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Robert A. Gammage Papers, 1971-1995

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Gammage, Robert A.
Title: Robert A. Gammage papers
Dates: 1971-1995
Abstract: Printed material, notes, correspondence, photographs, and audio materials comprise the Robert A. Gammage Papers, 1971-1995, documenting Robert Gammage's career as a politician, lawyer, and judge.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00292
Extent: 111.42 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert Alton Gammage, 1938-2012, born in Houston, served Texas in a variety of elective offices, such as Texas State Representative, Texas Senator, United States Representative, Texas Court of Appeals Justice (Austin), and Texas Supreme Court Justice. After serving in the military from 1969 to 1979, Gammage practiced law privately in Houston. He began his political career in 1970 when he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. In 1972, Gammage became a Texas Senator and attended the Texas Constitutional Convention, before running for the U. S. House in 1976. A Democrat, he was associated with environmental, health care, and election reform issues. In the House, he was concerned with energy issues, and later worked as a special consultant for the United States Department of Energy. After leaving Congress, Gammage served as an Assistant Attorney General of Texas and a consultant to the U. S. Department of Energy.

In 1982, Gammage was elected to the Texas Court of Appeals, and in 1990 won a statewide election to the Texas Supreme Court. As a judge, Gammage developed a reputation as a defender of civil liberties. Gammage retired in 1995 to practice law privately and teach. He taught at Sam Houston State, Texas State, South Texas College of Law, University of Corpus Christi, and Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Gammage passed away in September 2012 at the age of 74.

Source: "Gammage, Robert Alton." Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Accessed March 6, 2012.

Scope and Contents

Printed material, notes, correspondence, photographs, and audio materials comprise the Robert A. Gammage Papers, 1971-1995, which document Robert Gammage's career as a politician, lawyer, and judge. The papers include extensive legislative research and case files, which document Bob Gammage's terms in the Texas House of Representatives (1971-1973) and Senate (1973-1976); the United States House (1977-1979); the Texas Court of Appeals (1982-1990); and the Texas Supreme Court (1990-1995). The concerns of Gammage's Houston constituency are evident in their letters and Gammage's work on energy issues. The Texas Supreme Court records within Gamage's papers are arranged according to a numerical system created by Gammage's office.



  • 1. Texas State Legislature Files
  • 2. United States House of Representatives, 95th Congress Files
  • 3. Restricted Material
  • 4. Texas Supreme Court Files
  • 5. Texas Court of Appeals Files


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Personal Names
Gammage, Robert A.
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Democratic Party (Tex.)
Texas. Court of Appeals
Texas. Legislature
Texas. Legislature (62nd : 1971)
Texas. Legislature (63rd : 1973)
Texas. Legislature (64th : 1975)
Texas. Supreme Court
United States. Congress (95th, 1st session : 1977). House
United States. Congress (95th, 2nd session : 1978). House
United States. Congress. House
United States. Department of Energy
Energy policy
Politics and government
United States

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Robert A. Gammage Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Portions of the U. S. House of Representatives files are available on microfilm. See Miscellaneous Uncataloged Microfilm at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, reels 838.29-838.43.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Texas State Legislature Files

97-230/1 Invitations accepted, 1973
Invitations accepted, 1975
Invitations declined, 1974
Invitations declined, January-June 3, 1975
Invitations declined, 1974-1976
Invitations declined, 1973
Invitations/no RSVP, 1975
Invitations/no RSVP, 1973-1974
97-230/2 Invitations no RSVP
Stun file
Regnad file
Attorney general's office staff list, 1973
List graduating seniors-high school
High school, graduating students list, 1974
High school graduating students list, 1975
WAD list
63rd legislature
Bills, 63rd legislature
Harris County elected officials
Senate journal list
Fort Bend officials
Harris County precinct list
Committee assignment lists House of Representatives
McClain's worker election, 1972
Harris County, AFL-CIO, (women's members), 6333 Gulf Freeway
Newsletter list
List of invitations sent for inaugural festivities, 1/9/73
Invitation to inaugural fest L-75
1973 Citizen Environmental Coalition
State Bar of Texas Standing Committee on Standards of Admission
Legislative master list bills introduced during 63rd session
Gammage bills passed 63rd session
Legislative master lists from 64th
General Provisions Committee (people who gave testimony on various subjects during Constitutional Convention)
General letters
97-230/3 General "thank yous", 1973-1975
Good luck, 1973-1975
Condolences, 1973-1975
General congratulations, 1974-1976
General congratulations, empty
General "sorry I missed you", 1973-1975
General miscellaneous, 1973
General miscellaneous, 1974-1975
School projects, 1973-1975
General miscellaneous, 1975-1976
97-230/4 Job recommendations, 1973-1975
Job recommendations, 1975-1976
Applications for employment, 1975
Office procedures, 1975
Personnel data, 1974-1975
General office telephone billing receipts
High school certificates, May, 1974
Youth oriented programs, 1974
General office telephone billing receipts
General provisions' committee con-con 1974 (records, tapes, resources materials), 1974
General office telephone billing receipts
Interim study reports house and senate, all areas, September 1972
Sixth session, legislators orientation (November 13-15, 1974), 1974
Personal notes of Bob, 1975
Form letter list from 64th session
Appointed state boards list, 1975
Senate committee list of (1973) 63rd legislature, 1973
Committee report forms, March 1973
Committee substitute report forms
Floor report forms
Minority report forms
Adverse committee report formsc
Subcommittee report forms
Conference committee report forms (folder empty)
Confirmation of nominees report forms
Tag request forms
Elementary school students recognition resolution forms
High school students recognition resolution forms
Visitor recognition resolution forms, March, 1975
Distinguished visitor's recognition resolution forms
Jurisprudence (BG-member-'73), 1973
Public health and welfare subcommittee meeting, July 10, 1974
Human resources (BG member-'73), 1973
S/C public health and welfare (standing S/C under human resources-1973) BG-chairman, 1973
Electrology information from other states, 1973-1974
97-230/5 Audiology interim study, 20-12-01-B
Social psychotherapy interim study, 20-12-01-C
Nursing home interim study, 20-12-01-D
MODEL committee project (Citizens Conference on State Legislature), 20-12-01-E
Nursing home related bills, 63rd session
Subcommittee (S/C) on Consumer Affairs (standing S/C under Human Resources), Bob Gammage Vice-Chairman, 20-12-02, 1973
Senator Bob Gammage, (Austin), 20-12-03, August 23, 1974
Joint Prison Reform Study Committee, 12-12-03
Citizens Advisory Committee of the Joint Committee on Prison Reform, 20-12-03-01
97-230/7 Citizens Advisory Committee Joint, Prison Reform Study Committee
File #2, Joint Subcommittee on Public Heath (Schefe and Hallenbeck)
Economic development (BG-Member-'73)
Marijuana reduction
Competitive rating (Ins.)
Lobby registration
Municipal courts
Marijuana reduction (against)
Marijuana info
Abortion (for)
97-230/8 Abortion (against), 1973-1975
Public school finance, 1975
Public school financing #2, 1975
Public school financing #2, 1975
Public school financing, 1975
Consumer Remedies Act, 1973
Annual session, 1973
Legislative pay raises, 1975
Legislative pay raises, campaigned and actively worked to pass amendment on the ballot, 1975
Legal rights for eighteen-year-olds, 1974-1975
Mrs. Henry A. Wertheimer, 1974, 1976
Legislation in general, 1975
97-230/9 Legislation in general, 1975
Legal representation for minors, 1973-1975
Radiation and Health Safety Act, 1973
Interim committee report public junior colleges, 1973
Interim committee report Texas election code, 1973
Imported fire ants (interim study), 1972
Interim study state personnel policy, 1975
Rising medical costs (interim study), 1973-1975
Disease prevention by immunization (interim study), 1973
Land use management, May 26, 1973
MH/MR legislation, 1973
Death penalty (for), 1973
Mass transit, 1973-1975
Drug price posting, 1973-1974
Sat./Sun. closing law, 1975
Fireworks legislation, 1973-1974
Youth camps in Texas, 1973
Tuition equalization, 1975
Court reorganization, 1973-1975
State parks, 1973-1975
Domestic relations courts, 1973-1975
Homemaking wine kits, February, 1973
Ethics code, 1973
Teacher retirement, 1972-1975
Impounding federal funds, 1973
Medical attention-police officers, 1973
Legislation in general (more than one subject), 1973-1975
Transcendental meditation, 1972-1973
Penal code, 1974
District courts, January 1975
Duty free lunch periods for teachers, 1973
University of Corpus Christi, 1973
Unitization, 1973
97-230/10 Water district legislation, 1973-1975
Unitization, 1973-1975
Appropriations, 1973
Appropriations colleges and universities, 1973-1975
Appropriations, model cities, 1973-1974
Appropriations budget, general, 1973-1975
Appropriations budget, 1976-1977
Environmental legislation, 1973-1975
Texas Public Employee Assn. Package, 1973-1975
Gasoline rationing, 1973, 1975
Employee of Fire and Police Departments in political activities, 1973
Dental technology, regulation of, 1973-1975
Public Utilities Commission Utilities Regulation, 1973-1975
Nuclear power, regulation of, 1973-1975
Airport security, 1973
Public school nurses/ foundation program, 1973-1975
Criminal D.A./Ft. Bend County, 1973
Consultation/school administrator, 1973-1975
Membership/State Board of Health, 1973
Federal Revenue Sharing Trust Fund, 1973
Wiretapping, 1973
Bar requirements, 1973
Comparative negligence, 1972-1973
Highway Construction Wage Act, 1973
Governor's 2 term limitation, 1973
Shield Law, 1973
County Auditor/ County Commissioner's Court, 1973
Workmen's Compensation Bill, 1973-1975
Councilmen by districts, 1973
Permian Basin/UT, 1973
Jail administrators, 1973
Executive vs. open sessions, 1973
Sale substandard brick and tile, 1973
Traffic Safety Bill, 1975
Bootlegging, 1973
"Guest Statute" , 1973
Asbestos Bill, 1973
Texas Education Code, 1973
Medical records information, 1973-1975
Pharmacist licensing of (HB 300), 1973
Houston freeway groups (SR 533), 1973-1975
97-230/11 Resolutions, 1973-1975
Resolutions, student recognition, 1973-1975
Gammage resolution, 1975
Resolutions, memento of occasions, 1973-1975
Resolutions, memorial, 1973-1975
Health maintenance organizations, 1973-1975
Container Laws, 1974
High cost of living, 1973
Campaign expenditures, speaker, 1973
Underground water conservation districts, 1973
Bilingual education, 1973-1974
Group auto insurance, 1973-1975
Court reporters, 1973
Catastrophic injuries, 1972-1973
Speech pathologists and audiologists, licensing of, 1973-1975
Insurance coverage on newborn children, 1973
Obscenity where alcohol served, 1973
No fault insurance, 1973-1975
Texas Standards Certification Board (Mobile Home Bill), 1973
Marriage counselors, licensing of, 1973
Certified public accountants, licensing of, 1973
Indemnity agreements in contracts, 1973
Vocational-technical education, 1973
Tort liability of units of government, 1973
District 20, 1973
Cultural basin commission
Interest rate/real estate loans secured by lien, 1973-1975
Pharmacy bills (in general), 1973
Common carrier transportation of hazardous material, 1973
Optometrists licensing renewal, 1973-1975
Crosby municipal utility district, 1973
Martin Luther King bill, 1973-1975
Directors of state banks, 1973
Deputy Texas game wardens, appointment of, 1973
Aircraft Fuel Taxation Bill, 1973
Texas Occupational Safety Board, funding of, 1973
Podiatric surgery under Medicaid, 1973
Unemployment compensation, 1973
Unemployment Compensation Act, 1973-1975
Fund 9, 1973
Child care centers (5B795), 1973-1975
Medical assistance for elderly, 1973
Subsidence, 1974-1975
Texas Department of Corrections, budget and incentive Programs, 1973
Homosexual conduct in Penal Code, 1973
Motion picture coming attractions, 1973
Landscape irrigation, state board of, 1973-1975
Uniform Probate Code, 1973-1975
Banking Code, changes in, 1973
Plumbers Licensing Bill, 1975
97-230/12 Documentary stamp tax, 1973
Driver education programs in public schools, 1975
Schools for the deaf, 1973
Central staff bill, 1973
Beauty shop employees bill, 1973-1975
Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities, 1973-1975
State and local taxes, bonds covering collection of, 1973
Corrective therapy state licensure bill, 1973
Drivers' licensure bills, 1975
Tax exemption certain corporations, 1975
Real property transfer tax, 1973
HISD taxing authority., 1973
HISD taxing authority, 1972-1973
HISD taxing authority, 1973
Insurance premium laws, 1973
Alcohol and drug abuse treatment act, 63rd session, 1975
Architectural bill, 1975
Adult and continuing education, 1974
Vaporific substances, sale of, 1973
Tax credit/private educational institutions, 1973
Newspapers assailing elections candidates, 1973
Right to work laws, 1974-1975
Right to work, #2, 1975
Insurance equality bill, 1973
Educational programs/health care sciences, 1975
Educational programs/gifted children, 1975
Family code, 1973-1975
Janitorial supplies industry, 1973
Student on Board of Regents, 1973-1975
School health programs, 1973
Pressure Vessel Division/Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1973
Teacher certification/in hands of colleges and universities, 1973
Travel allowances/vocational programs - school districts, 1973
State Board of Insurance, election and qualifications of members of, 1973
Contracts for prepaid funeral benefits, 1973
Open meetings law, 1973-1974
United Nations, 1973
Uniform Land Sales Practice Act, 1973
Automatic extension contract for school personnel, 1973
Forced busing, 1973
"Talking books"/appropriations bill, 1973-1975
Hospital districts, 1973-1975
Habitual traffic violators, 1975
"Truth in lending" bill, 1973
"Half a loaf" bread bill, 1973
Sharpstown banking bills (62nd Legislature), 1973
Commissions/life insurance agent, 1973
Gun control legislation, 1975
Assessment methods for certain lands, 1973-1975
Hunting and fishing control and licenses, 1973-1975
Predator control, 1973
Policemen-firemen's collective bargaining, 1973
Chiropractic bill, 1973-1975
Equal Rights Amendment, 1973-1975
97-230/13 Separation church and state/educational standards, 1974-1975
5th Pathway Law, 1975
Single member districts, 1974
Retired teachers benefits insurance, June-July, 1974
Rape laws, 1975
Smoking Bill, 1974-1975
Texas international airline strike, 1975
Honorariums, 1975
Cabinet form of government, 1975
Social Workers Act, 1975
Presidential primary, 1975
Small Business Act, February-March, 1975
Daylight savings time, March, 1975
Payroll deductions plan for charity giving, 1974
Polygraph testing, March 1975-April 1975
Privileged communication, March 1975-April 1975
Licensing of laboratory personnel, March 1975
County superintendents, March-April, 1975
Truck weights, 1974-1975
Division of Texas, 1975
EMS legislation, 1974-1975
Parimutual betting, 1974-1975
Medical malpractice insurance, 1975
Medical professional liability study commission, 1975-1976
Election code, 1975-1976
97-230/14 Ogst. File #2, 1975
Equal rights amendment-for, 1975
Equal rights amendment, 1974-1975
Equal rights amendment (reference material), 1975
Increase highway speed limits, 1973
Abandoned motor vehicles (SB66), 1973
Amnesty, May, 1973
Attorney's fees/suits collection of tapes, 1973
Kidney Health Care Act, 1973
Loan contracts/loan licensees personal property, 1975
Tax exemption to unmarried adults over 65, May 1973
Texas Southern University/urban programming, 1973-1975
Animal welfare, 1973-1975
Bonding companies/subcontractors, 1975
Control of out-of-state universities, 1973
Textbooks for blind and visually handicapped children, 1973
Counselors in private camps, May 1973
Student fees, regulation of, 1973-1975
Law enforcement, 1973-1975
Sewage disposal, 1973-1975
Motorcycle headlamp bill, 1973-1975
Life Health and Accident Guaranty Act, 1973
Electrolysis and electrologists, licensing and regulation of, 1973
Texas Department of Corrections, depriving operating income from (SB852), 1973
Social psychotherapy, regulation of, 1973
Conjugal visiting privileges for TOC inmates, 1973
Real estate loans (8B85), 1975
Free kindergarten for all 5-yr. olds, 1973
Exemption of annual registration fee for vehicles used to transport disabled veterans, May 1973
Big Thicket National Park, 1973
Notary publics, 1973-1975
District Attorney Bill, 1973
House Bill 78, 1973
Zoning Bill., 1973-1975
Bill 597, May 1973
Senate bills 750 and 751, May 1973
Insurance legislation (general), 1975
Family district courts SB 63, 1973-1975
Human Relations Commission, creations of SB 558, 1973
Debtor exemption statutes
Tax exemption/homes military elderly, 1973
Attorney's exemption in adoption cases (also see SB 445 64th legislature), 1975
Lottery, 1973
Landlord/tenant legislation, 1973
Redistricting, state of Texas, 1971
Legislative property, tax committee, 1974
Deaf education (SB803), 1973-1974
Banking bills (in general), 1975
Swimming pool contractors (SB 798), 1973
Kindergarten (HB 787), 1973
Alcoholism, decriminalization of (SB2-64th session), 1974-1975
Speed limit, lowering of, 1975
Alcohol, taxation
Thumbprint identification system, 1974
Campaign laws, revision of, January 1975
Land use management, 1973-1974
Public employee's pay raise, 1974
Litter laws, 1974
Reform legislation (in general), 1973-1975
Proposed legislation for consideration (64th session), May 1973
Corporate profits tax, February 1974
Right to privacy, 1975
97-230/15 General correspondence, 1974-1975
General correspondence-friendly, 1973-1974
General correspondence-unfriendly, 1974
General correspondence-legal advice, 1973-1974
Speaking engagements correspondence, 1974-1975
Speaking engagement BG notes for, 1973
General correspondence house members, 1974-1975
General correspondence from Texas senators, 1974-1975
Voter registration, 1973-1975
BG election (general and otherwise), 1975
Appreciation letters, 1973
Big 50 political action committee, 1972
Contributions, 1973-1974
Campaign contributions, 1973-1974
Roster, Senate District 7 sample, 1973-1974
Campaign materials for other than BG
Political projects general, 1975
Southern Conference Council of State Governments, 1973-1975
Southern Legislative Conference, The Council of State Governments twenty-ninth annual meeting, 1975
Consumer protection committee council of state government, 1973-1975
Alcohol abuse and alcoholism grant sterling comm. (correspondence and info), 1974-1975
Armand Bayou, 1973-1974
Senior citizen's township
"Add-on" bathrooms, July, 1974
National legislative conference, 1974-1975
Conference of insurance legislators, 1973-1974
Defense aid to indigents (Harris County)
Houston-Galveston Regional Transportation Study-BG member, Houston-Galveston Area Regional Transportation Planning Committee, 1974-1975
97-230/16 Citizen's Environmental Coalition Educational Fund Inc., 1974-1975
Personal friends Bill V. Williams, 1973
Personal friends Sidney J. Brown, 1973-1975
Personal friends, Mrs. Ellen J. Pastor, 1973-1974
Personal friends, Jack A. Scruggs, 1973-1975
Constitution Revision Commission, 1973
Constitutional Revision, 1974-1975
Constitutional Revision Commission of 1973, 1973
Personal friends, Bill V. Williams, 1973
Constitutional Convention, 1974-1975
Proposed Constitution - letters requesting copies and correspondence pertaining to, 1974-1975
Special Joint Committee on Constitutional Implementation, 1975
Appreciation dinner, 1973-1975
Black ministers' luncheon, 1973
Correspondence with Harris County Delegation, 1973-1974
`The Dirty Thirty", 1971
United States Naval Reserve, (Bob Gammage), 1973
Legislative newsletter, Senator Bob Gammage, 1975
Houston housing issues, 1975
City of Houston correspondence with Mayor's office, 1974-1975
City of Houston correspondence, judges, 1973
City of Houston correspondence with city controller, 1974-1975
City of Houston correspondence with Houston Independent School District, 1974-1975
Houston Chamber of Commerce, 1975
Senior citizens, 1973-1974
Fort Bend County, 1975
Palmer drug abuse program, 1975
Palmer Drug Abuse Program Southeast, 1974
Harris County general correspondence, 1974-1975
Commissioners Court, 1975
Flood problems Harris, 1973-1975
Health care conference, 1973-1974
Bob Gammage personal telephone bills, expenses, etc., 1973-1975
Bob Gammage-press releases, 1972-1975
Official opening-Christian Faith Baptist Church, 1974
Democratic telethon, 1974
Final con-con record vote
BG house member, 1971
Houston Metropolitan Ministries dinner, 1974
Second chance, 1973
Eagleton Institute, July 1975
97-230/17 Aeronautics Commission, Texas, 1974-1975
Aeronautics Commission, Texas, general correspondence with, 1973-1974
Agriculture, Department of, 1973-1975
Alcoholism, Texas Commission on, 1974-1976
Publications re: alcoholism, 1974
Banking Department of Texas, 1973-4
Bar of Texas. State, 1975
Bar of Texas, State, general correspondence with, 1974-1975
Barber Examiners, State Board of, 1974
Blind, State Commission for the, 1973
Consumer complaint, 1975
Board of Control, State, 1974
Building Commission, 1976-1977
Chiropractic Examiners, State board of, 1975
Colleges and universities of Texas, 1974-1975
Lamar State College of Technology, 1975
North Texas State University, 1973-1975
Pan American College, 1975
State Teachers College, 1973-1974
Texas A. and M. University, 1974-1975
Texas Southern University, 1974-1975
Texas Technological College, 1974
Texas Women's University, 1975
University of Houston, 1973-1975
The University of Texas, 1974-1975
Southwest Texas State University, 1975
Sam Houston State University, 1975
Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1973-1975
Corrections, Texas Department of, 1973-1975
Texas Department of Corrections, correspondence with officials, 1975
Correspondence with inmates, file #1, 1974-1975
Correspondence with inmates, file #2, 1973-1975
97-230/18 Correspondence with inmates, Texas Department of Corrections, file #3, 1973-1976
Correspondence with inmates, Texas Department of Corrections, file #4, 1974-1976
Special file, Donald F. Hobbs, 1973-1974
Cosmetology Texas commission, 1973-1975
Civil appeals, 1975
County, 1973-1975
District, 1975
Justices of the peace, 1975
Supreme Court of Texas, 1975
Dental examiners, state board of, 1974
Employment Commission, Texas, 1973-1975
Employment Commission, Texas, correspondence with, 1973-1975
Finance Commission of Texas, 1973
General Land Office, 1975
Good Neighbor Commission, 1973-1975
Governor, 1974-1975
Governor, general correspondence, 1973-1975
Governor, letters of recommendation, 1973-1976
Governor, nominations in general, 1973-1975
Hilman Moore Governor's appointment to board of Public Welfare, 1975
Governor's office, Committee on aging, 1974-1975
97-230/19 Governor's Office, Governor's Water Task Force, 1974-1975
Governor's Commission on Physical Fitness, 1975
Governor's Water Task Force, 1974
Governor's Energy Advisory Council, 1974
Governor's Office of Traffic Safety, 1975
Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor, 1975
Health, State Department of, 1974-1975
Texas Health Facilities Commission, 1975
Highway Department, State, 1974-1976
Highway Department, State, general correspondence, 1973-1975
Relocation of highway 35, 1973
Hospitals and special schools, 1975
Industrial Accident Board, 1973-1975
Industrial Commission, Texas, 1975
Industrial Commission, Texas, general correspondence with, 1974
Insurance, State Board of, 1973-1975
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1973-1975
Law enforcement, 1974
Legislative Budget Board, 1974-1975
Legislative Council, Texas, 1974-1975
Lieutenant Governor, 1974-1975
National Guards, 1975
Nurse Examiners, Board of, 1975
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1972-1975
Selma Wells, Board of Pardons and Paroles, 1975
Pardons and Paroles, board of, general correspondence, 1973-1975
Tod Herring, appeal for full pardon, 1974-1975
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, 1973-1975
Pharmacy, State Board of, 1974
Pollution Control Board, State Water, 1974-1975
Public Safety, Department of, 1973-1975
Public Welfare, State Department of, 1973-1976
Railroad Commission of Texas, 1974
Real Estate Commission, Texas, 1973-1974
Secretary of State Office, general correspondence with, 1973-1975
Securities Board, State, 1975
Speaker of the House of Representatives, 1973-1975
State Treasurer, 1974-1976
40-70-02, 1973
Attorney General's Office, 1973-1975
Attorney General's Office, correspondence with (general), 1973-1976
Attorney General's Office, letters of recommendation, 1973
Attorney General's Office, request for and copies of attorney general's opinions, 1974
97-230/20 Secretary of the Senate's office, 1974-1975
Secretary of the Senate's office, 1973-1975
House Administration Committee, 1973
Sergeant at Arms Office, 1975
Sergeant at Arms Office, general correspondence, 1973
State purchasing and supplies, 1973
Texas Water Quality Board, 1973-1975
Water Rights Commission, 1974-1975
Texas Water Development Board, 1975
Water Pollution Control Board, 1973
Texas Youth Council, 1973-1974
Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, 1973-1975
Medical Center Texas, 1974
Texas Department of Community Affairs, 1974-1975
Utility Commission, letters, information pertaining to., 1974-1975
Utility Commission Research, 1974-1975
Texas Coastal and Marine Council, 1974
Senate Personnel Office, letters of recommendation, 1975
General Senate information, 1974-1975
Senate members, general correspondence with, 1974-1975
Senate Nominating Committee, 1974-1975
Senate Administration Committee, 1975
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas, 1975
Alcoholism Council of Texas, correspondence with, 1974
Air Control Board, 1974-1975
Committee on Agriculture and Livestock, 1975
Texas Rehabilitation Commission, 1974-1975
Texas Commission on Services to Children and Youth, 1974
House of Representatives, 1974-1975
Arthritis Conference, Austin, 1974
Texas Health Securities Advisory Board Chairperson, Sissy Farenthold, 1974
Texas Air Control Board, 1973-1974
Good Guys, 1975
Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities, 1975
Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, 1975
Professional Engineers, State Board of Registration, 1975
Texas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies, 1975
Deaf Commission, 1974
Alcoholic Beverages Commission, 1975
97-230/21 Selective Service System, 1973
Selective Service System, correspondence with, 1973
United States Senators., 1973-1974
United States Senators, correspondence with, 1973-1975
United States Senators, letters of recommendation, 1973
United States Representatives, correspondence with, 1973-1975
Bob Casey, U. S. Congressman, correspondence and information, 1974-1975
Energy crisis, 1973-1974
Inflation, 1973
National Health Security Council, 1972
Texas Offshore Terminal Commission, 1973-1975
Texas Offshore Terminal Commission, 1974-1975
Letter General Federal Questions, 1973-1975
Office of State-Federal Relations, State of Texas, 1975
Social Security, Information relating to and including correspondence, 1974-1975
Federal legislation, information, 1975
Army, 1974-1975
Lloyd Bentsen, 1973-1975
Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1975
News releases and radio stations in Houston, 1973-1974
Publications, 1974-1975
Austin Report, 1975
The Texas Observer, 1971-1974
Common Cause, 1973-1975
Texas Department of Corrections, 1974-1975
Texas Department of Corrections newsletters, 1974-1975
Sheshunoff newsletters, 1974
Nursing profession publications, 1974-1975
El Paso Economic Review, The, 1974
State newsletters and memos, 1974-1975
Gulf Coast Comments, 1974
PTA Forum, 1974
Mexican American Council for Economic Progress, 1974
Texas Counselor, 1974
National Society for Autistic Children, Inc., 1974-1975
Community Topics, 1974-1975
Newsletter Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1975
HEW Notes, 1974
Texas Bank Stocks, 1975
Washington Report, 1975
Glenbrook Valley Newsletter, 1975
Senate Committee Action, 1975
Texas Trends, 1975
Texas Research League Bulletin, 1975
The Cross Section, 1975
NIAAA Information and Features Service, 1975
HEW News, 1975
Texas Child Care, 1975
Southeast Houston Democrats, 1975
97-230/22 League of Women Voters, 1975
Independent Bankers Association of Texas, empty
Texas Student Loan, 1975
National Solid Wastes Management Association, 1975
American Osteopathic Association, 1975
Houston Profession Firefighters Association, 1975
Fort Bend County Taxpayers Association, 1975
Texas United Community Services, Legislative News, 1975
Sierra Club, 1975
Texas Chiropractic Association, 1975
Multimodel transportation planning for the Gulf Coast State Planning Region, 1974-1975
Texas Youth Council, empty
Texas public Employees Association, 1975
Texas Hospital Association, 1975-1976
Associated Independent Electrical Contractors, 1974
National Employment Association, empty
National Federation of Independent Business, 1975
Southern Growth Policies Board, 1974-1975
Citizens Environmental Coalition Educational Fund Inc., 1975
Texas Society of Professional Engineers, 1975
Texas Classroom Teachers Association, 1974-1975
Texas Association of Optometrists, 1974
Texas Society of Association Executives, membership directory, 1973-1975
Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, 1973
Texas Consumer Association, 1974
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, 1973-1975
Texas Association of College Teachers, 1973-1975
Texas Trial Lawyers Association, 1973-1975
Young Democrats of Texas, 1973-1975
AFL-CIO, 1974-1975
Texas State Teachers Association, 1973-1975
American Association of University Women, 1973-1975
Texas Municipal League, 1973-1975
Data for Texas Municipal League, talk on November 15, 1973, Dick Brown, EEOC, 1973
Texas Women's Political Caucus, 1973-1974
Texas Municipal Police Association, 1974
South Texas Fairs and Stock Shows Association, 1974
Young Democrats, Texas and national, 1974
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, 1974
Texas Farmers Union, 1974-1975
Texas Civil Liberties Union, 1974
Texas Association of Public Accountants, 1974
CURE (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants, 1974-1975
Retail Merchants Association, 1974
Texas Electric Cooperatives Inc., 1974-1975
Texas Licensed Child Care Association, 1974
Texas Nursing Home Association, 1975
Texas Society of Architects, 1975
Texas Library Association, 1975
Harris County Medical Society, 1975
Texas Civil Liberties Union, 1974-1975
Texas Association for Continuing Adult Education, 1975
Texas District of Securities Industry Association, 1975
Texas Automobile Dealers Association, 1974-1975
American Medical Association, undated
Texas Press Association, 1975
Disabled American Veterans, 1974-1975
Texas Medical Association, 1975
National Conference of State Legislatures, 1974-1975
American Automobile Association, 1975
Texas Commission for the Deaf, 1975
97-230/23 63rd legislative session, bills not passed
Senate bill 41, Bar qualifications
Senate bill 121, Bilingual education
Senate bill 147, TYC (Texas Youth Council) legal representative
Senate bill 152, Marijuana
Senate bill 157, Juvenile attorney's affidavit
Senate bill 192, Student fees and PIRG (Public Interest Research Group)
Senate bill 221, Executive reorganization
Senate bill 321, Houston City Council
Senate bill 443, Expunction of records, 1973
Senate bill 322, Plumbers/pipefitters
Senate bill 324, Pollution bounty system
Senate bill 325, "Environmental Court"
Senate bill 338, Highway Construction Wage Act
Senate bill 368, Relating to the prescription of amphetamines
Senate bill 372, Dispensing prescription drugs
Senate bill 522, County EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Act
Senate bill 647, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Senate bill 735 through 739
Senate bill 740 through 743, floor folder
Senate bill 776, Asbestos (House bill 670)
Senate bill 779, County Commissioners Court
Senate bill 787, Water Rights Commission
Senate bill 789, Medical information, floor folder
Senate bill 790, Student representation on governing boards
Senate bill 792, University of Corpus Christi
University of Houston, Corpus Christi
Senate bill 793, Insure unfair practices remedies
Senate bill 795, Day care centers
97-230/24 63rd legislative session, bills not passed
Senate bill 1024/House bill 2164, Certificate of Need
House concurrent resolution 34, 100-year flood plain
House concurrent resolution 146, Permission to sue state to
Guadalupe Manuel Alexander
Senate joint resolution 3, limiting term of Governor
CS Senate joint resolution, Court reorganization
House bill 5, Limiting Conference Committee
House bill 57, Pollution violations
House bill 133, Requirements for home wine-making
Senate resolution 533, study of urban highway construction
House bill 1522, Financial disclosure
House bill 1558, Calling of road and bridge bond elections
House bill 1691, Insurance controls
House bill 569, Truth-in-lending exemption
Bail Bond Reform Act
Reform of prison disciplinary practices
Bills, 1st called session, December 1973
63rd legislative session, bills passed
Senate bill 75, Consumer protection
Senate bill 123, Rights of 18-year old citizens
97-230/25 Age of majority research, 1973
Creation of Court of Domestic Relations in Fort Bend County, 1973
U-Haul bill, 1972-1973
Debt collection, 1972-1973
Disposition of fines for violation of pharmacy laws, 1973
Drugs of prescription only, 1973
Posting 100 most commonly prescribed drugs, 1972-1973
Crosby Municipal Utility District of Harris County, 1973
Probate Code, 1973
Demand on independent executor, 1973
Health maintenance organizations, indated
Life, Health and Accidents Guaranty Act, 1973
Insurance Company Holding Act (foreign), 1973
Powers of Courts of Criminal Appeals, 1973
Insurance Company Holding Act (foreign), 1973
Insurance Company Holding Act (broker-dealer), 1973
Disqualification of Water District board members, 1973
Disqualification of Water District tax assessors and collectors, undated
Audits of Water Districts, undated
Maximum debts of Water Districts, undated
House Bill 1342, disqualification of MUD governing board members, undated
Meeting places and records of Water Districts, 1973
Penalty for failing to file reports with Water Rights Commission, undated
Copies of Water District petitions, undated
Abolishment of MUDs, undated
Water treatment and drainage systems, undated
HB 1339, supervisory authority of Water Rights Commission over MUDs, undated
HB 1340, definition of "district", undated
HB 1341, election of MUD governing boards, undated
Water District Bill, reform, 1972-1973
Setting the date for certain elections to be held in, 1973
Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 19 (Water Rights) Committee, 1973
Senate Concurrent Resolution 29, suit for impounded funds, 1973
Ethics, 1973
Lobby control, 1973
Open meetings, 1973
Speaker's expenditures, 1973
Legislative bribery, undated
Jury selection, 1973
Firefighter, 1973
Licensing of chiropractors (Parker's), 1973
Acquiring right-of-way for roads in Harris County, 1973
97-230/26 September 2, 1975, Citizens Convention, 1974-1975
Voting on Con-Con as a block, 1975
Withholding contractually obligated payment, 1974-1975
Emergency Medical Services Bill (SB's 181, 182, 184, 185), 1975
Reimbursement for Services Insurance, 1975
Exempting attorneys from licensing in adoption cases, 1974-1975
Termination of residential utility service, 1975
Day care center pilot program, 1975
Resolution of annexation of Texas cases interpreting resolution, 1960, 1975
Inventory of probated will, Texas Probate Code, undated
Insurance coverage of alcoholism, 1975
Insurance of alcoholism, 1974-1975
Creation of Fort Bend District Court, 1975
Allows comptroller of accounts to collect gross recental receipts tax, 1975
Allows for divorce and annulment, 1975
Sheriff's Civil Service System, 1975
Arbitration, 1975
Salaries of district clerks, 1975
District clerk adoption, 1974-1975
Funding salaries of district clerks, 1975
Water Code amendments, 1975
Child Care Licensing Act, 1975
Con-Con, separation of powers, 1975
Con-Con, legislative provisions, 1975
Con-Con, executive provisions, 1975
Con-Con, voter qualifications and elections, 1975
Con-Con, education provisions, 1975
Con-Con, finance provisions, article VIII, 1975
Con-Con, local government, 1975
Con-Con, general provisions, article X, 1975
Con-Con, mode of amending constitution, 1975
Salary Commission, 1975
Payment of state funds where legislature waives state's immunity from liability, undated
Generic substitution, 1975
Generic names for prescription drugs and substitution, 1972-1973
House Bill 490 relating to maintenance of flight log by state agencies, 1975
Coordinating board's supervision of construction, undated
Composition of licensure board for nursing home administrators, 1975
Generic names for prescription drugs and substitution, 1973
97-230/27 64th legislative session, bills passed
Senate bill 313, Revision of city charters
Senate bill 48, Deceptive and unlawful trade practices
Senate bill 58, Drivers license suspension
Senate bill 180, HMOs
Senate bill 260, Harris-Galveston coastal subsidence
Senate bill 425, Terms of court 208th and 209th District Courts
Senate bill 492, Fees charged by General Land Office
Senate bill 563, Amendment to the Texas Probate Code
Senate bill 564, Amendment to the Texas Probate Code
Senate bill 566, Amendment to the Texas Probate Code
Senate bill 567, Amendment to the Texas Probate Code
Senate bill 568, Amendment to the Texas Probate Code
Senate bill 569, Amendment to the Texas Mental Health Code
Senate bill 587, Court administrator system (District courts)
Senate bill 667, County Court at Law-Fort Bend County
Senate bill 689, Early warning statute, State Board of Insurance
Senate bill 991, Judicial proceeding to secure partition
Senate bill 926, Probating of case files, Harris County
Senate bill 1048, Publicizing Constitution
Senate bill 1054, Companion to subsidence legislation
Senate concurrent resolution 43, Permission to sue the state to John R. Jenkins
Senate concurrent resolution 55, Confirming changes of Senate joint resolution 11
Senate concurrent resolution 83, Permission to sue the state to The Pope Company
Senate joint resolution 11, New Constitution for voter approval
Senate bill 312, Longevity pay for commissioned law enforcement personnel
House bill 313, Single member districts, Houston Independent School District
House bill 398, Municipal Courts of Record, Houston
Senate bill 182, Denial of treatment to injured of ill person
Senate bill 666, Criminal District Attorney, Fort Bend County
Senate bill 148, Fort Bend County criminal District Attorney
Senate bill 936, County land-Use Management Act
House bill 493, Reports in higher education
House bill 569, Health certificates for child care workers
House bill 575, Public school for out of state students
House bill 619, Agriculture cooperative marketing associations
House bill 809, Pharmacy regulations
House bill 810, Eliminating the limit on dormant bank deposits
House bill 924, Wrongful death statute
House bill 1270, Amendment to Texas Probate Code
House bill 1305, Allow Texas Parks and Wildlife to sell/convey land
House bill 1327, Judgements in small claims courts
House bill 1308, Administration of federal day-cares
House bill 1372, Codeine
House bill 1445, Amendment to the Texas Election Code
Senate bill 1024, Regulation of health care facilities
97-230/28 Expunction of Record, 1973-1975
Sixty-fourth Legislature Catastrophic Injuries, 1975
Catastrophic injuries in school districts, 1974-1975
Accused's right to an examining trial before indictment, empty
Expunction of records, undated
Awarding attorney's fees in any civil action, 1971-1975
Medical Information Bank, 1973-1975
97-230/29 Senate Standing Committee on the Texas Constitution, undated
Education and recreation fund working paper, undated
TDC employees' compensation system working paper, undated
Medical services working paper, 1974
S. B. 34 analysis by Jurisprudence Subcommittee clerk, 1973
Comparative negligence, abolition of guest statute, simplification of issues and contribution among joint tort feasors, undated
Joint Subcommittee on public health hearing recommendations, 1974
Joint Subcommittee on Public Health legislative recommendations, undated
Joint Committee on Human Resources, 1974
Joint Subcommittee on Public Health legislative recommendations, undated
Joint Subcommittee on Public Health, 1975
Rights of majority, 1973
Rights of majority, 1973
Rights of majority, 1973
Rights of majority, 1973
97-230/30 Impeachment proceedings, O. P. Carillo, judge of the 299th Judicial District, 1975
Citizens Conference on State Legislatures, 1973
Prison reform handouts
Court cases for division of state
97-230/47 63rd Legislature
Thank-yous (empty folder)
Electrolysis, interim study, 1973-1974
Speech therapist and audiologists, 1973-1974
64th Legislature
S. B. 659, Division of Texas (non-binding referendum), 1975

United States House of Representatives, 95th Congress

97-230/47 Legislative files
Subject files
First budget resolution, April 23, 1977
National Federation of Independent Businessmen, 1977
Chamber of Commerce legislative issues, 1977
Vocational education, 1977
Business Roundtable, 1977
Civil rights
(no folders)
ATT [American Telephone and Telegraph Company], 1977
ATT/Bell bill summary of hearings in 1976, 1976
GAO [General Accounting Office] monthly reports, 1977
G. S. A. [General Services Administration] reference information, 1977
Military liaison officers, 1977
Consumer protection, 1974-1977
Drug regulation, 1976-1977
Criminal justice
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, 1977
Coast Guard disposal (Freeport), 1977
Ellington Air Force Base, 1976-1977
Texas National Guard, 1975-1976
Navy: reserves and guard, 1977
Department of the Navy (empty folder)
Department of the Air Force (empty folder)
Air Force: reserves and guard (empty folder)
U. S. Army: reserves and guard (empty folder)
U. S. Army (empty folder)
Army Corps of Engineers, 1977
Department of Defense, 1977
The B-1 bomber, 1977
Sweeny E. D. A. [Economic Development Administration] grant problem, 1977
President Carter's budget, Fiscal Year, 1978, 1977
1976 Economic report, 1977
97-230/48 Education
National Council on Educational Research, 1977
Houston Teachers Association, [1977]
National Association for Child Development and Education, 1977
National Education Association, [1977?]
GAO Report, "Disposing of Nuclear Waste", 1977
Nuclear (breeder), 1976-1977
ERDA national plan (1), 1977
National Energy Act S. 826, 1977
USITC [United States International Trade Commission], "Factors affecting world petroleum prices to 1985", 1977
National energy outlook (FEA 1976) (empty folder)
FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission], Alaskan natural gas transportation, 1977
Solar energy research 2, 1977
Solar energy research 3, 1976-1977
(Solar) photovoltaic conversion, 1976
Nuclear general, 1976-1977
Ocean thermal energy conversion, 1976
Status/census information, Houston area, 1972-1976
HGAC [Houston-Galveston Area Council] Annual Report-1976, 1977
Mobile office information, 1976-1977
Revenue sharing in Houston data and entitlements SMSA, 1977
Fiscal Year 1976, Federal outlays in Texas, [1976]
Texas coastal problems, 1977, undated
97-230/49 Texas
Office of Federal-State Relations, 1977
Texas elected officials, 1977
Jobs program for vets, 1977
Military retired pay system, 1977
Texas Rehabilitation commission, 1977
District 22-City information
Brazoria County city officials, 1975-1977
Harris County city officials (empty folder)
Fort Bend County city officials, 1975, undated
Waller County-Katy, Pattison and Brookshire, undated
District 22-County information
Harris County precinct information, undated
Harris County (empty folder)
Harris County precinct judges, undated
Brazoria County precinct judges, 1976
Brazoria County, 1977, undated
Fort Bend County precinct judges, undated
Fort Bend County, undated
Waller County (empty folder)
Waller County precinct judges, undated
District wide press, undated
District 22-Statewide information
(no folders)
Steel, 1977
Steel/import-export, 1976-1977
OTA [Office of Technology Assessment] report on "Establishing a 200 mile fisheries zone", 1977
Cargo preference, 1977
Subcommittee on Science and Technology
Report, "Beyond the United States and the Soviet Union: The Other Nations of the World in Space", 1977
C. Herb Williams and Walt Neubrech, Indian Treaties American Nightmare , 1976
97-230/33 Energy and Power Subcommittee of Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Energy and power, hearings entitlements, 1978
Rising health costs, 1977
Rising health costs, answers?, 1977
Saccharin, 1977
Black lung legislation material, 1977
Mr. Ben Streusand, nutrition, 1978
Hospital costs, 1977-1978
Tax and budget ideas, 1978
Steel caucus, 1978
Hospital Cost Control Act, HR 6575, 1977
Laterial Sclerosis, 1977
National Federation of the Blind, 1976
National health insurance, 1977
Report on laetril, the cancer drug, 1977
Transportation and Commerce, Regional Rail
Reorganization Act, 1977
Housing, 1977-1978
Fannie May, FHLMC, 1977-1978
Home health care, 1977
Human Nutrition Laboratory, undated
Houston area 500-year flood plain map material, 1977
Credit union legislation, safe bank tax reform, central liquidity, 1977
Sale of fighter planes to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, 1978
Background information on benlate, 1977
97-230/50 House of Representatives, 95th Congress 2d Session, First Concurrent Resolution on the Budget, Fiscal Year, 1979
House Joint Resolution 621, Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation, 1977
Alaskan natural gas transportation hearings, October 14, 1977
New York City blackout hearings, October 13, 1977
Industrial conservation hearings, September 1977
Alaskan gas hearings, September 1977
Alaskan natural gas, 1977
Trans-Alaska pipeline material, 1977
United States Department of the Interior, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System Final Report Impact Statement , 1976
97-230/51 American Gas Association, 1977
Independent producers material, 1977
Independent Petroleum Association of America, "Facts versus Fallacies" , 1977
Domestic wildcatters, 1977
Natural Gas Supply Committee, 1977
American Petroleum Institute, COET [Crude Oil Equalization Tax], 1977
OCS [Outer Continental Shelf] Lands Act Amendments, 1977-1978
Gulf Oil Corporation, NEP [National Energy Program] assessment, May 2, 1977
North Slope crude pricing disposition, 1977
Arctic gas pipeline, 1977
Natural gas, Incremental pricing (supply), Realistic view, 1974-1976
Natural gas redetermination clauses, 1977
Shell Oil Corporation, 1977-1978
Small refiner bias, undated
[Standard Oil Company (Ohio)], "Domestic Petroleum Industry Capital Needs and Availability", 1977
Coal slurry, June 23, 1978
Coal slurry, 1975-1976
National Coal Association position paper
Strip mining, H. R. 2
GEAC [Governor's Energy Advisory Council] technical report, "Coal and lignite: mining, transportation, and utilization," Texas, 1977
DOE [Department of Energy] authorization, James Schlesinger, February 16, 1978
97-230/52 ARCO [Atlantic Richfield Company], Coal and clean air conflicts, 1977
President's environment message, May 23, 1977
The Alaskan National Interest Lands Act '77, 1977
Attwater's prairie chicken, 1977
E. P. A. [Environmental Protection Agency] enforcement/pesticides, 1977
Clean Air Act/Texas information, 1977
Energy publications, 1976-1977
Coal (general), 1976-1977
GAO report, Coal mine safety act revision, July 26, 1977
Federal water pollution control, 1977
Federal Water Pollution Control Act material, 1976-1977
Clean Air Act, 1977
Alaska crude pipeline, 1977
Texas water resources development, 1977
Energy (general), 1976-1977
Enhanced drilling recovery, 1977
Offshore/VLCC's [Very Large Crude Carriers], 1975, undated
OPEC [Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries]/Middle East, 1975-1977
Freeport sulfur - Texas gulf sulfur (fertilizer amendment), 1976-1977
DOI [Department of the Interior] western energy expansion study, 1977
H. R. 9852 NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission], February 7, 1978
NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] authorization, February 15, 1978
97-230/53 H. R. 2088, 1977
"A Natural Gas Primer, Revised Edition", 1977
Natural gas deregulation, H. R. 3669, 1977-1978
(2 folders)
National Energy Plan [NEP]
NEP assessment (pre-publication draft), Office of Technology Assessment, 1977
NEP assessment (OTA [Office of Technology Assessment] final), 1977
NEP assessment (GAO [General Accounting Office])
NEP assessment (Texas A. & M.), 1977
(3 folders)
NEP assessment (U. Texas), 1977
Commentaries on President's NEP, 1977
House Committee on Ways and Means evaluation of NEP, 1977
Con testimony H. R. 8444 (API [American Petroleum Institute]), 1977
[Committee on] Science and Technology energy package assessment, 1977
97-230/54 H. R. 130 Report out full committee, 1977
H. R. 4049 report out full committee, 1977
H. R. 7442, Utility cable telephone pole attachments, 1977
Subcommittee budget estimates, undated
Clean air amendment H. R. 4444, 1977
Dingell/Broyhill separate views on H. R. 4444, 1977
Domenici amendment to H. R. 6161, 1977
Bentsen amendment to H. R. 6161 (empty folder)
Eckhardt amendment to H. R. 6161 (empty folder)
Gammage amendment to H. R. 6161, 1977
Separate views on H. R. 6161 Clean Air Act amendments of 1977, 1977
Markup health and the environment, 1978
National health plan, 1976-1978
HEW [Department of Health, Education and Welfare] guidelines (P. L. 93-641), 1977-1978
Recombinant DNA, 1976-1978
Clinical laboratory improvement act, H. R. 10909, 1978
Subcommittee budget first session, undated
Safe drinking water act, 1977
Health services extension, 1977
H. R. 9434, Federal medical assistance for Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, 1977
Air bags, 1977
National Health Planning Act amendments, 1978
Full committee report (February), 1977
Full committee budget estimate, undated
Final calendar, 94th Congress, 1977
(2 folders)
Committee rules, 1977, undated
Subcommittee budget estimates, undated
H. R. 3815, 1977
H. R. 3816, The Federal Trade Commission Act amendments, 1977
H. R. 2965, Consumer controversies resolution act, 1977
Committee budget, Fiscal Year First, 1977-1978, undated
97-230/55 Office of Technology Assessment, 1976
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1977
GAO [General Accounting Office] report on the space telescope, 1977
Satellite solar power station, 1977
Origins of NASA names, 1977
Atlantic deep water ports, 1977
Waterway use taxes, 1977
Postal service
Reform of the Postal Service, [1977?]
Tony Crawford: Postmaster, Pasadena, undated
Franking information, 1974-1977
Postal patron mailing information, 1977, undated
Public works
H. R. 11, 1977
Water resource projects, 1977
Social Security
(no folders)
Tax reform, 1977
Tax Reform Act of 1976 (Section 911), 1977
HGAC-Regional airport-airspace system plan, 1977
Amtrak, 1977
Federal Aviation Administration, 1976-1977
Civil Aeronautics Board (deregulation), 1977
National Transportation Safety Board, 1977
Railroads (general), 1977
Passive restraint legislation material, 1977
Official railroad guide, 1977
97-230/56 Transportation and Commerce
H. R. 5646-amend the 3R Act [Regional Railroad Reorganization Act], 1977
H. R. 6546 Amend the Rail Reorganization Act, 1977
H. R. 5798, Office of Rail Public Counsel, 1977
H. R. 5798, Public rail counsel, 1977
H. R. 4049, USRA [United States Railway Association] appropriation, 1977
Subcommittee budget estimates, 1977
Airline deregulation, 1977
Airline annual reports, 1977
Railroad annual reports, 1977
Railroad safety authorization, 1978
Maps, undated
1976 ammonia truck accident, 1977
Krueger/Gammage non-attainment amendment to H. R. 6161 CAAA [Clean Air Act Amendments], 1977
Hearings-Noise pollution, 1977
Coal slurry pipeline, 1977-1978
H. R. 9924, Hazardous materials, 1978
Coal slurry, February 16, 1977
Coal oil mixtures, 1977-1978
Hearings-Solid waste recovery, 1977
Freeport 45 foot project, 1976-1977
Freeport/Seabrook shrimpers, undated
Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance
H. R. 11119 SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] authorization; H. R. 7684, Fire prevention study; H. R. 11140, SEC Act amendments, 1978
H. R. 5016, Franchise Termination Practices Act-Krueger sub, 1977-1978
H. R. 3815, Unlawful Corporate Payments Act of 1977, 1977
Reports, 1978, undated
97-230/57 Rice program, 1976-1977
Solar energy (research), 1976-1977
Wind energy (research), 1977
Agriculture (general), 1977
1977 Comprehensive farm bill, 1977
Flood insurance, 1966-1976
Rice, 1977
Energy in agriculture; Iowa State University, 1977
Disaster reference (agriculture), 1975-1976
Corn, 1976-1977
Cotton (empty folder)
Dairying/milk, 1976
Farm Bureau information, 1976
Fire ants/Mirex, 1977-1978
Responses to fire ant letter, 1978
Texas agriculture, 1976
Benlate/rice fungicide; Du Pont Chemical Co, 1978
General Accounting Office report, "Meat imports", 1977
Livestock, 1977
Agricultural aircraft tax exemption, 1976
Sugar, 1977
Land use planning, management, and control (General Accounting Office report), July 28, 1977
97-230/58 S. 37, Biomass loan guarantees, 1977
ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration] Fiscal Year 1978 mark - up, fossil and nuclear, 1977
EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] interpretation of H. R. 6161, Clean Air Act amendments 77, 1977
February 9, 1977 Nuclear energy briefing, 1977
ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration] organization and world recoverable crude oil, undated
ERDA authorization (coal gas), 1976-1977
ERDA authorization (nuclear), 1977
(two folders)
S. and R. and T. [Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology]
Short term committee schedule, 1977
Science, Research, and Technology jurisdiction, Office of Technology assessment, 1977
NSF [National Science Foundation] Fiscal Year 1978 authorization request, 1977
NSF [National Science Foundation] report out, 1977
DNA, 1977
Energy research and development 11
MHD, 1977
DISPAC [Subcommittee on Domestic and International Scientific Planning and Analysis]
Technology transfer OPEC [Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries], 1976
Environment and atmosphere
H. R. 6683, Earthquake Hazards reduction Act, 1977
H. R. 6380, National Climate Program Act of 1977
Hearings on space science and applications-Space transportation and payload, 1977
Geopressure, 1976-1977
Strategic petroleum reserve, 1977
Strategic petroleum reserve (Bryan Mound), 1978
Carter non-proliferation speech, 1977
Science and Technology
Brown subcommittee addendum, undated
McCormack subcommittee addendum, 1977
Flowers subcommittee addendum, undated
Passport office in Houston, 1977
Office of energy programs, undated
NASA authorization report out, 1977
JSC [Johnson Space Center] immersion tank deletion, 1977
Jupiter orbiter probe, 1977
Earth resources information Landsat; LACE, 1977
97-230/59 ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration] Fiscal Year 1978 authorization, 1977
Statements NASA authorization, 1977
NASA authorization-mark-up, 1978, undated
Statements NASA authorization, 1977-1978
ERDA/NASA interfaces, February 9, 1977
NASA contract awards, 1977
Annual space week observance, 1977
76 Data relay satellite system, 1976
76 Briefing on Mars exploration, 1976
NASA support service contracts, 1977
SEASAT project review 1976, 1976
Space shuttle management and plan, 1976-1977
Office of space flight, 1977
NASA/office space science update, 1977
S. 36/Federal non-nuclear report out, 1977
Science and Technology Committee calendar, 1977
Subcommittee on Space Science and Applications
Subcommittee schedule, 1977
Subcommittee organization, 1977
Space science review/programs, 1977
Full committee organization, 1977
Final calendar, 94th Congress, 1976
ERDA revised Fiscal Year 1978 budget, 1977
Draft NASA authorization, 1977
Issues/policy areas identified for consideration in the 95th by Science and technology, 1977
Activities of the Committee, 94th Congress, budget, task force, budget ERDA 77, 1976-1977
Committee testimony, 1977
Mark-up material, 1977
97-230/60 National Energy Act, Title 1, Part E, Public utilities, 1977
Interconnection (ERCOT), 1977
National Energy Act, Title 1, Part A, Utility program, 1977
MMT manganese anti-knock additive, 1977
MMT manganese gasoline additive, 1977
Energy and power statement regarding Carter energy, 1977
H. R. 6831 Energy efficiency (Carter) of consumer products H. R., 1977
Natural gas emergency act oversight, 1977
Energy conservation hearings, April 22, 1977
FEA [Federal Energy Administration] report out subcommittee, 1977
NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] Fiscal Year 1978 authorization bill (hearings), 1977
Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorization, 1977
H. R. 130, Petroleum Marketing Practices Act, 1977
H. R. 130 report out, 1977
Conservation hearings, 1977
Long term natural gas issues (1), 1977
Long term natural gas hearings (2), 1977
Energy action number eleven (hearing), 1977
Energy conservation hearings specially related to 4444, 1977
97-230/61 Bills to co-sponsor, 1978
Bills cosponsored, 1978
Public works-Fiscal Year 1979, 1978
Texas deep water port authority, 1978
Flood insurance, 1978
Public service hospital: transfer, Galveston to Nassau Bay, 1976-1978
Statements, 1978, undated
Bryan Mound oil storage, 1977-1978
American Legion Hall, solar powered, re: John Moore and Nassau Bay, 1977
Teachers' questions, 1978
Houston annexation Clear Lake City, 1977-1978
Energy, 1978
North by-pass/Space Center Boulevard, 1977-1978
Fort Bend-Flood plain mapping, 1977
Marginal wells, 1978
Marginal oil wells/Strategic petroleum reserve
Southern Brazoria SMSA [Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area], 1978-1979
Velasco Drainage District, 1978
Science and Technology, 1978
IFC [Interstate and Foreign Commerce] committee, 1978
SPS [Solar Power Satellites], 1978
97-230/62 Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1977
H. R. 8331, Mark-up security investor protection, 1977
H. R. 318, Mark-up Olympic Games, 1977
S. 266, Mark-up uranium mill tailings, 1977
Subcommittee on Energy and Power
Subcommittee budget and staff, 1977
Committee short term schedule, 1977
H. R. 2500, Natural gas emergency act, 1977
Natural gas hearings, 1977
National Energy Act oversight, 1977
National Energy Act - General areas of discussion, [1977]
National Energy Act, title 1, part D - Natural gas, 1977
(3 folders)
National Energy Act, title 1, part E - Public utilities, 1977
(2 folders)
HLP [Houston Light and Power] utility material, 1975-1977
Coal conversion - Dow Chemical, 1977
FEA compliance hearings, 1977
Gasoline decontrol (motor), 1977
Public Utility Commission (Texas) rulings through May 1976, 1976
Krueger - Wirth - Brown - Anderson, 1977
FEA [Federal Energy Administration] electric utility rate/interconnection/wheel, undated
Strategic Petroleum Reserve, P. L. 94-163, 1977
97-230/63 Seadock, 1976-1977
(2 folders)
Seadock superport, 1976-1977
(2 folders)
Election reform, 1977
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1977
Science and Technology
Laser fusion, gas cooled breeder S and T Fiscal Year 1979 budget, February 7, 1977
Petroleum reselling problems, 1977
NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission] authorization, February 8, 1978
NRC authorization, February 9, 1978
Technical pipeline safety standards committee, 1977
Texas Energy Extension Service proposal to ERDA (GAEC), 1977
22nd District energy facts (Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas), 1977
Texas Energy Development Fund plan, 1977
Texas energy information, 1976-1977
Environmental Protection Agency
Energy progress in the west, July 1977
General Accounting Office
Auditing political advertising by electric utilities, oil and gas companies, July 16, 1976
Rocky Mountain energy development, July 13, 1977
U. S. coal development, September 22, 1977
U. K. development of North Sea oil and gas reserves, September 23, 1977
Oil recycling, September 28, 1977
Administration's nuclear non-proliferation strategy, October 4, 1977
Office of Technology Assessment
"Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas", September 1977
97-230/64 Arab boycott, undated
Texas coastal problems, 1977
Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1977
Surfside beach erosion, 1976-1977
Handguns, 1978
Aliens, 1977
Vertical/horizontal divestiture (research), 1977
Energy, 1977
GAO report
Dredging America's waterways, June 28, 1977
FNERDD/DOE [Department of Energy] markup, February 28, 1978
Truman Reid-American Retail Bankers Association, Agriculture bill and food stamp bill, 1977
Election reform and reorganization, 1977
Illegal aliens, 1977
97-230/65 DOE [Department of Energy] authorization, May 10, 1978
Transportation and Rail Commerce Safety Act, 1978
State hospital cost containment, 1978
National Demonstration Water Project, 1978
HUD reorganization, 1978
97-230/66 Legislation files
H. R. 13059, Water Resources Development Act of 1978
S. 1613, Magistrate Act of 1978
H. R. 11733, Surface Transportation Act of 1978
H. R. 13817, Professional standards review organizations amendments
H. R. 10792, Smithsonian acquisition of Museum of African Art
H. R. 13675, Upland cotton interest rates
H. Res.?, Senate amendments to Diplomatic Relations Act
H. R. 11488, Health Planning and Resources Development Amendments of 1978
H. R. 12460, Health Centers Amendments
H. R. 12008, Psychotropic Substances Act
H. R. 12348, Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Amendments of 1978
H. R. 12222, International Development and Food Assistance Act of 1978
H. R. 13972, Great Bear Wilderness Area
H. R. 13221, Toiyabe National Forest
H. R. 13650, Uranium mill tailings
H. R. 13553, Coal leasing amendments
H. R. 10679, Cibola National Forest
H. R. 13702, Non-voting Samoan delegate to the House
H. R. 13167, Black lung benefits revenue amendments
H. R. 6877, Internal Revenue Code amendments for regulated investment companies
H. R. 9192, Internal Revenue Code amendments for banks and cooperatives
H. R. 10653, Internal Revenue Code amendments for redemption of United States Railway Association certificates
H. R. 12200, Internal Revenue Code amendments for tax on stock options
H. R. 12606, Taxes on Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
H. R. 12051, Tax exempt status of New York Public Employee Retirement Systems
H. R. 11741, Tax treatment of public utilities
H. R. 12828 Tax treatment of tax-exempt organizations' trade shows
S. 990, Federal Physicians' Comparability Allowance Act
H. R. 14042, Department of Defense authorizations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 12264, Designating certain lands in Wisconsin as wilderness
S. 1029, Smithsonian Museum support
H. R. 9486, U. S. contribution to tin buffer stock
H. R. 13418, Amendments to Small Business Administration programs
H. R. 12603, Great Lakes Pilotage Acts Amendments
H. R. 12162, Authorizing appropriations for the Office of Public Rail Counsel
H. R. 13767, Recovering replacement costs of federal motor pool vehicles
H. R. 13597, Solar collector installation
H. R. 13488, Foreign Earned Income Act of 1978
All conference reports
H. R. 12163, Department of Energy authorization, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 11622, Fuels Transportation Safety Amendments Act of 1978
H. R. 11545, Meat Import Act of 1978
H. R. 12005, Justice Department appropriation
H. R. 13511, Revenue Act of 1978
H. R. 13467, Supplemental appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 11280, Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
H. R. 12452, Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
H. R. 11392, DOE [Department of Energy] authorization for, 1979
97-230/67 H. R. 13845, Perishable agricultural commodities act
H. R. 12917, Rural Transportation Advisory Task Force
H. R. 12171, Federal Accounting and Auditing Act
H. R. 11658, Great Lakes vessels
H. R. 8853, Cigarette sale racketeering
H. R. 12355, Nuclear Regulatory Commission authorization
H. R. 10240, Pueblo Indians of Zia
H. R. 3924, Pueblo Indians of Santa Ana
H. R. 11894, Osage Indians
S. 274, Prohibit union organization in Armed Forces
H. R. 9158, Tribally controlled community colleges
H. R. 9333, Hydroelectric power plants authorizations
H. R. 13069, Prohibit rate discrimination by Southwestern Power Administration
H. R. 12728, Susan B. Anthony dollar coin
H. R. 12509, Immigration and Nationality Act amendments
H. R. 13356, Agriculture Foreign Investment Disclosure Act
H. R. 12631, Chesapeake Bay research act
H. R. 13643, Martin Luther King commemorative medal
H. R. 11002, Contract Disputes Act
H. Con. Res. 494, Rail passenger service resolution
H. R. 11003, White House authorization
H. Res. 1070, Committee funds
H. Res. 996, Committee funds
H. R. 13471, Financial Institutions Regulatory Act of 1978
H. R. 8588, Establish Offices of inspector General
S. 2452, Humphrey Institute and Dirksen Center
H. R. 13719, Internal Revenue Code Amendments, Guam and Virgin Island taxes
H. R. 3373, U. S. Code, Title 10 Amendments, for Girl Scouts
S. 957, Dispute Resolution Act
H. R. 14089, Interstate Horseracing Act
H. R. 14030, U. S. Code, Title 28 Amendments, re: court interpreters
H. R. 9701, Federal government employee financial statements
S. 3336, Provide services for drug-dependent offenders
H. R. 11488, Public health services planning amendments
H. R. 13335, Aid to Families with Dependent Children assistance and error reduction payment
H. R. 12347, Biomedical research and training amendments
H. R. 12511, Child Nutrition Amendments of 1978 (school lunch)
H. R. 12442, Consumer Product Safety Commission
H. R. 13611, Child Health Assurance Act of 1978
H. R. 12577, Railway safety authorization act
H. R. 11979, Local Rail Service Assistance Act
H. R. 10909, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
H. R. 12299, Domestic Violence Act of 1978
H. R. 11922, Domestic Volunteer Service (ACTION)
H. R. 11153 Federal reclamation dams safety
H. Con. Res. 720, Crossroads Community of South Africa
H. Con. Res. 729, United Nations Security Council Plan for Namibian Independence
H. R. 10239, Income tax exemption for industrial development bonds
H. R. 13336, Commissions Paid by Ship Suppliers to Nonresident Aliens
H. R. 13758, Interest paid by branches of domestic savings and loans
H. R. 13047, Tax treatment of redemptions of discount coupons
H. R. 13592, Reporting requirements regarding charged tips
H. R. 14159, Employment tax status of individuals
H. R. 8533, Bingo tax treatment/Locks and dam 26/Waterway user fees
H. R. 12846, Investment credit for certain agricultural structures
S. 2399, Psychotropic Substances Act
H. Res. 1372, Nobel Peace Prize for Soviet watchers of Helsinki
H. R. 13500, Presidential Records Act of 1978
H. R. 10161, Relief of Eastern Telephone Company
H. R. 12647, Noise Control Act of 1978 reauthorization
H. J. Res. 1157, Export-Import Bank amendments
S. 1503, Pertaining to losses resulting from the chemical Tris (vote on suspension)
H. R. 4727, Amend rules of evidence concerning privacy of rape victims
H. R. 8696, Internal Revenue Code amendments for recipients of retroactive Veterans' Administration benefits
H. R. 13092, Internal Revenue Code amendments small tax case procedures
H. R. 9893, Internal Revenue Code amendments income tax limitations for the elderly (vote on suspension)
H. R. 12532, Internal Revenue Code amendments income averaging
H. R. 12592, Internal Revenue Code amendments to section 4941
H. R. 3553, Internal Revenue Code amendments tax counseling for the elderly
H. R. 8222, Duty-free treatment for items made in U. S. possessions
H. R. 12533, Indian Child Welfare Act
H. R. 12370, Health Services Amendments
H. R. 12161, Conrail Authorization Act
H. R. 13750, Sugar Stabilization Act of 1978
H. R. 2852, Countercyclical assistance
H. R. 13778, Department of Education organization act
H. R. 14104, Endangered Species Act
Natural gas compromise
H. R. 11274, Middle Income Student Assistance Act
S. 2727, Amateur Sports Act
H. J. Res. 1088, New York City aid appropriations
H. R. 11983, FEC [Federal Election Commission] authorizations
H. R. 9622 Abolish diversity of citizenship jurisdiction in federal [courts]
S. 1617, Ocean pollution research program act
H. R. 112, Reduction in rate of excise tax on investment income of private foundations
H. R. 4089, Indian Tribal Government Tax Status Act
H. R. [11888], Compensation for vets rated disabled
H. R. 11886, Veterans disability compensation act
H. R. 10173, Veterans' and Survivors' Pension Improvement Act
H. Con. Res. 599, Proposed export of uranium to India
H. R. 5981, American Folklife Preservation Act amendments
H. R. 11504, Agricultural Credit Act
H. R. 12927, Military construction appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 10587, Improving range conditions for grazing lands
H. R. 8099, Water rights for Ak-Chin Indians
H. J. Res. 554, Representation in Congress for District of Columbia
H. R. 10551, To extend authority to waive title 1 of ESEA [Elementary and Secondary School Education Act] for certain local education agencies
H. J. Res. 746, Emergency Southwestern Power Administration authorization
H. R. 10982, First budget rescission bill, 1978
H. R. 11493, AMTRAK Improvement Act of 1978
H. R. 12929, Labor-HEW [Department of Health, Education, and Welfare] appropriation
H. R. 12505, Solar power, R, D & D [research, development, and demonstration] program
H. R. 12841, Taxation of fringe benefits
H. R. 12589, International Investment Survey Act amendments
H. R. 12874, Solar photovoltaic R, D & D [research, development, and demonstration] act of 1978
H. R. 10899, International Banking Act
H. R. 11400, National science Foundation act, 1979
H. R. 9179, Overseas private investment corporation amendments
H. R. 7700, Postal Act of 1978
97-230/68 H. J. Res. 715, National Sun Day
H. J. Res. 578, National Architectural Barrier Awareness Week
H. R. 3377, Wichita Indian claims
H. R. 9757, Grazing fee moratorium
H. R. 10368, Federal Aviation Act amendments
H. R. 10924, Emergency Highway and Transportation Repair Act
H. J. Res. 649, White House conference on arts and humanities
H. R. 10569, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education Act
H. R. 10570, Environmental Education Act authorization
H. R. 10606, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute Memorial Act
H. R. 50, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act
H. R. 10341, Retirement of reserve enlisted members after twenty years
H. R. 10342, Recalculation of retired pay, post retirement duty
H. R. 11797, Reserve Survivors' Benefit Act of 1978
S. 666, Benefits for employees of B. I. A. [Bureau of Indian Affairs] and I. H. S. [Indian Health Service]
H. R. 1337, Constructive sale price for excise tax on trucks, buses
S. 2093, Exchange Stabilization Fund provisions
H. R. 12467, Rehabilitation Act amendments
H. J. Res. 873, Supplemental appropriations for SBA [Small Business Administration] disaster [loans]
H. R. 12481, Omnibus territories authorization act
H. R. 1920, Refund excise tax on alcoholic beverages destroyed by vandalism
H. R. 2852, Refund excise tax on aerial applicators fuels
H. R. 2984, Exempt certain trailers from excise tax
H. R. 6503, Intercoastal Shipping Act amendments
H. Con. Res. 583, American MIA's [Missing in Action] in Southeast Asia
H. R. 11401, NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] authorization
H. R. 11302, EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] authorization
H. Con Res. 559, First concurrent budget resolution
H. Con Res. 80, Conference report on the budget
H. Res. 1194, Korean resolution
H. R. 7041 Standing Bear [Lake] resolution
H. R. 212, R. Schaefer Heard Park designation
H. R. 10729, Commerce Department authorization
H. R. 12602, Military Construction Authorization Act
H. Con. Res. 555, Extend most favored nation trade status to Hungary
H. Res. 1072, Object to Commissioner of Education consolidating certain advisory councils
H. R. 11777, Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act
H. R. 11778, Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Research Act
H. R. 11779, Renewable Resources Extension Act
S. 2370, Volunteers in National Forests Act amendments
H. R. 12353, Extend veterans readjustment appointment authority
H. R. 12536, National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978
H. R. 11686, DOE [Department of Energy] national security authorization, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 11832, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
H. Res. 1049, Reorganization Plan One
H. J. Res. 859, Supplemental appropriations for USRA [United States Railway Association
H. R. 9518, Shipping Act amendments of 1978
H. R. 5383, Age Discrimination in Employment Act amendments of 1977
H. R. 3787, Zuni Indians court of claims case
H. R. 11400, National Science Foundation act
H. R. 11495, FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] research and development authorization
H. R. 3489, Merchant Marine Academy nominations
H. R. 10822, National sea grant authorization act
H. R. 10823, Authorizations for National Advisory Committee on oceans
H. R. 11465, Coast Guard authorization
H. R. 7101, Riverside County, California land claims adjustments
H. R. 2497, Restore federal recognition for Navajo-Hopi Indians
H. J. Res. 767, Education Day, U. S. A
H. R. 8099. Water rights for Ak-Chin Indians
H. R. 11003, White House authorization
H. J. Res. 730, National Oceans Week
H. R. 12668, Polar living marine resources conservation
H. R. 12637, North Pacific fisheries amendments
H. R. 8394, Refuge Revenue Sharing Act
H. R. 12250, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
H. R. 185, Coast guard employees' transportation
H. R. 188, Pollution treaty implementation
H. R. 12140, Water pollution control authorization
H. R. 12481, Insular areas authorization
H. R. 12050, Tuition tax credit
H. R. 7814, Flexible and compressed work schedules for federal employees
H. R. 4320, Annuities for U. S. judges
H. R. 10126, Pat-time career employment for federal employees
H. R. 9146, Congressional review of changes in Postal Service
H. R. 11055, Definition of income year under Agriculture Act
H. R. 15, Elementary and Secondary School Act
H. R. 8494, Public Disclosure of Lobbying Act
H. R. 6782, Emergency Agriculture Act of 1978
H. R. 1609, Coal Pipeline Act of 1978
H. R. 12930, Treasury appropriation
H. R. 12411, Toxic Substances Control Act authorization, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 3161, Basic workweek of federal firefighters
H. Con Res. 464, Recall H. Con. Res. 471, Home rule, initiative and referendum
S. 1671, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Act
H. R. 810, Internal Revenue amendment
H. R. 2028, Authorize home production of wine and beer
H. R. 5103, Internal Revenue Code amendment for excise taxes
H. R. 3816, Federal Trade Commission Act amendments
H. R. 10984, Friendship Hill National Historical Site
H. Con. Res. 359, Recognition of General Kosciuszko
H. R. 6900, Oregon Trail bill
H. R. 11662, Lowell, Massachusetts National Culture Park
H. R. 11518, Debt limitation extension
H. R. 11662, Establish Lowell National Historical Park
H. J. Res.613, National Grandparents Day
H. J. Res. 1007, Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week
H. J. Res. 773, National Port Week
H. R. 12605, Public Telecommunications Financing Act of 1978
H. R. 13087, Authorize issuance of substitute Treasury checks
H. R. 12106, Transportation Safety Board authorizations
97-230/69 H. R. 8336, Chattahoochie River National Park
H. R. 9346, Social Security financing
H. R. 9370, Aquaculture Act of 1977
H. R. 8200, Uniform bankruptcy law
H. R. 7691, Federal grants and cooperative agreement act
H. R. 7843, Additional federal judges
H. R. 5503, Defense Officer Personnel Management Act
H. R. 5646, Conrail premium payments for medical and life insurance
H. R. 5798, Office of Rail Public Counsel authorization
H. R. 6010, Aviation war risk insurance extension (CRPT [Conference Report])
H. R. 6362, Establish an advisory committee on timber sale procedure
H. R. 6566, ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration] authorizations for national security program, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 6805, Consumer Protection Act of 1977
H. R. 9718, Consumer Representation and Reorganization Act
H. R. 7073, Federal insecticide, rodenticide amendments, 1977
Conference report on H. R. 7555, Labor-HEW [Department of Health, Education and Welfare] appropriations
Conference report on S. 1750, Saccharin ban moratorium
S. 1863, Defense supplemental authorization (conference report)
S. 2076, Payments to Grand Canyon school districts
H. R. 2329, Fish and wildlife programs
H. R. 2637, Cargo capacity for civilian aircraft
H. R. 2664, Sioux Indian claims
H. R. 3744, Fair labor standards amendments of 1977 (minimum wage)
H. R. 3813, Redwood National Park
H. R. 10, Amendments to the Hatch Act
H. R. 7, Career education
Whip advisories, March, 1977-November, 1977
(9 folders)
97-230/70 H. R. 7637, Fiscal Year Interior appropriations, 1978
H. R. 7589, Military construction appropriations
H. R. 7558, Annual agriculture appropriations bill
H. Res. 658, Select Committee on Intelligence
H. Res. 287
H. Res. 687, Congressional office space
H. Res. 688, Reorganization Plan Number One
H. Res. 760, Assassinations committee apply to court
H. Res. 766, Obey commission proposals
H. J. Res. 269, Emergency disaster relief appropriation
H. J. Res. 351, Further continuing appropriations (folder empty)
H. J. Res. 573, Kosciuszko memorial plaque
H. Con. Res. 97, Harassment of Soviet Jews and other minorities
H. Con. Res. 195, First Budget Resolution for Fiscal Year, 1978
H. Con. Res. 341, Second Concurrent Budget Resolution
H. Con. Res. 142, Harp seals resolution
S. 964, Eliminating October pay raises for senior officials (all branches)
S. 1025, Increased authorization for SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission], Fiscal Year, 1977
Conference report on S. Con. Res. 19 (budget resolution)
Miscellaneous whip advisories
H. R. 6714, International economic development act, 1977
H. R. 6804, Department of Energy Organization Act
H. R. 6810, Countercyclical-Antirecession assistance to state and local governments
H. R. 6884, International Security Assistance Act of 1978
H. R. 7553, Public works appropriation Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 7554, HUD-Independent agencies appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 7555, Labor-HEW appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 7556, State-Justice-Commerce and Judiciary appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 7557, DOT [Department of Transportation] appropriations, Fiscal year, 1978
H. R. 5294, Debt collection practices
H. R. 5306, Relating to Land and Water Conservation Fund
H. R. 5400, Universal voter registration
H. R. 5502, Military construction supplemental authorization
H. R. 5638, Canadian fishing agreement
H. R. 5798, Office of Public Rail Counsel authorization
H. R. 5840, Amendments to Export Administration Act (Arab boycott)
H. R. 5864, Amendments to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
H. R. 5959, Renegotiation Reform Act of 1977
H. R. 5970, Department of Defense authorization, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 6161, Clean Air Act amendments of 1977
H. R. 6179, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency authorization
H. R. 6415, Export-Import Bank Act extension
H. R. 6655, Housing and Community Development Act, 1977
H. R. 6666, Legal Service Corporation Act amendments
H. R. 6683, Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act
H. R. 6689, Foreign relations authorization
H. R. 7932, Legislative Branch appropriation
H. R. 8309, Lock and dam #26 Navigation Development Act
H. R. 8410, Labor law reform act of 1977
H. R. 8638, Nuclear anti-proliferation act of 1977
H. R. 9019, Budget authority recission (empty folder)
H. R. 9090, Disaster payments exemption
H. R. 9346, Social Security financing
H. R. 9354, Staff allowances for former presidents
H. Res. 70, Select Committee on Population
H. Res. 111, Provide recreation of House Select Committee on Professional Sports
H. Res. 305, Deferral-ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration]
H. Res. 306, Deferral-ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration]
H. Res. 307, Deferral-ERDA [Energy Research and Development Administration]
H. R. 334, Funding resolution for legal intervention in ATT [American Telephone and Telegraph] cases
H. Res. 420, Establish select committee on congressional operations
H. Res. 525, Saunders v. Kelly (5th District, Florida)
H. Res. 527, Young v. Mikva (10th District, Illinois)
H. Res. 528, Pierce v. Pursell (2nd District, Michigan)
H. R. 6951, Council on Wage and Price Stability Act
H. R. 6967, Peace Corps authorization, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 6970, Amendments to Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
H. R. 6990, Military construction authorization
H. R. 7010, Compensation for victims of crime
H. R. 7073, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
H. R. 7552, Treasury - Postal Service - appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 9400, Civil rights of institutionalized persons
H. J. Res. 638, Equal Rights Amendment extension
H. R. 7797, Foreign assistance appropriation
97-230/71 H. R. 1828, Defer effective date of "sick pay" for one year
H. R. 39, Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
H. R. 9544, D. C. revenue bonds (DISTRICT BILL)
H. R. 9434, Medicaid increases in Puerto Rico, Guam
H. R. 9375, Supplemental appropriations of Fiscal Year, 1978
H. Con. Res. 369, ERISA [Employee Retirement Security Act] legislation
H. J. Res. 621, Alaska natural gas pipeline bill
H. J. Res. 643, Continuing appropriations for the District of Columbia
H. Res. 821, House radio and television coverage
H. Res. 827, Disapproval of Reorganization Plan Number Two
H. Res. 843, Population committee funding
S. 1062, D. C. Armory Board (DISTRICT BILL)
H. R. 3, Medicaid-Medicare anti-fraud and abuse amendment
H. R. 2, Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
H. R. 4876, Economic stimulus appropriations act for fiscal, 1977
H. R. 4836, Commission on new technological uses of copyrighted materials
H. R. 4544, Black Lung Benefits Reform Act of 1977
H. R. 4800, Emergency unemployment compensation extension act
H. R. 4088, NASA authorization
H. R. 4049, Railway Association authorization
H. R. 4010, Social Security payments for chiropractic services
H. R. 4008, Social Security payments for optometric care
H. R. 3976, Supplemental military support for Portugal
H. R. 3965, FAA research and development authorization
H. R. 3843, Supplemental housing authorization (conference report)
H. R. 3839, Rescision bill-Defense
H. R. 3753
H. R. 3712, Library Services and Construction Act
H. R. 422, Duty free treatment of replacement aircraft engines
H. R. 1404, Smith College relief
H. R. [3259], Suspend import duty on certain horses
H. R. 3695, State grants for veterans' home facilities
H. R. 5262, International lending institutions
H. R. 5117, Emergency drought legislation
H. R. 5101, Environmental Protection Agency research and development authorization
H. R. 5045, Extend Presidential authority to submit reorganization plans
H. R. 5040, State Department supplemental authorization, Fiscal Year, 1977
H. R. 5029, Hospital care for veterans in the Philippines
H. R. 5027, Veterans' medical services bill
H. R. 5025, Construction of VA [Veterans' Administration] medical facilities
H. R. 5023, Indian claims statute of limitations extension
H. R. 4991, NSF [National Science Foundation] authorization, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 4976, Health services extension act
H. R. 4975, Biomedical extension act
H. R. 4974, Health, planning, services, research, libraries
H. R. 4963, Maritime authorization
H. R. 4895, Strategic materials stockpile act
H. R. 4877, Supplemental appropriations bill
H. R. 4250, Common situs picketing
H. R. 4287, Mining, health and safety
H. R. 4297, Marine protection, research, and sanctuaries, Fiscal Year, 1978
H. R. 2176, Federal Banking Agency Audit Act
H. R. 2521, Rabbit meat inspection
H. R. 2777, National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act
H. R. 2846
H. R. 2992, CETA [Comprehensive Employment and Training Act] extension
H. R. 3199, Water pollution control amendments, 1977
H. R. 3340, Business use of residences for day care services
H. R. 3365
H. R. 3416, Flue-cured tobacco quota
H. R. 3437, Vocational Education Act technical amendments
H. R. 3477, Tax reduction and simplification
H. R. 11, Public works jobs bill (conference report)
H. R. 50, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1977
H. R. 130, Petroleum Marketing Practices Act "dealer day"
H. R. 1037, Cargo equity act
H. R. 1139, Amendments to National School Lunch Program
H. R. 1680, Relief for certain underpayments of estimated tax
H. R. 1746, To halt the import of Rhodesian chrome
97-230/72 H. J. Res. 682, National Lupus Week
H. J. Res. 684, National Family Week
H. J. Res. 946, National Guard Day
H. R. 10898, USRA [United States Railway Association] authorization
H. J. Res. 945, Supplemental appropriations for black lung program
H. R. 12157, Export-Import Bank Act amendments
H. R. 3350, Deep seabed hard minerals act
H. R. 7577, Economic Opportunity and Community Services Act amendments
H. R. 11877, Peace Corps Act amendments
H. R. 12426, New York City Financial Assistance Act
H. R. 12935, Legislative Branch appropriations bill, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 13468, District of Columbia appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 13635, Defense appropriation bill, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 12240, Intelligence authorization
H. R. 11998, Insulation safety standards
H. R. 8729, Aircraft noise reduction act
H. Res. 1276, Funding for House assassinations committee
H. R. 12860, Rhode Island Indian land claims settlements
H. R. 13311, Ports and waterways safety amendments
H. R. 12026, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area
H. R. 12578, Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1978
H. R. 12165, Extend duty suspension on waste and scrap metals
H. R. 5265, Temporary duty suspension on flurospar
H. R. 13331, U. S. Code amendments for Federal District Courts
H. R. 13224, Transfer of U. S. property to the D. C. redevelopment authority
H. R. 12116, D. C. self-government act amendments
S. 3120, D. C. financial oversight commission
H. R. 13243, Revenue bonds for housing financing agency
H. R. 10311, D. C. Redevelopment Act amendments
S. 1103, D. C. Reciprocal Tax Collection Act
S. 2556, Name of D. C. bail agency
H. R. 12514, International Security Assistance Act of 1978
H. R. State, Justice, Commerce, Judiciary appropriations
H. R. 11180, Debt limitation increase
H. Con. Res. 612, human rights violations in Uganda
H. R. Nongame Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
H. R. 11315, Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1978
H. R. 13125, Agriculture, Rural Development, and related agencies appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 12936, HUD-Independent agencies appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 12932, Interior and related agencies appropriations, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. R. 13149, Extend report date on Food Stamp pilot project
H. R. 1464, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act
H. R. 9482, Packers and Stockyards Act amendments
H. R. 12101, Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act amendments
H. R. 12559, Native Latex Commercialization Act
H. R. 12433, Housing and Community Development Act Amendments of 1978
H. R. 10285, Commodity Exchange Act extension
H. R. 12928, Public works appropriations and energy research appropriations (DOE)
H. R. 11713, Senate amendment to SBA [Small Business Administration] Solar and Conservation Loans Act
H. R. 12931, Foreign assistance and related programs appropriation, Fiscal Year, 1979
H. J. Res. 923, International Petroleum Exposition
H. R. 10661, Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act authorization
H. R. 11253, Federal Statistical Actuary Control Act
H. J. Res. 1041, Restoring citizenship to Jefferson Davis
H. J. Res. 685, Firefighters Memorial Sunday
H. R. 7679, Diplomatic immunity
H. R. 13369, Fraudulent advertising
H. R. 10584, Agricultural Trade Act of 1978
H. R. 13688, Federal Information Centers Act
H. R. 11861, Merchant Marine Act amendments
H. R. 13372, Duck Stamp Act amendments
H. R. 11870, Encourage domestic travel
H. R. 12352, Tax treatment of income from certain railroad rolling stock
H. R. 7749, Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978
H. R. 13385, Debt limit extension
H. R. 12641, Temporary debt limit increase
S. J. Res. 4, Hawaiian native claims study
H. R. 11370, Reimbursement of Social Service expenditures
H. R. 12299, Domestic Violence Assistance Act
H. R. 3050, Internal Revenue Code amendments to section 451
H. R. 8535 IRC [Internal Revenue Code] amendments for dependent care services
H. Res. 238, Common Market regulations for dried fruit
H. R. 12611, Air Service Improvement Act of 1978
H. R. 12933, Transportation appropriation
H. R. 11153, Reclamation safety of dams act
H. R. 12028, Veterans Housing Improvement Act of 1978
H. R. 12232, Unemployment compensation amendments
H. R. 12380, Limitation on extended unemployment compensation
H. R. 10848, Social Security amendments for disability
H. R. 12443, Immigration and Nationality Act amendments
H. R. 12508, Immigration and naturalization of adopted children
H. R. 12252, Plot allowance to state veterans' cemeteries
H. R. 12011, Hospital care for vets in U. S. territories
H. R. 6075, Prohibit sex discrimination based on pregnancy
H. R. 11226, Water Research and Development Act
H. R. 11655, Water Resources Planning Act
H. R. 10787, BLM [Bureau of Land Management] authorizations
H. R. 11827, Surface mining authorization
H. R. 13340, Joint fisheries ventures
H. J. Res. 1024, Urgent supplemental appropriations for Agriculture
97-230/73 H. R. 12326, Developmental Disabilities Act amendments
H. R. 12303, Nurse training amendments
H. R. 11871, Hazardous materials transportation authorization
H. R. 10965, Revision of Title 49, United States Code, "Transportation"
H. R. 13349, Expatriation provisions repeal
H. R. 11887, Increased rates of compensation for needy parents
H. R. 12258, Increasing veterans' burial allowance
S. 703, Overseas citizens' voting rights
H. J. Res. 944, Urgent supplemental appropriations for grain inspection
H. R. 12972, Elimination of work disincentives under Social Security
H. J. Res. 963, POW-MIA National Recognition Day
H. R. 9998, Ocean Shipping Act of 1978
H. R. 5044, Temporary suspension of duty on strontium nitrate
H. R. 10929, Department of Defense Authorization Act
H. R. 7108, Duty suspension on Yankee Dryer cylinders
H. R. 8755, Duty classification of bearing units
H. R. 9628, Duty suspension on nitrocellulose
H. R. 9911, Extend duty suspension on certain forms of zinc
H. R. 10625, Duty suspension on natural graphite
H. R. 11409, Duty suspension on certain dyeing and tanning materials
H. R. 12739, Duty suspension on live worms
H. R. 13097, Medicare amendments
H. R. 9214, International Monetary Fund
H. R. 12598, Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1978
H. R. 1, Ethics in Government Act
H. R. 11711, Adjustment assistance for workers and firms
S. J. Res. 4, Hawaiian Native Claims Study Commission
H. R. 12196, Cost of living adjustment for retired Comptrollers General
H. R. 11823, Reservists retirement eligibility
H. R. 12349, DuNoir Basin addition to Washakie Wilderness
H. R. 12973, Social Services Amendments of 1978
H. R. 11889, Increased pension for Medal of Honor recipients
H. R. 11890, Benefits for survivors of permanently disabled veterans
Veto vote on H. R. 10929, Defense authorization
H. R. 7308, Foreign Intelligence Act
H. Con. Res. 683, Second budget resolution
H. R. 12432, Civil Rights Commission Act of 1978
Whip advisories, 95th Congress, June 1978-October 1978
H. R. 1614, OCS [Outer Continental Shelf] lands act amendments
Representative Gammage (OCS material), 1977-1978
OCS, 1977-1978
(2 folders)
97-230/74 United States House of Representatives publications
97-230/75 Prints, reports, digests, hearings, summaries, bills, 1975-1977
Prints, reports, digests, hearings, summaries, bills, 1975-1977
97-230/77 Project files
Ellington Air Force Base, 1974-1977
(5 folders)
Ellington Air Force Base, background, 1977
Informational Ellington meeting, February 25, 1977
Ellington Air Force Base material, 1977
(3 folders)
97-230/31 Correspondence
Issue categories, 1978
Acknowledgement letter, 1977-78
Acknowledged Congressional Record list additions, 1977-1978
Acknowledged employment application, 1977
Acknowledged flag request, 1977
Acknowledged newsletter list addition, 1977-78
Acknowledged publication request, empty
Acknowledged receipt of publication, 1976-78
Acknowledged, 1977-78
Announcements, general, empty
Appointments, 1977
Relocation, 1977
Associations, 1977
Condolence letter, 1977
Obituary, 1977
Obituary, husband, 1977
Obituary, wife, 1977
Obituary, son, 1977
Obituary, daughter, empty
Congratulatory letter, 1977
Congratulations, general, 1976-77
Fiftieth anniversary congratulations, 1978
Birthday congratulations, 1977
Congratulations, new citizenship, empty
Congratulations, election, 1976-77
Congratulations, high school grads, 1977
Congratulations, college grads, empty
Congratulations, promotions, 1977
Congratulations, grant, 1977
Employment, general, 1977-78
Employment, general, initial inquiry, 1977-78
Employment, general, interim report, empty
Employment, general, follow-up, 1977
Employment, general, final, favorable, empty
Employment, general, final, other, 1977
Employment, general, job recommendations, 1976-77
Employment, patronage, 1977
Goodwill letters, 1976-77
Welcome to district, 1977
Season's greetings, 1976
Accepted invitation, Washington, 1977
Accepted invitation, Texas, 1977
Declined invitation, Washington, 1977
Extended invitation, 1976-77
Order letters, 1978
Ordered equipment, 1977
Ordered publication, 1977
Ordered supplies, empty
Recommendation letter, 1977-78
Douglass, FBI, 1977
Recommendation letter, school, law, 1977
97-230/78 Recommendation letter-Presidential appointments, 1977
Governor-Texas appointments, 1977
No recommendation, 1977
Referral letter, 1977-1978
Referred to agency, 1977-1978
Referred to member, 1977-1978
Referred to state legislator, 1977-1978
Request letters, 1977-1978
Request: general, 1977-1978
Questionnaires, 1976-1977
Requested information, 1977-1978
Requested membership list (empty folder)
Requested publication, 1977-1978
President's report on Olympic sports, 1977
Confirmed/requests appointments, 1977
Thank you letter folder number two, 1977-1978
Thank you - received, 1977
Thank you - votes, 1977
Thank you - awards, 1977
Transmittal letter, 1977-1978
Sent agricultural yearbook, 1977-1978
Sent calendar, 1977-1978
Information not available, 1977-1978
Sent flag, 1977-1978
Sent information
Sent copy of bill/law, 1977-1978
Sent newspaper clipping, 1977
Received news clippings, 1977-1978
Sent picture, 1977-1978
Sent biography, 1977-1978
Sent publication, 1977-1978
Sent "Our American Government", 1977-1978
97-230/79 Washington visitor, 1977
Thank you for visiting office (in office), 1977
Thanks for visiting office (lobbyist), 1977-1978
Thanks for visiting office, in committee (empty folder)
Thanks for visiting office, on floor (empty folder)
Tour arrangement request acknowledged (empty folder)
Tour schedule confirmed, 1977-1978
Tourist packet sent, 1977-1978
Mobile office visitor, 1977-1978
White House tour, general, 1977-1978
Acknowledged request for White House tour (empty folder)
Confirmed White House tour, office pick up, 1977-1978
Confirmed White House tour, tickets enclosed, 1977-1978
Regrets - no White House tickets, 1977-1978
Requested tickets from White House, 1977-1978
Issue correspondence
Aged 14000-14040
Aged-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
Agriculture 14100-14131
Agriculture-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
14115 Fire ants - Mirex - pro, 1977-1978
14117 Rice-Benlate, 1978
14118 Tax questionnaire response, 1978
14132 Timber issues, 1978
Arts 14600-14607
Arts-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
14605 PRO National Endowment for the Arts funding, 1978
Banking and currency 14700-14760
Banking and currency-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
14700 Con NOW [Negotiable Order of Withdrawal], 1977
14732 NOW accounts-con, 1977
14710 Federal Reserve Board, 1978
14715 Maintaining independence of Federal Reserve Board, 1977
14757 Financial Institution Regulatory Act-PRO, 1978
14762 Regulation B/Equal credit, 1977
14770 Bankruptcy act, 1978
Business 15000-15069
Business-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
15069 Metcalf staff report, 1977
15076 Velasco project, 1977-1978
Communications 15500-15560
Communications-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
15531 Communications Workers of America, 1978
15555 Petition to prohibit religious broadcast, 1978
15560 Cable television, 1977-1978
15568 Baseball games on Friday, 1978
Congress 16000-16065
Congress-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
16031 Con lobby disclosure, 1977-1978
16040 Pro lobby disclosure, 1978
16055 Congressional reform - Campaign finance, 1977
16060 Campaign finances, 1977-1978
16062 Internal Security Committee, 1977-1978
16063 H. Res. 48 - con, 1977
16065 Kennedy-King assassinations committee, 1976-1977
16070 Labor-HEW appropriations continuing resolution, 1977-1978
16071 Full funding Labor, HEW pro, 1978
97-230/80 Consumer 16500-16535
Consumer-miscellaneous, 1977-1978
16505 Consumer Protection Agency - pro, 1977-1978
16507 Consumer Protection - con, 1977-1978
(2 folders)
16508 Consumer protection - pro - nickel per taxpayer, 1977
16535 Product liability, 1977
16539 Youth camp safety - con, 1978
16600 Federal no-fault insurance - pro, 1977
16602 Federal no-fault insurance - con, 1977
16808 Strip mining, 1977
97-230/34 Defense 17000-17100, 1977-1978
Economy 17500-17542, 1977-1978
Education, 18000-18042, 1977-1978
Energy 18500-18596, 1977-1978
97-230/44 Energy 18597-18650, 1977-1978
Environment 20000-21630, 1977-1978
Federal government 21500-21630, 1977-1978
97-230/41 Housing 22500-22537, 1977-1978
Indians 23000-23015, 1977-1978
International relations 23100-23425, 1977-1978
Judiciary, Constitution and civil rights 24000-24065, 1977-1978
97-230/35 Correspondence, topical 24057-24257, 1977-1978
Gun control
Torres/Federal intervention
Houston Police Department
Homosexual civil rights
Child abuse
High crime rate
Vietnamese refugee assistance
Women's rights
H. R. 5055, pregnancy disability
Gay rights
97-230/40 ERA
Criminal Code reform
Clear Lake City annexation
Labor 26000-26280, 1977-1978
Illegal aliens
Repeal of Taft-Hartley Act, right to work
Common situs picketing
Unionization of the military
Increase minimum wage
97-230/43 Labor 26100-26256, 1977-1978
Postal Service 27000-27050, 1977-1978
Public works 27400-27410, 1977-1978
Science 27900-27915, 1977-1978
97-230/42 Social Security 28000-28052, 1977-1978
NASA 28400-28407, 1977-1978
Taxes 28500-28580, 1977-1978
97-230/46 [unknown]
29546 Energy Transportation Security Act of 1977
29550 Dumping sorbates
Transportation 30000-30130, 1977-1978
Veterans 30500-30530, 1977-1978
Welfare 31000-31031, 1977-1978
Women's issues 32000-32010, 1977-1978
35136 Licensing travel agents, 1977-1978
97-230/80 Miscellaneous constituent correspondence, 1978
Harris County elderly nutrition centers, 1978
IRS ruling: municipal tax bonds, 1978
Chicano Training Center, Inc., 1978
TSU [Texas Southern University]/KTSU, 1978
Questionnaires, 1978
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1978
97-230/32 Correspondence, alphabetically arranged
A-C1, 1977-78
97-230/38 Co-G1, 1977-1978
97-230/39 Go-J, 1977-1978
97-230/37 K-M, 1977-1978
97-230/36 N-R, 1977-1978
97-230/45 S-V, 1977-1978
97-230/46 W-Z, 1977-1978
97-230/80 Administrative files
Appointment book, 1978
Administrative correspondence, 1977-1978
Stationery expenses, 1977
Stationery account, 1978
97-230/81 Telephone and telegraph, 1977-1978
Official expenses, 1977-1978
Transfer of allowances, 1977-1978
Equipment lease, 1977-1978
Equipment purchase, 1977-1978
Office lease, 1977
Mobile office lease, 1977
Computer services, 1977-1978
Parking, 1977-1978
Certificates of relationship, 1977-1978
Interns - volunteer, 1977-1978
Honorary committee memberships, 1977
District 22 boundaries, undated
State of Texas (miscellaneous), 1977
Letters to and from the governor, 1977
The White House, 1977
Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, 1977
Committee schedules, 1977
Chamber of Commerce offices in district 22, 1977
D. C. apartment, 1977
Photographs, 1978
Political circus, 1977
Newspapers, November, 1977
97-230/82 Sound recordings
One-quarter inch reel-to-reel tape
"Congressional Update! Bob Gammage Reports from Washington"
Guest: David J. Bardin; Subject: Strategic petroleum reserves, June 26, 1978
Guest: Representative Jim Jones; Subject: Jones-Ullman tax cut, undated
Guest: Representative John Breaux; Subject: Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act amendments, undated
Ellington AFB, Jay Solomon, GSA, undated
Guest: Representative Jake Pickle, Subject: Geothermal wells, undated
[Ronnie G.?] Flippo show, (2 tapes), undated
Representative Gammage and Chris Kraft, undated
Vote today (paid political advertisement), [1978?]
Vote Tuesday (paid political advertisement), [1978?]
Representative Gammage, number two (twelve tapes), undated)
Representative Gammage 4:58, undated
Unlabelled reel, undated
Photographic material
Sixteen millimeter color motion picture film
Bob Gammage and President Jimmy Carter, Houston, June 23, 1978
Unlabelled reel, undated
Video tapes
One-half inch U-Matic cassette, small format
1978 Gammage T. V. Spot :30, number one, 1978
One-half inch U-Matic cassettes, large format
"The High Frontier" , undated
Unlabelled cassettes (four cassettes)
"Congressional Update! Bob Gammage Reports from Washington"
Guest: David J. Bardin; Subject: Strategic petroleum reserves, June 26, 1978
97-230/83 Guest: Representative Jim Jones; Subject: Jones-Ullman tax cut, undated
Guest: Representative John Breaux; Subject: Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act amendments, undated
Gammage ch. 8, subject: Child Nutrition Center, [August 11, 1978]
Gammage O. C., numbers 1-3, August 17, 1978
Gammage, number two, August 17, 1978
(four tapes)

Restricted until 2053

Restricted oversized photographic materials [film & slides]
Restricted until 2053
97-230/76 Project and case files
Conditions Governing Access
Correspondence and office files
Conditions Governing Access

Texas Supreme Court Material

2008-318/1 Causes
2008-318/2 D0353-0489
2008-318/3 D0494-0600
2008-318/4 D0666-0756
2008-318/5 D0791-0992
2008-318/6 D1001-1235
2008-318/7 D1239-1424
2008-318/8 D1439-1507
2008-318/9 D1520-1693
2008-318/10 D1716-1937
2008-318/11 D1990-2022; D3902-4097
2008-318/12 D2060-2316
2008-318/13 D2324-2662
2008-318/14 D2683-2997
2008-318/15 D3000-3329
2008-318/16 D3331-3869
2008-318/17 D4128-4603
2008-318/18 C7376-9395
2008-318/19 C9063-9556
2008-318/20 C9395-9832
2008-318/21 C9845
2008-318/22 94-0035 thru 94-0152
2008-318/23 94-0154 thru 95-0507
2008-318/24 Alternate Dispute File
Citizens Comm. On Courts
2008-318/25 Health Care Discovery
Court Memos
Texas Research League
Copies-State Bar J
2008-318/26 Personal and Misc. Correspondence, 1992-1995
2008-318/27 Correspondence, Memos, Etc., 1991-1992

Texas Court of Appeals, Third District, case files, 1982-1990

2010-106/1 #1 Hudson v. State, September 1982
#2 Fuentes v. State, September 1982
#3 Zidell v. NHP Real Estate, concurrence, October 1982
#4 Escobedo v. State, November 1982
#5 Rocha v. State, November 1982
#6 Sepeda v. State, December 1982
#7 Ex Parte Boniface, December 1982
#8 Davis v. Davis, March 1983
#9 Rawlings v. Angelo State University, March 1983
#10 Chambers v. State, April 1983
#11 Baker v. State, April 1983
#12 Boniface v. Boniface, June 1983
#13 Shroyer v. State, July 1983
#14 Keller v. Reeves, July 1983
#15 Bass v. Dairyland Mutual, July 1983
#16 Richardson v. State, July 1983
#17 Cano v. State, September 1983
#18 Williams v. State, September 1983
#19 State of Texas v. Benites, September 1983
#20 Dial v. State, September 1983
#21 Dingler v. State, September 1983
#22 Schwarz v. State, September 1983
#23 WLJ v. State, September 1983
#24 Thomas v. State, September 1983
#25 Mayberry v. State, September 1983
#26 Espinoza v. State, September 1983
#28 Younger v. State, November 1983
#29 Cano v. State (on state's motion for rehearing), December 1983
#30 Boiles v. State, December 1983
#31 Harris v. State, January 1984
#32 Gonzales v. State, February 1984
#33 Hilderbrand v. State, February 1984
#34 Harris v. State, February 1984
#35 Bullock v. Delta Industrial, April 1984
#36 Brady I. S. D. v. Davenport, June 1984
#37 Biomedical v. Hawkins, September 1984
#38 & #39 Mario Rosales and Catarina Rosales v. State, September 1984
#40 Colquette v. Forbes, September 1984
#41 Duncan v. Dyke, September 1984
#42 Baxter v. Texas Department of Human Resources, September 1984
#43 Hejl v. Hejl, September 1984
#45 Ponder v. Centex Datsun, September 1984
#46 Figure World v. Farley, October 1984
#47 Vanguard Insurance v. McWilliams, October 1984
#48 Galloway v. State, October 1984
#49 Verble v. Coffman, October 1984
#50 Marino v. State, November 1984
#51 Engineered Transport v. RRC, November 1984
#52 Nixon v. State, December 1984
#53 Gonzalez v. TDH, December 1984
#54 Byler v. Garcia, December 1984
#55 Dunlap, et al v. Williamson, December 1984
#56 Alaniz v. State, January 1985
#57 Waechter v. State, January 1985
#58 C. T. v. Richardson & TDHR, January 1985
#59 Byler v. Garcia, on rehearing, January 1985
#60 Ortiz v. State, January 1985
#61 Milo v Jan-Jeff, January 1985
#62 Marek v. State, February 1985
#63 Pedernales Electric Coop v. Baker, February 1985
#64 Kelly v. State, February 1985
#65 Kelly v. State, February 1985
#66 Amtel Communications v. PUC, concurrence, February 1985
#67 Ripley v. Stephens, February 1985
#68 Dockery v. State, February 1985
#69 King v. Texically, March 1985
#70 Howerton v. Davis, March 1985
#71 Schuster v. Schuster, April 1985
#71 Roy Lee, M. D. v. Medical Selections, April 1985
#72 Thompson, Independent Executrix v. Meyer, April 1985
#73 Transportation Insurance v. Failing, May 1985
#74 Billingsley v. Billingsley, May 1985
#75 Christion v. Lampkin, May 1985
#76 Westland Films v. Board of Insurance, May 1985
#77 AABUD v. State, May 1985
#78 City of Austin v. Davis, June 1985
#79 Chandler v. State, June 1985
#80 State v. Clark, June 1985
#81 Williams v. State, July 1985
#82 Hosack v. Huttash, August 1985
#83 Moran v. RRC, August 1985
#84 Upshur County v. TCEA, August 1985
#85 Neighbors v. State, September 1985
#86 RRC v. Statewide Convoy, September 1985
#87 Clark v. Sutton, September 1985
#88 Thurman v. Byrd, September 1985
#89 Kulubis v. Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters Insurance, Inc., Dissent, October 1985
#90 Common Carrier v. RRC, October 1985
#91 Glass v. Bishop, October 1985
#92 Daniels v. Tri Towers, October 1985
#93 Horak v. Farmers State Bank of Schulenberg, November 1985
#94 Cardwell v. State, November 1985
#95 Walker vs. State, December 1985
#96 Luke v. State, January 1986
#97 Stephens v. McMillen, January 1986
#98 Consumers Water v. PUC, February 1986
#99 McGraw-Edison v. Davis, concurrence, February 1986
#100 1st National Bank of Libby Montana v. Rector, February 1986
#101 Enserch corp. v. Bullock, Concurrence, March 1986
#102 Eynouf v. Eynouf, April 1986
#103 Polson v. Texas, April 1986
#104 Morrison v. State, April 1986
#105 Westland Film Industry v. State Board of Insurance, April 1986
#106 Bullock v. Bingo King, May 1986
#107 Service Lloyds v. Clark, June 1986
#108 Young v. State, June 1986
#109 Nolter v. State, July 1986
#110 Miller v. Miller, July 1986
#111 Yakatan v. North Austin State Bank, August 1986
#112 Otis Elevator v. Zac Smith & Co., August 1986
#113 O'Neill v. Startex Petroleum, August 1986
#114 G. M. v. TDHR, September 1986
#115 Morris v. Morris, September 1986
#116 Mortgagebanc v. Texas, October 1986
#117 Texacally v. King, October 1986
#118 Riata Homes v. Biscamp, October 1986
#119 Great Atlantic Life Insurance v. Harris, United Bankers, November 1986
#120 New Horizons v. Bennett, November 1986
#121 Asbury v. TSBPA, November 1986
#122 Richie v. Ranchlander, December 1986
#123 Gilber v. Black, January 1987
#124 Andrews v. Allen, January 1987
#125 Vallone v. Reitmeyer, February 1987
#126 Ex Parte Ferraz, February 1987
#127 Bonewitz v. Bonewitz, February 1987
#128 Bartosh v. Mallas, March 1987
#129 England v. State, April 1987
#130 Walcott v. State, dissent, April 1987
#131 Mitchell v. Blomdahl, dissent, April 1987
#132 SHECO v. PUC, May 1987
#133 Airline v. RRC, May 1987
#134 Peters v. TDHS, May 1987
#135 McBurnett v. TPL, May 1987
#136 Ex Parte, Estrada, May 1987
#137 Bell v. State, June 1987
#138 Bell v. State, June 1987
#139 Hoover v. Lauderback, June 1987
#140 UT v. Joki, June 1987
#141 Dempsey v. Apache Shores, August 1987
#142 Austin and Austin v. Duval and Motz, August 1987
#143 Orosco v. State, August 1987
#144 Soliz v. State, August 1987
#145 Drew v. State, August 1987
#146 Yoakum v. State, August 1987
#147 Ross v. State, August 1987
#148 Gilmore v. State, September 1987
#149 Elkins v. State, September 1987
#150 M & P Partnership v. Dalton Tool, September 1987
#151 Roberson v. Rio Dodge, September 1987
#152 Eckermann v. Mary Pearl Williams, October 1987
#153 Casbeer v. Huang, October 1987
#154 Port v. State, dissent, October 29, 1987
#155 RRC v. Guthrie, December 1987
#156 RRC v. Concerned Citizens, Edwards Aquifer, December 1987
#157 Jess v. Libson, December 1987
#158 Smith v. State, December 1987
#159 Cruz and Villareal v. State, January 1988
#160 Price V. City of San Marcos, January 1988
#161 Pedernales Electric Coop v. TDWR, January 1988
#162 Tex Tire v. El Dorado Tire, and opinion on motion for rehearing, January 1988
#163 Tietz v. State, January 1988
#164 Oliver v. Morgan Homes, January 1988
#165 UU&H Investments v. Borneman, new opinion on rehearing, February 1988, March 1988
#166 Pearson v. Wicker, February 1988
#167 (Green) Williams v. Green, March 1988
#168 & #169 Spector v. Texas #1 and #2, March 1988
2010-106/2 #170 Miller v. Miller, April 1988
#171 Lawyers Surety v. State, May 1988
#172 Porch v. State, May 1988
#173 Skews v. State, May 1988
#174 Goodman v. State, May 1988
#175 Porras v. State, June 1988
#176 Kannady v. State, June 1988
#177 Porch v. State, rehearing, August 1988
#178 UDO Corp v. Pabich, August 1988
#179 SUNOCO Terminals v. Bullock, August 1988
#180 Stephens v. State, August 1988
#181 King Camaron v. World Wide, August 1988
#182 & #183 Estrada v. State, August 1988
#184 In the Matter of EBS, August 1988
#185 Freeman v. State, August 1988
#186 Garza v. Northern Insurance Company of New York, October 1988
#187 Ted Gray, Inc. v. TacoVilla, October 1988
#188 Stark v. Quich, November 1988
#189 Payne v. Vinson, November 1988
#190 Pearce v. Equitable, November 1988
#191 Green v. ALCDA, November 1988
#192 Kirby v. Edgewood Independent School District, December 1988
#193 Bellamy v. Stephen F. Austin University, February 1989
#194 Wolf v. Jackson, February 1989
#195 Rendon v. State, February 1989
#196 Uhrich v. State, February 1989
#197 Ex Parte Zetty, February 1989
#198 Ellison v. Rucker, February 1989
#199 Medford v. State, March 1989
#200 Bellamy v. Stephen F. Austin University, on rehearing, April 1989
#201 Texas Water Commission v. Acker, May 1989
#202 Service Lloyds Insurance v. Greenhalgh, May 1989
#203 Soliz v. Black, May 1989
#204 Bullock v. Pioneer Company, June 1989
#205 Mullins v. CEA, June 1989
#206 Consumers Water v. PUC, June 1989
#207 Hoppe v. Godeke, June 1989
#208 Hughes v. Hines, August 1989
#209 Clear Creek ISD v. Commission of Education, August 1989
#210 Miller v. State, August 1989
#211 E & B Carpet v. State, August 1989
#212 Flores v. State, August 1989
#213 Board of Chiropractors v. McNeely, August 1989
#214 Board of Chiropractors v. Worrell, August 1989
#215 Sievers v. Estate of Sievers, September 1989
#216 TEC v. PARKS, October 1989
#217 Yepma v. Stephens, October 1989
#218 Twyman v. Twyman, May 1990
#219 State v. Lindsey, May 1990
#220 V-F Petroleum, Inc. v. A. K. Guthrie Operating Co., May 1990
#221 Ex Parte: Louis Talley, May 1990
#222 Rooksberry v. State, May 1990
#223 Paramore v. Nehring, June 1990
#224 Collins v. State, June 1990
#225 Tebbs v. Silver Eagle, June 1990
#226 Bryant v. State, June 1990
#227 Cardenas v. Bufkin, June 1990
#228 FCNY v. Stroman, June 1990
#229 Burleson v. State, June 1990
#230 Mitchell v. Shepperd Memorial hospital
#231 Noble Exploration v. Nixon Drilling
#232 Huddleston v. McGinley
#233 White v. TEIA
#234 Commission on Judicial Conduct v. Gist
#235 Coalition Advocating a Safe Environment v. Texas Water Commission
#236 Schlumberger v. Orson Leasing
#237 Weaver v. Southwest National Bank, December 1990
#238 Luth vs. Turner and Turner, December 1990