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A Guide to the H. S. Vandiver Papers, 1889-1977

Descriptive Summary

Creator Vandiver, Harry Shultz, 1882-
Title: H. S. Vandiver Papers
Dates: 1889-1977
Abstract This collection consists of correspondence (about 2350 items), research notes, bibliographies, lecture notes, notebooks, drafts of publications, reprints, and photographs documenting the career of H. S. Vandiver.
Accession No. 86-34
Extent 17 ft. of manuscript material, plus books
Language Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

H. S. Vandiver was a number theorist and member of the University of Texas at Austin faculty from 1925 until his retirement in 1966. Among other research interests, Vandiver was an authority on Fermat's last theorem.

1882 Born October 21 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1900 Began publishing problems and solutions in the American Mathematical Monthly and communicating with G. D. Birkhoff
1904-1906 Attended graduate courses at University of Pennsylvania, did not obtain a degree
1905-1917 Customs house broker and freight agent for family firm
1917-1919 Yeoman, U. S. Naval Reserve
1919-1925 Instructor in Mathematics, Cornell
1923-1928 Chairman, Committee on Algebraic Numbers, National Research Council
1925-1965 Associate Professor and Professor, University of Texas
1926-1939 Assistant Editor, "Annals of Mathematics"
1927-1928, 1930 Guggenheim Fellow
1931 Cole prize
1933-1935 Vice-President, American Mathematical Society
1934 Lecturer, Princeton. Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
1945 Honorary D. Sc., Pennsylvania
1947 Lecturer, Indiana
1973 Died, January 4, in Austin, Texas

For further biographical information see University of Texas, Documents and Minutes of the General Faculty, 1973, p. 10926-10930, "In Memoriam." Available online at: 2001/memorials/SCANNED/vandiver.pdf

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of correspondence (about 2350 items), research notes, bibliographies, lecture notes, notebooks, drafts of publications, reprints, and photographs documenting the career of H. S. Vandiver.

H. S. Vandiver was a number theorist and this collection of personal papers, books, and offprints, reflects his work in this field. For many years he was generally regarded as the leading expert on Fermat's last theorem (F. L. T.) and he received many supposed proofs -- most from people generally regarded as amateur mathematicians. He attempted to produce a history of F. L. T. after the fashion of L. E. Dickson's "History of the Theory of Numbers" and the collection contains a large number of bibliographical notes for this project. He was one of the first mathematicians to use computers in "pure mathematics" and parts of the collection reflect both the pre-computer era of massive hand-made calculations and the extensions to this work in number theory enabled by computers.

Approximately 1,850 letters relating to mathematics and written from before 1910 up to 1965 have been arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Approximately 500 other letters are arranged by subject, retaining Vandiver's own organization. Correspondents include A. A. Albert, E. T. Bell, R. Bellman, G. D. Birkhoff, S. G. Bourne, R. Brauer, L. Carlitz, A. Church, H. S. M. Coxeter, L. E. Dickson, H. H. Hasse, I. M. Herstein, S. Lefschetz, D. N. Lehmer, E. H. Moore, C. A. Nicol, E. L. Post, B. L. van der Waerden, and A. L. Whiteman.

The suitcase in the collection was said to have been kept by Vandiver for storing current work in his campus office. When he decided to isolate himself for work in a downtown Austin hotel room -- as he frequently did -- he packed his work in the suitcase. A small amount of family photographs and letters are also present in the collection.

The collection also includes approximately 150 books from Vandiver’s library. These books include a number of classics in number theory, including a copy of Gauss' Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, 1801. Vandiver’s library has been catalogued in UTCAT, the online catalogue of the University of Texas at Austin. A list of all the books in the Vandiver library can be provided upon request from the archivist of the Archives of American Mathematics or generated by searching UTCAT. Search for individual titles, and request books by call number using a library request form. See the "Books" series below for more details.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.



Organized into nine series:
1. Published and unpublished works by Vandiver
2. Published and unpublished works by other authors
3. Mathematics and teaching
4. M. E. Tittle's thesis work
5. Correspondence
6. Personal
7. Offprints and dissertations
8. Oversized
9. Books


Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Albert, A. Adrian (Abraham Adrian), 1905-
Bell, Eric Temple, 1883-1960
Bellman, Richard Ernest, 1920-
Birkhoff, George David, 1884-1944
Bourne, Samuel G.
Brauer, Alfred (Alfred Theodore), 1894-1985
Brauer, Richard, 1901-
Carlitz, Leonard
Church, Alonzo, 1903-
Coxeter, H. S. M. (Harold Scott Macdonald), 1907-
Dickson, Leonard E. (Leonard Eugene), 1874-
Hasse, Helmut, 1898-
Herstein, I. N.
Lefschetz, Solomon, 1884-1972
Lehmer, Derrick Norman, 1868-1938
Moore, Eliakim Hastings, 1862-1932
Nicol, Charles Albert.
Post, Emil Leon, 1897-1954
Tittle, Morris Edward.
Vandiver, Harry Shultz, 1882- --Archives
Waerden, B. L. van der (Bartel Leendert), 1903-
Whiteman, Albert Leon, 1915-
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Mathematics
Number theory
Fermat's last theorem

Related Material

A substantial number of Vandiver letters and other manuscripts are located among the G. D. Birkhoff papers in the Harvard University Archives.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

Before 1984 held by the University of Texas at Austin Humanities Research Center.

Preferred Citation

H. S. Vandiver Papers, 1889-1977, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Acquisition Information

The papers of Harry Schultz Vandiver (1882-1973) noted mathematician and member of the National Academy of Sciences, were donated to the Humanities Research Center in 1974 by Vandiver's son, Frank. Literary rights to the manuscripts by Vandiver are held by Frank Vandiver. Dr. R. E. Greenwood and Dr. Albert C. Lewis made additions to the collection.

Processing Information

Albert C. Lewis originally processed the papers in April 1978. The collection, along with the rest of the Archives of American Mathematics, was transferred to the Center for American History in 1984 where Dr. Frederic Burchsted continued work on them. This finding aid was reformatted and edited by Kristy Sorensen in 2003.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Published and unpublished works by Vandiver:

Note: Listed by publication number. Contact the archivist of the Archives of American Mathematics for a list of publications
4RM146 List of mathematical publications by H. S. Vandiver, November 1956
"Carbon copies of monthly problems in Monthly, Extracts etc., Carbons of published papers, HSV etc.":
Publication number 1, [typed with handwritten symbols and typed carbon copies], 1900-1904
Publication number 2, 1902
Publication number 3, 1902
Publication number 7, 1914
Publication number 11 1917
Publication number 50, 1929
Publication number 53, [typed carbon with penciled corrections], 1929
Publication number 65, 1914-1934
Publication number 94 [carbon copy and photocopy], 1940
Publication number 143 or 159, "Nicol/Van, third joint paper," notes and drafts, ca. 1954-1958 and undated
Publication number 160:
Typed carbon with handwritten corrections, ca. 1958
Correspondence, February 1958-February 1959 and undated
Publication number 164, correspondence, April 1958-November 1960
Publication number 169, [typed manuscript], 1961
Publication number 171, correspondence, draft and printed material, [including a letter by E. B. Wilson, publications by Gelford and Inkeri, and HSV publications number 55, 64, 114, 139, 142, 151, 167, and 168], 1929-1963 and undated
Publication number 174, correspondence and draft, [including a postcard from G. D. Birkhoff, and about 75 letters responding to the publication including some by Mrs. G. D. Birkhoff, P. M. Batchelder, R. Bellman, Garrett Birkhoff, C. J. Coe, Martin Ettlinger, D. C. Lewis, Jr., M. Morse, A. E. Ross, and J. L. Walsh], 1928, 1961-1964
Unnumbered papers:
"Methods for finding factors of large integers (Second Paper)" [typed and handwritten drafts], undated
“A Development of Associative Algebra and Topics in Algebra and the Algebraic Theory of Numbers” [Proposal for a NSF grant], October 25, 1956
4RM147 “On the application of data obtained from rapid digital computing machines to the derivation of general theorem in the theory of numbers,” undated
"On the composition of the class group of ideals in an irregular cyclotomic field," 1925
“On the desirability of having certain types of extensive mathematical tables published,” undated
"On methods for finding fractions of large integers (second paper)," [note: first paper is publication number 26], undated
“On the relations between academic teaching and academic research and the most effective working conditions for each,” undated
“On the training in universities which is desirable for potential teachers of mathematics in elementary schools” [includes correspondence], 1958-1959 and undated
Notes for "Fermat's last theorem" [unpublished book]:
Typed and handwritten notes [includes list of chapters], undated
Chapter 1: “Proof of some Lemmas in the Theory of Groups,” undated
Chapter 1a: “Theorems on Finite Rings and Fields,” undated
Chapter 2: “Introduction to a General Theory of Algebraic Fields,” undated
Chapter 2a: “Primitive Divisors of Binomial Forms,” undated
Chapter 3: “Formal Exponential Differentiation," undated
Chapter 4: “Euler and Mirimanoff Polynomials,” undated
Chapter 4: “Theory of the Field of Classes,” undated
Chapter 5: “Bernoulli’s Numbers and Fermat’s Quotient,” undated
Part 5: “Theory of Algebraic Rings,” undated
Chapter 6: “Generalized Bernoulli Numbers of the First Order,” undated
Chapter 7: “Bernoulli Numbers of the Second Kind,” undated
Chapter 7: “Circular Fields,” undated
Chapter 7: “Power Characters of Units in Cyclotomic Fields,” undated
Chapter 8: “Bernoulli Numbers of Higher Order,” undated
Chevalley: Chapter 8: “Proof of Theorem B,” undated
Part 8: Limits for the number of solutions of certain general types of equations in a finite field, undated
Chapter 9: “Generalized Euler, Genocchi, and Tangent Numbers,” undated
Chapter 10: “Congruences Involving Bernoulli and Allied Numbers,” undated
Chapter 12: “Regular Primes,” undated
Chapter 13: “Fermat’s Quotient,” undated
Chapter 14: “The Theory of Cyclotomic Fields,” undated
Chapter 15: “On the Jacobi Y Function and the LaGrange Resolvent,” undated
4RM148 Chapter 16: “Trinomial Congruences,” undated
Chapter 18: “Eisenstein’s Law of Reciprocity,” undated
Chapter 19: “Class Number of the Cyclotomic Field,” undated
Chapter 20: “Irregular Class Groups,” undated
Chapter 21: “Regular Cyclotomic Fields,” undated
Chapter 22: “Elementary Propositions of Fermat’s Last Theorem,” undated
Chapter 23: “Fermat’s Last Theorem for Regular Prime Exponents,” undated
Chapter 24: “Fuertwangler’s Criteria,” undated
Chapter 25: “Kummer’s Criteria,” undated
Chapters 26 and 27: “Lecture III: Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Second Factor of the Cyclotomic Class Number,” undated
Chapter 27: “Fermat’s Last Theorem for Certain Irregular Planes,” undated
Chapter 28: “Other Criteria for Fermat’s Last Theorem,” undated
Chapter 29, undated
Chapter 30: “Diophantine Equations connected with Fermat’s Last Theorem,” undated
“Algebraic field theory,” undated
“Any finite field is isomorphic to a finite field formed by the residue classes with respect to a certain prime idea modulus in a cyclotomic algebraic field,” undated
“An Arithmetical Theory of Bernoulli Numbers,” undated
“Details of proofs of formulas concerning functions of roots,” undated
“Fermat’s Last Theorem and Related Topics in Number Theory,” undated
“Limits for the Number of Solutions of Certain General Types of Equatios in a Finite Field (Second Paper),” undated
“Old results F. L. T." [handwritten notes], undated
“On Cyclotomic Functions and the Numbers of Solutions of Equations in Finite Fields,” undated
“On the Decomposition of a Generalized Jacobi Exponential Sum into Ideal Factors,” undated
"On Fermat's Last Theorem (Abstracts of Lecture)," undated
“On the Theory of Fields of Classes in Finite Fields and Local Fields," undated
“Topics in associative algebra,” undated
“The Translation to our Notation of Weil’s Article in Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 55, pp. 497-502, 1959
Notes from Stickelberger “Uber eine Verallgemeinerung der Kreistheilung,” undated
Stray parts of an article by Dickson on trinomial congruences, undated
Stray parts of articles by Schur Hurwitz, undated
Stray pages of article by Krasner, undated
Stray parts of an article by Mitchell, undated
“On the Theory of the Arithmetic Functions which Jacobi called Y(∞)” by Schwering, undated
Stray parts of an article by Vandiver, undated
"Copies of second definition of combination" [four leaves and an envelope], undated
4RM149 Bernoulli numbers [primarily a collection of Vandiver publications], 1919-1949
Bibliography [20 typed pages], undated
“Articles left with me to be copied,” undated
Cyclotomy [typescripts and notes from various unnumbered papers including “On the decomposition of a generalized Jacobi exponential sum into ideal factors” (possibly publication number 130), “Equations in finite fields,” “On cyclotomic functions and the number of solutions of equations in finite fields,” and “The translation of our notation of Weil’s article in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 55, pp. 497-502, 1959 on ‘Equations in finite fields’”], undated
Teaching Notes:
Course in elementary number theory, undated
"Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Number Theory" Master copy [typed with handwritten notations by Vandiver], undated
“Introduction to Abstract Algebra and Number Theory” student copy [also includes "Limits for the number of solutions of certain general types of equations in a finite field (Second Paper)"], undated


Published and unpublished works not by Vandiver:

4RM149 Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, "Conference on the design of buildings and facilities for the mathematical sciences," proceedings, undated
Dodd, Edward L. Lectures on Probability and Statistics. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1945
J. L. Dorroh [includes "A generalization of a theorem of König," “Reply to the referee's remarks on a generalization of theorem of König” see also: Box 5, Folder 6, "Handwritten and typed drafts in envelope… and a letter from Saunders MacLane to Dorroh describing referee’s comments], 1946 and undated
“Uber den Fematschen Satz. III,” by Frobenius, undated
Extract of an article by J. Herbraud in Journal de Mathématieques, Series 9, Volume 11, 1932
Extract from Kummer’s article entitled “Uber die Erganzungssatze zu den allgemeinen Reciprocitatsgezetzen,” undated
"On Fermat's last theorem," by Taro Morishima, undated
“Theorie der symmetrischen Function der Wurzeln einter Glechung” by Schonemann, undated
Seeger, R. J, "Scientist and Poet" [offprint], undated
"The application of SWAC to Fermat's last theorem," by J. L. Selfridge, 1956
Weaver’s embedding paper [includes carbon of “On the embedding of a finite commutative semi-group of idem potents in a uniquely factorable semi-group”], undated
“Dr. H. S. Vandiver, Professor of Mathematics, Research in the Theory of Numbers," [author unknown, summary of HSV's work especially as it relates to the need for computers], undated
"Prüfers proof of fund. th. abeliah groups & van der Waerden's proof of existence units” [author unknown], undated


Mathematics and teaching:

4RM150 Number theory lecture notes [mimeographed pages], undated
Topology lecture notes [mimeographed pages], undated
"Transformations of Mirimanoff polynomials" [typescript and carbon copy with envelope], undated
"On Algebraic Rings and Abelian Groups -- Wedderburn's Theorem -- Semi-groups" [handwritten and typed drafts], undated
“Ross Shatunovski” [includes "On the so-called Fundamental Theorem of Algebra from the constructive standpoint," by HSV and "Algebra as a study of congruences with respect to functional modulii, by S. O. Shatunovsky, translated from Russian by Arnold E. Ross], undated
"Reports of papers in Laws. Recif/Glass numbers & cubic fields," [handwritten notes, mostly on slips of paper, appear to have been used for Dickson's History of the Theory of Numbers (1919-1923), some have what appears to be Dickson's signatures with dates in 1921 (compare to signatures in the A. E. Cooper Papers)], undated
"On the Canonical Form of a Finite Abelian Group," undated
"Biblogs. Alg. Nos." [spiral notebook], undated
Handwritten and typed notes and drafts:
Divisors of (i, j) 's, undated
Misc algebraic numbers, undated
Bernoulli Nos. – Carl and Anne Barnes undated
Mordell notes, Kronecker, etc. [includes reprint of publication number 162 undated
“Hilbert, Weyl and co. on number theory,” undated
"Part I Lectures/Introduction to a general theory of algebraic fields,” [typescript carbon copy, 58 pages], undated
"Corrections and additions to Princeton lectures," undated
"Princeton lects.," [about 50 mimeographed pages with annotations], undated
“An Introduction to Number Theory” [lecture notes, two typescript, bound copies], undated
4RM151 “On Fermat’s Last Theorem” [abstract of lecture], undated
Examination papers in advanced courses, 1925-1942
Bibliographies for number theory topics [compiled by year], 1936-1950
Bibliographies for number theory topics [compiled by topic, includes FLT, magic squares, congruences, theory of forms, Waring problem, theory of primes, and more], undated
"Semi-groups and groups -- First chapter of book" [about 50 leaves, typescript], undated
Bibliography on Bernoulli and Euler numbers for the years 1869-1940, ca. 1940
Bibliographies on Fermat's last theorem undated
"On certain trinomial equations in a finite field," [typed and handwritten], undated
"Miscellaneous, various topics [principally on unique factorization in rational ring], undated
4RM225 Unidentified early notes [large ledger book, pages 3-297, first page missing], very fragile, undated
4RM151 "F. L. T." [various notes, four letters from R. E. Powers], 1940 and undated
"HSV MS/Calculations" [about 100 leaves], undated


M. E. Tittle's thesis calculations:

Note: For M.A. thesis, "Number of ideal classes in a cyclotomic algebraic field". A copy of this thesis is filed with Vandiver's books
4RM152 157 [irregular, first type], undated
233 [second and third types], undated
First, second, and third type checklist [37-617], undated
Modulus 37-97 [two workbooks], 1929
37, undated
Checks on 59, undated
Checks on 67, undated
101, undated
103, undated
107 [first type], undated
109 [first type], undated
113 [first type], undated
127 [first type], undated
131 [first type], undated
137 [first type], undated
139 [first type], undated
151 [first type], undated
149 [irregular, first type], undated
163 [first type], undated
167 [first type], undated
173 [first type], undated
179 [first type], undated
181 [first type], undated
191 [first type], undated
193 [first type], undated
197 [first type], undated
199 [first type], undated
257, undated
37 [third type], undated
101 [third type], undated
103 [third type], undated
131 [third type], undated
149 [third type], undated
55 [third type], undated
263 [second and third types], undated
281 [first type], undated
269 [first type], undated
271[first, second, and third types], undated
277 reg. [first type], undated
283 [first, second, and third types], undated
293, undated
4RM153 307 [first and second types], undated
311 [irregular], undated
313 [regular], undated
317 [regular], undated
331 [regular, first type], undated
347, undated
349 [regular], undated
353, undated
359 [regular], undated
367 [regular], undated
373 [regular], undated
379 [includes second type], 1934-1935
383 [regular], 1934
389 [regular], 1934
397 [regular], 1934
401 [includes second computation], 1934
409 [irregular and second computation], 1934
419 [regular], 1934
421 [includes second type], 1934
431 [first type], 1934
433 [irregular, includes second type], 1934
4RM154 439 [regular, first type], undated
443 [regular], 1935
449 [regular], 1935
457 [regular], 1935
461 [first type], 1935
461 [second type], 1935
463 [irregular, first type], 1935
463 [second type], undated
467 [irregular], 1935
467 [second type computation], 1935
479 [regular], 1935
487 [first type, regular], 1935
491 [first and second types], undated
499 [first type, regular], undated
503 [regular], 1935
509 [regular], 1935
521 [regular], undated
523 [irregular], undated
523 [second type], undated
541 [second type], 1935
547 [irregular], undated
547 [includes second type], 1935-1936
557 [first and second type], undated
4RM155 563 [regular], undated
569 [first type, regular], undated
571 [regular], undated
577 [irregular and second type], 1936
587 [includes irregular and second type], 1935
593 [irregular and second type], undated
599 [regular, first type], undated
607 [includes irregular and second type], undated
613 [first, regular], undated
617 [irregular, first type and second type], 1936



4RM155 By correspondent:
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent and roughly chronologically under correspondent. Both letters to and by a correspondent are filed under the correspondent's name. Includes cross-references.
Unidentified 1924, 1952-1954 and undated
Abbot, Robert R. [two letters], 1951
Abernathy, Marshall M. [one letter], 1947
Acta Mathematica [two letters], 1963
Albert, Abraham Adrian [13 letters, 9 are carbon copies] 1949-1956
Alder, Henry Ludwig [see also: Yahya], [1 letter] 1958
Allentharp, Robert [two letters], 1950-1952
American Journal of Mathematics [five letters], 1949-1952
American Mathematical Monthly [nine letters], 1945-1958
American Mathematical Society [24 letters, includes R. G. D. Richardson, see also: MacDuffee], 1922-1961
American Philosophical Society [19 leaves: letters and notes], 1934-1956
Ankeny, Nesmith C. [34 letters], 1949-1954
Annals of Mathematics [four letters], 1945-1956
Aucoin, Anthony Andrew [three letters], 1951-1952
Ayres, William Leake [two letters], 1951
Baer, Reinhold [one letter], 1952
[Barnes], Anne [one letter], 1953
Barnett, Isaac Albert [two letters], 1955
Barrett, John H. [six letters, including two about Barrett], 1951-1954
Batchelder, Paul Mason [four letters, see also: box 4RM146, Publication number 174], 1934-1953
Bateman, Paul, [see box 4RM162, folder 17-5]
Beauvois, Abbé [two letters], 1949
Beckenbach, Edwin Ford [two letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1 and 17-2 and box 4RM162 box 17-5], 1946-1950
Beeger, N. G. W. H. [eleven letters], 1929-1954
Bell, Eric Temple [eleven letters, see also: National Academy of Sciences], 1929-1934, 1954-1956
Bellman, Richard [approximately 100 letters, see also: box 4RM146, Publication 174; box 4RM161 folders 17-1 and 17-2; box 4RM162, folder 17-5; Journal of Mathematical Applications, and Gandhi], 1949-1965
4RM156 Bennett, Charles E. [two letters], 1954
Bessel-Hagen, E. [three postcards], 1900-1938
Biesele, Ferdinand Charles [thirteen letters], 1940-1962
Birkhoff, Garrett [three letters, see also: box 4RM146, Publication number 174 and Kosambi], 1949
Birkhoff, George David [three letters, see also: box 4RM146, Publication number 174], 1914-1915
Birkhoff, Mrs. G. D. [see Birkhoff, G. D.]
Blichfeldt, Hans Frederik [one letter], 1914
Boldyreff, Alexander William [seven letters], 1942-1949
Bourne, Samuel G. [approximately 150 letters], 1950-1963
Brauer, Alfred T. [nineteen letters, see also: box 4RM161, folders 17-1 and 17-2], 1949-1963
Brauer, Richard [nineteen letters, see also: box 4RM161, folders 17-1 and 17-2], 1949-1961
Brenner, Joel [two letters], 1954
Brogan, A. P., [see University of Texas]
Bruck, Richard Hubert [four letters], 1954
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society [one letter], 1922
Campbell, W. W. [two letters], 1935-1937
Canadian Journal of Mathematics [five letters], 1951-1961
Carlitz, Leonard [28 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1949-1961
Carmichael, Robert Daniel [two letters], 1931-1932
Cauer, W. [two letters], 1928
Chebotarev, N[ikolai] G[rigorevich] [one letter], undated
Chowla, S. [five letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5; Albert, 19 December 1949; and Walsh, J. L.], 1949-1950
Church, Alonzo [seven letters], 1952-1953
Claytor, W. S. [one postcard], 1943
Clifford, Alfred H [six letters], 1950-1954
Coe, Carl J., [see box 4RM146, Publication number 174]
Cohn, A. [one letter], 1934
Cohn, Harvey, [see box 4RM162, folder 17-5]
Committee on Inter-American Scientific Publication [six letters], 1946-1956
Cooper, Albert E. [four letters, see also box 4RM162, folder 18-1], 1928-1953
Courant, Richard, [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Coxeter, Harold Scott Macdonald [fourteen letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1; and box 4RM156 Canadian Journal of Mathematics], 1937, 1948-1951, 1965
Crow, Jimmy F. [two letters], 1953
Curry, Haskell B. [two letters], 1953
Danchenko, Jakov [three letters], 1957-1958
Davenport, H. [five letters], 1949
Diaz, Joaquin B. [one letter], 1963
Dénes, Peter [six letters], 1951-1952
Dickson, Leonard Eugene [ten letters, see also: Cooper, A. E.], 1909-1923
Dolley, James C. [see University of Texas]
Donaldson, Fletcher W. [two letters], 1953
Dorroh, Joe Lee [nineteen letters, see also: Martin, Boyd A.; box 4RM150 “On Algebraic Rings and Abelian Groups – Wedderburn’s Theorem – Semigroups”], 1931-1945
Dryden, Hugh L., [see National Academy of Sciences]
Duke Mathematical Journal, [see Carlitz, L.]
Duren, William L., Jr. [four letters], 1950-1951
Dyer-Bennett, John [two letters], 1940-1941
Eisenhart, Luther Pfahler [one letter], 1949
Emch, Arnold [four letters], 1950-1953
Encyclopedia Americana [three letters], 1951
Encyclopedia Britannica [one letter, includes typescript of article], 1963
Erdós, Paul [three postcards, one letter, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1949-1953
Ettlinger, Martin [three letters, [see also: box 4RM146, Publication number 174], 1950-1951
Fehr, Henr [four letters], 1951-1953
Feller, William, [see box 4RM162, folder 17-5]
Fort, Tomlinson [nine letters], 1945-1953
Franklin, Philip, [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Fueter, Rudolf [seventeen letters, one postcard], 1925-1930
Furtwängler, Philipp [four letters], 1935-1939
Galbraith, Alan Stuart, [see box 4RM146, Publication number 174]
Gandhi, J. M. [nine letters, includes “A New Definition of Euler’s Polynomials and G Numbers”], 1957-1963
Garabedian, Margaret R., [see box 4RM146, Publication number 174]
Garner, Joseph [two letters], 1949
Gehman, Harry Merrill [three letters], 1950-1957
Gelbart, Abe, [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Gel'fond, Aleksandr Osipovich, [see box 4RM162, folder 17-5]
Gilbarg, David, [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Gilbert, Walter J. [two letters], 1965
Gillespie, David C. [one note], undated
Gleason, Andrew Mattei [one letter,see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1959
Gould, Howard Woodham [two letters, includes mimeograph of “Chronology of the Cauchy Integral Theorem” and two bibliographies], 1960-1965
Gove, Norwood B. [one letter], 1962
Grad, Arthur [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1 and box 4RM162, folder 18-1]
Grant, Harold S. [two letters], 1939
Greenwood, Robert E. [two letters, see also box 4RM162 , folder 17-5], 1950-1951
Gucker, Frank T., Jr. [one letter], 1955
Guggenheim Foundation [see John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation]
Gunderson, Norman [two letters], 1942-1947
Gut, Max [six letters, one postcard], 1939-1949
4RM157 Hall, Marshall, Jr. [two letters], 1955
Halmos, Paul R.[four letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1952-1953
Hanna, John G. [three letters], 1943
Hardy, Edward L. [one letter], 1927
Hasse, Helmut [nine letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1926-1935
Hedrick, Earle Raymond [see Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society]
Heineman, Ellis Richard [one letter], 1939
Helson, Henry [two letters], 1954-1961
Henkin, Leon [three letters], 1964
Hensel, Kurt [one letter], 1914
Herstein, Israel Mathan [six letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1949-1964
Hestenes, Magnus, R. [one letter], 1961
Hewitt, Edwin [five letters], 1959-1964
Heyting, Arend [one postcard], 1936
Hibbert, Lucien [five letters, includes “La Demonstration du Theoreme de Fermat” and English translation], 1961-1962
Hofreiter, N. [one letter, two postcards], 1938-1939
Hoggatt, V. E., Jr. [see box 4RM162, folder 17-5]
Holland, Clarence R. LaGrone [one letter], 1959
Horadam, E. Mollie [four letters], 1962-1963
Horn, Alfred [four letters], 1955
Hua, Loo-Keng [eight letters], 1948-1956
Hudspeth, Emmett L. [three letters], 1959-1960
Hughes, Harry M. [fifteen letters], 1940-1954
Hull, Ralph [two letters], 1952
Hunt, Burrowes [four letters], 1951
Inkeri, K. [seven letters], 1950-1964
Iseki, Kiyoshi [nine letters], 1937-1965
Iwasawa, Kenkischi [two letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1962
Jacobson, Nathan [one letter], 1951
James, Arthur [one letter], 1951
James, Glenn [see Mathematics Magazine]
James, Ralph Duncan [three letters], 1949
Johnson, Richard Edward [seven letters], 1951
Jones, Burton W. [four letters, one postcard], 1951-1963
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation [approximately 45 letters, correspondence primarily with Henry Allen Moe, also includes clippings and notices of receipt], 1927-1963
Kac, Mark [see Kosambi]
Kapferer [five letters], 1954-1964
Kawaguchi, Akitsugu [two letters, two postcards], 1950, 1962
Kelisky, Richard P. [35 letters, 14 postcards, see also: Brauer; Ransom; and box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1956-1964
Kempner, Aubrey [six letters], 1926, 1950-1955
Kennedy, Ernest Carlton [two letters], 1961
Kiss, Stephen Anthony [22 letters], 1940-1962
Kline, John R. [five letters], 1949-1950
Knapp [one letter], 1951
Kosambi, D. D., [two letters from Kosambi, ten letters about Kosambi], 1962
Krasner, Marc [33 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1951-1963
Kupperman, Morton [three letters], 1947-1950
Landau, Edmund [one letter], 1931
Langer, Rudolph Ernest [three letters, see also: box 4RM146, folder 1-7], 1949-1950
LaTorre, Donald R. [one letter], undated
Lax, Anneli L. [seven letters], 1961-1962
Lefschetz, Solomon [twelve letters], 1921-1945, 1955-1959
Lehmer, Derrick Norman [five letters], 1924-1930
Lehmer, Derrick Henry and Emma Trotskaia [approximately 200 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1924-1957 and undated
4RM158 Lehmer, Derrick Henry and Emma Trotskaia [approximately 200 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1924-1957 and undated
Lehmer, D. H. ["Lehmer and V. correspondence on joint article of 1954 on F. L. T."], 1951-1953 and undated
Lehmer [“Correspondence on his Bernoulli number project under Amer. Phil. grant"], 1934-1936 and undated
Leighton, Walter [one letter], 1954
Leveque, William Judson [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1 and box 4RM162, folder 18-1]
Lewis, Daniel C., Jr. [see box 4RM146, folder 1-7]
Lewis, Fred Albert [two letters], 1953-1954
Lindemann, Norman [two letters], 1951
Littauer, Sebastian [?] B. [one letter], 1936
Loflin, Zachariah Lowe [two letters], 1948
Long, William C. [three letters], 1952-1961
Lonsdale, John T. [one letter], 1952
McConnell, James V. [ten letters, five about McConnell, one postcard], 1954-1961
McCoy, Neal H. [five letters], 1950-1952
McCulley, William Straight [four letters], 1952
MacDuffee, Cyrus Colton [three letters], 1940-1942
MacLane, Saunders [thirteen letters, one by Mrs. MacLane, see also: Mullin], 1951-1953
McShane, Edward James [one letter], 1938
Madelbrojt, Szolem [one letter], 1958
Mann, Henry B. [thirteen letters, includes letters about Mann, see also: Kosambi], 1952-1963
Marsh, D. C. B. [one letter], 1964
Martin, Boyd A. [one letter], 1961
Martin, William Ted [two letters], 1946
Mathematical Association of America [two letters, two bills] 1947-1958
Mathematics Magazine [37 letters], 1951-1963
Mientka, Walter E. [four letters], 1964
Miller, Don Dalzell [seven letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1947-1958
Miller, Donald W. [one letter], 1953
Miller, Harlan C. [three letters], 1952-1953
Mills, Clifford N. [one letter], 1936
Mills, William H. [three letters], 1963
Mirimanof, Dimitry [four letters], 1914-1934
Mitchell, Howard H. [two letters], 1923-1926
Mitrinovitch, D. S. [four letters], 1955-1956
Moe, Henry Allen [see John Simon Guggenheim Foundation]
Moller, Raymond William [one letter], 1953
Monatshefte für Mathematik und Physik [see Hofreiter]
3.1/86-34/Montogomery, Deane [seven letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1951-1963
Mood, Alexander M. [five letters], 1956-1964
Moore, Eliakim Hastings [four letters], 1912, 1925-1927
Moran, Charles [one letter], 1941
Mordell, Louis Joel [twenty letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1959-1967
Morishima, Taro [nine letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1932-1950
Morrison, Donald Ross [three letters], 1951
Morse, Marston [one letter, see also: box 4RM146, folder 1-7], 1931
Moser, Leo, four letters, [see also: box 4RM146, folder 1-7 and box RM161, folder 17-1], 1962
Motzkin, Theodore S. [two letters], undated
Mullers, [J. H.?], [one telegram], 1934
Mullin, Albert A. [twenty letters, including letters about Mullin], 1963-1964
Muskat, Joseph B. [one letter], 1963
National Academy of Sciences [about thirty letters, see also: Mullin], 1934-1964
National Academy of Sciences, Proceedings of [about eighty letters], 1948-1965
4RM159 National Science Foundation [approximately 160 letters], 1953-1965
Nagell, Trygve [one letter], 1904
Navy, Department of the, Office of Naval Research [two letters], 1953
Newman, Morris [three letters], 1954
Newsom, Carroll Vincent [one letter], 1949
New York Academy of Sciences [four letters, includes printed matter] 1961
Nicol, Charles [about 130 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1952-1964
Noether, Emmy, [one letter, unsigned, pencilled signature by HSV?], ca. 1926
Oblath, Richard [three letters], 1937-1940
Obrecht, [Joseph?] [one letter, includes transcription], 1935
Odé, Helmer [three letters], 1951
Olds, Carl Douglas [five letters], 1941-1950
Ore, Oystein [four letters], 1944-1955
Orton, Harold B. [ten letters], 1960-1961
Painter, Theophilus S. [see University of Texas]
Pall, Gordon [eight letters], 1963-1964
Parker, Ernest T. [one letter, see also: Hall, Marshall, Jr.], 1954
Pearson, Mrs. Erna Herzog [about fifteen letters], 1946-1962
Petrich, Mario [two letters], 1965
Phi Kappa Phi, Texas Chapter [three letters], 1962
Piza, Pedro A. [about thirty letters], 1942-1946
Pollaczek, Felix [four letters], 1932-1963
Post, Emil Leon [two letters], 1953
Powers, R. E. [six letters], 1927-1949
Protter, Muray Harold [two letters], 1962
Ransom, Harry Huntt [see University of Texas]
Reid, William Thomas [three letters], 1954
Rice University [see John Simon Guggenheim Foundation]
Ritt, J. F. [two letters], 1918?-1934
Robinson, Gilbert de Beauregard [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Robinson, Lewis Bayard [five letters], 1953-1957
Rosenblatt, Alfred R. [one postcard], 1931
Ross, Arnold Ephraim [seven letters, see also: box 4RM146, folder 1-7], 1953-1963
Rosser, John Barkley [three letters], 1952-1956
4RM160 Salzer, Herbert Ellis, five letters, 1951-1953
Schiffer, Menahem (Max) [one letter], 1961
Schnitzer, Franz [five letters], 1954
Schoenfeld, Lowell [five letters], 1951-1963
Schurz, Fred F. [three letters], 1949
Schwarz, Stefan [six letters], 1947-1949
Schwindt, Herbert [two letters], 1932-1934
Scripta Mathematica [about thirty letters], 1954-1965
Selfridge, J. L. [five letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1961-1964
Selmer, Ernst S. [eight letters], 1952-1954
Sexl, [Th?] [two letters], 1926-1927
Shapiro, Harold N. [two letters], 1954
Silverman, Louis [three letters], 1953-1960
Simpson, Roy V. [see W. T. Martin]
Singer, James [two letters], 1934-1947
Snapper, Ernst [four letters], 1951-1952
Spanier, Edwin Henry [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Stone, Marshall Harvey [four letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1960-1961
Straus, Ernest Gabor [two letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1953-1963
Tamura, Takayuki [nine letters], 1961-1965
Taussky, Olga [see Todd, Olga Taussky]
Teller, James H. D. [two letters], 1939
Texas Academy of Science [five letters], 1961-1965
Thomas, Joseph Miller [three letters], 1934-1947
Thomas, Tracy Yerkes [two letters], 1941, 1952
Thrower, Paul H. [six letters], 1961-1962
Tittle, Morris Edward [one letter], 1953
Todd, Olga Taussky (Mrs. John Todd) [about thirty letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1946-1963
Tompkins, Charles Brown [four letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1 and box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1954-1955
Trypannis, A. A. [four letters], 1961
Turner, J. S. [four letters], 1935
Uhler, Horace Scudder [three letters], 1954
Ulrich, Floyd Edward [two letters], 1962
Underwood, Ralph Sylvester [three letters], 1955
University of Pennsylvania, Alumni [six letters], 1965
University of Texas [about 100 letters], 1934-1964
University of Toronto [two letters], 1948
Uspensky, J. V. [one letter], 1935?
Van der Waerden, B. L. [six letters], 1953-1954
Veblen, Oswald [one letter], 1947
Venkatachalam, C. M. [see box 4RM146, folder 1-7]
Vickery, Charles Watson [six letters], 1934-1948
Volterra, Enrico Giovanni [one letter], 1959
Von Ammon, F. E., Jr. [four letters], 1963
Walfisz, A. [three letters], 1934-1935
Wallace, Alexander Doniphan [five letters], 1960-1962
Walsh, Joseph Leonard [one letter, see also: box 4RM146, folder 1-7 and box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1949
Ward, Morgan [27 letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1932-1961
Weaver, Milo W. [see box 4MR162, folder 17-5]
Webb, Walter Prescott [one letter], 1960
Weiss, Edwin [five letters], 1963
Weiss, Joel [six letters], 1960-1961
4RM133 Photograph of Joel Weiss, ca. 1961
4RM160 Whiteman, Albert Leon [about 70 letters, see also: box 4RM162, folder 17-5], 1949-1963
Whyburn, William Marvin [one letter], 1949
Wilder, Raymond Louis [nineteen letters], 1934-1963
Wilks, Samuel Stanley [ten letters, see also: box 4RM161, folder17-1], 1954-1963
Williams, William Lloyd Garrison [one letter], 1947
Wilson, Edwin Bidwell [see National Academy of Sciences, Proceedings of]
Wilson, Elizabeth [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Wolf, Frantisek [see box 4RM161, folder 17-1]
Word, Clifton N., Jr. [two letters], 1961
Yahya, Q, A. M. M. [seventeen letters, also includes letter about Yahya], 1958-1959
Youngs, John William Theodore [one letter, see also: box 4RM161, folder 17-1], 1954
Zassenhaus, Hans J. [six letters, see also: Bourne], 1956-1963
4RM161 By subject:
Fermat's last theorem [general correspondence and enclosures about "proofs" of the theorem - when HSV gave a studied response (usually only to those he considered to be qualified mathematicians) the correspondence can be found in the "By correspondent" series above. Correspondence in this section received a form response from Vandiver]:
ca. 75 leaves, 1934-1945
ca. 150 leaves, 1945-1966
Schubeck, ca. 150 leaves, 1946-1950
"Preparing topical mathematical bibliographies more promptly," [HSV's circulated form letter and resulting correspondence, about 100 letters, correspondents include most of the editors of major mathematical journals at the time], 1961-1962
4RM162 Re Milo Weaver [approximately 75 letters], 1959-1960
University Research Institute Grants [approximately 70 items], 1962-1965
Festschrift: HSV's 83rd birthday, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications [40 items], 1965
Requests for reprints by HSV [arranged by year] 1932-1965
Fibonacci Assocation [correspondence with V. E. Hoggatt, Jr., six items], 1962-1965
Leveque's National Science Foundation Proposal [Arthur Grad], 1961-1962 and undated
California lecture [about 20 items, includes correspondence with Glenn James, R. Bellman, G. Polya, and Harry Hughes], 1951
Miscellaneous correspondence [alphabetical by correspondent, about 90 letters], 1950-1965 and undated



4RM163 Biographical data on HSV, up to 1950 [includes clippings, notes, typescripts and carbon copies, about 100 leaves], 1933 and undated
Biographical data on HSV, after 1950 [forms for Who's Who, typescripts, about 5 items], 1956-1964 and undated
Honorary degree, University of Pennsylvania [four letters, assorted clippings], 1945
Miscellaneous [includes correspondence, clippings, lecture notes, photographs, and other ephemera], 1927-1947, 1957 and undated
4RM133 Thirteen assorted photographs and one slide, 1961, 1976 and undated
4RM163 "Humor" [typescripts, about 10 items] undated
Publication lists [primarily University of Texas at Austin Department of Mathematics faculty], undated
National Academy of Sciences [material relating to Centennial Program, Washington DC, including ten birthday cards received by HSV while attending meeting], 1963 and undated
Legal Records [includes mortgage records, deeds, et alia, principally concerning property in Florida inherited [?] by Mrs. Vandiver, source: Dorothy Baker, 1977, about 75 items], 1925-1942 and undated
4RM164 Legal Records [includes mortgage records, deeds, et alia, principally concerning property in Florida inherited [?] by Mrs. Vandiver, source: Dorothy Baker, 1977, about 75 items], 1925-1942 and undated
Miscellaneous printed material [includes "Goals for School Mathematics," various notices of Sigma Xi, and "University of Texas…Procedural Guide for the Administration of Special Programs…"], 1962-1963 and undated
4RM133 Photograph, AMS-MAA Joint Mathematical Meeting [Washington, DC], January 1961
SRH 2.351 Suitcase


Offprints and dissertations:

4RM164 By HSV:
Publication numbers 4-27 [does not include 1, 2, 3, and 17], 1904-1925
Publication numbers 28-59 [does not include 43 and 53], 1925-1930
Publication numbers 60-100 [does not include 65, 79, and 80], 1930-1942
4RM165 Publication numbers 101-136, 1942-1953
Publication numbers 137-174 [does not include 170 and 173], 1953-1963
86-34/1-6 (CDL) Offprints by other authors [see card file index stored with collection]
CDL 2.26 Dissertations, Abernathy-Werner



AAM-OS/1 (CDL) Oversized unidentified mathematical table, leaves numbered 259-416, 12/5" X 16"



Series Abstract
A complete list of the books in Vandiver’s library is available upon request from the archivist of the Archives of American Mathematics. A list of Vandiver’s books can also be generated in UTCAT, by doing an Advanced Search. Search for “Vandiver” in the “Note:” field, and limit the search by Location to “Briscoe Center for American History.” Note that a small number of other materials may appear in this search. Note also that copies of the same titles at other branches on the UT campus will be listed. Only the copies listed at the Briscoe Center for American History are from the Vandiver library. With the exception of the two books listed below, the majority of the Vandiver library is stored off-site (CDL 3rd floor) and will require 48-hour notice for retrieval.
86-9/10 (LSF) R. Fueter, Vorlesungen Über die Singulären Moduln und die Komplexe Multiplikation der Elliptischen Funktionen [2 vol.], 1927
4RM Carl Friedrich Gauss, Disqvisitiones arithmeticae, 1801