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A Guide to the New Mathematical Library Records, ca. 1929, 1957-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator: New Mathematical Library
Title: New Mathematical Library Records
Dates: ca. 1929, 1957-1997
Abstract: The New Mathematical Library, in publication for over 40 years, is a mathematical monograph series aimed at high school or early college students. Anneli Lax edited the series from its beginning in 1958 until her death in 1999.
Accession No.: 86-22; 90-4; 93-400; 99-230; 2001-211; 2005-011
Extent: 13 ft. 2 in.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The New Mathematical Library (NML) is a series of monographs on various mathematical topics. They are not textbooks, but are meant as supplements for the interested high school or early college student. The monographs are written by individual mathematicians, and at the NML's beginning, most of these had not written for the high school level prior to their work in the series. The first monographs appeared in 1961 and were originally published for the School Mathematics Study Group Monograph Project, a project begun in 1958 to remedy the perceived shortage of well-written mathematical materials for young people. Initially published by Random House and the L.W. Singer Company in conjunction with Yale University, the Mathematical Association of America took over publication in 1975. The NML was intended as a temporary project, set to come to an end after the publication of approximately thirty monographs or after commercial American publishers began to produce similar books for high schoolers. Instead, books are still being published under the NML as of 2003, though at a slower pace than during its height in the 1960s.

Anneli Lax, the NML's technical editor for almost forty years, was born Anneli Cahn on February 23, 1922 in Kattowitz, part of Germany at the time, but part of Poland soon after. Her family left Kattowitz for Berlin in 1929 to escape discrimination against Germans, but in 1933, to escape discrimination against Jews, moved to Paris, Palestine, and finally, in 1935, to the United States. She studied mathematics at Adelphi College, and following her graduation in 1942, she became an assistant researcher in New York University's aeronautics department and joined NYU's Courant Institute as a graduate student in 1943. Lax received her PhD in 1955 and was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Mathematics at NYU in 1961, where she stayed until her retirement in 1992. Dr. Lax accepted the position of technical editor of the New Mathematical Library series at its inception in 1958, and remained editor until her death in 1999. The series was renamed the Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library in her honor in the year 2000.

Scope and Contents

This collection reflects the progress of the New Mathematical Library, specifically under the editorship of Anneli Lax. It includes correspondence with authors and publishers, outlines and drafts of monographs, and various production records.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Unrestricted access, except social security number information as noted.

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Subjects (Persons)
Begle, Edward Griffith
Lax, Anneli
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Mathematical Association of America
New Mathematical Library
School Mathematics Study Group
Mathematics-Study and Teaching-United States
Mathematics-Study and Teaching (secondary)
Mathematics-Problems, exercises, etc.

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New Mathematical Library Records, ca. 1929, 1957-1997, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



[Note: Folders contain correspondence with and/or about their labeled persons.]
86-22/1 General SMSG Monograph Project correspondence, 1958-1963 and undated
Inquiries, 1960-1966 and undated
2005-011/4 Inquiries, 1987-1988
86-22/1 Helpers, 1963-1965, 1975 and undated
90-4/3 MAA General Correspondence, 1974-1979
MAA NML Committee Correspondence, 1974-1985 and undated
90-4/1 MAA NML Committee Correspondence, 1974-1985 and undated
2005-011/4 MAA NML Subcommittee Correspondence, 1985-1987 and undated
86-22/1 Monograph Project Readers (High School Teachers), 1958-1967 and undated
2005-011/4 "Nut File", 1977-1981
Problem Collections, 1964-1978 and undated
90-4/1 Prospective Authors, 1960-1975 and undated
2005-011/4 Publishers and New York Times, 1964-1986 and undated
86-22/1 Publisher Correspondence:
L.W. Singer Co., 1962-1969 and undated
Random House, 1959-1974 and undated
2005-011/4 Reactions to NML Books, 1962-1982 and undated
86-22/1 Translation Correspondence, 1962-1973 and undated
Unfiled, 1975-1981 and undated
Begle, Edward, 1958-1973 and undated
86-22/2 Begle, Edward, 1958-1973 and undated
Bell, Max, 1962-1967 and undated
2005-011/4 Bellman, Richard, An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence manuscript, 1977 and undated
Berggren, J.L., Mathematics in Medieval Islam Manuscript, 1985 and undated
86-22/2 Bers, Lipman:
Monograph on Logarithms and Exponentials, 1959
SMSG Monograph Project, 1958-1962 and undated
Publication Correspondence, 1959, 1963-1964 and undated
[Bogucki, Anna] Compositor, 1959-1960 and undated
Bold, Benjamin, 1963-1966 and undated
2005-011/4 Chapman, James M., 1983 and undated
86-22/2 Chinn, William, 1961-1969 and undated
Coxeter, H.S.M., 1958-1961 and undated
Davis, Philip, 1961-1965 and undated
DeFinetti, Von Bruno, 1971-1976 and undated
Dorwart, Harold, 1971 and undated
2005-011/4 Dorwart, Harold, 1984-1985 and undated
86-22/2 Douglas, Edwin, 1966-1971
Dyer, Eldon, 1963-1966 and undated
90-4/1 Gardiner, A. [Includes manuscripts], 1981
86-22/2 Gordon, Basil, 1966-1972 and undated
Greenberg, Herbert J., 1964-1968
2005-011/4 Greitzer, Mathlete, 1977 and undated
86-22/2 Halmos, P.R., 1958-1963 and undated
Hlavaty, Julius H., 1958-1967 and undated
Jacobson, Nathan, 1959-1961 and undated
Kac, Mark:
General, 1961-1965 and undated
2005-011/4 Proposed Manuscript, 1966-1968 and undated
Kazarinoff, Nicholas D.:
Famous Problems, General, 1966-1970
Famous Problems, Chapters 1-6, 1969 and undated
Comments, 1967 and undated
86-22/2 Klamkin, Murray, 1965-1968 and undated
2005-011/4 Klee, Victor:
General, 1961-1979 and undated
Proposed Book, 1985-1986 and undated
86-22/2 Landin, Joseph, 1966-1971
Max, Nelson, 1972-1976 and undated
Niven, Ivan, 1962-1969 and undated
2005-011/4 Olds, C.D.:
Unfinished Manuscript [later NML 41], 1957-1973 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of the author
2005-011/4 Lax's Additions, undated
Olinick, Michael, 1984 and undated
86-22/2 Pieters, R.S., 1958-1962 and undated
Pollak, H.O., 1958-1961 and undated
Polya, George, 1958-1967 and undated
Prenowitz, Walter, 1963-1965 and undated
Reisel, Robert, 1979-1980 and undated
Richmond, D.E., 1965-1966
Rickey, Agnes Y., 1965-1967
Robbins, Herbert, 1958-1961 and undated
Sawyer, W.W., 1958-1962 and undated
Scott, D.S., 1963-1966 and undated
Steenrod, Norman E., 1958-1962 and undated
Swain, Henry, 1967-1971 and undated
2005-011/4 Taylor, George, 1978-1981 and undated
Yaglom, Confidential and Legal, 1965-1985 and undated
86-22/2 Zelinka, Martha, 1962-1965 and undated
Zippin, Leo, 1958-1964 and undated


Production Materials:

[Note: This series contains correspondence and materials regarding production of specific NML books.]
2005-011/1 Contest Publication, 1976-1978 and undated
Final Mock-ups:
NML 2, undated
NML 3, undated
NML 4, undated
NML 6, undated
NML 9, undated
NML 14, undated
NML 17, 1971
NML 25, 1973
Reference Guide proofs, undated
Front Matter, 1965-1976 and undated
"In Print", 1967-1973
86-22/2 Note to the Reader, 1959-1960
90-4/1 Reprinting, 1976 and undated
2005-011/1 Reprintings, 1975-1984 and undated
86-22/2 Specifications, 1962-1963 and undated
Teachers' Guide, 1963-1972 and undated
86-22/3 NML 1, Numbers: Rational and Irrational (Niven, Ivan):
Author Correspondence, 1958-1962 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1961 and undated
Comments, 1960 and undated
NML 2, What Is Calculus About? (Sawyer, W.W.):
Correspondence, 1960-1962 and undated
Comments, 1959-1976 and undated
NML 3, An Introduction to Inequalities (Beckenbach and Bellman):
Author Correspondence, 1958-1978 and undated
Comments, 1959-1960 and undated
NML 4, Geometric Inequalities (Kazarinoff, Nicholas D.):
General Correspondence, 1958-1963 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of author
86-22/3 Early and Later Comments, 1960 and undated
NML 5, MAA Contest Problem Book I (Salkind, G.T.), 1960-1964 and undated
NML 6, The Lore of Large Numbers (Davis, Philip J), 1959-1972 and undated
NML 7, Uses of Infinity (Zippin, Leo):
General Correspondence, 1959-1967 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1961-1962 and undated
Figures, undated
NML 8, Geometric Transformations I (Yaglom, I.M.):
Legal Correspondence, 1958-1962 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1961-1962 and undated
Translation Correspondence, 1960-1965 and undated
Manuscript of Geometric Transformations, undated
Comments, 1960-1961 and undated
Figures, undated
NML 9, Continued Fractions (Olds, C.D.):
Production Correspondence, 1962 and undated
Monograph (Draft), undated
Monograph Continued Fractions, 1959-1980 and undated
Monograph (Office Copy), 1962
Comments from Teachers, 1961-1962 and undated
NML 10, Graphs and Their Uses (Ore, Oystein):
Comments on Ore's Manuscript, 1961-1962 and undated
General Correspondence, 1959-1968 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1962 and undated
2005-011/1 NML 11 and 12, Hungarian Problem Books I and II:
General Correspondence, 1960-1970 and undated
Publisher Correspondence, 1962-1963 and undated
Translation Correspondence, 1960-1962 and undated
Comments and Revisions, 1961-1962 and undated
Proof, Office Copy NML 11, [ca. 1963]
Proof, Office Copy NML 12, [ca. 1963]
Cover Material, 1962
NML 13, Episodes From the Early History of Mathematics (Aaboe, Asger):
General Correspondence, 1960-1975 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1963-1964 and undated
Comments, 1961-1963 and undated
NML 14, Groups and Their Graphs (Grossman and Magnus), 1960-1967 and undated
NML 15, The Mathematics of Choice: How to Count Without Counting (Niven, Ivan):
Author Correspondence, 1962-1971 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1964-1965 and undated
Comments, 1962-1964 and undated
90-4/1 NML 16, From Pythagoras to Einstein (Freidrichs, K.O.):
Production Correspondence, 1965-1968 and undated
Draft, 1965
Comments, 1962-1981 and undated
90-4/4 Galleys, 1965
90-4/1 NML 17, MAA Contest Problem Book II (Salkind, G.T.):
General Correspondence, 1963-1966 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1965-1966
Manuscript, 1966
NML 18, First Concepts of Topology (Chinn & Steenrod):
General Correspondence, 1963-1970 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1965-1971 and undated
Manuscript, 1966
Comments, 1963-1966 and undated
2005-011/1 NML 19, Geometry Revisited (Coxeter and Greitxer):
General Correspondence, 1960-1983 and undated
2005-011/2 Production Correspondence, 1967-1968 and undated
Comments and Corrections, 1960-1967 and undated
Camera Copy, 1967
90-4/1 NML 20, Invitation to Number Theory (Ore, Oystein):
General Correspondence, 1966-1969
Production Correspondence, 1968 and undated
Manuscript, 1967
Comments, 1967-1968 and undated
Figures, 1968 and undated
NML 21, Geometric Transformations II (Yaglom, I.M.):
General Correspondence, 1966-1971 and undated
Translation Correspondence, 1964-1970 and undated
Manuscript, 1968
Art, undated [ca. 1968]
NML 22, Elementary Cryptanalysis (Sinkov, Abraham):
General Correspondence, 1966-1973 and undated
Manuscript, 1968-1969
Before Supplement, undated [ca. 1968]
Comments, 1959-1968 and undated
90-4/2 Page Dummy, 1968
2005-011/2 Sinkov-Irwin Supplement, 1969-1989 and undated
NML 23, Ingenuity in Mathematics (Honsberger, Ross):
General Correspondence, 1967-1985 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1970 and undated
Draft, [ca. 1967]
Proofs, [ca. 1970]
Figures, 1970 and undated
NML 24, Geometric Transformations III (Yaglom, I.M.):
General Correspondence, 1971-1972 and undated
Draft, [ca. 1973]
Proofs, [ca. 1973]
Figures, [ca. 1973]
90-4/2 NML 25, MAA Contest Problem Book III (Salkind, G.T.):
Correspondence, 1970-1973 and undated
2005-011/2 Production Correspondence, 1973 and undated
Basil Gordon's Draft Copy, 1973
90-4/2 Solutions, 1972
2005-011/2 NML 26, Mathematical Methods in Science (Polya, George):
Author Correspondence, 1975-1978 and undated
Master Set for Author's Corrections, undated
Master Samples, undated
Paste-ups, [ca. 1976]
Front Matter, 1976-1977 and undated
2005-011/3 Revised Edition Copy, [ca. 1976]
Revised Master Set and Figures, [ca. 1977]
Revised Edition Master Set with Revisions, [ca. 1977]
Revised Mock-up, [ca. 1976]
Revised Cover Material, 1976 and undated
4RM112 Photograph of the author, 1976
MAA logo film, front page, [ca. 1976]
2005-011/3 NML 27, International Mathematical Olympiads 1959-1977 (Greitzer, Samuel):
NML Committee Correspondence:
General, 1974-1977 and undated
2005-011/6 German newspaper
2005-011/3 Greitzer, 1976-1977 and undated
Niven, 1977
Production Correspondence, 1977-1978 and undated
90-4/2 Annotated Manuscript, [ca. 1978]
Gordon's Corrections Incorporated, [ca. 1978]
2005-011/3 German IMO Book, 1974
NML 28, The Mathematics of Games and Gambling (Packel, Edward):
Production Correspondence, 1980-1981 and undated
Manuscript, 1980
Comments, 1979-1980 and undated
2005-011/6 Galleys, undated [ca. 1981]
2005-011/3 NML 29, MAA Contest Problem Book IV (Artino, Gaglione, and Shell):
Production Correspondence, 1977-1982 and undated
Production Correspondence, Science Typographers, 1982 and undated
Comments, 1980-1982 and undated
Proofs, [ca. 1982]
NML 30, The Role of Mathematics in Science (Bowden and Schiffer):
General Correspondence, 1976-1984 and undated
Production Correspondence, 1983-1984 and undated
Revisions, 1982 and undated
Cover Material, 1983-1984 and undated
NML 31, International Mathematical Olympiads 1978-1985 (Klamkin, Murray), General Correspondence, 1985-1986
2005-011/6 NML 32, Riddles of the Sphinx (Gardner, Martin), Galleys, [ca. 1987]
90-4/2 NML 33, USA Mathematical Olympiads (Klamkin, Murray):
Revised Master (Problems and Solutions), [ca. 1988]
Revised Master (Appendices and Galley Images), [ca. 1988]
2005-011/4 Paste-ups, [ca. 1988]
Proofs, [ca. 1988]
90-4/4 Galleys, [ca. 1988]
Galleys, problems, [ca. 1988]
Galleys, solutions, [ca. 1988]
2005-011/4 Fouls, [ca. 1988]
NML 34, Graphs and Their Uses [Update] (Wilson, Robin J.), [ca. 1990]
AAM-OS/2 Cover art [multiple titles], 1990



2005-011/5 General, 1963-1965 and undated
General, 1967-1985 and undated
NML 1, 1961-1977 and undated
NML 2, 1961-1975 and undated
NML 3, 1961-1964 and undated
NML 4, 1962-1965 and undated
NML 5, 1962-1989 and undated
NML 6, 1962-1979 and undated
NML 7, 1962-1987 and undated
NML 8, 1963-1990 and undated
NML 9, 1964-1980 and undated
NML 10, 1963-1985 and undated
4RM112 Freeway Interchange photo
2005-011/5 NML 11 and NML 12, 1964-1969 and undated
NML 13, 1965-1988 and undated
NML 14, 1965-1987 and undated
NML 15, 1968-1971 and undated
NML 16, 1966-1967
NML 18, 1967-1988 and undated
NML 19, 1967-1985 and undated
NML 20, undated [ca. 1980s]
NML 21, 1969-1986 and undated
NML 22, 1975-1980 and undated
2005-011/1 NML 23, 1970-1984 and undated
NML 24, 1988
NML 25, 1979-1987
NML 26, 1977
NML 27, undated [ca. 1980s]
NML 28, 1986-1988 and undated
NML 29, 1977-1985 and undated
NML 30, 1985-1987 and undated

2005-011/7 Riesz, Marcel "On Jordan's Normal Form", undated

86-22/4 SMSG Reports, 1957-1964 and undated

86-22/4 MSG Monograph Panel Newsletters 1-7, 1958-1962 and undated

86-22/4 Panel Meetings, 1958-1968 and undated

86-22/4 SMSG Newsletters 1-31, 1959-1969

86-22/4 Monthly Reports on Manuscripts, 1959-1971 and undated

2005-011/4 Begle's SMSG Monograph Agreement File, 1959-1978 and undated

2005-011/7 Polya's Initial Lecture Recording, [1960]

86-22/4 Expense Reports, 1960-1973 and undated

86-22/4 Free Copies, 1961-1977 and undated

2005-011/6 The Library of Science, 1962-1965 and undated

2005-011/7 Royalty Statements, 1962-1970

86-22/4 Promotion and Sales, 1962-1973 and undated

86-22/4 American Mathematical Monthly Article, 1965

86-22/4 NML Rejects, 1966, 1970-1975

2005-011/6 Committee on Mathematical World, 1974-1976 and undated

2005-011/6 Financial and Legal, 1975-1979 and undated

4RM85 [Restricted], Personal Information of Royalty Recipients, [ca. 1978]

90-4/2 Financial Records, 1980-1986 and undated

2005-011/6 Committee to Review the Operating Procedures for Publications, 1981-1982 and undated

93-400/1 Manuscripts:
NML number 29 and 30, [includes some correspondence], 1982-ca. 1984 and undated
Various, 1982-1988 and undated
Geometry and Combinatorics for Intelligent Robots, by Walter Meyer, 1988

93-400/1 Translations, 1967-1976

93-400/1 Editorial correspondence:
Random House/MAA transfer, 1973-1978
[Includes "promotion, take-over, ads"], 1974-1975
MAA subcommittee:
"Of Historical Importance," [includes printed material], 1962-1988
Howard Eves, [includes manuscript material], 1983-1986

99-230/1 Anneli Lax, editor:
[Note: Separated from MAA records.]
New Mathematical Library, 1993
Production, New Mathematical Library, 1986-1987
Correspondence, New Mathematical Library Sub-Committee, 1986
Peter Ungar, New Mathematical Library 32, 1987
New Mathematical Library, 1987-1988
P. Ungar and I. Niven, comments on number theory problems, 1987
P. Ungar, P. Lax and H. Landau, comments on United States Math Olympiad geometry problems, 1987
United States Math Olympiad algebra problems, 1987
Klamkin correspondence, 1987-1988
Production correspondence, New Mathematical Library 33, 1988
New Mathematical Library 31, 1986
International Mathematical Olympiad, Klamkin original, New Mathematical Library 31, 1978-1986
New Mathematical Library 31, 1986
New Mathematical Library 31, 1986
New Mathematical Library 31 International Mathematical Olympiad correspondence, 1986
New Mathematical Library 34, 1989
New Mathematical Library 30 back from authors, undated
Bowden- article New Mathematical Library 30, 1978
Straffin, 1988-1993
Episodes in nineteenth and twentieth century Euclidean geometry, 1990-1993
Episodes in nineteenth and twentieth century Euclidean geometry, 1993-1995
Honsberger production, 1993-1994
Honsberger, 1994
Packel art, 1988-1989
Mathematical Association of America and MSEB (other than New Mathematical Library) to 1987
Letters to Engel, 1991
Reactions to books since 1988 and two old ones, 1989-1997
99-230/2 New Mathematical Library inquiries since 1991, to 1994
Engel production material, [German book on math and computers included as well as diskette] 1994-1996
New Mathematical Library, 1990-1992
New Mathematical Library, 1989
Bestak, Norman, 1981-1990
Coxeter and errata, 1992-1995
Mathematical Association of America correspondence not on New Mathematical Library, 1987-1992
Translations, 1979-1993
New Mathematical Library 31, 33 errata,[two books enclosed] 1988-1993
Lax, Anelli notes, undated
Mathematical Miniatures, 1995-1996
Lax, Anelli correspondence, 1987-1994
The Contest Problem Book V, 1996
New Mathematical Library, 1993
Challenging Mathematical Problems, 1991-1992
Challenging Mathematical Problems, 1991-1992
Supereuclidean Trisections, 1992
Book prospectus Evolution of Mathematical Ideas, 1992
Problem Solving Strategies, 1994
New Mathematical Library, 1987
Monograph project for authors- non-committed, 1965-1978
New Mathematical Library book covers, 1977-1982
Russian Geometry books (copies), 1992
Lax, Anelli correspondence, 1983-1991
Drafts of Game Theory and Strategy by Phillip Straffin, 1990-1996
Draft of Game Theory and Strategy by Phillip Straffin, 1990-1996
Draft of Game Theory and Strategy by Phillip Straffin, 1990-1996
2.325/D32a Oversized cover proofs for Episodes in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Euclidean Geometry by Ross Honsberger
2001-211 Correspondence and editorial files:
Arthur Engel/Nina Yuan correspondence, 1989-1993
Miscellany, 1929, 1964-1983

Shelf (unboxed) Books (Numbers 1-30):
Numbers: Rational and Irrational, Ivan Niven
What is Calculus About?, W. W. Sawyer
An Introduction to Inequalities, E. F. Beckenbach and R. Bellman
Geometric Inequalities, N. D. Kazarinoff
The Contest Problem Book I: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1950-1960, compiled with solutions by Charles T. Salkind
The Lore of Large Numbers, P. J. Davis
Uses of Infinity, by Leo Zippin
Geometric Transformations I, I. M. Yaglom, translated by A. Shields
Continued Fractions, by Carl D. Olds
Graphs and Their Uses, Oystein Ore
Hungarian Problem Books I and II: Based on the Eötvös Competitions, 1894-1905 and 1906-1928, translated by E. Rapaport
Episodes from the Early History of Mathematics, A. Aaboe
Groups and Their Graphs, I. Grossman and W. Magnus
The Mathematics of Choice, Ivan Niven
From Pythagoras to Einstein, K. O. Friedrichs
The Contest Problem Book II: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1961-1965, compiled and with solutions by Charles T. Salkind
First Concepts of Topology, W. G. Chinn and N. E. Steenrod
Geometry Revisited, H. S. M. Coxeter and S. L. Greitzer
Invitation to Number Theory, Oystein Ore
Geometric Transformations II, I. M. Yaglom, translated by A. Shields
Elementary Cryptanalysis: A Mathematical Approach, A. Sinkow
Ingenuity in Mathematics, Ross Honsberger
Geometric Transformations III, I. M. Yaglom, translated by A. Shenitzer
The Contest Problem Book III: Annual High School Mathematics Examinations 1966-1972, compiled and with solutions by R. A. Artino, A. M. Gaglione and N. Shell
Mathematical Methods in Science, George Polya
International Mathematics Olympiads: 1959-1977, compiled and with solutions by S. L. Greitzer
The Mathematics of Games and Gambling, Edward W. Packel
The Contest Problem Book IV: Annual high School Mathematics Examinations 1973-1982, compiled and with solutions by R. A. Artino, A. M. Gaglione and N. Shell
The Role of Mathematics in Science, by M. M. Schiffer and L. Bowden