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A Guide to the Doug Hanners Music Collection, 1942-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hanners, Doug
Title Doug Hanners Music Collection
Dates: 1942-1997
Accession No.: [83-331; 2007-248]
Extent 4 ft. 5 in.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Doug Hanners is a music historian and collector, as well as creator and sponsor of the semi-annual Austin Record Convention, the largest sale of recorded music in the country. He self-published a music fanzine in the 1970’s called Not Fade Away and wrote a column entitled “45rpm.” He is a chair on the Board of Directors of the Texas Music Museum.

Scope and Contents

Collection contains recordings in a variety of audio formats, primarily of Texas musicians recorded on Texas labels; correspondence; lead sheets; and other documents collected by Doug Hanners. Artists include Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, Shiva’s Headband, Doug Sahm, Alvin Crow, Freddie Fender, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and others. Also included are test pressings and demos sent to Houston producer, Huey Meaux. Some of the Texas labels represented include Houston’s Gold Star Studio which became Sugar Hill Studio in 1971. Meaux had earlier used it for his Crazy Cajun, Jetstream, Pacemaker and other labels. Early psychedelic bands recorded at Houston’s Andrus Studios under the Cinema record label and include Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators. R&B label, Harlem/Ebony, based in San Antonio was co-owned by San Antonio disc jockey, Joe Anthony and E.J. Henke, who owned several other San Antonio record labels. Some small studios, such as the Vulcan Gas Company, set up and recorded in the back of Austin nightclubs.

Portion of information from Gary Hickinbotham, “A History of the Texas Recording Industry,” The Journal of Texas Music History, Vol. 4, No. 1, (Spring 2004): 18-32

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Doug Hanners Music Collection, 1942-1997, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



2.325/S97 5-inch Tape Reels:
Chaz & Classics – Demo
The Pyramid, “Travelin’ Mood”
Picture Records master: “Dancing Don”/”Pretty Baby”
Sanger-Harris Christmas spots (includes note within)
Willie & Waylon
Picture Records master: “The Clock”/”Is It Really Love”
Picture Records: David Dunn, “Dancing Doll”/”Oh Pretty Baby”
7-inch Tape Reels:
Willie & Waylon
Balcones Fault
Janis I
Janis II Birthday, 1963
Sir Doug and Alvin Crow, November 28, 1975
Elevators – dub (includes invoice and notes within case), 1967
Blank & unrecorded
Richard Moreland, recordings from radio and records
Picture Records: Richard Moreland, “They Don’t Understand”
Picture Records: Richard Moreland master [blank?]
Dave Edge (on case), KULP Sat Program (inside on tape)
Picture Records: Proper Circle, “Please Wait for Me”/”Take a Look at Yourself”
Picture Records: Travelin Mood, Dick Feagan, Chaz
KULP-El Campo radio – Maehart airchecks
KULP El Campo – Maehart radio
Marlin Maehart
The Proper Circle
The Proper Circle
Bad folk singer, “Girl of the 13th Hr[?]”
Picture Records: Buddy Williams, 1987-1988
Alvin Crow, “Fannie Ann’s” (includes note within), November 28, 1975
Shivas, Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX (includes note within)
Winter Wally
Harlem Records: Doug Sahm, 1957-1964
Gulf Coast Records: “Texas Guitars,” (side 1), 1962
Gulf Coast Records: “Texas Guitars,” (side 2), 1962
[empty box sent from Picture Records, Houston to Southern Plastics, Nashville]
2.325/S95 Audiocassettes:
Emmylou Harris interview, February 15, 1975
Shivas Interview, August 1976
TAR (Texas Archive Recordings) 4 Elevators [?]
Elevators outtakes
Texas Archive Records, Texas Reverberations (cassette) / Black Cat Bone, Oberndorf, Germany (cassette case) September 1985
Bill Josey, August 31, 1976
Bill Josey, Sr.
Josephus, April 8, 1979
Lost & Found Part I
Lost & Found Part II
Elvis March of Dimes / Vat[?] Songs
Reign, January 13-14, 1980
Ugly Ducklings / Fine Wine (includes typed album information within case)
Dr. Pepper / Burrito Bros Interview, March 2, 1975
J Beck Vol. II - Carl Becker, Mike Taylor, Chris, April 10, 1978
Kenny & Kasuals, December 8, 1976
ROKY (Roky Erickson)
Elevator’s line-up songs
The Picks, 25th Anniversary Special Issue, 1982 (inscribed, May 12, 1984)
THAKS Live, 1966
Hub Sutter, October 31, 1985
Elevators, Never Want To
Doug Sahm - Record Plant (1973), Brussels (1981)
Holly Sounds
Alone Again, Bad Girl, These Four Walls / Box D Bennett
Jim Franklin Interview, October 20, 1974
Wig LIVE, Jade Room (includes typed album information within case), 1967
Buddy Holly Special, Steve Pongratz & Steve Bonner, September 8, 1985
West Texas Hollys
TAR (Texas Archive Recordings) 2 lineup tape
Helpinstill Interview, February 27, 1978
Augie Meyer II
TAR (Texas Archive Recordings) 4 [?]
13th Floor Elevators Sump’n’ Else, 1966
C.A. Quintet / Dallas 1971 / Part I, A New Hi
J-Beck Vol. I
Ray Campi and the Snappers, original 1950s Recordings
The Otherside / Index
Pocket Fishrmen, “Ten Fingers on One Hand” / “Amy Carter”
Navy Country Hoedown (various artists), 1957
George Kinney, October 7, 1985
Twine Time with Doug Hanners
13th Floor LP-aircheck, KRQX (April 6, 1985) / KVIL (April 7, 1985)
Sherwoods #1
Sherwoods #2
Jim Gough Interview by Doug Hanners, April 20, 1985
Rhythm Roundup produced by Jim Gough
Weldon Rogers, July 1, 1985
Sky Corbin Interview, June 15, 1985
Rick & Carla, Just for Tonight (MFM Records), 1997
Elevators outtakes
Elevators - Live
Remaining Few, Mike Jones, August 15, 1985
DAT tape:
Picture Records: Proper Circle, Richie Moreland, Chaz & Classics, David Dunn
Compact Disc:
The Moving Sidewalks, Flash (Rhino Records compilation)
“Navy Country Hoedown,” 1957 / “Country Style USA” Army, 1957-1958
“Navy Country Hoedown,” 1957
2.325/S98 10-inch Tape Reels:
Texas Archive Recordings (TAR):
The 13th Floor Elevators, (Side 1), 1966-1967
The 13th Floor Elevators, (Side 2), 1966-1967
The 13th Floor Elevators, “Elevator Tracks” (Side 1), 1966-1968
The 13th Floor Elevators, “Elevator Tracks” (Side 2), 1966
The Wig, “Live at the Jade Room” (Side 1)
The Wig, “Live at the Jade Room” (Side 2)
Saucers, U-Notes, Loose Ends/FELCO
Changing Times, Menerals, Living End, Mankind, and commercials
Euphoria, Living Eye, Pastels, Iguanas (side 1)
Coastliners, Now Sounds, Countdown, Ninth St. Bridge, Chaparral Trio
Bill Josey, interview
Denny Ezba,, [?] for Big Beat
Picture Records:
The Proper Circle
Richard Moreland
2.325/S92 Test Pressings
Searcy Lee Johnson & Al Nilsen, “Fugita”/”My Days are Numbered”
Unlabeled (4)
Unlabeled (5)
“Aching Breaking Heart”/”I’m Wondering”
Huey P. Meaux Productions, “Where Broken Hearts Live”/”The Other Side of Me,” April 20, 1964
Unlabeled (3)
John D. Tatum, “Love Your Country”/”What Are You to Me”
“She Was Alone”
“San Antonio, Texas”
Faith Popp & Roy Kent, “Musta Been Out of this World”
“Billy the Kid”/”Sweet Bird of Youth”
“War Drums”
TR0077-0104 Approved PK 6-14
Billy Maxwell [?]
“On With America”/”Cajun Ball”
“On With America”/”Cajun Ball”
“Nobody Knows But Me”
“Last 100 Years”/C & W
Coleen Haley
C & W
Unlabeled (2)
United Artists, “I Forgot More Than You Will Ever Know”
Viva Music, “Mama Come Get Your Baby Boy”
“Today You Came Home Again”
Robbins Music, Riverboat
Crazy Cajun Music Co., “I’m To Blame”
Screen Gems Columbia, “So Happy For You”
Champion Music, “Find Out What’s Happening”
Screen Gems Columbia, “Yes Dear There is a Virginia”
“Another Love Has Ended”
Buzz Clifford, “Baby I Could Be So Good at Loving You”
Vern Godown, “Blues Move Over”/”I Don’t Know Where I am Going,” 1963
Gil Music Corp, “By the Fireside”
“Forrest”, “Twin Sisters”/”Camille”, “Nevermore”
Bernard Edwards, “That’s All I Can Do”
Clyde Searcy Johnson, Searcy Lee Johnson, Dave Carey, Al Nilsen, “Star”/”Lullaby”
Pedro Sabat, Y Sus Tres Barqueros, “Se Me Pone La Carne de Gallina”
[Prodigal H?]
Ridge Music, “Nice Things”
Dotti O’Brien
“[?] Made You What You Are”/ “You Can’t [?] From There”
Bower-Howard, “(I Promise You) You Won’t Cry Tonight”
Godown and Ayre, “Alone and So Lonely,” 1963
Crazy Cajun Music Co., “Rascals”/”You Can’t Take the Country Out Of Nashville”
Shapiro Bernstein, “I Can’t Get Over a Boy Like You”
“We Live In Two Different Worlds”
Bob Montgomery, “This Is Forever”/”A Fool and His Girl”
Unlabeled CC-1003
Unlabeled CC-1009
Unlabeled RRLP-101 [Mex?]
Unlabeled GLPLP126 [Mex?]
Unlabeled GL LP108 [Mex?]
Unlabeled Mr. G 5004
Unlabeled GLPLP126 [Mex?]
Unlabeled GLPLP127 [Mex?]
Unlabeled RA-LP 1001 [Ro-ARK?]
2.325/S93 Test Pressings:
“Look Around” (includes photocopy of lead sheet by Steve Karliski)
“Take Me Home” (includes lead sheet by Vaughn Horton)
Freddy Fender, “It’s Almost Daylight” (includes letter, 1977)
“The Real Mr. Fool” (includes photocopy of lead sheet by Dewayne Blackwell)
Chris Cain, “Kilroy”, ”Pick’ Up my Heart Droppin’ Off My Hurt”/”Kilroy”, “Much Longer Than I Thought” (includes lyrics)
Les Reed & Geoff Stephens, “Cry A Little Longer” (includes lead sheet)
Glenn Barber, “Go Home Letter”, “Reflex Reaction”/ [?] (includes handwritten note from Hy Grill), 1967
Southern Music Pub. Co. (Roy Horton), “No Letter Today”, “Cry on Your Shoulder”/”Watching the Door”, “No Letter Today” (without voices)
Painted Desert Music Corporation, “No Trace of Laura” (includes lead sheet for “No Trace of You” by Steve Karliski & Joe Locascio)
Painted Desert Music Corporation, “The Will to Live” (includes lead sheet by Steve Karliski)
Painted Desert Music Corporation, “You Don’t Have to be Crazy to Love Her” (includes lead sheet by Steve Karliski)
Casserole Music Corp, “Clyde O’Reilly” (includes lead sheet by Barry Gibb)
Casserole Music Corp, “Mando Bay” (includes lead sheet by Barry Gibb)
Screen Gems Columbia, “I’m Gonna Tell the World” (includes memoranda and lead sheet by Gerry Goffin & Carole King)
Mel Foree, “All the World is Lonely Now” (includes lead sheet)
Acclaim Music Pub. Co., “Jackson Ain’t a Very Big Town” (includes photocopy of lead sheet by Vic McAlpin)
Shapiro & Bernstein, “Don’t Do It Darling”, (includes memorandum, 1964 and sheet music by Zeke Manners, 1942)
Robbins Music, “Looks Like They’re in Love” (includes photocopy of lead sheet by Mitch Murray & Les Reed)
Hill & Range, “I’ll Be There” (includes lead sheet by Rusty Gabbard & Ray Price)
Painted Desert Music Corporation, “Two Little People” (includes Lead sheet by Jimmy Radcliffe)
Brandon L. Harris, “Low Down” (includes photocopy of lead sheet and letter from Jonny Meadow, 1970)
2.325/S94 Boneau’s Radio & Record Shop Customer Accounts Book, Port Arthur, TX (pages removed from binder)
Pete Hunter Books (album inventory)
Doug Hanners and David Shutt, Texas Records of the 1960’s
Correspondence (Huey Meaux) , Sheet Music, Photographs (digitized copy prints)