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A Guide to the Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education Archive, 1975-1979

Descriptive Summary

Creator Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education
Title: Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education Archive,
Dates: 1975-1979
Abstract Materials consist of the operational and ideological practices of the Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education.
Extent 7 1/2 feet
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Historical Note

The Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education was formed in Austin, Texas, in 1975 to promote an anti-capitalist left wing agenda as an alternative to mainstream ideology. The school's charter states: "The struggle of the working people, gays, women and national minorities are a response to the injustice and oppression of the capitalist system; and eventually that system itself must be challenged." The school consisted of classes, meetings, fundraisers, guest lectures, special events, and publicity. Many of the participants were also involved in the Austin chapter of the New American Movement.

Scope and Contents

Materials include newsletters and educational materials from around the world and are arranged with a public education focus.


Access Restrictions

This collection is stored remotely; advance notice required for retrieval; contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Stevens, J.P.
Boyce, Steve
Herst, Esther
Phillips, Tom
Lockwood, Larry
Boyte, Harry
Subjects (Organizations)
National Lawyer's Guild
Social Democrats
Palestine National Liberation Movement
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Austin Left - Together, The
Bread and Roses
Business Week
Daily Texan
Dollars and Sense
First Flower
Guns Violence and Feminism
In These Times
Lenin on Party
Moving On
New American Movement
Norma Rae
On Contradictions
Otherside, The
Public Employee
Texas Observer
Transforming the Struggle in Zimbabwwe

Related Material

Forms part of the Sara Clark Collection on Social, Political, and Environmental Reform.

Separated Material

Two issues of First Flower have been separated to the Library Unit.

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Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education, 1975-1979, Sara Clark Collection on Social, Political, and Environmental Reform, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Archive



2.325/C127 Political Resolution of the Third Congress of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)- and Programme and Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA 1977
Carlo, Antonio 17 "Lenin on Party."Telos (1973)
Extent (3 copies)
Nicolaus, Martin "Proletariat and Middle Class in Marx: Hegelian Choreography and the Capitalist Dialectic." (1967)
Political Education Material: "On Contradictions"
Political Education Material for Mawere. Saul, John S. "Transforming the Struggle in Zimbabwe."
Political Education Materials: Imperialism
(See also Southern Africa)
Vietnam (They Won!!!)
Bread and Roses Flyer
In These Times vol. 1 no. 17, March 16-22, 1977
In These Times September 14-20, 1977
In These Times vol. 1 no. 30, June 15-21, 1977
Guardian December 24, 1975
Guardian June 4, 1975
Chapter Self-Criticisms-Austin-New America Movement. December, 1977
Bread and Roses - South East Asia
New American Movement Convention Registration Form 1980- July 23-27,
Business Week June 30, 1980
Sulzberger, C.L. "Trouble in France's Academe." April 21, 1976
"Will it Work?"Business Week June 30, 1980
Guardian December 31, 1980
Moving On November/December 1980
Moving On June 1979
Notice for "Budgets, Taxes and Jobs" Program
Poster for Program by Robin Tyler
Source Catalog for Communities/Housing
Booklet of Poetry
(see also Israel)
Christrup, Helen J. "Why Do Government Employees Join Union?"
Buffalo New American Movement- Summary of Discussion of Draft Racism Resolution
Notes and Correspondence
"A Proposal for a New National Publication"
Katz, Marilyn "Comments on the Katz/Ehrenreich Paper"
New American Movement Agenda
New American Movement Newsletter May 1974
The Austin Left-Together. Newsletter May 1979
New American Movement Agenda
Brief Summaries of Austin's Radical Left Groups
"Communication, Resistance, Unity, Revolution" April 1974
New American Movement Agenda March 12
Agenda March 26
Bread and Roses Song
Agenda- Newsletters, Notes and Notices
Public Employee vol. 45 no. 8, August 1980
New American Movement vol. 5 no. 6, February 1976
Greene, Richard "Guns, Violence and Feminism"
Plotke, David "Notes on the Democratic Party: A Response to Domhoff"
Convention Papers of the New American Movement, 1975
Healey, Richard "The Fight Against Racism"
Austin New American Movement Agendas Through 1975
Austin, City of, Downtown "Revitalization"
Black Movement U.S.A.
Bread and Roses Chicago Educational Materials
Bread and Roses - Current
Bread and Roses Schedule for October
Greene, Richard "Guns, Violence and Feminism"
Constitution and Bylaws of UTEU Local 3626, American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO
New American Movement Newsletter
Lone Star Book Review August 1980
Baugh, Bob "Plant Closure Organizing in the Northwest"
The Southern Socialists' Meeting of 1939
The Lone Star Socialist - Newsletter January 1981
New American Movement - Report
Nieman, Bob "Urban Crisis Workplan"
Urban Crisis Commission - Tasklist
Cameron, John "Some Thoughts on the So-called "National Question and Racial Oppression""
Draft Human Rights in Chile - Report
New American Movement - Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter vol. 4 no. 7, November 1976
Update on the Edgardo Enriquez Campaign 1976
Vogel, Virgil "Selected and Annotated Bibliography on the History of American Socialism"
New American Movement - Pittsburgh Chapter Newsletter vol. 8 no. 3, July 1980
Review of "Norma Rae"
Smedley, Webb "Selective Objectivity Stifles Debate"Daily Texan November 13, 1978
Dollars and Sense no. 32, December 1977
American Educator Fall 1980
Dykema, Christopher Rhoades "First Steps: Socialist Organizing in the Working Class"
The New American Movement vol. 5 no. 8, April 1976
Labor Day Austin AFL-CIO Council Brochure 1980.
New American Movement. National Political Debate and Documents 1977
New American Movement Newsletter - St. Louis vol. 1 no. 5, 1977
East Bay Socialist School Newsletter Winter 1977
National Labor Movement Pamphlet
The Texas Observer December 14, 1973
In These Times vol. 3 no. 23, May 1981
List of Major Buildings for Telephone Follow-up
Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
New American Movement Newsletter - Chicago Northside January 1977
St. Louis vol. 2 no. 5 September 1978
Pittsburgh vol. 6 no. 2 February 1978
Buffalo November 1977
Pittsburgh vol. 6 no. 1, January 1978
Pittsburgh vol. 5 no. 1, January 1977
Pittsburgh vol. 4 no. 8, December 1976
Pittsburgh vol. 4 no. 7, November 1976
Los Angeles vol. 2 no. 2, March 1978
Somerville Community News vol. 1 no. 2, July 1977
Somerville Community News vol. 1 no. 1, June 1977
Blazing Star vol. 3 no. 5, August 1977
The East Bay Voice vol. 2 no. 2, June 1977
New American Movement Newsletter - Los Angeles vol. 1 no. 3, December 1977
The East Bay Voice vol. 1 no. 4-5, August 1976
The Texas Observer August 1979
Herman Kahn Negative Biography
Anti-Rockefeller Biography
Alternative Song Lyrics
Moving On Winter 1975
Moving On Winter 1976
"The Other Side" November 1976
"Attica" Riot Pamphlet
Life March 22, 1968
National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision Vol. 1, no. 3
Abortion Coalition Letter September 1977
Off Our Backs Vol. 10 no. 11
Buffalo New American Movement
In These Times May 1978
Political Imprisonment in Spain
Loose New American Movement Essays and Notes
Europe, Industry 1978
European Economic Community 1978
France, Industry 1978
Dominican Republic Military Democracy 1978
Cuba, Imperialism 1978
China and the U.S., China People's Friendship Association 1978
Chile 1978
Brazil 1978
2.325/C128 Assorted Loose Material
Landlord Information, Properties, etc., no date
Local Housing Disputes (news clippings)
Loose Newsletter
Tenants Mailing Lists and Contacts
River City Tenant's Union Notes of Meetings
RCTU Gen Pamphlets, copy
Loose Copies of Mimeographed Song Lyrics
Rent Control (Articles), newspaper clippings
Sample Forms (Deposits, Lockouts, Property Seizure)
Zoning and Development (letters, clippings)
Loose Fragment of ? Newsletter
Tenants Rights- General Organizing
Texas Tenants' Rights Association
"A Community Planning Guide to Weatherization",
Extent 2 pamphlets
TTRA Bills - Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ULTRA)
Warranty of Habitability, Handbook, Memorandum, Clippings
The Black Panther, Redstar Course Guide - New American Movement; August 21, 1976;The Bulletin Newsletter, September 22, 1977
API Vocational Training Survey - Attica,
Extent 2 copies
Daily World, December 7, 1979 edition
Letter to Fly by Night Printing Collective from Western Composition Systems
Empty Envelopes from Southwestern Bell and UFCU
Armando Gutierrez - Daily Texan Clippings on Tenure Issue, 1978
A Pentagon Papers Digest - Indochina Information Project
Bread & Roses - Copies of Proposed Agenda
Bread & Roses - Alternative Public Policies/ Economic Democracy, August 2, 1978
Bread & Roses - Austin Desegregation, Clippings from Major US Cities on Desegregation, 1976
Bread & Roses - Request for Financial Support
T & L Publications Committee Forms, Logos and Invitations
Abortion, in Texas, Opinions, Law
Bread & Roses - Latin America; America Presse March, 1976;Resistance in Latin America March, 1970;Argentina in the Hour of the Furnaces 1975; Clippings 1978
Political Education Materials - Racism (Article), 1974
Energy Cactus Alliance; Armadillo Coalition - Newsletters, Report: Toward a Non-Nuclear Future for Austin, 1977 - 1978
Iranian Students - Pamphlet
Mobilization for Survival - Newsletter, Clippings, 1979
Mobilization - Texas Mobilization for Survival, Brochure, Letter, 1978
Marxist-Leninist - Rev. Union, Rev. Student Brigade, Rev. Comm. Party, R. Youth Brigade, etc. ad nauseum; Forum on Cultural Revolution in China
Bread & Roses Issues File, Dissidents; Mill Work Clipping, Plan Rooms Newsletters, School Districts Letter to New American Movement on Future of Bread & Roses 1978
Bread & Roses - Labor Unions Pub., Brochure, Clipping In These Times, 1978
Organizations File - Teamsters Pora Dem Un., Clippings, 1978
Texas Farmworkers Union - Editions "El Cuhamil" February - May 1976
New American Movement Associate Member Drive (Loose)
J.P. Stevens - Articles, Newsletters, 1977
Imperialism General - Articles, Booklets, 1965 - 1971
Corporations (see also: South Africa: Divestiture) - Booklets, Raythorn, Honeywell; Bulletin, Dollars & Sense; 1971 - 1975
Gay Clippings, etc., 1977
Immigration - Brochures, 1977
Bread & Roses Health Information, 1971 - 1977
Human Rights - Citizen Action Guide to Human Rights, Clippings and New York Times Article, Two Letters, 1974;1978;1978 (?)
Garofalo, Reebee "The Pre-History of Rock N Roll."Radical America, July-August 1980
Barkan, Joanne "Eight Hours a Day at Fiat: Conversations with Italian Autoworkers."Radical America, July-August 1980
Amnesty Action, March 1980
Empty file folder
The American Lawyer, April 1980
Gay Liberation - Course Offering; History Forum, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1976; Toward a Scientific Analysis of the Gay Question; Magnus Literature, 1976; Unity in the Face of Oppression; The Dayton Gay Center News
Gay Pride Week Literature
Letter, 1975
Bread & Roses Italy - Clippings
Bread & Roses Writings (Songs?)
Jamaica - Clippings, In These Times, 1978
Panama - Notes, Clippings, Literature, 1975
Puerto Rico - Article, 1977
Rumania - Clipping
Saudi Arabia - Struggle, Oppression: Counter Revolution in Saudi Arabia, 1972
2.325/C129 Binder Notebook for English 132
New American Movement Utilities Work
Mountain Life & Work February 1981
Bread & Roses October
New Day News vol. 1, no. 2
Bloodbath in Iran Flier
Women Today: Suffocation or Freefall Poster
River City Tenants Union Client Forms
Building Standards Committee Meeting to Formulate New Code 1977
Building Standards Codes
Census Data
In The World January 12 - 18, 1977
Labor Day Booklet 1980
Working People Brochure
You, Drugs and the Police
Boycott J.P. Stevens Textile Products
Letter From Steve Boyce to Glenn
"Memorandum Causes Stir."Daily Texan February 8, 1980
Bread & Roses National Coalition Agreement
National Lawyers' Guild
Bread & Roses Oklahoma Socialist Movement
Progressive Groups - Local
Progressive Alliance
Social Democrats, United States of America
United Nations: International Treaties
Canada/Australia/Oceania/Germany/Scandinavia International Agencies
3 Empty Folders
Bread & Roses United Farm Workers
West Campus Neighborhood
Bread & Roses: Education
In These Times pp. 3 - 4 December 20 - 26, 1978,
Fiscal Crisis
Issues File: Foreign Policy
Bread & Roses: Community Services Information
Consumer Affairs
Contacts (Miscellaneous)
Energy Work August 23, 1978
Hearing Board Report March 1977
Memo from Esther Herst to NCARL Staff & Officers, October 20, 1978
Organizing Against Government Spying January 1978
Strike (empty)
Bread & Roses Issue File: Taxes
Coalition for Popular Unity - Status Report September 6, 1978
Protect America's Children Fund-Raising Letter
Letter Tom Phillips to "Fellow Socialist Organizers" December 1977
"People United for Responsible Energy (PURE): An Interpretive History." August 1977
"An Analysis of Past Problems in Our Work, A Proposal for Future Mass/Base Work Around Utility Issue." June 21, 1976
Coalition for Popular Unity - September 6, 1978
Issues '78. Foreign and Military Policy
"More Jobs: Converting to a Peaceful Productive Economy"
"Conversion Legislation Stirs in Congress." Coalition for a New Foreign Resource and Military Policy
Resolution on the Sale of the Krugerand
Bread & Roses National Coalitions July 4
Science and Society vol. XL no. I, Spring 1976
vol. XL no. 2, Summer 1976
vol. XL no. 3, Fall 1976
Portugese Africa: An Introduction 1973
Huet, Paulo "Friere y los Marxistas" 1974
Mine Warfare 1971
Harris, Fred "The New Populism" 1973
The Syrian Arab Republic. Program of the March 8th Revolution 1965
Amnesty International Annual Report 1973 - 1974
"San Quentin Six"
"Revolution Until Victory" The Palestine National Liberation Movement, Fateh
Amnesty International Annual Report 1972 - 1973
"Labor Firsts in America" U.S. Department of Labor 1977
Lockwood, Larry "Imperialism and the Israeli Economy"
2.325/C130 New American Movement - National Interim Committee Notes 1975
Executive Development Program September 1962
New American Movement Labor Commission
Newspaper (empty)
Austin New American Movement Newsletter
Correspondence - R's New American Movement Health 1965 - 1966,
In These Times September 14 - 20, 1977
Democracy and Social Decay: A Response to Harry Boyte
Extent (2 copies)
Newsletter Socialist Community School May 1978
Time for an American Left
Extent (2 copies)
Notes on the Democratic Party: A Response to Domhoff
Guns, Violence and Feminism
Coal Strike Economic Crisis and Political Promise 1974:
East Bay Socialist School Spring Term 1976
Socialist Tribune Subscription Form
In These Times February 2 - 8, 1977
KUT-FM Program Guide January 1980
Procedures for Motions
Extent (2 copies)
New American Movement National Convention Information (3 copies), Final Agenda (3 copies) 1976
The Militant pp. 27 - 28 December 2, 1977,
Now Available: Revolutionary Marxist Papers #14
Post Moving On (to 1976)
Newsletter - Austin Chapter
Southern Africa (information)
Bread & Roses/Board of Adjustment
Politics Today March/April 1979
Austin New American Movement - University of Texas Project
University of Texas - Stocks
New American Movement: Energy Commission
Gay Male Network
Health Commission
Racism Commission
Serve the People Class War Comix
South Carolina Brown Lung Association Pamphlet
Official Student Directory (University of Texas at Austin) Summer 1978
New American Movement Membership Form
The Austin Light August 6, 1980
New American Movement Austin Chapter Perspectus 1978 - 1979
Hard Times March 23, 1976
Oklahoma Socialist Movement Newsletter April 15, 1976
South Central War Resister's League February 1976
War Tax Resistance
For a Progressive Organization
New Jersey Hard Times Coalition
Correspondence: Victor G. Reuther to Steve Kingsley
Nobody for President
Guardian pp. 15 - 15, pp. 13 - 14 April 27, 1977
Song Lyrics
Arabs in Chaos
"Arabs Enter Lebanon to Enforce Truce"Daily Texan June 22, 1976
Arab Student Bulletin December 1975
Labor in South Africa
Southern Africa Liberation Action Committee
Labor in South Africa
The American Committee on Africa
Action on South Africa
We Need Your Old Shoes
Extent (2 copies)
Workers Power January 10, 1977
Song Lyrics
Extent (5 copies)
Song Lyrics
Extent (3 copies)
Texas Unemployment Compensation Act 1972
Your Government Conducts an Election For You
Answers to Some Food Stamp Questions
Southern Africa Liberation Action Committee Newsletter
The Struggle for Freedom - Zimbabwe
Food Stamps
The National Labor Relations Board - What It Is, What It Does
The Bicycle Repair Collective
Song Lyrics
"Strategies for Workplace Organizing" Workshops
2 Pages on Strike Busting
Who Pays taxes? no. 3
The Red Grind October 5, 1976
November 8, 1976
Extent (5 copies)
November 15, 1976
October 27, 1976
Amalgamated Transit Union
New American Movement Correspondence, MPOC, Oklahoma Socialist Movement, etc. pre-1976
Miscellaneous Politics
Southern African Liberation Action Committee Leaflet and Informational Materials
Bread & Roses Material from Other Socialist Schools and Catalogues
New American Movement Chapter Work pre-1978
In These Times May 18 - 24, 1977
New American Movement Student Work
Austin New American Movement Chapter Correspondence 1978
Bread & Roses Science (& Comment)
Bread & Roses: Women, Correspondence - T's General
Memo From Hugh Grady to Austin New American Movement, June 16, 1977
New American Movement pp. 7 - 10 March 1976,
New American Movement - Austin Chapter - University of Texas Project
Austin Chapter - Vietnam
Blazing Star
National Campus Commission
Chapter Reports
National Interim Committee Notes and Various Correspondence 1976
Declaracion Comun de las Delegaciones de los Partidos
Marxistas - Leninstas de America Latina
Documents from Marxist - Leninist Parties of Latin America
Freedom Socialist pp. 17 - 18 Summer 1978,
Socialist Workers Party
Marxist - Leninist Documents
A Pentagon Papers Digest
Austin Sun May 26, 1978
In These Times December 9 - 15, 1981
New American Movement November 1976
Business, Bread & Roses, Incorporated
China Books & Periodicals Incorporated Spring Listing 1978
New American Movement Contacts - Texas
The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade November 1978
New American Movement - One-Year Plan 1976 - 1977
Convention Final Agenda 1976
Criticisms of the Political Committee Election - Middlesex New American Movement
Racism and Sexism
Socialist - Feminism Commission and women
New American Movement Skit Scripts
Bread & Roses: Utilities/Community Organizing
Bread & Roses
Issues File: Unemployment
Bread & Roses United States Socialist Publications
New American Movement National Office - Miscellaneous Correspondence
Towards a One-Year Plan: Review of 1977 - 1978
New American Movement National Interim Committee Notes 1977
Revolutionary Age Supplement February 1973
1199 News January 1978
February 1978
Books from China and Vietnam 1977 - 1978
New American Movement National Interim Committee Reports 1978
2.325/C131 CURE - Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants 1978
Chile: Resistance Publications Information (loose)
Israel (see also Palestine) (empty)
Socialist Community School - Courses (loose)
White Supremacy & New American Movement's Anti-Racist Program by David Ranney (loose) 1976
Capitalism & Colonialism (loose)
Szymanski, Al "Trends in Economic Discrimination Against Blacks in the U.S. Working Class" (loose)
Political Education Materials - Powerlessness
"Capitalism, Racism, and Reform" (loose)
Almaguer, Tomas "Class, Race, and Chicano Oppression" (loose)
Song Sheet (loose)
"Ayatollah Khomeini On Issues Related to the Struggle of the Muslim People of Iran (loose)
The Gar Number 28
Bread & Roses - Movement for a New Society
International (miscellaneous)
Bread & Roses - Third World Publications Information
Transfer Amendment
Bread & Roses Maps
Mobilization for Survival
Political Education Materials - The State Women
Teacher Unionism
Southern Africa: Information Sources
Political Education Workers Rights
Dayton Women Working
Bread & Roses: Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee
Organizations File
Bois d'Arc Patriots
Citizen Soldier
Amnesty International
Association of Communist Organizations for Reform
Political Prisoners U.S.A.
Bread & Roses Populism
Proposition 13 - California
Catalogs for Periodicals
Coalition for Popular Unity
Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Citizen Soldier
Movies and Media Tools
(loose papers)
In These Times vol. 1 no. 44, September 28 - October 4, 1977
vol. 1 no. 9 January 19 - 25, 1977
United Nations General Assembly, 29th Session, 2282 Meeting, Question of Palestine November 13, 1974.
"What's Entailed in Being a Member of New American Movement"
Song Sheets
National Council Notes December 7, 19[]
Second City Socialist School
"Towards a Progressive Alliance"
Shelterforce vol. 3 no. 1, Summer 1977
vol. 2 no. 3, Winter 1977
December 1977
University of Texas Employee's Union Sign-Up Sheet
A Thumbnail Sketch of Socialist History
"State Court Injunctions and Political Matters"
The Significance of Arab Oil
Workers Control
(loose papers)
Ptacek, Kerry "Social Democracy Offers New Basis"
University of Texas Employees Union Media Release
South Africa Liberation Action Committee Newsletter June 1977
The Marxist Education Collective
McHam, Ken "Hunger, Birth Rate by Commission"Daily Texan
Working People
Mallow, Jeffry "Israel Perspective"
"Soviet Jewry: Blackmail and Barter"
"Handy Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act"
Politics Today May/June 1978
In These Times vol. 1 no. 16, March 9 - 15, 1977
Single, untitled pages
National Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision Bulletin vol. 1 no. 2, October 1977
River City Tenants Union Neighborhood Preservation
River City Tenants Union - Tenant's Actions
Austin Housing Ordinances
Tenant Graphics
River City Tenants' Union Correspondence
Red Seed vol. 1 no. 15
Advertisement for Southern Tenant Farmers Union 48th Anniversary (found in Socialist Tribune vol. 10 no. 3)
Shelterforce vol. 2 no. 2, Fall 1976
U.S. - China Review vol. 2 no. 5, September/October 1978
In These Times various articles December 13 - 19, 1978,
New American Movement Recruiting/Publicity Information (loose)
Japanese Post Card
Return to Sender Letter
America Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations "Strike Assistance" Pamphlet
Bread & Roses Education Co-operative "A Proposal" Statement
New American Movement Discussion Bulletin no. 8, July - September 1974
"Toward a Scientific Analysis of the Gay Question"
New American Movement Discussion Bulletin no. 11, September 1975
People's World vol. 43 no. 6
Socialist School Notes (Red Binder)
2.325/C132 Noticias Newsletter vol. 3 no. 7, July 1981
New American Movement Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee
Noticias Newsletter vol. 4 no. 1, January 13, 1982
vol. 3 no. 8, September 1, 1981
New American Movement - National Convention "The Labor Movement Today and the Role of the Left Within It" July 19 - 23, 1978
Political Committee Notes June 1980
Socialist Working Papers on Energy
Behind the Cotton Curtain Newsletter vol. 1 no. 4, December/January 1981 - 1982
"The Struggle at the Split Rail: I.S. Reply to the New American Movement Statement"
New American Movement vol. 6 no. 4, December 1976
Noticias vol. 3 no. 4, April 24, 1981
Women Organizing: A Socialist Feminist Bulletin no. 9, no. 7 Winter 1982
"Carter: A Socialist Critique" Brochure
"Rally for Foreign Student Rights" Announcement
Bread & Roses School Brochure
Bread & Roses Newsletter
Bread & Roses Brochure and Calendar of Events
Women Organizing: A Socialist Feminist Bulletin January 12, 1978
New American Movement Anti-Racism Bulletin Summer 1980
"How We Work: Constitution and Bylaws of the New American Movement"
"Socialist Feminist Commission Report"
"We Are Socialists of the Democratic Left"
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee - Fifth National Convention 1981
"We're Democrats. And We're Socialists, And for the Same Reasons" Brochure
"To Buy or Not to Buy: Three Essays Take Apart the Inflation Puzzle"
The Cleveland Beacon vol. 1 no. 1, February 1981
"The New American Movement: An Introductory Course"
Democratic Left vol. 8 no. 6, June 1980
"Public Sector Unions in the Reagan Era"
"How We Work: Constitutional and By-Laws of the New American Movement"
Moving On: Magazine of the New American Movement May/June 1981
New American Movement Anti-Racism Bulletin Summer 1980
"Where We Stand: Strategy and Resolutions of the New American Movement"
Noticias: Newsletter of the Democratic Socialists of America, Austin
Women Organizing: A Socialist Feminist Bulletin January 1978
"Behind the Cotton Curtain" December 1981/January 1982
Moving On: Magazine of the New American Movement April/May 1980
Moving On: Magazine of the New American Movement December 1980/January 1981
September/October 1980
July 1979
New American Movement Letter, May 17, 1981
Noticias vol. 4 no. 1, January 13, 1982
"The Left and the Gay/Lesbian Movement"
"State of the Organization Convention Resolutions"New American Movement Discussion Bulletin no. 33, Fall 1980
"New American Movement: The Political Perspective"
New American Movement Discussion Bulletin no. 30, Late Winter 1980
no. 24, Autumn 1978
"On Company Business" Brochure
New American Movement Anti-Racism Bulletin Summer 1980
New American Movement Newsletter November 1981
"We Still Aren't Satisfied"
Noticias vol. 3 no. 2, February 13, 1981
No Date
vol. 3 no. 7, July 30, 1981
Bread and Roses Calendar for March
New American Movement Letter February 19, 1982
Austin New American Movement News no. 1, December 31, 1975
Song Sheet
New American Movement Convention 1980
"Here We Go Again: Militarization, the Draft, the Cold War"
"The Rockefellers…"
Moving On: Magazine of the New American Movement August/September 1979
Overtime vol.1 no. 1, Winter/Spring 1982
"Building a Chapter of the New American Movement"
Bread and Roses School for Socialist Education - Events for Summer 1976
Women Organizing no. 9, Winter 1982
New American Movement Membership Cards
New American Movement Speakers Bureau
"Afghanistan and the New Cold War"
"To Buy Or Not To Buy: Three Essays Take Apart the Inflation Puzzle"
Bread and Roses Letter November 24, 1978
Bread and Roses Educational Co-operative Proposal
New American Movement: How We Work Constitution and By-Laws
New American Movement Letter May 17, 1981
"Proposed Points of Political Agreement Between Democratic Socialists of Canada (DSOC) and New American Movement Negotiating Committees" April 1981
New American Movement Letter December 23, 1981
November 23, 1981
One Year Plan
New American Movement Newsletter November 1981
Notice for the 2nd Annual Conference of Democratic Socialists in the South
New American Movement Discussion Bulletin no. 25, Winter 1978-1979
School Zoning and Building - Additional Material