records, 1986
[Ed] Koch letter on ?[eviction of Freedom Industries, Inc.], August 3, 1984
Phone messages, November 19-December 5, 1985
Phone messages, August 21-September 30, 1985
Summary of phone messages, Marvin Bergman, 1979-1986
Transcript of conversation, Bernie Sandow, Mike Burnett and Lindenauer, undated
Ed Koch clips from Dan Collins, 1964-1985
2006-274/105[Donald Manes], undated
Donald Manes phone logs, 1985-1986
Last 6 weeks of [Donald] Manes, 1986
2006-274/106[Melvin and Steven] Lebetkin indictiment, 1988
[Melvin] Lebetkin, [Andrew] Maloney Notes, 1987-1988
Ira London notes on [Bernard] Sandow, 1985-1986
[Bernard] Sandow, 1985-1986
[Donald Manes, Parking Violations Bureau, John J. Santucci], 1986
First days clips in Daily News [Parking Violations Bureau], 1985-1986
[Donald] Manes 2 phony stories, 1986
[Donald] Manes [hospital], 1986
[Donald] Manes details Jan 9, 10, 11, 1986
Lester Shafran [PBV], 1986
Datacom and [Michael] Lazar-[Lester] Shafran indictment, 1986
[Edward] Sadowsky, 1977-1986
[Michael] Lazar [Times Square, PVC], 1980-1986
The Queens Gang, 1986
Queens Women’s Bar Association connections, 1986
[Grand Prix], 1981-1984
OSP files on [Donald] Manes, 1974-1978
Original [Donald] Manes records, 1974-1978
[Donald] Manes logs, 1979-1985
Queens general, 1976-1986
[Stanley Friedman] phone messages, 1986-1987
Benito Romano, undated
[William] Aronwald’s father murdered, 1987
[David] Zornow affidavit on Manes, Friedman, Lazar, 1986
Donald Manes, 1975-1986
[Queens Democratic Primary/Michael Lazar], 1965
Judge [William C.] Brennan, 1985
[Patrick] McGinley, [DOI, narcotics], 1986
Congressmen indicted and bribed, 1974-1980
2006-274/46Basic Original clips on [Donald] Manes chronology, 1985-1986
Rudy [Giuliani] on [Jimmy] Breslin, [Michael] Dowd, [Donald] Manes, undated
[Richard] Nicastro rejects [Donald] Manes account, 1986
Irving Seidman notes, undated
[Jimmy] Breslin column and others on [Michael] Dowd going public [on Donald Manes], 1986
[Donald] Manes by Wayne [Barrett], 1987
Interviews [on Donald Manes], undated
Andy Logan on [Ed Koch at Donald Manes’ funeral], 1986
Andy Logan on [Donald] Manes post-funeral, 1986
[Mike] Callahan’s visits, [Eddie] Chan, mob, 1982-1986
Chronology summary clips, 1986
[Ed] Koch’s exuberance and relief after [Donald] Manes’ death, 1986
Lindy [Geoffrey Lindenauer], 1963-1972, 1986-1987
[Donald] Manes death by suicide, 1976-1986
Shelly [Sheldon] Chevlowe, 1986
Wayne [Barrett] complete ms on [Donald] Manes, 1974-1986
[Donald] Manes NYU hospital records, 1986
Sid D. on [Donald] Manes suicide, undated
2006-274/52[Notes: Donald Manes, Mob], undated
2006-274/181March News [Daily News, Donald Manes], March 2-31, 1986
[New York] Newsday March [Donald Manes], March 1986
New York Post, [Donald Manes], January 11-31, 1986
Four Newspapers [Donald Manes], January 11-31, 1986
New York Newsday, February 1-27, 1986
2006-274/137Ned Regan
Ned Regan documents, 1985-1990
302’s on Ned Regan, 1985-1988
[Ned] Regan reactions, 1988-1989
Ned Regan clips, 1978-1986
[Ned] Regan statement and letter, 1983-1986
Key [Ned] Regan--[Joseph] Palumbro memos, 1985-1988
[Ned] Regan [on Common Retirement Fund], 1989
[Peter] Kalikaw and Ned Regan, 1986
Don Carter and [Ned] Regan, 1980-1990
Ned [Regan] and South Africa, 1986-1989
[Ned] Regan letters, 1989
[Ned] Regan [anonymous] letters, 1983-1988
[Joseph] Palumbro, 1985-1986
[Herman Badillo], 1986
Drexel [Burnham Lambert, Inc.], 1985-1989
Ben Lambert meetings with [Ned] Regan, 1979-1988
[Joseph] Dioguardi, 1984-1988
[Ned] Regan--S&K [Seward & Kissel], COPs, 1986-1988
Feenick Commission [Ned Regan], 1988
Consultant List [Common Retirement Fund], 1988
[Ned] Regan--Senate Reactions, 1988
Basic [Ned] Regan documents and letters, 1985-1988
[Ned] Regan seating list, 1988
List of [Ned] Regan mortgages, 1988
Texaco [Common Retirement Fund], 1988
[Ned] Regan dinner lists, 1987-1988
[Texaco], 1987-1988
Ned Regan basics, 1988
2006-274/138[Donald] Trump mortgage deal/[Ned Regan], 1982-1988
Ned Regan Schedules, 1983-1988
Ned Regan Column, [ca. 1988]
2006-274/78Other New York Politicians
Liz [Holtzman], undated
[Friends of Liz Holtzman], 1990-1991
2006-274/155[Leon] Hess, 1979-1981
[Judianne Densen] Gerber, 1982
Possible greediest, 1970-1982
Basic pieces on PACs, 1978-1981
Walter J. Sheridan, 1967-1969
[George] Pataki, 1994
2006-274/157Liz H [Elizabeth Holtzman], undated
2006-274/153Bob Abrams, 1980-1983
Montgomery & Maslow, 1984-[ca. 1985]
The minority reg. stats., [Herman] Badillo, race relations, September 1984-December 1985
Sal Albanese, March 1984-April 1985
Frank Thomas, January 1988
Fernando Ferrer, June 1987
Al Vann, 1983-1986
Al Vann, notes, 1988
2006-274/154Richard Ottinger, 1978-1982
Barney Frank, 1983
Angelo del Toro, 1979
[Allen Schwartz, Angelo Del Toro], 1979, 1984
Franz Leichter, reports on Tommy Gambino, 1982-1983
Tom Downey, 1982
2006-274/9National Topics
Pataki wealth, Wise Guys story, John McCain, 2004
Kerry’s VP [Vice President] choice, 2004
Government secrecy, April 2004
2006-274/39Laura Bush, Kitty Kelley, Lou Colasuonno, September 2004
Gen-X culture, Perry Criscitelli, Dale Peck, “There oughta be a law against...”, July-August 2004
Bert Langley, May-June 2004
Barack Obama & race, July 2004
2004 Democratic convention, July 2004
[Rudy] Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Kaufman, 2004
Michael Moore’s film [Fahrenheit 9/11], June 2004
[Political figures, notes], [ca. 2004]
Politicians as a bad breed, Clintons, Ashcroft, Jackson, February-July 2001
George W. Bush as a man, 2000-2001
Clinton’s welfare bill, December 2000
2006-274/174Bush/economy and Iraq war, 2003
2006-274/56Solarz foreign policy formulations, June 1985
Yuppies, April 1984-September 1986
Where do you go from here? Yuppies & yuppie vote, June 12 freeze movement, gender gap, 1982-1988
Tower Commission report, February 1987
El Salvador vote & EMK [Edward M. Kennedy], 1983-1984
4 S.I. [?] examples, 1984 PAC$ [political action committee], September 1984
Gov. [Richard] Lamm, Farrakhan of the Yuppies, September 1980-August 1986
Lane Evans, populist model, September 1983-April 1984
1988, Tom Miller on candidates before a policy consensus, April 1986
The Welfare State, New Repulic, Mickey Kaus & Hamill column, September 1986-July 1987
Bush, taxes, populism, GOP [Republican Party] split, June 1990
Procedure for picking the Dem[ocratic] nominee, March 1986-March 1987
[Edwin] Meese, debasement of the judiciary, March-November 1986
Meaning of ’86 elections, November 1986
Social issues, character & personality in ’88, August 1986-[ca. 1986]
Anti-Rhenquist clips & essays, June-September 1986
Right wing religious fundamentalist movement, Falwell, Swaggart, June 1981-September 1984
Pro-Meade hype in media, January 1984
[U.S. Congress, votes and lobbying], 1978-1980
Reference, basic votes ’85-’86, apartheid, Contras aid, 1985-1986
Contras aid, March-June 1986
Dukakis, February 1988
Individual responsibility, individual rights, crime, [ca. 1988]
Press ethics, Blumenthal, Conason [Clintons], June 1997
ABC cancels Kessler show, Congress, May 1997
Zogby poll, [Clinton campaign], November 2000
2006-274/68Liberal nonsense, losing point of class, federalist manifesto, 1985
Poll on natural attitudes, January-March 1986
Tom Hayden, 1981-1982
Redirecting liberalism debate, 1982
Citizen action, convention clips, August 1985
Political [grandstanding?] & stasis, the fault is us, 1992
Quayle Bush ’92, middle class populism, May-October 1992
NYC primaries, April 1992
Democrats 1992, Brown, Tsongas, 1992
Slime tactics, poison politics, June-October 1992
2006-274/120Pseudo-populism essay, 1995
Universal Humanism, memoir ideas, 1981-1999
Civil Rights follies, 1958, 2000
Ideas (criticism and celebrities), 1998
Liberalism, 1998
Bill Bennet’s “Death of Outrage”, 1998
NYC liberalism silence, 1994-1995
Attica Voice piece, 2000
Affirmative action, 1995-1998
Memoir reviews, 2000
[Culture and politics], 1995-2000
MLK letter on anti-Semitism, 1967, 1985
[Major Owens], 1981-1992
Marian Wright Edelman, 1989-1992
Patriotism, July 4th meaning, 1984-1985
[“Rights and Wrongs: Human Rights Television” program], 1995
1983-1984 Philosophical pieces and values, 1981-1984
Left-wing McCarthyism and Stalinism, 1967-1986
Models of the single standard, 1978-1986
[Mario Cuomo lecture at Purchase College], 1996
2006-274/9Racial and ethnic issues
Black turn-out, October 2004
2006-274/123Right Wing and Cult Anti-Semitism, 1969-1985
Left Wing Anti-Semitism, 1975-1985
2006-274/88[“Blacks and Jews on the College Campus,” seminar materials], January 16, 1986
[Blacks and Jews, correspondence], April 1984-June 1986
Black leaders reacting to JJ [Jesse Jackson] & Hymie, February-March 1984
Blacks & Jews speech, July 1984
Notes from AJC [American Jewish Committe] panel, September-December 1984
Blacks & Jews, tensions, conference in Washington, March 1984-December 1985
Julius Lester, September 1979-March 1985
Albert Vorspan speeches, 1983-1987
Paul Robeson, Jr., [clippings], 1985
Jewish-Catholic reconciliation, October 1983-November 1985
Rabbi Hertzberg, rising above tribalism, January-March 1985
Cuomo’s Black-Jewish meetings, [ca. 1985]
Major R. Owens, 1981-1985
Morris Dees, Jewish Klan fighter, April 1985
Mike Kramer’s NYM [New York Magazine] piece, February 1985
Basic pieces, The New Republic, January 1985
Voice symposium on Blacks & Jews, November 1979
U.S. public opinion pro-Israel, December 1989
Polling data on all [minorities], basics, polling data on Jews, 1978-1980
Clips on golden era of BJ [Black-Jewish] cooperation, 1984-1985
2006-274/89 [Rudy Giuliani], Sharpton & Mosque incident, 1994
May panel at Y [Blacks and Jews], November 1984
Liberal Jewish attitudes & voting, October-November 1984
[Israel, Jordan], 1979-1982
Black-Jewish cooperation, 1983-1985
2006-274/102Letters & columns, anti-Semitism, 1986-2002
Notes on Alex C. [Alexander Cockburn] crisis, September 1982-January 1984
Bronfman, Louis Farrakhan, Mike Wallace meeting, November 1996-March 1997
Podhertz, [right-wing Jews], 1981-1986
Farrakhan’s 1964 article, re: Malcolm X, FBI records, 1960-1966, 1995-2000
Farrakhan film & MX [Malcolm X] daughter, Independent, January-March 1995
Farrakhan suit against me!, June 1994-October 1996
Farrakhan, Khalil Muhammad, Jesse Jackson, 1975-1976, 1994-1996
Malcolm X [documentary], Conrad Muhammad notes, Betty Shabazz, 1965, 1993-1995
Louis Farrakhan, 1970-1995
The Jewish vote in 1984, Kristol 6 Commentary essay!, 1984-1986
Neo-Cons [neoconservatives], general, May-September 1985
Right wing Jews, [Nathan] Perlmutter & ADL [Anti-Defamation League], January-June 1985
Jacobo Timerman, Argentina, 1980-1984
2006-274/103Commentary, myth of black progress, 1973, 1983-1984
[New York] Post and Newsday reviews of [Jack] Baxter’s [Malcolm X] film, January-February 1995
[Louis Farrakhan] notes, 1994-1995
Louis Farrakhan, 1994-1996
Betty Shabazz transcript, 1994
15X, [Thomas] Johnson story, March 20, 1994
Louis Farrakhan, anti-Semitism, 1994
“Crying wolf”, anti-Semitism, 1981-1991
[Louis] Farrakhan march, 1995
Holocaust literature, 1982-1985
Midge Dechter’s hunger report, 1989
Soviet Union: as international factory of anti-Semitism, dissidents, 1980-1985
Myth of the powerful Jew, 1974, 1979, 1984-1985
[Alexander Cockburn], 1981-1982
Anti-Semitism bibliographies, 1977, 1984-1985
My Jewish identity, 1979-1986
[Josef] Mengele and US Nazis, 1985
Me and blacks and Jews, 1984-1985
Black history and my bio, 1982-1985
[Frank] Donner on [Anti-Defamation League] and [Nathan] Perlmutter as part of emerging Jewish Right, 1984, 1986
Jewish polarization, extremism, 1984
Right-wing anti-Semitism, hypocrisy, 1976-1985
Alexander Cockburn, 1976-1987
2006-274/162US Jews’ Attitude Toward Israel, 1983-1984
[Pro-Israel PACs and GOP], 1986
[Future of the Middle East], 1984
Anti-Arab stereotypes, 1986
[Meir] Kahane as threat to Israel, 1985
Israel Lobby PACs, 1984-1986
Lebanon Invasion, 1981-1986
The Saudi Lobby, 1977-1985
Libya Lobby, Billy Carter, 1979-1980
Israeli censorship of Arab publications, 1983
Free Press Issues, 1984
Marshall Ganz report on Israel, 1981
Americans for Progressive Israel, 1981
Cartoonists Tour of Israel, 1984
2006-274/77Malcolm X [Village Voice] Special, 1985
[Jesse] Jackson Backlash and GOP registration gains, 1984-1985
Jesse Jackson, 1969-1986 [bulk 1984]
[Jesse] Jackson’s Integrity--[Arnold] Pinkney and [John] Bustamante, 1984-1985
[Tikkun: “Blacks and Jews”], 1989
Jewish over-reaction to [Jesse] Jackson, 1984
Voice letters on [Louis] Farrakhan, 1984
Rev. [Louis] Farrakhan and Muslims, 1972-1988
[Jesse] Jackson’s 1984 convention speech and performance, 1984
Robert Clark for Congress, 1983-1984
[Paul] Simon and [Charles] Percy election, 1983-1984
Jim Crow in the South, 1985
Media as culprit [Black-Jewish relations], 1969, 1984
Basic Poverty Income Data, 1983-1985
Racial Complexity, 1985
Rising Black Political Consciousness Elsewhere, 1978-1985
Blacks, Race, and [Ronald] Reagan, 1978-1985
2006-274/104Zionism equals racism [UN] resolution, 1985
Recent examples of anti-Semitism, 1979-1986
NAP [New Alliance Party], 1982-1984
Black anti-Semitism, 1969-1986
UN anti-Semitism, 1984
Louis Clayton Jones, 1975-1985
[Herbert] Daughtry BUF [Black United Front] clips, 1979-1983
Richest 400, 1984
Black American anti-Semitism, 1980-1982
Anti-Semitism, 1979-1983
Paul Wellstone, 1996-1998
Paul Tsongas, Jerry Brown, Congressional Quarterly, 1980-1981
Bruce Babbitt, Charles Robb, Bill Bradley, Albert Gore, 1985-1986
Joe Biden, 1983-1987
2006-274/93Penthouse manuscripts, 1991-[ca. 1992]
BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International] scandal, 1991-1992
Income disparity widens, 1991-1992
[Savings & loan scandal, economy, employment], 1985-1991
Diminished standard of living, June-September 1991
Penthouse documentary, [Paul?] Smith notes, GOP, 1991
Plunder BCCI, Plunder HUD [Housing and Urban Development], 1989-1991
Extending unemployment insurance, 1991
Home ownership is down, [middle class], 1991
S&L [savings & loan] plunder, Neil Bush!, 1989-1990
GOP & middle class, tactics, Dems, populism, Kevin Phillips review, 1990-1991
Home foreclosures, 1980-1989
Health insurance, 1991
Penthouse general, personal debt & bankruptcies, 1991
Shelter [homeless], August-September 1991
Family leave bill & Bush veto, October 1991
Cutting military budget, [military programs], October 1991
Unions, 1990-1991
Penthouse clips [jobs, politics, economy], July-August 1991
Broder on political unease, Greenberg polling essay, 1990-1991
[Economic summary data], August 1991
Middle class, 1991
Economics, middle class, 1985-1989
United States House, Committee on Ways and Means, Overview of Entitlement Programs, May 7, 1991
2006-274/116Penthouse clips, politics, welfare, 1995-1996
Dumb liberal ideas, political correctness, 1991-1996
GOP budget, June-November 1995
Block grants & entitlements, Dole, worst ’95 budget cuts tirade, September 1995
EI [Earned Income] tax credit, tobacco lobby, block grants, medical cuts, February-October 1995
2006-274/23[Working class], 1971-1974
[Union], 1989-1990
[Capitalism], 1975-1990
[Economy, money], 1974-1975
[Economy, current], 197-1988
[Reagan/economics], 1981-1989
[Work], 1981-1990
2006-274/15Indian Gaming
Shawn Martin’s clips [Coushatta Tribe], 2002-2004
Mike Scanlon [Coushatta Tribe], 1999-2004
[Senator John] McCain on Indian rights, 1999
Indian gaming printout, 2004
2006-274/9Agua Caliente of Palm Springs [casino, Indian gaming, Arnold Schwarzenegger], 2004
[Indian gaming, Jack Abramoff, Roger Stone], 2004
2006-274/98[Mohawks Casino, Alfonse D’Amato], 2004
2006-274/12John McCain hearings on Jack Abramoff, 2003-2004
More on Indian gaming, January-March 2004
2006-274/13Shawn Martin notes for final Indian Gaming edit, [Tom DeLay], 2004
Wayne [Barrett] first story, Indian Gaming, notes, April-May 2004
[Indian gaming, corruption, Jack Abramoff], 2004
Pablo Carillo, Choctaws [Indian gaming, scandal], 2004
2006-274/123Pharmaceutical patents
Patent Bill [prescription drugs] lame duck session, 1982-1983
Patent flip-flops, 1982
Pharmaceutical PAC $, 1982
[Charles T.] Mannett, the Lobbyist, 1981-1982
Generic Drugs, 1978-1979
Patent stretch vote, 1981-1982
Basic point of view pieces on Patent Restoration, 1981-1982
2006-274/1George W. Bush and the Conservative Right
[George W.] Bush and Education, 2003-2004
[George W.] Bush Medicare Bill, 2003-2004
GOP Convention in NYC, 2004
How [George W.] Bush exploits 9/11, 2003-2004
[Raymond] Kelly’s testimony on Bush, NYC, homeland security, 2003-2004
[George W.] Bush vs. NYC clips, 2001-2004
EPA and Ground Zero Air, 2003
[George W.] Bush tax cut and [Mario Cuomo] text, 2003
CSS [Community Service Society] data [poverty in NYC], 2003
Anti-Apartheid basics, 1989-1991
[George W.] Bush cuts Section 8, 2003-2004
2006-274/78[George] Bush mistresses, 1992
2006-274/98Union column [Iraq war], undated
NY Times 2000 Election, 2000
2006-274/137Afghanistan, 1979-1986
Irving Howe, 1980-1986
Ralph Nader, 1978-1986
Human Rights in Nicaragua Report, 1985-1986
Right Wing, 1981-1982
[Eric] Breindel, 1979-1989
John Wayne Brigade, 1985
[Senate GOP bonuses], 1987
2006-274/138George Bush-wimp, 1980-1986
Jack Kemp, 1985-1986
Pat Robertson, 1985-1986
War Wimps and Iraq War, 1985-1991
Right-wing Hypocricy, undated
Chickenhawks II, Alfonse [D’Amato] clips, 1990-1991
[Robert] Dornan v. Richard Robinson, 1980-1986
[Paul] Laxalt, 1984-1986
Lew [Lewis] Lehrman, 1967-1969, 1981-1984
Bill Green, 1978-1983
[Lewis] Lehrman, 1980-1985
War Wimps, 1985-1986
War Wimps Basics, 1967-1989
Michael Ledeen, 1985
Terry Dolan, 1981-1986
NY Congress Delegation, 1986
Mike Curb/War Wimps, 1979-1985
2006-274/52Chickenhawks, 2002
Civil Liberties and [John] Ashcroft, 2001-2002
[George W.] Bush and Union [local 1199] column, 2002
Florida [ballot] Recount, 2001
2006-274/34Pat Buchanan, 1974-1999
2006-274/51The nature of politics and politicians, undated
Christian Right, 1994
Jerry Falwell on Crossfire, 1981-1994
2006-274/113Anti-[George W.] Bush basics, 2004
Stealing the [presidential] election, 2004
Iraq Torture, 2004
[George W.] Bush and Iraq, 2003-2004
2006-274/123Milk Lobby, 1984-1987
Lucy [Davidowicz]--right-wing threat of anti-Semitism, 1985
US Labor Party, 1980-1984
2006-274/55Bill Clinton
[Al] Gore, 1997-2002
[Harold] Ickes, 1969, 1984-1999
Hillary Clinton, 1994-1996
[Bill] Clinton basics, 1999
2006-274/49Early Clarence Thomas decisions, 1991-1993
Clinton newsclips and magazines, 1998-1999
Clinton sex scandal, 1998
2006-274/66[Newt] Gingrich-1996 basics, and casino gambling and New York City, 1986-1997
[Bill] Clinton speech on race, June 14, 1997, draft, 1997
[Bill] Clinton, personal, 1997
Al Gore, 1997
“The Worst Thing Bill Clinton Has Done” by Peter Edelman, The Atlantic Monthly, [Clinton and welfare], March 1997
Pols as a class, draft of lead, 1996
[Bill] Clinton welfare bill fall-out, 1996
[Bill] Clinton reelection, November 1996
Newt [Gingrich] ethics probe, Fall 1996
Senator Ted Kennedy health care plan documents, December 1989
Gary Hart and oil interests file, 1979-1987
Bill Bradley transcript, 1982-1985
[Ronald] Reagan budget votes in 1981 and Alaska pipeline rip-off, patent restoration rip-off, 1981-1982
2006-274/54Judiciary Vote and [Clinton] Impeachment Inquiry, 1998
Starr [Report] Reprint Issued, 1998
Clinton Secret Police, Sid B [Sydney Blumenthal] profile, 1997-1998
Clinton and [Kathleen E.] Willey, 1988
[Richard A.] Gephardt Beats Clinton on Fast Track, 1990-1998
[includes newspaper morgue file]
New Revelations on Clinton and China money, 1998
Clinton FR [fundraising] money, 1997-1998
[Webster] Hubble and Hillary [Clinton], 1997
Clinton [Fundraising] money, 1997
[Richard] Gephardt, [ca. 1997]
NYRB on Edsall Book, New books on Dem [Democratic] Failure, 1991
J. [Joe] Conason, S. [Samuel] Dash, 1996
Colin Powell run in ’96?, 1995
2006-274/53Whitewater, 1994-1995
Dumping Clinton [column], 1994-1995
Empty [Senate] seat Backlash [and press], 1994
Clinton Whitewater Deal and Troopers and Press, 1994
Jeff Gerth and Clinton attitude of the Press, 1976, 1992-1994
2006-274/53[William] Safire columns on BNL [Banca Nazionale del Lavoro], 1989-1992
US News and World Report Piece on BNL, 1992
Iraq Column, 1990-1993
Urban policy, jobs [work] and family, [2003], undated
Rep. [Henry B.] Gonzalez Documents, 1988-1991
[Henry B.] Gonzalez Personal, 1990-1992
[Iraqgate Column], 1992
[Henry B.] Gonzalez documents, 1992
[Bill] Clinton, 1992-1993
Back to the Future--RFK/[Democrats--1968, 1988], 1984-1989
1990 Elections [Populism, fall of Communism, S&L scandal], 1989-1990
Meaning of the 1989 Elections, 1989
1984 [election] Explanations and Interpretations, 1984-1988
Meaning of the 1988 election--liberals, 1988-1989
Bush and Quayle, 1989
Bill Bradley, [ca. 1990]
[William] Bennett and drug education, [ca. 1990]
2006-274/98Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton, 1989-2001
[Al] Sharpton and [Alfonse] D’Amato, 1986-1991
[Martin Luther King, Jr.], [ca. 1998-2000]
[printed materials]
2006-274/76Jesse [Jackson], 1996
Jesse [Jackson], 2001
Jesse Jackson--2000, 1992-2000
[Jesse] Jackson some basic texts, 1979-2001
[Jesse] Jackson post-1984 election piece, 1984-1985
Jesse Jackson: negative basics, 1985-1990
LF [Louis Farrahkan] Basics, 1984-1985
2006-274/105Jesse Jackson, 1988-1992
Joe Fernandez, 1982-1991
2006-274/94Al Sharpton, interview notes, 2001-2003
Jesse Jackson notes, 2001-2003
Jesse [and] Al, manuscript, 2001
Al Sharpton, attack on Jesse, transcripts, Rabbi Boteach, Freddy’s Store, 1997-2001
Sharpton clips, finances, notes, [Don] King & Al Sharpton, 1991-1997
Sharpton & FBI, notes, 1983-2001
Sharpton role in FBI Don King sting, 1988-1992
Sharpton FBI docs [clippings, notes, indictment, transcript], 1988-1997
[Sharpton, King, Jackson, notes, manuscript and clippings], 1990-2001
Jesse Jackson sex scandal transcripts, 2001
[Annotated edition of The New York Review], August 12, 2004
My 2 Sharpton columns, American Prospect piece, 2003-2004
Reverend Al & Roger Stone, 2004
Sharpton & [Fernando] Ferrer, September-November 2001
2006-274/38Ted Kennedy
EMK-93 [Edward Kennedy], 1987-1993
2006-274/40Ted Kennedy, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1997, 2001
Ted Kennedy article for Talk Magazine, contract, 2001
Edward M. Kennedy and health, July 14, 1992, 2001
[Edward M. Kennedy’s] painting and poetry, 1912, 2001
[Adam] Clymer [book on Ted Kennedy] review by [Ken] Bode, November 7, 1997
2 good [Edward M. Kennedy] clips, 1999-2001
[Edward M. Kennedy’s] legislative agenda, 2001
How Teddy got [?], 1996, 2000
2006-274/68EMK [Edward M. Kennedy], 1985
EMK, notes, August-November 1986
EMK, speeches, 1980
EMK, [clippings], 1977-1980
2006-274/17Speeches, addresses and document from Senator Edward Kennedy’s office, 1975-1976
2006-274/1802 Columns on Ted [Edward Kennedy], 2001-2004
EMK [Edward Kennedy] current, HMO, 1992-1998
EMK [Edward Kennedy] piece, 1992-2002
2006-274/52Ted Kennedy--Bush, Iraq, terrorism, 1979, 2001-2002
2006-274/143Journalism as a Profession
Village Voice
[Martin] Gottlieb notes, Village Voice [history & memoranda], 1995-1996
Notes on Voice chapter, Alan [Weitz] notes, [ca. 2000]
Lion’s Head [bar] closing, 1986-1996
Village Voice general, columns, clippings, Voice sale, 1975-1999
Rocky clips [Nelson Rockefeller column], 1971
Voice sale, Leonard Stern, 1985
Voice sales figures, circulation figures, 1986
[Mary Perot] Nichols indemnification letter, 1981-1983
Stanley Crouch, book review, [ca. 2000]
Worst Voice pieces, 1986
2006-274/144Hamill’s memo to Gottlieb, August 15, 1987, undated
[Karen] Durbin memo, October 30, 1987
DS [David Schneiderman] interview, June 1987
Voice MG [Martin Gottlieb] investigations, June 1988, undated
Voice stats, January 1986-January 1987
Voice & AIDS, May-June 1987
[Leonard Stern, Village Voice], July 1987-January 1988
2006-274/158[Village Voice Concerns: writers, editors, editorials], 1975-1985
2006-274/53New York Daily News
[Daily] News, [Mort] Zuckerman, 1995-1996
Tabloids/92nd St. Y Panel, 1966-1972, 1985-1995
2006-274/81[Dennis] Dugan on homeless selling News, [John] Scanlon’s defense, 1990
My News Investigative stories, 1988-1990
Josh [Getlin] profile of Joe Kovach, 1995
My quitting the [Daily] News, 1990-2000
My Gil [F. Gilman] Spencer interview notes and clips, 1984-2000
Juan [Gonzales] notes, 2000
[New York Magazine article on Jack Newfield at the News], 1988
My quitting the News, Nov. 1 rally, 1990
Newsday piece on Dennis [Rivera] meeting, 1990
John Scanlon and Swiss Banks, 1997
[John] Scanlon, 1986-1991
First week of strike in the Times, 1990
2006-274/158[James] Hoge, News [strike], 1982-1990
[News resignation letter], 1990
2006-274/149News Strike Clips, 1990-1991
2006-274/144[Notes], early draft of News contract, June 1988
New Daily News, August-November 1980
Daily News & Race, immigration laws, November 1977-March 1983
2006-274/14New York Post
Post Front Pages, 1865, 1934-1939, 1945-1996
2006-274/144Michael’s clips on me, 1971-1972
New York Post talks, 1978
Notes on Post, Kalikow negotiations [Jane Amsterdam], 1988
New York Post notes, 1996
Wally [Wallace] Matthews fired [from NY Post], 2002
2006-274/22[NY Post], 2000
Mario [Cuomo] and Post, 1993-2000
Karen Phillips notes, 2002
Mutiny Basic clips, 1993
[John Podhoretz] fired, 1997-1999
Abe Hirschfeld, my new column, 1993-2000
Pete [Hamill]’s edits of Post Mutiny chapter, 2000
Abe [Hirschfeld] News story, 2001
My Firing [from Post], 1993
[Rupert] Murdoch’s return, 1993
Essay on Sam at the Yankees-Mets [game], [ca. 2000]
[Wilburt] Tatum diverting funds, 1996
Pete [Hamill] fired by Mort [Zuckerman], 1996-1997
The [Mike] McAlary News defection, 1993
[Post “Carnival” notes], undated
Notes for column [on Post], 1993-1994
[‘Save the Post’] rally, 1993
[photographic material]
Attacks on Pete [Hamill], me, and Post rebels, 1993
Bill Tatum editorial on [Joseph] Lieberman, 2000
[Steven] Hoffenberg emergence, 1993
Pete [Hamill] and the Mutiny, 1993
2006-274/29Ethics and culture
Pete Hamill notes, [assorted], [ca. 1995]-2001
2006-274/55The Press in General, 2004
Press basics, 1977-1980, 1998-2004
Journalism essays and reviews, 2004
Budd Schulberg ms, 1947-1953, 1966-1969, 1981, 1999-2004
Profile of Bob Shrum, 2004
2006-274/120Manual Typewriters piece with [Bob] Caro, 2001
Civil Rights Reporting, 1998-2003
My Columbia University piece [Times and student strike], 1968
The Art of the Columnists, 2000
[Stanley] Crouch columns and speech, 1995- 1996
2006-274/54[Journalists in Greenwich Village’s Lion’s Head bar], 2001
2006-274/67[Jim] Sleeper’s race war, 1994-1997
Memoir clips, 1999
Death of NY Newsday, 1995
Press Ethics, 1992
[Wayne] Barrett, [Pete] Hamill, 1993-1994
NY Times ethics, 1991
B. Ross conflicts, 1989-1992
PBS economics and programming, 1991
Times drivers union conflict, 1992
Robert Maxwell profile, 1991
Media business clips, 1991
[Mike] McAlary on rape, [Jimmy] Breslin, EMK [Edward M. Kennedy], 1991-1995
Press Panel Ideas, 1996-1998
HBO, Times, undated
2006-274/65[Mike] McAlary, columns & clippings, [Ernest Sayon death], 1994-1995
Trivalizing and Show-bizzing the press, Jim Fallows on celebrating journalism, 1989-[ca. 1990]
Koch’s free ride with the press, 1977-1988
Lynn Samuels, Bob Grant, 1990
[Media, assorted clippings], 1990
Column possibles, Present Tense closing, Israel views, 1984-1990
2006-274/89Columbia decision, speech text, muckraking columns, [race and class], 1978-1984
Mark Green’s media panel, Ed Koch panel, 1984-1985
Rupert Murdoch basics, 1984-1985
New York Post, race coverage, 1984
[Geoffrey] Stokes, New York Post columns, 1984
Question of press ethics, 1981
2006-274/90 [George F.] Will, columns on NYC, avoiding military service, 1979-[ca. 1985]
Gabe’s speech to the media, October 1991
[William F.] Buckley, master of the double standard, 1974-1989
Media becoming right wing, Manhattan Institute, 1985-1986
[Rupert] Murdoch, 1984-1985
[Steven F.] Dunleavy, character witness testimony for Ray Cohn, October 22, 1985
Murdoch & Koch, [New York] Post, 1982-1988
[Libby] Zion, [New York Hospital], Kempton clips [Andrew] Stein’s materials, 1987
[Libby and Sidney] Zion documents, 1984-1987
Newsday, Martin Peretz, Schanberg firing, Time magazine, 1984-1987
NY Post, Rudy [Giuliani], Koch, Cuomo coverage, 1982-1986
Question of press ethics, 1979-1985
2006-274/100Voice Newspaper, [Clay] Felker, New Times, [clippings, correspondence], 1974-1976
Notes on [Rupert] Murdoch, 1977
How Times downplayed Herb Ryan [plea?], February-June 1986
2006-274/113Newsweek, “[Rupert] Murdoch bags New York Post], 1977
2006-274/177[Sydney] Schanberg firing [from New York Times], 1985
Wayne [Barrett]’s piece on [NewYork] Times [City] Council Endorsements, 1991
[NewYork] Times unfair to Dink [David Dinkins], 1974-1989
[Robert] Caro, [Robert] Moses, [NewYork] Times, 1977-1983
Basic [NewYork] Times pieces, 1974-1988
[NewYork] Times killing Red Smith column, 1980
CIA, Press, [Daniel] Schor, 1972-1990
Roger Starr [NewYork] Times [editorials], 1976-1986
Press ethics, New McCarthyism, 1981-1982
[Maureen] Mullarkey and [NewYork] Times censorship, 1985
[Richard] Severo--Abe [Rosenthal] case, 1980-1985
Abe Rosenthal, 1980-1986
[NewYork] Times editiorials, Con-Ed, [Arthur Ochs] Sulzberger, 1971-1984
[Richard] Severo pieces, 1981-1985
2006-274/51[Kenneth] Star and [Bill] Clinton sex life and privacy, 1997
The Decline of Sleaze [in media], 1996
2006-274/111Jimmy Cannon
[Jimmy] Cannon Personal, 1941-1959
Jimmy Cannon on Boxing and the Mob, 1948-1957, 1988-2003
[photographic materials]
Jimmy Cannon column on Jackie Robinson, 1953-1956
[Jimmy] Cannon and Red Smith, 1946-1950, 1972, 1986, 2001
Woody Allen profile on [Jimmy] Cannon, 1995
Jimmy Cannon, 1946-1951, 1972-1978, 2000-2002
[Jimmy] Cannon--Best General, 1953-1956, 1997-2003
Jimmy Cannon Clips, 1946-1958
Dan Parker, 1949-1967
[photographic materials]
2006-274/178Jimmy Cannon Columns, [ca. 1940-1960]
[includes newspaper morgue file]
2006-274/96Murray Kempton
[Murray Kempton], 1977
[newspaper morgue file]
2006-274/78Favorite [Murray] Kempton columns, 1969-1986
[Pete] Hamill, [Murray] Kempton, [Doug] Ireland exchange on gays and [Father Bruce] Ritter, 1990
[Murray] Kempton on [David] Dinkins, 1997
[Murray] Kempton and Izzy/I.F. Stone, 1962-1996
[Murray] Kempton, 1930, 1967-1996
2006-274/4Murray Kempton columns, tax industry history and Walker reference [clippings, notes, drafts], 1986
2006-274/1Murray Kempton, 1956, 1978-2002
2006-274/20[Murray] Kempton on [Don] King, 1990
[Murray Kempton], 1960-1967, 2000
CBS letters, 1979-1981
ABC ideas, best Spectrums, 1979-1982
[Jay] Iselin, TV news, [public television], 1978-1983
[Spectrum--CBS radio show], 1978-1982
JB [Jimmy Breslin] notes, 1985-1986
[Ed] Koch attacks [Jimmy] Breslin, 1984-1985
JB’s [Jimmy Breslin] columns January 86, 1986
JB [Jimmy Breslin] columns on Queens Democrats the real OC, 1986-1987
JB [Jimmy Breslin] Queens Blvd. culture, Eulogy for Shelly [Chevlowe], 1986-1987
[Jimmy] Breslin--personal piece, 1984-1986
2006-274/54Eric Altman Reviews over James Reston and establishment journalism, 2003
John Frankenheimer obit, 2002
Deadline--USA, The Connection, 1951-1960, 1980
Sy [Seymour M] Hersh--JFK Book Hoax, 1985-2003
2006-274/14Clips: Eric Anderson, Jack Gelber obit, 2003
2006-274/69Joe [Joseph] Sobran’s Bigotry, 1981-1989
[Gary] Hart and press ethics, 1987-1989
Don King
Don King notebook, undated
2006-274/44[Don] King’s first show, 1973
Don Elbaum early days [1973], [Don King], 1970-1995
King’s 1972 Ali exhibition in Cleveland, 1972-1995
Jim Murray columns, King in prison, 1984-[ca.1995]
King clips, Foreman-Frazier fight, black films, [ca. 1970-ca. 1995]
Jeffrey Merritt official file & clips, 1968-[ca. 1990]
Earnie Shaver, official file & clips, 1970-[ca. 1995]
Ray Anderson, official file & clips, 1969-1973
Don King license, numbers business, Chuck Wilburn, Ali-Frazier I, 1973-1991
2006-274/71Don King & GOP, September 2004
King, Golota, show & ranking, March-May 2004
2006-274/74Saoul Mamby & Carl King, 1981-1990
Earnee Butler, King, 1980-1981
Senate hearings, [Salvatore] Gravano, April-May 1993
Don King’s tax case, 1978-1985
Jack, Salvatore Provenzano, 1963-1984
Notes for DK [Don King] mob piece, undated
Giachetti, King, organized crime ties, 1983-[ca. 1983]
Tony Panzanella, [FBI file], 1963-1968
King, Spinelli, Holmes, [organized crime], 1983-1990
Larry Holmes, Xerox of manuscript, 1987
[Jose] Sulaiman, Don King, WBC [World Boxing Council] best clips, 1978-1990
[Larry] Holmes, Don King, fights, clips, 1983-1988
Tyson-Holmes fight, 1987
Don King & HBO, fights, Jose Sulaiman, IBC breakup, 1980-1991
Holmes, Frazier, King, Holmes versus Spinks clips!, 1983-1991
Race discrimination, white hopes & hypes, Gerry Cooney, Archie Moore, 1969-1982
2006-274/80Don King Details [Magazine], manuscript, 1990, undated
Tim Witherspoon tape, notes & transcript, [ca. 1990]
NYM [New York Magazine] piece on Tony’s story [Don King], March 1991
King, Tim, basics, lawsuit, 1992-1994
Tim W., transcripts, 1991
Tim Witherspoon, basic chronology of career, [ca. 1990]
Tim’s comeback, August 1994
Tim’s contracts, King, [Monarch Boxing], 1983-1994
Tim [Witherspoon], [Frank] Bruno, key documents for lawsuit, 1986
Bonecrusher Smith story to Spinelli, Carl & Don King, Sharpton, 1987-1990
Mark Stewart sentence, Carl King, 1984-1990
Tom, DK [Don King] & Blinky Palermo, March-October 1990
[Timothy Witherspoon v. Don King, Carl, King, Jose Torres, Monarch Boxing], deposition of Jose Torres, June 1991
Official accounting of every Tim [Witherspoon] fight for King, 1982-1986
Financial records of Tim W., April 1985
Tim [Witherspoon], James Tillis cancelled fight, 1982-1990
Tim [Witherspoon], Tony Tubbs, January 1986
[Tim Witherspoon vs. Tillis, Holmes, Tubbs, et al.], 1984-1986
Witherspoon vs. Bruno, Duff documents, 1986-1990
[Tim’s fights, Steve Friedman transcript, Carl Williams, Holmes], 1982-1990
2006-274/95DK [Don King] indictment, 1999
2006-274/97DK [Don King] & [Hasim] Rahman, 2001
2006-274/139Joseph Maffia, notes & affidavits, 1991-1992
Don King, payments, profits & correspondence, 1990-1992
[Don King, arrest records and testimony, Garrett murder, photocopies], 1966-1967
[Don King, personality, notes and clippings], 1990
New York Magazine piece on Don King, March 18, 1991
[Don King, legal matters and FOIA request correspondence], 1990-1991
King high school records, 1949-1950
King list of fighters [memo to Gil Clancy], December 22, 1978
Don King, not paying $400,000.00 in back taxes, 1990
Ted [Whatley] notes, [ca. 1990]
King’s corporate tax returns, 1981-1985
King family tax returns, 1982-1986
Notes from DKP [Don King Productions] staff meetings, 1983-1986
Playboy interview, undated
[Relations with mayor], [ca. 1990]
Rev. Sharpton, notes on King & GOP, Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X, undated
List of favorite things, May 1991
King and GQ, March 16, 1993
King and the media, politics, Eric King paternity suit, 1990-1991
Don King & Michael Jackson, 1984
Seth Abraham profile, [ca. 1990]
Dave Wolf piece on King, King & Anderson, September 1974
Don King best quotes, undated
The art of biography, 1991
Jose Torres on King’s psychology with fighters, headgames, 1990
Pat Putnam’s unpublished SI [Sports Illustrated] article, 1988
Sports Illustrated, Don King pieces, 1975-1977
Me & King, correspondence, clips and notes, 1990-1991
Anecdotes & scenes, 1987
Possible epigraphs, Michael Corleone, 1990
Don King, transcript and biographical materials, 1983-1990
Don King basics, 1968-1990
King interview with Bob Costas, 1990
Johnny [Halpern?] notes on King in the 1970s, [ca. 1990]
Clips on other tragic real-worlders, Michael Milkin, 1990
Alex Wallau, King File, general clips, 1982-1989
2006-274/140Don King, August 1981-November 1991
Don King, [police reports and correspondence], 1966-1991
Don King, 1967 Plain Dealer article, February 22, 1967
King Who’s Who file, 1984-1996
Graphics & Pics to Xerox [King, Fred Whitaker], 1982-1986
[Plain] Dealer, notes on King murder conviction, 1967-[ca.1995]
Jeff Merritt, boxer, [ca. 1980]
Draft of FBI[?] probe chapter, [ca. 1996]
Chapters 1, 2 & 3, 1966, [ca. 1996]
2006-274/142Key documents, Wallau’s memos to Spence, network sports practices, 1976-1978
Mark J. piece on [Don King] prison show, March 12, 1977
Alex Wallau, interviews & statements, 1977-1991
Boyle’s [Sports Illustrated] pieces on ABC-King, May 1977
Armstrong report, key excerpts & clips, press releases, 1977
Mark Kram & Don King, ABC probe, 1976-[ca. 1995]
[Marvin] Hagler & tournament, [Goody] Petronelli, kickbacks, 1983-1990
DiMaria’s letter to ABC & Viruet, May 1977
Paddy Flood, Jimmy Flood, Alex Wallau, Al Braverman, 1954-1987
Sam Toperoff piece on Don King Tournament, August 1977
ABC, Don King tournament clips & excerpts, final report clips, September 1977
Jim Spence, clips, book, 1986-1988
CBS transcript of Who’s Who [Don King], April 12, 1977
John Martin, Jim Spence, notes, February 18, 1991
U.S.B.C. Post clips, Alex Wallau, cancellation of tournament, 1977-1979
Clips on Don King first tournament, September 1976
Bobby Cassidy, 1977, undated
ABC collapse kills second Hank Schwartz tournament, April-May 1977
James Farley & King, ABC tournament, April 1977
Irving Rudd, 1989-1990
Scott LeDoux, Boudreaux fight, February 13, 1977
Jeff [Ruhe?] notes, February 1991
King & ABC tournament, excerpts from Armstrong report, my 1983 King article, 1977-1983
U.S.B.C. Pre clips, tourney hype, pre-tourney clips, 1976-1977
[ABC tournament], assorted, 1977-1991
2006-274/167[Don King, boxing and organized crime], April 1993-July 1994, undated
2006-274/171Don King, current notes, Tyson, Fox News, December 1995-March 1996
[Boxing], riots, 1996
Kevin Bradley notes, undated
King, Tyson, [Riddick] Bowe & boxing general, October-November 1995
Oliver McCall, October 1996
Don King [relations with various fighters], 1982-1989
Don King and Mike Tyson, Silvester Leales, Larry Holmes, 1988-1995
Mike Tyson out, March-August, 1995
Don King and Mike McCallum, James Toney, Buddy McGirt, 1993-[ca. 1995]
Don King & Julio César Chávez, 1991-1993
Don King & Bert Cooper complaint, 1992
[Michael] Dokes, 1993
Don King and Julian Jackson, Simon Brown, Jimmy Young, 1991-1995
Mike Tyson & Mitchell Green, 1985-1988
Don King & Simon Brown, contract dispute, 1990-1995
Don King & Greg Page, 1978-1990
Judge Stecher, opinion on King & Greg case, great opinion, 1986
Don King & Leon Spinks litigation, 1986-1987
2006-274/172Tony Perea and Thomas Prendergast [v. Don King], 1982-1987
2006-274/7[Tim Witherspoon vs. Don King], 1985-1990
2006-274/1[Mike] Tyson--[Don] King, 1991
2006-274/81[Timothy Witherspoon v. Don King, Deposition of Mickey Duff], 1990
Tim [Witherspoon] Financial records for Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tubbs, 1984-1990
[Glen] Macnow piece on Tim [Witherspoon], 1988
Tim Witherspoon, 1984-1990
Tony Tubbs, 1986
Judge [Thomas] Grisea order on King’s tax returns, 1991
Tom Moran notes, 1991
Tim [Witherspoon] case [against Don King], 1990
[Tim] Witherspoon--[Sammy] Scaff, 1985
King mind games on fighters, Tim [Witherspoon], undated
[Don King] obstructs lawsuit and document production, 1990
Dennis Richard lawsuit, 1986-1987
Tim [Witherspoon] personal clips, 1983-1991
Dennis Rappaport notes on [Tim] Witherspoon, 1990
2006-274/14[Al Shondor Birns/Al Sands], 1942-1973
2006-274/141Shandor Birns, 1950-1979, 1999
Cleveland police corruption, 1975, 1991
Don King’s positive PR clips, 1974
[Casino] license report on DK [Don King], 1989
[Don] King--personal, interview notes, undated
Sam Garrett autopsy report, 1956
Pamphlet on Cleveland mayoral politics, 1992
Notes on Lowell Bergman, undated
NYM [New York Magazine] piece [Don King] evasive on his past in Cleveland, 1991
Cleveland Magazine profile of Don King, 1975
Mark Kram’s Sports Illustrated piece on [Don] King, Zaire, Manila, 1975-1979
Christopher Evans [Don King] piece, 1988
Bob Arum on [Don] King, greed, and mob, undated
[Christopher] Evans notes, undated
Chris Evans--2 pieces [on Don King], 1988
Flash Gordon on [Don] King, 1982
[Report Regarding Alleged Irregularities in the United States Boxing Championship Tournament], [ca. 1977]
Flash [Gordon], 1977-1983
[Edward] Kiersh piece on Don King, 1977
Dave Wolf on [Don] King--ABC Tournament, 1982-1983, undated
[Boston] Globe attacks on Armstrong Report, 1977
[Excerpts from Mike Armstrong’s report on Don King for ABC-TV], 1977
[Don] King--ABC clips, 1976-1984
2006-274/163[Don] King--[Buster] Douglas exclusive promotional contract, 1988
Past similar acts with [Don] King and [Greg] Page, 1990
[Don] King’s money, undated
Tokyo tapes of [Don King], 1990
Billy Douglas, 1976, 1990
[Don] King--[Buster] Douglas trial clips, 1987-1990
Don [King]’s testimony, 1990
[Evander] Holyfield--[Buster] Douglas fight, 1987-1994
Excellent [Buster] Douglas profile, 1988-1990
2006-274/113Don King notes and leads, undated
2006-274/63[Don] King and mob, 1980-1996
2006-274/21Don King, 1980-1991
[Don King controversies], 1979-1994
[“The Professional” screenplay], undated
[Court documents, New Jersey v. Antonio Ayala, Tyson v. Cayton], 1983-1991
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Tex Cobb documents, 1982
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[Don King Exhibits, re: Revocation of William Cayton’s Manager’s License], 1989
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Paul Sciria on Don King and Anthony Panzarella, 1990
2006-274/83Don King, 2000
2006-274/32Mike Tyson
[Mike] Tyson-Don King lawsuit and contracts, 1993, 1999-2000
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Tyson manuscript, pictures & notes, 2002-[ca. 2004]
Shelly Finkel [and Mike Tyson], press, mayhem, January-February 2002
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Tyson, notes, the fight deal talks, [ca. 2002]
Brian Hamill, notes on Tyson, [ca. 2000]
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2006-274/95 [Mike Tyson, notes], undated
2006-274/98The Rape Trial [Mike Tyson], 1992-1993
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[Don] Kings ads, 1990
[Don] King and HBO falling out, 1990-1991
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[Bill] Cayton--[Steve] Lott notes, 1988-1990
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[Mike] Tyson--[Razor] Ruddock fight, 1991
Seth Abraham, 1981-1991
HBO--Don King split, 1990-1991
Spike Lee’s promo of [Mike] Tyson on HBO, 1990
[Don] King uses [Mike] Tyson, 1989
Ted Whatley, Bill Cayton, undated
[Don] King, [Evander] Holyfield, 1992-1993
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[George] Foreman, 1990
[Donovan “Razor”] Ruddock, 1989-1990
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Mike Tyson, 1985-1988
Crown Royal, 1980-1993
Notes on ending [Only in America], 1991-1994
[Muhammad] Ali, 1963-1993
Psychology Today article [on Mike Tyson], 1991-1992
2006-274/72[Mike] Tyson Basics, 1997-1999
My [Mike] Tyson current columns, 1997-1998
Pete [Hamill's] [Mike] Tyson piece, 1988-1994
[Vic] Ziegel interview with [Mike] Tyson, 1993
[Boxing Illustrated] Good and Bad [Mike] Tyson, 1991
[Mike] Tyson, 1988-2002
Teddy Atlas and [Mike] Tyson story, 1988-2002
2006-274/163[Mike Tyson v. William Cayton et al.], 1987-1989
[Mike Tyson v. William Cayton et al., Third party complaint], 1988-1989
[Mike Tyson v. World Boxing Association et al., Court Order], 1991
[Mike Tyson v. World Boxing Association et al., Exhibits], 1990
2006-274/113Lennox Lewis, 2002-2003
[Mike] Tyson--[Lennox] Lewis, the Fight, 2002-2003
2006-274/160[Don] Kings steals [Mike] Tyson, 1988-1990
Official Accountings of [Mike] Tyson fights, 1985-1989
Tom Puccio on [Don] King, undated
Bill Cayton notes, 1989-1990
Kevin Rooney, 1986-1991
King-Cayton-Tyson agreement on [Frank] Bruno bout, 1988
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Playboy ms on King-Tyson-[Michael] Spinks, 1988-1991
Jose [Torres] notes, undated
P.I. Report on Ruth Roper, 1988
[Don] King cheats [Jim] Jacobs and [Mike] Tyson, 1987-1989
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[Bob] Raissman [Don King] anecdote, undated
WBC and Tyson, WBA by-laws and rules, 1990-1991
Jose [Torres] on [George] Foreman, [ca. 1991]
Tommy Morrison, 1991
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Randy Gordon, Cayton, Tyson, Boxing Commission issues, 1988-1990
Yusef Shah funeral, 1993-1994
[Mike Tyson], 1991-1994
[Don] King Q & A, 1991
[Mike] Tyson and Muslims, 1992
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Script of [Barbara] Kopple’s [Mike] Tyson documentary, [ca. 1993]
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Jim Jacob’s death, 1972, 1988-1989
[Mike] Tyson’s earnings, 1990-1993
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[Mike] Tyson post fight follow-up, 1997-2001
Sugar Ray proposal, 2003
[Boxing show list], undated
2006-274/13Boxer’s Organizing Committee, plan, March 20, 2002
Ramon J. [Jimenez], 2003, undated
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Liebeling draft, undated
Fight News notes, undated
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Ali-Frazier III, 1975-1990
Zaire chapter, see Gast film, 1973-1975
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Saint Nick’s arena, 1955
John L. Sullivan, [ca. 1960]
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Basic boxing reform, 2004
Boxing, Paret-Griffith fight, January-May 1962, May 2002-September 2003
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Boxing union show, April 2004
Boxing decline, Tyson, April 2002-March 2004
McCain boxing bill passes the committee, September 2002
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Boxing calendar, 2003
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Teddy Atlas, October 2001-January 2002
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Jerry Berker, New York State Athletic Commission, death of boxing, 1998-2003
Sam Langford, 1936-1946, 1977, 2003
Warren Flagg, Tyson, King, May 2003
Boxing films, boxing movie idea, May 2003
Rocky Marciano, September 15, 2002
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LMPC & Chinatown [Jim Braddock, TriBeCa], 2002-2003
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[very brittle]
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[very brittle]
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DK [Don King] license in NY & Randy Garden, December 1986-October 1993
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[Don] King exploiting race, 1990
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Peter McNeely, August 1995
Tony Ayala, April-August 1999
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Ali film, 2003
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Tommy Morrison, 1996
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Mob--Boxing, 1954-1960, 1994, undated
[newspaper morgue file]
Boxing--General, 1978-1991, undated
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Me and Bobby [Robert W.] Lee, 1981-2000
Ring 8 1951-1981, 1997-2000, undated
[photographic material]
Joe DeGuardia, 1994-2000
Pete [Hamill] and Irish Immigrants [boxers], 1997-1999, undated
Two CSN [Classic Sports Network] interviews with me, 1998, undated
CSN [Classic Sports Network] Boxing Tape Inventory, 1997
The Best Fights Ever and Sweet Science Outline, 1981-1997
Boxing Rankings Writers’ Poll, 2000
2006-274/25Boxing, undated
The Boxer’s Union, 2002-2003
Unionization of Boxer’s, 2002
Jimmy [Cannon] on Cus [D’amto], 1959-1960
Notes for boxing speech, undated
[empty folder]
2006-274/96Boxing Notes for CSN [“A History of Boxing”], 1994-1997
Cus D’Amato, 1954-1967, 1984-1997
Dana Rosenblatt, Bill Gallo, 1996-1998
[Abe Attell], undated
[ESPN Interview] Transcripts: [Tony DeMarco, Mario Cuomo, Bert Sugar, Mike Silver, Jerry Izenberg], 1998
[Riddick Bowe, Mike Tyson], 1995
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Draft of boxing MS, 2000-2001
[Pernell] Whitaker Roberry [v. Chavez], 1984-1993
Worst decisions [by boxing judges], 1992-1999
[The Hurricane movie], 2000
[Boxing rankings and ratings], 1980-2002
2006-274/105[Bob] Arum, [Ferdie] Pacheco, undated
[Don] King, 1982-1983
Recent [boxing] Ratings Changes, 1983
Clifford Pearlman, 1979-1982
ICIB Abatements, Palace Hotel, 1980
Helmsley, Palace Hotel, 1977-1981
[ICIB, Palace Hotel], 1980-1982
2006-274/1[Boxing notes], undated
2006-274/98[Boxing], undated
[Jose] Sulaiman tries to strip [Evander] Holyfield, 1990-1991
DK [Don King] character in Rocky V, 1990
46[McLarnin, Jimmy], 1955
[Quarry, Jerry and Mike], 1968-1973
[Sharkey, Jack], 1932
[Marciano, Rocky], 1955
[Ross, Barney], 1956
[Olson, Bobo], 1954
[McNeece, Bill], undated
[Lou Stillmans boxing gym], undated
[Boxing--Floyd Patterson--Ingemar Johansson 2nd time], 1960
[Unidentified boxer], undated
[photographic material]
[Shan, Joe], 1967
[Boxing: Cassuis Clay, Sonny Liston], 1954-1963
2006-274/113[Boxing], 1979
[Pete Hamill ESPN interview], 1998
2006-274/169Danny Kapilow, 1967, 1988-1989
Bummy Davis, 1985
[Early Boxing/Fight], 1978-1980
2006-274/80[Boxing, assorted clippings], 1990-1996
Tom Moran, transcript, [ca. 1990]
2006-274/69More on Emile Griffith-[Benny] Paret, 1962-1964, 1992-1996, 2002-2003
Ray Arcel, 1953-1955, 1972-1988, 2001
[newspaper morgue file]
[photographic materials]
2006-274/38American Culture
Celebrity and Fame
HJR [Howard Rubenstein] profile in NYM, 1999
2006-274/35Lori Singer Emery, Brad [?], August 1999
“Geraldo’s Last Laugh” by David Brock, New York, December 14, 1998
Articles on black music, film, theater and politics with notes on race, 2002
[Manuscript?] on Chuck Berry, undated
[John] Coltrane, posthumous fame, 2001
Frankie Lymon, 1956, 1968, 1981-1998
Sam Cooke, 1964, 1992, 2001
Heroin, alcoholism and fame, Miguel Piñero, 2001
Black scholars and intellectuals, April 14, 2002
Ralph Ellison, 2002
Gil Scott-Hernon, 2001
Blacks on TV [and film] history, 2001-2002
Darryl Strawberry, 1995, 2001-2002
Nina Simone, June 24, 2001
[James] Baldwin and fame, 2001
2006-274/54Dana Giacchetto Scandal, 1998-2000
2006-274/36Paul Newman, 1964-2003
Gregory Peck, 2003
“Sopranos,” 1991-2001
Real Heroes, 1956-1965, 1977, 1998-2003
Norah Jones, 2003
Chuck Berry, 2003
J. D. Salinger, 2001
Harvey Weinstein, 2001
Handling Fame Well, 1984-2004
Cult Fame, 1995-2003
Hank Williams, 2002
Writing, Art, and Drugs, 2003
Fame Game Proposal, 2001
[Music and Drugs], 2002
Howard Tate, 1992-2001
George Harrison, 2001
MMC [Mario Cuomo] Notes on Fame, 1986-2001
Fame and Sports Heroes, 1995-2002
ASJR [Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.], 1966-1985, 1998
[photographic material]
“Sopranos,” 1991-1999
David Chase, 1993-1999
Frank Rich, 1993-1999
2006-274/29High & low culture, 2000-2002
Studs [Terkel] on celebrity, 2002-2003
[Marlon] Brando obits, 2004
Michael Jackson & Sony [music company], 1995-2002
Fame & celebrity [assorted writers], 2003
People [famous and celebrities], 2003
Reality TV, fame, self promoters, Martha Stewart, 2002-2003
Posthumous fame, early deaths, Tupac Shakur, 1999-2003
Fame, Charlie Chaplin, silent films, Courtney Love, 1999-2004
Clips for opening general chapters on fame, 2000-2003
Tina Brown talk, December 2001-December 2002
2006-274/30Blacks & fame, Michael Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Lloyd Price, [others], 1994-2002
The Originals, fame & talent, [assorted celebrities], 1997-2001
Roberto Clemente, 1972-1993
“Field of Dreams”, Tom Robinson, Phil Alden, Carole King, 1972-2000
[Marlon] Brando & Waterfront, 2001
2006-274/541960's Culture and Civil Rights Movement
Mark J [Jacobson] on Frank Lucas, 2000
Joan Baez, 2002
The Band, 2002
1960's crack-up of the New Left, 1970-2004
Betty Friedan [biography] Reviews, 1999
Secret history of 60's, 1962, 1976, 1987-2002
1960's, Altamont, [Rolling] Stones, 2000
2006-274/67[Norman] Mailer, 60’s memoir, 1965-1974, 1993-2003
1950’s back story, culture, 1958-2000
1960’s musical heroes project, 1977-1998
2006-274/112[Harry] Belafonte [Mary Frances Berry, Charlie Rangel interviews], [ca. 1990]
Penthouse Intro [“Racism in America”] 1983-1990
2006-274/55Civil Rights Activism 1958-1963, 1992
Martin Luther King philosophy, 1968, 1983-2004
2006-274/69Civil Rights 1960's, 1997-2000
2006-274/149Mississippi Summer Project, 1994
2006-274/54G. [George] Wallace obit, 1998
2006-274/56Notes, 1960s, Joseph Heller, December 1999
Frank Rich on Woodward, undated
[Mike] McAlary, draft reformations! April 1995-November 1996
[Viola Liuzzo], 1965-1983
Gary Carter, 2003
2006-274/149Mets 6th Game World Series, 1986
The Mets 1986 Playoffs, 1986-1987
Mets Win 7th Game 8-5, 1996
2006-274/81Jackie [Robinson] steals of home, Jimmy Cannon’s story, [ca. 1949], undated
Jackie Robinson, 1987-1998
[photographic materials]
Jackie Robinson basics, 1949-1999
[Jackie] Robinson man on the street [Hall of Fame], 1962
Jackie Robinson and politics, 1961-1987
Jackie [Robinson] voted into Hall [of Fame], 1962
1956 [Jackie Robinson trade], [Walter] O’Malley, 1987
Jackie [Robinson] 1945 Red Sox try-out, 1990-1997
[Jackie] Robinson game in 1947, 1987-1999
Attempted league-wide conspiracy to boycott Jackie [Robinson], 1983-1997
Happy Chandler role in [Jackie] Robinson, [ca. 1995]
Jackie Robinson mobbed in 1947, announcement of statue, 1947, 1999
[Jackie] Robinson and [Hank] Greenberg, 2000
Announcement of [Pee Wee] Reese--[Jackie] Robinson statue by Rudy [Guiliani], 1999
Bobby Bragan story, 1943-1987
Campy [Roy Campanella] obits, 1993
Dodgers 1953 World Series, 1947, 2000, undated
Dixie Walker, 1944-1952, 1981-1982
Carl Furillo and Clyde Sukeforth scout, 1950-1989
Red Barber, 1950-1966, 1981-1992
1956 World Series Post clips, 1956-1999
Column for [Irving] Rudd, 1956-1997
2006-274/25Sports related material, 1932, 1980, 2004
Latin baseball notes, 2003
Latin baseball proposal, 2000-2004
Vic Power, undated
[empty folder]
Oscar Charlston, 1976, 2000
Stan Isaac Chapter on Alvin Dark, 2004
Stan Isaac, 1976, 2004
Letter from Libby Geist, undated
Omar Minaya, 1998-2004
Latin baseball current notes, undated
Interview of Felipe Alou by Dan Klotes, 2004
Interview with Orlando Cepeda by Dan Klotes, 2004
2004 Red Sox Latin Chemistry, 2004
[Viva baseball, correspondence, and notes], 2004
Omar Minaya, bibliography, 2004
Article and notes on baseball, 2000, undated
2006-274/28Latin baseball draft, 1999-2000
Individual Latin baseball players, 2004
Baseball 2004 general clips/Ted Williams’ Mexican heritage, 1999-2004
Latin baseball [?], 1998-2004
Baseball book reviews, March 2002
Negro League book, May 2004
Latinos in baseball, 1997-1999
2006-274/18Music and Film
Morris Levy, 1959, 1976-1990
Ahmet Ertegun, 1970-2002
2006-274/149[Nicholas Pileggi articles], 1979-1981
2006-274/54[Martin] Scorsese, 1988-2003
2006-274/177Rock Musicians Ahead of the Politicians, 1981-1990
Paul Simon, 1986-1988
[Bruce] Springsteen Lyrics, 1984-1985
Playboy reprint in book [Stallone v. Springsteen], 1986
Bruce [Springsteen], 1984-1988
Jon Landau notes [on Springsteen], undated
2006-274/159Bruce [Springsteen], 1982-2004
Rolling Stone, [Rock and Roll], Lloyd Price, 2004
Robert Johnson [blues music], 2003-2004
Hank Williams, 2004
The Protest Song, 2003
The Blues, 2003
B.B. King, 1999-2004
2006-274/45[Chuck D of Public Enemy vs. G. Heileman Brewing], 1991-1993
2006-274/23[Bob] Dylan, 1986-2004
2006-274/162500 top R&R songs by performer, 1993-1998
Woody Guthrie, 2000
Danny Goldberg, 1994-1995
Death of Rock-n-Roll?, 1991
Paul Simon/”Capeman”, 1997
2006-274/55David Amram, 2000
2006-274/20Spike Lee ms, 2000
Malcolm X screenplay, 1991
Ken Burns and Jazz documentary, 1994-2000
Spike [Lee] Draft, 1999-2000
Spike Lee, 1989-1999
Art Films, Foreign Films 1955-65, 2000
Rap, 2000
Spike Lee early clips, 1989-2002
Dancing on the Third Rail script, undated
Jim Jarmusch Strangers in Paradise for Spike [Lee] piece, 1984-1989
Notes for Spike [Lee] interview, [ca. 2000]
The 9 original film archives in [Ken] Burns, 2000-2002
2006-274/129Music & [the] Mob, records pirating, Mortimer Zuckerman, 1986-1990
Reviews [biographies], Teddy Roosevelt & Mark Twain, [ca. 2000]
2006-274/13Organized Crime
Sidney Korshak, Mob lawyer, fixer, Hollywood, Carlos Marcello, James Hoffa, 1978-2003
2006-274/16Sonny Franzese satire, notes, Sonny treatments, 1994-1995
2006-274/87Notes on JFK hit, 1986-1988
Santo T [Trafficante], 1971-1995
Charles Harrelson, Marcello hitman, 1980-1999
Prof. [Robert] Blakey notes, 1971-1973, 1992
The 1962 CIA-RFK memo, 1962, 1993
CIA-Mob-Castro docs, 1976
[Carlos] Marcello, 1966-1979, 1995
[photographic material]
Notes for Gate panel on JFK, 1992
[Frank] Ragano MS for Penthouse, 1992
Judy [Judith Campbell] Exner, 1996-1999
Mary Pinchot Meyer, 1964-1965, 1976, 1991-1996
[photographic material]
RFK, Mob, Cuba, 1988
JFK Murder, 1973, 1986-1996
[JFK-Mafia], 1965-1966, 1993-1996
[photographic material]
[Sami Leka] 1991-1992
Frank Sturgis, 1974-1980, undated
JFK-Mob Show, 1993
Walter Sheridan clips, 1967-1973
Ed [Edward] Partin clips, 1964-1973, undated
[John Roselli], 1971-1977
[newspaper morgue file]
[Aladena (Jimmy the Weasel) Fratianno], 1978-1980
[JFK Assassination], 1993, undated
Best Journalism on JFK Assassination, 1978, 1991-1992
Santo Trafficante and [Jimmy] Hoffa, 1959-1992
[including newspaper morgue file]
[Frank] Ragano-JFK, 1972, 1991-1992
Jim Garrison obits, 1992
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[photographic material]
2006-274/5Garment Center--mob/Mafia--My piece, 1931, 1953, 1970-1975
Mafia, [1968-1976]
[Racketeering/Mafia], 1970
[Business] Roundtable, 1976-1979
Basic criminal code documents, 1979
Gambling [and organized crime], 1970-1978
Heroin, 1970-1977
Garment center, 1975-1976
Basic attitude toward mob, 1971-1976
[Maurice Nadjari], undated
2006-274/106Michael Burnet, 1979-1987
[Gaeton] Fonzi basics, [Michael Burnet], 1986
[Michael] Burnett in Chicago papers, 1985-1987
2006-274/69 Frankie Carbo pieces, 1958-1960, 1976-2003
[photographic material]
[Carmen] Basilio and Mob, 1955-1961, 1980-1999
[photographic material]
2006-274/150Carpenters Union, Fred Divine, 1993-1995
Joseph Massino trial, June-July 2004
Base Mob chronology since 1926, 2003, undated
Giuseppe Cipriani [war], January-August 1999
Teamsters president, Giacumbo role, February 1998
Genovese, Colombo & Operating Engineers, deposition, February 2003
Teamsters election, [watching] by Genoese, also suit by [IBT] against McCarthy, January 1990-September 1992
Sasso, Adelstein & JT [Joseph Trerotola] charges, September 1992
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Carpenters follow-up, Shaun Toner, March 1995
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Hoffa, Jr., September 1990-March 1994
Javits Convention Center, Carpenters Union, March-June 1995
Teamsters local 807, Joseph & Warren Mangan, [ca. 1995]
Pool list & charge against Franino, Frank Devine, [ca. 1995]
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Louis Moscatiello, 1990
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Fabian [Palomino], August 1994-March 1995
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Ron Carey, 1987-1995
[Carpenters, Meade Esposito, Hoffa murder], 1987-2004
“The Chin & Pritchard”, January 2002-April 2003
Best Mob pix, 1969-1992
2006-274/151Chin prosecuted & in jail, January 2002
Louis Gigante & Vincent [file], 1981, 1995-1997
Chin, [to Steve and John Herzfeld], 1944, 1982-1996
M. Franzese & Reggie Burnett, statements to Senate, August 1992
My original piece on Johnny [Franzese], 1994-2001
Pix of Johnny F. at my house, 1994
Part I, [ca. 1994]
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Joe Bonnano dead, May 2002
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[People v. John Franzese], [ca. 1970]
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Meade & me, 1993-1999
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Last Gotti indictments, June 2002
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United States v. Brotherhood of Carpenters, exhibits, [ca. 1985]
2006-274/164Frank Costello, Frank Ragano, assorted clippings, 1973, 1994
2006-274/149[Kathleen Burke, Anthony Venditti, Frederico Giovanelli], 1986-1990
Fritizie G. [Frederico Giovanelli] and [Anthony] Venditti murder and trials, 1986-1987
Fritzie [Frederico Giovanelli] bio, 1974-1975, 1986-1987
Fritzy [Frederico] Giovanelli FBI wiretap Jan. '86, 1986-1988
Fritzie [Frederico] Giovanelli killing cop, 1986-1987
PC [piece] for Fritzie [Frederico Giovanelli] phone, [ca. 1990]
[International Brotherhood of Teamsters case], [ca. 1990]
Joe D’s [Joseph DeVincenzo] names, 1983-1990
Joe D [Joseph DeVincenzo] personal, 1990
Joe D [Joseph DeVincenzo] indictment, 1986-1989
Joe D [Joseph DeVincenzo], 1984-1989
Black Book and key patronage memos, 1985
Meade Esposito, 1970-1986
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Talent Bank Documents, 1978-1988
2006-274/74Giachetti, Holmes, suit, November 1978-May 1981
Franklin Flowers, D’Alfonso, July-December 1990
Richie Giachetti, Larry Holmes, 1980-1981
Carl Lombardo, 1975
Harold Smith clips, 1977-1989

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