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Development Communications Archive, 1947-1999

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Development Communcations
Title: Development communications archive
Dates: 1947-1999
Abstract: Reports, papers, printed material, surveys, articles, audiotapes, videocassettes, and motion picture films make up the archive of the Clearinghouse on Development Communication of the Academy of Educational Development, Inc.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00261
Extent: 428 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Founded in 1961, the Academy for Educational Development, Inc., is an independent non-profit service organization that develops programs to address problems stemming from illiteracy, overpopulation, malnutrition, poverty, and disease in the United States and throughout the world, especially in developing countries. The Academy works in partnerships with policy leaders; non-governmental and community-based organizations; government agencies; international multilateral and bilateral funders; and schools, colleges, and universities. The Clearinghouse on Development Communication, Washington, D.C., is an information service of the Academy.

Scope and Contents

Reports, papers, printed material, surveys, articles, audiotapes, videocassettes, and motion picture films make up the archive of the Clearinghouse on Development Communication of the Academy of Educational Development, Inc. The materials document the programs, projects, research, and activities of the Academy throughout the world. Some material in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and other languages.


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Academy for Educational Development.
Clearinghouse on Development Communication
United States. Agency for International Development
Commerce--Developing countries
International agencies
Public health
Social conditions
Social service
Developing countries
United States

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Development Communications Archive, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Stored offsite at LSF

95-201/189 Card indexes
95-201/190 Card indexes
95-201/191 Card indexes
95-201/143 Catalogs of audio-visual materials on development subjects
95-201/44 Radio Educativo Comunitario (RADECO)
10" reel-to-reel tapes
1st grade lessons
#1-23, 38-40
95-201/179 #16-117
95-201/14 #24-37, #41-46, #61-66
95-201/129 #47-80
95-201/12 #81-105
95-201/22 #106-115, #118-132
95-201/144 #133-139
95-201/22 #140-144
95-201/140 #145-156
95-201/179 #157-170
95-201/56 Test #1
Test #2
Final test
2nd grade lessons
95-201/144 #1-26
95-201/63 #26-33
95-201/144 #34-38
95-201/12 #39-50
95-201/165 #51-74
95-201/179 #75-98
95-201/140 #99-110
95-201/14 #123-138
95-201/15 #139-147
95-201/165 #148-165
95-201/164 #166-170
95-201/56 3rd grade lesson
95-201/42 #1-26
95-201/2 #27-37
95-201/1 #38-50
95-201/15 #51-75
95-201/71 #76-99
95-201/140 #100-111
95-201/131 #111-135
95-201/160.1 #112-123
95-201/160.2 "English in Action," 6 in. reel-to-reel tapes: Radio Language Arts Project, Kenya Institute of Education, Standard III, Lessons 101-133, 1984
95-201/160.3 Standard III Lessons 134-144
Standard II Lessons 22, 99,102, 125
95-201/16 #136-152
95-201/56 #153-170
4th grade lessons
95-201/164 #1-29
95-201/130 #30-62
95-201/13 #77-109
95-201/70 #110-134
95-201/92 #135-146
95-201/25 #147-170
95-201/56 Final test
95-201/33 Cassette tapes, 4th grade lessons, 1-171
95-201/117 6″ reel-to-reel tapes
RADECO documentary, Spanish narrator
RADECO video, audio version lessons #25, #27, and #160 (grade unidentified)
95-201/11 3/4 inch U-matic videocassettes, "RADECO: Interactive Radio Instruction in the Dominican Republic," Spanish, 18:20 minutes, three copies
VHS tape, "RADECO: Interactive Radio Instruction in the Dominican Republic," Spanish, 18:20 minutes
95-201/41 Printed RADECO 2nd grade lessons, #1-170 (Spanish)
95-201/111 6″ reel-to-reel "La Familia de los Numeros"
"Primer Grado," lecciones #1-22, 1976
1st grade
Lecciones #23-132
95-201/108 Lecciones #41-44, 61-101, 120-125
95-201/139 Lessons #118-119
95-201/111 Lecciones #126-132
95-201/72 Lecciones #131-150
95-201/139 Lessons #133-155
95-201/131 2nd grade
Lessons #1-17
95-201/139 Lessons #18-40
95-201/8 Lecciones #1-152
95-201/56 Lecciones #138-155
95-201/30 Lecciones #153-175
95-201/106 3rd grade
3rd grade series
95-201/139 Lessons #1-10, 17, 19-72
95-201/92 Lecciones #11-16
95-201/8 Lecciones #18
95-201/69 Lecciones #73-90
95-201/72 Lecciones #1-100
95-201/69 Lecciones #103-124 (missing #123)
95-201/30 4th grade
Lecciones #1-126
95-201/108 Lecciones #127-160
95-201/3 Lecciones #101-165
95-201/63 Lecciones #1-60 (unknown grades)
95-201/90 Miscellaneous grades and lessons
95-201/25.1 10" reel-to-reel tapes "La Familia de los Numeros"
95-201/25.2 10" reel-to-reel tapes "La Familia de los Numeros"
95-201/25.3 1st grade
Lecciones #102-110
95-201/131 Lessons #111-117
95-201/92 2nd grade, lecciones #102-122
95-201/3 "Math by Radio," 6 in. reel-to-reel tapes
Grade 1, #25
Grade 2, #171
95-201/6.1 2nd through 4th grades
95-201/6.2 2nd through 4th grades
95-201/80 "English in Action," 6 in. reel-to-reel tapes
"Radio Language Arts Project, Kenya Institute of Education", 1984
95-201/89 Radio Language Arts project, Kenya Institute of Education, (1982-1983)
95-201/112 #91-195
95-201/160 Standard III, #101-144
Gicoco, lesson #22, 1983
Standard II, lesson 99
Lesson #102, #125 at Metuma school, 1984
95-201/164 Standard II, #186-195
95-201/169 Standard II, #94-185
95-201/11 Miscellaneous 6″ reel-to-reel tapes
"Interactive Instructional Radio: Techniques for Interaction", Radio Language Arts Project, 18:30 minutes, undated
95-201/32 Approximately 90 tapes from the Radio Language Arts Project, Kenya Institute of Education, series title: "English in Action." Each tape labeled with broadcast date, week number, lesson number, and other information. Recorded broadcast, 1981, 1982
95-201/56 Radio New Zealand, 1976:
"Breakthink, the Writer's Talk"
"Breakthink, the Environment"
"Capital Plan: Leadership"
"What Should I Do? (driving)"
"Three Under"
"AU at Sea"
95-201/86 Lesson #145-195
Pilot test, PSET III, 1-4
Pilot test, PSET II, 1-3
95-201/88 RSP/PNG grade 6, #1-48
RSP/PNG grade 5, #1-60
95-201/41 "Voice of America: Pesticadas: Castellano, Aymara, Quecha, Castellano (oriente)"
"Radio Math, Guitar Music"
95-201/89 Effects 1-25, 2-171, English; Effects 3-27, 4 -160, English
95-201/108 "Test de fin de ano, Primer Grados Formas, A-E", 1975-1976
95-201/21 Miscellaneous 10″ reel-to-reel tapes
RSP/PNG grade 4, lesson #1-60
RSP/PNG grade 5, lesson #31-48
RSP/PNG grade 6, lesson #49-50
95-201/41 "Interactive Radio Instruction: An Introduction"
95-201/106 Miscellaneous 12″ reel-to-reel tapes
"Interactive" and "French"
95-201/11 Cassette tapes
"English in Action" Radio Language Arts Project, Contents: Presentation on the Project to the AID Conference for Human Resources Development Officers, Nairobi, Kenya, (1984), January 26, 1984
"Radio Science Pilot Lessons", (undated)
two copies
"University of the Air", (undated)
95-201/26 Miscellaneous lessons and grades, 1975-1978
95-201/33 Lesotho radio programs, including: "Child Spacing," Lesotho Distance Education," "Food Processing," and "Basotho in Industry"
"What is Soil Erosion," Soil Conservation Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture
"Radio Language Arts, an Introduction"
"Radio Language Arts, lesson 139, standard 3"
"Radio Assisted Community Basic Education, lesson 77, language"
"Radio Mathematics, lesson 25, grade 1 (side 1)"
"Radio Mathematics, lesson 171, grade 2 (side 2)"
95-201/117 "Career Education, Turnbridge"
"Reagan to Energy Fundraiser", 1982
95-201/56 New Zealand
"948 program, 1-19, 2TK"
"948 program, 20-30, 2TK"
"T 1003 tape 1 & 2, 2TK"
"T 946, 1-4, 2TK"
"Pacific Island Lifeways, part III-VI"
95-201/92 Radio Science Project, grade 4, #1-49 (incomplete)
95-201/158 "The Small World, the Voice of Self Reliance Demonstration Issue"
"Hawaii English Program"
95-201/108 "Sound and Life"
95-201/139 Radio Language Arts, revision, lesson #139
95-201/62 Spanish, basic course volumes III-IV, units 31-55 (with books, units 1-55)
95-201/6 16 mm. motion picture film
"Communications for Change," 4 sound tracks, 5 dialogue/music tracks
"Pakistan: A New Day,"
2 films
95-201/50 "If One Today, Two Tomorrow," English color, 1976
95-201/51 "Classroom Television: An Instrument for Educational Change"
English (6)
Spanish (1)
French (1)
Working prints, part II
Short version
"Pakistan: A New Day," optical sound track
95-201/53.1 "A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care and Communications," Spanish (2), French, English and Arabic versions
"Radio Math in Nicaragua," Spanish, French, English and Arabic versions
95-201/53.2 "Communications for Change," Spanish, French and Arabic versions
"Radio: The Interactive Teacher," Spanish, French and English versions
95-201/53.3 "A Way to Bridge the Distance" Oversize Reels
95-201/54 "Basic Village Education (BVE)," English
"Social Marketing," French
"If One Today, Two Tomorrow"
"Images of Life," English
"Communication Strategy for Development," English (2)
95-201/68 "Radio Math, Nicaragua," 8 reels
"Television Scolaire du Niger" (French)
"An Instrument for Classroom Television: Educational Change"
French and English versions
Short versions
Answer print
"El Salvador: ETV Lessons"
"Work Print, Instructional Technology Narration and End Titles, El Salvador and Niger"
"Cinemedia," AID film (revised)
95-201/105 "Radio Math in Nicaragua" (Spanish and Arabic)
95-201/108 "Radio Math in Nicaragua" (French)
95-201/150 "Radio Math in Nicaragua" (English, Spanish)
95-201/171 "A Way to Bridge the Distance" (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
95-201/11 VHS tapes
"Marketing Ideas", (undated)
two copies
"A Way to Bridge the Difference: Primary Health Care and Communications," PAL format
"Vaccination Week Interviews, etc.," recorded, December, 1986
95-201/81.1 "A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care and Communications" (Arabic, Spanish, and French) (with booklets), 1979-1981
95-201/81.2 Publications, Health Worker training mateials
Reports on rural education, education technology model
95-201/81.3 Reports on rural education
95-201/33 "A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care and Communications," Master (NTSC format), 25:00 minutes
"Radio: The Interactive Teacher," English Version, 20 minutes
two copies
"Philippine Rice Production Campaign,"
two copies
95-201/100.1 "The Rural Satellite Program: A Link to the Future,"
4 copies
"Marketing Ideas, Selling Nutrition"
"A Way to Bridge the Difference"
"Saving Children's Lives," 1 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Arabic copy
"Philippine Rice Production Campaign," 1 English, 1 French
"Sande Dancing," 2 tapes, part 1 and part 2, January 1986
"Zwedru," 2 tapes, October 16, 1986, October 18, 1986
"Lawalazu Singing Group", June 3, 1986
Paul doing promo, November 17, 1986
ELRG Exterior Florida
"Kanela: Sande Girls,"#2
"Population Change and Economic Development"
"Promoting a Miracle,"
2 copies
three unlabled casette tapes
"Media Ventures: A Promise in the Keeping," PAL standard
95-201/100.2 "Radio: The Interactive Teacher," French, Spanish, English
"Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua," French, Arabic, English
New Voice in the Village
Unlabled videotape
95-201/160 "A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care Considerations"
"Accelerate Your Learning"
95-201/88 "Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua," English, Spanish, French, Arabic
95-201/10 3/4 inch U-matic videocassettes
"Dr. Hakim: A New Voice in the Village"; Tunisian advertising campaign, French and Arabic versions on 3/4 inch U-matic S videocassettes, color, undated
95-201/11 "Saving Children's Lives", Arabic, French, and Spanish versions on separate cassettes, undated
"Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua: Primary Education Project", Spanish, color, 20 minutes, undated
95-201/33 "A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care and Communications," Arabic version, 25:00 minutes, three copies
95-201/100 Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua Primary Education Project, "The Interactive Teacher, 1 French, 1 Spanish copy"
95-201/50 Other magnetic video tapes
2″ magnetic video tape, "If One Today, Two Tomorrow" (English, French and Spanish versions), 1976
95-201/100 Beta
"Radio: The Interactive Teacher, 2 copies
"El Programa de Satelite Rural, Spanish
3/4-inch large cassette
"Radio: The Interactive Teacher," 4 French, 3 Spanish, 1 English
"A Way to Bridge the Distance: Primary Health Care and Communications," Spanish
"Nutricion A Vendre," 3 French and 1 Spanish copy
"Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua," Primary Education Project, 2 French, 2 Arabic copies
"A New Voice in the Village, French"
"Marketing Ideas, Selling Nutrition"
95-201/117 Unidentified format
Masagana 99, "Phillippian Rice Production Campaign" (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
"Dr. Hakim: A New Voice in the Village," Tunisian nutrition advertising campaign (English, Spanish)
"Saving Children's Lives"
Masagana 99, "Promoting a Miracle"
95-201/11 35 mm. film strips (with and without cassette tapes)
"Agriculture: Raising Calves"
Scope and Contents
(includes slides)
New Zealand
95-201/25 37 filmstrips, miscellaneous titles
95-201/117 "Animals with Backbones"
"Amoebic Dysentery"
95-201/33 "Rain Catchment Ferrocement Tanks," World Neighbors
"Caring for Baby" (African), World Neighbors
"Here is My Story," World Neighbors
95-201/11 35 mm. slides
35 mm. color slides, two boxes containing slides of magazine advertisements from around the world
95-201/33 "What is Soil Erosion," Soil Conservation Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture.
95-201/108 "Sound and Life"
95-201/4 Weekly status reports, Institut Regional des Sciences Informatiques et des Telecommunications (IRSIT), 1987-1989
Information on Peugeot automobiles and orders, 1987
Tunisia IRSIT project, computer articles, 1987
Tunisia trip file, March 1990
IRSIT quarterly reports as of July 1989
IRSIT A. I. D. contract extension
IRSIT annual report, 1989
Ali Garrouch, progress reports, 1987-1989
IRSIT staff training file, 1989
Tunisia Telex chronology (IRSIT), received, January 1987-June 1987
Tunisia Telex chronology (IRSIT), sent, January 1987-June 1987
Telefax chronology (IRSIT), September 1987
Telefax chronology (IRSIT), July 1987-August 1987
Chronology file, July 1987-September 1987
Tunisia Telefax chronology, 1987
Tunisia Telefax chronology, October 1986-July 1987
Useful Tunisia addresses, information
PC World debt collector, 1988
E-mail instructor
Money savings
Inter-office memos
Report: Comparison of British Satellite-Related Program in Tunisia with our Project with USGS, 1988
Copy general, slide copies, 1990
Memo, etc., 1989
AED quarterly meeting, selections from the FY 91 congressional presentation, 1990
State Department information concerning Tunisia, 1987
Boston roundtable evaluation
Kurt D. Moses, travel approvals, 1990
Kurt D. Moses, time records, 1990
Global-Aurora contract, 1990
Strategic and business plans, 1989
Consultant information, June 1988
Project evaluation by AID team, October 1988
CBMI (Centre Bourguiba de Micro-Informatique) RFP, 1987
Budget summary, 1989
Expenditures to date, August 31, 1989
Management meetings, 1986
ACE: management meeting (minutes, drafts, etc.), Washington, D. C., November 5, 1986
Stephen F. Mosely: President and CEO, staff meeting, June 1987
Management meeting, minutes draft, May 6, 1987
Management meeting, February 4, 1987
95-201/5 Microdis bibliographic data entry sheets, various dates, circa 1970-circa 1999
Assorted loose printed materials on educational development in Kenya, [circa 1974-1984]
Unpublished original papers
Harmon, Maryellen "Key Concepts of Paulo Friere: Their Meaning and Implications for United States Education," Center for Humanistic Education, University of Massachusetts, (1973)
McGinn, Noel F. "The Psycho-Social Method of Paulo Friere: Some Lessons From Experience," Center for Studies in Education and Development, Harvard University., (undated)
Sedlak, Philip A.S. "Teaching Initial Reading by Radio," Academy for Educational Development, Washington, D. C., (undated)
Republic of Kenya Ministry of Culture and Social Services Family Life Training Programme Annual Report, 1980
Report and Directory on Organizations in Developing Countries Working on Renewable Energy, prepared for the United Nations Environment Programme by the Environment Liaison Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, May, 1981
Directory of Kenya Non-Governmental Organizations Working in the Field of Renewable Energy, prepared for the United Nations Environment Programme by the Environment Liaison Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, August 7, 1981
UNESCO-MAB-FRG Integrated Project on Arid Lands (IPAL) Progress Report for the First Half of 1981, UNESCO Regional Office of Science and Technology for Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Agricultural Sector Assessment: Kenya, August, 1974
Development Assistance Plan: Kenya (photocopy of title page, table of contents, forward and first two pages only), October 1974
Letter from Mark Harris, United Nations Children's Fund Radio Project Consultant, EARO Nairobi, to Randall H. Casey, on "The Kenya Radio Series which Teaches as it Entertains, and How You Can Do It", April 7, 1976
Folder containing miscellaneous reports and information about CARE KENYA, Nairobi, Kenya
File containing reports on education and development training from the Institute of Adult Studies, Nairobi, Kenya, circa 1980
Printed material on educational development in Korea, 1974-1987
Printed material on educational development in Panama, in Spanish and English, 1975-1985
Printed material on educational development in Pakistan, 1970-1980
Correspondence course units from Kenya's Department of Adult Education course titled
"Foundations Course in Adult Education for Adult Education Teachers", 1980
"Human Relations and Communication: Unit Two"
"Psychology of Adult Learning: Unit Two"
Albums, photograph and others
Chebilat Women's Co-operative Society Ltd., Sotik, Kenya
Kipsigis women: Chebilat Women's Co-operative and Handicraft Group
Kipsigis homesteads, Kenya
95-201/7 Printed material, 1968-1985
Ivory Coast
95-201/9 Libraries, book production, 1986
Textbook production, 1987
Policy papers, 1984
Population, 1987
Information systems, 1978-1987
95-201/16 Country information
Dominican Republic
Ivory Coast
Sri Lanka
95-201/17.1 Miscellaneous reports on satellite communication in education and health
95-201/17.2 Miscellaneous reports on satellite communication in education and health
95-201/18 Research evaluation
Radio education
Radio and television research
Impact of television
Agricultural communication
95-201/19 Information on Thailand
Information on nutrition
Technology agreement
Health worker training
Radio education
95-201/20 Miscellaneous organizations
Educational development and research
Technical Assistance Information Clearing House (TAICH)
World education organizations
Miscellaneous organizations
Nutrition education materials
95-201/23 CDC (Clearinghouse on Development Communications) files
DCR/CDC historical documents
Agriculture publications
"Agriculture Communication: A Tool For Research Dissemination" a proposal to the Ford Foundations, submitted by Heddy F. Reid (author), Academy of Educational Development, (1983), April, 1983
"Communication for Agricultural Development in Latin America" a proposal to the Tinker Foundation, (1982), December, 1982
Miscellaneous materials including a contact list of names of possible agriculture communicators in Latin America
Education publications (miscellaneous materials)
Responses from promotional material
ESTR Project, Philippines (YMCA)
Videotapes for teaching farmers, Haiti
Communication channel study/training: World Association for Christian Communication (WACC)
Seychelles: agriculture videocassettes
Bangladesh: radio teacher education
Project profiles: masters for health related issues
Masters, communications campaigns
Mailing list
Development Communication Thesaurus (to be approved)
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1985
CDC brochure, State-Of-The-Art
Correspondence, 1981, 1988
CDC/USAID workshops
Reader survey responses
DCR reprints
Translation examples
Applause (letters of appreciation), 1984-1986
DCR - OMB publications directive
Exchange (requests for exchange agreements)
Correspondence/memos/invoices, computer
Project profile masters
Historical documents
Computer bids, 1986
Mailing services, overseas (KLM) and domestic
Mailing list maintenance promotion
Release letters, development communication report pieces, other correspondence
Applause (letters of appreciation), 1987-1988
Book reviews, 1988
Quarterly renewals, 1988
Form letters, masters
Book reviews, 1986
Reader survey
List of FAO representatives
AID mail list information
Health publications (mailing list)
DCR/AIDS correspondence
Communications Review Board (CRB), 1988
Reader survey, development communication report, 1984, 1988
95-201/28 Spanish edition, hard copy: disk (Spanish editions of three development communications reports)
French AD
French translation, local radio
DCR (Development Communication Report) translation, FRN (French), health
Scope and Contents
(includes 5.25 inch IBM PC floppy disk labeled: FRN Translations DCRs, 59-60-62, Health)
DCR (Development Communication Report) translation, FRN (French), environment
French edition, master
Radio bibliographic list (contains miscellaneous administrative materials related to radio communications projects)
DCR (Development Communication Report) #63, originals, corrections
IRI (Interamericano sobre Radio Interactiva/Second Interamerican Conference on Interactive Radio) conference materials (Tela, Honduras), November 14, 1988-November 18, 1988
DCR (Development Communication Report) #63, non-article materials
DCR #63 Supplement: IRI (Interamerican Conference on Interactive Radio)
IRI (Interamerican Conference on Interactive Radio) conference notes
DCR #63 correspondence
DCR #48, shorts and notices, originals
Hoxeng corrections
DCR #64 corrections
Announcements, DCR #64 and supplements
DCR #64 originals
DCR #64 correspondence
Radio supplement articles
DCR #64 originals
DCR #65 background materials
Pacific Telecommunications Council
List of clearinghouse journals
DCR #65 environment authors
What's New and Coming: 65 (DCR #65)
DCR #65, environment issue: leads and authors
Articles, DCR #65, environment
DCR environment, beginnings
Independent boxes, DCR #65
95-201/125 Semi-annual report, 1988-1989
USAID mission, 1982-1983
Project profiles, 1982-1988
Master mailing
Original transliterations
French original translations
In-country and foreign country requested
Personnel, foreign translators
Farm broadcasting in Nepal
Folk/oral media
Rural Radio Project, Republic of Congo
Bay of Bengal, India
RETT-II, India
Pro Alma Project, Honduras
Procalfer, agriculture
Communication in the dairy industry
Food policies
Women farmers, Africa
INSAT for Higher Education
Breastfeeding, Brazil
Rural communications, Fiji
Community Advisory Board, Phillipines
Third World development
Radio San Gabriel, Bolivia
UNFPA, communication for village participation
New profiles
Selected profiles, health
Selected profiles, covers
Table of contents
UNESCO project in the Congo on literacy
Peru rural communications services
Radio education teacher training
Project Share: Satellites for Health and Education
Using videos to train fisher folk, Peru
Radio Enriquillo, Dominican Republic
Basic Rural Education Project, Guatemala
"Strengthening Democratic Institutions in Latin America," originals to final draft
Guatemala: Solar Two-Way Radio
Caribbean: CADEC Network
95-201/126 Bangladesh: Poshika vocational education
Promotional nutrition campaign
Project profile, Phillipines
Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) communications campaign, Egypt
RADECO, Dominican Republic, 1985
Integrated development, Honduras, 1983
"Speak Mandarin," campaign, Singapore, 1985
Radio Language Arts Project, Kenya, 1983
Social values through TV soap operas, Mexico
Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Costa Rica
University of South Pacific Satellite Extension Services, Fiji
A training program for primary school teachers, Brazil
Radio education teacher-training project, Nepal
Video based training for rural development, Peru
Rural Television Project, Sudan
Barani Project, Pakistan
Farm broadcasting radio, Bangladesh
Jamaican Movement for the Advancement of Literacy (JAMAL)
Mass media and health practices, Honduras
Project profiles, happy baby lottery, the Gambia
Malaria control through a mass drug administration campaign, Nicaragua
Soybean promotion campaign, Bolivia
Radio MAM: "Let's Guard Our Health," Guatemala
Sistren, Jamaica
Cotabato Ngayon (radio), Philippines
Nutrition education program, Jamaica
Nutrition Communication and Behavior Change Project, Indonesia
Social Marketing Project: Vasectomy
Census Communication Support Project, Afghanistan
Profamilia: Family Planning, Colombia
Radio and family planning, Kiribati
Print materials for non-readers, Mexico
U. S. Department/education proposal, Telecommunications Resource Center
Project profiles: agriculture communication
National plan for feeding and nutrition, Colombia
Project profile master, radio
Semi-annual report, 1980
Folk media, bibliography
Communication digest
Debt for development
Source information chronologies
Short articles
Working drafts
Purchase orders
Media-based training
UNICEF photographs
Letters to the editor
Information technology questionnaire
Computer software for development
Development Communication Report (DCR) index
Women and development communication
Women and water
95-201/127 Women and development communication
Seminar on women
Possible case studies
Women and the media
Women and development communication
Funding for communication
Health and family planning
Women in agriculture/rural development
DCR, basic education drafts
"What's New? What's Coming?"
DCR original articles
Literacy, general analysis
DCR, literacy resources
International literacy
DCR, literacy, original articles
Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) literacy prize
Literacy materials in Nepal
Read/Write Now, Marilyn Gillespie
DCR #67-68, drafts and articles
95-201/136 New acquisitions, 1991
Brochure, catalog, order forms, 1993
Information on The Digest, 1993
Radio, 1993
Television, 1993
Electronics, 1993
Print, 1993
Folk/traditional, 1993
Audio/video, 1993
Agricultural communication, extension and rural, community development, 1989-1991
AIDS information package, 1987
Community health education, Vol. 1-2, 1986
Women in development/communication, 1990
Environmental education
Mass communication and radio for health
Population and family planning
Television for development
Visual communication and pictorial illiteracy
Communication cluster
Role of Telecom in Guatemala's development
Development communications directory
French edition
Spanish edition
Past editions
95-201/137 Project profiles, 1988
"Communication Media and Technology," article, 1974
Directory, Educational Technology in Development
International Radio Instruction (IRI) handbook, 1988
Rural Information System handbook, 1989
LCRN profiles, 1988
Thesaurus on Development Communication
Instructional Technology Report, 1974-1978
Past indexes
Microdis blank forms
Past issues, 1992-1993
Indexing notes
Indexes for future articles
Women and development communication, photographs and illustrations
Photographs, graphics and illustrations, #64-69
Information packages
Bibliography on distance edition
95-201/138 Library shelflist
Past issues
Health, general
Health resources and materials
Infant care
Letter to AID missions, 1992
USAID missions list
CDC bulletin boards
Information Age and the Third World, 1984
Health jackets
AID letters, 1992
Mailing lists
DCR issues review
CDC stamp
95-201/24.1 Radio education and listening
95-201/24.2 Radio education and listening
Global education
Health education and AIDS
Reports, papers and publications
Health worker training
Village health workers
Planning and management of health services
95-201/27 Information on television in France, East Asia, India, 1974-1984
Information on Uganda, Upper Volta
95-201/29 Information on urban/community development
Information on rural development
Information on cross-cultural education/training
Radio Mathematics in Nicaragua, 1977-1980
Liberian Rural Communications Network, 1988
Reports, articles on radio in miscellaneous countries
Development Communication Report, March 1981 - December 1982
95-201/31 Department of Communications, Canada
North/South Institute, Canada
Radio Quebec, Canada
Institute for International Research, Inc., reports on various countries
Improving the Efficiency of Educational Systems (IEES), reports on various countries
Various reports on radio broadcasting and programming strategies, 1964-1992
Education reports on Guatemala and Gambia
95-201/34 Information on cable television
Information on education
Information on communications
Education technology: general papers, several projects, 1985-1988
Video disc, games, etc., instructional packages, 1982-1987
Programmed teaching/learning, 1984-1986
Mass Media and Health Practices (MM&HP), formative evaluation reports, 1983
MM&HP, country summary reports
The Gambia
95-201/35 AED Nutrition Communication Project Cost Sheets (NCP budget records), 1988-1991
95-201/36 AED reallocations, 1991-1994
Summary cost sheet reports, AED, 1992-1994
Nutrition education
Vitamin A general II
Peru II
Nutrition Communication Project
Nutrition education
Rapid project
Burkina Faso mission
Nali II mission
Nutrition education, Kenya
Nutrition education
UNICEF/Bangladesh Profiles Project
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Files, reports, and miscellaneous materials on vocational education
95-201/37.1 Vocational education (contains miscellaneous materials on voc. ed.)
ED 7.7 (miscellaneous materials on voc. ed)
Titles under mass media and health practices
Implementation (AED)
95-201/37.1 Description of Field Investigation: Honduras, AED, August 31, 1980
Developmental Investigation Protocol: Honduras Site, May, 1980
Semi-annual Report No. 5, October 1, 1980 - March 31, 1981
Scope of Work: Technical Proposal, September 30, 1978
Project Agreement With Honduras, September 27, 1979
Semi-annual Report No. 2, April 1 - September 30, 1979
Distributional Review Board, June 10, 1980
Honduras Regional Background Paper, two copies, August 6, 1980
Semi-Annual Report No. 11, October 1, 1983 - March 31, 1984
Implementation Plan: Honduras, November, 1980
Semi-Annual Report No. 6, April 1, 1981 - September 30, 1981
95-201/37.2 An Evaluation of Motivational Training as used by AID in Latin America, American Technical Assistance Corporation [ATAC], Washington, D. C, January 1971
Family of the Future, grant proposal, Social Marketing For Change [SOMARC] [concerning proposed population program in Egypt], June 1, 1988-May 31, 1993
Industrial Training: Evaluation Study No. 11, International Labour Organization/United Nations Development Programme, June 1984
Vocational and Technical Education: Annual Report/ Fiscal Year 1967, U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Education
Bibliography of publications and presentations (by the Human Resources Research Organization) during Fiscal Year 1972-73, Human Resources Research Organization [HumRRO], 1974
Job Corps reports, Office of Economic Opportunity, April 1968
Vocational Instructional Materials for Trade and Industrial Occupations Available from Federal Agencies, 1971
Vocational Instructional Materials for Distributive Education Available from Federal Agencies, 1971
Developments in Technical and Vocational Education, Norman C. Harris (author), U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1967
Non-Formal Skills Training Instructional Materials for Latin American Countries: Needs, Sources, Clearinghouses, Amalia G. Cuervo (author), USAID, undated
Vocational Education and Training for the Non-Handicapped (Citations from the NTIS Data Base), National Technical Information Service, May 1981
Overview 1979: Reports of the State Advisory Councils on Vocational Education, National Advisory Council on Vocational Education, 1981
Youth Programs (citations from the NTIS data base), National Technical Information Service, January 1982
95-201/38.1 Research and evaluation on family planning
Research and evaluation on health and radio
Research and evaluation on health and mass media
95-201/38.2 Research and evaluation on educational television
95-201/39 Research and evaluation on educational television
Research and evaluation on agriculture
Reports, research, and evaluation on mass media, economic development, manpower training, small business, and education/training in Africa (some in French), 1974-1985
Reports on the use and effects of television and television technology, 1988-1989
Various magazines and newsletters, 1977-1987
95-201/40 Reports and publications on development of education programs and proposals in Thailand. Includes reports and publications by the Thai Government, UNESCO, UNICEF, USAID, and Thai and U.S. universities. Also includes a Michigan State University diffusion of innovations study by Everett M. Rogers, et al. All materials dated, [circa 1970-1975]
Reports, publications, and papers on development of education in India, especially the Indian Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE). Includes materials from the Indian Government, the World Bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and UNICEF, 1964-1977
"Ideas, Ideals and the Market: A study of Marathi Films", Pramod Kale (author), University of Minnesota. Paper prepared for inclusion in Asian Films and Popular Culture: An Anthology, Charles Leslie (ed.), University of Chicago Press, circa 1970
"Correlates of Family Planning in Eight Indian Villages", Joseph E. Kivlin (author), National Institute of Community Development, Hyderabad, India. Research report from the Project on the Diffusion of Innovations in Rural Societies, 1968
Documentation Bulletin: Contains descriptions of publications on India's "decentralised sector of industries" available from The Documentation Centre, Bombay, India, January-June, 1977
"Reflection on the Future Development of Education: A Selective and Annotated Bibliography", Rosemary Di Carlo (author), Division of Educational Policy and Planning, UNESCO, Paris, 1980
95-201/41 Reports, research, and evaluation on education, development and administration in Panama, 1971-1976
Slides, CEPAS adult Education Radio Program, Panama
Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU) Technical Review, January 1971
Contract #1473, Nicaragua radio/math education
Outline "Radio in Education", 1985
Information on Interactive Radio Instruction Program
Liberian Rural Communications Network (LRCN)
Final report of the evaluation of LRCN, 1988
LRCN County handbooks
Bong County, Suakoko District, Zota District
Bong County, Jorkwelle District
Bong County, Kokoya District, Panta-Kpai District
Voinjama Station handbooks; Kolahun District, Bandi Chiefdom
Voinjama Station Handbooks; Zorzor District, Loma Chiefdom
Zwedru Station handbooks; Konobo District (Konobo and Putu Chiefdoms), Gbepo District (Chepedo Chiefdom), Webo District (Sabo Chiefdom)
Reports, research, and evaluations on education, communications, economics, banks, and demographics in Latin America
Pamphlets, printed material, and reports on drugs, alcohol, education, volunteers, and finances in Peru, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, and Columbia, 1987-1988
95-201/43 Cardboard standing files labeled as follows
WWF Hong Kong: Contains slides and pamphlets on environmental issues published by the World Wide Fund For Nature, Hong Kong, 1985
Peace Corps cooperatives: Contains series of Peace Corps training manuals for volunteers setting up and operating cooperatives, April 1979 - July 1981
Environmental education, public awareness, program planning information, assorted materials
Education: school support materials, (primary) school support materials on environmental issues
Fondacion Natura, school support materials, including three cassette tapes, on environmental issues in Spanish
Distance education, multiple articles, reports, and brief descriptions of distance education programs in various countries, including India, Lesotho, Fiji, Korea, Peru, Costa Rica, and Malaysia, various other materials, for unfinished publication on distance education
95-201/45 Reports, publications, and papers
Communications and development
Sierra Leone
Appropriate technology, technology transfer, and technologies for development
Report on Proceedings of the National Workshop on Enhancing the Contribution of Oilseeds to Food Security in Malawi, Mzuzu, Malawi, October 23-28, 1988
File of materials and articles on Development Communication by John Lent, Ph.D., Temple University
95-201/46.1 Reports, research, printed material: education, development, social issues, volunteers, communications, industry, and farming in the Philippines, 1973-1980
95-201/46.2 Middle school textbooks in math, physics, chemistry, and biology
Reports, research, and printed material on education, communications, health censorship, and agriculture in India, 1967-1976
95-201/47 Reports, publications, and papers
Educational technology
Communications and education in Singapore, with emphasis on educational television
Development in Bangladesh, 1970-1985
Development (especially education) in Brazil, 1968-1980
Role of postal services in development, 1969-1975
Rural development
Reports and publications on education and rural development in Thailand. Includes a World Bank Country Study titled: "Thailand: Toward a Development Strategy for Full Participation", 1980
"Communication Workshop for Rural Field Workers: Kenya", Planning for Better Family Living, report series number 3, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Nairobi, Kenya, 1972
"Seychelles: Economic Memorandum", World Bank Country Study, 1980, July 1980
"Development of the National Information System: St Christopher and Nevis", J. Stephen Parker (author), UNESCO: Paris, 1986
95-201/48 Reports, printed material on communication, agriculture, education in Canada, the Caribbean, Columbia, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Qatar, 1973-1986
New World Information Order (NWIO), reports, articles, printed material, 1977-1987
Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Center (AMIC), 1974-1975
Information, reports, and printed material on social marketing, 1982-1988
95-201/49 Information, reports, and printed material on population and family planning, 1977-1985
Reports on project design and implementation, 1980-1987
Information, reports, and printed material on Peace Corps: nutrition and home economics, 1981-1987
Reports on nutrition, 1979-1981
Microfiche on nutrition education, 1986
Report, printed material on health, 1986-1988
Information, reports, and printed material on computers, 1979-1990
95-201/52 Publications and papers on planning, research and evaluation of development projects
Reports and publications from Partners of the Americas (PATH), [circa 1982]
Publications and papers on rural development
Reports, papers and publications on mass media and education, particularly television. Topics covered include distance education, entertainment programming in education (soap operas), non-formal education, cable regulation issues, etc. Includes a Clearinghouse on Development Communication collection or materials collected in a single binder and titled "Television for Development: An Information Package", 1990
European Development Fund press releases, [circa 1982-1984]
Social Sciences Research for Population Policy: Directions for the 1980s; Final Report, International Review Group of Social Science Research on Population and Development, Population Council, 1979
Collection of research instruments from unknown studies, in Spanish. Bound together and labeled: "Appendice 'B' Al Anexo 2"
Improving the Quality of Rural Poverty Alleviation, Niels Roling and Henk de Zeeuw (authors), International Agrarisch Centrum, The Netherlands, 1983
1981 Annual Report: Philippine Agency for Community and Family, Inc. (PACAF)
95-201/55 CAEFS Project (Central America Education Field Technical Support) Contract
Consultant financial data, TSO's 0-69
Contract notebooks, TSO's 0-69
Juarez subcontracts
95-201/57 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), information, reports, printed material, 1974-1984
Information, articles, printed material
Credit union coops, 1976-1987
Television, agriculture, education and development in Brazil, 1975-1985
95-201/58 Reports and articles on educational television, 1971-1974
Reports and articles on educational television in El Salvador, 1972-1974
"Medical Laboratory Techniques" (French), 1973
"Appropriate Technology Information for Developing Countries", 1979
"Educational Reform and Instructional Television in El Salvador: Costs, Benefits, and Payoffs," AED, Richard E. Speagle, undated
British Council study, voluntary action and social progress; case studies, miscellaneous papers and filmstrip
95-201/59.1 Reports, papers and publications on public service broadcasting
95-201/59.2 Reports, papers and publications on satellite broadcasting and education
Reports and publications on anti-drug campaigns
95-201/60 Reports, studies, articles, printed material on education, agriculture and communication in El Salvador, 1972-1988
Educational television (ETV) teachers guides, grades 7-9, El Salvador, 1972-1973
Articles, reports, printed material on agriculture in third world countries, 1974-1991
Articles and printed material on computers, 1978-1986
95-201/61 Folder containing final reports from annual meetings of the Inter-American Council for Education, Science, and Culture (CIECC), Organization of American States (OAS). In English and Spanish. Various subjects and dates, 1972-1978
Reports, papers and publications on educational television, including reports and papers on projects in El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, United States (University of the Air), and Costa Rica
Assorted materials on development training and communications planning, a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project, 1983-1985
Health for All report on a project WHERE (World Health Education Resources Exchange) program on teenage health teaching, 1980
Various materials on educational technology
Project Profiles binders from Agency for International Development (A.I.D.) Studies in Educational Technology and Development Communications: Agriculture, Nutrition, Population, Health, Education & Human Resources, and Integrated Development, 1976-1986
Training agents in agricultural communications, 1976-1986
"Communications Technology in Higher Education: Profiles from Educational Facilities Laboratories and the Ford Foundation", 1975-1978
"Communication and Modernization: The Case of Latin America" paper by Luis Ramiro Beltran, presented to the Eleventh World Conference of the Society for International Development, New Delhi, India, (1969), November 14-17, 1969
An Assessment of the Pan American Development Foundation and its Affiliation National Foundations in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador and Chile, report by Harry L. Naylor, prepared to accompany the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) proposal to A.I.D., May 7, 1969
95-201/62 Reports, articles, studies and printed material on education, agriculture, development and radio and television in Botswana and Brazil, 1972-1978
Reports, articles, printed material on education, 1969-1985
Spanish, basic course, units 1-55
95-201/63 Information, printed material and articles on educational radio, 1967-1983
95-201/64 Communication Centre of Scientific Knowledge for Self-Reliance (Paris). Includes a paper titled "Communication of Scientific Knowledge for Self-Management at the Local Level," and examples of materials prepared for such a communications project designed to help rural villagers with "simple technology", 1983-1984
Reports, papers and publications on the general subject of communications technology in development. Country-specific as well as general topics included
95-201/65 Cost sheets, Nutrition Communication Project, 1988-1994
95-201/66 Various materials, including reports, papers (1) and publications on education and development in Brazil, in Portuguese, 1979
Programs of the Board on Science and Technology for International Development: Summary of Activities, 1970-1978, National Academy of Sciences report containing descriptive summaries of BOSTID development programs by country, 1978
ATS-6 Satellite Experiments in Health, Education, and Telecommunications, A.I.D. report, 1977
Folder of various materials on the Appalachian Satellite Education Program, 1980
Instructional Technology, Arab League Educational Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO) publication, in English and Arabic, 1978
AMIC, various materials from the Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre, Singapore, 1971-1979
Family planning and population control, reports, papers and publications, 1970-1989
Dominican Republic, journal: Mujer y Desarrollo and various other materials, 1979-1980
Ecuador, reports, papers and publications
Educational technology, educational communication, communication and motivation, and transfer of technology, in English and Spanish
World Bank country study titled Ecuador: Development Problems and Prospects, (1979)
A.I.D. report on rural electrification
95-201/67.1 Articles, reports, studies, printed material on education, mass media and agriculture in American Samoa, Argentina and Australia, 1972-1985
Article and information on education and health in Angola, 1971, 1979
95-201/67.2 Reports, articles and printed material on education, health, television, development, electronics, satellites, family planning and agriculture in India, 1971-1986
Reports, articles and printed material on health, education, communication and the economy in Hungary, 1974-1986
95-201/67.3 Information on Peru, 1972-1985
India, Mexico, Central and South America, Indonesia, Nigeria, Baltimore; Drug Programs, catalogs
95-201/73 Reports and papers from the Institute of Space Research (INPE), Brazil. Primarily on the Space Technology for Rural Education (Project SACI), in English and Portuguese, 1970-1975
Assorted Materials on education and development in Brazil, with emphasis on uses of communication technologies
Three reports to A.I.D. on the African Primary Science Program, 1965-1967
Numerous documents on education in rural development and teacher training for rural development in Africa, 1970-1980
Folder of materials from the African Development Bank, 1965
Reports, papers and publications on various topics in African development, 1960-1980
95-201/74.1 Reports, studies, articles, printed material and information on women, 1973-1980, 1989
Reports, articles and printed material on education, 1964, 1974-1981
Reports, articles and printed material on literacy, 1974-1980
Report and information on education in Pakistan, 1977-1978
95-201/74.2 Reports, studies, articles, printed material and information on appropriate technology, 1974-1987
95-201/75 Improved Efficiency of Learning Project in Liberia, project of A.I.D. and the Institute for International Research Inc., McLean, Virginia, 1982-1985
Reports, papers, publications, manuals and brochures on training for development communications. Includes a large binder, UNICEF East Asia and Pakistan Regional Office: P.S.C. training materials, containing complete course materials for training in development communications, dated 1979
95-201/76 Reports, studies, articles, printed material and information on water sanitation, 1976-1988
Reports on education in Guatemala and El Salvador, 1971-1976
Reports on the use of technology in education, 1968-1985
Reports on communication, 1973-1980
Reports on public education of drugs (Spanish), 1987-1988
Information on Peace Corps, 1987
Pacific Telecommunications Council, 15th annual conference, 1993
World Telecommunication Forum, 1986
95-201/77 Reports and papers on development projects in Upper Volta, primarily in French, 1968-1975
Assorted materials on Venezuela, 1970-1980
Assorted materials on Uruguay, 1970-1980
Assorted materials on Tanzania, 1970-1980
95-201/78 Assorted materials on telecommunications and development
Conference reports
International Institute of Communications (ICC)
ITU-COM 89 (International Telecommunication Union)
International Telecommunication Union Seminar on Rural Telecommunications held in New Delhi, September 1978
Report from the Keewatin Communications Group titled, The Role of Telecommunications in Socio-economic Development, Heather H. Hudson, Douglas Goldschmidt, Edwin B. Parker, and Andrew Hardy (authors), May 1979
Distance education, health communications, social effects of telecommunications technology, teletext, satellites, optical fiber, etc
95-201/79 Reports, studies, articles, printed material and information on education, development, communications and agriculture in Colombia, 1970-1980
Reports, articles and printed material on public and educational television, 1966-1986
Reports and articles on radio, 1972-1980
95-201/81 Mid-Level Health Worker Training Modules: instructor's manuals, student texts, training evaluation manual, workbook, 1982
Agricultural Communications and Media Strategies course
Management protocol, volume II, field projects, FY, 1979-1985
Agricultural project implementation
Initiating and managing integrated rural development programs
Reports and studies on health education and education technology, 1972-1973, 1978, 1988
95-201/82 Reports, papers and publications on communications and development in Tanzania, primarily public health campaigns and agricultural development
Assorted materials on Taiwan, primarily on population control and family planning campaigns. Includes large volume of collected reports (in English) on family planning projects in the late 1960s-early 1970s titled, Family Planning Communications in Taiwan Area, Republic of China, the Chinese Center for International Training in Family Planning, Taichung, Taiwan, 1972
Brochures from miscellaneous international agencies
95-201/83 Reports, papers and publications on social marketing campaigns in health, nutrition, and family planning, especially the International Contraceptive Social Marketing Project Also includes social marketing materials on oral rehydration therapy (ORT) in Ghana, and a Retailer's Contraceptive Training Manual for Liberia, [circa 1983-1984]
Papers and publications on oral rehydration therapy (ORT), 1980-1985
World Health Organization materials, primarily publications lists and press releases. Includes several papers on the use of communications technologies in health and nutrition programs, 1980-1985
Loose collection of reports, papers and publications on primary health care education and development, including several World Health Organization working papers and conference reports, 1980-1989
95-201/84 Reports, surveys, articles and information
Health, 1975-1985
Nutrition education, 1971-1984
Health in Guatemala, 1975-1985
95-201/85 Printed material, published material, reports, surveys, articles, and information on forestry and agriculture, 1986-1993
Radio Science Project, printed material, RADECO lessons
95-201/87 Reports, papers and publications on health, 1980-1990
Appropriate technology for health
Medical use of communication technology
Health project evaluation
Community health workers
Locating funds for health programs
Emergency medical services
Health services under natural disaster conditions and nuclear war
Health policy for developing countries
Global health strategies
Community involvement and popular participation in health development
Design of health care facilities
95-201/91 Reports, papers and publications by or related to INNOTECH, the innovation and technology program of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SAMEO), [circa 1969-1980]
95-201/93 Printed material, reports, articles, studies in education, history, tourism, business and economics in Costa Rica, 1976-1980
Printed material, reports, articles, studies in education, history, technology, health and economics in Columbia, 1970-1983
Reports, articles printed material on health and nutrition in Haiti, 1975-1980
Reports, articles, printed material on agriculture, marketing, economics, education, technology and history in the Congo, 1971-1984
Reports and articles on education, economics and development in Chad, 1979-1984
Reports, printed material and articles on history, radio and television and development in the Central African Republic, 1971-1983
Reports, printed material and articles on education, communication, trade, agriculture, geography, health, technology and population in China, 1973-1986
Reports and articles on education and communication in Chile, 1973-1978
Peace Corp Literacy Manual, 1984
95-201/94 Reports, papers and publications on African development, 1970-1990
Science and technology services
Systems and education
Energy research and development
Public service for development
Training and research for rural development
Communication education and training
Regional testing resource and training center report
Oral traditions
AID and agriculture development
Educational technology
Rural development
Food aid
Reports, papers and publications on energy and environment topics, 1980-1990
"International Connections: Resources for Extension and Community Education Programs", Michigan Cooperative Extension Service, 1989
Assorted papers and publications
Technology transfer and issues related to knowledge and information, 1980s
General development topics, 1980s
Occasional papers from the School of Communication Studies, University of Poona, India (in collaboration with Cornell University)
"The Impact of Outmigration on the Sending Region: A Case Study of Village Mohori Budruk in Bhor Taluka, Poona District"
"Nature and Forms of Political Participation by Peasants in Maharashtra: A Historical Perspective"
Selected Bibliography and Readings on the Utilization of Research
Results in the Third World, report prepared for the International Development Research Centre's (IDRC, Canada) Communication Division, 1990
95-201/95.1 Reports, articles and printed material on education technology, bilingual education, open university and distance teaching, 1966-1981
95-201/95.2 Reports on the role of women in various countries, 1975-1976
Training Manual for Rural Radio Production and Broadcasting, volume 1, 1985
Report on the Graphic Arts Workshop, LRCN, 1984
Printed material and information on water and soil conservation, 1985-1989
Manual on correspondence education, international cooperative alliance, undated
Jobs in instructional media, Department of Audiovisual Instruction, undated
Overview publications on educational technology, 1966-1969
95-201/96 Reports, papers and publications on development in Chile Educational development
Adult education
Literacy education in China
Peer counseling and tutoring
Folk media and development in Sierra Leone (CARE'S Project "Learn")
Non-formal education and women
Non-formal education in India
Primary schooling and agriculture in Kenya and Burundi
Family planning in Thailand
Working mothers in early childhood education in Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, and Egypt
Non-formal education for rural women
Women and literacy
Adult education in Arab states
Girls and women and technical and vocational education
Female education in developing countries
World education
Reports on educational reform and educational television in El Salvador, 1971-1973
Canadian development efforts and programs
Development and Zimbabwe, including a family planning project report, 1987
95-201/97.1 Reports, studies, printed material and articles
Audio visual materials and methods and print media, 1967-1990
95-201/97.2 Health and health care, 1980-1986
Education, history and development in Vietnam, 1968-1975
Education, development and communication in Japan, 1973-1981
Education, communication, technology, development and economics in Mexico, 1979-1984
95-201/98 Reports and publications on the Operacion Antioquia de Accion Cultural Popular project in Colombia, most in Spanish, some in English, 1966-1970
SUNESCO materials on development and communication, 1980-1985
International Institute of Communications (IIC) and International Communications Association (ITC) conference papers, 1980-1985
Conference papers
Barefoot Microchip conference, Paris, 1983
Conference on Non-Formal Education and the Rural Poor, Michigan State University, 1976
Seminario Interamericano sobre Transferencia de Technologia en Educacio, Chile, 1978
Assorted materials on global education
Publications from the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems, UNESCO, 1979
"Report of a Scientific and Technical Information Workshop for R&D Industries", presented to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences by the Denver Research Institute, University of Denver, 1982
"Characteristics of Industry-Based Training and Education Programs Including Uses of Information Technology: Selected Case Studies", Office of Technology Assessment, Washington, D.C., 1981
95-201/99 Reports, printed material, manuals and articles
Education in Mexico, 1969-1976
Communications, development, education and livestock in Mali, 1977-1980
Education, trade, economics, environment, communication and development in Mauritania, Malta and Mauritius, 1972-1983
Education, economics, agriculture, communications and development in Malawi, 1966-1983
Education, automotive repair, development and economics in Venezuela, 1975-1987
95-201/101.1 Reports, articles, published material and printed material
Communication development, 1972-1990
95-201/101.2 Communication development, 1972-1990
Education, 1977-1985
95-201/101.3 Women in development, 1973-1982
95-201/102 Business Management
Brochures on business management education programs in and around Washington, D. C.
Planning materials from a development project directed toward educating labor for export industry work in the Dominican Republic, 1984-1986
Catalogs of audio, visual and other electronic equipment manufacturers
Texts and miscellaneous materials on educational development project in Honduras, Spanish
95-201/103 Reports, articles, published material and printed material on telecommunications, satellites, mass media, training and program planning, 1967-1989
Newsletters, articles, reports and printed material on development, education, communication, economics, technology and refugees in Africa, El Salvador, Khmer Republic, Kuwait and Laos, 1975-1989
95-201/104 Files of material from the Institute for International Research Inc, McLean, Virginia
Reports and papers on community development
Agent training
Education and development for rural women
Energy and appropriate technology, publications
Reports and papers from development projects in Lesotho
Training for development and training of development agents
95-201/107 Project Profiles: AID Studies in Educational Technology and Development Communications, description of programs (Spanish and English)
Reports, articles and printed material on Satellites, communications
95-201/109 Reports, papers and publications on rural development, especially the African Primary Science Program (APSP), and including other industrial and vocational training programs, training for development planning and women, engineering, and telecommunications and development, circa 1967
95-201/110 Reprinted materials on classroom uses of communications technologies
Reprinted materials on mass media
"Mass Education Through the Mass Media in Developing Nations," a U.S. military report on the potential uses of mass media in democratic vs. totalitarian revolutions, [circa 1970]
"Information Seeking with Mass Media in the Republic of Niger: An Exploratory Study of Town and Country," dissertation by Cheryl Olkes for the University of Texas at Austin, August 1978.
The Mass Media and Village Life: An Indian Study, report from the Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester, 1983
95-201/113.1 Reports, papers and publications on health, communications and development
British Commonwealth Caribbean countries
Yemen Arab Republic
95-201/113.2 Cambodia
95-201/113.3 Reports, papers and publications on the general subject of educational development
Reports, papers and publications on development in Nepal
95-201/114 University directory
IRSIT magazine subscriptions, 1987-1988
Cost reports, vouchers, 1986-1987
Centre Bourguiba de Micro-Informatique (CBMI) equipment, 1987
IRSIT projects and reports, 1985
IRSIT/CBMI procurement, 1987-1988
Egypt Education Planning Project, imprest reports, 1989
"Tunisie Le Project de Transfert Technologique", 1982
Operational Plan, Carthage Institute of Technology, 1988
Consultant Survey, AED, 1989
Project summaries, AED, 1989-1990
USAID/TUNIS Computer Project, 1986
Integrated Computer Systems technology training resource manual, 1988
Budde International, Inc., 1989-1991
R. Taylor, Colombia, 1989
Computer technology, Tunisia, 1989
95-201/115 Reports, papers and publications
Family planning, contraception, sex education and population
Use of computers in education
Education and development
95-201/116 Reports, papers and publications from Israel, especially the Mount Carmel International Training Centre for Community Services in Haifa, 1969-1980
Women in social and educational development
Rural community development
Instructional television in Israel
Communications and education in Israel
Conference reports
Assorted materials on communications in Italy
95-201/117 Interactive Radio Instruction Handbook, 1988
LRCN County handbook, Zwedru station, Gbason district (Biai and Gbason chiefdoms), Tchien district (Tchien chiefdom), 1986
"Bridges to Opportunity," AED publication, 1989
"Critical Factors in why Disadvantaged Students Succeed or Fail in School," AED publication, 1988
AED-AID files
Monthly reports, 1990
Consultant procedures/1420 forms, packet forms, 1990
AID personnel, 1990
NBI directories, 1990
Per diem rates, 1990
In house forms
Newspaper articles, 1990-1991
High scope (stuff to research for Sam Rea), 1990
Accounting information, 1990
Administrative information, 1990-1991
Computer printer
ABEL reports, progress highlights, 1990
Filing information, 1990
Fax cover sheets
Fedex/Skypak/DHL, 1991
World Management Congress, 1989
Kurt Moses, 1987
95-201/118 Kitale Maize: The Limits of Success, USAID project report, Kenya, 1980
"Guide for Field Crops in the Tropics and the Subtropics," U. S. Peace Corps, 1976
"Improved Practices in Corn Production," U. S. Peace Corps, 1976
Reports, papers and publications on communication in agricultural development
Basic education and agricultural extension
Experiments in agricultural communication in Brazil, India and Nigeria
Farm broadcasting in Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papau New Guinea, The Philippines, and Thailand
Indigenous communication
Participatory media-assisted learning for rice farmers
Intensive gardening
Appropriate technologies
95-201/119 Program Planning Assistance: First Year Report on Contract NIRT (National Iranian Radio & Television) 1: Assistance in Telecommunications Planning, Communication Satellite Planning Center, Stanford University, Edwin Parker and Heather Hudson, co-authors, 1975
NIRT (National Iranian Radio-Television) promotional, informational in-house publication, 1972
Overall Analysis of the Causes and Potential Perspectives of the Development in Iran, summary report of seminar organized by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (The "development" refers to the Iranian Revolution of 1978-1979), 1979
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A: "Primer Martir Campesino en Chimbote"/ B: "Sobre Deuda Externa 'Poniendole el Cascabel al Gato"
A: "Contaminacion…Enemigo,""Cuna: El Monstruo"/ B: "Contaminacion…Enemigo Publico,""Cunas Varias - Motivadoras"
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Reports, articles and printed material concerning information as a tool, 1975-1982
International development and education, 1987-1990
LRCN handbooks
Voinjama Station; Kolahun District, Bandi Chiefdom
Voinjama Station; Kolahun District, Kissi Chiefdom
Gbarnga Station; Bong County, Salala District, Sanoye District
Voinjama Station; Voinjama District, Bunde-Wubomai Chiefdom, Kwadu-Boni Chiefdom
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Volume IV, 8
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Reports, papers and publications on the use of folk media in development projects
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Reports, papers and publications on Educational Development in Brazil
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Project profiles (Spanish and English)
95-201/161.1 Agriculture
95-201/161.2 Agriculture
Education and human resources
Integrated development
95-201/162.1 Printed material, published material, reports, articles, information and papers on education, broadcasting, co-ops, linguistics, writing, child care, tourism, telecommunications and satellites in Asia, 1960-1985
95-201/162.2 Printed material, published material, reports, articles, information and papers on education, broadcasting, co-ops, linguistics, writing, child care, tourism, telecommunications and satellites in Asia, 1960-1985
95-201/163 Developing Countries Farm Radio Network, schedules, 1979-1985
Agricultural Development Workers Training Manual: Orientation for Trainers, Estension Skills, Crops, Livestock, Rice Production
Peace Corp materials on health, 1981
UNESCO publications: "Boletin, Features, Special," miscellaneous publications, 1986-1988
Publications, reports, articles, printed material on computers, 1970-1988
Radio Science Project, Papua New Guinea, reports and papers, 1987-1989
Articles and texts on educational development and family planning, 1974-1977, 1988
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"Preliminary Assessment of Education and Human Resources in Thailand," volumes 1-2, 1975
"Kenaf (fiber industry) in Thailand", 1968
95-201/166 Reports, publications, printed material, articles and studies on education and educational technology, 1965-1984
Basic Village Education Report, Guatemala, 1974-1978
Reports, studies, papers, articles and printed material on education, agriculture and culture in Guatemala, 1974-1987
95-201/167 Reports, articles, published material and printed material on computers and computer applications, 1968-1989
Motion picture film, A Way to Bridge the Distance (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
95-201/168 Reports, papers and publications on communication and agricultural development
"Communication and Agriculture", Robert C. Hornick (author), University of Pennsylvania; Stanford University, 1982
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"Using Slides for a Problem Solving Approach to Pesticide Poisonings in Developing Countries", no author, undated
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Reports, papers and publications on development in Tanzania
"Tanzania: A Nation-Wide Learning System", Overseas Liaison Committee, American Council on Education, 1971
"Mtu ni Afya: An Evaluation of the 1973 Mass Health Education Campaign in Tanzania", Planning and Research Department, Institute of Adult Education, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1973
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"Tanzania: Volume III, Background Studies of Arumeru, Hanang and Mbulu Districts", Garry L. Thomas (author), Ithaca College, N.Y.; USAID, 1978
Miscellaneous AED file folders, mostly of educational program and other promotional brochures
Reports and publications on education and training in Thailand
"Private Schools in Thailand", USAID, 1970
"Education in Thailand: A Sector Study", USAID, 1971
Unidentified VHS videotape
Reports, papers and publications on development and communications in Arab (primarily Saudi Arabia) and African countries
"Selected Bibliography on Education and its Social, Economic and Political Context in Saudi Arabia and other Arab Countries", 1976
Meeting of Experts on Higher Education and Development in the Arab States, UNESCO, final report on meeting in Baghdad (23-30 April 1968), 1968
"Resources for Short-Term Skills Training in the Sahel", A.E.D., 1977
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Reports, 1969-1973
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Reports, articles and printed material on education, audio visual technology, health, agriculture and professional salaries in Brazil, 1972-1980
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95-201/186 Ash Hartwell, Egypt, 1989-1992
Weekly reports
Proposed training work plan
Tax information
Time sheets
Report to World Bank
Family visit to Cairo
R&R checks
Ruhiyyih Cairo visit
Trish out-to-post
Trip to Cairo
Weekly reports
Participation in Amman Conference
Pay check deposits
Final management
Medical information
Language training
Letter of appointment
Ash Hartwell
Elina Hartwell
Meredith Hartwell
Ruhiyyih Hartwell
Trish Hartwell
Household moving
Household storage
Housing (Cairo)
Fed Ex mail to Cairo
Final report
Equivest SRA account
Yearly employee evaluation forms
Contacts list
Continuing status with AED
Curriculum vitae and 1420 forms
Boxes shipped to Ash
U. S. banking information
U. S. bank deposits (not paychecks)
Paycheck deposits
Advancing Basic Education and Literacy (ABEL) Jordan buy-in project, 1990-1992
Contract No. DPE-3823-00-Z-9032-00
Contract extension
Kurt Moses visit to Michigan State
Subcontractor, Michigan State
Participant visit
Budget amendment
V. Billeh
Dr. James Anderson
Dr. Perry Lanier
Budget, finances
Contract extension
Text for Jordanian proposal
Second year review
Background information
95-201/187.1 Reports, papers and publications on communications and agricultural development
"An Agricultural Development Project in Mexico", Carole Samworth (author), International Marketing Institute, Massachusetts, 1978
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Annual Report of the Turks and Caicos Development Trust, refers to a not for profit community assistance organization for the Turks and Caicos Islands, September 1983-September 1984
Radio Use in Education
Agricultural Development
95-201/187.2 Collection of pamphlets from the Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong
Miscellaneous newsletters related to development communications
Collection of materials on primary education, public education, and special events from the Dominican Republic, in Spanish
Collection of promotional materials from environmental organizations
"The Role of Communication in Education", Stanford University; USAID, 1978
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"A Case Study of the ATS-6 Health, Education and Telecommunications Projects", USAID, 1975
95-201/187.3 Material on Thailand, 1969-1972, undated
Vocational training, teacher's guides, and other educational materials
Material on Africa, 1969-1981, undated
Teacher education, health education, articles, brochures, and newsclippings
Materials on agricultures, 1978-1984, undated
File on Mexico - health related, 1990, undated
Educational Inovation Program for development in Arab States, 1980
Materials on ERIC International Office addresses of CARE and EPA; and article on education related clearinghouses, (1989), (1989)
Communications in the Rural Third World, ed. Emile G. McAnany, 1980
Successful Innovation in Family Planning through Social Marketing by Population Services International (HL 4.1 60), undated
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Testimony of Dr. Elsa Chaney, Deputy Coordinator, Office of Women in Development, undated
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"Video in the Village," Development Communication Report, 1986
InterRadio, 1989
Media and Communications, undated
"Women Using Media to Effect Change," The Tribune, Newsletter 41, 1989
Miscellaneous catalogs
95-201/188 Subcontractor, Michigan State
Bruce Burke
Vouchers, payments
Copy of subcontract
El Sheikh
Dr. J. Bruce Burke
West Africa Conference, Lome, Togo
Articles, memoranda, maps and other printed material concerning Jordan and U. S. aid to Jordan, 1987-1990
Articles and printed material on education, project profiles and communications, 1985-1988
Reports, articles and printed material on development, assistance, economics, radio and television, education and the private sector in Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi and Cameroon, 1967-1984
Printed material on pesticide safety and hazardous materials, 1984-1988
95-201/189 Reports, articles and printed material on education, training, government, development, government, hunger, communications, broadcasting and small businesses in the Philippines, 1974-1984
Reports, articles and printed material on education, urban development, television, communications, training, radio, health, agriculture, development policy and basic information on Peru, 1960-1986
95-201/191 Stanford Conference on Communication Policy and Planning for Education and Development, 1976
2005-175/1 Reports, journals, printed material relating to disease prevention, family planning, contraceptives, AIDS prevention, etc.
2005-175/2 Reports, journals, printed material relating to education and training.
95-201/191 Sound Archives"Disco Estudio Curso Basico: Educacion Fundamental Integral; Accion Cultural Popular, Escuelas Radiofonicas de Sutatenza, ACPO," Collection of L.P. recordings from Radiofonica, Bogota, Colombia. Two sets of 15 LPs

Stored offsite at CDL

96-052/1 Radio Language Arts Project: English in Action
96-052/2 Radio Language Arts Project: English in Action
96-052/3 Publications, reprints, articles
96-052/4 Bound volumes and textbooks
96-052/5 RADECO Language Arts Project: English in Action, Lessons 1-49
96-052/6 RADECO Language Arts Project: English in Action, Lessons 50-91
RADECO log sheets: Proyecto Radioeducativo Comunitario
96-052/7 RADECO log sheets: Proyecto Radioeducativo Comunitario
96-052/8 Audio reel: RADECO 4th grade lessons 64-76
96-052/9 Software manuals
96-052/10 Software manuals
96-052/11 Surveys, journals, reprints, articles
96-052/12 RADECO log sheets
96-052/13 RADECO log sheets
96-052/14 Grade 1, lessons 1-151
Grades 1-4, worksheets
Teachers guides
96-052/15 Proyecto Matematica por Radio
Standard 1, lessons 127-180
96-052/16 Standard 1, lessons 96-125, 181-195
Service For Development
Field evaluation processes
96-052/17 RADECO, 2nd grade, math, lessons 1-66
RADECO, 3rd grade, math, lessons 81-113
96-052/18 RADECO, 3rd grade, math, lessons 85-146
96-052/19 Adult education
Bilingual education
96-052/20 RADECO, 3rd grade, letras, lessons 147-161
RADECO, 1st grade, letras, lessons 50-69
RADECO, 4th grade, math, lessons 36-62
96-052/21 Technology education
International mathematics programs
Folk education
Canadian Journal of Communication
96-052/22 RADECO, 4th grade, math, lessons 63-155
96-052/23 Canadian Journal of Comminucation
Service for Development
Alternate routes to formal education
Compendium of Development Services
96-052/24 RADECO, 4th grade, math lessons 156-170
RADECO, 1st grade, letras lessons 1-49
96-052/25 RADECO, 3rd grade, letras lessons 1-55
96-052/26 RADECO, 3rd grade, letras lessons 56-84
RADECO, 3rd grade, math lessons 1-30
96-052/27 RADECO, 3rd grade, math lessons 114-170
96-052/28 Distance education
Radio education, 1980-1990
96-052/29 International training
Television education
96-052/30 Developing countries
96-052/31 English in Action
Radio scripts, Standard 1, lessons 1-70
96-052/32 Radio scripts, RLAP (Radio Language Arts Project), scripts 1-30
Radio scripts, RLAP (Radio Language Arts Project), teachers notes and work plans
96-052/33 Producing radio lessons for children
"Radio," 1-7
96-052/34 "Radio," 9-14
96-052/35 RLAP lessons 6-191
RLAP Standard 3, lessons 23-78 (1983-1984)
96-052/36 Scripts, Standard 1, lessons 71-95
Scripts, Standard 1, lessons 89-124
96-052/37 Scripts, Standard 2, lessons 125-195
96-052/38 RADECO, 2nd grade, lessons 46-105
96-052/39 RADECO, 2nd grade, lessons 106-170
96-052/40 AED-Texas-publications
96-052/41 AED-Texas-publications
96-052/42 AED-Texas-publications
96-052/43 Scripts, Standard 2, lessons 1-57
96-052/44 Scripts, Standard 2, lessons 59-88
96-052/45 Publications
96-052/46 Publications
96-052/47 Videotapes: VHS and 3/4 inch
96-052/48 Mail received and journals
96-052/49 Radio/math meeting notes, 1977
Cassette tapes, grades 1-3
96-052/50 Radio/math project, grades 1-2
96-052/51 Radio/math project, scripts
European Broadcasting Union
Radio listening behavior
Broadcasting "how-to" publications
96-052/52 Radio/math project, grade 2
96-052/53 Radio Santa Maria
Clearinghouse on Development Communication: State-of-the-Art Review
96-052/54 Radio language arts project by Heir/Brooke, 92-137
96-052/55 Publications
96-052/56 Publications
96-052/57 Publications
96-052/58 Radio language arts project by Heir/Brooke, 138-180
96-052/59 Radio language arts project by Heir/Brooke, 181-190
RADECO, 1st grade, math, lessons 89-144
96-052/60 RADECO, 1st grade, math, lessons 1-88
96-052/61 RADECO radio scripts, grade 1, letras, lessons 70-133
96-052/62 RADECO radio scripts, grade 1, letras, lessons 132-170
96-052/63 RADECO radio scripts, grade 3, math, lessons 31-65
RADECO radio scripts, grade 1, math, lessons 1-28
U.S. Education Network reports and reviews
96-052/64 Publications, journals, etc.
96-052/65 World Bank papers
Clearinghouse on Development Communications
Training projects
Publications: fundamental life science