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A Guide to the UT Folklore Center Archives, ca. 1928-1981

Descriptive Summary

Creator UT Folklore Center
Title UT Folklore Center Archives
Dates: ca. 1928-1981
Abstract The UT Folklore Center Archives was established in 1957 and includes recordings collected by folklorists such as John A. Lomax, William A. Owens, John Henry Faulk, Norman McNeil, and Américo Paredes.
Accession No.: 91-102; 2015-237
OCLC No.: 826870491
Extent 101 ft.; manuscript, typescript, printed, photographic, audio
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The University of Texas Folklore Center Archives was established in 1957 and initially contained recordings collected by folklorists such as John A. Lomax, William A. Owens, John Henry Faulk, Norman McNeil, and Américo Paredes. Subsequently, other collections of recordings were added, and manuscript copies of student projects were retained as part of the archives beginning around 1962. In 1985 the collection was transferred from the UT Folklore Center to the Barker Texas History Center, now a section of the Center for American History.

Scope and Contents

The UT Folklore Center Archives includes approximately 57 feet of tapes (reels and audiocassettes) concerning a broad range of topics dealt with both in music and by the spoken word. The earliest recordings date from the late 1920s. Most of the tapes are cataloged. Recordings may be used only by appointment with the Sound Archivist.

The manuscript copies of student projects comprise 38 feet and date from 1962 to 1981. Arranged by name and/or genre, they relate to folklore topics such as legends, stories, jokes, various types of songs, customs, material culture, speech, puns, and riddles. There are name, place, and topical indexes for these papers. Other manuscript materials include oral histories, publications, notes, and checklists and indexes of recordings.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use of audio material by appointment only; please contact sound archivist for more information.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bauman, Richard.
Boatright, Mody Coggin.
Faulk, John Henry.
Lipscomb, Mance.
Lomax, John Avery.
McCormick, Mack.
McNeil, Norman.
Myers, A. Glenn.
Owens, Tary.
Owens, William A.
Paredes, Américo.
Anthropology and anthropologists.
Art and artists.
Education, Higher.
Entertainment and recreation.
Folk medicine.
Folk songs.
Music and musicians.
Oral histories.
Social life and customs.
Songs and singing.
University of Texas at Austin.
Photographic Subjects
Architects and architecture.
Carpenters and carpentry.
Historic buildings and sites.
Houses and housing.
Interior decoration.
Melchoir, Rudolph.
Fredericksburg (Tex.)
New Braunfels (Tex.)
Round Top (Tex.)

Related Material

See also Texas Folklore Society Records, 1909-1970.

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UT Folklore Center Archives, ca. 1928-1981, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Larry Landis, March 1986.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Student Collections, ca. 1962-1976

2.325/J85 Classification outline:
Author index, pre-1968 to Fall 1976:
Abernathy, Sharon – Arwood, Thomas
2.325/J86 Amhurst, Judith – Bischoff, Connie
2.325/J87 Black, Tricia – Carlson, Anna L.
2.325/J88 Carleton, Crystl – Curry, Carol
2.325/J89 Dalton, Linda – Fenton, Margie Powell
2.325/J90 Feris, Andrea K. – Gomez, Lynne M.
2.325/J91 Gonzales, Victoria – Herring, Josie
2.325/J92 Hickman, Larry – Jordan, Larry M.
2.325/J93 Jorden, Jay – Lyons, Adrienne
2.325/J94 McAden, Lila – Mollenauer, Mary
2.325/J95 Moloney, Evelyn E. – Parke, Michael
2.325/J96 Parker, Judith – Riddell, Doris
2.325/J97 Rider, Kent M. – Shadrock, Mary
2.325/J98 Shahan, Gary – Strayhorn, Eddie Joe
2.325/J99 Striever, Mamie Helen – Walker, Gloria
2.325/J100 Walker, William L. – Zunker, Jill
2.325/J101 Student collections, Spring and Fall 1981
Topic index, 1968-1976
Area index, 1969-1976
Genre collections, 1962-1976[?]


Genre collections, ca. 1962-1976

2.325/J102 Lore of special groups
2.325/J103 General narrative
Marchen, tales, and stories
Humorous narrative
2.325/J104 Jokes
Miscellaneous narratives
2.325/J105 Exempla
History and reminiscences
2.325/J106 Dialogues – Interviews
Narrative songs
Non-narrative songs
Songs of special groups
Religious songs
Other songs
Autograph books verses
2.325/J107 Drama
Ritual, festival and cult
Beliefs – Superstitions
Belief and practice
Customs – Practices
The life cycle
Home and community relationships
Folk medicine
2.325/J108 Folk medicine
Supernatural, magic, and religion
Plant and animal lore
Signs – Portents
Weather lore
Material culture
Material lore: Drawings, designs
Arts and crafts
Food and drink
Names and nicknames
Vocabulary and jargon
2.325/J109 Ethnic vocabulary
Vocabulary of special groups
Pranks, practical jokes, and stunts
Charms, curses, and prayers
Yells, cheers, and joy calls
Toasts and taunts
Mottoes and slogans
Speech – Miscellaneous
Proverbial comparisons, similes, and sayings


"Rastus and Mandy" texts, 1965-1968 and undated

2.325/J109 "Rastus and Mandy" texts, 1965-1968 and undated


Student collections cards, pre-1970

2.325/J110 Student collections cards, pre-1970


Stacy Labaj oral histories of pioneers and children of pioneers, 1963-1975

2.325/J111 Stacy Labaj oral histories of pioneers and children of pioneers, 1963-1975


Recordings: Checklists, transcriptions, and miscellaneous notes, 1959-1975 and undated

2.325/J111 Recordings: Checklists, A. Glenn Myers transcriptions of Mance Lipscomb tapes, and miscellaneous notes, 1959-1975 and undated
2.325/J112 Recordings: Checklists, transcriptions, and miscellaneous notes, 1959-1975 and undated


Miscellaneous publications, 1963-1975

2.325/J112 Miscellaneous publications, 1963-1975


American Folklore Preservation Act, 1975

2.325/J112 American Folklore Preservation Act, 1975


Recordings card index, undated

2.325/J112 Recordings card index, undated
2.325/J113 Recordings card index, undated
2.325/J114 Recordings card index, undated
2.325/J115 Recordings song title catalog, A-E, undated
2.325/J116 Recordings song title catalog, F-L, undated
2.325/J117 Recordings song title catalog, M-R, undated
2.325/J118 Recordings song title catalog, S-Z, undated


Photographs, ca. 1968, 1972

3Y132 141 slides and 118 black and white prints (unidentified) of gestures, ca. 1968
3Y134 235 color slides of German–Texan architecture in Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, and Round Top, Texas, ca. 1972


Recordings, ca. 1928-1981

2.325/R Sound Archives
Series F (1-492): Field recordings of American and international music and spoken work, collected by John Henry Faulk, John A. Lomax, William A. Owens, Américo Paredes, Roger Abrahams, and many others.
1 F1 – F36
2 F37 – F81
3 F82 – F150
4 F151 – F210
5 F211 – F246
6 F247 – F290
7 F291 – F333
8 F334 – F392
9 F393 – F459
10 F460 – F492
F493 – F507: Uncataloged Nevis (Caribbean) recordings by Roger Abrahams, nos. 1 – 14
11 F508 – F524: Uncataloged Nevis tapes, nos. 15 – 31, plus more uncataloged Nevis tapes, nos. 3 – 8, 10 – 27, 31 [duplicates?]
12 More uncataloged Nevis tapes, labeled "A, B" through "JJ, KK" (18 reels) and one reel labeled "Central, Marshall, Brick Kiln"
13 Series B (1 – 24), Broadcast or studio recordings of American and international music and spoken word, performed by John Henry Faulk, Mack McCormick, Norman McNeil, and others. (Cataloged):
B1 – B24
Series C (1 – 171), Tape copies of commercial recordings of American and international folklore, including the Library of Congress Archive of American Folksong (AAFS) series. (Cataloged):
C1 – C50
14 C51 – C87
15 C88 – C140 [C109-C140 are part of the Burton Wilson collection of early jazz and blues recordings. Detailed contents notes are on the tape boxes and in Box J111.]
16 C141 – C171, Burton Wilson collection, concluded
17 Series UG (1-319), Tapes of music and oral history on a variety of folklore topics, made by undergraduate students in the UT Folklore program. (Cataloged):
UG1 – UG34
18 UG35 – UG68
19 UG69 – UG100
20 UG101 – UG133
21 UG134 – UG175
22 UG176 – UG221
23 UG222 – UG319
24 Student Collection tapes [Supplementary collection of student tapes. Arranged in alphabetical order, most of these tapes correspond to student papers in the manuscripts portion of the Folklore Center Archives. For contents, see the checklists appended to this inventory.]:
A – Jolly (117 tapes)
25 Klinger – Young (138 tapes)
26 Lawrence Skoog (SK 1-10). Copies of old “race” records (Catalogued, plus uncataloged tape no. 12)
Dave Davidson (DA 1-13). Texas fiddle contests (Cataloged, plus 9 uncataloged reels)
27 Henry Schmidt (SC 1-22). Richland Hills Fiddlers’ Festival (cataloged), 1967
Mexican and Cuban music (4 reels, with 2 copies of each).
Richland Hills Festival (10 reels, uncataloged), 1968
28 Uncataloged recordings [The following materials are collections and miscellaneous tapes still uncataloged by the UT Folklore Center at the time of their transfer to the Barker Center. Many of them include notes on their contexts, however, and theses are indicated by the term (NOTES) after entry.]:
Bruce Jackson. Texas prison recordings. 24 reels. (NOTES), 1965
29 Patrick B. Mullen. Gulf Coast oral history. 24 reels. (NOTES)
Marlena Kay Nelson. Police lore. One reel. (NOTES), 1963
Virginia Parry and Frances F. Morse. Songs. One reel, 1938?
Carolyn Hester recording. One reel.
C.D. Stewart lectures of Shakespeare, UT-Austin. 4 reels, 1955
Randy Williams. Czech music and family history. One reel. (NOTES), 1981
Traditional fiddle and guitar music, Cedar Valley, TX. One reel, 1969
Interviews with German women, New Braunfels, TX. One reel.
Bruce Johnson. Folklore interviews conducted by University of Texas graduate student, labeled "Draft Lore #2" and "Draft Lore #4." Two reels, 1968.
30 Texas Folklore Society proceedings. 15 reels, 1959, 1966
Conference on Folk Culture in Texas. 7 reels. (NOTES)
Conference on Continuities and Discontinuities in Afro-American Societies and Cultures. One reel.
Anglo-American Folksong Style – sampler. 7 reels.
Anglo-American Folk Sampler. One reel.
The Folktale in Ballad – sampler. One reel.
Negro Folk sampler. One reel.
31 Richard Hadel. Recordings of Creole culture from British Honduras (Belize). 48 reels. (NOTES)
32 Mark Johnson and Glenn Myers. Mance Lipscomb at Vulcan Gas Co., Austin, TX. 32 reels, one MS, 1969
33 Américo Paredes. Field recordings of Texas-Mexican border ballads. 44 reels. Extra copies and cataloging in F series above.
34 Jeff Hurst. UT Mariachi project. 10 videotapes, 4 audio cassettes, one MS. (NOTES), 1977
Collection of Kennedy corridos. 2 reels, plus 45 rpm disks.
Mexican corridos. One reel.
Hermanos Gutiérrez recordings. One reel.
35 Bonnie and Don Stowell. Recordings of "Los Pastores,""Los Matachines," and other pageants. 35 reels. (NOTES), 1967-1971
36 Dubs of commercial recordings:
Ralph Rinzler: Tom Ashley with Doc Watson and Uncle Dave Macon. 2 reels. (NOTES)
South American and Mexican music sampler. One reel.
Rhythm and blues. 3 reels.
Texas country and conjunto music. 2 reels.
Argentine tangos by Carlos Gardel. 3 reels.
Lost City Ramblers. 4 reels.
Merle Haggard. One reel.
Vernon Dalhart cylinder recordings. 6 reels. (NOTES)
Mexican songs from 45 rpm singles. One reel. (NOTES)
Mexico, 1910 (LP). One reel. (NOTES)
Folk mass – Panamá. One reel. (NOTES)
Songs of the Freedom Riders. One reel.
Neiderberger. Anthology of Ecuadorian music. One reel, 1968
Sonny Terry – Folk Blues. One reel. (NOTES)
"Folk singer compositor." 2 reels.
Grupo Kanata – Bolivia. One cassette. (NOTES)
37 Bruce Lane. "Los Voladores" of Huehuetla, Mexico. 11 reels. (NOTES), 1970-1971
Gilmer, TX, fiddle contest. 7 reels.
Lila Wistrand. 2 reels.
Wallace Stopher. Austin folk music. 2 reels, ca. 1962
George Foss. Tape #10. One reel.
Bernard Timberg. Children’s lore and traditions of the Prairie States. 3 reels. (NOTES)
____ Szyleyko. Sgt. Combs and Air Force folklore. One reel. (NOTES)
Arabella Miner. Lullabies. One reel.
Discussion of folk poetry. One reel.
Curtis Willis. Southern jokes and stories. One reel.
Field hollers (salomas) from Panama. One cassette.
Michael Sayers. Irish (and Finnish?) ballads. 3 cassettes.
Juha Pentakannen talk: "Current Trends in Finnish Folklore". 2 cassettes. (NOTES), 1977
John Ulach. "The Shotgun House,"In Black America radio program. One cassette, 1977
P.M. Weil. Songs of Griots and Bummari girls. One cassette, 1970
38 Dorothy Strom. Children’s folklore. 27 cassettes. (NOTES)
Gary Smith. Interviews with Kenneth Threadgill, Jess Willard Smith, et al. 4 reels with 2 copies of each. (NOTES)
Lockhart, TX, interviews. 3 cassettes, 1967
Carl Reed and John B. Stevens, Jr. Reminiscences on the oil industry, Mt. Pleasant, TX. 2 reels, 1963
Bonita Cole. Collection of toasts. One reel. (NOTES), 1969
Roger Abrahams. NCLR tape. One reel.
M. Hendon. Hypnosis experiment: Convulsions of the Mind. 4 videotapes, one audio reel, one MS.
Robie Cogswell. "Two Black Crows," blackface comedy study. 2 reels, one MS.
Bernard Forde, "Lord Confusor," Tobago. One reel. (NOTES), 1965
"New York, March 23, 1961." One reel.
Ralph Rinzler. Elizabeth Cotton and ____ Seegers. One reel. (NOTES), 1953, 1955
39 Hedy West concert. One reel. (NOTES)
Redwood Canyon Ramblers. California bluegrass music. 2 reels. (NOTES)
Queva Palmo. Children’s songs. One reel. (NOTES), 1962
Roger Abrahams and David Gracy II. Interview with Rev. Walter B. Jones. One reel. (NOTES), 1962
Bawdy songs. One reel. (NOTES)
Zapata Olivella. Lecture: "Negro Folklore in Colombia." One reel.
Jerald Abrams. Piedras Negras music and stories. One reel. (NOTES), 1970
Imogene Buford. Afro-American ballads sung by "Mammy" Ethel Elam, Corpus Christi, TX. One reel. (NOTES), 1958
"Sounds Our Fathers Heard" radio program of cowboy songs. One reel.
Décimas from Delacroix Island, LA. 3 reels. (NOTES), 1966
James G. Hubbard. Children’s lore. One reel. (NOTES), 1963
Gail Mayo. Superstitions and beliefs collected from Mrs. Walter Sparks, Jr. One reel.
Maura Darrouzet. Mexican ghost story. One reel.
Rosalinda Benavides. Interviews about Don Pedro Jaramillo. 3 reels. (NOTES), 1966
Janet O’Mara. Serial reproduction of stories, Austin, TX. One reel. (NOTES), 1968
Lela Frances Bailey and Sophie Johnson. Reminiscences and Negro stories. One reel. (NOTES), 1958-1959
Interview with Gid Tanner, Dacula, GA. One reel. (NOTES), 1959?
Megan Bresile. Quetzalan (Puebla), Mexico. One reel. (NOTES), 1969
MPM tapes 1c – 13c. 7 reels.
Tary Owens. Carl T. Sprague interview, College Station, TX. One reel. (NOTES), 1965
Ernest Hobbs. Interview and stories. One reel. (NOTES)
J. Mason Brewer. Story readings. One reel, 1959
40 Mrs. Maybird McAllister. Songs recorded in Brown’s Cove, VA. 16 reels (McA 1-16). (NOTES), 1957-1961
Almeda Riddle. Ballads, stories, and concert. 12 reels, one cassette. (NOTES), 1965-1969
____ Camingerly. Collection of songs, toasts, and stories. 7 reels (CA 1-7). (NOTES)
41 Stacy Labaj[?] Oral history of Slavic Texan pioneers and descendants. 45 cassettes, 1970-1974
George Coleman, "Bongo Joe," Galveston, TX. 6 reels, 1967
Stan[?] Alexander. "Walston." 3 reels.
Stan[?] Alexander. Fiddle tunes. One reel.
Buchanan, Gilmer (fiddle contests?). 2 reels.
"Fiddle tunes 1, 2." 2 reels.
"Fiddle, banjo tunes 3, 4." 2 reels.
Browning. ____. 2 reels.
Robert Shiflett. Songs recorded in Brown’s Cove, VA. 5 reels. (NOTES - See also catalog notes for F319 – F320), 1961
Glenn Bevan. Air Force songs and conversations, Austin, TX. 2 reels. (NOTES), 1966
Mexican ghost stories. 3 reels.
"Acadie et Quebec." One reel.
John Henry Faulk[?] Paramount Singers, Austin, TX. 2 reels, 1941
42 Pat Jasper. Central Texas folklore video projects, ca. 1974
Fredericksburg, TX, music and social life. 6 videocassettes. (NOTES)
Texas barbecue. 5 videocassettes. (NOTES)
Altares, Mexican-American home altars. 9 videocassettes. (NOTES)
Lavada Durst, "Dr. Hepcat." 2 videocassettes.
___ Henderson painting Our Place (Port Arthur, TX?). One videocassette.
43 Unidentified tapes: 26 reels, 32 cassettes.
44 Unidentified tapes: 53 reels.
45 Student papers, 1970-1977