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A Guide to the Alfred Schild Papers, 1915-1982

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schild, Alfred, 1921-
Title: Alfred Schild Papers,
Dates: 1915-1982
Abstract: Alfred Schild (1921-1977) was a mathematical physicist specializing in relativity and gravitation at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (1946-1957) and the University of Texas at Austin (1957-1977). Papers document the career of Alfred Schild and largely concern his research on relativity and gravitation.
Accession Numbers: 86-27; 86-39
Extent: 17 ft., 11 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Alfred Schild (1921-1977) was a mathematical physicist specializing in relativity and gravitation at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (1946-1957) and the University of Texas at Austin (1957-1977). He was named one of the first Ashbel Smith professors in 1963 and cofounded the first Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics. He was also one of the founders of the International Committee on Gravitation and General Relativity, the Center for Particle Theory, the Center for Statistical Mechanics, and the Center for Relativity Theory at the University of Texas. His work concentrated on foundations of relativity, quantization, algebraically special solutions, and conformal techniques. His later research dealt particularly with Fokker action principles and string models of particles.

Scope and Contents

Papers document the career of Alfred Schild and largely concern his research on relativity and gravitation. There are notes, manuscripts, and correspondence relating to his book Tensor calculus (1949), written with J.L. Synge. Schild's work in the founding and administration of the UT Center for Relativity and the Texas Symposia on Relativistic Astrophysics is represented. There are also records of his consulting work with Gulf Research and Development. Most of the material is from his years in Texas and the collection is especially strong in documenting the formation and activities of the Texas group of relativists. Some student course notes from his doctoral studies at the University of Toronto are included. Correspondents include P.A.M. Dirac and L. Infeld. Included are notes and drafts for publications, seminar papers, lecture and teaching notes, grant proposals, literary productions, reprints, photographs, and a sound recording.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Use Restrictions

Unrestricted access to all materials except those containing social security information.

Index Terms

Dirac, P. A. M. (Paul Adrien Maurice), 1902-1984.
Infeld, Leopold, 1989-1968.
Schild, Alfred, 1921-
Carnegie Institute of Technology
University of Texas at Austin
Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

Administrative Information

Collection History

Before 1984 this collection was held by the University of Texas at Austin Humanities Research Center.

Preferred Citation

Alfred Schild Papers, 1915-1982, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



86-27/1 Bel, Luis and Peter Rastell, 1962-1964
Dirac, P. A. M. 1962-1976
4RM112 [Photograph of Dirac], undated
86-27/1 Pirani, F. A. E. 1952-1967 and undated
High energy, 1964-1970
Conference invites and referee reports, 1960-1965 and undated
Visiting lecturers, 1963-1964
Job inquiries [includes replies], 1963-1972
NSF grant proposal reviews, 1966-1975
Nobel Prize nomination [for R. P. Kerr], 1975-1976
Reprint requests, 1960-1972
A-H, 1952-1977
K-R, 1962-1976
S-Z, 1962-1977
Envelopes, 1947-1954
86-27/2 1947 [includes correspondence regarding Jewett Fellowship], 1947-1948
1948 [primarily regarding Schild’s move to Toronto], 1948 and undated
1949 [jobs offered], 1949 and undated
1950 [consulting], 1949-1950 and undated
1955, 1954-1955
1960, 1960-1961 and undated
1961, 1961-1963 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of Leonard Infeld, undated
86-27/3 1962, 1962 and undated
1963, 1963-1964 and undated
1964, 1963-1964
1967 [includes biographical information], 1967 and undated
1970, 1970 and undated
1972, 1972-1973
1973, 1973-1974
1975, 1973-1975
1977, 1975-1977



86-27/4 By Schild:
“A New Approach to Kinetic Cosmology” [Ph.D. Dissertation], 1946
“Tensors” chapter in Handbook of Engineering Mechanics [includes correspondence], 1957
Books [written and projected]:
Statics [Handelman and Schild], undated
Relativity book material, undated
Tensor Calculus:
Synge, J. L., and A. Schild. Tensor Calculus. New York: Dover Publications, 1978
“Dover Tensor Calc” [correspondence regarding reprinting by Dover Publications], undated
“Toronto Tensor Calc” [correspondence with University of Toronto Press], undated
“Tensor Calculus” [56 mimeographed pages], undated
“Chapter 1 Tensor Calculus 1.1 Introduction. Manifold of N Dimensions,” undated
“1.2 Tensor Densities; Examples,” undated
“1.3 Tensor Algebra,” undated
“1.4 Metric Tensor Riemannian Space,” undated
“1.5 Differentiation,” undated
“1.6 Geodesics,” undated
“2 Tetrad Formalism,” undated
“3 The Degenerate Vacuum Solutions,” undated
“4 Some Explicit Vacuum Solutions,” undated
“5 Einstein-Maxwell Fields for y+2h(e^3)^2 Metrics," undated
6 Coordinate and Tetrad Transformations,” undated
General [includes correspondence and mathematical notes], 1962-1963 and undated
86-27/5 Reprints:
Assorted, 1944-1977
“The Clock Paradox in Relativity Theory,” American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 65, No. 1, January 1959:
Reprints and drafts [includes correspondence and supplemental report], 1958
Clock paradox preliminary material [includes handwritten drafts and correspondence], 1958 and undated
“Classical Null Strings,” Physical Review D, Vol. 16, No. 6, 15 September 1977
“Lectures on General Relativity Theory,” 1967
“Research on General Relativity and Other Gravitational Theories,” 1964
Coauthored reprints, 1945-1973
86-27/6 Preprints and manuscripts:
Quantization [includes drafts and correspondence regarding “A Model of the Quantized Theory of Gravity,” “On the Quantization of Einstein’s Gravitational Field Equations II.,” and “On the Quantization of Integrating Gravitational, Electromagnetic, and Electron Fields”], 1951-1952, 1963 and undated
Dynamics – Handelman and Schild, 1952 and undated
Skinner Quantization, ca. 1952
“A Converse to the Virtual Work Theorem” [with W. S. Dorn], undated
“On the change of natural frequencies induced by small constraints” [handwritten and typescript drafts], 1956 and undated
“Time” in Texas Quarterly [a reworking of the clock paradox material], 1959 and undated
“Principle of Equivalence” and “The Equivalence Principle and Red-Shift Measurements,” 1960 and undated
Equivalence [includes correspondence, drafts, and galley proofs for “Equivalence Principle and the Red-Shift Measurements” and “A Generalization of a Theorem by Goldberg and Sachs”], 1960-1963 and undated
Schild-Kerr 1964 AMS, 1961 and undated
“Conformal Geometry and the Interpretation of the Weyl Tensor,” undated
“Fokker Action Principle with Charge, Spin and Magnetic Moment” with J. A. Schlosser, 1962-1964
“Electromagnetic Two Body Problem” [includes draft, galley proof and correspondence], 1963 and undated
“A Generalization of a Theorem by Goldberg and Sachs,” with I. Robinson, 1963 and undated
86-27/7 “A Two Body Problem for Particles” and “Solutions of the Einstein and Einsten-Maxwell Equations,” 1964 and undated
“Solutions of the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell Equations,” 1968 and undated
“The Geometry of Free Fall and Light Propogation” [includes correspondence], 1970-1971 and undated
Ehlers-Pirani-Schild papers, 1972 and undated
“Complex Relativity and Double KS Metrics,” 1975 and undated
“Some Competitive Theories on Gravitation” [includes drafts and correspondence], 1975 and undated
“Classical Null Strings” [includes multiple drafts], 1976-1977 and undated
“Conformal Geometry and the Interpretation of the Weyl Tensor,” undated
Eqs. Of motion [a review], undated
“Geometry in a Manifold with Projective Structure” [with Ehlers], undated
“Gravitational Theories of the Whitehead Type and the Principle of Equivalence,” undated
“A Model of the Quantized Theory of Gravity,” undated
“On the Motion of Test Particles in General Relativity” with L. Infeld [also includes “On the Motion of Particles in General Relativity Theory” by A. Einstein and L. Infeld, galley proofs], undated
86-27/8 Schild-Debney-Kerr [“Solutions of the Einsten and Einsten-Maxwell Equations”], undated
Virtual work, undated
Whitehead relativity paper [“On Gravitational Theories of Whitehead’s Type”], undated
By others:
Corben, H. C., 1961-1963
Heitler, W., 1943-1948
Infeld, L., 1934-1969
Møller, C., 1932, 1953-1962
Richardson, O. W., 1915-1927
Schrödinger, E., 1946-1948
86-27/9 Synge, J. L., 1923-1972
Szekeres, G., and Szekeres, P., 1960-1965
Szymanski, Z., 1970-1971
B-E, 1941-1961, 1977
86-27/10 F-S, 1926-1931, 1948-1974
V-Y and unknown, 1929, 1952-1963, 1975-1977
86-27/32 Nordita, Virksomhedsberetning, Juli 1966 – Juli 1971, Nordita Report, 1971
The Institute for Advanced Study, Publications of Members: 1930-1954, Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 1955


Consulting and contract work:

86-27/10 Carnegie Institute of Technology:
“The Effect of Small Constraints on Natural Vibrations,” 1953-1954
“On the Quantization of Interacting Gravitational Electromagnetic and Electron Fields,” 1952
Convair [rockets], undated
General Atomic, 1961-1963
Gulf Research and Development Company:
Contracts and financial, 1953-1960 and undated
Patents and oil papers, 1957-1961
“Theory for the Effect of Heating Oil Producing Wells” [includes correspondence, drafts, reprints, and supporting materials], 1956-1957 and undated
In situ combustion I:
“On the Theory of In Situ Combustion,” 1954-1956 and undated
In situ combustion I, undated
86-27/11 In situ combustion II:
“On the Theory of In Situ Combustion II," 1954-1961 and undated
Final form, undated
Model D, undated
Effect of conductivity calculations, undated
Flow of oil, undated
Radial system, undated
Effect of head conduction, undated
Phillip’s grain shape classifier, 1955 and undated
Relative permeability – transient flow technique, 1954 and undated
Bottom water drives, undated
Gravity drainage, 1953 and undated
Maskat-water bottom drive, undated
Hughes, 1958 and undated
“On Inventory, Productions and Employment Scheduling” [includes correspondence, mathematical work, drafts, and reprints], 1957-1959 and undated
86-27/12 “On Inventory, Productions and Employment Scheduling” [includes correspondence, mathematical work, drafts, and reprints], 1957-1959 and undated
“On the Change of Natural Frequencies Induced by Small Constraints:”
Scientific paper, 1956
Small vibrations [includes drafts and research material], 1952-1956 and undated
Assorted, 1958



86-27/12 Action-at-a-distance [College de France Lecture, Paris, March 1973], 1962, 1973 and undated
Clock paradox, 1958 and undated
Cornell lectures, ca. 1965
Ehlers-Schild lecture, 1973 and undated
Fokker action [includes notes for multiple lectures, manuscripts and a reprint of “Fokker Action Principle for Particles with Charge, Spin, and Magnetic Moment”], 1962-1975 and undated
Electromagnetic theory, Fall 1969
General Relativity [Argonne Fall 1976], 1962-1968 and undated
Miami lecture, January 15, 1971
86-27/13 “Projective, Conformal, Wyel and Riemann Geometries” [Relativity Seminar – September 30, 1968], August-September 1968
“Projective, Conformal, Wyel and Riemann Geometries,” 1968-1973 and undated
Projective geometry [Lecture I], undated
Some new solutions of the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell equations, 1970 and undated
Time, 1960-1963 and undated
Lecture invitations [correspondence], 1962-1977
Invited lecture appointments, 1976-1977
Overhead projector illustrations, undated
4RM112 Slides, undated
86-27/13c Audiocassettes:
“Attempts at a Theory of the Electron:”
Austin lecture, January 11, 1971
Gainesville, January 13, 1971
Oxford lecture, February 5, 1917
King’s College, London, February 10, 1971
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, February 15, 1971
Miami talk [questions by Willis Lamb, P. A. M. Dirac, Geoffrey Iverson, and William Montgomery], January 15, 1971
86-27/13b Princeton lecture, January 26, 1971
Cambridge lecture, February 8, 1971


Research notes:

86-27/13 “4+N – Relativity (Habetler),” undated
Action-at-a-distance, undated
Aerial geometry, undated
AMS notes [includes “With initial term—improved version"], June-July 1970 and undated
Bags [“work Alfred was doing May 23, 1977”], 1980-1981 and undated
Bending of light, undated
Brussels, September 22, 1973
Cards for Pythagorean Triangles, undated
Conformal space, 1961-1962 and undated
“Conservation Laws; Equations of Motion; General Relativity,” 1938 and undated
“Darboux and Frobenius Theorems and Some Analytic Properties of the Curvature,” undated
An early version of Fokker action 1, undated
Electromagnetic cavity oscillators, undated
Electron-positron and fluid with symmetrics [also includes other mathematical notes], undated
Elementary particles numerology, undated
86-27/14 Ellilptic motion small retardation angle, 1970-1971 and undated
[Equations of motion, two-body problem, Lagrangian Function for unbound particles], undated
Equations of motion, undated
Fermi article, undated
“Feynmann stuff,” 1949 and undated
Finsler space, undated
F. O. A. M., 1957-1958 and undated
[General coordinate invariance of I], undated
[Geodesics], undated
Geometry, undated
Geometry [projective], undated
Geometry without points, undated
Glass, undated
[Gravitational waves] [includes reprints], 1960-1968 and undated
Hamilton systems [Dublin], 1963
Hypersurfaces, undated
Kerr-Schild, February 1966 and undated
“Miscellaneous,” undated
“Misc. ~ 1960,” undated
Model of electron, 1971-1975
86-27/15 “Mr. Leech and Dr. Whaley,” undated
Particle with angular momentum, undated
Particle with spin, 1972-1973 and undated
Plebanski-Schild, 1975-1976 and undated
“Quantization – Gen. Relat. Computations,” undated
“Quantization of Covariant Field Theories, Schild-Pirani,” 1949 and undated
“Quant. Of Grav., El., and Dirac Fields (Felix),” undated
86-27/16 Rasmussen, Mike papers, undated
Schild-Ehlers-Pirani, 1968 and undated
Schild and Schlusser, 1976 and undated
“Schild Sommers, Killing tensors in Proj. space,” undated
“Sc. Am. Symmetry,” undated
Self interaction general results, undated
Simplectic space, undated
Skinner-Schild, undated
Sommers, Paul, 1966
[Special ?], undated
“Spherical symmetry of static fluid,” 1966 and undated
Spinors, undated
[Stationary axisymmetric vacuum gravitational field], undated
Strauss-Schild, 1968 and undated
Time-like curve, general null-curve, undated
Toronto notes:
Algebra, Bramer [?], undated
Ballistics II, undated
Differential equations of mathematical physics, undated
Differential geometry, projective geometry, undated
Dirac equations in general relativity, undated
86-27/17 “Dyn & Quant & Algebra," undated
Dyson notes, undated
Elasticity, undated
Geodesic motion, undated
“Minimal principles, Ballistics I,” undated
Quantum mechanics, undated
Van der Waerden, undated
Van der Waerden groups and quantum mechanics, undated
“Webber, Dif. Equations,” undated
“Webber, Theory of Functions,” undated
“Whitehead: Action at a distance gravitational theory,” undated
“Whitehead (Generalized) [includes two spiral notebooks], undated
1968, 1964-1969 and undated
1970, 1970 and undated
86-27/18 1971, 1971-1972 and undated
4RM199 1971 [computer printouts], undated
86-27/18 1971-72, 1970-1972 and undated
1972, 1970-1973 and undated
1972-1973, 1965-1973
1973 [Bonn lecture], 1971-1973 and undated
1973, 1971-1975 and undated
86-27/19 1973, 1971-1975 and undated
1974, 1953, 1971-1974 and undated
1974-1975, June 1974-February 1975 and undated
1975, 1975-1976
86-27/20 1976, 1965, January-October 1976
1976-1977, October 1975-January 1977
Notes and scraps, 1940, 1955 and undated
Printed material, 1957-1964, 1979 and undated
Untitled, undated


Conference material:

86-27/20 Westinghouse, Brussels [International Congress of Applied Mechanics], 1956
Relativity, U. of North Carolina [The Role of Gravitation in Physics, includes correspondence with Bryce Dewitt], 1956-1957
Santa Barbara Conference, 1962, AMS Summer Institute [1962 Summer Institute on Relativity and Differential Geometry], 1957-1962
Texas Academy of Science meeting, 1962
Warsaw conference [International Conference on Relativistic Theories of Gravitation], 1962
“Texas Conf. I, letters of invitation” [International Symposium on Gravitational Collapse and other topics in Relativistic Astrophysics], 1962-1963
86-27/21 Aspen Institute, 1963
“Texas Conf. I, Agenda” [International Symposium on Gravitational Collapse and other topics in Relativistic Astrophysics], 1963
Gravitational collapse [International Symposium on Gravitational Collapse and other topics in Relativistic Astrophysics], 1963-1965
Physics Today, Warsaw conference, 1963-1964
Florence and Padua [Galileiani Meetings], 1964
Texas conference II [agenda draft], 1964-1965
4RM112 Group photograph of Niels Bohr Institute participants, 1966
86-27/21 Texas conference III [correspondence with Ivor], 1965
Nordita pictures [includes pencil sketches and watercolors], 1965-1966 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of line drawing and two group photographs of Niels Bohr Institute of Nordita participants, 1965-1966 and undated
86-27/21 “Texas Conf. II, List of Invitees,” 1966-1967
Proposed relativity conference in Texas, August 15, 1967
Warsaw conference [paper with Robinson], 1967-1968
Conference for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching, 1968
“Projective, Conformal, Weyl and Riemann Geometries," 1968 and undated
Florence [Inaugural Conference of the European Physical Society], 1969
Robinson line element, Sydney, 1965 [material covers Fifth Texas Symposium on Relativistic Physics], 1970
Warsaw [Trautman], 1972-1973
Paris, 1973
Seventh Texas Symposium [on Relativistic Physics], 1974
Travel, 1974 conference, Warsaw – Tel Aviv – Oxford, 1973-1974
Mexico City [International Symposium on Mathematical Physics], 1975-1976
Transcendental meditation, Iowa conference [International Conference on Science and Consciousness], 1975-1976
Eighth Texas Symposium [on Relativistic Physics], 1976
GR8, Waterloo [Eighth International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation], 1976-1977



86-27/22 “Relativistic Particle Mechanics,” 1954-1956
NSF – Relativistic Theories [includes proposal and correspondence], 1957-1958
Kerr solutions, 1963
NSF, Senior Post-Doctoral, 1963-1970
4RM86 Restricted: NSF Research on relativity and gravitational theories, 1973-1975



86-27/22 Course materials:
Electromagnetic theory, 1969 and undated
“E & M,” 1975 and undated
Higher mathematics for science and engineering students, 1953-1970
Notes on F. O. A. M lectures [Carnegie Institute of Technology – prepared by J. L. Markey and A. G. Ehrlich], February-June 1953
Physics 609, 1966-1968
Quizzes, 1949-1971
Relativity, 1972-1973 and undated
Relativity courses [final exams], 1949-1953
Relativity theory [Lane Hughston], 1967-1973
86-27/23 Special relativity, 1959 and undated
Special relativity notes [387M], 1968-1970 and undated
Tensor calculus, undated
Vector and tensor analysis [M364K.1], 1959
Vector course, 1951-1958
Grad students Ph.D. committees, 1966-1977
4RM194 Restricted: Grade books, 1949-1976 and undated
86-27/23 Student work:
Elrod, McLowery, 1960
George, William D., 1960
Hih, Gary, David Schawe, David Robert Smith, 1960
Landois, Jorge, Suresh C. Mathur, Edward C. Monahan, 1960
86-27/24 Schlosser, J. A., 1960
Wang, Hsuan-Heng, 1960
M394K, Theory of Special Relativity class notes, B. C. Deaton, R. N. Shelby, 1960
Campbell, Gerald Alan, “The Optics of Relativistic Sources in a Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Field,” 1975
Cox, Vernon Dale, “Vacuum Spacetimes which Admit two Commuting Killing Vectors,” 1975
Debney, George C., Jr., “Killing Vectors and Einstein Manifolds,” 1967
Epp, Chirold Delain, “Final State Interactions in Quasi-free Electron Scattering from Nuclei,” 1969
86-27/25 Flaherty, John, Jr., “Complex Manifolds in Relativity,” 1975
Kantowsky, Ronald, “Some Relativistic Cosmological Models,” 1966
Nelson, Bruce Lee, “The Current Loop in the Action-At-A-Distance Theory and in Classical Electrodynamics,” 1975
Rogers, Harold Hubert, Jr., “Group Theory and the Classical Kepler Problem,” 1967
Schlosser, J. A., “The Relativistic Interaction of Classical Particles with Charge, Intrinsic Spin, and Magnetic Moment,” 1963
86-27/26 Skinner, R. O., “On the Quantization of Combined Gravitational, Electromagnetic and Electron Fields,” 1952
Strauss, Henry Raymond, “Degenerate Einstein-Maxwell Fields,” 1969
Sommers, Paul Daniel, “Killing Tensors and Type {2, 2} Spacetimes,” 1973
Tinsley, Beatrice M, “Evolution of Galaxies and Its Significance for Cosmology,” 1967
Zund, Joseph David, “Degenerate Fields with Twisting Rays,” 1964


University of Texas

86-27/26 President and Chancellor correspondence, 1959-1977
Ashbel Smith professorship [also includes correspondence regarding consultant work], 1955-1973
Annual reports, 1957-1974
Budget council [activities of the Center for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics], September 14, 1970
College of Arts and Sciences, 1970-1971
College of Sciences petition, 1968-1970
86-27/27 Computation Center, 1958
Graduate faculty, 1963-1971
Request for research grant, 1969-1970
News and Information Service, 1958-1959
Department of Mathematics:
Administrative, 1958-1960 and undated
Jim Anderson, 1961-1962 and undated
Møller appointment, 1962-1963
Math senior position, 1962-1963
Moore – modified service, 1964
Bjorken and Drell, 1964
Yuval Ne’eman/Braniff, 1961-1967
R. P. Kerr, 1962-1965, 1976-1977
Misra, 1963-1964
Department of Physics, Budget, 1962-1964
Center for Relativity Theory:
E. L. Schücking, 1959-1961
Roger Penrose, 1961-1962
General [primarily correspondence], 1962-1976 and undated
86-27/28 General [primarily correspondence], 1962-1976 and undated
4RM112 Photographs of Schild, and Rainer and Sally Sachs, undated


Professional organizations and journals:

86-27/28 American Mathematical Society:
Committee on Applied Mathematics, 1962-1965
“Roger Penrose” [includes correspondence regarding Committee on Applied Mathematics], 1964-1974
International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation:
Correspondence, 1966-1970
GRG Committee, 1964-1976
General, 1967-1969
National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Application of Mathematics, 1957-1958
Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics, 1964-1966



86-27/28 Correspondence:
The Monist, 1962
Protest letters, 1964, 1976-1977
Vandivers, 1961 and undated
Assorted, 1962-1976
Personal data, 1957-1977 and undated
Family [includes correspondence], 1947, 1964-1977
Winnifred Schild’s injury [at Goldwater rally], 1964-1972
Caroline case, 1968-1969
Board of Regents [also includes material related to Charles Whitman and Robert Boyer], 1966-1971
Freedom of Information Act, 1975
Political, 1963-1971
86-27/29 Painters, 1960-1974 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of an unidentified man, undated
86-27/29 Nordita, 1970-1971
Würzburg, Rüdiger Göbel, 1965, 1967-1976
Stories, etc [includes “The Jury” and “The Confession”], 1950-1968
“Dialogue” [includes correspondence and drafts], 1963-1964 and undated
“The Mission of the Vega” translation, 1961-1968
“Two Plays“ by Schild and Roger Stattuck [“Dialogue” and “The Gimmick”], 1964-1973
“Two Plays” drafts, 1964
“The University and Physical Science,” 1959 and undated
Schild-Shattuck plays [primarily correspondence], 1963-1964
Assorted, 1950 and undated
Books [includes receipts and correspondence], 1964-1976
Book receipts, 1967-1969
Travel receipts, 1962-1975
86-27/30 Nordita, 1966-1969
Receipts, 1959-1960
House progress, 1953-1959
Income tax, 1945-1962
1953 income tax, 1951-1954
1954 income tax, 1954-1955
1955 income tax, 1955-1956
1956 income tax, 1952-1956
1957 income tax, 1957-1958
1958 income tax, 1958
1959 income tax, 1959-1960


Center for Relativity Theory:

[Note: This material was received in a separate accession donated by the Center for Relativity Theory. The administrative file contains a detailed checklist of materials received, which appears to have been prepared by L. C. Shepley in 1980. Bracketed numbers reflect the numbers given folders on the Shepley checklist.]
86-27/30 Administrative, 1980
Pirani [Fokker Action Principles], 1975-1982
Stachel reprints, 1977-1979
86-27/31 Mostly Radial Oscillation [1], 1975
Rasmussen-Schild [36], 1974-1977
Munich and Trieste Lectures [46], 1971-1975
Strings [28], 1975-1980
Strings [32] [includes reprints], 1972-1980
Dirac bags [34], 1975-1977
Complex string theory, Argonne [19], 1976 and undated
Strings [24], 1970-1973
Cambridge, France [43], 1970
Conform flat elementary [39], undated
Photocopied mathematical notes [42], 1970 and undated
Elliptic motion, small retardation angle [44], 1970 and undated


Computer punchcards and printouts:

4RM194 Punchcards, undated
4RM199 Printouts, undated