University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the People's History in Texas Records, 1976-2005.

Descriptive Summary

Creator People's History in Texas
Title: People's History in Texas Records,
Dates: 1976-2005.
Extent: 44 ft. 3 in.manuscript material; audiotapes; videotapes
Language Materials are in English
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope and Contents

This diverse collection contains a wide range of materials relating to topics such as Texas labor unions, women in Texas history, the 1938 Hot Oil War in East Texas, and the records of the People's History in Texas organization. Much of the collection centers on oral history audio and video projects overseen by organization leaders Melissa Hield and Jim Cullers. Among the topics represented in the records are: hunger in America, workers' rights, environmental protection, nuclear weapons protests, police brutality, Texas literature (including John Henry Faulk), prison reform, and the Montopolis community in Austin, Texas.


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See also the Melissa Hield Papers, housed at the same repository.

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People's History in Texas Records, 1976-2005, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Records



2.325/G168 Motion picture film, "People's History of Texas," (Spanish) negative
Miscellaneous posters
2.325/G169 (4959753) People's History in Texas stationery and envelopes
2.325/G170 (4959786) Women in Texas History, calendar 1976
Cover for the calendar 1976
Ink stamps for the People's History in Texas
Index cards with business addresses
Correspondences, notes, bills
National Zip Code Directory
People's History in Texas by-laws; certificate of resale forms; order forms for calendar
Correspondence, bills, financial notes
Tax records, bank records, copyright records, correspondence, purchase orders
Bank checks
Sales tax permit and returns, Internal Revenue Service tax forms, financial record, order book
2.325/G171 (4959775) "Talkin' Union" originals:
1 film-strip
9 videos:
Charlotte #1-#3
Olivia Ralston #1-#3
Andrea #1-#3
Rough-cut II
2.325/G172 (4959797) Ledger, TCH Grant Journal, August 1978 - March 1979
Address file
TCH budget
Bank statements, Travis Bank and Trust
Check stubs
Women in Texas Labor History, notes on interview and lists of contacts
National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, Women in the Texas Labor Movement, Phase I, research, bibliography, correspondence, November 1976 - January 1977
People's History in Texas, oral history information, 1976-1977
Local #498, Oil Workers International Union, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Oral History, correspondence, March-April 1977
Oral History, copes of letters, press releases, questionnaires, Phase I
Xeroxing receipts, oral history
National Endowment for the Humanities, application information
Photostat orders completed, 1976-1977
Film fund
Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
Oral history manuscript
People's History in Texas
TCH proposal, "Talkin' Union" completion and tour April-May 1978
Report materials to National Endowment for the Humanities
People's History in Texas, grant proposal
National Archives trip, December 27-30, 1976
People's History in Texas grant: Maria F., Richard Croxdale, Glenn Scott
Bank statements and receipts
2.325/G173 (4959742) Audiotapes:
Music 7
Ron Roger's Blues
Guillermina de Juarez
Coors Workers interview 5/7/77
R. L. Store (?) II/B. Nieman-Crisis
Spanish Readings for Audio, November 3
Convention-SF #1/SF #2
Cutlines for Photo Exhibit (envelope)
Women in Texas History, calendar, 1976
Extent 17 copies
Large slide "Talkin' Union" advisory statement
2.325/G174 (4959764) "Talkin' Union:"
Umatic videotape: 20 minute rough edit to show
Umatic videotape: Miller #1
Reel of videotape marked "TOP", no. 2808077 (no box)
Reel of videotape no. 193780300450 (boxed)
Reel of videotape, "Charlotte, 57 minutes" (boxed)
Reel of videotape no. 170550400635 (boxed)
Reel of sound recording tape: Xavier Martinez:
Vamos campensinos a Lucher
Es Hora de decir Basta
Soy Campesino de Poco y Cercas
Los Naranjales
El 30-30
Para ti (Campañera)
Lo pobre que semos muchos
Sol Redondo
El Rey de las Flores
Un Soldado
Videotape: "Union Minded, Edit # 3"
Videotape #280807
Master broadcast videotape, "Master Edit"
Audiotape, "Alberta #1"
Audiotape, "Alberta #2"
Videotape, "Charlotte Miller, 5 min."
Videotape, "Miller #2"
Videotape, "Alberta, 50 min.
Videotape, "Union Minded"
Videotape, "Andrea" (boxed)
Videotape, "Olivia, 47 min."
2.325/P70 VHS tapes:
"Energy Alliance: 10 Minute Health Edit"
KVUE, "Toxic Texas" series
"Geriatric Holiday," pt. 1-2
"Helen Henly," pt. 1-2
"I Am Annie Mae," pt. 1-2
2.325/P71 Audiotapes:
"Blackland"/ "Teachers" master
"Remember Me"
VHS tapes:
"Hunger in America"
"Made in Austin"
"Who is the Texas Writer?"
"What is the Texas Literary Tradition?"
"Texas Writers' Literary Tradition"
"Samuel Gompers Labor Day, '82"
"Samuel Gompers Celebration Forum, Labor and Technology"
"Follow Me to Ground Zero"
"Robert Jackson Interview by Alan Pogue"
2.325/P72 "Photos, Writers/HRC"
"Latane" #1-4, September 22, 1991
"Rev. #3, #5"
Micros 7, Okie 2
Casola 2-4
Barker books
2.325/P73 Audiotapes:
Elmer Akins Gospel Train, March 8, 1987
Angels Fan Field Tour
Pearls Soul (Strummin?)
LEPC #2/Mayor
Library, Jo Ann/Amoco
DeMeat/Labor, Teague
Rash and Mabry/Mabry
Videotape list
Draft script: "Radio Man: Elmer Akins and the Gospel Train"
VHS tapes:
Elmer, stills, May 25, 1988
Elmer Akins, November 9, 1987
Elmer Akins interview with Records, February 8, 1988
Introduction, I'll Fly Away, Devotion, Welcome, Cong Song "Little Light," MC, St. James Choir
2.325/P74 Gospel Train TV show taping, June 1, 1988
Bells of Joy, close
KVET tape #1, February 12, 1988
KVET tape #2, February 21, 1988
David Chapel Choir, #1-2, practice, May 26, 1988
KNOW, stills
KVET/Barker, stills
Elmer soundtrack
Bells of Joy, "Talk about Jesus"
Radio listeners
2.325/P75 STNP allegations
Interviews with Mr. Strotherman, and "East Texas Oil Boom," ten-minute clip May 19, 1985,
Congressional debate, Butts vs. Pickle
NWA Butts speech, E. E. Master
Common Cause heavyweights, November 17, 1987
Goodman tape interview with supporters
Richard Goodman party
AFL-CIO, Solidarity III
SLT copy
2.325/P76 Folklorico bank account
Pecan shellers slides
El Paso, groups of unidentified people speaking
Austin, Melissa Hield, Janice Robertson (Black Task Force), Glenn Scott, Austin program, February 15, 1979
San Antonio program, Maria Flores, Joan Suarez (Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers)
"Florico," Pitt Grant
Texas Literary Traditions, photographs
Don Graham program
Cowboys and Cadillacs
Women in the Texas Workforce stationery
Cowboys and Cadillacs bank account, 1983-1984
People's History in Texas mailing list
People's History in Texas correspondence, 1982-1986
Texas Committee for the Humanities bank account, 1984
People's History in Texas bank account, 1982-1984
LCLAA/Hispanic Labor Video Project
Pro video/Powell Associates Incorporated
Texas Committee for the Humanities
Internal Revenue returns, 1978-1980
People's History in Texas receipts, 1982-1983
People's History in Texas taxes, 1982-1983
Sales tax information and forms, 1979
Receipts, 1983
Texas Committee on the Humanities media agreement, National Endowment for the Humanities correspondence, 1979
T. U. distribution contracts
Mailing labels
Computer mailing lists
Film fund
Southwest Film Lab
In These Times photographs and negatives
2.325/P77 Texas Writers Oil Boom
Boom correspondence
Texas Committee for the Humanities/Hot Oil War grant drafts and notes
Texas Committee for the Humanities/forms
Oil Museum, Kilgore
Final report
Kilgore, November 10-13
Financial reports
Mailing list
Texas Myth grant
Texas Myth #2
Texas Writers
Texas Myth, correspondence
Texas Writers:
Funding possibilities
Texas Myths, Writers, press
People's History in Texas, Lee script
Texas Writers, Texas Committee for the Humanities
Doug Dawson script
Writers, final edit
People's History in Texas, Texas Writers, July 1986
Texas Writers, Tarleton
2.325/P78 Catalog: The Company of Women
Catalog: Steelworks
Southern Women Teaching Guide
Smith College
University of Texas Women's Studies, Austin
Austin women's liberation
Austin women
Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI) workshop, May 10-13
Articles concerning money sources
Teaching Guide/final
Coalition for Western Women's History, 1984-
Leadership Texas, 1985-1989
Lamar University, conference materials, October 1988
National Committee on Working Women, 1986-1990
Women's Educational Equity Act, publishing center
Project on Status of Women, pamphlets, flyer, 1986
Coordinating Committee on Women in the Historical Profession (CCWHP), brochures, newsletters, 1986-1990
SIROW, brochures, newsletters, 1985-1986
Texas women speeches, flyers, brochures, 1980-1988
Women, statistics, 1985-1990
Women's history, letters, flyers, brochures, 1976-1990
2.325/P79 Montopolis slides
Transcripts of interviews concerning Laurie Wade
Mailing labels
Austin American Statesman, March 2, 1986
South Austin
Neighborhoods, St. Edwards
Sesquicentennial logo
People's History in Texas:
Sales tax
Baylor oral history conference, October 7-8
University of Texas Law School, Oral History Project
Lignite/grant money
Live Oak grant, 1985
City of Austin Public Works Department Annual Report and Calendar, 1986
Southwest Airlines Spirit, March 1986
People's History in Texas, solicitation permit
Amarillo story
People's History in Texas, "Workin' Texas"
Laurie Wade project
Oil boom photographs
Labor movement photographs
Piedras Negras photographs, spring 1979
AAM demonstration, farmers, winter 1978
Boat race demonstration, summer 1978
2.325/P80 Sign-up sheet for teaching guide on Western Women's History, August 1985
Sign-up sheet for Coalition for Western Women's History, summer 1984
"The Women's West Teaching Guide: Womens Lives in the Nineteenth Century West," ed. Melssa Hield, written by Martha Boethal
"The Women's West Teaching Guide," revised copy
Title IX line: Center for Sex Equality in Schools
Additional resources for Western Women's History
Phoenix Films and Video Catalog, 1984
Pyramid Film and Video, 25th Anniversary catalog, 1960-1985
Osumi, Megumi Dick, "Asians and California's Anti-Miscegenation Laws"
Correspondence concerning teaching guide
Overview of Women's West Teaching Guide
Article on women's relationships on the western frontier
Draft of teaching guide
Hampsten, Elizabeth, "The Western Experience as a Liberating Force in Women's Lives"
Armitage, Sue, "Western History: A Feminist Critique"
Keeper of the Keys
Yung, Judy, "A Bowlful of Tears: Chinese Women Immigrants on Angel Island"
Armitage, Sue, "Western Women: Beginning to Come into Focus"
Sue Armitage's notes on the Teaching Guide
Critiques of "Women's West" Teaching Guide
Draft sections of "Women's West" Teaching Guide
Bibliographic notes
Application for funding for the Women's West Teaching Guide
Women's West Teaching Guide
Field testing
Teaching Guide correspondence
Fund raising/Northwest area foundation
Women's West/receipts and bills
Teaching Guide administrative file
Teaching Guide, send to
Women's West/contacts and lists
Teaching guide
Presenters' forms
Sex equity
National Women's History Project
3Y287a Tapes:
"Food Bank," Presentation on "Hunger in America" by Nancy Amadei, sponsored by the Capital Area Food Bank, Dara Gray, Director
Euromissiles, Organizational meeting for Euromissiles March, April 17, 1983
3Y287b "Peace and Justice," footage of "Bread Not Bombs March" in Austin, sponsored by Austin Peace and Justice Coalition, April 1982
"Labor Videos," footage assembled by a video program for a labor Solidarity Day sponsored by the AFL-CIO in 1984:
"Organizing Media Project"
"Disabled American Workers"
3Y288a "Industrial Policy"
Speech by Governor Mark White
Speech by Bob Armstrong
Solidarity Day planning meeting
"Solidarity Day," edited master tape
3Y288b "EPA," Environmental Protection Agency hearing held at the Fayette County Courthouse, Bastrop, on a proposed lignite strip mine, May 22, 1984
3Y289a "Follow Me to Ground Zero," footage of events to protest nuclear missiles at Bergstrom Air Force Base, including a demonstration at Bergstrom, and a "guerilla theater" piece that was part of a "Women and Their Work" art exhibition at Daugherty Art Center, Elouise Burrell, Carol Nash, and Melissa Hield participated in the "guerrilla theater" piece, which consisted of packing a truck with items to take to Austin's "Ground Zero," Bergstrom Air Force Base, in the event of a nuclear attack (a parody of the Civil Defense instructions in the 1983 Austin phone book) August 3, 1983.
"TPA," demonstration against police brutality by the Austin Brown Berets held during the Texas Police Association convention, June 15, 1980
"Pantex," demonstration held at Auditorium Shores to protest the Pantex nuclear warhead plant
3Y289b "DOE," footage of a Department of Energy hearing at the Austin Hilton on putting a nuclear waste dump in Deaf Smith County with testimony by Agriculture Commisssioner Jim Hightower, Govenor Mark White, Attorney General Jim Mattox, and songs by Bill Oliver.
"Montopolis," footage and interviews for an oral history on the Montopolis community, funded by the City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department, focusing on the changes started or funded through the War on Poverty. Tapes include:
Clifton Griffon, Director, Carver Library
Juanita Tijerina, former editor of the Austin Light
3Y290a Juanita Tijerina, former editor of the Austin Light
Demonstration in front of Scholz's
Father Fred Underwood, activist, Catholic Priest
Enrique Lopez, community leader
3Y290b John Trevino, city council member
City Council
Montopolis Street Scenes
Maria Rocha
3Y291a Lupe
Feria de las Flores
Clifton Griffin
3Y291b Clifton Griffin
San Jose, Bergstrom, River
Photos, Paul Hernandez
"Faulk for Congress," footage of John Henry Faulk's campaign for U.S. Congress, October 1983:
John Henry Faulk Interview
Jake Howard
3Y297a Election night, Holiday Inn, Bryan/College Station
Jake Howard
"Uncle Pevine" Jeffries
Nutrition/ad campaign in Navasota
Jake Howard
3Y292a John Henry Faulk and Bill Wilson
Grimes County/Texas Municipal Power Authority Shots
"Fayette County 1, 2, and 3," interviews with farmers whose land would be taken, undated
3Y292b "Lignite 1 and 2," cover shots of a cemetery that would be bulldozed for the proposed strip mine. (Proposed strip mine didn't happen.)
"Gompers Day," for the one-hundredth anniversary of the labor movement in the U.S., the Texas AFL-CIO sponsored a parade, public forum, and other events on Septembler 3, 1982, in San Antonio, where Samuel Gompers once spoke. A statue of Gompers was also unveiled. The Texas Committee for the Humanities sponsored a public forum. (PHIT proposed two thirty-minute programs for the AFL-CIO. These tapes are the raw footage). Tapes include:
Crowds singing
3Y293a Kirkland speech
"Texas Literary Tradition Conference"
3Y293b "Texas Literary Tradition Conference"
3Y294a "Texas Literary Tradition Conference," footage of the panel discussions and speeches during this three-day conference, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts for the U.T. Centennial (The first five tapes documenting the first day of the conference were "recycled," these tapes are of the second and third days.
PHIT was hired by the College of Liberal Arts to document the event).
"Images of Texas," footage of the "Images of Texas" art exhibiton held at the Huntington Gallery in conjunction with the Texas Literary Tradition Conference.
"#4 Juarez Lincoln," footage of the destruction of Juarez Lincoln University located at First Street and IH 35, undated
"Pecan Shellers," rough edit for a video on the 1937 Pecan Shellers Strike, taken from Alberta Snid's oral interview collected during the "Talkin' Union" video project.
"Pete and Deb"
3Y294b "Pete and Deb," interviews and footage of an Austin couple who lived out at Lake Travis in a tent and had previously lived in a bus with "Where the Lucky Kids Stay" painted on it, which became a short video feature called "Where the Lucky Kids Stay", cablecast on Austin Community Television (ACTV) and praised by George Stoney as exemplary community access television.
"Benavides," interview with war hero Sgt. Benavides.
"Raul Valdez," interview with Raul Valdez, mural artist, conducted by Paula Manley with footage of his mural at Pan American University.
"LUCHA," interview with U.T. History Professor Ricardo Romo conducted by Marcos DeLeon at LUCHA (League of United Chicano Artists) art exhibition, June 1, 1984.
"Wachter," interview with Dr. Merle Wachter conducted by Marcos DeLeon.
3Y295a "Prison Reform," tapes shot by Alan Pogue of a panel discussion and press conference on Texas prison reform. Two tapes are of a press conference in Edinburg, with Carlos Truan speaking.
"City of Austin"
3Y295b "City of Austin," interview with a retiring city garbage worker, Freddy Verrell, conducted by Beth Brown Boettner.
3Y296a "Shiner," tour of the Shiner Brewery, with interviews conducted by Lana Kay Varney.
"Michael Harrington," speech by socialist Michael Harrington, U.T. Academic Center.
"Jake Pickle," debate held in Elgin between Rep. Jake Pickle and candidate Nina Butts during Congressional race.
Paul Hernandez, T.V. spots, undated
3Y296b Nowicki
"Talkin' Union" (addition)
Alberta Snid
Carl Brannon
2/Film E160 Motion picture film
2001-055/1 Videocassettes:
"Esther's Follies 10th Anniversary," 1987
Follies 1, Shannon and Mark
Esther's interview, Steve, October 28, 1987
Esther's interview, Doug, October 28, 1987
Esther's rehearsal, T. Galloway, October 11, 1987
Esther's interview, Steve, Doug, October 28, 1987
New cast members, [4 tapes] August 24, 1987
Roy Minton and Max Nofziger, August 18, 1987
Winfree and Caldwell, October 17, 1987
Terry Galloway, October 17, 1987
Gordon and Colem, October 17, 1987
Folly's 2, Shannon and Michael[?]
2001-055/2 Esther's 10th Anniversary Show
ISO #1, Wednesday
ISO #1, Thursday
ISO #2, Wednesday
ISO #2, Thursday
ISO #3, Wednesday
PRO #1, Thursday
PRO #2, Thursday
2001-055/1 MIX #1, Wednesday
MIX #2, Wednesday
MIX #3, Wednesday
2001-055/3 Esther's 10th Anniversary Show, [7 tapes]
Esther's Handheld, part 1, September 24, 1987
Esther's Handheld, part 2 and Fundraiser, September 1987
2001-055/4 Stomp performance, [2 tapes] August 27, 1987
Stomp interview, [3 tapes] August 27, 1987
September 24, 1987 show [4 tapes]
Esther's edit, January 14, 1988
2001-055/5 August 27, 1985 [5 tapes]
Piano player, October 24, 1987 [3 tapes]
Esther's rehearsal, Urbana II, September 22, 1987
Esther's street, neon and lights
Esther's post picture section
Fundraiser, September 27
M. Prochoroff, August 31, 1987
2001-055/6 Jalapeno Chorus
Esther's - 6th Street exteriors
Carmina ISO #2 - Thursday
Carmina Mix 2 Thursday
Wednesday - Torch Dancer
Outside camera - Thursday #1
Outside camera, Diva - Thursday #2
Flying Rit, Brother, Cry me a River, Thursday last tape
"East Texas Oil Boom"
Hyman Laufer 1
Hyman Laufer 2
Hyman Laufer 3 and Foster Bean 1
Foster Bean 2 and Catherine Brown 1
Catherine Brown 2
Catherine Brown 3
Catherine Brown 4 and L.N. Crum 1
L.N. Crum 2
2001-055/7 Covershots and Bobby Florence 1
Bobby Florence 2
Bill Murray 1
Bill Murray 2
Bill Murray 3
Bill Murray 4
Roger and Diana Olien 1
Roger and Diana Olien 2
Roger and Diana Olien 3
Fischer 1
Fisher 2 and Ralph Yarborough 1
Ralph Yarborough 2
Ralph Yarborough 3 and Bobby White
2001-055/8 Kilgore cutaways
Roy Fewell 1
Roy Fewell 2
R. Forey 1
R. Forey 2
J.R. Parten 1
J.R. Parten 2
J.R. Parten 3
J.R. Parten 4
J. Howard Marshall 1
J. Howard Marshall 2
J. Howard Marshall 3
J. Howard Marshall 4
David Prindle 1
David Prindle 2
2001-055/9 "Peace in the Garden" Isamu Taniguchi and the Zilker Park Oriental Garden, 1987
Taniguchi 1
Taniguchi 2
Taniguchi 3
Taniguchi 4
Tani 1, Zilker Park
Nina, EAC, Lotus Pond interview
Tani 1, 8-21
Tani 2, 8-21
Tani 3, Walking Lotus, 8-21
Mr. Taniguchi, reflections, Kyoto arrange
Mr. Taniguchi, Tape 2 , Ray 1
2001-055/10 Ray interview
Alan Taniguchi interview #1, July 1, 1987
Alan Taniguchi interview #2, July 1, 1987
Original garden #1, Dick Molly, July 28, 1987
Original garden #2, Dick Molly, July 28, 1987
Spring work
Spring flowers, White flowers, branch green
Town lake spring #1
Lotus Pond spring
Morning garden #2
Mr. Taniguchi, Japanese-American Business Lunch
Mr. Taniguchi sculpture
2001-055/11 Patsy/Esther's, Spring and Oriental Garden
Garden's/Credit visuals, August 16, 1987
Lady Bird Johnson, August 25, 1987
Taniguchi Harvest Moon, Tea House
Mr. Taniguchi, Flowers in the garden, March 26, 1987
Harvest Moon Festival
Jim Rogers, October 26, 1987
Ray 1
Ray 2
Rocks, water, tree, March 1988
Taniguchi water sound, audio, August 18, 1987
Taniguchi Rocks
Ray 3, rocks, etc.
2001-055/12 Narration and music LRP, Taniguchi, mix and water
Xeriscape winner, deck example
Channel 7, Most Worthy Citizen, Mr. Taniguchi
Flowers, green blade starburst, red roses, green cool shade
Beth Boettner - narration, part 1, September 8, 1989
Audio, Zilker water
"The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute"
Martinez FLA
[Unidentified tape]
"Progressive Pioneers"
Bob Eckhardt, February 9, 1994
Fred Schmidt, Fredericksburg, tape 1, August 20, 1993
Fred Schmidt, tape 2, August 20, 1993 and Chris Dixie, tape 1, August 22, 1993
Fred Schmidt, August 20, 1993
Chris Dixie, tape 2, August 22, 1993
Chris Dixie, August 22 and Bob Eckhardt, February 9, 1994
Billie Carr, tape 1
Billie Carr, tape 2 [2 copies, 1 beta, 1 Hi8]
Ralph Yarborough, tape 1, [2 copies, 1 beta, 1 Hi8], June 20, 1994
Ralph Yarborough, tape 2, June 20, 1994
Ralph Yarborough, tape 3, June 20, 1994
Yarborough party, June 10, 1993
George Green, tape 1, December 17, 1994
George Green, tape 2, December 17, 1994
George Green, December 17, 1994
Kathleen Voight, tape 1, [2 tapes, 1 beta, 1 Hi8], August 4, 1994
Kathleen Voight, tape 2, August 4, 1994
Kathleen Voight, tape 3, August 4, 1994
Kathleen Voight, tape 4, August 4, 1994
Kathleen Voight, tape 2, August 4, 1994 and Yarborough, tape 2
Jesse McCaseland, May 20, 1996
Reunion of Texas' Progressive Pioneers, November 20, 1992
2001-055/13 "Texas City"
Fire chief, comm. and vehicle and siren central
Ken Dement 1
Ken Dement 2
LEPC Meeting and 911 Kids
AMOCO tape 2, Critz[?] and John and pipes and bicycle
AMOCO tape, misc. and control room
Jimenez 1
Jimenez 2
Jimenez 3 and Harlan 1 (short)
Harlan 2
Mrs. Bassir and AM shots 1
AM shots 2 and Parade 1
Parade 2
2001-055/14 Parade 3
EEL Beck [?]
Mary Worth Mabry
Mary Worth 2
Rita Carlson 1
Rita Carlson 2
Rita Carlson 3
Rita Carlson 4
Rita Carlson 5
Rita Carlson 6
Rita Carlson 7
Rita Carlson 8
"Texas City Disaster 1947"
Texas City photo slides
AMOCO SARA title 3
AMOCO Siren Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER)
2001-055/15 Rita Carlson rough edit, first draft
Feria de la Flores 1
Ann Richards Inaugural March, January 15, 1991
Common Cause 3, November 13, 1987
Live Oak Camera Original
Oak Wilt 1, February 16, 1988
Oak Wilt 2
Oak Wilt 3
Oak Wilt tree removal
"Health Care and Politics - A Time for Action" master edit
"The Day the Klan Marched" copy
"Faulk for Congress" last ten minutes, 1983
"Radio Man" master
Hernandez dub 36 news
Austin Police Attack Paul Hernandez
KPRC footage
The City That Would Not Die, "Survival," "Texas City Disaster," April 16, 1947
2001-055/16 March/Austin, April 17, 1982
ACTWU Corsicana, October 2, 1990
ACTWU photos
ACTWU slides
Ann Richards ACTWU 1, August 24, 1990
Ann Richards, ACTWU 2, August 24, 1990
Ann Richards, ACTWU mix, August 24, 1990
Austin Quilters 1
Austin Quilters 2
Panna Maria 1
Panna Maria 2
2001-055/17 Progressive Pioneers
Progressive Pioneers letters
Progressive Pioneers script
People's History in Texas, Progressive Pioneers
Committee, Progressive Pioneers
Esther's People's History in Texas
Taniguchi project
Texas City
Texas City, Texas Committee for the Humanities application, March 1991
Texas City/Shoot, October 1989
Texas City/Current
Texas City scripts
People's History in Texas/Texas City
People's History in Texas/Texas City/Fundraising
Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CARE) information
2.325/P75 DVDs:
Oral history interviews with former staff members of The Rag recorded at The Rag reunion, September 2-4, 2005
Barbara Wuensch Merritt
Cam Duncan
Carol Neiman
Connie Lanham Moreno
David MacBryde
David Waddington
Dennis Fitzgerald
Doyle Neiman
Gavan Duffy
Harvey Stone
Jeff Jones
Jim Rock
Judy Smith
Linda Smith
Rick Ream
Robert Erler
Roxanne Wheelis
Scott Pittman
Sharon Shelton
Steve Russell
Thorne Dreyer