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A Guide to the Hank Sinatra Music Video Collection, 1981-2000

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Sinatra, Hank
Title: Hank Sinatra Music Video Collection
Dates: 1981-2000
Abstract: Four hundred 3/4 inch video tapes of live music performances in Austin, Texas.
Accession No.: 88-110, 2006-057
Extent: 64 ft., 1/2 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Austin, Texas based video producer and impresario Hank Sinatra (b. 1946) created live music shows for cable-access television, beginning circa 1980 and concentrating on performers from the Austin area. His weekly television show “Hank Sinatra Presents” had an estimated viewing audience of 150,000. Between 1980 and 2000 Hank produced several music-themed television shows including “Wrap Around Austin,” “Echo TV” and “Hank’s Front Porch” as well as special TV presentations of events such as the 1999 San Antonio Songwriters’ Expo. During much of this time Hank served as the house act at The Broken Spoke, a famous venue in Austin. He also produced music videos for performers. He was active in the formation and early years of Austin Music Television (beginning ca. 1981), and served on the board of directors of the Texas Music Heritage Foundation.

Scope and Contents

Four hundred 3/4 inch video tapes [1981-2000 (bulk 1987-1998)] contain edited half-hour shows of live performances by Austin and central Texas musicians, working in a variety genres and styles characteristic of the Austin music scene. Most of the tapes contain episodes of “Hank Sinatra Presents” that were broadcast on cable television in Austin. The tapes also include episodes of music-themed TV shows including “Hank’s Roadside Cafe,” “Hank’s Blues Jam,” “Hank’s Front Porch,” “Echo TV” and others. In addition to edited shows, the tapes contain raw footage, music-related special events such as “Fiesta Patrias” and “Hank’s 10 Years of Texas,” music videos produced for Bruce Newman and The Jöcks, interviews with performers and with Austin mayor Lee Cooke [served 1988-1991]. The collection includes lists of performers Hank worked with, promotional materials and contracts.


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Subjects (Persons)
Sinatra, Hank
Cable television
Country music
Music--Texas--Austin--20th century
Rodgers, Jimmie, 1897-1933
Television producers and directors--United States
Austin (Tex.)

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Hank Sinatra Music Video Collection, 1981-2000, the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3A149 Lists of artists, 2000
Promotional materials, 1988
Contracts, 1992, 2000
88-110/01 Hank Sinatra Presents: Cosmic Night at Chicago House, July 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Bill Neely, Jimmy LaFave, November 29, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: The Presidents at Mercado Caribe, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Chris Holzons, Nelsons, Dan Moore & Moment’s Notice at Steamboat, May 1989
Fiesta Patrias: Johnny Canales Show, July 22, 1991
When the Music Stops, July 1992
Sage, Mad Planet, October 1999
Jason Blume, Matt Fincen, 1999
ACC Jazz, tape #1, undated
MS [multiple sclerosis] benefit, Debra Peters, R.C. Banks, undated
Ponty Bone, Joe Carol Pierce, When the Music Stops, undated
Ponty Bone, undated
Rubberhed, Buckshot, Pathetic Drama, Down4Life, Song #2, undated
Seven Stone [7 Stone], Larry, undated
Zydeco Ranch #3, undated
88-110/02 Hank Sinatra Presents: Tex Thomas at Huts, May 15, 1981
Hank Sinatra Presents: Raven’s Garage, Jon Emery, Jimmy LaFave, David McDenell, Dave Schiebel, Music in the Capital City, January 24, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Dixie Scat Cats at Noele’s, February 18, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Mike Coville, He Said She Said, John Konady, April 8, 1988
Hank’s Eye View: Broken Spoke, raw footage, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Champ Hood, April 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Devil’s Island at The Outhouse, May 20, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: The Bizz at Sixth Street Live, Bruce Newman, open microphone at The Outhouse, June 13, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: [Hank’s] Front Porch, Betty Elders, Emily Cates, Bill Neely, David Madenell, Jimmy LaFave, November 15, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Chicago House 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: The Saints [Raging Saint?], March 6, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Third Person, Water the Dog, Stick People, Norman at Steamboat, June 27, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Our Front Porch, Crazy People, Harmonic Convergence, Jimmy LaFave, Gene Williams, Leti & Richard de la Vega, Don Herald, Hector Santos, Michael Barker, undated
Zydeco Ranch, undated
Bectol & McBride, undated
Patsy Montana, undated
88-110/03 Hank Sinatra Presents: “Halloween at the Ritz” with The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ian More, January 2, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Bill Neely at Colorado Street Station, May 10, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Live at the Black Cat Lounge, November 3, 1988
Blues Jam II #1, Big Powwow, undated
Blues Jam II #3, undated
Broken Spoke, undated
Echo TV: #1, R.C. Banks, Cotton Kings, Travis #5152, undated
Echo TV: Bert, Blind Luck, Free Range, undated
Hank’s 10 Years of Texas: videos, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Austin Outhouse, several acoustic acts including Burce Newman, undated
High Noon at the Broken Spoke, undated
Intro photos: Two Headed, Dave, Bill Neely, John Cooper, undated
Live show, undated
Monday Night Blues Jam: Arlana Spencer, Talon, Git Gone, undated
Walter & Champ, undated
88-110/04 Hank Sinatra Presents: T. Tex Edwards at the Black Cat [Lounge], January 27, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Al Dressen, Texas Swing Revue, intro: Mayor Cooke proclamation, April 12, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: High Noon plus Two Hoots ‘n a Holler at the Black Cat [Lounge], October 23, 1989
New Year’s, 1989 at the Back Room, Jesse’s tape release #1, [1989]
Hank Sinatra Presents: New Year’s Eve at the Back Room, February 20, 1990
Cibolo Creek #3, August 3, 1991
New Texicans at Luchenbach, June 1995
One Destiny, Buffalo Soldier, last set at Auditorium Shores, 1997[?]
Alejandro & Heat, March 10, 1999
Clarksville #3, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Cowboy songs, Bruce & High Noon at the Broken Spoke, undated
Jimmie Rogers Fest: Roy Harper & Tom Swatzell, Bill Neely & Tom Swatzell, in Kerrville, undated
MS [multiple sclerosis] benefit: Ponty [Bone], Joana Howard, undated
Swing at the Broken Spoke, undated
88-110/05 Hank Sinatra Presents: Mark Luke Daniels, Richard Patarue, Chris Huff, Melissa Miller with John (her son), Pat Belin, Vibrolux Cowboys, Shane Decker, January 2, 1987
Hank Sinatra Presents: Bill Neely special, September 9, 1987
Jimmy LaFave and Gene Williams at Chicago House, [ca. 1987]
Hank Sinatra Presents: Alley Oop at the Broken Spoke, May 25, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: ”Our Front Porch” with Bill Neely, Will T. Massey, George Ensle & Hank, High Noon[?], August 1, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: “Our Front Porch” with Mark Luke Daniels, Alison Rogers, Mary Brookes, October 8, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: “[Our] Front Porch” with Bruce Newman, Washtub Jerry, Craig Eastman, Bill Neely, Steve Nagel, December 6, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Calvin Russell, September 26, 1990
Blues Condition at Babe’s, 1999
Calvin [Russell?], undated
David Hammond, undated
Echo TV #18, undated
Jimmy Lee and the Cartoons at the Driscoll [Driskill Hotel], undated
Hank’s Eye View: Mark Luke Daniels interview, Bruce Newman music video, Ritz reopening, undated
Luchenbach, undated
88-110/06 Hank Sinatra Presents: Mark Luke Daniels & John Logan, Mike, Holly Peterson, Richard de la Vega, Jim McClenden, Barb Donovan, Pepper Morris, Lillian Stanfield & John Logan, Chris Barnes, Fred, January 28, 1988
Our Front Porch: Dave Madewell, Bill Neely, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Capitol Sisters, Bill Neely, Alan Boggs, Will T. Massey, George Easle, Jimmy LaFave, High Noon, Betty Elders, May 22, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Kerrville, June 28, 1989
Echo TV: Realease and Stone Kracker, in studio, 1998
Cibolo Creek #2, August 3, 1991
Gary P. Nunn at Floor’s Country Store in San Antonio, 1995
Granma Gurgy II, Tadpole Cavabulisu, undated
[Hank’s] Front Porch: raw footage, Hector Santos, He Said She Said in ACTV [Austin Community Television] studio, Barb Donovan at Colorado, undated
[Hank’s] Front Porch: Bill Neely raw footage, Hank & Ernie, undated
Mooning the Klan, undated
Medicine Show, Tape #1, undated
[Echo TV]: New Texicans, undated
One Sky, Killer Bees, Pecer Drummer, Jimmy Dale Gil special, undated
Pat Belin with Blaze, Leti, undated
88-110/07 Raging Saint interview with Olin Merle at the Back Room, 1987
Hank Sinatra Presents: Elvis Night at Pearle’s, Victor Solomine and the Rhythm Rats, August 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Ed Michael, September 28, 1989
Waltz Across Texas: tape #3 at the State Capitol, 1990
SXSW [South by Southwest]: Marsha Ball, 47 Indians, James McMurtry at La Zona Rosa, March 1992
Hank’s Roadhouse [Cafe]: “South Austin Blues Jam” featuring Chris Holshause, Van Wilkes, December 7, 1995
Hank’s Roadhouse [Cafe]: Jimmie Lee Jones, [ca. 1995]
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe, 1995
Echo TV: R.C. Banks, The Esquires, Fashion Show in the ACTV [Austin Community Television] studio, [ca. 1997]
Various reggae at Auditorium Shores, good crowd shots, [1998?]
Dude with AIDS, undated
[Hank’s] Front Porch: “Hank’s Eye View,” Tie Dying with Tie Dye John and Rich, Calvin Russell, undated
[John] McVey, undated
Ponty Bone, raw interview, undated
Swing Potatoes, Herman the German, The Poodies, undated
88-110/08 Ian Moore and Moment’s Notice at the Black Cat Lounge, [ca. 1987]
Raging Saint, November 12, 1988
SAM [South Austin Music] TV: Onyx [Onnyx], March 15, 1989
Hank’s Roadside Cafe: Richard May, 1999
Waltz Across Texas tape #1: Light Crust Doughboys at the State Capitol, 1990
Waltz Across Texas tape #2: Adolf Hoffer at the State Capitol, 1990
Waltz Across Texas tape #4: Cliff Browne at the State Capitol, 1990
Tina Marsh, Creative Jazz Orchestra at the Opera House, 1990
Jack and the Rippers, 1995
Hank Sinatra Presents: Onyx [Onnyx], undated
Our Front Porch: Bill Neely, Bill talking, undated
Spencer, undated
The Pocket Fishermen, undated
MS [multiple sclerosis] benefit #1: Jubal, Third Degree, undated
[Hank’s] Roadhouse: Wayne “The Train” Hancock, undated
88-110/09 SAM[South Austin Music] TV: Mercado Caribe, Slash Cowboys, Pulsations, Spy vs. Spy, Elizabeth Earle, March 29, 1989
The Distractors, Mayhem Brew Christmas, undated
Echo in Austin, Happy as Hell, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Clifford Scott, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: “Great Texas Blues Jam,” undated
Hank’s Roadside Cafe #6, undated
Porch at Hankland: Matt Stenson, Mark Ambrose, undated
Raging Saint, undated
Rusty Wier at the Saxxon Pub, undated
SAM[South Austin Music] TV: introductions, Jason Crouch climbs a moonlight tower, undated
Wazobia, undated
Woody Nite, undated
Work Horse undated
Zion, undated
Zydeco Vacation, undated
88-110/10 Hank Sinatra Presents: “Somewhere Deep in the Heart of South Austin,” various artists, October 15, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Carpathian, Mark Capps guest, March 7, 1989
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe: Colby Wier, Tony Aroldi, Rusty [Wier], March 27, 1995
New Texicans, January 17, 1992
Alvin Crow in Kerrville, undated
Callous Taoboys, extra shots, undated
Clarksville #1: Grey Ghost, Pharos, undated
Calvin, characters, undated
Callous Taoboys, undated
Debra, undated
Echo in Austin: Kevin Fowler, undated
Gary P. [Nunn], Out of Control, Moment’s Notice, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: High Noon, Gallery 13 at the Black Cat, raw footage, undated
Hank’s Roadhouse [Cafe]: “Blues Jam #2”, undated
Lee Person, undated
88-110/11 Jimmy Rogers Fest: Cowboy songs, Pete Rowan, Paul Glasse and Kids in Kerrville, September 15, 1990
Jimmy Rogers Jubilee: Kerrville, September 5, 1987
Jimmy Rogers Jubilee: Jimmy Dale Court and Tom Swatzel in Kerrville, [ca. 1988]
Jimmy Rogers Jubilee October 3, 1988
Jimmy Rogers tape #1, 1990
Gary P. Nunn in Kerrville, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Gary P. Nunn and W.C. [Wesley Curley] Clark, undated
Jimmy Rogers Jubilee: Roy Harper, Light Crust Doughboys, Johnny Gimble, Kerrville, undated
Jimmy Rogers Fest: yodeling contest, Dusty Britches, Peach Stevens and Wilton Krieder, the Poverty Playboys, undated
Jimmy Rogers Fest, Henry Young, Light Crust Doughboys with Johnny Gimble, undated
John Wheat hosting the Light Crust Doughboys with Johnny C. Troy[?], Floran Sanches, Roy Harper, Johnny Nickolas, Washtub Jerry, Tom Swatzell, Kerrville, undated
Only One Sky #4: Bells of Joy, Joan Claybrook, Celebrating Voices, Shaman O’ Shaun, Evelyn Miller, Pat Wiggins, Stephanie, Carmen, Jennifer Garza, Jeff, undated
Only One Sky #6: Mangala, Butch Hancock, Rod Kennedy, Poi Dog Pondering, Steven Fromholz, Bridges, Joe Ely, undated
San Antonio Songwriters’ Expo: Doug Sham song, undated
88-110/12 Hank Sinatra Presents: Alvin Crow and the Pleasant Valley Boys at the Broken Spoke, January 27, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: “Bean A Fit Our,” [with] Jubal Clark, February 3, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Songwriters at Chelsea Street Pub, Bill and Hobo [Coble], July 19, 1988
Blues at Road House, undated
Blues Jam at Hank’s (late set), undated
Broken Spoke 30th [anniversary?], undated
Callous Taoboys, undated
Chicago House with Jimmy LaFave: Natalie Whithers, Bob Childress, undated
Hank [Sinatra Presents:] Capitol 19th at the Broken Spoke, Lady in Black, Lenny, Shaman, Black Women and White Dude playing guitar, Wajumbi, Lara Lyans, undated Stubbs benefit at Hank’s, undated
Gary P. Nunn, undated
Grass, undated
Extreme Heat (short), undated
People doing Blaze songs, undated
Texana Dames, R.C. [Clifford] Antone, Lords People at Antone’s, Carol Joseph, Kathy Mitchell, Carey Hattock, C’mon People, Daniel Llanes, Holly Goler, Rodger Chambers, undated
88-110/13 Raging Saint at the Back Room, [ca. 1987]
Bill Neely and Dave Madewell at the Green Mesquite, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Shake Russell record release party at the Great Texas Music Hall, with Bob Donovan, November 16, 1989
Interview with Ponty Bone, December 13, 1989
Ponty Bone at Cibolo Creek, August 3, 1991
“When the Music Stops” benefit for P.A.V.C. [People Against Violent Crime], Butch Hancock at La Zona Rosa, with inserts from various clubs, 1991
Reggae: Peter and Tribe, The Majestics, Roots and Wisdom at Auditorium Shores, 1994
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe: Jimmie Lee Jones, September 12, 1995
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe: “South Austin Blues Jam II,” December 5, 1995
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe: The Keepers, MS [multiple sclerosis] benefit, 1995
Jubal’s party with George Ensle, the Poodies, undated
Little Sister, undated
Luchenbach, undated
Retarted Elf, Great Texas, undated
Van Wilkes, Chris Holzhouse, the Nelsons, undated
88-110/14 Wrap Around Austin #3, April 21, 1988
Hank’s Roadhouse: Fat Daddy and the Bel Airs, 1995
Hank’s Roadhouse: Herman the German, John Mevey, Jesse Taylor, the Keepers, 1995
Echo TV: Happy as Hell, Tadpole Cannibals, undated
Eric Moll, Joe and Mike, Forlani Cross, undated
Foot & Foot (Bryan Lawhorn, Pattilou, Greg Paul), undated
Hank’s: Rusty and Son, Mark Capps, undated
Hank’s Roadhouse, MS [multiple sclerosis] benefit with Lewis Kaldry [also written Chaldry], raised $5000.00 for MS, undated
Hank’s Roadhouse: Lee Person Band, undated
[Hank’s] Roadside [Cafe], undated
Hank’s Roadside Cafe: several acts, Debra, Richard May, undated
Jesse’s Tape Release #3, undated
Muphungus, AKA, undated
Secret Lovers, undated
Too Blue, J.J. [?], undated
88-110/15 Hank Sinatra Presents: Rhythm Rats’ Christmas, April 21, 1988
Bad Sam show at La Zona Rosa, undated
Dean, July 4 Storm, NASA IV-A, 8mm H20 highlights, blue, undated
Frank: Woody Nite, Heavy Weather, undated
Hank Sinatra, undated
Hobo [Coble], undated
Jimmy LaFave reunion, raw footage, various, undated
Johnny Mears at Great Texas Music Hall, Sham Rockers at Green Mesquite BBQ, Stubbs at Stubbs BBQ, undated
[no title], undated
[no title (“internal use only”)], undated
Raging Saint, new year, undated
Rowdy Roundup: Xana, Satellite Ponies, undated
Urban Roots, Tribal Nation, undated
Willis and JoAnn, end of Willis’s set, LeeAnn Atherton, undated
88-110/16 Hank Sinatra Presents: Bill Neely, George Ensle, T.R. Anthony, others, Blaze hosting at the Austin Outhouse, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Chicago House, May 9, 1989
Jimmy Lee and the Cartoons, Driskill Hotel, 1990
Wayne Hancock at La Zona Rosa, 1991
South by Southwest #2 [SXSW]: Rosie, Silver Tongued Devils, La Zona Rosa, March 12, 1992
Creative Opportunity Orchestra #2 (of 2), May 5, 1992
Mumblety Peg in studio, 1997
Self Bias in studio, 1999
Dale Watson at Hole-in-the-Wall, undated
Gonzo II, undated
James McMurtry, Johnny Gimble, Dusty Rhodes, Washtub Jerry, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Echo TV at the Black Cat Lounge, undated
Party for Blaze: crowd shots, Denton and Glines, Rich Minus, Will Indian, George Ensle, Mickey White, Mike McBride, Cody Hubach, undated
Savages, undated
Super Swing Review: Leon Rausch, Herb Remington, Al Dressen, Bob Boatwright, Floyd Domino, Paul Glasse at Cibolo Creek in San Antonio, undated
88-110/17 Jimmy LaFave Reunion, June 23, 1988
Hank’s Eye View: Rhythm Rats interview, Blaze Foley song, March 2, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Betty Elders, Lillian Stan, February 25, 1990
South by Southwest [SXSW] #3: Mandy Mercier, Christine Alpert, Lucinda with Mandy one song at La Zona Rosa, March 12, 1992
Andy Van Dyke, the Poodies, undated
Calvin Russel, Pat Mears, Jubal’s birthday, undated
Clifford Scott, undated
Clarksville Jazz, undated
Debra Peters, Sam Sheppard, David Hammond, undated
Green Mesquite, fiddle, undated
Echo TV: The Jöcks (Jeanette Lutz, Mark Bonnin, Cade Callahan, Gordon Waid) music video, undated
Rusty Wier, Great Texas Hall, Steamboat, Bruce Robinson at Green Mesquite, undated
Rusty [Wier], undated
San Antonio, undated
Southern Breeze, Goronimo [sic], Bectol & McBride in San Antonio, undated
88-110/18 Hank Sinatra Presents: George Ensle, Riders in the Sky, Richard de la Vega, Leti de la Vega, Rudy Contreras, The 3 Dames, Emily Kaity[?], Richard Minus, Richard de la Vega, October 27, 1987
Echo TV in Austin: Thundercloud Blues Jam, June 1989
Freddy Steady, January 18, 1990
Bill Neely and Sweet Mary, raw footage, undated
Chris Thomas at Stubbs [BBQ], undated
Fabulous Blue Jays at La Zona Rosa Saturday night, undated
Friday Night with Lil’ Brian Terry, undated
Hank’s Roadside Cafe: Callous Taoboys, undated
Happy as Hell, undated
Michal Fracaso, Pat McDonald, Barbara K. [MacDonald], Timbuk 3, Little Sister, undated
Silver Devils, Texana Dames, La Zona Rosa Saturday night, undated
Solid Senders, undated
Sunflower, undated
Teet, undated
Tim Buck (last), Rich Minas, Jubal, undated
88-110/19 Bands on the Drag [Guadalupe Street in Austin]: Brumskis (bad bands, bad color), [ca. 1987]
Jimmie Rogers Fest: Doug Dave’s, Light Crust Doughboys, Kerrville, [ca. 1988]
South by Southwest [SXSW]: live show, dance club at end, in studio, mostly yak, [ca. 1989]
Joe Rockhead at La Zona Rosa, end of set, 1993
Cappsized TV Music: the San Antonio Songwriters’ Expo featuring Jett Williams and The Drifting Cowboys at the Farmer’s Daughter, October 3, 1999
Cappsized TV Music: Tribute to Wiley at Penny’s Farmer’s Daughter #3, November 14, 1999
Cappsized TV Music: Tribute to Wiley at Penny’s Farmer’s Daughter #4, November 14, 1999
Cappsized TV Music: Tribute To Wiley, with Steven and Jeffrey, [November 14, 1999?]
Ron Twist, Jazz, undated
SA [South Austin?], undated
San Antonio, Baronino [illegible], undated
San Antonio, undated
San Antonio, Songwriter [Songwriters’ Expo], undated
[untitled], undated
Timmy Spachek, undated
88-110/20 W.C. [Wesley Curley] Clark, Brumskis, 1986
Hank Sinatra Presents: An Evening of Jazz at the Colorado Street Cafe, with La Flor, April 15, 1988
Olin Merle in KVET studio, October 20, 1988
Hank talks with [Austin] Mayor Lee Cooke at South by Southwest [SXSW], December 1, 1988
Jimmy LaFave, Gene Williams at Chicago House, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Hank’s Highlights, February 15, 1991
Kevin Fowler Band in ACTV [Austin Community Television] studio, 1998
[Hank’s] Best of Texas: promo, and Barton [Springs?], undated
[Broken] Spoke, undated
Fourth Annual Fiddle Contest, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Alejandro & Heat, rough cuts, undated undated
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe, Sam, Larry, Muphungus, AKA, undated
[John] McVey, ESOS [Education Services for Overseas Students] Grad[uates], undated
One Destiny and Buffalo Soldier at Auditorium Shores, undated
Porch at Roadhouse, undated
88-110/21 Echo [TV] in Austin: Grungy, February 4, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Fat Tuesday at Breezy’s, Bruce Norman, Julie Howard, others, March 8, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: Our Front Porch, Larry and Dave, Barb and Donovan, Johnny Mears, September 18, 1988
South by Southwest [SXSW] #1: Holmes Brothers, Marcia Ball, Morales Sisters, March 12, 1992
South by Southwest [SXSW] #4: Christina A. [?], Marsha B. [Marcia Ball?], March 1992
Cappsized TV Music: San Antonio Songwriters’ Expo, October 3, 1999
Cappsized TV Music: San Antonio Songwriters’ Expo tape #4, October 3, 1999
Echo [TV] in Austin: Hank, Dalish, Zydeco Ranch, undated
Fiddle contest at the Green Mesquite, undated
Hank’s Front Porch: Bill Neely and George [?] raw footage, “Bill Stomps a Bug”, undated
Hank’s Front Porch: at Trudy’s, undated
The John Godfrey Blues Band: Bob Kniffin, Jeff Farris, Fernando Rojas, 12 songs, undated
Light Crust Doughboys at Capitol, undated
S.A. [South Austin?] #4, undated
Hank’s Roadhouse: Dave Allen, Billy Paul, undated
88-110/22 Hank’s Eye View: Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Champ, Elvis R Us, Moment’s Notice, 1988
I-Net News: Jack Hopper, April 20, 1989
SAM-TV [South Austin Music Television] and SAM-TV Returns: Richard May, June 1994
Speed of Light: Brian Hansen, Turn Dawg Bitters, Film West Stuntman, 2 Hank roll-ins, Yomaloa roll-ins, March 29, 1992
Echo TV: Women’s Showcase, undated
Halloween at Trudy’s: Tony Aroldi & Friends, Tommy Elskes, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Spy vs Spy at Mercado Caribe, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Wheatsville [Food Co-op] Fifteenth Birthday, undated
Kirk & I, undated
Liz Olds, undated
New Echo TV in Austin: Mumbltypeg, Vertigo, Mad Planet, undated
New Texicans, undated
Sister Morales undated
88-110/23 Real Rural World farm report, 1986
Hank’s Eye View: The Individuals, Tounes “Pancho & Lefty” roll-ins, Dean Langston, ontro by Blaze, August 1, 1988
Jimmie Rogers Jubilee, December 21, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: the Poodies, November 16, 1990
Bruce Newman at the Austin Outhouse, raw footage, undated
Echo [TV] in Austin: Glass Onion, undated
Gonzo at Tower Records, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: the Poodies, undated
Jimmie Rogers tape #3, undated
[illegible], undated
S.A. [South Austin?] #5, undated
Peter and Taibe, undated
[untitled]#1, undated
Various songwrinters in San Antonio, undated
88-110/24 Woodshock 89, September 12, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: Talk Show, September 11, 1990
Cappsized TV Music: San Antonio Original Songwriters’ Expo ’91 1991
David Waddell, undated
Drum, undated
Felix, Chris and Judy #4, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Cheri Williams, Geoff McIntyre, Emily Kaitz, Jimmy LaFave with Gene Williams, Jim Ryan, Walter Tore, George Ensle, George Kinney, Rain Dogs, undated
The Majestics, [October, 1990?]
Monks Group, Del Sol, undated
Rusty [Weir], Great Texas, Fiddlin’, undated
S.A. [South Austin?]#7 [#8], undated
Soul Shaker, mom and daughter, San Antonio, undated
Spenser Perkins, undated
[untitled], undated
World of Acupuncture #5, Hank Sinatra, undated
88-110/25 Hank Sinatra Presents: The Chromatics, Larry and Dave, Gene Williams, Jimmy Page, Flying Horse at Chicago House, February 26, 1988
Hank Sinatra Presents: The Wedding, Noele Krier, David Madewell, August 1988
Louis Hutchinson at the Black Cat Lounge, 1990
Hank Sinatra Presents: Songs of the Cowboy with Buck Page at the Cowboy Museum in Kerrville, 1991
Cibolo Creek #4, August 3, 1991
Hank’s Roadhouse Cafe: Peace Maker, [October 3, 1998?]
Zen, Dagwood, [November 14, 1999?]
Echo TV: Southern Hospitality, Rated R, Rubberhed, undated
Hank’s Roadside Cafe: T.P. and the Sliders, undated
[Hank’s] Roadside [Cafe]: Wake n’ Bake, undated
Hank Sinatra Presents: Calvin Russell and the Characters at the Green Mesquite, undated
Peace Festival 5: Fred Mitchum, Joan Baez, Jim Hightower, Ian Matthews, Wazumbe, undated
Rusty [Wier?] #3 at Saxon, undated
Ted Sweeny, Lewis Hutchinson, Moment’s Notice, Allen Boggs at the Black Cat Lounge, undated
Tony, #2, undated
88-110/26 Hank Sinatra Presents: Blue Plate Special, May 1, 1988
Mystic Visions, July 19, 1991
Hank’s Roadside [Cafe]: Rick Heatless, [April, 2000]
B.B. [Bobby Bent?], extreme interview undated
Bobby Bent, George [Ensle?], undated
Calvin French, undated
Dean, undated
Jim, Ross, Michael, Travis, undated
Jimmee Lee, undated
Leo de la Vega, undated
[Leo?] de la Vega, undated
Loud & Nasty, undated
Release, undated
Va Va Voom Girls, opening shots, undated
Zydeco Ranch, Canada, undated
88-110/27 Hank Sinatra Presents: Waterloo Icehouse acoustic acts, December 9, 1988
Hank’s Eye View: SAM [South Austin Music] TV, May 30, 1989
Hank Sinatra Presents: SAM[South Austin Music] TV with Alvin Crow and Bill Neely, June 1989
ACTV [Austin Community Television] Report: Hank Sinatra and Ronnie Mack, December 20, 1989
Austin Intro: James White, Hunk O’ Heaven, Alvin and James, Rusty [Weir], undated
Austin Music Video, undated
Echo TV: bands in studio, The Jocks, undated
Echo TV: undated
ESOS [Education Services for Overseas Students] Project: ESOS Students, undated
Hobo [Coble], Back Porch, undated
Jimmie Rogers Fest: undated
Kelvin Gurdy, Scott Fountain, Bryan Orr, Jimmy Wakefield [Wakefield?], undated
Mayor #1, undated
Roots & Wisdom, undated
[untitled], undated