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A Guide to the Robert C. Eckhardt Papers, 1931-1992.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Eckhardt, Bob
Title: Eckhardt (Robert C.) Papers
Dates: 1931-1992
Abstract: Photographs, political materials, correspondence, articles, notes, speeches, campaign materials, audio material and ephemera comprise the Robert C. Eckhardt Papers, 1931-1992, documenting the liberal political career of Robert Christian "Bob" Eckhardt.
Accession No.: 69-53; 93-463; 95-147; 96-340; 97-150; 2003-113; 2004-168
OCLC No.: 796031281
Extent: 364 ft.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert Christian "Bob" (1913-2001) was born in Austin, Texas, the grandnephew of Rudolph Kleberg, nephew of Harry M. Wurzbach, and cousin of Richard M. Kleberg. He earned both a B.A. (1935) and a law degree (1939) from the University of Texas at Austin before joining the U.S. Army from 1942-1944. Eckhardt worked as Southwestern Director of the Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs until he won election to the Texas House of Representatives in 1958. He stayed in the Texas legislature until 1966, when voters sent him to the U.S. House of Representatives. Eckhardt, a Democrat, served in the House until his defeat in 1980. While in Congress, Eckhardt focused much of his energy on environmental causes. He authored the War Powers Act, and contributed to the Toxic Substances Act. He was also a cofounder of the Texas Observer magazine.

Scope and Contents

Photographs, political materials, correspondence, articles, notes, speeches, campaign materials, audio material and ephemera comprise the Robert C. Eckhardt Papers, 1931-1992, documenting the liberal political career of Robert Christian "Bob" Eckhardt. The collection includes campaign materials, articles, speeches, Inter-American Affairs administrative files, environmental regulation and legislation files, and files regarding the Texas Open Beaches Act and the Big Thicket National Reserve. An audiotape (1996) recorded by John Wheat with Eckhardt regarding political cartons.


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Eckhardt, Bob -- Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
AFL-CIO -- History -- 20th century.
Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development
Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives -- History -- 20th century.
United States. Congress. House -- History -- 20th century.
Democratic Party (Tex.) -- History -- 20th century.
United States. Congress. House -- Election districts -- Texas.
Legislators -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
Legislators -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Politics, Practical -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Politics and politicians -- Texas.
United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Sources.
Texas -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Texas Observer

Administrative Information

Robert C. Eckhardt Papers, 1931-1992, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



3J305 (04747450) Office of Inter-American Affairs, correspondence, Joe Cowen, 1945
Oscar C. Dancy, 1943
Luis Feder, 1944-1945
Chris P. Fox, 1943-1944
Adelfa Guerrero, 1944-1945
Maurice Hazan, 1945
Dr. Francisco de Assis Iglesias, 1945
Phillip J. Montalbo, 1944-1945
R. E. Smith, 1944-1945
Rev. H. W. Vodra, 1945
Accion Interamericana, 1944
American Association of University Women, 1943-1944
Bureau of Intercultural Education, 1945
Central Council of Social Agencies (El Paso), 1943-1945
Chambers of Commerce, 1943
Department of Education, State of Texas, 1943-1945
Educational institutions, 1944-1945
Governor's Office, State of Texas, 1943-1945
Hogg Foundation, 1942-1945
3J306 (04749976) Pan-American Round Table, 1943-1944
Rocky Mountain Council of Inter-American Affairs, 1943-1944
San Antonio Health Department, Texas State Health Department, 1945
Texas: Inter-American Test Tube, by Pauline Kibbe, 1946
Texas Social Welfare Association, 1944
United States Department of Labor, 1945
University of New Mexico, 1943-1944
Office of Inter-American Affairs Administrative Records:
Budget and Finance Division, 1944-1946
Division of Education and Teachers' Aids, 1944-1945
Press Division, 1943-1944
Press releases, 1943-1944
Inter-American News Service, undated
Materials Division, 1943-1945
Requests for information, employment, etc., 1943-1945
3J307 (04747493) Administrative Records:
Pamphlets, requests received and filled, 1943-1945
Lecture Institute Program, 1944-1945
Inter-American Affairs Speakers Bureau, 1943-1944
Lecturers' biographies, 1944
Speakers; Inter-American Centers Institutes, Workshops, etc., 1944-1945
Lecture itineraries and correspondence, 1944
Radio Division, 1943-1945
Department of Education Radio Project, Americas United, 1944-1945
3J308 (05334386) Newspaper and magazine subscription articles, 1944-1945
Contracts for telephone, office, etc., 1943-1944
Personnel file, forms, and miscellaneous records, 1943-1945
University of Texas Student Services, 1943-1945
Minutes, Department of U. S. Activities and Special Services, 1944-1945
Questionnaire, 1944
Inter-American Affairs booklets, 1944
Robert C. Eckhardt personal items, science drawings, letter, 1960
3M16 (04772774) Personal File, Speeches, Box #19:
Speeches (see notebook), 1968-1971
Vietnam, 1969
America's Almost Inland Sea, 1971
Speech, 4th of July, 1969
Working Within the System, 1970
Big Thicket and other Parks and Wilderness, 1977
Galveston Bay: The Poor Man's Country Club, 1975
Environment/Pollution speeches, 1977-1980
Coal slurry speeches, 1977-1978
Consumer protection, product liability, warranty, etc., 1969, 1977, 1980
Speeches, district, 1968, 1977-1980
Energy speeches (except Natural Gas), 1976-1980
Health speeches, 1976-1980
Inflation/Economy speeches, 1980
Speeches, natural gas, 1977-1978
Speeches, No Fault, 1977-1978
Speeches, Rail Act, coal rates, utilities, 1979-1980
American Public Power Association, 1980
Securities speeches, 1977-1980
Toxic substances speeches, 1977-1978
Hazardous substances control (O & I), 1980
Water pollution, undated
3M17 (04772560) Democratic Study Group, Box #6:
Record votes, U. S. House of Representatives:
92nd Congress, First Session, 1971
92nd Congress, Second Session, 1972
93rd Congress, First Session, 1973
93rd Congress, Second Session, 1974
94th Congress, First Session, 1975
94th Congress, Second Session (2), 1976
95th Congress, First Session, 1977
3M18 (04772763) Eckhardt Bills, Box #3:
93rd Congress, 2nd session, H. R. 15203, 1974
Rep. Eckhardt sponsored bills, 93rd Congress, 1976
Eckhardt bills introduced, 90th-94th Congresses, 1968-1975
Panama Canal, 1974
3M19 (04772800) Haverford Lectures, Box #1:
Haverford, January 24, 1977
Congress, The Economy and the Congressional Budget Process, April 18, 1977
Party Leadership, April 28, 1977
Congress and Foreign Policy, April 25, 1977
March 7, 1977
Chronology of Events concerning Emergency Natural Gas Legislation, February 14, 1977
First Haverford Lecture, January 17, 1976
University of Texas
Haverford, January 31
Haverford College, 1977
Haverford Lecture Series, 1 set of Haverford cassettes, partial set on Stenorette, 1977
Set of Haverford cassettes, typed Haverford lectures, 1977
3M20 (04771589) 1980 Campaign, Box #9:
Keep Bob Eckhardt, 1980
January-December, 1980
Articles, 1979
Copies of clippings to be checked against originals, 1979-1980
Clippings, 1972-1980
3M21 (04747530) 1980 Campaign, Box #10:
General election
Jack Fields reports
Finance Committee
Primary opponents
Fields' dirty tricks
Opponent (Fields)
D. C. Fundraisers, Fall 1980
"Kingfish" affair
Goldberg fundraiser
Texas fundraiser
D. C. fundraiser, November 1979
Spring fundraiser, 1979
Trial lawyers fundraiser
Eckhardt fundraisers
3M22 (04772639) Speeches, appearances after Box #5 and small noteboks, Box #28: 1980,
Speeches, appearances after Box #5 1980,
List of appearances and writings:
Writings and appearences, 1983
Dodd seminar, 1985
Dodd Washington seminar, 1985
Sierra Club, 1984
Travel, University of Wisconsin, 1983
Trip, Houston to Washington and return, 1984
Appearances and speaking engagements, 1981-1985
Universities and colleges, 1980-1985
Teaching, 1981
Trade associations, 1981-1983
Professional associations, 1981-1984
Small notebooks, Box #28:
National Energy Act, 1978
National Gas Emergency Act of 1975
Energy related legislation, 1975
United States vs. Caldwell, concerning Paul Pappas, 1970
Oil legislation, 1975
James E. Swann vs. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, 1969
United States vs. Milan Vuitch (Abortion), and Citizens to Preserve Overton Park, Inc., 1970,1970-1971
Griffin, Cooper, Rogers, Green, McDaniel, 1964-1971
Bob Bullock vs. Dan Weiser, et al., 1971
Energy related legislation, 1985
3M23 (04770735) Trips and appearances while in Congress, Box #7:
Trips, times and appearences, 1967-1980
Honoraria, 1977-1980
PLM Coal Conference, 1980
Boston, 1980
Houston, 1979:
January 25-28
February 1-4
February 18-19
March 30 - April 1
May 18-20
June 14-18
June 23-25
July 2-8
August 9 - September 4
October 4-9
October 27-29
Houston, 1980:
April 5-15
April 18-21
April 25-28
May 2-4
May 9-11
June 13-15
July 3-20
August 23-24
August 30 - September 1
September 10-18
September 19-22
September 26-29
October 3-20
October 21 - November 5
November 9-11
November 20-30
December 12-16
Houston and Austin:
March 23-26, 1979
February 14-18, 1980
May 23-27, 1980
Houston, Evansville, Baton Rouge, May 24-30, 1979
Houston and Fort Worth, October 13-15, 1979
Houston and New Orleans, March 27-30, 1980
Houston and New York City, August 1-15, 1980
Houston and Palm Springs, California, January 2-21, 1980
Houston, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas, April 12-24, 1979
Houston and San Antonio, June 20-23, 1980
Houston and Waco, February 29 - March 2, 1980
London, August 23 - September 2, 1979
London and Paris, June 6-12, 1979
New Haven, July 21-22, 1979
New York City:
June 1-2, 1979
February 5-6, 1980
March 24, 1980
February 22-25, 1980
June 9, 1980
Ottawa, January 24-27, 1980
Paris, November 29 - December 2, 1979
Pittsburgh, September 25-26, 1979
Toronto, March 31, 1980
Willaimsburg, Va.:
(cancelled) February 10, 1979
February 25-26, 1979
November 4-5, 1979
January 27-28, 1980
November 15-17, 1980
December 7-8, 1980
3M24 (04772796) Texas Observer, 1963-1971
3M56 (04914620) Campaign and articles, career in Congress, box #4:
Lawyer Eckhardt, dictated by Bob Eckhardt January 24, 1978
Eckhardt cartoons, correspondence, retired October 1980
Eckhardt accomplishments, 1976-1980
Jack Anderson Congressional rating, 1976
Grimes, Fablemacher, and Smoot, undated
Eckhardt, words of wisdom, 1973-1974, 1978
Eckhardt, personal notes, 1977
Letters, statements, 1968-1969, 1973
Leon Hale article, 1977
Bicycling for Everyone, Boom in Bikeways, 1976
Atlantic Richfield/ARCO Spark, 1977, 1980
Bicycle stories, etc., 1970, 1979-1980
Chemical Week, concerning toxic substances, 1976
Nader Congress Project Report, undated
Motor Vehicle Acts, 1976
Harper's, Yoder article, and Congressional Record, 1970
Hazardous Waste Report, superfund, 1980
The Houston Post, Texas Politicians in Congress, 1980
New York Times, A Texan vs. Big Oil, 1980
New Times, 10 Brightest…, 1975
Science Magazine, March 9, 1979
Texas Monthly, Best and Worst…, 1976
Texas Monthly, concerning natural gas, 1976
Washingtonian, 1978, 1980
Women's National Democratic Club, May 15, 1975
The Power Lovers, by Myra MacPherson, 1975
Duke University, 1977
99th Congress, 1985
Various magazines and newspapers, 1980
Miscellaneous printed material, 1970-1976
3M25 (04771545) Articles, Box #18:
Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
The Impeachment Managers, 1974
Impeachment: A Handbook, book review by Bob Eckhardt, 1974
Navigation Safety, 1973
Lessons of Chicago and Presidential Nominee Selection, undated
Open Beaches, 1973
The Open Beach Project, 1969-1971
Consumer Class Action, 1971
The Decline and Fall of the Texas House, undated
A Way to go From Here, 1971
The Workboat, 1974
Consumer Class Action, for Viewpoint, 1971
Article, insert in Labor newsletter, 1970
Consumer Class Actions, 1971
Consumer's Right to Sue, undated
Drug Abuse, Prevention and Control, 1970
Evils of a Mechanical Memory, 1973
Death of Galveston Bay, Master copy, 1968
The Automobile and Air Pollution, 1972
How we got the Dirtiest Stream in America, 1971
Man's Effect on the Ecology of Galveston Bay, 1968
The Presumption of Committee Openness Under House Rules, 1974
Consumer Class Actions, 1970
Cartoons, Lithopinion article, 1970
Administration and Consumerism, 1977
Toward a National Open Beaches Act, 1977
Mr. Agnew, You Are Wrong About the Press, undated
A Ballooning Gas Bill, 1975
Federal No-Fault, 1977
Legislative Aspects of Environmental Problems, 1979
Floor of the House, undated
Baylor Law Review, concerning article, 1980
The Coal Slurry Controversy, 1978
Environmental Quality, 1979
Journal of Energy and Development and Bob Eckhardt's Quarterly Report, 1977
Trading Law for Order, 1970
3M26 (04747460) Articles, appearences, memberships, Box #20:
Bob Eckhardt's Quarterly Report, 1974-1979
Awards and honors, 1974-1978
Eckhardt memberships, sponsorships, 1975-1980
Correspondence, articles, 1974-1979
Special orders (Eckhardt), December 1980
Articles for publication (B. E.), 1974-1978
Citizens' Groups and Standing, Bob Eckhardt, 1974
Notre Dame Lawyer, 1980
Death of Galveston Bay, Bob Eckhardt, 1968
The Presumption of Committee Openess Under House Rules, Bob Eckhardt, 1974
International Environmental Affairs, 1972
Texas International Law Journal, Bob Eckhardt, undated
Southwestern Symposium on Conservation Education, 1968
Nation Magazine, articles, 1976-1978
The Crime Bill, the Drug Bill and the Right to Jury Trial, The Nation, article, undated;1970
New Republic magazine, 1980
North Dakota Law Review, article, 1975
Hazardous Waste: The Carrion Crows Come Home to Roost, article, 1979
Southwestern University Law Review, article, 1973
Syracuse Law Review, article, 1973
Texas Observer, articles, 1974-1980
Texas Law Review, Adam C. Powell, 1967-1969
Tides of Power, Yale University Press, 1974-1980
Tides of Power, press reviews, 1976
Black/Eckhardt book, 1974-1980
Toxic substances article, 1979
Role of SEC in protecting the Shareholder, 1977
My Most Difficult Vote, Houston Lawyer, February 1976
Transcribed tapes (radio), 1979-1980
Statements, remarks, speeches, 1977
Television appearances, 1979
Trial magazine, Consumer class action, undated
Trial magazine article, 1971
William & Mary Law Review article, 1970-1972
University of Houston, lecture series, 1977-1978
3M27 (04770724) Documentation and sources, Box #35:
Mexican American Electorate, San Antonio, 1985
Reading file, 1985
Clippings, 1985
The Texas Observer, 1974, 1985
Transportation Law Journal, 1984
Western Coal Traffic League vs. United States and Interstate Commerce Commission, 1983
Campaign 1980
A Texan vs. Big Oil, New York Times article, October 12, 1980
Biographical information, legislation, award, correspondence, 1977-1980
Fortune magazine, October 1951; April 1947; February 1952
Bicycling magazine, March 1980
Abstract of titles, deeds, 1877-1945
Memorial record for Norma Wurzbach Eckhardt, 1977
3M28 (04772821) Clippings, Legislative notebooks, Box #17, and Public Utility:
Clippings, Legislative notebooks:
Clippings, January-August, 1980
Fields, 1980
Scrapbook, (photograph) 1966-1967
Gun legislation, 1965, 1968
Issues notebook, 96th Congress, 1978-1979
The Role of Congress: A Study of the Legislative Branch, 1973
Congressman Bob Eckhardt: Service to the Eighth District of Texas, Perspectives from the 96thCongress, 1979
Public Utilities, notebooks:
Public Utilities, 1971-1982
Consolidated Natural Gas Company, 1980-1983
Public Utility Holding Company Act, 1982
3M29 (04772592) Claimant Lawyers, Box #22, and Civil Rights, Open Beaches, Legal notes:
Claimant Lawyers:
Fees, 1983-1985
Reports on process, 1983-1985
Eckhardt, 1985
Proponents, 1983
Opponents, 1983
Administration, 1983
Issues, 1981
Support and opposition, 1983
News and miscellaneous, 1979-1980
Civil Rights, Open Beaches, Legal notes:
Eckels vs. Ross vs. Greenwood school, 1970-1972
Swann vs. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, 1971
Redistricting and reapportionment, 1972
Railroad Antimonopoly Act, 1985
Education, 1972
Constitutional questions involving due process, 1969, 1971
Open beaches, 1981-1983
Unemployment compensation, briefs, supplemental unemployment benefits, 1957
3M30 (04770633) Legislative Impeachment, Newspaper, Box #25, and Clean Air, Box #29:
Legislative Impeachment, Newspaper:
Eckhardt, undated
Veto, 1973-1978
Newsman's privilege, 1970-1973
Impeachment, 1973-1974
Congressional Research Service, Congressional Control of Administrative Legislation, Harvard Law Review, etc., 1953, 1962, 1977-1979
Clean Air, Box #29:
Standing and Environmental Class Actions, 1971-1973
Toxic substances, 1973
Environmental law, 1973
Clean Air, Ozone, HR 2323, HR 99, Toxin, 1989
Clean Air Act, 1989
Clean Air Act, 1967
3M31 (04771636) Organizations, Box #39 and Product Liability, Box #30
Educational and Political, 1982-1983
Universities, 1980-1983
IPS, 1981-1982
ADA, 1980-1983
Oil and gas, 1981
Candidates, 1981
Public interest, 1982-1983
Environment, 1984-1985
Labor, 1981
Socioeconomic, 1982-1984
Trade Associations, 1981-1982
Law and Justice, 1984-1985
Product Liability:
Bills, 1989
Report, 100th Congress, undated
Action in Commerce Committee, 1987
HR 1115, Richardson, undated
Waxman's staff prepared for discussion, undated
Seeking employment in 1989, December 20, 1988
Lobby reports, 1988
Texas government news, 1988
Uniform Product Safety Act, undated
HR 1115, Uniform Product Safety Act, Dissenting views, undated
HR 1115 Report, undated
HR 1115, Dissenting views, 1988
Conference of Chief Justices, 1987
A Report on Product Liability, 1989
3M32 (04747471) Product Liability, 97th and 98th Congresses:
HR 7921, 1980
S44, 1983
Product Liability Alliance, 1984
Consumer groups, 1984
Other, 1984
Senate Report
3M33 (04747482) Product Liability, 99th Congress, Box #24:
S 100, Kasten, 1985
Hearings, March 21; June 18; June 251985:
Gorton Amendment, 1985
Dodd Amendment, 1985
S Danforth, 1999,1985
Positions, 1985
Federal Tort Claims Act, 1985
Insurance, 1985
3M34 (04747562) Development of the Railroad Antimonopoly Act, Box #23:
Cases, 1979-1986
Early Development of the antitrust idea, 1983-1984
Legislation in the 98th Congress, undated
Railroad Antimonopoly Act, undated:
S 2417 De Concini, 1984
HR 4559 Seiberling, 1983-1984
Development of the 1985 Act:
Early drafts, 1984-1985
Modified Senate version, 1985
Analyses, 1985-1986
Comparison of the Senate and House, undated
Energy and Commerce, 1986
The pure antitrust approach, 1985-1986
Proportional rate approach, 1986-1987
3M35 (04771603) Railroad Anti-Monopoly Bill: explanation of bill and the positions taken, Box #26, Box #2:
Bob Eckhardt, brochures, undated
Bob Eckhardts Quarterly Report, 1967-1980
Explanations, articles and criticism:
Bergman, 1985
Beatty, 1984-1986
Calderwood, 1986
Donovan, 1985
De Concini, 1985
Dempsey, 1986
Correspondence, 1985-1986
Articles, 1985-1986
Seiberling, 1985
Others, 1985-1987
Answers to questions, 1984-1985
On railroad antitrust in general, 1985-1986
Alleged Duplication of role of ICC, undated
On the ABA analysis, 1986
On Senate proposals, 1985
On the Justice Department's position:
Response, undated
Articles on antitrust, 1986
Organizational response, 1985-1986
Cosponsors, 1986
Rail labor, 1986-1987
American Bar Association, 1986
Lobbying, 1986
Industry statistics and their positions, 1986
3M36 (04747540) Railroad Anti-Monopoly Act hearings, Box #31:
S 447 and HR 1140, 1985
Text, 1986
Congressional action:
April 23, 1985
Pro, 1985
Con, 1985
Dempsey renounces, June 12, 1985
September 24, 1985
March 4, 1986
June 27, 1985
July 25, 1985
October 10, 1985
Committee action, 1986
Sequential referral, 1986
Miscellaneous, 1986
Facts and statistics, notes, 1986
3M37 (04771590) Staggers Act, Box #37:
Rail regulatory concepts and oversights:
Congress, House oversight, 1979-1980
Department of Transportation, 1979-1986
Staggers Act:
The bill, 1980
Hearing, 1980
Markup, 1980
Floor, 1980
Conference, 1980
Effect of act, 1980
Legislative history, undated
History of regulation, 1982
Eckhardt, 1980-1981, 1984
Proposals for amendment, 1979-1986
Western Coal Traffic League case, 1977-1984
3M38 (04747631) Trackage rights and standards for rate determination, Box #42:
Post-Staggers, 1980, 1984
Trackage rights, 1982-1985
Cure, 1984-1985
November 1981
November 1985
Pro, 1985
Con, 1985
Critical, 1985
February, 1986
Comment and reaction:
News coverage, 1985
Organizational support of reform, 1985
Criticism, 1985
Other legislative initiatives, 1983-1984
Court cases, 1974, 1979-1983
3M39 (04771567) A Pro-Competitive System Through Establishing Proportional Rates, Box #21 and State of Texas, Box #46:
A Pro-competitive system:
941 won't work, 1984-1986
Labor, 1986-1987
Pro-Competitive, 1986-1987
Problem, 1982, 1984
Midtex Paper, 1986
FD No. 30858, 1987
Development, 1985-1986
Miscellaneous, 1986
State of Texas, Box #46:
Land Office, 1984-1988
Bills and amendments, 1985
Analysis and articles, 1985
Court cases, 1984-1985
Taking and compensation, 1985
Correspondence, 1985
Railroad Commission, 1982, 1986
Charles Black, 1970-1980
3M40 (04747642) Environment, Box #43:
Sierra Club, 1985
Issues and prospects, 1978-1985
Conservation, 1978-1981
Administration, 1981, 1983
Hazardous waste, 1979-1985
Flood control, 1981
Water pollution, 1968
Nuclear power, 1985
Strip mining and other, 1985
Toxic Substances Control Act, 1976, 1986-1987
Hazardous waste, 1987
Superfund, 1988
Center for Environmental Education, 1987
Issues in Congress, 1982-1985
3M41 (04772810) Toxic Substances, Box #15:
Environment, 1985
Executive Department, Executive Order 12291, 1981
Toxic Substances Control Act:
Legislative history:
Bills, 1975-1976
Hearings, 1973-1975
Debate, undated
Reports, 1976
Other, 1976
CPSA, 1972
EPA reports, 1980
Chronology, 1984
The Draft, proposed asbestos rules, 1984-1985
OMB interpretations and communications respecting section 9, 1984-1985
EPA interpretations and conclusions respecting section 9, 1985
EPA planned refferal to OSHA and CPSC, 1985
House energy and commerce, 1972, 1985
Articles, notes and drafts, 1985
Eckhardt interpretation and views respecting section 9, undated
Articles and discussions about handling exposure to and disposal of hazardous materials, 1980, 1983
Book, 1980
Ocupational safety and health administration, 1980-1981, 1985
Correspondence and organizational support: Eckhardt presentation, 1985
Compensation of victims of toxic substances, 1978
3M42 (04747653) Open Beaches Act, Box #8:
Correspondence, 1984
Legislative history, 1984-1985
Statutes, 1959, 1979
Eckhardt articles, undated
Scientific articles and factual information, 1973, 1983-1984
Beach cases (empty)
Texas, 1964, 1973, 1979, 1984
Other, 1972, 1981
Other, 1975, 1982, 1984
Law reviews, 1973
Other comment, 1984
Briefing notes, undated
General information and background material, 1967
Mattox vs. Matcha:
Pleadings, undated
Argument, 1984-1985
Evidence, 1984
Court of Appeals, 1984
Decision, 1984
Feinman vs. Texas:
Notes, undated
Clippings, 1984
Pleadings, 1983
Evidence, undated
Arguments, 1984
Decision, 1984
Legislation, 1985
3M43 (04747449) Energy, Box #13:
Department of Energy:
Analyses, 1981
Rule making, 1986
Federal Energy Regulatory Commision:
Impact of NGPA on natural gas markets, 1981-1983
National Energy Act, 1977
Policy and use, 1977-1984
Effect on economy, 1981-1982
Transportation, maps included, 1977-1978
Taxation, 1982
Gasoline, 1981
Electricity, undated
Synthetic fuels, 1977-1978
3M44 (04747551) Natural Gas Policy Act, Box #14:
Natural Gas Policy Act:
Conference, 1978
Participation, 1980
Amendments, 1983
House hearings, gas, 1982-1983
Senate hearings, gas, 1981-1983
Legislation, 1981-1983
Current Conditions in the Natural Gas Market, 1982
Natural Gas Policy and Regulatory Issues, 1982
Implementation of Title I of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, 1981
Natural Gas Issues (Part I-Volume I), 1982
Natural Gas Issues (Part I-Volume I), 1982
3M45 (04771658) Energy/Gas, Box #15:
Energy Information Agency:
Monthly Energy Review, 1979-1983
Natural Gas Monthly, 1983-1984
Analyses, 1982-1983
Market under NGPA:
In general, 1981
Contracts take or pay, 1982-1986
3M46 (04770622) Oil and Gas, Box #27:
Oil after the Arab embargo and before EPCA, 1973-1974
Oil and gas, 1984, 1989
Oil pricing, 1949, 1974-1982, 1989
Gas Act, Senate Energy, 1978, 1981
Natural gas market, 1981
Natural gas, 1981
Thesis, Production of Crude Petroleum in Texas, A Statistical Analysis, by Webber, Melvin M., September 1947
Natural gas availability, 1981
Natural Gas Policy Act, analysis and application, 1980-1981
3M47 (04770611) Western Fuels, Box #33:
Discussion and organization, 1982-1986
Commodities, 1984
Facts and arguments in support, 1983-1984
Organizational support, 1984
Hearings, 1984
Members of Congress, 1983-1984
Articles, 1984-1985
News and comment, 1984-1985
Organizations, 1984-1985
Support, 1985
State officials, 1985
Industry, 1984-1985
Members, 1985
Miscellaneous, 1982-1985
Western Fuels vs. Burlington Northern, 1983
3M48 (04771669) Coal, Box #38:
Nature of Slurry Lines, Plans and Issues, 1978-1985
Congress votes and support, 1978-1983
Congressional action:
Bills, 1976-1978, 1982-1983
Committees and subcommittees, 1978, 1983
Rules and procedure, 1982-1983
Amendments, undated
Organizational support, 1982-1983
Positions for and against, railroad opposition:
Articles and editorials, 1982-1983
Eckhardt, 1980
Railroads, 1982-1983
Technology issues and administration:
Water, 1982-1983
Technology, 1980-1982
Law and economics, 1982-1985
Proposed rule making, 1980
State action, 1984
3M49 (04771512) Consumers, Box #32:
Subjects and agencies:
Federal Trade Commission, Michael Pertchuk, 1981-1984
Motor vehicles, 1983
Other subjects, 1971, 1972, 1980
Organizations, Consumer Federation, 1982-1984
National Consumers League:
Administration, 1981-1982
Board, 1982-1984
Contributors, 1981-1982
Budget, 1982
Positions and studies, 1980-1983
Bulletin, 1981-1984
Consumer Energy Council of America vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1981
Consumer Interest Research Institute, 1980
Consumers Union, 1983
Consumer Protective Law, 1975
Institute for Public Policy Advocacy, undated
Consumers, FTC, Magnuson-Moss Act, 1979
Personal and notes, 1981
3M50 (04771647) Public Utility Holding Company Act, Box #45:
Al Sommer, 1981-1983
Articles and briefs, 1981-1983
Administration, 1982
Positions, 1982
Gas group amendments, 1983
Amendments by others, 1982-1983
Bills in Congress, 1981-1983
Rules, procedures, tactics, 1982
Congressional hearings:
Senate, 1983
House, 1982-1983
SEC, 1982-1983
State activity and NARUC, 1981-1983
3M51 (04771534) Cogeneration, Box #47:
Cogeneration, 1983-1985
3M52 (04771578) 1980 Campaign and miscellaneous tapes, Box #11:
AV material:
Film, Consumerism, 1971
Videocassette, House Floor Coverage, 1980
Cassette tapes, 1 empty and 1 unknown, undated
Tape duplication request form, 1980
Miscellaneous, 1978-1984
Fund raising, 1981-1983
Lists, 1980-1982
Contributions, 1982
Federal Election Commission, 1984
Political, 1978-1981
Bills, 1980-1982
3M53 (04771523) Assorted tapes, video, film, Box #42:
Commercial spot, Washburn for Congress and District 8 Race, 1980
MacNeil/Lehrer Report and Coal-Hauleng Price Rates, 1980
Eckhardt/Washington, 1978
You Have Rights #1, 1979
MacNeil/Lehrer Report, Oil Company Profits, undated
Bylines, undated
Eckhardt, Bob, Log House, January, 1979
Reel-to-reel tapes:
Untitled, undated
Bunny Brown Production, undated
Emergency Conference on Viet Nam, Bob Eckhardt, Bernard Rapoport, 1970
8-Track tape; A Disturbed Prophet, 1978
16mm film; Haverford, 1977
Eckhardt for Congress, April 21, 1980
Austin HRG, Gas allocations, side 1, part 1, side 2, part 2, undated
Austin HRG, Gas allocations, side 1, part 3, side 2, part 4, undated
For Bob E., Without Recourse, Wyat Moore Rotary Club, June 29, 1981
Washburn for Congress commercial, KTRH radio, April 16, 1980
Nader, Crossstown Hypocrisy, both sides, Eckhardt with Pasadena City concerning school desegregation, side 1, Love Canal actuality, side 2, May 5, 1979undated;May 22, 1980
Eckhardt Northeast news reporter; side 2, Side 1, untitled May 22, 1980.
KPFT-FM, Contragate, The Secret Team, part 1, both sides, undated
KPFT-FM, Contragate, The Secret Team, part 2, both sides, undated
3 tapes of Bob's class, 1982
Interview, AP-Texas, 1980
Side 1, Testimony concerning Texas Shrimpers, Side 2, Sample, recording of floor action using A-clips and radio receiver, May 20, 1980;undated
Side 1, Press conference, Washington, D. C., Eckhardt on Oil deregulation and inflation, Side 2, Eckhardt reaction to Carter decontrol message, undated;April 5, 1979
Sheehan, The Secret Team, Part 1, sides 1 & 2, undated
Sheehan, The Secret Team, Part 2, sides 1 & 2, undated
Side 1, Brown briefing on Iran, Side 2, untitled April 25, 1980;
House Floor coverage, December 4, 1980
Side 1, Oil/Newsday, Side 2, untitled undated;
Side 1, Eckhardt Decontrol, Carter message, Jim Craig, Side 2, Eckhardt/Hooker Chemical Co., April 4, 1979;April 11, 1979
Side 1, Eckhardt, testimony, Side 2, Interview with Peter Grant, undated;undated
Side 1, Hazardous Waste Roundtable, Side 2, Louisville Courrier Journal, September 10, 1979;undated
Side 1, Stripper Oil Fraud, Side 2, NY Times interview, 1980;April 22, 1980
Side 1, Houston Post interview after election, Side 2, untitled undated;
Side 1, Bribery Law, NY Times, Side 2, untitled undated;
Side 1, Over the Counter Drugs, CBS, Side 2, Eckhardt/Udall, Kazen, undated;undated
Side 1, Actuality on H. Res. on Iranian commitments disclosure; Side 2, Eckhardt testimony concerning Texas Shrimpers, May 20, 1980
Side 1, South Texas Nuclear Plant, Side 2, Rail Deregulation #2, undated;undated
Side 1, Food stamps, Side 2, Hazardous waste, undated;May 13, 1980
Side 1, untitled; Side 2, Credit legislation, undated
Side 1, Press conference, Consumer Credit Bill, Side 2, Floor, Rail Deregulation, March 3, 1980;undated
Side 1, Eckhardt, Hazardous Waste, Side 2, untitled undated;
Side 1, Hazardous Waste, political campaigns, Side 2, untitled undated;
Side 1, 1 hour interview with Ray Hill, KPFT, Side 2, Continuing interview September 23, 1980;
Side 1, Synthetic fuels, Side 2, Pesticides, undated;undated
2 Tapes, untitled
3M54 (04771625) Tapes/Interviews, Box #16:
House of Representatives Video, Congressman Eckhardt, 1973
House of Representatives Video, Congressman Eckhardt, Warranty Bill, 1973
KPRC Video, Congressman Eckhardt, 1977
KPRC Video, Congressman Eckhardt, Wrap up on Energy Conference, 1977
KRLD Tape, Congressman Eckhardt, Point of View, 1969
Eyes of Texas, Eckhardt Log Cabin filming, December 1978
Tape, Energy Insider, Energy Extension Service, undated
National Public Radio, tape 1 of 2, meeting "Critique of Congress," undated
National Public Radio, tape 2 of 2, meeting "Critique of Congress," undated
Untitled, undated
Union Carbide, TOSCA, "Living with Toxic Substances Control Act," 1977
Tape, NRECA Manager's Conference Member Challengers Panel, 4 cassette tapes, 1975
Marvin Zindler, undated
What's the Issue? "The Natural Gas Issue: Two Views," undated
Slides, Texas Seal in the Capitol, undated
B. E., 1971
Representative Eckhardt, 4:45, 4 tapes, undated
Rep. Toby Moffett with Rep. Bob Eckhardt, undated
Cassette tape; Side 1, Republican targeting; Side 2, Radioactivity, Oil Import Tax, undated
Film Negative, #3125, 160 ft., 1967
Film Negative, #2364, 100 ft., 1967
Film Negative, #3113, 130 ft., 1967
Film, Easter Seal Telethon, 1977
3M55 (04771614) Photographs, Box #12:
Photograph, undated
Award, cartoon, undated
95-147/1 (04706703) Big Thicket files:
News clippings
Legislation and correspondence, 91st Congress, 1970
Opposition, 92nd Congress, 1971-1972
Legislation and correspondence, 92nd Congress, October-December 1971
92nd Congress, September-October 1971
March-August 1971
95-147/2 (04706689) 92nd Congress, January-March 1971
Before hearings, out of district, July 1973
Out of district, March-June 1973
Out of district, 1973
95-147/3 (04819845) 92nd Congress, November 1971 - December 1972
92nd Congress, January-March 1972
General correspondence, 1975-1976
Out of district, 1973-1974
Petitions, 92nd Congress, scientists for BTNP, 1971
House of Representatives, 1971
95-147/4 (04819834) Houston area files:
Addicks-Barker Reservoir, 1967-1975
Armand Bayou, background, 1971-1974
Armand Bayou, correspondence, 1971-1979
95-147/5 (04975283) Viet Nam: Reports, clippings, printed materials, correspondence, 1967-1971
95-147/6 (04705595) Correspondence, 1967-1971
95-147/7 (04706667) Viet Nam: Printed material, 1965-1971
95-147/8 (04706690) Viet Nam: Constituent mail, pro and anti-Cambodia barnstorming tour, anti-war, 1971
95-147/9 (04705610) Democratic Caucus, 1971
Defense industry profit study, 1971
Attica prison riot correspondence
Army Corps of Engineers
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1968-1970
Eckhardt press releases, 1977-1980
95-147/11 (04706678) Houston, 1969-1970:
Addicks-Barker reservoir
Army Induction Center
Business Resource Development Center
Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees
General correspondence, information
95-147/12 (04975294) Houston, 1968-1972:
Day care centers
Dowling Street Panthers
Health tour by Ralph Yarborough and Bob Eckhardt, 1969
Houston-Galveston Area Council
Home builders seminar
Garbage dump
95-147/13 (04975261) Houston, 1967-1971:
Houston International Airport
Houston Light and Power Compnay
Legal aid
Baker, Botts (law firm) correspondence
95-147/14 (04705518) 90th Congress legislation, correspondence and printed material:
A, Afro-American History Week - Armed Services
95-147/15 (04705620) B-C, Banking - Civil Rights
(includes correspondence for and against open housing)
95-147/16 (04705584) C-E, Civil Service - Education
95-147/17 (04705540) E-F, Education - Foreign aid
95-147/18 (04705609) G-H, Gas (natural) - Highway
95-147/19 (04705573) H-L, Highway - Labor (HEW appropriations)
95-147/20 (04705507) M-O, Maritime - Occupational Safety
95-147/21 (04705562) O-P, OEO - Postal
95-147/22 (04705799) P-T, Post Office and Civil Service - Textile Trade
95-147/23 (04705788) T, Tax - Trade
95-147/24 (04705493) T-W and miscellaneous, Trade (steel) - Water pollution
95-147/25 (04705529) Correspondence, printed material and manuscript material, 1967-1970:
A, Abortion-ABM
95-147/26 (04705777) A, ABM-Atomic Energy Commission
95-147/27 (04705802) A, Autism, federal programs
95-147/28 (04705530) A-C, Autism, federal programs - Civil Aeronautics Board
95-147/29 (04706714) C, Civil Aeronautics Board - Clerk of the House
95-147/30 (04706725) C, Coast Guard - Cornell University
95-147/31 (04706656) C-D, Crime - Defense Department
95-147/32 (04706452) Texas Oyster Growers Association, et al vs. Will E. Odom, et al:
Plaintiffs' trial amendment
Pleas in abatement answer, etc.
Relating to plea of privilege
Non-suit, not filed
Orders and bonds, concerning bond
Orders and bonds, temporary restraining order
Studies concerning geology and marine life:
Coastal Fisheries Function Report on Oysters and Shell
Reports, Oceanonics, Inc.
Reports, Texas Fisheries, 1962
Reports, North Carolina Laboratory Studies
Summary of facts and investigation:
Findings of Harry Crozier
Literature on shell
Rules and Procedures:
Commission minutes
Procedure for this hearing
Proposed rules for cancel of permits
Reports and history, shell and gravel resume
Notice and hearing:
Commission's order
Notes on hearing
Schedule of gross revenue
Houston Museum of Natural Science newsletter, 1964
Briefing, Oyster shell dredging case
Briefing, oyster leases
Houston Chronicle clippings
Houston Post clippings
Galveston News clippings
Legislative history, Schwartz' floor amendment
Correspondence with attorneys
General correspondence
Maps of Galveston and Trinity Bays
Save Our Shell, Inc.
95-147/33 (05170551) Speeches and statements:
Consumerism and Antitrust Seminar of Marketing Policy Institute, December 1971
Conquest of Cancer Act of 1971: Separate views of Congressman Eckhardt
Warranty bills; subcommittee on commerce and finance, November 9, 1971
ARMCO steel hearings; subcommittee on conservation and natural resources House Committee on Government Operations, November 5, 1971
Police Enforcement Conference (EPA), November 3, 1971
League of Women Voters, Houston, Texas, August 1971
Water pollution control legislation (Public Works Committee), July 29, 1971
Sugar Act amendments House Rules Committee, June 9, 1971
Pollution Enforcement Conference on Galveston Bay, June 7-9, 1971
Education and the Environment; Environmental Interdependence Conference at Springfield Technical Community College, Massachusetts, April 23, 1971
Postal Service must provide better service; statewide convention of the Texas Postal Union, Houston, Texas, April 24, 1971
Transcript: Face the Nation (CBS) April 4, 1971
Baylor Young Democrats, March 8, 1971
Public Health Service Hospital hearings; I&FC Subcommittee Public Health and Welfare, March 10, 1971
Comments on Nixon consumer proposals, February 26, 1971
Consumerism: Washington seminars for bank executives, February 5, 1971
Ambient Air Quality Standards for the Houston-Galveston Region; Texas Air Control Board, June 23, 1970
Brief History of U. S. Involvement in Vietnam, and a Critique on Nixon Policies on How to get Out: Energy Conference on Vietnam; Milsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, June 20, 1970
Big Thicket Hearing; Beaumont, Texas, June 12, 1970
Air Pollution; The following supplemental materials were not microfilmed: HR report No. 91-1146, Clean Air Act amendments of 1970; HR bill No. 17255 (91st Congress, 2nd session); Congressional Record, June 10, 1970
Cambodia; Cornell University, May 14, 1970
Press conference concerning Mrs. Knauer's consumer bill; May 27, 1970
(also contains Bess Myerson statement)
Consumerism; seminar for business executives, The Brookings Institution, April 15, 1970
Eckhardt's newspaper opinion survey, 1970
Cultural Change and Cultural Conflict … The Problem of the Aging Mexican-American; Southwest Regional Training Institute of the National Council on the Aging, Inc., Austin, Texas, January 29, 1969
Consumer class actions; Consumer Federation of America, January 15, 1970
Memorial pageant honoring Sergeant David Strong; sponsored by Operation Morale, Houston, Texas, February 22, 1970
Gulf Coast Industrial Workers Union; February 10, 1970
Water pollution; in connection with Federal Water Pollution Control Advisory Board meeting in Houston, January 14, 1970
TV panel: Pollution control: Who Pays?; Texas Bill of Rights, December 19, 1969
People Power can Stop Pollution; San Jacinto Tuberculosis Disease Association, December 5, 1969
We Cannot Win the War by Proxy; Vietnam Moratorium Day Program sponsored by Rice Student Association Forum Committee, October 15, 1969
Defense authorization, FY House Armed Services Committee, 1970;August 8, 1969
Moral Support for the Troops in Vietnam; American Legion Post (Operation Morale), Memorial Day, May 29, 1969
Subcommittee on Transportation and Aeronautics of the Committee in Interstate and Foreign Commerce, May 20, 1969
Trade and Tariff Proposals; House Ways and Means Committee, June 17, 1968
The Need for Governmental Air Pollution Control Programs; National Association of Counties, Houston, Texas, April 3, 1968
Remarks: OEO legal service programs; special attention to anticipated attacks, November 2, 1967
Young Democratic Clubs of Texas; Austin, Texas, April 16, 1967
A Congressman's View of Air Pollution; Environmental Quality Control Conference, University of Texas
HR 12290, to Extend the Income Tax Surcharge; Before the Senate Finance Committee, July 11, 1969
A Model State Act, February 10, 1969
Symposium on Vietnam; New York, November 16, 1967
Bill of Rights Foundation; Debate with Hon. George Bush, "Role of Federal Authority," Houston, 1968
Utility Consumers' Council Act S 607; Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, Committee on Government Operations, Senate, March 12, 1969
60 Minutes (CBS); Eckhardt on John Connally, November 28, 1971
Face the Nation; CBS Contempt Citation, July 11, 1971
Remarks before letter carriers; Galveston, June 20, 1969
Our World: A Priceless Heritage; Furr High School, February 12, 1970
The Ninety-First Congress; UAW Leadership Conference, Norman, Oklahoma, AFL-CIO meeting, San Antonio, Texas, February 28, 1970;March 2, 1970
Earth Day speeches; Houston, Texas, April 21, 1970
Health Security Plan; Hospital Executive Leadership Program, Texas Hospital Association, San Antonio, Texas, November 9, 1970
Cleaning up the Clean Air Act
Urban Problems; University of Colorado, May 16, 1970
Cost of Clean Water and Fresh Air; Student workshop on air pollution, New Braunfels, Texas, March 21, 1970
Drug Abuse Control and Prevention; Views on HR 18583, House report No. 91-1444 has not been microfilmed September 10, 1970,
Cost of a Clean Environment
What's Ahead in Southern Politics; AFL-CIO Southern Labor School, Wrightsville, North Carolina, November 20, 1970
Vietnam: Special order, February 3, 1971
Consumer class action, March 4, 1971
Arthritis Foundation, March 19, 1971
Defense industry profits study before the legislation and Military Operations Subcommittee House Committee on Government Operations, March 26, 1971
Open food dating, HR 8417, May 17, 1971
No-fault automobile insurance before the Senate Committee on Commerce, May 12, 1971
Baytown flood control/Brownwood Levee; Subcommittee on Public Works, House Committee on Appropriations, May 17, 1972
Expressing Me - Hearing You; First Methodist Church Young People's Group, Houston, Texas, June 13, 1971
Ship channel safety; Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee Coast Guard and Navigation Subcommittee, hearing in Houston on HR 8140, HR 6232, August 17, 1971
Truck and bus safety; Professional Drivers Conference, Washington, D. C., October 2, 1971
Consumer Product Safety Act (HR 8157, HR 8110); Interstate and Foreign Commerce Study Subcommittee on Commerce and Finance, November 2, 1971
Prayer amendment, November 8, 1971
Automobile Reparability (HR 11627); Interstate and Foreign Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce and Finance, November 9, 1971
National Health Insurance; Ways and Means Committee, November 18, 1971
HR 25 and Estuarine areas bills; Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Subcommittee, Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, March 9, 1967
How Democratic is America; Kenyon College Symposium
The Administration and Civil Rights, Baytown Human Relations Banquet, March 20, 1970
Combatting Racism in the Political Arena; YWCA Institute, Dallas, Texas, May 15, 1971
Family Assistance Plan; YWCA Public Welfare Institute, October 24, 1970
Tale of Three Rivers; Georgetown University, February 22, 1972
The Need for Professionals, Artisans and Artists to Participate in Policy-making in Their Own Fields; National Council of Urban Education Association, June 28, 1968
Cigarette advertising
Dissenting views of Congressman Bob Eckhardt (HR 6543)
Air pollution; National Association of Sanitarians
95-147/34 (05169825) Houston files:
Eighth Congressional District:
Bouquets for Eckhardt, 1972-1976
Grants, 1973-1974
District office memos, 1968-1974
Precinct lists
Volunteers, 1972-1974
Mailing lists, conservation (K. O.)
General, 1973-1974
Chamber of Commerce, 1974
Ad Hoc hearings/budget, 1972-1973
Houston Council on Human Relations, 1974
Day care centers, 1972-1974
Fuel allocation, 1974
Grain elevator case, 1972-1973
Houston-Galveston Regional Transportation study, 1973
Houston-Galveston Area Council, 1973-1974
Housing, 1973, 1975-1976
Heights towers, 1973
Hofheinz for mayor, 1974
Intercontinental airport, 1974
Houston Independent School District, 1973-1974
Houston Independent School District, busing, 1970-1974
Houston Lighting & Power pollution, 1971-1973
Light and Power rates, 1973
Light and Power Company, 1972
Legal foundation, 1965-1967, 1973
McMahon College/HEW, 1974-1975
Medical center, 1973-1974
Mass transit, 1973-1974
Mayor's office, 1973-1974
Memorial Park drilling, 1976
Model cities, 1973-1974
City of Houston, 1975-1979
Houston Police Department, discrimination case (EEOC), Junius Jarreau, 1975
KPFT, application for HEW grant, 1976
Port of Houston, 1973-1974
Public Health Department, 1973
Rice University, 1973-1974
St. Thomas University, 1974
SER, Jobs for Progress, 1974
Houston Ship Channel, 1973-1974
Southwest Center for Urban Research, 1974
Texas Children's Center, 1973
University of Houston, 1972-1978
Texas Southern University, 1973-1974
95-147/35 (05170609) Baylor College of Medicine, 1975-1979
EPA air standards, 1970-1980
Annexation, 1977-1979
Baylor Children's Nutrition Center, 1977-1981
General, 1978-1980
Armco Steel, 1976-1977
Bikeway project, 1976
Houston Chronicle, 1971-1980
City of Houston, 1979-1980
City Council 9-5 plan, 1979
Houston Community College, 1973-1979
Community development program, 1976-1977
Community development application, 1979
Convention and visitors council, 1975-1976
Courts and judges, 1980
Houston-Galveston Area Council, 1976-1980
Crime, 1968-1978
Green's Bayou Bridge, 1979
Gulfgate, 1977
Health Department, 1976
Harris County Holistic Health Care Center, 1979
Historic Preservation, 1974-1977
Homebuilder's Association, 1978
Department of Human Resources, 1977
Housing, 1977-1978
Immigration lawyers, 1979
Intercontinental airport, 1978-1980
League of Women Voters, 1975-1978
Houston Light and Power, 928, 1978-1980
Manpower Programs (CETA), 1976
Mayor's office, 1977-1978
Medical center, 1977-1978
Northeast Neigborhood Consortium, 1979
Parks, 1979-1980
Passport office, 1977-1978
Pleasantville Community, 1978-1979
Police Department, Joe Campos Torres incident, police brutality, 1976-1979
Port of Houston, 1975-1978
95-147/36 (04860270) Harris County files:
Acres Homes - Humble Post Office, 1972-1979
Addicks-Barker Reservoir, 1967-1978
95-147/37 (05170450) Houston files, 1975-1980:
Houston news
Watergate Marina letter
Holistic Health Care Center
HCHR police study proposal
Urban affairs
Family planning
Cypress Creek meeting
Other Houston area matter
LEAA grant
Urban parks Program
HUD program, 8th district
Printed materials
Baylor Children's Nutrition Center
Guest book, 1967-1969; 1971-April 1974; May 8 - December 4, 1980
Picketing of Soviet flag ship by NMU, 1978
Houston Post, 1972-1976
Public transportation, 1975-1980
Rice University, 1975-1980
School of Public Health, 1975
Houston ship channel, 1975-1979
Solar Energy Energy Research Institute, 1976
Southwest Center for Urban Research, 1975-1976
South Texas College of Law, 1975
Texas Southern University, 1975-1978
University of Houston, 1979-1980
University of St. Thomas, 1975
Water pollution, 1975-1977
95-147/38 (05170584) Eckhardt speeches and statements:
Hearing on Coastal Zone Management Program, Houston, Texas, September 23, 1974
Address, American Marketing Association, Houston, Texas, July 19, 1974
Address, New England Regional Conference of Democratic Mayors, June 9, 1975
National Health Care, A Human Right; GAIU/The Newspaper Guild, Joint Legislative and Political Conference, May 7, 1975
Energy Program in a Time of Economic Uncertainty; New England Regional Conference of Democratic Mayors, Boston, Massachusettss, June 9, 1975
Lowering Bumper Standards; Public hearings on bumper standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, February 18, 1975
Cypress Creek, Houston Ship Channel funding; Appropriations Committee, Public Works Subcommittee, May 8, 1975
Suggested floor statement on energy action #2, May 27, 1976
Flood disaster protection amendments; Testimony before Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development, Committee on Banking and Currency, November 18, 1975
Land and Water Conservation Fund; Subcommittee on National Parks and Recreation, House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, July 29, 1975
On HR 5988, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory; National Institute of Education, Education and Labor Committee, Subcommittee on Select Education, July 30, 1975
Trinity River Project; Public Works Subcommittee, House Committee on Appropriations, April 6, 1976
War Claims Act amendments: Subcommittee on Transportation and Commerce of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, March 25, 1976
Brownwood Project; Subcommittee on Water Resources, Senate Committee on Public Works, June 30, 1976
Securities; Second Annual Membership Conference of the PBW Stock Exchange, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1975
Introduction of Cesar Chavez; United Farmworkers Fair, Houston, Texas, April 27, 1975
Big Thicket; Westheimer Rotary Club, Houston, Texas, May 3, 1976
Energy and the Shrimp Industry; Shrimp Association of America, March 26, 1976
Citizen Participation in Environmental Matters; National Recreation and Parks Association, Washington, D. C., May 19, 1976
Economic and Political Philosophies; Network Legislative Seminar, Washington, D. C., June 16, 1975
Energy Legislation; NRECA Annual Managers Conference, Houston, Texas, August 26, 1975
Mr. Justice Douglas: Remarks in Congressional Record, November 19, 1975
University of Houston Honors Day, January 31, 1976
Energy Conservation: The National and International Overview; Energy Conservation Training Institute, San Antonio, Texas, March 5, 1976
Toxic substances; Chemical week federal regulation briefing, Washington, D. C., March 12, 1976
Toxic Substances Control Act; Lynch, Jones and Ryan special investment seminar, New York, March 25, 1976
Legislated Divestiture is Unsound; International Association of Geophysical Contractors, Houston, Texas, May 21, 1976
National Health Insurance
Bicentennial Fourth of July remarks to the Houston Jaycees
Coal Slurry Legislation; Optimist Club, Houston, Texas, July 8, 1976
National Association of Letter Carriers; Houston, Texas, August 8, 1976
Issues of the election - The Budget; University of Texas Student Union, September 20, 1976
Energy and the Economy; Pricing Alternative Sources and industry Structure; Southern Gas Association executive management conference, Palm Beach, Florida, November 22, 1976
Speech at UT Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, September 24, 1976
Council on Foreign Relations dinner and seminar, December 9, 1976
Keynote speech: Economy, Unemployment; Mock Democratic National Convention, Spring Woods High School, March 19, 1976
Symposium on Toxic Substances Control and OSHA/NIOSH Regulations; Chemical Manufacturing Association and Council of Chemical Associations, January 29, 1975
Round table: Emergent Role of Progressive Democrats; National Capital Area Political Science Association, Georgetown University, April 19, 1975
Federal Oil and Gas Corporation; Oil and Gas Accounting Conference, University of New Orleans, May 2, 1975
Texas State Convention; Austin, Texas, September 17, 1976
Narration: Lincoln Portrait; Houston Symphony Orchestra at Miller Theatre, June 14, 1976
The Case for Regulating Oil and Gas Prices and Production; Symposium on Price and Production Controls in Energy Industries, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, April 1, 1976
National town meeting; December 3, 1976
Texas: A Pioneer in Open Beaches; speech by Keith Ozmore at the National Conference on Marine Recreation, Newport Beach, California, October 2-4, 1975
Federal laws affecting domestic workers; National Committee on Household Employment, September 5, 1975
Civil Rights legislation; ACLU, Central Texas Chapter, luncheon honoring Bob Eckhardt, Austin, Texas, copies of HR 2322 and HR 2323 (94th Congress, 1st session) and public law 93-619 (93rd Congress, S 754 ) were not microfilmed April 5 1975;January 3, 1975
PBW speech, April 25, 1975
Ethics and Public Policy Continuing Faculty; Duke University, 1974
No-fault insurance: Briefing of Insurance Information Institute, June 3, 1975
Flame Free Design Conference; Legislature and Consumer Protection, Houston, Texas, March 19, 1976
National Health Care; Graphic Arts International Union Legislative Conference, May 5, 1976
Welcoming address: Texas State Convention, League of United latin American Citizens (LULAC), Houston, Texas, August 28, 1976
Flood Insurance and Flood Plain management: Society of Real Estate Appraisers, Houston, Texas, April 23, 1976
Health Insurance: West Virginia Health Security Action Committee, Charleston, West Virginia, December 6, 1975
Welfare cutbacks: TV taping, December 2, 1975
Arthritis Foundation; National Arthritis Commission regional hearing, Houston, Texas, November 21, 1975
Revenue sharing: The Future; Texas Municipal League annual conference, Houston, Texas, October 27, 1985
Dredging Permits on San Jacinto River; Public Hearing, Baytown, Texas, June 30, 1975
Securities regulation; Federal Bar Association, legislative conference, Washington, D. C., June 18, 1975
In defense of flood plain management: Agribusiness Committee; Houston Chamber of Commerce, May 28, 1975
Big Thicket Celebration; Bill Daniel Plantation Ranch, April 26, 1975
Open beach laws; Maryland Senate Committee on Economic Affairs, Annapolis, Maryland, March 12, 1975
Brownwood Flood Plain; on introduction of HR 14259, May 1, 1976
Synthetic Fuels Loan Guaranteed Program HR 12112; House Rules Committee, September 9, 1976
School bus safety, amendment to HR 9291, contains separate views for report June 11, 1976;
Toxic substances, introduction of HR 14032, May 26, 1976
Effect of oil pricing proposals and proposed compromise, October 31, 1975
Galveston Bay Conservation and Preservation Association, March 28, 1975
Houston-Galveston vessel traffic system; Commissioning ceremony, Houston, Texas, February 4, 1975
Coal Slurry Pipelines, Introduction of HR 14385
Oil industry votes; views of divestiture; miscellaneous statements on energy, 1976
Energy: The Objectives and how to meet them; Rotary Club, Houston, Texas, March 27, 1975
Bicentennial Fourth of July remarks
Warranty workshop; Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, Boca Raton, Florida, April 8, 1975
95-147/39 (05170427) Securities Act Amendments: Investment Company
Institute General membership meeting: Washington, D. C., May 26, 1977
Toxic substances "Chronic Hazards Control - Expectations of the U. S. Congress": National symposium on Chronic Hazards, New York, November 28, 1977
"The Interaction of Public Policy and Preventive Scientific Research"
Hearings on HR 1609, The Coal Pipeline Act of 1977; House Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Surface Transportation
"Toxic Substances: Congressional Intent" - Industrial Environment and Health Seminar; Columbia, South Carolina, January 12, 1977
Speech before "Securities Industry Association" January 31, 1977
Toxic substances and the EPA; EPA regional conference, Houston, Texas, February 14, 1977
Natural Gas Shortage and its Solutions: U. S. Chamber of Commerce; taping (Enterprise program) with Bob Krueger, February 15, 1977
Toxic Substances in Drinking Water: Cousteau Involvement Day Seminar, Houston, Texas, February 12, 1977
Foreign bribery: Remarks on introduction of HR 3815; CR (E856), February 22, 1977
The Natural Gas Question: Two Views - "What's the Issue"; U. S. Chamber of Commerce radio program with Bob Kreuger, February 24, 1977
Toxicity and Products of Combustion Speech: Fire Retardent Chemicals Association, Washington, D. C., March 22, 1977
Big Thicket Retreat: Recreation for the urban dweller, Saratoga, Texas, March 25, 1977
Texas Energy Policies Conference; Thompson Conference Center, University of Texas at Austin, March 28, 1977
Brownwood appropriation; Public Works Subcommittee House Committee on Appropriations, March 30, 1977
Consumer issues; Consumer Affairs Committee of U. S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon, International Club, Washington, D. C., - copies of the following bills have not been microfilmed: HR 702, 3816, 2482, 1882, 1963, 3361 (all 95th Congress, 1st session) March 30, 1977
Shell oil jobbers legislative seminar on energy policy, Houston, Texas, March 31, 1977
Economic Stimulus Plan; memo concerning Congressional action, March 28, 1977
Image (Chicano Convention), Houston, Texas, April 1, 1977
Toward an Orderly Society: Crime pocket economics, and legislative reponsibility - Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; Chicago, April 2, 1977
Toward an Orderly Society - copies of the following bills have not been microfilmed: HR 3736, 3815 (95th Congress, 1st session)
National Energy Policy: Where We are Now and Where are We Going?; Society of Petroleum Engineers, panel discussion, Houston Club, Houston, Texas, April 12, 1977
Dedication of Rohm and Haas Deer Park Facility, April 15, 1977
Toxic substances budgeting; National Institute of Environmental Health and Sciences, Health, Education and Welfare Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, April 19, 1977
Coal Slurry Pipeline Act of 1977; Joint Subcommittee of House Interior (Mines and Mining; Indian Affaris and Public Lands), April 19, 1977
Opening statement, Foreign Bribery - HR 3815; Hearings, CP&F, April 20, 1977
President's Energy Message; by Bob Eckhardt to the Press, April 20, 1977
Packaging and Government: The Packaging Conservation Act; Packaging Institute, USA, May 18, 1977
No-fault insurance: Conference of state insurance legislators, Washington Hilton, May 20, 1977
Consumer legislation: Tenneco Consumer Affairs briefing; L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D. C., May 25, 1977
Funding of public participation in agency proceedings, originally prepared, - The following supplemental materials have not been microfilmed: HR 3816, FTC bill and report No. 95-339; HR 1656, Packaging Conservation Act of 1977; HR 2482, Consumer Controversies Resolution Act; HR 6831, Energy bill; Report on the Consumer Protection Agency, 95-347; HR 3361, Funding of Public Participation ans reported from the Judiciary Subcommittee (all 95th Congress, 1st session) March 1977
Securities: Investment Company Institute general membership meeting; Washington Hilton, (Bob Eckhardt did not attend. Franz Opper presented remarks) May 16, 1977
Coal Slurry Pipelines and Unit Trains: Conference on Energy Production and Environmental Protection, Texas Environmental Coalition and Institute of Applied Sciences, North Texas State University, Austin, Texas, May 27, 1977
Toxic substances: Documentary film for Union Carbide Corporation; June 3, 1977
Linear development of a bill (toxic substances and no-fault), National Association of Casualty and Surety Agents, Capitol Hill, Washington, D. C., June 7, 1977
Fourth of July Celebration; Harris County Heritage Society, Sam Houston Park, Houston, Texas, July 4, 1977
Motor vehicle goals beyond 5th International Conference on Automotive Safety, Boston, Masachusetts, 1980:July 11, 1977
Trinity River; Water Policy study (President's); Public hearing, Dallas, Texas, (presented by K. Ozmore) August 1, 1977
Carter's National Energy Policy: The Basic Thrust - Baytown Chamber of Commerce, (Presentation of Presidential pen to Jean Shepherd) Augut 12, 1977
Statement on HR 3815: Foreign bribery; Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade; September 7, 1977
No-fault: Insurance Information Institute; Washington, September 7, 1977
Federal employees ethics; Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the House Judiciary Committee, September 12, 1977
Energy: Gulf Corporation Conference for Energy Correspondents; Hyatt Regency, September 13, 1977
National Conference on Safety and Health Legislation, September 22, 1977
Budget Committee, October 5, 1977
"Issue in Advertising Today"; Consumer Legislation Today, Young and Rubicam, New York City, October 7, 1977
Consumer Legislation: American Association of Advertising Agencies Board of Directors dinner meeting, Washington, D. C., October 10, 1977
Securities legislation; National Security Traders Association Convention, Boca Raton, Florida, October 17, 1977
National Fire Administration, third annual conference, St. Louis, - Speech cancelled due to Energy Conference meeting October 25, 1977
Brookings Conference on Energy Policy; Brookings Institution, November 2, 1977
Warranty - FTC improvements: National warranty update conference; CFA, HEW Office of Consumer Affaris and U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D. C., November 3, 1977
Lynn Coleman Confirmation - Department of Energy general counsel - hearing before Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, November 9, 1977
Energy Policy: Congressional Issues in Science and Technology - Brookings Institution Public Policy Conference; Williamsburg, Virginia, November 13, 1977
Deaton Hospital application before Executive Committee; Houston-Galveston Area Health Planning Council, Houston, Texas, November 15, 1977
Gas prices and control: Remarks at TIPRO Executive Committee meeting, Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1977
Wallisville Project; public hearing; Anahuac, Texas, December 10, 1977
Flower Gardens Reef (National Marine Sanctuary); Public meeting, Houston, Texas, December 16, 1977
No-fault automobile insurance: Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California, San Francisco, December 16, 1977
The Avoidable Costs of Food: Energy components; Consumer Federation of America; Assembly, January 20, 1978
Congressional oversight/securities amendments and foreign bribery; Securities Law Committee, Federal Bar Association, Lawyers' Club, washington, D. C., February 16, 1978
Competition, Consumer and Cooperatives: Remarks at Southwest Regional Conference of the National Fertilizer Solutions Association, San Antonio, Texas, - not delivered; Eckhardt in Houston; M. Lower missed plane February 22, 1978
Greater Oak Grove Senior Citizens Unit Annual Banquet: Taping, March 16, 1978
Consumer Protection and Trade Regulation: National Direct Selling Association, Washington, D. C., - Mary Foldes spoke for Bob Eckhardt March 16, 1978
Issues affecting the securities industry: Securities Industry Institute , Wharton School of Business, March 17, 1978
Alaska Wilderness; on Southeast Alaska amendment, Interior Committee, markup of HR 39 March 8, 1978,
American steel industry: Dictation transcribed from machine per Bob Eckhardt, possible address to the United Steelworkers March 1978,
Legislative Veto: Oil prices; Texas Law Review Association, Austin, Texas, March 24, 1979
Brownwood and other projects; Appropriations Committee, Public Works Subcommittee, April 4, 1978
Coal Slurry Testimony: Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Surface Transportation, April 11, 1978
Children's Nutrition laboratory funding; remarks of Speaker Tip O'Neill and Bob Eckhardt, Arpil 15, 1978
Nation Market System (Securities); First Annual National Market System Conference, New York City, April 16, 1978
Securities Act amendments: Securities Investors Association; Dallas, Texas, Franz Opper presented remarks April 18, 1978,
ALCAN Natural Gas Pipeline, U. S. industry participation in construction and services: Hearings; Subcommittee on Energy and Power, Baytown, Texas, April 24, 1978
Automobile safety and repair costs: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration town meeting; Houston, Texas, May 1, 1978
Securities legislation, Public Securities Association, Greenbriar, West Virginia, May 12, 1978
Municipal Financial Disclosure: 1978 conference, Municipal Finance Officers Association, Houston, Texas, May 14, 1978
Coal Pipeline Act; Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands and Resources, Energy and Natural Resources Committee, May 25, 1978
Product liability: Legislative solutions; International Conference on Product Liability and Consumer Protection, Hohenstein Institute, Munich, Germany, May 29-31, 1978
Rulemaking reform; Rules Committee, Subcommittee on Rules and Organization, June 4, 1978
Small Business Investment Companies; Southwest Regional Association annual meeting, The Woodlands, Texas, June 8, 1978
Water resource projects, Greens Bayou and Brownwood; Subcommittee on Water Resources, Committee on Public Works, June 21, 1978
Hunting fees; Merchant Marine and Fisheries Subcommittee on Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment, July 17, 1978
Toxic substances: National Distillers and Chemical Corporations; National Public Policies Washington briefing, September 12, 1978
Securities: North American Securities Administrators Association 61st Annual Conference, Tampa, Florida, September 18, 1978
Remarks of Congressman Bob Eckhardt: Ray Marshall - Bob Eckhardt dinner, Houston, Texas, October 13, 1978
Women in Elective and Appointive Office; University of Houston, "Women in Public Service"; October 17, 1978
Cable TV - panel discussion, Western Cable Television Show and Convention, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, December 8, 1978
95-147/40 (04706474) Eigth Congressional District, 1978-1979:
Old file lists
Town meetings, August 1979
Office memos
Baytown office, 1978
95-147/41 (04706292) Miscellaneous legislation
95-147/42 (04706383) Consumer Class Action
95-147/43 (04706408) Legislation, S-T
95-147/44 (04706485) Congressional Record remarks, 1967-1975
95-147/45 (04706463) Legislation, A-B
95-147/46 (04860496) Travel, 1973-1974
95-147/47 (04706430) Securities
95-147/48 (04975400) No Fault Legislation
95-147/49 (04706340) Clippings, 1969-1977
95-147/50 (04706372) Legislation, Interior CTE
95-147/51 (04974859) 92nd Congress, "C" Calley-Crossland
95-147/52 (04974860) 92nd Congress, correspondence, 1971-1972:
Rail passenger service - Tax Legislation, tuition reduction, H. R. 5
95-147/53 (04860500) Texas environmental files, 1968-1970:
Pollution Law Conference, University of Texas, 1968
Conservation Federation of Texas
Citizens Environmental Coalition, 1970-1972
Interior Department under Richard Nixon, firing of Hicketl, etc.
Crosby Sewer Project, 1970
Earth Week, 1970
Estuarine Heritage film showings, 1969-1970
Sealfleet case, seizure of ship by Coast Guard
Port tour
Soil Stewardship Week
Cedar Bayou Project, Houston Lighting and Power Company
Environmental Quality Control Space Conference
95-147/54 (04820200) Clippings, 1968-1970
95-147/55 (04975385) Speeches, 1970-1974
95-147/56 (05089012) House of Representatives, 1990-1993:
Mustang Island, Wallisville Dam and other Texas legislation, legal cases
95-147/57 (04860532) House of Representatives, 92nd Congress:
Action (Peace Corps)
Agriculture, Department of
Agnew, Spiro T.
Aid, State Department
Air Force, Department of
ADA (Americans for Democratic Action)
American Revolution Bicentennial
Armed Services
Army, Department of
Army Corps of Engineers
Articles for publication
Audubon Society
Auto problems
Auto safety
"B" constituents
Ballew, William V.
Barnhart, John
Bentsen, Lloyd
Bilingual Education
Blackman's Development Center
Brookings Institution
95-147/58 (05089045) Air pollution, Clean Air Act, 1967
95-147/59 (04860510) Speeches, statements, 1977-1978
Harvard Law Review article, 1973
95-147/60 (04860565) Environmental policy
95-147/61 (04860554) 92nd Congress, F-G, Federal Communications Commission - Galveston (city and county), Galveston Bay
95-147/62 (04974837) 92nd Congress, O-R, Occupational safety legislation-Railroad legislation
95-147/63 (04974870) 92nd Congress, D-E, Delta Queen-Environmental Quality Council
95-147/64 (04705835) Houston-Galveston area legislation and projects, 1967-1975
95-147/65 (04974848) 1968-1975:
Ship channel safety
Solar energy
Soil conservation service
Solid wastes
Super ports
95-147/66 (04705868) Galveston Bay, 1967-1969
95-147/67 (04705970) 92nd Congress, T-W, Television legislation-Water pollution legislation
95-147/68 (04705846) Congratulations, condolences, news releases, invitations, Food Stamp Program, 1973-1976
95-147/69 (04705959) 90th-91st Congress, EEOC-HUAC
95-147/70 (04705981) Legislation files, 1969-1970
95-147/71 (04705960) 92nd Congress, F-L, Food Supplement legislation-Longshoremen's sea worthiness
95-147/72 (05089760) Houston Independent School District, 1969-1980:
95-147/73 (04706011) 92nd Congress, H-J, Health-Justice Department
95-147/74 (04706055) Clippings, 1978-1979
95-147/75 (05089770) 90th-91st Congress, D-E, Democratic Caucus-Environmental Teach-in, 1967-1970,April 22, 1970
95-147/76 (04705857) Harris County, flood control, organizations, 1968-1972
95-147/77 (04705992) Case files, 1971-1973
Audiotapes, unidentified, undated
95-147/78 (04706044) Air pollution, 1974-1975:
Houston and Harris County
95-147/79 (04820130) Legislative bills and House of Representatives vote tallies, 1976-1980
95-147/80 (04974790) Correspondence, A-Z, 1974
95-147/81 (04820163) Campaign fund and expenses, 1976
95-147/82 (04975272) 1967:
Legal aid
95-147/83 (04974826) Houston ISD, busing and integration, 1969-1972
95-147/84 (04974735) Speeches, 1973-1976, undated
95-147/85 (04820141) Harris County: Redistricting materials and voting precinct information, voter registration lists
95-147/86 (05089781) Harris County:
Flood Control, 1967-1972
Schools, 1967-1970
Elections, 1972
Community Action Agency, 1967-1968
Disaster relief, 1970
Drug abuse centers, 1972
95-147/87 (04705948) Political files, campaigns, 1978, 1980
95-147/88 (04974655) U. S. House of Representatives, Postal organization - Regrets to debate material, 1967-1968
95-147/89 (04974815) U. S. House of Representatives, Immigration - Lockheed, 1970-1971
95-147/90 (04820196) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress:
House Committees - Opinion ballots
95-147/91 (04820108) Air Force - Drug Abuse
95-147/92 (04974677) Speeches, 1978-1980
95-147/93 (04820174) Houston, transportation and miscellaneous
95-147/94 (04820185) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Franchise reform - Health legislation
95-147/95 (04974688) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Economy - Housing, Education and Welfare
95-147/96 (04706124) U. S. House of Representatives, Education - Housing, 1970
95-147/97 (04974666) U. S. House of Representatives, transcripts of committee hearings, 1979
95-147/98 (04706077) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Sinai agreement - Tax legislation
95-147/99 (04974699) U. S. House of Representatives, Environmental issues, 1972-1978
95-147/100 (04705879) U. S. House of Representatives:
Automotive Conference, Germany, 1971
Hearings, reports, Cooke Industries, food safety, 1968-1972
95-147/101 (04974713) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Itinerary, information copies from Washington, memos to Washington, district office memos, invitations declined, press releases, 1977-1978
95-147/102 (04820119) Houston, M. D. Anderson - University of St. Thomas, 1990-1992
95-147/103 (04974644) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, miscellaneous subjects
95-147/104 (04860419) 92nd Congress legislative files:
Longshoremen's compensation
95-147/105 (04820152) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, HMO - Labor sites picketing, 1975-1976
95-147/106 (04860420) Media surveys and questionnaires, 1970
95-147/107 (04860339) Consumer class action legislation, hearings, reports, speeches and statements, 1970-1975
95-147/108 (05170482) Clippings, miscellaneous materials, 1970-1978
95-147/109 (04860361) Legislation:
Health and safety
Predator control
Health care expenditures
95-147/110 (04860408) Fast Track:
Energy Mobilization Board
95-147/111 (04974746) Harris County: Busing, schools, integration
95-147/112 (04974611) U. S. House of Representatives, 91st Congress, Teachers retirement - Women's rights
95-147/113 (04974779) Operations Navy, 1974
95-147/114 (04974702) U. S. House of Representatives, 92nd-94th, Mattress Standards - White House
95-147/115 (04974724) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress:
Predator control - Seabed resources
95-147/116 (04860463) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Copyright and law - Flood insurance and immigration cases, 1975-1976
95-147/117 (04706102) Correspondence from constituents, by subject, 1977
95-147/118 (04706033) U. S. House of Representatives, correspondence from constituents, by subject, 1977
95-147/119 (04706000) U. S. House of Representatives, Agriculture - Drug abuse, 1969-1970
95-147/120 (04706022) U. S. House of Representatives, 90th-92nd Congress, Anti-ballistic missle material, SALT, military procurement
95-147/121 (04974633) U. S. House of Representatives, 92nd Congress, Thank you letters - White House Fellow program, 1971
95-147/122 (04706099) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Architects and Engineers - Child Care, 1975-1976
95-147/123 (05170493) Consumer Class Action files:
Special interest groups
95-147/124 (04860383) Interior files:
Endangered Wilderness Act
Heritage Cons. and Rec. Serv.
Indian Affairs
Land use control legislation
General legislation
95-147/125 (04860543) Legislation, Energy - ERA
95-147/126 (04860452) Energy Task Force files:
95-147/127 (04860474) Alphabetical files, H, J-K
95-147/128 (04860485) Legislation, Labeling, drugs - Motor Vehicle Safety Legislation
95-147/129 (04960259) Texas files, Fort Worth Five - Public Utilities Company, 1970s
95-147/130 (04860441) Subject files, undated:
Spring Railroad
Tax, economic issues
Miscellaneous special issues
School prayer
Justice Department, Harris County, S. B.
Hardy Street corridor
Rail corridor meeting
Rail passenger service
Greens Bayou bridge
Greens Bayou dredging
Texas State legislation
Texas state legislation (gas and oil)
95-147/131 (04860317) Subject files, correspondence files, National Association of Manufacturers - pollution, water, 1967-1970
95-147/132 (04860292) Legislative material, Immigration - Organized crime, 1970
95-147/133 (04860260) Issue notebooks, 1967-1980:
Penn Central and North East Railway Situation, 1973
Consumer Class Act of 1971
Defense authorization legislation, 1969
No fault insurance, undated
96th Caucus Committee rules, 1978
Eckhardt testimony, 1970
Major defense and national security voting
Voting record and reference, 1967-1980
95-147/134 (04860430) Form repiles to constituent mail, 1971-1972:
Freight forwarders, 1971
Gun control legislation, 1971
Gun control legislation, "Bay H Bill," 1972
Minimum wage, 1971
No fault, 1971
Off-shore drilling, Mitchell, 1971
Police officers tax deduction, 1971
Prayer amendment, for and against
Surface transportation, 1972
Welfare reform, 1971
95-147/135 (04860248) American Legion files, 1950s-1960s:
95-147/136 (04860306) Harris County grants, miscellaneous files, 1973-1979:
8th Congressional District, grants and grant proposals
Services: Jobs for progress
Mexican-American Community, 1976
Grant requests, 1973-1978
Texas prepaid health plan
95-147/137 (04860281) Legislative files, undated:
Health Act - Insurance legislation
Legislation: Houston, Harris County
95-147/138 (04860372) Constituent correspondence, position papers, loose material, 1969-1977
95-147/139 (04860340) Subject files, F-G, Federal assistance - Government Bay conference, 1978-1980:
95-147/140 (05169814) Legislation files, 1960s-1970s:
Texas Triangle
95-147/141 (05170507) Texas files, Railroad Commission - Young Democrats, 1975
95-147/142 (05170562) Hearing Summaries, other printed material, 1967-1974
95-147/143 (05170530) Subject correspondence, A-G
95-147/144 (05170471) Subject files, B-C, S
95-147/145 (05170460) Subject correspondence, 95th Congress, A-C
95-147/146 (04860328) Subject correspondence, A-C
95-147/147 (05334251) U. S. House of Representatives:
Legislation - Budget, 1980
Utility rates
95-147/148 (05334003) Legislation, E-F, 1970-1979
95-147/149 (05170405) Texas issues, 1969-1972
95-147/150 (05170416) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Federal equipment retirement - Viet Nam aid
95-147/151 (05170573) Oyster Growers vs. Will E. Odum, miscellaneous papers
95-147/152 (05170595) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, Committee on Legislative review - White House
95-147/153 (05170449) Harris County Community Action Association, ca. 1969
95-147/154 (05334014) Miscellaneous papers, hearing reports, clippings, campaign material, 1970s
95-147/155 (05334320) U. S. House of Representatives, 92nd Congress, Labor unions - Politics, 1971
95-147/156 (05334240) Texas issues, 1969-1972
95-147/157 (05334069) U. S. House of Representatives, 92nd and 93rd Congress, Energy
U. S. House of Representatives, 93rd Congress, Pollution, thanks, auto safety, 1970-1972
95-147/158 (05334218) Houston, 1970-1973:
Arnio Steel
El Paso Natural Gas
Houston Light and Power pollution
95-147/159 (05334229) U. S. House of Representatives, Environmental legislation, 1970-1980s
95-147/160 (05334193) U. S. House of Representatives, 93rd Congress, Pennies for the President - Social work training
95-147/161 (04771873) Legislation, energy, synthetic fuels, 1979
95-147/162 (05170438) U. S. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, bills introduced, 1975-1976
95-147/163 (04771909) Subject:
Airport - War on poverty
Shell dredging
95-147/164 (04771750) 94th Congress, inflation, miscellaneous correspondence
95-147/165 (04705697) Hearings, reports, books
95-147/166 (04705744) Eckhardt bills, sponsored and co-sponsored
Bills, authored and co-sponsored
Consumer protection, Eckhardt logistics
91st Congress, legislative, federal
92nd Congress
Wage, price freeze, 1971
Army Department, Calley
Viet Nam
Citizens for Disengagement in VIet Nam
Tax legislation
Cold War GI bill
Patent legislation
Railroad retirement Act, HR 13300
No-fault insurance
Federal legislation, bankruptcy
Eckhardt, Bob, summary of votes, House of Representatives
Eckhardt, Bob, Police Academy legislation
HR 17090, Longshormen's Compensation Act
Grand Jury bill, Eckhardt
95-147/167 (05334375) Open food dating, 1971-1972
95-147/168 (04705755) Air pollution, 1967-1977
95-147/169 (04705733) 92nd-94th, no fault
95-147/170 (04705711) 94th Congress, energy
95-147/171 (04771691) Constituent correspondence, 1975-1976
95-147/172 (04771705) Reports, hearings and publications, 1967-1978:
Committee on the Judiciary
Wastes disposal
95-147/173 (04771862) Shell dredging
95-147/174 (04771716) 93rd legislation:
Clean air
Tax reform
Truck driver protection
Vehicle emissions month
Veterans legislation
War claims
War powers
Workmen's compensation
95-147/175 (04975352) Bills introduced, 94th Congress
95-147/176 (04706623) No fault legislation:
Bills, drafts, amendments
Newspaper and magazine articles
No fault auto insurance
95-147/177 (04706645) People files, M-Z, McGinity, Jack - Yoder, Edwin
95-147/178 (04706612) Travel, 1969-1970
95-147/179 (04706634) Travel, 1977-1978
95-147/180 (04706587) Communications Act of 1934, amendments
Unemployment compensation
United Nations
95-147/181 (04706532) Legislation, Health, sfety, welfare, education
95-147/182 (04706598) Trucking legislation
Summary, AT&T's anti-competitive conduct
95-147/183 (04975308) Priority Energy Project Act of 1979
Highway legislation
Group statement: Alleged violations of military law in Southeast Asia
Aldine ISD judgement
Harris County 22nd District
Committee assignments
Congratulations on 1978 election
Postal patron mailing
Speaking invitations declined
Letters of support
95-147/184 (04706601) 95th Congress, legislative and administrative material
95-147/185 (04706554) HR bills, 96th Congress
"Water Resources Data for Texas, 1976"
Presidential compilations, 1979
95-147/186 (04706576) Warranty study, consumer and product safety, 1971-1972
95-147/187 (04975250) House journals, hearing summaries, books
95-147/188 (04975330) Alphabetical files, Mach 10 form letters - Oystermans relief
95-147/189 (05089078) Environmental legislative files, 1966-1980
95-147/190 (04975320) House journals, hearing summaries, 1969-1970
95-147/191 (05089089) Nixon impeachment, 1974
95-147/192 (05089180) Legislation files, 93rd Congress, Health, Education, and Welfare - Office of Economic Opportunity 1973,
95-147/193 (05089227) Legislation files, 93rd Congress, Department of Defense - FCC 1973,
95-147/194 (05089158) Oversight and investigations, correspondence, clippings, printed material 1979-1980:
95-147/195 (05089125) Alphabetically files, Mach 10 form letters - NASA 1967-1970,
95-147/196 (04975363) Rail Act of 1980, legislation
95-147/197 (04975374) Alphabetical files, D miscellaneous - Energy research 1978-1979,
95-147/198 (04975319) Bills introduced, 92nd Congress
95-147/199 (05089249) Energy, 1978-1979
95-147/200 (05089056) Legislation, 93rd Congress, Consumer credit - Food and drug 1973,
95-147/201 (04819448) Legislation, 93rd Congress, Impeachment proceedings - Highway Trust Fund 1973,
95-147/202 (05089147) Legislation: Surface transportation and Texas triangle, 1979
95-147/203 (04819437) 96th Congress, bills introduced 1979-1980,
95-147/204 (04693805) Interior Committee, 96th Congress
95-147/205 (04693645) Legislation, 92nd Congress, Airport - Banking 1972,
95-147/206 (04819426) Legislation, 93rd Congress, Judiciary - Motor vehicle safety 1973,
95-147/207 (04693634) House journals, hearing summaries, 1979
95-147/208 (04860521) Viet Nam, 1969-1971
95-147/209 (04819415) Alphabetical files, Technology assessment, office of - Volunteer Army 1976-1979,
95-147/210 (05334230) Hearing summaries, miscellaneous books
95-147/211 (05334070) U. S. House of Representatives, Civil Rights - Farmer's Home administration
95-147/212 (05334058) U. S. House of Representatives, Legislation C-E, 1970s
95-147/213 (04771851) U. S. House of Representatives, Legislation N
95-147/214 (05334284) U. S. House of Representatives, Legislation F-G, 1970s
95-147/215 (05334182) Various trade books on politics and politicians
95-147/216 (05334262) Legislation, N-O
95-147/217 (05334105) Miscellaneous legislation
95-147/218 (05334207) Remarks, news releases, prints of orders made by Eckhardt
Congressional Record, 1980
Campaign statistics, 1978
95-147/219 (05334273) Legislation, V-W
95-147/220 (04705675) Bills introduced, 93rd Congress, 1973-1974
95-147/221 (04705664) Bills introduced, 90th and 91st Congresses
95-147/222 (04693612) Texas redistricting
95-147/223 (04693780) 94th Congress subject files, Viet Nam aid - Youth Camp Safety Act
95-147/224 (04693601) 93rd Congress, Pension reform - Tax legislation
95-147/225 (04819459) Miscellaneous legislation, 1977-1978
95-147/226 (04705700) People, A-L
95-147/227 (05089114) Books
Legislation energy
95-147/228 (04705653) Coal Slurry
95-147/229 (04705686) Clippings, miscellaneous
95-147/230 (05089103) Oversight Committee
Health and safety
95-147/231 (04706259) Environmental legislation, 1980
95-147/232 (04706226) Constituents correspondence
95-147/233 (04819492) Consumer class action files, 1969-1970
95-147/234 (04693791) Consumer safety and information
95-147/235 (04819608) Legislation, 96th Congress
95-147/236 (04693463) U. S.-Viet Nam legislation, 1945-1967
Standarization of automotive diagnostic systems, 1972
95-147/237 (04706260) Energy Legislation
95-147/238 (04706281) 94th Congress, Toxic substances
95-147/239 (04706215) Trucking regulation
Rural America
Committee rules
95-147/240 (04819481)) Energy legislation, 93rd Congress
95-147/241 (04706237) Security industry study, 92nd Congress
Pollution, 92nd Congress
95-147/242 (04693521) Travel, 1975-1976
95-147/243 (04693565) Campaigns, 8th Congressional District, 1974-1978
95-147/244 (04706248) Interior legislation, 92nd-94th Congress
95-147/245 (04706317) Court of Appeals
95-147/246 (04706328) Legislative files, 93rd Congress, Southeast Asia - Viet Nam correspondence
95-147/247 (04706361) Precinct information
95-147/248 (04706306) Texas legislature, Billboard and beautification - War on poverty 1967,
95-147/249 (04693554) Quarterly report, materials and correspondence
95-147/250 (04693485) Alphabetical files, Social Security administration - Wage and price security
95-147/251 (04693474) Press releases and statements
95-147/252 (04693543) Energy legislation, 1978-1979
95-147/253 (04693532) Constituents correspondence, 1979-1980
95-147/254 (04819460) Coal Slurry
95-147/255 (04819620) Agriculture legislation
95-147/256 (04819470) Energy legislation
95-147/257 (04819594) Legislation, Public works - Social services
95-147/258 (04819506) Voting record, interest groups
95-147/259 (05089170) Coal Slurry
95-147/260 (05089090) Coal Slurry
95-147/261 (04706565) Books
95-147/262 (04706543) Coal Slurry and Alaska lands briefing books
95-147/263 (04706500) Legislation, Interior Committee
95-147/264 (04706270) Travel, 1969-1970
95-147/265 (04706496) Bills introduced, 96th Congress
95-147/266 (04706510) Legislation, A - Coastal
95-147/267 (04706420) Energy, printed material, pre-1976
95-147/268 (04706419) Texas redistricting cases
95-147/269 (05089216) Legislation, 93rd Congress, F
95-147/270 (05089169) Open Beaches Act
Medicare - Medicare fraud
Fuel costs
95-147/271 (04975396) Interior Committee legislation
95-147/272 (05089191) Houston, 8th Congressional District:
Texas superport
Energy bills
95-147/273 (04693598) Energy legislation
95-147/274 (04693576) Legislation, E
95-147/275 (05089205) Energy Act of 1977
95-147/276 (05089307) Reports and hearings, Consumer affairs and Committee on the Judiciary, 1971-1974
95-147/277 (05089318) Legislation, 91st Congress, Surplus property legislation - Wright Resolution, 1969
95-147/278 (05089806) Conservation, estuarine bills
95-147/279 (05089250) Port of Houston, 1973-1981
Navigation districts, 1973-1981
95-147/280 (05089271) Oceanography
Ocean mining
Offshore drilling
Offshore industry
Oil shale program
Oil spills
Pipeline safety
Noise pollution
National wildlife refuges
Texas wildlife areas
National forests
National parks
National urban recreation areas
National wildlife areas
Jacinto Port dredging project
95-147/281 (05089034) Consumer class action
95-147/282 (04706521) Subject:
Fishery zone
Scenic rivers and trails
Sea grant program
Shellfish sanitation
Rail Transit Conference, 1975
Refuse Act of 1999
Safe Drinking Water Act
Sand dredging
Save the San Jacinto
Sam Houston RC&D
Power plant siting
Predator control
Port of Houston
Port of Houston, Morgan's Point
95-147/283 (05089023) Safety legislation:
Motor vehicle safety
Burge lines
Trucks and buses
95-147/284 (05089260) Subjects:
Water pollution
Texas Air Control Board
Texas Council on Marine Affairs
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Texas Water Development Board
Trust for Public Land
Vince Bayou
95-147/285 (05089136) Requests - Social Security administration
95-147/286 (04819540) Reports and hearings, 1968-1980
95-147/287 (04819572) Legislation, 1964
Agriculture - Gun legislation
95-147/288 (04819619) Subject files, 91st Congress, Southern moderates - Yarborough, office of, 1969
95-147/289 (05089293) Legislation, 1969
Miscellaneous legislation - Social Security, 1969
95-147/290 (05089282) Environmental files, inactive, June 1980:
Gulf Coast - Trade Center
Lung Association, Environmental Committee, 1970-1981
Flood Control Task Force, 1973-1978
Watergate Marina, 1979
95-147/291 (04693500) Quarterly reports
Excerpts from the Record
Houston Independent School District desegregation
Press releases, 96th Congress, 1st and 2nd sessions
Constituent correspondence, 1979-1980
95-147/292 (04819528) Alphabetical files, HEW: Civil Rights Division - Institute for Policy Studies, 1977-1978
95-147/293 (04819561) 94th Congress, subject files, energy
95-147/294 (04819539) 94th Congress, subject files, Clean Air Act amendment, correspondence - consumer and sales reports
95-147/295 (04819517) Itineraries, 1967-1972
Guest books, 1973-1978, undated
95-147/296 (04693496) 94th subject files, miscellaneous letters - State Department
95-147/297 (04819583) 91st subject files, Philadelphia Plan - Tax legislation
95-147/298 (04771818) Alphabetical files, P-R, 1976-1980
95-147/299 (05089238) Texas Law Review
Hearing summaries
Harvard Journal on legislation
95-147/300 (04693510) Alphabetical files, A-C, 1976-1980
95-147/301 (05334309) Committee hearing transcript, Watergate, 1974
Air ambulances, 1980
Big Thicket, 1973
Books and pamphlets on gun control, law enforcement, resource requirements
95-147/302 (04975341) Closed cases:
Social Security
Veterans Administration
Amarose, Joseph - Vietnamese - American Children's Fund, 1973
95-147/303 (04705722) 96th Congress:
Computer letters
Subject files, 1979:
Social Security
Department of Education
Abortion funding
FAA, Aircraft safety
Busing, 1979
Election campaign funding
Cost containment
ICC Truck Deregulation
Letters and calls concerning Iran
ICC common carrier regulations
Budget resolution
IRS, Private church schools
RARE II, agriculture
Social Security reform
95-147/304 (04693623) 92nd Congress:
Pentagon papers
Group intervention
95-147/305a (04771884) Environment:
Environmental education
Citizens Environmental Coalition
Energy and the environment
Artificial reefs
Baytown marina project
Big Bend National Park
Boating ban, by DOE, 1980
Buffalo Bayou
Cedar Creek - Clear Lake
City/County parks
95-147/305b (05334364) Endangered species
95-147/306 (05334295) Toxic Substances Control Act
95-147/307 (04974757) 92nd Congress, C-E, Campaign Finance Reform legislation-Estuarine legislation
95-147/308 (05334025) Coal Slurry, railroad rates: Committee transcripts, books
95-147/309 (04819550) 90th-92nd, Texas Power Plant Systems - Young Democrat Club
95-147/310 (04706339) 94th Congress, Marijuana control - Power plant siting
95-147/311 (04706350) Ticklers, regular, 1966-1972
95-147/312 (05089067) Legislation, No fault auto insurance, 1971-1978
95-147/313 (05334171) Legislation: Railroad Act of 1980
95-147/314 (05170518) Harris County files, 1977-1980:
Jacinto City - Whispering Pines landfill
95-147/315 (04860394) Coal related files, 1970s:
Coal pipeline, law reviews
Hearings, briefing book, 1977
HR 1609 interior markup, amendments
Ruppe bill
Interior, vote counts, votes on amendments
Skubitz Railroad Job Protection Amendment
Skubitz amendments
Santini bill, HR 6643
Recall motion, coal pipeline reconsidered petitions
Rooney-Staggers bill, JR 10663
Ruppe substitute and Germaness analysis
Eckhardt Coal Rate Amendment to Rail Deregulation Bill
Coleto Creek case
Detroit Edison case
Rate cases generally
Arizona case
L & N case
Arkansas case, Swepco
San Antonio
Arkansas AP&L
Minnesota-Northern states power case
Hearings, 1979
Interior: Public Energy Competition Act
HR 7816: Udall staff contracts
Major coal rate cases
95-147/316 (04860350) A-B, N, Agriculture - Busing and NAACP - Newspapers, 1975-1979
95-147/317 (04974780) Legislative reform, 1971-1975
Watergate, 1971-1975
95-147/318 (04974804) Films and videos
95-147/319 (04974768) Harris County, 1967-1972:
Post offices
Water supply
95-147/320 (04820120) Travel records, 1971-1972
95-147/321 (04706441) Toxic substances correspondence, 1975-1976
95-147/322 (04706394) Consumer Protection and Finance Sub-Committee hearings, 1977-1978
95-147/323 (05170529) Texas files, Air Control Board - Farmer's Union 1975,
95-147/324 (04974622) U. S. House of Representatives, 92nd Congress, Air traffic controllers, PATCO, FAA, 1970
95-147/325 (04771895) Bill reprints, committee hearing reports, various reports of projects in Houston
95-147/326 (05170540) Legal files:
Memo, Attorney General concerning unemployment Compensation
CWA vs. Southwestern Bell
Cox vs. ILA Local 1273
Pollack for CWA vs. Southwestern Bell
State vs. Thomas Pollock
Pierre, Russell, Port Arthur Arbitration
Leonard Shaw vs. ICWV
Florence G. Spaugh vs. Texas Employment Commission
Est. Theodore Poach/ad lit/Smiley Child
Labor Law Arbitration
CWA and Southwestern Bell, Stella Red case
Stella Red case
97-150/1 (8253010) Open Beaches, 1968
Interagency Flood Hazard Mitigation Report, 1982, 1983
Interim Beach Study Committee
Various legislative bills regarding beaches, 1959, 1969, undated
Articles on netting (fishing)
Conservation Federation of Texas, 1965
Letters sent to Gulf Coast Chambers of Commerce regarding shell dredging companies, 1963
Letters sent to County Commissioners Courts regarding shell dredging companies, 1963
Baytown-Brownwood Flood Project, 1976
Water resources and public works, 1978
Proposed Congressional bills relating to public works and water, 1977-1978
Federal water projects for Houston area, 1978
Brownwood Project, 1978-1980
Federal Acquisition of Mustang Island, 1970-1972
Wallisville Project
Trinity River Project, 1973-1977
Texas Open Beaches, 1980
Nation's Open Beaches, 1969-1970
United States Beaches, 1969-1970
97-150/3 (8253032) Texas Coastal Management Program:
"Implementation of the Activity Assessment Routine," September 8, 1978
"A Methodology to Assess Social/Infrastructural Impacts"
"Operations Manual"
"Pilot Study of the Activity Assessment Routine: Social and Economic Component"
"Activity Assessment Routine, Social and Economic Component, draft user's manual"
Siting Industrial Facilities on the Texas Coast
Model Minimum Hurricane Resistant Building Standards for the Texas Gulf Coast, 1976
Texas Coastal Management Program Activity Assessment Routine Social and Economic Component, Draft Training Materials, December 1978
Beach erosion
Open Beach research
Brownwood Project, 1976-1980
Seaway Company vs. the Attorney General of Texas, 1962-1964
Open Beaches, general files, 1969-1975
97-150/4 (8253043) Open Beaches:
General file, 1976-1977
Legislation, Texas, 1969, 1974, undated
Legislation, other states, 1967-1975, undated
Legislation, Federal, 1969-1975
Litigation, Texas, 1968-1975
Litigation, other states, 1968-1975
Beach bill, first special session
Beach bill, first draft
H. C. R. 16-A National Seashore Area for Padre Island
Public Beaches
Signed copies of beach bill
Open Beaches bill, 1959
First committee amendment to HB14
Beach bill, second special session
Committee amendment number 1
Miscellaneous Open Beaches material
97-150/5 (8253054) Southwestern Symposium on Conservation Education, Baytown, Texas October 13-15, 1968,
"Urban and Rural America: Policies for Future Growth," April 1968
"One Third of the Nation's Land: A Report to the President and to the Congress by the Public Land Review Law Commission," June 1970
Texas Gulf Coast, Mexico to Colorado River: Water Quality 1957-1966, December 1966
Conservation address cards
Form letters, 95th Congress, 1977-1978
Brownwood Project, 94th Congress, 1975-1976
Baytown, Texas, 1972-1978
Trinity River Project, legislation, 1976
Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1976-1977
East Bay and Galveston Estuary maps
Cypress Creek Projects, 1973-1979
Harris County Brownwood Subsidence, 1974
Harris County, Baytown, 1973-1979
Mustang Island, 1975-1976
Galveston Bay offshore drilling, 1971-1974
Matagorda Island, conceptual plan, October 17, 1975
Matagorda 1975-1978
"Footprints … on the Sands of Time," 1970
"Islands of America," 1970
97-150/6 (8253065) Keith Ozmore material:
Save Our Shell Club resolution, 1963
Save Our Shell Club outgoing letters, 1964
Letters to Lakewood Yacht Club members, 1964
Conservation Council newsletter, April 1964
Houston Sportsmen's Club outgoing letters, 1963-1964
Save Our Shell Club publicity letters, 1963-1964
Personal records
Home and farm insurance documents
Huntsville taxes
Save Our Shell Club, paid bills, 1964
Save Our Shell Club, Conservation Conference, 1964
Save Our Shell Club, Inc., by-laws
Newspaper clippings files:
Water pollution
Flood insurance, 1967-1968
Big Thicket, 1967-1968
Texas Water Plan, 1967-1968
General pollution, 1967-1968
General pollution, correspondence, 1968-1970
Pollution control costs
Big Thicket, 1967-1970
Big Thicket, 1970
Wildlife convention, March 8-10, 1968
Say Goodbye film, 1971
Homebuilders' seminar, 1972
Miscellaneous loose material
Southwestern Symposium proceedings, 1970
Legislative race, 1964
Conservation Commission, 1961
National conservation legislation, 1963-1965
Resolutions, 1965
Status of legislation
Conservation Federation of Texas Board of Directors, meeting minutes, October 9, 1965
97-150/7 (8253076) Pollution Enforcement Conference (Galveston Bay), 1972-1973
Padre Island, 1969-1976
Carl Oppenheimer, 1971-1972
Keith Ozmore cases, 1971-1976
Keith Ozmore, personal, 1967-1970
Ocean incineration, 1974
Ocean dumping:
Correspondence, 1972
Correspondence, 1973
Correspondence, 1974-1976
Permits, 1973
Background, 1972
Background, 1973
National Fisheries Plan, 1971-1976
Matagorda Island, 1975
Galveston Bay Study, 1969-1975
Gulf Fishery Management Council, 1976-1978
97-150/8 (8253087) Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, 1971-1975
Bay Conference, Washington, D. C., 1965, 1967
Bay Tour, July 30, 1966
Shell (Al Heiken Report), 1967
Water pollution:
ARMCO, 1971-1973
Water quality standards correspondence, 1968-1975
Water quality stadards background, 1968-1971
Litigation, 1963, 1975
Galveston Bay, 1967-1975
Correspondence, 1967-1975
Background, 1967-1975
97-150/9 (8253098) Southwestern Symposium, 1968
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, 1970
Aid to Fishermen, 1973-1980
Coastal Zone:
General, 1973-1975
Chambers Project, 1974
Management, 1967-1971
Management, 1972-1974
Management, 1975
Legislation, Texas
Legislation, other states
Legislation, federal
Dredging and Filling, 1969-1980
97-150/10 (8253101) Environment manuscript drafts, 1979
Miscellaneous environmental material, 1979-1980
Seafood recipes
Newspaper clippings:
Air pollution and railroad, 1972-1973
Conservation, 1969-1970
Pollution, 1969-1973
Pollution-Nixon, 1970-1971
Port of Houston, 1972-1973
Public lands, 1967-1972
Predatory animals
Recreation, 1969-1972
Redistricting, 1970-1972
Redwoods, 1967-1968
"Road to Nowhere," 1972-1973
SST-Supersonic Transport 1969-1973
Supersports, 1971-1973
Ship channel safety
Houston Ship Channel, 1969-1971
Parks and Wildlife Commission, 1968-1972
Port of Houston, 1969-1972
Strip Mining, 1971-1972
Supersonic transport, 1973
Sportsmen's club of Texas, 1972
Shrimp farming, 1969, 1972
Ship channel, 1970-1972
Shell dredging, 1969, 1971
Sewage, 1968-1973
97-150/11 (8253112) Newspaper clippings
Rural America, 1971-1972
Predator control
"Save the San Jacinto," 1970-1971
Schools, 1969-1972
Seabed Treaty, 1969-1970
Sealife farming, 1969-1972
Sea grant, 1973
Senior citizens, 1972
Big Thicket:
Big Thicket Association
Pete Gunter, 1969-1974
Legislation, 1967-1975
Interior national parks, 1967-1974
Correspondence, 1976
Legislation, HR 123335
Summary HR 5941
HR 3618
Lumber companies
97-150/12 (8253123) Big Thicket:
Background, 1973-1975
Background, 1976-1977
August-December 1971
January-June 1972
July-December 1972
January-April 1973
Legislation, HR 18527
Legislation, miscellaneous bills
Background, 1967-1972
97-150/13 (8253134) Flood plain management, 1969-1976
Flood insurance, 1969-1977
Loose papers
97-150/14 (8253145) Newspaper clippings, 1967-1977
Correspondence, 1975
Texas: Big Thicket National Preserve
Conservation: Big Thicket
Big Thicket Hearing, 1970
Big Thicket Hearing, 1972
Non-resident hunting fee issue
Big Thicket hearings, July 16-17, 1973
Big Thicket, general information
Big Thicket newspaper clippings, 94th Congress
Big Thicket newspaper clippings, 1973
Big Thicket clippings
Syracuse Law Review
Big Thicket Hearings, 1973
97-150/15 (8253156) Trinity River Project, 1974-1975
Texas Water Quality Board, 1969-1976
Trinity River Project, 1970-1973
Texas Water Plan, 1968-1976
Toxic Substances Act, 1975-1980
Wallisville litigation
Wallisville Reservoir, general file, 1968-1978
Sewage facility funding, 1968-1974
Water Pollution, miscellaneous indutries, 1970-1975
Water Pollution, Galveston Bay-Houston Ship Channel-Background, 1971-1976
Water Pollution, U. S. Steel, 1969-1971
97-150/16 (8253167) "Footprints … on the Sands of Time: An evaluation of the Texas Seashore," 1970
"National Shoreline Study: Texas Coast Shores Regional Inventory Report," ca. 1968
"Pollution vs. the People: An Analysis of the Performance of Texas State Agencies i Protecting the Environment With an Explanation fo Proposed Legislation for and Active Role for Concerned Citizens," 1971
Loose material
Open Beaches:
Galveston suit, 1972-1976
Correspondence, 1973-1974
Articles 1967-1973
Newspaper clippings, 1969-1973
Eckhardt statements, 1968-1973
Chairman Dingele, HR 10394 and HR 10395 to establish a national policy with respect to the nation's beach resources
Open beaches, 1973
ACLU/Long Beach suit, 1971
Open Beaches Bill (Texas) #556
Open Beaches, Texas state suit, 1973
97-150/17 (8253178) Shell Dredging, 1966-1975
Law pertaining to dredging and sale of mudshell
Miscellaneous shell dredging material
Gorda Bay shell dredging data
Texas Water Plan
97-150/18 (8253189) Oyster Growers v. Odom:
Judgement of Honorable Jack Roberts
Plaintiff's original petition
Plea to the Jurisdiction
Pleas in Abatement
Request for Admissions
Interrogatories to Defendants
Opposition to Discovery Procedure, objections for request for addmissions
Dredgers' objections to interrogatories
Dredgers' motion to extend time and stay proceedings
Commission defendants motion to stay discovery
State's motion to strike
Parker Brothers and Company
Horton and Horton, Inc.
Plaintiff's trial brief
Big Thicket
Miscellaneous loose material
North Dakota Law Review, Winter 1974
Law of Seashore, Waters and Water Courses: Maine and Massachusetts
NEPA in the Courts: A Legal Analysis of the Naional Environmental Policy Act
Annotated Text of the Texas Sales and Use Tax Law
The Deline of Galveston Bay
Mustang-North Padre Island Study
Environmental Geologic Atlas of the Texas Coastal Zone-Beaumont-Port Arthur Area
The Living Wilderness
Panhandle Magazine
State bills on air pollution, water pollution, beaches, and estuaries
By the Beautiful Sea (Open Beaches)
97-150/19 (8253190) Ocean dumping permits, 1974-1975
Ocean dumping permits, 1973
Wetlands acquisition, 1979
Marine recreation, 1975
Madman in a Lifeboat: Issues of the Environmental Crisis, by Gladwin Hill, 1973
"Old Sacramento: a reference point in time," by V. Aubrey Neasham, 1972
"Sacramento, California," printing 1972
ALI-ABA Course of Study, Environmental Law-IV, 1974
Environmental law, 1974
Open Beaches:
Legislation, 1969-1971
HR 11016, 91st Congress
HR 6656, original bill
Senator Jackson, S631
HR 11016, correspondence, 1969
State bills, 1969
Legislation correspondence, 1971-1972
Legislation, 91st Congress
Open Beaches meeting, registaration cards March 7, 1969,
Correspondence, state of Texas, 1969
97-150/20 (8253203) Cypress Creek:
Correspondence, 1976-1979
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, press releases, 1977-1979
Maps, background, correspondence, clippings, memos, 1979
Correspondence, flood control studies, 1980
Correspondence, environmental inventory, land use study, 1977-1979
Correspondence, 1969-1970
Correspondence, 1971-1972
Correspondence, 1973-1974
Correspondence, 1975-1976
"Cypress Creek: A Basic Watershed Management Study"
Flood Plain Information: Spring and Willow Creeks, Houston Metropolitan Area, Texas, 1972
Flood Plain Information: Greens and Halls Bayous, Harris County, Texas
Special Flood Hazard Information
97-150/21 (8253214) Flood Plain information:
Greens and Halls Bayous, Harris County, June 1972
Cedar Bayou, Houston Metropolitan area, 1972
Spring and Willow Creeks, Houston Metropolitan area, 1972
Special Flood Hazard Information
Flood Plain maps, Houston Metropolitan area
Mustang Island-Brief of Appellants "Parks and Wildlife Department Group"
Mustang Island:
Pearce Johnson, et al. vs. Fred Russell, et al.,, court briefs
Governement brief, Fifth Circuit
Excerpts from transcript
Mrs. Wilson's brief, Fifth Circuit
Intervenor's brief
Matter in Fifth Circuit
Compilation of state law
Materials and briefs on standing
Stay agreements and arrangements thereafter
Appellees' oppostition of stay
Application to Vacate Temporary Restraining Order
Motion for stay
Temporary Restraining Order
Secretary of Interior
Mrs. Sam Wilson
97-150/22 (8253225) Keith Ozmore files:
Harris County Flood Control Task Force, minutes, 1975
Speeches, 1976, 1976
Publication, 1968, 1978
Speeches on pollution, 1971 and undated
"The Texas Intracoastal waterway: Handle Her Spoil with Care," by Keith Ozmore, 1980
Memorial booklet for Armand Yramategui, 1980
Publications regarding wildlife, 1978-1980
Committee on Science and Technology, testimony, 1977
Atchafalaya Basin, 1978-1979
Defenders of Wildlife v. Cecil D. Andrus, 1978
Wildlife conservation, 1979-1980
"Texas-A Pioneer in Open Beaches," by Keith Ozmore, 1975
Eckhardt Statements, published material, 1979-1980
EPA waste disposal sites in Region 6, 1980
Harris County Flood Control District work on Cypress Creek, 1979
Offshore oil drilling, 1980
Flood insurance, 1980
Wildlife conservation, 1980
Steelshot, barrier islands, and shrimp, 1978-1980
Fisheries, 1980
Wetlands and waterways, 1976-1980
Waterways, fishing, 1976-1980
Waterways, 1971-1980
Big Thicket, 1980
Statement representing the American Lung Association at public hearing on control of airborne carcinogens, 1980
"Asbestos Disease Problem: Labor and the Legislative role," 1979
Fishing, aid to fishermen, 1978-1980
Big Thicket, 1970-1980
Wetlands and waterways, 1971-1980
97-150/23 (8253236) Shell Dredging-Public hearing in Galveston, Texas, 26 May 1967
Texas Oyster Growers Association vs. Will E. Odom:
Receipts, 1963-1964
Motion for re-hearing, 1965
Application for Writ of Error
Correspondence, November 25, 1964
Plaintiffs' first amended original petition, 1963
Plaintiffs' original petition, 1963
Reply Brief of Appellee Members of Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing held at Galveston, Texas, May 27, 1967
Shell dredging, public hearing at Galveston, Texas. May 26, 1967
Research for Save Our Shell
Parks and Wildlife Commission, 1964-1965
"What the Shell Industry Means to Texas"
Court documents
Correspondence with the Courts, 1963-1965
Shell dredging correspondence, 1964-1967
Correspondence, conservation and related, 1964-1965
Shell Dredging, 1964-1968
2X46 Sound recordings:
Recording of Eckhardt, John Wheat, Lynn Bell and Gary Keith meeting regarding the planning for the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History Exhibit, "Crusade in Caricature: The Political Cartoons of Congressman Bob Eckhardt," September 5, 1996
2.325/R "Congressional Comment," produced by the Office of the United Church of Christ:
Record #9, airing weeks of June 9 and 16, 1969
Record #10, airing the last two weeks of March 1969



2003-113/1 Political
McGovern, Johnson, and Vietnam
Great Society
Agenda for the 1980s
Campaigns, 1980, 1984
Campaign finance
Money supply
Clean air
Acid rain
Ann Richards
Contract with America
Foreign Affairs
Central America
2003-113/2 Clean Air Act
Lowry v. Reagan
Ballistic Missiles
2003-113/3 Global climate
Big Thicket Act
Armed Forces Abroad, Congressional Research Service report
Oil and gas prices in the world market in six years
Natural gas policy act, 1978
2003-113/5 [Handle with care]
Presidential studies
Imperial presidency
Attitude toward the Consititution
Reagan’s lawlessness
Corruption and emasculation of agencies
Budgetary policy
Religion, compassion, and Reaganism
Bush 1
Bush 2
Bush and Gephardt
2003-113/6 Civil Rights
Civil liberties
Capital punishment
Flag burning
Tort reform
1st Amendment - obscene art
War powers
Independent counsel
House banking inquiry
Ways and Means
Library of Congress
Delgado v. Colorado School District
Corrupt practices
Death penalty, capital punishment
Consumers Union
Alternative fuels
Clean air
Gas: amendments to Texas Clean Air Act of 1965
2003-113/7 Legislative issues
The body
Individual members
Structure and process
Arms and war
Civil Rights
Clean Air
2003-113/8 Oil and gas policy, 1970s-1980s
Draft of book on oil
Last quarterly report, “The tragic error”
Quarterly report on oil and gas issues
Materials on oil gathered by oversight and investigations subcommittee [committee on interstate and foreign commerce – Eckardt chair – seem to be original committee files]
Proposed oil production incentives
Profits of oil companies in 1979
Oil company financing and profitability
Crude oil windfall profits tax of 1980
Fraudulent representations concerning the alleged oil shortage of 1979
Carter’s oil policy
Newspaper clippings, 1978
Research, crude reseller notice of probable violations
Oil and gas
Texas delegations’ votes on the oil issue, Texas Observer, January 18, 1980
Exploration and development
History of oil
Import tax
Crude oil supply and disposition
Need for stable oil pricing
Price of EPCA – fluctuation
Oil and public lands
Production and costs
Cost and quality of all oil received in inventory by all U.S. refineries
Supply of diesel fuel and home heating oil in 1979
Clippings, Nixon let Shah drive up oil prices, 1979
Reagan’s decontrol
New York Times, “Ten Years after Oil Crisis,” September 1983
98th Congress, 1983-1984
Abandoned Texas oil fields
99th Congress, 1985-1986
100th Congress, 1987-1988
101st Congress, 1989-1990
Politics of oil
Emergency petroleum allocation act, 1973
National petroleum refiners association, U.S. refinery capacity
Standby energy emergency authorities Act, 1974
options for getting revenues, Ways and Means, 1987
opposition to an oil import fee
H.R. 13834
New Republic oil
Ownership and profits
Independent gasoline marketers v. Duncan
Staff report on Sub Committee on oversight and investigation of energy and commerce committee, Mergers and acquistions of the top 20 oil companies, 1978-1981
Oil company earnings
Ownership of oil
Oil company profits
Milton Lower in Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
The Case against the oil companies
Energy and commerce committee sub committees’ hearing on oil company mergers
Monopoly, Seiberlings bill (H.R. 5042) to prevent acquisitions
Cash surge
Control and enforecement
Stripper oil
Cost of decontrol
Taxes and fees
Foreign oil and imports
Oil import effect
Tidelands oil controversy
2003-113/9 Natural gas
Mexican production
Near deep gas
Pricing options
Escalators - take or pay
Old gas prices - PGA listing
American Public Gas Association
Natural Gas Supply Association
Natural Gas Policy Act
2003-113/10 Congress:
House Commerce Committee
Oversight and Investigation
Bills introduced, 95th Congress
Legislative calendar, 1980
Voting records
Procedural reform
97th Congress
2003-113/11 Open beaches
Poverty and wealth
War against the poor
Product liability
Blacks and whites
Mexican Americans
Duke, David
Solid waste
Texas nuclear waste
Right Wing fund raising
Art: cartoons and the Shack
Barton Springs
Big Thicket
Bowsher v. Synar
2003-113/12 Ranches
Nixon regime
Divided government
New Deal
Constitutive law
Tax reform
Politics - Kent Hance
Great Society
Gun control
History clippings
Judicial class actions
Legislative veto
Chadha case
New Deal
Nuclear force
2003-113/13 [warning – use gloves and mask when working with this box. Materials have been exposed to rodent feces]
Foreign affairs, defense and diplomacy
Central America
National bipartisan commission
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Mexico trade, 1991
East Africa
Arab world
East Africa
South Africa
Eastern Europe
Poland and Hungary, 1989
West Germany
Middle East
Persian Gulf
Iran-Contra Affair
India and Pakistan
South East Asia
“US should de-escalate unilaterally,” Eckhardt
Far East
4A234a Miscellany and Duplicates (articles, law publications, notes, correspondence and prints), 1970-1982, undated
3S127e Large Miscellany and Duplicates (photographs and prints), undated