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A Guide to the Tara Veneruso Collection, 1993-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Veneruso, Tara
Title: Tara Veneruso Collection
Dates: 1993-1997
Abstract: Video-taped interviews, scripts, production logs and photographs (1993-1997) created during the production of “Janis Joplin Slept Here: a Documentary on Austin Music and Culture” (Flaming Angel Films, 1994, 120 min).
Accession No.: 2004-009; 2004-125
Extent: Four feet, six inches
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Tara Veneruso graduated from the New York University film school. Her debut film project, “Janis Joplin Slept Here” won the Theatrical Feature: Documentary award at the 1994 Houston International Film Festival. She went on to produce, edit and direct numerous films, music videos and other media projects through her Los Angeles based company, Flaming Angel Films. She has served as a production consultant on major film projects including documentaries issued with New Line Cinema’s "Lord of the Rings."

Scope and Contents

Video-taped interviews, scripts, production logs and photographs (1993-1997) in the Tara Veneruso Collection document the creation of “Janis Joplin Slept Here: a Documentary on Austin Music and Culture” (1994, 120 min.) featuring Richard Linklater, Joe “King” Carrasco, Jimmie Vaughn, Ian Moore, Tish Hinojosa, Tommy Shannon and other members of the Austin music scene. The documentary uses Janis Joplin, Texas’s first female rock superstar, as a link to connect various reminiscences of Austin music and life covering the time period 1960 to 1993. In addition to the finished film, the collection includes raw footage of approximately 70 interviews, concert footage taken in Austin clubs and venues during 1993, and images of posters and mementos from the collections of local musicians. A shooting log and production notes summarize the contents of the master tapes. Research articles, original photographs and a film production book provide context for the taped interviews. In addition to the “Janis Joplin” materials, the collection includes footage from Veneruso’s 1994 short film “Oslo-Austin Week” featuring Bruce Hancock, a 1997 tape of the band Omar and the Howlers, interviews with the band Brave Combo from 1996, a 1996 music video of Christine Caughey, and a 1995 music video of The Fabulous Bowler Boys.


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Subjects (Persons)
Carrasco, Joe King
Hinojosa, Tish (b. 1955)
Joplin, Janis (1943-1970)
“Austin City Limits” (Television program)
Music, Texas, Austin, 20th century
Austin (Tex.), history, 20th century

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Tara Veneruso Collection, 1993-1997, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2K255 Manuscripts and documents
Scripts for “Janis Joplin Slept Here,” [1992-1994]
Production log, [1993-1994]
Research articles, [1992-1994]
2M394 3/4-inch video master tapes
Hi-8 transfer footage: Jim Franklin, Micael Priest, Kathy Valentine, Paul Ray, Joe King Carrasco, Jason McMasters, Jackie & Brigid, [ca. 1993]
60-minute tape #1: Hi-8 transfer footage: Jason McMasters, Cleve Hattersley, Bert Gerding, Tish Hinojosa, Kim Longacre, Timbuk-3, Little Sister at the Black Cat Lounge, Paul Sessums, Clifford Antone, Alejandro Escovedo at Hole-in-the-Wall, Connie Kirk part one, flyers and posters, [ca. 1993]
60-minute tape #2: Connie Kirk part II, Brant from Pocket Fishermen, Katz’s Deli, Liberty Lunch (interior and exterior views), Don McLeese, Cactus Cafe, Soul Hat poster, Ruben Ramos, Austin Statesman and Austin Chronicle Roger Wilson, Randy Biscuit, Zilker park, Kelly Willis, Armadillo World Headquarters, Chesley Milliken, [ca. 1993]
Ian Moore interview part II, Moser flyers part II, Rank & File, Standing Waves, [ca. 1993]
Paul Sessums at the Black Cat Lounge, Antone’s flyers, other flyers and album covers, [ca. 1993]
Albums and flyer footage for various bands, Waterloo Records building, Threadgill’s interior, Janis Joplin images, Armadillo World Headquarters stage, photo Mance Lipscomb, photo Freddy King, others, [ca. 1993]
60-minute tape #4: Armadillo World Headquarters, Biscuits footage, Ian Moore live at Antone’s, Retarted Elf, Widgeon at Threadgill’s, Ruben Ramos photos, scenes on 11th street, Broken Spoke, Saxon Pub, Back Room, Austin Outhouse and others, [ca. 1993]
60-minute tape #5: Richard Linklater interview, Janis Joplin in UT student directory and Cactus Yearbook, Sixth Street live, Steamboat interior and exterior, Little Sister at the Black Cat Lounge, Retarted Elf live and interview, various clubs, posters and photos, [ca. 1993]
30-minute “Transfer o’ Lots ‘o Stuff”: Jimmie Vaughn, University of Texas tower and communications building, Mural on Drag [Guadalupe Street in Austin], Michele Solberg’s house, bars, Retarted Elf, Janis Joplin table footage at Threadgill’s, Tary Owens, Catfish Lords, Carolyn Hester, [ca. 1993]
Jody Denberg, Tary Owens, June 13, 1993
Grey Ghost part I, Tary Owens & band live, Roky Erickson playing with Charlie and Will Sexton, [ca. 1993]
Burt Gerding part I, [ca. 1993]
Burt Gerding part II, [ca. 1993]
Carolyn Hester, May 11, 1993
Patrick Helton at Inner Sanctum, June 26, 1993
Jeanne Whittington part I, [ca. 1993]
[ca. 1993]
2M395 Rod Kennedy, May 11, 1993
Clifford Antone part I, [ca. 1993]
Clifford Antone part II, Jim Franklin, Danny Garrett, [ca. 1993]
Chris Layton part I, Tommy Shannon, [ca. 1993]
Chris Layton part II, Jimmy Vaughn, [ca. 1993]
Paul Ray at Antone’s, June 14, 1993
Jimmie Vaughn part I, [ca. 1993]
Jim Franklin part I, Daniel Garrett, [ca. 1993]
Jim Franklin part II, Micael Priest and friends, [ca. 1993]
Cleve Hattersley, [ca. 1993]
Carlyne Majer, [ca. 1993]
Marcia Ball, [ca. 1993]
Ruben Ramos, [ca. 1993]
Joe “King” Carrasco, [ca. 1993]
Tish Hinojosa, [ca. 1993]
Griff Luneberg, [ca. 1993]
Terry Lickona of Austin City Limits, [ca. 1993]
June 10, 1993 [ca. 1993]
Wayne Nagel, Kevin Womack, Geoffery Sheelman, May 11, 1993
2M396 Randy “Biscuit” Turner, June 27, 1993
Gretchen Barber, [ca. 1993]
Alejandro Escovedo, [ca. 1993]
Kim Long Acre and the Reivers part I, [ca. 1993]
Kim Long Acre and the Reivers part II, Timbuk 3 part I, [ca. 1993]
Connie Kirk live, Timbuk 3 part II, [ca. 1993]
John Kunz of Waterloo Records, [ca. 1993]
Brad First part I, [ca. 1993]
Brad First part II, Jeanne Whittington part II, [ca. 1993]
Roland Swenson, May 10, 1993
Don McLeese, Austin American Statesman, [ca. 1993]
Austin Chronicle part I: Nick, Lewis and Margaret, [ca. 1993]
Austin Chronicle part II: Rounders, [ca. 1993]
Mark Rubin, [ca. 1993]
Roger Wilson, [ca. 1993]
Kelly Willis, country singer, [ca. 1993]
Soul Hat and Joe Rockhead part I, [ca. 1993]
Soul Hat and Joe Rockhead part II, [ca. 1993]
2M397 Little Sister, [ca. 1993]
Brant [?] and The Pocket Fishermen, [ca. 1993]
Michelle Solberg, [ca. 1993]
Retarted Elf bowling alley interview, [ca. 1993]
Jason McMasters, [ca. 1993]
Pariah, May 11, 1993
Mark Pratz, Jeanette Ward, Liberty Lunch, and Janis table footage, June 18, 1993
Live: Grey Ghost, Tary Owens, Roky Erickson, [ca. 1993]
Interview with Brave Combo for Hokey Pokey Project, January 20, 1995
Brave Combo interview part I, 1996
Brave Combo interview part II, 1996
Brave Combo interview part III, 1996
Super-8 transfer: ’96 New Year’s, Lazy Lester, 1996
The Fabulous Bowler Boys: “The Waiting Game” produced by Tara Veneruso, 1995
Christine Caughey: “Hole in the Wall”, February 26, 1996
“Oslo - Austin Week” produced by Tara Veneruso, 1994
3W119 1/2-inch video tape
“Janis Joplin Slept Here: A Documentary on Austin Music and Culture”, produced by Tara Veneruso, 1994
“Janis Joplin Slept Here: A Documentary on Austin Music and Culture” [this copy bad sound], produced by Tara Veneruso, 1994
Hi-8 format video tape
Tape A: Scenes on Guadalupe Street in Austin, Michele Solberg, Little Sister, Retarted Elf show for their music video, Jim Franklin, Micael Priest, Kelly Willis on stage, [ca. 1993]
Tape B: Kathy Valentine live at Antone’s, scenes in Kerrville, Scenes in Luchenbach, scenes at ABC [Austin Rehearsal Complex], Carolyn Hester, [ca. 1993]
Tape C: Paul Ray, Austin City Council, Joe “King” Carrasco, Jason McMasters, Cleve Hattersley, Burt Gerding, outdoor scenes near Buda, scenes of various clubs, [ca. 1993]
Tape D: Antone’s, Black Cat, Hole in the Wall, Connie Kirk, Alejandro Escovedo, [ca. 1993]
Tape E: Austin exteriors, Mark and Jeanette at Liberty Lunch, Don McLeese interview, Inner Sanctum, Barton Springs, Randy “Biscuit” Turner, Kelly Willis, views of Austin, [ca. 1993]
Tape F: Chesley Milliken, Mark Rubin and the Bad Livers, Jody Denbery, Tary Owens and Roky Erickson at Antone’s, Grey Ghost, Gretchen Barber, [ca. 1993]
Tape G: Carlyne Majer, Texas Instruments and 3M company scenes, Dart Bowl, Retarted Elf interview, [ca. 1993]
Tape H: At Shiner with Erik Hakkannen, Tish [Hinojosa?] and Paul [Ray?], Kim Long Acre’s home, Marcia Ball at La Zona Rosa, Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton, Ian Moore, scenes at Antone’s, Waterloo and Threadgill’s, [ca. 1993]
Tape I: “Biscuits” stuff, Rick Linklater interview, club scenes on Sixth Street in Austin, Little Sister live at the Black Cat Lounge, [ca. 1993]
Tape J: Jimmie Vaughn, [ca. 1993]
Super-8 format motion picture film
Sister 7, b/w, 1993
Sister 7- J, 1993
Sister 7- L, 1993
Betamax format video tape
Oslo – Austin Week: Butch Hancock in Oslo, Norway [PAL format], 1994
Digital audio tape
Omar [and the Howlers] opening for BB King, February 20, 1997
3X10 Photographs, [1993]