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A Guide to the Archives of American Mathematics Reprint Collection, 1912-1993

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Creator: Archives of American Mathematics
Title: Archives of American Mathematics Reprint Collection
Dates: 1912-1993
Abstract: The collection contains reprints by mathematicians represented in the Archives of American Mathematics.
Accession No.: 2006-213; 2010-123; 2010-136; 2010-173; 2010-195
Extent: 5 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

The collection contains reprints by mathematicians represented in the Archives of American Mathematics. Many of the reprints are papers given by professors and doctoral students from the University of Texas at Austin at meetings of the American Mathematical Society. Particularly well represented are works on differential equations, continuous curves, and points sets by J. H. Barrett, H. J. Ettlinger, F. B. Jones, R. G. Lubben, R. L. Moore, and R. L. Wilder. Several reprints are inscribed to University of Texas at Austin mathematics professor H. J. Ettlinger.

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Ettlinger, Hyman Joseph, 1889-
Jones, F. Burton
Lubben, R. G.
Moore, R. L. (Robert Lee), 1882-
Wilder, Raymond Louis, 1896-
American Mathematical Society
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Reprint Series

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Archives of American Mathematics Reprint Collection, 1912-1993, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Works by J. H. Barrett:
2010-173/1 "Differential Equations of Non-Integer Order," 1954
"Behavior of Solutions of Second Order Self-Adjoint Differential Equations," 1955
"Matrix Systems of Second Order Differential Equations," 1955
"A Prüfer Transformation for Matrix Differential Equations," 1957
"Second Order Complex Differential Equations with a Real Independent Variable," 1958
2006-213/1 Typed draft, “Disconjugacy of Second-Order Linear Differential Equations with Non-negative Coefficients,” 1959
“Disconjugacy of Second-Order Linear Differential Equations with Non-negative Coefficients,” 1959
“Two-Point Boundary Problems for Linear Self-Adjoint Differential Equations of the Fourth Order With Middle Term,” 1960
“Systems-Disconjugacy of a Fourth-Order Differential Equation,” 1961
2010-173/1 "Lectures on the theory of integral equations" (book review by Barrett), 1961
"Disconjugacy of a Self-Adjoint Differential Equation of the Fourth Order," 1961
"Fourth Order Boundary Value Problems and Comparison Theorems," 1961
"Two-Point Boundary Problems for Linear Self-Adjoint Differential Equations of the Fourth Order with Middle Term," 1962
2006-213/1 “Canonical Forms for Third-Order Linear Differential equations,” [two copies], 1964
2010-173/1 "Third-Order Differential Equations with Nonnegative Coefficients," 1968
"Oscillation Theory of Ordinary Linear Differential Equations," 1969
2006-213/1 Works by R.H. Bing:
“Conditions Under Which a Surface E^8 is Tame,” 1959
Works by Frederic F. Burchsted:
“Archives of American Mathematics,” [two copies], 1987
“New Archives of American Mathematics Collections,” [two copies], 1993
“Sources for the History of Mathematics in the Archives of American Mathematics,” undated
Works by E.W. Cheney and A. Sharma:
“On a Generalization of Bernstein Polynomials,” 1964
2010-123/1 Works by David Dawson:
"Continued Fractions with Absolutely Convergent even or Odd Part," 1959
"Convergence of Continued Fractions of Stieltjes Type," February 1959
"Concerning Convergence of Continued Fractions," August 1960
"Concerning a Theorem of Hadamard," December 1962
"On Certain Sequence to Sequence Transformations Which Preserve Convergence," August 1963
"On a result of D. Gallarati concerning semigroups," 1964
"On a note of E. Stipanic," 1964
"Some Rate Invariant Sequence Transformations," October 1964
"On the Transformation of Sequences and Related Convergence Criteria for Continued Fractions," March 1965
"On Subgroups of Semigroups," 1966
"Linear Methods Which Sum Sequences of Bounded Variation," April 1966
"A Theorem on Linear Summability," February 1966
"Semigroups having left or right zeroed elements," 1966
"On Absolutely Independent Group Axioms," 1967
"Remarks on Some Convergence Conditions for Continued Fractions," October 1967
"Matrix Summability over Certain Classes of Sequences Ordered with Respect to Rate of Convergence," 1968
"Matrix Summability of Convex Sequences," October 1968
"Some Decomposition Theorems for Semigroups," 1968
"Summability Domains of Matrix Methods," 1969
"Variation Properties of Sequences," 1969
"On a Result of Mazhar Concerning Convex Sequences," October 1969
Errata to “Summability Domains of Matrix Methods,” 1969
"A Generalization of a Theorem of Hans Hahn Concerning Matrix Summability," 1970
"Mapping Properties of Matrix Summability Methods," 1971
"Matrix Methods Which Sum Sequences of Bounded k-Variation," 1971
"Matrix Substitutions in Summability," 1973
"Summability of Subsequences and Other Regular Transformations of a Sequence," 1973
"Summability of Subsequences and Stretchings of Sequences," 1973
"Matrix Summability of Divergent Sequences," 1974
"Continued Fractions with Restricted Variation Properties," 1975
"A Tauberian Theorem for Stretchings," 1974
"Matrix Maps of Null Sequences," 1976
"Mapping Properties of Matrix Transformations," 1977
"An Addendum to “Matrixf Maps of Null Sequences," 1978
"Summability of Matrix Transforms of Stretchings and Subsequences," 1978
"Cesaro Subsequences Factors and a Comparison of Convergence Rates," 1979
"Summability Factors for Cesaro Methods," 1979
"Summability Factors for Certain Sequence Spaces," 1980
"Absolute Summability Properties of Certain Triangular Matrices," 1984
"Transformations Induced by Summability Factors," 1987
"Sequences Having Certain Nonabsolute Variation Properties," 1984
2006-213/1 Works by Edward L. Dodd:
“The Least Square Method Grounded with the aid of an Orthogonal Transformation,” 1912
“Is the Average of Measurements the Best Approximation for the True Value or Normal Value?” 1912
“The Probability Integral Deduced By Means of Developments in Finite Form,” 1913
Works by H. J. Ettlinger:
“Existence Theorems for the General Real Self-Adjoint Linear System of the Second Order,” 1918
“Extension of an Existence Theorem for a Non-Self-Adjoint Linear System,” 1921
“An Elementary Proof of a Fundamental Lemma Concerning the Limit of a Sum,” 1923
“A Curve of Growth Designed to Represent the Learning Process,” 1926
“On Continuity in Several Variables,” 1927
“Existence Theorems for Implicit Functions of Real Variables,” 1928
Works by Ben Fitzpatrick Jr.:
“Some Topologically Complete Spaces,” 1970
“Concerning Upper Semicontinuous Decompositions of Irreducible Continua,” 1971
Works by Adolf Fraenkel:
"Uber einfache Erweiterungen zerlegbarer Ringe," undated
Works by O.H. Hamilton:
“Fixed Points for Certain Non-Continuous Transformations,” 1957
Works by Goldie Printis Horton:
“Functions of Limited Variation and Lebesgue Integrals,” 1918
Works by F.B. Jones:
“A Theorem Concerning Locally Peripherally Separable Spaces,” 1935
“Concerning R.L. Moore’s Axiom 5,” 1938
“Certain Equivalences and Subsets of a Plane,” 1939
“Concerning Certain Linear Abstract Spaces and Simple Continuous Curves,” 1939
“Almost Cyclic Elements and Simple Links of a Continuous Curve,” 1940
“Certain Consequences of the Jordan Curve Theorem,” 1941
“Aposyndetic Continua and Certain Boundary Problems,” 1941
“Monotonic Collections of Peripherally Separable Connected Domains,” 1941
“Connected and Disconnected Plane Sets and the Functional Equation f (x) + f (y) = f (x + y),” 1942
“Concerning the Separability of Certain Locally Connected Metric Spaces,” 1946
“Concerning Non-Aposyndetic Continua,” 1948
“A Note on Homogeneous Plane Continua,” 1949
“On a Certain Type of Homogeneous Plane Continuum,” 1955
2010-136/1 Works by R. M. Kauffman, T. T. Read, and A. Zettl:
“The Deficiency Index Problem for Powers of Ordinary Differential Expressions,” 1977
2006-213/1 Works by R.E. Lane:
“The Integral of a Function with Respect to a Function,” 1954
“The Integral of a Function with Respect to a Function. II,” [two copies], 1955
“Linear Operators on Quasi-Continuous Functions,” [two copies], 1958
Works by R.G. Lubben:
“The Double-Elliptic Case of the Lie-Riemann-Helholtz-Hilbert Problem of the Foundation of Geometry,” [two copies], 1925
“Concerning Limiting Sets in Abstract Spaces,” [two copies], 1928
“Separation Theorems with Applications to Questions Concerning Accessibility and Plane Continua,” [two copies], 1928
“Concerning Limiting Sets in Abstract Spaces, II” [two copies], 1938
“Separabilities of Arbitrary Orders and Related Properties,” [two copies], 1940
“Concerning the Decomposition and Amalgamation of Points, Upper Semi-Continuous Collections, and Topological Extensions,” [two copies], 1941
2010-195/1 Works by J. A. Lutts:
“Topological Spaces Which Admit Unisolvent Systems,” 1964
2006-213/1 Works by R.L. Moore:
“On Duhamel’s Theorem,” 1912
“On the Foundations of Plane Analysis Situs,” 1916
“A Theorem Concerning Continuous Curves,” 1917
“A Characterization of Jordan Regions by Properties Having no Reference to Their Boundaries,” 1918
“Concerning a Set of Postulates for Plane Analysis Situs,” [two copies], 1919
“On the Most General Class L of Frechet In Which the Heine-Borel-Lebesgue Theorem Holds True,” 1919
“On the Relation of a Continuous Curve to Its Complementary Domains in Space of Three Dimensions,” 1922
“Concerning Upper Semi-Continuous Collections of Continua Which Do Not Separate a Given Continuum,” [two copies], 1924
“Concerning Upper Semi-Continuous Collections of Continua,” 1925
“Concerning Triods in the Plane and the Junction Points of Plane Continua,” [two copies], 1928
“Concerning Webs in the Plane,” [two copies], 1943
“A Characterization of a Simple Plane Web,” [two copies], 1946
Works by M.B. Porter:
“Derivativeless Continuous Functions,” 1919
“A Two-Way Infinite Series for Lebesgue Integrals,” 1922
Works by William T. Reid:
“Principal Solutions Nonoscillatory Linear Differential Systems,” [two copies], 1964
Works by J.H. Roberts:
“Concerning Non-Dense Plane Continua,” 1929
Works by Gordon T. Whyburn:
“Concerning the Disconnection of Continua by the Omission of Pairs of Their Points,” 1926
“Two-Way Continuous Curves,” 1926
“Concerning Certain Types of Continuous Curves,” 1926
“Cyclicly Connected Continuous Curves,” 1927
“Dynamic Topology,” [two copies], 1970
Works by Lucille S. Whyburn:
“Student Oriented Teaching—The Moore Method,” [two copies], 1970
Works by W.M. Whyburn:
“Non-Isolated Critical Points of Functions,” 1929
“On Self-Adjoint Ordinary Differential Equations of the Fourth Order,” 1930
“On Related Difference and Differential Systems,” 1930
Works by R.L. Wilder:
“A Characterization of Continuous Curves by a Property of Their Open Subsets,” 1926
“A Theorem on Connected Point Sets Which Are Connected Im Kleinen,” 1926
“A Connected and Regular Point Set Which Has No Subcontinuum,” 1927
“The Non-Existence of a Certain Type of Regular Point Set,” 1927
“A Point Set Which Has No True Quasi-Complements, and Which Becomes Connected Upon the Addition of a Single Point,” 1927
“On Connected and Regular Point Sets,” 1928
“On a Certain Type of Connected Set Which Cuts the Plane,” undated