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A Guide to the Giddings Family Papers, 1829-1973

Descriptive Summary

Creator Giddings Family
Title: Giddings Family Papers
Dates: 1829-1973
Accession No.: 96-118, 96-161, 96-209, 97-160
OCLC No.: 37708149
Extent: 27 ft., 3 in.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

J. D. (Jabez Demming) Giddings (1814-1878), patriarch of the Giddings family in Texas, was the son of Capt. James and Lucy Demming Giddings and arrived here from Pennsylvania in 1838 to claim the land grant his brother Giles earned fighting in the Texas Revolution. Giddings married Ann M. Tarver, sister of Texas Attorney General Edmund Tarver, and established a law practice in Hickory Grove (Brenham) in 1844. His brother D. C. (Dewitt Clinton; 1827-1903) joined the firm in 1853. The two brothers also founded a successful land agent business and bank, and organized the Washington County Railroad Company (1858). Both were active in Texas politics -- J. D. elected to the Texas legislature in 1866; D. C. serving as U.S. Representative from 1871-79. During the Civil War, D. C. rose from Captain to Lieutenant Colonel in the 21st Texas Cavalry, while the older J. D. remained in Brenham as the Confederate Receiver.

J. D.'s daughter Mary Louise married Heber Stone (fl. 1870-1906), partner in Giddings & Giddings, and had five children: Giddings; Albert; Heber; Mary; Louise (Baby). Heber was active as a land agent; plantation farmer; oil and mining prospector in Texas, Mexico, South America, and the Philippines (Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company; Trinidad and La Louise Mining and Smelting Companies); politician (Texas State Senator, 1897-1900); banker (First National Bank of Brenham) and businessman (Brenham Furniture and Manufacturing Company). Heber's sons continued their father's interests as well as establishing law practices and an automobile company. Louise founded Brenham chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas in the early 1900's.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, legal and business records, newspaper clippings, photographs and other papers document the personal business and political activities of the J. D. Giddings and the Heber Stone families of Giddings and Brenham, Texas, and the Sloan, Foot and McClure branches. Correspondence in, including Civil War letters from E. I. Giddings and political correspondence of Senator D.C. Giddings, documents four generations of personal activity. Correspondence, legal records, plats, surveys and business records represent the bulk of the collection and document the law practice and land agent business of J. D. and D. C. Giddings in Washington County and Brenham, Texas (1834-1878). These activities are continued in the papers of Heber Stone and his sons Albert, Giddings and Heber Jr. (1878-1923). Correspondence, reports and financial records document the oil and mining explorations of Heber Stone in Texas, Mexico, South America and the Philippines. Ledgers document the Giddings and Giddings Bank and Heber Stone's First national Bank of Brenham. Personal correspondence represents the bulk of the papers of the Sloan, Foot and McClure families (1829-1973).

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Giddings family -- Archives.
Stone family
Sloan family
Foot family
McClure family
Tarver family
Banks and banking -- Texas.
Mines and mineral resources -- Texas.
Legal services -- Texas.
Real estate development -- Texas.
Washington County (Tex.) -- History -- Sources.

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Giddings Family Papers, 1829-1973, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



2D210 DeWitt Clinton and Jabez Deming Giddings, 1 volume of photostats of correspondence, legal records, certificates, literary works, military papers, 1853-1865
3D98 McClure family correspondence, 1854-1883, 1921
McClure, Foot, Giddings correspondence, postcards, notes, printed material, 1847-1928
McClure, Sloan correspondence, 1852-1855, 1884
McClure, Sloan correspondence, 1856-1863
3J347 Senator Heber Stone, correspondence, 1896-1898
Albert, Giddings and Heber Stone, Jr. business correspondence, 1903-1904
3J348 1903-1904
3J349 1903-1904
3J350 1903-1904
3J351 1903-1904
3J352 1903-1904
3J353 1904-1905
3J354 1905
3J355 1905
3J356 1906
3J357 1907
3J358 1907-1908
3J359 1908
3J360 1909
3J361 1909-1911
3J362 1910
3J363 Heber Stone, Heber Stone, Jr., Giddings Stone; John J. Giddings, George W. Giddings business correspondence, 1896-1913
Photocopies of Jabez Deming Giddings and Heber Stone correspondence concerning universities in Soule and Chappel Hill, Texas and Southwestern University, 1871-1897
Adelia Foot, Edwin Foot, and Frankie Foot correspondence, financial records, 1829-1908
Photocopies of Dr. J. L. Giddings correspondence, 1938-1963
3V43 Mary Louise Giddings Stone Business Correspondence 1910-1923
Personal Correspondence
Legal Records, Deeds Tax Return, will, receipts, 1880-1962
Mary Louise Giddings Stone correspondence, 1872-1906
Louise Stone:
The World's Work, February, 1903
The Forum, April, 1926
J. D. Stone: Accounts, 1901
George Henry Giddings:
Correspondence, 1861-1872
Receipts, 1841, 1859
DeWitt Clinton Giddings correspondence:
Political, personal, business, receipts, 1871-1889
Receipts Military Correspondence, 1862-1881
Sent and received concerning Clark Election Episode, 1871-1872
Correspondence with Jabez Deming Giddings, 1871-1872
D. C. "Clint" Giddings, Jr., correspondence sent and received, financial and legal records, 1876-1926
Jabez Deming Giddings:
Personal correspondence, 1859-1878
Transcripts, 1872
Financial and legal records, 1859-1900
Estate, legal and financial records, 1859-1900
Railroad correspondence, 1876-1877
Ann M. Giddings:
Personal correspondence, 1876-1877
Legal records, 1883-1926
Personal correspondence, 1842-189?
Anne Giddings, Mary Louise Giddings Stone, personal and business correspondence, 1876-1895
Nancy Tarver Giddings, deed of gift (slave girl), letter from father Charles Giddings correspondence, legal records 1842, 18451878-1931,
(1 unknown letter about him being missing, 1896)
E. J. Giddings Military Papers, 1862
Emily Stone correspondence, 1894
B. E. Tarver, printed material, speech on public debt bill, 1855
E. J. Tarver, letter to children, 1841
William Penn Tarver death certificate by Nancy W. Tarver, February 21, 1837
Adelia Foot, financial records, 1857-59
Unknown Giddings, Tarver, Stone correspondence, financial records, 1904-1948
Unknown speeches, work, Washington Family Genealogy pamphlet, Stone family clippings c. 1870,
Unknown scraps, Louis Stone receipt, card, 1865-1915
Unknown notes, literary works, correspondence c. 1850-1938
Unknown personal works, correspondence c. 1850-1938
Unknown personal works, photocopies and scraps
3V44 Mary Louise Giddings Stone Estate:
Legal Records, business correspondence, receipts
Legal records
Bank records, Cancelled checks
Cancelled checks, bank statements, accounts
Newspaper Clippings:
Heber Stone, Texas politics, Universities, 1-21 1894-1897,
General Knowledge, events c. 1917
Stone Family activities, obituaries:
c. 1872-1928
c. 1928-32, 1962-71
c. 1928-1962
Giddings and Stone printed material, speeches, personal works, clippings
Printed material Newspaper Clippings, Silhouettes (unknown), Trinidad Mining and Smelting Co. Promotional Pamphlet c. 1880-1910,
Unidentified correspondence, notes, legal records c. 1856-1927
Giddings and Stone printed material, personal works, funeral clippings, tributes
Stamps, removed from letters
Unidentified discourse, letter in tablet
Giddings and Stone photocopied letters, clippings (Baylor University, Southwestern University), 1861, 1876-1895
Frank Stone, personal correspondence, November 21, 1946
Solomon Giddings, militia appointment certificate, photograph, 1788
Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, J. D. Giddings chapters, correspondence, minutes, resolutions, charters, reports, printed material, membership lists, 1906-1933
3V45 Louise Stone Correspondence:
Sent and received, 1902-1928
Financial records and tax return, 1902-1973
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, personal correspondence and unknown correspondence and literary works, 1878-1920
Mary Louise Giddings Stone legal records, business correspondence, tax records, 1914-1917
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, correspondence 1875-1910
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, personal business, records and receipts, correspondence, 1851, 1875-1931
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, correspondence, 1877-1928
Heber Stone, Mary Louise Giddings Stone, Louise Stone, correspondence, 1875-1967
Heber Stone, Mary Louise Giddings Stone, Heber Stone, Jr., Albert Stone, Louise Stone, correspondence c. 1900-1928
Heber Stone, Jr., Louise Stone, Mary Louise Giddings Stone, correspondence, 1901-1911
Heber Stone and Mary Louise Giddings Stone, legal records, 1896-1924
Heber Stone, personal correspondence, personal business correspondence, 1877-1924
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, correspondence, personal works, legal records, 1906-1911
DeWitt Clinton Stone, correspondence, receipt, 1851, 1896;1902
3V46 Mary Louise Giddings Stone, Albert Stone, and Louise Stone, correspondence, 189?-1928
Heber Stone and Mary Louise Giddings Stone, Albert Stone, and Louise Stone, correspondence, 1873-1911
Mary Louise Giddings Stone, Louise Stone, correspondence, 1873-1914
Louise Stone, correspondence, 1900-1967
Giddings Stone, military tactics pamphlets, printed material ca. 1925
Giddings Stone's Master Rolls, 3rd Texas Calvary, military tactics, 1919
Jabez Deming Giddings personal and business correspondence, Heber, Mary Louise, Louise, J. D. Stone correspondence, financial and printed material, 1865-1924
Giddings and Giddings Law Office, legal records, plats, surveys; Giddings and Giddings Bank Audit Statements Printed Material 1878 - ca.1920
Giddings Law Office and land agents:
Legal records, deeds, wills, etc., 1840-1928
Legal records, tax records, 1855-1875
Legal records, tax receipts, 1841-1883
Legal records, receipts, surveys, 1855-1900
Bank Records, Notes,
Giddings and Giddings Law Office:
Correspondence 1853-1881
Giddings and Giddings:
Receipts, accounts, legal records, correspondence, A-Z, 1856-1877
Correspondence, 1875-1895
Jabez Deming Giddings Law Office:
Correspondence, legal records, Free Silver Speech, Giddings and Giddings Bank Records 1860-1907
Giddings and Giddings Law, Land, and Bank company, correspondence, 1870-1872
Trinidad Mining and Smelting Company:
Stone and Luckett, Heber Stone Law Office, legal records, business correspondence, 1879-1910
Correspondence (Report), Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company correspondence, Washington County Railroad Company records, Brazos Valley Railroad Company Charter, 1859-1929
Reports, accounts, financial statements, 1903-1913
Assays, 1908
Correspondence S-W, 1912-1914
Business correspondence, receipts, reports (Silver Mine), 1912-1915
Reports, 1902
Financial records, business correspondence, plat, minutes, mining reports, ca. 1902-1910
Business correspondence, 1907-1913
Mexican mining records, deeds, plats, correspondence, financial records, stock certificates, 1900-1912
3V47 Original Files of Washington County Railroad Company, loaned to Humble Oil and Refining Company by Senator Stone of Brenham, Texas, legal records, reports, financial records:
1 of 2
2 of 2
Washington County Railroad Company No. 2, Tom Green County, legal records
W. S. C. Railroad, Giddings Land Company, 1860-1870
Jabez Deming Giddings, Washington County Railroad Company legal records, land grants, 1874-1899
Other Railroad correspondence (Eastern Texas Railroad), 1866-1868
Heber Stone:
Business Correspondence:
Bank and legal, Oil and Mining, Furniture Company, Political, 1879-1904
Financial records, receipts, accounts ca., 1896-1953
Business and personal correspondence, legal records, notes
First National Bank, business correspondence, 1896-1913
First National Bank of Brenham:
Deposit records, 1900-1901
Administrative records 1934
Brenham Furniture and Manufacturing Company:
Accounts, receipts, 1889-1902
Correspondence, 1897-1916
Stone and Wade Law Offices, correspondence, 1910
Trinidad Mining and Smelting Company records, First National Bank of Brenham, printed material, 1908-1917
Heber Stone Land Agent:
Legal records, receipts, 1884-1906
Business correspondence, political correspondence, 1897-1899
Correspondence, legal records, 1838-1900
1878, 1927, undated
Personal and personal business correspondence, 1878-1907
Business correspondence, general, political, legal 1896-1902
Business correspondence:
Albert Stone:
Automotive Company, business correspondence sent and received, 1924
Land Agent, business correspondence sent and received, 1924
Daily account book, personal, G. L. Benjamin address book, undated, ca. 1923
Giddings Stone Land Office correspondence, Albert Stone Automobile Company correspondence, Heber Stone correspondence, congratulatory on election 1896, 1914-1919
3V48 Heber Stone Land and Business Correspondence:
A-D, 1897
E-H, 1897
L-R, 1897
S-W, 1897
Giddings Stone, personal, family financial correspondence, B-U, 1929-1930
Albert, Heber, Giddings Stone, land and business correspondence:
K-N, 1913
P-W, 1913
Sent and received, 1902-17
Heber Stone, political correspondence, A-W, 1898
Giddings and Giddings:
Land and legal business correspondence:
A-B, 1 of 3, 1869
A-B, 2 of 3, 1869
A-B, 3 of 3, 1869
1 of 3, 1870
2 of 3, 1870
3 of 3, 1870
A-B, 1 of 3, 1871
A-B, 2 of 2, 1871
C-F, 1 of 3, 1871
C-F, 2 of 3, 1871
C-F, 3 of 3, 1871
3V49 G-M, 1 of 3 1871,
G-M, 2 of 3 1871,
G-M, 3 of 3 1871,
S-V, Y, 1 of 2 1871,
S-V, Y, 2 of 2 1871,
W, 1 of 2 1871,
W, 2 of 2 1871,
A-C, 1 of 3 1872,
A-C, 2 of 3 1872,
A-C, 3 of 3 1872,
J-M, 1 of 3 1872,
J-M, 2 of 3 1872,
J-M, 3 of 3 1872,
D-G, 1 of 2 1872,
D-G, 2 of 2 1872,
H, 1 of 3 1872,
H, 2 of 3 1872,
H, 3 of 3 1872,
A-H, 1 of 3 1876,
A-H, 2 of 3 1876,
A-H, 3 of 3 1876,
3V50 G-H n.1 1871
G-H n.2 1871
M-S n.2 1872
Land and Legal Correspondence:
A-F, n.1 1875,
A-F, n.2 1875,
K-L, 1876
M, 1876
N-P, W, 1876
D-F, 1877
Business Correspondence:
M-S, n. 1 1872,
Stone and Giddings:
Land and Legal Business Correspondence, 1914-1915:
3V51 Giddings and Giddings bank, audit statements, 1883, 1886, 1900
Giddings and Giddings law office, business correspondence, receipts, legal records, ca. 1849-1875
Giddings and Giddings land agents, business correspondence, receipts, check stubs, 1862-1894
Giddings and Giddings land agents and law office:
Legal records, receipts, 1865-1894
Legal records, receipts, deeds, surveys, plats, powers of attorney, tax receipts, 1 of 3 1840-1885,
Legal records, 2 of 3
Legal records, 3 of 3
Legal records, 1868-1931
Administrative correspondence
Jabez Deming and DeWitt Clinton Giddings legal, land, and personal correspondence 1871-1872
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents and Law correspondence:
Jabez Deming Giddings and Giddings and Giddings:
Business correspondence, 1858-1902
Law Offices, legal records, correspondence, 1856-1872, 1930
Law Offices, correspondence, 1871-1877
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents and Law Office correspondence, banking printed material, 1871-1878
Giddings and Giddings Law Office and Land Agents correspondence, 1869-1872
Giddings and Giddings Law Office:
Steven F. Austin note
Giddings and Giddings Law Office and Land Agents:
Correspondence letters concerning railroad construction in central Texas, letters concerning DeWitt Clinton Giddings political aspirations, 1871
Business correspondence, 1871, 1876
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents, legal records, deeds, surveys, receipts, 1850-1909
Giddings and Giddings Law Office and Land Agents, business correspondence, 1871, 1876
Giddings and Giddings Law Office, correspondence, 1868, 1877
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents, correspondence, 1869, 1877, 1922
3V52 Giddings and Giddings Bank, Heber Stone Oil and Refining Company, legal and financial records, 1861-1901
Giddings Land and Legal Business:
Felding and Shipman Cotton Factory, 1846-1876
Giddings Bank records, 1856-1901
Giddings Bank Audit statements, Brenham Water Company accounts, Giddings and Giddings Land Agents, tax receipts, I. D. Giddings Estate, Brenham Lots 1888-1889,1888;1878;
Giddings Law Office Probate:
Giddings Land Agent, legal records (deeds, trusts, etc.) land grant from Texas to Washington County Railroad company, 1847-1901;1874
Giddings Land Agent, legal records (deeds, leases, etc.) Giddings Bank, audit statements, 1847-1894;1884
Giddings Land Agent, legal records (deeds, grants):
Tax receipts:
Giddings and Giddings, land agents and law office, business correspondence:
R-Z, n.1 1876,
S-T, n.1 1877,
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents:
Financial records, 1885, 1905
Business correspondence, 1871-1879
Giddings and Giddings Law Office and Land Agents:
Legal records, property tax records, 1859-1885
Legal records, deeds, surveys, powers of attorneys, receipts, 1834-1913
Business correspondence, 1875-1876
Giddings and Giddings Law Office, business correspondence, legal records, receipts, 1844-1876
3V53 Giddings and Giddings, Land and Legal correspondence:
A-B, 1877
C, 1877
H, 1 of 2 1877
H, 2 of 2 1877
L-M, 1877
N-R, 1877
Heber Stone, land and business correspondence and receipts:
A-D, 1899
M-W, 1899
F-L, 1899
Albert and Giddings Stone, land, business and American Legion correspondence:
B-F, 1924
H-P, 1924
R-W, 1924
Giddings Stone:
Land, development, and business correspondence:
A-D, 1919
F-M, 1919
N-W, 1919
Military correspondence, printed material, 1919-1920
3V54 Albert Stone, business correspondence (oil leases):
Number 1
Number 2
Albert Stone Automobile Company:
Correspondence, invoices received:
Automobiles, 1916-1920
Batteries, 1920-1921
Taxes, batteries, etc., 1916-1920
Heber Stone, Jr.:
Business correspondence, 1910-1911
Personal business correspondence, 1910-1916
Business correspondence, B, 1935
Oil well and farm bills
Business correspondence, sent and received, accounts payable, receipts 1930
Correspondence, financial records, Oil and Mining Company, general business, personal, 1899-1910
Business correspondence, 1926-1928
Personal accounts, 1924-1928
Albert Stone:
Business correspondence, 1914-1917
Business and legal correspondence, sent and received 1912-1921
Personal correspondence, personal business correspondence, 1910-1924
Personal legal records, 1934-1935
D. C. Stone, accounts, 1855-1860
Stone and Rasberry, attorneys, business correspondence, 1914
Giddings Stone:
Personal correspondence, financial records:
Business Correspondence:
Land, mining, general and personal, 1910-1924
Military correspondence, 1918
3V55 Heber and Giddings Stone, land, legal, and business correspondence:
Albert and Giddings Stone, land, legal, and business correspondence, 1922:
Albert Stone, automobile, land, and business correspondence 1922-23:
Heber Stone, business and personal accounts and receipts, 1948-1950:
3V56 Mary Louise Giddings Stone, legal records, tax account bank records
Albert Stone, Automobile Company and Law Office correspondence, business correspondence, 1910-1924
La Louise Mining and Smelting Company, vouchers, 1904
Stone Farm, accounts and correspondence, 1910-1934
Texas Supply Company, receipts, 1901
Unknown accounts, receipts and bank records, ca. 1910-1927
Trinidad Mining and Smelting Company:
Correspondence, reports, ca. 1903-1920
Incorporation, administrative records, 1903
Maps and official reports, 1904
Maps and official reports, 1904
Accounts, receipts, 1900-1908
Heber Stone Estate, financial records, letter, 1908-1911
Heber business correspondence, John Deere Company correspondence, 1897-1922
Heber Stone Land Agent and Land Office, legal records, financial records, 1873-1906
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company:
Legal records, Deeds, Tax Receipts 1901-1906
Accounts and receipts, 1903-1904
Business correspondence, 1902-1929
Franchise tax receipt, financial records, 1902-1906
Financial statements, reports, vouchers, 1904-1918
Financial statements, reports, vouchers, 1904-1918
Giddings and Giddings Law Office Estate receipts, 1874-1876, 1930
Giddings and Giddings Law Office and Land Agents:
Legal records, ca. 1880-1896
Tax receipts, 1868-1871
Legal records, surveys, receipts, 1851-1892
Brazos County papers, deeds, survey, ca. 1890
Washington County Railroad Company:
Promissory note, 1860
Legal records, deeds, Trinity County, 1854-1888
Brenham and Brazos Railroad Company, legal records (stock subscriptions), DeWitt Clinton Giddings, undated
Mary Louise Giddings Stone:
Legal Records, 1908-1929
Legal Records, 1929
Bank Records, 1929-1933
3V57 Ledgers:
M C Farm Accounts Journal, 1914-1915
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company stock certificate register, 1904-1906
Brenham Furniture Manufacturing Company stock certificates book, blank 1901;
Heber Stone Ballance Sheets, May 1905 - December 1906
Giddings and Giddings receipt book, 1867-1883
Cash book, 1901
Grocery accounts ledger, ca. 1907
Heber Stone letterpress books:
March 4, 1902 - May 6, 1903
April 1893 - March 29, 1895
3V58 1891-1893
Private, 1894-1901
Giddings and Giddings letterpress book, 1880-1883
Texas Mutual Life Insurance Company minute book with first organizational meeting, January 22, 1873 - August 5, 1873
Heber Stone, abstract of notes ledger, 1864-1883
A. Jeffries (Giddings and Giddings) letterpress book, 1891-1899
Lease book ledger, 1901-1907
Giddings and Giddings Bank ledger, 1901-1903
3V59 Grocery accounts ledger, 1909-1913
Lease accounts ledger, 1915-1916
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company Day Book, 1901-1904
Brenham Furniture Manufacturing Company production ledger, 1901-1903
Expenses ledger, 1900-1901
Trinidad Mining and Smelting Company, Board of Director's minute book; stockholders meeting; Organizational Record, 1903-1913
Cash book, 1919-1921
Ledger (double entry), 1916-1919
Giddings and Giddings Bank accounts ledger, 1902-1903
Giddings and Giddings Bank accounts ledger (double entry), 1919-1920
Burleson County farm accounts journal, 1914-1915
Mary Louise Giddings Stone farm, Burleson County, accounts ledger, 1910-1915
Ledger, 1920-1932
Ledger, 1907-1909
3V60 Ledger, undated, ca. 1890
Brenham Furniture Manufacturing Company stock ledger, 1904-1907
Stock Ledger, 1904-1908
T. D. Affleck Acknowledgment Record Book, June 12, 1907 - February 13, 1909
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company ledger, 1901-1904
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company ledger, 1902-1903
Notes and bills payable, 1907-1916, 1921-1935
Burleson County Trial Ballance book, January 3, 1914 - July 1, 1914
Heber Stone Contractor, Grocery, Hauling, Labor ledger, 1920
Mary Louise Giddings Stone Estate check stubs, blank checks, 1928-1933
Giddings and Giddings check stubs, 1910-1911
Trial Ballance, All Farms, April 1, 1915 - January 8, 1916, September
Trial Ballance for Estate, October 3, 1903 - May 8, 1905
Mary Louise Giddings Stone Estate Trial Ballance, 1928-1934
Heber Stone Oil and Mining Company stock certificate register, 1901-1906
Ledger, 1892-1897
La Louise Mining and Smelting Company stock certificates, stubs, undated
Brenham Furniture Manufacturing Company accounts receivable ledger, 1898-1902
Index book, undated
Unknown check stubs, 1915-1916
MLG Stone Estate (Special) check stubs, 1933
Unknown check stubs, 1907-1909; 1914
Unknown check stubs, 1914
4M677 Oversize ledgers:
Giddings and Giddings Land Agents ledgers:
A. Jeffries account book, Brazos Bottom, Burleson County, Texas, July 4, 1861-1863
4M678 Property sales ledger, 1865-1880
4M667 Heber Stone ledgers:
Accounts ledger, 1901-1903
4M680 Bills receivable, Sep. 16, 1882-Jan. 9, 1889
4M681 Bills receivable, bills payable, March 22, 1890-April 26, 1898;Aug. 24, 1895-Aug. 2, 1897
4M676 Bills receivable, December 2, 1903-April 29, 1911
4M612 Bills receivable, Feb. 24, 1889-Dec. 31, 1934
4M679 Account balances, Jan. 1, 1913-Mar. 6, 1926
4M675 First National Bank [Brenham, Texas] ledgers:
Bills receivable, 1898-1903
4M674 Day book, 1907
4M467 Accounts ledger, 1908-1916
4M672 Miscellaneous ledgers:
Double-entry ledger, 1881-1882
4M669 Cash books:
4M668 1908-1912
4M670 Cash, merchandise, and labor accounts ledger, 1913-1915
4M671 Bills receivable index, with bills payable on last page [undated]
2.116/OD1283 Oversize documents:
Bird's eye-view of Brenham, Texas, [reproduction] 1881
Oil well map, Gregg and Rusk County, Texas, undated
Kirkpatrick Addition to the City of Waco plat, 1891
Colored, handrawn plat of the Stone Farm [Waller County, Texas], 1909
Colored, handrawn map on silk of Washington County, Texas, ca. 1870
Trust deed, George Henry Giddings to DeWitt Clinton and Jabez Deming Giddings for land located in Bexar County, Texas, 1870
Railroad and county map of Texas, December 1893