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Linda Tays Dunn Photograph Collection, circa 1860-1989

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Dunn, Linda Tays
Title: Linda Tays Dunn photograph collection
Dates: circa 1860-1989
Abstract: Family pictures of the Tays Family and Dunn Family as well as important figures in Mexican history. The Tays and Dunn families lived in Texas and Mexico, and did business along the border during the Mesican Revolution.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00463
Extent: 3 linear feet (extent is approximate)
Quantity: Includes 540 photographic prints (black and white, color); 89 photographic negatives (black and white, color); 12 glass plate negatives; 150 Minox negatives; 125 Minox prints; 1 in. manuscript material
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

It is necessary to make a few comments about the Tays' family members' names. First, Linda Tays Dunn was born Herlinda, however, most of the photographs identify her as Linda. The archivist assumed that Linda was how she was known, and this was a good reason to file under Linda instead of Herlinda.

The Tays Family had at least three of its members named Joseph W.: Reverend Joseph W. Tays (Linda Tays Dunn's grandfather), Joseph W. Tays, Jr. (Linda Tays Dunn's uncle), and Joseph Wilkins Tays II (Linda Tays Dunn's brother). In a photograph from 1968, there are two different people also identified as Joseph W.: Joseph W. Tays, Sr., and Joseph W. Tays, Jr. Also, a previous genealogy line shows that Eugene A. H. Tays and Rosaura Vega Tays had two sons, Clement I and Clement II. Photographs of the Tays children identify only as Clement. A further research of the genealogy of the Tays family and maybe of Kinds Tays Dunn's correspondence would help to clarify this confusion.

The Tays lived in Sinaloa, Mexico and California. Photographs of their house in Mexico are identified as Casa Tays, which means "Tays House." Such identification is kept in the finding aid. The family house in California is identified in the finding aid as Tays Family house.

Scope and Contents

The photographs are arranged by people, places and subjects. People are arranged alphabetically by surname, and then by date. Women are filed under their married names. Family house are placed in this same series, right before the first member of the family. Places are arranged alphabetically by city, state and country.

The collection contains family pictures of the Tays Family and DunnFamily, as well as important figures of Mexican History: General Alvaro Obregon (President of Mexico) and Pancho Villa's wife. There is also a set of photographs of the Mexican Revolution.


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Index Terms

Personal Names
Corral, Maria Luz
Obregon, Alvaro, 1880-1928
Family Names
Dunn (Family)
Tays (Family)
Mines and mineral resources
Revolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)

Related Materials

Linda Tays Dunn Family Papers, 1776, 1795, 1915-1989

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Linda Tays Dunn Photograph Collection, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


3P297 [SRH1230019613] Photographs
Cuca Graxiola Barbosa, [circa 1920]
Auntie Blake, undated
Janet Tays Chapman, undated
Mary Lucretia Crow and Mrs. Frank Crow, undated
Dunn family, Anero Mansion, Santo Domingo and Mexico, [negative], undated
Dunn Family house, Evanston, Illinois, 1929
Dunn Family house, Arlington, Vermont, 1937-1943
Dunn Family house, 4515 Bluffview Blvd., Dallas, Texas [2 folders], undated
Beth Dunn, Edward Lloyd Dunn II, and Louise Dunn [color print], 1983
Edward Lloyd Dunn and Lynda Louise Baker Dunn [color print], 1983
Edward Lloyd Dunn [II] [color print], 1989
Hidreth Meière Dunn's wedding, Connecticut, 1982
Linda Tays Dunn
Basketball team, 1908
Family party, Golden Gate Park, 1916
Lima, Peru, 1922
Picnic party, Bogotá, Columbia, 1944
[color prints], 1978-1983
[3 folders], undated
[color prints], undated
With Eloise Tays Lambert, Jim Moran, Enriqueta Bonifant and A. Rodriguera, "El AGuila" Plantation, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1908-1910
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, [negatives], 1923
With William E. Dunn, [portraits], 1920
With William E. Dunn, 1920-1921
With William E. Dunn. Cuzco, Peru, 1922
With William E. Dunn and theater group, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1924-1927
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz and Paxton Dunn, Catalina Islands, 1932
With William E. Dunn, Eugenia Dunn Fritz and Paxton Dunn, farewell party, Arlington, Vermont, 1937
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz and Paxton Dunn, 1937
With William E. Dunn, Cartegena, Columbia, 1944
With William E. Dunn, Santiago, Chile, 1946
With William E. Dunn, Eileen Fritz, Gayle Fritz and Linda Claire Fritz, Dallas, Texas, 1948
With William E. Dunn at a dinner given by Jack Danciger, Washington, D.C., [complete list of people on the back of the picture], 1954
With William E. Dunn, Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla, Spain, [print and negatives], 1955
With William E. Dunn and Mrs. Pancho Villa, Chihuahua, Mexico, [2 folders], 1961
With William E. Dunn, Estella Gearn, and Walter Gearn, Cuernavaca, Mexico [color print], 1962
With Milton George, [color print], 1982
With Paxton Dunn and Eugenia Dunn Fritz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, undated
With Paxton Dunn and Eugenia Dunn Fritz, undated
With William E. Dunn, Buenos AIres, Argentina, undated
With William E. Dunn, Eugenia Dunn Fritz, and Paxton Dunn [negatives], undated
With William E. Dunn and friends, undated
With William E. Dunn and other on board a ship, undated
With Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Johnston and Lt. J. B. Will, Sinaloa, Mexico, undated
With Eloisa Tays Lambert, [negatives], undated
With Eloisa Tays Lambert and friends,boating, Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico, undated
With Eloisa Tays Lambert and C. F. Edmundo, San Blas, Sinaloa, Mexico, undated
With Eloisa Tays Lambert and friends, undated
With Rosaura Vega de Tays, undated
With friends, Topolobampo Bay, Sinaloa, Mexico, undated
With friends, golfing, undated
Paxton Dunn
1928, 1930 [?]
1941, 1944
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz, Leonia, New Jersey, 1927 [?]
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz, Harriette Lambert, Frank Tays, and Hector Tays, California [color print], 1982 [?]
With Linda Tays Dunn at Hildreth's wedding, Stanford, Conneticuit, 1982
With Hildreth Meière Dunn and Louise Meière Dunn, at Hildreth's wedding, Stanford, Conneticuit, 1982
With Eugenia Fritz Dunn, [1982?]
William E. Dunn
Sevilla, Spain, circa 1915
Lima, Peru, 1922
Santiago, Chile, 1946-1947
Jefferson, Texas, circa 1959
Embassy, Bogatá, Columbia, undated
With Professor and Mrs. Smith, Pierson, Mrs. Braden and Buster [dog], La Ponte, New York City, 1913
With Eugenia Dunn Fritz, Linda Claire Fritz and Ned Fritz, Dallas, Texas, 1946
With J. Lewry [?] Dunn and Annie D. Sherwood, Crystal City, Texas, 1950
With J. L. Dunn, Austin, Texas, 1958
With Linda Tays Dunn, Paxton Dunn, Hilly, Louise and Teddy Dunn, and Mrs. Fritz, Dallas, Texas [negatives], 1962
With Paxton Dunn, Eugenia Fritz Dunn and two Fritz sisters, Sulpher Springs, Texas, 1962-1963
With Paxton Dunn and Eugenia Fritz Dunn, Fire Island, [Argentina], undated
Eileen Fritz, undated
Eugenia Dunn Fritz
Leonia [?], New Jersey, 1927-1928
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1937-1939
With Paxton Dunn, undated
With Ned Fritz, Stamford, Conneticuit, [1980]
With Gayle Fritz, Judy Fritz, Linda Tays Dunn and Shannon Fritz Cochran, 1980-1981
Linda Claire Fritz, undated
Linda Fritz Gardner, Martin J. Gardner, Christina L. Gardner, Kevin Gardner and Stephen Gardner, [1968 or 1977]
William Haskell, 1899
Ms. Claire Heliot, 1904, 1910, 1920
Phyllis Jervey, undated
William Wesson Jervey, undated
June Family, undated
Karlsruhe, Germany, 1952-1953
Kimball Family, Napa, California, undated
Lambert Family
Polynesian Islands, [2 folders], undated
Samoa Island, undated
Tonga Island, undated
At R. L. Stevenson's grave and home, Samoa Islands, undated
Eloisa Tays Lambert
1890, 1898
1902, 1903
Yankee Lake, New York, 1914
With Ms. Burr, Chemine Jordan, Mamie Jordan and Lilla Newton, undated
With Eugene A. H. Tays, Eugene Tays, George Tays and Linda Tays Dunn, 1899-1900
With Linda Tays Dunn, Bertha Chapman, and Bertha's friend and baby, circa 1904
With George Tays, undated
With Linda Tays Dunn, 1910
With Linda Tays Dunn and friends, undated
With Sara Celia Lambert, undated
With Harriette Rose Lambert and Sara Celia Lambert, undated
Harriette Rose Lambert, 1916
Harriette Rose Lambert, undated
Sara Celia Lambert, undated
Sylvester M. "Ves" Lambert, undated
Sylvester Lambert, Eloisa Tays Lambert, Will Tully [?], Harriettee Lambert, Mrs. Tatham [?] and Mr. Kendrick, undated
General Alvaro Obregón, 1915, 1920
Don Esteban Nicolas de la Vega y Cólon de Portugal, house, Sinoloa, Mexico, 1980, 1979
"Pacha" [pet cat], [color print], 1971
Governor Felipe Riveros, on board at the Pittsburg, 1914
Consuelo Ruiz and Carmen Torres, undated
Rosalind [?], San Blas, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1942
Jimmy Sheldon, Tucson, Arizona, undated
Georgie M. Dunn Smith, 1911
Angela Snide and Sandy Snide, 1966
3P298 [SRH1230019614] Frank Statton, Cartagena, Columbia, 1930
Casa Tays
Sinaloa, Mexico, 1898-1950
Sinaloa, Mexico, [color print], 1969, 1991
Sinaloa, Mexico, undated
Tays Family
House, Berkeley, California, undated
Headstones, El Paso, Texas, [2 folders], 1967
Headstones, El Paso, Texas, undated
Alexander Tays
circa 1914-1918
China, undated
With Geroge Tays and Linda Tays Dunn, 1898
With Linda Tays Dunn, 1899
With Eloisa Tays Lambert and Linda Tays Dunn, 1899
With Eugene Tays, George Tays, Linda Tays Dunn and Otilia Guerrero, 1901
With Clement Tays and George Tays, 1904
With Clement Tayd, Eugene Tays, George Tays and Linda Tays Dunn, undated
With Clement Tays, Eugene A. H. Tays, Eugene Tays, George Tays and Linda Tays Dunn, undated
With Eloisa Tays Lambert, Eugene Tays and George Tays, undated
Alexander Tays, Jr., [1964]
Alice Tays, Esther Cain, and Eugene Tays [color print], 1982
Alice Peck Tays and Alice Tays, undated
Clement Tays
With Eugene Tays and Joseph W. Tays, 1898
II, [1905]
With Eugene Tays III, 1926
With Eloisa Tays Lambert and Gene Tays, 1928
Ethel and [Clement?] Tays, Montrose, Colorado, 1965
Eugene A. [Augustus] H. [Hoffman] Tays
Denver, Colorado, 1907
With Rosaura Vega de Tays, Eloisa Tays Lambert, Joseph W. Tays III and Clement Tays, 1890
With Reverend Joseph Wilkin Tays and Joseph Wilkin Tays, Jr., [mounted print], 1895
With Enrique R. Batchella, Fernando A. Schierz, Juan Lewels, Luis W. Fischer, José Phillips and Robert A. O'Brien, undated
Eugene Tays
1889, 1911
[color print], 1985
With Linda Tays Dunn, circa 1899-1900
With Linda Tays Dunn and group of students as the cast of the play Zaragueta, Berkeley, California, 1909
With Joseph W. Tays, Sr., Joseph W. Tays, Jr., Joseph Wright and Dennis R. Tays, San Pedro, California, [color print], 1968
With Elaine Burton, [color print], 1983
George Tays
Reverend Joseph Wilkin Tays, [circa 1898]
Joseph W. Tays, Jr., 1884-1894
Joseph W. Tays, Jr., undated
Joseph W Tays II, with friends, La Loma, mexico, 1914
Joseph Wilkin Tays III, 1890-1914
Kathryn Tays, 1925
Linda Tays, Lois Tays, Frank "Pancho" Tays, Clem Tays, Paxton Tays Dunn, Gene Tays and Eugenia Dunn Fritz, 1931-1932
Linda Tays, Lois Tays, Frank "Pancho" Tays, Rosaura Vega de Tays, Clem Tays, Paxton tays Dunn, Gene Tays and Eugenia Dunn Fritz, 1931-1932
Margaret Tays
With Nicholas Moceri, undated
With Georgia Tays, Nicholas Moceri, Virginia and Cecil, [color picture], undated
Rosaura Vega de Tays
1860, 1861
1917, 1947
[2 folders], undated
With two children, 1950
With Linda Tays Dunn, George Tays, Clement Tays, Cuca Graxiola Barbosa and friends, Berkeley, California, undated
With Tays children and aunt, [negatives], undated
Rosaura Tays, 1965
Mr. John Thompson, Maconi, Mexico, 1924
Lenore Turner, Dick Turner and Richard B. Turner, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 1931
Unidentified people
Unidentified people [negatives]
Unidentifies people in front of the Tays Family house, undated
3Z86w [SRH1230028939] Glass negatives
Conditions Governing Access
Herlinda [Linda Tays Dunn], 1908
Tays boys, Maconi, June 1904
Tays children at San Blas, undated
Mr. John THompson, Maconi, August 26, 1904
[Man, woman and boy, undated]
Woman standing with umbrella, [glass cracked], undated
3P298 [SRH1230019614] Places
Atarjea, [Mexico], September 1922
Balneário de Mamiña, Chile, undated
Bejing, China, undated
Buenos Aires, Argentina, house interior, 1937-1939
Chichén-Itza, [Mexico], 1917
Chile [negatives], 1967-1968
Clearwater, Florida, apartments, undated
Columbia [2 folders], 1945
[Colorado?], mining plant, 1948
Columbus, Ohio, bicycles [mounted print], 1885
Durango and Mazatlán, Mexico [2 folders], 1971
El Paso, Texas
Church of St. Clement, 1963
Church of St. Clement, [color print and postcard], circa 1978
Tays Street, 1963
Kansas City, Missouri, tomato repacking plant, undated
Karslruhe, Germany, 1952-1953
Lima, Peru, 1921
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, 1971
Early system of irrigation, undated
Mexican hunter, undated
Main plaza at Merida, undated
Musical band, [damaged photograph], undated
Napa, California, Presbyterian church, undated
Nogales, Arizona, 1925
Peru, undated
Portugal-Spain, mining plant, undated
Queretaro, Mexico, mining plant, "El Doctor", 1904
Queretaro, Mexico, mining plant manager's residence, 1904
San José de Gracia, Sinaloa, Mexico, mining plant, 1895-1897, 1899
San Blas, Sinaloa, Mexico
"Casa Grande," built in 1851, [negative], 1921
Party in honor of General Vazquez, 1926
Mine, [negatives], undated
"Judíos" ["Jews"], undated
Sinaloa, Mexico
[negatives], undated
Bull ring, 1908
Mining plant, undated
Mining plant, "Esmerelda," [color print], 1976-1978
Mt. Joshua, undated
Sinaloan cowboy, undated
Transporting Don Ramón M. Rivera's coffin, 1908
Topolobampo, Mexico, La Logia, Fiesta, 1886
Urique Cañon, [Mexico], "The Nigger Head", undated
Unidentified places
[Washington, D.C.?], Westchester Apartments, [negatives], undated
Yucatán, Mexico, 1917
3Z86x [SRH1230028940] Glass negatives
Conditions Governing Access
Queretaro, Mexico, mining plant, "El Doctor," ($12,000 in silver bars, 'El Doctor' mine, April 1904, N"), 1904
Sinaloa, Mexico, Casa Tays and Orchard from the North, April 1905
Summerhouse and Tays family, Maconi, June 1904
"Looking West from Casa Tays," Clemente, April 1905
3S121d [SRH1230029330] Unidentified places [Minox negatives and prints]
3P298 [SRH1230019614] Subjects
Building the grade on the S.P.R.R., undated
Flower show, undated
Mexican Revolution, [2 folders], 1910-1916
XVII Convención Bienal Internacional de Las Alianzas de Mesas Redondas Panamericanas, [color print], undated
Manuscript material
Greeting cards
Post cards