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Mathematical Association of America Records, 1897-Present

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mathematical Association of America. History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee, Mathematical association of America
Title: Mathematical Association of America records
Dates: 1897-present
Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, printed material, notes, publications, and photographs documenting the work of the Mathematical Association of America, one of the primary professional organizations in the field of mathematics.
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Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) began with the founding, in 1894, of the American Mathematical Monthly, by schoolteacher Benjamin Finkel. By 1914, managing editor H. E. Slaught concluded that the journal would require long-term support to survive and began an unsuccessful campaign to bring it under the aegis of the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The Society voted to reject the proposal in 1915.

That same year, a committee formed to gage interest in establishing a new association. 450 people responded positively to a form letter that Slaught had sent out requesting their response to the idea. The letter named four primary functions of the new society: provide organized activity in the field between secondary school mathematics and the field of pure research; form a medium of communication and a forum for exchange of ideas between teachers and others interested in collegiate mathematics; supply a place to publish scientific articles and papers adapted to the intermediate field; and publish historical articles, book reviews, notes and news, and other matters of interest.

At a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at the Ohio State University in Columbus, December 30-31, 1915, the MAA was founded. E. R. Hedrick (University of Missouri) presided over a meeting of 104 people. The nominating committee chose Hedrick to be the first president and E. V. Huntington (Harvard University) to be the vice president. In addition, an editorial board and a Committee on Publications were appointed, as was a committee to secure the Monthly as the association's official journal. The MAA was incorporated in 1920 in Springfield, Illinois, and has its headquarters in Washington D.C.

Among the MAA's activities since its founding are annual meetings, notably a winter meeting held in conjunction with the AMS, as well as its own summer meeting; a publishing program that includes periodicals, including the Monthly, books, and an online resource for historical information, called Convergence; competitions, such as the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition for undergraduate college students in the U. S. and Canada, and the American Mathematics Competitions; and advocacy. In addition, the association's membership includes regional sections and special interest groups.

May, Kenneth O., editor, Mathematical Association of America: Its First Fifty Years, Washington: Mathematical Association of America, 1972

Straley, Tina H., "A Brief History of the MAA." Accessed January 26, 2021

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence, printed material, notes, publications, photographs, and films and videos documenting the history of the Mathematical Association of America and its members. Strongly represented are the files of officers of the association, as well as the editorial files from the MAA's two major journals, American Mathematical Monthly and Mathematics Magazine. In addition, the collection includes a complete run of MAA FOCUS newsletter from 1981 to October/November 2014. Section files are also present for nine of the regional sections. The Projects series brings together several programs and committees such as the Women and Mathematics Program, Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers (PMET), and the History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee, among others.

The records are organized into the following series: Headquarters Records, Officers, Publications, Committees and Awards, Section files, Meetings and Conferences, and Projects. Some parts of the collection were formerly cataloged as separate collections and have now been integrated into the whole. When possible, the material comprising these collections has been kept together and will retain its original order. Be aware that material on committees, meetings, etc., may be found within individual officer's files and not only in the named series.


  • Headquarters Records
    • Early records
    • Washington office records
    • Ford Foundation report
  • Officers
    • Henry L. Alder, Secretary, President, Past-President
    • G. L. Alexanderson, Secretary
    • Lida K. Barrett, President
    • Dorothy Lewis Bernstein, President
    • Henry O. Pollak, President
    • Gerald J. Porter, Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committees, Treasurer (1992-2002)
    • Kenneth Ross, Secretary and President
    • Lynn Arthur Steen, President
    • Don Von Odsel
    • Records of editors, presidents, and secretaries from MAA headquarters
    • Photographs of MAA presidents
  • Publications
    • Directories
    • Monographs
    • Serials:
      • American Mathematical Monthly
      • FOCUS
      • Math Horizons
      • Mathematics Magazine
    • Non-MAA publications
  • Committees and Awards
    • Committee on Educational Media
    • Committee on Institutes
    • Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM)
    • Presidential Task Force on NCTM Standards
    • Awards
  • Section Files
    • Allegheny Mountain Section
    • Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section
    • Northeastern Section
    • Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii Section
    • Pacific Northwest Section
    • Ohio Section
    • Southwestern Section
    • North Central Section
    • Texas Section
  • Meetings and Conferences
    • Meeting Files from Kenneth Ross, Associate Secretary
    • Meeting files from MAA Headquarters
  • Projects
    • "Mr. Simplex Saves the Aspidistra"
    • Women and Mathematics Program
    • Films and Videos
    • Interactive Mathematics Text Project (IMTP)
    • Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers (PMET)
    • Supporting Assessments in Undergraduate Mathematics (SAUM)
    • History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee


Conditions Governing Access

Records for MAA journals that reveal the names of referees will be restricted for a period of 30 years from the date of creation, unless the current editor of the journal grants permission. Unprocessed material is also restricted. All other material is open for research.

A portion of this collection is stored remotely; contact repository in advance for retrieval.

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There are no use restrictions on this collection. Publisher is responsible for complying with copyright law.

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Mathematical Association of America Records-Present, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Headquarters records, 1897-2011

[See also: "Records of editors, presidents, and secretaries from MAA headquarters" under Officers, and "Meeting files from MAA Headquarters" under Meetings and Conferences]
Early records
Scope and Contents
[Early records of the organization, probably gathered together by H. M. Gehman. Consist primarily of the records of early secretaries, treasurers, and committees]
4RM114 [SRH1230020559] American Mathematical Monthly
[Mostly B. F. Finkel and H. E. Slaught correspondence], 1908-1915
1915-1916, 1933
Volume 23, Number 4, [includes list of charter members, p. 134], April 1916
Monthly Supplements, registers of officers and members, [annotated, incomplete], 1919-1941
Library catalog, Volume 28, Number 8, Part II, October 1931
Correspondence, [including the American Mathematical Society, the Monthly and the organization of the MAA], 1914-1915
List of officers and charters members, [annotated], December 1916
Committee on a Mathematical Dictionary, E. R. Hedrick, chair, 1919-1920
Board of Governors minutes, 1920-1928
State of Illinois incorporation certificate, September 8, 1920
Secretary of State, Illinois, 1920-1923, 1936-1950
Cook County, Recorder of Deeds, legal notices of elections, 1921-1950
Houck fund and C. C. Carter, 1923-1936
4RM115 [SRH1230020560] Chauvenet Prize Committee, 1925-1951
Putnam Competition, formulation of a plan, 1937-1942
Editorial Committee on Carus Monographs, 1937-1960
Committee on the Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures, and Committee on Expository Lectures, 1951-1954
Register of members, changes from, October 15, 1951-Febraury 10, 1952
History [correspondence and materials collected by HMG in the 1950s and early 1960s]
Monthly, correspondence between Lloyd W. Stark and H. M. Gehman including a 1897 Monthly receipt for L. I. Neikirk signed by B. F. Finkel, 1897, 1965
Historical materials collected by HMG, [includes B. F. Finkel paper on the early history of the Monthly], 1915-1945
Materials collected by HMG and correspondence, 1916-1922, 1963-1965
Correspondence and printed material collected and/or written by HMG, 1938, 1948-1966
HMG's correspondence and writings on and about MAA History, [includes correspondence with A. A. Bennett and the MAA fiftieth anniversary], 1952-1965
4RM116 [SRH1230024828] History writings from other scientific organizations, collected by HMG, 1965
H. M. Gehman, date books, 1956-1957, 1960-1962
By-laws of other organizations, 1961-1967
Duren's Committee on Revision of By-laws, [Committee on the Revision of the By-laws of the Association]
Committee on the Future Administrative Structure of the Association (Cameron)
General, 1962-1968
Willcox appointment, 1967
Mathematics Magazine, Brief history by H. M. Gehman, February 1964
Charter members project, 1964-1965, undated
Combined Membership list, 1966-1967
SUNY Research Foundation, financial arrangements, 1969
Notes on Articles of Association [probably by H. M. Gehman], undated
Meetings, attendance statistics, 1929-1966, "Ancient History", undated
4RM112 [SRH1230020557] Seven photographs and one contact sheet from the filming of "Mathematical Induction," featuring Leon Henkin, Leon Cohen is also pictured, circa 1961
4RM236 [SRH1230024955] Photograph album of the open house on the occasion of the opening of the MAA's new Washington headquarters. Also includes invitation, invitation list, menu, and letter from Florica Glod about the Edward G. Begle Memorial Conference Room, 1969, 1978
Washington Office Records
90-1/1 [16327666] Finance committee, 1975-1979
Meeting files
A Short Course in Accounting
Edyth Sliffe Bequest
Executive and finance committees, meeting files, 1975-1979
Board of Governors, meeting files, 1975-1979
90-1/2 [16327655] Alfred B. Willcox, personal files
Alfred B. Willcox, Short Course in Accounting
Committee on Adult Education
Advanced Placement Committee
Committee on Advisement and Personnel, 1961-1978
Correspondence with Alder, Cameron, Young, 1967-1970
Ad Hoc committee on Cost of Producing Journals
Committee on Corporate Members, 1969-1979
Committee report, "The Industrial Mathematician Views his Profession"
90-1/3 [16327349] Committee on Associate Director
Joint Committee on Applications of Mathematics in the college Curriculum
Ad Hoc Committee on Computer Usage
Committee on Decline in Preparation of Students for Collegiate Mathematics
Committee's Report
Committee's Proposal
Discrete mathematics, preliminary report requests
Committee on Educational Media
Committee on Employment Opportunities, 1956-1974
Committee on Employment Register, 1968-1974
Employment information for mathematicians, 1973-1974
Committee on Evaluation of Source Book on Applications in Mathematics to the Social Studies
Committee on Exchange of Information
Committee to Explore Possible Cooperation with UMAP
Committee on Institutes, 1960-1973
90-1/4 [15994880] Committee on Institutes, 1960-1973
Summer institutes
Joint Committee on Relations between AMS and MAA
Joint ACM/MAA Committee on Retraining for Computer Science
Joint AMS/MAA/SIAM Administrative Committee
Correspondence with journals and their editors
Individual lectures film project
MAA pamphlet, "Math You'll Need in College"
Committee to Monitor Responses to the Recommendations Document
Committee on New Ideas
Ad Hoc Committee on New Priorities for Undergraduate Education in the Mathematical Sciences
90-1/5 [16327350] Committee on Advisement and Personnel, "You'll Need Math"
Committee on Photo Composition
MAA Prizes, various committees
Publications Committee, 1981
Computerized publication sales
Committee on Marketing Publications
Committee on Putnam Competitions
Committee to Review Financial Management
Committee to Review the Guidelines for Evaluation
Committee to Set Guidelines for Evaluation
Committee on Hedrick Lectures
Mathematical World
Secondary school lecture program to interest more Chicano students in mathematics
Ad Hoc Committee on Short Courses
Committee on Service Courses
Committee on Special Funds, 1969-1976
Nominating Committees
Manuscripts submitted
Wage and price guidelines
MAA investment fund ledger sheets
Other organizations
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP)
Copyright Clearance Center
90-1/6 [16327382] NLT Computer Services Corporation
North American Precis
Prindle, Weber & Schmidt, Math Journal
Publications Dispatch Service
Spencer Foundation
Terminal Systems Corporation
Universal Subscriptions Agency
Washington Academy of Sciences
Webster & Chamberlain
MAA Projects
Creative publications
COSMOS, National Science Foundation (NSF)
Commission on Higher Education, state associations
Contemporary mathematics modules for teachers
Contributed paper sessions at national meetings
Faculty conferences, 1980 project with NSF
Lily Grant Rhoades Articulation
World War II history project
Ford Foundation Report
2006-039/1 Section I: History, February 1989
Section II: Our Objectives, February 1989
Section III: Thinking and Working in the Schools – Introduction and Technique, February 1989
Section III: Thinking and Working in the Schools – Word Problems, February 1989
Section IV: Three Models in Evolution – Sarah J. Hale High School, Prospect Heights High School and P. S. 230, February 1989
Section VI: In Retrospect, February 1989
Supplementary material, February 1989
Tina Straley, Executive Director
2012-309/1 [18249723] Notebooks
2012-309/2 [18249712] 2007-2011
Miscellaneous Records
Accession Number
These records were donated from the MAA central office as accession no. 2011-231.
2010-192/1 [18249734] Maurice Machover (manuscripts of Richard Courant memorial remarks and Peter Lax lectures), 1972
Courant Institute clipping, circa 1999
CD: "OP-20-G Enigma Series" "E-2, E-4, E-9 – Selections", undated

Officers, 1916-2011

Henry L. Alder, Secretary (1960-1975), President (1977-1978), Past-President (1979) [All notes in brackets are by Albert C. Lewis]
Scope and Contents
Records of Henry L. Alder's work as Secretary (1960-1975), President (1977-1978) and Past-President (1979) of the Mathematical Association of America, together with some records of the latter portion (1957-1960) of H.M. Gehman's term as Secretary. The records are chiefly related to the Mathematical Association of America's work in fostering mathematics education on the primary through college level. The collection reflects Alder's activities in connection with the Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committee, Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, and several other committees and affiliated organizations. Included are correspondence, agendas, minutes, grant proposals, and reports.
Board of Governors, 1957-1975
86-11/1 [16329297] (Files include drafts and final copies of agenda, minutes and reports; correspondence (including postcard responses to mail ballots); voting records; and grant proposals. Much of the correspondence is concerned with the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM), Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS), American Association for the Advancement of Science Committee on the Teaching of Science and Mathematics, and MAA publications.)
[including files of H. M. Gehman], 1959
[including files of H. M. Gehman], 1960
[includes record of votes, 1956-1961, typed and handwritten], 1961
86-11/2 [16329300] [Includes material on Secondary Schools Lecturers Program, statistical breakdown of membership in AMS, MAA], 1964
[Includes material on proposals to National Science Foundation and Carnegie Corporation], 1965
[Includes material on Mark Kac], 1966
86-11/3 [16329446] 1969
[Includes material on W. D. McElroy], [folder one], 1971
86-11/4 [16329457] [Includes material on W. D. McElroy], [folder two], 1971
NSF termination of CUPM funding, 1972
[Includes material on Truman Botts, Carl B. Allendoerfer, H. M. Gehman], 1973
86-11/5 [16329413] [Includes material on Ruel V. Churchill], 1974
[Includes material on Mock issue of Mathematical World], 1975
Executive and Finance Committees, 1957-1975
86-11/5 [16329413] (Files include drafts and final copies of agendas, minutes and reports; correspondence; voting records; grant proposals. This committee handled expenditures, gifts, grants (including those for MAA committees such as CEM and CUPM), final approval of budget, and investments.)
[Includes material on preservation of non-current records: In the minutes of the E and F Committees of April 7, 1958, it is stated that the Secretary-Treasurer was authorized to destroy all membership application blanks more than five years old and all financial papers more than ten years old, while it is understood that the account books are to be retained indefinitely], 1957-1960
86-11/6 [16329082] [Includes material on CBMS, proposal for continuation of support], 1961-1962
[Includes material on proposal for permanent film center], 1963
[Includes material on grant proposals to NSF for Committee on Educational Media and secondary school lecturers], 1964
[Includes material on Fred B. Wright, H. M. Gehman's resignation as Treasurer and Executive Director, proposed booklet: Finding Employment by Gordon Walker, reviewers' comments on Committee on Educational media grant proposal], 1965
[includes material on COSRIMS, Lipman Bers, Roy Dubisch], 1966
86-11/7 [16328035] [Includes material on resolution on curtailment of NSF support, evaluation of CEM, Committee on Information Exchange and Publication in Mathematics, Stephen Smale], 1967
[Includes material on H. Waeche, nominations for National Medal of Science National Information System for Mathematics proposal, new journal in mathematics education], 1968
[Includes material on NISM, Prindle, Weber, & Schmidt publishers, discussions on the possible politicization of the MAA over the Vietnam war], January 1969-June 1969
86-11/8 [16328046] [Includes material on group insurance, nominations to National Science Board, relocation of annual meeting to San Antonio], July 1969-December 1969
[Includes material on group insurance], January 1970-March 1970
[Includes material on Barry Simon, John Dyer-Bennet, Saunders MacLane, global organization for American mathematics, CBMS, relations with AMS], April 1970-June 1970
[Includes material on C. R. Phelps, G. B. Price, H. Flanders, G. B. Dantzig, Preston C. Hammer], July 1970-December 1970
[Includes material on E. G. Begle, Mrs. E. M. Williams, Stephen White, George Springer, Kenneth O. May, support to black colleges], [folder one], January 1971-June 1971
86-11/9 [16329264] [Includes material on E. G. Begle, Mrs. E. M. Williams, Stephen White, George Springer, Kenneth O. May, support to black colleges], [folder two], January 1971-June 1971
[Includes material on NSF reduction of CUPM funds], July 1971-December 1971
[Includes material on Kenneth O. May, Dorothy L. Bernstein, Two-Year College Mathematics Journal (TYCMJ), relations with U.S. government, National Information System in the Mathematical Sciences (NISIMS), NSF project], January 1972-June 1972
86-11/10 [16329275] [Includes material on G. B. Price, Gail Young, E. F. Beckenbach, E. G. Begle, R. H. Bing, continuation of CUPM, TYCMJ, National Institute of Education (NIE)], July 1972-December 1972
[Includes material on June P. Wood, Leonard Gillman, Alex Rosenberg, J. M. Thomas, Robert A. Carroll of the Baptist College at Charleston proposed unfit to teach mathematics, Gehman's situation in retirement], January 1973-June 1973
[Includes material on Alex Rosenberg, J. W. P. Meyer, Leonard Gillman], July 1973-December 1973
[Includes material on Saunders MacLane, A. C. Hoffman, J. M. Thomas, Alice T. Schafer, Fred Landis, Carroll V. Newsom, Joint Projects Committee for Mathematics, college faculty workshops, Association for Women in mathematics, Olympiad], [folder one], January 1974-June 1974
86-11/11 [16329402] [Includes material on Saunders MacLane, A. C. Hoffman, J. M. Thomas, Alice T. Schafer, Fred Landis, Carroll V. Newsom, Joint Projects Committee for Mathematics, college faculty workshops, Association for Women in Mathematics, Olympiad], [folders two and three], January 1974-June 1974
[Includes material on Calvin T. Long, Kenneth O. May), NCTM, TYCMJ, IBM], July 1974-December 1974
[Includes material on Kenneth O. May, H. M. Gehman, R. D. Anderson, David P. Roselle, Carroll V. Newsom], January 1975-June 1975
86-11/12 [16329286] [Includes material on Alice T. Schaffer, Zacharias, G. B. Price, Committee of Scientific Society Presidents, National Consortium for Black Professional Development, International Mathematical Olympiad, MAA headquarters organization, Educational Management Services, Morris Kline], July 1975-December 1975
Finance Committee, 1959-1976
86-11/12 [16329286] (Files contain agenda, minutes, correspondence, audit reports, and contracts)
[Includes material on Walter B. Carver, R. J. Wisner), CUPM, School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG), Mathematics Magazine], 1959-1961
86-11/13 [16329377] [Includes material on Leon Henkin Investments], 1962
January 1963-June 1963
[Includes material on refund to NSF, reprint agreement with Johnson Reprint Corporation], July 1963-December 1963
[Includes material on R. L. Wilder, C. B. Allendoerfer, Lester R. Ford, Sr.: "The history of the Association is the unusual story of a long line of dedicated men," Leon W. Cohen, SMSG, CEM, CBMS], January 1964-June 1964
[Includes material on Creighton Buck, CUPM], [folder one], July 1964-December 1964
86-11/14 [16329388] [Includes material on Creighton Buck, CUPM], [folder two], July 1964-December 1964
[Includes material on E. G. Begle, NSF, CUPM, MAA security portfolio, Greenwood fund], January 1965-June 1965
[Includes material on C. B. Allendoerfer, MAA personnel policy, publication agreement for Applications of Undergraduate Mathematics and Engineering], July 1965-December 1965
[Includes material on Mark Kac, C. A. Rupp, 50th Anniversary history, H. M. Gehman on the death of Rupp, last life member], [folders one and two], 1966
86-11/15 [16329311] [Includes material on Mark Kac, C. A. Rupp, 50th Anniversary history, H. M. Gehman on the death of Rupp, last life member], [folder three], 1966
[includes material on Gordon L. Walker, Mathematical Reviews deficit, A. Wilcox as new Executive Director], January 1967-June 1967
[Includes material on Charles C. Morris, Accounting to NSF for CUPM procedures, purchase of house in Washington D.C.], July 1967-December 1967
[Includes material on Julius H. Hlavaty, lease of 1225 Connecticut Avenue, high school mathematics contest, NCTM], [folders one and two], 1968
86-11/16 [16329322] [Includes material on Julius H. Hlavaty, lease of 1225 Connecticut Avenue, high school mathematics contest, NCTM], [folders three and four], 1968
January 1969-June 1969
[Includes material on G. S. Young, Gordon L. Walker, National Educational Computer Center for membership system of MAA], July 1969-December 1969
86-11/17 [16329344] [Includes material on Victor Klee, Control Data Corporation member management system, possible bankruptcy of MAA], January 1970-June 1970
July 1970-December 1970
[Includes material on Howard E. Trainor, potential computer operations in headquarters], [folder one], January 1971-March 1971
86-11/18 [16329355] [Includes material on Howard E. Trainor, potential computer operations in headquarters], [folders two and three], January 1971-March 1971
[Includes material on Computer Sciences Corporation], April 1971-June 1971
[Includes material on Everett Pitcher, CUPM finances, Council Engineering and Scientific Societies Secretaries, survey on dues], [folders one and two], July 1971-December 1971
86-11/19 [16329195] [Includes material on Everett Pitcher, CUPM finances, Council Engineering and Scientific Societies Secretaries, survey on dues], [folder three], July 1971-December 1971
[Includes material on E. A. Cameron, Gian-Carlo Rota, Harold Shapiro], January 1972-June 1972
July 1972-December 1972
[Includes material on support for Mathematical Reviews, operating ratio report, comparison with 137 national associations], [folders one and two], January 1973-June 1973
86-11/20 [16329184] [Includes material on support for Mathematical Reviews, operating ratio report, comparison with 137 national associations], [folder three], January 1973-June 1973
[Includes material on C. B. Allendoerfer, James M. Vaughan, Jr., G. B. Price, "Report on Publications, August 1973," historical and statistical account, "Proposed Changes in the MAA Accounting System"], July 1973-December 1973
[Includes material on R. D. Anderson, Vaughan Foundation, MAA Personnel Manual, Computer Science Corporation, "Report of the ad hoc committee to review financial management and control of the MAA,"], [folders one and two], January 1974-June 1974
86-11/21 [16330478] [Includes material on R. D. Anderson, Vaughan Foundation, MAA Personnel Manual, Computer Science Corporation, "Report of the ad hoc committee to review financial management and control of the MAA,"], [folder three], January 1974-June 1974
[Includes material on Carol Allendoerfer, Samuel Goldberg], July 1974-December 1974
[Includes material on Vaughan Foundation], January 1975-June 1975
86-11/22 [16330489] [Includes material on Carroll V. Newsom, "Report of the subcommittee to investigate purchasing a building"], July 1975-December 1975
[File missing, includes material on Lynn Arthur Steen, fund raising for headquarters building, History of Mathematics During World War II, Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM)], July 1976-December 1976
[Gehman's file, includes material on G. B. Price, Patrick Suppes, Alfred L. Putnam, Frederick Mosteller, William G. Madow, Robert L. Davis, Theodore Hailperin, R. C. Buck, H. O. Pollak, John G. Kemeny, draft proposal to NSF, rejection of CUP proposal by NSF in letter to G. B. Price, August 25, 1959], [folder one], 1959
86-11/23 [16330467] [Gehman's file, includes material on G. B. Price, Patrick Suppes, Alfred L. Putnam, Frederick Mosteller, William G. Madow, Robert L. Davis, Theodore Hailperin, R. C. Buck, H. O. Pollak, John G. Kemeny, draft proposal to NSF, rejection of CUP proposal by NSF in letter to G. B. Price, August 25, 1959], [folder two], 1959
[Includes material on C. Wexler, O. H. Hamilton, Morris Kline, Ruel V. Churchill, A. W. Tucker, "The gap in the attack on mathematics education problems," by H. van Engen, January 19, 1960, "Proposal for a New Degree for College Mathematics Teachers by the CUPM of MAA"], 1960
[Includes material on George Polya, "Recommendations for the Training of Teachers in Mathematics" pamphlet, January 1961, film project], 1961
January 1962-June 1962
[Includes material on NSF G23827 granted May 3, 1962], [folder one], July 1962-December 1962
86-11/24 [16330015] [Includes material on NSF G23827 granted May 3, 1962], [folder two], July 1962-December 1962
[Includes material on "The New Mathematics Used in Mathematical Psychology" by R. Duncan Luce, mimeograph; "Course Guides for the Training of Teachers of elementary School Mathematics (Preliminary report), September 1962"], January 1963-June 1963
[Includes material on NSF proposals], July 1963-December 1963
86-11/25 [16330026] [Includes material on Libraries grant proposal, "CUPM recommendations for the UMP of students in the biological, management, and social sciences -- preliminary," "A general curriculum in mathematics for colleges," "Mathematical education in the USSR" by B. V. Gnedenko, mimeograph, "CUPM recommendations on the UPM for work in computing," conferences on pregraduate training in mathematics, "Proposed panel on the college teacher of the CUPM" by William L. Duren], January 1964-June 1964
[Includes material on "Ad hoc Committee for Applied Mathematics -- October 10, 1964," "Mathematics in the Undergraduate Curriculum 1964" by William L. Duren, Jr.], [folder one], July 1964-December 1964
86-11/26 [16330490] [Includes material on "Ad hoc Committee for Applied Mathematics -- October 10, 1964," "mathematics in the Undergraduate Curriculum 1964" by William L. Duren, Jr.], [folder two], July 1964-December 1964
[Includes material on William L. Duren], January 1965-June 1965
July 1965-December 1965
[Includes material on NSF discontinuance of funds, panel reports on: computers in education, statistics, two-year colleges, special problems of minority groups, applied mathematics, college teacher preparation, innovations, helping teaching assistants and dealing with large numbers of students], [folders one and two], January 1972-June 1972
86-11/27 [16330354] [Includes material on NSF discontinuance of funds, panel reports on: computers in education, statistics, two-year colleges, special problems of minority groups, applied mathematics, college teacher preparation, innovations, helping teaching assistants and dealing with large numbers of students], [folder three], January 1972-June 1972
[Includes material on conference reports on: applied mathematics, special problems of minority groups, teacher training, computing], July 1972-December 1972
[Includes material on Saunders MacLane, panel on applied mathematics, joint committee to support graduate education in black institutions], 1973
86-11/28 [16330343] [Includes material on NSF preliminary proposal, in-service education of elementary school teachers of mathematics], 1974-1975
Other committees
86-11/28 [16330343] Committee on Advisement and Personnel
[Includes material on NSF proposal for preparation of brochures, formation of the committee objective: "to distribute information about mathematics and employment in the field of mathematics to teachers, counselors, and students in high schools and colleges], 1961-1964
[Includes draft of "Professional Opportunities in Mathematics"], 1966-1967
Advisory Committee on Individual Lectures Films
[Committee advises Individual Lectures Film Project, Richard G. Long, Director, concerned with developing films of lectures by mathematicians.], 1968-1970
86-11/29 [16329118] [Includes material on NSF draft project], 1971-1972
Committee on Assistance to Developing Colleges
[Includes material on Murray Braden and George Springer], 1967-1969
[Includes "Draft Proposal for the Establishment of an Office of Awareness of Opportunities in Mathematics…" by George Springer], 1970
[Includes "Memorandum of a meeting with black mathematicians on Friday, January 22, to learn about ways in which the MAA can best help them" by Victor Klee], 1971
Committee on Assistance to Sections on Two-Year College Problems, 1969-1971
Committee on the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CMBS), [includes "The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, a Brief Outline of its History and Main Activities, Truman Botts, June 6, 1969" and material on Saunders MacLane], [folder one], 1969-1970
86-11/30 [16329129] Committee on the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CMBS), [includes "The Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, a Brief Outline of its History and Main Activities, Truman Botts, June 6, 1969" and material on Saunders MacLane], [folders two and three], 1969-1970
Committee on Educational Media (CEM) Review Committee, [Purpose: to review structure of CEM and quality of its projects. Includes "Review of the Status of CEM, by Carl B. Allendoerfer, November 1965" and material on Al Feldzamen], 1965-1966
Central Coordinating Committee on Films and Television, [Formed in 1962 as Joint Interim Coordinating Committee on Film and Television, under MAA, NCTM, and SMSG. Includes proposal to NSF for establishment of film center under MAA and NCTM], 1962-1965
Committee on Chauvenet Prize
[Committee governs award of prize given annually for noteworthy expository paper in English by member of MAA. Includes material on Philip J. Davis, R. L. Wilder, Leon Albert Henkin, Jack K. Hale, Joseph F. LaSalle, E. Beckenbach, Guido Leopold Weiss, and Mark Kac], 1962-1967
[H. M. Gehman's files, includes material on R. H. Bruck, Lester R. Ford, and Louis Chauvenet], 1953-1961
86-11/31 [16329173] Committee to Consider Certification and Accreditation in Mathematics, [Committee formed to consider "Report on Accreditation and Certification" prepared by CUPM Panel on College Teacher Preparation. Includes reports from sections on questionnaire], 1970-1972
Committee on the Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics, [Partly H. M. Gehman's files. Includes material on G. B. Price, Mina Rees, George Polya, Edward J. McShane, Richard Courant, Warren Weaver, Harry Merrill Gehman, Albert W. Tucker, Edward G. Begle, and "Regulations governing the Association's Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics"], 1959-1968
Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities, [Joint with AMS and SIAM, includes employment register], 1970-1972
Committee on Educational Media, [includes material on Philip E. Miles, David Schneider, topology films project, and current uses of TV in college level mathematics instruction], [folder one], 1970-1972
86-11/32 [16329162] Committee on Educational Media, [includes material on Philip E. Miles, David Schneider, topology films project, and current uses of TV in college level mathematics instruction], [folder two], 1970-1972
Committee to Explore the Possibility of Making Television Programs on Mathematics, [includes material on Carroll V. Newsom, proposal to NSF for film production], 1973-1974
Committee to Facilitate Employer-Employee Contacts in mathematics, [includes employment service possibility], 1971-1972
Committee on Cooperation Between the AMS and MAA, [includes material on Everett Pitcher and joint data processing], 1967-1971
Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner of MAA, [Dinner honoring charter members. Includes material on G. T. Whyburn, George Pólya, L. P. Eisenhart, R. Courant, Donald Coxeter, invitation list and responses], 1965
Committee on the Future Administrative Structure of the MAA, [includes material on the replacement for Gehman, choice of executive director, location of headquarters, list of members of Board of Governors for last eight years, list of chairmen of committees], 1966-1968
86-11/33 [16329093] Committee on Graduate Program in Mathematics, 1966
Committee on Earle Raymond Hedrick lectures
[Includes some letters of acceptance, material on Abraham Robinson and Peter D. Lax], 1969-1972
[Includes material on Gian-Carlo Rota, Hyman Bass, and Errett Bishop], 1967-1968
[H. M. Gehman's file. Includes material on John C. Oxtoby, Leo Zippin, R. Brauer, Emil Artin, S. C. Kleene, and R. P. Dilworth], 1952-1959
Committee on High School Contests
[Includes material on International Mathematical Olympiads, skepticism of high scores from Cleveland, Texas], 1975-1976
86-11/34 [16329107] [Includes material on George Pólya, Thomas Horton, C. V. Newsom, IBM, Spencer Foundation], July 1974-December 1974
January 1974-June 1974
[Includes material on George Seligman], [folder one], 1973
86-11/35 [16329210] [Includes material on George Seligman], [folder two], 1973
Committee on High School Teachers' Contest, [consideration of special recognition to high school teachers in mathematics -- committee discharged in 1963, no results], 1959-1963
Committee on Institutes, [includes material on promotion of MAA summer seminars for college teachers], 1967-1970
86-11/36 [16329209] Joint Committee on a Public Relations Film, [produced film "Mathematics for Tomorrow"], 1962-1965
Joint Committee on Doctor of Arts, [includes material on E. E. Moise, John G. Kemeny, P. R. Halmos], 1960-1963
Joint Committee on the Graduate Program in Mathematics, 1963-1966
Committee on International Cooperation in Mathematical Education, [includes material on Wade Ellis], 1965-1966
Committee on an Internship Program in Mathematics Education, 1965-1967
Committee on Membership, [Reviewed need for membership drives, includes material on Roy Dubisch], 1962-1966
Committee to Negotiate Proposals, [includes material on C. V. Newsom, William O. Baker, R. P. Boas, Garrett Birkhoff, search for pool of funds for MAA projects, national Institute of Education], 1973-1974
Committee on Nominations to the National Medal of Science, 1968-1969
Committee for a Survey of Non-Teaching Mathematical Employment
[Includes material on Morris Ostrofsky, publication titled "Employment in Professional mathematical Work in Industry and Government"], 1961-1963
86-11/37 [16329130] [Includes correspondence with NSF officials], 1957-1961
Joint Committee on Places of Meetings
[Reports on potential meeting places and arrangements], 1973
Committee on Publications
[Includes "MAA Information Services Survey, Analysis of Replies to Selected Questions," "Report to the NISIMS Committee of the CBMS: The MAA Component of NISIMS,"], [folder one], 1972
86-11/38 [16329140] [Includes "MAA Information Services Survey, Analysis of Replies to Selected Questions," "Report to the NISIMS Committee of the CBMS: The MAA Component of NISIMS,"], [folders two and three], 1972
[folder one], 1974
86-11/39 [16329231] [folder two], 1974
Committee on New Priorities for Undergraduate Education in the mathematical Sciences, ad hoc, [includes material on R. G. Bartle, A. Rosenberg, review of CUPM's effectiveness, 1971-1974
Committee on the Putnam Prize Competition
86-11/40 [16329220] 1964-1967
Committee to Review Financial Management and Control, [includes material on H. O. Pollak, Leonard Gillman, G. B. Price, and D. P. Roselle], 1974-1975
Subcommittee to Review Journal Privileges, [Subcommittee of the Executive and Finance Committees], 1969-1974
Committee on the Role of Two-Year College Mathematics Teachers in the Association, 1969-1971
Committee on Sections, [includes "Guidelines for Sections, January 1971," copies of section bylaws], [folders one and two], 1971-1972
86-11/41 [16329071] Committee on Sections, [includes "Guidelines for Sections, January 1971," copies of section bylaws], [folder three], 1971-1972
Committee on Slaught Memorial papers, 1948-1960
Committee to Study Production Costs of the Monthly and the Mathematics Magazine, [includes material on A. Rosenberg], 1974
Committee on a Survey of the Membership of the Association, [includes questionnaire to determine which publication options members find most useful], 1971-1972
Committee on Visiting Lecturers
[Includes "Five Year Report"], 1969-1970
86-11/42 [16329435] 1965-1968
58th Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., [includes material on Lynne A. Steen], [folders one through five], January 1975
86-11/43 [16329151] 58th Annual Meeting, Washington D. C., [includes material on Lynne A. Steen], [folder six], January 1975
56th Annual Meeting, Dallas, January 1973
55th Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, [folder one], January 1972
86-11/44 [16329333] 55th Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, [folders two and three], January 1972
54th Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, [includes material on E. E. Moise], January 1971
86-11/45 [16327994] 53rd Annual Meeting, San Antonio, January 1970
Annual Meeting at Miami, prior to move to San Antonio, 1967-1969
86-11/46 [16328002] 53rd Summer Meeting, Dartmouth, 1972
52nd Summer Meeting, Pennsylvania State University, [includes material on Abraham Robinson], [folders one and two], 1971
86-11/47 [16329399] 52nd Summer Meeting, Pennsylvania State University, [includes material on Abraham Robinson], [folder three], 1971
51st Summer Meeting, University of Wyoming, 1970
Other files
86-11/47 [16329399] American Mathematical Society
[Includes material on AMS Council, Board of Trustees, agenda, minutes, administrative directory], 1975-1976
[Includes material on Saunders MacLane, J. M. Thomas, COSRIMS], [folder one], 1974-1975
86-11/48 [16329424] [Includes material on Saunders MacLane, J. M. Thomas, COSRIMS], [folders two and three], 1974-1975
Buffalo office
[Includes material on H. M. Gehman], 1965-1968
[Includes material on H. M. Gehman], 1961-1968
86-11/49 [16327906] [Includes material on H. M. Gehman and H. J. Ettlinger. Letter from Gehman to Alder, 15 October 1959: "Under separate cover we are sending you the official minute book of the Association from 1953 to date." Alder responded: "I cannot conceive of any need for the earlier minute books at this time so that I suggest you keep them at least for the time at Buffalo."], 1959-1969
Combined Membership List, [AMS], 1964-1972
Conference on Computers in Mathematics, [Joint with AMS], 1972-1973
Continental Classroom [Inc], [Effort to televise mathematics lectures, includes material on CUPM and H. M. Gehman], 1958-1959
Editor of the Monthly
[Includes material on John M. H. Olmsted, Robert L. Carroll, Carl Allendoerfer], 1974-1975
86-11/50 [16327892] [Includes material on H. Flanders and A. Rosenberg], 1973
[Includes material on C. V. Newsom], 1972
[Includes material on C. V. Newsom, and Walter Burton Ford. Ford died in 1971, was a former president of MAA and Monthly editor], 1971
Flights to Nice, International Congress, [includes material on Lufthansa, Kuoni Travel, Inc.], 1970
86-11/51 [16328013] International Baccalaureate, [includes material on B. H. Bissinger, W. Eugene Ferguson], 1968
International Science Foundation, [MAA is a member], 1959-1961
Mathematical Sciences Service Bureau, [corporation originated to handle mailing of Combined Membership List, includes material on AMS], 1962-1964
Mathematics Magazine, [includes material on S. A. Jennings and Gerhard Wollan], 1970-1973
[Arranged chronologically. Includes material on Paul L. Holmes trisection attempt, expressions of interest in MAA, George Polya, complaints re MAA services], 1974-1975
[Includes Board of Governors elections, letters from children interested in mathematics, George Polya], [folder one], 1973
86-11/52 [16328024] [Includes Board of Governors elections, letters from children interested in mathematics, George Polya], [folder two], 1973
[Filed by date. Includes material on Kenneth O. May, Barry Simon, Historia Mathematica], 1972
[Includes material on George Polya, Victor Klee, G. S. Young], 1971
86-11/53 [16328057] National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), [includes material on Julius H. Hlavaty], 1969-1974
NCTM Fiftieth Anniversary Committee, [includes material on Commemorative postage stamp], 1968-1969
National Information System for Mathematics, [includes material on AMS, NSF, report including charts showing "evolutions of subject classifications of MR 1940-68" by William J. Leveque, CBMS], 1968-1974
National Study of Mathematics Requirements for Scientists and Engineers, [includes material on G. H. Miller], 1969-1971
New Mathematics Library series, [includes material on Anneli Lax and Random House], 1974-1975
86-11/54 [16328068] Officers' Visits to Sections, [includes material on R. L. Wilder], 1964-1971
Petitions on War in Indochina, [includes material on G. S. Young, Anatole Beck], 1970-1971
Poll of Graduated Dues, [includes reports from sections on poll results], 1972
[Includes correspondence with MAA president], 1973-1976
86-11/55 [16329242] 1969-1970
Resolutions for Congress and NSF, [includes replies from Thomas H. Kuckel, George Murphy, Emilio Q. Daddario, Robert L. Leggett, Able Ribicoff, Thomas J. Dodd, Jacob J. Javits, Robert F. Kennedy, Walter F. Mondale, Eugene J. McCarthy], 1967
Service Facilities for Mathematical Organizations, [includes material on AMS, MAA, SIAM, and common services], 1966
Washington office
[Includes material on Alfred B. Wilcox, membership records], 1974-1975
[Includes material on Commission on non-Traditional Study, Computer Sciences Corporation, Sabbatical Exchange Information Service], [folder one], 1973
86-11/56 [16329253] [Includes material on Commission on non-Traditional Study, Computer Sciences Corporation, Sabbatical Exchange Information Service], [folder two], 1973
[Includes material on John Dyer-Bennet, increased dues], 1970-1971
World Calendar, [includes material on H. M. Gehman, E. V. Huntington, Elisabeth Achelis, reform movement], 1954-1962
Affiliated organizations
86-11/56 [16329253] American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
[Includes material on Burton W. Jones, F. A. Ficken, and section on mathematics], 1971-1972
86-11/57 [15994144] 1969-1970
[Includes material on Burton W. Jones], 1964-1968
[Includes material on Rudoph E. Langer], 1955-1963
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS)
[Includes minutes, reports, financial statements, and agendas], 1972
[Includes copies of some CBMS publications, material on MISIMS], [folder one], 1971
86-11/58 [15994100] [Includes copies of some CBMS publications, material on MISIMS], [folders two and three], 1971
[Includes "An appeal for preservation of archival material" by conference chairman Carl Boyer], 1969
[Includes report of the Scientific Manpower Commission, "Mathematical Archive" by K. O. May], 1968
86-11/59 [15994155] 1967
86-11/60 [15994166] [Includes conference on the perplexed chairman, history of CBMS], 1965
[Includes material on R. H. Bing, C. B. Allendoerfer, Leon W. Cohen, and Robert A. Rosenbaum], 1964
[Includes material on the Committee on Public Information], 1963
[Includes material on G. B. Price and Saunders MacLane], [folder one], 1962
86-11/61 [15994111] [Includes material on G. B. Price and Saunders MacLane], [folder two], 1962
[Includes material on the Learning Resources Institute, Continental Classroom, and Saunders MacLane], 1961
[Includes material on G. H. Gehman, G. B. Price, and C. B. Allendoerfer], 1959-1960
CBMS Committee on Criteria for the Admission of New Affiliate Members, [Alder was chairman. Includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, constitutions, etc. for MCTM, SIAM, IMS, ASA, et al., and material on W. F. Lucas], 1975-1976
86-11/62 [15994133] CBMS Committee on the Preparation of Report on the Use of Mathematical Models in the Physical, Social, and Life Sciences, [includes material on Joachim Weyl, and letters to contribution to Saaty volume, "The Uses and Spirit of the Mathematical Sciences", 1966-1969
Cooperative Committee on the Teaching of Mathematics and Science
[With AAAS, includes material on Malcolm W. Pownall], 1968-1974
[Includes history of committee by Bernard B. Watson, Kenneth O. May was the MAA representative], 1964-1968
[Includes material on Philip S. Jones and John R. Mayor], 1956-1963
Committee on Support of Research in the Mathematical Sciences (COSRIMS), [includes material on debate over financial support from MAA and AMS], 1966-1967
Mu Alpha Theta, [the national high school ad junior college mathematics club]
[Includes material on Harold V. Huneke, LeRoy C. Dalton, and G. B. Price], 1964-1968
86-11/63 [15994122] [Includes material on formation, Josephine Andree and Henry L. Alder], 1957-1963
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, [Alder was the MAA member. Includes material on the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education], 1966-1969
National Research Council
[Includes material on R. L. Wilder and R. H. Bing], 1966-1967
[Includes material on S. S. Wilks], 1955-1965
National Society of Professional Engineers, [includes material on the appointment of an MAA representative], 1960-1963
Second group of papers [not yet integrated into above arrangement. Files in boxes are in reverse chronological order.]
86-11/A1 [16330300] Executive and Finance Committees, (Files include correspondence, agendas, minutes, and reports)
May 1980-December 1980
86-11/A2 [16330412] January 1980-March 1980
May 1979-December 1979
86-11/A3 [16330332] January 1979-March 1979
May 1978-December 1978
86-11/A4-B1 [1633031] January 1978-March 1978
May 1977-December 1977
86-11/B2 [16327939] January 1977-March 1977
86-11/B3 [16327950] January 1976-June 1976
Finance Committee, (Files include correspondence, agendas, minutes, budgets and budget reports, Treasurer reports, and audited financial statements)
86-11/C1 [16330456] January 1980-December 1980
86-11/C2 [15994235] July 1978-December 1979
86-11/C3 [16330536] January 1978-June 1978
October 1977-December 1977
86-11/C4 [16327928] January 1977-September 1977
January 1976-June 1976
Miscellaneous MAA Committees
86-11/D1 [16330296] Committee on Advisement and Personnel, 1976-1980
86-11/D2 [16330423] Advisory Committee for the Second International Congress on Mathematics Education, December 1970-January 1972
Committee on Adult Education in the Mathematical Sciences, October 1978-December 1978
Joint (MAA-SIAM) Committee on Applications of Mathematics in the College Curriculum, September 1978-December 1978
Committee to Assess the Association's Membership to CBMS, September 1977-February 1978
Building Committee
May 1978-December 1978
86-11/D3 [16330037] 1977-April 1978
86-11/D4-E1 [16330048] 1976
Committee on CBMS, 1971-1974
Committee on Continuing Education, April 1978-February 1980
Subcommittee on Dolciani Mathematical Expositions
January 1977-April 1978
86-11/E2 [16330434] 1975-1976
Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Archives, January 1979-June 1979
86-11/E3 [16330387] January 1976-December 1978
86-11/F1 [16330525] Committee on High School Contests, January 1977-December 1978
86-11/F2 [15994246] Committee for a Project on the History of Mathematics in the U. S. During World War II, 1976-1980
Committee on Improving Mathematics Remediation Efforts in Colleges, 1977-1981
Committee on Institutes and Workshops, September 1975-March 1978
Committee on the Membership of the Association, 1974-1979
86-11/F3 [16330398] Joint MAA-NCTM Committee to Monitor Responses to the Recommendations Documents, 1978-1979
Committee on National Awards and Public Representation, 1976-1979
New Audiovisual Presentation of Introductory College Mathematics, December 1976-April 1977
Committee on New Ideas, 1974-1975
Newsletter Subcommittee, September 1978-May 1980
86-11/F4-G1 [16330376] Nominating Committee for a Secretary of the Association for the Period 1975-1979, February 1973-March 1975
Nominating Committee, 1975
Nominating Committee for the Newsletter Editor for the Period 1981-1985, October 1, 1979-August 30, 1980
Committee to Oversee Dissolution of the Special Projects Office, August 1977-March 1978
Committee on Placement Examinations, January 1977-July 1980
86-11/G2 [15994213] Committee on Publications, 1976-1980
Committee on the Reported Decline in Mathematical Preparation of Students for Collegiate Mathematics
86-11/G3 [16330321] July 1977-December 1977
January 1977-June 1977
86-11/G4-H1 [16330252] May 1976-December 1976
January 1976-March 1976
Committee to Review MAA Honors, March 1976-January 1977
Secondary Lectureship Program to Interest More Black Students in Mathematics, June 1976-October 1980
Committee on Secondary School Lectures, August 1977-June 1980
86-11/H2 [16327940] Committee on Sections, 1976-1978
Special Ad Hoc Committee to Recommend an Executive Director for the Annual High School Mathematics Contest, 1975
Committee on Special Funds
86-11/H3 [15994224] 1969-1976
86-11/H4 [15994268] Committee to Study the Reorganization of Association Journals, September 1966-February 1969
Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics, 1977-1979
86-11/I1 [16330241] Committee on Two-Year Colleges, 1975-1978
Two-Year College Mathematics Journal Study Committee, 1974
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics
86-11/I2 [16330445] 1976-1978
86-11/I3 [15994257] Committee on Visiting Lecturers and Consultants, 1976-1980
Visiting Women Scientists Program in Secondary Schools, 1977
American Mathematical Society
86-11/I4-J1 [16038068] 1977-1978
Calculus Project, Educational Development Corporation (CALC), 1974-1975
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS)
86-11/J2 [15994202] 1976-1978
CBMS Nominating Committee, 1977-1978
86-11/J3 [15994177] CBMS, 1976-1978
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), 1976-1978
86-11/J4 [15994280] 1977-1978
86-11/J5-K1 [16330365] 1976
Chicanos and Mathematics (CAM), April 1977-May 1979
Combined Membership List, 1973-1979
Congressional Science Fellowship, October 1976-September 1978
Correspondence Concerning Professor J. M. Thomas, February 1973-April 1975
Creative Publications, April 1978-November 1978
86-11/K2 [15994290] Editor of the Monthly, 1976-1979
Mathematical World, September 1975-February 1977
Mathematics Magazine, 1974-1978
MAA Post-Meeting Correspondence, 1975-1976
Pensions for Professionals / Pensions for Technical Professionals (PFP/ptp), 1974-1975
Pre-meeting correspondence, 1957-1959
86-11/K3 [15994279] Prime 80 Conference, October 1976-March 1980
Proposed Cabinet-Level Department of Education, 1979
86-11/K4 [15994199] Washington office, 1976-1977
U. M. A. P, July 1978-July 1981
Women and Mathematics
86-11/K5-L1 [15994188] 1974-1977
Board of Governors
86-11/L2 [16330514] 1977-1978
86-11/L3 [16330503] 1976
Candidates for Committee Appointments, February 1976-December 1978
86-11/L4 [15993618] President and Past-President, January 1979-July 1981
86-11/L5 [16330401] President, 1977-1978
President-Elect, 1976-1977
G. L. Alexanderson, Secretary
2015-225/1 [20884167] Washington office records
Correspondence, 1987-1996
Alfred B. Willcox, Executive Director, correspondence, 1989, 1992
Marcia Sward, Executive Director, correspondence, 1989-1996
Rhoda D. Goldstein, Associate Executive Director, correspondence, 1990-1995
Donald J. Albers, Associate Executive Director of Publications and Programs, correspondence, 1991-1993
Ivan Niven, President, correspondence, 1983-1985
Lynn A. Steen, President
Correspondence, 1984-1986
Quarterly reports from the President (L. A. Steen), 1985-1986
Leonard Gillman, President, correspondence (2 folders), 1985-1990
Lida Barrett, President, correspondence, 1987-1990
Deborah T. Haimo, President, correspondence, 1989-1992
Leonard Gillman, Treasurer, correspondence, 1985
Donald Kreider, Treasurer, correspondence, 1986
Kenneth Ross, Secretary, correspondence (2 folders), 1983-1989
97-014/1 [05088111] Meetings of the Executive and Finance Committees
Finance Committee, January 1989-April 1993
Executive Committee, January 1989-March 1992
Executive and Finance, November 1988
Phoenix, Executive and Finance, January 1989
Executive and Finance, 1989
Executive and Finance, May 1989
Boulder, Executive and Finance, August 1989
Executive and Finance, November 1989
Louisville, Executive and Finance, January 1990
Executive and Finance, June 1990
Columbus, Executive and Finance, August 1990
Executive and Finance, November 1990
San Francisco, Executive and Finance, January 1991
Executive and Finance, May 1991
Orono, Executive and Finance, August 1991
Executive and Finance, November 1991
Baltimore, Executive and Finance, January 1992
Treasurer's Report, January 1, 1992-June 30, 1992
97-014/2 [05088100] Executive and Finance, May 1992
Quebec, Executive and Finance, August 1992
Executive and Finance, November 1992
Meetings of the Board of Governors
January 1988-1990
Phoenix, Board of Governors, January 1989
Boulder, Board of Governors, August 1989
Louisville, Board of Governors, January 1990
Columbus, Board of Governors, August 1990
San Francisco, Board of Governors, January 1991
Orono, Board of Governors, August 1991
Baltimore, Board of Governors, January 1992
Quebec, Board of Governors, August 1992
San Antonio, Board of Governors, January 1993
Vancouver, Board of Governors, August 1993
Cincinnati, Board of Governors, January 1994
Minneapolis, Board of Governors, August 1994
Ad hoc Committee to recommend a decision on MAA Headquarters, April 1988-October 1988
Move to Alexandria, Stay in DC
MAA Headquarters: Renovate? - Buy and Build?
97-014/3 [05088086] Feasibility Study: Restoration/Rehabilitation of 1527 and 1529 18th St., NW
Nominating Committee, Elections, 1985, 1987, 1989
Allegheny Mountain
Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware
Nebraska-Southeast Dakota
New Jersey
North Central
97-014/4 [05099741] Northeast
Northern California
Pacific Northwest
Rocky Mountain
Southern California
Other Organizations
American Region Math League
97-014/5 [05088064] ICME-7
Mu Alpha Theta
Wolf Foundation
New York High Schools
Orlov Shcharancky Campaign
Committee files
Committee on Meetings, 1986-1989
Committee on Sessions of Contributed Papers, June 1989-1992
Hedrick Lecture Committee, June 1978-1989
Committee on Mini courses, June 1984-1993
Committee on the 25-year Banquet, 1988-1993
Publications Committee, 1984-1989
Publications Management Committee, September 1985-April 1986
Committee on Carus Monographs, August 1974-October 1989
Committee on Dolciana Mathematical Expositions, May 1978-1989
Committee on the MAA notes, March 1975-1989
Committee on the New Mathematical Library, 1982-1986
Newsletter Editorial Committee, August 1982-1989
97-014/6 [05088075] Investment Committee, 1989-1990
Science Policy Committee, June 1986-July 1989
Sections Speakers, October 1983-1989
Committee on Sections, 1987-1992
AMS-MAA Data Committee, 1989-1992
Committee on Participation of Minorities, 1989-1992
Committee on the Participation of Women, (Committee on Women in MAA), November 1986-June 1992
Committee on Student Chapters, 1985-1990
Committee on Visiting Lecturers and Consultants, November 1980-1987
Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences, February 1982-May 1990
Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities, June 1978-1988
Committee on Teaching Assistants and Part-Time Instructors, 1985-May 1988
Committee on the American Mathematics Competitions (CAMC), 1989-1991
97-014/7 [05099570] CAMC, 1987-1988
CAMC Subcommittee on the American High School Mathematics Examination, 1983-1993
CAMC Subcommittee on the American Junior High School Mathematics Examination, August 1985-October 1989
CAMC Subcommittee on the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, 1984-1990
Subcommittee on the United States of America Mathematical Olympiad, 1984-1991
Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics (CTUM), 1989-1993
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM), 1989-1993
CUPM Subcommittee on Quantitative Literacy Requirements, 1989-1993
CUPM Subcommittee on Undergraduate Research, 1989-1992
CUPM-CTUM Panel on Service Courses, 1979-1993
CUPM-CRAFTY (Subcommittee on Calculus Reform and the First Two Years, 1989-1993
Committee on Computers in Mathematics Education (CCIME), 1989-1993
Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers (COMET), 1988-1993
97-014/8 [05099413] Committee on Placement Exams, 1980-1991
Committee on Two-Year Colleges, 1988-1993
MAA-College Board Committee on Mutual Concerns, 1989-1993
CEEB-MAA Committee on Mutual Concerns, 1987-1989
Committee on Consultants, November 1986-January 1992
Committee on Faculty Development, 1988-1992
Committee on Mathematicians Outside Academia, December 1986-1992
Membership Committee, 1989-1992
Committee on Accreditation, September 1985-June 1990
Committee on the Archives of American Mathematics, September 1988-January 1992
Committee on Archives, February 1984-January 1990
Committee on the Career Brochure, October 1986-March 1991
AMS-MAA Committee on Employment and Education Policy, March 1990-February 1991
Committee on Awards, December 1987-June 1991
CUPM Subcommittee on the Basic Library List, 1989-1992
Basic Library Lists, January 1976-August 1985
CUPM ad hoc Subcommittee on the 1st Two Years of College Mathematics, April 1986-June 1989
Joint CUPM-CTYC-AMATYC Subcommittee on the Curriculum at Two-Year Colleges, August 1983-November 1989
National Research Council Calculus Task Force, March 1990
CUPM Subcommittee on the Major in the Mathematical Sciences, May 1987-June 1991
CUPM Subcommittee on the Symbolic Computer Systems, September 1988-January 1992
CTUM Subcommittee on the Evaluations of Teaching, May 1990-May 1993
97-014/9 [05099424] Committee on the Polya Fund, August 1989-May 1990
Committee on the creation of the Polya Lectureship, January 1990-July 1992
Committee on Meetings, 1986-1991
Ad hoc Committee on Olympiad Awards Ceremony Costs, September 1990-May 1991
Subcommittee on Design of Publications and Printing, July-September 1989
Advisory Committee on Printing Design, 1985-February 1990
Technical Advisory Committee, December 1986-September 1992
Curriculum Development, 1986
Public Information Panel, September-October 1988
Planning Committee for National Study of Resources for Collegiate Mathematics, April 1985-May 1986
Undergraduate Assessment Exams, September 1985
CUPM Panel on Calculus Articulation, September 1983-June 1986
Ad hoc Committee on Committee Reports, February 1991-May 1993
Committee on Committee Structure, February 1990-October 1992
Ad hoc Competition Evaluation Committee, May 1992-January 1994
Ad hoc Committee on Competitions, October 1990-June 1993
Ad hoc Committee to Study the Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics, February 1992-January 1994
Committee on Guidelines, April 1990-September 1993
Advisory Committee for AMS-MAA Newsletter on Collegiate Mathematics, March 1988-November 1988
Year of National Dialogue, December 1989-1990
Ad hoc Committee on Awards, February 1989-November 1989
Ad hoc Committee on Professional Opportunities, September 1985-July 1988
Ad hoc Committee on Review MAA Periodicals, November 1986-April 1990
Disbanded Committees
Curriculum Action Project, July 1990-September 1990
Steering Committee for Presidential Initiative to Report Progress in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, September 1993-May 1996
Presidential Initiatives, March 1993-May 1993
Cunningham Bequest, September 1991-December 1991
Task Force on Strategic Planning, 1992
Strategic Planning Task Force, October 25, 1991-October 26, 1991
Task Force on Strategic Planning, 1991
Long Range Planning Committee, May 1990-March 1994
Long Range Planning, 1985-1987
MAA Mathematical Center Fund Raising, 1990-March 1994
Monthly Centennial, 1992-March 1994
Task Force on Minorities in Mathematics, Report, November 1988
97-014/10 [05099901] AMATYC-MAA Task Force on Remedial Mathematics, November 1985-January 1991
Ad hoc Committee on Miscellaneous Publications, March 1986-June 1987
Ad hoc Building Funds Committee, June 1988-January 1990
Ad hoc Building Renovations Committee, June 1988-November 1989
Committee to Study the Feasibility of a Capital Fund Drive, May 1987-July 1987
Ad hoc Student Exchange Committee, June 1988-October 1988
Ad hoc Committee on Indirect Costs for External Projects, April 1988-October 1988
Other Joint Committees, October 1986-November 1987
ACM-ASEE-MAA Panel on Discrete Mathematics, January 1984-September 1986
ACM-IEEE-MAA Joint Task Force on Teaching of Computer Science, January 1986-November 1989
AMS-MSS-SIAM Joint Committee on the Status of the Profession, July 1983-August 1985
MAA-AAC Tack Force on Study in Depth, September 1989-June 1990
MAA-NCTM Joint Committee on College Entrance Requirements, September 1985-April 1988
MAS-MAA Committee on Vital Statistics in the Mathematical Science, September 1989-October 1989
Advisory Committee on Women and Mathematics, February 1989-October 1990
NCTM-MSS Committee on Parental Involvement, September 1986-February 1990
MAA-NCTM Task Force on Math Curriculum for Grades 11-13, February 1986-February 1989
MAA-AAC Task Force on the Undergraduate Major, September 1988-August 1990
Ad hoc Committee on BAM Evaluation, October 1986-November 1987
Black and Mathematics, December 1979-April 1987
MAA-NCTM American Mathematics Project Steering Committee, April 1990-May 1993
IMTP Advisory Board, August 1990-June 1996
AMS-MAA-SIAM Committee on Preparation for College Teaching, December 1986-October 1993
Search Committee for FOCUS Editor, October 1990-April 1991
Louisville, January 1990
Columbus, August 1990
75th Anniversary
MAA Banquet
Reception for 25-Year Members
President's Dinner
San Francisco, January 1991
President's Dinner
Cont. Papers, Minicourses, Spec. Sessions
MAA Program Committee
Orono, August 1991
AMS-MAA Joint Program Committee
AMS-MAA Local Arrangements
Invited Speakers
25-year Banquet
Baltimore, January 1992
President's Dinner
Quebec, August 1992
San Antonio, January 1993
San Antonio prize session
97-014/11 [05099581] Vancouver, awards, Summer 1993
Cincinnati, Winter 1994
President's dinner
Cincinnati program
Minneapolis, August 1994
Joint program, local arrangements
Denver, (canceled), January 1995
San Francisco, awards, January 1995
Committee on Committees, 1986-1993
Committee for Committees, 1982-1991
Martha Siegel, Secretary
2011-140/1 [14010807] "MAA Section Officers" List, 1997
"Guidelines- Section officers", circa 1985
"Florida" correspondence, newsletters, 1993-1996
"Illinois" program newsletters, 1995, undated
"Intermountain" call for papers, email, 1994, undated
"Iowa" emails, newsletters, call for papers, 1995-1996
"Kentucky" email and newsletter, 1993-1996
Louisiana- Mississippi" newsletters, 1993-1996
"Maryland-DC-Virginia" correspondence, newsletters, 1993-1996
"Metropolitan New York", 1994-1995
"Missouri" email and newsletter, 1993-1996
"Nebraska, Southeastern- South Dakota" newsletters, correspondence, bylaws, 1993-1996
"New Jersey" spring newsletters, 1993-1996
"North Central" call for papers, newsletters, correspondence, agenda, 1993-1996
"Northeastern" program brochures, newsletters, 1993-1996
"Northern California" correspondence, 1993-1994
Sectional Certificates of Meritorious Service" materials, 1983-1987
Executive Committee
2011-140/1 [14010807] Executive Committee meeting agendas, 2005-2011
AIP-NSF Proposal correspondence, 2005
Executive committee meeting minutes, 2005
"Progress report-AMC strategic planning working group", 2005
Board of Governors
2011-140/1 [14010807] Annotated Listings, 1993-1996
President's reports to the board, 1996-1997
Rosters, 1997-1999
Board of governors/section officers meeting minutes, reports, programs, 2002
Strategic planning group report for periodicals, 2010
Meeting agendas, 2010
List of governors and bylaws, 2010-2011
2011-140/1 [14010807] "Birthday greetings", 1976-1996
Correspondence, 1982-1997
"Mathematical Genealogy project", 1997
"GLAs Thank You letters from Toronto Math Fest", 1998
2011-140/2 [14010727] Conference and program books and pamphlets
Conference materials, program books and correspondence, 1992-2008
Program books, 1993-2006
Conference materials and program books, 2003-2011
Joint Mathematics Meetings program books, 2010-2011
Awards and Prizes
2011-140/2 [14010727] Certificates, 1977-1978, undated
Award seals and negatives, 1979, undated
Seals, transparencies, and proofs, circa 1985
"Columbus, August", 1990
"San Francisco", 1991
"Orono, August", 1991
"Baltimore, January", 1992
"San Antonio, January", 1993
"Vancouver, August", 1993
"Cincinnati, January", 1994
"Minneapolis, August", 1994
"San Francisco, January", 1995
"Burlington, August", 1995
"Prize banquet script and awards,", 1996
"San Antonio prizes", 1996, 1997
"Prize session, January", 1998
Polya lecture award certificates, 1998-2000
"San Antonio certificates", 1999
"Overheads MathFest", 2000
"Haimo Award nominations", 2001-2004
Award/certificate transparencies, 2001, undated
Awards for January business meeting, 2003
Award/certificate transparencies, 2004-2005
Awards, undated
Committee Work
2011-140/2 [14010727] Subcommittee on MAA studies on mathematics, 1974-1989
UMAP Executive Committee, 1980-1990
"Chauvenet Prize Committee", 1982-1987
Applications in Mathematics-Teaching Experiential Applied Mathematics Committee, 1985-1987, undated
Miscellaneous Committee Correspondence, 1986-1996
Subcommittee on Spectrum Books, 1987
Focus Newsletter Editorial Committee, 1987-1996
"AMS-MAA Joint Meetings Committee", 1998
"Committee on Earle Raymond Hedrick Lectures", 1990
Publications Management Committee, 1990-1991
"Focus Advisory Board- Newsletter Editorial Committee", 1990-1994
Committee on Teaching Awards, 1991
Coordinating Council on Publications, 1991
"Ad Hoc Committee on the 1996 Summer Meeting", 1994-1996
"AMS-MAA Task Force on Undergraduate Text Reviews-proposed", 1995
"CMJ Study Committee", 1995-1996
"MathFest Planning Committee", 1996-1997
"Local Arrangements Committee, Atlanta", 1996-1997
"Ad Hoc Committee on the MAA's Newsletter Functions", 1996, undated
"Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences," Data Committee, 2002-2003
MAA Committee Membership Lists, 2010-2011
2011-140/3 [16135993] Administrative Documents
Bylaws, 1967-1978
Official statements, 1989-1990
Administrative materials
2011-140/3 [16135993] Professional Directory, 1990-1995
"Proposition 187/Affirmative Action," correspondence, 1996
"Archives from GLA terms as secretary", 1996
Election materials, 1995-2003
2011-140/3 [16135993] "Nominating committee for the 1995 election", 1995
"National elections", 1999
"New governors section 2000 election", 2000-2003
"Ad hoc committee on elections and task force on electronic elections ballots", 2002
MathFest, 1995-2003
2011-140/3 [16135993] "MathFest 2003" prizes, awards, brochures, and proofs, 2003
Print request – MathFest, 2003
"MathFest 2004," brochure printing requests, 2004
2011-140/3 [16135993] Hedrick Lecture, 1997-1999
"Leitzel lecture/MF", 2002
College Math Journal
2011-140/3 [16135993] Newsletters and correspondence, 1980-1992
Lida K. Barrett, President
AAM-BAR/1 [15995839] MAA reader file --Barrett, August 1987-June 1989
MAA headquarters: renovate - buy or build?; Feasibility study
Annual AMS survey
Financial records
Ad hoc data subcommittee
Executive and Finance
Financial evaluation
AMS-CEEP/Data Subcommittee
Special funds
Math clips
Report of the Treasurer, January 1990-June 1990
AAM-BAR/2 [15995806] Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics, CSSM and NCTM, 1988
Developing Consensus of Professional Teaching Standards, 1989
Mathematical Sciences Education Board, spring meeting, 1991
CSP agenda, November 1990
Committee on Mathematical Sciences: Status and Future Directions, 1989
JPBM Policy Board Meeting, April 1989
AMS Science Policy Com. Agenda, April 1989
JPBM agenda, October 1990
AAAS, 1991
American College Testing, 1991
Archives, MAA
AMS: Executive Committee and Board of Trustees
AMS officers
Association for Women in Mathematics
AMA agendas
Proposals: AMS Sloan/Carnegie
MAA -Board of Governors meeting agendas and minutes, 1988-1991
AAM-BAR/3 [15995781] MAA - Executive and Finance Committees agendas, 1987-1991
AMS - Minutes and agendas of the council, 1988-1990
MAA - Financial reports, 1987-1988
Committee on Financial Management, 1988
MAA misc.
FAX files
American Mathematics Competitions
Winning women into math, 1991
Visiting lecturers committee, 1991
Science Policy Committee, 1991
Executive and Finance committees, 1991
NSF: Division of math science
Committee on committees, 1991
Committee on committee structure, 1991
MAA ad hoc committee on guidelines, 1991
Distinguished service award committee, 1991
MAA Budget, 1988, 1989, 1990
Math Awareness Week
MAA correspondence - misc.
AAM-BAR/4 [15995817] MAA publications
COMAP: uMAP journal
MAA publications: The Monthly (Lang study) "Case study political..."
Mathematics Magazine
Amatyc review
Publications: Education
President's report, December 1990
MAA information booklet (overview/key people in Washington)
Correspondence - LKB (president) personal
Correspondence - Outgoing
Correspondence/conversations files for individuals
President's education summit with governors, 1989
National goals for education
National Physical Science Consortium
Miscellaneous reports from other organizations
Association for Symbolic Logic
NAS: A call for change
MSEB - Woods Hole/ Exec. Comm. Mtg., 1988
MAA memberships
MS 2000
MSEB COMET - Teaching standards
BMS: Board on Mathematical Sciences
MSEB: Regional workshop dates - Making Mathematics work for Minorities
MSEB: National Summit on Mathematics Assessment
MSEB: National Summit on Mathematics Assessment
Hold for San Francisco, January 1991
AAM-BAR/5 [15995850] MAA file index, 1989 summer schedule, 1989
Minority Committee materials
Phoenix program, January 1989
Boulder program, 1989
MS 2000 Oversight Committee
MSEB meetings agenda books
JPBM, 1989
MAA Task Force on Minorities in Mathematics, 1988
MAA Board of Governors handbook
Columbus, Ohio, August 1990
AAM-BAR/6 [15995792] Phoenix, 1989
Boulder, August 1989
San Francisco, 1991
Louisville notebook, 1990
Calendar, 1989
AMS: Pi Mu Epsilon Liaison Committee
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
National Association of Mathematicians
Institute for Secondary Mathematics and Computer Science Education
St. Mary's College
Guidelines for Committee Chairs
Committee on Rewards
Marcia Sward - Correspondence, 1991
Haimo/ Recent activities
Committee on Committees backup, 1989
MAA reader file, July 1, 1989 - present [?]
Board of Governors
Calculus Articulation Panel
Finance Committee, 1986
Miscellaneous, 1984-1986
Steering Committee for the National Summit on Mathematics Assessment, 1990
AAM-BAR/7 [15995828] CROE proposal, 1991
Dubinsky, Ed. Conference proposal
Incoming letters, 1991
MSEB, Calculus for a New Century, 1987
Third meeting of the Task Force on the Reformation of the Teaching of Calculus, 1988
Second meeting of the Task Force on the Reformation of the Teaching of Calculus, 1987
Calculus subject matter
CROE committee
Harvard calculus project, 1988
Calculus renewal
NSF Calculus renewal, Priming the Pump, 1988
Calculus, Preliminary MAA proposal
NSF Core Calculus Consortium
MSEB, Irvine; Calc, Tucson, May 1990
Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers (COMET), 1989-1990
Secretary of Energy (Math and Science Education Action Conference), 1989
SIAM, 1991
Governor's math and science goals, 1989
National Research Council
NSF: Sigma Xi report, 1989
PEW Charitable Trust, 1989
National Forum on Assessment, 1991
National Summit Math Assessment
NRC Coordinating Council for Education, 1991
NRC: Moving beyond myths: Revitalizing Undergraduate Mathematics (empty)
Memorandum: National Education Goals, 1990
Quantum project : Mathematics Advisory Committee (NCTM)
Proposals: ICME-7 travel
Projects, 1991
NSF Program Announcements
Mathematics Advisory Committee (NCTM, NSTA)
Mathematical Reviews
Newsletter: Mathematics Majors Magazine
Newspaper articles
Notices of the AMS
Math Clips, November 1988
Newsletters, Miscellaneous
Newsletter: Mathematicians and Education Reform Network
AAM-BAR/8 [15998713] National Endowment for the Humanities
AMS-MAA Data Committee, 1990
AMS Library Committee, 1989
AMS/MAA Year of National Dialogue, 1989
Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences, 1989
AMS Strategic Plan, 1991
Memorandum of understanding: CMS, AMS, MAA
AMS: Committee on Science Policy, 1990
Minorities: SUMMA
Barrett, miscellaneous correspondence
BMS Conference Board on the Mathematical Sciences, 1991
BOGG Conf. Coll., 1990
Committee on committees, 1990
Committee on Science Policy
Coordinating councils, 1990
MAA: budget, 1988
AAM-BAR/9 [15994723] CUPM, 1990-1991
Department of Education, 1990
Math/Science Education Action Conference, DOE, 1990-1991
Executive and Finance Committees, 1988-1991
Federation letters
Funding requests, 1989
Fund raising development
MAA Mathematical Center Fund Committee, 1990
McKellar, Marie
Greater MAA Fund
Mary Wheeler
Mini fund raising/MAA Building
ICMA Congress/Quebec, 1992
JPBM News Releases, 1991
Board member file, 1990
Board assignments and NSF program solicitation, 1989
Moving beyond Myths, 1991
On affirmative action
Coordinating task force, Development of Prof. standards
Executive Committee retreat
MSU telecommunications invoices
Committee list, 1988-1989
Women in math, 1987-1988
AAM-BAR/10 [16327338] Marcia Sward, MAA correspondence, 1989
Committee list backup, April 1990
American math competitions/contests, 1987-1988
NCTM, 1988-1989
Board of Governors, 1987-1988
BOG handbook, 1990
Building, 1988
MAA ballot, 1989
Articles, miscellaneous
AAAS, 1987-1990
Acquisitions editor: Search, Albers, 1989
AIMS, 1987-1989
ADA position applicants, 1988-1989
Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 1989-1990
Executive director search, 1988-1989
Financial management, 1988
NSF grad fellowships
International Congress of Mathematicians, 1990
OGPA - APS Study Group on Strategic Planning of Physics Research
OGPA - DOGPA search
Bulletin boards: bitnet
Tidbits: via JPBM (Hans J. Oser)
Weirdos - Quantum philosophy of science of mathematics
Kent State project, 1988
Minorities in Mathematics, 1988
American Chemical Society
Back-up Louisville
E and F, May 1989
Miami, 1989
NSF: NSF/MS Science and Education Center [Koshel follow-up]
AAM-BAR/11 [15994698] Committee on Graduate Curriculum, 1989
CCIME and EduCOM code
Committee: TA/PTI (Teaching Assts and Part-time Insts.), 1989
Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics, CTUM, 1989-1990
Committee on Visiting Lecturers, 1990
AAAS, 1990-1991
MAA-ASA: Committee on Undergrad. Statistical Education, 1990
Association of American Colleges, AAC
American Mathematics Competition, [7 folders], 1989-1991
Association for Computing Machinery
Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics, ASSM, 1989
Annotated Bibliography of Expository Writing in the Mathematical Sciences
MAA Curriculum Initiation
Career information
President's Dinner, Columbus, OH, 1990
AMS-MAA Joint Meeting, August 1990
Correspondence/conversations, 1987-1990
Gillman, Len
Kenelly, John
Jaco, William H, AMS Exec Dir
Browder, William, AMS Pres
Dubinsky visit
Committees, 1989-1990
Contests and competitions, 1989-1990
Olympiad, 1990-1991
American Mathematics Competitions, 1987
Contests, 1990
AMS: Comm on Math Contest
Modeling contest, 1988-1990
American Mathematics Project, 1988-1989
CCAS Dean's list, 1990
Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 1990
Committee: Preparation for College Teaching
Development, 1990
Dues: Draft and dues matrix, 1989-1990
Staff and Services Comm. (Exec. and Finance), 1988-1989
Focus, 1989-1990
MAA Past Pres. Lynn Steen, 1987-1988
Alfred Willcox, 1987-1988
MAA secretary, Ken Ross, 1987-88
Committee on Committees, 1987
Committee list, 1987
AAM-BAR/12 [15995840] Executive and Finance Committees, November 1986-December 1987
Executive and Finance Committees, 1987-1989
JPBM, 1986-1987
Accreditation committee, 1987-1990
Anniversaries 25-yr, 1989-1990
Committee: Annual and Summer meetings, Executive committee, 1988-1990
Audit and budget committee, 1989
Award committee, 1988-1990
Awards: Beckenbach Prize committee, 1988-1990
Bernstein (Dorothy) Memorial, 1989
Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize, 1989
Edyth May Sliffe award committee, 1988-1990
Dr. Charles Y. Hu Award, Distinguished Service to Math, (2 folders), 1989-1990
Comm. Employment and Education Policy, CEEP, 1989
Committee on Consultants, 1989-1990
Committee on Faculty Development, 1988-1990
Investment committee, 1987-1990
Committee: Mini Courses, 1989-1990
Mutual Concerns Committee College Board-MAA, 1988-1990
Committee: Nominating, 1988-1990
Committee: Participation of Women in MAA, 1989-1990
Committee: Placement examinations, 1988-1989
Committee: Publications (Publ. Management Comm.), 1989-1990
Subcommittee on MAA Notes (Publications MGNMT Committee), 1989-1990
Publications: Ad hoc committee, 1979, 1989
Newsletter editorial committee, 1989-1990
Publications awards and prizes, 1988-1989
MAA - Science advisor committee
Committee on sessions of contributed papers, 1989
MAA: committee on testing, 1987-1990
Pending grant activity, 1989-1990
Interamerican Conference on Mathematics Education (IACME)
AMS/MAA OGPA Office, 1990-1991
JPBM - Notes conversation w/ Rossi, 1990
Conversation: Ed Connors, 1990
OGPA Public Information (JPBM), 1990
Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, [2 folders], 1988-1990
Legislation: Proposed, 1990
National Science Board - Nominations, 1989
National Security Agency, 1989
NSF, 1989
NCTM-MAA AMATC Resources for Math reform CD-ROM Dev and Publ. (NSF Project), 1990
Parental involvement, 1989
Participation of women, 1988
Polya estate, 1989-1990
AAM-BAR/13 [15998724] Presidential awards for excellence in science and mathematics teaching, 1989
Proposals, 1989-1990
Math and Sci Edu Ctr/MS
Preparing the college math teachers of the future
Fellows - MAA
Minority proposal: Launching a national prog...minorities
Recommendation requests, NSF, TAMS, 1990
Research projects - CASET, 1989
Saxon related issues, 1989
Section officers, 1988
Committee on sections, 1988-1990
Sections: LA/MS MAA Section, 1989
Sections, 1987-1990
Section meetings attended, 1989
Section lists - National Committee Candidates, 1989-1990
MAA projects: Humanistic Mathematics Network, Special Interests Groups (SIG), 1990
SIAM Adm. directory, 1989-1990
College Mathematics Journal, 1988
UME trends: Undergraduate Math Ed., 1989
USAMO: USA Mathematical Olympiad, 1988-1990
Women and Mathematics [3 folders], 1989-1991
AWM/MAA Joint Committee, 1990
Years of American Mathematics, 1987-1988
Washington office
MAA Staff and services, 1990
MAA Staff and services, Searches, 1990
MAA Incorporation papers, 1990
Design of Publications Subcommittee, 1989
Committee on testing, 1990
CCIME Committee on Computers in Mathematics Education
National Center for the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics (Bumcrot), 1989-1990
Hold for E and F, Washington, DC, June 2, 1990-June 3, 1990
Filing [3 folders]
AAM-BAR/14 [16327917] Filing [2 folders]
Executive and Finance Committees, 1987-1990
Dorothy Lewis Bernstein, President
Records of Dorothy L. Bernstein's work as President (1979-1980) and Past-President (1981) of the Mathematical Association of America. The records are chiefly related to the Mathematical Association of America's work in fostering mathematics education on the primary through college level. The collection reflects Bernstein's activities in connection with the Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committee, Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, and several other committees and affiliated organizations. Included are correspondence, agendas, minutes, grant proposals, and reports.
Correct accession number is 86-12; some boxes mistakenly numbered 89-7.]
89-7/G [16330150] Pre-presidency, 1966-1976
NSF proposal on applied mathematics, August 1973
Report of the Committee on New Projects, August 1, 1977
Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 1972-1973
Unfoldered correspondence and printed material, circa 1970-1979
Building committee, 1976
William J. Putnam Competition
Problems, 1965-1969
Articles, circa 1950-1969
86-12/A [16327633] Presidency
Board of governors
Elected officers
Executive committee
Finance committee
Section governors
Salaried staff
Executive director
Associate director
89-7/B [16327611] General membership
Committee on membership in the association
Committee on corporate members
Committee on sections
Section officers, meetings, newsletters
National meetings
January 1981
January 1984
[?] review associations meeting programs, 1981
Undergraduate colleges
Committee on advisement and personnel (+6)
Committee on educational media
Subcommittee on basic library lists
Committee on placement examinations
Committee on exchange of information in mathematics (CEIM)
High schools
89-7/C [16038454] Sliffe awards
Gifted SS students
Committee on secondary school lectures
Committee to review NCTM teaching recommendations
Advisory committee on HSC and advisor to Olympiad awards ceremony
89-7/D [16327780] Postgraduate and adults
Committee on continuing education
History of WWII committee
Advisory committee on archives, 1981
Committee appointments
Committee reorganization, 1980
Special conferences
Committee on publications
Carus monographs, subcommittee
Dolciani expositions, subcommittee
MAA studies, subcommittee
New math library, subcommittee
Miscellaneous publications and [?]
American Mathematical Monthly
Mathematics Magazine
Two-Year College Mathematics Journal
Newsletter, Focus
UMAP editorial board
CROPP, 1981
Awards and honors
Committee on national awards and public representations
Committee on award for distinguished service to mathematics
Committee on Chauvenet prize
Committee on Hedrick lectures
Allendoerfor awards, subcommittee
Ford awards, subcommittee
Polya awards, subcommittee
Committee on Putnam prize
Ad hoc committee to review Associations system of awards, 1981
89-7/E [16327600] Parallel and associated organizations
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Association for Women in Math (AWM)
Council of Scientific Society Presidents
89-7/F [16327622] Mu Alpha Theta
Note: The contents of this box have not been verified.
National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences
International Congress of Mathematics Education (ICME)
Math Science Network
Science Manpower Commission
Work [?] proposal
International [?], 1981 [?]
Association of American Colleges (AAC)
Association for Cooperative E[?] (ACE)
Government organizations
Report on [?] ED-NSF
Department of Education
National Institute of Health
Science advisor to president
State Department
Science and Technology Committee, U.S. and U.N.
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
NS Board [?]
President's office
Travel vouchers
Budget for president's office
Material on Equipment for president's office
President's schedule
Retired president's address [?]
President's talks [?]
Reprint requests
President V[?] to S[?]
Clyde work proposal [?]
Post-Presidency, letters, January 1981-January 1982
Henry O. Pollak, President
90-3/1 [16329548] NCTM, Placement tests, 1974-1977
Mixed, includes proposal for audiovisual aids in calculus teaching, placement tests and cooperation with CEEB, 1973-1978
High school contest and Olympiad, vol. I, November 1973-August 1975
Olympiad, vol. II, July 1975-November 1977
New Math Library, 1974-1976
Miscellaneous, vol I, 1973-1976
Miscellaneous, vol. II, 1976-1977
Financial matters, 1973-1975
Financial matters, vol. II, 1975-1977
CEM Film Review Committee, 1965-1966
Committee on the Future Administrative Structure of the Association, 1966-1968
90-3/2 [16329661] Current, [Affiliation with sections, Assoc. for Applied Mathematics, January1978 meeting, Building, CBMS relations, Congressional science fellow, CUPM panel on math science major, EDC-MAA collaboration, Hand-held calculators, ICME80, Institutional membership, Mathematical World, National teacher examinations, Olympiad, Reported decline in the preparation of students for collegiate mathematics, Solicitation of funds, Two-year college math competition, WAM, Washington conference.], 1975-1978
New Jersey section, 1956-1960
Newsom, 1972-1976
WAM, IBM funding, 1974-1978
Mixed, largely mathematics tests (CLEP), mathematics modules for occupational and technical programs, two-year colleges, 1974-1977
"Action," [includes Hedrick lectures, building purchase, National Medal of Science, National Consortium for Black Professional Development], 1975-1976
WAM, 1974-1977
International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) IV (1980), 1978-1980
90-3/3 [16329650] International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) IV (1980), 1978-1980
90-3/4 [16329559] International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) IV (1980), 1978-1980
90-3/5 [16038115] International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) IV (1980), 1978-1980
Gerald J. Porter, Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committees, Treasurer, 1992-2002
Scope and Contents
Note: This is the first of two accessions from Gerald Porter. Arranged in roughly chronological order.
2003-133/1 [15995599] Financial report, 1979
Board of governors
Minutes, correspondence, 1980
Minutes, Ann Arbor, August 1980
Minutes, San Francisco, December 1980
Agendas and other material, [1975-1981]
National Science Foundation, Science in the 1980s
Science and Engineering Education for the 1980s and Beyond, October 1980
Indiana Section Newsletter, Spring 1981
Computer graphics session, Summer 1981
Board of governors
Pittsburgh meeting, agenda and other material, August 1981
Cincinnati meeting, January 1982
Agenda and other material
Annual report, 1980
Investments, Gilman correspondence, 1981
American Mathematical Society committee on science policy, 1982
Mathematics at Work in Society (MAWIS), undated
Section leader book, Guidelines for Sections, undated
College Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS) minutes, includes information on NSF pre-college, April 29, 1982
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM), Recommendations for a General Mathematical Sciences Program, 1981
Financial report, 1981
Toronto meeting [two folders], August 1982
Toronto handouts, 1982
Contributed papers on "Uses of Computers in Undergraduate Mathematics Education", November 1982
Board of Governors agenda, Albany meeting, August 1983
Building appraisal, July 1983
Governor nominations, undated
Election of governor, 1983
Board of Governors meeting, Denver, January 1983
Executive committee meeting, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section, minutes, May 14, 1983
Albany meeting, contributed papers, 1983
Program of Visiting Lecturers and Consultants, 1981-1982
Louisville meeting, Board of Governors and other material, 1984
Board of Governors, Anaheim meeting, January 1985
Board of Governors, Laramie meeting, August 1985
Board of Governors agenda, New Orleans meeting, January 1986
Committee to Review the Associations Meeting Programs (CRAMP), [two folders], 1980-1985
Audited financial statements, 1984-1985
Corporate Membership Committee, 1984
Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers (COMET), 1986
Addresses and other material, 1980-1985
"Testimony on Undergraduate Mathematics," presented to the Committee on Undergraduate Education of the National Science Board, by Lynn Steen, November 20, 1985
Executive and Finance Committees, Fund for Improvement of Post-secondary Education (FIPSE), May 7, 1986
Committee on Computers in Mathematics Education (CCIME), 1986
Board of Governors, New Orleans meeting, January 1986
Political outreach, 1985-1986
Audit and Budget Committee, 1986
Executive and Finance Committees
Minutes, May 1986
Agenda and other material, August 1986
Board of Governors, Berkeley meeting, agenda, August 1986
Executive and Finance Committees
Long range planning, 1986
Electronic mail, 1986
Board of Governors, 1986
Berkeley meeting minutes for Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committees, Audit and Budget Committee, etc., August 1986
Executive and Finance Committees
Agenda, November 1986
Correspondence, finance, August 1986-December 1986
Correspondence, non-finance, August 1986-December 1986
Minutes, Executive and Finance Committees and Audit and Budget Committee, November 1986
Executive and Finance Committees minutes, November 1986
Finance committee, January 1987
San Antonio meeting, dues and income projections, [includes transparencies], 1987
Board of Governors agenda, San Antonio meeting, January 1987
Executive and Finance Committees agenda and minutes, January 1987
2003-133/2 [15995760] Report of the treasurer, 1986
Fundraising development, July 1987
Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Conference on the influence of Testing on Mathematics Education, 1986
Executive and Finance Committees minutes, May 1987
Audited financial statements, December 31, 1986
Executive and Finance Committees, May 1987
Executive and Finance Committees, 1986
Executive and Finance Committees agenda (November 1987) and other material, 1987
Minutes of the Board of Governors and Executive and Finance Committees, Salt Lake City meeting, August 1987
Board of Governors agenda, Salt Lake City meeting, August 1987
Executive and Finance Committees and Board of Governors, agendas and other material, August 1987
Finances, 1987
Audit and Budget Committee meeting, October 28, 1989
Budget, 1988
Board of Governors Handbook, undated
Executive and Finance Committees minutes, November 1987
Executive and Finance Committees and Board of Governors agendas and related material, Atlanta meeting, January 1988
Executive and Finance Committees and Board of Governors minutes, Atlanta meeting, January 1988
Audit and Budget Committee, May 1988
Building report, May 1988
Building construction, 1988-1989
Audited Financial Statements, 1987
Executive and Finance Committees agenda and related material, May 1988
Executive and Finance Committees minutes, May 1988
Electronic mail, February 1987-April 1988
Board of Governors minutes and agenda and Executive and Finance Committees minutes, Providence meeting, August 1988
Executive and Finance Committees agenda and related material, Providence meeting, August 1988
Board of Governors and general programs, Providence meeting, August 1988
Committees, general, 1986
International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), 1986
Executive and Finance Committees, Publications, 1986
Audit and Budget Committee report and list of officers, 1988
Executive and Finance Committees, November 1988
2003-133/3 [15995602] Audit and Budget Committee funding requests, Washington meeting, 1988-1989
Audit and Budget Committee funding requests, 1990
Summary of financial statements, 1988
Long range planning, 1986
Membership, 1990
Executive and Finance Committees, Washington meeting, May 1989
Phoenix meeting, minutes and related material, January 1989
Financial performance charts, 1991
Auditor's report, 1989
Audit and Budget Committee, finance, May 1989
Executive and Finance Committees, Board of Governors, Boulder meeting, August 1989
Executive and Finance Committees, November 1989
Executive and Finance Committees, agenda, Louisville meeting, January 1990
75th anniversary, "A Year of National Dialogue", 1990
Executive and Finance Committees minutes, Washington meeting, November 1989
Executive and Finance Committees and Board of Governors minutes, Louisville meeting, January 1990
Board of Governors agenda and related material, Louisville meeting, January 1990
Executive and Finance Committees agenda, minutes, and related material, June 1990
Board of Governors agenda, minutes, and related material, Columbus meeting, August 1990
Executive and Finance Committees agenda and related material, Columbus meeting, August 1990
Executive and Finance Committees agenda, minutes, treasurer's report, and related material, November 1990
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1989
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1990
Board of Governors agenda, minutes, and related material, San Francisco meeting, January 1991
Executive and Finance Committees agenda, minutes, and related material, San Francisco meeting, January 1991
Executive and Finance Committees agenda, minutes, and related material, Washington D.C. meeting, May 1991
2003-133/2 [15995760] Audit and Budget Committee meeting agenda and related material, October 24, 1991-October 25, 1991
Orono meeting, Board of Governors and Executive and Finance Committees minutes, agendas, and other material, August 1991
General, including Executive and Finance Committees and Board of Governors material, 1991
2003-133/4 [15995726] Joint Policy Board on Mathematics (JPBM)
May 1993
October 1993
San Antonio meeting, January 1993
Sessions, etc
Board of Governors
Executive and Finance Committees
Executive and Finance Committees agenda, minutes, and related material, Washington meeting, May 1993
Audit and Budget Committee agenda and related material, Washington meeting, May 1993
Executive and Finance Committees, Board of Governors, and related material, Vancouver meeting, November 1993
Audit and Budget Committee, Vancouver meeting, November 1993
List of MAA life members, November 1991
Gerald J. Porter, Board of Governors, Executive and Finance Committees, Treasurer
Scope and Contents
Note: This is the second of two accessions from Gerald Porter. It is arranged by office or committee, and chronologically within those sub-groups. Also included in this accession were files relating to the EPADEL Section and the Interactive Mathematics Texts Project (IMTP), which are listed under the appropriate series in this finding aid.
2013-019/1 [18248163] Investment Committee
[Minutes], 1981-1990
[Board correspondence], 1983-1985
Fall 1985 [correspondence, clippings, and other material], 1984-1985
South Africa, 1985-1988
Berkeley meeting, 1986
[Correspondence and reports], 1986
San Antonio meeting, 1986-1987
South African investments, 1986
[South Africa policy debate], 1986-1987
1987 March, Quarterly Investment Committee Reports, 1987
[Correspondence and reports], 1987-1988
[Financial records and correspondence], 1987
Life members, 1987-1995
January 1988 [correspondence and reports], 1987-1988
Providence meeting, August 1988
1989 [correspondence and reports], 1988-1989
ICCR, South Africa, 1989
1990 [correspondence, clippings, and minutes], 1990
Columbus meeting, 1990
Reports to Board of Governors and Executive Committee, 1991-2002
1992 [minutes and reports], 1991-1993
Minutes, 1993-1996
Vanguard Funds, 1993-1995
[Burlington meeting], 1995
[Correspondence, minutes, and reports, 1995-1996
[Mangham Associates, consultants], 1995-1996
1996 [correspondence and reports], 1996
[Mangham Associates reports], 1996
Statement of management and investment objectives, 1996, 1999
1997 [reports, correspondence, and minutes], 1997-1998
[Financial reports], 2000
Investments [reports and Porter retirement dinner], 2002
Baltimore meeting, 2003
Board of Governors
Institute for Mathematical Sciences Education [and Baltimore Board of Governors meeting], 1991-1992
Baltimore meeting, 1992
[Directories and handbooks], 1992-1997
Québec meeting, August 1992
2013-019/2 [18248152] Strategic plan and response, 1992
Board of Governors handbook, 1996
Baltimore meeting, January 1998, 1997-1998
San Antonio meeting, January 1999, 1998-1999
Providence meeting, July 1999
Washington, DC meeting, January 2000, 1999-2000
Los Angeles meeting, August 2000
San Diego meeting, January 2002, 2001-2002
Executive and Finance Committees
[Correspondence], 1990-1998
National educational goals panel, 1991
[Correspondence], 1992
[Correspondence and other materials], 2002
Baltimore meeting, January 1992, 1991-1992
Washington, DC meeting [2 folders], May 1992
Québec meeting, August 1992
Washington, DC meeting, November 1992
Minneapolis meeting, August 1994
Agendas and minutes, 1998-2002
Minutes, 1998-1999
November 1998 meeting, background material, 1998
Washington, DC meeting, November 1998
Washington, DC meeting [2 folders], May 1999
Providence meeting, July 1999
Decoupling research, circa 2000
Washington, DC meeting, January 2000
Exec. Comm. [reports and correspondence], 2001-2002
AMC [American Mathematics Competition], 1989-1996
Dues and taxes, 1991-1992
[Correspondence and reports], 1992-2002
2013-019/3 [18246044] Fund for Aid to Sections, 1992-1994
[Graube patent dispute], 1992-1994
Proposal approval, 1992
Dilworth case [and other cases], 1994-1996
Employee benefits, 1994-1995
Grant proposals [I], circa 1994
[Legal cases], 1994
History of Finance Commitee, 1995
Grant proposals [II], 1996, undated
National officers' handbook, 1996
Awards etc., investment transfers, 1997
Hu account, 1997
Meeting agreements and contracts, 1997
Accounting manual, undated
Professional Development Committee
[Publications and reports], 1979, 1995, undated
[Correspondence, reports, and clippings], 1995-1996
Faculty development, 1995
[Orlando meeting, January 1996], 1995-1996
[Correspondence and notes], 1996
Online courses, 1996, undated
[San Antonio meeting, January 1997], 1996-1997
Selden CVs, 1996
Short courses, 1996-1997
Atlanta meeting, 1997
[Minutes, agendas, and notes], 1997-2003
[New Orleans meeting, January 2000], 2000
PREP [Professional Enhancement Programs], 2002-2003
MAA Comprehensive Professional Development Program proposal, undated
Membership Committee
August 1995 meeting, 1994-1995
[Minutes and correspondence], 1994-1995
1996 [correspondence], 1996
Institutional membership, 1996
[San Diego meeting, January 1997], 1996-1997
[Baltimore meeting, January 1998], 1996-1998
Membership report, 1998
Providence meeting, July 1999
[Notes and annual report], 2003-2004
[Minutes, notes, and correspondence], 2005-2006
New Orleans meeting, January 2007, 2006-2007
[Reports, notes, and correspondence], 2006-2008
[Notes, minutes, and reports], 2007
Board of Governors motions on memberships, 2009
2013-019/4 [18248130] Audit and Budget Committee
May 1992 Agenda, 1992
[Correspondence, reports, and agenda], 1992
ABC meeting, May 20-21, 1997-1998, undated
[Auditor's reports]
Committee on Meetings
[Correspondence], 1986-1988
San Antonio meeting, 1987 January, 1986-1987
Salt Lake City meeting, August 1987
1988 Meetings, 1987-1988
Phoenix meeting, January 1989, 1988
1990 committee meetings, 1990
Ad hoc Committee on Summer Meetings, 1990
[Correspondence and minutes], 1990-1992
Personnel Committee
AED search, 1993-1996
May 1993 meeting, 1993
May 1996 meeting, 1995-1996
November 1998 meeting, 1998
Performance reviews, 2000
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning Design Committee report, 1994
Cycle II Membership committee, 2006
Membership Working Group, handbook [2 folders], 2006
Membership Working Group, instructions and charge, 2006
Membership Working Group, university data, 2006
Other Committees
Committee to Review Development Office, 1986-1987
Math Olympiad Ceremonies Committee, 1990-1991
Building Fund Committee, 1990-1992
Building Fund Committee, contruction, 1991-1993
Committee on Committee Reports, 1991-1996
Committee on Computers in Mathematics Education (CCiME), 1991-1994, 2002-2003
Committee on Electronic Services, 1992-1996
Publications Management Committee [2 folders], 1992-2001
2013-019/5 [18248120] Coordinating Council on Meetings [I], 1993-1996
Building Subcommittee, 1996-1999
Coordinating Council on Meetings [II], 1996-2001
Mathfest 1997 Planning Committee, 1996-1997
Executive Director Search Committee, 1998-1999
Committee on Graduate Students, 2003-2004
Secretary Search Committee, 2008-2009
Other Files
[Mathematics education, publications], 1989-1992
[Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, and publications], 1990-2002
[Mathematics assessment], 1991-1993, undated
[Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, and publications], 1992
Other organizations [NAM and SIAM], 1992, 1995, undated
Foils for presentation, San Francisco [IMTP], 1995
Jerusalem talk, Interactive Linear Algebra, 1995
Committee chairs handbook, 1996
Professional development talk [ICTCM], 1996
Remediation, 1996
San Antonio meeting, January 1999, schedules, reports, and agendas, 1998-1999
Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA) and MathDL, 2000-2004
PREP consultants workshop, departmental review, 2005
IMTP talk, undated
Kenneth Ross, Secretary and President
89-7/1 [16038137] Secretarial files
Sections Committee, January 1973-December 1986
Public Information Panel, February 1984-December 1988
89-7/2 [16038080] Officers Visits to Sections, January 1972-November 1983
Committee on Secondary School Lectures, January 1973-February 1987
89-7/3 [16038192] Committee on Secondary School Lectures, January 1968-December 1972
Black Secondary School Lecturers, May 1976-December 1981
Committee on Visiting Lecturers, February 1971-August 1980
Ad Hoc Committee on TYC Math Contests, October 1977-February 1978
Committee on Two Year Colleges, October 1971-December 1987
Committee on Special Funds, August 1974-January 1976
89-7/4 [16329560] Committee on Special Funds, January 1976-August 1983
Membership Committee, September 1971-December 1988
Committee on Exchange of Information, March 1970-January 1984
89-7/5 [16329592] Committee on Corporate Members, February 1969-May 1986
Archives Committee, March 1976-July 1985
Advisement and Personnel, January 1968-January 1983
89-7/6 [16329515] Olympiad Material, September 1977-December 1983
Olympiad Fund Raising Committee, June 1975-December 1981
Olympiad Publicity, June 1975-July 1981
89-7/7 [16329570] Olympiad Material, September 1974-August 1977
CAMC Booklets, August 1983-January 1986
Mientka Letters, August 1983-December 1986
High School Contests Committee, June 1980-December 1986
89-7/8 [16329526] High School Contests Committee, September 1974-May 1980
Committee to Recommend Executive Director - High School Math Exam, May 1975-August 1975
Membership Applications, January 1974-December 1986
89-7/9 [16038148] Headquarters Information, March 1979-September 1983
Building Fund Drive, January 1978-October 1981
Building and Budget Committee, January 1978-March 1979
Building Committee, September 1976-April 1978
Committee to Investigate Purchase of a Building, February 1975-September 1976
Nominating Committee for Treasurer, 1968-1972, 1973-1977, 1978-1982
Committee on Hiring Editorial Manager, 1983
Committee for Associate Executive Director, 1980
Committee for Associate Director, 1973-1977
Nomination Committee for Editor of Newsletter, 1981-1985
Nomination Committee for Editor of TYCMJ, 1974-1978, 1981-1985
Nomination Committee for Editor of Mathematics Magazine, 1960-1985
89-7/10 [16038104] Nomination Committee for Editor of the Monthly, 1979-1981?, 1982-1986
Nomination Committee for Editor of the Monthly, 1962-1966, 1967-1971, successor to Rosenbaum, 1974-1978
Nominating Committee, 1979-1983
Nominating Committee, 1974-1977
Nominating Committee, 1972-1973
Nominating Committee, 1969-1971
Nominating Committee, 1967-1968
Nominating Committee, 1964-1966
Committee on Publications, August 1974-December 1983
Committee to Review Operating Procedures for Publications, June 1981-June 1982
Subcommittee on MAA Publications Abroad, February 1977-July 1978
Photo Composition, January 1978-February 1978
Subcommittee on Miscellaneous Publications, August 1974-June 1982
89-7/11 [15994938] New Math Library, July 1974-December 1981
Dolciani Math Expositions, October 1974-May 1978
Ad Hoc Committee on the Source Book on Applications of Math, October 1977-December 1977
Brink Selected papers, October 1976-December 1977
Creative Publications, May 1978-December 1978
Selected Papers in Various Areas, 1974-1978
Committee on Ford Awards, January 1965-January 1981
Chauvener Prize, January 1968-March 1978
Putnam, January 1973-May 1978
Putnam Prize Competition, March 1973-May 1978
Putnam Problem Book, January 1971-October 1972
Putnam Competitions, 1938, 1939, 1942
89-7/12 [16038024] Ad Hoc Newsletter Fundraising Committee, January 1981-June 1981
Newsletter Committee, April 1978-March 1981
FOCUS, February 1981
Mathematical World, August 1975-January 1978
Math Clips, August 1974-June 1980
NCTM Business, April 1975-June 1981
CSSP (Council of Scientific Society Presidents), January 1976-December 1982
89-7/13 [16038057] Association of American Colleges, May 1968-February 1979
AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science, January 1973-December 1988
American Mathematical Society, January 1971-November 1981
Joint Administrative Committee, January 1965- December 1980
JPBM, June 1984-December 1985
JCCM-JPBM, November 1982-May 1984
JPCM, June 1975-January 1982
Relations Between AMS and MAA, February 1973-July 1974
89-7/14 [16038170] Report Airlie Conference, 1982
Committee to Assess Association's Role in Membership in CBMS, September 1977-July 1978
CBMS - Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences, January 1973-December 1981
JPBM, January 1986-December 1988
Relations with Office of Education, September 1972-March 1980
NSF/National Institute of Education, March 1977-September 1980
National Research Council, January 1972-March 1978
89-7/15 [16327961] National Research Council, January 1968-December 1971
US Commission on Mathematical Instruction, June 1958-December 1983
GENESYS, June 1977-November 1977
International Science and Engineering Fair, January 1975-October 1980
National Consortium for Black Professional Development, August 1976-February 1978
Mu Alpha Theta, January 1969-December 1972
Joint MAA/NCTM Committee to Monitor Responses to the Recommendations Document, March 1978-October 1980
Washington Conference, PRIME 80, 1976-1980
CEEB-MAA Joint Committee on Mutual Concerns, February 1977-December 1986
Ad Hoc Committee on Adult Education, September 1978-June 1981
Articulation Committee, February 1982-November 1985
Committee on Continuing Education, March 1978-April 1981
89-7/16 [16327360] Committee on Educational Media, December 1972-June 1981
Film Projects Committee, August 1970-February 1975
Advisory Committees on Films, August 1970-November 1974
Committee to Set Up Guidelines for Evaluation, October 1971-July 1980
Committee on Institutes and Workshops, January 1971-May 1978
Institutional Nominees in AMS, September 1974-February 1975
Committee on National Awards and Public Representation, February 1969-March 1983
Committee on Performance Contracting, 1971-1972
Sabbatical Exchange Information Service, December 1974-December 1978
89-7/17 [16327860] Placement Exams, October 1973-November 1980
Panel on Basic Skills, subcommittee o Committee on Placement Exams, February 1978-May 1978
Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities, December 1972-June 1978
Employment in two-year colleges, 1973-April 1977
MIA-SIAM Committee on Applications in the College Curriculum, July 1978-November 1981
COMET, August 1983-December 1987
CTUM, July 1976-October 1979
CUPM, January 1980-November 1983
89-7/18 [16327848] CUPM, December 1974-December 1979 (with gap)
CUPM Teacher Training Panel, January 1980-March 1981
Ad Hoc Joint ACM-MAA Committee on Retraining for Computer Science, June 1982-July 1988
Teaching Graduate Students to Teach, December 1973-September 1977
MAA/UMAP, December 1978-December 1979
Committee on Reported Decline in Preparation for Students in College Math, December 1975-May 1978
ICM, 1986
89-7/19 [15994712] ICM, 1986
ICME, 1980
ICME, 1976-1980
Ad Hoc Committee on Institutional Membership for Sections, 1976
Discrimination, February 1952-February 1964
Joint Committee on Graduate Programs at Traditionally Black Institutions, November 1973-November 1974
Committee on New Ideas, November 1974-December 1978
Committee on Job Security, September 1975-August 1977
Committee to Oversee Dissolution of the Special Projects Office, August-November 1977
Merchandising Committee, February 1983
Miscellaneous (Roselle), September 1974-September 1983
History of MAA, August 1984
89-7/20 [15994701] World War II History, February 1976-January 1987
Women, WAM, AWM, February 1973-December 1981
Committee to Review Election Procedures, September 1983-January 1985
Grant Proposals, December 1981-July 1986
Gillman Correspondence, July 1983-December 1985
Washington Office Correspondence, July 1983-December 1986
Structure of the Government of the Association, March 1961-September 1961
Award for Distinguished Service Committee, January 1969-February 1984
89-7/21 [16327815] Publicity Reports, August 1960-October 1977
Bicentennial Subcommittee, March 1975-May 1978
Walter B. Carver Memorial Fund, April 1978
J. M. Thomas File, March 1975-December 1977
Committee to Review Associations Award System, March 1981-October 1982
Reciprocity Agreements, July 1970-August 1973
Reducostcom [?], September 1974-February 1975
Undergraduate Program in Math (Publication), July 1972-November 1974
Guidebook, December 1974-March 1976
Annotated Bibliography, May 1975-July 1976
Eighty-Year Index on the Monthly, September 1974-February 1979
American Mathematical Monthly, July 1974-September 1980
Ad Hoc Committee on Frequency of Publications of TYCMJ, January-May 1981
TYCMJ Reader, September 1980-July 1981
Two-Year College Math Journal, March 1969-February 1980
Mathematics Magazine, June 1974-May 1978
89-7/22 [16327837] Committee on Committees, September 1981-December 1985
Committee Lists, 1983-1986
Candidates for Committees, May 1974-September 1981
Officers and Committees, 1982, 1975
ICME Site Selection, 1977-1978
Meeting Programs, 1956-1975, undated
General Meeting Information, 1976-1984
Poster Sessions, 1975-1979
Ad Hoc Committee to review Association Meeting Programs, January 1980-January 1982
Places of Meetings, January 1979-June 1980
89-7/23 [15994734] Places of Meetings, November 1975-December 1978
VPI Meeting, April 1976-September 1978
Ad Hoc Committee to Consider Plans for Meeting at University of Arkansas, 1982
Joint Meetings Committee, September 1980-December 1981
Agendas and Minutes of Joint Meetings Committee, August 1973-August 1985
Henry Alder Luncheon, January 1975
NCTM San Diego Meeting, 1978
Brown August 1978 Meeting
Contributed Paper Session, January 1982-February 1982
Banquet for 25-Year Members, 1977, 1982
Denver January 1983 Meeting, I and II
89-7/24 [16327859] Albany August 1983 Meeting, 1-4
Louisville January 1984 Meeting, 1-3
Eugene August 1984 Meeting
Contributed Papers
Hour Speakers
SS, Panels, etc.
AMS, AWM, etc.
Local Matters 1 & 2
Anaheim January 1985 Meeting
Contributed Papers
Hour Speakers
SS, Panels, etc.
Committee Meetings
AMS, AWM, etc.
Local Arrangements
89-7/25 [16327371] Laramie August 1985 Meeting
Contributed Papers
Hour Speakers
SS, Panels, etc.
Committee Meetings
Local Arrangements
New Orleans January 1986 Meeting
Contributed Papers
Hour Speakers
SS, Panels, etc.
Committee Meetings
AMS, AWM, etc.
Local Arrangements
Berkeley August 1986 Meeting
San Antonio January 1987 Meeting
Contributed Papers
Hour Speakers
SS, Panels, etc., 1 & 2
Committee Meetings
AMS, AWM, etc.
Local Arrangements
National Meetings Program Committee, March 1981-November 1984
Committee on Minicourses, October 1979-December 1983
Ad Hoc Committee on Short Courses, October 1977-November 1982
Hedrick Lectures, January 1960-April 1978
89-7/26 [15994870] Executive and Finance Committees, June 1983-December 1988
89-7/27 [15994745] Executive and Finance Committees, February 1977-May 1983
Finance Committee, September 1977-December 1988
89-7/28 [16327826] Finance Committee, January 1975-August 1977
Audit and Budget Committee, June 1978-November 1988
Budget Review Committee, 1974-May 1978
Investment Committee, June 1974-December 1988
89-7/29 [15994869] Business Meetings, August 1984-August 1988
Board of Governors, July 1981-August 1988
89-7/30 [16327316] Board of Governors, July 1974-June 1981
Committees on Computers in Mathematics Education, January 1983-December 1988
CUPM-CCIME Panel on Computers in the Classroom, October 1983-May 1986
Ad Hoc Committee on MAA Computer Usage, April 1978-January 1981
CTUM, June 1979-December 1988
CUPM, August 1983-December 1988
CUPM-CTUM-CTYC Remediation Panel, September 1978- March 1986
Membership Applications, January 1987-July 1989
2000-233/1 Presidential files
MAA Coordinating Council on Awards, 1997-1998
MAA Coordinating Council on Awards, 1995-1997
MAA Coordinating Council on Awards, 1994-1995
MAA Coordinating Council on Awards, 1991-1994
MAA Committee on External Awards, 1988-1996
MAA Committee on Teaching Awards, 1991-1996
MAA Ad Hoc Committee on Awards, 1989-1991
MAA Committee on Committee Structure, 1990-1992
MAA Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws, 1992-1994
MAA Nominating Committee, 1992-1993
MAA Nominating Committee, Secretary, 1995
MAA Ad Hoc Committee on Foreign Members, 1994-1997
MAA Ad Hoc Committee on Elections, 1990-1992
Lee Seitelman article, 1996
Queens College crisis, 1996
New Mexico State University crisis, 1996
University of Rochester crisis, 1995-1996
Greater MAA Fund, 1996-1997
Greater MAA Fund, 1995-1996
MAA Endowment/Planned Giving, 1994-1996
MAA Development Committee, 1996
MAA headquarters restructuring, 1995
MAA legal issues, 1994-1996
MAA projects, etc. (out of Washington D.C. office), 1994-1996
MAA personnel matters, 1994-1996
2000-233/2 MAA strategic planning, 1994-1995
MAA "President's Column", 1995-1996
MAA presidential reports and essays, including biographical information on Kenneth Ross, 1994-1997
Photograph of Kenneth Ross, 1993
MAA Task Force on AAAS Representatives, 1995
MAA Task Force on Board of Governors' Effectiveness, 1994-1995
MAA Task Force on Member Services, 1995-1996
MAA Committee on Professional Development, 1996
Marilyn Vos Savant, "Ask Marilyn", 1993-1994
Herman Berg and Alan Selby, 1994-1997
MAA Task Force on Graduate Students, 1995-1998
MAA Task Force to Review the Structure of the Executive and Finance Committees, 1998
MAA Committee on Committees, 1994-1997
University of Oregon accounts, 1983-1997
MAA Secretary correspondence, 1989-1996
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1995-1996
American Mathematical Association of Two-year Colleges, 1995-1997
American Mathematical Society, 1994-1996
American Society of Association Executives, 1994-1995
Association for Women in Mathematics, 1994-1995
Coordinating Board for AMATYC, MAA, and NCTM, 1994-1997
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, 1996
Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 1994-1996
Joint Policy Board for Mathematics, 1995-1996
Mathematical Sciences Education Board, 1994-1995
National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, 1994-1995
2000-233/3 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1995-1996
National Science Foundation; National Research Council, 1995-1996
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1995
Sociedad de Matematica Mexicana, 1994-1996
MAA publicity and public relations, 1993-1994
MAA awards, 1995
American Mathematics Competitions, 1994-1996
International Mathematical Olympiad, 1994-1997
USA Mathematical Olympiad, 1994-1996
MAA Science Policy Committee, 1994-1996
MAA Edyth May Sliffe Award, 1995-1996
MAA Committee on Publications, 1995-1996
Mathematical education, 1995
MAA Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics, 1994-1996
MAA Project NExT, 1994-1996
Research in mathematics education, 1992-1995
Undergraduate Mathematics Education Trends, 1995
MAA Coordinating Council on Human Resources, 1996
MAA Professional Development, 1995-1996
Job market, 1993-1995
Charles Mannix and Ken Ross, "Myths in Math", 1995
Student issues, 1994-1996
Strengthening Underrepresented Minority mathematics Achievement, 1994-1996
MAA Women and Mathematics, 1995
MAA miscellany, 1994-1996
2.325/A92a [SRH1230000189] Ken Ross, expenses, 1989-1997
Lynn Arthur Steen, President
AAM-STE/1 [15994326] MAA Executive Committee, 1983-1987
AAM-STE/2 [15994337] MAA Board of Governors, 1983-1987
Section newsletter
AAM-STE/3 [15994360] MAA prize, contest, meetings, and project committees, 1983-1987
AAM-STE/4 [15994315] MAA, 1983-1987
Committee on committees, Long range plan, E and F agenda, Finance committee, 1983-1987
AAM-STE/5 [15994359] MAA ad hoc and joint committees, 1983-1987
AAM-STE/6 [15994370] MAA standing committees, 1984-1987
AAM-STE/7 [15994348] MAA, 1987-1990
AAM-STE/8 [15994381] CUPM; Board of Governors, 1988-1991
E. J. McShane, President, 1953-1954
2009-256/1 [14009885] Board of Governors, Presidential files
Agendas, 1950-1954
Committees, 1951-1954
Board of Governors
2009-256/1 [14009885] Minutes, letter, 1951
Treasurer's report, 1952
Presidential files
2009-256/1 [14009885] Ballot results, 1952
2009-256/1 [14009885] January-December 1952
January-June 1953
2009-256/2 [14009874] July-December 1953
January-November 1954
Lists of Section and MAA officers, 1953, undated
Notes, undated
Other organizations
2009-256/2 [14009874] American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1952
American Mathematical Society, 1952-1953, undated
American Council on Education, 1953
American Society for Engineering Education, 1954
National Science Foundation, undated
2.325/A92a [SRH1230000189] Don Von Odsel, expenses, 1993-1995
Records of editors, presidents, and secretaries from MAA headquarters
86-14/65 [15994020] Henry L. Alder, Secretary, 1961-1964
Henry L. Alder, Secretary, 1959-1960
C. B. Allendoerfer, Editor and President, 1949-1963
R. V. Andree, Editor, 1954-1961
R. C. Archibald, 1929-1952
Autographs - US Mathematicians
4RM203c Snapshots taken by W. L. Ayres at "Bologna Congress, 1928," of Rosenthal, O. Nikodym, Frankl, Sierpinski, G. C. Young, W. H. Young, Miss Young, Mazurkiew, S. Nikodym, and Kuratowski, 1928
Photo of Harry M. Gehman, October 1957
86-14/65 [15994020] Autographs - Foreign Mathematicians
W. L. Ayres, 1941-1951
86-14/66 [15994075] E. T. Bell, 1931-1935
R. H. Bing, President, 1963-1964
R. W. Brinks, President, 1935-1949
Lydia T. Bucknell, 1942-1959
Jewell H. Bushey, 1951-1953
W. H. Bussey, 1929-1939
William Deweese Cairns, includes obituary, 1943-1955
W. D. Cairns, 1941-1942
W. D. Cairns, 1939-1940
Walter B. Carver, 1939-1942
86-14/67 [15994031] W. B. Carver, 1932-1938
Walter Buckingham Carver, includes obituary (1879-1961), 1948-1962
Florian Cajori, offprint of tribute by E. W. Schreiber, 1932 David Raymond Curtiss, 1935-1953. Includes letter from A. W. Tucker, who was Curtiss' son-in-law, April 30, 1953
Arnold Dresden, 1932-1950
Roy Dubisch, Editor Mathematics Magazine, 1963-1967
William L. Duren, 1950-1958
F. A. Ficken, Editor, Monthly, 1960-1967
Benjamin F. Finkel, (see also: Hardy Fund), 1928-1947
Lester R. Ford, includes chronology of life (1886-), 1946-1976
Lester R. Ford, 1945-1946
86-14/68 [15994097] Lester R. Ford, 1942-1944
Lester R. Ford, 1940-1941
Thornton C. Fry, including letters by R. D. G. Richardson, 1940-1941
Harry M. Gehman, 1966-1969
E. R. Hedrick, 1917-1943
Robert E. Horton, editor, Mathematics Magazine, 1961-1963
R. D. James, Editor, Monthly (see also: Editorial expenses), 1952-1962
Dunham Jackson, includes offprints of NAS bibliography, memoir of Jackson (1888-1946), 1952-1959
S. A. Jennings, editor, Mathematics Magazine, 1967-1970
Louis C. Karpinski, clipping from Science, by P. S. Jones
Aubrey J. Kempner, 1930-1947
86-14/69 [15993979] Rudolph E. Langer, 1938-1968
C. C. MacDuffee, 1945-1947
Saunders Mac Lane, 1947-1953
E. J. McShane, 1952-1955
Henry P. Manning, (Letters from C. R. Adams re: death), 1956
George A. Miller, clipping from Collier's 21 July 1951, "Miller's Million", 1951
Edwin E. Moise, includes photo, 1966-1969
Lloyd Montzingo, Jr., 1957-1962
E. J. Moulton, 1940-1951
E. J. Moulton, 1938-1940
E. J. Moulton, 1936-1937
86-14/70 [15994064] Carroll V. Newsom, 1949-1965
Carroll V. Newsom, 1946-1948
G. Baley Price, 1956-1964, President, 1957-1958
Robert A. Rosenbaum, 1966-1968
Herbert Ellsworth Slaught, includes biographical material (1861-1937), 1934-1937
H. E. Slaught, 1933-1934
H. E. Slaught, 1921-1932
David Eugene Smith, obituary from the New York Times, 30 July 1944
Albert W. Tucker, president, 1953-1963
86-14/71 [15993968] E. P. Vance, 1949-1956
Edward Burr Van Vleck Hall, dedication program, Wisconsin, 1963
Raymond L. Wilder, 1963-1967, president 1965-1966
3W111 [SRH1230030404] Photographs of MAA presidents, black and white, 5" X 7", 1916-1998

Publications, 1936-2015

4RM169 [SRH1230024883] Combined Membership List 1963-1964 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1964
Combined Membership List 1966-1967 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1967
Supplement to the Combined Membership List (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1964
2006-091/1 Combined Membership List 1979-1980 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1979
Combined Membership List 1980-1981 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1980
Combined Membership List 1981-1982 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1981
Combined Membership List 1982-1983 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1982
Combined Membership List 1985-1986 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1985
Combined Membership List 1986-1987 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1986
Combined Membership List 1988-1989 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1988
Combined Membership List 1990-1991 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1990
Combined Membership List 1991-1992 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1991
Combined Membership List 1992-1993 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1992
Combined Membership List 1993-1994 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1993
Combined Membership List 1994-1995 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1994
Combined Membership List 1996-1997 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1996
Combined Membership List 1979-2000 (AMS, MAA, SIAM), 1999
2005-025/1 [09523711] 1997 Directory of Mathematics-based Intervention Projects, Strengthening Underrepresented Minority Mathematics Achievement, 1997
93-429/83 The Mathematical Association of America: Its First Fifty Years, Kenneth O. May, Editor, 1972
2005-025/1 [09523711] Committee on Discrete Mathematics in the First Two Years, 1986
The Use of Calculators in the Standardized Testing of Mathematics, The College Board and the MAA, 1989
Mathematicians and Education Reform: Proceedings of the July 6, 1988 Workshop, Naomi Fisher, Harvey Keynes, Philip Wagreich, Editors, 1990
A Source Book for College Mathematics Teaching, Alan Schoenfeld, Editor, 1990
A Call for Change: Recommendations For The Mathematical Preparation Of Teachers Of Mathematics, James R. C. Leitzel, Editor, 1991
Mathematical Scientists at Work, 1991
Winning Women Into Mathematics, Patricia Clark Kenschaft, Editor, 1991
2000-170/2 A Basic Library List for Two-Year Colleges, 1980
Winning Women Into Mathematics, Patricia Clark Kenschaft, Editor, 1991
93-429/83 The Search for E. T. Bell, by Constance Reid, 1993
2005-025/1 [09523711] Survey of Minority Graduate Students in U.S. Mathematical Sciences Departments, Dr. John W. Alexander and Dr. William A. Hawkins, Co-Project Directors, 1997
Calculus: Catalyzing a National Community for Reform, NSF Awards 1987-1995, William E. Haver, Editor, 1998
Revolutions in Differential Equations: Exploring ODEs with Modern Technology, Michael J. Kallaher, Editor, 1999
4RM236 [SRH1230024955] Introduction to Modern Algebra, John L. Kelley: brochure, undated
Pamphlets, programs, and guides
4RM169 [SRH1230024883] Program of Visiting Lecturers, 1964-1965
Program of Visiting Lecturers, 1967-1968
Program of Visiting Lecturers, 1968-1969
Guidebook to the Departments in the Mathematical Sciences in the United States and Canada, 1965
Guidebook to the Departments in the Mathematical Sciences in the United States and Canada, 3rd ed., 1968
Information Booklet: Services Available to Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, Spring 1967
Information Booklet: Services Available to Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, Spring 1968
AAM-CUPM/1 [15832211] Information Booklet: Services Available to Universities, Colleges, Two-Year Colleges, Fall 1973
4RM169 [SRH1230024883] Programmed Learning and Mathematical Education: A CEM Study, Kenneth O. May, 1965
2000-170/2 Teaching Assistants and Part-time Instructors: A Challenge, 1987
Panel on Discrete Mathematics in the First Two Years, Preliminary Report, November 1984
A Curriculum in Flux: Mathematics at Two-Year Colleges, 1989
A Call for Change: Recommendations For The Mathematical Preparation of Teachers of Mathematics, James R. C. Leitzel, Editor, 1991
Communicating Among Communities: A Report of a Conference on Research in Collegiate Mathematical Education, 1992
The Forty-Second American High School Mathematics Examination, 1991
2005-025/1 [09523711] Challenges for College Mathematics: An Agenda for the Next Decade, Report of a Joint Task Force of the MAA and the Association of American Colleges, circa 1991
Charting Directions for Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education: A Conference Report, James R. C. Leitzel, Editor, 1994
Recognition and Rewards in the Mathematical Sciences: Report on the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics Committee on Professional Recognition and Rewards, 1994
Assessing Calculus Reform Efforts: A Report to the Community, Alan C. Tucker and James R. C. Leitzel, Editors, 1995
American Mathematical Monthly
2010-192/1 [18249734] Full issues of AMM, 1960, 1972, 1975, 1977
2015-037/1 [20878211] Full issues of AMM
October (Part II) 1958
January 1965-December 1965
January 1966-March 1966
2015-037/2 [20878313] April 1966-November 1966
February 1967-September 1967
2015-037/3 [20878357] October 1967-December 1967
January 1968-December 1968
2015-037/4 [20878324] January 1969-November 1969
August 1970-October 1970
August 1972-September 1972
February 1973
86-17/A [16327327] Alex Rosenberg, editor, 1974-1977
Scope and Contents
Note: Correspondence, galleys, manuscripts. Arranged by issue [?] with cards, one for each article in sets between the corresponding sets of folders
November 1975
January 1976
February 1976
March 1976
May 1976
April 1977
May 1977
August 1977-September 1977
October 1977
November 1977
86-17/B [16327451] December 1976
January 1977
February 1977
March 1977
April 1977
Classroom and Mathematics notes, July 1, 1974, January 1, 1975
Mathematical education, January 1, 1975
Problems, January 1975
86-17/C [16327462] Proposals for advanced problems, 1973-1976
Proposals for elementary problems, 1973-1976
Solutions for advanced problems, 1973-1976
Solutions for elementary problems, 1973-1976
Book reviews
Correspondence manuscripts and proofs, fewer card sets, mainly, 1974-1975, August 1976-September 1976
86-17/D [16331084] One accepted manuscript
Accepted and withdrawn papers, no card sets, 1975-1977
86-17/E [16327735] Rejected or withdrawn papers, 1975
MAA committees
Publications, 1974-1975
MAA Studies, 1975
E and F, 1975-1976
86-17/F [16327430] Rejected or withdrawn papers, 1973
Correspondence, 1974
Queries, 1-26 and rejected
Solicited articles, 1972-1975
AMM and MAA records
86-17/G [16327779] Miscellaneous AAM files
Correspondence, 1975-1976
Rejected articles in numerical order, many missing [the accepted ones?], numbers 110-196, 1973-1974
Card set, April 1977
86-17/H [16327757] Rejected articles [as above], numbers 197-304, 1974
Rejected articles [as above], numbers 197-304, 1974
MAA committees
Reducing costs of AMM
Advanced placement
86-17/I [16327768] MAA-NCTM project
NCTM-CUPM project on sourcebook on applications of mathematics
CUPM, 1975-1976
AMM yearly index issue
Monthly makeup
Unfiled printed material and correspondence
86-17/1 [16328080] Correspondence, 1972-1974
Accepted manuscripts, mathematics notes, classroom notes, mathematical education, and articles
86-17/2 [16328079] Correspondence, 1973
One card set
Manuscripts of accepted articles
86-17/3 [16780598] Manuscripts of accepted articles, mathematics notes, classroom notes
Card sets, April 1976, June 1976-July 1976
2.325/F96 [SRH1230001067] Editorial files, 1995-2001
Index to American Mathematical Monthly articles (accepted and rejected), 1997-2001
Numbers 1-2000
Numbers 2001-3311
2002-023/2 [09012020] Articles (accepted, arranged by AMM issue in which article appeared)
June 1996 and July 1996, April 1997, April 1997
2002-023/3 [09012031] April 1997-September 1997
2002-023/4 [09012042] October 1997-December 1997
2002-023/5 [09012053] January 1998-April 1998
2002-023/6 [09012064] May 1998-October 1998
Note: November 1998-January 1999 not in collection
2002-023/7 [09012075] February 1999-April 1999
2002-023/8 [09012086] May 1999-October 1999
2002-023/9 [09012097] October 1999-February 2000
2002-023/10 [09012100] February 2000-July 2000
2002-023/11 [09012111] June 2000-July 2000, November 2000
2002-023/12 [09012122] December 2000-February 2001
2002-023/13 [09012133] March 2001-May 2001
2002-023/14 [09012144] June 2001-July 2001, October 2001
2002-023/15 [09012155] October 2001-December 2001
2002-023/16 [09012166] Volumes 104-108, January 1997-November 2001
2002-023/17 [09012177] Articles (rejected), 1995-2001
Numbers 1-140
2002-023/18 [09012188] Numbers 141-289
2002-023/19 [09012199] Numbers 290-430
2002-023/20 [09012202] Numbers 431-576
2002-023/21 [09012213] Numbers 577-715
2002-023/22 [09012224] Numbers 716-870
2002-023/23 [09012235] Numbers 871-1035
2002-023/24 [09012246] Numbers 1036-1199
2002-023/25 [09012257] Numbers 1200-1329
2002-023/26 [09012268] Numbers 1330-1499
2002-023/27 [09012279] Numbers 1501-1650
2002-023/28 [09012280] Numbers 1651-1799
2002-023/29 [09012290] Numbers 1800-1952
2002-023/30 [09012304] Numbers 1953-2109
2002-023/31 [09012315] Numbers 2110-2253
2002-023/32 [09012326] Numbers 2254-2425
2002-023/33 [09012337] Numbers 2426-2579
2002-023/34 [09012348] Numbers 2580-2734
2002-023/35 [09012359] Numbers 2735-2894
2002-023/36 [09012360] Numbers 2895-3041
2002-023/37 [09012370] Numbers 3042-3199
2002-023/38 [09012381] Numbers 3200-3308
Editor's correspondence, November 1995-October 2001
"No response" file, 1998-2000
"Crank" file, 1996-2001
86-43/1 [16327870] Notes section
J. Arthur Seebach, editor, 1975-1984
Scope and Contents
Note: Includes typescript submitted notes, correspondence, and referee reports, alphabetical by author.
Abe - Blucher
86-43/2 [16327790] Blum - Colwell
86-43/3 [16327881] Conforto - Fontaine
86-43/4 [16327983] Forelli - Hirst
86-43/5 [16327699] Ho - Kotler
86-43/6 [16327972] Kramer - Meyerson
86-43/7 [16327804] Michaelides - Petkovich
86-43/8 [16329606] Pfaffenberger - Savage
86-43/9 [16329537] Scarwosky - Stark
86-43/10 [16329581] Steerneman - Whittlesey
86-43/11 [16329672] Wilansky - Zwick
Author card index
86-19/A [16038035] Problems section
Emory Potter Starke, editor, 1969-1976
Scope and Contents
Note: Material associated with each problem is arranged in order of the problem number. There are two series, Elementary Problems and Advanced Problems, and two corresponding number sequences. The Elementary Problem series is much more complete than the Advanced Problem series.
Elementary problems
86-19/B [16327407] 2245-2321
86-19/C [16327418] 2322-2391
86-19/D [16038013] 2392-2474
86-19/E [15994905] 2475-2526
86-19/F [15994927] 2527-2566
86-19/G [16327597] 2567-2635
86-19/H [16038181] Advanced problems
86-19/I [15994916] 5576-5788
86-19/J [16038160] 5791-5980
2008-284/1 [15993797] Paul T. Bateman, editor, 1987-1991
Scope and Contents
Note: 13 feet of records, including typescript and handwritten submitted problems, referee reports, correspondence, and administrative records. Problems are arranged in order of the problem number. Original folder titles were retained. The material was kept in the order received, listing problems from newest to oldest. There are three problem series, Rejected Proposals, Advanced Problems, and Elementary Problems, and three corresponding number sequences. Folders 36 & 37 contain administrative material. In addition, folders containing more recent submissions are more complete than ones containing earlier submissions. 1938-1996
Rejected Proposals
1990-1991: P2240-P2399
2008-284/2 [15993582] 1990-1991: P2070-P2239
2008-284/3 [15993550] 1988-1991: P1850-P2069
2008-284/4 [15993560] 1988-1991: P1650-P1849
2008-284/5 [15993549] 1987-1991: P1420-P1649
2008-284/6 [16329640] 1986-1989: P1220-P1419
2008-284/7 [15993662] 1986-1987: P1000-P1219
2008-284/8 [15993720] Solutions - Advanced Problems
Published, December 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6643-6645, 1988-1991
Published, November 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6640-6642, 1989-1996
Published, August 1990-September 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6637–6639, 1988-1991
Published, June 1990-July 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6634-6636, 1987-1991
Published, May 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6631-6633, 1989-1991
Published, April 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6628-6630, 1989-1991
Published, March 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6625-6627, 1988-1991
Published, February 1990
2008-284/8 [15993720] 6624, 1989-1990
2008-284/9 [15993800] 6622-6623, 1987-1992
Published, January 1990
2008-284/9 [15993800] 6619-6621, 1988-1991
Published, December 1989
2008-284/9 [15993800] 6612-6615, 1987-1990
Published, October 1989
2008-284/9 [15993800] 6609-6611, 1988-1999
Published, August 1989-September 1989
2008-284/9 [15993800] 6606-6608, 1987-1990
Published, June 1989-July 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6604-6605, 1987-1991
Published, May 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6601-6603, 1987-1990
Published, April 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6598-6600, 1987-1991
Published, March 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6595-6597, 1987-1991
Published, Febuary 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6592-6594, 1987-1990
Published, January 1989
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6589-6591, 1987-1990
Published, December 1988
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6586-6588, 1988-1990
Published, November 1988
2008-284/10 [15993742] 6584-6585, 1987-1990
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6583, 1987-1989
Published, October 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6579-6582, 1985-1989
Published, August 1988-September 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6576-6578, 1986-1989
Published, June 1988-July 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6574-6575, 1986-1989
Published, May 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6572-6573, 1986-1990
Published, April 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6571, 1986-1991
6570, 1987
Published, March 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6569, 1987-1988
6568, 1986-1988
Published, February 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6566-6567, 1986-1988
Published, January 1988
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6563-6565, 1986-1988
Published, December 1987
2008-284/11 [15993786] 6561-6562, 1986-1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6560, 1986-1988
Published, November 1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6557-6559, 1986-1988
Published, October 1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6554-6556, 1986-1988
Published, August 1987-September 1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6551-6553, 1986-1988
Published, June 1987-July 1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6548-6550, 1986-1989
Published, May 1987
2008-284/12 [15993811] 6545-6547, 1986-1987
Published, April 1987
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6542-6544, 1985-1987
Published, March 1987
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6539-6541, 1986-1989
Published, February 1987
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6536-6538, 1985-1988
Published, January 1987
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6533-6535, 1985-1988
Published, December 1986
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6531-6532, 1985-1988
Published, November 1986
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6529-6530, 1985-1987
Published, October 1986
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6526-6528, 1985-1988
Published, August 1986-September 1986
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6524-6525, 1985-1987
Published, June 1986-July 1986
2008-284/13 [15993753] 6521-6523, 1985-1988
Published, May 1986
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6518-6519, 1985-1986
Published, April 1986
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6514-6517, 1985-1987
Published, March 1986
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6512-6513, 1985-1990
Published, February 1986
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6509-6511, 1984-1986
Published, January 1986
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6507-6508, 1984-1986
Published, December 1985
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6506, 1985-1990
Published, 1985
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6499, 1985-1987
Published, 1984
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6483, 1986
Published, November 1984
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6477-6478, 1983-1990
Publication date unknown
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6467, undated
Published, June 1983-July 1983
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6434-6435, 1983-1986
Publication date unknown
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6426, 1986
6374, 1986-1987
Published, 1975, 1977
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6057, 1987-1988
Published, October 1975
2008-284/14 [15993775] 6052, 1977-1987
Published, 1970
2008-284/14 [15993775] 5735, 1970-1989
Publication date unknown
2008-284/14 [15993775] 5311, 1990-1991
Published, 1954
2008-284/14 [15993775] 4603, 1954-1990
Publication date unknown
2008-284/14 [15993775] 3918, 1990
Published, 1938, 1983
2008-284/14 [15993775] 3887, 1938-1989
2008-284/15 [15993709] Solutions - Elementary Problems
Published, April 1991
2008-284/15 [15993709] 3434, 1989-1991
Published, January 1991
2008-284/15 [15993709] 3418, 1991-1992
Published, December 1990
2008-284/15 [15993709] 3409-3414, 1979-1992
Published, November 1990
2008-284/15 [15993709] 3406-3408, 1989-1991
2008-284/16 [15993684] 3403-3405, 1990-1991
Published, August 1990-September 1990
2008-284/16 [15993684] 3397-3402, 1987-1992
Published, June 1990-July 1990
2008-284/16 [15993684] 3394-3396, 1987-1991
2008-284/17 [15993822] 3391-3393, 1988-1991
Published, May 1990
2008-284/17 [15993822] 3384-3390, 1987-1991
Published, April 1990
2008-284/17 [15993822] 3379-3383, 1989-1991
2008-284/18 [15993651] Published, March 1990
3373–3378, 1987-1990
Published, February 1990
2008-284/18 [15993651] 3367-3372, 1987-1991
Published, January 1990
2008-284/18 [15993651] 3362-3366, 1987-1990
2008-284/19 [15993630] 3361, 1989-1990
Published, December 1989
2008-284/19 [15993630] 3355–3360, 1989-1990
Published, November 1989
2008-284/19 [15993630] 3349-3354, 1987-1990
Published, October 1989
2008-284/19 [15993630] 3347–3348, 1988-1990
2008-284/20 [15993731] 3343-3346, 1987-1991
Published, June 1989-July 1989
2008-284/20 [15993731] 3335-3336, 1988-1990
2008-284/21 [15993695] 3331–3334, 1988-1990
Published, May 1989
2008-284/21 [15993695] 3325-3330, 1987-1990
Published, April 1989
2008-284/21 [15993695] 3321-3324, 1986-1990
2008-284/22 [15993764] 3319-3320, 1987-1990
Published, March 1989
2008-284/22 [15993764] 3313-3318, 1987-1990
Published, February 1989
2008-284/22 [15993764] 3307-3312, 1986-1991
Published, January 1989
2008-284/22 [15993764] 3304-3306, 1987-1991
2008-284/23 [15993710] 3301-3303, 1987-1989
Published, December 1988
2008-284/23 [15993710] 3295-3300, 1986-1989
Published, November 1988
2008-284/23 [15993710] 3291-3294, 1974-1989
2008-284/24 [15993673] 3289-3290, 1988-1989
Published, October 1988
2008-284/24 [15993673] 3282-3288, 1986-1989
Published, August 1988-September 1988
2008-284/24 [15993673] 3277-3281, 1987-1990
2008-284/25 [15993538] 3276, 1988-1989
Published, June 1988-July 1988
2008-284/25 [15993538] 3269-3275, 1985-1989
Published, May 1988
2008-284/25 [15993538] 3265-3268, 1986-1989
Published, April 1988
2008-284/25 [15993538] 3262-3264, 1986-1990
2008-284/26 [15993571] 3259-3261, 1986-1989
Published, March 1988
2008-284/26 [15993571] 3253-3258, 1986-1990
Published, February 1988
2008-284/26 [15993571] 3249-3252, 1986-1989
Published, January 1988
2008-284/26 [15993571] 3246–3248, 1986-1988
2008-284/27 [15993640] 3243-3245, 1987-1988
Published, December 1987
2008-284/27 [15993640] 3237¬-3242, 1986-1988
Published, November 1987
2008-284/27 [15993640] 3231-3236, 1986-1990
Published, October 1987
2008-284/27 [15993640] 3226-3230, 1986-1988
2008-284/28 [15993629] 3225, 1986-1988
Published, August 1987-September 1987
2008-284/28 [15993629] 3219-3224, 1986-1992
Published, June 1987-July 1987
2008-284/28 [15993629] 3213-3218, 1985-1989
Published, May 1987
2008-284/28 [15993629] 3210-3212, 1986-1988
2008-284/29 [16331561] 3207-3209, 1985-1989
Published, April 1987
2008-284/29 [16331561] 3201-3206, 1986-1989
Published, March 1987
2008-284/29 [16331561] 3195-3200, 1985-1990
Published, February 1987
2008-284/29 [16331561] 3189–3194, 1984-1989
Published, January 1987
2008-284/29 [16331561] 3188, 1985-1987
2008-284/30 [16329683] 3183-3187, 1984-1990
Published, December 1986
2008-284/30 [16329683] 3177-3182, 1984-1991
Published, November 1986
2008-284/30 [16329683] 3171-3176, 1983-1990
Published, October 1986
2008-284/30 [16329683] 3166-3170, 1984-1990
2008-284/31 [16329639] 3165, 1984-1987
Published, August 1986-September 1986
2008-284/31 [16329639] 3159-3164, 1984-1990
Published, June 1986-July 1986
2008-284/31 [16329639] 3153-3158, 1984-1987
Published, May 1986
2008-284/31 [16329639] 3150-3152, 1983-1987
2008-284/32 [16329628] 3147-3149, 1984-1986
Published, April 1986
2008-284/32 [16329628] 3141-3146, 1984-1988
Published, March 1986
2008-284/32 [16329628] 3136-3140, 1984-1989
2008-284/33 [15993593] 3135, 1985-1986
Published, February 1986
2008-284/33 [15993593] 3129-3134, 1984-1989
Published, January 1986
2008-284/33 [15993593] 3123-3128, 1983-1988
Published, December 1985
2008-284/33 [15993593] 3122, 1985-1986
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3119, 1986
Published, November 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3116, 1983-1988
3114, 1986-1987
Published, August 1985-September 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3102-3103, 1984-1987
3099, 1988-1989
Published, June 1985-July 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3096, 1987
3093-3094, 1983-1989
Published, May 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3089, 1985-1986
Published, 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3085, 1983-1988
3083, 1987-1988
3078-3079, 1986-1987
Published, February 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3073-3074, 1985-1986
Published, January 1985
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3071-3072, 1983-1986
3069, 1983-1987
Published, December 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3068, 1984-1986
3066, 1986-1987
Published, 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3063, 1985-1986
3061, 1985-1986
3057, 1985-1986
Published, October 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3055, 1987
Published, August 1984-September 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3053, 1984-1987
3052, 1986
3049-3050, 1982-1991
Published, 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3043, 1982-1987
3041, 1982-1986
Published, January 1984
2008-284/34 [16331550] 3032, 1984-1986
2008-284/35 [15993527] Published, 1983
3028, 1986
3023, 1987-1988
3018, 1981-1986
3014-3015, 1982-1986
3012, 1983-1986
3008, 1983-1984
3003-3006, 1983-1986
Published, February 1983
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2986, 1987-1988
Published, January 1983
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2982-2984, 1981-1989
2980, 1991
Published, December 1982
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2979, 1986-1988
Published, October 1982
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2966-2967, 1981-1991
Published, 1982
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2953, 1986-1988
2949, 1986
2938, 1988-1989
2923, 1982-1992
Published, 1981
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2905, 1980-1987
Published, 1977
2008-284/35 [15993527] 2687, 1986
2008-284/36 [15993505] Unresolved Post Mortems, 1990-1991
Transitional Problems, 1986-1989
Handwritten Records
Elementary Problems, 1986-1991
Advanced Problems, 1981-1992
Rejected Transitional Problems, 1985-1986
Problems for Which No Solution Was Published, 1988-1991
Transitional Correspondence with Bumby, 1989-1995
Monthly Letters to Waldman and Send-Off Files 1-3, 1986-1991
Transitional Correspondence, 1985-1986
Symbolic Computation Group – University of Waterloo, 1987
Russell Euler, 1986
Richard Guy, 1986-1992
Dietrich Haase, 1987-1989
Harry Waldman, 1989
Herbert Wilf, 1986-1991
2008-284/37 [15993607] Correspondence from West, 1987-1991
Letters to West, 1987-1990
L. Matthew Christophe, Jr., 1987-1989
Transfer of Copyright Forms, undated
Procedures Recommended by Predecessors, undated
Master Copies, undated
Financial, 1991-1993
Miscellaneous, 1986-1990
4RM1 [SRH1230024809] Richard T. Bumby, editor
Scope and Contents
Note: Arranged by problem number. P numbers are assigned to proposed problems as they arrive, E numbers are assigned to accepted elementary problems, and unlettered numbers to accepted advanced problems.
Monthly problems archive disk, 3.5" floppy, Excel and unidentified programs [archivist unable to open most files, September 2003], 1991
95-244/1 [15995715] Proposals
[P2009], P2400-P2424, 1991
P2425-P2449, 1991
P2450-P2474, 1991
[P2472]-P2475-P2499, 1991
P2500-P2524, 1991
P2525-P2549, 1991
E3416, published May 1992, 1990-1992
E3417, published September 1992, 1990-1992
E3418, published November 1992, 1990-1992
E3419, published December 1992, 1989-1993
E3420, published November 1992, 1990-1992
E3421, published September 1992, 1990-1992
E3422, published September 1992, 1990-1992
E3423, published May 1992, 1988-1992
E3424, published June 1992, 1990-1992
E3425, published September 1992, 1988-1992
E3426, published September 1992, 1988-1992
E3427, published October 1992, 1988-1992
E3428, published January 1993, 1988-1993
E3430, published October 1992, 1988-1992
6646, published September 1992, 1989-1992
6647, published February 1993, 1987-1993
6648, published November 1992, 1990-1992
6649, published January 1994, 1988-1994
6650, published September 1992, 1987-1992
6651, published December 1992, 1990-1992
6652, published November 1992, 1988-1991
6653, published December 1992, 1990-1992
6654, published September 1992, 1990-1992
6655, published October 1992, 1988-1992
6656, published April 1993, 1990-1993
6657, published January 1994, 1990-1994
6658, published December 1993, 1990-1993
6659, published May 1993, 1988-1993
6660, published March 1993, 1990-1993
6661, published February 1993, 1990-1993
6662, published March 1993, 1988-1993
6663, published June 1993, 1990-1993
6664, published September 1993, 1988-1993
6665, published April 1993, 1989-1993
6669, published April 1993, 1990-1993
6670, published June 1993, 1989-1993
6671, published September 1993, 1991-1993
6672, published October 1993, 1991-1993
6674, published February 1994, 1992-1994
2004-156/1 [15995577] Daniel Ullman, editor
Index of solutions published
10494-10550, January 1996-November 1996
2004-156/2 [15995737] 10551-10629, November 1996-December 1997
2004-156/3 [15995748] 10630-10694, December 1997-November 1998
2004-156/4 [15995759] 10695-10760, November 1998-November 1999
2004-156/5 [15995646] 10761-10823, November 1999-October 2000
2004-156/6 [15995635] 10824-10874, October 2001-May 2001
Old files, numbers prior to 10442, 1993-1998
3900-4099, January 1996-December 1996
2004-156/7 [15995613] 4100-4674, December 1996-August 1999
2004-156/8 [15995624] 4675-5024, August 1999-September 2001
2011-242/1 [14010080] Daniel Velleman, editor
Accepted papers
Arranged by month published.
January 2007-May 2007
2011-242/2 [14010090] June 2007-December 2007
2011-242/3 [14010104] January 2008-March 2008
2011-242/4 [14010192] April 2008-July 2008
2011-242/5 [14010057] August 2008-November 2008
2011-242/6 [14010068] December 2008-February 2009
2011-242/7 [14010079] March 2009-May 2009
2011-242/8 [14010206] June 2009-October 2009
2011-242/9 [14010782] November 2009-January 2010
2011-242/10 [14010013] February 2010-May 2010
2011-242/11 [14010046] May 2010-November 2010
2011-242/12 [14010035] December 2010-March 2011
2011-242/13 [14010760] April 2011-July 2011
2011-242/14 [14010024] August 2001-December 2011
89-5/1 [16135869] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [1/11], 1983-1989
89-5/2 [16140745] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [2/11], Undated
89-5/3 [16140891] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [3/11], Undated
89-5/4 [16140870] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [4/11], Undated
89-5/5 [16140790] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [5/11], Undated
89-5/6 [16140869] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [6/11], Undated
89-5/7 [16140789] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [7/11], Undated
89-5/9 [16135870] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [9/11], Undated
89-5/10 [16135880] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [10/11], Undated
89-5/11 [16140734] Gerald Alexanderson, 13 feet, in envelopes and folder by problem number, Unprocessed [11/11], Undated
2005-025/1 [09523711] FOCUS
Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1981
Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1981
Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1981-October 1981
Vol. 1, No. 4, November 1981-December 1981
Vol. 2, No. 1, January 1982-February 1982
Vol. 2, No. 2, March 1982-April 1982
Vol. 2, No. 3, May 1982-June 1982
Vol. 2, No. 4, September 1982-October 1982
Vol. 2, No. 5, November 1982-December 1982
Vol. 3, No. 1, January 1983-February 1983
Vol. 3, No. 2, March 1983-April 1983
Vol. 3, No. 3, May 1983-June 1983
Vol. 3, No. 4, September 1983-October 1983
Vol. 3, No. 5, November 1983-December 1983
Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1984-February 1984
Vol. 4, No. 2, March 1984-April 1984
Vol. 4, No. 3, May 1984-June 1984
Vol. 4, No. 4, September 1984
Vol. 4, No. 5, October 1984
Vol. 4, No. 6, November 1984-December 1984
Vol. 5, No. 1, January 1985-February 1985
Vol. 5, No. 2, March 1985-April 1985
Vol. 5, No. 3, May 1985-June 1985
Vol. 5, No. 4, September 1985
Vol. 5, No. 5, October 1985
Vol. 5, No. 6, November 1985-December 1985
Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1986-February 1986
Vol. 6, No. 2, March 1986-April 1986
Vol. 6, No. 3, May 1986-June 1986
Vol. 6, No. 4, September 1986
Vol. 6, No. 5, October 1986
Vol. 6, No. 6, November 1986-December 1986
Vol. 7, No. 1, January 1987-February 1987
Vol. 7, No. 2, March 1987-April 1987
Vol. 7, No. 3, May 1987-June 1987
Vol. 7, No. 4, September 1987
Vol. 7, No. 5, October 1987
Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1988-February 1988
Vol. 8, No. 2, March 1988-April 1988
Vol. 8, No. 3, May 1988-June 1988
Vol. 8, No. 4, September 1988
Vol. 8, No. 5, October 1988
Vol. 8, No. 6, November 1988-December 1988
Vol. 9, No. 1, January 1989-February 1989
94-189/83 Vol. 9, No. 2, March 1989-April 1989
2005-025/1 [09523711] Vol. 9, No. 3, May 1989-June 1989
Vol. 9, No. 4, September 1989
Vol. 9, No. 5, October 1989
Vol. 9, No. 6, November 1989-December 1989
Vol. 10, No. 1, January 1990-February 1990
94-189/83 Vol. 10, No. 2, April 1990
2005-025/1 [09523711] Vol. 10, No. 3, May 1990-June 1990
Vol. 10, No. 4, September 1990
Vol. 10, No. 5, October 19904
Vol. 10, No. 6, November 1990-December 1990
Vol. 11, No. 1, January 1991-February 1991
Vol. 11, No. 2, March 1991-April 1991
Vol. 11, No. 3, May 1991-June 1991
Vol. 11, No. 4, September 1991
Vol. 11, No. 5, October 1991
Vol. 11, No. 6, November 1991-December 1991
Vol. 12, No. 1, February 1992
Vol. 12, No. 2, April 1992
Vol. 12, No. 3, June 1992
Vol. 12, No. 4, September 1992
Vol. 12, No. 5, October 1992
Vol. 12, No. 6, December 1992
Vol. 13, No. 1, February 1993
Vol. 13, No. 2, April 1993
Vol. 13, No. 3, June 1993
Vol. 13, No. 4, August 1993
2014-241/2 Vol. 13, No. 5, October 1993
2005-025/1 [09523711] Vol. 13, No. 6, December 1993
Vol. 14, No. 1, February 1994
Vol. 14, No. 2, April 1994
Vol. 14, No. 3, June 1994
94-189/83 Vol. 14, No. 4, August 1994
2005-025/1 [09523711] Vol. 14, No. 5, October 1994
Vol. 14, No. 6, December 1994
Vol. 15, No. 1, February 1995
Vol. 15, No. 2, April 1995
Vol. 15, No. 3, June 1995
Vol. 15, No. 4, August 1995
Vol. 15, No. 5, October 1995
Vol. 15, No. 6, December 1995
Vol. 16, No. 1, February 1996
Vol. 16, No. 2, April 1996
Vol. 16, No. 3, June 1996
Vol. 16, No. 4, August 1996
Vol. 16, No. 5, October 1996
Vol. 16, No. 6, December 1996
Vol. 17, No. 1, February 1997
Vol. 17, No. 2, April 1997
Vol. 17, No. 3, June 1997
Vol. 17, No. 4, August 1997
Vol. 17, No. 5, October 1997
Vol. 17, No. 6, December 1997
Vol. 18, No. 1, January 1998
Vol. 18, No. 2, February 1998
Vol. 18, No. 3, March 1998
2014-241/2 Vol. 18, No. 4, April 1998
2005-025/1 [09523711] Vol. 18, No. 5, May 1998-June 1998
Vol. 18, No. 6, August 1998-September 1998
2014-241/2 Vol. 18, No. 7, October 1998
Vol. 18, No. 8, November 1998
Vol. 18, No. 9, December 1998
Vol. 19, No. 1, January 1999
Vol. 19, No. 2, February 1999
Vol. 19, No. 4, April 1999
Vol. 19, No. 5, May 1999-June 1999
Vol. 19, No. 6, August 1999-September 1999
Vol. 19, No. 7, October 1999
Vol. 19, No. 8, November 1999
Vol. 19, No. 9, December 1999
Vol. 20, No. 1, January 2000
Vol. 20, No. 2, February 2000
Vol. 20, No. 3, March 2000
Vol. 20, No. 4, April 2000
Vol. 20, No. 5, May 2000-June 2000
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Vol. 20, No. 8, November 2000
Vol. 20, No. 9, December 2000
2014-241/3 Vol. 21, No. 1, January 2001
Vol. 21, No. 2, February 2001
Vol. 21, No. 3, March 2001
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Vol. 22, No. 1, January 2002
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Vol. 23, No. 1, January 2003
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Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2003
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Vol. 24, No. 1, January 2004
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Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2005
Vol. 25, No. 2, February 2005
Vol. 25, No. 3, March 2005
Vol. 25, No. 4, April 2005
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Vol. 25, No. 6, August 2005-September 2005
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Vol. 25, No. 8, November 2005
Vol. 25, No. 9, December 2005
Vol. 26, No. 1, January 2006
Vol. 26, No. 2, February 2006
Vol. 26, No. 3, March 2006
Vol. 26, No. 4, April 2006
Vol. 26, No. 5, May 2006-June 2006
Vol. 26, No. 6, August 2006-September 2006
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Vol. 26, No. 8, November, 2006
Vol. 26, No. 9, December 2006
2014-241/4 Vol. 27, No. 1, January 2007
Vol. 27, No. 2, February 2007
Vol. 27, No. 3, March 2007
Vol. 27, No. 4, April 2007
Vol. 27, No. 5, May 2007-June 2007
Vol. 27, No. 6, August 2007-September 2007
Vol. 27, No. 7, October 2007
Vol. 27, No. 8, November 2007
Vol. 27, No. 9, December 2007
Vol. 28, No. 1, January 2008
Vol. 28, No. 2, February 2008
Vol. 28, No. 3, March 2008
Vol. 28, No. 4, April 2008
Vol. 28, No. 5, May 2008-June 2008
Vol. 28, No. 6, August 2008-September 2008
Vol. 28, No. 7, October 2008
Vol. 28, No. 8, November 2008
Vol. 28, No. 9, December 2008
Vol. 29, No. 1, January 2009
Vol. 29, No. 2, February 2009-March 2009
Vol. 29, No. 3, April 2009-May 2009
Vol. 29, No. 4, August 2009-September 2009
Vol. 29, No. 5, October 2009-November 2009
Vol. 29, No. 6, December 2009, January 2010
Vol. 30, No. 1, February 2010-March 2010
Vol. 30, No. 2, April 2010-May 2010
Vol. 30, No. 3, June 2010-July 2010
Vol. 30, No. 4, August 2010-September 2010
Vol. 30, No. 5, October 2010-November 2010
Vol. 30, No. 6, December 2010, January 2011
Vol. 31, No. 1, February 2011-March 2011
Vol. 31, No. 2, April 2011-May 2011
Vol. 31, No. 3, June 2011-July 2011
Vol. 31, No. 4, August 2011-September 2011
Vol. 31, No. 5, October 2011-November 2011
Vol. 31, No. 6, December 2011, January 2012
Vol. 32, No. 1, February 2012-March 2012
Vol. 32, No. 2, April 2012-May 2012
Vol. 32, No. 3, June 2012-July 2012
Vol. 32, No. 4, August 2012-September 2012
Vol. 32, No. 5, October 2012-November 2012
Vol. 32, No. 6, December 2012-January 2013
Vol. 33, No. 1, February 2013-March 2013
Vol. 33, No. 2, April 2013-May 2013
Vol. 33, No. 3, June 2013-July 2013
Vol. 33, No. 4, August 2013-September 2013
Vol. 33, No. 5, October 2013-November 2013
2014-241/5 Vol. 33, No. 6, December 2013, January 2014
Vol. 34, No. 1, February 2014-March 2014
Vol. 34, No. 2, April 2014-May 2014
Vol. 34, No. 3, June 2014-July 2014
Vol. 34, No. 4, August 2014-September 2014
Vol. 34, No. 5, October 2014-November 2014
2005-025/1 [09523711] Math Horizons
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89-6/1 [15994600] Mathematics Magazine
Gerald L. Alexanderson, 17 feet, 1971-1989
Scope and Contents
Note: Correspondence, manuscripts and proofs for papers accepted for publication in Mathematics Magazine, and correspondence and manuscripts for rejected papers. Filed alphabetically by author under the following four editorships: Gerhard N. Wollan (1971-1975), Lynn Arthur Steen and J. Arthur Seebach (1976-1980), Doris J. Schattschneider (1981-1985), and Gerald L. Alexanderson (1986-1990).
89-6/1 [15994600] A-Z, 1971-1976
89-6/17 Shaib, 1974
89-6/1 [15994600] Steen and Seebach
A-Cham, 1975-1982
89-6/17 Be-Bo, 1975-1980
89-6/2 [16327531] Char-F, 1975-1983
89-6/3 [16327510] G-Ki, 1975-1982
89-6/4 [16327688] Kl-Ros, 1975-1981
89-6/5 [16327520] Ros-Tra, 1975-1981
89-6/17 Sc-Si, 1975-1980
89-6/18 Sp-St, 1975-1980
89-6/6 [16327586] Tri-Z, 1975-1980
89-6/6 [16327586] Euler issue, 1982-1983
Ab-Ale, 1980-1984
89-6/7 [16327509] All-Cam, 1979-1985
89-6/18 Be-Bo, 1979-1984
89-6/8 [15994621] Can-Fa, 1980-1985
89-6/9 [16327564] Fe-Go, 1979-1985
89-6/10 [15994632] Gr-H, 1979-1984
89-6/11 [15994610] I-La, 1980-1984
89-6/12 [16327677] Le-Mo, 1979-1985
89-6/13 [16327429] Mu-P, 1979-1985
89-6/14 [16327553] R-Sem, 1979-1984
89-6/15 [16327542] Sen-T, 1975-1984
89-6/18 Sh, 1981-1984
89-6/19 Si-St, 1979-1985
89-6/16 [16327575] U-Z, 1976-1985
A-Z, 1982, 1985-1986
89-6/19 Sherman, 1989
89-6/16 [16327575] Miscellaneous, 1980, 1984, undated
86-18/A [15994778] Doris J. Schattschneider, editorial files
Scope and Contents
Note: Includes correspondence, manuscripts and proofs for papers accepted for publication in Mathematics Magazine, and correspondence and manuscripts for rejected papers. Filed alphabetically by author in two chronological sets: Pre-1976 and 1976-1979. There is also a set of page proofs for the 1983-1985 issues.
86-18/B [15994596] Memory-Z
86-18/C [15994789] Berndt-Evans
86-18/D [16327746] Farber-Johanson
86-18/E [16327644] Johnson-McNeill
86-18/F [16327702] Mead-Sawtelle
86-18/G [16327713] Schaumberger-Turk
86-18/H [15994891] Uherke-Z
Unpublished archives
News and letters
Page proofs
November 1985
September 1985
May 1985
86-18/I [16327724] March 1985
January 1985
November 1984
September 1984
March 1984
January 1984
November 1983
96-031/5A [06196754] G. L. Alexanderson, editor, 1985-1989
96-031/5B [06196765] Ba-Br
96-031/6A [06196845] Ca-Da
96-031/6B [06196958] Da-Ez
96-031/7A [06196743] Falk-Gar
96-031/7B [06196313] Gar-Guy
96-031/8A [06196801] H-Ins
96-031/8B [06196732] Ira-Kit
96-031/2A [06196823] Kl-Li
96-031/2B [06196812] Li-Me
96-031/1A [06196834] Mi-Ov
96-031/1B [06196674] Ow-Re
96-031/4A [06196798] Ri-Sc
96-031/4B [06196776] Sc-St
96-031/3A [06196787] St-Tr
96-031/3B [06196947] Tu-Zw
2001-098/1 [08732013] Martha Siegel, editor, authors' files, 1991-1995
Abbott, H. L. -- Bayetkin, O.
2001-098/2 [08732024] Beach, P. -- Bozegha, W. B.
2001-098/3 [08732035] Bracken, P. -- Clifford, L.
2001-098/4 [08732046] Cohen, Joel E. -- Duncan, R. B.
2001-098/5 [08732057] Floreo, A. -- Eckert, B.
2001-098/6 [08732068] Gadbois, S. -- Guyker, J.
2001-098/7 [08732079] Haffad, A. -- Izumiya, S.
2001-098/8 [08732080] Jackson, Kelly -- Kitchen, Edward
2001-098/9 [08732090] Klaimon, K. M. -- Lyons, M. A.
2001-098/10 [08732104] McCleary, S. -- Moulton, D.
2001-098/11 [08732115] Makerjee, H. -- Powell, B. J.
2001-098/12 [08732126] Prather, R. E. -- Rutz, L. O.
2001-098/13 [08732137] Sadoveanu, I. -- Sheskin, Theodore J.
2001-098/14 [08732148] Shi, Yixun -- Sved, Marta
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2001-098/16 [08732160] Wagner, C. G. -- Zizza, F.
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2005-133/1 [09523610] Frank Farris, editor, submission files, 2000-2004
Scope and Contents
Note: Original folder titles have been kept. Each issue has a general folder, labeled with month and year of publication. This general folder is followed by the files for the individual articles contained within the issue. Articles are assigned a number upon submission. The first two digits indicate the year and the remaining four digits indicate the order in which the articles were received. With a new editor in 2000, the final four-digit numbering system began again at 0. For example, the first article received in 2000, was numbered as 00-0001. The final four digits were not cleared at the beginning of subsequent years.
February 2001
February 2001
96-0264, Michalek, "Writing Numbers in Base 3, the Hard Way"
98-0007, Osler, "Cardan Polynomials and the Reduction of Radicals"
98-0310, Shurman, "Folding Quartic Roots"
99-0024, Callan, "Permutations and the Coin Tossing Sequence"
99-0072, Weida, "An Easy Solution to Mini Lights Out"
99-0200, Chakerian, "Central Force Law, Holographs, and Polar Reciprocals"
99-0225, Fishback, "Period-3 Orbits via Sylvester's Theorem and Resultants"
MS 00-0010, Isihara, "Cwatsets and Graph Isomorphism"
MS 00-0034, Gallian, "Classification of Groups of Order 2p"
MS 00-0054, Margolius, "Avoiding Your Spouse at a Bridge Party"
MS 00-0089, Ferlini, "Logarithm of a Number and Its Reciprocal"
MS 00-0099, Chamberland, "Look Mom, No Substitution!"
April 2001
93-2260, Kubelka, "Means to an End"
96-0194, Lampret, "Unified Approach to Euler-Maclaurin and Taylor Formulas"
99-0078, Jones / Koo, "The Disadvantage of Too Much Success"
99-0207, Mabry, Avidon, Sisson, "Enumerating Row Arrangements of Three Species"
MS 00-0011, Roth, "History of Lagrange's Theory on Groups"
MS 00-0032, Varilly, "Location of Incenters and Fermat Points in Variable Triangles"
MS 00-0036, Memory, "The Wily Hunting of the Proof"
MS 00-0063, Gomez, "Pythagorean Theorem"
MS 00-0067, Frantz, "Visualizing Leibniz's Rule"
MS 00-0072, Wu, "Proof Without Words: Law of Tangents"
MS 00-0077, Groetsch, "A Celestial Cubic"
MS 00-0106, Neuwirth, "Designing a Pleasing Sound Mathematically"
MS 00-0125, Okuda, "Trigonometric Identity: Formula for Triple Angle"
June 2001
96-0200, Blachman / Kilgour, "Elusive Optimality in the Box Problem"
96-0118, Rispoli, "Counting Perfect Matchings in Hexagonal Systems Associated with Benzenoids"
2005-133/2 [09523620] 98-0149, Dimitric, Rad
99-022, Wardlaw, William P.
99-0071, Gudder, S. and Hagler J.
99-0189, Johnson, Warren,P.
MS 00-0006, Bak, "Anxious Gambler's Ruin"
MS 00-0102, Beauregard, "Pythagorean Boxes"
00-0138, Rump, "Strategies for Rolling the Efron Dice"
MS 00-0021, Lenard, "An Application of the Marriage Lemma"
MS 97-0226, Veljan, "2,500 Years Old Pythagorean Theorem"
October 2001
98-0224, Kosinski, "Cramer's Rule Is Due to Cramer"
99-0011, Yang, "The Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality and the Constant e"
MS 00-0016, England / Miller, "Volumes Via Orthogonal Cross Sections"
MS 00-0024, Martin-Sanchez, "Two Reflected Analyses of Lights Out"
MS 00-0040, Tanton, "Proof Without Words for an Equilaterial Triangle"
MS 00-0053, Suzuki, "An Equilaterial Triangle with the Sides Passing Through Three Vertices of an Isosceles Triangle"
MS 00-0057, Kanim, "Archimedes's Sum of Squares"
MS 00-0124, Dresden, Two Irrational Numbers That Give the Last Non-Zero Digits of n! and n n"
MS 00-0128, Dunbar, "The Track of a Bicycle Back Tire and Riccati Equations"
00-0149, Bliss / Rouse, "4 Constants in 4 Fours"
00-0161, Giblin, "Zigzags"
00-0212, Memory, "Dialog With Computer in the Proof of Four-Color Theorem"
01-0261, Frantz, "Geometric Series"
December 2001
97-0225, Hoehn, Larry, "Extriangles and Excevians"
98-0171, Tuckey, Higher Trigonometry, Hyperreal Numbers and Euler's Analysis of Infinities"
99-0232, Gauchman, Hillel, "Dirichlet's Theorem"
MS 00-0044, Wen, "A Nowhere Differentiable Continuous Function Constructed in Cantor Series"
00-0164, Ellermeyer, "Integrals of Periodic Functions"
00-0177, Khoury, Jr., " Smullyan's Vizier Problem"
00-0202, Rykken, "The Wallet Paradox Revisisted"
00-0207, Lotto, "Boxlike Domains in the Complex Plane"
00-0223, Kung, "The Weierstrauss Substitution"
01-0247, Kocik, "Simpson Paradox"
01-0491, Nelson, "Letter to the Editor re: James Tanton's Proof Without Words"
01-0498, Margolius, "Letter to the Editor"
February 2002
MS 00-0052, Williams, "Systems of Linear Equations In Which Some of the Unknowns are Uniquely Determined"
MS 00-0068, Gordon, "Some Comments on Plane Curvature"
MS 00-0081, Mollin, "History of Factoring and Primality Testing"
MS 00-0101, O'Loughlin, Theorem for Vector Calculus Students: Green's Theorem and Regular Polygons"
00-0136, Ecker, "When Does A Sum of Positive Integers Equal Their Product?"
00-0162, Morgan, "The Perfect Shape for a Rotating Rigid Body"
2005-133/3 [09523631] 00-0184, Brenton / Vasiliu, "Znam's Problem"
00-0187, Friedberg, "Medical Tests and Difference Equations"
00-0204, Gordon, "One Sequence, Many Interesting Ideas in Analysis"
01-0251, Nelson, "A Sum and Product of Three Tangents"
01-0296, Davis, "Doing Math"
01-0317, Schumer, "The Josephus Problem"
01-0480, Libeskind-Hadas, "The Pigeonhole Principle"
01-0497, Wagon, "Letter to the Editor"
01-0499, Fulling, "Letter to the Editor"
April 2002
MS 00-0025, Zelator, "K-Perfect Quadrilaterals"
00-0175, Clark, "The Consecutive Integer Game"
00-0176, Burns, "Mfurcations – M =2, 3, 4,… An Animation of the Parabolic Bifurcations of the Mandelbrot Set"
00-0195, Jantosciak, "Duality and Symmetry in the Hypergeometric Distribution"
00-0237, Mabry / Deiermann, "Asymptotic Symmetry of Polynomials"
01-0262, Su, "Four-Person Envy-Free Chore Division"
01-0266, Kung, "Every Triangle Has Infinitely Many Inscribed Equilateral Triangles"
01-0340, Benjamin, "A Stirling Encounter with Harmonic Numbers"
01-0373, Nelson, "The Area of an Arbelos"
01-0376, Nelson, "The Area of Salinon"
01-0435, Brown, "The Many Names of (7, 3, 1)"
01-0520, Samuelson, "8 cartoons"
June 2002
97-0003, Jones, "Finite Groups That Have Exactly n Elements of Order n"
MS 00-0009, Solanilla, "Bernoulli on Arc Length"
MS 00-0093, Yood, "Rootless Matrices"
00-0210, Naylor, "Golden, 2, and Pi Flowers: a Spiral Story"
00-0231, Cairns, "Pillow Chess"
01-0265, Kung, "Line Passing Through a Triangle"
01-0289, Kalman, "Doubly Recursive Multivariate Automatic Differentiation"
01-0313, Brodie, "Avoiding Your Spouse at a Party Leads to War"
01-0341, Costello, "Lots of Smiths"
October 2002
MS 00-0098, Price, "Products of Chord Lengths of an Ellipse"
00-0154, Christensen, "Semidirect Product: x [?] ax + b as a First Case"
00-0181, Vella, "Cycles in the Generalised Fibonacci Sequence moduo p"
00-0199, Jones, "Equitable, Envy-free, and Efficient Cake Cutting for Two People and Its Application to Discrete Goods"
00-0239, Iiams, "Counting Trash or Y02k and Y03k"
01-0280, Sanford, "Divide an mXn Cake"
01-0290, Chen, "Four Ways to Evaluate the Poisson Integral"
01-0304, Apostol, "Surprisingly Accurate Rational Approximations"
01-0342, Crofoot, "Running with Rover"
01-0436, Smolarski, "Teaching Math in the 17th and 21st Centuries"
01-0451, Previte, "A Lotka-Volterra Three Species Food Chain"
01-0521, Moron, "4 or 4. Mathematics or Accident?"
01-0539, LeGuennec, "There are Three Methods for Solving Problems"
02-0560, Nelsen, "Lunes and the Regular Hexagon"
02-0706, Treat, "Poem: The RSA Encription Algorithm"
December 2002
2005-133/4 [09523642] Year-end Indices, December 2002
MS 00-0001, Fratini, "Turning Grille Method"
00-0173, Bailey, "Area and Centroids for Triangles Within Triangles"
00-0182, Narayan, "Tiling Large Rectangles"
01-0241, Guy / Paulhus, "Unique Rook Circuits"
01-0260, Kirby, "Beyond the Celestial Sphere"
01-0338, Webber, "The Cosine of a Difference"
01-0359, Simoson, "Gravitational Acceleration in Hades!"
01-0400, Jones, "Nonnegative Integer Solutions and Triangular Numbers'
01-0453, Siadat, "Axial View of Trigonometric Functions'
02-0752, Starr, "Flat Earth Society"
February 2003
MS 99-0212, Delman, "A Tale of Three Circles"
99-0228, McClure, "Self-Similar Structure in Hilbert's Space-Filling Curve"
MS 00-0104, Deeba, "Characterization of Polynomials Using Divided Differences"
01-0324, Tolle, "Power Distribution in Four-Player Weighted Voting"
01-0349, Iga, "A Dynamical Systems Proof of Fermat's Little Theorem"
01-0472, Gordon, "Using Tangent Lines to Define Means"
02-0731, Agwu, "Dr. David Harold Blackwell"
April 2003
99-0146, Lyons, "Inner Life of the 3-sphere"
00-0139, Redmond, "Perron and Multiplication vs. Markov and Addition: Who's #1?"
00-0201, Fjelstad, "Volume, Surface Area, and the Harmonic Mean"
01-0250, Margolius, "The Dinner-Diner Matching Problem"
01-0255, Osborne, Markov Chains for the RISK Board Game Revisited"
01-0428, Kung, "Convergence of p-Series"
01-0481, Koo, "A Classification of Matrices of Finite Order over C, R, Q"
01-0528, Wayman, "Visualizing a Nonmeasurable Set"
02-0618, Dunham, "Nondifferentiability of the Ruler Function"
02-0627, Nelson, "The Cube as an Arithmetic Sum"
02-0666, Pollard, "C. S. Pierce and the Bell Numbers"
02-0715, Weinstein, "The Extra Distance in an Outer Lane of Running"
June 2003
95-0194, Hayashi, Ko
97-0031, Crabbe, Gaspard Monge and the Monge Point"
MS 00-0116, Huang, "Periodic Points of the Open Tent Function"
01-0410, Damianou, "A Conjecture Involving the Denominators of Bernoulli Number"
01-0426, Lewinter, "Hypercubes and Pascal's Triangle"
01-0507, Loya, "Two Simple Derivations of Taylor's Formula with Integral Remainder"
02-0588, Hayashi, "Fibonacci Numbers and the Arctangent Function"
02-0610, Andersen, "Let Pi Be 3"
2005-133/5 [09523653] 02-0624, Wildenberg, "A Novel Proof of the Infinitude of Primes Revisted"
02-0673, Samelson, "Viviani's Theorem (different approach)"
02-0717, Kalman, "The Fibonacci Numbers – Exposed"
02-0766, Quinn, "The Fibonacci Numbers – Exposed With More Discretion"
October 2003
97-0008, Olsavsky, "The Number of 2 by 2 Matrices Over Z/pZ with Eigenvalues in the Same Field'
98-0343, Brown, Adam
MS 00-0087, Crone, "A Generalization of Odd and Even Functions"
MS 00-0088, Owens, "An Algorithm to Solve the Frobenius Problem"
00-0172, Koss, "How Large Can a Julia Set Be?"
01-0273, Kobayashi, "Math Modeling for Metal Leaves"
01-0399, Swetz, "Leibniz, The Yijing and the Religious Conversion of the Chinese"
01-0533, Ryan, "A Simpler Dense Proof Regarding the Abundancy Index"
01-0537, Hirschhorn, "Triangles with Integer Sides"
02-0554, Eves, "Means, or Averages, Appearing in Geometrical Figures"
02-0669, Cruz-Uribe, "An Elementary Proof of Error Estimates for the Trapezoidal Rule"
December 2003
MS 00-0109, Hollenback, "The Case of Barbaro's Cannonballs"
00-0140, St. George, "Quadratic Equations, Newton, and Symmetric Polynomials"
00-0152, Knopf, "The Operator xd/dx and Its Applications to Series"
01-0494, Wetzel, "Fits and Covers"
01-0531, Richard, "Equalities of Areas n the Partition of the Parallelogram"
02-0616, Beauregard, "Another Look at the E-G-S Triangle"
02-0704, Sibley, "Can We End Rational and Irrational Discrimination?"
02-0744, Johnson, ""An LU Factorization in Elementary Number Theory"
02-0764, Lesko, "A Laplace Transform Technique for Evaluating Infinite Series"
02-0767, Teets, "Transits of Venus and the Astronomical Unit"
February 2004
01-0421, Lutzer, "The Locus of Extreme Points of a Rotating Ellipse"
01-0439, Ash, "Tiling Rectangles and Deficient Rectangles with Trominoes"
01-0489, Schuette, "A Question of Limits"
02-0604, Alsina, "Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality"
02-0619, Velleman, "Simpson Symmetrized and Surpassed"
02-0675, Barnett, "Hyperbolic Functions in the 18th Century"
02-0709, MacHale, "Proof Without Words: Set of Integers x Set of Integers is a Countable Set"
02-0812, Stillwell, "Emil Post and His Anticipation of Godel and Turing"
April 2004
98-0236, Harkin, "Geometry of Generalized Complex Numbers"
MS 00-0059, Scully, "Perfect Shuffles Through Dynamical Systems"
00-0200, De Angelis, "The Minimal Polynomials of sin (2pi/p) and cos (2pi/p)"
01-0277, Thanatipanonda, "Permutation Statistics"
01-0356, Schlatter, "Mirror Curves and Permutations"
01-0406, Deutsch, "Create Your Own Permutation Statistics"
2005-133/6 [09523664] 02-0581, Heuer, "Final Digit Strings of Cubes"
02-0761, Nelsen, "Four Squares with Constant Area"
02-0811, Brown, "The (11, 5, 2) Biplane the Incomparable Twins"
03-1056, Cantrell, "Letter to the Editor re: Knopf"
June 2004
01-0483, Dresden, "There are Only Nine Finite Groups of Linear Fractional Tranforms with Integer Coefficients"
01-0505, Spiegel, "Another Look at Sylow's Third Theorem"
01-0543, Bolina, "The Gambler's Ruin Problem in Path Representation Form"
02-0639, Nelsen, Every Octagonal Number is the Difference Between Two Squares"
02-0641, Santos, "Why Some Elementary Functions Are Not Rational"
02-0760, Apostol, "Centroids Constructed Graphically"
03-0828, Eggleton / Galvin, "Upper Bounds on the Sum of Principal Divosors of an Integer"
03-0830, Simoson, "On Falling Down a Hole Through the Earth"
03-0879, Wu, "Euler's Arctangent Identity"
October 2004
MS 00-0051, Garza, "A Note on the Periods of Numbers"
00-0170, Carroll, "Tic-Tac-Toe on a Finite Plane"
00-0191, Leonard, "The Median Triangle Exists in Hyperbolic Geometry"
01-0382, Ehrenborg, "A Conceptual Proof of Cramer's Rule"
01-0397, Sury, "A Parent of Binet's Formula?"
01-0517, Kanim, "Sum of Cubes"
01-0524, O'Sullivan, "Arithmetic Progressions with Three Parts in Prescribed Ratio"
02-0553, Sunik, "An Ideal Functional Equation with a Ring"
02-0634, Mellinger, "Designs, Geometry and a Golfer's Dilemma"
02-0817, Henle, "Where the Camera Was"
03-0836, Agnew, "On the Two-Box Paradox"
03-0840, Bayat, "The Min-Max of the Funcation a cos t +b sin t"
03-0871, Benjamin, "A (Not So) Complex Solution to a 2+ b 2= c n"
December 2004
01-0464, Berkove, "It's Okay to Be Square If You're a Flexagon"
02-0558, Bosse, "The Probability of the Factorability of a Randomly Generated Quadratic"
02-0585, Reboli, "When Are Two Subgroups of the Rationals Isomorphic?"
02-0628, Nelsen, "A Triangular Identity"
02-0694, Eisenberg, "Surfaces of Revolution in Four Dimensions"
02-0712, Just, "A Vector Approach to Ptolemy's Theorem"
02-0750, Finn, "Which Way Did You Say That Bicycle Went?"
03-0833, Kodokostas, "Projected Rotating Polygons"
03-0847, Azarpanah, "Convergence of the Hyperpower Sequence …"
03-0903, Chen, "Sums of Consecutive Powers via Self-Similarity"
03-0942, Alexander, "Loxodromes: A Rhumb Way to Go"
03-0997, Boardman, "The Egg-drop Numbers"
04-1148, Vineyard, "Poem: Geometry"
2006-017/7 [09526470] February 2005
01-0465, Murphree, "Replacement Costs"
01-0514, McCullough, "Height and Excess of Pythagorean Triples"
02-0667, Schwertman, "Can the Committee Meet? A Markov Chain Analysis of a Scheduling Problem"
02-0722, Shelton, "The Singled Out Game"
2006-017/8 [09526684] 02-0813, Berger, "Hidden Group Structure"
02-0823, Gomez, "There Exists a One to One Correspondence"
03-0831, Savvidou, "The St. Basil's Cake Problem"
03-0914, Loya, "Dirichlet and Fresnel Integrals via Iterated Integration"
03-0925, Kleiner, "Fermat: The Founder of Modern Number Theory"
April 2005
00-0216, Henderson, "Chess: A Cover-Up"
01-0357, Naimi, "Random Colorings of Graphs and the Dinitz Conjecture"
01-0485, Ruoff, "Why Euclidean Area Measure Fails in the noneuclidean Plane"
02-0557, Kicey, "An Interesting Member in the Family of Means"
02-0640, Nelsen, "Candido's Identity"
02-0711, Delany, "Groups of Arithmetical Functions"
02-0745, Clark, "Transposition Graphs: An Intuitive Approach to the Parity Theorem"
02-0763, Koether, "Outwitting the Lying Oracle"
02-0781, Ross, "Gems from Mathematics Magazine – Past 75 Years"
02-0785, Fakler, "An Application of Linear Approximations"
04-1292, Benjamin, "Letter to the Editor: Sury's Parent of Binet's Formula"
04-1296, Beasley, "Poem: Stopping by Euclid's of the Infinitude of Primes"
June 2005
01-0327, Alspaugh, "Farmer Ted Goes 3D"
01-0468, Rawlings, "On the Metamorphosis of Vandermonde's Identity"
02-0644, Khurana, "On a Frobenius Theorem and Its Applications"
02-0684, Ginsberg, "Down with Diagonalizaion! An Intuitive Way to Count More Than Just the Rationals"
02-0810, Fabrykowski, "A Note on Covering Systems of Congruences"
03-0932, Pelletier, "A Proof by Construction (0, 1) Is Equivalent to [0, 1]"
03-0951, Gerstein, "Pythagorean Triples and Inner Products"
03-0986, Zitarelli, "A Section of Rank and File American Mathematics"
03-1031, Nelsen, "Sums of Triangular Numbers"
04-1121, Kawasaki, "A Proof of Viviani's Theorem Without Words"
04-1223, Wetzel, "Wafer in a Box"
04-1325, Landquist, "Descartes of Your Dreams"
04-1326, Schumer, "Paper or Plastic?"
October 2005
02-0758, Kumar, "A Modern Approach to a Medieval Problem"
03-0835, Erickson, "Heads Up: No Teamwork Required"
03-0844, Staton, "On Tiling the n-Dimensional Cube"
03-0886, Gorkin, "Dirichelt: His Life, His Principle, and His Problem"
03-0923, Kung, "A Butterfly Theorem for Quadrilaterals"
03-1026, Chakraborty, "Arthur Cayley and the Abstract Group Concept"
03-1033, Spigler, "The Magic Property of Cube Corner and Its Applications"
03-1046, Wardlaw, "Row Rank Equals Column Rank"
04-1072, Brooks, "Spherical Triangles of Area π and Isosceles Tetrahedra"
04-1083, Spivey, "The Humble Sum of Remainders Numbers"
04-1178, Ross, "Stopping Strategies and Gambler's Ruin"
MAA 1 04-1162, Chen, "Means Appearing in …"
04-1201, Hirschhorn, "Partitions into Consecutive Parts"
04-1247, Fishback, "The Least-Squares Property of the Lanczos' Generalized Derivative"
04-1254, Frohliger, "Honey, Where Should We Sit?"
04-1260, Staton, "A Short Proof of Chebychev's Upper Bound"
04-1289, Benjamin, "Alternating Sums of Odd Numbers"
04-1318, Tuleja, "Triangles"
2006-017/1 [09526414] Unpublished manuscripts
95-0263, Bullen, "More About Trigonometric Series and Integration"
96-0055, Sauer, "A Non-Numerical Iterative Procedure"
96-0229, Sauer, "Cooling With the Mean Value Theorem"
97-0142, Makay, G. 97-0177, Adams, "Why Hyperbolic Space Will Never Go Metric"
97-0250, Schwenk, "Do You Teach Taylor's Theorem Discretely?"
98-0056, Bosch, "Integer Programming and Polyominoes"
98-0090, Neal, "Convergence of the Standardized Chi-Square Distributions"
98-0152, Hudelson, "The Uniform Seating Problem"
98-0238, Gouvea, "Mr. Euler, You Can't Do That"
98-0260, Harper, "Pythagorean Quadruples"
98-0305, Mignotte, "Two Computer-Found Lemmas on Congruences"
98-0344, Brown, Adam
99-0090, Schmutz, "Two Dimentional Nim"
MS 00-0002, Beaver, "Overheard in a Bar"
MS 00-0003, North, "A Slice of Pi"
MS 00-0004, Hao, "Application of Cipher to Gauss Number and Number Theory"
MS 00-0005, Barten, "Trigonometric Addition and Subtraction Formulae Obtained Geometry"
MS 00-0007, Jongwe, "Solving for the Fermat Points"
MS 00-0008, Friedberg, "Uniqueness of Reduced Row Echelon Form"
MS 00-0012, Whidborne, "Use of Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to Expand Binomial and Multinomial Terms"
MS 00-0013, Francis, "Successful Mathematics Teacher"
MS 00-0014, Koller, "Slicing a Cone to Produce Conic Sections"
MS 00-0015, Cohen, "Euler's Formula"
MS 00-0017, Baki, "Mathematics Ability and Mysticism"
MS 00-0018, Maruszewski, Jr., "Year 2000 Census Updating the Logistic Equation"
MS 00-0019, Chilaka, "A Geometric Representation for (n3)"
MS 00-0020, Chilaka, "A Geometric Representation for (n4)"
MS 00-0022, Eisenhauer, "Symmetric of Skewed?"
MS 00-0023, Bialostocki, "Either or Graph or its Complement is Connected"
MS 00-0026, Jongwe, "Solution to the non-Pythagorean Fermat's Last Theorem"
MS 00-0027, Wen, "An Example of Space Filling Curve"
MS 00-0028, Tanton, "Layered Tilings"
MS 00-0029, Binder, "Dimension as Information"
MS 00-0030, Yao, "Closed-form Formula for the Sum 1 + 2 + …n"
MS 00-0031, Trzaska, "Fibonacci Right Triangles"
MS 00-0033, Mueller, "Pentominoe Cubes: Curious Puzzles"
MS 00-0035, Mahdavi-Hezavehi, "On the Sum of the k-th Powers of Positive Integers/Bernoulli Nos"
MS 00-0037, Gomez and Morales, "A Combinatorial Identity"
MS 00-0038, Braza and Tong, "A Converse of the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals"
MS 00-0039, Cooper, "Binary Numbers for Preteens through Postdocs"
MS 00-0041, Kiriakouli, "On Rational Numbers with Irrational Square Roots"
MS 00-0042, Struck, "Language of Size, Shape & Order"
MS 00-0043, Cerin, "The Butterfly Theorem for Conics"
MS 00-0045, Chang, "A Double Parameter Trigonometry Series"
MS 00-0046, Zhang, "On Some Inequalities of Tetrahedron"
MS 00-0047, McCartin, "A Geometric Characterization of Linear Regression"
MS 00-0048, Dummit, "Determining the Area of a Circle"
MS 00-0049, Abramson, "Selling Primes More Efficiently"
MS 00-0050, Post, "Analysis of the Riemann Conjecture"
MS 00-0055, Cai, "A Generalization of Wilson's Theorem and Two Criteria Recognizing Primes"
MS 00-0056, Soliani, "A Merry-Go-Round with the Circle Map, Primes and Pseudoprimes"
MS 00-0058, Martindale, "Generalization of the 3 Fishermen Problem"
MS 00-0060, Macula, "The Best Balance Scale Solution"
MS 00-0061, Beintema, "Universal Forms-4 Square Theorem and Its Generalizations"
MS 00-0062, Gomez, "Adding Similar Isosceles Triangles"
MS 00-0064, Gomez, "A Spiral Sequence"
MS 00-0065, Norton, "The Three Blind Surveyors"
MS 00-0066, Libis, "Generalized Product Rule"
MS 00-0069, Treatman, "1999 Putnam A-3 – A Matrix Analysis"
MS 00-0070, Quintas, "Recurrence Relations and Sums of Powers of Integer Sequences"
MS 00-0071, Attele, "Proof of the Area of a Circle Using the Calculus"
MS 00-0073, Prather, "Computable Calculus in an Idealized Programming Language Setting"
MS 00-0074, Porter, "The Hopf Fibration and Its Applications"
MS 00-0075, Shilov, "Program Logics Made Easy"
MS 00-0076, Gao, "The Normal Hexagon and Convex Set"
MS 00-0078, McCutcheon, "An Improvement on the Traditional Office Football Pool"
MS 00-0079, Merrill III, "Tailing Off"
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00-0147, Mihalia, "Volume of a Pyramid with Same Base and Height as a Cube"
00-0148, Pasles, Coin ToGa: A Coin-Tossing Game"
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2006-017/2 [09526425] 00-0168, Attele, "Geometry of the Third Derivative"
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00-0203, Kimberling, "Curves Associated with Philo Lines"
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00-0206, Vezzoli, "New Method for Analysis of Fermat's Last Theorem"
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00-0209, Mello, "A Computer-aided Scenic Tour of Domes, Umbrellas, and Tents"
00-0211 , Hill, Jr., "Bisection Medley: An Essence of Going from Euclidean Construction to Trigonometry, by Temporarily Sidestepping Ptolemy!"
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00-0232, Ayoub, "The Eccentricity of the Conic Section of: fx^2 + 2xy +hy2 +2kx +2ly +m = 0"
00-0233, Karls, "Modeling Heat Flow in a Thermos"
00-0234, Tamma, "Inequality Theorem"
00-0235, Collings, "Pascal's Triangle is Divisible by n?"
00-0236, Parlar, "Simplified Treatment of Brownian"
00-0238, Akubue, "Progressive Ordered Patterns Development Concept"
01-0240, Theocharis, "Mathematical Aesthetics (letter to editor)"
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01-0252, Kung, "Another Way of Generating Pythagorean Triples"
01-0253, Yang, "Quadrature of the Circle"
01-0254, Zeisberg, "Fermat (Pythagorean) Triples"
01-0256, Miller, "The Game of Quatrainment Revisited"
01-0257, Schwertman, "Improved Chebyshev Probablity Limits"
01-0258, Caragiu, "On Functions Continuous on a, b for Which f' (a+0) Does Not Exist'"
01-0259, Gantner, "Remarks on Two 'PWWs'"
01-0263, Sakmar, "Sum of Powers from Hyper-Pyramids"
01-0264, Kocik, "Machin's Formula"
01-0267, Longhorn, "Arranging a Formation of Soldiers: The Taller-Tap Procedure"
01-0268, Roberts, Jr., "Superposition: New Solutions from Known Solutions"
01-0271, Grandhe, "Siri Factor (40)"
01-0272, McCarry, "Geometric Series in Terms of Its Differential Equations"
01-0274, Zhang, "On a Research Further of Grüss's Inequality"
01-0275, Stuart , "Finding the Expected Expected Value"
01-0276, Diaz, "A Bound for the Square of the Zeroes of a Polynomial"
01-0278, Suzuki, "Formulae for Double Angle of Cosine"
01-0279, DeVito, "Vectors in Physics and Math"
01-0281, Winkelman, "The Generalized Towers of Hanoi Puzzle"
01-0282, Bauer, "Repunits, (0, 1) – Palindromes and Carry-free Multiplication: Elementary Arithmetic and Number Theory"
01-0283, Koch, "A Linear Algebra Approach to Recursively Defined Sequences"
01-0284, Haber, "Finding Large Primes from Euclid's Proof That They Exist"
01-0285, Karmakar, "A Simple Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem for All Even Exponents"
01-0286, Farnsworth, "A Proposed Trisection of an Angle of 120 Degrees"
01-0287, Pedersen, "An Algorithm for Writing a Rational Number in Egyptian Form"
01-0288, Connolly, "Thales' Shadow"
01-0291, Gomez, "Adding Two Similar n-gons onto a Similar n-gon"
01-0292, Krafft, "Several Ways to Solve mx is congruent to 1 mod n"
01-0293, Morris, "A Simpler Way to Show How to Integrate xn"
01-0294, Rocha, "Conditional Independence of the Ruin Time and the Ruin State"
01-0295, Lvin, "61 Putnam Exam – Solution to 4A"
01-0297, Wu, "A Variation of Mollweide's Equation"
01-0298, Wen, "Another Proof of Non-differentiability of the Weierstrass Function"
01-0299, Wen, "A Space-filling Curve"
01-0300, Hwang, "Some Observations on the Method of Arctangents"
01-0301, Farnsworth, "Consistent Cubic Equations Within the Unit Circle"
01-0302, Connolly, "Pill Probabilities"
01-0303, Amick, "That Indispensible Constant of Integration"
01-0305, Kung, "Simson Theorem via Centroids"
01-0306, Kung, "Tangents of Conic Sections via x-intercept"
01-0307, Kung, "A Construction of Tangents to Ellipse and Hyperbola"
01-0308, Marcu, "A Note on the Eight Queens Problem"
01-0309, Helfgott, "A New Non-calculus Proof of the Fact that Fermat's Principle of Least Time Implies Snell's Law"
01-0310, Zhao, "On Hilbert's Integral Inequality"
01-0311, Miller, "Language Aspects of Math Problem Solving"
01-0312, Miller, "Skill Related Aspects of Math Problem-Solving"
01-0314, Bennett, "Fermat's Last Theorem for Rational Exponents"
01-0315, Bragg, "Sine, Cosine and Pi via Differential Equations"
01-0316, Kung, "A Not Well-known Asymptomatic Behavior of the Intermediate Point in the Mean Value Theorem"
01-0318, Marano, "Tacos for Everyone!"
01-0319, Pickvet, "The Monty Hall Problem Revisited"
01-0320, Kwon, "1/3 + (1/3)^2 + (1/3)^3 + (1/3)^4 + … = 1/2"
01-0321, Jafari, "Prove That (Z Integer Set Numbers) n and N are Natural Numbers"
01-0322, Knill, "The Planimeter and the Theorem of Green"
01-0323, Chen, " A Vector Identity"
01-0325, Nash, "Counterexample to a Conjecture of Ehrhart"
01-0326, da Silva, "The Digital Matrix"
01-0328, Guasti, "Blending Two Major Techniques in Order to Compute Pi"
01-0329, Winkelman, "Is There a Largest Finite Number?"
01-0330, Chen, "Intersection Points of Exponential and Power Functions"
01-0331, Zhao, "Integrity of Certain Series Involving Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers"
01-0332, Rivera-Figueroa, "Integrating the Linear Differential Equation of Second Order"
01-0333, Ragazas, "Math Parallels to Planck's Law and Quantum Physics"
01-0334, Pagni, "n + (n+1)2 + (n+3) is divisible by (n+3) (done for n=4)"
01-0336, Jafari, "Angle Bisector OB"
01-0337, Jafari, "Angle Bisector OBand ON"
01-0339, Mazur, "A Note on Primitive Roots"
01-0343, Bagui, "Computing Jacobians Using Exterior Products"
01-0344, Lee, "Minimum Triangle Inscribed in a Spherical Circle on S^2"
01-0345, Granvold, "The Quest for the Lost Proof"
01-0346, Trovon, "Calculus and the Pythagorean Proposition"
01-0347, Lin, "From Trigonometry to Calculus"
01-0348, Berele, "A Not-Too-Clever Proof of Euclid's Lemma"
01-0350, Nagar, "Polynomials Up to Topological Conjugacy"
01-0351, Webber, "Area of a Triangle with Inscribed Circle"
01-0352, Van Dyke, "Geometric Series"
01-0353, Casaubon, "p prime, p"
01-0354, Sury, "The Beta Integral and Some Binomial Identities"
01-0355, Callan, "A Catalan Numbers Identity"
01-0358, Weinstein, "The Extra Distance in an Outer Lane of a Running Track"
01-0360, Hombas, "Herododtus' Statistics"
01-0361, Terrell, "Mohr's Circle in Linear Algebra"
01-0362, Suzuki, "Series Summation Techniques from Leibniz to Euler"
01-0363, Swimmer, "On Golden Spirals"
01-0364, Baker, "The Inequality 1 – cos x"
01-0365, Schmidt, Jr., "Counting Diagonalizable 2x2 Symmetric Matrices"
01-0366, Slattery, "Where Do Theorems Come From?"
01-0367, Braune, "A Lower Bound for the Product of Powers of Tangent-functions"
01-0368, Almira, "More on a Topological Mean Value Theorem"
01-0369, Goldman, "Out-Line on Project 53"
01-0370, Lewin, "The Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra"
01-0371, Abel, "Crossing Points or Common Points"
01-0372, Kung, "Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality for Integrals"
2006-017/3 [09526436] 01-0374, Silva, "Summing Some Series"
01-0375, Erlichson, "Jakob Bernoulli and the Brachistrochrone Problem"
01-0377, Suzuki, "On a Folder Paper Crane"
01-0378, Sburlati, "Fermat's Equation X+Y=Z in the Cases N=2 and N=4"
01-0379, Putz, "On Generalizing the Pythagorean Theorem"
01-0380, Wood, "1/10 Circle"
01-0381, Rispoli, "The Fibonacci Polytope"
01-0383, Tabaeian, "Period of a Repeating Decimal"
01-0384, Hirshon, "Misbehaved Direct Products"
01-0385, Reynolds, "Reversing Las Vegas Odds"
01-0386, Geng, "Cantor's Two Mistakes in Set Theory"
01-0387, Goonatilke, "A Generalization of Synthetic Division"
01-0388, 01-0389, 01-0390, Jafari, "PWWs"
01-0391, Kung, "Divergence of the Harmonic Series"
01-0392, Caviness, "More Math with the LightsOut Symmetries and Strategies"
01-0393, Cabric, "Research with PC Computer Outside Triangle"
01-0394, Joel, "Euclid Was Wrong"
01-0395, Jafari, "Unusual Evaluating Integration Methods"
01-0396, Sen, "Area of a Smaller Square is Half of the Larger Square"
01-0398, Quintanilla, "Deriving Poisson's Integral for Undergraduates"
01-0401, Castro, "The Additive Groups of R and C Are Isomorphic"
01-0402, Nash, "Hyperfect Numbers"
01-0403, Ross, "Hunting for Primes"
01-0404, Marashi, "Math Saved My Life! Or Why I Am Not a Marxist?"
01-0405, Boman, "An Elementary Proof of the Divergence/Convergence of p-Series"
01-0407, Cahill, "Generalizing the Cross Product"
01-0408, Friedberg, "The Magic Hat"
01-0409, Xiao, "Calculus Without epsilon – delta"
01-0411, Gau, "Scalar Quadruple Product and Vector Triple Product Formulas"
01-0412, Holm, "A Combinatorial Card Trick"
01-0413, Cella, "Newton's Method Refined"
01-0414, Benyi, "Archimedean Properties of Parabolas, II"
01-0415, Bizzarri, "Existence of a Centered Ellipsoid Going Through 4 Points in 3-space: A Necessary and Sufficient Condition"
01-0416, Sardelis, "The First Indeterminate Diophantine Problem"
01-0417, Liebman, "Adjacency Matrices of Regular N-Polytopes Have Interger Eigenspectra"
01-0418, Marivani, "A Definite Integral"
01-0419, Georgakis, "A Note on the Normal, the Arcsine and the Cauchy Distributions"
01-0420, Lee, "Minimum Triangle Inscribed in a Circle on the Hyperbolic Plane"
01-0422, Casey, "Monotonicity with/without Mean Values"
01-0423, Li, "A Simple Proof that Homoclinicity Implies Horseshoe for Continuous Interval Maps"
01-0424, Lopez-Pouso, "Limits Using Polar Coordinates"
01-0425, Wayman, "Turning Upside Down in Elementary Abelian2-Groups"
01-0427, Radmore, "On a Generalization of the Limit Definition of the Euler Constant"
01-0429, Aboufadel, "Creating Bivariate Wavelets"
01-0430, Mercer, "The Number C in Cauchy's Average Value Theorem"
01-0431, Robinson, "Moore-Penrose, Volume, and the Classical Adjoint"
01-0432, Ding, "Boxes for Triangles of Diameter One"
01-0433, Lippert, "The Egg – The Best Equation for It"
01-0434, Predel, "Expansion of Bessel Functions of the First Kind…"
01-0437, Costovici, "Some Convergent Real Sequences Similarly Treated"
01-0438, Dobbs, "A New Proof of a Partition Identity"
01-0440, Glaser, "Are There Two Continuous Compounding Formulas?"
01-0441, Kahan, "Some Same Sums of Digits"
01-0442, Kung, "Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality via the G.M.–A.M. Inequality"
01-0443, Suzuki, "Napier's Formula"
01-0444, Mabry, "Algebraic Areas I"
01-0445, Samaniego, "A Simple and Direct Method for the Evaluation of Pi"
01-0446, Johnson, Jr., "loga +logb is a Log Function"
01-0447, Rietz, "Trapezoidal Approximations of Sums"
01-0448, Chowdhury, "A New Series Expansion for 1/pi"
01-0449, Evey, "A Double Unified Tour of a Little Known Corner of Three Number Land"
01-0450, Cavior, "Beyond Even and Odd"
01-0452, Moon, "Some Identities from Distinct Sequences"
01-0454, Abhyankar, "Geometry and Galois Theory"
01-0455, Cerin, "Lines with the Butterfly Property"
01-0456, Crowder, "A Unified Operator Approach for Solving Linear Differential Equations"
01-0458, Gupta, "Sum of the Factorials of the Digits of Integers"
01-0459, Rogers, "Putting the Differential Back into Differential Calculus"
01-0460, Kung, "The Kantorovich Inequality via G.M.-A.M. Inequality"
01-0461, Kung, "The Volume of a Tetrahedron Revisited"
01-0462, Paulsen, "The Most Localized 3-coloring of Penrose Tilings"
01-0463, Umar, "Constructing Even Order Magic Squares by Consecutive Numbering"
01-0466, Mathews, "A Visualization for lim n"
01-0467, Baloglou, "Angles, Area, and Perimeter Caught in a Cubic"
01-0469, Polezzi, "How to Obtain the GCD and LCM of Two Integers without Calculations"
01-0470, Otarod, "Parametiric Solution of a Complicated Nonlinear Differential Equation"
01-0471, Pepin, "Unified Solution of the Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic Equations"
01-0473, Traldi, "An Exposition of Elementary Matroid Theory"
01-0474, Klinger, "A Cubed Positive Integer Is a Sum of Consecutive Odd Numbers"
01-0475, Wang, "What Are the Measures of Generalized Balls"
01-0476, Poursaeed, "A Discussion in the Existence and the Number of Answers"
01-0477, Kalinowski, "On Functions Preserving Rank of Matrices"
01-0478, Cohen, "Connecting the Dots"
01-0479, Vasko, "Math Lends a Hand to Little League Baseball"
01-0482, Leise, "Two Math Models and a Metaphor from Psychology"
01-0484, Cappel, "The Honeybee Cell Problem Revisted"
01-0486, Boelkins, "The Near Orthogonality of PIPCIRs"
01-0487, Barry, "On the Construction of Algebras on Vector Squares"
01-0488, Roach, "Walking in Circles – An Exercise in Crossing the Street"
01-0490, Trenkler, "How to Make Additive and Multiplicative Magic Cubes?"
01-0492, Marcu, "Note on De la Loubere Magic Square"
01-0493, Marivani, "On the 4th Order Recurrence Relation"
01-0495, Jarrett, "A Note on Linear Rational Functions and Matrices"
01-0496, "Patterns, Insight, and Algorithm Conciseness"
01-0500, Stewart, "Conic Sections in Taxicab Geometry"
01-0501, Lagarias, "The Kruskal Count"
01-0502, Schochet, "Cartoons"
01-0503, Kist, "Finite Differences, Sums of Powers, and Fermat's Last Theorem"
01-0504, Yang, "Method of Quadrature of the Circle"
01-0506, Marcu, "A Note on Colourings of Finite Planes of Odd Order"
01-0508, Kung, "The Trinomial Coefficients"
01-0509, Downing, "Remainder Curves as Indicators of the Nature of the Solutions for a Fourth Degree Polynomial Equation"
01-0510, Yang, "New Recipes for Finding Eigenvectors"
01-0511, Tsang, "Floor and Wall Openings for Piping"
01-0512, West, "An Algorithm for Computing Pi"
01-0513, Edwards, "A Christmas Dream"
01-0515, van der Vring, "Quine's Trisection-Proof Questioned"
01-0516, Labelle, "N in Three 4s"
01-0518, King, "Four Solutions to Tower of Hanoi Puzzle"
01-0519, Anyaebuna, "Simple Formulae for the Evaluation of all the Roots (Real/Complex) of a Cubic"
01-0522, Friedberg, "A Light Bulb Problem and the Field Z2"
01-0523, Shen, "A Note on the Sums of Powers of Consecutive Integers"
01-0525, Sanchis, "Do Even Solutions of n(x+y+z) = xyz Exist?"
01-0526, Elenbogen, "On Edge in Infinite Dimensional Space (on Average)"
01-0527, Mascuilli, "Applications of the Maximum Modulus Theorem"
01-0529, Cupillari, "Another Look at the Rules of Differentiation"
01-0530, Robertson, "Shirali's Questions About Sums of Residues of Squares"
01-0532, Hicks, "Insights into Mixed Partial Derivatives via the Volume Conservation Law"
01-0534, Klis, "Cartoon: Inventing the Number Zero"
01-0535, Xu, "Normal Functions and Montel's Theorem"
01-0536, Steele, "Setting Linear Algebra Problem"
01-0538, Lohgani, "A Note on Number of End Points of Tree"
01-0540, Samuelson, "Viviani's Theorem"
01-0541, Hombas, "Bet More Win Less!! – Long-Run Risky Success"
01-0542, Okuda, "Avoiding a Trigonometric Substitution"
01-0544, Andreescu, "A Note on the Equation (x+y+z)"
01-0545, Marivani, "Congruences Involving Euler's phi Function"
01-0546, Marivani, "On Second Roder Recurrence Relations"
01-0547, Ehrenborg, "Decoding the Hamming Code"
01-0548, Groetsch, "Tartaglia's Bet and a Log-Like Function"
02-0549, Lima, "An Alternative Manner to Show the Mean-Value Theorem"
02-0550, Li, "Stability of Quadratic Complex Polynomials in Dynamical Systems"
02-0551, Ambasht, "Equilateral Triangle"
02-0552, Kung, "Sum of Squares of the First n Positive"
02-0555, Tallarida, "Near Misses in the Cubic Form of Fermat's Last Theorem"
02-0556, Loyer, "Multiplication with Singular and Defective Matrices"
02-0559, Bosse, "Extemporaneous Problem Development: Simultaneous Linear Equations and Rational Equations"
02-0561, Loase, "Statistics – A Call for Reform"
02-0562, Szabo, "For the Love of Math…"
02-0563, Smith, "Cornulet"
02-0564, Lam, "The Complete Classification of Pythagorean Triples"
02-0565, Richmond, "A Family Equivalence of Relations on N"
02-0566, Labouriau, "Weeds in Mathematics"
2006-017/4 [09526447] 02-0568, Poursaeed, "A Way of Determination and Approximation of the Cube Root"
02-0569, Alongi, "The Addition Formula for Sine"
02-0570, Loase, "Root 2 – Four Fundamental Questions"
02-0571, Escalona, "Two PWWs"
02-0572, Yu, "The Surface Area of an Ellipse S=pi ab"
02-0573, McQuillan, "The Derivative of sin x"
02-0574, Kribs-Zaleta, "SENDing MORE MONEY in any base"
02-0575, Lim, "A Convenient Method of Generating Central Difference Solution to Differential Equations"
02-0576, Tsao, "1 + 2 +3 …"
02-0577, Rump, "The Electoral College Knapsack Problem"
02-0578, Kocik, "Twice tan a/2 and the Pythagorean Theorem"
02-0579, MacHale, "Yet Another Proof that A4 Has No Subgroup of Order Six"
02-0580, Summers, "Pascal's Triple IX0H0XI Mobile"
02-0582, Chiappari, "Finely Minced Polygons: Variations on a Theme"
02-0583, Drost, "A Shorter Proof of the Descartes Circle Theorem"
02-0584, Weston, "Optimal Strategies and Valuation for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?""
02-0586, Usefi, "On the Generalized Intermediate Value Property"
02-0587, Morris, "Math and Platonic Intuition"
02-0589, Falk, "Proof by Gravity: Simpson's Paradox"
02-0590, Shapiro, "This Strange and Mysterios Rolle's Theorem"
02-0592, Ravichandran, "Two Proofs in Graph Theory by Induction"
02-0593, Lippert, "Polar Graphs – The Egg"
02-0594, Mitchell, "Linear Relations of Squares of Integers in Arithmetic Progression"
02-0595, Wood, "PWW – f-1(f(a)' = f'(a)-1"
02-0596, Miller, "Milestones in the Evolution of Calculus"
02-0597, Ravichandran, "On Two Properties of Analytic Functions"
02-0598, Suzuki, "Some Properties of Similar Triangles Constructed on the Sides of a Triangle"
02-0599, Liljedahl, "Reflections on Reflections"
02-0600, Rezende, "Puzzles with Polyhedra and Permutation Groups"
02-0601, Moore, "A 'Perfect' Construction of the Regular Heptagon"
02-0602, Ferguson, "A New Higher Dimensional Viewing Tool"
02-0603, Pe, "Ana's Golden Fractal"
02-0605, Abel, "Go for the Gold"
02-0606, Bergner, "Primes and Sums: The Goldbach Conjecture"
02-0607, deAprix, "Goldbach's Conjecture Proven"
02-0608, Martini, "The Computation of Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions via the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus"
02-0609, Itani, "Prime Numbers"
02-0611, Carlson, "Adventures in Solving the Generalized Family of Schrodinger Wave Equations"
02-0612, Al-ashhab, "Nonconsecutive Magic Squares 4x4"
02-0613, Guiasu, "Simulation: Common Sense and a Lot of Random Numbers"
02-0614, Kim, "New Descriptions of the Conic Sections of a Point and a Circle"
02-0615, Carlson, "Divergence of Electric Field in Spherical Coordinates"
02-0617, Botsko, "When Does…for the Riemann Integral?"
02-0620, Benjamin, "A Combinatorial Proof of Stirling Number Orthogonality"
02-0621, Bloom, "Letter: April 2002 Stirling Encounter"
02-0622, Pratt, "A More Direct Counterexample to a Curvature Folk Theorem"
02-0625, Schay, "On Interchanging Parameters in Hypergeometric Distributions"
02-0626, Mercer, "Numerical Quadrature and Gruss' Inequality"
02-0630, Coman, "A Metric Characterization of Equilateral Triangles"
02-0632, Gaze, "On Consecutive Terms of the Harmonic Series"
02-0633, Kahn, "A Remark on an Interesting Inequality"
02-0635, Walser, "Constructing Polyhedra with Cell-like Pyramids"
02-0636, Grosch, "Proof of the Nonverifiability of Goldbach's Conjecture"
02-0637, Miliauskas, "Point Symmetry in n-Space"
02-0638, Finley, "Letter: re Med Tests and Convergence"
02-0642, Suzuki, "Heron's Formula"
02-0643, Gearhart, "The Euler-Maclaurin Formula and Extension – An Elementary Approach"
02-0645, Withers, Jr., "Chasing the Harmonic Numbers"
02-0646, Raghunathan , "7 manuscripts"
02-0647, Osler, "Quadratic Convergence of the AGM"
02-0648, Ramsamujh, "Equational Logic and Abstract Algebra"
02-0649, Wermuth, "Factorizing Sums of Integers Taken to a Small Fixed Power"
02-0650, Ramakrishnan, "Letter to Ed: Generalization for the Relations a+b+c"
02-0651, Jaroma, "Thoughts on James Joseph Sylvester: Mathematician and Poet"
02-0652, Katerman, "De Rham Cohomology of the Rectangular Torus"
02-0653, Sikic, "Euler's Formula is Almost Unique"
02-0654, Ayoub, "On the Integral Solutions of x2 – (k2+4)y2 = plus/minus 1"
02-0655, Becerra, "Euler and Bernoulli Numbers and Representation of Some Elementary Functions"
02-0656, Ikenberry, "Representation of Six Types of Truncated Fourier Series by Definite Integrals
02-0657, Nelsen, "The Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality via a Plane Tiling"
02-0658, Talapadtur, "On Distribution of Prime Numbers and the Number of Prime Numbers"
02-0659, Redl, "Graceful Labeling of Graphs: An Integer Programming Formulation"
02-0660, Redl, "Coloring Integral Distance Graphs"
02-0661, Redl, "How to Color a Schedule: Time-tabling and Graph Coloring"
02-0662, Ferlini, "The Sum of the Deviations from the Sample Mean"
02-0663, Robbins, "Pythagoras and his Triples"
02-0665, Zhang, "Relationship Between Two Classical Inequalities"
02-0668, Muthuvel, "Ratio and Root Tests"
02-0670, Chan, "An Easier Way of Showing Equality of Row and Column Rank of Matrices"
02-0671, Lim, "Pascal's Triangle in 2-D Palindromic Sequences"
02-0672, May, Jr., "0 for April or Are Betting Slumps Inevitable?"
02-0674, Haines, "Four Proofs, No Words"
02-0676, Frantz, "Mobius Transformations and Ellilpses"
02-0677, Brabenec, "Maclaurin Series and Pascal's Triangle"
02-0678, Scofield, "Infinite Spirals and Polygonal Paths"
02-0679, Tabaeian, "Repeating Decimal"
02-0680, Desideri, "Laplacian on Mean Curvature Vector Fields for Some Surfaces in the 3-dimensional Lorentzian Space"
02-0681, Mabry, "Spiraling Polygons"
02-0682, Panaitopol, "A Minimum Problem"
02-0683, Kung, "More on Special Integrating Techniques for Trigonometric Integrals"
02-0685, Mendelsohn, "The Cyclic Structure of Permutations Induced by Riffle Shuffles"
02-0686, Schochet, "Cartoons"
02-0687, Nievergelt, "How (Not) to Solve Small Linear Systems"
02-0688, Christensen, "What's a Quasi p-Group?"
02-0689, Sides, Jr., "Computing the Area of a Polygonal Region in the Cartestian Plane"
02-0690, Sawyer, "The Strange Consequences of Using a Blowtorch in Hyperbolic Space"
02-0691, Briggs, "Exploring Hyperspace with Geometric Products"
02-0692, Duoandikoetxea, "From Tent-like Functions to Lucas Sequences"
02-0693, Wagon, "The Evil of all Roots"
02-0695, Zubieta, "Inscribed Angle in the Circle"
02-0696, Ross, "Sources, Sinks and Saddles: Sliding Securely Through Slope Fields"
02-0697, Blodgett, "Extension of Descartes' Rule of Signs"
02-0698, Williams, "Generalizing the Geometric Series"
02-0699, Williams, "1 + 2r + 3r + 4r …"
02-0700, Kribs-Zaleta, "Painting the Pyramid"
02-0701, Gupta, "Impact of Doing Mathematics"
02-0702, Kick, "The Recursive Solution of a Combinatorial Problem and Its Application to the Two-Sample Test"
02-0703, Ernsberger, "Trapezoids and Diagonals"
02-0705, Ramsamujh, "Equational Logic and Abstract Algebra"
02-0707, Mounir, "Linear Algebra"
02-0708, Osler, "PWW: Arch Length of the Cycloid"
02-0710, Motler, "Procedures for Solving Partition Problems"
02-0713, Naylor, "Persistence of Patterns: the Negative Rows of Pascal's Triangle"
02-0714, Lang, "The Fourier Series of Secant Function"
02-0716, Swanson, "Squaring the Circle of Bertrand's Paradox"
02-0718, Torney, "Winner Take Part"
02-0719, Sburlati, "Generalized Fibonacci Sequences and Linear Recurrences"
02-0721, Calcaterra, "The Derivatives of the Sine and Cosine Functions"
02-0723, Holden, "Invariant Conics"
02-0724, Ikari, "The Projection of Chord of a Parabola on to the Directrix"
02-0725, Moy, "The Consecutive Integer Triangle and Exponentials"
02-0726, Atriola, "The Architect Who Wrote Mathematics on Stone"
02-0727, Botsko, "When Is a Function Derivative?"
02-0728, Kovacs, "On Binet's Formula for Fibonacci Numbers"
02-0729, Gwanyama, "Illustrating the K-S Test of Goodness of Fit for Exponential with Waiting Times for Fatal Plane Accidents"
02-0730, Sullivan, "Note on a Closed Solution Curve"
02-0732, Chakraborty, "Development of the Abstract Group Concept"
02-0733, Brown, "A Graphical Method of Finding Nash Equilibriums in Two Person 3 x 3 Nonzero Sum Games"
02-0734, Nelsen, "PWW: Guha's Inequality"
02-0735, Nelsen, "Haber's Inequality"
02-0736, Kuzmanovich, "Possible Dimensions of Commutators of Matrices"
02-0737, Morrill, "Five Mathematicians, Some Coconuts, a Monkey, and a Coin"
02-0738, Monsour, "The Vandermonde Inverse and Residues"
02-0739, Darst, "Meeting a Fascinating Fractal Family"
02-0740, Gethner, "Can You Paint a Can of Paint?"
02-0741, Greenspan, "Molecular Type Models of Saddle Surfaces"
02-0742, True, "Trigonometric Functions on Ellipses"
02-0743, Schruben, "Water-shedding Ability of Waterfowl and the Brachistochrone Problem"
02-0746, Santos, "Two Applications of Topology to Linear Algebra"
02-0747, Reyes, "A Note on the Lucas Circle"
02-0748, Denlinger, "Regular Partitions are Sufficient for Riemann Integrability"
02-0749, Nelsen, "Wang's Inequalities"
02-0751, Nunemacher, "How Many Automorphisms?"
02-0753, Dickinson, "Expanding the Quadrilateral's Family Tree"
02-0754, Tauraso, "Elementary Evaluation of … by the Method of Residues"
02-0755, McCledon, "Trilinable Polygons in the Euclidean Plane"
02-0756, Yang, "A Matrix for All Reasons"
02-0757, Hancl, "Irrationality and Transcendence of Sequences"
02-0759, Gupta, "Investigation of Smith Numbers Below 10 to the 9th"
02-0762, Pennings, "Competing Definitions of Chaos"
02-0765, Yaz, "Perfect Colourings of (3n) with n Colours"
02-0678, Kanmani, "PWW: Average Distance on the Unit Interval"
02-0769, Zelator, "Pythagorean Boxes with Primitive Faces"
2006-017/5 [09526458] 02-0771, Monteferrante, "Surface Area of a Sphere and Volume of a Sphere"
02-0772, Lassere, "Nonzeros Roots of Kronecker Polynomials Are Units"
02-0773, Kumar, "A Magical Mistake"
02-0774, Rosenholtz, "An Example in Parallelogram Number Theory"
02-0775, Mabry, "The Triangle of Generalized Medians at Ration t"
02-0777, Eskew, "Three Hyperbolas Define a Complex Number"
02-0778, Chrysafi, "On the Curvature Function: Where Does a Curve Bend the Fastest?"
02-0779, Golomb, "Prime Numbers and Irreducible Polynomials"
02-0780, Cohen, "Poems"
02-0782, Mandl, "Catalan n: = … A PWW"
02-0783, Brown, "A Brief Note on Pell's Equation"
02-0786, Polley, "A Revolving Door Birthday Problem"
02-0787, Liu, "A New Algorithm on Linear Diophantine Equations"
02-0788, Ton, "Some Versions of the Mean Value Theorem for Differentials"
02-0789, Chakerian, "The Product of the Distances of a Point Inside a Regular Polytope to Its Vertices"
02-0790, Hammack, "Alternating Series Convergence"
02-0791, Suceava, "A Problem-solving Technique in Plane Geometry"
02-0792, Engelbrecht, "The Life and Times of Filling a Tank"
02-0793, Jaroma, "Pappus's Genearalization of the Pythagorean Theorem"
02-0794, Bailey, "Parametric Integrals"
02-0795, Toy, "Focal Length of a Parabola"
02-0796, Ross, "The Logic of the Wallet Paradox"
02-0798, Tokarsky, "Illuminating Polygonal Trees"
02-0799, Rhoads, "Rational Cyclic-Inscriptable Quadrilaterals"
02-0800, Mascioni, "Card Tricks and Some Graph Theory"
02-0801, Lopez, "Why Can't We Make a Perfect Map?"
02-0802, Connor, "Directed Distance Version Coordinate Version"
02-0804, Peralta, "Pythagorean Approximations and Continued Fractions"
02-0805, Puryear, "On the Equation A (A+D) … = X"
02-0806, Hohler, "The Equation xn +yn =zn"
02-0807, Dresden, "A New Approach to Rational Values of Trigonometric Functions"
02-0808, Naylor, "A New Kind of Geometry: the Biangular Coordinate System"
02-0809, Talapadtur, "On Giuga's Conjecture"
02-0814, Flesher, "The Shape of Graphs of 4th and 5th Degree Polynomials in Terms of the Coefficients"
02-0815, Ivey, "Moving Frames and Exterior Differential Systems"
02-0816, Francis, "Tiptoeing through the Transcendentals"
02-0818, de Bivort, "Isotemporal Classes of n-gons"
02-0819, Saunders, "The Equation of a Sword"
02-0820, Evans, "Group Actions in Number Theory"
02-0821, Tan, "On the Formula for Surface Area of Revolution"
02-0822, Chen, "The Evaluation of the Laplace Integral"
03-0824, Halitsky, "There is a 1:1 Mapping"
03-0825, Satnoianu, "There Are As Many Isosceles Triangles As There Are General Ones"
03-0826, Falabella, "Winning Lotto Numbers"
03-0827, Tangora, "Letter to Editor – Unique Rook Circuits"
03-0832, Gould, "Inclusion-Exclusion"
03-0834, Sorensen, "Fixed Point Bifucations in Smooth One-Dimensional Maps"
03-0837, Sepanski, "A Metrizaton of the Guitar: Nothing to Fret About"
03-0838, Coxson, "PSL Preservers and the Barker Codes of Odd Length"
03-0839, Kennis, "The History of the Concept of Functions"
03-0841, Botsko, "A Pointwise Type Definition of Uniform Convergence"
03-0842, Stadler, "Lights Out Series Z"
03-0843, Robertson, "Letter to Editor: Shirali"
03-0845, Sauerberg, "How May Multiplicative Magic Squares Are There?"
03-0846, Azarpanah, "A New Method for Drawing an Ellipse"
03-0848, Azarpanah, "Area Between Four Circles"
03-0849, Dawson, "Another Look at Undecidability"
03-0850, Knop, "Thinning Divergent Series and Misleading First Impressions"
03-0851, Gordon, "The Golden Ratio and Exact Representation of Sines/Cosines"
03-0852, Manilow, "On Gray code, Signed Iteration, and Cantor Sets"
03-0853, Dimitric, "Is the Function 1x Continuous at 0??"
03-0854, Wu, "Better the Second Derivative Test for Relative Extrema"
03-0855, Ferdinands, "Doubling Your Bets – The Martingale System of Gambling"
03-0856, Roubides, "Limits, Infinites, and Other Oddities"
03-0857, Brown, "Some Reflections on Inverse Arithmetic Functions"
03-0858, Sprows, "A Chaotic Family of Functions"
03-0860, Hombas, "Bet More Win Less!!"
03-0861, Tong, "Some Versions of the Mean Value Theorem for Differentials"
03-0862, Saunders, "Did Shakespeare Know the Odds?"
03-0863, Baecher, "On the Superiority of the Inept Shuffler"
03-0864, Kung, "The Sine of a Sum and the Cosine of a Difference via Ptolemy's Theorem"
03-0865, Marcu, "A Note on the Triangles in Graphs"
03-0866, Whitenton, "Series and Products with Relative Velocities"
03-0867, Lemmens, "Try, Try Again"
03-0869, Talapadtur, "The Twin Primes Problem"
03-0870, Blazys, "Proof of the Beal Conjecture"
03-0872, El-Gebeily, "The Sphere Inscribed in the n-simplex"
03-0873, Kahan, "Extensions of and Variations on Morgan's Theorem"
03-0874, Moon, "Some Identities for Distinct Sequences"
03-0875, Holt, "Letter to Ed: New Algorithms for pi"
03-0876, Schlicker, "The Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric"
03-0877, Poursaeed, "How to Evaluate the Number of Nonnegative Integer Solutions"
03-0880, Catalani, "Some Properties of a Particular Convariance Matrix"
03-0881, Grassia, "Derivation of a Explicit Formula to Find Fermat-Steiner"
03-0882, Emmons II, "A Backgammon Tournament in Mathematics Puncs"
03-0883, Freitas, "An Historical Survey of (un)Solvability of Algebraic Equations"
03-0884, Loase, "Variant on the Hardy-Ramanujan Partition Function P (N)"
03-0885, Blodgett, "Lagrange Interpolation and Linear Combinations of Exponential Functions"
03-0887, Xiao, "Another Proof of the Cauchy Criterion"
03-0888, Mor, "On the Likelihood of 'Sorry, I Don't Have a Match'"
03-0889, Wilson, "Regular Star Polygons"
03-0890, Kung, "PWW: The Erdos-Mordell Theorem"
03-0891, Friedberg, "The First Derivative Test"
03-0892, Oepomo, "Linear and Quadratic Equations"
03-0893, Khang, "Application of Gamma Function in Evaluating the Area of Certain Geometrical Shapes"
03-0894, Ayme, "Feuerbach's Theorem: A New Proof"
03-0895, Nam, "Remarks on the Equations of Normal and Tangent Lines of F(z) = 0 in C"
03-0896, Dix, "The Numbers and Paths and Hamiltonian Paths on a Graph"
03-0897, Kappraff, "A New Algorithm for Computing the Inverse of an Integer in a Modular System"
03-0898, Recasens, "Sharing a Pizza"
03-0899, Spindler, "Differentiability in Several Variables Revisited"
03-0900, Schlatter, "Using Graphs to Analyze Mirror Curves"
03-0901, Klamkin, "Distance Formulae via Inequalities"
03-0902, Francini, "A Short Proof of the Separation Property for Convex Sets"
08-904, Chen, "Sums of Consecutive Powers of Two and Four"
08-0905, Freitas, "Solvable Rational Quintic Equation by Radicals"
03-0906, Rogers, "Integrals of Regression Polynomials"
03-0907, Goffinet, "Krusemeyer's Bijection"
03-0908, Santos, "Spaces Where all Equicontinuity is Uniform"
03-0909, Overbey, "Involuntary Matrices"
03-0910, Ikenberry, "Representation of Six Types of Truncated Fourier Series"
03-0911, Barker, "A Prime Factor Class Invariant Arising in an Approximation of (ln2)2"
03-0912, Simkani, "The Delian Problem: Doubling the Cube Power"
03-0913, Cuddy/Mackiw, "Adding Error Correcting Capabilities to the mod 11 ISBN Scheme"
03-0915, Santos, "Another Algorithm for the Cubic"
03-0916, Marcu, "A Note on 4-regular Graphs"
03-0917, Khan, "On Some Integrals Over a Unit Sphere"03-0918, King, "Probabilistic Conditions for Summability"
03-0919, Huestis, "On the Probability of Radiactive Decay"
03-0920, Oepomo, "All Day EDUCO Math Workshop"
03-0921, Mercer, "Two Short Proofs of Korovkin's Theorem"
03-0924, Lucas, "… And Asymptotics for Other Partial Sums"
03-0926, Pfaff, "Counting Handshakes to Sums of Powers of Integers"
03-0927, Oepomo, "Telegraph Equation and Its Solution"
03-0928, Harris, "A Triple Angle Formula"
03-0929, Szabo, "Affine Regular Polygons"
03-0930, Yuran, "Life of pi"
03-0931, Kung, "An Interesting Application of Elementary Row Operations"
03-0933, Davis, "Homothetic Triangles with Coincident Euler and Nagel Lines"
03-0934, Chilaka, "Triangular Numbers and Cubes"
03-0935, Deniz, "Endomorphisms Preserving Bilinear Forms"
03-0936, Luo, "Evaluation of the Improper Integrals… and …"
03-0937, Chao, "Computing Conjugacy Classes of a Group with Just a Glance of the Group Table"
03-0938, Reyes, "A Theorem in Complex Geometry"
03-0939, Cawthorne, "Spirograph or Colorgroup?"
03-0940, Niculescu, "Some Mathematical Consequences of the Law of the Lever"
03-0941, Duran, "On the Cardinality of Primes p, p+2"
03-0943, Park, "Natural Logarithm"
03-0944, Faucette, "Trisecting an Angle… By Cheating"
03-0945, Faucette, "Divisibility Rules for 7 and 13"
03-0946, Schillo, "Summation and Production"
03-0947, Quintero, "The 21 Card Trick through Permutations"
03-0948, Helmberg, "Curiosities on Weak Topology in Hilbert Space"
03-0949, Schwaiger, "More on Rootless Matrices"
03-0953, Vrbik, "Systems of Difference Equations'
03-0954, Koelzer, "Diophantine Equations, Fibonacci Hyperbolas, and Quadratic Forms"
03-0955, Lu, "Another Proof for the $p$-Series Test"
03-0956, Polezzi, "A Group-Theoretic Proof of Bezout's Identity"
03-0957, Azad, "Focusing Surfaces"
03-0958, Araujo, "A No Choice Family of Sets"
03-0959, Bernhardt, "A Graphical Proof of Fermat's Little Theorem for Matrices"
03-0960, Hellerstein, "Division Revisited"
03-0961, Schechter, "Which Way is Jerusalem? Geography Meets Calculus"
03-0962, Margolius, "More Series and Integral Formulae for Euler's Constant"
03-0963, Marquez, "Characterization Equivalents of the Right Triangles"
03-0964, Raskin, "Listing and Sorting the Primitive Pythagorean Triples"
03-0965, Lee, "Problem Solving with Computers: Computer Lies"
2006-017/6 [09526469] 03-0967, Chen, "A Simple Proof of Alzer's Inequality"
03-0968, Siadat, "An Application of Axial Representation of Trigonometric Functions"
03-0969, Calcaterra, "Determining the Sample Size in Tests for the Variance"
03-0970, Betts, "Bayes' Formula on the Case: Did They or Didn't They?"
03-0971, Deiermann, "Another Fair Allocation of a Pizza"
03-0973, Sun, "The Definite Integral Representation of Indefinite Integral"
03-0974, Pagni, "Total Number of Cubes in a Skeleton Tower of Height n"
03-0975, Theodorakis, "Finding All the Composites Generated by Certain Prime-producing Polynomials"
03-0976, Cook, "Is It Serendipity?"
03-0977, Brown, "Investigations with Compass Metrics"
03-0978, Kung, "Generalized Homogeneous Differential Equations"
03-0979, Zhang, "An Interesting Conclusion with Special Point and Special Line of a Triangle"
03-0981, Maley, "Difference of Cubes"
03-0982, Jaroma, "The Equivalence of the Pepin and Lucas-Lehmer Primality Tests"
03-0983, Picciuto, "Do I Really Need to Know Math?"
03-0984, Pe, "The Picture-Perfect Numbers"
03-0985, Okumura, "The Aliquoted Arbelos and the Aliquoted Archimedian Circles"
03-0987, Jafari, "Angle Bisectors"
03-0988, Morris, "Ordinal Numbers and Ordered Sets Confuses Me"
03-0989, Apostol, "A New Recursion for Brenoulli"
03-0990, Nation, "How Aliens Do Math"
03-0991, Khan, "Another Proof of… and a Remark on Recursive Formula"
03-0992, Kung, "The Volume of a Semiellipsoid via Cavalieri-Tzu Principle"
03-0993, Okuda, "The Arithmetic Mean – Harmonic Mean Inequality"
03-0994, Kung, "A Formula for the Particular Soltion of y" +py' +qy = f"
03-0996, Raghaven, "Unique Squares"
03-0998, Finkelstein, "A Short Proof that square √x Is Uniformly Continuous on [0, ∞) and Other Things"
03-0999, Roth, "Julia Sets that Are Full of Holes"
03-1000, Abramson, "Industrial Grade Primes with a Money-back Guarantee"
03-1001, Raianu, "Computing Areas Using Green's Theorem and a Software Planimeter"
03-1002, Kobayashi, "Geometrical Meaning of Triple-angle Formulas"
03-1005, Siegel, "Too Many Payments"
03-1006, Hasson, "Conformal Mapping of Rectangles into Rectangles"
03-1007, Hoehn, "A Generalization of Some Well-known Points of Concurrency"
03-1008, Ramsamujh, "Much Ado About Almost Nothing: Nullary Relations, 0-ary Functions"
03-1009, Petkovsek, "Combinaorial Interpretation of Unsigned Stirling and Lah Numbers"
03-1010, Williams, "Irreducible Quartic Polynomials with Factorizations modulo p"
03-1011, Goldfeather, "Why Reliable Surface Curvature Approximation on Computer-generated Surfaces is Hard"
03-1012, Kiltenen, "Mobius Transformations"
03-1013, Chowdhury, "Coloring the Cadence of Life"
03-1015, Marivani, "On the Representation of an Integer"
03-1016, Dawson, "Dawsonian Secrets of Math"
03-1017, Alperin, "A Grand Tour of Pedals of Conics"
03-1018, Xu, "One Application of Vandermonde Determinant"
03-1019, Stahl, "Archimedean Properties of Parabolas and Numerical Integration"
03-1020, Santos, "The Incompleteness of the Space of Riemann-integrable Functions"
03-1022, Gao, "On the Characterization of Euclidean Space"
03-1023, Geer, "Remarks of How to Partition a Positive Number to Maximize the Product of Its Parts"
03-1024, Koshy, "Some Properties of Fibonacci Polynomials in Two Variables"
03-1025, Kirillova, "Analyticity Without Differentiability"
03-1027, Johnel, "When is the (Co)Sine of a Rational Angle Equal to a Rational Number?"
03-1028, Sundow, "An Infinite Product for gamma via Hypergeometric Formulas"
03-1029, Barry, "On the Role of Area in Elementary Geometry"
03-1030, Lih, "Pascal's Labeling and Path"
03-1032, Bona, "Split and Glue: A Bijection between Permutations and Their Cycles"
03-1034, Far, "A Different Description of a Family of Middle-"
03-1035, Zeng, "Why is 13x48 = 52x12?"
03-1037, Spivey, "An Elegant Simplification of Two Derangement Problems"
03-1039, White, "Algebra Does Not Care What Color Your Hair Is"
03-1040, Jaroma, "The Imperfect Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers"
03-1041, Singmaster, "Adjacent Survivors in the Joseph Problem"
03-1042, Hirashita, "On the Kelly Formula and a Bubble Game Model"
03-1043, Faucette, "How Not to Prove Fermat's Last Theorem"
03-1044, Cerin, "Regular Heptagon's Midpoint's Circle"
03-1045, Cockayne, "Oscillation of Graphs"
03-1047, Vallin, "Proof Without Words – Symmetric Product Problem"
03-1049, Kanmani, "PWW: GL (2, R) Is Open"
03-1050, Kanmani, "PWW: Complement of GL (2, R) is Not Open"
03-1051, Barton, "Trisecting an Angle in 5 Steps"
03-1053, Harris, "PWW: The Referendum Paradox and Simpson's Paradox"
03-1054, Hill, "Numbers and Geometry"
03-1055, Pinsky, "Stirling's Formula via the Poisson Distribution"
03-1057, Porter, "Automated Geometric Theorem Proving Wu's Method"
03-1058, Jung, "A New Criterion for Subgroups"
03-1059, Ramsamujh, "Nullary Relations 0-ary Functions, and Truth in Empty Domains"
03-1060, de la Hoz, "Sum of the Small Squares"
03-1061, Morris, "Some Fast Square Roots or Speeding Up Continued Fractions"
04-1062, Simoson, "Hesiod's Anvil"
04-1063, Berger, "Finding Very Long Paths in Graphs"
03-1064, Luli, "Maximum Modulus Principle"
03-1065, Vos Post, "Iterated Triangle Numbers"
03-1066, Du, "On a Definition of Chaos"
04-1067, Barrios, "On the Cyclotomic Polynomial 1+x"
03-1068, Applebaum, "On One Property of an Integrable Function"
03-1070, Hunt, "Geoboards, Gaussian Integers, and Pythagorean Triples"
03-1074, Vos Post, "Iterated Polygonal Numbers"
03-1075, Lamphere, "A Proportionality Theorem for Hyperbolic Geometry"
04-1077, Zhou, "More Convoluted Series and the Laplace Transform"
04-1078, Rodgers, "Asymptotic Diversions: Stirling's Formula and Other Curious Identities"
04-1079, Perez "Generating Prime Numbers Using Prime Numbers' Sequences"
04-1080, Nadarajah, "Some Bivariate Cauchy Distributions"
04-1081, Harris, "Triangular and Square Integers"
04-1082, Marivani, "How to Evaluate Sums of Fibonacci Numbers"
04-1086, Gopalan, "Equality of Triangular Numbers with Special M-Gonal Numbers"
04-1087, Yang, "Inequalities for a Point and a Simplex"
04-1088, Khalili, "Improper Integrals via Laplace Transform"
04-1089, Bique, "Coefficients for 2D Discrete Cosine Transform"
04-1090, Calzada, "When Theory and Practice Seem to Collide"
04-1091, Karmakar, "A Note on Fermat's Last Theorem"
04-1092, Chilaka, "Sum of Squares of Positive Integers"
04-1093, Dawson, "Crackpot Angle Bisectors!"
04-1094, Tong, "A Theorem Involving Both Mean Value Theorems for Differentials and Integrals"
04-1096, Hwang, "Infinite Products for pi"
04-1097, Sewell, "Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics"
04-1098, Khang, "Jensen's Inequality as a Test of Convergence"
04-1099, Gallian, "Household Group Theory"
04-1100, de la Rosa, "Tangent Line and Tangent Plane"
04-1101, Mendelsohn, "A Variant of Mathematical Induction"
04-1102, Vos Post, "Triangular Dodecagonal Numbers"
04-1103, Trenkler, "The Cayley Transform and Moore-Penrose Inverse"
04-1104, Ackerman, "The World of Fibonacci Quilts"
04-1105, Srinivasan, "A Note on Lagrange's Method of Osculating Elements"
04-1106, Bencze, "A Short and Elementary Proof of Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality"
04-1108, Hurley, "Products and Reciprocals of Diagonal Length Ratios in the Regular Polygon"
04-1109, Armagost, "A Trigonometric Equivalent of the Quadratic Formula"
04-1110, Richard, "Fermat's Point of a Triangle"
04-1111, Alsina, "Ptolemy's Inequality"
04-1112, Wells, "Various Triangle Results"
04-1114, Kung, "Ptolemy's Theorem in a Cyclic Convex Quadrilateral"
04-1115, Rock, "Did Fermat Have Proof?"
04-1116, Bartlow, "Edward V. Huntington and Apportionment"
04-1119, Murgatroyd, "Some Convex Solutions to the Sofa Problem"
04-1122, Rock, "Did Kummer Actually Restore Unique Factorization?"
04-1123, Northshield, "Square Roots of 2 x 2 Matrices"
04-1124, Snyder, "Relation of the Number of Vertices to the Number of Edges"
04-1125, Vos Post, "When Dodecagonal Numbers Are Pentagonal Numbers"
04-1126, Bernhart, "On Pythagorean Triples"
04-1127, Katsuura, "Inequalities of Complex Numbers"
04-1128, Downey, "A Generalization of Convexity"
04-1130, Althoen, "Finite-Dimensional Real Division Algebra: A Brief History"
04-1131, Deaconescu, "Remarks on a Conjecture of D. H. Lehmer"
04-1132, Varona, "On a Theorem of Erdos Concerning Additive Functions"
04-1133, Marivani, "Curves and Surfaces that Exhibit an Equal Ratio Property"
04-1135, Ngo, "The Mathematics of Simple Mass-Spring Systems"
04-1136, Tolosa, "The Weighted Fermat Triangle Problem"
04-1137, Ferzola, "Leibniz, Differentials, and Infinitesimals"
04-1138, Volpe, "On Inverse Functions and Functionals"
04-1139, Loyer, General Solutions for Ordered and Group Selections"
04-1140, Sprows, "The Dynamics of Odd Sawtooth Functions"
04-1143, Eskew, "Time and Complex Hyperbolic Trigonometry"
04-1144, Beauregard, "No Arithmetic Cyclic Quadrilaterals"
04-1145, Leeson, "Mozart's Theorem and Pascal's Triangle"
04-1146, Vella, "What's So Special About…?"
04-1147, Jansen, "Classification of Rootless Matrices"
04-1149, Horn, "Bipolar Plots"
04-1151, Andersen, "Mathematics in Art"
04-1152, Kung, "There Are at Most Three Inscribed Squares in a Triangle"
04-1153, Gurjar, "Two New Proofs of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra"
04-1155, Tobey, "From Earth to Mars: An Analysis of Orbital Transfer Trajectories"
04-1156, Gomez, "There Exists a 1 to 1 Correspondence between Triples a, b, c"
04-1157, Pulapaka, "Kaprekar-type Routines: A Medley of Open Problems for U/G"
04-1158, Yang, "Stewart's Formula and Some Inequalities for a Simplex"
04-1159, Brown, "The Sums of Powers of Natural Numbers – An Elementary Formula"
04-1161, Quintas, "The Ballot Problem"
04-1163, Ciaurri, "Perturbed m-Fibonacci Sequences"
04-1164, Sakmar, "Malfatti-Steiner Problem"
04-1165, Vos Post, "When Centered Polygonal Numbers Are Perfect Squares"
04-1166, Chang, "An Example of Cauchy Backward Induction"
04-1167, Lee, "Note on the Riesz Representation Theorem for Hilbert Space"
04-1168, Clark, "Infinitude of Primes: Geometric Proof by Contradiction"
04-1170, Iwanczyk, "How to Displace the y-axis of a General Equation"
04-1172, Kirk, "Ode to Number and Those Who Love Them"
2006-017/7 [09526470] 04-1173, Hansen, "Right Triangles and Pythagorean Triples I"
04-1174, Hansen, "Right Triangles and Pythagorean Triples 2"
04-1175, Ecker, "Maximizing the Probability of a Sweepstakes Win"
04-1176, Simons, "When Institution Meets Infinity: On Plausible Assumption for the Box Paradox"
04-1177, Vos Post, "When 24-gonal Numbers are Perfect Squares"
04-1179, Feng, "A New Identity of the Binomial Type"
04-1180, Yen, "The Sylvester Theorem, Leroy M. Kelly, and an Algebraic Proof"
04-1181, Kovac, "Arctan 1 + Arctan 2 + Arctan3 = pi"
04-1182, Coles, "Pokemon-How Much Does It Cost to Catch 'Em All?"
04-1183, Norwood, "No Basis, In Fact"
04-1184, Brueggeman, "Pythagorean Triples with Square and Triangular Legs"
04-1185, Kovac, "Combination Locks and Mahler Polynomials"
04-1186, Flight, "Generalized Pascal Triangles"
04-1187, Reynolds, "Reversing Las Vegas Odds"
04-1188, Raskin, "Ordering the Pythagorean Triples by Generalized Fibonacci Sequence"
04-1189, Martin, "Bounded Sets Don't Contain Their Circle Center"
04-1190, Fried, "A Correct Newton-Raphson and a Better Halley"
04-1192, Brilleslyper, "The Partial Sums of … Saw-tooth Function"
04-1193, Mahavier, "From Cantor's Diagonalization Process to Baire-Moore Category"
04-1194, Gluchoff, "How to Construc Univalent Polynomial Mappings of the Unit Disc"
04-1195, Zheng, "A Cosecant Identity"
04-1196, Apostol, "The Method of Punctured Containers"
04-1197, Plaza de la Hoz, "Probability of Obtaining an Obtuse Triangle"
04-1198, Gil, "The Catenary (almost) Everywhere"
04-1199, Calcaterra, "The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra: Jordan's Proof"
04-1200, Hoehn, "Two Properties of Excircles of Quadrilaterals"
04-1202, Hirschhorn, "A Most Remarkable Continued Fraction"
04-1203, Renault, "An Interesting Correspondence Concerning A Generalization of the Catalan Sequence"
04-1204, Kung, "The Volume of a Fustrum of a Square Pyramid"
04-1205, Zhang, "Some New Results with Relation to the Kaprekar Number"
04-1206, Aiya-Oba, "Isosceles Triangles' Triple Theorem"
04-1207, Coppenbarger, "Solids Whose Parallel Cross-Sections Are Regular Polygons"
04-1209, Roselli, "Logarithm of a Product"
04-1210, Brown, "Training the Fibonacci Numbers"
04-1211, David, "It's the Catalan Numbers, Stupid!"
04-1212, Mabry, "Counting Correct Cancellations – 64/16 = 4/1 and All That"
04-1213, Iannuci, "Ruth/Aaron Pairs"
04-1214, Hopkins, "A Familiy of Triangular Number Identities"
04-1215, Terrell, "A Module on Sontrollability and Feedback Stabilization"
04-1216, Alexander, "Napier's Rules of Circular Parts"
04-1217, O'Farrell, "Greensberg's Betweenness Axioms"
04-1218, Vos Post, "Semiprime Figurate Numbers"
04-1219, Nyblom, "On the k-fold Summation of Arithmetic Progressions"
04-1220, Lowry, "Oblique Look at Oblique Projector"
04-1221, Gordon, "Measures of Aberrancy"
04-1222, Betts, "An Elementary Proof that gcd…"
04-1225, Tong, "A New Mean Value Theorem for Differentiation"
04-1226, Bramsen, "The Island of Five Colors Revisited"
04-1227, Osler, "Finding…from a Recursion for Bernoulli Numbers"
04-1228, Ramsinghe, "Transposition of Integral and Summation Signs"
04-1229, Gethner, "Elementary Proof of an Oscillation Theorem"
04-1230, Kurokawa, "The Existence of Vector Potential in Simply Structured Spaces"
04-1231, Isralowitz, "Strange Integrals Derived by Elementary Complex Analysis"
04-1232, Cruzon, "Mind-Reading with the Help of the Kaprekar Constant, 6174"
04-1233, Broline, "Examples of Using a Computer Algebra System in Teaching Algebra"
04-1234, Lodder, "Binary Arithmetic from the Chinese Abacus to the Electronic Digital Computer"
04-1235, Ribando, "Descartes' Theorem, Euler's Formula, and Archimedes' Solids"
04-1236, Yang, "Conjugate Product"
04-1237, Andrews, "How to Get a Merit Raise?"
04-1238, Cline, "An Unfair Risk?"
04-1240, Wildenberg, "Pairs of Equal Surface Functions"
04-1241, Hudgins, "A Tale of Three Jinns of a New Look at the Axiom of Choice"
04-1242, McCarthy, "Factoring Binomials and Definitions of 1"
04-1243, Littman, "The Square of a Multinomial"
04-1244, Putz, "The Spoon is Half Full: An Optimist Ventures into the Kitchen"
04-1245, Redmond, "The Tournament-Ranking Spectrum and Circular-Tournament Design"
04-1246, Avirappattu, "Partitions of e"
04-1248, Woeginger, "Variations on an IMO Inequality"
04-1249, Kravitz, "Two Comments on Minimum Spanning Trees
04-1251, Spivey, "Three Fibonacci Identities and the Determinant Sum Rule"
04-1252, Gomez, "A Triangle with Two Congruent Angle Bisectors is Isosceles"
04-1255, Hecker, "Touching All Bases"
04-1256, Dalai, "One More Proof that (2) = π2/6"
04-1258, Glasser, "Disentangling a Series"
04-1259, Leung, "To Mathematics"
04-1261, Totik, "The Inheritance Problem and Monotone Systems"
04-1262, Douthett, "Floor Function and Maximally Even Sets and Configurations"
04-1264, Gonzalez-Velasco, "An Opportunity Missed by Fifth-Century Hindu Astromers"
04-1265, Cook, "Theory of a Symmetric Method"
04-1266, Gupta, "A Small Correction to a 233 Year Old Paper of Vandermonde"
04-1267, Gammon, "The Power of Numbers"
04-1269, Rao, "The Mathematics Behind a Certain Card Trick"
04-1270, Boman, "How to Compute the Partial Fraction Without Really Trying"
04-1271, Lampret, "Even from Gregory-Leibniz Series π Could Be Computed: An Example of the Use of the Euler-Maclaurin Formula"
04-1272, Kroger, "A Short Approach to the Jordan Canonical Form"
04-1275, Killen, "A Scheme for Generating and Classifying All Primitive Pythagorean Triples"
04-1276, Lee, "Factorial as a Sum of Integers"
04-1277, Nayaka, "An Alternate Proof of Euler's Celebrated Identity"
04-1278, Eggleton, "Correspondence Proofs for Some Power Sum Identities"
04-1279, Rodriguez, "Generating Probability Distributions that Obey Banford's Law"
04-1280, McAllister, "How Can We Handle Control Problems Without Ordinary Differential Equations"
04-1281, Kung, "Particular Solutions via Convolution"
04-1282, Morrison, "Four-Handed Shuffles, Affine Groups, and Perfect Shuffle Group Conjecture"
04-1283, Trenkler, "On the Rotations Taking One Vector into Another"
04-1284, Torrence, "Keeping Dry – The Mathematics of Running in the Rain"
04-1285, Plaza de la Hoz, "Volume of a Sphere is 4π/3R"
04-1286, Aravind, "The Transits of Venus"
04-1287, Mendelsohn, "The Cyclic Structure of Permutations Induced by Riffle Shuffles"
04-1288, Wu, "Man vs. Technology: The Story of Mollweide and Trigonometric Functions"
04-1290, Zelator, "Triangle Angles and Sides in Progression and the Diophantine"
04-1291, Kahan, "A Simple Problem Solved – Twice!"
04-1293, Coxson, "Generalizing the Perrin Sequence While Preserving a Necessary Condition"
04-1294, Reddy, "Several Proofs Without Words"
04-1295, Jensen, "Which Came First: Euler or Natural Logarithm"
04-1297, Tsao, "Sum of Powers of Integers"
04-1298, Tsao, "A Remark on a Combinatorial Identity"
04-1299, Chen, "A Geometric Idetity of Equilateral Triangles"
04-1300, Chen, "Tent Maps and Middle Cantor Sets"
04-1301, Kung, "The Altitudes of a Triangle Are Concurrent at a Point"
04-1303, Peralta, "Irrational Numbers and Infinite Suma of Superposed Radicals"
04-1304, Lord, "The Variation of Constants Method"
04-1305, Santos, "A Note on Riemann's Zeta Function"
04-1306, Shiflett, "Dependent Probability Spaces"
04-1307, Wu, "The Volume of a Sphere Revisited"
04-1308, Park, "The Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality"
04-1309, Plaza de la Hoz, "Geometric Evaluation of a Continuant Resulting in the Golden Ratio"
04-1310, Garner, "Discovering Configurations in Projective Geometry"
04-1311, Tsao, "The Tower of Hanoi and the Number System"
04-1312, Custer, "What's the Deal with Differential Equations?"
04-1313, Geba, "An Analysis of Recursively Defined Continuous Functions"
04-1314, Rooin, "A Power-Sum Inequality"
04-1315, de Bondt, "NP–completeness of Master Mind and Minesweeper"
04-1317, Du, "The Lives of Perio-3 Orbits for Some Quadratic Polynomials"
04-1319, Alexander, "Fermat's Problem: A Matter of Elementary Calculus"
04-1320, McCarthy, "Letter to Editor: Two Box Paradox"
04-1321, Kakihara, "Orthogonality in Euclidean Space"
04-1322, Hamblin, "Coloring Unit Origami: Connections to Graph Theory"
04-1323, Redheffer, "Asymptotic Equality and Curve Sketching"
04-1324, Ghandehari, "Geometry of Post's Correspondence Problem"
2005-133/9 [15993469] Allen J. Schwenk, editor, rejected manuscript files, 2006-2008
Scope and Contents
Note: Original filing system has been retained. Articles are ordered chronologically and then by manuscript number. The first two digits of the manuscript number indicate the year and the remaining three digits indicate the order in which the articles were received. The last folder for each year (located in box 5 for 2005 and box 8 for 2006) contains withdrawn manuscripts. 2006 rejected manuscripts begin with June 19, 2006. Unprocessed.
2005 Rejected Manuscripts
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-001, Dimitric, Radoslav
05-002, Davis, Paul
05-003, Plaza, Ángel, 2005
05-004, Plaza, Ángel, 2004-2005
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-005, Vos Post, Jonathan
05-007, Kandall, Geoffrey
05-008, Nissen, Phillip
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-010, James, Shawn
05-010, Kodokostas, Dimitrios
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-012, Kalimunth, S.
05-013, Tsao, Hung-ping
05-014, Tien, Li C.
05-018, Gorguis, Alice
05-021, Becerra, Linda and Elias Y. Deeb
05-022, Matuszok, Aleksander
05-023, Garber, Isaak
05-024, Lee, Haewon and Elijah Ray
05-025, Tiong, Victor
05-028, James, Shawn
05-029, Neuman, Arthur
05-030, Rose, David A.
05-031, Rose, David A.
05-032, Trapp, Kathryn A.
05-033, Morris, Howard Cary, 2005-2006
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-034, Faucette, William M.
05-039, Webb, William A.
05-041, Niemann, Chris
05-042, Ridenhour, Jim and D.R. Grimmett
05-043, Rosen, Gerald
05-044, Koshy, Thomas
05-046, Bruckman, Paul S.
05-047, Plaza, Ángel
05-0448, Ercan, Z.
05-049, Zucker, Marc, 2005-2006
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-050, Correll, Jr., Bill
05-051, McCarthy, Chip
05-053, James, Shawn
05-055, Laha, Arnad K.
05-056, Gluchoff, Alan, 2005-2006
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-057, Shephard, G.C.
05-059, Ernst, Claus
05-061, Brown, Adam
05-063, Solanilla, Leonardo
05-064, Johnson, Peter, et al, 2005-2006
2005-133/9 [15993469] 05-065, Solanilla, Leonardo
05-066, Goonatilake, Rohitha
05-067, Kállos, Gábor
05-068, Bairac, Rado
05-069, Hartmann, Frederick
05-070, Silberger, Don
2005-133/10 [15993425] 05-072, Chen, Frederick
05-074, Stahkov, Alexey
05-075, Reiter, Harold, et al
05-076, Wagner, Helmuth
05-077, Wagner, Helmuth
05-078, Borzadaran, G.R. Montashami
05-080, Pinelis, Iosif, 2005-2006
05-081, Holing, Kent, 2005
05-082, Kimberling, Clark, 2005-2006
2005-133/10 [15993425] 05-083, Chamberland, Marc, et al
05-084, Claurri, Óscar, et al
05-085, Chamberland, Marc
05-086, Brenton, Lawrence and Sandra Dial
05-087, Im, Bo-Hae and Charlotte Hansen, 2005-2006
05-090, Switkes, Jennifer and Alan Krinik, 2005
05-091, Hoehn, Stacy, 2005-2006
2005-133/10 [15993425] 05-093, Hwang, Chien-Lih
05-096, Thrall, Tony
05-097, Chase, Norma M.
05-098, Montgomery, Aaron, 2005-2006
05-099, Pedersen, Jean and Peter Hilton, 2005
05-101, Brown, Adam, 2005-2007
2005-133/10 [15993425] 05-102, Nelson, Paul
05-103, Osorio, Carlos
05-104, Kung, Sidney H.
05-105, Ayoub, Ayoub B.
05-106, Gonzalez, Roberto and Richard Hinthorn
05-107, Rosa Milton; Clea Mendes Da Silva; and Daniel Orey
05-110, Kwong, Y.H. Harris
05-111, Nkwanta, Asamoah and A.E. Barber
05-115, Mabuchi, Masao
05-116, Plaza, Ángel
05-117, Yushau, B. and A. Umar
05-118, Plaza, Ángel
05-119, Wong, Yan-loi
05-122, McCarthy, Chip
05-123, Tolle, John and Francesca Reale, 2005-2006
05-124, Perez, José A. and Ángel Plaza, 2005
05-125, Capobianco, Michael F., 2005-2006
2005-133/10 [15993425] 05-126, Gulden, Sverre (includes 3.5" diskette)
05-128, Bogomolny, Alexander
05-131, Kalimuthu, S.
05-132, Lodder, Jerry
05-133, Lowenthal, Franklin and Alexander Cassuto
05-134, Munagi, Augustine O.
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-135, Jaroma, John H.
05-136, Plaza, Ángel
05-138, Falbo, Clement C.
05-139, Sury, B.
05-140, Plaza, Ángel
05-141, Kalimuthu, S.
05-143, Winton, Richard Alan
05-144, Winton, Richard Alan
05-148, Plaza, Ángel
05-149, Kalimuthu, S.
05-150, Ollerton, Richard A.
05-152, Calcaterra, Robert
05-153, Pinkham, Roger
05-154, Post, Arnold R.
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-158, Neumann, Michael M. and Robert Kantrowitz
05-159, Zulli, Louis
05-161, Wardlaw, Bill, et al
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-162, Matuszok, Aleksander
05-163, Hussain, Wasiq
05-164, Hussain, Wasiq
05-165, Plaza, Ángel
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-166, Dorée, Suzanne
05-168, Giurgescu, Patricia
05-169, Pfaff, Thomas
05-170, Golik, Wojciech
05-171, Koh, Sung-Eun
05-172, Kroopnick, Allan
05-173, Locksley, Harry
05-174, McQuillan, Daniel
05-176, Morris, Howard
05-177, Pincock, Christopher
05-178, Holshouser, Arthur, 2005
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-179, Halava, Vesa
05-181, Creswell, Sam
05-182, Jaroma, John H.
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-183, Goldman, Steven
05-184, Yun, Zhang
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-186, Elzaidi, S.M.
05-188, Lum, Lewis
05-192, Prabhu, Vrunda
05-193, Tanton, Jim
05-194, Stoughton, John
05-195, Markstein, Peter
05-196, Hoft, Margret H.
05-197, Machover, Maurice
05-198, Machover, Maurice
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-200, Evan, Joseph
05-201, Stone, Wesley
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-202, Ash, J. Marshall
05-203, Ben-Tzvi, Pinhas
05-204, Akerman, Michael, 2005
2005-133/11 [15993436] 05-206, Ragan, Donal
05-207, Wagon, Stan
05-208, Ragozzine, Charles
05-209, Callan, David, 2005
2005-133/12 [15993470] 2005-2006
05-211, Sahoo, Prasanna
05-212, Tuleja, Greg
05-213, Swanson, Christopher
05-215, Hsieh, Timothy, 2005
2005-133/12 [15993470] 05-216, Osler, Thomas J.
05-217, Choi, Youngna
2005-133/12 [15993470] 05-218, Kulkarni, R.G.
05-219, Alexander, Samuel (includes 3.5" diskette)
05-220, Nyblom, Michael
05-221, Vrbik, Jan
05-223, Post, Arnold R., 2005
2005-133/12 [15993470] 05-224, Orr, Wallace
05-226, Nitica, Viorel
05-227, Martinze-Avendaño, Ruben A.
05-228, Groves, Jonathan
05-229, Kalimuthu, S., 2005
05-230, Tsang, Kin Wai, 2005-2006
05-231, Ramos, Rolando, 2005
05-232, Dwilewicz, Roman, 2005-2006
05-233, Xu, Bangateng, 2005-2007
05-234, Bradley, David
05-235, Darvasi, Gyula
05-236, Chua, Kok Seng
05-237, Faucette, William M.
05-238, Gillman, Dr. Richard Alan
05-240, Li Changbai
05-242, Faucette, William
05-244, Thrall, Tony
05-245, Bairac, Radu
2005-133/12 [15993470] 05-246, Kalimuthu, S.
05-247, Hathout, Leith
05-248, Hooper, Jeff, 2005-2006
05-249, Bluskov, Ilya, 2005
2005-133/12 [15993470] 05-250, Pollard, Steven
05-252, Pérez, Juan Antonio
05-253, Wang, Xiaoqin
05-254, Berman, David
05-255, Hirofumi, Tsumura
05-259, Harkleroad, Leon
05-260, Shaebani, Saeed
2005-133/13 [15993447] 05-262, Olmstead, Wesley A., 2005
05-263, Post, Arnold R., 2005-2006
05-265, Rao, Arni S.R. Srinivasa, 2005
2005-133/13 [15993447] 05-267, Bay, Christopher C.
05-268, Kroopnick, Allan
05-271, Curtindolph, Calvin
05-273, Lu, Zhiqin
05-274, Sibley, Thomas
05-276, Kahan, Steven
05-277, Sury, B.
05-279, Marcu, Danut
05-280, Santos, Jose Carlos
05-282, Starmer, Philip H., 2005
2005-133/13 [15993447] 05-284, McCartin, Brian J.
05-286, Mustafaev, Zokhrab
05-287, Penrose, Kim (includes 3.5" diskette)
2005-133/13 [15993447] 05-289, Sugano, Katsuhito
05-290, Matuszok, Aleksander
2005-133/13 [15993447] 05-291, Walsh, Stephen R.
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05-293, Hedayatian, K.
05-294, Rashid, Shahid
05-295, Spencer, Domina E.
05-297, Chamberland, Marc, 2005
2005 Withdrawn Manuscripts
05-089, Flath, Dan and Stan Wagon, 2005
05-114, Castillo, René Erlín and Steven A. Chapin, 2005-2006
05-121, Ribble, George E., 2005
05-180, Evans, Tyler, 2005-2006
2005-133/14 [15993480] 2006 Rejected Manuscripts
2005-133/14 [15993480] 06-162, Yushau, B.
06-163, Seraji, Payam
06-167, ShahAli, H.A.
2005-133/14 [15993480] 06-168, Bradstreet, Thomas E.
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06-174, Boudreaux, Gregory M.
06-175, Horton, Peter, 2006
06-176, Horton, Peter, 2006-2007
06-181, Kalimuthu, S., 2006
2005-133/14 [15993480] 06-182, Wilders, Richard J.
06-183, Karwatka, Richard W.
06-184, Plaza, Ángel, 2006
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06-196, Eskew, Russell C.
06-197, Wagner, Clifford H.
06-198, Nyblom, M.A.
06-200, Xu, Bangteng, 2006-2008
2005-133/14 [15993480] 06-201, Barton, Lyndon O.
2005-133/15 [15993491] 06-204, Starmer, Philip H. (includes 3.5" diskette)
06-205, DeCesare, Richard
06-207, Abdalkani, Javad
06-211, Edwards, Steven R.
06-213, Gazor, Majid
06-215, Eskew, Russell C.
06-217, Stoughton, John R.
06-219, Chahal, Jasbir S.
2005-133/15 [15993491] 06-220, White, Dennis
06-221, Lenard, Andrew
2005-133/15 [15993491] 06-224, Nadarajah, Saralees
06-225, Blasjo, Viktor
06-227, Plaza, Ángel
06-228, Jianguo, (Steve) Xin
06-229, Hassani, M.
06-231, Dobson, John Blythe
06-232, Ferdinands, John, 2006-2008
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2005-133/16 [15993458] 2006-2007
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06-288, Haas, Robert (includes 3.5" diskette)
06-289, Haas, Robert
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06-292, Nadarajah, Saralees
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2005-133/16 [15993458] 06-300, Plaza, Ángel
06-301, Plaza, Ángel
2006 Withdrawn Manuscripts
06-140, deLeon, David (includes CD-R), 2006-2007
03-1052, Zajic, Vladimir S., 2003-2005
02-0623, Wu, C. Chris, 2002-2005
2014-241/2 UME Trends
March, 1989
May, 1989
August, 1989
October, 1989
December, 1989
January, 1990
March, 1990
May, 1990
August, 1990
October, 1990
December, 1990
January, 1991
May, 1991
August, 1991
October, 1991
December, 1991
January, 1992
March, 1992
May, 1992
August, 1992
October, 1992
December, 1992
January, 1993
March, 1993
May, 1993
July, 1993
September, 1993
November, 1993
January, 1994
March, 1994
May, 1994
July, 1994
September, 1994
November, 1994
January, 1995
March, 1995
May, 1995
July, 1995
September, 1995
2014-241/5 Audio cassette, two articles, March 1993
Non-MAA publications
2000-170/2 General, 1963-1976
4RM169 [SRH1230024883] Directories
Membership Directory 1962, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1962
1964 Directory of NCTM Members, 1964
4RM180 [SRH1230024896] Mathematical Sciences Administrative Directory – 1964, American Mathematical Society, 1964
Mathematical Sciences Administrative Directory – 1965, American Mathematical Society, 1965
Mathematical Sciences Administrative Directory – 1966, American Mathematical Society, 1966
Mathematical Sciences Administrative Directory – 1967, American Mathematical Society, 1967
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1935-1936, vol. 42, no. 9-2, September 1936
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1937-1938, vol. 44, no. 9-2, September 1938
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1939-1940, vol. 46, no. 9-2, September 1940
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1941-1942, vol. 48, no. 9-2, September 1942
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1943-1944, vol. 50, no. 11-2, September 1944
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1945-1946, vol. 50, no. 11-2, September 1946
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1948, vol. 54, no. 11-2, September 1948
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, List of Officers and Members 1950, vol. 56, no. 6, September 1950
Pamphlets, programs, and guides
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Catalogue of the Library, vol. 52, no. 5-2, May 1946
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Catalogue of the Library, Supplement No. 2, vol. 54, no. 1-2, January 1948
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Catalogue of the Library, Supplement No. 5, vol. 57, no. 1-2, January 1950
National Organization of Mathematicians of Canada, Canadian Mathematical Congress [brochure], 1966
Science and Mathematics for the Seventies, 1969 Yearbook and Program, 69th Annual Convention, Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers, Inc., 1969

Committees and Awards, 1957-2013

Committee on Educational Media
4RM169 [SRH1230024883] Address list, undated
Individual Lectures Project
Memorandum from Richard Long [on the closure of the ILP Berkeley Project Office], May 15, 1967
MAA Committee on Educational Media, An Annotated Bibliography of Films and Videotapes for College Mathematics (Preliminary Edition), January 1, 1977
May, Kenneth O., "Growth and Nature of the Mathematical Literature" [draft for private circulation], January 1967
Curtis, C. W. "The Classical Groups as a Source of Algebraic Problems," American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 74, No. 1, Part II [published version of filmed ILP lecture], January 1967
Kac, Mark, "Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?" [expanded version of ILP filmed lecture], undated
ILP-MAA Teachers Guide for the film Let Us Teach Guessing, George Polya, 1967
ILP-MAA Film Manual 3, Andrew Gleason, 1967
ILP-MAA Film Manual 4, Who Killed Determinants?, Kenneth O. May, 1967
Programmed Topics in Calculus [Working Document]
Volume 1: Chapter A: Functions, Limits, Continuity and Chapter B: Derivative and Applications, August 1965
Volume 2: Chapter C: The Least Upper Bound Axiom and Chapter D: The Definite Integral, August 1965
Volume 3: Chapter E: Transcendental Functions, August 1965
Volume 4: Chapter F: Applications of the Definite Integral and Chapter G: Techniques of Integration, August 1965
Volume 5: Chapter H: Infinite Sequences and Series, August 1965
4RM127 [SRH1230024839] Committee on Educational Media materials, CD-ROM [disc includes electronic versions of materials from this committee], 2006
Conditions Governing Access
2006-055/2 [15994009] Mathematics Today series
Mathematical Induction
Leon Henkin oral history interview materials [includes correspondence and printed material], 2006, undated
4RM34 [SRH1230020450] Leon Henkin oral history interview, conducted by Caroline Kane [VHS], January 22, 2006
Committee on Institutes, Vincent O. McBrien
Accession Number
2.325/A92a [SRH1230000189] Survey of 1964 summer seminar, March 1969
Letter to fifty presidents and chairmen about the junior college proposition, 1968-1969
Follow-up of 1966 Summer Seminar participation, 1968
1966 Summer Seminar at Bowdoin, 1966-1968
Junior College proposals, 1968
Accession Number
[With printed material], 1967-1968
January 1969-September 1971
January 1969 Cooperative Summer Seminary reunion, 1968-1969
Eugene, OR, San Antonio, Atlantic City, 1969-1971
Laramie Meeting, August 1970
NSF Short Courses program, 1970-1971
1971 Summer Seminar
General, 1969-1971
Correspondence, 1969-1971
1972 Summer Seminar, 1971-1972
AAM-CUPM/1 [15832211] A Conferene on Mathematics Curricula in Institutes, January 1961
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics (CUPM)
2000-170/1 "CUPM, the History of an Idea," American Mathematical Monthly, January 1967
Lists of CUPM publications, 1965-1967
CUPM Report, nos. 1-4, 6-12, and 14-18, 1961-1967
CUPM Newsletter, nos. 1-7, 1967-1972
CUPM Consultants Bureau, 1966-1970
Miscellaneous CUPM publications
2000-170/1 Collected Reports of the CUPM [1 copy], 1957
Recommendations for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics [1 copy], January 1961
Course Guides for the Training of Teachers of Junior High and High School Mathematics [1 copy], December 1961
A Catalogue Survey of College Mathematics Courses [1 copy], December 1961
Recommendations on the Undergraduate Mathematics Program for Engineers and Physicists [2 copies, one reprinted 1965], January 1962
Preliminary Recommendations for an Honors Program in Mathematics [1 copy], June 1962
Tentative Recommendations for the Undergraduate Mathematics Program of Students in the Biological, Management, and Social Sciences [2 copies], January 1964
Recommendations on the Undergraduate Mathematics Program for Work in Computing [1 copy], May 1964
CUPM Bulletin, No. 65, December 8, 1964
Basic Library List [1 copy], January 1965
Mathematics Text Materials for the Undergraduate Preparation of Elementary School Teachers [1 copy], November 1965
A General Curriculum in Mathematics for Colleges [2 copies], 1965
Teacher Training Supplement to Basic Library List [1 copy], April 4, 1965
Recommendations for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics [1 copy], December 1966
Mathematical Engineering for a Five-Year Program [2 copies], October 1966
A Curriculum in Applied Mathematics [2 copies], 1966
T. E. Hull, The Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations, [1 copy], 1966
R. W. Hamming, Calculus and the Computer Revolution [1 copy], 1966
Recommendations on the Undergraduate Mathematics Program for Engineers and Physicists [2 copies], January 1967
Qualifications for a College Faculty in Mathematics [2 copies], January 1967
Course Guides for the Training of Teachers of Elementary School Mathematics [1 copy], 1968
A Transfer Curriculum in Mathematics for Two Year Colleges [1 copy], 1969
Qualifications for Teaching University Parallel Mathematics Courses in Two-Year Colleges [1 copy], August 1969
A Beginning Graduate Program in Mathematics for Prospective Teachers of Undergraduates [1 copy], 1969
Recommendations for the Undergraduate Mathematics Program for Students in the Life Sciences: An Interim Report [2 copies], September 1970
A Course in Basic Mathematics for Colleges [1 copy], January 1971
A Basic Library List for Two-Year Colleges [1 copy], January 1971
Recommendations on Course Content for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics [1 copy], August 1971
Recommendations for an Undergraduate Program in Computational Mathematics [1 copy], May 1971
Preparation for Graduate Work in Statistics [1 copy], May 1971
Report of a CUPM Conference on Computational Mathematics [1 copy], 1971
Introductory Statistics Without Calculus [1 copy], June 1972
Commentary on a General Curriculum in Mathematics for Colleges [1 copy], January 1972
Applied Mathematics in the Undergraduate Curriculum [1 copy], January 1972
Suggestions on the Teaching of College Mathematics [1 copy], January 1972
Recommendations on Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Involving Computing [1 copy], October 1972
CUPM Conference on Special Problems of Minority Groups [1 copy], 1972
Some Illustrative Examples of the Use of Undergraduate Mathematics in the Social Sciences [1 copy], [1973?]
A Compendium of CUPM Recommendations [1 copy], [1975?]
Case Studies in Applied Mathematics [1 copy], 1976
College Mathematics: Suggestions on How to Teach It [2 copies, one copy annotated D. Bushaw], March 1979
Training Programs for Teaching Assistants in Mathematics [2 copies, one annotated as "Revision copy"], 1981
Recommendations for a General Mathematical Sciences Program [1 copy], 1981
The Undergraduate Major in the Mathematical Sciences [1 copy], 1991
4RM236 [SRH1230024955] CUPM Curriculum Guide, 2004
MAA 1 The Undergraduate Major in the Mathematical Sciences, report of CUPM, MAA, 1991
4RM169 [SRH1230024883] College Mathematics: Suggestions on How to Teach It, March 1979
Pregraduate Preparation of Research Mathematicians, May 1963
A Curriculum in Applied Mathematics, 1966
Recommendations on the Undergraduate Mathematics Program for Work in Computing, May 1964
Mathematical Engineering: A Five-Year Program, October 1966
Mathematics and Engineering, December 1961
AAM-CUPM/1 [15832211] Elementary Mathematics of Sets With Applications, 1959
CUPM Reports, nos. 15-16, 1966
CUPM Newsletter, nos. 5-6, 1970
Miscellaneous Publications
Recommendations of the Mathematical Association of America for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics [reprint from AMM], December 1960
T.E. Hull, The Numerical Integrationo of Ordinary Differential Equations, 1966
Basic Library List, January 1965
Preparation for Graduate Study in Mathematics, November 1965
A Transfer Curriculum in Mathematics for Two-Year Colleges, 1969
A Basic Library List for Two-Year Colleges, January 1971
A Course in Basic Mathematics for Colleges, January 1971
Preparation for Graduate Work in Statistics, May 1971
Recommendations for an Undergraduate Program in Computational Mathematics: A Report of the Panel on Computing, May 1971
Suggestions on the Teaching of College Mathematics, January 1972
Introductory Statistics without Calculus, June 1972
Recommendations on Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Involving Computing, October 1972
2010-192/1 [18249734] Collected Reports of the CUP, 1957
Recommendations for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics, January 1961
Basic Library List, January 1965
Preparation for Graduate Study in Mathematics, November 1965
A Transfer Curriculum in Mathematics for Two Year Colleges, 1969
Recommendations on Course Content for the Training of Teachers of Mathematics, August 1971
Presidential Task Force on NCTM Standards
2006-055/1 Members, September, 1996
Correspondence with NCTM (primarily Mary Lindquist), 1997-1998
"Panel in Baltimore" [email from Roger Howe], November 19, 1997
1989 standards [includes correspondence], 1996
First draft, January 1997
Third round of questions, 1997-1998
Round 3.5 [questions and report], 1998
Round 4 [questions and report], 1998
January 1997 Math meeting [includes Task Force agenda], 1997, undated
NCTM 76th Annual Meeting MAA session, 1997-1998
2006-055/2 [15994009] Mathematical reasoning and proofs [includes manuscript of "Doing and Proving"], 1997
Ross, Kenneth A., "Doing and Proving: The Place of Algorithms and Proofs in School Mathematics," in The American Mathematical Monthly, 105 (3) [includes correspondence and page proof], 1998
American Federation of Teachers Standards, 1997
Report of the Association for Women in Mathematics Review Group, undated
ASA ARG, undated
Howe, Roger, "The AMS and Mathematics Education: The Revision of the NCTM Standards", undated
"Awareness of the NCTM Standards, Mathematics, Beliefs, and Classroom Practices of Mathematics Faculty at the Collegiate Level", undated
"Item and Test Specifications for the National Voluntary 8th Grade Mathematics Test", 1997
Berger, Thomas and Harvey B. Keynes, "Everybody Counts / Everybody Else" in CBMS Issues in Mathematics Education, 5, 1995
Wu, H., "Report on the Visits to Four Math Projects, Summer 1997", September 1997
Wu, H., "Some Observations on the 1997 Battle of the Two Standards in the California Math War", 1998
Olson, Zim M., "Creative Mathematics", 1997
San Antonio Prefreshman Engineering Program, 1997-1999
Issues and letters [includes correspondence and assorted printed material], 1996-1998
2015-226/4 [20878368] Committee on Two-Year Colleges: minutes, agendas, reports, meeting summary, recommendation, 1988-2007
2015-030/1 [20878200] Committee on Prizes and Awards: report, January 8, 2013
2015-030/1 [20878200] Report: Communicating Among Communities, 1992
4RM35 [SRH1230020451] DVD on all winners of the Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, 1993-2005
2015-030/1 [20878200] Sliffe Award
Petition to establish the Sliffe Award, 2002
Memos, report, 2013, undated

Section files, 1926-2015

Allegheny Mountain section files
94-204/1 [15995690] Old by-laws, 1961-1972
Section history binder, 1952-1969
Miscellaneous, 1964-1966
Correspondence, 1965-1966
Treasurer, 1965-1971
Miscellaneous, 1967-1969
Meeting, West Virginia, May 1967
Putnam exam, 1967
Meeting, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, April 1968
Putnam exam, 1968
High school math contest, 1968-1973
Meeting, West Virginia, May 1969
Putnam exam, 1969
Meeting, Chatham, May 1970
Putnam exam, 1970
Accreditation, 1970-1971
Miscellaneous, 1970-1973
Representatives, 1970-1971
Meeting, Geneva [College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania], May 1971
Putnam exam, 1971
Putnam exam, 1972
Treasurer's reports, audited, August 29, 1972
Meeting, Penn State, Altoona, May 1972
Meeting, Butler [County Community College, Butler, Pennsylvania], May 1973
Treasurer, 1973
Putnam exam, 1973-1974
Meeting, Meadvillle, May 1974
Meeting, Duquesne University, May 1975
Treasurer, audited, 1972-1975
Treasurer, 1975-1976
Meeting, West Virginia, 1976
Meetings, 1976-1978
Miscellaneous, 1976-1978
Miscellaneous, 1977-1978
Financial, 1977-1979
Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
Financial, 1978-1980
Meeting report and annual report, 1979
Secretary, 1979-1980
Treasurer, 1979-1980
Financial, 1981-1982
Correspondence, 1982
Miscellaneous, 1983-1984
Financial, 1984-1988
Meeting, 1985
Miscellaneous, 1985-1986
Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section
2011-138/1 [14010895] Executive Committee
Committee documentation binders - reports, handbooks, by-laws, attendance sheets, correspondence, minutes, member lists, 1957-1967, 1974-1976
2011-138/2 [14010909] Binders [include minutes, expenses, correspondence, committee lists, attendance lists, meeting information]
Will Baxter, 1977-1981
James Brooks, 1982-1989
2011-138/3 [14010884] James Brooks, 1987-1990
2011-138/4 [14010567] Treasurer's reports, 1988-1995
Treasurer records, 1995
2011-138/4 [14010567] Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, 1990-1995
Annual Reports, 1988-1995
List of Executive Committee members, 1989-1995
Section department chairs, undated
Section officer information from the MAA, 1985-1988
2013-019/5 [18248120] Minutes, correspondence, reports, and other material, 1988-2002
2011-138/5 [13741046] Meeting binders - correspondence, attendance sheets, reports, programs, expenses, 1962-1967, 1989-1994
2011-138/6 [13741068] 1994-1997
Attendance lists, 1978-1979
2013-019/5 [18248120] April 1999
October 2001
April 2002
Section Materials
2011-138/6 [13741068] Section meeting reports, 1990-1995
Teaching Award Nominations, 1991-1998
2011-138/7 [13741057] Newsletters, 1976-1998
25-year certificates, 1995
MAA new member welcome letter templates, 1990
2013-019/5 [18248120] EPADEL minorities, 1991-1992
2015-030/1 [20878200] Executive Committee meeting documents, 2003
MAA 1 EPADEL: A Semisesquicentennial History, 1926-2000, 2001
4RM127 [SRH1230024839] EPADEL 75 [23 photographs on CD], 2000
Conditions Governing Access
dinner 2.JPG
Missouri Section
2015-226/1 [19109901] Section records binders: minutes, agendas, reports, correspondence, newsletters, tax returns.
1964-1969 (2 folders)
1970-1974 (3 folders), 1969-1970
1975-1976 (3 folders)
2015-226/2 [19109898] 1977-1985 (2 folders)
1981-1983 (2 folders)
1984-1986 (2 folders)
1986-[2014] (3 folders)
1987-1989 (3 folders)
1988 (2 folders)
2015-226/3 [19120584] 1989-1990 (2 folders)
1991, some records from 1992 (2 folders)
1993-1998 – competition, booksale (some years), newsletters
1993-1998 – yearly report, treasurer report, teaching award, attendance, Exxon grant (3 folders)
Missouri Section Officers Handbook, undated
MAA Board of Governors Handbook, 1995-1997
Missouri Section Centennial History, 1915-2015, photocopy, 2015
Newsletters of other sections (2 folders), 1990-1992
North Central Section
2011-016/1 Presentation handouts by George Bridgman, 1975-2007
Northeastern Section
University of Connecticut [includes program and correspondence], 1956, undated
Dartmouth College [includes program and correspondence], 1957
Holy Cross College [includes program and correspondence], 1958
Boston College [includes program and correspondence], 1959
Wesleyan University [includes program and correspondence], 1960
University of Vermont [includes program and correspondence], 1961
Connecticut General, 1962
University of Connecticut [includes program and correspondence], 1956, undated
Section officer's meetings
Seattle, Washington [August 21, 1956 and correspondence], 1956, undated
Penn State [includes correspondence], 1957
Cambridge, Massachusetts [includes program], 1958
Salt Lake City [includes registration information], 1959
Michigan State, 1960
Oklahoma State University [meeting minutes], 1961
Membership Lists, 1955-1967, undated
By-Laws Information, 1955-1977, undated
MAA Section Guidelines, 1956-1960, undated
Programs, List of Officers, List of Speakers, List of Petititioners, 1955-1978, undated
Section history, undated
Abstracts of papers, 1957, undated
Committee on High School Contests [includes correspondence and meeting minutes], 1956-1958, undated
Visiting Lecturer's Program, 1958-1962
Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, 1956-1957
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, 1971-1972
4RM111 [SRH1230020556] Mathematics Opens Doors to the World, Bentley College [VHS], October 30, 1993
2. Mathematics in Computers and Technology, Renu Chipalkatti; GTE Laboratories, Inc
3. A Most Important Career: Teaching Mathematics, Joan Molin; Lynnfield MA Public Schools
4. Mathematics in the Information Sciences, William J. O'Keefe; US Department of Transportation
5. Keynote Address: What's a Mathematician Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Presenter: Leon H. Seitelman; Pratt and Whitney
4RM113 [SRH1230020558] 6. A Career in Actuarial Science, Michele G. Van Leer; John Hancock Insurance
Northeast Section MAA Fall Meeting
4RM25c [SRH1230020522] Tape 1, November 18, 1988-November 19, 1988
Tape 3, November 18, 1988-November 19, 1988
Tape 4, November 18, 1988-November 19, 1988
Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii Section
93-429/83 History of the Northern California Section: 1939-1988, by G. L. Alexanderson and Leonard F. Klosinski, 1988
From Galileo (1939) to Santa Clara (2001): An update on the history of the Northern California Section, by Leonard F. Klosinski, 2001
4RM34 [SRH1230020450] Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, [DVD], 2004
4RM109 [SRH1230020553] Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics, bound volume compiled by Leonard F. Klosinski, includes citations, photographs, certificates and other information on all section teaching award winners and all Haimo award winners from the section, 1992-2005
Ohio Section
2013-145/1 Chairman
Charles E. Capel
Committee on By-Laws, 1963
Section officers meeting, Boulder, Colorado, 1963
Andrew Sterrett
Section officers meeting, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1964
William T. Fishback
General material, 1965-1966
Daniel T. Finkbeiner
Committee on Curriculum (CONCUR), 1965-1967
Committee on Teacher Training and Accreditation (CONTTAC), 1966-1968
Correspondence and minutes, 1966-1968
CUPM conference, 1967-1968
James L. Smith
Correspondence [I], 1969-1970
Correspondence [II], 1969-1970
Section officers meeting, Eugene, Oregon, 1969
Bernard J. Yozwiak
Correspondence, 1969-1971
S. Elmwood Bohn [also includes material from S. Will Hahn]
CONCUR, 1965-1967, 1972
Committee on Cooperation between Colleges and Universities (COCCU), 1971-1973
Executive Committee, 1971-1973
Committee on By-Laws, 1972-1973
CONTTAC, 1972-1973
Correspondence with MAA national office, 1972
S. Will Hahn
Program Committee, 1972-1973
Recruitment, 1972-1973
Spring meeting, April 1973, 1972-1973
J. Frederick Leetch
High school contest, 1971-1973
Section officers meetings, 1972-1973
Correspondence and printed material, 1973
Correspondence, 1973-1974
Meeting, Fall 1973, Lorain County Community College, 1973
Meeting, Spring 1974, Muskingum College, 1973
Newsletter, 1973-1974
National office memos and publications, 1974, undated
James A. Murtha
MAA meetings, 1969-1972
Program Committee, 1975-1976
Secretary-Treasurer, 1975-1977
CONCUR, 1976-1977
Correspondence, 1976-1977
Correspondence, printed material, and notes, 1976-1977
National meeting, Toronto, August 1976
Newsletter, 1976-1977
COCCU, 1976-1977
Meeting, Spring 1976, Denison University, 1977
William H. Beyer
Correspondence and notes, 1976-1978
2013-145/2 [22406803] Program Committee, 1976-1978
COCCU, 1977-1978
CONCUR, 1977
CONTTAC, 1977-1978
National meeting, Chicago, August 1977
Newsletter, 1977-1978
Secretary-Treasurer, 1977
Visiting lecturers, 1977
Marion D. Wetzel
Programs, 1976-1978
Secretary-Treasurer, 1977-1978
COCCU, 1978
CONCUR, 1978-1979
Correspondence, printed material, and notes, 1978-1979
Committee on By-Laws
Constitution drafts and notes, 1964-1965, undated
Committee on Cooperation between Colleges and Universities (COCC)
Donald O. Koelher, chair, 1971-1974
Visiting lecturer program, 1973-1974
Committee on Curriculum (CONCUR)
Correspondence, 1962-1967
Correspondence, 1963-1965
Supporting documents (including survey results), 1964-1965, undated
Correspondence, 1965-1966
Reports and presentations, 1997-2008
Committee on Teacher Training and Accreditation (CONTTAC)
Correspondence, 1963-1970
CUPM, "Report on Accreditation and Certification", 1970
Executive Committee
Minutes and short course announcements, 1976-1984
Correspondence and notes, 1978
Minutes and financial records, 1985-1995
Agendas, 1992-1993, 2006
Minutes, 1999-2000
Program Committee
Fall 1973 meeting, speakers correspondence [James A. Murtha], 1973
Notes, correspondence, and printed material [Janet B. Roll], 1982-1990
Correspondence 1988 [Janet B. Roll], 1988-1989
Correspondence 1989 [Janet B. Roll and V. Frederick Rickey], 1988-1989
Program for Cincinnati meeting, 1990
2013-145/3 Newsletters, March 1973 - Spring 2005
Fall 1973, Lorain County Community College, Individualized instruction notes, circa 1973
Spring 1995, The Ohio State University, 1995
Spring 1998 and Project NExT workshop, John Carroll University, planning records [V. Frederick Rickey], 1998
Fall 1998, Columbus State Community College, 1998
Fall 1999, The College of Wooster, 1999
Fall 2000, Wittenberg University, 2000
Fall 2001, Marietta College, 2001
Spring 2002, Xavier University, 2002
General Materials
MAA representatives, 1964-1965
Documents from national office, 1966-1970, undated
Constitution and by-laws, 1971
Membership lists, 1976-1981, undated
Section seal, 1985, 2001
Ohio Section: 1915-1990, 1990
MAA 1 Ohio Section: 1915-1990, 1990
2013-145/3 Audit reports, 1998-2000
Project NExT, photographs, 1998
Short courses
July 1986 evaluations, 1986
Correspondence and planning records, 1988-1990, 2000
Announcements, 1989-2004
Teaching awards
1995, Aparna Higgins, 1994-1995
Announcements and lists of winners, 1995-2008
1999, Zaven Karian, 1999
Oklahoma-Arkansas Section
2014-136/1 [20893601] Meetings
Section annual meetings
1968 Oklahoma City; 1965 Fayetteville, AK, 1965-1968
1969 Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, 1969
1970 Southwestern State University; 1971 University of Tulsa, 1970-1971
1972 State College of Arkansas; 1973 Claremore Junior College, 1972-1973
1975 Central State University, Edmond, OK; 1974 Little Rock, AK, 1974-1975
1977 Oral Roberts University; 1976 Hendrix College, 1976-1977
1978 Henderson State University, 1977-1978
1979 Oklahoma State University, 1979
1980 Westark Community College, 1980
1981 Oklahoma Christian College, 1971-1981
1982 University of Arkasas, 1980-1982
1983 University of Oklahoma, 1982-1983
1984 Arkansas Technical University, 1983-1984
1985 University of Tulsa, 1982-1986
1986 Arkansas College, 1984-1986
1987 East Central University, 1986-1987
1987 Hendrix College, 1987-1989
1989 Central Oklahoma University, 1988-1989
2014-136/2 [20893770] 1990 John Brown University, 1989-1990
1991 Cameron University, 1988-1991
1992 Henderson State University, 1989-1992
1993 Oral Roberts University, 1989-1993
1994 Harding University, 1991-1994
1995 Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 1992-1995
1996 Westark Community College, 1995-1996
1997 University of Central Oklahoma (3 folders), includes section membership documents, 1996-1997
2014-136/3 [20893598] 1997 University of Central Oklahoma, 1996-1998
1998 University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 1995-1998
1999 Southern Nazarene University, 1996-1999
2000 Arkansas Technical University, 1995-1996
2001 Oklahoma Christian University, 1997, 2000-2001
2002 Henderson State University, 1999-2002
2003 University of Tulsa, 2002-2003
2004 University of Central Arkansas, 2003-2004
2005 East Central University, 2002-2005
2006 University of Arkansas, 2002-2006
2007 Northeastern State University, 2004-2007
2008 University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, 2005, 2008
2009 Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 2007-2009
2014-136/4 [20893587] 2010 John Brown University, 2007, 2010
2011 University of Central Oklahoma, 2008-2011
N. A. Court Lecture working files, 1968-2001
N. A. Court Lecture fund drive, MAA workshop, 1988
National meetings
MathFest 2007, San Jose, California, 2007
1989 Teaching Mathematical Modeling, 1989
1990 History of Mathematics in the Classroom, 1989-1990
1991 Combinatorial Games, 1990-1991
1995 3 workshops, 1994-1995
Distinguished Teaching Award
Outstanding Teacher Award, Putnam Corporation, 1992-1993, 2001
Section business
Section by-laws, 1971-1976
Department chairs contact information, Secretary-Treasurer information, 1990, 2001, undated
Secretary records, section officers lists, 1995-1997
Secretary-Treasurer reports, planning materials, 1995-1997
Secretary documents, 1996-1997
Election proceedings: waiver forms, 2005-2006, undated
Section history – bound history on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, minutes, 1970-2000
Historical background, undated
MAA national organization communications
4 folders, 1991-1996, 2000-2005
Pacific Northwest Section
93-429/83 History of the Pacific Northwest Section, circa 1989
Southwestern Section
4RM180 [SRH1230024896] History of the Southwestern Section of the Mathematical Association of America (1936-1996), 1996
Texas Section
2012-234/1 [15839323] Section Chair/Secretary-Treasurer, Stuart Anderson, 1989-1996
Teaching awards
1992 [1 of 2], 1991-1992
1992 [2 of 2], 1991-1992
1993, 1992-1993
1994, 1993-1994
2012-234/2 [15839163] 1995, 1994-1995
1996, 1995-1996
1997, 1995-1997
1998, 1997-1998
1999, 1998-2000
2000, 1998-2000
2001, 2000-2001
2002, 2001-2002
2003, 2002-2003
2012-234/3 [15839334] 2004 and 2005, 2003-2005
Photos and negatives, 1992-2005
Annual meeting host applications, 1995-1996
Project NExT, expenses and general, 1995-2005
2001 annual meeting registration forms, 2001

Meetings and conferences, 1916-2014

Meeting Files from Kenneth Ross, Associate Secretary
94-189/1 [16331073] Mexico correspondence, 1987-1988
Salt Lake City, August 1987
Contributed papers
Hour speakers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Committee meetings
AMS, AWM, etc
Local arrangements
Atlanta, January 1988
Contributed papers
Hour speakers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
AMS, AWM, etc
Committee meetings
Local arrangements
Providence, August 1988
AMS Centennial
MAA Banquet
Committee meetings
Phoenix, January 1989
Hour speakers
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Business meeting, prize dinner
Gillman dinner
Committee meetings
Local arrangements
AMS, AWM, etc
Boulder, August 1989
Hour speakers
Business meeting, pre-dinner
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
MAA Banquet
Committee meetings
AMS, AWM, etc
Local arrangements
94-189/2 [16327305] Louisville, January 1990
Hour speakers
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Executive and Finance
Board of Governors
Business meeting, pre-dinner
AMS, AWM, etc
Committee meetings
Willcox dinner
Local arrangements
Columbus, August 1990
Hour speakers
Contributed papers
Minicourses (Lindquist)
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Banquet and reception
Board of Governors
AMS, AWM, etc
Committee meetings
Local arrangements
75th Anniversary Committee, I and II
94-189/3 [15995704] San Francisco, January 1991
Hour speakers
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
AMS, AWM, etc
Student activities
Board of Governors
Committee meetings
Local arrangements
Orono, August 1991
Hour speakers
Contributed papers
Minicourses, McDermot
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Student activities
AMS, AWM, etc
Committee meetings
Local arrangements
Board of Governors
Business meeting, president's dinner
Baltimore, January 1992
Hour speakers
Joint speakers
Minicourses, Joan Wyzkozki-Weiss
Contributed papers
Student activities
AMS, AWM, etc., Small
Environmental program
Committee meetings
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Local arrangements
Board of Governors
94-189/4 [15995588] Quebec, August 1992
Committee meetings
Board of Governors
Student chapters, PME, (U. of Miami)
San Antonio, January 1993
MAA hour speakers
Joint hour speakers
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Student activities
AMS, AWM, NAM, etc
Committee meetings
Monthly celebration
Local arrangements
Teaching Award presentations
BM, and Prize sessions
Board of Governors
Vancouver, August 1993
CMS-MAA Hour speakers
AMS-CMS Hour speakers
Hedrick lectures
Contributed papers
Special sessions, panels, workshops, etc
Student activities
Committee meetings
AMS, AWM, NAM, etc
Local arrangements
Board of Governors
25 year banquet
Teaching Award presentations
CMS correspondence
2015-253/1 [20878335] Summer (August) meetings
Eugene, program, 1984
Boulder, program, 1989
Columbus, program, 1990
Orono, program, 1991
Vancouver and Minneapolis, programs, 1993-1994
Seattle, 1996
Atlanta, 1997
Toronto, 1998
Providence, 1999
Los Angeles, 2000
Madison, 2001
Burlington, 2002
Boulder, 2003
Providence, 2004
2015-253/2 [20878346] Knoxville, 2006
San Jose, 2007
Madison, 2008
Portland, Oregon, 2009
Pittsburgh, 2010
2015-253/3 [20878299] Winter (January) meetings
Baltimore, 1998
San Antonio, 1999
Washington, D.C., 2000
New Orleans, 2001
San Diego, 2002
Baltimore, 2003
Phoenix, 2004
Atlanta, 2005
San Antonio, 2006
New Orleans, 2007
San Diego, 2008
Washington, D.C., 2009
Minicourse info[rmation], guidelines, minicourse lists, statistics, 1998-2003, undated
Conference statistics, 2005
2015-253/4 [20878302] Programs
Winter meetings, 1988-2000
Meeting files from MAA Headquarters
4RM236 [SRH1230024955] San Diego Annual Conference, overhead slides of the business meeting prize session, article about Julia Robinson, 1997
86-14/71 [15993968] 43rd Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, January 1960
40th Summer Meeting, Salt Lake City, 1959
86-14/72 [15993990] 40th Summer Meeting, Salt Lake City, (continued), 1959
42nd Annual Meeting, University of Pennsylvania, January 1959
39th Summer Meeting, MIT, 1958
Conference on the Comm. on the Undergraduate Program, Official Reports, November 1958
Conference on the CUP, correspondence, November 1958
86-14/73 [15994053] Washington Conference 1958, after the Conference, May 19,1958
Washington Conference 1958, The Conference, May 16, 1958-May 18, 1958
Washington Conference, 1958, Up to the Conference, (before May 16, 1958)
41st Annual Meeting, University of Cincinnati and Hotel Sheraton [?], January 1958
38th Summer Meeting, Pennsylvania State University, August 1957
86-14/74 [15993980] 40th Annual Meeting, University of Rochester, December 1956
37th Summer Meeting, University of Washington, August 1956
39th Annual Meeting, Rice Institute, December 1955
36th Summer Meeting, University of Michigan, August 1955
38th Annual Meeting, University of Pittsburgh, December 1954
86-14/75 [15994086] 35th Summer Meeting, University of Wyoming, August 1954
1954 International Congress, Amsterdam (Also: Holland-Amer[?])
37th Annual Meeting, Johns Hopkins University, December 1953
34th Summer Meeting, Queen's University, Ontario, August-September 1953
36th Annual Meeting, Washington University, December 1952
86-14/76 [15993957] 33rd Summer Meeting, Michigan State College, September 1952
35th Annual Meeting, Brown University, December 1951
Joint Meeting of MAA with American Society for Engineering Education, Michigan State College, June 1951
32nd Summer Meeting, University of Minnesota, September 1951
34th Annual Meeting, University of Florida, December 1950
86-14/77 [15994042] <