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A Guide to the Harry Yandell Benedict Papers, 1855-1865, 1874-1940

Descriptive Summary

Creator Benedict, Harry Yandell
Title Harry Yandell Benedict Papers,
Dates: 1855-1865, 1874-1940
Abstract: Papers contain documents produced by mathematician, astronomer, and educator, Harry Yandell Benedict (1869-1937) and by members of the Benedict family. They relate to family history and to Benedict as a student, professor, and president of The University of Texas.
Accession No.: [62-30; 64-31; 65-103; 89-355; 2005-116]
Extent 19 feet 10 inches
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note:

Harry Yandell Benedict was born on November 14, 1869, in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1877 he moved to Texas with his mother and brother, Carl, to live on land along the Brazos River in Young and Stephens counties.

Benedict enrolled in the University of Texas on examination in February 1889 and received a bachelor's degree with honors in civil engineering in 1892, and a Master of Arts degree in 1893. He was employed as an assistant at the McCormick Observatory at the University of Virginia from 1893 to 1895. In 1898, he studied at Harvard University where he received a Ph.D. in mathematical astronomy.

Benedict was in charge ad interim of mathematics and astronomy at Vanderbilt University in 1899. Later that same year, he left Vanderbilt and joined the University of Texas faculty as a mathematics instructor. He became a professor of applied mathematics and astronomy in 1907. From 1909 to 1911 he was director of extension. In 1911 he was promoted to dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In 1927 he became the tenth president of the University of Texas. He was the first ex-student to become president and he occupied that office longer than anyone else in the University's history. During his administration, President Benedict oversaw a major building construction program that added 15 new buildings to the campus, including construction of the McDonald Observatory.

President Benedict was the author of several books. He wrote Unified Mathematics with two other mathematicians (1915). With John A. Lomax, he wrote Book of Texas in 1916. He also completed A Source Book of Legislative History of the University of Texas in 1917 and Peregrinusings in 1924. At the time of his death, he was writing a history of the University of Texas.

President Benedict was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and president of the Texas Academy of Science. He held memberships in many professional organizations including the American Mathematical Society and the American Astronomical Society. Benedict was awarded honorary doctor of laws degrees from Baylor University in 1920 and from Southwestern University in 1929. He died on May 10, 1937. Benedict Hall, located on the University of Texas at Austin campus, was named in his honor in April 1953.

From: Berry, Margaret C. “Benedict, Harry Yandell (1869-1937),” Handbook of Texas Online.

Scope and Contents:

Papers produced by Benedict (1869-1937), mathematician, astronomer, and educator, and by members of the Benedict family relate to family history and to Benedict as a student, professor, and president of The University of Texas. Included are official correspondence and records of the university, speeches on education and related subjects, records concerning the Carl Stone Benedict Scholarship, and Benedict’s history of The University of Texas. Papers also contain miscellaneous documentation on business and political developments, weather, and railroads, as well as materials related to pioneer Methodist minister Orceneth L. Fisher (1803-1880) and his second wife Rebecca Jane Gilleland Fisher (1831-1926), president of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas for 32 years (1894-1926) and often called the “Mother of Texas.” Included are correspondence, speeches, literary productions, class notes, memoranda, biographical data, legal papers, Texas legislative records, bulletins, reports, catalogs, scrapbooks, and photographs.


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Subjects (Persons)
Benedict, Harry Yandell
Fisher, Orceneth L.
Fisher, Rebecca Jane Gilleland
Benedict, Carl Stone, Scholarship Fund
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Texas. Legislature. Forty-first Congress
Texas. Legislature. Thirty-eighth Congress
Texas. Legislature. Thirty-fifth Congress
Texas. Legislature. Thirty-ninth Congress
Texas Rural Communities, Incorporated
UT Administrative Council
UT – Athletics and athletic facilities
UT Board of Regents
UT College of Arts and Sciences
UT, History of
UT – Legislation
UT McDonald Observatory
UT – Presidents
Austin, Texas
Nacogdoches, Texas

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Harry Yandell Benedict Papers, 1855-1865, 1874-1940, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Family Files

2B51 Correspondence, June 1877-February 1935 and undated
4Ja6 Benedict, Carl Stone, 1921-1925
Carl Stone Benedict Scholarship and Loan Fund, 1960
Correspondence, 1852, 1934-1959, undated
Death of H. Y. Benedict, 1932-1937
4Ja7 Death of H. Y. Benedict, 1932-1937
Travel, 1908
Harry Yandell Benedict, Jr., 1922, undated


Student Files

2B51 Math notebook (Harvard), 1895-1898
2B52 Math notebooks (Harvard):
Miscellaneous math notes, undated


Personal Files

4Ja6 Education:
2AA40 Diplomas:
4Ja6 University of Texas undergraduate, 1893-1915, undated
Harvard, 1895-1897, undated
Insurance, 1901-1918
Organizations, 1923
Photographs of entertainers, 1875-1877
4K726 Theatre, 1895
4K727 University of Texas, undated [ca. 1910s]
4K725 Wedding, 1900
4Ja6 Student account book, 1889-1938
2B52 Book notices, 1913, 1918-1919, 1921-1928, 1930-1932, and 1934- 1937
2B53 Book notices, undated
Early business correspondence, W.L. Prather, president of The University of Texas, December 1899-July 1915 and undated
Business correspondence:
August 1899-December 1929
January 1930-December 1932
January 1933-June 1934
July 1934-December 1934 and 1935
January 1936-June 1937
Certificates and awards, April 1870-June 1931
Miscellaneous papers, undated
2B54 Newspaper clippings, 1908, 1916, and 1937
Notebook of memorable quotes, poetry, etc., undated
April 1913-November 1933
February 1934-June 1936
July 1936-April 1937 and undated
Pamphlets, brochures, etc., 1916-1937


The University of Texas - Classified Files

2B54 A.R.T. courses, July 1918-April 1919
Academic and Education Departments, June 10, 1905
2B55 Administrative Council:
1936-1937 and undated
Admissions, October 1916-December 1916 and undated
Advisors, June 1915, October 1915, May 1917 and undated
Admissions, October 1916-December 1916 and undated
Advisors, June 1915, October 1915, May 1917 and undated
Agricultural education, September 1917-December 1917 and April 1919
Alien enemies of the University, undated
American Association of University Professors, December 1914-February 1915
Application, Committee on Attendance at Professional Meetings, undated
Applied Mathematics, May 1908, March 1910, and May 1911
Athletic controversy, The University of Texas and University of Missouri, January 1915-October 1915, September 1916-January 1917, February 1917-October 1917, March 1918
Athletics, March 1916-November 1922, and undated
Bible Chairs and Bible Foundation, August 1918-October 1918, January 1919, April 1919, and undated
Board of Regents, itemized appropriations proposal, undated
2B56 Brackenridge Hall, June 1910, March 1911, June 1911, and undated
Budget appropriations, June 1907-October 1917
Budget reductions of State Universities, March 14, 1926 and December 1932-January 1933
Bugbee Loan Fund, June 10, 1909
Building Committee, August 1916, March 1924, an July 1924
Bulletin, “The University Calendar,” January 1920
Business Administration, March 13, 1918
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, undated
Chimes Fund, April 1913-May 1913, June 1915, and undated
Christian Ethics, September 1918, January 1919, and undated
The Varsity Circus, April 8, 1921
Civic, social and health extension education, April 1918-May 1918 and July 1919-October 1919
College of Arts, February 1913 and September 1916
College of Arts and Sciences, Correspondence:
College Station, July 24, 1913
Constitutional amendment, public education, October 14, 1914
Co-Operative Society, May 1900-December 1920 and undated
Deans’ functions, annual reports, June 1903-June 1915 and undated
Department of Education, May 1915, October 1915, August 1917, and undated
Discipline, undated
Education (School of), undated
Eligibility, December 20, 1915 and undated
English (students’ use of), December 9, 1912 and October 9, 1915
Exemption from examinations, December 8, 1913
2B57 Extension (Department of), June 1909-December 1924 and undated
Faculty regulations, undated
Fine Arts Group, May 20, 1918
Fire protections, undated
Foreign Language requirements, March 19, 1917
“Fourth Liberty Loan,” undated
Fraternity, May 1912-November 1918
Genaro Garcia Collection, January 1919-February 1919, and undated
Grade report cards and sheets, May 29, 1913
Health Service, undated
Home Economics, February 1917-February 1920 and undated
Honor Roll, winter term, 1917
Inauguration, April 18, 1925 and April 27, 1925
Industrial Education, February 1921
Influenza, January 8, 1919, January 9, 1919, January 13, 1919
Instructing staff, November 1, 1918
Intercollegiate Intelligence Bureau, April 1917
“The International Jew,” undated
Interscholastic League, September 25, 1920 and January 3, 1921
Investigating the University, November 17, 1917
Junior Certificate, April 12, 1915
Learned societies, undated
Librarian, October 7, 1918
Master’s degree, May 11, 1918 and May 14, 1918
Mathematics, June 27, 1915, November 16, 1917, and June 10, 1919
Medical research, undated
Medical staff, annual report, 1920-1921
Military Report of the Committee on R.O.T.C., April 28, 1920
Money for the University, June 12, 1915
Music, September 1915
Number of courses (amount of work), February 1, 1916
Oldright (Charles Durand) Loan Fund, undated
Organization, November 10, 1915
Peers (Katherine), May 16, 1918
College of Physical Training, February 16, 1924
Post Office, May 29, 1911, June 3, 1911, June 5, 1911, and June 8, 1911
President Prather faculty regulations, undated
Probation, January 1913, March 1913, November 1913, January 1914, April 1914, November 1914, November 1915, April 1916, November 1916, and January 1917
Publications, December 1902, March 1903, October 1903, February 1904-April 1904, November 1904, and undated
Purchasing, October 9, 1915
2B58 Quarter-major system, November 1925, February 1926, May 1926, January 1927, and undated
Rural consistency, April 15, 1919
Salary schedules, 1919-1923 and 1926-1927
Smith-Howard bill, August 1918-December 1918, January 1919-March 1919, and November 1919
Smith-Hughes bill, January 1918-July 1918, April 1919-December 1919, and February 1920-July 1920
Smith-Lever bill, 1910, December 1913, May 1919, September 1919- December 1919, February 1920-July 1920
State Supported Institutes of Higher Learning in Texas, study, undated
Students’ Army Training corps, October 16, 1918, December 23, 1918, and undated
Ex-students of the University of Texas, October 16, 1918 and October 29, 1918
Sub-committee of the committee on reorganization, November 17, 1917, February 11, 1918, and February 20, 1918
Summary of budget, 1910-1920
Summer schools, 1905, 1907-1912, 1914-1916, and 1918
Teachers, November 16, 1916 and October 31, 1918
The Texan, (Semi-weekly student newspaper), May 29, 1913
Texas Museum committee, May 1920-June 1920, August 1920- October 1920, December 1920, and updated
Texas Technological College, 1920-1922 and February 1923- September 1923
Texas University Monthly Magazine, editors-in-chief, 1885-1916
Transfers, January 28, 1919
University land, September 26, 1911
Visors, February 16, 1912
Vocational Education outline of plans and budget, 1920-1921
Wall rules for the Arts, Education and Engineering Faculties, October 1917 and undated
Women’s Building, June 4, 1913
Dr. Wolfe (meetings), February 1920-March 1920


The University of Texas Files

4Ja7 Academics, 1924-1926
Letters, 1915-1926
Miscellaneous, 1914-1919, undated
Speeches, 1914-1919, undated
Announcements, 1883
Letters, 1914-1930
Newspaper clippings, undated
Works by H. Y. Benedict, 1911, 1927, undated
Athletics, 1905-1929
Bellmont, L. T., 1925-1928
Bugbee, L. G., 1898-1902
Buildings, 1907-1930
Separated to library Cactus, The, 1906, 1940-1942
4Ja7 Correspondence A-Z, 1892-1933, undated
Club faculty, 1909-1934
Discipline, 1918-1919
Newspapers, 1928-1929
Notes, 1892, 1913-1929
Ephemera, 1904-1930
4Ja8 Ferguson Veto, 1916-1917
Friends (About, by H. Y. Benedict):
A-C, 1908, 1914, undated
D-G, 1922-1927
H-L, 1855, 1922-1926
S-Z, 1913-1928
Honors, 1915-1936
Land title, 1910
Loans to students, 1908-1926
Letters, 1910-1922
Problems, 1911, undated
Notes, undated
Works by H. Y. Benedict, 1902-1910
Miscellaneous, 1917-1929, undated
Ornithology, 1909-1929
Presidents, former, 1912-1927
Organizations, 1905-1930, undated
Persons, 1911-1930, undated
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1899-1925
Speeches, 1913-1931, undated
4Ja9 Teaching:
Roll books, 1899-1925
Texan (Daily Texan), 1908, 1915, 1950, undated
Texas Exes:
Alcalde, 1889, 1922, undated
Vice President, Appointment of H. Y. Benedict, 1927
2B59 Office of the President, correspondence:
November 1927-November 1929
January 1920-March 1937
February 1933-July 1934
October 1934-April 1936
September 1936-June 1937
Addresses, correspondence, March 1931-March 1937
March 1926-December 1928
January 1929-December 1931
January 1932-January 1937
2B60 Office of the President, correspondence:
Bellmont investigation, July 1926-August 1928
Biographical data, August 1928-May 1937
Birthday greeting, November 1928, November 1930, November 1932, November 1934, November 1936, and undated
“Book Club of Texas,” February 1928-October 1933
August 1927-December 1929
January 1930-December 1930 and March 1931-Dec. 1932
January 1933-March 1937
Christmas Card lists, designs, etc. personal, Dec. 1928-Dec. 1936
Contribution to charities, May 1934-April 1937
“D,” July 1927-January 1937
“E,” May 1927 and December 1927-July 1936
2B61 Educational survey:
June 1923-May 1924
L.D. Corrman, correspondence, April 1924, May 1924, and November 1924
General correspondence, October 1924 and November 1924
Information, 1923 and undated
Newspaper clippings, March 1922-December 1923
Report, drafts, vol. 6, chapters 1-13, undated
Report, galley proofs, vol. 7, chapters 1-13, October 1924 and November 1924
Report, (printed copy), vol. 3, chapters 1-4, 1924
“F,” August 1927-April 1937
Friar Society, May 1934
2B62 “G,” July 1927-May 1937
January 1927-December 1928
January 1929-March 1932
April 1932-April 1937
“I,” August 1928-December 1936
Invitations, January 1930-April 1937
“J,” February 1928-March 1937
“K,” August 1927-May 1937
August 1927-December 1930
January 1931-December 1936 and December 1938
Legislative letters, 41st Legislature, November 1928, December 1928, May 1929, and October 1930
2B63 “M”:
August 1927-September 1930
February 1931-May 1939
“Mc,” November 1927-June 1935
March 2nd Annual Texas Exes banquet information, March 1936- February 1937
“Most Worthy Citizen,” Austin, Texas, November 1925-December 1932
“N,” August 1927-December 1936
Newspaper clippings, July 1927-June 1936
“O,” February 1928-December 1936
July 1927-November 1930
April 1931-April 1937
Pan American Union, November 1926, January 1927, and October 1927
Phi Beta Kappa, 1920, October 1927-May 1935, and March 1937
2B64 “Q-R,” September 1927-March 1936
Rotary, December 1926 and August 1927-January 1937
August 1927-December 1928
January 1929-December 1931
January 1932-May 1937
Scholarship societies:
December 1927-December 1933
January 1934-February 1935
March 1935-May 1937
Socialism at the University of Texas, June 1915 December 1915
Sociology courses, January 1914 and January 1915
September 1927-November 1931
March 1932-December 1937 and undated
2B65 Texas Rural Communities, Inc.:
February 1935-March 1935
April 1935-June 1935
July 1935-December 1935
January 1936-April 1937
February 1929, September 1929, and November 1929
May 1930 and June 1930
May 1932-November 1932
January 1933 and February 1933
May 1935 and July 1935
November 1936 and December 1936
April 1929 and June 1929
May 1932
December 1935
February 1937 and March 1937
September 1927-December 1930
March 1931-April 1937
“Y-Z,” March 1928-February 1936
2B67 Office of the President, legislation:
38th Legislature, 1923
39th Legislature, 1925
41st Legislature, 1929-1930
2B68 44th Legislature:
General Laws, 1935-1937
House Journal, 1935-1937
Senate Journal, 1935-1937
Admission requirements, 1913-1922 and undated
Athletic information, correspondence on history and rules, June 1913-March 1930
Board of Regents:
Rules, regulations, research materials and drafts, 1928- 1935
2B69 Board of Regents, rules and regulations; galley proofs:
Revised copy with notes, July 1935 (?)
Marked copy with changes, January 7, 1936
March 2, 1936
Budgetary legislature:
Hogg Organization, 1911-1919
2B70 Newspaper clippings, A and M College and the University of Texas, 1911-1919 and undated
Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, 1913, 1916-1918, 1931, 1934, and undated
Southwest Athletic Conference, constitution and bylaws, September 1, 1932 and September 1, 1933
Texas Institutes of Higher Learning, student, faculty, and budget statistics, 1910-1917 and 1920-1930
The University of Texas operational statistics, 1928-1929
4P265 Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Correspondence, 1915-1919
4P266 “History of the University of Texas”-notes, drafts, printed material, circa 1927-1937
Handbook of the University of Texas – correspondence, notes, printed material, circa 1927-1937
Education matters – clippings, circa 1927- 1927
4P267 Printed material, circa 1934-1937
“Digest of clippings received in re Senate Joint Resolution 13 and House Joint Resolution 30,” circa 1934
4P330 Committee on Tutors and Assistants – forms, correspondence, applications, recommendations, etc., 1916-1921
4P331 Committee on Tutors and Assistants – forms, correspondence, applications, recommendations, etc., 1916-1921
4Q258 Committee on Tutors and Assistants – correspondence, minutes, circulars, etc., 1919-1923
4R83 Removal of UT campus to new location, 1920-1921
Building Committee: Correspondence, 1919-1920
Education Building – David Harrell-Cass Gilbert correspondence, 1916-1917
4R84 Building Committee: Membership, 1919
Report to the President, 1919
4M44 Students’ statistics (as individuals), 1883-1936 (I)
4M47 Student enrollment statistics, 1900-1939 (II)
4M46 Statistics concerning groups of students, circa 1885-1941 (III)
4M45 Financial statistics, circa 1881-1937 (V)
4M80 List of student groups, organizations, and clubs with officers, etc., circa 1883-1936


Literary Productions

4Ja9 Book of Texas, 1925, undated
Bibliography of works by H. Y. Benedict, undated
Miscellaneous works by H. Y. Benedict, 1905-1930, undated
Peregrinusings, 1922-1924
Unified Mathematics, 1918
A Source Book of Legislative History of the University of Texas, 1910-1920
Rhymes, 1908-1930
Religion, 1911-1926
Works by others, 1924, undated
2B70 Essays, articles, etc., June 1903-December 1930
Essays, articles, etc., August 1931-April 1934 and undated
History of The University of Texas, research material:
Biographical material, James K. Holland, undated
Biographical sketches, March 1933, April 1933, and February 1934-May 1934
First edition, 1891
General faculty information, 1928-1937
2B71 Graduate faculty organization, March 1926-April 1931, May 1932, and undated
Graduate faculty recommendations, 1926-1935 and undated
Income and expenditures, September 1916-November 1916 and August 1917
Legislature appropriations, 1888-1919
Legislature journals, indexes, 1836-1918
First called session, 1918-1919
Second called session, August 1, 1917
Second session, House journal, 1917
Third called session, impeachment, 1917
Provisions for Texas education, report, September 1919 and undated
2B72 Source book:
Addenda, 1840-1917
General laws, 1883, 1887, and 1900
Texas mineral law, June 20, 1917
University lands:
Chapter 3, 1884-1898, 1918, and 1936
Correspondence, 1886-1898, 1918, and undated
“Laying the Foundation”:
Drafts and notes, chapters 1-9
2B73 Draft and notes, chapters 10-13
Draft and notes, chapters 14-17
Revision, copy C, chapters 1-9
Revision, copy C, chapters 10-15
Manuscript, chapters 1-9
Manuscript, chapters 10-15
Revision, draft and inserts, undated
2B74 Speeches:
February 1913-December 1927
January 1928-November 1929
January 1930-November 1930
February 1931-December 1931
January 1932-November 1932
January 1933-April 1937
2Q435 “History of The University of Texas”: vol. I - III
2Q436 “History of The University of Texas”:
vol. I, part 1, chapters 1-9
vol. II, part 1, chapters 10-15
2Q437 vol. II, part 1, chapters 10-15
vol. III, part II, chapters 1-4


Carl Stone Benedict Loan Fund

2B75 Allen-Burtner (1921-1937)
Capps-Cook (1921-1936)
Cowles-Curry (1923-1934)
Gray (1919-1934)
Hardy-Krueger (1919-1933)
2B76 Leslie-Livingston (1921-1932)
MacMaster-Mullins (1919-1936)
Naranjo-Robinson (1920-1936)
Sanders Stillwell (1919-1940)
Taylor-Trotter (1919-1937)
Walker-Whiter (1922-1940)


Miscellaneous files

2B77 Book belonging to Mary Blandfor Wright containing sketch about O.O. Fisher, 1882
J.W. Dinsdale, writings, November 1897 and undated
O.L. Fisher:
Correspondence, November 1860, February 1880, and undated
Deed and taxes on land, February 1856 and January 1857
Notes for sermons, writings, 1855, 1874, and April 9, 1920
Sacred melodies, vols. 1-3, undated
Rebecca J. Fisher, correspondence, November 1880, December 1891- January 1892, and November 1897-April 1899
Mirabeau B. Lamar memorial seals, 1836-1936
Newspaper clippings, farm products (Texas), 1925-1928
Poetry, 1900-1932 and undated
Scrapbook, Rebecca Jo Fisher, 1860, 1865, 1878-1902, and undated


Photographs and pictorial materials

3S108 Photographs and pictorial materials
4Ja9 Standard, 1885-1904, 1932-1935


Oversize materials

2AA40 Oversize, 1936, undated
3S144 Oversize materials
2.325 0D15 Oversize materials
OD1273 Two maps