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A Guide to the Raymond Louis Wilder Papers, 1914-1982

Descriptive Summary

Creator Wilder, Raymond Louis, 1896-
Title: Raymond Louis Wilder Papers,
Dates: 1914-1982.
Abstract: Papers reflect the career of the topologist Raymond Louis Wilder (1896-1982), R.L. Moore's first doctoral student at the University of Texas. Wilder was on the University of Michigan faculty from 1926 to his retirement in 1967, after which he moved to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Materials include correspondence, notes and drafts for publications, course, lecture and seminar notes, clippings, photographs, and reprints.
Extent: 19 ft. manuscript, typescript, printed, photographic.
Language Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note:

Raymond Louis Wilder (1896-1982) was a leading figure in the development of topology in the United States and a pioneering student of the history of mathematics from an anthropological point of view. He was born in Palmer, Massachusetts, and received his undergraduate education and Master's degree in actuarial mathematics from Brown University. After moving to the University of Texas at Austin, his interests shifted to pure mathematics under the influence of Robert Lee Moore. Wilder became Moore's first Texas doctorate in 1923. After two years at Ohio State University, Wilder joined the faculty of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he remained until his retirement in 1967. He was associated with the University of California, Santa Barbara for the remaining years of his life. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and served as President of both the American Mathematical Society (1955-1956) and the Mathematical Association of America (1965-1966).

Although trained in set-theoretic topology, Wilder mastered algebraic topology, demonstrated the usefulness of a synthesis of the two schools, and, in 1932, called for their unification. Wilder extended his early work on the topology of the plane and continuous curves to higher dimensions and, with his students, developed the theory of generalized manifolds. This work was summarized in his Topology of Manifolds (1949).

Wilder's course on the foundations of mathematics, published in his Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics (1952), led to an interest in the history of mathematics. The results of his historical studies using anthropological ideas appeared in Evolution of Mathematical Concepts (1968) and Mathematics as a Cultural System (1981).

Scope and Contents:

Papers reflect the career of the topologist Raymond Louis Wilder, R.L. Moore's first doctoral student at the University of Texas. There is extensive material on Wilder's research and writing on topology, the history and foundations of mathematics, and on the place of mathematics in culture. Wilder's work for the Mathematical Association of America (President, 1965-1967) and the American Mathematical Society (President, l955-l956) are represented. Correspondents include W.L. Ayres, E.G. Begle, E. Cech, J.R. Kline, S. Lefschetz, R.L. Moore, H.S. Vandiver, O. Veblen, and G.T. Whyburn. Materials include correspondence, notes and drafts for publications, course, lecture and seminar notes, clippings, photographs, and reprints.

The papers are grouped in the following order: general correspondence (1920-1982; 6 ft.), research and publication (1939-1982; 3 ft.), lectures and meetings (1925-1977; 2 ft.), professional organizations (1922-1982, bulk: 1950-1980; 5 ft.), teaching and faculty matters (1921-1982; 2.5 ft.), personalia (1914-1981; 10 in.). Wilder's correspondence documents his continued interaction with his former undergraduate and graduate students, including E. G. Begle, T. Brahana, L. Cohen, M. L. Curtis, A. Dickinson, S. Kaplan, K. Kwun, F. Raymond, J. Shoenfield, N. E. Steenrod, and P. Swingle. The correspondence also reveals Wilder's work in settling European refugee mathematicians in the United States during World War II. The records of lectures and meetings often include the texts of Wilder's lectures together with information on his organizational work. Lectures were often the basis of articles, so the early stages of published articles are often to be found in the Lectures and Meetings series. Likewise, material eventually incorporated in Wilder's books, especially his Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, is to be found in the records of his teaching (15 in.). The bulk of the material on Wilder's articles, books, lecturing, and teaching dates from the 1960's and 1970's and thus mainly concerns his work on the foundations, history, and culture of mathematics. His work in topology is most strongly represented in his correspondence and his research notes (10 in.). There are extensive records of Wilder's American Mathematical Society (2 ft.) and Mathematical Association of America (2 ft.) presidencies and committee work.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


Series Outline:

I. General Correspondence
II. Articles (published and unpublished)
III. Books (published and unpublished)
IV. Grants
V. Research Notes
VI. Lectures and Meetings
VII. Organizations
VIII. Positions, Fellowships, Visiting Professorships
IX. Faculty and Administrative Activities
X. Teaching
XI. Mathematicians - Biographical and Memorial Items
XII. Miscellaneous Professional Activities
XIII. Personal


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Index Terms

Ayres, William Leake, 1905-
Begle, Edward Griffith, 1914-
Cech, Eduard, 1893-1960
Lefschetz, Solomon, 1884-1972
Moore, R. L. (Robert Lee), 1882-
Rainich, G. Y. (George Yuri), b. 1886
Raymond, Frank Albert, 1932
Steenrod, Norman Earl, 1910-1971
Swingle, Paul McCartney, 1899-
Vandiver, Harry Shultz, 1882-
Veblen, Oswald, 1880-1960
Whyburn, Gordon Thomas, 1904-
Wilder, Raymond Louis, 1896-
American Mathematical Society
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Association of America
National Academy of Sciences
University of California, Santa Barbara. Dept. of Mathematics
University of Michigan. Dept. of Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin. Archives of American Mathematics
University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Mathematics
Foundations of mathematics
History of mathematics
Mathematics and culture

Administrative Information

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Raymond Louis Wilder Papers, 1914-1982, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.


Bing, R. H., "Award for distinguished service to Professor Raymond L. Wilder,"American Mathematical Monthly, 80 (February 1983):117-119.

"Raymond Louis Wilder,"McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers, vol. 3, pp.318-319, 1980.

Detailed Description of the Papers


General correspondence:

86-36/1 Aa-Ar
Barnes, H.E.
Begle, E.G.
86-36/2 Bo-Br
Brahana, T.R.
86-36/3 Curtis, M.L.
Curtis, M.L.
Dickinson, A.
86-36/4 E
Eilenberg, S.
Family letters
86-36/5 Gehman, H.M.
Greenwood, R.E.
Griffiths, H.B.
Griffiths, H.B.
86-36/6 Hellerman, L.
Hildebrandt, T.H.
86-36/7 Ki-Kw
Kline, J.R.
Kwun, K.W.
Lintz, R.G.
86-36/8 Ma-Me
Mac, Mc
Mac Lane, S.
May, K.O.
Moore, R.L.
86-36/9 N
Newsom, C.V., 1933-1965
Newsom, C.V., 1966-1976
Newsom, C.V., 1977-1982
86-36/10 Piranian, G.
Raymond, F., 1956-1962
Raymond, F., 1962-1980
86-36/11 Reprint requests
Roth, J.P.
86-36/12 Roth, J.P.
Service, E. and H.
86-36/13 Steenrod, N.E.
Swingle, P.M.
86-36/14 Tu-Ty
Wa-White, P.
Whitehead, G.-Wy
Whyburn, G.T.
Zippin, L.


Articles (published and unpublished):

86-36/15 Bibliography of R.L. Wilder
Reprints, 1928-1960
Reprints, 1961-1979
Mathematical Reviews entries
Publishers' proposals for articles, 1966, 1969, 1972
"Consolidation: Force and Process" (unpublished)
"Historical Sketch of the Highlights of the Development of Concepts of Set and Function" (unpublished?)
"Note on the Evolution of Pure Mathematics" (unpublished)
"A Characterization of Continuous Curves by a property of their Open Subsets" (1928)
"Property Sn" (1939)
Review of Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points (1939)
"The Nature of Modern Mathematics" (1959)
"Mathematics: A Cultural Phenomenon" (1960)
"Topology, General" (1962 and earlier editions: Encyclopedia Britannica)
"Axiomatization,""Axiom of Choice," (1963)
"An Elementary Property of Closed Coverings of Manifolds" (1966)
"The Nature and Role of Research in Mathematics" (1967)
"The Role of Intuition" (1967)
"The Role of the Axiomatic Method" (also a lecture: San Mateo, Feb. 6, 1965) (1967)
"Addition and Reduction Theorems for Medial Properties" (1968)
86-36/16 "The Beginning Teacher of College Mathematics" (1969)
"Biotic Origins of Mathematics" (1969)
"Development of Modern Mathematics: An Overview" (1969)
"The Nature of Research in Mathematics" (1969)
"Historical Backgound of Innovations in Mathematical Curricula" (1970)
"History in the Mathematics Curriculum: Its Status, Quality, and Function" (1972)
"Nature of Modern Mathematics" (1972)
"Mathematics and its Relations to other Disciplines" (also Michigan State NCTM talk) (1973)
"Rigor, Standards of, or Logical Relativity" (1973)
"Hereditary Stress as a Cultural Force in Mathematics" (1974)
86-36/17 Review of Africa Counts (1975)
"An Evolutionary View of Mathematics" (1976)
N. Wiener Collected Works, "Commentary" (1976)
"Robert Lee Moore, 1882-1974" (1976)
"Why did a Seventeenth Century Field of Mathematics Disappear?" (1976)
"Singularities in the History of Mathematics, with special reference to Girard Desargues" (1977)
"Evolution of the Topological Concept of "Connected"" (1978)
"Some Comments on M. J. Crowe's Review of Evolution of Mathematical Concepts" (1979)
Autobiography for McGraw-Hill Modern Scientists and Engineers (1980)
Review of The Emergence of Number (1982)
"Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore: Its Background, Nature, and Influence" (1982)
86-36/18 "Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore: Its Background, Nature, and Influence" (1982)
"Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore: Its Background, Nature, and Influence"--proposed Moore volume (1982)
"Mathematical Work of R. L. Moore: Its Background, Nature, and Influence"--research material, correspondence (1982)


Books (published and unpublished):

86-36/18 Publishers' proposals for books, 1958-1965
Topology of Manifolds (1949)
Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics:
Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, 1st ed. (1952):
Notes, correspondence, reviews, requests for permission to quote
86-36/19 Problems, chapter IX
Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, material for revision
Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, 2nd ed. (1965):
Reviews, promotional matter
Correspondence, complimentary copies
Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics, 2nd ed. --Krieger reissue (1981)
AAM-OS/2 Evolution of Mathematical Concepts:
Evolution of Mathematical Concepts (1968):
Correspondence, art work
86-36/19 Printed background material
Permission-to-quote correspondence
Correspondence concerning reviews
86-36/20 Evolution of Mathematical Concepts, Open University reprint (1976)
Mathematics as a Cultural System (1981):
Manuscript material
Manuscript material, correspondence, clippings
Working folder
Chapters 1, 2, 3
Chapters 4, 5
86-36/21 Chapters 6, 7
Chapter 8, appendix
"Anthology" (unpublished), 1978-1982:
Correspondence, notes, drafts
Notes for chapter on multiple discoveries



86-36/21 Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Topology and Modern Algebra, 1961-1962
National Science Foundation, Generalized Manifolds, 1958
Office of Naval Research, Topology of Manifolds and Foundations of Mathematics, 1949-1950


Research notes:

86-36/22 Alexander horned sphere
Combinatorial topology
Early research, unpublished - "On Euler's polyhedral formula and plane continuous curves"
Early research re Kline's work - "Concerning a theorem of J. R. Kline"
"Generalized Phragmen-Brouwer Properties", "A Pair of Separation Properties"
Homology and cohomology
Positional characteristics
Positional properties, topological invariants
"New Thoughts on Old Theorems," NSF, 1967
Roy Paster; Brouwer reply
Sheaf theory
86-36/23 Topology 1
Topology 2
Topology 3
Topology 4
Topology 5
Topology 6
Topology 7
Topology 8
Wild 0-dimensional sets
History and culturology of mathematics
History and foundations of mathematics


Lectures and meetings:

86-36/24 Speaking invitations refused, correspondence, programs of meetings not attended, 1927-1977
Scattered documentation on meetings attended and lectures given (no notes or texts of talks), 1926-1960
"Evolution of Mathematics"
"Evolution of Transfinite Numbers and Set Theory"
"The Nature of Modern Mathematics"
"Numbers and Logic"
"What is Set Theory?"
Jones' NSF Summer Group "Breakthroughs in Mathematics," undated
Fourier Series lectures, Ohio State University, 1925-1926
University of Michigan Research Club, "Crises in Foundations," 1936
University of Michigan Topology Conference, 1940
Colloquium Lectures, AMS, Vassar College, 1942
University of Illinois-Urbana talks, 1948
Peripatetic seminar, Caltech, "Monotone mappings,""Orientability" 1949
Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, 1950
University of Oregon; Caltech, 1950
International Congress of Mathematicians, 1950
86-36/25 International Congress of Mathematicians, 1950
University of Colorado, Summer Conference on Collegiate Mathematics, 1953
University of Colorado, Summer Conference on Collegiate Mathematics, ( "Introduction to Modern Foundations and Topological Concepts via the Notion of Curve") 1953,
University Center, Atlanta, Georgia, ( "Crises in Mathematics") 1954
University of Wisconsin, 1955
UCLA, 1957
UCLA and Berkeley, ( "Mappings of Manifolds") 1957
NBC-TV program, 1957
International Symposium on Axiomatic Method, Berkeley, 1957-1958
Taft Lectures, University of Cinncinati, 1958
Chicago Conference, 1958
NABIM Clinic, Chicago, ( "Music and Science") 1958
Portland State College, Oregon, Summer Institute, 1959
State mathematical education meetings, Santa Barbara, California, 1959
86-36/26 Wayne State University, Detroit, (letters of S. Hu and S. Kaplan) 1959
Presidential address, AMS, (published as "A Certain Class of Topological Properties") 1959
University of Miami, (letters of Swingle) 1960
Notre Dame University, 1960
Purdue University, (Sigma Xi, Math. Colloquium) 1960
University of Illinois, (NSF Academic Year Institute) 1960
Florida State University, (Phi Beta Kappa, "Mathematics: Science or Humanity?") 1961,
Carleton College, (NSF Conference on Undergraduate Research in Mathematics; Linear continuum notes) 1961
Florida A & M University, ( "What do You Expect from Mathematics?"--on mathematics teaching) 1962
Ohio University, Bowling Green, (NSF Institute; Mathematics Colloquium) 1963
University Center, Richmond, Virginia, (visiting scholar) 1963
University of Wisconsin-Madison, (Colloquium; MAA Wisconsin section: "What is Set Theory?") 1964
Syracuse University, (Mathematics Colloquium; Pi Mu Epsilon--Anniversary) 1964
Belfer Graduate School meetings, 1964, 1966
College of San Mateo, 1965
Wake Forest College, 1965
University Center, Athens and Atlanta, Georgia, 1965
Ohio State University, 1965
University of Nebraska, 1965
Westchester State College, Pennsylvania, ( "Role of Intuition") 1965
Kent State University, 1965
Florida State University, (NSF Mathematics Institute) 1966
Fisk University, (Visiting Scholars Program) 1966
University of Michigan, (Topology Conference) 1966
86-36/27 Southern Methodist University, 1966
Rice University, University of Houston, Louisiana State University, Tulane University, 1966
Geneva College, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, (MAA-Alleghany Mountain section) 1966
University of Utah, 1966
University of California-Davis, 1967
San Francisco, (MAA, Retiring Presidential Address) 1968
Gibbs Lecture, AMS, ( "Trends and Social Implications of Research") 1968
University of Oregon, 1969
Asilomar, California, (NCTM Conference) 1969
Gustavus Adolphus College, 1970
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, (NCTM) 1970
University of California-Santa Barbara, (Topology Seminar, "Talks on Aspects of Plane Topology") 1970-1971
Carleton College, (Sloan Lectures) 1971
Allan Hancock College, ( "The Role of Examples") 1971
Penn State University, ( "History in the Mathematics Curriculum") 1971
86-36/28 Caltech, (MAA luncheon talk, "Recollections and Reflections") 1972
Claremont Graduate School, ( "Hereditary Stress") 1972
Smith College, ( "The Infinite in Mathematics") 1972
Michigan State University, (NCTM, Banquet talk) 1972
Raleigh, North Carolina, (North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics) 1973
Bozeman, Montana, (NCTM) 1974
California Polytechnic, 1975
San Antonio, Texas, (AMS, "Why did a Seventeenth Century Field of Mathematics Disappear?") 1976
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, (Topology Conference) 1977
Santa Clara, 1977
University of California-Santa Barbara, (Algebraic and Geometric Topology Seminar) 1977



86-36/28 American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1948-1971
American Mathematical Society
Records, 1922-1948
Presidential and Vice-Presidential records, 1950-1957
86-36/29 Presidential records, 1955-1957
Presidential correspondence, 1955-1956
Presidential correspondence, 1955-1956
Correspondence, 1954-1959
Records, 1967-1972
Board of Trustees, 1956-1958
86-36/30 Board of Trustees, 1955
Council, 1955-1956
Council, 1955-1959
Council, Erdos case, 1954-1956
Executive director, correspondence, 1955-1956
Executive director, correspondence, 1956-1958
86-36/31 Lorch case, 1950-1957
Semi-Centennial 1938
Segregation issue, 1951-1956
Summer Institutes, 1955-1958
Summer Meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1955
Committees, 1955-1956, 1961-1962
Colloquium Committee, 1947-1953
Colloquium Committee, 1948-1952
86-36/32 Colloquium Committee: Topology of Manifolds, 1947-1955
Colloquium Committee: Lefschetz' Topology, 1951
Committee on Chicago Symposium Lecture, 1932
Committee on the Role of the Society in Mathematical Publication, 1944-1949
Committee on the Role of the Society in Mathematical Publication, 1949
Committee on Travel Grants, Edinburgh Congress, 1957
Nominating Committee, 1938-1956
Policy Committee, 1957
75th Birthday Committee, 1960-1961
Survey Committee
86-36/33 Archives of American Mathematics
Correspondence, 1981-1982
Joint Fact-finding Committee on Archives, 1975-1979
Joint Fact-finding Committee on Archives, 1976-1979
Albert C. Lewis, F. W. Roberts, correspondence, reports, 1975-1981
Register, R. L. Moore Collection at the University of Texas
Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, 1958-1970
86-36/34 Mathematical Association of America
Records, 1925-1954
Presidential records, 1965-1966
Presidential records, schedule (partial) of travel during Presidency, 1965-1966
Post-Presidential records, 1967
Records, 1968-1974
Records, 1975-1982
American Mathematical Monthly, 1966-1980
Brochure, 1974
86-36/35 Building Fund, 1976-1979
Cooperative Summer Seminar, 1965
Decline in SAT scores, 1976
Dinner for "over-30" members, Seattle, 1977
Dolciani Mathematical Expositions, 1973, 1977
Fiftieth Anniversary, Cornell University, 1965
High School Contests, 1973
New Mathematical Library, 1974
Visiting Lectureship, 1956-1961, 1973-1974
W. B. Ford Lecture Fund, legal aspects, 1972
Committee on Award for Distinguished Service, 1965, 1972-1975
Committee on Chauvenet Prize, 1976
Committee on Corporate Members, 1973
Committee on Educational Media, 1965-1966
86-36/36 Committee on Educational Media, 1965-1966
Committee on Educational Media, 1965-1967
Committee on Educational Media - Level I, 1965-1966
Committee on Educational Media - Final report to NSF, 1968
Committee on National Awards, 1968-1977
86-36/37 Committee on National Awards, 1970-1973
Committee on National Awards and Public Representation - National Medal of Science, 1972
Committee on National Awards and Public Representation - Medal of Honor Award, 1974
Committee on Special Funds, 1969-1973
Committee on Special Funds, 1974-1975
86-36/38 Committee on Special Funds, 1976-1980
Committee on Special Funds - Individual donors, 1973
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics, Records, Problems in College Teaching, San Francisco, & Detroit, 1965-1966, 1971;Oct. 1969March, 1970
History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee, 1976-1978
History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee, 1977-1980
History of American Mathematics in World War II Committee, 1980
Nominating Committee, 1969
Publication Committee, 1976
86-36/39 National Academy of Sciences
Records, 1965-1982
Centennial, 1963
Committee on Science and Public Policy (COSPUP), 1965-1980
Committee on Support of Research in the Mathematical Sciences (COSRIMS), 1965-1966
Committee on Support of Research in the Mathematical Sciences, 1966
Election to membership, 1963
National Research Council, 1931-1933, 1953-1955, 1963-1965
National Research Council - Fulbright Awards Committee, 1950-1951
Visit of President M. Nicolescu to Santa Barbara, 1970
86-36/40 National Science Foundation
Advisory Panel of the Course Content Improvement Section, 1960-1961
Divisional committees, 1958-1966
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Division, 1958-1959
Grant proposal evaluations, 1971-1982
School Mathematics Study Group, 1958-1970
Miscellaneous organizations


Positions, Fellowships, Visiting Professorships:

86-36/40 Position offers, 1940-1968
86-36/41 University of Texas, 1921-1923
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1940-1941
Visiting professorships, 1947, 1949, 1966, 1972
Florida State University, 1961-1962


Faculty and Administrative Activities:

86-36/41 University of Michigan
Records, 1928-1977
Correspondence, 1961-1962
Advisory Committee to the Planning Study on Student Development, 1960
E. W. Miller Fund and Award, 1943-1979
Faculty dismissals, Chan Davis, etc., 1954
Ford, Clinton - Ford Lecture Fund, 1971-1974
86-36/42 President's Club, 1981-1982
Reports on dissertations and theses, 1937-1947
Russel Lectures, 1958-1970
Sabbatical leaves, 1933-1934, 1956-1957
Teaching appointments, Summer, 1946
University Committee on Scholarly Publications (Karpinsky-Adams Provencal Arithmetic book), 1943-1954
Wilder's recollections of the University of Michigan (typescript of recording), 1976
Ziwet Lectures, 1963-1965
University of California-Santa Barbara
Appointment as visiting professor, correspondence, biography form, 1967-1971
Wilder Foundation Awards, 1977-1980



86-36/42 Notes, course descriptions, 1935-1939 and undated
Student papers
Math 190 (Evolution of Mathematical Concepts and Theories)
Class notes, dittoes, 1970-1971
Notes, diagrams, bibliographies, correspondence, 1969-1970
Quiz, midterm, specimen questions from University of Michigan and Hallerberg, 1963
Math 190A; final exam and notes, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1970
86-36/43 Math 190A & B; handouts, notes, quizzes, (dittoes), 1970-1971
Math 190B; Topics in Foundations of Mathematics, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1971
Materials relating to Math 195 (Foundations)
Math 195; notes, background readings, undated
Math 195; notes, exams, correspondence, lecture synopses, background readings,
Math 195; course outlines, 1928-1949 and undated
Exams, 1929-1962
Notes labeled "FM revision"
Intuitionism, notes and background readings
Math 193; notes, 1955-1956 and undated
86-36/44 Math 297; notes, student papers, 1956-1959 and undated
Math 483; quizzes, finals, 1955-1965
Math 495, notes
Notes and background readings, 1930-1948 and undated
Quiz questions, 1951-1966
Synopsis of early lectures
Works by and notes about Th. Skolem, A. Tarski, and O. Veblen
Zermelo postulate
Math 196 (Linear continuum); notes, 1969
College of Creative Studies, student papers, dittoed notes and exams
College of Creative Studies, 1972
College of Creative Studies, 1973
Ann Arbor Public Schools, Mathematics Seminar, 1963
Course evaluations
86-36/45 Course evaluations (cont.)


Mathematicians - Biographical and Memorial Items:

86-36/45 About mathematicians (clippings)
Claytor, W. S., 1967-1979
Moore, R. L.
Correspondence about and biographical items, 1970-1977
Dedication of Robert Lee Moore Hall, 1973
Forced retirement, 1969
Instructorship fund, 1976-1977
Presentation breakfast, 1976
Rainich, G. Y., 1955, 1968, 1982
Savage, L. J., 1971-1972
Wilder, R. L., clippings, biographical directory entries, 1932-1982


Miscellaneous Professional Activities:

86-36/46 Advice, 1940-1978
Books and periodicals: purchases and inquiries, 1933-1977
Consulting: manuscript reviews, 1940-1980
Manuscripts and publications of others
Political and wartime problems of foreign mathematicians, 1940-1980
Refereeing, 1937-1979



86-36/46 Education
Palmer High School, 1914
Brown University
Student and alumni material, 1914-1920, 1972-1981
Lecture notes: Mathematics (R. G. D. Richardson), Maps and Map-making
History course
86-36/47 English courses, 1914-1915
60th reunion, 1978
Naval service, 1918
AAM-OS/3 Honors and Awards
Brown University, 1920-1921
University of Michigan, Phi Kappa Phi, 1945
86-36/47 Bucknell University, D.Sc., 1955
Brown University, Sc.D., 1958
AAM-OS/3 Mathematics Department honorary dinner [University of Michigan?], scroll signed by attendees, 1966
86-36/48 Mathematical Association of America, Award for Distinguished Service, 1973
University of Michigan, LL.D., 1980
Issues and controversies, 1946-1980
Non-professional interests and activities
I.F. Stone's Weekly, 1969-1971
Non-professional organizations