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A Guide to the George Bruce Halsted Papers, 1722-(1810-1936)-1997

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Halsted, George Bruce, 1853-1922
Title: George Bruce Halsted Papers
Dates: 1722, 1745, 1810-1814, 1827-1936, 1950-1957, 1987-1997
Abstract: George Bruce Halsted (1853-1922) was a mathematician who explored foundations of geometry and introduced Non-Euclidean geometry into the United States through his own work and his many important translations. This collection consists of correspondence, ephemera, printed material, photographs, and publications documenting his life and work.
Accession No.: 94-063; 94-166; 94-205; 94-264; 94-335; 94-336; 95-024; 96-053; 97-089; 97-227; 97-282; 97-322; 98-079; 98-140; 98-287; 99-014; 2001-150; 2002-174; 2002-190; 2003-014; 2005-226
Extent: 4 ft.
Laguage: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

George Bruce Halsted (1853-1922) was a member of the University of Texas at Austin Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics (1884-1903) where he taught noted mathematician R. L. Moore and L. E. Dickson among other students. He explored the foundations of geometry and introduced Non-Euclidean geometry into the United States through his own work and his many important translations. He was later at St. John's College, Annapolis; Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio (1903-1906); and the Colorado State College of Education, Greeley (1906-1914).

Halsted was a fourth generation Princeton graduate, earning his Bachelor's degree in 1875 and his Master's in 1878. He went on to Johns Hopkins University where he was J. J. Sylvester's first student, receiving his Ph.D. in 1879. After graduation, Halsted served as an instructor in mathematics at Princeton until beginning his post at the University of Texas at Austin in 1884.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of correspondence, ephemera, printed material, photographs, and publications documenting the life and work of mathematician George Bruce Halsted. The collection primarily focuses on his family and genealogy. It also includes volumes from Halsted's personal library. The items in the collection were primarily donated by Halsted's grandchildren, and not all items are original to the Halsted family. Items purchased or acquired to enhance the collection are noted, when possible, in the inventory.

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Ephemera, printed material, and scrapbooks
Books, articles, and related material


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Index Terms

Halsted, Arthur, 1887-
Halsted, George Bruce, 1853-1922
Kenyon College
Geometry, Non-Euclidean
Mathematics -- Study and teaching -- United States

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George Bruce Halsted Papers, 1722, 1745, 1810-1814, 1827-1936, 1950-1957, 1987-1997, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Abbreviations: GBH = George Bruce Halsted; ALS = autograph letter, signed; AL = autograph letter, unsigned; TLS = typed letter, signed

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Detailed Description of the Papers



Note: City from which each letter was sent and length of letter is noted when possible.
2.325/F260 Mrs. N[ancy] W[alsh Marsh] Halsted [cousin?] to "My dear Bruce," ALS, 1p., includes genealogical description of the Halsted family, 1656-1880, Newark, New Jersey, AL, 8 pp., April 24, 1888
E-mail transcription of letters from GBH to Japanese mathematician, Yoshio Mikami, [originals at Tokyo University], 1905-1914
Helen Macfarlane, Margaret Halsted's sister and wife of Alexander Macfarlane, a professor of physics at the University of Texas in the late 1880s and 1890s, to Flora Pierce Halsted, Arthur Halsted's wife, on the birth of Bruce C. Halsted, [note by Bruce C. Halsted], (photocopy), Ontario, ALS, 3pp., December 15, 1919
GBH to his son, Arthur and Arthur to GBH, [all letters are from GBH to Arthur, except March 1, 1921; notes by Reed Halsted]:
Greeley, ALS, 1 p., December 14, 1920
Greeley, ALS, 5 pp., January 17, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 4 pp., February 14, 1921
Greeley, AL, 1 p., February 20, 1921
Greeley, AL, 3 pp. [incomplete], February 21, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 6 pp., February 26, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 6 pp., February 28, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 2 pp., February 28, 1921
From Arthur to GBH, [Washington, DC], AL, 1 p., March 1, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 1 p., March 2, 1921
Including 1 sheet bearing Century Dictionary definition of "inertia," Greeley, ALS, 4 + 1 pp., March 5, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 6 pp., March 23, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 6 pp., April 10, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 12 pp., May 4, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 1 p., May 4, 1921
New York City, Roosevelt Hospital, ALS, 2 pp., July 28, 1921
Smithtown, Long Island, ALS, 3 pp., August 17, 1921
Smithtown Branch, Long Island, [includes letter from Margaret Swearingen Halsted], ALS, 4 pp., December 1, 1921
Empty envelope, Smithtown Branch, Long Island, February 18, 1922
1 page (#5) of a letter, written during the period when GBH was commenting on Arthur's attempt to get a patent on soaring flight principles, [Greeley?], ALS, 1 p., undated
Margaret Swearingen Halsted to her son Arthur:
Greeley, ALS, 2 pp., August 6, 1921
Greeley, ALS, 2 pp., September 30, 1921
Smithtown Branch, Long Island, ALS, 2 pp., November 14, 1921
Smithtown Branch, Long Island, ALS, 2 pp., November 19, 1921
Smithtown Branch, Long Island, ALS, 2 pp., December 28, 1921
Smithtown Branch, Long Island, ALS, 4 pp., January 10, 1922
[Smithtown Branch, Long Island], ALS, 2 pp., March 31, 1922
[New York City?], ALS, 1 p., April 1, 1922
[Smithtown Branch, Long Island?], ALS, 2 pp., April 29, 1922
New York City, 3 pp., July 5, 1922
Milton W. Humphreys to GBH, postcard, University, Virginia, ALS, May 13, 1921
GBH to his wife Margaret, New York City, Roosevelt Hospital, [note by Reed Halsted], ALS, 2 pp., July 28, 1921
Clara Brooks to her sister, Margaret Swearingen Halsted, shortly before the death of GBH, (photocopy), San Antonio, ALS, 3 pp., [note by Bruce C. Halsted], January 4, 1922
Milton W. Humphreys to Margaret Swearingen Halsted, sympathy and status of work on a mathematical translation, University, Virginia, ALS, 4 pp., [note by Reed Halsted], April 23, 1922
J. Mark Cattell to Arthur Halsted, Science, Editorial Department, Garrison-on-Hudson, NY, TLS, 1 p., [note by Reed Halsted], May 23, 1922
Letter to "My dear Art" [Arthur Halsted?] from "Mama" [Margaret Swearington Halsted?], includes Halsted genealogical information, ALS, 1p., undated
Photocopies of letters from Arthur Halsted, son of GBH, to three of his grandchildren, describe childhood events growing up in Austin and reference GBH, January 15, 1957 and September 9, 1957



2.325/F260 Family register of Gerret van Sweringen and descendents compiled by a member of the family, 2nd ed. Washington: Printed for the compiler, 39 pp. (photocopy), [note by Bruce C. Halsted], 1894
Minnesota Society Sons of the American Revolution Year Book 1889-1895, pp. 305-307, section concerning Maj. George Blight Halsted and his ancestry, annotated; with letter (July 4, 1776) of Abraham Clark, Blight's great-grandfather; Maj. George Blight Halsted was George Bruce Halsted's uncle, (photocopy), [1895]
Halsted family genealogy, from William Stewart Halsted, Surgeon, by W. G. MacCallum, Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, (photocopy), 1930
Halsted Family Journal, Condensed, compiled by Arthur Halsted, Jr., August 2, 1992
Genealogical chart of the descendants of Gerret Van Sweringen, 2 pp., (photocopy), undated
Bible record of Oliver Spencer Halsted, Jr. and Martha Adela Meeker and their children, 1p., (photocopy), undated


Ephemera, printed material and scrapbooks:

2.325/F260 Color photocopies of Princeton Honorary Society Key (Phi Beta Kappa?) issued to GBH's grandfather, Oliver Spencer Halsted in 1810, photocopy of GBH's notification of election to Phi Beta Kappa in 1896, first page in color and entire document in black and white, 1810, 1896
4RM55i George Bruce Halsted's Scrapbook, begun 1871, includes news clippings and documents of interest to GBH. Autographed, with printed bookmark sticker reading "G. Bruce Halsted" on inside front cover, 1871-1922
2.325/F260 "Formulas of Plane Trigonometry," pamphlet, [incomplete, may be Princeton syllabus], [ca. 1870s-1880s?]
Certificate for J.S.K. Fellowship in Mathematics, Trustees of the College of New Jersey, [mounted on page from book reading, "To our heroic ancestors, soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution this volume is reverently dedicated in the hope that for all time their memory may be to their descendants an ever present inspiration"], June 30, 1875
4RM55a U.S. Department of State document issued to GBH requesting safe and free passage and aid and protection in need, [passport], May 26, 1877
2.325/F260 "Princeton loses a profound scholar," newspaper clipping, [ca. 1884]
Marriage certificate for GBH and Margaret "Maggie" Swearingen, (photocopy), 1886
GBH's Phi Beta Kappa Society election certificate, 1 p., (photocopy), January 20, 1896
Speech given to the Texas Academy of Science (photocopy, 1897), correspondence, clipping, and biographical material related to GBH's time at Kenyon College, 1897-1904
Passport issued to George Bruce Halsted, Tokyo, Japan, in blue U.S. Department of State envelope, [envelope mounted on page from book reading "Officers of the Minnesota Society, 1895-…"], August 2, 1898
4RM55a U.S. Department of State document issued to GBH requesting safe and free passage and aid and protection in need [passport], with blue U.S. Department of State envelope, [envelope mounted on book page reading "Officers of the National Society, 1895…]," May 7, 1900
2.325/F260 "The Hermit and his Hermitage," clipping with photo of George Blight Halsted (GBH's uncle) on reverse, three cards of introduction for GBH, one to the president of the United States (1903) and two to the President of France (undated), [all mounted on scrapbook page, handwritten label "Page 305 - through 307, Halsted"], 1903 and undated
Photocopied materials from the Special Collections Department of Ohio's Kenyon College relating to GBH during his years as Peabody Professor of Mathematics at Kenyon, 1903-1906 and undated
"'The Passing of a Summer Sunbeam,' Little Harry born July 31st 1903 died August 31st 1907, by Margaret Swearingen," printed tribute with pictures by Margaret Swearingen Halsted to her nephew Harry, son of her sister, Helen Swearingen Macfarlane upon his death, [note by Reed Halsted], [ca. 1907?]
"American geometry in France," printed announcement of the French translation of GBH's Rational Geometry, 1 p., [1913?]
Pamphlet, "Halsted's Saccheri Latin and English," 4 pp., [ca. 1919]
"Love Thoughts and other Poems written to my husband… published as a monument to his memory," by Margaret Halsted, 61 pp., (photocopy), [ca. 1922?]
Newspaper clipping, "Halsted, One of the World's Great Mathematical Geniuses, Was Member of College Faculty for Six Years," [regarding GBH's time at Colorado State Teachers College (1906-1912)], October 11, 1930
Newspaper clipping, "Mrs. Margaret Halsted succumbs Thursday noon," (photocopy), January 16, 1936
Biographical sketch of GBH by Katherine S. Eisenhart, 3 pp., typescript, (photocopy), 1950
Pages from Mary Todd Lincoln, A Biography, by Jean H. Baker, referencing Oliver "Pet" Spencer Halsted, Jr., GBH's father, (photocopy), [1987]
2.325/B133b Items downloaded from the internet by Bruce C. Halsted regarding GBH, including biographical sketches of GBH and his contemporaries, list of archival collections, descriptions of books translated by GBH, and articles referring to GBH's works, downloaded in 1997
2.325/F260 "Grand Papa's Visiting Card" [listing George Bruce Halsted's organizational affiliations], undated


Books, articles, and related material:

3b.35.12 (CDL) Books:
Allman, George Johnston. Greek geometry from Thales to Euclid. Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co., 1889. 237 pp. Printed label on inside front cover: "With the Author's Compliments"; "George Bruce Halsted" written on flyleaf.
Arithmetica Universallis Sive De Compositione et Resolutione Arithmetia Liber. London: Benji & Sam Tooke, 1722. Second edition. Contains a list of books printed by Tooke in back of volume.
Ball, W.W. Rouse. A primer of the history of mathematics. London: Macmillan, 1895. 158 pp.
Bland, Miles, Geometrical Problems Deducible from the first Six Books of Euclid…. Cambridge: J. Smith, 1827. Third edition. Inscribed by GBH
Bledsoe, Albert Taylor. The philosophy of mathematics, with special reference to the elements of geometry and the infinitesimal method. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1874. 248 pp. With obituary of Bledsoe pasted in among the advertisements at the back, and signature of George Bruce Halsted; annotated
4RM55f [Bolyai, Farkas]. Tentamen Juventutem Studiosam in Elementa Matheseos Purae, Elementaris ac Sublimioris, Methodo Intuitiva, Evidentiaque huic Propria, Introducendi. Maros Vasarhelyini, 1832. Typis Collegii Reformatorum per Josephum, et Simeonem Kali de felso Vist. Volume 1 only of 2 volumes. [Original blue paper boards with original [?] white paper label. With Bruce C. Halsted's address label on front pastedown and stamps from Maros Vasarhelyi Konyvtara on front free flyleaf. This volume is completely unopened [i.e. the tops of pages of each signature have not been trimmed by the binder]
3b.35.12 (CDL) Bonola, Roberto. Non-Euclidean Geometry: A Critical and Historical Study of its Development. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1955. Reprint of book originally published in 1912. This book contains two essays translated by GBH: "The Science of Absolute Space" by John Bolyai, and "The Theory of Parallels" by Nicholas Lobachevski. [Note: This volume was not part of GBH's library. It was purchased by GBH's grandson, Bruce C. Halsted and donated to the collection.]
Boole, George. An investigation of the laws of thought, on which are founded the mathematical theories of logic and probabilities. London: Macmillan, 1854. 424 pp. Annotated throughout; signature of George Bruce Halsted on dedication page.
Boole, George. The Mathematical Analysis of Logic: Being an Essay Towards a Calculus of Deductive Reasoning. Cambridge: Macmillan, Barclay and Macmillan;, 1847. Annotated copy, with printed sticker reading "G. Bruce Halsted" on inside cover
Cajori, Florian. A History of Mathematics. New York: Macmillan & Co., 1895. Signature of GBH inside front cover; annotated throughout by GBH.
2.325/F260 The Century Dictionary, photocopy of title page and other pages documenting GBH's involvement as mathematics collaborator, writer, and authority. Copies are from GBH's copy of the book, 1914
3b.35.12 (CDL) Chamberlain, Basil Hall and W. B. Mason. A Handbook for Travellers in Japan. London: John Murray, 1894
Clifford, William Kingdon. The common sense of the exact sciences. NY: D. Appleton, 1885. 271 pp. Includes printed bookseller's label with "Halsted" written on it
Coolidge, Julian Lowell. The Elements of Non-Euclidean Geometry. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1909. With reference to GBH in the index and with handwritten correction by GBH on page 89.
Davis, John Woodbridge. Formulae for the Calculation of Railroad Excavation and Embankment and for Finding Average Haul. New York: Gillid Brotheres, 1877. Sticker reading "G. Bruce Halsted" on frontispiece
Dedekind, Richard. Essays on the theory of numbers. I. Continuity and irrational numbers. II. The nature and meaning of numbers. Chicago: Open Court, 1901. 115 pp.
Dickson, Leonard Eugene. Introduction to the Theory of Algebraic Equations. First edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1903
Dolp, H. Die Determinanten nebst anwendung auf die loesung algerbraischer und analytishch-geometrischer aufgaben. Darmstadt, 1877
Fine, Henry Burchard. A College Algebra. Boston: Ginn & Co., 1904. "Rev. R. F. S. Schwenker, Ph.D., Norwood, Ohio" written on inside front cover
Frankland, William Barrett. Theories of parallelism: an historical critique. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1910. 70 pp. Tipped in inscription by the author "To Professor G.B. Halsted..."
Franklin, William S., Barry MacNutt, and Rollin L. Charles. An Elementary Treatise on Calculus: A Text Book for Colleges and Technical Schools. South Bethlehem, PA: By the Authors, 1913. Inscribed by the authors and containing a separately printed prospectus Outline for Brief Examination of Franklin, MacNutt, and Charles Calculus.
Hageman, S. Miller. The Princeton Poets. Princeton, NJ: University Press by William S. Shar, 1879, 293 pp. Errata slip tipped in at back.
Halsted, George Bruce. Synthetic Projective Geometry, New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1906 [Note: This book was not in GBH's library, it was purchased by BCH and donated to his grandfather's collection.]
Halsted, George Bruce. La contribution non Euclidienne àla philosophie. Translated by P. Barbarin. Bordeaux: G. Gounouilhou, 1909, 39 pp. (Extrait des Mémoires de la Société des Sciences physiques et naturelles de Bordeaux, T. V, 6e ser.)
Hilbert, David. The foundations of geometry. Chicago: Open Court, 1902, 132 pp. Annotated
Hoefer, Ferdinand. Histoire des Mathematiques depuis leurs origines jusqu'au commencement du dix-neuvieme siecle. Paris: Librarie Hachette et Cie., 1874
Johnson, William Woolsey. Curve tracing in Cartesian coordinates. NY: John Wiley, 1884, 86 pp. "George Bruce Halsted" written on flyleaf.
Klein, Felix. On Riemann's theory of algebraic functions and their integrals: a supplement to the usual treatises. Cambridge: Macmillan and Bowes, 1893, 76 pp. Annotated.
Lempriere, John. A Classical Dictionary Containing a Copious Account of All the Proper Names Mentioned in Science Authors, in with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures, Used Among the Greeks and Romans; and a Chronological Table. Sixth American edition. New York: E. Duychinck, Collins & Co., 1827. Inscriptions: inside front cover verso, in pencil: Geo B. Halsted, Jr. from GBH Sep 1, 1870; inside front cover recto, in pencil: inscription and autograph G. B. Halsted; title page, two autographs in pencil and ink: George B. Halsted. 1120 Broad St. Newark, N. J.; page iii, pencil inscription: George B. Halsted 1120 Broad St. Newark, N. J.; inside back cover, verso, pencil inscription; page iii, ink inscription: Nassau Hall Princeton New Jersey, AD 1839.
Lodge, Oliver. Easy mathematics, chiefly arithmetic. London: Macmillan, 1906, 436 pp. With signature: G. B. Halsted
Love, A.E.H. Theoretical mechanics: an introductory treatise on the principles of dynamics. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1897, 379 pp. Printed label on inside front cover: "With the Author's Compliments"
Mach, Dr. Ernst. Contributions to the Analysis of the Sensations. Translated by C. M. Williams. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company, 1897. Signed by GBH on frontispiece
Mach, Ernst. The science of mechanics. Chicago: Open Court, 1902, 605 pp.
Manning, Henry Parker. Non-Euclidean Geometry. Boston: Ginn & Co., 1901. With a reference to GBH in the preface and on pages 92 and 94
Mathematical Papers Read at the International Mathematical Congress held in Connection with the Worlds Columbian Exposition. Chicago: Macmillan & Co. for the American Mathematical Society, 1896. Contains GBH's "Some Salient Points in the History of Non-Euclidean and Hyper-Spaces." Signature of GBH inside front cover.
Morris, Isabel. A Summer in Kieff. London: Ward & Downey, [1891]
Pierpont, James. Lectures on the theory of functions of real variables. Vol. 1. Boston: Ginn & Co., 1905, 560 pp.
Poincaré, H. The Foundations of Science. Authorized translation by GBH. With a special preface by Poincare and an introduction by Josiah Royce. First edition. New York: The Science Press, 1913
Poincaré, H. 1905. Science and hypothesis. Authorized translation by GBH. With a special preface by M. Poincare and an introduction by Professor Josiah Royce. First edition. New York: The Science Press, 1905
Poincaré, H. Science and Hypothesis. Authorized translation by GBH. With a special preface by M. Poincare and an introduction by Professor Josiah Royce. First edition. New York: The Science Press, 1905
Poincaré, H. The Value of Science. Authorized translation with an introduction b GBH, and with a special prefatory essay. New York: The Science Press, 1907
Russell, Bertrand A.W. An essay on the foundations of geometry. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1897, 201 pp.
2.325/F260 Front of the wrapper of Saccheri's Euclides Vindicatus, translated by GBH, Chicago: Open Court Publishing Co., 1920
3b.35.12 (CDL) By a Society. The Mathematician. Number 1. Containing a Dissertation on the Rise, Progress, and Improvement of Geometry: Also, the chief Properties of the Parabola, demonstrated after an easy, short, and elegant Manner…. London: M. Cooper, 1745. Printed sticker reading "George Bruce Halsted" on the top of the second page, handwritten GBH initials on inside back cover
Spence, William. Outlines of a Theory of Algebraical Equations Deduced from the Principles of Harriott…. London: Davis and Dickson, 1814. Limited edition; handwritten note on inside reads "only 80 copies of this work were printed"
Sylvester, J.J. Outline of first - sixth lecture on the partitions of numbers. Woolwich: Royal Artillery Institution, 1859. Printed sticker of George Bruce Halsted on inside front cover
Vahlen, Karl Theodor. Abstrakte Geometrie. Untersuchungen über die Grundlagen der Euklidischen und Nicht-Euklidischen Geometrie. Leipzig: B.G. Teubner, 1905, 302 pp. With an inscription from the author to George Bruce Halsted on the flyleaf.
Vahlen, Theodor. Kronstruktionen und approximationen. Leipzig: Druck und Verlag B. G. Teubner, 1911
Van Vleck, E.B., H.S. White, and F.S. Woods. The Boston colloquium. Lectures on mathematics. Delivered from September 2 to 5, 1903, before members of the American Mathematical Society in connection with the summer meeting held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. NY: for the American Mathematical Society by Macmillan, 1905, 187 pp.
Veblen, Oswald and N. J. Lennes. Introduction to Infinitesimal Analysis, Functions of One Real Variable. First edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1907
Wentworth, G. A. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry and Tables.Boston: Ginn and Company, 1896. Inscribed by A. [F.?] Chew, March 8, 1898 inside front cover, annotated throughout [by GBH?]
Young, W.H. and Grace Chisholm Young. The theory of sets of points. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1906, 316 pp.
Journals and articles:
American Mathematical Monthly. Volume 1. Edited by B. F. Finkel and J. M. Colaw. Kidder, Missouri, [1894]
2.325/F260 Educational Review, Volume VI, No.2, featuring article by GBH entitled "The old and new geometry," [from the collection of J. I. Buck, purchased by Bruce C. Halsted for the collection], September 1893
The Monist, A Quarterly Magazine Devoted to Science [Note: These journals were not part of GBH's original library. They were purchased and donated by Bruce C. Halsted to enhance his grandfather's collection.]:
Vol. XX, no. 3, July 1910, includes GBH's translation of Henri Poincare, "Mathematical Creation," from the original French, pp. 321-335
Vol. XXIII, no. 3, July 1913, includes GBH's translation of Henri Poincare, "The New Mechanics," from the original French, pp. 385-395
3b.35.12 (CDL) Scientiae Baccalaureus. Volume 1, Numbers 1-4. [June 1890-June 1891]. With annotations in the hand of GBH. Volume 1/Number 3 contains GBH's translation into English of Nicolaus Lobatschewsky's Geometrical Researches on the Theory of Parallels, and Volume 1/Number 4 contains GBH's translation into English of John Bolyai's The Science Absolute of Space.
2.325/F260 Offprints:
Halsted, G. B., "Biology and Mathematics," Proceedings, Ohio Academy of Science, Volume IV, Part 5, p. 61 [stamped "From library of D. I. MacDougal" with imprint of "Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Plant Biology"], [1904]
Halsted, G. B., "Biology and Mathematics," Science, N. S. Vol. XXII, No. 554, pp. 161-167, August 11, 1905
Photocopies of articles by GBH. Copied from reprints held by the Princeton University Library:
"Algorithmic Division in Logic," from Popular Science Monthly, [1879?]
"Number, Discrete and Continuous," from Scientiae Baccalaureus, June 1891
"How the New Mathematics Interprets the Old," from The Transactions of the Texas Academy of Science, 1893
"Algebras, Spaces, Logics: An Untechnical Illustration of Development in Pure Science," from Popular Science Monthly, undated
"Mechanical Conversion of Motion," from Von Nostrand's Magazine, undated
3b.35.12 (CDL) Multi-title volumes:
Volume with the following items bound together:
Lobachevskii, Nicholas. Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie der parallellinien. Berlin: G. Fincke, 1840, pp. 1-61 [with annotations in margins];
Klein, Felix. Zur Theorie der Kummer'schen Fläche und der zugehörigen Linien-Complexe zweiten Grades. pp. [1]-6;
Lie, Sophus. 1871. U eber diejenige Theorie eines Raumes mit beliebig vielen Dimensionen, die der Krümmungs-Theorie des gewöhnlichen Raumes entspricht, pp. [191]-209;
Clausius, R. 1871. Ueber die Anwendung einer von mir aufgestellten mechanischen Gleichung auf die Bewegung eines materiellen Punctes um ein festes Anziehungscentrum und zweier materieller Puncte um einander. pp. 245-266;
Klein, Felix. 1871. Ueber die sogenannte Nicht-Euklidische Geometrie. pp. 419-433;
Lie, Sophus. 1871. Zur Theorie eines Raumes von n Dimensionen. pp. 535-566;
Lie Sophus. 1874. Ueber Gruppen van Transformationen. pp. 529-541;
Nöther, M. 1869. Zur Theorie der algebraischen Functionen meherer complexer Variabeln. pp. [1]-8;
Clausius, R. Ueber die Beziehungenb zwischen den bei Centralbewegungen vorkommenden characteristischen Grössen. pp. 1-47;
Critick of the Pure Reason. Chapter II. Transcentental Aesthetic: The Doctrine of Space and Time, and the Explanation of Pure Mathematics. pp. 34-48;
The Companion to the Almanac, or Year-book of General Information for 1839. 61 pp. [Front cover bears GBH's name sticker, and there are 6 pp. of writing in GBH's hand on blank pages at the beginning and end of the volume]
One bound volume with signature and annotations of GBH containing several works. Title "Cajori, 'Mathematics in the U.S.'" on spine:
Cajori, F. The Teaching and History of Mathematics in the United States. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1890. Bureau of Education Circular of Information Number 3.
Zeitschrift fur Philosophie und Philosphische Kritik, Neu Folge, 1878
Judson, C. H. Text-books on Geometry, An Essay. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1872
Richards, E. L. The Study of Elementary Geometry. From the New Englander for July 1883
Eddy, Henry T. An Address on College Mathematics, [from Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Volume XXXIII]. Salem, 1884
Volume with spine labeled "Linkage," containing papers by several authors bound together, including J. J. Sylvester, H. Hart, A. B. Kempe, M. V. Liguine, W. Spottiswoode, E. J. Nanson, T. R. Robinson, Dr. Andrews, J. A. Broun, W. G. Adams, and others. With GBH's name sticker and some handwritten references.
Bound together in one volume with sticker on frontispiece reading "Halsted, George B….A. B., Princeton, 1875; Fellow in Mathematics, Princeton":
Clebsch, A. Theorie des Binären, Algebraischen Formen. Leipsig: Von B. G. Teubner, 1872
Verzeichnis der Verlags. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1871
Story, William E. On the Algebraic Relations Exisiting Between the Polars of a binary Quantic. Leipzig: Metzger & Wittig, 1875



3Y90 Margaret Swearingen Halsted with her children Harbeck, Arthur, and Halcyon, 1899
4RM224 Arthur Halsted in front of the Greeley Electrical Supply Company in Greeley, Colorado, 1912
George Bruce Halsted holding his grandson, Bruce Cushman Halsted, Greeley, 1920
Unidentified neighbor, Margaret Swearingen Halsted, Bruce Cushman Halsted, and Flora Pierce Halsted, Greeley, 1920
3Y90 GBH seated in a rocking chair, ca. 1921
4RM224 Photograph with note on reverse side in handwriting of Margaret Swearingen Halsted: "Grandmama, Gyp [a dog], and Walter in front of Grandmama's house, Greeley, Col., June 1, 1926"
Photograph of Arthur and Harbeck Halsted, sons of George Bruce Halsted, taken in Austin, Texas, undated
Photograph (copy) Frank William Halsted, with an inscription (photocopy) "To the boys Arthur, Harbeck, Halcyon, and Maggie from Uncle George, undated
Two photographs of George Bruce Halsted's father Oliver Halsted, undated
Photograph (copy) of Maj. George Blight Halsted with text on the reverse photocopied "The Hermit and his Hermitage," undated
3Y90 GBH's father, Oliver Spencer Halsted, Jr. [OSH lived in Washington, DC, during the Civil War and served as Mary Todd Lincoln's personal attorney, according to donor], undated
Margaret Swearingen Halsted, wife of GBH, undated