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A Guide to the Richard M. Morehead Papers, 1903, 1922-1995.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Morehead, Richard M., 1913-2003
Title: Richard M. Morehead Papers
Dates: 1903, 1922-1995
Abstract Correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, literary productions, reports, speeches, pamphlets, periodicals, books, photographs and programs comprise the Richard M. Morehead Papers, 1903, 1922-1995, documenting his personal and professional life.
Extent: 51 ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Journalist and author Richard M. Morehead (1913-2003) was born in Plainview, Hale County, Texas to Edward John and Ethel Daily Morehead. After receiving his Bachelor degree in Journalism from the University of Texas in 1935, he worked as a reporter for the United Press International until 1942. Later, Morehead was a correspondent for the Dallas Morning News and retired as bureau chief in 1979. Morehead was also the Texas correspondent for the Southern Education Reporting Service (1954-1968) and the legislative correspondent for the Southern Regional Education Board (1981). He was a long time member of the Texas Judicial Council, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Association of Petroleum Writers, the Hale County Historical Commission, and the Panhandle Plains Historical Society. Morehead won numerous awards for his political reporting and for his coverage of public school integration issues.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, literary productions, reports, speeches, pamphlets, periodicals, books, photographs and programs comprise the Richard M. Morehead Papers, 1903, 1922-1995, documenting his personal and professional life. Included are newspaper clippings of articles by Morehead, classified research files of clippings and other printed material related to education, school integration, civil rights, race relations and blacks in Texas and the South, primarily after the 1954 school desegregation ruling from the U. S. Supreme Court. Other materials relate to the judiciary in Texas and elsewhere, oil and gas, politics and politicians, the University of Texas at Austin, wild game cookery and Texas history. Also included are the drafts and galley proofs of Morehead's books: Dewitt C. Greer: King of the Highway Builders; Fifty Years in Texas Politics; Richard Morehead's Texas: Armadillos, Lawmakers, Wild Turkeys, Writers and Other Texas Miscellanea; The Texas Wild Game Cookbook; Missouri Court Plan: A Series of Articles on How Missouri Gets and Keeps Able Judges.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Greer, Dewitt Carlock.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Morehead, Richard -- Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Austin State Hospital.
Dallas Morning News.
Railroad Commission of Texas.
Texas Civil Judicial Council
African Americans -- Civil Rights.
African Americans -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
African Americans -- Education.
African Americans -- Segregation
African Americans -- Social Conditions
Cookery (Wild foods).
School integration -- United States.
School integration -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
School integration -- United States.
School integration -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Elections -- United States.
Governors -- Election.
Governors -- Texas.
Journalists -- United States.
Journalists -- Texas.
Journalism -- Texas.
Journalism -- United States.
Petroleum -- Texas.
Political campaigns -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Politicians -- Texas.
Politics and government -- Texas.
Presidents -- Election -- United States.
Race relations -- United States.
Race relations and the press.
Texas -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Sources.
United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Sources.

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Richard M. Morehead Papers, 1903, 1922-1995, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Papers



3G436 Publications:
Race Relations Law Reporter
Vol. I, No. 1
Extent (2 copies)
Vol. I, No. 2
Vol. I, No. 3
Vol. I, No. 4
Vol. I, No. 5
Vol. I, No. 6
Vol. II, No. 1
Vol. II, No. 2
3G437 Vol. II, No. 3
Vol. II, No. 4
Vol. II, No. 5
Vol. II, No. 6
Vol. III, No. 1
Vol. III, No. 2
Vol. III, No. 3
Vol. III, No. 4
Vol. III, No. 5
Vol. III, No. 6
Vol. IV, No. 1
3G438 Vol. IV, No. 2
Vol. IV, No. 3
Vol. IV, No. 4
Vol. V, No. 1
Vol. V, No. 2
Vol. V, No. 3
Vol. V, No. 4
3G439 Vol. VI, No. 1
Vol. VI, No. 2
Vol. VI, No. 3
Vol. VI, No. 4
Vol. VII, No. 1
Vol. VII, No. 2
Vol. VII, No. 3
3G440 Vol. VII, No. 4
Vol. VIII, No. 1
Vol. VIII, No. 2
Vol. VIII, No. 3
Vol. VIII, No. 4
Vol. IX, No. 1
3G441 Vol. IX, No. 2
Vol. IX, No. 3
Vol. IX, No. 4
Vol. X, No. 1
Vol. X, No. 2
3G442 Vol. X, No. 3
Vol. X, No. 4
Vol. XI, No. 1
Vol. XI, No. 2
Vol. XI, No. 3
3F270 Civil Rights in Texas, February, 1970
Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, September 8, 1967-March 11, 1972
General Investigating Committee Report to the House of Representatives, 1961
Miscellaneous, 1966-1972 and undated
3F271 Press Releases, 1961-1973
Quill, January and May, 1969
City, January and February 1971; Summer 1972
Race Relations Law Survey:
May - November, 1969
January - November, 1970
January 1971 - January 1972
Race Relations Reporter:
February 1, 1970 - October 18, 1971
November 1, 1971 - March 5, 1973
3F272 Race Relations Reporter, March-July 30, 1973
Reporter News Supplement, 1970
Reprints, 1967-1972
Southern Education Report:
November 1965 - April 1969
3F273 Southern School News:
July 1962 - December 1964
3G431 January - June 1965
Special Report of Race Relations Information Center, November 1969 - December 1970
State Legislation Affecting Higher Education in the South, 1968
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, March 29, 1967 and December 29, 1966
Legal Papers, Civil Rights Cases
3F274 Unpublished:
Reports and speeches, 1967-1968
Texas Highlights, 1966-1968
Newspaper clippings:
February - August 1967
3F275 September 1967 - March 1969
3F276 April 1969 - July 1973
3F277 Continuation not found
3F278 Undated
3G432 Little Rock crisis, 1957
Mississippi crisis, 1962
Civil Rights in the South
3G433 Integration in Houston
Integration in Dallas
Integration in Austin
Integration in Smaller Texas Cities
Integration in Texas
3G434 Pamphlets:
Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Integration in Various Sections of the South
Mississippi and Little Rock Incidents
Integration in Texas Public Schools
3G435 South Africa
Miscellaneous material
News Releases:
Concerning Southern School News
3G429 General civil rights matters
Integration in the schools
Integration in the schools
Integration in Little Rock
Integration in Texas
3G430 Integration in Texas
Integration, 1954-1960
Integration, 1961-1962
Speeches, 1954-1966
3F279 Classified files:
Busing, 1971-1972
Chicanos, September, 1970
Civil Rights Act, 1964-1969
Colleges, 1963
College integration, 1962
College integration, 1964
College enrollment including Negroes, 1965-1967
3F280 College survey, 1960
Correspondence, civil rights
Correspondence, Journalism Awards Committee
Desegregation, public school, 1955-1961
Demonstrations, including Ku Klux, 1963-1967
Fort Worth, 1959-1962
Free School Lunch Program, 1967
General correspondence, 1957, 1967-1969, 1973, undated
Guidelines - Compliance, 1967 and undated
Integration, private and parochial schools, 1960-1961
Integration, numbers involved, 1962-1963
Negro colleges, 1964-1968
3F281 Negro school dropouts and unemployment, 1961-1965
New Orleans, 1960, 1961, 1964 and undated
Colleges, 1950-1962
Civil Rights, 1957, 1958
General, 1955-1960
Houston, 1957-1961
Interposition, 1956-1960
Labor Unions, 1959
3F282 Marshall, 1960-1963
Parks, 1956-1962
Pending, public schools, 1956-1957
Public Schools, 1956, 1958
Replies to questionnaire, 1956
School Boards, 1956
Started, public schools, July 1956 and undated
Teachers, 1955-1967
Summer survey, 1956
3F283 Segregation Legislation, 1957-1967
Series on integration, 1956-1959, 1961, 1962 and undated
Southern Education Reporting Service, undated
Statistical summary, 1961-1967
Surveys - Desegregation, 1961-1963, 1967, 1969
Texas City - Integration Suit, 1961
3F329 50 Years in Texas Politics, 1982
Final manuscript
3F330 Typescript
4Ze213 Texas Civil Judicial Council materials:
Publications, annotated, 1945-1949
Publications, unannotated, 1946-1948 and undated
Publications, unannotated, 1940-1948 and undated
Publications related to Morehead, 1947-1948 and undated
Literary productions and speeches, 1948 and undated
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1945-1949 and undated
Agendas, reports, bills, amendments, and other items, 1946-1948 and undated
4Ze214 Texas Civil Judicial Council materials
Miscellaneous, 1949-1954, 1973-1977
Annual reports, 1972-1978
Publications, 1973
4Ze215 Newspaper clippings: articles by Morehead:
1943 - April 1949
4Ze216 May 1949 - August 1951
4Ze217 September 1951 - December 1953
4Ze218 January 1954 - August 1955
4Ze219 September 1955 - February 1957
4Ze220 March 1957 - July 1958
4Ze221 August 1958 - December 1961
4Ze222 January 1962 - July 1964
4Ze223 August 1964 - December 1965
4Ze224 January 1966 - 1973
4Ze225 1974-1979 and undated
Magazine clippings, 1963-1964
Miscellaneous publications, 1966-1968
General Investigating Committee Report to the House of Representatives, 1961
Correspondence, 1965-1971 and undated
Speeches, 1955-1969
Publications: Legal papers, civil rights cases, 1954, 1962, and undated
Miscellaneous materials, 1951-1975 and undated
Miscellaneous clippings, 1958-1978 and undated
Articles by Morehead, 1967-1972
4Ze226 Materials related to J. Frank Dobie, 1932, 1947-1978
Printed materials related to Walter Prescott Webb, Harry Huntt Ransom, James Michener, Stanley Walker, Paul Horgan, 1957-1986
Typescript articles by Morehead, 1965-1974
4Ze227 Typescript articles by Morehead, 1965-1977
4Ze228 Typescript articles by Morehead, 1978-1979
Miscellaneous, 1952, ca. 1968-1977 and undated
Pamphlets: Texas miscellaneous, University of Texas, 1901, 1931-1968 and undated1945-1962 and undated
4Ze229 Pamphlets: Texas education, 1958
Miscellaneous, 1859, 1947-1969 and undated
Materials by and about Walter Ewing Long, 1946, 1958-1960 and undated
4Ze230 Material on judiciary matters:
Judicial selection in Texas, an exploratory study, 1964
Texas Conference on Judicial Selection, Tenure and Administration, 1964
Miscellaneous items, 1960-1964
Ronald Rasgan presidential inauguration, 1985
4Ze231 Material on judiciary matters, 1944-1966 and undated
Material related to Presbyterian Church, 1958-1961
Material related to Judge W. St. John Garwood, 1962-1963
Material related to Logan Wilson, 1961
4Ze232 Southern Education Reporting Service, 1965-1971
Material related to Ervin Sewell Perry, 1964-1971
Article: "The Step Ahead: Early College," 1958-1959
Articles: University of Texas Oil and Gas, 1951-1952
Article: Job Corps, 1966
Race relations, 1974-1977
4Ze233 Race relations:
Southern Education Report material, 1957-1969
Negroes in politics, 1956-1970
Segregation: Lawsuits, 1956-1971
Segregation: Negro athletes, 1955-1965
4Ze234 University of Texas and dormitory lawsuits, 1961-1969
Texas A & M and women, 1959-1963
Desegregation in Dallas, Austin, and other locations, ca.1970-1975
Dallas Desegregation, 1955-1971
Negro history in textbooks, 1967-1969
Segregation, 1960-1976
Southern Education Reporting Service, monthly summaries, 1967-1968
4Ze235 Annual round-ups and summaries, 1960-1968
Columns by Morehead, typescripts, "Weathervane," 1965-1970
Morehead columns, typescripts, 1969
4Ze236 Morehead columns, typescripts, "Weathervane," 1971-1978
4Ze237 Morehead columns, typescripts, 1972-1974
4Ze238 Morehead columns, typescripts, 1975-1977
4Ze239 Morehead columns, typescripts, 1977-1978
4Ze240 Texas Civil Judicial Council material, 1974-1978
Materials on judges and judiciary, 1961-1973
4Ze241 Texas Civil Judicial Council material, 1952-1973
Education, criteria for college entrance, 1970-1971
Texas State Bar Association, 1960-1964
4Ze242 Texas Civil Judicial Council material:
Redistricting courts, 1956-1971]
Miscellaneous, 1965-1972
Evaluation of the Southern Education Reporting Service, Vols. 1 and 2, 1955
Statistical Summary of School Segregation-Desegregation, 1965-66
Last Crucifix, novel by Fisher Alsup, proofsheets, undated
4Ze243 Race Relations Reporter material, 1973-1974
Southern Education Reporting Service, material related to books, 1958-1959
Miscellaneous materials, 1954-1974
Pamphlets, 1965, 1973-1975
4Ze244 Texas Parade (four issues), 1952-1969
Arizona Highways (two issues), 1953, 1955
Materials related to oil, 1951-ca. 1965
Materials related to Texas government, water, and miscellaneous Texas subjects, 1929, 1954-1971
Miscellaneous printed material, 1952-1971
4Ze245 Humble Way, (27 issues) 1949-1963
Texas Today, February 1977
Alcalde, (3 issues) 1964-1965
4Ze246 Texas Parade, (14 issues) 1950-1958, 1972
Texas Bar Journal, 1962-1964
Material related to publishing, First Amendment, 1956-1976
Miscellaneous materials, 1958-1978
4Ze247 Texas Parade, (20 issues) 1949-1961, 1974
Alcalde, (10 issues) 1959-1970
Saturday Review, 1961
4Ze248 Race relations:
Materials on Mississippi, 1962
Southern School News, 1954-1977
Clippings and articles, 1969-1979
4Ze249 Clippings, press releases, and other materials, 1971-1979
Lawyers, 1958-1964, 1977
Judges, lawyers and judiciary, 1970-1974
Greeting cards, 1973, 1974 and undated
4Ze250 Publications on lawyers and judiciary, 1948-1977
4Ze251 Judiciary, 1969-1976
Publications on judiciary, 1952-1973
4Ze252 Quill, 1955-1979
Texana, 1963
Newsweek, April 26, 1975
4Ze253 Race Relations Reporter, 1972-1974
Race Relations Law Survey, March 1972
Race Relations Law Reporter, 1967
4Ze254 Race Relations Law Reporter, 1966-1967
Southern Education Report, 1966-1967
Higher Education for "High Risk" Students, 1968
Racial Isolation in the Public Schools, 1967
Equal Opportunity in the United States, 1973
4Ze255 Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 1959, 1971
Panhandle-Plains Historical Review, 1973-1978
Under Texas Skies, Texas Heritage Foundation, 1948-1955
Texas Pictorial Handbook, A. Garland Adair, 1956-1957
Golden Anniversary, Texas Highway Department, 1967
Price Daniel and the Tidelands Controversy, David Murph, 1978
4Ze256 Hale County History, 1977-1979
Chief Executive in Texas, Fred Gantt, Jr., 1964
Almanac of American Politics, 1972
Report on desegregation in Texas, May 1972
Statistical summary of school Segregation-Desegregation in the Southern and border States, 1963-64, 1964-65
Southern Education Report, Vol.1, July 1965-June 1966
4Ze257 Southern Education Reports, Vols. 2-4, July 1966-June 1966
Your Rugged Constitution, Bruce and Esther Findlay, 1952
Life in the Liberty Years, Shifra Stein, 1973
Campaign Money, Herbert E. Alexander, ed., 1976
And the Pursuit of Happiness, Jack Cox, 1962
Politics from the Inside Up, Walter J. Reum and Gerald C. Mattran, 1966
The Year They Threw the Rascals Out, Charles Deaton, 1973
4Ze258 The Megastates of America, Neal R. Peirce, 1972
The American Commonwealth, James Bryce, Vols. 1 and 2, 1911
Fifty Years of Party Warfare, William O. Lynch, 1931
You and Your Congressman, Jim Wright, 1972
State Legislatures in American Politics, Alexander Heard, ed., 1966
4Ze259 Rebirth of a Nation, Robert S. Minor, ed., 1978
American Government, Wright Patman, 1948
Autobiography of Thomas Collier Platt, 1910
Power of Parity, David A. Witts, 1979
Fourth Dimension of Foreign Policy, Philip H. Coombs, 1964
Texas Legislative Manual, 1961
Practicing Texas Politics, Eugene W. Jones et al., 1974
Tidelands Oil Controversy, Ernest R. Bartley, 1953
4Ze260 Texas Women in Politics, Sarah Weddington, et al., 1977
The State of Texas or the State of Taxes, Byron C. Utecht, 1949
The Law of Medical Malpractice in Texas, Alan K. Laufman, 1977
Party and Factional Division in Texas, James R. Soukup et al., 1964
Texas Legislative Manual, 1953
Legislative Primary Elections in Austin, Texas, David M. Olson, 1962
General Land Office, State of Texas, Business Report for 1969-70, Jerry Sadler
A Century of Usury in Texas, Edmunds Travis, 1940
A History of El Gordo, Norman Baxter, 1977
Regulating Competition in Oil, E. Anthony Copp, 1976
Mexico and the United States in the Oil Controversy, 1917-1942, Lorenzo Meyer, 1972
Politics and Petroleum, James A. Bill et al., 1975
Freedom's Oil, Ernest O. Thompson, 1951
Ethyl Digest, 1977
4Ze261 Paying for Energy, Sidney S. Alexander, 1975
Supreme Court of the United States, October 1958: United States of America v. States of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida: Brief of the State of Texas
With All Deliberate Speed, Don Shoemaker, ed., 1957
Extent (2 copies)
Organization of Courts, Roscoe Pound, 1940
Toward New Human Rights, David C. Warner, ed., 1977
Basis of Racial Adjustment, Thomas Jackson Woofter, 1977
Rights of Reporters, Joel M. Gora, 1974
Programs for People, Preston Smith, 1973
4Ze262 Schools that Fear Built, David Nevin and Robert E. Bills, 1976
Extent (2 copies)
Red Challenge to America, Brantley Burcham, 1955
Cultural Roots of National Socialism, Herman Glaser, 1978
Making of a Journalist, Julian Ralph, 1903
Critical Examination of Socialism, W. H. Mallock, 1907
Photojournalist: Career of Jimmy Hare, Lewis L. Gould and Richard Greffe, 1977
Delane of the Times, Edward Cook, 1916
4Ze263 Drew Pearson, Oliver Pilat, 1973
First Casualty, From the Crimea to Vietnam: the War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist, and Myth Maker, Phillip Knightly, 1975
In Search of Light: The Broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow, 1938-1961, Edward Bliss, Jr., ed., 1967
Timber Line: A Story of Bonfils and Tammen, Gene Fowler, 1933
The Best in the World: A Selection of News and Feature Stories, Editorials, Humor, Poems, and Reviews, from 1921 to 1928, John K. Hutchens and George Oppenheimer, eds., 1973
By-Line: Ernest Hemingway: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades, William White, ed., 1967
4Ze264 Reporter's Trade, Joseph and Stewart Alsop, 1958
Foreign Correspondence: The Great Reporters and their Times, John Hohenberg, 1964
Joseph Pulitzer: Reminiscences of a Secretary, Alleyne Ireland, 1914
2.325/W96 New Texas Wild Game Cookbook, (1985 ed.), manuscript
Eakin Press literature
Dallas Morning News, excerpts of Morehead's Fifty Years in Texas Politics
Reviews of Morehead books in various publications
Miscellaneous publications concerning oil, governors of Texas, etc.
Dolph Briscoe name plate from Governors Conference
Preston Smith
George W. Bush
Pete Laney
Richard Morehead
Items about the Headliners Club (Austin)
Coke Stevenson materials and miscellaneous clippings
2.325/W97 Photographs of various political personalities
Correspondence, governors, head of various agencies and business corps., etc.
Materials from various National Governor's Conferences
Newsclippings and entire issues of Morehead and related stuff
Artifacts, press credentials, awards, medals
2.325/W98 Austin American-Stateman commemorative issues
Photographs of Texas political figures and others
Correspondence, related to various Morehead fields of activity
Special subject and biographical files
Governor's Conferences materials
Miscellaneous printed material
2.325/W99 Texas Wild Game Cookbook, background and research materials
Dallas Morning News editorial cartoons, photocopies
Miscellaneous clippings
Lyndon Baines Johnson related materials
2.325/W100 Periodicals with Morehead articles or related research topics
Monographs on politicals parties, conventions, etc.
2.325/W101 Materials on W. H. Cunningham and other UT administrators
Cross-bred cereal grain, subject file
Oil industry, background file
Wild game cookbook, research materials
Letters and reviews concerning Richard Morehead's Texas, Eakin Press, 1982
50 Years in Texas Politics, Eakin Press, manuscript 1982,
Research material on energy policies of Governor Clements
2.325/W102 Clippings and articles on various topics such as women's rights, energy, education
Drafts for book on DeWitt Greer
Drafts for 50 Years in Texas Politics
Periodical publication on journalism
2.325/W103 Clippings, correspondence, and periodicals and short publications concering education, politics, oil and gas, etc.
Galley, 50 Years in Texas Politics
John Connally
2.325/W104 Materials related to the political career of Dolph Briscoe
Official report of 1979
Press materials
Printed materials
2.325/W105 Research materials, drafts and galleys for book on DeWitt Greer
2.325/W106a Articles by Morehead on politics and school desegregation, including his Texas Reports for the Southern Regional Education Board 1942-1962,
1948 LBJ-Coke Stevenson senate race controversy
Tidelands issue in the Truman and Eisenhower administrations
2.325/W106b "Politics," biographical file, A-W
Morehead articles on various subjects to 1978, photocopies
2.325/W106c UT and Texas political figures, subject files
Governor Clements, subject file
2.325/W107 Clippings, speeches and campaign literature, 1970s
Morehead columns, and related correspondence 1979-1980
Research and source material and drafts for 50 Years in Texas Politics
Clippings, columns, publications, and drafts of writing on civil rights, school desegregation, and education, 1960s
Reporter notebook, 1978
2.325/W108a Members of the Texas Legislature, 1846-1962
Morehead columns and news reports in the Dallas Morning News on politics, energy, civil rights, 1960s-1970s
Reporter notebook, 1976
2.325/W108b "Personal Report," morehead column on Texas politics, photocopies 1963-1969,
2.325/A7 Clippings, correspondence, 1952-1994
Printed material, 1960-1994
United Nations luncheon, 1942
Inauguration, Reagan-Bush, 1981
Critic Circle certificate, 1974
2.325/D36c Oversize materials:
Oversize newspaper clippings and other material
2.325/V18 1935, 1946-1952
2.325/V19 1953-1957
2.325/V20 1958-1964
2.325/V21 1965-1969
2.325/V23 1970-1975
2.325/V24 1953-1965, 1976-1979 and undated
2.325/V30 Southern School News, Vols. I-VI (1954-1960), bound
2.325/V31 Southern School News, Vols. VII-IX (1960-1965), bound
3Y82 Photographic materials:
Photographs and reproductions of art work
3S227 Oversize materials:
President Nixon visiting the Connally ranch, ca. 1972
President Nixon and Connally on Air Force One
The Price Daniel family at their home in Liberty County
Richard Morehead, Dallas Morning News
OD 1460 Richard Morehead at his desk, Dallas Morning News
3S16.1 Photographs and political cartoons
Artifact collection