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A Guide to the Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc., Records, 1947-2008.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Kennedy, Rod
Title: Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc., Records,
Dates: 1947-2008.
Abstract Records relate to the presentation of various concerts and festivals throughout Texas covering a wide span of music including folk, gospel, jazz, and classical.
Accession No.: 94-139; 98-159; 2002-053; 2005-065; 2007-047; 2014-125
OCLC No.: 70160298
Extent: 45 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc., is a musical entertainment promotion company.

Scope and Contents

Papers consist of business correspondence, advertising and promotional literature, photographs, artist files, racing files and other materials representing the activities of Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc. Records relate to the presentation of various concerts and festivals throughout Texas covering a wide span of music including folk, gospel, jazz, and classical. Also includes printed matter and photos relating to the writing of Kennedy's autobiography, Music From The Heart, a book covering Kennedy's fifty years in organizing and promoting music festivals.


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Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc., Records, 1947-2008, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection

94-139/1 (06754795) Gospel Jubilee files, 1977-1979:
Gospel music, 1979
Sheet of advertisements, churches and gospel groups, Austin American Statesman, March 25, 1978
The Singing News, The Printed Voice of Gospel Music, January 1, 1979
Gospel music, directory and yearbook, 1977
Wendy Bagwell
Dogwood, 1978
The Galileans, 1977
Gospel Fest, 1977
Don Butler, Gospel Music Association, 1976-1979
Gospel, 1978-1979
Copy, chapter nine "The God Memorandum," [book unidentified]
Gospel publicity
Gospel talent
Gospel music information
Gospel music news
Festival advertising
The Hemphills
Limpic and Rayborn, 1978
Northam Brothers
Singing News, 1977
Oklahoma Gospel Music Association, 1977
Gospel publicity, 1979
Gospel radio, 1976-1978
Wills family, 1977
Southwest Gospel Music Association, 1978
Gospel Showcase, 1977-1979
Travelers Quartet
Pat Terry Group
Thrasher Brothers
Chuck Wagon Gang
The Rambos
Cathedral Quartet
The Downings

94-139/1 (06754795) Kerrville Music Festival, classical festivals, to 1984:
Foundation Board of Directors, 1979-1981
Board meeting:
FNOW, July 9
September 17, 1981
October 22, 1981
November 10, 1981
January 11, 1982
April 12, 1982
May 31 and April 12, 1982
August 16, 1982
October 4, 1982
December 6, 1982
February 7, 1983
March 4, 1983
August 22, 1983
November 7, 1983
November 28, 1983
December 12, 1983
January 16, 1984
Festival Atamian advertising, 1981
Classical New York advertising, 1984
Auditorium, 1982
Awards banquet, 1983
Arden Trio, 1984
Summer Music Festival, 1982
FNON-Elliott consult
Foundation charter, by laws, tax, legal, 1975, undated
Winter Music financial, 1982-1983
Classical fan mail
Korte, 1983
Mozart on Fifth
Mailing list, Festival Atamian
Orchestra, Summer Music Festival, 1983
Opera for Kerrville
Summer Music Festival publicity, 1983
Patrons, 1980-1983
Summer Music Festival photographs, 1982-1983
Summer Music Festival 1983, 1985
Thomas Wright, 1983
94-139/2 (06754627) Winter Music Festival, 1982-1983
Winter Music Festival publicity, 1983
Winter Festival, 1983-1984
Summer Music Festival scheduling
Advisory Board
Summer Music Festival, 1981
Rod Varney Association/Bob Bennett
Atamian mailings
Awards banquet, 1982
Atamian DeRosa, January 10, 1981
Carmen Alvarez
Arcadia Theater
Bijuberti Puppets
Margaret Batjer
Festival Atamian budget, 1981
Beachy-Bach Orchestra
Brochure campaign, 1981
Classical list updates
Ara Carapetyan
Concert Chorale Houston
Classical Festival, 1981
Baroque Orchestra, 1982
Music rental
Fiesta Travel, Inc.
Hamao Fujiwara
Donald Grantham
Vivaldi Gloria
Houston Ballet
KMFA Austin
Logos-Classical Fests
McLean mix
Messiah, December 13, 1981
Classical mailing list
Mini concerts, 1981
Musical America excerpts
Classical notes and references
Paul Newbauer
Miscellaneous materials
Nutcracker, 1978-1979
Festival Atamian, publicity, 1981
Summer Music Fest, 1982
Stewart Newbold
Festival orchestra
Ovation magazine
Summer Music Fest publicity, 1982
94-139/3 (06754784) Paula Patterson
Piano duo-mini, 1982
Atamian public service, 1982
Festival Atamian program
Atamian patron letter
Classical promotions
Program advertising
Paid - Fest Atamian, 1981
Percussion concert, 1981
Classical patrons, 1981
Price Rubin (Atamian)
Performers, Festival Atamian
Atamian receivables
Leonard Rose
Kay Sparks
San Antonio musicians
San Antonio Symphony
Sheldon - Soffer
Joseph Swenson
San Antonio Symphony
Classical talent, 1983
Tucson Boys Choir
Texas Opera Theater
Waterloo Winds
Classical programs, 1981
Winter Festival, 1981-1982

94-139/3 (06754784) Kerrville Folk Festival:
Publicity, 1983
Folk publicity, 1977
Country and Western songwriters contest, 1978
Folk program, 1978
Kerrville Music Festival, [ca. 1976]
Kerrville Folk Festival press relations, 1973-1974
Folk publicity, 1976, 1978-1980
10th anniversary Folk Festival, 1981
Folk Festival, 1976-1977
94-139/4 (06755051) Folk Festival, 1978, 1998
Folk financial, 1982
Frisbee, 1977
Kennedy correspondence, 1975-1976
Folk Festival invitations, 1981-1982
KUT-FM releases
Sponsors, 1984
12 hours, July 20, 1985
Troubadours Paraguay
Folk TV releases, 1981
Arhoolie, 1976
Michael Ballen, 1983
Fred Carter, Jr.
Carol Cisneros
Jules Capla
Lee Clayton, 1976
Eaglebone Whistle
George Ensle

94-139/4 (06755051) "Celebrate Austin Music Fest," 1984-1985
Texas sales and use tax permit
Membership Directory and Business Referral Guide, Austin Chamber of Commerce, 1985
Austin Opry House
Affordable portable buildings
Austin Music Festival
Agency information, 1984
Austin Federation of Musicians
Rooster Andrews
Advertising, 1985
Beto and the Fairlanes
The Back Room
Bakehouse Restaurant
Barton Springs Flying Circus
Austin banking
Behind the scenes
Banking procedures
The Beach
BFI Waste Systems
Jim Cullum/Happy Jazz Band, 1985
The Chronicle
CBS Records
Chronicle, 1983
Chamber of Commerce
Coca Cola
Cody's Nightclub
Civic Club addresses
Doc Hollidays
Exotic cars
"400" contracts
"400," 1984
Lisa Gilkeyson, 1984
Gary Pools
Guitar Raffle
Dean Hoggins, 1985
Insurance, 1984
Inner Sanctum
Little Joe/La Familia
KTXZ, 1984
KTXZ 1560
Steve Kelso, 1984
Rod Kennedy biographical
CAMF form letters, 1984
Lazy Boy, Inc.
Lickona, Watson, and Casey
Musicians - Celebrate Austin
Meyer/Concept orchestra
Tina Marsh
Mo' Money Association
Musicians Gate
News releases
Paul Ostermayer and Sorcery
Old Pecan Street
Omlettry West
New office
CAMF paid, 1984
Confirmed press, 1984
Postal permit
Publicity clippings
Printers, Austin
Production Service Group
Petty cash
Press release
94-139/4 Press Austin, 1984
94-139/5 (06754773) Rank and file, 1984
Reproductive services
Record exchange
Restaurants, Austin
Resumes, Austin
Jess Sublett/Secret Six
Symphony Square
Strait Music
Soap Creek Saloon
6th Street live
Steamboat Springs
Vickie Scott
Sponsorship, Celebrate Austin Music, 1983-1984
Site preparation
Special events
Security Goss
Staff, Austin, 1984-1985
Television agreement
Sat. advance tickets comps, 1984
Tommy's Drum Shop
Trudy's Texas Star
Travis Bank and Trust
Texas Star Cafe
Thundercloud Subs
Ticket report, 1984
Texas Employment Commission
Ticket manifest, 1984
Advance sales, 1984
"Music Umbrella Mellow Pages," 1982-1983
University Co-op
Stevie Ray Vaughn
VIP information
Townes Van Zandt
Lucinda Williams
Rusty Wier
W-4 payroll records
Waterloo Records
Large black and white festival posters
Yesterdays, 1984-1985
Zoro Corporation
2.116/OD1280 Design for small stage
Auditorium Shores site plan

94-139/5 (06754773) Country and Western Jamboree, general files for performers, etc.: 1975-1977;
Roy Acuff, 1975
Roy Acuff, Jr., 1974
Bobby Bare
Johnny Bond, 1976
Sherry Brice, 1975
Billy Byrd
4th of July cake
Brian Collins
Country Nu-Notes
George Chambers
Dixieman, 1976
Freddy Fender
Johnny Gimble
Country and Western guests and accommodations, 1976
La Costa, 1975
Darrell McCall
Stony Edwards
Barbara Fairchild, 1975
Dallas Frazier, 1975
Crystal Gayle, 1974
Mickey Gilley
Adolph Hofner, 1975-1976
John Kelly and Associates Talent package, 1975
Lavender - Blake
Charlie Lovin
Lonzo and Oscar: postcards
Hubert Long agency, 1974-1975
Buddy Lee agency
Bob Luman, 1977
Judy Mallett
Melba Montgomery, 1975
Willie Nelson, 1972, 1975
Oak Ridge Boys, 1976
Doodle Owens, 1975
Billy Parker, 1976
Johnny Rutherford, 1968-1970
Red Sovine, 1974-1976
Red Steagall, 1976
Hank Thompson, 1974-1977
Joe Taylor Talent, 1975-1976
James Talley, 1976-1977
Ernest Tubb, 1974-1977
Grant Turner, 1975-1976
Kitty Wells, 1975
Billy Edo Wheeler, 1975-1976
Billy Walker press package, 1975
Foy Willing, 1975
Tex Williams
Don Williams
Charlie Walker, 1977
Betty Wills, 1976
Hank Williams, Jr. press package

94-139/7 (06754820) Isla Mujeres, girls clothing, some boy's, Ropa Para Ninas, Unas Cositas para Ninos
David West
Sukay, 1988
The Limelighters, 1988
Goodtime Music Festival (GTMF), 1983
Press, etc., GTMF
GTMF, 1985
Goodtime Fest, 1986
Goodtime Music, 1984
Danger in the Air
Dixie Chicks
Randy Erwin
Ronnie Gilbert
94-139/6 (06754616) Johnny Gimble
Richard Greene
John Stewart
B. W. Stevenson album
Red Clay Ramblers
Gamble Rogers
Joe Scruggs

94-139/6 (06754616) Bluegrass festivals through 1988 and bluegrass artist files:
Miscellaneous press clippings
Bluegrass Band and Banjo…, 1987
Bluegrass album, 1978
Banjo contest, 1985-1986
Band contest, 1984, 1986
Blue Grass band contest, 1981
Banjo championship, 1980
Band contest, 1980
Banjo contest, 1984
Mandolin contest, 1984
Band, banjo, and mandolin contest, 1983
Bluegrass band contest, banjo and mandolin, 1982
Bluegrass advertising
Norman Blake, 1985
Bay Area Bluegrass Association
Bluegrass Newsletter (Austin)
Berlini, Gary, Hickman
Vassar Clements
Central Texas Bluegrass Association
Dan Gary
Fat Chance
Bill Grant
Bill Harrell and Virginians
Paul Kramer
Bluegrass logo
Lewis Family
Lost City Mad Dogs
Lost and Found
Tex Logan
Bluegrass, 1984
David Peters
Red River Bluegrass Club
South Texas Blue Grass Association
Southeast Texas Blue Grass Association
Southwest Bluegrass Club
String Factory Outlet
Ricky Skaggs
Southern Manor
Shady Grove Ramblers
Joe Sturart
Tri-State Bluegrass
Tony Triska
Talent Bluegrass
Shoji Tabuchi
Talent Bluegrass, 1984
Victoria County Bluegrass Association
Warrior River Boys
Whetstone Run, 1985
Frank Wakefield
Chubby Wise
Buck White

94-139/7 (06754820) Festival of the Eagles:
Drifting Cowboys
Linda Hargrove
C & W logo
William Morris
Charlie McCoy
Hoyle Nix, West Texas Cowboys
Parades, fairs, etc.
Showprint posters
P. A. system for parades
Eddie Rabbitt
Star Spangled Washboard Band
Leon "Pappy" Selph
Buddy Spicher
Cal Smith
Texas C-W Magazine
Gosney Thornton
Floyd Tillman, 1977
Miscellaneous programs
United Talent
Rod Kennedy newspaper
Anniversary eighth, March 25, 1964
"The Younger Set" TV show
Miscellaneous programs and reviews
Great Texas Outdoors Celebration
Great Texas Outdoors
Miscellaneous programs

94-139/7 (06754820) Port Arthur, Mesquite, Louisiana, South Padre, Blackwood Brothers, 1982-1986:
South Padre, 1985
South Padre accommodations
South Padre publication
94-139/8 (06754649) Port Arthur, Pleasure Island
Port Arthur press
Port Arthur, 1985
Port Arthur brochure
Port Arthur, 1984
Port Arthur
Port Arthur brochure, 1984
Port Arthur Festival Pops
Louisiana Folk Festival
Bill Fegan attractions
Mesquite Folk Festival, 1982-1984
Mesquite, 1985

94-139/8 (06754649) Bluegrass festivals, plus past talent files: 1974,
Backwoods volunteers
Boone Creek, 1978
Bluegrass Alliance
Bill box
Norman Blake
Bluegrass brochure
Cooke Brothers
Country Gazette
Crafts Village, 1974
Jack Elliott
Amazing Grass
Double Mountain Boys
Jim and Jessie
Harold Morrison
Lester Flatt
Howdy Forrester
Uncle Josh Graves
Jimmy Henley
Ins. Bluegrass Festival, 1974
Letter from Don Thomas, 1976
Bluegrass publicity, 1974
Records bluegrass
Bluegrass press relations
Mac Wiseman
Bluegrass inquiries, 1974
Business, 1974

94-139/9 (06754809) Country Fair, and C & W Jamboree, 1979-19801975-1978:
Adult division, fair, 1979
Country Fair, 1979-1980
Cavalry Horse Platoon
Cowboy horse races, 1978-1979
Crouch and Sons
Horse race mailing list
Longhorn steer show, 1980
Mule races, 1979-1980
Mayor and Buford
Fair publicity, 1979-1980
Parade, 1979
C & W Days Parade
Pick-up van contest
Races, 1980
Santa Rosa Palominos
Trail ride, 1979
Youth events, Fair, 1979
Publicity, C & W, 1975-1978
Promotion tie-ins
Back up bands
Jamboree brochure, 1975-1977
Kerrville C & W Jamboree
Jamboree, 1978
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

94-139/10 (06754911) Bluegrass festival, 1974-1979:
Newspaper clippings, 1983
Band contest, 1975-1978
Bluegrass, banjo and band contest, 1979
Banjo contest, 1978
Bluegrass band contest, 1976
Bluegrass Ramblers
Bluegrass, 1974-1979
Original music of America
Miscellaneous press clippings and programs
Bluegrass publicity, 1976-1979
Pinnacle boys, 1978
Bluegrass program
Graphic designs
Red, White, and Bluegrass
Bluegrass releases, 1975
Society PMGMA
Bluegrass staff
Southern select
Tony Ullrich
Caffery Family
Eddie Adcock and Martha
Bluegrass Alliance
Bluegrass Newsletter (Austin)

94-139/10 (06754911) Ragtime Festivals, publicity, correspondence, programs, etc., 1973-1974
Bumper stickers, programs, press information and reel-to-reel tape, Mark Hess
Miscellaneous press clippings
Scott Joplin award
Ragtime festival, 1975
St. Louis Ragtimers, 1973
Ray Bauduc, 1973
Jim Hession
Russell Thomas
Knocky Parker, 1973
Ragtime program
Dick Wellstood, 1974
Father Al
Teddy Wilson
Orange Kellin
George Brunis
Olive Brown
Temple Bicentennial
Max Kaminsky
94-139/11 (06754897) Reily and ACJB
Ragtime Piano contest, 1974
Ragtime performers
Ragtime festival, 1974
Ragtime accommodations, 1974
Ragtime releases, 1974
Ragtime brochures, 1974
Ragtime publicity, 1974
Ragtime inquiries, 1974
Mississippi Rag
Rag Times
Morath Cullum Happy Jazz
Ragtime mailing list
Ragtime contest, 1973
Ragtime clippings
Ragtime releases
Ragtime inquiries, 1973
Kerrville programs, 1973
Emilio Caceras
Ragtime accommodations, 1973
Ragtime festival
Ragtime advertising

94-139/11 (06754897) Classical music, Atamian-Wright, Music Foundation, 1981-1984:
Atamian contracts
Stacy Blair
Bach Magnificats
William DeRosa
Madame Butterfly
Megan Meisenbach
Opera grant, 1984
Texas Opera Theatre, 1983
William Westney, 1984
Duckeal Duckens/Balthrop
94-139/12 (06754810) Transfer balances KMF
BDMTG February 13, 1984
Thomas Wright
WMF budget, 1983-1984
Summer Music Festival, 1984
Gala-Old Republic Square
C. F. Peters Publishing
Luck's Music Library
Carl Fischer, Inc.
Theodore Presser
Edwin F. Kalmus
Orchestra catalogue
Scott Joplin song books
Rental and performance guides
Various sheet music

94-139/12 (06754810) Past projects, proposals, etc.:
Birthday tour, 1990
Eureka Springs
Eureka Springs, 1986
Hawaiian Festival
Tom T. Hall Day
Houston Symphony
Buddy Holly Festival
Little Rock
Morning Star Festival, 1984-1985
Midland-Odessa planning
Midland-Odessa Music Festival
NASA Salute, 1986
New Orleans, 1986
Orange Lutcher Theater
Presidential Museum
Stroh's, 1985
Sanger-Harris, 1986
Woodlands, 1986
Don't Mess With Texas Day
94-139/13 (06754875) Winnipeg
Santa Rosa
Advertisers, 1989
Advertising program, 1986
Album inquiries and orders
Adopt a Highway, 1990
Available recordings
Mailing lists
Copies to make/sales Comgraphics Incorporated
Driscoll Hotel account
Folk Too VIP and Press

94-139/13 (06754875) Recording releases, C & W song contest, Hall of Fame, etc. and Kerrville Music Foundation, 1974:
Kerrville Music Foundation, 1974-1975
Hall of Fame
Jimmy Rodgers Day
Song contest, 1978
C & W song writing entries
C & W song contest, 1976
Song writer's contest, 1977
Steel Guitar contest
Soaring gliders
L. P./photograph releases, 1975
4th of July
L. P. release, 1974

94-139/14 (06754638) Jazz and Pop Music Archives:
Laurindo Almeida
Deltra Eamon
Toshiko Akiyoshi
Anita Bryant
Frank Bettancourt
Gary Burton
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Charlie Byrd
Arnette Cobb
Frank Devol
FM accounts, current
The Drunkard
Duke Ellington
Bob Eberly
Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell
Pop, Folk, etc.
Folklore Productions/Manny Greenhill
Folk Fest, 1969
Leonard Feather
Art Hodes
Bobby Hackett
Eddie Harris
Haynes drumming to greatness, Roy Haines flier
Jazz stars
Clinicians, Longhorn Jazz Festival 1973
Jo Jones
Happy Jazz releases
Kal Kalloday
LaFrance Sisters
La Fosse, 1973
La Fosse
Los Tres Amigos and Pepe
Mance Lipscomb
John Lomax, Jr.
Gordon Lightfoot
Miscellaneous artists
Talent musical agents
Gerry Mulligan
Herbie Mann
Peter Nero
Red Norvo
Newport Allstars
Tom Paxton
Recording Div-KHFI
Tex Ritter
Buddy Rich
Earl Scruggs
Sonny Stitt
George Shearing
Ralph Sutton
Tyler Rose Fest
Billy Taylor
Fran Warren
The World's Greatest Jazz Band

94-139/15 (06754886) Longhorn Jazz Festival:
Brown reception, January 24
News releases, 1966
Longhorn Jazz Festival
Festival, 1966:
Press kit
Income tax information
Jazz on a Summer's Day, associated event at Texas Theater
Examples, printed materials
Wein, Longhorn correspondence
Clippings, Austin, extra copies
Loose items
Festival, 1967:
Wein, correspondence
Bank statement
Agency and PR
Newport festivals
Longhorn Jazz Festival, Dallas, 1970
Longhorn Jazz Festival, Austin, 1970
Jazz payables, 1972
Season advertising, 1973-1974
Baldschun expenses
Longhorn Jazz Festival, deposits, statements, etc., 1968
Longhorn Jazz Festival, expenses, 1969
Longhorn Jazz Festival press releases, Dallas, 1970
Longhorn Jazz Festival, Dallas, 1968
Jazz, 1968
Longhorn Jazz Festival, paid, 1970
Jazz Festival, 1968
Longhorn Jazz Festival Austin, 1970
News From the Third, newsletter
Pepsi slick and plates, Longhorn Jazz Festival, 1969
Miscellaneous materials
Houston, Longhorn Jazz Festival, 1968
Longhorn Jazz Festival
College Jazz Festival
Payables, 1972
Longhorn Jazz Festival sponsors
94-139/16 (06754650) Receipts and invoices:
Mexico, ACM
Lancia, Travis Bank and Trust
American Bank
University State Bank
Kwik Kopy Printing
Longhorn Jazz Festival:
Miscellaneous correspondence
Insertion orders, 1970
Jazz, 1971
Longhorn Jazz Festival, 1970
Jazz, October 10
Rod Kennedy, assorted personal, undated

Rod Kennedy, Music from the Heart, Part II, Chapters 9 and 10 (partial), 1978-1983:
2002-53/1 (09105019) Rod Kennedy business history, 1951-1965
9th Kerrville Folk Festival, 1979
8th Kerrville Folk Festival, 1978
C & W Jamboree, June 30, July 1-2, 1978
"The Kennedys of Kerrville," Scene Magazine, Dallas Morning News, August 27, 1978
Townsend Miller, 1976-1977
Correspondence, Happy Shahan, 1978-1979
12 Great Hours, 1979
John Inman (Lee McCullough), 1979
Ken Brothers (Kanof), 1979
Steve Carruthers, Don, Allen, Rod Kennedy, 1979
Damron and Buck White concert, program, see notes, February 24, 1979
Louis Real and Cactus Rose on stage (Kanof, Gary Stevens), 1979
Turk Pipkin, [ca. 1979]
Kerrville Folk Festival on the road, 1979-1980
Folk concert, March 19, 1979
Tour, 1979
Kerr County Fair brochure, 1979
12 Great Hours, program, poster, news releases, September 29, 1979
Rod Kennedy and The Arts, 1980s
Nanci Griffith (Kanof) [folder empty], [ca. 1979-1980]
Dickran Atamian, Rite of Spring, Kerrville, January 12, 1980
KFF on the road, 1980
Armadillo World Headquarters, benefit, November 1, 1980
9th brochure, program, [folder empty], 1980
Kerrville Music Foundation, Board of Directors, 1980
Masters Four, May 26, 1980
YO Ranch Centennial, April 25-27, 1980
Singing Circus, first Kerrville children's concerts, 1980
B. W. Stevenson, Glynda Willis, KDT, Kanof, Stevenson Fromholz, 1980
Kerr County Fair, June 20-22, 1980
Japan's Country Music File, July 1980
12 Great Hours, July 26, 1980
Review article, Performance, July 4, 1980
Folk photos, 1980
Gray Hawn, 1980
Townsend Miller, Jimmy Mosely, MCP, [folder empty], 1980
Tour, October 28-November 1, 1980
The Nutcracker Ballet, Kerrville Music Foundation with Kerrville Daily Times, December 8-9, 1980
Kerrville Music Foundation, classical season, 1980-1981
Jan "Jugs" Ferrara, 1981
Planning first classical season [folder empty]. November 1981
Ballad Tree, Crow Johnson, Tim Crow (photographer), 1981
William DeRosa and David Amram, Kerrville, January 10, 1981
Proclamation, 10th anniversary, April 14, 1981
Rory McLeo, New Folk [folder empty], 1981
Damron as Hondo program [folder empty], 1981
Prints of Eric Taylor, by Willis and Kanof, 1981
Gatemouth Brown [folder empty], undated
Songwriters Concert program, first Texas appearance of "Lisa" Gilkyson with back-up singer Christine Albert, February 21, 1981
"Heal in the Wisdon," anthem words and music, 1981
Tour, 1981
Thumbnail biographies, various, undated
Festival Atamian, Leonard Rose, July 31-August 2, 1981
Gibson/Odetta Yarrow, Merri Lu Park, Kerrville, 1981
Eric Taylor, undated
10th Kerrville Folk Festival, The First Ten Years, 1972-1981, Townsend Miller review, invitation, poster, program, tickets, 1981
6 page feature, Southwest Airlines Magazine, 1981
12 Great Hours, 1981
Bluegrass events, miscellaneous, undated
Bluegrass Unlimited, December 1981
Southwest Airlines Magazine, September 1981
KFF on the road, 1981
Texas tour, 15-NTSU, 16-Richland College, 17-Poor Davids, April 15-16, 1981
4th Annual 12 Great Hours, Threadgill Day, 72nd Birthday, September 12, 1981
Tears of Joy Reunion, July 11-12, 1981
Baldwin piano/Alfred Flores, 1982-1985
Broadway or Opera?, Texas Opera Theatre, 1st Kerrville Winter Music Festival #3 [folder empty], January 22, 1982
Atamian Concert, pictures at an exhibition [folder empty], March 7, 1982
Texas Opera Thearter, Opera or Broadway, "Starbird," March 13, 1982
Leonard Rose, March 28, 1982
Miller Theater, Houston, Texas, April 16-17, 1982
Miller Theater, Houston, Texas, folk, April 16-17, 1982
Program, Mesquite Folk Festival #1, May 7-9, 1982
11th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival, 1982
Nanci Griffith, by Brian Kanof, 1982
Kinky Friedman, 12 Great Hours [folder empty], October 2, 1982
Texas Highways, May 1982
Summer Music Festival, July 23-25, 1982
Texas Festivals Association, September 17, 1982
12 Great Hours, October 2, 1982
L'ultimo Buscadero, Italy, February, September 1982
Carmen Balthrop, Dorceal Duckins, [folder empty], January 22, 1983
Townsend Miller, banquet with Fromholz, Ramone Doug, Floyd Tillman, John Hill, April 9, 1983
Atamian Recital, Mozart, Brahams, Ravoz Gonzales, Firebird SW premiere [folder empty], March 13, 1983
Crow Johnson, "Ring of Stones," 1983
Carlos Barbosa-Lima, February 19, 1983
2nd Winter Music Festival, 1982-1983
Vivaldi, Gloria, Amram, etc. [folder empty], December 12, 1983
Port Arthur Pops at the Civic Center, April 30, 1983
Fromholz and Frummox, Fromholz and B. W., Fromholz and Bonnie, Steven Stills, Barry Smith photo, later photos, 1979-1980, undated
Summer Music Festival, July 22-24, 1983
Miller Theater, 1983
Mesquite Folk Festival #2, May 5-8, 1983
Folk photographs by Richard Orton, 1983
John Vandiver with Shake, Michael, unidentified, 1980, 1983
Roy Book Binder, by Kanof [folder empty], 1983
Stan Rogers, 1983
Al Simmons, by Kanof [folder empty], 1983
Carolyn Hester, with her children, on stage, KFF [folder empty], 1983
Emile Aronson, Jan Marra, Crow Johnson, 1983
12th Kerrville Folk Festival program, season brochure, interview with Rod Kennedy, 1983
1st Goodtime Music Festival, programs, brochures, poster, October 7-9, 1983
Utah Phillips, Merri Lu Park, by Kanof, 1983

Tours, concerts and festivals, 1986-1987:
2002-53/2 (09105020) Music To Go, Nancy Lee Kennedy, Veterans Hospital, State Hospital, 1984-1986
Frets, 1986
TVA, by Kanof, 1986
Kerrville Folk Festival: The First Fifteen Years, 1972-1986, brochure, 1986
Press comments, 1986-1989
15th Anniversary Tour, Texas Sesquicentennical , tour biographies, bumper sticker, Dallas tour poster, Running Horses artwork, Mark McCord biography, print with McCord, April 15, 1985, 1986
Tour boosters, 1986
Tour bus, 1986
St. Louis, 1986
Fundraising and news, letters, October 1986
Houston, 1986
Austin concert, 1986
Nashville, 1986
Washington, D.C., 1986
Resolution, 1986
New York, 1986
Boston, 1986
Chicago, 1986
Omaha, Nebraska, 1986
Denver, 1986
Tour hotel accomodations, 1986
"Portrait in Sound," 1986
Sesquicentennial Tour, biographies, 1986
Tom Rush, 1986
Mark McCord, tour logo story, 1986
15th Anniversary proclamation, 1986
Texas Sesquicentennial logo, 1986
15th Kerrville Folk Festival, brochure, program, poster, 1986
Midland Odessa Music Festival, July 25-26, 1986
Miller Theater, 1986
Goodtime Music Festival, October 10-12, 1986
Kerrville Newsletter, 15th anniversary, 1986
Kerrville Christmas Reunion, Waterloo, December 1986
Texas Music Network, 1986
Kerrville Newsletter, Folk Aid, 1987
Newsletter, 1987
Trapezoid, 1987
Samta Rosa, California, March 7, 1987
Abeline fundraising, 1987
Tour program, Los Angeles reviews, 1987
Miller Theater, 1987
16th Kerrville Folk Festival, program, poster, Texas Monthly preview, 1987
Kerrville fundraising, 1987-1988
Boards/non-profits, Walter Hailey, 1987
Isla Mujeres, 1987
2002-53/3 (09105030) Texas Music Network, 1987
Photographs, 1987
Folk fundraising, 1987
Dallas fundraising, 1987-1988
Austin fundraising, 1988
Dallas Folk Aid concerts, February, July, December 1987
Poor David's, 1987
Jana Jae [folder empty], undated
New Year's Eve, 1987-1988
Houston Folk Aid, 1987-1988
Roy Campi, by Spohn [folder empty], 1987
Ian Tyson, by Spohn, 1987
O'Kanes, by Darron Spohn, 1987
Rattlesnake Annie, by Darron Spohn, 1987
Carribean steeltones [folder empty], undated
Angola Stroali, KDT [folder empty], undated
John Hammond Benefit, March 15, 1987
Quotations, 1987
New Year's, The Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas, December 31, 1987-January 2, 1988

Activities and events, 1992-1994:
2002-53/3 (09105030) 20th Anniversary Tour, 1991
Press quotes, 1990s
Newsletter, 1992
Texas Tour, 1992
RV suggestions, 1992
Spohn photographs, 1992-1993
Summer trip, 1992
Vancouver, July 17-19, 1992
Wine and Music Festival, 1992
Wine Ride, May 1-3, 1992
"On The Road," Cibolo Creek, 1992
21st Kerrville Folk Festival, program, brochure, 1992
Columbia Music Festival-Last!, brochure, July 24-26, 1992
Wine and Music Festival, brochure and program, 1992
Miller Theater, 1992
9th Isla Mujeres, 1992
Nashville, 1992
Calendar, 1992
Spokane Fest, 1992
Christmas Reunion, December 5, 1992
Kerrville Music Awards, planning meeting at Threadgills, February 10, 1993
22nd Kerrville Folk Festival, program and brochure, 1993
Kerrville Folk Festival tour, 1993
Tom Paxton, by John Hatley, 1989
Fort Worth Star Telegram Benefit, by Merri Lu Park, 1993
Quotes, 1993
Newsletter, 1993
Isla Mujeres, 1993
History/press quotes, 1972-1992
Cactus Café, May 1, 1993
Wine and Musis Festival, brochure, 1993
22nd Kerrville Folk Festival, brochure, May 27-June 13, 1992
Newsletter, Summer 1993
Miller Theater, 1993
Newsletter, 1993
Nashville, 1993
Denver songwriters, November 1993
Kerrville Music Awards weekend, December 2-4, 1993
Texas Music Awards, December 2, 1993
Calender, 1993
Calender, 1994
2002-53/4 (09105041) Quotes [contains handwritten letter], 1994
Retreat, March 1994
Los Angeles, 1994
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1994
Newsletter, 1994
High Sierra Music Festival, July 1-3, 1994
Newsletter, Summer 1994
23rd Kerrville Folk Festival, brochures, program, poster, 1994
Nashville Reunion, 1994
Quiet Valley Ranch, map by Howie Richie, 1994
Miller Theater, 1994
New York, 1994
Kerrville Music Awards, 1994
Newsletter, 1995
Calendar, 1995
Texas press tour, 1995
Retreat, 1995
Kerrville Folk Alliance, 1995
Cruise, "Enchanted Seas," New Orleans, January 14-21, 1995
Miller Theater, 1995
Symphony Square, July 8, 1995
24th Kerrville Folk Festival, brochure and poster, 1995
Cheryll Wheeler concert, 1995
Wine and Music Festival, brochure, 1994
Newsletter, Summer 1995
Nashville Reunion, 1995
Songwriters Circle, 1995
Christmas Reunion, 1995
Press tour, 1996
Radio KTL, Belgium, 1996
25th anniversary photograph exhibit, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, December 5, 1996
Staff retreat, 1996
FNDN benefit, "Wild About Music!," April 25, 1996
ACL/ Walter Hyatt Memorial, 1996
Photograph exhibit, 1996
Quotes, 1995
Newsletter, Summer 1996
Quotes, 1996
Review quotes, 1993

People and events, 1972-1995:
2002-53/4 (09105041) New York calendar, 1995
Warplanes calendar, 1996
Dallas Cowboys calendar, 1996
Dallas Cowboys calendar, 1997
Rockefeller's poster, undated
Tinkers Dam, undated
Artie Traum, by Kanof, 1984
Kathy Moffayy/Rod Kennedy/Paul Glass, Carrico [only Kathy Moffet], May 26, 1991
Rod Kennedy in Kerrville Folk Festival t-shirt, photograph, late 1980s
Towns Van Zandt, 1977-1978
Limpopo, Schmidt, 1993, 1995
Austin Lounge Lizards, Spohn, 1992
Bill Staines, also with Wilf Cartor, 1980's, 1996
Rod Kennedy with Townsend Miller, with Townsend and Segle at Damron's 50th, undated
Jimmy LaFave, 1995
Ani DiFranco, 1994
James Keelaghan, Carrico, 1994
Enchanted Seas, undated
Awards, Darron Spohn [folder empty], 1993
Festival Big Band, Spohn [folder empty], 1993
Michael Johnson, Merri Lu Park [folder empty], 1993
Poems about Kerrville, [1984-1993]
Bill and Bonnie Hearne, color transparencies of Bill and Bonnie, Bobby Bridger and unidentified, 1993
Ballad Tree (early photograph), 1990, 1993
Songwriting Seminer, and resource material/Music Festival, 1991
Martini Vinter's Dinner at Inn of Hills, 1992
New Year's, Driskill Hotel, 1988
City Folk, Spohn, 1993
Quotes, 1992
Nashville Reunion, 1992-1994
Isla Mujeres, all files, 1984-1992
Josh White, Jr., Kanof, 1995
Sue Foley, Spohn, 1993
Bryan Bowers [folder empty], undated
Karen Taylor-Good [folder empty], 1993
Tom Beesley photographs, 1993
Quotes, 1991
"Feel the Excitement" and new logo [folder empty], 1992
Floyd Westerman-Schmidt, with gayle Ross, C. Moulton [folder empty], undated
Blues Project [folder empty], undated
Alisa Fineman, Spohn [folder empty], 1992
Patty Larkin, Spohn [folder empty], 1992
Pele Jujo, Spohn, 1992
Bill Oliver, Barbara Dugerby photograph, post-1981
Claudia Schmidt [folder empty], undated
Gamble Rodgers, Kanof [folder empty], 1991, 1993
Rod Kennedy on bicycle, Seattle to San Franciscom Miles photograph [folder empty], undated
Gorka, 1984
Festival of the Eagle, 1993
Casselberry-Dupre, undated
Celtic Elvis, Schmidt [folder empty], 1990
Dixie Chicks, Carrico [folder empty], 1990
Hokkaner An [folder empty], 1990's
Betty Elders, 1990
Janie Fricke, Darron Spohn, Ken Schmidt [folder empty], 1990
John Stewart, undated
Jonathan Edwards, by Ken Schmidt, promotional shot by Merri Lu Park, 1990-1991, 1993, 1996
Festival orchestra, 1991
Janis Ian, by Schmidt [folder empty], 1990
Fred Koller, bu Kanof, undated
Pierce Pettis and son, by Ladd [folder empty], 1990
Chuck Suchy, by Spohn, 1990
Chery Wheeler, by Darron Spohn, and by Merri Lu Park, 1990, ca. 1996
Theater-New-Stage, includes aerial shots, 1981, 1988, 1990, undated
Michelle Shocked, undated
Steve Earle, undated
Luchenbach, undated
Staff, 1984-1993
Children's concert, 1989
Hobo Jim, by Kanof [folder empty], 1989
Eliza Gilkyson, by Schmidt, undated
Napa Valley Folk Festival logo, undated
Napa Valley Folk Festival, California Zephyr, Folk Mass, Limeliters, 1989
Hal Ketchum, 1989
Willis Alan Ramsey, Spohn 1989, Schmidt, later, KDT, [1974?], backstage with Allison, 1990
Peter Rowan or Rowan Brothers, 1985-1996
Newsletter [folder empty], 1990
Songwriters panel [folder empty], 1989
Staff concert [folder empty], 1989
Tom Chapin, Fort Worth, 1989
Noel Paul Stookoy, Fort Worth [folder empty], 1989
Rod Kennedy gets commemorative Winchester, 1986
Riders in the Sky, undated
Rod Kennedy with Ace Hindman, Tim Crow photo [folder empty], 1986
1st Cowboy Horce Races logo, 1978
Red River Dave, Merri Lu Park photo, 1982
IMS and John Stewart, 1980's
Kate Wolf, [1985?]
Shawn Phillips, undated
Saul Brody, 1983
Jimmie Gilmore, Orton, [1983?], Kanof, with band, Stills, with band, Merri Lu Park, Kanof with Butch, pre-1981
Peter Yarrow, 1972-1993
Courtney Campbell, 1984-1985
Banded Geckos, Kanof, Spohn, 1993
Connie Kaldor, 1983-1990
Chuck Pyle, Kanof, 1983
Folk Mass and Charlie Somners, Jr., 1985-1986
Bluegrass brochures, 7th poster

An Oz. of Difference, by Rod Kennedy:
2002-53/5 (09105052) Chapter 1 (1935-1951)
Chapter 2 (1951-1954)
Chapter 3 (1954-1956)
Chapter 4 (1957-1964)
Chapter 5 (1965-1967)
Chapter 6 (1967-1970)
Chapter 7 [not present]
Rod Kennedy with Bill Creighton Orchestra, 1947
Midget auto races, Civic Stadium, Buffalo, New York, 1947
Rod Kennedy at the Deli, Buffalo, New York, 1948
Jazz Club of Boston, Bob Wilber, Savoy Café, postcard, 1949
Rod Kennedy with Florence Marley, "Parade Rest" show at Barstow, 1951
Pete Daily Chicagoans, Nebo Gym, Barstow, [California?], 1951
Chapter 2
The Prospector USMC, Rick's Ramblings, Liberty Call, 1951-1952
Rod Kennedy and family, Colin-Korea (1953), Mom and Dad (1952), Jim (1950) [not all prints present]
Rod Kennedy, KHFI-FM, 1957
London Calling, Austin edition, March 21-25, 1960
Dixieland Jubilee, 1963
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival logo, 1964-1966
Mance Lipscomb at SMF, F. W. Schmidt print, 1964
KHFI-FM Summer Musci Festival, Austin, Texas [See also Carolyn Hester, Bill Moss and Mance Lipscomb], 1964
KHFI-FM Special Event, December 30, 1965
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival, 1964
Rod Kennedy, KHFI-TV, lecturing at UT, chapter 5, 1964
KHFI-TV 42, [1965?]
4th Annual Austin Agua Festival
Hill Country Sound, 1965-1970
Summer Music Festival prints, proofs, Glass Studio, 505 W. 38th Street, Austin, 1965
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival press kit
Scrapbook, 1961-1965
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival, 1965
Longhorn Jazz Festival program, 1966
Longhorn Festival, Kennedy Local Association, expenses records, 1966
Jazz festival photographs, 1966-1970
Batman world premiere, clippings, etc., 1966
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival, 1966
Longhorn Jazz Festival, 1966
FM/Hooper Survey, October 1966
Aqua Festival, 1966
Longhorn Jazz Festival programs, backers, 1966
Longhorn Jass Festival photographs, chapter 5, 1966
Summer Music Festival, 1967
Advertisement, "October at the Chequered Flag," Carolyn Hester, 1967
Chequered Flag Club photograph (first photograph of building), 1967
Longhorn Jazz Festival program, 1967
Incorporation Chequered Flag, 1971 name change to Rod Kennedy, Inc., September 29, 1967
Public relations materials and information, 1967-1971
Longhorn Jazz Festival Inc. legal papers, 1967
Chequered Flag lease, grand opening and early months, October 15, 1967-August 1969
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival brochure, black and white prints, 1967
Gus Hutchinson, Aqua Festival, Austin premiere of "Grand Prix," 1967
Longhorn Jazz Festival brochure and press releases, 1967
Original 11th Door dale proposal, Bill Simonson, 1909 Red River, June or July 1967
Longhorn Jazz Festival, July 12-14, 1968
Notes, 1968
Schlitz Salute to Jazz, 1968
Speed Museum opening, July 5-7, 1968
"American Folk Festival," Zilker Hillside Theater, July 4, 1968
Copy, Threadgill-Joplin photograph at Newport, 1968
Newport Folk Fest, July 22-28, 1968
Jazz Festival, 1968
Lightfoot, Hestoc, Driftwood, Walker program, 1969
Longhorn Jazz Festival, Dallas, 1969
Longhorn Jazz Festival, Austin, 1969
Loghorn Jazz Festival releases, 1969
Notes, 1969
Longhorn Jazz Festival, July 18, 1970
Notes, 1970
Notes, 1971
Longhorn College Jazz Festival, 1971
Hair, December 1-3, 1971
1971-1972 season, Rod Kennedy Presents, Folklorico program (includes Rod's showbiz biography), Montoya, 1971
Harry James Band, February 8, 1972
KMFA Benefit program, 1972
Music for Austin, Wednesday, February 2, 1972
Peter Nero, Monday, April 10, 1972 or 1978

Editorial, 1983-1991:
2002-53/6 (09105063) Kerrville Christmas, 1983-1989
Reunions, 1990-1994
Nashville, 1988
Plaza Suite (February 17)/Zorba (February 28), 1988
San Antonio Folk-Aid Committee 1989, Johnson City, May 11, 1988
Photographs, 1988
Waco Hall, Friday, December 17, [198?]
San Antonio, 1988
Alaska State Fair, August 27-27, 1988
Mountain Stage, 1988
Miller Theater, 1988
Peter Yarrow 50th, 1988
Pat Alger [folder empty]
Kerrville-On-The-Road, Miller Theater, May 12-13, 1988
Isla Mujeres, 1988
Fort Worth funding, 1988
Fort Worth Benefit, PP & M, 1988
Oscar Brand, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
17th Kerrville Folk Festival program, brochure and poster, 1988
Sonny Curtis, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
Alaska State Fair, 1988
Beto y los Fairlanes [folder empty], 1988
Billy Joe Shaver, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
Murray McLauchlan [folder empty], 1988
Limeliters, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
Laurie Lewis with Grant Street, also Spohn shot [folder empty], 1988
Jim Rooney, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
Hot Rise, Kanof [folder empty], 1988
Kerrville Khronicle, 1988-1995
Book of Texas Bests, 1988
Folk Aid concerts posters, 1988
Fundraising loading to the 17th Kerrville Folk Festival, 1987-1988
Bill Board/Folk Aid, Nashville, 1988
Alaska State Fair, 1988
Newsletter, "It's a Miracle!," 1988
Lyle Lovett letter, $500 donation, 1988
Newsletter, 1988
Christmas reunion, December 3, 1988
Quotations, 1988
San Antonio benefit, March 25, 1989
Palamino Club Tour, March 11, 1989
Damron's 50th birthday, Austin, March 1, 1989
Tour of Texas, Six Women, 1989
Quotations, 1989
May tour, 1989
Winnipeg, 1989
1st Napa Festival information, 1989
Newsletter, 1989
Isla Mujeres, 1989
Fort Worth Star Telegram Tribute, May 29, 1989
Newletters, 1989
Miller Theater, 1989
San Antonio, 1989
18th Kerrville Folk Festival program, brochure and new folk brochure, 1989
"Folk, too!" program and brochure, 1989
Fort Worth, 1989
1st Napa Valley poster and news releases, 1989
Kerrville Christmas Reunion, 1989
Bankruptcy, 1990
La Hacienda propsal, 1990
Rod Kennedy 60th birthday tour, January 19-22, 1990
Johnson City/San Antonio pre-festival on-the-road tour, May 13, 1990
19th Kerrville Folk Festival program and brochure, "Folk, too!" program, 1990
2002-53/7 (09105074) Spokane project
"Folk, too!" program, 1990
Songwriter's school,, Beresford, Schmidt, 1990's
1st Spokane Columbia River Folk Festival, emerging songwriters, 1990
Fast Folk Interview, 1990
Newsletter, 1990
Columbia Music Festival, brochures, programs, songwriter's competition, 1990-1992
Napa Valley Folk Festival, 1990
Quotations, 1990
Christmas Reunion, 1990
Kerrville Folk Festival, 20th Anniversary Songbook, 1991
Newsletter, 1991
20th Anniversary Kerrville Folk Festival program and brochure, 1991
Memorial Concert, 1991
Festival of the Eagle, 1991
Kerrville on the Road, 1991
Spokane Columbia Music Festival, July 19-21, 1991
"Folk, too!" program and brochure, August 30-September 1, 1991
Napa Valley Folk Festival brochures, October 11-13, 1991
Napa Valley, 1991

To be sorted and filed for book-Miscellaneous photographs, etc.:
2002-53/7 (09105074) Black and white and color prints, undated
Lancia Showroom at TSM, 1969
Lone Star Lotus logo
Arkay Racing Logos, Castrol Logo, Chapter 6
Winkelmann/Lancia artwork/logo, 1969
Assorted program materials, 1969-1974
Gus Hutchinson, Aqua Festival Grand Marshall, 1967
Music for Austin, KMFA FM benefit concert, 1972
Montoya, 1971
CJF, 1972
Ray McKinley business
Rod Kennedy's poster collection, 1972, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1984
Photo releases, 1995
Paramount Theater [folder empty]
Texas Monthly full-page advertisements, 1986
Kerrville Kronicle
Longhorn Festival, financial, 1966
Longhorn Festival, budget, 1966
The Dream Dreamer, by Rod Kennedy, undated
Assorted concert programs
Outdoor Theater Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville, Texas, 1976
Historic materials, 1985-1986

Old Kerrville Folk Festival files, pre-1985:
2002-53/8 (09105085) Octave Doctors, undated
LeGrande Harvey, 1983
Aileen & Elkin, 1978
James Brewer, 1977
Beers Family, 1966
Festival brochures, 1976
Dottsy, [ca. 1977]
James Durst, 1982-1983
Lavada Durst, undated
Jon Emery, 1978
Kent Finlay, 1978
Vicki Fowler, undated
Mid-South Boys, 1980
Singing Christians, 1978
Doak Sneed, 1980
Kerrville Folk Festival accomodations, 1982
College list, 1978
Mariachi Infantil Guadalupana, undated
Imperials, July 2, 1983
Program adv., 1980
Advertising rates, 1978-1979
Whitey Shafer, 1978
Music City News, 1977
Turtlle Creek Civic League, undated
Flatlands Occasional, 1977
Sponser labels, 1981
Research questionnaire, 1982
Folk invitations, 1987
Fritz Morquecho, 1986
Michael Marcoulier, undated
Rattlesnake Annie McGowan, 1986
David Holt, 1986
Bill Haymes, 1987
Leon Rausch, 1978
Louis Real, 1978
Sundance Productions, 1976
Tennesse Gentlemen, 1981
Threadgill-Hester photographs, undated
SESAC, 1979
Hedy West, 1978
Kerrville Folk Festival workshops, 1976
[illegible] Western artists, [ca. 1982]
Apple Jack, 1980
Frenchie Burke, 1979
Johnny Bush, 1977
Joe Bowman, 1979
Brush Arbor Service, 1976
Cooder Browne, 1978
Music awards, Ken Schmidt, 1994
Kerrville Music Foundation poster, 1985

Rod Kennedy racing cars:
2002-53/9 (09105096) Tyler, Texas, 1999
5 Hours Monterrey, March 21, 1971
Vintage race, 1968
Rod Kennedy/SCCA with officials in Stanguellini
Lancia Mexican Road Races, November 1970
Selling off cars, May 1970
Shutting down Winklemann, January 1970
Jom Hall's Chaparral at TSM, undated
Mexico 24 Hours Rallye Car Lancia, undated
Museum publicity, [ca. 1968-1972]
Vintage race, 1969
Jim Hall, 1970
Fronty Ford photographs, clippings, information and correspondence, [only photographs] undated
TIS Vintage race, 1970
MG-TD, [1967]
Lancia photographs, undated
Lancia/Sebring, 1969
June, 1969
Lancia HF Racing, winning, 1969
Introduction of Winkelmann at Houston International Auto Show, December 1969
Selling cars, 1971
Dick Brown, XK120, 1968
Dreyer Midget-Larson, March 1968
Maserati 20051
Lancia-Algar, [ca. 1970]
Vintage race, 1968
Ferrari-C. Amon, [ca. 1970]
Miller racing car
1938 MG-TA
D-Jaguar, [ca. 1970]
Birdcage Maserati, 1960, 1971
Type 750 Monza Ferrari, 1954
Lancia racing car, 1969-1970
1958 Ferrari Testa Rossa
Miscellaneous photographs, undated
Stranguellini, [1967-1969]
Morgan photographs and clippings, [1965-1970]
Lotus 20/22, [1969]
RSK Porsche, undated
1961 Ferrari GT, California
1935 Maserati
Speed Week, November 5-13, 1966
Testa Rossa Ferrari, undated

Rod Kennedy, An Oz. of Difference, Part II, Chapters 8-9, 1972-1996:
2002-53/10 (09105100) Sounds of the Great Bands, from Willard Alexander
Lease/purchase, 6615 N. Lamar, sold August 1973, 1970-1971
LFJ ADV single column, 1969
Willard Alexander, 1970-1974
Austin Civic Ballet, 1973-1975
Kerrville, 1972
Folklorico Advertising, 1972
Sold Miller-Rajo-Jiggler, Urbana, Ohio, January 1972
Royal Lipizzon Stallions [folder empty], April 18-19, 1972
Folk publicity and news releases, 1972
Allen's LP album, 1972
Kerrville Folk Festival general, 1972
Kerrville Folk Festival program, brochure, poster and news release, 1972
Montoya publicity, 1972
Sears Festival ticket, 1972
1972/1973 Season
Second LJF, Saturday, April 22, 1972
Calendar, Rod Kennedy public relations, 1972
Financials at Kerrville, 1972-1980
Option to buy, 6615 N. Lamar, August 1973
Film premiere, December 27, 1972
Notes, 1972
Peter Nero, April 10, 1972
Carousel, John Raitt, March 21, 1972
Kerrville Ragtime Festival, July 2-4, 1973
Sleuth business, 1973
Glenn Miller Orchestra, Buddy De Franco, February 4, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival staging, 1973
Texas Tourist Development, 1972-1974
Radost Business, 1972-1973
Rod Kennedy Presents contracts, 1973
Feed Lot opening, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival clippings, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival reviews, Dallas Times Herald, Dallas Morning News, 1973
2nd Kerrville Folk Festival brochure, poster and program; Arts & Crafts Fair poster, 1973
1972-1973 Season, Rod Kennedy Presents
Folklorico, Georgetown, Texas, December 9, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival publicity, news releases, 1973
Bookings of Dick Goodwin [folder empty], 1973
"Austin Evening from Kerrville Folk Festival," Willie Nelson substituted for Peter Yarrow, September 22, 1973
Folk, September 22, 1973
Folklorico, Austin, December 3, 1973
Folk photographs [with names listed], 1973
Kerrville/Folklorico publicity, 1973
Acquiring the ranch from Mrs. Lamb, December 1973
Uri Geller, September 20, 1973
Ray Price, 1973
Allen's LP, 1973
Inman Barbeque, 1972-1974
Glenn Miller Orchestra, Kerrville, Texas, September 29, 1974
Plum Nelly [folder empty], 1974-1975
Kerrville Theatre, 1974
Kerv Radio Show, 1974
National Ballet, "Sleeping Beauty" [folder empty], February 3, 1974
3 festivals and planning, 1974
Old Stage under construction [folder empty], 1974
Glenn Miller publicity, 1972-1974
Scot Alexander, 1975-1976, [1976-1981]
Kerv Radio Show, 1974
Folk publicity, 1974
3rd Folk program, poster and brochure, 1974
Big Band Cavalcade [folder empty], Thursday, February 7, 1974
2nd Annual Ragtime Concert, Saturday, March 23, 1974
Sketch, Outdoor Theater Stage, artist's rendition, 1974
Big Band Cavalcade, Freddy martin, George Shearing, Margaret Whiting and Bob Crosby, February 7, 1974
Festivals publicity and Fiesta Folklorico in Kerrville [no materials on Fiesta Folklorico], 1974
Daily Texan, 1974
Fred Waring, "America I Hear You Singing" [folder empty], 1974
Notes, 1973-1974
2002-53/11 (09105110) Air Show, May 26, 1975
Benefit, June 14-16, 1975
Vicki Carr [folder empty], 1975
Kerv series, 1975
Scott Alexander, $3000 loan, June 1, 1975
Kerrville Folk Festival publicity, 1975
Publicity, general; K. M. F., Open House, Glenn Miller, etc., 1975
Kerrville Folk Festival publicity, 1975
Air Show-hot air balloon race at Kerrville Folk Festival, publicity, 1975
Glenn Miller, 1975
Austin Folklorico, November 23, 1975
Juke Boy Bonner, 1975
Folklorico, Kerrville, 1975
Bluegrass, 1975
Documentary records advertisement, 1972-1976
Mazowsze [folder empty], 1976
3rd Annual Open House at QVR, May 15, 1976
Bill Neely, 1976, 1985
5th Kerrville Folk Festival brochure and program, 1976
Isreal Philharmonic, Austin, August 31, 1976
Red River Dave, 1976
Harmonica Frank, 1976
Festivals publicity, 1976
C & W Jamboree brochure, 1976
Red Steagall, Golf Tournament program, C & W Jamboree poster and brochures, program, 1976
Isreal Phiulharmonic, August 31, 1976
Glenn Miller, Kerrville, Texas, 1976
Glenn Miller mailing list, 1976
Sale of land to Allen [Damron], 13 acres, $9700, October 10, 1976
Benefit, February 12, 1977
Western Swing Festival, original artwork, 1977
6th Kerrville Folk Festival brochure, Festivals brochure, programand poster, season brochure, 1977
1st Gospel Jubilee, 1977
8 Great Hours, 1977
Happy Shahan triples our heard, 1977
Sponser's Association, sold in 1977, 1978
Sponser's Association started, first fundraising letter, 1978

Photographs for An Oz. of Difference (filed by chapter), also contians program covers and newspaper advertisements/illustrations:
2002-53/11 (09105110) Rod's cruise information, 1995
Cruise, 1993
Cabernet Cruise information, 1992
Newport Folk Festival, 1959-1968, 1985-1996
Ballet program, Milwaukee, February 16, 1978
6th Kerrville Folk Festival brochure layout, 1978
Tour photographs, Kanof, 1979
The Vienna Boys Choir [brochure], 1981-1982
Celebrate Texas concert tour, 1986
2002-53/12 (09105121) Loose public relations materials, 1995-1997
Performers presented by Rod Kennedy, up to [1981?, 1986?]
Racing cars/crashes, calendars, 1970's
Nashville Reunion, 1996
Rod Kennedy events, 1947-1981
Gamble Rodgers Memorial, 1997
Performers, 1972-1988
Publicity, Milwaukee Ballet, 1978
Folk invitations, 1996
Folk VIP invitations, 1989, 1990
Fan letters, 1976-1991
Fan mail, 1980-1989
Photograph/song releases, 1995-1997
Fan letters, 1977-1993
Paper products petition, undated
Regional and national press quotations, [ca. 1989]
Rod Kennedy editorial bits and pieces, dedication, undated
John F. Carson writings
Awards photographs, Susan Roads, 1995
Christine Albert
David Amram
Sara Hickman, Schmidt, MLP, 1996
Audience and Main Stage, MLP, David Rodriguez on stage [folder empty], 1995
Kerrville Music Awards, 1995
Peter Alsop, undated
Bobby Bridger
Michael Ballen, Kanof, 1983
Bike ride
Clay Blaker, Brian Kanof, MLP
Marcia Ball
L. J. Booth
Tommy Lee Bradley, Schmidt, 1990
Blues Project, 1994
Bow Brannon, Darron Spohn, 1990
Ponty Bone
Brave Combo, 1991
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, 1992
Guy Clark
David Card, Lela Perry, 1995
Crafts Booth, 1989
CAP, 1993
Camp Coho, undated
Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, by [Merri Lu] Park, 1993
Chapin Carpenter, promo photograph, 1988
Tim Bays, 1996
Dana Cooper, by Ken Schmidt, undated
Campgrounds/campfires, Quiet Valley Ranch, "May all who meet here be friends for life," 1981, 1990-1995
Texas Shorty Chancellor, undated
Mike Cross, by Kanof, undated
Slade Cleaves, 1993
Alvin Crow, by Peg Wallace, undated
CPR, by Kanof, undated
Dottsy promo shot, undated
Jimmy Driftwood, undated
Dah-Veed from Back Stage, by Spohn, 1993
Doug Dillard Band, undated
Iris Dement, [Merri Lu Park], 1995
Stephen Allen Davis, by Schmidt, 1995
Finale on stage with Damron, undated
Carol Elliott at Symphony Square, 1995-1996
Michael Elwood and Beth Galigor, by Spohn, 1993
Kat Eggleston, by Merri Lu Park, by Spohn, publicity shot, 1993
Flor de Cana, by Schmidt, by Spohn [only Spohn photograph in folder], 1993
Fish Fry, 1991
25th Anniversary Fish Fry, by Ken Schmidt, 1996
Flute class, with Sky Walkinstar Man-A-Lone, 1996
Paul Glasse, undated
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1994
Jane Gillman, undated
Guitar Gabriel, undated
Ernie Gammage, MLP, The Rowan Brothers, by Carrico, 1994, 1995
Nina Gerber, undated
Red Grammer, by C. Moulton, 1990
Grimalkin, undated
Guitars back stage, Merri Lu Park, undated
Anne Hills, 1983
Ray Wylie Hubbard, undated
Butch Hancock, by Schmidt, and many others, with Gilmore, etc. 1985, 1991, 1995
High Noon, 1995
David Halley, 1989, undated
Linday Halley, 1989, undated
Hudson and Franke, by Kanof, Grivas, undated
Erik Hokkanen, 1993-1996
Hickory Hill, by Kanof, undated
Tim Henderson, by Kanof, undated
Dave Heath, by MLP, undated
Don Henry, (1993?)
Kathy Hudson Partain, [ca. 1984]
Carolyn Hester, 1980's
Horseflies, by Carrico, 1990
David Houston, undated
Jon Ims, by Kanof, Schmidt [only Schmidt photograph in folder], undated
Isla Mujeres, by Merri Lu Park [folder empty], 1985
Isla Mujeres, 1985-1988
Melissa Javors, undated
Steve James, undated
Jazz Phgarohs, by Michael John Young, 1993
Crow Johnson, by MLP, [and Kanof], 1993, 1995
Santiago Jimenez, Jr., undated
Rod Kennedy on stage, by Spohn, Ladd, [1990], 1993
Rod Kennedy color portraits and on-stage shot, [ca. 1990]
Dalis Allen and Rod Kennedy, by Bill Goodson, 1996
Rod Kennedy and Amram, by Bill Goodson, 1996
Nancy Lee, some with Rod Kennedy, including Schneider caricature, colleg photograph, 1955, 1976
Rod Kennedy on stage, Ken Schmidt photograph, late 1980's
Rod Kennedy with Dalis/MK, by Goodson, 1995
Rod Kennedy wine photograph, undated
Rod Kennedy on stage with Gibson and Damron, undated
Rod Kennedy, no beard, pre-1981
Rod Kennedy, miscellaneous head shots, including Partain photograph, Brenda Ladd photograph, pre-1981, post-1982
Spider John Koerner, by Lester Levy, 1992
Celeste Krenz, 1996
Fred Koller, by Kanof, undated
Lucy Kaplansky, 1996, undated
Barbara Kessler, 1996
Kevin Locke, Festival of Eagle, by Ken Schmidt, undated
Michael Lille, 1996
McRory McLeod, by James R. Willis, undated
Michael McNevin, MLP, 1994
Mary McCaslin, 1980
Ed Miller, undated
Buddy Mondlock, by Spohn, by Merri Lu Park, 1992, 1996
Dave Moore, undated
David Massengill, by Spohn, 1993, [1995?]
Dave Mallett, by MLP, 1995
Iain Matthews, 1996
Gary P. Nunn, with Damron, with Hester, 1977, undated
New Folk winners, by Dalis Allen, 1995
Odetta, Kanof and Larry Murphey, undated
Tim O'Brien, undated
Poi Dog Pondering, by Schmidt, 1990
Rachel Polisher, by Schmidt, 1990
Paul Pearcy, 1994
Tommy Pierce, by Darron Spohn, 1990
Turk Pipkin, by Merri Lu Park, undated
Ellis Paul, by MLP, 1995, 1996
Bobby and Sam Peele, by Dalis Allen
Shake Russell, by Brian Kanof, Ken Schmidt, with Dana Cooper (by Schmidt), Jack Saunders, by MLP, 1994, undated
Rattlesnake Annie, undated
David Roth, by Brian Kanof, undated
Joel Rafael, 1996
RST, 1996
Slim Richey, [Merri Lu Park], 1995
Tom Russell, Merri Lu Park, 1995
B. W. on Chapel Hill, by KDT, undated
Don Sanders, undated
Robert Shaw, KDT photograph, 1987
Chris Smither, Tobey photograph, courtesy Young Hunter Management
Staff concert and audience, by Bill Goodson, 1996
Sons of the Never Wrong, 1996
Staff concert, by Lela Perry, 1993, 1995
Michael Smith, Merri Lu Park, 1994
Sand Box, 1993, 1994
Saint James Gate, bu Kanof , WIllis, 1988
Schmidt Joanne Shenandoah, by Merri Lu Park, with Gayle Ross
Deak Snead, by Kanof, undated
Jana Stanfield, undated
Darden Smith, by Schmidt, undated
Timbuk 3, by Carrico, by Spohn [only Spohn photograph], 1992, 1993
Trout Fishing in Americam by Spohn, 1993
Two Nice Girls, undated
TABC/Security Meeting, Tommy, [by Schmidt], 1996
Touchstone, undated
Michael Tomlinson, undated
Theater-Concessions, 1981, undated
Valdy, by Kanof, undated
Jim Valley, by C. Moulton, undated
Mike Williams, by Peg Williams, by Darron Spohn, 1977, 1993
Jerry Jeff Walker, by Kanof, undated
Rusty Wier, 1988, 1991, 1992
Lucinda Williams, by Spohn, 1992
Robin and Linda Williams, by Merri Lu Park, undated
Robin and Linda Williams, 1996
Kelly Willis, by Merri Lu Park, 1995
Christopher Yarrow, 1996
Pete Yarrow, 1996

Drafts of Music From the Heart/An Oz. of Difference:
2002-53/13 (09105132) The Texas Flyer, April 1974
SMF, releases and clippings, 1965
Bob Franke, no photograph [folder empty]
Odetta Gibson Yarrow, [folder empty], 1981(?)
Kerrville Ragtime Festival, KDT photographs, undated
An Oz. of Difference, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 [notebook], 1972-1974
Legal pad with notes, undated
Music From the Heart , #5, Chapter 10, pp. 228-271. Chapter 11, pp. 271-299 [notebook], 1990-1991
Music From the Heart, #4, Chapter 10, pp. 160-227 [notebook], 1987-1990
Music From the Heart, #3, starting with p. 110 of CHapter 10 [notebook], 1985
Music From the Heart, beginning of Chapter 8 [notebook], 1972-1973
Music From the Heart, #2, starting with p. 40 of CHapter 10, Mesquite Folk Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival [notebook], 1989
An Oz. of Difference photo captions [notebook]
An Oz. of Difference, beginning with a continuation of Chapter 9, and the continuing with Chapter 10, p. 1-39 [notebook], 1974-1981, 1982-1991
Photo and illustration captions, originals {(1974) #194-548 (1996)}, edited {(1972) #133A-548 (1996)}
Chapters 1-6, 2nd draft with corrections made
Chapter 7, copy #2, with cahnges and photo indications; Chapter 8 with highlighted photo locations
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
Chapter 9 [continued]
Chapters 1-5, 1st draft with corrections noted
Chapter 7, copy #1
Music From the Heart, Part II, Chapter 10, pp. 359-406 [443]
Music From the Heart, copy, p. i-xii, 1-297
An Oz. of Difference, photo captions, Rod Kennedy, #1-188
"This is the redo on pgs. 443-496"
Photo captions log
2002-53/14 (09105143) Music From the Heart:
Chapter 10, pp. 101-162
Chapter 11, pp. 1-40
Chapter 10 information
Chapter 10, pp. 443-496
Chapter 11, p. 300-[?]
Chapter 11, pp. 41-73
Chapter 11, pp. 1-73
Original Chapter 9, Part II, pp. 81-118
Chapter 10, pp. 1-57
Chapter 10, pp. 101-162
Chapter 10, pp. 58-100
Chapter 9, pp. 1-80
Head Over Heels in Love, one of two sets, Chapters 1-7, pp. 1-134, original as edited by Hugh Sparks
Songwriter's Notes, undated
Photographs and events materials:
Kerrville Music Festival, brochures and pamphlets
Street Dance [folder empty], April 12, 1981
Louisiana Folk Fest, October 10-11, 1981
Messiah, December 13, 1981
Jose Greco/Nana Lorca, November 1, 1981
Cowboy Horse Races [folder empty], 1976
Pierre Bensussin [folder empty], 1976
St Elmo's Fire, 1976
Rod Kennedy on Jesse Racing motorcycle at the Kerr County Fair, 1979
Rusty Wier [folder empty]
Bobby Clark, Bluegrass Revue, undated
Eagle bone whistle [folder empty], 1980
Segle Fry, 1983
Uncle Walt's Band, 1980
Buck White, undated
Milwaukee Ballet [folder empty], 1978
Elvis Tribute, 1978
Joe Ely, 1980
Rod Kennedy and NLK at Luckenbach Hondo Dedication [folder empty], 1978
Harmonica Frank, undated
Bum Steer, 1988
Jimmy Johnson, undated
Milton Carroll, 1976
T&M Express, undated
Shady Grove Ramblers, 1970's
Rod Kennedy/Western Swing with Betty Wills, 1976
Steve Young [folder empty]
Theater-Old Stage, including aerial shots, 1974-1980
Fund raising letter, Kerrville mass mailing piece, 1981
Wheatfield, 1976
Allen Fontenot Country Cajuns, 1975
Patsy Montana, 1977
Kids petting Tanche [folder empty]
Mike Seeger [folder empty]
Rod Kennedy with performers, by Damron, Henderson, Park, and Don Sanders [only Damron photograph in folder], pre-1981
Rod Kennedy embracing Tim Crowe in response to his funding of documentary recordings, [1981?]
Art work, "Longhorns," Herman Walker, 1976
Dick Goodwin, 1975
Kerrville album cover [folder empty], 1975
4th Kerrville Folk Festival brochure, poster, Benefit, 1975
Dee Moellor, undated
Rod Kennedy, Kerrville [folder empty], 1976
Pedor Gutierrez [folder empty], 1976
Chinese Opera art, undated
Montana Slim, Wilf Cartor, yodeling judge biography, 1975
National Chinese Opera Theater, 1975 or 1976
Swan Lake, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, 1975
Glenn Miller, Chamber Benefit, September 28, 1975
Townsend Miller columns, Patrick Taggart Review, Pete Opper-Dallas, 1975/1977, 1977, 1981
Kerrville Season, 1975
Ewing Street Times, undated
Terry Waldo, 1975
Glenn Miller Orchestra, Jimmy Henderson [folder empty], 1975
Billy Joe Shaver, 1975
Rod Kennedy Public Relations, 1974-1975
Earl Scruggs Review, tribute to Threadgill, October 24
Outdoor Theater, Quiet Valley Ranch, 1976
1973 Ragtime Festival brochure and programs, 1973-1974
Folk Mass, Arts and Crafts Fair [folder empty], 1973
Texas Music Festivals, 1976
Tommy Dorsey/Warren Covington, March 26, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1972
Longhorn College Jazz Festival, program, 1972
Royal Light Singers, [1973?]
Austin, Tzigane, 1972
Rough Ranch [folder empty], 1974
Ragtime Concert, Austin, 1972
Applause, 1972
Hot Tuna, Commander Cody, December 4, 1972
Montoya Silver Anniversary, September 19, 20, 1972
Folklorico, Kerrville [folder empty], Wednesday, August 9, 1972
Folklorico, April 7, 8, 1972
Lyndon baines Johnson letter, September 1972
Dick Barrett, Pottsboro, 1973
Anita Bryant/Charlie Byrd, 1972
World Series of Jazz, 1973
Jose Greco/Nana Corca, Austin, March 5, 1973
Fred Waring, Austin, February 25, 1973
[folder empty], Sunday, January 21, 1973
Kerrville Folk Festival [folder empty], 1974
Kerrville Folk Festival publicity and press announcements [folder empty], 1974
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1973
Posters-Camera Ready, 1973-1974
Peter Yarrow, 1973
Bluegrass Review, Vince Gill, 1975


Rod Kennedy files for collection:

2002-53/15 (09105154) Folk Alliance, 1991-1995
Folk Alliance, 1997
Barker Texas History Center, 1987
Kerrville Kronikle, 1998
Portland, Oregon Folk Alliance, 1995
Folk Alliance, 1995
Austin Guide, 1997
Edmonton, 1996
Cruise, from Rod's first trip, 1995
Philadelphia Folk, 1983-1986, undated
Folk Alliance, 1998
Advertising and publicity, Ft. Worth, 1988, undated
Ft. Worth Star Telegram, KLUV, 1988
Ovation Guitars, proposal, 1995-1997
Galveston, Texas, 1994
Hotels under $160, 1995
Homespun Guitar School, 1988


Rod Kennedy Celebrates Austin Music Festival files:

2002-53/15 (09105154) Budget, 1984
Budget, 1985
ADV contracts, 1985
AT&T phones, 1984
Program advertising prospects, 1984
Mail outs, 1984
Press requests, 1985
Taxes, 1989
W. R. Christensen Accounting, 1984
Accounting, Austin, 1984
Articles of Incorporation, 1983
Press, 1985
Investors, Austin, 1984-1985
Crosswind Sound, 1985
Songwriter's Concert, 1985
Karen Kraft, 1984, undated
Ponty Bone, 1985
Weldon Williams and Lick, 1984
Frank Hall, 1985
Travis Bank and Trust, 1985
Bonnie Raitt, 1985


Kerrville Folk Festival, 1974-1975, general files #2, plus past performer files, 1972-1977:

2002-53/16 (09105165) 1975 Kerrville Folk Festival business, 1975-1976
1975 Kerrville Folk Festival, 1974-1975
Segle Fry, undated
Carol Cisneros, 1975
Denim, 1974-1977
John Garza, 1977, undated
Jimmy Johnson, 1975, 1977
Rick Dinsmore, 1976
Jimmy Buffett, undated
Alex Harvey, 1977
Bill Haymes, 1971-1976
Rich Minus, undated
Accommodations, 1975
Photograph captions, 1975
Fontenot Country Cajuns, 1974-1976
Hickory, 1974-1975
Hot air ballon race, 1972-1975
Richard Mason, 1977
Charles John Quatro, 1975
Bill Priest, 1975-1976
Shane and Kitty, undated
Workshops, 1975, undated
T&M Express, 1974-1975
Dave Houston [folder empty]
Mike Williams, 1975
Programs, 1975
Program advertisements invoices, 1974
Concessions, 1973-1974
Program, 1973-1974
Fox Hollow-Evelyn Beers, 1974
Mailing list, 1974
Releases, 1974, 1976
General information, 1988
Crafts, Bluegrass, Goodtime, Great Texas, 1986
Craft inquiries and registration, 1987
Bradford Group, Paula Bradford, 1988
Advertising, 1987-1988
Bluegrass crafts, 1987, 1988
Signed Isla releases, 1988, undated
Ticket orders, 1989
Folk Too ticket orders, 1989
Accommodations, 1989
Crafts Folk, inquiries and registration, 1989


Originals (book photographs for refiling):

2002-53/16 (09105165) Chapter 8 photographs, art and captions, #133-193
Chapter 9 photographs, art and captions, #194-275
Chapter 2 photographs, 10-20
Chapter 9 (conclusion) art and photographs and captions, #276-307
Photographs, art and captions, #475-510
Chapter 3 photographs, 21-24
Chapter 4 photographs, 25-45
Chapter 7 photographs, 128-133
Chapter 1 photographs, 1-9
Chapter 10 (beginning), art and photographs with captions, #308-359
Chapter 5 photographs, 46-75
Chapter 6 photographs, 76-127
Chapter 10 art and photographs with captions, #402-443
Photograph 507A, photographs 530-
Chapter 10 art and photograph captions, #360-426
Music From the Heart, Chapter 11, photograph and art captions, #511-529
Music From the Heart, Chapter 10 completes, photographs and art, #444-474


General materials, 1975-1986:

2002-53/17 (09105176) Newsletter, 1975, 1976, 1985, 1986
W. E. Haisley, 1982, 1983, 1986
News and fundraising letters, 1981-1985
Kerrville Folk Festival brochures, newspaper clippings, etc., 1983
Pleasure Island Music Festival, history, program, etc., April 27-29, 1984
Bob Brozman, by Kanof [folder empty], 1983
Roseanne Cash, by Rodney Crowell [folder empty], 1983
Rosalie Sorrels, by Kanof [folder empty], 1983
Rick Beresford [folder empty], 1984
Chalres John Quarto [folder empty], 1984
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1984
Mesquite Folk Festival #3, May 3-6, 1984
Mexico trip, 1984-1986
Isla Muheres photographs, 1984-1985
Rod Kennedy, Celebrate Austin Music Festival, photograph by Merri Lu Park [folder empty], 1984
Miller Theater, 1984
Miller Theater, Bluegrass, August 17-18, 1984
Breakfast gathering at Houston's Missouri Street Café [folder empty], 1984
Tour, "Kerrville On the Road", Miller Theater [folder empty], 1984
Miller Theater, August 17-18, 1984
13th Kerrville Folk Festival brochure, program and poster, 1984
12th Annual Goodtime Music Festival, program and poster, 1984
Rod Kennedy and Pete Seeger at a Kerrville Restaurant [folder empty]
Pete Seeger, Ladd-Goodtime Music Festival, 1984
John Hartford [folder empty], 1984
Madame Butterfly [folder empty], 1984
Waterloo Benefit, December 21, 1984
Kerrictionary of Kerr words, 800 copies, 1985
Robert Shaw funeral, May 18, 1985
Kerrville bus, 1985
Miller Theater, April 1985
Sippie Wallace, Celebrate Austin Music Festival, photographs, biography and contract, 1985
Manor Downs [folder empty], April 19-21, 1985
Permits Isla, 1985-1986
Willoughby, 1985
Kerr Dictionary, 1985
"Kerrville On the Road", Miller Theater, April 26-27, 1985
14th Kerrville Folk Festival, poster, brochure, program, Southern Living High Notes, 1985
Resoultion, 15th anniversary, 1985
3rd Goodtime Music Festival, October 11-13, 1985
Mae Partain and Peter Yarrow, watching Paul and Mary [folder empty], 1985
Dee Moeller [folder empty], 1985
Mary Travers with Rod Kennedy [folder empty], 1985
Lyle Lovett, by Kanof, Merri Lu Park, with Darden and Bassist [only one photograph present], 1985
Miller Theater, August 1985
Rock 'N' Roll [folder empty], August 17, 1985
Minutes/meetings, 1986
Roger Allen/Portrait in Sound, 1986
McCord logo, 1986
Sesquicentennial Commission, 1986
Threadgill Theater, 1986
Kanof photographs, 1986
Terry Allen, 1986
Running Horses presentation [folder empty], 1986
Rod Kennedy accepting sesquicentennial flag, 1986
Nanci Griffith, backstage [folder empty], 1986
Isla Mujeres, 1986
Kerrville Folk Festival tour, 1986
Celebrate Texas concert tour, 1986
Kerrville Folk Festival survey, 1986
Tour program book, 1986
Tour, financial, 1986
Tour press kit, 1986


Kerrville Folk Festival files deleted from office January 1987 (mostly performer files):

2002-53/18 (09105187) Touchstone, 1983-1984
The Tolers, 1985-1986
Brian Torff, 1982, undated
Linda Lone Thompson, 1982
Tannehill Weavers, 1983
Tinker's Dam, 1982
Lillian Standfield, 1987-1990
Beth Williams, 1986-1987
Uncle Bonsai, 1987
Eddie Adcock, Talk of the Twon, 1975-1985, 1986-1988
AFTM, 1983-1985
Bluegrass Festival History, 10 years, 1965-1975
Pierre Bensusan, 1976-1986, 1987, 1988
Eloise Burrell, 1984-1985
4 Bricks out of Hadrian's Wall, 1982-1984
Boys of the Lough, undated
Battlefield Band, 1983-1984
Tommy Lee Bradley, 1987-1989
Tony Bird, 1980-1990
Courtney Campbell, 1983-1988
Cathy Barton, 1982-1983
Lou Ann Barton, 1985
Joseph Brunelle, 1978, 1987-1989
Joe King Carrasco, 1984-1985
Casselberry-Dupree, 1985-1990
Ray Campi Revue with Jon Emory, 1983, 1986
Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, undated
Milton Carroll/Barbara Fairchild, undated
Celtic Stone, 1986
Lorraine Duisit/Tom Espinola, 1988, undated
Dan Del Santo, 1981-1984
Doug Dillard Band, 1983-1986
Kitty Donohoe, 1986, 1989
Al Dresson, undated
Eclectricity, 1983-1985
Marko Ellinger, 1988-1989
Cathy Fink, 1979, 1980-1988
Gore Bros, 1988
Grimalkin, 1983-1984
House Bros., 1978, 1980, 1983
Grey Ghost, 1989-1990
Lonnie Glosson, 1978-1979
John Hartford, 1979-1984
Kevin Hatcher, undated
Hot Rize, 1982-1987
Pat Hardin, undated
Lou-Ray, 1975
Traci Lamar, 1982-1987
Marci Lynn School, 1989
McColl and Tracey, 1989, undated
McLain Family Band, 1977-1986
Mandy Mercier, 1986
Jim Post [folder empty], 1987
Bill Priest, 1982
Hank Riddle, 1987-1988
Rude Girls, 1989, undated
Omar and the Howlers, 1984-1985
Allen Ross, 1979-1981
Jim Ritchey, undated
Judy Roderick, 1983, 1985
Preston Reed, 1985
Suzanne Sherwin [folder empty]
So. Living [folder empty]
Harmonica Blowoff, 1983
Harmonica Blowoff, 1982
Harmonica Blowoff, 1981
Harmonica Blowoff, undated
Crowe Memorial Gifts, 1982
Christmas Reunion, 1987
Napa Contract, 1992-1993
Nashville Reunion, 1997
Napa, 1997

2.325/C29b Summer Music Festival, 1964-1966
Material related to Rod Kennedy's involvement in establishing the KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival at Austin's Zilker Hillside Theater: press clippings, news releases, publicity, correspondence

2.325/C29b Press kit for Texas Music Sundown Concerts in Plano, Texas, produced by Rod Kennedy and Associates, 2007

2.325/D4d Posters:
Celebrate Austin Music Festival
Festival Atamian at Kerrville
The Kerrville Music Foundation, Inc. presents "The Nutcracker"
The Kerrville Music Foundation, Inc. presents "Vivaldi Gloria"
Kerrville Bluegrass and Country Music Festival
Kerrville Bluegrass Festival
Kerrville Country and Western Jamboree
Kerrville Folk Festival, 6th Annual
Kerrville Folk Festival, 7th Annual
Kerrville Folk Festival, 9th Annual
Kerrville Folk Festival, 12th Annual
Kerrville Folk Festival, 26th Annual
Kerrville Folk Festival, 27th Annual
Kerrville Goodtime Music Festival
Kerrville Summer Music Festival
Red Steagall Celebrity Golf Classic
3rd Annual Hill Country Antique Show and Sale
1980-1981 Leading Edge Music Series
Jim and Jesse
Fred Carter, Jr.
Mozart on Fifth
Music for a While
Tex Williams
2.325/OD1 "Tribute to Kenneth Threadgill", The Earl Scruggs Revue
"The Preservation Hall", The Traditional Jazz Band


Lobby cards

2.325/T58a Vienna Choir Boys
"An Evening with Gordon Lightfoot, Carolyn Hester, Coalition, Jimmy Driftwood, Jerry Jeff Walker"
The Magnificent Mazowsze
Vikki Carr, "One Hell of a Woman" [2]
Tom T. Hall [2]
Plaza Suite, Neil Simon comedy starring Larry Peaks and Betty Garrett
Carousel, starring John Raitt
Fred Waring and His New York Pennsylvanians
"Uri Geller: Expanding the Frontiers of Man and Science"
Kerrville C&W Jamboree [2]
George M!, starring Tony Tanner
"Montoya" The World Renowned Flamenco Guitarist" [2]
Peter Nero, "In Person"
Fiesta Folklorico, National Dance Company de Mexico
Circus Vargas
Vienna State Opera Ballet
José Greco with Nan Lorca
Butterflies Are Free, starring Jan Sterling [2]
Grant's 5th Annual Blue Grass Festival
P. D. Q. Bach
Zorba', starring Vivian Blaine and Michael Kermoyan
National Chinese Opera Theatre
Tzigane: The World's Leading Gypsy Folk Spectacle
Sleuth, starring George Rose and David Haviland
Come Truckin' with Eddie Kendricks
San Francisco Ballet


Photographic material:

3V258 Photographic prints and contact sheets:
Audience photographs, undated
Ballet folklorica: Yaqui Indian Deer Dance
Celebrate Austin Music Featival, performances and audience
Celebrate Austin Music Festival, publicity stills, photographs and slides, 1984-1985
Concert Chorale, Houston, undated
Cowboy horse races, 1979
Exhibit hall and grandstand and West Texas Fair, Kerrville, Texas, undated
Frisbee exhibition, 1977
Good Time Music Festival, contact sheets, 1983
Good Time Music Festival, photographs, 1984
Gospell Showcase, 1978
Gospell Showcase, 1979
HLTS, January, 1966
Isla Mujeres, Ropa Para Niñas, Unas Cositas Para Niños, artist photographs, Sukay, undated
Isla Mujeres, Ropa Para Niñas, Unas Cositas Para Niños, artist photographs, David West, undated
Kerr County Fair, 1980
Kerrville Bluegrass Festival, photographs, 1974, 1984
Kerrville Bluegrass Festival, contact sheets, 1974-1976, 1984
Kerrville Bluegrass Festival, unidentified photographs
Kerrville Classical Music Festival, undated
Kerrville Country Western Days, undated
Kerrville Ragtime Festival, contact sheets and photographs, July 1973, undated
Kerrville Summer Music Festival, 1981-1982, undated
Kerrville Summer Music Festival, publicity, 1982
KHFI concert, December 7, 1964
Longhorn Jazz Festival, contact sheets, 1967
Longhorn Jazz Festival, 1970-1971
Longhorn Jazz Festival, contact sheets and photographs, undated
Longhorn Steer Show, 1980
Louisiana Folk Festival, undated
Mozart on Fifth, undated
Nutcracker publicity photographs, undated
Texas Opera Theatre publicity, undated
Texas Theater, early 20th century
Travis County Fairgrounds, early 20th century
Vivaldi Gloria publicity, undated
Unidentified contact sheets
3V258 Contact sheets of 19th century musicians
3V258 Individuals/groups A-L:
19th century musicians, contact sheets
Roy Acuff
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley
Toshiko Akiyoshi
Alamo City Jazz Band
Christine Albert
Steve Allen
Laurindo Almeida
Carmen Avarez
Amazing Grass
Joyce Arle
The Arnolds
Frank Assunto
Fred Assunto
Sara Atamain
Au-go-go Singers
Backwoods Volunteers
Wendy Bagwell
Michael Ballew
Bobby Bare
Paul Barnes, Jazzed Pop
Ray Bavouc
Margaret Batjer
Harry Belafonte
Shelly Berman
Frank Bettencourt
Stacey Blair
Norman Blake
Art Blakely
Clay Blaker
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Bluegrass Alliance
Bluergrass Cardinals
Bluegrass Generation
Ray Bolger
Johnny Bond
Pat Boone
Bill Box
Ruby Braff
Leon Breeden
Olive Brown
Dave Brubeck
Ed Brace
Brumfield Brothers
Georg Brunis
Anita Bryant
Sherry Bryce
Milt Buckner
Carol Burnett, Audrey Hepburn, and Bob Newhart
Don Butler
Gary Burton
Billy Butterfield
Billy Byrd
Charlie Byrd
Emilio Caceras
Caffrey Family
Godfrey Cambridge
Red Camp
Jeffery Campbell
Jules Caplan
Franco Carelli
Hoagy Carmichael, Inger Stevens, William Windom
Ara Carpenter
Christopher Carrington
Tommy Cash
The Cathedral Quartet
Chambers Brothers
Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin
Charles River Valley Boys
Chequered Flag
Chuck Wagon Gang
Winston Churchill
Carol Cisneros
Garner Clark
Lee Clayton
Cozy Cole
Nat King Cole
Brian Collins
Cooke Brothers
Bill Cosby
Country Gazette
County Line
Bill Cosby
Crow Family
Jim Cullen, Jr.
Jim Cullens Happy Jazz Band
Larry Damron
Danger in the Air
John Davidson
Wild Bill Davidson
Miles Davis
Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra
William De Rosa
Frank Devol
The Diamonds
Vic Dickenson
Dixie Chicks
Richard Dobson
Double Mountain Boys
Roy Drusky
Peter Duchin
Stephen Dudash
The Duffy Brothers
Dukes of Dixieland
Eagle Bone Whistle
Deltra Eamon
Bob Eberly
Ray Eberlee
Stoney Edwards
Les Elgart
Duke Ellington
Jack Elliot
George Ensle
Barbara Fairchild
Douglas Fairchild
Percy Faith
Fat Chance
Leonard Feather
Narvel Felts
Freddy Fender
Ferrante and Teicher
The Fiction Brothers
Lester Flatt
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
Howard "Howdy" Forrester
The Four Freshmen
Bud Freeman
Hamao Fujiwara
The Fuller Family
The Galileans
Ricardo Gamez
Lee Gann Quartet
Jan Garber Orchestra
Judy Garland
Crystal Gayle
Ed Gerlach
Stan Getz
Ronnie Gilbert
Lisa Gilkyson
Dizzy Gillespie
Mickey Gilley
Johnny Gimble
Jim Glaser
Arthur Godfrey
Bobby Goldsboro
Dick Goodwin and Rod Kennedy
Bobby Gordon and Jim Cullum
The Gospel Keynotes
Robert Goulet and Eydie Gormet
Bill Grant and Delia Bell
Earl Grant
"Uncle" Josh Graves
Bobby Hackett
Happy Jazz Band
Linda Hargrove
Bill Harrell
Eddie Harris
John Hartford
Roy Haynes
Roy Head
The Hemphills
3V259 Jimmy Henley
Joe F. Hill
Art Hodes
Adolph Hofner
Buddy Holly
Bob Hope
Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins
Jan Howard
Eddie Hubble
Percy Humphrey
Burl Ives
Illinois Jacquet
Joe Jeff
Jim and Jesse and the Virginia Boys
Gus Johnson, Jr.
J. J. Johnson
Elvin Jones
Jo Jones
Kal Kalloday
Max Kaminsky
Boris Karloff
Orange Kellin
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
Rod Kennedy
Marvin Kimball
Kingdom Seekers
The Kingmen
Paul Kramer
LaFosse, contact sheets and photographs
LaFrance Sisters
Don Lamond
Steve Lawrence
Hubert Laws
Yank Lawson and Bob Haggart
Brenda Lee
Peggy Lee
Legends of Jazz
Jack Lesberg
The Lettermen
Father Al Lewis
Lewis Family
Gordon Lightfoot
The Limeliters
Mance Lipscomb
John A, Lomax, Jr.
Los Tres Amigos
The Lost City Mad Dogs
Charlie Louvin
Sylvia Lozano
Bob Luman
Janet Lynn
Judy Lynn
Johnny Lyon
Jimmy Lyons
The Mac Truck Amateur Night
Charlie McCoy
Howard McGhee
Angela and James McKinney
Barton McLean
Priscilla McLean
Judy Mallett
Mamas and the Papas
Herbie Mann
Tina Margh
George Martin
Hugh Masekela
Robert Maxwell
Megan Meisenbach
Bob Meyer
"Sing" Miller
Mr. Jack Daniels Original Silver Coronet Band
Thelonius Monk
Melba Montgomery
Max Morath
Jack Morella
Jaye P. Morgan
Bennie Morton
Gerry Mulligan
Willie Nelson
Peter Nero
Stewart Newbold
Bob Newhart
Joe Newman
Paul Neubauer
Night Sun
Hoyle Nix
Northam Brothers
Red Norvo
Oak Ridge Boys
Father Norman O'Connor
Riz Ortolani
Oscar and Lonzo
Jim Owen
Doodle Owens
Dave Oxley, Sr.
Billy Parker
Knocky Parker
Stella Parton
Paula Patterson
Tom Paxton
Ray Pillow
Pinnacle Boys
Poverty Playboys
Eddie Rabbitt
Suze Raft
John Raitt
The Rambos
Rank and File
Ezra Ranch
Red Rector
Red Clay Ramblers
Red River Dave
Jean Redpath
Chuck Reiley
Sandy Rhodes
Buddy Rich
Jimmy Riddle
Tex Ritter
Jimmy Rodgers and Will Rodgers, Kerrville, Texas, 1931
Gamble Rogers
Leonard Rose
Pee Wee Russell
Johnny Rutherford
St. Louis Ragtimers
Tony Saletan
Junior Samples
Carl Saucemann and the Green Valley Boys
The Eark Scruggs Review
Joe Scruggs
Pete Seger
Leon "Pappy" Selph
Doc Severinsen
Shady Grove Ramblers
Billy Joe Shaver
The Shilos
Garland Shuping and Wild Country
Nina Simone
Frank Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra
Singing Binion Family
Ricky Skaggs
Cal Smith
Jimmy Smith
The Soul Society
The Southwest Jazz Band
Red Sovine
Buddy Spicher
Mark Spoelstra
Virginia Squires
Staple Singers
Star-Spangled Washboard Band
Red Steagall
John Stewart
Sonny Stitt
String Factory Outlet
Jesse Sublett's Secret Six
The Surfaris
Ralph Sutton
Ron Sweet
Joseph Swenson
Shoji Tabuchi
James Talley
Gordie Tapp
Buddy Tate
Billy Taylor
Kevin Taylor
Pat Terry Group
Danny Thomas
Hank Thompson
Thrasher Brothers
Billy Thunderkloud
Tommy Tiemann
Floyd Tillman
Johnny Tillotson
Troubadors Paraguay
Merle Travis
Ernest Tubb
II Generation
Catrina Valentine
Townes Van Zandt
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Julie Vernon
Kenny Vernon
Billy Walker
Charlie Walker
Jerry Wallace
Fran Warren
The Warrior River Boys
Dionne Warwick
Jackie Washington
Waterloo Winds
Muddy Waters
Doc Watson
Gregory Wein
Kitty Wells
Dick Wellstood
Billy Edd Wheeler
Whetstone Run
Buck White
The Whites
Bob Wilber
Don Williams
Hank Williams
Hank Williams, Jr.
Joe Williams
Lucinda Williams
Tex Williams
Foy Willing
The Wills Family
Jackie Wilson
Teddy Wilson
Kai Winding
Mac Wiseman
World's Greatest Jazz Band
Thomas Wright
Rual Yarbrough
Yound - Holt Unlimited
Chester Zardis
3S63a Negatives:
Celebrate Austin Music Festival, publicity stills, 1984-1985
Country and Western Jamhouse publicity, undated
Exhibit hall and grandstand and West Texas Fair, Kerrville, Texas, undated
Festival Atamain publicity, 1981
Good Time Music Festival, 1983
Kerr County Fair
Kerrville Bluegrass Festival, unidentified
Kerrville Folk Festival, 1976
Kerrville Ragtime Festival, 1973, undated
Kerrville Summer Music Festival, 1982, undated
Kerrville, Texas, aerial view, undated
Santa Rosa Palominos
19th century musicians
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley
Alamo City Jazz Band
Wendy Bagwell
Ray Bavouc
Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Ruby Braff
Olive Brown
Georg Brunis
Anita Bryant
Red Camp
Roberta Flack
Bud Freeman
Hamao Fujiwara
Stan Getz
Johnny Gimble
Bobby Hackett
Happy Jazz Band
Linda Hargrove
Eddie Harris
Max Kaminsky
Father Al Lewis
Les McCann
Gerry Mulligan
Willie Nelson
Oscar and Lonzo
Eddie Rabbitt
Ezra Ranch
Leonard Rose
Leon "Pappy" Selph
Jimmy Smith
Red Steagall
Sonny Stitt
Shoji Tabuchi
Floyd Tillman
Gregory Wein
Dick Wellstood
Teddy Wilson
Chubby Wise

3W92a Sound recordings:
LP singles:
The Alliance, "Not Seeing You Again," and "Louise"
Backwoods Volunteers, "Sittin on Top of the World" and "If I Go to California"
The Bluegrass Alliance, "You Aint Goin' Nowhere" and "One Tin Soldier"
Sherry Bryce, "Coffee and Tears" and "Leavings Heavy on My Mind"
George Chambers and the Country Gentleman, "Ding Dong Howdy" and "Dim Lights, Thick Music, and Loud, Loud Music"
The Double Mountain Boys, "Blue Birds Singing," and "Thinking About You"
Freddy Fender, "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" and "Waiting For Your Love"
Crystal Gayle, "Wrong Road Again"
Johnny Gimble, "Lone Star Rag" and "Under the X in Texas"
Lonzo and Oscar, "From Your Shoulders to Mine" and "God Is the Color of Love"
Judy Lynn, "Dark Moon" and "Burden of Freedom"
Darrell McCAll and Willie Nelson, "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Lily Dale"
Billy Parker, "Jerri Again" and "Average Man,""The Power of True Love" and "More Than One Kind of Love"
Cal Smith, "I Play a Man" and "Woman Don't Try to Play My Song,""19 Years and 1800 Miles,""Thunderstorms,""MacArthurs's Hand" and "Sunday Morning Christian"
Red Sovine and the Girls, "It'll Come Back,""Down Through the Years" and "I'll Come Back"
Ralph Stanley, "Katy Daley" and "Will You Miss Me"
Red Steagall, "Somewhere My Love,""Give Me One More Chance," and "One Star Beer and Bob Wills Music"
Gary Towlen, "Excerpts From Live Performance"
The World's Greatest Jazz Band, "Muskat Ramble,""Swing That Music,""Crawfish Shuffle" and "St. Louis Blues"
1/4 inch tapes:
James and Jimmy Henley, January 28, 1975
Mark Hess and Terry Waldo
The University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio Spring Recital Series, Leopold La Fosse and Albert Hirsch April 20, 1970,

3W92a Festival/sales, Comgraphics Inc. [5 1/4 inch floppy discs]


Artist files

2.325/B81 Albert & Gage, 2007.
Bobby Bridger, 2006.
Pointy Bone, 2005.
Michael Camp, undated.
Slaid Cleaves, 2004.
Brave Combo, 2001.
Floyd Domino, 2007.
Ruthie Foster, 2005-2007.
Paul Glasse, 2002.
Eliza Gilkyson, 2004-2007.
Harry & The Hightones, 2004-2005.
Terri Hendrix, 2003-2008.
Nathan Hamilton, 2003.
Sara Hickman, 2007.
Tish Hinojosa, 2000-2003.
Jon IMS, undated.
Billy Jonas, 2003-2007.
Celest Krenz, 2003-2004.
Lara & Reyes, undated.
Gary P. Nunn, 2007.
Tom Prasada-Rao, 2002-2006.
Tom Russell, 2004.
Chris Rosser, 2002.
Russell & Cooper, 2003.
Sisters Morales, 2003.
South Austin Jug Band, 2003.
Trout Fishing, 2003-2007.
Waybacks, 2002.
Kevin Welch, 2003.
Bill Ward, 2004-2006.
Kelly Willis, 2007.
Peter Yarrow, 2007.
Peter Yarrow, 1972-1993.
Damron, 1960s-1980s.
Tom Rush, 1982-1986.
C & W Jamboree!, undated.
Folk documentary booklet, 1972-1976.
Gibson & Camp, 1977-1992.
Augie Meyer, 1974-1975.
Townes Van Zandt, 1973-1978, 1997.
Interviews and features- Rod Kennedy, 1978-1992.
Texas Playboys, 1975-1979.
Jose Groco / The Singing Christian, 1978-1981.
Book "Festival" Kerrville- The First Five Years, 1976.
Kenneth Threadgill, 1974-1982.
Kenneth Threadgill photos, 1972-1981.
Kenneth Threadgill, 1971-1976.
Larry Willoughby, 1984-1988.
Everitt McKinnon, 1976-1977.
Souvenir program, 1966.
Montana Slim, 1975.
Two Lone Stars, 1988-1989.
Miscellaneous programs and press releases, 1974-1988.
Laura Lee McBride, 1976.
Hardin & Russell, 1976.
Moe Brandy, 1974-1977.
Dee Moeller, 1975-1984.
Hemmer Ridge Mountain Boys, undated.
Frummox, ca. 1982.
Mother of Pearl, 1979.
Larry Mahan, 1978-1979.
Al Simmons, 1983.
Bruce "Utah" Phillips, undated.
Red River Dave, 1975-1981.
Leon McAuliffe, 1977.
Patsy Montana, 1975-1977.
2.325/E470 Hot Cakes, 1987.
Miscellanoues photos, undated.
Cruise LTR, 1995.
Bill Neely, 1976-1989.
Legal & Accounting, 1967-1976.
Kate Wolf, 1987-1996.
David Smith, 1969.


Racing files

2.325/E470 Gus Hutchison, 1970.
Overseas Motors, 1970.
Texas International speedway press kit, 1969.
Formula Ford, 1996-1970.
Hutchison racing engines, 1970.
Houston International Auto Show, 1968.
Autoweek, 1968-1970.
Arkay stationary, undated.
RK cars for sale, 1969-1973.
Winkelmann, 1971.
Lancia- sales info, 1969-1971.
W. Rutherford, 1971.
Mexico City, 1971.
Monterrey race, 1971.
Miscellaneous brochures and clippings, 1969.
Castrol Exide batteries, 1970.
Mexican races, 1971.
Monterrey Autodromo, 1970-1971.
Driver profile service, January 1970.
Miscellaneous publicity, 1969.
Mexico 24 hours, 1971.
Monterrey newspapers, 1971.
COPA Prix- Monterrey & Mexico City, June 1971.
S.W. Racing News, 1969-1970.