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J. R. Parten Papers, 1890-1899, 1913-1992, 2009

Creator Parten, J. R. (Jubal Richard), 1896-1992
Title: J. R. Parten papers
Dates: 1890-1899, 1913-1992, 2009
Abstract: J. R. Parten Papers, 1890-1899, 1913-1992, 2009, document the life and career of J. R. Parten, Texas oil and sulphur industries entrepreneur, rancher, University of Texas regent and supporter, federal government official, Democratic Party leader and financier, civil libertarian, and anti-Vietnam War and anti-nuclear war activist.
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Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Biographical Note

Jubal Richard (Major, J. R.) Parten, businessman, political activist, philanthropist, and university regent, son of Wayne Lafayette and Ella May (Brooks) Parten, was born at Madisonville, Texas, on February 16, 1896, the sixth of 11 children of one of the pioneer families of Madison County. He spent his youth in Madisonville and graduated from Madisonville High School as valedictorian in 1913. From 1913 to 1917, he studied government and law at the University of Texas and participated in the intercollegiate debate program. After passing the state bar exam, Parten left school and entered the second United States Army Officers Training School at Leon Springs. After earning his initial commission as a captain and becoming an instructor in field artillery, he served tours of duty at Camp Stanley, Texas, and Camp Jackson, South Carolina. On December 15, 1917, Parten married Opal Woodley, a University of Texas student from Shamrock. He left the Army in January 1919 with the rank of major. That same month he joined his father-in-law, Edward L. Woodley, to form the Woodley Company, an oil well drilling firm in Shreveport, Louisiana, that was reorganized and incorporated in 1922 as the Woodley Petroleum Company. As head of Woodley, Parten was a pioneer of the American oil industry. His company made the discovery wells at the Haynesville field in northern Louisiana and at the El Dorado field in southern Arkansas in 1922. Woodley moved its offices from Shreveport to Houston in 1935. It was active in Smackover, Arkansas, at the giant East Texas oilfield, and at fields in west central Texas, eastern New Mexico, and western Canada. In 1931, Parten and Sylvester Dayson of Longview formed the Centex Refining Company, which later became the Premier Refining Company. Premier operated refineries in Longview, Baird, and Fort Worth, Texas, as well as Cotton Valley, Louisiana.

As president of the Independent Petroleum Association of Texas from 1931 until 1934, Parten fought against the federal government's attempts to regulate the production of crude oil. His efforts contributed to the establishment in Texas of the Railroad Commission as the primary regulator of the state's oil industry. Long active in the affairs of the University of Texas, Parten was appointed in 1935 by Governor James Allred to the Board of Regents, of which he was chairman from 1939-41. Parten's accomplishments included the recruitment and hiring of Homer P. Rainey as UT president and Dana X. Bible as head football coach. His most significant contribution, however, may have been his work with UT lands and the Permanent University Fund (PUF). Major Parten was instrumental in changing the oil leasing of UT lands from a closed to an open bidding process, which brought an enormous increase in revenue for the PUF.

During World War II, Parten served as the director of the Transportation Division of the Petroleum Administration for War. He was responsible for seeing that crude oil and oil products were delivered from the Southwest to the East Coast. He coordinated a delivery system of railroad tank cars, river barges, and pipelines that provided fuel for the Allied invasion of Europe in June 1944. His most important contribution was his management of the construction of the War Emergency Pipelines (see BIG INCH AND LITTLE BIG INCH) from East Texas to New York and Pennsylvania. At the time, these were the largest-capacity petroleum pipelines ever constructed. In 1945, President Harry S. Truman appointed Parten chief of staff of the United States delegation to the Allied War Reparations Commission. Serving under Ambassador Edwin Pauley, Parten organized the delegation and participated in the negotiations in Moscow and later at the Potsdam Conference in Berlin. He and fellow delegate Luther Gulick co-authored the final report of the United States delegation in December 1945.

In January 1944, Parten was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He became chairman in January 1947, a position he held until January 1954. He, Dayson, and several prominent Dallas businessmen, including Roland S. Bond, Buddy Fogelson, and Guy I. Warren, organized the Pan American Sulphur Company of Mexico in 1947, a business in which Parten was active until its liquidation in 1976. Under his stewardship as chairman of the board, Pan American developed and operated at Jáltipan, Vera Cruz, Mexico, one of North America's most prolific and profitable sulfur mines. Pan American eventually developed into a major international sulfur company active in European and North American markets.

After selling the Premier Refining Company in 1948, Parten reentered the oil refining business in 1951, when he led a consortium of investors, including Dayson and J. Howard Marshall, to form the Great Northern Oil Company, which built and operated a refinery near St. Paul, Minnesota. Great Northern provided a market for oil produced by the Woodley Company fields in Saskatchewan. When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, President Truman brought Major Parten back to Washington to organize the Petroleum Administration for Defense to ensure fuel supplies for the military effort in Korea. Parten served as a consultant to PAD until January 1953. In January 1961 Stewart Udall, secretary of the interior in the Kennedy administration, appointed Parten his official advisor for oil policy, a post in which Parten remained until June 1961. In April 1960 Parten merged his Woodley Petroleum Company with the Pure Oil Company of Chicago. He served as a director of Pure until it merged with the Union Oil Company of California in July 1965. His last oil enterprise was the Parten Oil Company of Houston, which was especially active in oil and gas exploration and production in the East Texas counties of Madison and Houston. In addition to these corporate endeavors, Parten owned and operated the Greenbrier Ranch in Madison County and the Rattlesnake Ranch in Houston County and was the major stockholder and chairman of the board of the 7-J Stock Farm in Houston County.

As a life-long Democrat, Parten was an active participant in partisan political affairs at the state and national levels. In the 1920s he was a friend and associate of Louisiana governor and senator Huey Long. He served as one of James Allred's chief advisors and raised funds for Allred's 1932 campaign for Texas attorney general and for his two campaigns for governor (1934 and 1936). Parten also served as unofficial manager and fundraiser for Ernest. O. Thompson's successful 1932 and 1934 campaigns for the position of chairman of the Railroad Commission and for his unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1938. Parten became a close friend of Congressman Sam Rayburn during the 1930s and served as one of Rayburn's closest advisors during the years he was speaker of the House of Representatives. After Rayburn's death in 1961, Parten became a director of the Rayburn Foundation, and he made important financial contributions in support of the Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham. From 1944 until the 1970s Parten was associated with the loyalist faction in the state Democratic party that supported the national party's platform and ticket in presidential elections. In that role Parten served as chief fund-raiser and political advisor in Homer Price Rainey's campaign for governor in 1946. He was a member of the group that attempted to unseat Governor R. Allan Shivers's Texas delegation at the Democratic national convention in Chicago in 1952 in a dispute over party loyalty. In 1954 he participated with other wealthy loyalists headed by Frankie Randolph of Houston in establishing the Texas Observer, the loyalist faction's news journal. Parten also played a key part in every political campaign waged by another loyalist, Ralph W. Yarborough. In the 1960s and 1970s Parten was a member of an informal triumvirate of wealthy liberal Democratic fund-raisers that included Waco insurance executive Bernard Rapoport and Dickinson banker Walter Hall. It was this latter group that provided most of the financial support for the unsuccessful gubernatorial campaigns of Frances "Sissy" Farenthold in 1972 and 1974 and for the Texas campaign of 1972 Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern. In 1984 Parten was the principal financial backer of humorist and civil libertarian John Henry Faulk's unsuccessful campaign for Congress.

J. R. Parten was actively involved in education throughout his life. In August 1952 he became a founding director of the Fund for the Republic, a program established by the Ford Foundation to provide grants in support of activities related to civil-liberties education. As an active member of the fund's board of directors, Parten worked closely with its president, Robert Maynard Hutchins, to establish programs, including John Cogley's investigation of the practice of blacklisting in the entertainment industry, Michael Harrington's project on poverty (published as The Other America), and a series of international convocations on Pope John XXIII's encyclical Pacem in Terris. In 1959 Parten was involved in the establishment of the fund's Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, California, a "think tank" for the study of public policy, especially in regard to the civil-rights movement, academic freedom and student rights, constitutional reform, and international relations. Parten served as chairman of the fund's board of directors from February 1974 until his resignation from the board in September 1975.

His relationship with the University of Texas-as a student, regent, and active former student-spanned eighty years. He served as a member of the university's Development Council for more than twenty-five years, and he was a founding member of the Chancellor's Council. In the 1970s Parten joined C. B. Smith to provide funds to establish the university's Walter Prescott Webb Chair. He served on the university's Centennial Commission in 1983. In 1988 he established at the university the J. R. Parten Chair in the Archives of American History and in 1990 the John Henry Faulk Fund for the Bill of Rights. In 1987, in recognition of his significant contributions to the university as well as his many civic and business accomplishments, the University of Texas Ex-Students Association honored Parten with its Distinguished Alumnus award.

J. R. Parten's marriage to Opal Woodley ended in divorce in March 1947. On October 31, 1947, he married Patsy Edwards Puterbaugh of Dallas, a war widow with a young daughter, Patricia (Pepe). This second marriage produced Parten's only child, John Randolph (Randy). After graduation from the University of Texas Law School, Randy joined his father as an executive of Parten Oil Company. Patsy Parten died on April 17, 1975. Parten spent much time and effort in his last years encouraging and supporting work aimed at fostering world peace, serving as an advisor and financial contributor to the American Committee on East-West Accord and the Center for Defense Information. As a philanthropist he provided support to nonprofit programs, including St. Stephen's Episcopal School and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin; the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; and Pacifica Radio and St. John's School in Houston. Parten died at his home in Madisonville on November 9, 1992, of natural causes. He was buried in Madisonville. At the time of his death, he had two grandchildren.

Scope and Contents

J. R. Parten Papers, 1890-1899, 1913-1992, 2009, document Parten's professional and personal activities including his education at the University of Texas at Austin (1913-1917), his career as an independent oil man and founder of Woodley Petroleum Company and the Pan American Sulfur Company, his years as regent of the University of Texas at Austin (1935-1941), his service as head of the Transportation Division of the Petroleum Administration for War (1942-43), his service as chief of staff of the Allied War Reparations Commission (1945), his work in helping to establish the Petroleum Administration for Defense (1950), his service as a member of the governing boards of the Fund for the Republic and its successor the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (1952-1976), his involvement as an activist and fund raiser for the national and Texas Democratic parties, and his support for a wide variety of civil liberties and peace movement organizations. The collection also contains information about a large number of individuals important to the activities described above as well as Parten's employees and extended family.


With some important exceptions, arranged chronologically by subject and alphabetically by names of individuals and organizations. It should be noted that individuals and organizations frequently appear in more than one box and folder in this inventory. The name lists found under the various "miscellaneous" alpha files in boxes 101-115 are not definitive lists of all correspondents in those files. The individuals who are listed have substantive correspondence with Parten in those files and/or they are well-known historical figures. There are, however, many other individuals who have letters in the files but remain unlisted in this inventory. In addition, the correspondence files in box 14 contain letters to and from many individuals listed by name in other boxes and files.


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Personal Names
Allred, James V., 1899-1959
Andrews, Michael, 1944-
Armstrong, Bob
Ashmore, Harry
Baarslag, Karl
Bensten, Lloyd, Jr.
Bible, Dana X., 1891-1980
Blalock, Jack
Blalock, Myron G. (Myron Geer), 1891-1950
Brown, Bruce
Bryant, John
Bullock, Bob
Burck, Arthur
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-....
Chapman, Oscar
Chevigny, Jack E.
Church, Frank
Clark, Edward, 1906-1992
Cogley, John
Connally, John Bowden, 1917-1993
Cranfill, Tom
Davies, Ralph K.
Dayson, Sylvester
Dickson, Fagan, 1904-1977
Dies, Martin, 1900-1972
Dugger, Ronnie
Eckhardt, Bob.
Farenthold, Frances (Frances Tarlton), 1926-
Faulk, John Henry
Fogelson, E. E.
Fouts, Elwood
Hardeman, D. B. (D. Barnard), 1914-1981
Hoffman, Paul
Hofstadter, Richard, 1916-1970
Hurt, George
Hutchins, Robert
Ickes, Harold
Jaworski, Leon (undifferentiated)
Jester, Buford H.
Kelly, Frank K.
La Rocque, Gene R. (Gene Robert), 1918-
Lewis, Fulton, Jr.
Marcus, Stanley, 1905-
Marshall, J. Howard (James Howard), 1905-1995
McNutt, Paul V.
Moos, Malcolm
Moran, W. T.
Parten, Ella May
Parten, John Randolph
Parten, Patsy Edwards
Parten, Wayne Lafayette
Randall, Edward, Dr.
Rapoport, Bernard, 1917-2012
Rayburn, Sam, 1882-1961
Reeves, Thomas
Roper, Elmo, 1900-1971
Sherman, Dallas
Sherman, Opal Woodley Parten
Shivers, Allan, 1907-1985
Spies, John, Dr.
Spies, Tom D. (Tom Douglas), 1902-1960
Starck, J. Lutcher
Thompson, E. O.
Wild, Claude
Willens, Harold
Wolf, Justin
Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-1996
Corporate Names
Allied Commission on Reparations
American National Research Report
American friends service committee
B'nai B'rith. Anti-defamation League
Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace (Organization)
Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund
Centenary-College of Louisiana
Center for Defense Information (Washington, D.C.)
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association
Daily Texan (Austin, Tex. : 1913)
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Ex-students' Association of the University of Texas
Facts Forum News
Federal reserve bank of Dallas
Ford foundation
Fund for the Republic
Great Northern Oil Company
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Independent Petroleum Association of Louisiana
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute
National petroleum Council
Pacem in Terris Convocation
Pan American Sulphur Company
Plymouth Monthly Meeting
Potsdam Conference (1945 : Potsdam, Germany)
Premier Oil and Refining Company
Pure Oil Company
Railroad Commission of Texas
Seven J Stock Farm
Texas Memorial Museum
Texas Observer Co.
Texas Western College
The University of Texas at Austin
Union Oil Company Cooperative (U.S.)
United States. Congress
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities
United States. Department of the Interior. Oil and Gas Division
United States. National Transportation Safety Board
United States. Petroleum Administration for Defense
United States. Petroleum Administration for War
University of Texas Longhorn Band
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas at Austin. University Centennial Exposition
University of Texas at El Paso
University of Texas medical branch at Galveston
University of Texas.
University of Texas. Athletic Council
University of Texas. Board of Regents.
University of Texas. School of Law
Woodley Petroleum Company
Antinuclear movement
Banks and banking
Blacklisting of entertainers
Civil rights
Education, Higher
Freedom of the press
Korean War (1950-1953)
Military policy
Peace movements
Petroleum industry and trade
Petroleum law and legislation
Petroleum pipelines
Petroleum refineries
Politics, Practical
Radio broadcasting
Sulfur industry
War reparations
World War (1939-1945)
New York
Saint Paul
Santa Barbara
United States
Washington, D.C.

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J. R. Parten Papers, 1890-1899, 1913-1992, 2009, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2.325/A143a [SRH1230000261] "Recollections of a Life:" An Interview with J. R. Parten, Don E. Carleton, transcript, 1983-1986
"Merger" by Dallas O. Bossort, which describes the story of the Woodley/Pure/Union mergers in Calgary between 1960-1965, 2009
2.325/A143b [SRH1230000262] Photograph caption identifying individuals of the United States 200th Coast Artillery Unit, [Photograph removed to Parten photographs], November 29, 1941
Letter to J. R. Parten from Congressman Jack Brooks, regarding photograph of Parten and Brooks, [Photograph removed to Parten photographs], September 24, 1964
World War II reparations, miscellaneous
Governor Shivers, miscellaneous
Petroleum Administration for Defense, 1941, 1943, 1950, 1952
Article on J. R. Parten, Investor's Reader, November 21, 1951
National Defense Program, record of proceedings, February-March 1943
Pure Oil Company, photographs, correspondence and legal transcripts, 1966
Texas primary, 1954
Letter from Mara Youngdahl, regarding Marxism, 1983
Letter from Walter G. Sterling regarding the Hermann Hospital Development Council, 1972
3C112 [SRH1230015228] "Responsibilities of the University Regent," speech, 1966
2AA41 [SRH1230020416] Preview of Texas, March 1951
Certificates, circa 1943, 1963
Special Aviation Gasoline Report from the Petroleum Administration for War, [1943]
3S204 [SRH1230022777] Oversize photographs
3S93a [SRH1230029452] Photographs
3S93b [SRH1230029453] Photographs
3S63c [SRH1230027762] Photographs
3T406g Panoramic photograph
3V41 [SRH1230030220] Photographs
4J296 [SRH1230032530] Scrapbook, circa 1930-circa 1939
Presidential inauguration invitation, 1941
Correspondence, articles, publications
Book: Petroleum Industry War Council, 1945

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Woodley Petroleum, 1919-1960
2.116/1 [09713070] Waller Mineral Land, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, 1919
Wheeler Mineral Land, Webster Parish, Louisiana, 1922-1927
Hicks Mineral Land, Bossier Parish, Louisiana, 1924
Hardaway Mineral Land, Webster Parish, Louisiana, 1925-1936
Hegwood Royalty, Union County, Arkansas, 1925-1931
Hardin Field, Liberty County, Texas, 1937-1942
Miscellaneous records and correspondence, 1925-1935
Sale of Woodley stock, 1948-1950
Annual reports, Woodley Petroleum, 1928-1960
J.R. Parten's airplane flight log book
Miscellaneous "keepsake" papers
Personal, 1926-1939
2.116/2 [09713127] Pinckney, Stephen L., 1933
Siadous, C.H., 1932-1939
Wings, Inc., 1934-1939
Webb, Joe E., 1934-1939
Wheeler, Nick, 1934-1936
Wild, Claude, 1934-1951
Woodley Petroleum, 1927-1938
Huey Long speeches, March 1929
Centenary College, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1932
Trinity River Canal, 1938-1939
Business, 1938-1955
2.116/2 [09713127] Stock records
Correspondence, 1938-1940
Yuan development, 1940-1941
Servicemen Hall of Honor, 1945
Community Broadcasting Company of Fort Worth, 1947
American Independent Oil Company, 1947
Seven J Stock Farm, 1949-1952
Texas Star Broadcasting Company, 1940-1943
Politics, 1931-1938
2.116/3 [09714731] Texas politics, recommendations, 1931
National politics, 1932
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1932
Texas politics, 1932-1936
National election, 1936
Texas and national politics, 1937
Politics, miscellaneous, 1938-1941
Allred campaign for Governor of Texas, 1934
Allred recollections
Burlage, R., "James V. Allred-Texas Liberal Governor", 1959
Wild, Claude, 1935-1941
Allred campaign for U.S. Senate, 1942
E.O. Thompson campaigns for Texas Railroad Commission, 1936-1938
Rainey campaign for Governor of Texas, 1946
2.116/4 [09714710] Sinclair, Boyd
Hardeman, D.B.
Press releases, run-off
Rainey for Governor clubs
Dallas Morning News
Rainey petition for hearing, Federal Communications Commission, July 1946
Quotation, regarding negro education, from Rainey speech, July 1944
Rainey address at Sherman, Texas, June 4, 1946
Rainey address at Austin, Texas, July 5, 1946
Rainey campaign speeches, miscellaneous, May-August, 1946
Rainey radio addresses
Newspaper clippings
2.116/5 [unk_110931] Newspaper clippings
Texas Weekly Spectator, 1946
Texas and national politics, 1946-1948
Political files
2.116/6 [09714866] Allan Shivers deposition, Landergott v. Bentsen, 1952
Yarborough-Shivers campaign for Governor of Texas
Democratic National Convention, 1952
Pamhplet, "The Texas Story: Democrats vs. Dixiecrats"
Democratic Party National Committee, 1952-1962
Correspondence, reports
Democratic National Convention brochure, 1956
Democratic National Convention, 1960
Miscellaneous clippings, presidential election, 1960
2.116/7 [09713116] Texas and national politics, 1951
Texas Democratic Women's State Committee, 1951-1954
Presidential elections, 1952
2.116/7 [09713116] Clippings
Democratic committee
Republican committee
Yarborough-Shivers, 1954
Democratic State Convention, 1956
Democratic State Convention, 1958
Democratic State Convention, 1960
Presidential election, 1960
Presidential election, 1964
Presidential inauguration, 1965
Presidential election, 1968
2.116/8 [09713091] Federal Reserve Bank, 1944-1949
2.116/9 [09713138] Federal Reserve Bank, 1950-1956
Allied Commission on Reparations, 1945
2.116/10 [09713069] Report on German Reparations, 3 vols., typescript
Progress reports
General correspondence
Staff memoranda
Newspaper and magazine clippings
J. R. Parten personal correspondence
Provisions of the Berlin Protocol Relating to Reparations
Pan American Sulfur Company
2.116/10 [09713069] History of Pan American Sulfur Company, by James A. Clark
Parten v. Pure Oil
2.116/11 [09713080] Jaworski opinion
Langfitt, J. Porter
Union & Pure v. Parten
2.116/12 [09712838] Miscellaneous Pure Oil files (Director's Files)
News releases, etc.
Pure Oil
2.116/13 [09713058] Miscellaneous Pure Oil files
Lisbon unit
General correspondence
Board meetings
2.116/14 [09714913] Texas Spectator Weekly, 1945
American Legion
2.116/14 [09714913] Membership, 1932-1956
Commission on Postwar America, 1943-1945
American Petroleum Institute, 1932-1957
Government Committee for National Trade Policy, 1954-1960
Mid-continent Oil and Gas Association, 1944-1956
National Defense Aviation Board, 1940-1942
Parten general correspondence, 1942-1943, 1945, 1948-1951, 1955-1959
Premier Oil and Refining files
2.116/15 [unk_110932] Sale of Stock
Correspondence, 1934, 1935, 1939, 1944-1948
American Mineral Spirits Company, 1938
Premier, Fort Worth Plant, 1941-46
Great Northern Oil Company, 1951-1965
2.116/16 [09714877] Great Northern Oil Company, general correspondence
Minnesota Pipeline Company, general correspondence
South Saskatchewan Pipeline Company, general correspondence
University of Texas files, 1928-1935
2.116/17 [09714957] University lands, 1928
Athletic Council, 1929-1931
University of Texas miscellaneous, 1932
University of Texas reports, 1933
Athletic Council, 1932
Football, 1933
Regents minutes, 1934
University of Texas trust funds, 1934
University of Texas miscellaneous, 1934
University of Texas reports, 1934
University of Texas football, 1934
Regents correspondence, 1935
Leo Haynes file, 1935
Regents Legislative Committee, 1935
University of Texas lands (Maps), 1935
University of Texas regent files
2.116/18 [09714924] Rainey controversy, 1944
University of Texas files
2.116/19 [09714855] Cotton Bowl Association, 1944-1950
Development Board, 1945-1950
Ex-Students Association, 1945-1946
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties, 1945
Dr. Painter and Rainey controversy, clippings, 1946
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1947-1951
Board of Regents, Charles Murphy case, 1940
Board of regents, minutes, 1940-1941
Dental branch, 1950
Election of Chancellor, 1950
Reports, 1950
University of Texas regent files
2.116/20 [09714844] Development Board, 1951-1955
Cotton Bowl Association, 1951-1959
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1952-1956
M.D. Anderson Hospital, 1952-1955
Reports, 1951-1953
2.116/21 [09714935] Board of Regents, minutes, June-December, 1936
Board of Regents, minutes, 1937
J.W. Calhoun
Board of Regents, miscellaneous correspondence, 1937
Leo C. Haynes, regents secretary, 1937
University of Texas departments, miscellaneous correspondence, 1937
H.Y. Benedict, 1937
George E. Hurt, band director, 1937
J.W. Walker, University of Texas land officer, 1937
Attorney General, regarding University of Texas lands, 1937
Board of Regents, university lands, 1937
State Land Commissioner, 1937
Landreth Strip, Church & Fields Pool; University of Texas lands, 1937
Land bill, 1937
University of Texas land, University of Texas attorney, 1937
Lease form, University of Texas land (revised), 1937
J.R. Parten speech, "Some of the University's problems", 1937
Legislative statistics, 1937
Correspondence regarding University of Texas related legislation, 1937
Appropriations, 1937
Boiler regulation bill, 1937
University of Texas regent files
2.116/22 [09714899] Prospective football coaches, 1937
Dana X. Bible, 1937
Athletic Council, 1937
Athletics, 1937
Reports, 1937-1938
Regents minutes, January-May, 1938
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1938
J.W. Calhoun, 1938
2.116/23 [09714968] Prospects for appointment to Presidency
Leo C. Haynes
Dr. K.H. Aynesworth
Justin Miller
Paul V. McNutt
Luther H. Gulick
Homer P. Rainey
Legislative appropriations, 1939
Gregory Athletic Dormitory
Dana X. Bible
Latin American Institute
Daily Texan
Texas Memorial Museum
Advisory Council of Education
University Development Board
Research Council
University of Texas lands
Minutes, Board of regents
2.116/24 [09714833] J.W. Walker, 1938
Lease form, University of Texas land, 1938
Medical School, 1938
J.R. Parten, Phi Beta Kappa address, 1938
Reports, 1938
Regents minutes, 1939
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1939
Charles Murphy case and other complaints, 1939
Miscellaneous correspondence, faculty, 1939
Leo C. Haynes, regents secretary, 1939
Inauguration of President Homer P. Rainey, 1939
Homer P. Rainey, 1939
Athletic Council, 1939
2.116/25 [09714753] Miscellaneous athletics, 1939
Football newspaper clippings, 1939
Hogg estate gift, 1939
W.S. Hayward; regarding E. Randall biography, 1939
Association of Governing Boards of State Universities, 1939
J.R. Parten address to Texas Ex-Students, March 2, 1939
Development Board, 1939
Latin American Institute, 1939
Daily Texan,, 1939
Texas Memorial Museum, 1939
Dean, Law School, 1939
Public relations, 1939
Duplication in state institutions of higher learning, 1939
Legislative appropriations, 1939
Medical School, 1939
Dean John Spies, Medical School, 1939
Medical School, background, 1939
2.116/26 [09713047] University lands, 1939
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1939
Reports and pamphlets, 1938-1939
Leo C. Haynes, regents secretary, 1940
Homer Price Rainey, 1940
Arthur Brandon, public relations, 1940
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1940
2.116/27 [09714742] J.W. Calhoun, 1940
Miscellaneous complaints, 1940
A. Gafney complaint, 1940
Miscellaneous correspondence, University of Texas departments, 1940
Dean of University of Texas Law School, 1940
Development Board, 1940
Advisory Council on Education, 1940
University of Texas and World War II, 1940
Athletics, miscellaneous, 1940
Association of Governing Boards, 1940
Hogg Estate, 1940
Texas Memorial Museum, 1940
Medical School, general, 1940
Dr. Edward Randall, Sealy & Smith Foundation, 1940
University lands, 1940
Reports and pamphlets, 1940
2.116/28 [09712805] Athletics, 1940
Football, newspaper clippings, 1940
Homer Price Rainey, 1941
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1941
Leo C. Haynes, regents secretary, 1941
Association of Governing Boards, 1941
Development Board
Hogg Estate
Miscellaneous correspondence, University of Texas departments, 1941
Martin Dies, charges of Communism at University of Texas, 1941
Complaints, 1941
Medical branch, 1941
Football, 1941
University lands, 1941
Cotton Bowl, 1941
Miscellaneous University of Texas publications
2.116/29 [09712827] University lands, 1941
Football, 1941
Football newspaper clippings, 1941
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, 1941
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1942
Medical branch, 1942
Board for Lease of University Lands
University Development Board, 1942
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, 1942
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1943
University Development Board, 1943
Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, 1943
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1944
Texas Ex-Students Association, 1944
University Development Board, 1944
Report by Rainey; Rainey controversy, 1944
Dr. Rainey's statement to faculty, October 12, 1944
Correspondence regarding Bobbit broadcast, November 9, 1944
Correspondence regarding Parten statements before Texas Senate and Harris County Ex-Students Association, 1944
University of Texas Board of Regents, Rainey controversy, October 1944
Rainey controversy, personal correspondence, 1944
Rainey controversy, November-December 1944
Statements and reports concerning regents, October 1944, November 4, 1944
Resolutions passed by Ex-Students Association, 1944
University of Texas files
2.116/30 [09712769] Board of Lease, University lands, 1935
Land Committee, Board of Regents, 1935
Land Committee reports and maps, 1935
Indian land sales, 1935
Reagan County purchasing suit, 1935
Landreth Strip, Church and Fields Pool, 1935
Texas Memorial Museum, 1935
High school and junior college football newspaper clippings, 1935
Board of Regents minutes, 1935
University of Texas football, 1935
Athletic Council, 1935
Jack E. Chevigny, football coach, 1935
Finance Committee, 1935
H.Y. Benedict, President, 1935
J.W. Calhoun, Comptroller, 1935
Leo C. Haynes, board secretary, 1935
College of Mines and Metallurgy, El Paso, 1935
Miscellaneous University of Texas pamphlets and reports, 1935
2.116/31 [unk_110933] Miscellaneous correspondence, 1936
George Hurt, University of Texas band director, 1936
Legislature, Pope resolution, 1935
Education newspaper clippings, 1935
Oil and gas royalty audits, 1935
University lands, 1935
Minutes, Board of Regents, January-May 1936
University of Texas coaches, recommendations, 1936
J.W. Calhoun, Comptroller, 1936
Jack E. Chavigny, football coach, 1936
H.Y. Benedict, president, 1936
Leo C. Haynes, board secretary, 1936
Honorary degrees, 1936
Daily Texan,, 1936
University of Texas Faculty Club, 1936
University of Texas Longhorn Band, 1936
Legislative Committee, Board of Regents, 1936
Department of Endowment and Public Relations, 1936
University Centennial Exposition, 1936
College of Mines and Metallurgy, El Paso, 1936
Land Committee and Board for Lease, 1936
University lands, 1936
2.116/32 [09712816] Landreth Strip, Church and Fields Pool, 1936
Athletic Council, 1936
Advisory Council on Education, 1936-1937
Reagan County purchasing suit, 1936
Miscellaneous reports, 1936
Texas Memorial Museum, 1936-1937
Library Committee, 1937
Board of Regents miscellaneous, 1937
Prospects for President, 1937
The Daily Texan, editorial policy, 1937
Department of Endowment and Public Relations, 1937
Fund for the Republic
2.116/33 [09712791] Hatch and Parent, Attorneys, 1974-1975
Review of Reeves' Freedom and the Foundation, 1970
Reorganization, 1975
Executive Committee, 1954-1976
Directors and staff, 1968-1975
By-laws, resolutions and certificate of incorporation
Consultants meetings, 1961
Public Relations Committee, 1955-1956
Memo to the Ford Foundation, 1953
Chicago plan, 1975
Trust agreement, 1975-1976
Reorganization of the Center, 1969
Personnel, general
Selection of the President, 1953-1954
Applications, 1953
New Dramatist Committee, 1954
Center Committee, Houston, 1973
Committee on Future Organization, 1972
Education projects, 1953
Severance pay, 1975
Elizabeth Borgese, 1974
Ginsburg, 1974
Advisory Committee, 1974
Audit Committee, 1975
Awards Committee, 1955-1959
Investment Committee, 1969-1974
Continuation Committee, 1961
Endowment Campaign Fund, 1972-1974
Committee on Endowment Meeting, August 16, 1974
Committee on Endowment Meeting, September 10, 1974
Funding Committee, 1973
Investment Committee, 1953-1971
Joint Committee on Organization, 1970
2.116/34 [09712770] Karl Baarslag
American National Research Report, newsletters, 1955
Facts Forum News, March 1955
Miscellaneous correspondence and material
Fund for the Republic and McCarthyism (Reeves)
American Legion
Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'rith
National Committee on Community Foundations
Southern Association of Nieman Fellows
Southern Baptist Convention
Southern Regional Council
American Friends Service Committee
Plymouth Monthly Meeting
Hutchins' Hillman Award Speech, 1959
Stanley Marcus dinner, 1964
Paul Hoffman dinner, 1966
Hutchins dinner, Ramada Club, 1962
Bishop Bike luncheon, 1967
American Traditions award dinner, 1957
Elmo Roper dinner, 1963
Fund dinner, Ramada Club, 1961
Fund dinner, Washington D.C., 1961
Hutchins tribute dinner, New York, 1965
Radio and television transcripts of programs related to the Fund, 1955-1958
Miscellaneous speech transcripts related to the Fund, 1955-1959
Fulton Lewis, Jr. radio broadcast transcripts, 1955-1958
2.116/35 [09714902] Miscellaneous publications
2.116/36 [09714888] Mike Wallace's "Survival and Freedom" television series, transcripts and publicity, 1958-1959
"The Living Constitution" television series, Eric Goldman, moderator, transcripts, 1960
Proposal for Edward Greenfield television program, 1958
"A Program for Indian Citizens," summary report, 1961
Miscellaneous speech files (not by Parten), 1952-1974
Copies of miscellaneous magazine articles, 1970s
List of publications, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Miscellaneous clippings, from "unidentified person"
Press releases
J.R. Parten pledges, 1963-1975
"A Study of Watts", 1967
Swander, "Reason and the Future of Democracy", 1962
Lyford, " The Talk in Vandalia", 1963
Eugene McCarthy, "A Study of the American Character", 1961
2.116/37 [09714651] Operations Review Committee, 1959
Overhead Committee, 1958
Planning Committee, 1953
Budget, 1961-1970
Gary Cadenhead, 1971-1976
Pledge letters
Statement of assets and liabilities
Hill, Mathis & Smitt, consulting report, 1977
Financial statements
A. Scott Kelso, 1971-1975
Miscellaneous memoranda to board members, 1956-1975
Reese Committee hearings, 1954
Committee on Un-American Activities, 1956-1960
2.116/38 [09714630] Correspondence regarding financing, 1974-1975
Moos controversy, 1974-1975
Mailing list
Bella v. Dodd v. Harper & Bros., 1958
Ford Foundation, 1952-1954
Letters of criticism, 1955-1961
Matters for discussion, 1954-1956
Benitez, U.S., Cuba and Latin America
Ford Foundation, trustees and officers
Robert Hutchins, "Living Without Guilt," transcript
Promotion of books on Communism in American life, 1961
Merger-Fund for Peace
The Center Magazine
General correspondence files, 1952-1975
Directors and staff, correspondence, 1953-1968
2.116/39 [09712780] Requests and grants, 1952-1963
British Press Council, 1955
Jewish labor Committee report, 1957
Dialogue discussion papers
Role of the corporation in the development of the Law of the Deep Seas
The Art of Government, 1960
American Traditions Project, 1957-1958
Committee reports, 1954-1955
Basic Issues program
Individual Freedom and the Common Defense Project
Walter Millis, "The Constitution and the Common Defense"
John Cogley's testimony, House Un-American Activities Committee, 1956
2.116/40 [09714662] Civil liberties and civil rights organizations
Report of the Committee on the Communist Record, 1953
Cogley report on blacklisting, 1956
Democratic freedom and national security
Mass Media Project
Loyalty-security case study
John Cogley, "Political Blacklisting in the Motion picture Industry"
Marie Jahoda, "Anti-Communism and Employment Practices in Radio and Television", 1956
Citizens Commission on Security
Individual freedom and common defense
Burdick and Hoffman, "Politics and the Citizen", 1959
Three year review, 1956
2.116/41 [09714709] Meeting notices
Minutes of Board of Directors meetings
Convocation on "The University", 1966
Nominating Committee
Income tax
2.116/42 [09714684] Minutes of Board of Directors meetings
Convocation on "The University", 1966
Replacement of Robert Hutchins
Pacem in Maribus
Meeting, May 1957
Tenth Anniversary Convocation
Miscellaneous files on the Pacem in Terris convocations
2.116/43 [09714673] Pacem in Terris convocation, 1965
Geneva Conference, 1965-1967
Richard Hofstadter's memorandum on pressure groups, 1958
Japan-American Conference on China Policies, 1969
Miscellaneous convocations
Frank Kelly, special reports to the directors, 1958-1966
Directors and staff
President's reports, 1971-1976
Consultants, 1956-1959
Associate members, 1969-1975
Senior fellows, 1968-1974
Robert Hutchins, reports to the directors, 1956-1957
Donald McDonald, "Militarism in America", 1969
List of Texas members
Founding members
Outside participants
Newspaper clippings
2.116/44 [09714695] Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
Miscellaneous publications
Transcript, Thomas Reeves interview with Parten, 1956
2.116/45 [09714946] Miscellaneous publications regarding civil liberties/civil rights
Comfort vs. Fund for the Republic, Parten deposition, 1976
2.116/46 [09714629] General files, 1955-1961
Letters of praise
Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, New York, Eucalyptus Hill Property, 1975
Harry Ashmore, 1961-1975
Ashmore controversy, 1975
"B" file
W.C. Baggs
Arthur Burck
"C" file
Chester Carlson
Comfort v. Fund for the Republic
"D" file
"E" file
"F" file
Ferry, "Democratic Foreign Policy and the Voter"
W.H. Ferry
"G" file
"H" file
"K" file
Robert Hutchins, general file
Hutchins, columns
"I" file
"J" file
Frank Keegan
Frank Kelly correspondence
2.116/47 [11099575] Reports and recommendations to the board, 1954-1970
2.116/48 [11099542] Frank Kelly, correspondence, 1964-1968
Frank Kelly, miscellaneous
Frank Kelly testimony, Federal Communications Commission, January 12, 1960
Irving Laucks file
Edward Lamb file, 1974-1975
Bill Laughlin file, 1975
Dr. David W. Louisell file
Joseph P. Lyford file
Francis McAllister file
Bill Moyers, 1973
Malcolm Moos file
Warner Neal, 1974
Paul Newman letter, 1975
John L. Perry file, 1968-1969
Bishop James A. Pike, 1966-1969
Bernard Rapoport, 1974-1975
Leo B. Sager, 1969
H.D. Swander, "Reason and the Future of Democracy"
Peter Tagger file
Rexford G. Tugwell, 1972
Sander Vanocur, 1974
"W" file, 1973-1975
Harvey Wheeler file
Board meetings, June 1971-November 1972
Board meeting, October 8, 1973
Board meeting, June 28, 1975
Special board meeting, May 10, 1975
Board meetings, March 1973-February 1975
2.116/49 [11099553] Newsfilm Project, 1956-1957
Swedish Press Fair Practices Board, 1955
Three year report, 1956
Interracial problems, 1954-1957
John Howard Griffith, "What Happened in Mansfield"
Barbara Smith [Conrad] incident, Texas, 1956
College desegregation in Beaumont, Texas, 1956
McKeon, et. al., "The Freedom to read Report", 1956
Millis, Australian Royal Commission report, undated
Reader's Digest, 1956-1957
Progress reports, projects and grants, 1958-1960
Rowland Watts, "The Draftee and Internal Security", 1956
Adam Yarmolinsky, "Case Studies in Personal Security"
Robert Cushman, "Civil Liberties in the United States"
Lazerfield and Thielens, "Teacher Apprehension Study", 1955
Religion and the Free Society, 1958-1961
"The Press and the People", 1959
Walter Millis, "Notes on a Foreign Policy for the Free Society"
Walter Millis, "Study of War and Democratic Institutions"
"Obsolescence of Liberal Constitutionalism"
Frederick Meyers, "Right to Work Laws in Texas", 1958
Study of the U.S. Immigration Service, 1962
Oil politics, 1929-1932
2.116/50 [11099688] Louisiana politics [oil and gas severance tax], 1928
Texas Railroad Commission, 1930
Proration problem, 1930-1931
Correspondence, including Dan Moody, Myron Blalock, Joe Danciger, James V. Allred and C.V. Terrell
Tariff on oil, Independent Petroleum Association, 1, 1929-1931
Unitization problem, 1929-1931
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1931-1932
East Texas Oil Arbitration Committee, 1931
Interstate Oil Compact, 1932
Washington Oil Conference, 1933
Independent Petroleum Association of Louisiana, 1932
Texas Oil and Gas Conservation Association, 1932
Charles F. Roeser correspondence
Federal Oil Control, 1933
Correspondence includes John B. Elliott, Wirt Franklin, Gordon Burns, Tom Connally and Jack Blalock
Independent Petroleum Association of America, 1932
Oil, 1932-1933
2.116/51 [11099586] Proration problem, 1932-1933
Anti-trust suit, James V. Allred, 1933
Claude C. Wild, Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1932
National Industrial Recovery Act, Oil Code Conferences, 1933
Hunt vs. Smith, et al, proration case, 1933
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1933
J. R. Parten, President, files
Oil, 1933-1934
2.116/52 [11099906] Texas Railroad Commission hearings, 1933
Proposed Oil and Gas Commission
Claude Wild, Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1933
Petroleum Administration Board, U. S. Department of the Interior, 1933-34
Independent Petroleum Association of America, 1933
Bruce Clagett, National Petroleum Council, 1933
Oil taxation, 1933
Oil flow reports, East Texas, 1933
Pipeline divorcement [legislation], 1933
National Industrial Recovery Act Oil Code, Planning and Coordination Committee, 1933
Texas Petroleum Council, 1933-34
National Industrial Recovery Act Oil Code, Regional Transportation Committee, 1933
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings regarding federal oil control, 1933
Independent Petroleum Association of California, 1934
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1934
Oil taxation issues, 1934
Amazon vs. Texas Railroad Commission, proration case, 1934
Thomas-Ickes Oil Production Control Bill, 1934
Oil, 1934-1941
2.116/53 [11099870] Thomas-Ickes Oil Production Control Bill, 1934
Independent Petroleum Association of America, 1934
National Industrial Recovery Act Oil Code, Regional Transportation Committee, 1934
National Industrial Recovery Act Oil Code, Planning and Coordination Committee, 1934
Miscellaneous regarding federal control of oil, 1935
Ernest O. Thompson, Texas Railroad Commission, 1934-37
Independent Petroleum Association of California, 1935
Miscellaneous regarding oil industry and politics, 1936
Federal oil control fight, J. M. West Account, 1936
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1935
Sale of state confiscated oil, 1938-39
Federal Power Commission Investigation: natural gas, 1938
Joseph Pogue statement, Temporary National Economic Commission, 1938
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1939
Miscellaneous speeches, oil, 1939
Federal legislation affecting the oil industry, 1940
State regulation of the oil industry, 1941
Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense, Correspondence with Harold Ickes, 1941
Petroleum Administration for War (PAW) files, 1942-1943
2.116/54 [11099779] General files, 1942
Director of Transportation, letter of congratulation, 1942
Reports, 1942
Supply program, 1942
Miscellaneous magazines and reports regarding transportation, 1942
Letters of commendation, 1943
Director of Transportation, personal correspondence, 1943-1944
Petroleum Administration for War (PAW) files, 1942-1943
2.116/55 [11099917] Transport Committee reports, 1942
Waterway reports, 1942
Testimony and statements by J. R. Parten and others, 1943
Parten daily record, 1942-1943
Petroleum Administration for War (PAW) files, 1942-1945
2.116/56 [11100110] Transportation Committee reports, 1942-1943
Big Inch Pipeline reports, 1943
Waterway reports, 1943
Magazines with articles regarding oil transportation, 1943
Government owned pipelines, 1944
Petroleum Industry War Council, 1944
Personal correspondence, 1944
Reports, 1945
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1945
Petroleum Administration for War and Post-war oil files, 1945-1948
2.116/57 [11100142] Petroleum Industry War Council, 1945-46
Government owned pipelines, 1945
Postwar disposal of pipelines, refineries and tankers, 1945
Petroleum Administration for War reports, 1946
Parten personal correspondence, Petroleum Administration for War, 1946
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1946
National Petroleum Council, 1946-1948
Council of Economic Advisors to the President, 1946
Military Petroleum Advisory Committee, 1947-1948
Post-war oil files/Petroleum Administration for Defense (PAD), 1948-1950
2.116/58 [11100131] Military Petroleum Advisory Board, 1948-1950
Petroleum Administration for Defense
Independent Petroleum Association of Texas, 1949-1950
National Petroleum Council, 1949-1950
Petroleum Administration for Defense, 1950
Executive orders
Newspaper clippings
Aviation gasoline
Petroleum Administration for Defense/National Petroleum Council, 1951-1958
2.116/59 [11207292] Petroleum Administration for Defense, 1951
Industrial Advisory Committee
Correspondence, miscellaneous memoranda and publications
Petroleum Administration for Defense, Parten personnel record, 1953
Military Petroleum Advisory Board, 1951-1952
National Petroleum Council, 1951-1958
General correspondence
Transportation committee
Walter Hallanan testimonial dinner, 1952
Committee on Bunker C fuel supply
Committee on Government Oil and Gas
Oil import regulation
Department of the Interior, Oil and Gas Division, 1955
Bruce K. Brown, "PAD Diary," typescript
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1958-1961
2.116/60 [11207226] National Petroleum Council, 1958-1961
Oil import regulation
Transportation Committee
Emergency oil and gas mobilization
Petroleum storage facilities
Agenda Committee
Military Petroleum Advisory Board, 1960
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1961-1962
2.116/61 [11207248] National Petroleum Council reports
Fuel oil import controls
Appointment of Oil and Gas Division director, Department of the Interior
Petroleum group, Department of State
Military Petroleum Advisory Board
Parten, miscellaneous recommendations for federal appointments
Parten, consultant to Secretary of the Interior Udall
Mandatory oil import control
Illegal Mexican oil imports at Brownsville, Texas
Oil import hearings
Miscellaneous regarding oil imports
Oil imports from Puerto Rico and Panama
Walter Levy, "Evolution of the Oil Import Quota Program"
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1961-1962
2.116/62 [11207270] Mandatory Oil Imports Control Program
Congressional hearings transcripts, 1961
National Petroleum Council, 1962
Report on transportation
Report on oil exports from the Soviet Union
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1962-1964
2.116/63 [11207306] J. Cordell Moore, Oil Import Administration, 1962
Report on evaluating U. S. crude oil Rresources, 1962
Oil imports, 1962-1963
FPC Report, sales by producers of natural gas, 1962
Dispute over emergency jurisdiction of pipelines, 1963
National Petroleum Council, 1963-64
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1964-1966
2.116/64 [11207237] National Petroleum Council, 1964-1966
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1966
2.116/65 [11207281] Emergency Petroleum and Gas Administration, 1966
Operating manuals
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1966-1967
2.116/66 [11207260] Emergency Petroleum and Gas Administration, 1966-1967
Operating manuals and miscellaneous
National Petroleum Council, 1967
Petroleum industry/government relations, 1967-1970
2.116/67 [11207259] Department of the Interior, 1967-1969
News releases
National Petroleum Council, 1968-1970
Miscellaneous news releases, correspondence
Mandatory Oil Imports Control Program, 1968
2.116/68 [11207000] Northern Oil Pipe Line Co.
Miscellaneous, Canadian oil
Canadian oil
2.116/68 [11207000] Maps
Crude analyses
Wyoming crude
Reports, 1950
Pipeline tariff
Crude oil prices, 1957
Market outlets for Canadian crude
Cantaur unitization, 1959
Application for Pressure Maintenance, Alpha Pool, 1959
British Columbia
Yukon Territory
British Columbia wildcat wells
Minute book, Western Prairie Exploration Company
Political files, individuals
2.116/69 [11207215] Miscellaneous
Mike Andrews
Bob Armstrong
George W. Ball
Birch Bayh
Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., 1970-1989
Joseph Biden
Richard Bolling
Dolph Briscoe, Jr.
Chet Brooks
Jack Brooks
John Bryant
Bob Bullock
Kent Caperton
Jimmy Carter
Billie Carr
Rex Cary
Clifford Case
Frank Church
Bill Clark
Edward Clark
Ramsey Clark
William P. Clements, Jr.
Ron Clower
Barry Commoner
John Connally
Price Daniel, Jr.
Tom Daschle
Fagan Dickson
Lloyd Doggett
William O. Douglas
Mike Driscoll
Tommy Driskell
William Baxter Duncan
Michael Dukakis
Bob Eckhardt
Chet Edwards
Dwight Eisenhower
Brock Evans
John Henry Faulk Campaign
Martin Frost
2.116/70 [11208182] J. William Fulbright
Bob Gammage
John Glenn
Phil Gramm
Mike Gravel
Joan Growe
Bill Gray
Clint Hackney
James R. Hadlock
D. B. Hardeman
Gary Hart
Crane Haussmen
Jim Hightower
John L. Hill
Marc Hill
William P. Hobby, Jr.
Fred Hofheinz
John Holmes
Hubert Humphrey, III
Hubert H.Humphrey
Jesse Jackson
Roger Jepsen
J. Bennett Johnston
Bill Keese
Edward Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Bob Kerry
John Kerry
Glenn Kothman
Robert Krueger
Dan Kubiak
Greg Laughlin
Patrick Leahy
Mickey Leland
Joe Lieberman
Russell B. Long
Miron A. Love
Eugene J. McCarthy
Joseph McCarthy
2.116/71 [11208193] George McGovern
Mike McKinney
Peyton McKnight
Robert S. McNamara
Jim Mattox
Garry Mauro
George Miller
George Mitchell
Walter Mondale
Cecil Moore
Edmund Muskie
Benton Musslewhite
Jon Newton
Jay Nixon
Richard M. Nixon
Jim Nugent
Hugh Parmer
Wright Patman
David Peterson
Michael Plaster
John Poerner
John Pouland
Ronald Reagan
Terence O'Rourke
Ann Richards
Peter Rodino
Maurice Rosenblatt
Terry Sanford
Bill Sarpalius
2.116/72 [11208070] Allan Shivers
Preston Smith
Harvey Sloane
Franklin Spears
Henry L. Stimson
John Olin Teague
Olin Teague
Buddy Temple
Geraldine Tennant
Harrel Tillman
John Tower
Truman, Stalin, and Potsdam (TV script by Alperovitz)
Jim Turner
Mack Wallace
Ralph Wallace
Mark White
Charles Wilson
Jim Wright
Don Yarborough
Ralph Yarborough
Political files
2.116/73 [11208069] Ralph Yarborough
2.116/74 [11208047] General files, 1967-1989
Committee on the Present Danger
Democratic Advisory Council of Texas
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Democratic Party of Texas
Democratic National Committee, 1973-1988
Democrats for the 80's
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Political Action Committees (PACs)
Republican Party
Rosenblatt meeting
The Senator's Club
Texans for a Conservative Congress
Senate Democratic Leadership Circle
Wright Congressional Club (Speaker's Club)
Political files, national/state elections, circa 1960-circa 1979
2.116/75 [11208058] Madison County
Massachusetts Democratic Party
Texas legislature
Maps of Texas districts
Texas Senate Democratic Campaign Committee
Legislative bills
To enlarge powers of Trinity River Authority
Senate Bill 371, (1975)
Senate Bill 910 (nuclear waste)
Common Carrier Pipeline Bill, (1979)
Bill 1846, Municipal Power Agencies, (1979)
House Bill 4, Texas Election Code, (1973)
House Bill 2, Lobbying
House Bill 6, Open records
House Bill 1, Gifts disclosure
House Bill 3, Open meetings, (1973)
U. S. Senator, Election, 1970
Lloyd Bentsen, newspaper clippings
George Bush, newspaper clippings
Ralph Yarborough, newspaper clippings
Ralph Yarborough, correspondence
Presidential election, 1972
Sargent Shriver Luncheon in Houston, (Sept. 13, 1972)
Presidential election, 1976
Intelligence Oversight Act, (1980)
Presidential election, 1980
State elections, 1982
House Resolution 2182, Natural Gas Equal Access Amendments, (1983)
Senate Bill S391, Intelligence identities protection
Senate Bill 666, Federal Power Commission price controls, (1961)
Senate Bill 826, Department of Energy, (1977)
Senate Bill 4059, Tax reform, (1969)
Senate Bill 1219, Off shore leases, Santa Barbara, (1969)
Presidential Election, 1984
State Elections, 1984
Presidential Election, 1988
2.116/76 [11206948] Watergate and Nixon's enemies list
Academic Recording Institute, 1958-1960
Amerada Petroleum Corporation, 1959-1960
Architects, 1955
Armco, 1981
Mailing list for articles
Atlantic Richfield, 1984
Aurora Gasoline Company, 1960
Austin Sun, 1974
Carl Sagan article, 1983
Trinity River Project, 1973
Antioch bookplates, 1981
Atomic diplomacy/Gar Alperovitz, 1985
Book orders, 1982-1985
Book of the Month Club, 1983
Lt. William Calley, Jr., 1971
Office in Central Square (Houston), 1984
KHOU-TV (Houston), 1982
Calvin Doyle regarding Ft. Trinidad oil production, 1981
G. W. Blackburn, 1982
Richard A. Hooker, geologist, 1967-1981
Owens and Company, Consultants, 1981
Miscellaneous land lease matters, 1968-1975
John T. Stiles, 1981
Miscellaneous contributions and memberships, 1973-1980s
Oil depletion allowance, 1969-1975
Diesel fuel samples, 1963
2.116/77 [11206960] Drilling contractors, 1970
Echo Oil (Canada), 1976
Exxon, 1982-1985
General education, 1960s-1980s
Abilene Christian College
Allen Academy
Amherst College
Haverford College
Houston Baptist
University of Houston, Clear Lake
Lamar Academy
Madison Academy (Madisonville), [1904-1905]
University of Maryland
University of Minnesota
William Wayne Justice Projects, University of North Texas
Rice University
St. John's School (Houston)
Shattuck, St. Mary's, St. James (Minnesota)
Southern Methodist University
Southwest Texas State University
Texas A&M
Pathfinder newsletter, 1984
University of Virginia
College of William and Mary, Reves Center
University of Wyoming, Gene Gressley
Parten reading files, 1987-1989
2.116/78 [11206970] Grimes County v. Texas Municipal Power Agency (Lignite case)
ABM System, 1969
Arms reduction negotiations, 1985
Federal Defense Budget, 1982-1985
Central Intelligence Agency, 1967-1983
Committee on Fiscal Accountability on Nation's Resources, 1981
Gorbachev address to Congress, 1987
Disarmament policy, 1983
Federal economic policy, 1974-1983
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, 1952-1989
Fall out shelter, 1961
Flood control, Madison County, Texas, 1962
Parten's FBI file, 1986
Report in opposition to federal control of oil, [circa 1934]
Federal Energy Administration, 1976, 1976
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1981
Federal Power Commission opinion regarding Minnesota Pipeline, 1959
Foreign policy, 1980-83
House Foreign Affairs Committee regarding Western Europe, 1973
Immigration, 1981
Iran-Contra hearings, 1988
MX missile system, 1984-1985
Commission on Selective Service, 1967
Nuclear policy, 1984-1985
Energy, 1970s-1980s
Department of Energy, 1978-1979
Alternative sources
2.116/79 [11206981] Oil & Gas Pricing Policy
Deregulation of electricity
Gulf Coast oil
Energy policy, independent operators
Frank Pitts, oil and gas, 1979
El Salvador
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Middle East, 1977-1985
Soviet Union
Task force on oil policy on public land, PERC regulations, 1982
Parten's "Philosophy of Government" speech
Reagan's war program
Nuclear war
Nuclear freeze
U. S. defense
Tax reform, 1983
Texas Constitutional Revision Commission, 1975
Hardin, Hess, & Suarez, regarding Texas Gulf sulfur, 1950
Bill Haymes, "Are You Bombing With Me Jesus?", 1971
Hiss-Chambers case, 1978
Ozarka water problem, 1982
Office rent, Houston, 1965-1977
Lone star gas pipeline, Madison County, 1982
Day Dome Salt Cavern, Madison County, 1972
Hydrocarbon material movement, 1982
Iron Creek Area Oil and Gas, 1982
Maynard Oil Company
Newspaper clippings mailing list, 1973-1980
2.116/80 [11206992] Nellie M. Hill, et al v. Texas
Brown v. Ensearch Institute
Fagan Dickson v. Richard Nixon & Elmer Staats
Ex Rel Grimes County taxpayers v. Texas Municipal Power Agency
Parker Company, et al v. Spindletop Oil & Gas Co.
Seven J v. IRS
Ochs v. Ruttenberg
Socialist Workers Party v. Attorney General
Stamler v. Mitchell
U. S. A. v. The Progressive, et al
U. S. A. v. Benjamin Spock
Madison County Library
Madison County Courthouse, Jail Bonds
City of Madisonville
Madisonville City Streets
Depletion of foreign oil
Texas Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association
Naval Petroleum Reserve
Underground oil and gas storage
Oil and Gas production and sales reports, 1980's
Peoples Production Company, 1957
Petroleum Property Management, Ft. Trinidad Field, 1966
Common carrier legislation, pipelines
Emergency planning, pipelines, 1967
Letters of credit, Texas Railroad Commission, 1981
Regent Drilling Company
Miscellaneous, Texas Railroad Commission, 1984
Mike Evans, evangelist, 1984
Scheinbaum and Ellsberg luncheon in Houston, 1973
Lawrence Goodwyn, "Populist Dreams and Negro Rights"
Miscellaneous reports
2.116/81 [11206959] Hutcheson, "Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry," regarding Palestine and the Jewish state, 1946
Armstrong, et al, Coastal Resources Management Program
Department of the Interior, Residual Oil Import Program
Department of the Interior, level of import of crude oil
North Dakota Oil, 1952-1960
South St. Paul, Minnesota, survey report, 1954
NGPA of 1978, Section 107, wells below 15,000 feet, report
Fagen, "The Nicaraguan Revolution"
Letter from R. Hooker on the Texas Railroad Commission, 1981
Report on the Texas Railroad Commission emergency plan
Texas Railroad Commission rule on tight sands, Edwards limestone
Statistical data on companies organized by Parten
Report on the Twin Buttes Reservoir, National Park Service
Report on Wyoming Agri-Fuels
Report on Sector Refining Company
Shamrock Oil and Gas
The Texas Observer
Texas Pacific Coal and Oil
Texas Pipe Line Company
Ticony, Inc.
Letter, Parten to The Today Show (NBC), August 26, 1980
Trinity River Authority
Trinity Improvement Association
2.116/82 [11206824] Letter to 20/20 (television program, ABC), 1978
Union Oil Company, circa 1980-circa 1989
Mesa partners stock fight
Roger Priest court martial, Vietnam, 1969
Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace
Vietnam, miscellaneous, 1965-1975
Vietnam Moratorium Committee, 1970
Nuclear winter articles, 1984
Miscellaneous organizations and associations
2.116/83 [11206915] Washington Watch, 1968-1974
Miscellaneous invitations to join organizations, 1935-1983
Academy of Political Science, 1952
Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation, 1947
Allied Youth, 1946
Alternative Information Network/Alternative Views, 1983
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, 1982
American Association for the United Nations, 1950-1973
American Bible Society, 1944-1949
American Christian Palestine Committee, 1946
American Civil Liberties Union, 1956-1989
American Committee on U. S.-Soviet Relations, 1986-1989
American Committee on East-West Accord, 1981-1986
Luncheon for Admiral Noel Gayler, October, 1983
2.116/84 [11206835] Americans for Constitutional Government, 1950
Americans for Middle East Peace, 1982-1989
Americans for Middle East Understanding, Inc., 1984-1989
American Economic Foundation, 1950
America's Future, Inc., 1947
American Indian Fund, 1949
American Law Association, 1980
American Leadership Forum, 1983
American Legion, 1935-1955
American Peace Test, 1988
American Red Cross, 1944-1956
American Relief for Greek Democracy, 1947
American Society of Range Management, 1959-1963
American Society for Russian Relief, Inc., 1945
American Standards Association, 1948
Amnesty International, 1974-1977
M. D. Anderson Hospital, 1944-1984
Arabia Temple Crippled Children's Fund, 1950
Arms Control Association, 1985
Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, 1952
Association for Responsible Dissent, 1988
Better World Society, 1987-1989
Beyond War, 1988-1989
John Birch Society, 1961-1985
Blame, 1969
Business Executives for National Security, Inc., 1984
Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace, 1968-1977
2.116/85 [11206926] Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace
Projects submitted
Program prospectus
Ernest Fitzgerald
Harold Willens, luncheon, August 1971
Henry Niles, luncheons, 1971, 1976
Carolina Population Center, 1973
Cenikor, 1982
Center on Change (proposed), 1969
Center for Community Change, 1969
Center for Defense Information, 1973-1985
Luncheon for Admiral LaRocque, November 1977
Wegren, "Fear and Foreign Policy", 1983
Center for National Security Studies, 1979-1985
2.116/86 [11206937] Center for Safe Energy
Houston Chamber of Commerce
U. S. Chamber of Commerce
Christian Faith and Life Community
Citizens Against Water Taxes
Citizens Anti-Nuclear Information Team
Citizens Committee for the Amendment to End War
Citizens Concerned About Nuclear Power
Citizens for Common Sense in National Defense
Clergy and Laymen Concerned
Committee on Campaign Contributions
Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Common Cause, 1970-1989
Council for a Livable World
Dallas Historical Society (People's History in Texas)
Disarm Education Fund/Ploughshares Fund
Educational Fund for Nuclear Science
Environmental Defense Fund
Equal Rights Amendment
Energy Action Foundation
Episcopal Television Network
Family History Foundation
John Henry Faulk PBS Special
Federation of American Scientists
Fire Departments, volunteer, Madisonville and Normangee
Fiscal Policy Council
Foreign Policy Association
Forum Institute
Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas
Friends of the Earth
2.116/87 [11206813] Fund for Investigative Journalism, Inc., 1975-1976
Fund for Peace, 1968-1979
Fund for the Republic, book by Frank Kelly, 1975-1979
Future Wave, 1983
Good Government, 1970
Gulf Coast Angus Association, 1978
Gulf Coast Council on Foreign Affairs, 1982-1984
Habitat for Humanity, Jimmy Carter, 1988-1989
Heritage Foundation
Steve Pejovich and "Pathfinder", 1984
High Frontier, Lt. General Daniel Graham, 1988
Houston Citizens Committee, Democratic Party Convention, 1968
Houston Council on Human Relations, 1964-1980
Houston Council on World Affairs, 1966-1971
Houston Heart Association, 1965-1977
Houston Philosophical Society, 1965-1982
Houston Symphony, 1981-1989
Independent Petroleum Association, 1961-1969
International Center for Development Policy, 1987-1988
Institute for Higher Studies, Harvey Wheeler, 1976
Interfaith Center to Reverse Arms Race, 1982
International Center for Development Policy, 1987-1989
International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, 1982
James Madison Constitutional Law Institute, 1972
Junior Achievement, 1981-1988
Henry P. Kendall Foundation, 1984-1986
Laucks Foundation, 1982-1983
2.116/88 [11208229] L. Q. C. Lamar Society, 1976
League of Women Voters, 1971-1983
Lincoln Educational Foundation, 1980
Living Bank, Houston, 1981
Madison County Chamber of Commerce, 1978-1989
Madison County Hospital, 1966-1979
Madison Co. Taxpayers Committee, 1973
Trinity River Tax Authority Dispute
Madisonville Improvement Corporation, 1963
Articles of Incorporation
Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen's Association, 1953, 1958, 1965
Mayo Foundation (Mayo Clinic), 1981-1988
Rochester, Minnesota, Methodist Hospital, 1980-1984
Media Access Project, 1976
Members of Congress for Peace Through Law, 1970-1981
Middle East Institute, Grace Halsell, 1989
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1979-1989
National Center for Economic Alternatives, 1987-1989
Gar Alperovitz
National Committee for An Effective Congress, 1953-1982
National Committee on U. S.-China Relations, Inc., 1968
National Conservative Political Action Committee, 1983
National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1980
National Football Hall of Fame, 1948-1973
National Foundation for Ileitis & Colitis (Houston), 1986-1987
National Peace Action Coalition, 1972
National Wildflower Research Center, Austin, Texas, 1984-1989
Lady Bird Johnson, Edward Clark
American Educational Trust Library Fund, 1987
National Nuclear Freeze and SANE, 1982-1989
Don Gardner
2.116/89 [11207077] Texans for Nuclear Freeze Campaign, 1982-85
Don Gardner
National Nuclear Weapons Freeze Publications
American Petroleum Institute, 1942-85
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association, 1961-1986
TIPRO, 1974-1989
Twenty-Five Year Club of the Petroleum Industry, 1957-1989
Pacifica (Houston), 1968-1979
Don Gardner, Lawrence Lee
Peace Organizations
Building Peace Bridges
Peace Alert
Peace Links Houston
National Peace Academy
National Peace Institute Foundation
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
U. S. Academy of Peace
2.116/90 [11208251] People for the American Way
People's History in Texas, Inc. (Melissa Hield), 1984
Philosophical Society of Texas, 1971-1988
Planetary Initiative, 1982-1983
Public Citizen, 1982
Public Information Corporation, 1970-1971
The Progressive, 1978-1989
The Rosewater Foundation, 1983-1984
Sam Rayburn Library and Foundation, 1962-1990
Scientists' Institute for Public Information, 1976-1989
The Closing Circle by Barry Commoner
2.116/91 [11208295] Scott & White Hospital (Temple, Texas), 1959-1960
The Second Century Fund, 1979
Sierra Club, 1988
Smithsonian Institute, 1978
Society to Advance Fusion Energy, 1980
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, 1983
Sons of the Republic of Texas, 1938-1989
Southern Regional Council, 1975-1976
Southwest Voters Registration Education Project, 1983-1984
Adlai Stevenson Memorial Fund, 1966-1974
Student Coalition Against Racism, 1975
Texans for the Environmental Defense Fund, 1988-1989
Texas Bar Center, 1976
Texas Bill of Rights Foundation, 1963-1977
Texas Committee on Natural Resources, 1975, 1985
TIPRO, 1984
Texas Oil Centennial Committee, 1966
Texas Pecan Improvement Association, 1964-1966
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, 1966-1979
Texas Women for the Eighties, 1983-1984
Celia Eckhardt
2.116/92 [11208284] Trinity River Bond Issue, 1973
Union of Concerned Scientists, 1982-1989
Vecinos, 1985-1987
Washington Watch, 1970-1974
Women in Military Service for America, 1991
World Federalist Assoc., 1970-1981
Miscellaneous files regarding public affairs, 1958-1959
Includes correspondence with Erwin Griswold, Adlai Stevenson, Sam Rayburn, and Paul Butler
Astros Baseball Organization, 1969-1986
Miscellaneous clubs
2.116/92 [11208284] Houston Club
Houston Farm and Ranch Club
Jefferson Islands
Madisonville Country Club
National Capital Democratic Club
Patterson Lake Fishing Club
Petroleum Club of Houston
President's Club
Ramada Club
River Oaks Country Club
2.116/93 [11208230] Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, 1959-1988
University of Texas Dad's Association, 1959
Delta Chi Fraternity, 1945-1981
University of Texas Ex-Students Association, 1956-1987
University of Texas President's Associates, 1982-1987
Texas State Historical Association, 1971-1987
University of Texas YMCA & YWCA, 1979-1980
Parten family files
2.116/94 [11208014] Wayne Lafayette Parten
Asa Parten
J. L. Meyers
The Parten Family
Rod and Mary McClain
Edwin N. Neer
Nola Y. Parten
Richard Parten
Sam Parten
David Philley
Stephen Philley
Frances Price
Emily Walling
Mary Chadwick Williams
Mrs. W. L. Parten
Mrs. Malcolm Parten Cone
J. C. Thomas
2.116/95 [11208240] Carl Basland
Sam Parten
Emily Parten
Parten Family Newsletter
Amanda Lee Cone Rohmiller
Joseph (Dock) Parten
Reuben Franklin Parten
Oscar Asa Parten
Lucy Wayne Parten Myers
Santo Tomas Prisoner of War Camp, Phillipines
Malcolm Amanda Parten Cone
Ella Brooks Parten
Estate of J. B. Brooks
Brooks Family
Milton Brown
John Campbell
Philip Campbell
Thomas S. Campbell
D. C. Cannon
Nathan U. Colwell
Dr. R. E. Cone
Mrs. D. R. Crowley, Jr.
Agnes Brown Cummins
Susan Garrett
James Geary
Wayne and Elizabeth Gibbens
O. E. Parten and John Lyle
J. R. Parten personal files
2.116/96 [11208218] J. R. Parten School, Madisonville, Texas, 1957
Christmas gifts, cards, and letters, 1950-1980
Patsy Parten funeral, 1975
Mayo Clinic, 1961-1990
Personal illnesses, 1960-1992
2.116/97 [11208273] Passport and related records
Poll tax receipts
Stella Polaris, 1962
T. J. Maples v. J. R. Parten, et al, 1967
Montrose Travel Agency
Texas State Historical Association crossword puzzle with Parten's name
Courses taken at University of Texas
Books given away, 1971-1990
Single tax debate notes, 1916
Honorary Degree, Haverford College, 1979
J. R. Parten obituaries, condolence letters, memorials, audio tape of funeral, November 11, 1992
Interviews with J. R. Parten
2.116/98 [11208262] Video of CBS 48 Hours Program with segment on J. R, Parten, December 10, 1990
Kent Biffle, Dallas Morning News, 1981
Business & Energy International, 1976
Anthony Champagne regarding Sam Rayburn, 1983
Tris Coffin, The Washington Spectator, 1983
Chandler Davidson, Rice University, 1979
John Henry Faulk, The Texas Observer, 1974
Joe B. Frantz regarding Lyndon Johnson, 1976
John King, 1989
Fritz Lanham, Bryan Eagle, 1983
Paul McKay, Bryan Eagle, 1981
E. Dale Odom, North Texas State University, 1970
James Pohl, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 1982
James Presley regarding Delta drilling history, 1981
David Prindle, University of Texas at Austin (tape recording included), 1979
Thomas Reeves regarding Fund for the Republic, 1956
Tom Nelson, Houston Post & Parade Magazine, 1982
Joan Mellard regarding James West (no transcript), 1985
Rob Tranchin (no transcript), 1985
Tim Richardson, Oil & Gas News, 1982
St. Stephen's School Bulletin, undated
The Texas Observer, 1966
Bill Stevens, New York Times, 1982
2.116/98 [11208262] East Texas Man of the Month, 1943
Speeches and Addresses
2.116/99 [11208091] Parten's American Legion Speech, Navasota, 1946
Miscellaneous, 1946
Miscellaneous speeches
W. V. Ballew, Jr., miscellaneous speeches
Harry Blackmun speech regarding Mayo Clinic
Bruce K. Brown speech, 1950
Bill Broyles speech to Rice University commencement, 1983
Arthur Burck speech
Winston Churchill speech to Westminster College, 1946
Edward Clark speech, 1984
John Connally speeches, 1979
Celia Eckhardt speech, 1984
Peter Flawn speeches, 1982, 1984
J. W. Fulbright speech on Sinai Agreement
John W. Gardner speech, 1984
Ewell Murphy, Jr. speech on Jose Ortega y Gasset, 1978
Admiral Noel Gayler testimony, 1983
Wayne Gibbens speech, 1980
Sen. Gary Hart letters and speeches, 1982-1986
Frank K. Kelly speech, 1983
George F. Kennan speech, 1983
Dr. Robert King speech, 1986
Robert Krueger speech, 1977
Admiral Gene La Rocque speeches, 1982, 1987
Norman Lear Speech, 1981
2.116/100 [11208207] Alfred Lilienthal, Middle East terror, 1986
Paul McCloskey, barriers to Mid-East peace, 1985
Randy Parten, Trinity River Authority, 1985
David Peterson, 1982
Allan Shivers, reel to reel tape recording, circa 1954
John Silber, 1984-1987
Dr. Humphrey Walz, "Why Did Israel Invade Lebanon?", 1982
Malcolm R. Wilkey, 1984
Harold Willens, regarding nuclear freeze, 1982
David W. Wilson, regarding natural gas regulation, 1982
J.R. Parten awards
2.116/101 [11208309] Pure Oil News Man of the Month, 1960
Mr. Texas Award, 1975
2.116/101 [11208309] Houston Central Bank
Minden Bank and Trust
Neches National Bank of Silsbee
Bank of the Southwest, Houston
Farmers State Bank
Quinlan State Bank
Republic Bank, Houston
Personal correspondence
2.116/101 [11208309] Correspondence related to J. R. Parten papers
Miscellaneous, 1932-1980
Miscellaneous "A", 1934-1976
Dean Acheson
James V. Allred
O. H. Allred
R. B. Anderson
Robert O. Anderson
Milton Arnold
Lynn Ashby
Julian Ard
2.116/101A [11208160] Miscellaneous "B"
Hines Baker
Roy Bedichek
Dallas Biggers
D. X. Bible
Gerald Blackburn
Jack Blalock
Myron G. Blalock
Richard Blalock
James H. Blundell
Robert Lee Bobbitt
Roland Bond
W. R. Boyd
Palmer Bradley
Jack Brooks
Bruce K. Brown
Milton Brownlee
Freeman Buford
Richard Burleson
J. Alton Burdine
Ira Butler
George C. Butte
Harold Byrd
Jack W. Boothe
Henry V. Broady
James A. Bill
Hugh Binford
Helen Ballew
William V. Ballew, III
William A. Ballew, Jr.
2.116/102 [11208025] William A. Ballew, Jr. (continued)
William Barret
Martin Toscan Bennett
Robert L. Bernstein
Thomas W. Blake
Jack Blanton
Dan Blocker
Frank D. Breckbill
Walter Bremond, Jr.
Frank Brinegar
J. H. Brockelbank
Dr. Leon Bromberg
George R. Brown
Pittman Buck, Jr.
Arthur Burck
Horace Busby
Dr. Hugh R. Butt
Dr. Hal Bybee
Miscellaneous "C"
2.116/103 [11208036] Miscellaneous "C"
J. C. Cain
James C. Calaway
Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Ron Carbon
Oscar L. Chapman
Tristram Coffin
Thomas D. Coffman
Howard P. Coghlan
David L. Cohn
Robert S. Colodzin
G. A. Converse, Jr.
J. Cal Courtney
Norman Cousins
Naurice Cummings
Trish Cunningham
Miscellaneous "D"
Frederic Duncalf
Albert K. Daniel
William "Uncle Billy" Disch
2.116/104 [11208080] Miscellaneous "D"
Joe Danciger
Jeffrey A. Danzinger
C. J. Davidson
Rutledge H. Deas
Harold Decker
Michael J. Deutch
Fagan Dickson
Charles Dillingham
J. Frank Dobie
Jack Donahue
Molly Dougherty
James H. Douglas
Tommy Douglas
Justice William O. Douglas
Ronnie Dugger
Thomas Dunscombe
Victory Durst
Miscellaneous "E"
H. J. Ettlinger
Albert Einstein
Marriner Eccles
Celia Eckhardt
James Ennes, Jr.
Samuel J. Ervin, Jr.
Carl Estes
2.116/105 [11208171] Miscellaneous "F"
Kenneth R. Fannin
Frances "Sissy" Farenthold
Creekmore Fath
John Henry Faulk
W. H. Ferry
Tom Findley
Hamilton Fish
E. E. "Buddy" Fogelson
H. B. Fox
Allen Francovich
J. W. Fulbright
E. M. Funhauser
Miscellaneous "G"
E. B. Germany
Jack Gray
2.116/106 [11667281] Miscellaneous "G"
Dr. Richard Gonzales
Admiral Noel Gayler
Bascom Giles
T. Frank Glass, Jr.
Ira Glasser
Larry Goodwyn
Robert Goralski
Luther Gulick
Miscellaneous "H"
Claude Hamill
William P. and Oveta Hobby
Roy Hofheinz
Richard Haas
K. A. Hackler
J. Evetts Haley
Walter G. Hall
Morton Halperin
2.116/107 [11667259] Grace Halsell
M. H. Hammett
Dr. T. R. Hannon
Rex Harlow
W. Averell Harriman
Fletcher Harris
Dr. Herbert T. Hayes
Mrs. Marion Haynes
Robert Heard
C. V. Helm
Harry Hines
John Hines
Eugene Holman
Brockman Horne
John Holton
Boyce House
Robert L. Hutchins
Miscellaneous "I"
Harold Ickes
Mozelle Ilfrey
Molly Ivins
Miscellaneous "J"
Lawrence Jones
William H. Joyce, Jr
Eliot Janeway
Beauford Jester
Paul Jacobs
J. M. Johnson
Leon Jaworski
Lyndon B. Johnson
2.116/108 [11667306] Major General Kermit Johnson
Judge Herman Jones
Barbara Jordan
Misc. "K"
Ed Keefe
Estes Kefauver
Frank Kelly
Scott Kelso
W. J. Kemnitzer
John F. Kennedy
Edward L. King
W. H. Kittrell
A. C. Krey
Robert Krueger
Miscellaneous "L"
Wardlow Lane
Frederick Levy, Jr
Joseph J. Levin
Clyde Littlefield
Clarence Lohman
John A. Lomax
2.116/109 [11667292] Miscellaneous "L"
Gene R. LaRocque
Francis Marion Law
Isador Lubin
Sven B. Lundstedt
Miscellaneous "M"
B. L. "Barney" Majewski
John D. Manley
Leonard Marks
W. T. Mather
Wright Matthews
Earle B. Mayfield, Jr
John A. McCurdy
William McGill
Frank McHale
Paul V. McNutt
Mark Millard
W. L. Moody, III
Albert A. Morey
George Morgan
William J. Morris
Wright Morrow
Edwin McArthur
W. T. McDonald
Alan McGowan
2.116/110 [11667260] Robert M. McMurrey
M. A. McPherson
Gerald Mann
Stanley Marcus
Peter Marin
Charles E. Marsh
J. Howard Marshall
W. M. Massie
Maury Maverick, Jr. & Sr.
John de Menil
Robert Holleran Mihlbaugh
Dan Moody, Jr.
Dr. Malcolm Moos
W. T. Moran
Mrs. J. E. Morris
Bill Moyers
Miscellaneous "N"
Homer Norton
Paul Newman
Miscellaneous "O"
R. J. O'Brien
Lawrence J. O'Connor
W. Lee O'Daniel
William A. Owens
Miscellaneous "P"
Curtis Parker
D. A. Penick
Neville Penrose
Alfred Petsch
Jimmy Phillips
Ed Price
J. G. Puterbaugh
Walter Pyron
2.116/111 [11667270] Miscellaneous "P"
Ed Pauley
Howard Peacock
E. David Philley, Jr.
Wallace Pratt
Richard "Cactus" Pryor
Miscellaneous "Q"
Andrew and Justin Querbes
Miscellaneous "R"
Ben Ramsey
DeWitt Ray
Karl Rolvaag
Root-Tilden Scholars, New York University
Bernard Rapoport
Frankie Carter Randolph
Sam Rayburn and Sam Rayburn Library
George M. Reynolds
Elmo Roper
2.116/112 [11208138] A.M. Rosenthal
George H. Russell
Miscellaneous "S"
Dallas Scarborough
John T. Scott
E. H. Sellards
James L. Shepherd, Jr
Boyd Sinclair
R. E. "Bob" Smith
D. A. Somdal
H. Lutcher Stark
John R. Steele
Adlai Stevenson
Walter Splawn
Tom D. Spies M. D
Robert G. Sproul
Stuart Symington
J. B. Salas
Marlin E. Sandlin
Robert Schmidt
Woodrow Seals
Stanley Sheinbaum
Overton Shelmire
Dallas Sherman
Allan Shivers
C. B. Smith
John T. Stiles
2.116/113 [11208127] Dr. John Silber
Robert Singleton
Thomas Lee Smith
Louis D. Spaw, Jr.
Carleton D. Speed
P. C. Spencer
Dr. Jules Stein
Bill Steven
"What It's Like to Be Black in Houston," Saul Friedman
Adlai Stevenson
Tom Stickel
John R. Stockwell
Marshall Surratt
Miscellaneous "T"
Dudley Tarlton
Jay Taylor
C. V. Terrell
Texas State Historical Association
Albert Thomas
E. H. Thornton
E. O. Thompson
J. Leonard Townsend
Harry S Truman
W. E. Turner
2.116/114 [11207044] Miscellaneous "U"
Miscellaneous "V"
Frank Vandiver
Miscellaneous "W"
James M. West
Harry Wiess
Claude C. Wild
Harold Willens
George Wilson
Justin R. Wolf
Gus Wortham
Charles Wager
Gerald Wakefield
Troy Wakefield
George Wald
Dr. Emerson Ward
Frank H. Wardlaw
Phillip Warner
Harry C. Webb
Art W. Winter
Woodley Family
Walter Prescott Webb
F. Palmer Weber
2.116/115 [11207055] Harold Willens
Manuscript, The Trimtab Factor
Harris Wofford
Edwin M. Wright
George Wythe
Miscellaneous "X & Y"
Ralph Yarborough
Miscellaneous "Z"
Miscellaneous publications
2.116/115 [11207055] The Defense Monitor, Center for Defense Information, 1974-1983
Federation of American Scientists Public Interest Report, 1975-1985
The Washington Spectator, Public Concern Foundation, 1980-1985
Miscellaneous newspaper articles
2.116/115 [11207055] Sam Rayburn death and funeral, 1961
Miscellaneous files
2.116/115 [11207055] National Planning Association, 1956-1960
University of Texas special files
2.116/116 [11208149] Assembly on Wages, Prices, Profits & Productivity, 1959
Mallie Parten Cone, 1982
University of Texas Development Board, 1986-1988
Board of Regents, 1971-1988
Longhorn Club, 1956-1986
Advisory Committee for selection of President, 1979
Committee for the Defense of the Permanent Fund, 1981
Texas Almanac Committee, 1983-1984
Conference on Expectations, 1957-1962
Conference on International Alumni, 1969-1970
General Correspondence, 1956-1989
Gary Cadenhead, 1982
Don E. Carleton, 1981-1989
Edward Clark, 1965-1989
William H. Cunningham, 1986
2.116/117 [11207066] Peter T. Flawn, 1981-1985
Robert King, 1983-1985
John H. Kyle, 1981-1985
Homer Price Rainey, 1937-1985
Darrell Royal, 1982
Griffin Smith, Jr., 1970-1971
E. Don Walker, 1981-1984
Internal Corporate Committee, 1962-1964
Centennial Commission
Investment Advisory Committee, 1977-1978
2.116/118 [11208116] National Corporations Committee, 1962-1965
University of Texas Arts and Sciences Foundation Advisory Council, 1968-1979
John Silber controversy, 1970
Chancellor's Council, 1966-1989
Football tickets and Cotton Bowl, 1957-1983
2.116/119 [11208150] Cone Foundation, 1971-1975
Law School Foundation, 1979
Walter Prescott Webb Foundation, 1969-1979
Parten Chair, 1989
Chase Scholarship in Architecture
Richard Yarborough Scholarship
University of Texas Permanent Fund
President's Special Fund
Board for Lease, 1965-1983
University of Texas lands
Senate investigation of the Rainey case
Texas Students Legal Defense Fund, 1972
Paine v. UT Board of Regents, 1972
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Lyndon Baines Johnson Oral History Project (Joe Frantz)
Longhorn Band
Institute of Latin American Studies
McDonald Observatory, 1939-1989
2.116/120 [11207033] Dobie-Paisano Project, 1965-1984
Major buildings and grounds
Center for Research in Water Resources newsletter
The Daily Texan, 1970-1971
Department of History newsletter
Longhorn Club newsletter
Texas Monthly article on William H. Cunningham, 1986
University of Texas Press (PASCO Fund), 1960-1973
Friends of ILAS
Office of Investments, Trusts, and Lands (reports)
David Prindle, "Oil and the Permanent University Fund"
University of Texas real estate dealings in Travis County, Texas
Brackenridge tract
Nature Conservancy, Texas Chapter, University of Texas Research
Ted Siff, "Call to the Legislature," research proposal
Research in water resources
Charles A. LeMaistre
R. Lee Clark
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
Edward Clark
Oil and gas issues
Selection of University of Texas President
J. R. Parten reading files, 1980-1985
2.116/121 [11207011] Contains photocopies of out-going correspondence with a wide variety of individuals on a broad range of subjects, including business, public affairs, politics, philanthropy, and personal issues.
Miscellaneous publications, photocopies, and awards
2.116/122 [11207022] Final manuscript, "A Breed So Rare," by Don E. Carleton
Parten's Distinguished Service Award, Texas Mid-continent Oil and Gas Association, 1943
Invitation to U. S. presidential inauguration, 1937
Dedication of the McDonald Observatory, May 5, 1939
J. Evetts Haley, "The University of Texas and the Issue"
Miscellaneous photocopies and carbons of papers related to oil regulation, circa 1930-circa 1939
2.325/Q105 [SRH1230002197] Miscellaneous photocopies, carbons, and research files
2017-232/1 [22462939] Newspaper clippings, 1951-1982
2017-232/2 [22480522] Newspaper clippings, 1951-1982