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A Guide to the Joe C. Carrington Papers, 1922-1982.

Descriptive Summary

Creator Carrington, Joe C.
Title: Joe C. Carrington Papers,
Dates: 1922-1982.
Abstract Joe C. Carrington was a self made entrepreneur from Texas. He was associated with many successful ventures, most significantly the bus and trucking industry. He was also active in many civic organizations.
Extent: 23 feet, 1 inch
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Joe C. Carrington (1895-1983) was born in Tunis, Burleson County, Texas. His father, E. E. Carrington, was a Baptist minister. Although his formal education ended with the seventh grade, he attended night school, took correspondence and law courses, and read extensively on subjects that helped him in his many enterprises. He married Ethel Lankford in 1915. They had four children. Carrington worked for the Santa Fe and the Sugarland railroads, was Secretary-Manager of the Cuero Chamber of Commerce, and started the San Jacinto Shippers Service Bureau in Houston. In 1928 he became Secretary-Manager of the Texas Bus Owners Association with offices in Austin, where he lived for the rest of his life. He later became Secretary-Manager of the Texas Truck Owners Association. During this time, the bus and trucking industry began to flourish. He also organized the Motor Carrier Insurance Agency and the Highway Insurance Underwriters.

As he became involved in issues affecting his work and the community, Carrington decided to run for the Texas Legislature. He was elected to the 47th Legislature in 1941 and to the 48th in 1943. He was unsuccessful in a bid for the state senate in 1944.

Carrington's interest in agriculture motivated him to set up two dairy farms. He served as President of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Community Chest, and Red Cross. He was a Trustee of the First Baptist Church, a 32nd degree in Mason, and a member of the Texas Commission on Alcoholism for many years. He was also active in the Boy Scouts and served on the National Committee of Rural Scouting and on the National Committee on Protestant Relationships, as well as in many other organizations. Joe C. Carrington was a successful business executive, politician, and farmer and rancher, as well as a concerned and active citizen.

Scope and Contents

A valuable source of information for the study of Austin and Cuero, the Carrington Papers consist of correspondence, genealogical material, photographs, speeches, books, plaques, a scrapbook, and other miscellany dealing with the bus and trucking industries and related to insurance, Texas politics, farming, Boy Scouts, the Baptist Church, alcoholism, and numerous civic organizations.



The material has been kept as arranged by Mrs. Gladys Shearer, formerly Mrs. MacCarty, who worked for Mr. Carrington for many years and for his estate after his death. She prepared a number of resumes, which are filed throughout the collection. As Mrs. Shearer explains on one of these resumes, there is a lack of continuity in much of the material accumulated during the last fifty-seven years due to routine elimination, break-up of some of the organizations or activities, and various moves, particularly from larger to smaller quarters.

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Carrington, Edward Ebenezer
Carrington, Joe C.
Daniel, Price
Gaskin, Spurgeon
Goldfinch, Sydney
Johnson, Lyndon Baines
Long, Walter Ewing
Marney, Carlyle
Austin, Texas
Cuero, Texas

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Joe C. Carrington Papers, 1922-1982, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of Papers

3V165. Officers and directors:
Executive board..joint letters
Executive members

3V165. Assn. - Misc.:
JCC contribution and to Assn.
National Baptists - Donis Myers etc.
Jewish committee on scouting
Other religious awards - other denominations - etc.
Misc. correspondence - Southern Baptist Convention Tx. convention etc.
Misc. Baptist scouting - other countries
Lutherans and R. Dinger (head)
Baptist World Alliance/Congresses

3V165.-3V166. Assn. Baptists for Scouting:
3V165. Work report
Resume - Assn. Baptists for scouting
ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers 1982
ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers 1983-1984
3V166. ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers 1980-1981
ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers 1978-1979
ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers, Director 1975
ABS - Misc. Correspondence
ABS - H. M. "Smoky" Eggers 1976-1977
ABS - Trails and bulletins
ABS - Early meetings
ABS - G & C program
ABS - Chip Turner (G & C and Scout oath)
ABS - Officers and committees
ABS - Charter

3V167. National BSA:
Natl. BSA - Correspondence with Chief Scout Executives
Natl. BSA - Jim Tarr S.E.
Harvey L. Price - Chief Scout Exec. BSA
Natl. BSA - Charles Frossel
BSA Natl. - Correspondence - Current (also see separate files)
Clyde M. Clark
Natl. BSA - Relationships Div. - misc.
Natl. BSA - JCC appointments to Comm.
JCC - Silver buffalo awards
BSA Natl. Silver buffalo books
BSA - Fund raising - misc.
Natl. BSA - Misc. meetings (Schiff-Philmont etc)
Natl. BSA - Annual meetings
Natl. Council BSA - International Service
Handicapped scouting

3V168. Rural Rel..Reports, etc.:
Natl. Rural relationships - Edgar Wolfe
Joe C. Carrington Sr., host, Farm-City Conference August 18-24, 1965
BSA Natl. Rural relationships (old - taken by JCC to meetings as spec 1971
Natl. BSA - Protestant relationships - Misc.
Natl. BSA - Rural relationships - Misc.
Natl. BSA - Rural relationships - Minutes

3V168.-3V169. Protestant rel..reports, etc.:
3V168. Natl. BSA - Religious relationships - Misc. corresp.
Scout statistics
Natl. BSA - Religious relationships - Albert Iverson
3V169. Crusader

3V169. Region 9 - BSA
Reg. 9 - Executive Committee Meetings
Reg. 9 - Annual meetings
Reg. 9 BSA - Hal Lewman, Exec.
Reg. 9 BSA - Misc. correspondence
Reg. 9 - Religious relationships
Reg. 9 BSA - Religious relations seminar JCC chmn. 1965
BSA Regional 9 - Correspondence with regional board members
BSA - Misc. regions (other than 9 or So. Central)

3V170. South Central Region - BSA:
Directory - South Central Region 1982-1983
Effective Council Administration - Area III, Galveston 1975
BSA - South Central Region - Misc. meetings
Regional - Annual 1975
South Central Region - BSA meeting, Houston 1972
BSA - South Central Region - Correspondence (misc.), Staff and Officers, etc.
Officers & Management set up - South Central Region
Kirk Henry, Dir. Support Services - South Central Region - BSA

3V170.-3V171. Capitol Area Council - BSA:
3V170. BSA - Local - Joe C. Carrington and resume
Work with scouts on awards etc. as counselor
Scout Commissioner
BSA - Local Pastors Conference on scouting and Protestant relationship committee
BSA - Capitol Area Council - Officers
Relationships Committee - Capitol Area Council
East Austin - East Austin Project - Capitol Area Council
3V171. Capitol Area Council BSA - Building and Campus
BSA - Capitol Area Council - Officers and Committees
BSA - Local - Misc.
BSA - Capitol Area - Misc. Clippings and pictures
BSA - Capitol Area Council - Meetings - Annual and executive and misc.

3V171. Elective/Appointed Offices:
Member Texas Legislature
Texas Commission on Alcoholism
Voluntary Parole Board
Correspondence - Misc. State and Federal Officials

3V171.-3V172. Texas Commission on Alcoholism and Alcoholism Misc.:
3V171. Alcoholism resume
13 Steps to Alcoholism - Correspondence
3V172. Texas Committee on Alcoholism Inc...and efforts to get bill passed for the Texas Commission on Alcoholism
Texas Commission on Alcoholism 1953-1959
Texas Commission on Alcoholism 1959-1963
Alcoholism…Miscellaneous activities
Alcoholism and DWI bills

3V172. Austin - Parks Board
Parks & Recreation .. City/Southwest
Parks Board Meetings 1960-63
Parks 1964 & 1965
Parks 1966-67-68

3V172. National Recreation Association
National Recreation Meeting - Dallas - 3 - 64
Southwest Division National Recreation Association

3V173. Travis County Water District #5

3V173.-3V175. Miscellaneous Organizations
3V173. Miscellaneous Organizations - Resume
Austin Chamber of Commerce…Resume
Austin Chamber of Commerce through 1950
Austin Chamber of Commerce since 1950
Chamber of Commerce - Agricultural Committees
Chamber of Commerce - Barbecue - 1949
Austin Chamber of Commerce - Economic Development
Austin Chamber of Commerce - Coliseum
Austin Chamber of Commerce - Walter Long - Retirement, etc. Miscellaneous Correspondence
Chamber of Commerce..Legislative Committee (Public Affairs Department)
American Association of Retired Persons - Miscellaneous - Austin Chapter
American Humanics Foundation Correspondence
American War Dads
3V174. Community Chest/United Fund
Girl Scouts
Hogg Foundation
Masons..Shrine..Austin Lodge..Eastern Star.. Jesters..Demolay..etc.
National Conference of Christians and Jews
National Conference Christians & Jews
Red Cross
Rural Youth Conference
3V175. Miscellaneous Yourth Organizations - Old
Associations - Miscellaneous A to N
Associations - Miscellaneous N to Z
Resume of Political and Legislative Activities

3V175. JCC Legislative Campaign
Certificate of Nomination
Legislature..Letters of Congratulations and Commendation
Joe C. Carrington - Campaign Material
Senate Race
Correspondence..General with Officials

3V175.-3V176. Miscellaneous Legislative Lists
3V175. Legislature Directory 59th, 1965
3V176. Legislature Lists 1917-1982

3V176.-3V178. Legislative Miscellaneous
3V176. Capitol Planning Committee S. J. R. 66 47th Legislature
Association/Organization - Miscellaneous
Children - Youth
Legislative Contingent Committee - Laws-Set up etc See other folder for correspondence
Education - Schools - Teachers
Leg, - Federal Government; Bureaus; Projects
3V177. Legislation - Financial Responsibility Laws
Industrial - Miscellaneous
Jobs in Legislature
Liquor, Horse Racing and Miscellaneous "Sin File"
Legislation - Labor
Legislative Medical and Mental Hygiene
Old Age Assistance
Legislation Religion Jewish, etc.
Miscellaneous - Resolutions - Petitions, etc.
Rivers and Waterways
Bond Assumption Bill
Miscellaneous State Department and City
3V178. States Department - Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission
Taxes..Poll Taxes and Secret Ballot
Legislation Taxation
Legislation Utilities
Political Literature

3V178.-3V179. Legislation..Motor Carriers
3V178. H. B. 351 and Flash Bulletin June 9, 1941
Legislation - Truck - Weight and Load Limits
Motor Vehicle Bills
3V179. Motor Carrier - Miscellaneous

3V179. Politics - Miscellaneous
Politics…Coke Stevenson..For Gov. and Senate… JCC work in.
Politics, Miscellaneous

3V179. Miscellaneous 1953-1954
Insurance bills affecting our organization
Miscellaneous bills

3V180. Farm Resume

3V180. Farm forms and employee letters

3V180. Publicity…Pictures…Etc.
Farm bulletins
Carrington Farm ads in--Holstein, Friesian, World
Farm pictures and clippings
Farm publicity
Farm field days

3V181. Farm…Youth…Nancy Jo Studdard…Outstanding

3V181. Rural Youth Work - Contributions - etc. Farm Assn.

3V181. A few farm scenes

3V181. Farmerettes

3V181. 4H Club work, also FFA etc.

3V181. Clippings and Publicity Re Farm Property area

3V181. Miscellaneous of interest

3V181. Hilscher Lease

3V181. Professional photographs of Holstein animals of Carrington farms

3V181. Photographs of animals taken at shows…some of this only a very small portion and only covers those that won Grand Championship or Blue Ribbons (1st class in class)

3V181.-3V182. Holstein Dispersal
3V181. Dispersal sale - Publicity
Dispersal sale - Purchasers

3V181. Farm…Buildings
"Thanks" for use of camp
Construction and maintenance--B101 thru B113
FARM I Miscellaneous
3V182. B114-Bull barn and B115-Milk barn
Construction and maintenance--B116 thru B130
Farm repairs after 1965
Farm - Water - Lights
Farm 1 - Sale land to county for road 1954
Building 119 and 119A
Building 121--Hay barn
Building 128--Construction and improvements
FARM I Construction - Miscellaneous
Farm Silos
Herbagere - Farm equipment

3V182. Farm - Miscellaneous
Farm sale material
Show clippings
Agricultural Assns. - Youth and farms etc.
Jack Kay
Farm Miscellaneous claims
Farm - Miscellaneous
Farm equipment
Farm Federal Drought Committee 1956

3V183. Holstein Miscellaneous
Holstein bulls
Holstein cows - purchased
Miscellaneous Holstein breeders
Holstein-Friesian Association of America

3V183. Jerseys
Jerseys miscellaneous
Hulburt Victor scrapbook

3V183. Milky Way Dairies
Resume - Milky Way Dairies
Milky Way Dairies…Resume…Advertising…Publicity etc.
Creamery buildings…original construction

3V183.-3V185. Holstein-Friesian Assn. of TExas
3V183. Resume - Holstein-Friesian Assn. of Texas
Texas Holstein News - official magazine, Holstein-Friesian Assn. of Texas
3V184. Miscellaneous meetings
Texas Holstein News - "Posies"
Holstein-Friesian Association of Texas bulletins 1957
Holstein-Friesian Association of Texas bulletins 1956
Holstein-Friesian Association of Texas bulletins 1954 - 1955
A&M National "Posies"
Misner Report - Holstein-Friesian Association of Texas 1957
3V185. Misner Report 1956
Misner Report 1955

3V185. Resume of "Posies"

3V185. "Posies" - MCIA - 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954

3V185. Posy -MCIA - 1938-1939-through 1948

3V185. Posies - TV (Marney)

3V185. Posy - MCIA - before 1938

3V185. "Posy" file - Alabama

3V185.-3V186. Highway Insurance Underwriters
3V185. Resume and outline history of the Highway Insurance Underwriters
Highway Insurance Underwriters…Liquidation after sale
Highway Insurance Underwriters…Application for and granting of charter
3V186. Highway Insurance Underwriters…Miscellaneous
HIU…Claim Department
Sample HIU Policies
HIU News Bulletin
HIU Claim Forum 1952
HIU Claims Forum (and comments)
Texas Insurance Commission

3V186. Capital Insurance Company
Resume..Capital Insurance Company
Capital Ins. Co...Formation..Charter..Dissolution, etc.
Capital Insurance Co...Miscellaneous
Capital Ins. Co..Minutes

3V186.-3V187. Insurance Rate Hearings
3V186. Resume of fight to protest increases in insurance rates
Insurance Rate Hearings
Rate Hearings (Shoe) 1934-1935
3V187. Insurance Rate Hearings 1928, 1929, 1930, 1932-33

3V187. Insurance Companies and Organizations (old)
Conference of Texas Reciprocals - Minutes
Miscellaneous Insurance Organizations
National Association of Independent Insurers

3V187.-3V188. Associations…TBOA…TTOA…TMTA…Etc.
3V187. General Resume of Motor Carrier Assns. in which JCC employed
Texas Bus Owners Association and Later Bus Organizations
Texas Truck Owners Association..and Texas Truck Owners Service Bureau
Texas Motor Transportation Association
3V188. Truck and Bus Legislation…and Propaganda
TMTA…Convention Lists (prepared by MCIA)

3V188. Motor Transportation Magazines

3V188. Truck and Bus
Old Files on Truck Operators
Lillie E. Drennan Truck Line
Bus Operators
Early Bus Equipment

3V189. Miscellaneous Motor Carrier Associations
Resume "Other motor carrier associations"
Truck Association Executives of America, 1933
American Trucking Association--correspondence, bulletins, etc. 1945 through 1949
American Trucking Association - … correspondence, bulletins, etc. since 1949
Miscellaneous Motor Carriers Associations..bus, truck, highway, etc. Texas and other states

3V189.-3V190. Activities before 1927
3V189. Cuero, Texas correspondence (former Sec. Chamber of Commerce there)
Shippers Service Association Sales Manual
3V190. Shippers Service Association

3V190. JCC Speeches
Joe Carrington - Speeches
JCC Speeches - Office Conferences, etc.
JCC Speeches - Miscellaneous groups
JCC Speeches - Patriotic
JCC Speeches - Political races
JCC Speeches - Dairy and Agricultural
JCC Speeches - Boy Scouts and Youth
Miscellaneous Speeches made by JCC
JCC Speeches - Religious groups
JCC Speeches - Alcoholism

3V191.-3V192. JCC Personal Bulletins
3V191. Joe C. Carrington Bulletins..Resume
Joe C. Carrington Personal Bulletins
Farm and Boy Scout bulletins
JCC Personal Bulletins
A few Scout bulletins (personal)
Bulletins…Joe C. Carrington 1947-1950
Bulletins…Joe C. Carrington 1946
Bulletins…Joe C. Carrington 1945
JCC Bulletins - 1944
Christmas Greetings as sent out by JCC
3V192. Old Timers Bus Breakfast

3V192. Real Estate
Real Estate Resume
Farm properties
Office Building - 605-07 Brazos St., Austin, Tx.
Lake Travis property

3V192.-3V193. JCC Trips
3V192. Trip resume
Credentials - Trips etc.
…Trip to South America with Dr. Marney 1951
Miriam Willis (South American correspond.)
…Correspondence with people met in South America 1951
Mexico and Central America…Misc. correspondence
Trip - Mexico and Cenral America 1964
Trip to So. Pacific and Far East on Farmer to Farmer Tour 1968
3V193. JCC Trip, - Proposed - not taken 1958
Trip to Tokyo to attend the Baptist World Conference/Scout Meeting 1970
Trip to Alaska 1953
Correspondence with people Mr. Carrington met on his trip to Alaska, 1953
JCC Trips…sheets from black book
JCC Trips

3V193.-3V194. Activities in the field of Religion
3V193. Resume of religious activities
Hyde Park Baptist Church
First Baptist Church:
First Baptist (Austin TX) - Deacon of the Day and miscellaneous Deacons
First Baptist Church Contributions
Austin First Baptist
1st Baptist, Dr. Browning Ware (Pastor)
First Baptist. Corresp. with Pastor and misc. Personnel
3V194. First Baptist, Scouting (Also see Assn. files)
Austin 1st Baptist, Dr. Denham, Pastor (also see Scout Committee)
1st Baptist Church - 1947-48-49-50
Austin 1st Baptist, Brotherhood Week (also see Conf. Chr. and Jew)
1st Baptist Church - Misc. through 1946
Miscellaneous Churches - other than those to which he belonged in Austin
Churches/Missions - assisted or sponsored by First Baptist
Austin 1st Baptist, Mission Committee
First Baptist Church..Dedication new church (also see file on Fund raising for new church (Trinity Street)
First Baptist..Executive Board..Fund Raising New Church..Trinity Street.
Austin First Baptist - Finance Committee
First Baptist Miscellaneous

3V195. Providence Baptist Church/Tabernacle - Rev. E. E. Carrington:
Rev. E. E. Carrington, father of Joe C. Carrington Sr., Resume
Providence Baptist Church..Burleson Co. Texas
Providence Tabernacle at the Highland Lakes Baptist Encampment
Rev. E. E. Carrington..Providence Baptist Bulletins.. 1951 through 1958
Rev. E. E. Carrington..Providence Baptist Bulletins.. 1948-49-50
Rev. E. E. Carrington..Providence Baptist Bulletins.. 1941 through 1947
Rev. E. E. Carrington..Unpublished Articles
Rev. E. E. Carrington - Old newspapers and clippings

3V195. Baptist World Alliance:
BWA..Men's Division..Schroeder
BWA - Denny
BWA - 500 Club and Misc.

3V196. Baptist World Congresses:
BWA Congress - Rio - - Misc. and Scouting 1960
BW Congress Miami, 1965
Hong Kong, Nov. 26-30-1974
Congress - Japan, 1970
BW Congress Stockholm, (Also see Trip-Europe, IRS 75) 1975

3V196. Religious - Miscellaneous:
Misc. Churches - Other than Austin
Universities and Seminaries Misc. (religious)
Baptist General Convention of Texas
Buckner Baptist Benevolences
Southern Baptist Convention
Religious - Miscellaneous
International Missionary Council
Laos Inc.

3V196.-3V197. Austin Council of Churches

3V196. State Prayer Breakfasts:
Resume. Prayer Breakfasts
State Prayer Breakfasts.. 1966 to []
3V197. State Prayer Breakfasts.. through 1965
Governor or Legislative Prayer Breakfasts (Texas)

3V197. International Christian Leadership
Presidents Prayer Breakfasts
ICL Douglas Coe
ICL Louis Kramp
ICL Correspondence..Misc. Individuals
Prayer Breakfasts. Turner L. Coe
Prayer Breakfasts - Note..Literature

3V197. Yokefellow Conference 1969

3V197. Perspective, by Concern Inc. (correspondence)

3V197.-3V210. Insurance Activities:
3V197. Insurance Activities General:
Business Resume..Joe C. Carrington..Involving motor carriers
General Resume..Insurance activities
Motor Carrier Insurance Agency
Resume and outline history of the Motor Carrier Insurance Agency
Safety Department (joint)
3V198. Free Service & Information Dept..(Service Dept)
Insurance for Motor Court Operators
Miscellaneous Public Relations and Publicity
"Old Timers Bus Breakfasts"..Host Joe C. Carrington, MCIA & HIU 1953 through 1958
Personnel Miscellaneous:
Miscellaneous Office Policies/Practices… Activities
General Bulletins and Directives
Office Parties.. Miscellaneous
Employee Family Participation
3V199. Christmas… At Office and at Farm
Employee… Miscellaneous
Employee Conferences:
Field Conferences (MCIA)
3V200. Employee Conferences
Personnel Federal Problems:
Pension Plan .. Correspondence
Pension Trust Contract and Amendments
War Labor Board
Insurance Publicity
TV Program of MCIA
3V201. "Howdy Neighbor" Bulletins Mailed by MCIA
"Flash" MCIA Bulletins
Bulletins - 1946-47-48
Bulletins - 1942-1945
Master File - 1939-1940-1941
Bulletins - 1936-1937
Bulletins - 1933-34-35
3V202. Miscellaneous Correspondence with Individuals:
Resume - Individual Correspondence
Rev. Allen
Nina Alazraqui (Nina Olmedo)
Mrs. Verlie S. Athey
Baldwin - Harry
Roe Bartle
George Beto
Bratcher - Ed - Robert
Dr. Lewis M. Bratcher, Jr.
Clements, Gov. William P. Jr.
Gov. John Connally
Owen Cooper
Price Daniel
3V203. BWA.. John Dawson .. Men's Division
Denham, Rev. W. E.
Mrs. William Fleming - (Tex. Bap. Conv.) re: Scouting
Chester Freund
Gaskin, Spurgeon
Sydney Goldfinch (Costa Rica)
Dick Harrington
Brooks Hays
Sen. Herring
H. O. Hirt, Erie PA
Rev. Laux - Del Travel Tours - Jackson
Lyndon Johnson. 2nd Office Since 1952
Johnson, Lyndon (prior to 1952)
3V204. Kemp, Mrs. Dorothy
Walter E. Long
Dr. Carlyle Marney (1967 trhough 7-3-78)
Dr. Carlyle Marney (1959-1966)
ASBfS.. Officers & Comm...Dr. Carlyle Marney through 1958
Pete Moreno - since 1971
Pete Moreno - thru 1971
Pete Moreno - before 1956
Rev. Alfonso Olmedo.. moved from Argentina
3V205. Steve Olmedo
Jake Pickle
ASBfS .. Officers & Comm...Dr. Charles Pitts
Dr. Porter Routh
Gen. Routh - Miscellaneous correspondence
Shivers, Gove. Allan
Wilson Speir
Dr. W. R. White
"A" Personal correspondence
"B" Personal correspondence
Deceased A-B
3V206. "C" Personal correspondence
"D and E" Personal correspondence
Deceased C-D
"F" Personal correspondence
"G" Personal correspondence
Deceased E and F-G
"H" Personal correspondence
"I, J and K" Personal correspondence
"L" Miscellaneous correspondence
"Mc" Miscellaneous correspondence
3V207. "P" Miscellaneous correspondence
"M" Miscellaneous correspondence
"N and O" Miscellaneous correspondence
Deceased H to P
"R" Miscellaneous correspondence
Deceased P to S
"S" Miscellaneous correspondence
"T - U - V" Miscellaneous correspondence
Deceased S
3V208. "W - X - Y - Z" Miscellaneous correspondence
Deceased T through Z
Miscellaneous Foreign Correspondence
Foreign Miscellaneous
Leland J. Harper
McDonald, Jeanette
Rev. Alfonso Olmedo .. Argentina to move to Chicago 1971
Rev. Alfonso Olmedo .. Argentina (trough 1970)
Alfonso Olmedo - Primera Iglesia Bautista - South America
Julian Bridges .. Mexico City
Costa Rica .. Turrialba .. First Baptist Church//Rev. Gomez (Scout Unit)
Yukon and Canada
Liberia .. Miscellaneous correspondence (files on Howard)
3V209. Morocco .. Jeanette McDonald
Liberia .. Hon. J. C. N. Howard, Box 388, Paynesville, Monrovia (prior to 1972)
Howard J. C. N. - Liberia Africa (since 1972)
JCC - Personal (miscellaneous) 1937-1939
Miscellaneous material of interest
3V210. Membership Cards, Passes, etc.
Printed Materials:
Certificates and Awards, 1948-1981
Pictorial Files:
"Your Letters of Love and Appreciation, 1976-1977"

3Y131 Photographs
Joe C. Carrington
Joe C. Carrington with Lyndon B. Johnson and others
Farm animals
3S201 Joe C. Carrington and others
OD1313 Joe C. Carrington and others

2.3251/V11 Oversize certificates and awards:
The Silver Beaver Award, 1/15/1943
Boy Scouts of America Certificate of Service
Austin Chamber of Commerce, 1949
Temple Beth Israel Brotherhood, Outstanding Humanitarian Award, 1963-64

2.325/OD31 (Map Collection)
Baptist World Congress, Stockholm, 1975
Two Around the World Maps
Southern Baptist Missions
OD1275 General Ownership Map
Lake Travis Properties
Note: Artifact Collection.