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A Guide to the Sam Rayburn Papers, 1822, 1831, 1845, 1903-2007, Part 2

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Creator: Rayburn, Sam, 1882-1961
Title: Rayburn, Sam, Papers
Dates: 1822, 1831, 1845, 1903-2007
Accession No.: 92-172, 92-257, 92-389, 92-415, 94-017, 96-066, 96-177, 97-347, 98-130, 2008-225, 2009-008; 2015-133
OCLC No.: 29749116
Extent: 119 ft., 3 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin


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2. Sam Rayburn Papers, Part 2 [this page] -- Series I. Papers: Chronological Files (1953-1961), Subject Files, Works Progress Administration, Speeches, Interviews, Printed Materials, Oversize Materials, Scrapbooks, and Polictical Cartoons
3. Sam Rayburn Papers, Part 3 -- Multimedia: Series Outline and Group Photos (A-G)
4. Sam Rayburn Papers, Part 4 -- Multimedia: Series Outline and Group Photos (H-O)
5. Sam Rayburn Papers, Part 5 -- Multimedia: Series Outline and Group Photos (P-R)
6. Sam Rayburn Papers, Part 6 -- Multimedia: Series Outline and Group Photos (S-Z), People (A-Z), Scenes (A-Z), Albums, Panoramic Photos, Film, Sound and Digital Media


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Reed Penney maintains copyright of fifteen oral histories, while the Dallas Morning News retains copyright of a 1960 photograph of Rayburn with Senator Ralph Yarborough and Presidents Kennedy and Johnson in Dallas.

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Sam Rayburn Papers, 1822, 1831, 1845, 1903-2007, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Series I. Papers, continued

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Chronological Files (1953-1961)
3R401 1953 miscellaneous:
Agriculture Department:
Extension Service
Allen Military Academy: Discontinuance of R. O. T. C.
Commissioner of the Court of Claims
Senator from Ohio
Supervisor of Georgetown Branch of Bureau of Public Health Engineering
Arkansas-White-Red Basins
Austin College: R. O. T. C.
Baker Hospital: Transfer of patients to McCloskey Hospital
Bank statements
Office of Education: Distributive Education, Vocational Education
Removal of veteran preference in various appropriation bills
Veterans Administration
Defense Production Act
Drought situation in Texas
Eisenhower State Park, H. R. 4823
Excess Profits Tax
Farm Credit, H. R. 4353
Federal judgeship for Utah
Interest on government bonds
National Guard
Parcel Post size regulations, H. R. 2685
Postal bill, H. R. 6052
Postal rate on films for educational organizations, H. R. 1939, S. 971
Public housing
Railroad retirement
Reciprocal Trade Agreement
Salary increase for congressmen and judges
Simpson Bill, H. R. 5894
Social Security
Sparagna: Grant citizenship to Rev. Aniceto Sparagna
Tax reduction
Truck leasing, H. R. 3203, S. 925
Veterans Preference Act
Wage increase for postal workers
3R402 Miscellaneous (continued)
Birthday and anniversary congratulations
Bonham carbons [copies of unsorted correspondence]
Bulletins (other than Agriculture)
Thank you letters
City of Bonham: School appropriation
City of Caddo Mills: Use of airport for car racing
City of Celina: School
City of Dallas:
Sam Houston Turnpike
City of Denison: Water from Texoma
City of Emory: Farm-to-market road between Emory and Point
City of Farmersville: Fire department
City of Frisco: Public housing
City of Grand Prairie: Post office
City of Greenville:
Majors Field reactivation
National Guard Armory
City of Howe:
R. F. C. loan
Water and sewer loan
City of Marshall: Airline service to
City of McKinney:
Baker's Day
Police radio station
City of Plano:
Industrial Wiping Company
Texas Wire and Cable Company
3R403 City of Rockwall: Texas Aluminum Company
City of Sherman:
Bank application, Perrin Field
Increasing water level, Lake Texoma
City of Tioga: School
City of Van Alstyne: Housing
City of Whitesboro: School district funds
City of Whitewright: Housing
City of Weatherford: Housing
Coastal Bend Milk Producers Association: Milk marketing order
Collin County Soil Conservation District: Annual report
General information
Community Rural High School [Nevada, Texas]: Need of surplus buildings
Congratulations to farmers
Committee assignments
F. H. A. situation
Convention: Conrad Hilton Hotel
Cotton Belt Railroad: Sherman to Commerce abandonment
Cotton: Exemption from Decision 75
C. & H. Transportation Company, Inc.
Dallas Hotel Company (Hotel Adolphus): N. P. A. [National Production Authority] application
Dam on South Sulpher
"Democratic Record Against Communism in America," publication of Research Division, Democratic National Committee
Denison High School Band
Denison Mattress Company: Order
Department of Agriculture: General information
East Fork Association
Easter greetings
Farm-to-market roads:
Lannius to Spring Hill
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Trade Commission
Graduations: Congratulatory letters to students
Hardwicke-Etter Company, Sherman, Texas: Open house celebration
Hoof and mouth disease
I. G. H. A. T. ["I'm Going to Holler about Taxes" campaign]: Letters about taxes
Information requests
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Information
3R404 Invitations (continued)
Juvenile delinquency information for East Texas State Teachers College course
Lake Texoma: Water for municipalities
Lamar Creamery Company: Bid at Veterans Administration Center
Lavon Dam: Water storage
Liberty Broadcasting Company
McDerby-Conaster Boat Manufacturers
National Association of Manufacturers
Non-scheduled air lines
Padre Island Playground
Perrin banking facilities
Pioneer Airlines: Mail subsidy
Bank statements
Election material
Reorganization of Democrats in Texas
Thank you letters, campaign
3R405 General (continued)
Pool Manufacturing Company: Wages
Publication requests
Quality control inspection officers
Quarles Manufacturing Company: Patent
Autograph requests
Autograph/photograph requests
Bills paid
Congratulations on 40 years service
Contributions to organizations
Letters concerning speech
Office equipment
Photographs sent
Same name but no kin
Sponsor requests
Television appearances
3R406 Thank you letters to others
Trip to Arkansas
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Rural Electrification Administration
Santa Fe Railroad: Sanger to Dallas
Securities Exchange Commission: Information, news, etc.
Shreveport television
Soil Conservation Service
Southwestern Peanut Shellers Association
Speech: Governor Adlai E. Stevenson, New York City February 14, 1953,
Tarrant County drought situation
Telegram copies:
Telephone bills
Tennessee Valley Authority
Thank you letters
Tinkiller Ferry fire
Trans-Texas Airways
Trinity Improvements Association
Union Transportation
Upper Elm-Red: Soil Conservation District reports
Veterans Administration Center: Contact office
3R407 1954:
Appointments: Requests for judgeships
Air Force Academy
Income tax
Appointments to committees
Replies to Rayburn's wires of congratulations
General correspondence
3R408 Farmers: Legislation and problems
General correspondence
3R409 National (continued)
Texas and District
Letters of congratulation to Rayburn
Segregation: Supreme Court decision
3R410 1954 miscellaneous:
Agriculture Bulletin
Air Force Academy: Proposed site, Lake Texoma
American Bottling Company
American Federation of the Physically Handicapped
Coast Guard Academy Board
Federal Communications Commission
Autograph requests
Autograph/photograph requests
Baptist Encampment
Academy of the Air
Health, Education and Welfare
Roads, H. R. 7818
Weather Bureau
Bricker Amendment to Constitution
Camp Mabry Militia Rifle Range, Austin, Texas: Transfer of ownership
Cooper Dam
Cooperatives, Tax on
Cotton acreage allotment
Dairy products parity
Farm problems
Federal construction contract
Florescu, Mr. & Mrs. Radu, H. R. 4813
Fundamental education
Grant, Donald, Relief of, S-381
Income tax
3R411 Income tax (continued)
Increase in annuities for retired government employees
Increase in judicial and congressional salaries
Liquor: Banning of advertising on radio and T. V.
Martindale Auxiliary Field, San Antonio, Texas Mason, H. R. 5180
Mexican labor law
Minimum wage law
Parcel post restriction
Postal pay raises
Price supports:
Dairy products
Farm products
Public housing
Railroad retirement
Reinsurance, Government
Rural routes consolidation
St. Lawrence Seaway
Salary increases:
Civil service workers
Postal workers
Social Security
Statehood for Alaska and Hawaii
3R412 Taft-Hartley
Tax reduction: Miscellaneous taxes
Tennessee Valley Authority
Time lag
Vocational agriculture appropriation
Washita River Reclamation Project
Birthday letter
Bonham office
Bowley Manufacturing Company
Brazos River Authority
Broadcasting of committee hearings
Broomcorn situation
Bulletins (other than agriculture)
Camp Fire Girls: Application for camp site on Lake Texoma
Canadian River Municipal Water Authority
Christmas gifts
Christmas letters
3R413 Cimota Enterprises, Inc.
City of Bonham: Radio station transfer
City of Carriso Springs: Army band for armory dedication
City of Celina: School assistance
City of Dension:
Postal Transport office
Public school application for federal funds
Red Dam spur buildings
City of Ector: Sewage improvement
City of Greenville: Majors Field reactivation and other industries
City of McKinney: School appropriations
City of Paniel
City of Plano: Post office building
City of Randolph: Post office
City of Sherman
City of Trenton: Loan for sewer purposes
Clear Fork Watershed Association
Postal pay increase, H. R. 9245
Postal rates increases
Applications for committee assignments
Corps of Engineers: Men discharged
Cotton Allotment
Dallas News
Departmental releases: Agriculture, Army, Health
Dinosaur National Monument
Drought situation
Echo Park
Engineers, Corps of
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Communications Commission
Gallery pass requests
Honor graduates
Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Hairy vetch: Price support
IGHUG (I'm Going to Howl about Unnecessary Government Spending) correspondence
Indochina situation
Industrial College of the Armed Forces
Industrial Textile Mills
3R414 Invitations (continued)
Johnson County Electric Cooperative: Loan
John H. Kerr Reservoir
Library of Congress
Madonna Hospital, Denison: Project
Maps, United States: Requests
Mary Louise Sportswear, Inc.: Loan
McGee Bend Dam project
National Olympic Day
Office appropriations
Office equipment and furniture
Onion market
"Our American Government" publication request
Perrin Air Force Base:
Mineral rights
Calendar for Democratic primary and general election
3R415 National:
Campaign: Payment,announcements and filing fees
Dinners and Advisory Council
Governor's race
TV speech
Prison system
Prisoners of war (Korean captives)
Puerto Rican nationalist shooting
Post offices outside district
3R416 Quarantine barrier relaxation on nursery imports
Railroad Retirement Board
Raines County drought situation
Autographed photographs: Requests
On becoming House Democratic leader
On campaign
On Democratic House
On renomination
Income tax
Phi Delta Phi honorary membership
Picture and folder
Red River Compact
3R417 Resolutions (continued)
Rice quota
"S" miscellaneous correspondence
Book sent
Federal aid
Requests for material other than yearbooks
Sidran Manufacturing Company: Contract
Southwest Pump Company:
Certificates of Necessity
Southwest Power Administration
Supreme Court decision
Telegrams, official and personal
Telegram bills
Telephone bills
Texas Wire Cable Company
Thank you letters
Truman Library
Tin smelter, Texas City
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
Upper Elm-Red Soil Conservation District
Upper Sabine Soil Conservation
Veterans Administration:
Bonham center
Dallas office: Move of district office
Regional office: Move
Virgin Islands
3R418 "W" miscellaneous correspondence
Wade, Edna: Old Age Assistance
Wade, James K.: Broom corn situation
Wagner, Robert: Reenlist at old grade
Walker, Marcus F.: Allotment
Walker, Virginia (Mrs. Thomas Simpson Walker): Benefits from Bureau of Employees Compensation
Waller, George: Service teams to play ball in Fort Worth
Walson, Kathryn: Paternity claim against Air Force officer
Walters, Asa L.: Change of address in Veterans Records
Warren, Jessie: Adoption of German child
Watson, Joseph R.: Reenlist in Air Force
Watson, L. J.: Civil service problem
Watson, Marshall M.: Social security
Webb, Walter C.: Job
Weems, Cecil N.: Medical treatment
Wells, Ernest L.: Commission
West, Robert
West, Robert, Jr.
Whilden, N. M.: Cotton and wheat acreage allotment
White, Joe B.: Transfer in Revenue Service
Williams, Airman 2nd Class Charles K.
Williams, Elgin: G. S. A. contract
Williams, J. L
Williams, John W.: Claim for service disability compensation
Williams, M. William: Compensation
Williams, Private Rocena I.: Transfer
Willoughby, Mrs. E. R.: Pension for blind
Wilson, Anna Jo: Property on Gaskin Air Field
Wilson, Private Harold E.: Discharge
Wilson, John J.: Social Security for teachers
Wilson, Woodrow: 100th Anniversary
Winterrowd, C. M.
Winters, Wilma D.: National Service Life Insurance of deceased husband
Wiser, William D., Jr.
Womble, C. E.: Indebtedness to United States
Wood, Arthur E.: Compensation
Wood, Mrs. George: Old Age Assistance
Woodruff, Richard: Commission
Woodson, O. T.: Position
Wooten, William P.: Discharge
Wright, Mrs. Augusta: Old Age Assistance
Wright, Dona: Old Age Assistance
Wright, Odis
Wright, Owen O.
Wyatt, Payton H.: Compensation
Wysche, C. C.: Request for photograph of Judge Thomas Bee
Wysche, Nellie Lee
Wysong, Scott: Enter Harvard University
"Y - Z" miscellaneous correspondence
Yost, Thurman R. (deceased)
Young, Harmon N.: Transfer
Young, Seaman Joe Bob: Hardship discharge
Youree, Henry: Position
3R419 1955:
Atomic bomb
Civil service matters
Dixon-Yates controversy
Farm price support and other legislation concerning farmers
Minimum wage
Social Security
Statehood for Alaska and Hawaii
3R420 Congressmen:
Concerning committee appointments
General, A - Z
Correspondence concerning televising of committee proceedings
Farm problems
General miscellaneous
3R421 Invitations
Texas and District
Dinner, Rayburn Day
Rural Electrification Administration (R. E. A.)
3R422 1955 miscellaneous:
Program (A. C. P.)
Federal District judgeship, Northern District of Texas
Federal Trade Commission
Home Loan Bank Board
Interstate Commerce Commission
State Director, Savings Bonds Division (Dallas)
Appropriations: Department of Interior
Arkansas-White-Red Basins (Water Use and Control)
Armories: Construction in District
Army Engineers releases
Assembly of Captive European Nations
Autographs/ autographed photographs: Requests
Man of the South: Nomination
Soil Conservation
Baptist Encampment (Lake Lavon): Surplus property
Baptist General Convention of Texas: Application for construction of new television broadcast stations
Health, Education, and Labor
Civil Service Salaries, Increase
Congressional and judicial salaries
Cotton allotment, raising of
Ferrells Bridge
"Frying Pan"
Health plan (Socialized Medicine)
Hell's Canyon Dam
Highway program
3R423 Hoover Report
Minimum wage
Nethery, Rachel: Relief of
Oil and gas regulations
Post office employees salaries and postage increase
Price supports on farm products
Railroad Retirement
Reciprocal trade agreements
Retired Employees of Civil Service: Increase in annuity
Robinson-Patman Act, H. R. 11
Rubber plants
Slagle, Mrs. Faye: Relief of
Social Security
Somerville Reservoir
Spence: Bank monopolies
Tariff, H. R. 1 (Cooper Bill)
3R424 Texas City
Tuttle Creek Dam
Universal military training and organized reserve program
Upper Colorado Project
Birthday gifts and birthday letter
Bonham [office] carbons
Boy Scouts of America
Brazos Electric Power Cooperative
Canada: Booklet, "Canada and the United States, Neighbours in Democracy"
Capitol: Extension of front
Chaplin of House of Representatives
Church of Christ workers in Italy
3R425 Christmas gifts
City of Anna: Telephone situation
City of Bells:
Rural route
City of Bonham:
School appropriation
City of Celena: Schools
City of Commerce: Water
City of Dalhart: Desire for air force base
City of Dallas: Lisbon Hospital
City of Denison:
Gift of boat to president
Railway Mail Service
School payment
City of Farmersville
City of Greenville: Public Health building
City of Honey Grove: Purchase of Allen's ChapelSchool
City of Hot Springs: Army-Navy General
City of Houston: Location of branch post office
City of Irving: Bank
City of McKinney:
Request for Civil War cannon
School appropriation
Veterans Administration Hospital
City of Melissa
City of Mesquite: School construction
City of Nacogdoches: Jet base
City of Paris: Terminal building for airport
City of Pottsboro:
Common School District
Federal aid
City of Princeton:
Postal Transportation Service mail delivery
School appropriation
City of Renner: Telephone service
City of Prosper: School appropriation
City of Sherman:
Independent school district
Speaker for Oil Banquet
City of Tioga: School appropriations
City of Tom Bean: Gin company
City of Westminster: Telephones
Clear Fork Watershed Association
Commission on Government Security
Committee on Intergovernmental Relations Reports
Committee meetings, Congressional
Congressional Directory
Cooperatives (R. E. A.)
3R426 Coordinator's Office
Cotton: Allotment
De Luz Housing
Democratic Women of San Mateo County: Autographed gavel sent
Denison Mattress Factory
Departmental News Releases
East Fork Association
Eighteen Year Old Voting
Employment requests
Flood control legislation: Proposal
Farm-to-market road: Wolfe City Route 2
Farmers Home Administration:
Flags: Requests
Gambill Canadian Goose Sanctuary: Federalgovernment sponsorship
Gallery pass requests
Garza-Little Elm
Gavels presented to Rayburn
Great Plains Agricultural Conference Report
Greenville Banner
Greenville Seed House
Holidays of foreign countries: Information
Hoover Commission Report
Honor graduates
Indian affairs
Industrial Wiping Cloth Company
International Red Cross stamp
3R427 Invitations (continued)
Island Trading Company: Liquidation
Lavon Dam and Reservoir
Library of Congress
M. K. T. Railroad
Maps: Requests
Office furniture
"Our American Government": Requests
Passport office
Patronage requests
Perrin Air Force Base:
Land taken by government during war reaquired by owners
Sale of surplus property
Polio vaccine
3R428 Texas:
Democratic Advisory Committee
Post offices:
Outside District
Publications (other than Agricultural Bulletins): Requests
On testimonial dinner
For Miss Lucinda Rayburn and Mrs. S. E. Bartley
Fort Worth
3R429 Democratic National Committee: Congratulations
For president
Honorary degrees:
University of West Virginia
Tusculum College
Statements and views
Testimonial dinner
Thank you letters for clippings and other items
Tributes paid Rayburn
Johnson Day, State Fair of Texas
Party for Miss Miss Lucinda Rayburn and Mrs. S. E. Bartley
3R430 R. E. A. [Rural Electrification Administration]: Telephones
Red River Compact
Riverside County Democratic Central Committee
School children requests
Slovakia Independence Day
Soil Conservation Service: Transfer to states
Southland Paper Mills: Allocation of forest stumpage
Southeastern Electric Cooperative
Speakership: Congratulations
Speech: Independent Banks Association
Spies Committee
Sponsor requests
Sulphur River Municipal Water District
Supreme Trailer Company
Water resources (Texas): Development
3R431 1956:
Veterans benefits
General correspondence:
A - T
3R432 U - Z
Answer to congratulations message
Thank you messages
Requests for committee assignments
General miscellaneous
3R433 National (continued)
Texas and District
3R434 Texas and district (continued)
Statements and views
3R435 1956 miscellaneous:
Autographs/autographed photographs: Requests
Automobile dealers
Beer and liquor
Bricker amendment
Canadian River
Chamita Dam
City of Bonham: V. A. hospital
Civil Service Retirement increases
Colorado River Storage Project
Cooper Dam (H. R. 4362 by Wright Patman)
Cotton allotment
Federal Agency for Handicapped
Federal Aid to Education
Foreign aid
"Frying Pan" Arkansas project
3R436 Hell's Canyon
Hoover Commission
Leasing of reservoir property beyond fifty years
McMahan, Mr. & Mrs. Randall: Relief
Minimum Wage-Hour Law
O. T. C. [Organization for Trade Cooperation]
Postal rate increase
Railroad retirement
Roosevelt Small Business bill, H. R. 8395
Social Security
Tax reduction on gasoline for farmer
Veterans benefits, etc.
3R437 Miscellaneous (continued)
Birthday letters
Bonham carbons
Bonham office expenses
Butane complaint to Federal Trade Commission
Canadian River Project
Christmas gifts
City of Allen: Telephone company
City of Bells
City of Big Spring: S. C. V. A. K. Telephone Company R. E. A. loan
City of Blue Ridge: Sewage system
City of Bonham:
School appropriation
Veterans Administration center
City of Campbell: Water supply
City of Denison:
Additional lockboxes for post office
Discontinuance of visits by Social Security field representatives
City of Ector: Rural route
City of Farmersville: Water
City of Frisco: Independent School District: Gravel for school roads
City of Greenville: Longhorn steer
City of Ladonia: School building
City of Lavon: Water supply
City of McKinney:
Collin County Hospital
Helicopter Mail Service
Veteran Administration hospital
3R438 Veterans Administration hospital postcards
3R439 City of Mineral Wells: Camp Wolters
City of Peniel: Sewage system
City of Plano:
Lions Club purchase of Veterans Administration bleachers
Post office
City of Rockwall: Texas Aluminum Company
City of Royse City: Water supply
City of San Antonio
City of Sherman:
Austin College
City of Tom Bean: Sewer system
City of Trenton: Low rent housing
City of Uvalde: Army Helicopter School
City of Westminster:
School appropriation
Surplus property
Congratulations: Election as Speaker
Continental Coptors, Inc.: Mail and Passenger Service
Democratic Party: Greenville Rally
Critical letters
Drought situation in Texas:
4th Congressional District
Farm-to-market road: Blockdale Drive, Rockwall County
Farmers Home Administration: Drought program
Freight rates
Friendship Day
Fuller Uniform Company
Gallery passes
Gaskin Auxiliary Field
Graduate invitations
Honor graduates
3R440 Interposition
Jackson Company
Lake Fork Water Control and Improvement District
Lavon Reservoir
Mercury Life and Health Company
Middle East situation
Mighty Lite Company: Application with Agriculture Department
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association: Bust of Rayburn
North Texas Steam Generating Plant
Office equipment
Official reporters to committees
Paid bills
Patronage: United States Capitol jobs
Peanuts, Shelled: Grade requirements
3R441 Perrin Air Force Base: Employee grievances
Petition for Rehearing
Photographs: Requests
Contributions to Democratic Party
County chairmen filing
Committee assignments
Democratic National Convention
3R442 General (continued):
Rayburn for President
Advisory Council
3R443 Conventions (continued)
Statement by Rayburn onconventions in Texas
3R444 Post offices
Prayer Room
Publications: Requests
Rains County Livestock Company
Ravenna Post Office
Publication of books and articles about him:
Article in Saturday Evening Post
Brochure from tribute dinner honoring New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner
Occasion of his joining Primitive Baptist Church, Tioga, Texas: Letters of congratulations and replies
3R445 Contributions
Deaths and illness of Rayburn family members: Sympathy letters
Honorary degrees:
Syracuse University
Kin, 1952
Name same and others claiming relation
Insurance and important papers
Social Security on employees
Statements: Favorite Son
Thank you letters
Wright Patman fountain pens
R. E. A. (Rural Electrification Administration)
Rice Institute: George Brown
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: Honoring him in 1956
3R446 Sam Houston State Teachers College: Financing housing
School children: Requests for information
Schools of district: Federal questionnaire
Stamp account
Stationery Room
Bills paid
Official account
Personal account
President Eisenhower
Telephone bills
Booster stations in Pacific Northwest
Hearings on subscription television
Television and radio coverage of committee hearings, 1955
3R447 Texas Highway Commission: More highway mileage for Texas
Texas Glove Company: Loan from Small Business Administration
Texas Technological College (Lubbock): Television station
Thank you letters for articles, clippings, and other items
Three Rivers or Twin Butte
Trade agreements relating to cotton goods (Geneva)
Truman Library
United States Information Agency
Veterans Administration Center, Bonham
Vinson Memorial
Vouchers (other than stationery)
Washington Iron Works: Claim
Westminster School District: Surplus property
Western Montana Exploration and Development Company, Inc.: Small Business loan
Yearbooks: requests, 1955
Yellow Jacket Boat Company: Extension of lease
3R448 1957:
Appropriations for Health, Education, Welfare
Civil rights
3R449 Delashaw, Chaplain Fred A.
De Nava, Maxima Peralina
Denny, D. E.
Farm problems
Flood control: Lakes Lavon and Texoma
Foreign affairs
Fry, Mrs. C. L.: Childrens benefits
General miscellaneous
Missiles and satellites
Texas and District
3R450 Rayburn:
Congratulations on Speakership and fifty years of service
Fishing club
Supreme Court
Thank you letters
1957, miscellaneous:
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Army Veterinary Corps
Assembly of Captive European Nations
Austin College Acappella Choir tour
Autographs and autographed photographs
3R451 Award from Philippine government (Order of Sikatuna, Lakan Class)
Armed Services reclassification
Brazos River dams
City of Sherman: Water from Texoma
Civil rights
Civil service
Constitutional amendment regarding president's ability to serve
Cooperative, Electric
Cordiner report
Cotton, H. R. 5686 and H. R. 877
Equal Rights Amendment
Farm legislation: Soil Bank, Poage Bill
Federal Aid to Education
Financial Institution Act (Bank Examiners)
Friendship Day
Gas and oil
Health, Education, and Welfare appropriations
Hell's Canyon
Hoover Report
House of Representatives matters
Interstate Commerce Commission amendment
Investigate independent offices of government
3R452 Jenkins-Keogh
Minimum wage
National Guard
National Science Foundation
Neuberger (advertising on highway)
Patman Resolution, H. R. 85
Post office, all bills pertaining to
Postal pay raise
Public works
Railroad Retirement
Social Security
Statehood, Hawaii and Alaska
Status of Forces
3R453 Tariffs and Reciprocal Trade
Tax exempt cooperatives
Upper Colorado
Increase in disability and death compensation, H. R. 11310
Veterans Hospital: Salary increases for doctors, dentists, and managers, H. R. 6719
Bois D'Arc Water Control District
Bonham [office] carbons
Brussels International Fair
Bureau of the Census
Burris Mill C. C. C
B'nai B'rith Building
Bob Day Transfer and Storage
Canadian River Project
Capitol, Extension
3R454 Cedar Creek, Land
Christmas gifts
Christmas letter
Church of Christ missionaries
City of Anna
City of Bailey: Water system
City of Blue Ridge: Water improvement and extension
City of Bonham: R. E. A. office
City of Collinsville: Sewage system
City of Dallas: New interstate highway to Fort Worth
City of Denison:
Insurance on public housing
Katy Railroad
City of Greenville:
Cotton experiment station
Herald-Banner anti-trust suit
Majors Field
New industry, including Majors Field
City of Gunter: Sewer system
City of Houston: Hospital
City of Josephine: Water supply
City of Kingston: Water supply
City of Leonard: Waterworks plant
City of McKinney:
Veterans Administration hospital
Vocational school
City of Pottsboro
City of Ravenna: Post office
City of Rockwall: Sewage
City of Savoy
City of Sherman:
Federal building
Water from Lake Texoma
City of Terrell: New post office building
City of Trenton: Desire for new industries
City of Van Alstyne: Water
City of Whitesboro: Post office building
City of Wolfe City: Water and sewerage system improvements
Civil War Centennial Commission
Columbia River Project: Channel restoration
Commerorative stamps
House Building Commission
Legislative Oversight
3R455 Congressmen
Congressional directories requests
Cooper Dam and water reservoir
Coordinator of Information
Cotton: Sale of Surplus
Critical letters
Dallas Health Museum
Defense Department news releases
Department of Commerce
Disaster situation in Texas
Drought situation
Durant Chamber of Commerce: Helicopter
Economic situation
East Texas State Teachers College: Land
Farm-to-market roads:
Two miles southeast Dodd City
Fannin County
Farm problem
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Communications Commission: Scandal
Ferrell Bridge Dam
Fish: Application
Flood situation
Fordham University expansion in Lincoln Square, New York City
Foreign affairs
Freedom Foundation Awards: Pilgrimages
Fund for the Republic
Gallery tickets: Requests
General Services Administration
George C. Marshall Research Foundation
Girard Case
Glossy prints: Requests
Gold held by U. S. Government
Goodfellow Air Force Base
Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive Medicine, Incorporated
Grayson County Hunters Association
Grazing permits, federal lands
Hardwicke-Etter Company: Milan Arsenal Contract
Highway 80
3R456 Hondo Air Base
Ticket requests
Invitation to Queen Elizabeth
3R457 Integration
Jones Field, Bonham, Texas
Jordon Bus Company
Korea: Military and economic assistance
Korean orphans
Lackland Air Force Base: Nurses annual leave
Lake Fannin
Lake Texoma:
Recreational area, capital improvements
Statement of damages from flood
Taking water from lake
Leonard Butane Company
Legislation, 1957-1958
Lewis, Lady property
Little Rock, Arkansas situation
Lone Star ordinance: Plant in Texarkana
Majors Field
Mallory Air Force Depot situation
Marriage announcement
Marshall, George C. Research Foundation
McGee Bend Dam
Middle East situation
Military academy
Missiles and satellites
M. K. T. Railroad
Mountain View Broadcasting Company
Muddy Creek
Mutual Security Act
National Football League
National Guard
National Rivers and Harbors Congress
Navy Liaison
Navy base: Deactivation of Hutchinson, Kansas
News: Reports to Rayburn
Newspaper clippings
Nuclear physics
3R458 Office rental space in member's districts
Oil imports
Oil situation in Texas
Old Age Assistance: Procedure for application
Paid bills and vouchers: Telephone, lights, Bonham office
Peary Place housing: Closing
Perrin Air Force Base: Reduction in Force
Proctor Dam
Primitive Baptist Churches in Washington area
Public lands in western states
Publications, bulletins, etc.: Requests
Queen Elizabeth: Visit to United States
Quinlan Telephone Company
Capitol Cloakroom appearance
Church affiliation
Congratulations on 50 years service
For President petition: Hall County, Texas
Forty-fourth anniversary as member of Congress
Honorary committee
Name is same
Official hostess
People desiring to write books about him
Personal business:
Insurance and important papers
Resolution passed by city council of Dublin, Texas
Thank you letters
3R459 Red Cross and Civil Defense
Red River Valley Association
Rural Electrification
Salary increases
Sanders Creek public hearings
School requests
Schools in District: Appropriations
Small Business Administration
Soil Bank
Soil conservation:
Projects out of district
Southern Geophysical Company, Inc.
The Speaker's Agent, book
Sponsor or serve on committees
Stamp account
Stamps, commemorative
State Department Building razing
Stationery room account
Stevenson, Adlai E.: Speech, November 29, 1957
Stevensville Rod and Gun Club
Strategic Mineral Corporation of America
Sulphur River Basin wildlife project
Tax hearings
Telephone account
Telephone directories (district)
Bills paid
Educational channel:
Change into commercial
Rayburn telecast
Television and radio applications
Texas & New Orleans Railroad: Abandon track between Terrell and Greenville
Texas, University [of]: Commemorative stamp
Thank you letters for publications, clippings, and other items
Trans-Texas Airways (Bob Clark)
Treaties: Euratom and economic union treaties ratified by France
Truman Library
Twin Butte reclamation project 1958:
Foreign aid
3R461 Miscellaneous (continued)
3R462 Correspondence concerning the extension of Capitol
Dewbre, Mrs. Alberta B.
Dhane, O. B.
Dickie, Alex
Dodd, William G., Sergeant
Dorris, W. L.: Information on R. E. A. telephone loans
Douglas, William, Airman A/C
Downer, A. D.
Drane, Phil B.: Loan
Dulaney, Jesse L.: Retirement
Duncan & Hendrix: Application for loan
Dunn, Lovie E.
Dykes, Wilham: Veterans Administration disability claim
Farm problems and soil conservation
Farmer, John M.: Disability claim
Farr, George A.
Farrell, Billy
Fatheree, Tommie: Air Force
Fields, R. E.: Transfer
Flement, Ruth: Position
Florene, H. D.: Old Age Assistance
Floyd, James E.
Ford, Jimmy, Private First Class: Promotion
Foster, A. K.
Foster, Clarence E.: Raise in disability compensation
Foster, Joe P.
Francis, Private James P.
Francis, Lloyd W.
Franklin, Sidney
Franks, R. L.
Freitary, John H., Master Sergeant
Fuller, R. J.: Soil Bank
General correspondence
3R463 Investigation of independent federal agencies
Texas and District
Birthday and Christmas messages
Statements and views
3R464 1958 miscellaneous:
"A" miscellaneous
Agriculture bulletins
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation: Raise in salary
Air Force Reserve Program
Alcoa's 1957 report
Alford, Dale, Dr.
American Nursing Home Association
Anacostia Marina: Operation
Anderson Brothers: SBA loan
Appointments: Requests
Armories [National Guard]
Army Engineers: Cutback of projects in District
Austin College Army Reserve Unit
Autographs/photos: Requests
Headliners Club of Austin
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Beauty operators complaints on advertising
Appropriation for Lake Texoma
Banking: Financial Institutions Act
Beaver Dam
Billboards on highways
Brussels International Exhibit
Civil rights
Civil Service Employees:
Pay raise
Retirement annuities increase
Confederate pensions (veterans and widows)
3R465 Defense Department
Farm legislation
Federal judgeships, creation of
Forand: Socialized medicine
Foreign aid and policy
Hoover Commission recommendations
Mercedes Reclamation Project
3R466 Miscellaneous (continued)
Postal rate increase
Presidential disability
Railroad legislation
Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Scholarships for training science and mathematics teachers
School construction (Federal Aid to Education)
Social Security
Soil Bank
Space Control Committee
Spies, Dr. Tom D.
Statehood for Alaska and Hawaii
3R467 Taxes
T. V. [television]
T. V. A. [Tennessee Valley Authority]
Unemployment compensation
Veterans of World War I (H. R. 4412) and bills pertaining to veterans
Birthday greetings
Bonham carbons
Bonham Manufacturing Company
Brazoria Telephone Company
Broadcasts and telecasts, Rayburn
Bryan Air Force Base
3R468 Capitol extension: Letters of approval from architect
Camp Swift
Campbell Soup, location of plant
Carbons of letters sent to Bonham
Christmas gifts
Christmas letter
City of Allen: Loan for water and sanitary system
City of Angleton: Post office
City of Anna: Loan for sewerage facilities
City of Bell: Water system
City of Beaumont: F. H. A. office
City of Blue Ridge: Route 121 through town
City of Bonham:
Cotton mill
Low rent housing
Veterans Administration Center
City of Celeste: Loan for sewerage facilities
City of Dallas:
Federal building
Federal center
City of Denison:
Post office
Public schools
Sewer plant
City of El Paso:
Air Service needs
Remove stockpile
City of Floyd: Water
City of Frisco: Park
City of Gober: Senior Class visit to Washington
City of Greenville:
Application for Master Planning Funds, urban renewal
Flood control, Long Branch Creed, Sabine River
City of Gunter: Public housing
City of Honey Grove:
Slum clearance program
City of Howe: Aid for street program
City of Lone Oak: Loan for construction of sewerage facilities
City of McAllen:
Border Patrolmen
Ground Observer Corps, surplus equipment
Memorial Hospital
Veterans Administration Hospital
3R469 Veterans Administration Hospital
City of Port Arthur:
Repair seawall
City of Rockwall: Dam site
City of Sherman:
Federal building
Retention of Internal Revenue office
Urban renewal project
City of Sherman and Denison: Airline service
City of Terrell:
Missile base
Post office building
City of Tioga: Water
City of Trenton:
Closing for Katy station
Fire truck
City of Van Alstyne:
Housing project
Railroad service
City of Westminster:
Fire truck for school
City of Whitewright: Desire factory
City of Windom School Jeeps
City of Winters: Cotton grading
City of Wolfe City: Workable program to eliminate slums and blight
Clayton, W. L.: Cotton industry and foreign trade and aid
Clock, requests for
Cole, Buster: Army contract, coats for Bonham
Connally, John B.: Camp Maxey, use by Texas Game and Fish Commission
Collin County:
Inclusion in Dallas Standard Metropolitan Area
Soil Conservation District, Rowlett Creek
Committees, House of Representatives
Corps of Engineers
Critical letters
3R470 Democratic National Congressional Committee
Denison Mattress Factory
DeWitt, Roscoe: Architectural work
Diablo Dam
Disaster areas (crops)
"E" miscellaneous
Eaton, Mrs. J. E.: Telephone service
Edwards: Grave marker
Edwards, Sergeant Euell D.: Assignment
Edwards, L. B.: Discharge because of debts
Ellington, Morris H.: Disability
Ellis, George H.: Old Age Assistance
Elston, Jasper L.: Railroad Retirement
Ely, Marvin M.: R. I. F. notice
Emmel, Mrs. Fannie Taylor: Social Security benefits
Eubanks, D. M.: Daughter in school for mentally retarded
Eubanks, Garlen G.: Application for registration
Evans, G. W.: Soil Bank
Evans, Mary E.: Old Age Assistance
Ewing, Emma L.
East Fork-Trinity Watershed
East Texas State College
Economic situation
Eisenhower State Park
Emory High School: Trip to Washington
Empire Foundry Company
Employee's blanks for House of Representatives
Employees, Civilian personnel: Reduction In Force, Aircraft Maintenance Section
Extension, east front of Capitol Building
F. A. R. M. (organization of unions to do away with Soil Conservation Service)
Farm-to-market roads:
Briscoe - Heath (Kaufman County)
Gray's Prairie to Rosser
Isham, John
Lone Star Community
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Housing Administration
Firearms regulations
Flag (United States) design
Fort Sill Missile Range
Gallery tickets
Garland Veterans of Foreign Wars: Recreation area at Lavon
Garza-Little Elm Reservoir: Roads inundation and repurchase of land by former owners
Gorgas Memorial Institute
Great Plains Conservation Program
Greenville Herald-Banner: Anti-trust case
3R471 Hawaiian Savings and Loan Association
Highport Resort: Extension of lease
Honeywell maintenance
Honor students for 1957 and 1958
Independent Springs School: Possible closing
Oil imports
Internal Revenue ruling
Investigation of independent agencies
Commencement exercises
3R472 Ivanhoe [Texas] School: Letters from students
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Senator): Letter from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
News: Reports to Rayburn
Kaufman County:
County fair: Nike exhibition
Levee District #4 and #10
Rural Electric Cooperative
Key votes, 85th Congress, 2nd session
King and Queen Rod and Gun Club, Stevensville, Virginia
Korean infants
Lake Fannin
Lake Texoma
McGee Bend Dam
Metro Warehouse company: Violation, Fair Labor Standard Act
Mortgage Financing
Muddy Creek
National Archives
National Dairy Association meeting
National Gas Equipment Company (Denison): Bids on fans
National Guard Reduction
News releases by government departments
Newspaper clippings: Thank you letters
Oil imports
3R473 Perrin Field
Plum Creek Conservation District
Port of Mansfield: Maintenance and deepening
Post Office Department: Reorganization, etc.
Congratulations on election
Dollars for Democrats
Expenses of reelection
Presidential letters: Copies of letters from President Eisenhower
Property, Government owned
Ranger Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company
Bills paid
Birthday dinner
Credit card
Bonham office
Insurance and important papers
Social Security on employees
3R474 Statements on various subjects
Appearance with Martin Agronsky
Recording for educational station
Thank you letters
U. S. News and World Report interview
Recommendations for Federal Building (request for)
For publications, bills, etc.
From school children
Sanders Creek
School appropriations (district)
Schools of District: Impacted area appropriations
Senator Lyndon Johnson: Letter to President Truman
Sidran, Joseph
Sidran Sportswear: Contract
Social Security expenditures
Soil and water conservation projects in Texas
Soil conservation
Soil conservation districts
Spies Committees
Southwest Power Administration
Stamp account
3R475 Stationery account
Stillhouse Hollow Dam
Student loans
Sulphur River Municipal District
Surplus property
Sympathy letters
Telephone and lights: Bills and vouchers, Bonham office
Telephone bills
Telephone directories
Temco [Aircraft Corporation, Dallas]: Reduction in wages
Texas Mining Company
Texoma Enterprises, Inc.: Loan
Thank you letters: Publications, books, clippings
3R476 Thank you letters (continued)
Three Rivers Dam Project
Treasury ruling on educational expenses of teachers
Trinity River
Trinity River Watershed
Truman Library
3R477 Un-American Activities Committee
United Fidelity Life Insurance company: Lease, Lavon Dam
United Press Award, Outstanding Statesman of the Year
United States Soldiers' Home applicationsUniversity of Texas: Invitation to Christian
Unknown servicemen, burial of
Veterans Administration Hospital, McKinney: Dietetic staff
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Garland: Application for recreation area at Lavon
Washington, Take to file
Weddings and anniversaries
Wherry Housing
White's Branch road (Denton County): Repairs
"Wide Wide World" [television program]
Willis Bridge
Yearbooks: Requests
3R478 1959:
Passed both houses
3R479 Civil Defense resolution of Governor's Conference
Congressmen: Correspondence, A - Z
3R480 General
3R481 National (continued)
Texas and District
Honorarium - R. E. A.
Wales, Col. C. B. (deceased), 1958-1959
Warren, Wallace H.
Waskom, N/O George E.
Watson, B. F.
Watterson, Calvin L.: Discharge
Weatherly, Mrs. Lon: Building
Webb, William P.: Insurance
Webster, Pvt. Willie D.
Wells, Mollie Foster: Confidential information
Wells, Vin
West, Robert: Bids on Air Force contract
Wester, A/2c Billy Wayne
Wheatley, James F.
Wheeler, Florence
White, Byrd E.
White, G. R.: Sheep market
White, Jewel Whitehead
3R482 Whitten, Halbert O.
Whitten, William: Change in discharge
Whittington, Thomas J.: Assignment
Wicker, James C.
Wight, F/Sgt. Glendon E.: Housing in Japan
Wilkinson, James H.
Williams, C. O.
Williams, K. W.
Williams, Schley: Social Security
Williams, Sam
Williams, General Walter W.
Wilson, John W.: Disability compensation
Wilson, Dr. Russell H.: Veterans Administration research program
Winchester, Caraway: Employment, Perrin Air Force Base
Winchester, David: Transfer
Winn, Mrs. Grover: Social Security
Winn, R. M.
Winn, Robert M.
Winston, Joe B.: Water Pollution Control Advisory Board
Wires, Fred R.: Position
Witt, Edgar: Retention on Indians Claims Commission
Wofford, Ollie C.: Medical care
Womble, Amos P.: Compensation
Wood, A. L.: Position at Perrin Air Force Base
Woods, Bob: Job
Woods, Kenneth G.: Severance pay
Wortham, Jack: Transfer
Wright, Mrs. Artie Mae: Welfare aid
Wright, Pvt. Paul E.: Hardship discharge
Wright, A/1c Ray: Court martial
"W" miscellaneous
Yell, Warren D.
Yelverton, C. G.
3R483 1959 miscellaneous:
Agricultural bulletins
American Principles Foundation, Inc.
Federal Judgeship, Eastern District of Texas
Requests for
To see Rayburn,
Architect of Capitol: Reports on House Office Building
Atoka Reservoir (Oklahoma)
Autographed photographs
Bilateral agreement with Mexico
Bond bill
Civil rights
Civil service
Depressed areas
Employment compensation extension
Excise tax on telephone service
Fair Trade
Federal Aid to Education
Gasoline tax increase
Hawaiian statehood
Home Rule for [Washington] D. C.
3R484 Labor (continued)
Liquor served on airlines
Minimum wage
Postage rate increase
Public works
Railroad Retirement
Red River Basin appropriation
Robinson-Patman amendment
R. E. A. (Humphrey-Price)
Social Security
Supreme Court
Tax legislation
Trinity River appropriations
Veterans affairs
3R485 Water pollution: Study of Red River
Blackford Memorial Fund
Bonham Manufacturing Company
Bonham office: Carbon copies
Burial of Unknown Americans
Camp Fannin: Transfer to State of Texas
Caney Creek watershed
Extension of: "Documentary History the Construction and Development of the United States Capitol Building and Grounds"
Guide booklet
Captive Nations Week
Chance Voight Aircraft, Inc.
Church of Christ
Christmas letters
3R486 City of Azle: National bank
City of Belton: Radio station
City of Blue Ridge:
Sewerage system, etc.
Water loan
City of Bonham:
Future plans of city and merchants
Tree planting campaign
V. A. hospital
City of Caddo Mills: Surplus fire truck
City of Celeste: Rural route consolidation
City of Celina: Child labor to work in field
City of Collinsville: Sewage
City of Commerce
City of Copeville: Water Supply Corporation
City of Corpus Christi: Naval Air Station Overhaul and Repair
City of Denison: Saline water conversion plant
City of Denton: Federal civil defense center location
City of Emory: Sewage
City of Farmer's Branch: Pre-fabricated surplus buildings
City of Grand Prairie: American Legion
City of Greenville: Post office
City of Gunter: Low rent housing
City of Honey Grove: Armory
City of Howe: Fire truck
City of Josephine: Fire truck
City of Killeen: New bank
City of Lone Oak: Rural carrier
City of Lucas (community): Telephone service
City of McKinney:
Post office building
V. A. hospital
City of Melissa
City of Nevada: Surplus storage tank
City of Plano: Redevelopment funds (housing)
City of Princeton: Development of Lavon
City of Savoy:
Application for funds
Loans for F. H. A. housing (private low cost; not community project)
Low rent housing
City of Terrell: State hospital addition; post office dedication
City of Tom Bean: School (electricity)
City of Trenton:
Post office building
Public housing
City of Tyler: Rose Festival, U. S. Army Band
City of Westminster: Post office
City of Windom: Post office building
City of Wolfe City:
Post office
Wants surplus fire truck
Civil Defense
Committee assignments
Committee, Un-American Activities: Abolishment
Congressional Directories: Requests
Congressional employees' salary
Cooper Dam
Cotton, reginned
3R487 Davis Acres
Denison-Dallas Highway Post Office
Denison Dam
Denison-Wichita Falls Mail Service
Departments of Government: News releases
East Texas State College: Housing project
Engineer reports
Fannin County vocational school
Farm income (national)
Federal Communications Commission: VHF booster decision
Flown over the Capitol building
Request for
Flood control
Foreign affairs
Fort Chaffee
Freeport Sulphur Company
Gallery: Request for passes
Glossy prints: Request for
Government spending: Inflation
Gray Line Tours (D. C. Transit)
Judgeship for West Texas
Graduation letters
Gainesville Boat club
Halsell home: Library
Hardwicke-Etter Company: Loan to buy gin machinery in Argentina
Harte Hanks Anti-Trust case
Heid Bros. Corp.: "Bottles"
Historical publications: National Commission
Honors students
Interamerican Development Bank
International Monetary Fund
International Shooting Union
International travel: Information
3R488 Invitations
3R489 Invitations (continued)
Khrushchev's visit to United States
Killeen Bank Application
Lake Texoma:
Denison Dam Reservoir
Saline conversion plant
Lavon Dam
Lincoln Sesquicentennial
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry
Lucas Community Telephone Service
National Guard changes affecting 4th District
Navigation Channel, Seadrift to Victoria
News summary
Newspaper clippings, etc.
North Fannin School: Christmas card
Office furnishings
Oil imports
Otis Engineering and Construction Company: Money owned company by F. C. C. for work on monitoring station at Ambrose
Payroll publicity
Perrin Air Force Base
Pioneer Air Lines, Inc.
Pledge of Allegiance
Lyndon Johnson [for President] Clubs
3R490 National
Poll tax, Texas
Public Housing Administration: Insurance
Railroad abandonment of St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway Company trains
Appearance on Reporters' Roundup
Bills paid
Broadcasts and telecasts
Civil defense [empty]
Congratulations on Speakership
Honorary memberships
Insurance and important papers
Party for Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Thomas
3U42 Sponsorships
Thank you letters
R. E. A.
Red River Valley Authority
Reno Interstate Highway
For bills, bulletins, and publications
From school children
Expressing appreciation to Speaker Rayburn by Young Democrats of Oklahoma
Roll Call Newspaper
Rosenthal Packing Company
3U43 Sanders Creek: Construction of dam
Schools: Defense funds, impacted areas
Sidran Sportswear
Silver Quill Awards: Recommendations
Soil Conservation Program
Southwestern Power Administration
Standard Metropolitan Areas
States Exploration Company: Wage/hour regulations
Stationery account
Sympathy messages
Telegram copies
Telephone bills
Television for North Texas
TEMCO Aircraft Corporation: Reduction in Force
Texas Employment Commission: Transfer of offices
"Texas Water Resources Planning at the end of the Year 1958"
Texoma Enterprises: Small Business Loan
Texoma Land Television Company, Grayson County
Textile industry: Import problems
Trinity River
Trinity University Scholarship Program
Veterans Administration
Wadley Research Institute and Blood Bank: Federal funds for leukemia research
West Virginia: Unemployment and hunger situation
3U44 1960:
Cabinet posts
Civil Aeornautics Board
Comptroller of Currency
Farm committees
Trade Commission
United States Marshal
Congressmen: Miscellaneous
3U45 Miscellaneous (continued)
On occasion of Rayburn's birthday
Political, National
Requests for committee assignments
3U46 General
New York Port Authority
Lyndon B. Johnson for President
Incident in Dallas
Democratic National Convention
3U47 National (continued)
Texas and District
Summit Cnference: Khrushchev's speech concerning conference
3U48 1960 miscellaneous:
American Cyanamid Company
American International Foundation
Appointments to office
Appointments to see Rayburn
Architect of Capitol Progress Reports
Arlington National Cemetery
Asia: Report by Conlon Associates Ltd.
Autographed photographs
Big Bend National Park
Civil rights
Civil Service employees: Pay raises, etc.
Coin machine industry
Congressional Club location
Connally amendment
Excise telephone tax
Federal Aid to Education
Federal pay increase
Foreign aid
3U49 Forand (continued)
Humphrey resolution on World Court
Interest rates on government bonds
Keogh, H. R. 10
Leatherwood Creek Watershed
Library Services Act
Military Pay Bill: Retired inequity (H. R. 9304)
Minimum wage
3U50 Miscellaneous (continued)
Port of New York Authority
Social Security
Taxation of cooperatives
Veteran's World War I
Veterans legislation
Bonham office: Carbon copies
Boy Scouts of America: surplus property
Extension of grounds
Jobs and information
Choctaw Watershed Water Improvement District
Christmas gifts
3U51 Christmas gifts (continued)
Christmas letters
City of Blue Ridge: Sewage loan
City of Bonham:
Veterans Administration Center
City of Commerce:
Discontinuance of "Service Window" in Post Office
Fireman and policemen, Social Security
Sewage facilities
City of Dallas: Federal Center
City of Denison:
Post office, paving alley behind
City of Greenville:
Majors Field
Marine Band appearance
National Guard Armory
City of Gunter: New post office building
City of Honey Grove: Water
City of Howe: New post office building
City of Kaufman: Sewage system
City of Kemp: New post office building
City of Killeen: Bank application
City of McKinney:
Firemen and policemen, Social Security
Reconnect water line at V. A. hospital
City of Nevada: Water facilities
City of Plano
City of Pottsboro: Extension of rural route
City of Rockwall:
Highway and overpass
Schools of science and engineering
Sub Base at airport
City of Savoy
City of Sherman:
Addition to Grayson County Society for Crippled Children and Adults
Firemen and policemen, Social Security
New federal building
Public housing
City of Terrell: Nike Station
City of Texarkana: Post office complaint
City of Whitesboro: Post office building
Civil War Centennial Commission
Comments on news items
Committees: Member changes
Congressional campaigns: Financial aid requests
3U52 Contributions:
To Democratic National Committee
To Democratic Party
Convention, State: Selection of District caucuses
County Democratic chairman
County of Rockwall: Exits from Highway 67
Critical letter
Denison dam: Surplus land below dam
Denison Mattress Factory and Denison Felt Manufacturing Company: Loan from Small Business Administration
Departments: Reports
Doctors in Fourth Congressional District
East Front Ceremonies, Capitol
East Texas State College:
Lease additional land at Camp Maxey
Fayette Manufacturing Company: Government contract
Federal Aviation Agency: Examinations of pilots; privileges of pilots
Gorgas Memorial Institute
Hardwicke-Etter Company
Highway 82
Horn Brothers Oil Company: Loan application
House Office Building project
Inaugural Committee for 1961
Inauguration ticket requests
3U53 Invitations (continued)
Jarvis Christian College Choir
Kaufman County soil conservation project
Korean situation
Lake Texoma: Miscellaneous correspondence
Lane Drygoods
Legislative possibilities for 86th Congress, 2nd session
Library Services Act
3U54 Lowe's Highpoint Resort
Morrison Milling Company
Moving Companies Directive: Day and Burns
N. A. A. C. P. [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]: Barbershop incident
Newspaper articles
Parkside Baptist Church, Denison, Texas: Social Security for church employees
Pensions for Civil War veterans and children
Perrin Air Force Base expansion
Perrin Field employment
Barbecue for county and precinct chairmen
Campaign expenses
Congressional workers in county Kennedy-Johnson headquarters
Democratic Congressional Campaign Dinner, Denver
After convention
3U55 After convention (continued)
Johnson for President
3U56 Miscellaneous (continued)
Railroads: Survival of suburban rail lines
Chairmanship, Democratic National Convention
Church affiliations
Cordell Hull Award
Courtesy pass
3U57 Letters and cards concerning illness
Name same
New will
Paid bills
Sam Rayburn Day in Hillsboro
Sherman tribute
Telephone service to ranch
R. E. A. [Rural Electrification Administration]
Red River Valley Association
3U58 Requests:
Bulletins and publications
From school children
1960 name files:
Black, I. E.
Blackshear; Arlie E.: Employment at Perrin
Blaisse, P. A.
Blanton, Robert E.: Change of discharge
Blanton, Ruby Lee: Position with draft board
Blasius, Howell: Hardship discharge
Blalock, B. B.: Transportation for compassionate leave
Blalock, James E.
Bledsoe, Robert D.: Application for G. I. Loan
Bogy, Louis T.: Records on grandfather
Bolton, Ben W.
Bolton, Tom: Application for marina concenssion at Lake Texoma
Bone, Bascom R.: Disability, Social Security
Boney, Carl Lee:
Income tax refund
Booher, Mrs. Rachel A.: Widow's benefits from husband's military service
Bookout, S. Thaddeus
Boren, James B. (Dr.): Position
Bostic, Sarah L.: Social Security
Bowlby, Ronnie V.: Hardship discharge
3U59 Boyd, Roland:
Elevator, Federal Building, McKinney
Information on overseas jobs with agriculture
Boydston, Clyde, Sgt.: Position at Perrin Air Force Base
Bradley, Floyd: Mow highway shoulders in Fannin County
Bradley, Lester F., E6: Assignment
Bradley, Jack: Disability compensation
Bradshaw, Mrs. H. L.: Position
Bradshaw, William K.: Loss of car pass at Perrin Air Force Base
Brewer, Thomas R.: Transfer
Bridges, Turner: Burns Run Resort lease
Bright, Mary: Income tax problem
Brown, Charles E., S/Sgt.: Application for V. A. claims (disability)
Brown, Jerry R., Private: Early release
Brown, Luther: Army record
Brown, Luther F. (deceased): V. A. benefits
Brown, Murray S. (Mrs.): Allotment
Brown, Murray S., Sgt.: Quarters
Brown, Rayburn: Teaching position, Hawaii or anywhere in the United States
Brown, William V.: Transfer to Army branch working with missiles and rockets
Bruce, Marvin W., S/Sgt.: Permissive reassignment to Perrin
Buckner, Andrew G.: Compensation
Bullard, Thomas E.: Compensation (V. A.)
Bumpass, Jack D.: Compensation
Burchinal, I. N., Jr.: F. A. A. regulations
Burks, Harry L.: V. A. pension
Burleson, Mrs. G. D.: Join husband in Germany
Burleson, James B.: Internal Revenue
Burleson, J. T. (Mrs.): Old Age Assistance
Burnine, Hank: Now employed as therapist at McKinney V. A. hospital
Burross, James O.: V. A. benefits
Butler, Frank: Locating mail box
Butts, Lee E.: Civil service employment
Byrnes, Edwin M.: Position
"C" miscellaneous
Cain, Charles L.: Lease
Calhoun, George Noah: Social Security
Calhoun, Jim: Pilot's license revoked, medical reason
Cantrell, C. E.
3U60 Caraway, Pascal G.: Fired from job with Soil Conservation
Cardwell, Thomas J. M., Capt. USAF: Hensley Field
Carmichael, Archie S., SPC/4: Court-martial
Carpenter, Alfred A., Capt.: Opposes forced retirement from Air Force
Carpenter, Bobby, PFC: Physical condition
Carroll, Fred: Lost seniority because of illness
Carter, Cecil Lou Scarborough: Census report
Carter, Martin: Position
Carter, Roy G.: Census records for Social Security purposes
Cason, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie: Disability
Cawthorn, M. D. (Mrs. Jean): Question regarding discharge
Caylor, C. C.: V. A.
Cearley, Mrs. C. H.: Welfare
Chaffin, William: Disability (Social Security)
Chambers, Jacob: Return Mariner's papers
Champion, Roy E.: V. A. pension
Chance, Mrs. Winston: License for radio station
Chandler, Willie, Mrs.: Wants Allen telephone service instead of Frisco
Chaney, Woodson N.: Disability compensation
Chapman, Billy Jo: Position
Cheatham, James H.: Disability compensation
Chesnutt, Ernest: Transfer
Christian, Albert B.: Disability compensation
Christian, Mrs. Albert B.: Position
Christy, William J.: Refund of deposit on house, Maryland
Clark, Elmer E., Mrs.: Loan
Clayton, Billy W.
Clifton, John R.: V. A. pension discontinued
Cline, Lotus R.: Indebtedness
Clover, Laura: Social Security disability benefits
Cody, Audnett: Teach in government school in Europe
Coker, Clyde W.: S. B. A. loan
Collier, Thomas C.: Transfer
Cole, Buster
Combest, John W.
Comegys, G. W. (Jewell Abernathy): State Department school
Conlin, Paul: Position
Cook, Pearl Derita: Pension
Cooper, Larry C.: Transfer from active to inactive
Copher, James E., Mrs.
Cordell, Cecil J.
Corley, Capt. Melvin V., Jr.: Promotion
Cox, PFC Joe A.: Outside ration allotment
Crable, Sp/4 Billy J.: Excuse from summer camp
Craig, William F.: Social Security
Crawford, Capt. Richard P.: Removal of two "below average" effectiveness reports from personnel records
Crisp, Gladys
Crittenden, Lillie B.: Old Age Assistance
Crittenden, Willie Mae: Old Age Assistance
Crosby, James T. (Mrs.): Social Security
Cross, Jimmy Doyle: Hardship discharge
Crossland, M/Sgt. James Robert: Assign to Perrin
Crout, Albert: Railroad Retirement benefits
Crowe, Alfred: Employment
Crowell, Murphy L.: Cotton insurance
Crum, C. M.: Social Security benefits
Crumby, Billy J.: Transfer
Crutcher, Cromer: Discharge from National Guard
Crutcher, James B.: Disability compensation
Crutcher, Joe L.: Larger cotton and wheat allotments
Cullison, Doye L.: Back payments on child allotment
Cummings, Clint: Transfer to state hospital
Cundiff, Melvin (Mr. & Mrs.): Old Age Assistance
Cunningham, Dorothy D.: Position
3U61 "D" miscellaneous
Daniel, Clark D., Jr. T/Sgt.: Court-martial
Daniels, J. C.: Transfer
Darling, Ural L., M/Sgt.: Assignment
Darnell, Mack C.: Old Age Assistance
Daugherty, Helen D.: Social Security
Davidson, Iva: Buy land around Texoma
Davis, Albert: Social Security claim for son due to wife's death
Davis, D. W. (Mrs. D. W. Davis): V. A. hospitalization at San Diego, California
Davis, DeWayne: Position
Deeds, R. C.: Old Age benefits and Social Security benefits
Deering, Linda: Summer position
Denison, Kenneth R.: Discharge
Dillion, J. W.: Tobacco license
Dixon, Richard H.: Recommendations
Dockery, Marion R.: Request for child support from V. A.
Dodd, Robert L.: Surplus Jeeps
Dodson, Glenn: Farm loan
Dodson, Lloyd W.
Dodson, Paula: Position
Donaldson, William A.: Social Security
Donovan, George J.: Position
Donihoo, Marth: Old Age Assistance
Dorchester, Norman C.: Free transportation for retired railroad employees
Dorset, Shep: Oil and gas leases
Duke, Ella W.:
Passport cases
Dulaney, H. G.
Dunaway, Clarence J.: Reduction of disability compensation
Dunaway, Kathleen O.: Social Security
Dykes, George: V. A. claim
"E" miscellaneous
Eason, Mrs. E. H.: Welfare assistance
Edwards, Alonzo R.: Position
Edwards, Jackie: Deferment
Eldridge, Mrs. Billy W.: Locate men
Eldridge, Kenneth E., M/Sgt.: Medical review
Elkins, Bryan E.: Employment at Perrin Air Force Base
Elliott, Dewey L.
Elliott, Joseph T.: Transfer to Texas
Ellis, Mrs. Jack: Appeal V. A. pension
Ely, Marvin: Disability compensation
Eng, Mrs. Walter: Clearance of clothes by customs
Epstude, Mrs. Irma: Visa application
Eubank, Don C.: Radio and T. V. branch
Evans, Benjamin F.: Social Security
Evans, Mrs. Mary: Old Age Assistance
3U62 "F" miscellaneous
Fagan, Clarence L.. Sgt.: Port call
Fails, Herman Ol: Veterans disability compensation
Falcone, Joseph P., S/Sgt.: Transfer
Farrell,? A/2c
Fielding, Joe: Social Security benefits
Fink, Darrell: Parole
Fisher, Martin S.: Position
Fisher, R. B.: Acreage around Lake Lavon
Floyd, Roberta L.: Position AF
Fowler, James R.: V. A.
Fowler, Willie M.: V. A. hospital
Fox, Jay L. Sp/4: Investigate conditions at post
Francis, C. B.: V. A.
Franks, Cleveland L., Capt.: Position
Frantz, Ronald H.: Civil service position
Freeman, Eugene C.
Fulmer, Loyd: Request for service-connected disability compensation increase
Fuller, William H.: V. A.
Furr, Robert: Better road in neighborhood
"G" miscellaneous
Gainer, J. B.: Job at Denison dam
Garen, Ray H.: Social Security benefits
Gaskill, Byron: Disability benefits
Gassaway, Jack, M/Sgt.: Transfer overseas
Gee, Carl W.: Social Security
Gee, Loyd: Disability compensation
Gerard, Dr. R. G.: Appointment as an approved physician
Gilmore, Edward, PFC
Glenn, James L.
Glover, James W.: Loan University of Texas
Glover, Jessie L. (deceased): V. A. pension for father
Good, John Franklin: Social Security disability benefits
Goff, M. L.: Social Security
Graham, James M.: V. A. benefits
Graves, Dan H.: Reserve training deferment
Gray, Floyd: Dismissal from job at Naval Air Station, Dallas
Green, Cecil B.
Green, Kenneth E., Pvt.: Reassignment to U. S.
Greer, Luther P.: Compassionate reassignment
Grider, Robert N.: Visa for wife
3U63 Griffin, Ford: F. H. A. loan
Griffis, Bill J.: Position
Griffitt, Sp-4 Johnny M.: Hardship discharge
Grindstaff, Kenneth: Income tax trouble
Groner, Oal B.: A. S. C.
Groves, Opal: O. H. A.
Gunn, Willie E., Jr.: Service-connected disability pension
Gundy, Mrs. Albert F.: Request for hardship discharge for husband from army
Guthrie, Olyn J.: Humanitarian transfer
Guynes, William D.: Claim for benefits
"H" miscellaneous
Haile, Findley
Hair, Bobby
Hall, Nellie (Mrs.): Social Security
Hall, Sharon
Hall, Walter: Bank at Alvin, Texas
Halsey, F. R.: Social Security
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.: Old Age Assistance
Hamm, Joe: Non-service connected disability pension
Hammerman, Samuel: Bad rating
Hanson, Leon: Disability benefits
Hardy, Russell D.: Discharge from National Guard
Hargett, Wilson Allen: Case referred by Roland Boyd
Harrell, Durward Walter: Position
Harris, Arthur Sr.: Disability compensation
Harris, Billy Coy: V. A. claim
Harris, Vera Bowen: Position in Bonham High School
Hartsfield, Weldon Bailey: Job
Harville, William O.: V. A. pension discontinued
Hayes, Stanley: Employment, Hawaii, F. H. A.
Haynes, A/2c Larry C.: Court-martial
Hebisen, W. B.: Social Security benefits
Hebisen, W. E.: Disability
Hellebrand, John H.: Transfer
Hempkins, William Brent
Henderson, Mac: Job
3U64 Hendricks, Nels: Veterans compensation
Henry, Paul A.: Pension
Henson, John W.: Transfer
Herod, Bernice E.: Social Security
Herriage, James H.: Transfer
Hicks, Jack A.: Reenlist in Air Force
Hilton, George W.: Disability compensation
Hines, Verlon: Disability compensation
Hinton, Robert Stanley: Application for Federal Student Loan
Hodges, Collie J.: Position
Hodges, Harold: Position
Hofegartner, Robert W.: Physical condition
Holloway, Fred N.: Employees
Holmes, Tom McClure: Hardship discharge
Horton, Eugene R.: Position
House, Lula B.: Old Age Assistance
Householder, Robert T., Jr.: Veterans pension, total disability
Houston, Mrs. Dovie Jane
Houston, Louise: Social Security
Howard, Claude
Hudgens, Ada: Railroad Retirement and Social Security
Huff, Barbara: Price of staples in Alaska
Hughes, Billy R.: Disability compensation
Hughes, James H.: Position
Hughes, Mrs. Nell: Property on Lake Texoma
Hughes, Ralph: Student loan
Hunter, Mrs. Jewett L.: Corrective therapy
Hutchison, Roy A.: Job assistance
Hyepock, John: Compensation
Hymer, John: G. I. loan
"I" miscellaneous
Ireland, Walter D.: Civil service retirement
Isbell, Waymon, S/Sgt.: Overseas assignment
"J" miscellaneous
Jackson, Edward: Social Security
Jackson, Virgil J.: Assign to Perrin
James, Paul K.: Disability benefits
Jenkins, Harmon E.: Shore duty
Jenkins, Leon: Social Security
Jobe, Melvin: Application for discharge
Johnson, Billy Blake: Early release from confinement
Johnson, Burnley E.: Letter from John B. Odom
Johnson, Ethel Lou: Increased V. A. allotment for child
Johnson, George W.: Old Age Assistance
Johnson, Kendrick: Census records
Johnson, Woodrow W.: V. A. compensation
Jones, Clarence H.: Railroad Retirement
Jones, Darrell
Jones, Jack A., T/Sgt.: Hardship discharge
Jones, Jack T., T/Sgt.: Compassionate transfer
Jones, Rollie L.: Old Age Assistance
Jones, Mrs. Roy D.: Desire to get balance of insurance in lump sum
Jones, Sam H., Jr.
Ju, Woo Jung: Desire to remain in U. S.
"K" miscellaneous
Kelley, Robert C.: Information on building a lake on property
3U65 Kennedy, Bennett: Officer Candidate School
Kennedy, Delbert: Commercial fishing
Kent, Joe: V. A. benefits
Kilgore, E. J.
Kincaid, W. L.: Position
King, Simon David, SFC
Kinney, Howard: Home for aged, purchase of surplus
Kirby, John M.: Old Age Assistance
Klinko, Edward J.: V. A. claim
Knowles, Alvis E.: Confined to base
Knox, Jack. C., Jr.: Appointment
"L" miscellaneous
Lacewell, Albert E.
Lagler, Jane Morgan
Landreth, Ernest S.
Lasater, Willie E.: Employment
Lane, T. M.: Delay in receiving Social Security checks
Lashley, Vernon: Compensation check
Latta, Bert: Old age pension
Leeth, Kenneth E.: Reduction in sentence
Lemons, Cleatis A.: Disability compensation
Leonard, Harold J.: Review of discharge
Lewis, Clinton R., PFC
Lewis, Granville A.: Position as machine operator
Lewis, Herbert: Compassionate reassignment
Lewis, Lucy G.: Allotment from son, Herbert L. Lewis
Lindsey, Walter
Lightfoot, Mrs. Joyce R.
Lobdell, Isabelle R.: Clothing
Long, Stuart: Article on Tidelands
Long, Donald, Sgt.: Relieved permanently of flying status
Long, Raymond J.: Compassionate leave
Lilly, Charles S., A/1C: Compassionate transfer
Longmire, James R., Sp-5: Court martial, effect upon retirement
Lowe, Dewitt
Luker, Mrs. Estell: Civil service pension due to death of husband
Luse, Martha: Loss of household goods, other complaints
Luttrell, Mrs. Pearl: Old Age Assistance
Lynch, Mrs. Goldie: Join husband in Germany
Lynn, Ted Nathan: Support due from father
"Mc" miscellaneous
McAdams, Clara: Cotton allotment
McClure, J. Frank: Change jobs, Police DEpartment
McCollam, Edward E., Major: R. I. F. notice
McCollum, Ella: Old Age Assistance
McCoy, David D.: Transfer
McCurdy, Ethel: Old Age Assistance
McDaniel, Mrs. Troy L.: Social Security benefits for husband
McDonald, Alex: Social Security
McDowell, Earl: Disability compensation
McEntire, Jeff D.: Disability compensation
3U66 McKee, Joe
McKinney, James Bell, Jr.: Social Security
McKinney, James C.: Position
McKinster, Jack, Major: Space and grade authorization and the abolishment of all rated positions at Perrin Air Force Base
McMaster, R. C., L/Cpl.: Discharge
McMillan, George W., Lt.: Resignation from Air Force
McMillan, Hugh
McMillan, Rocky: Disability compensation
McQueary, William E.: Old Age Assistance
McVey, Frank S.: V. A. disability
McWhite, Betty: Pardon for brother
"M" miscellaneous
MacCurdy, David J.: V. A.
Maitland, Nevel E., A/2C: Compassionate transfer
Malone, Price E.: Disability compensation
Manson, Jack Y.: Position
Marchant, William L.: Social Security benefits
Martin, Dr. C. C.: Small Business loan
Martin, Mrs. Eva: Old Age Assistance
Martin, Otto C.: Delay in receiving Social Security benefits
Mashburn, J. R.: Old Age Assistance
Massey, Joe Welton: Parole
Matlock, Coy E.: Disability compensation
May, Charles R.: Old Age Assistance
Mayfield, Tom: Social Security
Mechalske, Albert L., Jr.: Military utilization
Meller, Leroy P., Sp-4: Hardship discharge
Medlin, Marvin F.: Home purchase through V. A.
Herrill, Herman R.: Hospital treatment
Miller, James E.: Railroad Retirement
Miller, Mrs. O. V.: Wheat allotment
Mills, Jerry L.: Hardship discharge
Miller, Dr. Robert B.: Medical record from V. A. hospital at McKinney sent to private doctor
Mitchell, Milton H.: Position
Mize, Mrs. (mother of J. R. Mize): Old Age Assistance
Moncrief, Mrs. J. W.: Social Security
Montgomery, Thomas R.: Pension
Monaco, S. F.: Transfer
Moon, Floyd A., SFC: Overseas assignment
Moore, Mrs. Reva: Position
Moore, Simon D.: Retirement
Morey, Grant F., Sp-4: Reassignment and inspection of Army post
Morris, John C.: Army, mental, physical condition
Morrow, Doyle: G. I. Bill
Morton, Mrs. L. W.: Join husband in Germany
Moser, Marlene: Visa
Murray, Mrs. John: Social Security
"N" miscellaneous
Naito, Miss Nagako
Neal, Douglas: Early discharge
Nelson, John U.: Overseas education assignment
Newan, Carl W., A/3C: Hardship discharge
Nichols, Jesse A.: Social Security
Norris, Gerldean, S/Sgt.: Compassionate reassignment
Notton, M. E., Capt.: Deductibility of Moroccan customs tax on auto
3U67 "O" miscellaneous
Opry, William F.: Entrance to V. A. hospital, Waco
Overstreet, Edgar: Social Security
Owens, A. C.: Railroad Retirement
Ownsby, Glen W.: Desires honorable discharge from Navy
"P" miscellaneous
Paderewski, Ignace J.: Commemorative stamp
Parish, Loucile E. Pate: Civil War records on father
Parker, Bill
Parker, J. C.: Reinstatement on M. K. T. Railroad
Parker, Lelu
Parks, O. C., M/Sgt.: Retirement from service
Parrish, Billy D.: Loss of car pass at Perrin Air Force Base
Parrish, Herman: American currency
Parson, R. E.: Veterans Land Board loan
Pendleton, Ashley L., Sp-4: Transfer
Penland, Bailey: Social Security disability payments
Perez, Juan: Transfer
Perkins, Lois Maxwell
Perkins, Myrtle
Perry, Emory McK.: Disability compensation
Phillips, Edgar C.: Social Security benefits
Pickrell, Tommy: Conflict of orders
Pike, Ernest, M/Sgt.: Retired rank
Pinkston, J. W.
Pleasant, Mildred: Income tax adjustment
Polser, Mrs. Jack: Telephone service (Allen, Texas)
Porter, Mrs. Gordon P.: Property and highway
Praetz, Mary Ethyl: Income tax refund
Price, Mrs. R. H.: Service record
Pullen, R. E.: Application for S. B. A. loan
"Q" miscellaneous
"R" miscellaneous
Rayburn, Tom: March 1, 1960
Rabun, Robert: Application for loan with F. H. A.
Ratcliff, Lewis S., A/1C: Transfer to Perrin Air Force Base
Ratton, T. O.: Entry of Mexican nationals into United States
Ray, Dr. John A.: Request for location of Mrs. Virginia Krog
Ray, Norris B.: Retirement pay
Rayburn, Mrs. Annie: Disability (Social Security)
Rayburn, Lillard: Position
Rayford, Frank: Position
Raynolds, Albert James: Locate death certificate
Raynolds, Stellie: Social Security
Rhea, Samuel C.: Transfer
3U68 Rice, Thurston K.: Application for discharge
Richard, Mrs. Arthur J.: Civil service refund returned
Richardson, Jack, PFC: Emergency leave
Richardson, Wayne:
Civil service employment
Loan from State Land Board
Ridgeway, Mary Esta: Employment
Riley, James
Roark, Susan: Position (nurse at army hospital in El Paso)
Roberts, Oris M.
Robertson, Deryl C.: Employment at V. A. center in Bonham
Roberts, Ray
Rodgers, Harold H.: Air Force obsolete F-86 for V. F. W.
Rodgers, Joe B.: Social Security
Rogers, Charles A.: Disability compensation
Rogers, Julian: Suspension by Agriculture Department
Rogers, Luther E., M/Sgt., USAF: Retirement from the Air Force
Rollins, Tim: Recommendation
Rose, Johnnie W.: Incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base
Ross, Benton R.: Christmas leave
Ross, Henry J. (Jack): Disability insurance benefits
Rouse, Minnie A.
Routh, John Charles: Position
Rowland, Palmer: Hospitalization, V. A.
Roy, Ernest E., Jr., PFC: Compassionate reassignment
Rush, Mrs. Loneta R.: Appeal for veteran's benefits due to death of husband
Russell, Hurley N.: Disability compensation
Russell, Samuel D.: Copy of discharge
"S" miscellaneous
Sadler, Willie Jack: Does not want active reserve duty
Saffold, W. H.
Saindon, Joanne: Position
Salsman, Bruce E., S/Sgt.: Gripe
Sanders, Jimmy B.: Change in discharge
Schwartz, Morris S.: Deferment, 1961
Schwiening, Alfred, Jr.: Reduction in V. A. compensation
Scebek, John: Position at Perrin Air Force Base
Scott, H. C.: Social Security
Scott, Robert L.: Burial allowance
Seele, George H.
Shasteen, Tommy A.: Employment
Shaw, John O.: Resident visa
Shellenberger, O. C.
Shoemake, Mackie: Social Security
Siler, Jimmy C.
Simmons, David W.: V. A.
Simpson, James Nowell: Transfer
Sims, George (deceased): Compensation withheld
Singer, Hazel: Unfurnished quarters
Singleton, Jimmie H.: Position
Skelton, Byron
Skelton, Curtis: V. A. pension
Smalley, Bobby C., A/1C: Court martial and civil conviction, passed counterfeit bills
Smith, Carl: Social Security benefits
Smith, Mrs. Cassie M.: Social Security
Smith, Charles F.: Admittance to V. A. Domiciliary at Bonham, Texas
Smith, Don C., A/1C: Emergency leave
Smith, Ernest H.: Old age pension (cut off)
Smith, James W.: Social Security
Smith, Janette: Treatment for cerebral palsy
Smith, J. T.: Land grant
Smith, Leland Paul: Desires government employment
Smith, Norman B.
Smith, Mrs. W. O.: Social Security
3U69 Souders, Jerome: Release from Terre Haute
Southerland, Ed: Slagle case
Sollenne, Nicholas, S/Sgt.: Transfer
Solwan, Ida H.: Social Security
Sparks, Lura M., Capt.: Early discharge
Speener, William W.
Sprague, Charles, S/Sgt.: Transfer
Spruill, Charles E.: Recall active duty
Starnes, W. J.: Old Age Assistance
Steedman, J. R., Jr.: V. A. pension
Stephens, B. E.: Position
Stephens, Claude: Transfer
Stephens, James D.: Compassionate furlough
Stevens, Junius B.: Reduction in grade
Stevens, Robert G.: Lost records
Stofle, Ira. W.: Position
Stone, Arthur: Telephone service
Stovall, Doyle S.: Reinstatement, Internal Revenue
Styles, D. C.
Sudderth, Mac: Cotton defoliant
"T" miscellaneous
Tabor, Easmet: Old Age Assistance
Tadlock, James W.: Bonds
Taliaferro, Mrs. Harvey: Application to relocate fishing barge
Tarbitt, Charles: C. S. C., Alaska
Tate, Mrs. Veida: Child support payment from ex-husband, Sgt. Jack C. Tate
Taylor, Bessie: Social Security
Taylor, Hugh L., Mr. & Mrs.: Post Office building
Taylor, Mrs. Ursla
Templeton, Clifford: Disability
Templeman, Ethel: Flooding of land
Tencza, Casimir, S/Sgt.: Transfer
Terrell, Ralph
Terry, Grady C.: Medal of Honor
Terry, Joe: Transfer to printing school
Thigpen, L. A., Sr.: Veteran's pension
Thomas, Allen, T/Sgt.: Assignment
Thomas, James H.: C. S. C. retirement
Thomas, Leon D., Pvt.: Training
Thomason, Mrs. John L., Jr.: V. A. benefits
Thompson, John K., T/Sgt.: Request for 90-day curtailment (wants to get back to states)
Thornton, Cecil: Telephone service for son
Tiller, William E.: Leave
Tipton, Dee L.: Possible service with armed forces
Trelce, Joe P.
Trujillo, Valentine A., Pvt.: Pay held up
Tucker, Mrs. Marie E.: Employment at Perrin Air Force Base
Turman, James A.
Turley, Charles R.: Honorable discharge
Turner, Edward J.: Disability compensation
Turner, Mrs. Eliza: Social Security
Terpening, Arthur, M/Sgt.: Deferment from overseas assignment
"U" miscellaneous
"V" miscellaneous
Van Burkleo, T. S.: Civil War record
Vanderpool, Betty: Child welfare
Vandervere, Louis M.: Return of withheld funds from U. A.
Van Dyke, William A., Jr.: Change in reserve status
Van Sant, Tudelle H.: Position
Venner, Anna S. (Mrs. Sam): Social Security
Viles, Alonzo O.: Old Age Assistance
3U70 "W" miscellaneous
Wajdowicz, Casimir: Position
Walden, James B.: Medical discharge
Walker, Leon, T/Sgt.: Reassignment to Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas
Walker, Rose M.
Walker, Virgil R.: Income tax return
Wall, Willie: Social Security interpretation
Wallace, Malcolm B.: V. A. death benefits
Wallace, Peter P.: V. A. direct loan
Walther, Paul: Commission
Ware, Harry: Transfer
Washer, Mrs. Dorothy Jo: Child's aid
Wasseroth, Elmer Harvey, Lt.: Regular commission in Air Force
Watson, Mrs. Earl: Social Security benefits
West, Robert: Job, SBA
Watson, Roby Charles
Wattenbarger, James P.: Release from service
Wearin, Otha
Weaver, Phillip, Sp-4: Conditions where stationed
Webb, Jodie: Position in Latin America
Webb, Lydia F.: Old Age Assistance
Webb, Walter: Employment at Lake Lavon
Wells, David T. (Dr.): Deferment
West, Woodrow W.: Assign to Kelly or Randolph
Westbrook, Lawrence
Westfall, James T., Jr.
Whalen, Fred W.: Railroad Retirement
Wheatley, Dee, III: Promotion in Air Reserve
Wheeler, Edwina: Old Age Assistance
White, Edwin T.: Compensation
White, Elmer T.
White, Latham: Position, 1961
White, Oscar W.: V. A. disability compensation
Whitehead, Homer G.: Disability compensation
Wickersham, Mrs. R. S.: Social Security and welfare
Wientjes, Norbert V., M/Sgt.: Permissive reassignment
Wiggins, Jerry Don
Wilkinson, Elizabeth A.: Position
Williams, Noland G.: Social Security
Williams, Bobby
Williams, Otis R., Lt.: Release from service
Williams, J. K.: Loan for poultry farm
Williams, Ray: Farm problem
Wilson, Alice: Old Age Assistance
Wilson, Danny M.: Social Security
Wilson, Donald: Position
Wilson, Gordon R.: Railroad Retirement
Wilson, M. L.: Marine Corps Reserve Station
Wilson, William D.: Hardship discharge
Wilson, W. P.: Position, transfer
Windle, Anastasia M., 2nd Lt.: Transfer
Winn, Robert M.: Minimum wage claim
Witcher, Thomas E.: Position as V. A. manager
Witt, J. W.
Wood, Jack M.: Disability compensation
Wood, William E.: Medical expenses
Woodall, Louie V.: Pay
Woods, John D.: Transfer
Woods, L. E.: Social Security disability benefits
Woods, Odelle: V. A. claim
Wright, R. L.
"X, Y, Z" miscellaneous
Yandell, Mrs. Abby Catherine: Old Age Assistance
Young, C. J.
Youngkin, Herbert: Tax claim
3U71 1961:
Berlin crisis
Bills: Miscellaneous
Congressmen: Requests for committee assignments and general correspondence
Cuban situation
Freedom riders
General: Miscellaneous correspondence
3U72 General (continued)
Texas and District
Correspondence concerning illness and death
3U73 Honors
Statements and views
Rules Committee: Concerning change
Un-American Activities Committee
3U74 1961 miscellaneous:
Agriculture offices: Move from Dallas to Temple
Agriculture publications
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee for Texas
Agriculture yearbook
Allgood, Louis W.: Position, Civil Service
Amistead Dam project
Architect of Capitol reports
Area redevelopment activities
Air Force and Army: Bulletins on recall of reserve
Army tours extension
Austin College: Government depository library
Autographs/autographed photographs
"B" miscellaneous
3U75 Berlin crisis: Information
Civil rights
Civil service: Post Office, etc.
Connally resolution
Constitutional amendment allowing District of Columbia vote for President
Defense appropriation
Depressed areas
DuPont sale of stock
Federal Aid to Education
Federal judgeships
Foreign aid
G. I. Bill of Rights
Keough, H. R. 10
Minimum wage
Patent Office fees: Proposal
3U76 Opinion ballots
Rural electrification
Social Security
Taxation of building and loan associations
H. R. 2184
Berry Brothers Machinery Company
Birch, John, Society
Boles Home: Tax ruling on gifts to home
Bread market: Alleged discriminatory practices in Fort Worth/Dallas and North Texas area
Brice Pickle Company: S. B. A. loan
Bryan Air Force Base: Retention
Buffalo Creek Channel Improvement Project
3U77 Carpenter Brothers
Chance Vought Corporation
Christmas gifts
Christmas letter
City of Anna: Sewerage
City of Bailey: Housing units
City of Bells: Public housing
City of Blue Ridge: Public housing units
City of Bonham:
Chamber of Commerce
National Guard armory
Restoration of old fort
City of Celeste: Post office
City of Commerce: Sewage project
City of Corpus Christi: Opening of O. and R. facilities
City of Dallas:
Federal center
Retention of V. A. office
City of Del Rio: Air Force Base
City of Denison:
Post office improvement
Social Security service
Underwater demolition demonstration at Lake Texoma
City of Farmersville
City of Fort Worth: First National Bank
City of Frisco: Urban renewal
City of Greenville:
Electric power
Farmers Electric Corp. manager
Kelly Springfield Tire Plant
Majors Field
Tempco award of contract
City of Harlingen
City of Honey Grove: Post Office
City of Irving: Charter for bank
City of Leonard: Public housing
City of Ladonia: Water system
City of Lone Oak: Sewer system
City of McKinney:
Pave around federal building
Veterans Administration hospital
City of Mulberry
City of Plano: High school band participation in inaugural parade
City of Princeton: Post office
City of Quinlan: Sewage system
City of Rockwall:
Water supply
West Point of science
City of San Antonio: Primate center
City of San Jacinto: Relocation of ordinance depot
City of Savoy: Housing for elderly
City of Scurry
3U78 City of Sherman:
New quarters for naval reserve unit
Federal grant for repair and enlarging sewage system
City of Terrell
City of Tioga: Low rent housing
City of Tom Bean: Public housing
City of Trenton: Public housing
City of Windom: Low rent housing
City of Wolfe City: Post office dedication
City of Wylie: Post office
Civil defense
Civil Service Commission
Collin County: Put on list for surplus food and welfare aid
Commerce Department: Legislation
Community of Lawrence: Water supply
Congratulations: Twenty-first anniversary as Speaker of the House
Congressional Directories
Cooling Tower Service Engineer's, Inc.: Small Business loan
Cooper Dam project
Critical letters
Crothers, Arthur: Deferment
Cuban situation
Denison Mattress Company: New product
Department of the Army
Dhane, Odie B.: Old Age Assistance and Social Security
East Texas Motor Freight Lines, Inc.
East Texas State College:
Invitation to U. S. Ambassador to Mexico
Loan for construction of student center building and housing facilities
National Science Foundation grant
Engineers (Army): Transfer to Fort Worth from Tulsa and Galveston
Fannin County: Public Health survey
Federal Communication Commission
Flight Engineers: National Mediation Board decision
Foreign Aid
Fort Inglish restoration
French Speaker, luncheon for
3U79 Gallery tickets
Galveston District Corps of Engineers: Reorganization
Garrett, J. C.: Social Security disability benefits
General Motors
Harlingen Air Force base
High school lists, graduation invitations
Honor students
Housing for elderly
Indiana, 5th Congressional District
Information requests
International Land and Development Company
International Land and Investment Company
3U80 Invitations (continued)
Judgeship applications
Katy Railroad contracts
Korean school children
Lake Texoma:
Hot topping road
Regulations on trailers
Lavon Lake: Enlargement
Maguire, J. S.: Disability treatment
Mexican border closing to migrant construction workers
Military dependent directive
National Guard
North Texas State College band
Office salaries and expenditures
Oil industry
Oil and gas leases: Off shore islands
Open Door Baptist Church: Tax exempt status
Oteen Veterans Administration Hospital
Paid bills: Telephone and lights
Peace Corps
Perrin Air Force Base:
Capehart housing retention
Establishment of reserve base suppot group
Funds for construction project
Photographs: Requests
Piggyback operation
State redistricting correspondence
3U81 Port Isabel Naval Base: Removal
Presbyterian Village: Construction (F. H. A. contract)
On "Issues and Answers"
On "Washington Conversation"
Congratulations on Speakership and reelection
Courtesy passes
Gifts received
Illness (while still in Washington)
Birthday: Special letters and gifts
Book about Rayburn
Automobile insurance
Insurance and important papers
Record of Henry Clay doubled, June 12, 1961
Soil tests
Trip to Tennessee to Dedicate Loudoun Dam Bridge
Red River navigation
Redevelopment areas
Bulletins and publications
School children
3U82 Schools
Rules Committee
Sabine Valley Savings and Loan Association: Insurance of savings accounts
Sam Rayburn Library: Assistance
Schools: Appropriation for Impacted Funds
Small Business Administration: Information
Social Security cases
Soil conservation and flood control projects in 4th District
Southern Methodist University: Application for water pollution laboratory
Sponsor [requests for Rayburn to sponsor various causes and event]
Stamp account
Stationery account
Statements for publication
Student loans
St. Xavier's Academy
Supreme trailer [mobile home]
Surplus property
Sympathy letters
3U83 Taft Memorial
Telegrams: Official and personal
Telephone bill, official
TEMCO plant: Cancellation of contract
Texas A & M College: Application for water pollution laboratory
Texas legislature
Texas Western College: Application for Peace Corps training center
Textile Industry
Thank you notes and letters
Time Magazine story on Rayburn (rumor of retirement) May 1961
Treasury Department: Legislation
Trinity Improvement Association
Trinity River:
Truman Library
Un-American Activities Committee
Unreliable equipment: Round table discussion, Seventh National Symposium on Reliability and Quality Control
Vacation for Congressmen
Weddings and anniversaries
York, [Alvin] Sgt.: Fund to aid
3U84 Subject Files:
Denison Dam/Lake Texoma:
Project jobs:
General employment lists
Correspondence, A-Z: 1938-1944,
Abell - Hutton
3U85 Irvin - Wylie
Recreation area, Denison Dam: Correspondence and other materials, 1941-1945
Canal between Red River Dam and Trinity River: Correspondence, 1942
3U86 Oil company proposals and estimates of oil field damage by Denison Dam and Reservoir Project, 1942
Industries for Denison: Prospectus and study, 1943
Denison-Sherman Chambers of Commerce proposal of Lake Texoma/Grayson County as site for Air Force Academy
3U87 Lake Texoma employment files, 1949:
Aldridge, Jasper
Bowen, A. W.
Chandler, John
Crout, Albert
Dunn, Otto
Horton, J. H.
Hynds, Henry O.
Isaacs, Sherman
Madden, John J.
Mayes, Donald
Stephenson, Otto
Webb, Lynn T.
Printed materials:
Description and status information: Booklet, 1940
Report of National Park Service, "Recreational Resources," 1943
Engineering report, "Proposed Flood Control and Power Dam on Red River," 1933
Exhibit "A", Flood Control Act of June 28, 1938, and amendment, Red River Basin" October 17, 1940, "
Exhibit "B", House Document 541, 75th Congress describing Denison Reservoir on Red River, Texas and Oklahoma
Exhibit "C", Flood Control Act ofDecember 22, 1944, authorizing War Department to construct and operate public park and recreation facilities in reservoir areas under its control
Exhibit "D", Park, Parkway, and Recreation Study Act of 1936 (49 Stat. 1894)
Hearings and law on R. R. 9972, declaring that Denison Reservoir is to be for navigation
Public Law 534, 78th Congress, transferring control of electric energy to Secretary of Interior, 1944
Statement of Mr. Rayburn and Resolution of Texas Legislature urging building of Denison Dam as contained in Congressional Record, February 1, 1931
Statement of Hon. Sam Rayburn at hearings in Flood Control Committee, February 1935
Excerpt from Act of June 22, 1936 authorizing continuation of survey
Address by Mr. Rayburn at Shreveport, Louisiana on April 24, 1937 and Resolutions adopted by the Red River Valley Improvement Association
House Document 378, 74th Congress, letter from Secretary of War with accompanying illustrations containing general plan for improvement of Red River
Executive Order 9366, relating to disposition of power at Denison
Dam, 1943
Executive Order 9373, relating to disposition of power, amends Executive Order 9366 and repeals Sec. 2
Hearings Before the Committee on Flood Control, House of Representatives, Seventy-First Congress, Second Session, on Flood Control on the Mississippi River and Its Tributaries, Part 3, April 28 to May 2, 1930
3U88 House Document No. 378, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, Red River, La., Ark., Okla., and Tex..: Letter from the Secretary of War, January 3, 1936.
Miscellaneous correspondence and other materials:
Letters about land for dam
Letters from those favoring dam
Establishment of office in connection with relocation of highways, railroads, etc. in dam area
Jetties on Red River
Migratory water fowl on dam
Navigation of Red River
Red River Bridge and cave-in on Red River, Willis-Whitesboro
Reservoirs on Red River proposed by Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Water: Sale of surplus and control
Perrin Field/Air Force Base:
List of people desiring employment
Correspondence 1942, 1949-1951:
Individuals, A - Z:
Ahern, R. C., T/Sgt.: Transfer to Perrin Field
Ball, E. T.: Transfer to Perrin Field
Banta, John T.: Position
Barker, Earl B.: Position
Barkley, J. L.: Position
Biggerstaff, Morley L.: Position
Blackshear, Irene (Mrs. Arlie E.): Transfer to Perrin
Blassingame, Jimmie Joyce: Position
Bowen, A. W.: Position
Brewer, H. F.: Transfer to Perrin
Bruce, W. E.: Position, Superintendent of Maintenance Construction
Bryan, Charles E.: Position
Buford, Tom C.: Position
Burkett, Eugene L.: Position
Buster, James D., Jr.: Position
3U89 Campbell, Malcolm
Campbell, Mrs. Willie E.: Desires position
Chadwick, Roscoe L., Captain: Assignment
Chaffin, Doyce G.: Position
Clay, C. M., Jr.: Position
Darling, Ural: Position
Davis, Kenneth: Position
Dean, Grace: Position
Dinsmare, James T, Ofc.: Transfer to Perrin
Dobbs, Earmer: Position
Downy, Mrs. U. L.: Desires position
Duggan, Mrs. Delorous: Position
Dyers, J. E.: Position
Ely, Marvin E.: Laborer
Everett, Maurine: Desires position
Farrar, J. F.: Position
Fowler, William E.: Position
Garner, Charles G.: Position
Gregory, Thomas A.: Position
Hagans, Mrs. Bertha E.: Position
Hagerman, Lt.: Transfer to Perrin
Hampton, Wade M., S/Sgt.: Transfer to Perrin
Hawkins, Van B.: Position
Haworth, Calvin V.: Desires position
Hill, Lucian: Domiciliary; desires transfer as patient
Hoket, Will: Position
Holland, Leslie T.: Position
Huges, Paul: Position
Hunt, Alto: Position
Johnson, James P.: Position
King, William P.: Position
Klinglesmith, Belle: Position
Knisley, Fred S.: Enter domiciliary as patient
Lankford, J. L.: Position
Large, S. R.: Position
Laughlin, Joe F.: Position
Lee, G. W.: Position as guard or laborer
Lee, H. O., Sr: Position
Lucas, Mrs. J. L.: Position
McDaniel, T. L.: Position with V. A.
Maxwell, Donald B.: Position
Mercer, Jack D.: Position
Moore, J. Preston: Position
Mosse, Lawrence A.: Position
Munger, Kenneth W.: Position
Nall, Robert D.: Position
Nelson, R. G.: Position
Nichols, James L.: Position
Orndorff, Leonard G.: Position
Parrigin, Vertol: Position
Patterson, J. M.: Position
Payne, Clarence H.: Position of storekeeper
Phillips, Jack, Sgt.: Stay at Perrin Field
Polk, R. B.: Position
Potter, Ann Lou: Position
Randles, O. B.
Rice, E. B.
Ridings, Dr. A. L.: Veterans Administration
Riley, Dewey L.: Position
Roe, Robert: Position
Shannon, Hayden J., Sgt.
Shelton, Will: Position
Stephens, O. T.: Position
Strange, Jess D.: Position
Varner, Fred C., Sr.: Position
Vestal, Harold
Warner, R. F.: Position
Warner, Robert F.: Position
Welsh, Mrs. B. H.: Position
Wenckeus, Ray E.: Position
Westerman, Guy: Job
Willard, Mrs. Lorene G.: Position
Wright, Fred W.: Position
Ziegler, Edwin R., T/Sgt.: Transfer to Perrin
3U90 Works Progress Administration:
Projects information
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1939-1942
3U91 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1939-1942
3U92 Speeches:
Maiden speech, 1913
The Tariff, House of Representatives, May 6, 1913
Regulation of Stocks and Bonds, June 2, 1914
Bonham, July 22, 1916
Statement concerning matters coming before the House of Representatives, 1916
Concerning rural credits, 1916
Tariff, Congress, Excerpts 1920:
Bonham, American Theatre, June 6, 1922
Windom, May 23, 1928
Congress, concerning lynch mob in Sherman, December 2, 1929
Washington, 1930
Congressional Record, January 6, 1931
Radio address on problems of transportation, December 15, 1932
On Federal Securities Act, House of Representatives, 1933
Holding companies, Public Utilities Act, House of Representatives, June 27, August 1, 30, 1935
Transportation legislation, Traffic Club, Virginia Beach, May 7, 1935
Accepting temporary chairmanship of the Democratic State Convention at San Antonio, Texas, May 26, 1936
Government reorganization, February 27, 1937
Interstate Commerce Commission, Semi-CentennialExercises, April 1, 1937
Confederate Memorial Day services, Arlington Cemetery, June 6, 1937
Milk Dealer's Association, Dallas, Summer, 1937
"How a Bill Becomes Law," Before Harvard Law School, February 9, 1937
By Hatton W. Sumners, Democratic Caucus of the House, nominating Sam Rayburn for Majority Leader, 75th Congress, January 4, 1937
Shreveport, concerning Red River and Denison Dam, May 1937
End of Congress, August 23, 1937
Re-organization Bill over C. B. S., April 4, 1938
Accomplishments of 75th Congress, June 20, 1938
KRLD [radio station] Dallas, July 9, 1938
Rally Day, July 11, 1938
National Radio Forum, June 20, 1938
Accomplishments of 1st session of 76th Congress, August 5, 1939
Jackson Day Dinner, Baltimore, January 6, 1940
Soil Conservation, Congressional Record, February 2, 1940
Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, December 10, 1940
3U93 Lyndon Johnson tribute and Sam Rayburn speech, Dallas, January 16, 1941
Radio address, "Defend America Now," February 9, 1941
Annual Perfect Shipping Meeting, Union Station, April 18, 1941
Citizen Recognition Day, May 18, 1941
Remarks on floor, November 13, 1941
"The Farmer's Primary Wartime Job," 1942
[Wartime speech] place [of delivery] unknown, 1942
At Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania, May 30, 1942
Texas Forum of the Air, October 29, 1942
Texas Forum of the Air, Role of Congress During War" November 2, 1942, "
End of session, December 16, 1942
Launching of U. S. S. Moore, December 21, 1941
Real Estate Board of Baltimore, February 7, 1942
Washington Day Dinner, Mayflower Hotel, February 23, 1942
Press conference, March 18, 1942
Questions of Inflation, June 8, 1943
Radio, "Dangers of Wartime Inflation," July 8, 1943
At closing of 77th Congress, July 8, 1943
East Texas State College, August 6, 1943
Honoring Sam Rayburn, by Wright Patman, at East Texas State College, August 6, 1943
Dangerous trends, "Unity," December 9, 1943
Responses to "Unity" speech of December 9, 1943
Jackson Day Dinner, January 22, 1944
United States Conference of Mayors, Chicago, January 20, 1944
Los Angeles, March 28, 1944
Jackson Day Dinner, San Francisco, March 30, 1944
3U94 Centennial of the telegraph, May 24, 1944
To the Georgia Bar Association, Atlanta, Georgia, May 31, 1944
Foreign Policy Association, New York City, Congress and Foreign Policy" June 12, 1944, "
D-Day statement, June 6, 1944
By James D. Buster concerning Rayburn's race for Congress
Bonham homecoming, 1944
Bonham, Bonham Daily Favorite article, "Rayburn Reviews Work, Flays GOP in Campaign Opener, Denies FEPC Will Destroy Texas Segregation Laws" June 30, 1944,
Two speeches made during campaign 1944
National Press Club, January 27, 1945
V. E. Day, May 8, 1945
Maryland University, June 27, 1945
Statements, 1946
Democratic Women's Club, Dallas, Texas, January 4, 1946
Radio, October 28, 1946
Remarks on floor, July 26, 1947
"Our Farm Problems and Some Things Congress Should Do," May 28, 1947
Report of the 80th Congress, 1948
Concerning the session of Congress, 1948
Fort Worth, September 14, 1948
Re-election to Congress, 1948
Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, July 13, 1948
To Windom seniors, May 27, 1948
Bonham, 1948
Before civic clubs in Bonham, 1948
First Deficiency Appropriation Bill, April 1, 1948
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, February 24, 1949
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, North Carolina, April 2, 1949
By Hon. Eugene Worley, Collier's Annual Congressional Award for Distinguished Service to the Nation, May 16, 1949
At brunch and cocktail party, 1950
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, February 11, 1950
Appropriation for Southwestern Power Administration, May 3, 1950
Princeton, Texas, Labor Day, September 4, 1950
3U95 Dedication of markers over graves of great-great-grandfather and his wife, Martinsville, Virginia, May 6, 1951
First session, 82nd Congress, Congressional Record January 31, 1951,
Boykin Dinner, 1951
Record of 82nd Congress, first session, 1951
Speech material
University of Texas graduating class, June 2, 1951
Democratic National Convention, July 22, 1952
Democratic National Convention, July 24, 1952
Ladonia, 1952
Bonham, 1952
Communism, May 1952
Congressional Record, May 23, 1952
House of Representatives, 1952
Chicago, 1952
Statement of interpretation of the House Rules covering television and radio coverage of House hearings, February 26, 1952
Tribute to Constantino Brumidi, February 19, 1952
Universal Military Training, March 5, 1952
Jefferson-Jackson Day, March 29, 1952
"We Must Save Our Soil," May 1, 1952
Preparedness, May 23, 1952
Tidelands, September 25, 1952
Radio, Texas Network, presidential campaign September 4, 1952,
During presidential campaign 1952
Closing of first session, 83rd Congress, August 1953
On 72nd birthday, and eulogies to Chief Justice Fred Vinson January 6, 1954,
Radio and television speech on tax legislation, March 16, 1954
In Florida, introduced by Hon. Dwight Rogers March 1954,
Scurrilous campaign against Democrats, February 8, 1954
On appropriation for Southwestern Power Administration, April 5, 1954
On wiretapping, April 8, 1954
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Washington D. C., May 6, 1954
On foreign policy, May 13, 1954
On amendments to Securities Act of 1933, May 12, 1954
Remarks on the late Hon. Clyde R. Hoey, May 13, 1954
Remarks on grants for state conferences on education, May 19, 1954
Remarks on policy, May 24, 1954
Remarks on Maury Maverick, June 8, 1954
Remarks on late Hon. Lester C. Hunt, June 21, 1954
Remarks on resolutions concerning communism, June 8, 1954
On Mutual Security Act of 1954, June 29, 1954
3U96 On Reinsurance Bill, in House, July 13, 1954
Bennett Champ Clark, in House, July 14, 1954
Legislative program, in House, July 20, 1954
Postal rates increase and salary raises, July 21, 1954
Remarks on order of business in House, July 27, 1954
Ruth Bryson Rohde, in House, July 28, 1954
Capitol Cloakroom, August 20, 1954
Atomic Bill, July 22, 1954
Accomplishments and failures of 83rd Congress, August 20, 1954
Radio and television, NBC, Fort Worth, accomplishments of 83rd Congress, September 10, 1954
WTTG television, on behalf of John Webb, 10th District of Virginia, October 18, 1954
CBS Radio, Capitol Cloakroom, August 24, 1954
Tributes, Eric Sevareid, Broadcast, November 5, 1954
At "Sam Rayburn Day," Jim Wright, chairman, October 27, 1955
Independent Bankers Association, March 26, 1955
Commencement, Tusculum College, Greenville, Tennessee,Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, May 22, 1955
Statement, Natural Gas Bill, June 22, 1955
Accomplishments, first session, 84th Congress, August 7, 1955
Speech, REA meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, May 11, 1955
West Virginia University commencement, Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, May 30, 1955
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Baltimore, January 17, 1956
Austin College, 1956
Receiving Philippine Award, April 9, 1956
Woodrow Wilson Centennial Dinner, April 21, 1956
Excerpts from speech at Syracuse University, June 4, 1956
Speeches, Democratic National Convention, Chicago, August 14, 1956
Miscellaneous 1956 speeches
3U97 Greenville, North Carolina, September 28, 1956
Presidential campaign, Baltimore, 1956
1956 campaign speeches
Commerorating 44th anniversary of service in House of Representatives, 1957
Meigs, Georgia, October 17, 1957
Robert B. Anderson, dedication of Sam Rayburn Library at Bonham, Texas, October 9, 1957
Jefferson-Jackson Day. Salem, Ohio, May 4, 1957
Greenville, Texas, Altrusa Club, November 4, 1957
Reciprocal Trade, to National Conference on Internation Trade, March 27, 1958
Capitol Cloakroom, March 31, 1958
New Orleans, May 5, 1958
National Historical Publications Committee, June 17, 1958
Organization of International Trade Policy, 1958
Upon receipt of REA award, 1958
National Press Club, May 27, 1958
Democratic National Victory Dinner, February 28, 1959
Truman 75th birthday celebration, May 8, 1959
Laying of cornerstone for extension of east front ofCapitol, July 4, 1959
"Rayburn Day," Sherman, Texas December 30, 1959
Speech, [specific date and place of deliveryunknown] 1959
3U98 On occasion of being presented Silver Quill Award January 23, 1959
Democratic National Dinner, February 22, 1959
Labor statement, August 3, 1959
Reform in Labor-Management Relations, Mutual Broadcasting System, August 10, 1959
Ground-breaking ceremonies, east front of Capitol, 1959
Annual Clinical Meeting, American Medical Association, December 1, 1959
Georgia Bar Association, May 27, 1960
Jackson Day Dinner, Michigan, March 26, 1960
Nominating speech for Senator Lyndon Johnson, Democratic National Convention, July 13, 1960
Statement on the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Federal Communications Act, January 8, 1960
Acceptance of Cordell Hull Award, January 28, 1960
Address at Democratic Congressional Dinner, Washington, D. C., April 30, 1960
Raleigh, North Carolina Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, April 15, 1961
Morgan Beatty, January 13, 1961
Democratic fund raising dinner, Birmingham, Alabama, May 12, 1961
Democratic birthday dinner, May 27, 1961
Dedication of Taft Memorial, undated
Hon. James A. Farley, Memorial tribute to Speaker Rayburn, delivered at the Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 27, 1964
3U112 On "holding companies," August 1, 1935
Accomplishments of 75th Congress, June 20, 1938
KRLD radio station, Dallas, on accomplishments of 75th Congress and taxes July 9, 1938,
Jackson Day dinner, Baltimore, Maryland, January 6, 1940
Dallas, Adolphus Hotel, December 10, 1940
"The Farmer's Primary Wartime Job," 1942
Question of inflation, June 8, 1943
Radio speech on dangers of wartime inflation, July 8, 1943
Dangerous trends, "Unity," December 9, 1943
V-E Day, May 8, 1945
Statements of Rayburn, 1946
Appropriation for Southwestern Power Administration, May 3, 1940
To graduating class, University of Texas, June 2, 1951
On Communism, May 1952
Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Illinois, July 22, 1952
On Tidelands issue, September 25, 1952
Remarks on the Honorable Maury Maverick, June 8, 1954
Speech in House, Atomic Bill, July 22, 1954
Capitol Cloak Room, August 20, 1954
Radio and television speech, National Broadcasting Company from Fort Worth, September 10, 1954
REA speech, June 7, 1955
Speeches, 1956
Commemorating 44th anniversary of service in House of Representatives, 1957
Democratic National Convention, nominating speech for Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, July 13, 1960
Memorial tribute to Speaker Rayburn by James A. Farley, Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 27, 1964
Peacetime speech, handwritten undated,
Speech, undetermined authorship, undated
3U99 Interviews and oral histories:
Albert, Carl:
By Dr. Anthony Champagne, December 6, 1979
By Deward Brown, July 1969
Allen, Robert S.: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 30, 1980
Anderson, Jack Z.: By Raymond Henle, Rayburn and the Hoover Dam January 19, 1970:
Baker, Elizabeth: By Dorothy R. Hudgeons, July 24, 1984
Barriere, _____: By Mr. _____ Hess: Rayburn and Truman and the Housing Act
Bartley, Buck: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, December 2, 1980
Bartley, Robert:
By H. G. Dulaney, October 14, 1975
By H. G. Dulaney, April 12, 1976
By Dr. Anthony Champagne, January 6, 1982
Beckham, Vernon: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, December 17, 1980
Beckworth, Lindley: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, October 1979
Bentsen, Lloyd: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 18, 1980
Blatnik, John A.: By Joseph F. O'Connor, February 4, 1966
Bolling, Richard:
By Paige Mulhollan, February 27, 1959
By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 26, 1980
By Grele, Labor Bill and 1960 convention November 1, 1965:
Boggs, Hale: By Charles T. Morrissey, Democratic Convention May 10, 1964:
Boggs, Lindy: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 12, 1980
Boren, Lyle: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 28, 1985
Boyd, Roland: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, undated
Brademas, John: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 1980
Bradshaw, Robert: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, undated
Brown, David (Judge): By Dr. Anthony Champagne, July 10, 1984
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Hollingsworth, Robert: Talk made to history class, Sam Rayburn Library Annex, May 11, 1978
Holton, John:
By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 17, 1980
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Hughes, Sarah T. (Judge):
By North Texas State University Oral History Department, March 21, 1969
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Jackson, Henry: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 12, 1980
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Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon B. [Lady Bird]: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, November 13, 1979
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Reminiscences, December 31, 1974
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Speech to history class, April 1978
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3U102 Sanders, Barefoot (Judge): By Dr. Anthony Champagne, October 29, 1984
Scott, Hugh: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 23, 1980
Sellers, Grover (Judge): By Dr. Anthony Champagne, October 6, 1979
Sheley, Matt: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, March 3, 1981
Shivers, Allen:
By Joe B. Frantz, May 29, 1970
By Dr. Anthony Champagne, August 13, 1984
Skelton, Byron and T. H. Baker: By Dr. Anthony, Champagne, October 15, 1968 and August 13, 1980
Slagle, Bob (Judge): Dr. Anthony Champagne, October 17, 1980
Smith, Margaret Chase: By Aubrey McAlister, February 18, 1975
Smith, Truett: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, May 16, 1980
Swengel, Fred: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 16, 1980
Tarter, Brent: By Deward Brown, October 3, 1970
Thompson, Frank: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, March 13, 1986
Thornberry, Homer (Judge): By Dr. Anthony Champagne, January 4, 1980
Tunnell, D. M.: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, undated
Warren, Fletcher: By Deward Brown, January 16, 1971
Wilcox, Billy: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, August 22, 1980
Worley, Mrs. Gene (Ann): By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 20, 1980
Wright, Jim: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, June 23, 1980
Wright, Ted: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, March 11, 1981
Wright, Douglas: By Dr. Anthony Champagne, July 7, 1985
Rayburn, Sam: For radio, television, and various publications:
New York Times, by John Morris, April 14, 1961
ABC Radio, "Issues and Answers," July 16, 1961
By Dave Dary:
Lyndon Johnson for President campaign November 1959:
May 5, 1961
May 24, 1961
June 12, 1961
CBS Television Network, by Paul Niven, "Washington Conversation," February 26, 1961
CBS "Capitol Cloakroom," 1951
CBS "Capitol Cloakroom," August 21, 1954
CBS "Capitol Cloakroom," with Eric Severeid, March 31, 1958
CBS Radio Network, "Capitol Cloakroom," September 17, 1959
"Voice of America," by Raymond P. Brandt, William S. White, and Brian Beedham, February 29, 1959, and March 29, 1959
By Bert Ivry, concerning General George C. Marshall, 1958
By Dan O'Connor, "The Congressman and His Constituency," 1958
About book The Speaker's Agent by V. J. Young, and Collier's award, March 9, 1957
By K. Jameson, September 26, 1950
By W. B. Ragsdale, U. S. News & World Report, November 6, 1952 and October 9, 1961
3U103 Interviews and other materials concerning Rayburn acquired from John F. Kennedy Library and other institutions:
Albert, Carl: By Charles T. Morrisey, May 7, 1965
Bankhead, William B.: Copies of letters from Rayburn, 1930-1938
Blatnik: By Joseph E. O'Connor, February 4, 1966
Boggs, Hale: By Charles T. Morrissey, May 10, 1964
Bolling, Richard: By Ronald J. Grele, November 1965
Bolling, Mrs. Richard: By Ronald J. Grele, March 1, 1966
Collins, LeRoy: By Ronald J. Grele, November 2, 1965
Collins, Gov.: By Ronald J. Grele, November 2, 1965
Dryden, _____: By J. R. Fuchs, undated
Eisenhower, Dwight D.: By Raymond Henle, July 13, 1967
Feeney, _____: By _____ Hess, undated
Fields, Alonzo: By Raymond Henle, July 24, 1970
Fogarty, John E.: By Charles T. Morrissey, April 14, 1965
Gravel, Camille: By John Stewart: Concerning Kennedy
Gravel, Mr._____: by Paul Butler, Democratic National Convention, 1967
Harlow, Bryce, interview in Eisenhower Library, February 1967
Harris, Oren: By Ronald J. Grele: Democratic Convention and Rules Committee, 1960 November 3, 1965
Jessee, Randall: By _____ Brooks, undated
Johnson, Lyndon B.: By Raymond Henle, Concerning Rayburn and Hoover Commission January 8, 1971:
Landrum, Phil M.: By Ronald J. Grele, October 20, 1965
Louchheim, Katie:
By Larry Hackman, April 24, 1968
By Larry Hackman, September 13, 1968
McCormack, John: By T. Harrison Baker, and Sheldon Stern, September 23, 1968 March 30, 1977
Meredith, James H.: By Larry Hackman, July 7, 1967
Notti, Robert: By William McHugh, April 10, 1967
Reinsch, J. Leonard: By J. R. Fuchs, undated
Reuss, Henry S.: By Ronald J. Grele, 1965
Ruffin, _____: By J. R. Fuchs, undated
Vaughn, _____: By Charles T. Morrissey, undated
Eisenhower Library, miscellaneous oral histories, 1945-1972
Remarks by various people at a reception for Rayburn on 15th anniversary of election as Speaker of the House, September 16, 1959
Oral histories:
Hardcopy (paper) of 15 oral histories on Sam Rayburn conducted by Reed Penney, 2006-2007. Interviewees include Ross, Barnes, Boyd, Roberts, Inouye, Cole, Brooks, Bartley, Higgs, Dingell, Johnson, Robb, Laird, Hall, and Michel.
CD with PDF files of 15 oral histories on Sam Rayburn conducted by Reed Penney, 2006-2007. Interviewees include Ross, Barnes, Boyd, Roberts, Inouye, Cole, Brooks, Bartley, Higgs, Dingell, Johnson, Robb, Laird, Hall, and Michel.
3U112 Printed Materials:
Various items relating to Rayburn Library and its transfer to the University of Texas at Austin, 1990-1991
"Rules and Orders of the House of Representatives of the Duty of the Speaker," Adopted June Session, 1822
Booklet, "Minutes, Forty-sixth Annual Session, Pilot Grove Association, Primitive Baptists, held with Union Church, Grayson County, Texas, August 30-September 1, 1895"
College Bulletin, East Texas Normal College, Pictorial ed., February 1904
Campaign poster, 1912
Campaign brochure, 1916
Campaign folder and newspaper articles, 1949, 1951
Appreciation dinner honoring Speaker Rayburn, December 10, 1940
Program, "Celebrating Denison Dam," August 22, 1939
Newspaper clippings, Sam Rayburn Day, 1940
3U113 Business Week, article, December 4, 1954
Current, July-August, 1953
Dallas Morning News, "Sam Rayburn at Home," December 24, 1939
Democratic Digest, 1951
Fifty Plus, July 1961
Life magazine, "Proprietors of the House," February 14, 1955
National Letter Carrier, January 1962
New York Times Magazine, "The Speaker Speaks of Presidents," 1961
Newsweek, November 15, 1948, and 1955
Parade magazine, November 3, 1946
Pathfinder, 1949
Philosophical Society of Texas Proceedings, memorial tribute to Rayburn 1961,
Rural Electrification, December 1961
Thomas Jefferson Society of Texas award to Rayburn, 1935
Proposed Rayburn library brochure
2.325/D8b Saturday Evening Post cover, pictorial directory of joint session of Congress, and article, January 7, 1950, November 24, 1951
Saturday Evening Post, "Never Leave Them Angry: Sam Rayburn Tackles His Biggest Job," by Joseph Alsop and Robert Kintner, January 18, 1941
3U113 Congressional Record, "They're Just Crazy About Sam," p. A57 January 9, 1952,
Southwestern Historical Quarterly, "Sam Rayburn and the Development of Public Power," by D. Clayton Brown, January 1974
Sphere, March 1935
Syracuse University Alumni News, July 1956
The Texas Druggist, March-April 1942
Time magazine covers, articles, September 27, 1943, February 2, 1959, and February 10, 1961
U. S. News and World Report, November 28, 1960 and October 9, 23, 1961
The United States News, September 27, 1940
Pictorial directories of Congress, 1945, 1949
Brochures, Sam Rayburn Dam dedication ceremonies, 1965
Joint resolution, Declaration of War against Japan, December 8, 1941
Miscellaneous printed items, 1935-1962
3U104-3U105 Miscellaneous materials:
Card index: General correspondence, 1913-1961
3U114 Correspondence, financial records, and other materials:
Telegram from Rayburn regarding reconvening of Congress, August 12, 1945
Letter concerning Harry Peyton Steger
Campaign letters, 1922, 1956
Letters to Professor Sam Whitley, East Texas State College
Letters and telegrams for Rayburn Appreciation Day at Sherman, Texas, 1959
Letters to Alla Clary, 1927-1959
Letters from Bobbie Phillips, Rayburn family servant, 1947-1949
Letters to Bill and Beulah Skipworth, 1920-1958
Correspondence concerning atomic bomb, 1946, 1955, 1958
Correspondence concerning Rayburn library, 1959, 1969
Income tax records, 1938-1960
Résumé of career
World War II ration stamps
Washington apartment lease
Rayburn's law license, 1908
Rayburn's election certificates, 1912-1916, 1950, 1956
Honorary degree, East Texas State College, 1943
Honorary degree, Southwestern University, 1948
Citation to Rayburn by president of Philippines, 1956
Certificate, Order of the North Star, from State of Minnesota, 1958
Citation to Rayburn by Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1961
Notice signed by Supreme Court justices of death of Rayburn, November 16, 1961
Proclamation by Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe designating as Sam Rayburn Day January 6, 1978
J. Frank Dobie manuscripts for Rayburn Library
Correspondence and newspaper clipping regarding gift of William B. Travis law book by T. Y. Collins to Rayburn Library, 1955
Program, Thanksgiving Football Feast, 1920
Article by Tris Coffin, typescript, November 3, 1954
Sam Rayburn commemorative stamp, 4¢ U. S. postage
3U115 Photocopies from other repositories:
Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, 1955-1961
Eisenhower Library, 1953-1960
3U116 Eisenhower Library, 1953-1960
3U117 Rayburn Equipment Info: Folder 1
Page of notes in separate folder
Sam Rayburn Library and Museum brochure
Video Kiosk plan and info sheet
Video Kiosk plans and more info sheets
UT library supply purchase request
Computer-Based Interactive Multimedia Programs booklet
Memo from Martha Norkunas to Stephanie Wittenbach about video equipment
Eugene Vasconi to Lynn Bell about multimedia
Texas Association of Museums Annual Meeting Exhibitors List
Communications Arts info booklet
Eugene Vasconi to Lynn Bell about interactive multimedia
Copy of equipment price list
Info on audio museum tours
Invoice from Tom Martin to Alison Beck, equipment price lists
UT library supply purchase request
Script for Rayburn audio tour, 3 copies
Warranty service and rights
Magic Message for Museums brochure
"Meet Your New Salesperson: Your ‘On-Hold’ Button" promo sheet
"Mance Lipscomb: Grimes County Blues Master" exhibit sheet
UT library supply purchase request
"Mance Lipscomb" postcard
Two pages handwritten notes
Email to Allison Beck about invoice
Copy of supply list
Comparison of products by function and price
Email to Allison Beck with note on equipment
UT library supply purchase request, 2 copies
Email from Allison Beck to Don, "Sound System for Exhibits"
Talking Exhibits info card
"Proposal: Monophonic Audio Listening Station"
Written notes on exhibit, two pages
Thomas Martin to Allison, list of exhibit items
Notes on gifts of equipment and furniture
Crouse-Kimzey Company equipment mailing
Trever, Karl: Folder 2
Karl Trever list of occupations and dates, 2 copies
"The Sam Rayburn Library Speakers Papers Project"
Statement of Library problems and possible solutions
10-2-83 letter from Trever to HG
10-14-83 Trever to HG (on back)
10-24-82 Trever to HG, copy
Note on Trever’s contributions to library, 3 pages
Letters between Edmund Henshaw and HG Dulaney
3-19-84 summery of work at Trever’s death
10-31-83 HG to Mrs. Trever, note accompanying article
4-13-83 HG to Trever about details
10-18-82 Speech by Trever on Rayburn and Library, "Only 50 More Days to Dedication," 3 copies
7-29-83 Trever to Jerri, inquiring after HG
10-18-82 Trever to HG, card at 25th anniversary of Library
Trever to HG, copy of card sent out at 25th anniversary
10-9-57 Speech of Sam Rayburn at Dedication of Library, copy
10-9-57 Record of speeches and remarks at Library opening
10-9-57 Remarks by Treasury Secretary Robert B. Anderson at dedication
2-19-83 Trever’s revisions to Mac Reese’s plaque draft for Library
Memorial statements to Karl Trever
10-27-83 HG to Trever, personal letter
10-4-82 Trever to HG, info and travel plans
9-27-82 Myra Trever to HG, declining invitation to 25th anniversary
"Just 50 More Days to Dedication," 2 copies
8-2-83 Trever to HG, personal letter
11-17-82 HG to Trever, info update on Bonham papers in National Archive
Trever, Karl: Folder 3
2-12-83 "The Sam Rayburn Library Speakers Papers Project," copy
2-29-80 Trever to HG, discussion of proposed newsletter
11-3-82 HG to Trever on preservation of papers
Trever to HG, travel plans and library
11-11-82 Letter to Wm. Holmes Brown on lost Rayburn papers
HG to Edmund Henshaw on lost Rayburn papers
2-4-80 Trever to HG on newsletter
6-2-80 HG to Karl, personal, thanks
6-13-83 Trever to HG, health
2-21-80 Austin College to HG and Mac about newsletter
2-14-80 UTD to HG about newsletter
2-5 Austin College to HG and Mac about newsletter
1-5-79 Trever to HG, Rayburn home, personal
12-5-82 Trever to HG, personal, work
11-24-81 Trever to HG, money and newsletter
12-18-8 Trever to HG, health and family
10-13-80 Trever to HG on buying papers
7-30-78 Trever to HG, updates
3-26-80 Trever to HG, newsletter
3-26-80 Trever to HG, newsletter (copy)
Karl Trever’s suggestions about the book
Book Advertising
Trever to HG, updates on Library and proposals
8-26-80 Trever to HG and Tony, personal, newsletter
8-28-80 HG to Trever, reply
7-3-80 Trever to HG, personal and work request
7-5-80 Trever to Buster Cole, letter about Tony Champagne
2-7-80 HG to Trever, newsletter
5-14-80 Trever to HG, Library piece
5-23-79 Trever to HG, Library, personal
7-17-80 Trever to HG, personal and politics
7-17-80 Trever to Buster Cole, oral history
5-27-80 Trever to HG, newsletter
7-1-78 Trever to HG, health and work
Sheet of notes, copy
1-30-80 HG to Trever, newsletter and April meeting, copy
1-3-80, Trever to HG, interviews and research
4-17-79 HG to Trever, postponing of meeting, copy
10-30-78 letter to Trever accompanying Rayburn letter
5-11-56 Rayburn to Hoover, copy
1-5-9 Trever to HG, Rayburn house
10-30 Trever to HG, Mr. Speaker book
1-12-78 Trever to HG, microfilm and preservation
Trever to HG, reference books
9-22-78 Trever to HG, microfilm, copy
Trever to HG, letter accompanying copy of letter to Hoover Library
10-20-78 Trever to Hoover Library on Rayburn material
4-14-78 HG to Ed, Karl’s letters
8-24-78 Trever to HG, historian updates
8-28-78 HG to Edward Reno, oral history transcripts, copy
3-24 Trever to HG, travel plans
2-14-77 Trever to HG, personal, work
12-21-77 Trever to HG, reply to invitation to Rayburn birthday
11-29-80 Trever to HG, personal and Library updates
10-10-80 Trever to HG, thanks for copy of oral history transcript
10-10-80 Trever to HG, copy
10-24-82 Trever to HG, investigation and restoration of political material and a Bible
6-15-80 Trever to HG, Tony Champagne and Library
6-15-80 letter copy
2-29-80 Trever to HG, comments on newsletter, copy
2-18-83 Trever to HG, health and Rayburn Papers
2-25-83 Trever to HG, proposed project problems
Suggestions from Karl Trever, 2 copies
3-12-68 Trever to HG, expanding library
Photo “Sample for Reference”
2-16-83 Sources Used in Work on Tentative Bibliography of Speakers
Misc. Rayburn Extras: Folder 4
Record with "We Salute You, Mr. Sam” and “Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam," 2 copies
The Program of the Sam Rayburn Foundation
9-11-64 Installation Ceremony, Lee Morrow, Acting Postmaster of Bonham, 8 copies
1-6-65 Dedication of the Sam Rayburn Statue
5-24-62 Program of Ceremonies at the Laying of the Cornerstone of the Rayburn House Office Building
10-9-57 Invitation to dedication of the Sam Rayburn Library
Admission Car to Research Department of Rayburn Library, 2 copies
3-18-66 Invitation to Presentation of Gold Medal at Library, copies
1-31-51 Excerpts from the Congressional Record, 82nd Congress
9-16-62 Envelope from Ray Roberts, first day issue of Rayburn stamp
1-4-46 Banquet Complimenting The Honorable Sam Rayburn
The Speaker’s Room’s envelopes, 6 copies
Newspapers: Folder 5
10-8-57 The Bonham Daily Favorite, Library Dedication Edition
11-16-62 The Bonham Daily Favorite, One year anniversary of Rayburn’s death
9-49 East Texas Chamber of Commerce, Man of the Month
11-17-61 The Bonham Daily Favorite, reporting death of Mr. Sam
11-27-61 The Bonham, reporting death of Mr. Sam
11-16-61, The Bonham Daily Favorite, reporting death of Mr. Sam
12-10-90 On Campus, "Rayburn library joins UT Austin"
10-8-57 The Bonham Daily Favorite, reporting Library opening
11-16-61 The Bonham Daily Favorite, "Mr. Sam is Gone"
Library info, bulletins; misc. programs: Folder 6
Pamphlet "Welcome to Bonham, Texas"
Booklet from reelection campaign
Library info sheet by HG Dulaney, 2 copies
3-18-66 Remarks by the Hon. Eva B. Adams, "The Sam Rayburn Medal"
12-21-90 The Library Bulletin with article on Rayburn and UT
10-27-55 Certificate of Merit Award for Speaker Sam Rayburn
12-3-90 "Evolution of a Writer," English paper on MacPhelan Rees
4-91 Library newsletter, Speaker Edition 1940-1961
3-18-66 Remarks by the Hon. Robert A. Wallace, "The Good of Man Must Be the End Result of the Science of Politics"
1-19-49 Program for "Inaugural Dinner in honor of Harry P. Truman and Allen W. Barkley"
"Employees of the Honorable Same Rayburn 1913-1957"
3U118 Rayburn Letters and Articles: Folder 1
11-16-86 Library newsletter
John Holton to HG, letter accompanying donation of Rayburn papers
8-1-02 HG to John Holton, thanks for papers
1956 Convention, hand written note about Harry talking too much
11-14-31 Garner to Rayburn, telegram to come to Washington CD, copy
8-9-32 Silliman Evans to Rayburn, telegram on meeting
8-9-32 Garner to Evans, travel plans
8-9-32 Evans to Pat Omalley, Garner and Rayburn
8-6-32 Letter to Garner, political updates
8-27-32 Garner to Rayburn, speech making
9-6-32 Garner to Rayburn, elections
11-2-34 Garner to Rayburn, Buchanan
11-9-34 Garner to Rayburn, elections
11-12-34 Garner to Rayburn, political climate, personal
11-12-34 Garner to Mike Benedum, informing him of Rayburn’s candidacy for Speaker, copy
11-17-43 Garner to Rayburn, updates on support
Clipping on H. Con. Res. 182
6-10-50 Rayburn to Garner, on copy of Biographic Directory, copy
5-31-50 Garner to Rayburn, handwritten note, copy
10-6-61 Roy Scott to John Holton, sympathy on Rayburn’s condition
10-13-61 Sam Justice to John Holton, sympathy
10-10-61 Eunice Ayers to John Holton, sympathy
10-6-61 Lauren Lyman to John Holton, sympathy
10-11-61 Robert Lee Bobbitt to John Holton, sympathy and updates
10-12-61 Ben Guill to John Holton, sympathy and details of flag raising
10-12-61 Robert Humphrey to John Holton, sympathy
10-9-61 Carl Vinson to John Holton, health inquiry
10-18-61 Mrs. J. E. Connally to John Holton, request for photo
10-9-61 Jay Lewis Rubin to John Holton, medical information
10-11-61 William Wilson to John Holton, corrections to Rubin’s information
10-10-61 Virginia to Jack, medical information
10-10-61 Needham Avery to John, personal
10-20-61 Rayburn to LBJ, authorizing him to chair Commission for the Extension of US Capitol and vote in Rayburn’s absence
4-23-60 Le President de la Republique to Rayburn, thanks for invitation (French)
10-19-61 Bob Allett to John Holton, sympathy and memories of Rayburn
7-13-64 Roland Boyd to John Holton, on a portrait of Rayburn to be added to Library
6-4-35 Attorney General to Mr. President, railroad retirement updates and suggestions
10-6-61 John Horne to Rayburn, sympathy and Bob West update
10-5-61 Donald Brownlow to John Holton, sympathy on behalf of students
10-16-61 Frank Boykin to John Holton, cartoon on Rayburn
10-16-61 Democratic National Congressional Committee to John Holton, sympathy
10-20-61 Rayburn to Carl Vinson, authorization to chair Commission on Additional House Office Building Project and vote for Rayburn
10-13-61 Wilton Persons to John Holton, sympathy
10-9-61 Frank Ellis to Rayburn, sympathy
10-12-61 Keith Kahle to John Holton, sympathy and invitation
10-8-52 Tully Garner to Stephen Mitchell, reply for father
10-11-61 Ganson Purcell to John Holton, sympathy
9-19-63 Frank Ikard to Board of Directors, Texas State Society on Rayburn memorial proposals
Sam Rayburn memorial portrait proposal
8-29-63 Lady Bird Johnson to Frank Ikard, Rayburn memorial suggestions
10-25-61 John O’Brien to John Holton, letter accompanying copy of invitation to Rayburn
10-25-61 John O’Brien to Rayburn, letter accompanying invitation to Touchdown Club’s 27th Annual Awards Dinner
8-7-64 Roland Boyd to John Holton, offer of Rayburn portrait
Three photos of portrait
8-11-64 Everett Hutchinson to Felix deWeldon, request for a full-length bronze statue of Rayburn
8-10-64 George Stewart to Everett Hutchinson, discussion of statue
5-27-64 Everett Hutchinson to John McCormack, offer of sculpture
Handwritten draft of Rayburn speech during 1956 campaign
9-16-62 First day of issue stamped envelope with Rayburn stamp
9-1-62 clipping of Rayburn
10-6-61 telegram Fred Korth to John Holton, sympathy
10-3-61 telegram Peyton Ford to Rayburn, sympathy
First day of issue stamped envelopes, two copies
Post card of Rayburn home
12-3-62 Keel laying of the submarine Sam Rayburn envelope
Garner to Rayburn, Wilson quote and envelope
Envelope reading “Garner Letters”
Notepad from “Speaker’s Rooms”
10-6-61 Ed Morgan to John Holton, note accompanying speech
6-5-61 Speech by Edward Morgan on Rayburn
11-26-80 Note from John Holton’s desk attached to medical report
10-2-61 Medical report on Rayburn, two copies
2-3-34 "Man in the Shadows" periodical excerpt
Clipping of Rayburn being chosen as Speaker
10-8-61 Clipping from American-Statesman, "Rayburn will be missed by Kennedy, Party, and Nation"
Coupon for one hundred free meals at Dempster Brothers’ Cafeteria
10-10-61 George Reedy to Walter Jenkins, forwarded to John Holton, medical recommendation of Krebiozen
Truman/Rayburn Thesis Paper: Folder 2
8-96 Harry Truman and Sam Rayburn: The President, The Speaker, and Public Policy, 1935-1961, thesis by David Harold
Correspondence A: Folder 3 (copies)
2-11-58 Rayburn to Gretta Combs, favorite hymn and scripture expressing spiritual philosophy
Page on Christianity
2-1-61 Rayburn to Mrs. Compton, reply and insight to nation’s youth, 2 copies
3-10-60 Rayburn to Mrs. Dave Hopkins, encouragement for politically active groups, 2 copies
5-22-59 Rayburn to Frances Perkins, praise for Alfred E. Smith
Rayburn to Dr. Robert Pool, medical school and doctors
3-13-58 Rayburn to Marion Simon, 75th anniversary of UT
3-5-58 Marion Simon to Rayburn, request for letter to print in Daily Texan for anniversary
7-12-57 Rayburn to Betsy Baird, hydrogen bombs. 2 copies
2-24-61 Rayburn to Monteith Inn of Phi Delta Phi, congratulations, 2 copies
3-11-58 Rayburn to "My Dear Young Friends", approving the inclusion of the Texas Rangers in an International Culture Center
5-15-59 Rayburn to Thomas Riess, response for request for help with article on "Which Political Party Has The Better Record In Recent Years"
7-16-59 Rayburn to Rabbi Joseph Hager, wishes on Jewish New Year
7-25-75 "I am not for sale" article on Rayburn biography, original and four copies
12-10-60 Rayburn to Ann Hasslacher, advice to youth to study history
12-10-60 Rayburn to L. L. Cummings, response to letter on Walter Reuther and embezzlement
12-7-60 Rayburn to A. L. Robertson, LBJ support of Tidelands bill
11-25-60 Rayburn to Dorothy, health and end of campaigns
11-5-60 Rayburn to Karen Hampton, US standing in foreign countries
11-1-60 Rayburn to Eula Simmons, foreign leaders in DC
10-6-60 Rayburn to Donald Shields, response to request for nomination speeches from 1960 Convention
9-27-60 Rayburn to Woodson Chaney, support for veterans
9-27-60 Rayburn to Mr. and Mrs. J. Nye Ryman, flying of the Panamanian flag in Canal Zone
8-1-60 Rayburn to Bill Holloway, personal
7-27-60 Rayburn to Irving Sherman, the House Rules Committee
12-22-60 Rayburn to H. E. Roman, changes to Rules Committee
9-27-60 Rayburn to Frank Jonas, partisan support for National Gas Bill
2-9-60 Rayburn to M. E. Daniel, the Federal Aid to Education
3-22-60 Rayburn to Dena St. Germain, administering of Speaker’s oath
6-26-58 Rayburn to Lt. Terry Garland, advice at request on whether to teach or stay in Service, 3 copies
2-19-60 Rayburn to Fay Maddaloni, comparing his school days to the present and encouraging youth, 6 copies
5-20-58 Rayburn to Willie Fred Lowrance, suggestions for entering politics
9-25-46 Rayburn to Theodore Granik, returning $100 campaign contribution, 3 copies
3-3-59 Rayburn to Clyde Ellis, returning honorarium of $400, 2 copies
3-9-59 Ellis to Rayburn, request to endorse check over to Library
3-10-59 Rayburn to Ellis, agreement to send check to Library
3-10-59 Rayburn to Buster Cole, note accompanying check
3-11-59 Ellis to Texas Electric Co-op Gentlemen, letter informing them of shifted donation to Library
2-4-60 Rayburn to Brent and Sadie Tarter, thanks for note and clipping on receiving Cordell Hull Award
9-14-60 Rayburn to Mr. Trimble, remembrance of father and thoughts on integration
12-18-57 Rayburn to Margaret Adams, thoughts on legal training and school
7-26-60 E. A. Camp to Rayburn, congratulations on speech for LBJ and memories of 1907 Texas Legislature
8-4-60 Rayburn to Camp, reply
8-31-60 Foster Phipps to Rayburn, personal recollection of early careers and request for photo
9-3-60 Rayburn to Phipps, discussion of legal training and career and photo, 2 copies
10-10-61 Clerk to Speaker to Gober Gibson, Congressman’s employees before 1919
12-7-60 Rayburn to Mrs. John C. Pickett, regimenting of the American people
11-29-60 Pickett to Rayburn, fear of regimented life and welfare state
10-4 Francis to Rayburn, handwritten note
10-12-60 Rayburn to Francis Waller, travel plans
11-25-60 Rayburn to C. J. and Chummy Bender, thanks for a gift of honey, one of his favorite foods
12-7-60 Rayburn to Thelma Anderson, personal, farm news
12-31-60 G. Mennen Williams to Rayburn, thanks for aid during time as governor of Michigan
1-12-59 William B. Macomber, Jr. to Rayburn, remarks made to House on foreign policy
4-22-60 Rayburn to Homer L. Pharr, Professor W. L. Mayo
8-18-60 Martin Agronsky to Rayburn, thanks for report and Library visit
12-20-60 Bryce N. Harlow to Rayburn, letter on leaving politics
1-10-61 Rayburn to Harlow, reply
4-24-51 Rayburn Floyd to "Dishonorable Sam Rayburn", insulting letter accusing him, Tom Connally and Tom Clark of betraying Texas on Tidelands issue
5-19-51 Rayburn to Rayburn Floyd, reply
5-31-51 Rayburn Floyd to Rayburn, partial apology at change over Tidelands
11-28-61 James G. Gee to Prescott Dennett, thanks, with CC and note to John Burke
Handwritten note to Rayburn
6-21-60 Rayburn to Susan Bean, reply concerning political contributions of FDR, 2 copies
10-11-60 John Patterson to Rayburn, thanks for visit to Alabama
10-22-60 Rayburn to Patterson, reply
11-25-60 Rayburn to C. H. LeBlanc, thanks for Proclamation of Sam Rayburn Day in Beaumont, TX
11-21-60 Rayburn to Lawrence Westbrook, health update
5-5-58 W. Thomas Bolton to Rayburn, first page of a letter with points of historical interest from Hardeman County centennial
"Sockrateez" to HG, handwritten note
3-15-44 George Henry Wilcox to Rayburn, elimination of civilians panels by OPA
4-12-44 James L. Harrison to Rayburn, dispelling Wilcox’s concern
3-24-44 Rayburn to Wilcox, investigation of OPA
Clippings about Rayburn: Democrats in DC, Tidelands settlement
1-14-55 Rayburn to Robert Kerr, purchasing of Bonham Daily Favorite by Paul Miller and Aubrey McAllister, 2 copies
8-1-80 Charles A. Spears to The Editor (Dallas News), questioning negative opinions on Democratic leaders, calling Nixon "questionable"
4-20-61 Rayburn to Mrs. Phil Regan, response to request for advice to youth for publication in book, suggests they read history, 2 copies
7-18-61 Rayburn to Joseph Edward Mayko, congratulations and advice for Eagle Scout
6-30-58 Rayburn to Reverend Cass French, religion and politics, a verse to live by
3-13-50 Rayburn to Van B. Case, Jr., taxes
2-16-50 Van B. Case, Jr., superfluous spending by government
8-12-60 Rayburn to John Greer, summery of following his ambition to politics and advice on achieving goals, 3 copies
1-8-56 Rayburn to Joan Novotny, reply to inquiry on greatest factor shaping his career, 2 copies
5-14-48 Rayburn to Arthur B. Rozell, ethics for political and everyday life, 2 copies
Piece of letter on importance of English and writing, 2 copies
3-22-57 Rayburn to Charles P. Storey, Christianity and politics, 2 copies
2-16-61 Rayburn to Alan Louis Kafka, advice to study history in order to enter politics, 2 copies
10-29-56 Lois Womack to Rayburn, praise and request for word to her students
11-16-56 Rayburn to Womack, advice to study
7-14-58 Rayburn to Reverend James W. Hatley, wishes on 54th anniversary of church
12-8-47 John T. Nall to Rayburn, thanks for recommendation of Kyle Stone as acting post master of Sherman
12-12-47 Rayburn to Nall, reply
Correspondence B: Folder 4
11-6-46 Allen Duckworth to Rayburn, disappointment with election, personal
1-28-46 Rayburn to W. S. Smith, personal
1-7-46 Robert Ridley to Rayburn, appreciation for religious speech
5-5-48 Arthur B. Rozell to Rayburn, request for ethics code for politics for project
5-5-48 Arthur B. Rozell to Rayburn, request for ethics code for politics for project
5-27-41 Rayburn to Brigadier General G. C. Brant, recommending Bonham for flying school, telegram
6-30-91 clipping "Cadets training in Bonham"
1-20-56 Rayburn to Reverend Billy Graham, wishes for tour, 2 copies
1-13-56 Billy Graham to Rayburn, note before leaving for India on tour, 2 copies
1-11-61 Rayburn to Helen Adams Calhoun, the Committee on Un-American Activities
11-19-59 Rayburn to Martha Jane Rayburn, procedures for replacing Congressmen and the amount of their salaries
11-2-59 Martha Jane to Uncle Sam, letter asking about government
1-28-46 Rayburn to Reverend Joseph I. Patterson, Pearle Harbor investigation
3-11-60 Rayburn to Mike Davis, reply on the Democratic Party
8-29 Rayburn to Edna Earle McDuffie, reply on Democrats and why the country needs Republicans
5-6-58 Rayburn to Orlin L. Brewer, congratulations of opening new college
5-6-58 Rayburn to Orlin L. Brewer, congratulations of opening new college
11-18-58 Rayburn to Brock Hopkins, Jr., what it means to be a Democrat
12-22-58 Rayburn to Frank Reeves, corrections to an article written about Rayburn
8-25-58 Rayburn to Benjamin M. McKelway, thanks
8-20-58 Benjamin McKelway to Rayburn, news coverage of East Front extension
3-28-58 Rayburn to Gladys McGhee, need for East Front extension
8-19-60 Rayburn to Reverend Billy Graham, thanks for copy of letter to Kennedy on religious support
10-31-60 Rayburn to Bill Thacker, support of oil people for Democratic ticket
10-12-60 Bill Thacker to Rayburn, advice for appealing to oil people
8-8-60 Rayburn to Mrs. Noel D. Hook, support of Platform and ticket
"This is Mr. Democrat", poem by Otis Parker
11-18-60 Rayburn to Otis Parker, thanks for poem
Leon Press to Rayburn, handwritten personal note
1-19-60 Rayburn to Leon Press, disappointment in Ralph Yarborough
11-5-60 Rayburn to E. G. Rodman, thanks for plane, support of LBJ and JFK
Handwritten note on Rodman from desk of Ben Shepperd
3-5-60 Sam Houston Allred to Rayburn, invitation to annual convention banquet of Texas Intercollegiate Student Association
3-9-60 Rayburn to Allred, thanks and decline of invitation
5-4-60 David Cohn to Rayburn, invitation to dinner
5-14-60 Rayburn to Cohn, acceptance of invitation
5-6-59 Frances Perkins to Rayburn, writing a book on Alfred E. Smith
5-12-59 Rayburn to Tetsuo Toyama, congratulations on citizenship and statehood for Hawaii
7-29-59 Rayburn to Shigeo Soga, message for printing to people of Hawaii
3-14-59 Rayburn to Dr. William G. Holmes, the Supreme Court
7-31-59 Rayburn to Paul H. Moore, Congressional integrity
9-2-59 Rayburn to Don T. Fujikawa, congratulations to Hawaii
11-17-59 Research Assistant to Lucy Ellen Lockhart, terminology of "upper" and "lower" Houses
3-27-59 Frank M. Coffin to D. B. Hardeman, note accompanying copy of doggerel
3-24-59 Remarks at Wild Duck Dinner for Speaker, poem
8-31-59 Joyce Devine to Rayburn, request to let Congress out so "daddy can come home"
9-9-59 Rayburn to Joyce Devine, reply
9-14-59 Carl Albert to Rayburn, thanks for allowing him to work with Rayburn
1-20-59 Rayburn to Jack Remington, answer to how he would relive the past 45 years, 2 copies
9-17-59 Rayburn to Carl Albert, thanks
11-11-55 Joan Novotny to Rayburn, request for factors shaping successful political career
7-20-56 Statement to Leonard and Community by Rayburn
5-11-46 Rayburn to Kenneth Raab, info on Henry T. Rainey for biography
8-17-44 Rayburn to Lt. H. R. Roberts, successful reelection campaign against well-funded opponent, Admiral Ellis
H. R. Roberts to Rayburn, British Admirals and travel
11-7-46 Rayburn to Allen Duckworth, Republican victory
4-30-46 Kenneth Raab to Rayburn, request for info on Rainey’s selection as Speaker
7-20-57 Rayburn to Evelyn Henson, school and career
7-18-57 Evelyn Henson to Rayburn, thanks for help with work and school
5-18-57 "What the Ladonia News Said About You", clipping "Prominent House Demos Boom Sam Rayburn for Presidency in ‘52"
10-13-59 Bob Hollingsworth to HG, request for autographed gavel
11-23-59 Rayburn to Lynn Hollingsworth, reply to thanks for gavel
Lynn Hollingsworth Rayburn, handwritten note thanking him for gavel
5-7-93 HG to Mickie Edwardson, no correspondence between Rayburn and Mr. Fly found
3-30-34 F. C. Dillard, Rayburn bill on communications control and problems for Texas
4-7-34 Rayburn to F. C. Dillard, response
4-25-34 Rayburn to Lovic T. Rogers, refusal to recommend him for position on Communications Commission
7-3-34 Irvin Stewart to Rayburn, thanks for recommendation on Federal Communications Commission
7-4-34 Paul Walker to Rayburn, appreciation for Commission appointment
7-11-34 Rayburn to Stewart, suggestion to thanks also Senators Sheppard and Connally
7-18-34 Rayburn to Walker, reply to thanks
Mac to HG, personal card with bluebonnets
11-1-56 Clipping "Bug Tussle-How it got its name and how it will vote"
12-29-49 Clipping "He (James Farmer) Finds Quiet Rural Attractions Outshine City’s Bright Lights", with notes from 11/56
6-25-46 Rayburn to R. B. Ridgway, Bible the greatest book and Christianity greatest for the world
2-1-46 Rayburn to Mrs. Ben Bierman, thanks for appreciation of remarks at dinner in Dallas
1991 Brochure, "Welcome to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library"
10-12-60 Rayburn to Ross Bohannon, decline of invitation and praise of Robert Kerr
10-11-60 Ross Bohannon to Rayburn, invitation to oil and insurance industry luncheon
12-18-57 Rayburn to Margaret Adams, legal training and memories of UT
11-29-61 James Gee to Grady Coates, post Rayburn death
Margaret Adams to Rayburn, request for info on UT years for 75th anniversary
5-20-74 "Extension of Remarks" from House
2-10-51 Rayburn to Hope Ridings Miller, Rayburn’s buried theatre talent
2-2-51 Hope Ridings Miller to Rayburn, thanks for VIP show performance
8-8-51 Esslinger Zeitung to Rayburn, "Rayburn of Texas", "Voices from the Capitol", and "Yalta if Outmoded;" translation from the German by Elizabeth Hanunian
1-30-51 David Cohn to Rayburn, congratulation on tenure as Speaker and personal as well as public greatness
10-5-60 Rayburn to C. B. Cole, Democratic support for Social Security and Old Age Assistance
12-21-54 Robert Kerr to Rayburn, informing him that Paul Miller and Aubrey McAllister bought Bonham Daily Favorite
8-4-60 Luther Holcomb to Rayburn, request to contact possible Republican convert Perle Mesta
8-9-60 Rayburn to Reverend Luther Holcomb, reply
8-9-60 Rayburn to Perle Mesta, hopes for JFK-LBJ ticket with reference to religion
12-20-91 Notes from Library Advisory Committee Meeting with note added 1-6-94 Ronnie to HG
8-9-60 Rayburn to Charles Spears, articles and politics of Dallas Morning News
8-3-60 Charles Spears to Rayburn, article from Dallas Morning News with note
"Democrats and Republicans", humorous outline of party differences
Envelope from American Revolution Bicentennial
1-31-51 Mrs. H. L. Cliburn to Rayburn, handwritten letter
2-21-51 Rayburn to Cliburn, remembrances of family
Correspondence C; Folder 5
3-8-50 Rayburn to Buster Cole, dishonorable discharge of William Dodson
Note from Alla Clary on dishonorable discharge
2-9-50 Buster Cole to Rayburn, request to look in to dishonorable discharge
8-12-50 Rayburn to Buster Cole, Administrative Practitioners Bill H. B. 8201
Buster Cole to Rayburn, vital interest of Texas Bar in H. B. 8201, telegram
12-2-47 Sam H. Pattie to Rayburn, handwritten letter
12-6-47 Rayburn to Pattie, death of Carl Nall
8-10-49 L. J. Cappleman to Rayburn, funding for rural housing program
4-22-48 Rayburn to Fletcher Warren, petition for Universal Military Training
4-9-48 Fletcher Warren, letter accompanying petition
3-31-48 Petition to Rayburn for Universal Military Training, signed by many people
8-24-44 J. Frank Norris to Rayburn, inexperience in leadership
10-9-57 Invitation to Library dedication
3-18-66 Program for dedication of Sam Rayburn Gold Medal
4-30-59 Rayburn to John and Nellie Connally, sympathy, telegram
5-31-59 Nellie and John Connally to Rayburn, handwritten reply at death of daughter
3D109 Wells, Mollie Foster, 1959
[Restricted until 2034]
2.325/OD10 Oversize Materials:
Diploma, East Texas Normal College, July 29, 1903
Patent, signed by Andrew Jackson, for land in Alabama awarded to William F. Scott, May 10, 1831
Land grant, signed by Anson Jones, for land in Fannin County, Texas, granted to John J. Nicholson, February 11, 1845
Denison Dam/Lake Texoma, Territorial Limits of the Southwestern Division, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, 1938
Germany, showing boundaries, sent to Rayburn by German ambassador in 1956 1937
Grayson County [Texas] Section of Lake Texoma (Denison Dam and Reservoir), Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, December 1953
Lake Texoma, "Exhibit A" of Application for Marina Concession, Eisenhower State Park, W. Thomas Bolton and Lawrence A. Poole, October 20, 1958
Marshal County, Oklahoma; land owned by J. R. Handy et al, annotated; separated from Wolfe City, Texas, CCC file, 1939
Northeast Texas Grazing, Game and Recreation, Project Development Map [1935?]
Piney Woods Electric Generating Co-operative, Inc., San Augustine, Texas; Preliminary Key Proposed Transmission Lines to Serve Four R. E. A. Distribution Cooperatives, December 1943
Red River and Tributaries, proposed reservoirs comprehensive plan, Oklahoma Conservation Commission, undated
Red River Basin, Flood Control and Navigation Projects, Corps of engineers, U. S. Army, April 1957
Texas State Highway Department, showing proposed State Highway 121 from Fort Worth via McKinney to Bonham, undated
Half-century Confederate memorial, 1910
Confederate generals and officials, undated
Folder, handlettered, "Your Little Friends at North Fannin Rural High School, Grades 3 and 4," undated
Blueprint, Additional House Office Building Project, United States House of Representatives, elevations South Capitol Street, First Street, East and West Courts, January 5, 1959
2.325/D8b Folder #1:
Saturday Evening Post, "Never Leave Them Angry: Sam Rayburn Tackles His Biggest Job," by Joseph Alsop and Robert Kintner, January 18, 1941
Dallas Morning News, "Statesman in Boots," December 24, 1939
Saturday Evening Post cover, pictorial directory of joint session of Congress, and article, "They're Just Crazy About Sam," January 7, 1950; November 24, 1951
Certificate, Widow of the Month Club, Louisville chapter, awarded to Sam Rayburn, February 26, 1957
Chart, Paid Civilian Employment in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government by Agency and State of Official Duty Station, compiled by U. S. Civil Service Commission, December 31, 1946, February 25, 1947,
3 copies
Blueprint, Combination Lodge and Caretaker's dwelling, Conservation Area, Fannin County, Texas; Farm Security Administration, Division of Land Utilization, Northeast Texas Development Project
Texas counties, Federal Housing Administration, Division of Economics and Statistics, FHA Insurance of Title I and Title II Loans cumulative through December 1938
Transferred from letter regarding Sub Base at Rockwall, Texas Airport, 1960
Denison Dam, Mineral Creek Arm, Contour Elevation Spillway and Power Pool Elevation, 1945
Denison Dam and Reservoir, War Department, U. S. Engineer Office, Denison, Texas, July 1944
Drainage Basins of Texas Streams, Ralph J. McMahon, State Reclamation Engineer, Austin; 4th Congressional District highlighted, 1937
Campaign poster, Lyndon B. Johnson for President, 1960
Certified copy of Public Law 48, Chapter 138, 82nd Congress, 1st Session, to furnish emergency food aid to India, January 3, 1951
Folder #2:
Scrapbook: Newspaper clippings and other materials, December 9, 1941-April 30, 1943
Folder #3:
Scrapbook: Newspaper clippings and other materials, January 7, 1943-December 31, 1943
2.325/D18e Scrapbook, January-May, 1961
2.325/D36d Political cartoons:
"Farm Bloc" [FDR and Rayburn, relating to farm legislation], by Jim Berryman, September 25, 1942
"Another American Success Story" (When Rayburn was elected Speaker of U. S. House, by Cates, September 16, 1940
Anti-repealers with House Majority Leader Rayburn, by Berryman, undated
Rayburn and Barkley trying to get 2 stubborn mules to pull New Deal load, by Berryman, undated
"We'll Miss You, Mr. Sam," by Art Bimrose, November 17, 1961
FDR and Rayburn watching 2 mules (representing 2 opposing Texas delegations), by Berryman, May 25, 1944
"Sam's Shoes," by Shoemaker, [ca. 1961]
Rayburn leading donkey carrying national policy issues, by John Knott, January 27, 1937.
"Home from the Wars," by Berryman, August 6, 1939
Rayburn pulling "House Democracy" donkey, by Berryman, undated
"The Meeting Stands Adjourned," by Dobbins, Boston Traveler, November 17, 1961
"Sands of Time,"Plain Dealer, November 17, 1961
"Answering to Another Roll Call," by Lange, November 17, 1961
"They Grow Big in Texas," by Bert Whitman, Stockton Record (California), undated
"Business is Booming," by Harold Maples, undated
"37 Years Honoring the Speaker," by Earle Chesney, with 25 original signatures including Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson, 1950
"Goodbye, Mr. Sam," by Reg Manning, November 17, 1961
"We’ll Miss You, Mr. Speaker," by Crook, Newsday, undated
"Approved—Unanimously!" by Eric, undated
"Speaker for the House," by Rosen, 1961
"Rayburn, A Dominant Force in U.S. Government," by Ray, undated
"Deep in the Hearts of All Americans," by Alexander, undated
"After 21 Years of On-The-Job Training," by Warren, Cincinnati Enquirer, January 11, 1962
Rayburn with "Dem" branding iron, looking at "Ike’s Program" cow, by Manning, undated
"New Frontiers," by Rosen, Albany Times-Union, November 16, 1961
"California Here He Comes," by Harold Maples, undated
"Back in the Saddle Again," by Rosen, Albany Times-Union, January 31 or February 1, 1961
"Do You Know Of Any Friendly Service Stations Farther On?" by Ed Valtman, 1960
"Mr. Sam," by Bonelli, undated
"In the Round File," by Ed Valtman, 1958
"We Conceded Lots of Puts," by Reg Manning, 1958
"You Might as Well Tell Your Boys That There Ain’t No Santa Claus!" by Berryman, The Evening Star, December 18, 1941
"Mr. Speaker," by Pratt, Sacramento Bee, November 8, 1961
"A Time to Keep Silence—And a Time to Speak," by Warren, Cincinnati Enquirer, November 17, 1961
"A Moment of Silence for the Speaker," by Jim Ivey, San Francisco Examiner, November 17, 1961
"He Plowed a Straight Furrow," by Payne, The Charlotte Observer, November 1961
"Speaking of Bartering," by Berryman, Evening Star, June 26, 1939
"Well, We Couldn’t Have Been Replaced by a Nicer Guy," by Berryman, Washington Star, undated
"House Rules Committee," by Stevenson, February 1961
"The Democratic Fishing Season Gets Underway," by Berryman, The Evening Star, August 9, 1943
"5 March 1947—Honoring Sam Rayburn—34 Years in Congress," by Earle Chesney, with 16 original signatures including Sam Rayburn, Wright Patman, and Lyndon Johnson, March 5, 1947
"Slingin’ Sammy Going Strong," by Berryman, Evening Star, January 14, 1941
"That Inspiring Spectacle, The Daisy Chain," by Berryman, undated
"Laying Down the Gavel," by Craig, Columbus Dispatch, undated
"This is Going to Take a Lot of Rehearsing," by Gib Crockett, Washington Star, undated
"An Opening for a Big Man!" by Dobbins, Boston Sunday Herald, November 19, 1961
"Step Lively John," by Temple, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, May 20, 1961
#E-30, di_02044
#67, di_02043
#268, di_02041
#255, di_02040
"Another American Success Story", di_02039
11/17/61, di_02046
5/25/44 43.0, di_02047
21.5, di_02049
42.5, di_02048
"Sam’s Shoes"
#59, di_02042
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