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A Guide to the Thomas F. McGann Papers, 1945-1980.

Creator McGann, Thomas F.
Title: Thomas F. McGann Papers,
Dates: 1945-1980.
Abstract Papers consist of personal and professional correspondance of Thomas F. McGann, a noted historian with a concentration in Latin American history, primarily Argentina.
OCLC No.: 962486337
Extent: 27 ft.
Language Materials are in English
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

A native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, born in 1920, Thomas Francis McGann was a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University in 1941 and received his master's and doctorate degrees from Harvard as well. After teaching at Harvard from 1949 to 1958, he joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin, becoming professor of history in 1961. In the twenty-five years of teaching that followed, McGann held visiting appointments at Stanford University, Columbia University, the Naval War College, and the Air Force Academy. McGann's primary concentration in Latin American history was Argentina. He was editor of the Latin American Research Review for five years and a member of the board of editors of the Hispanic American Historical Review. At the University of Texas, McGann served as acting chairman of the Department of History and as chairman of the department's Graduate Studies Committee. He was chairman of the Board of Faculty Advisors of the University of Texas Press, and served as chairman of the Publications Committee of the Institute of Latin American Studies.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, notes, course materials, and printed items relating to Thomas McGann's career as a member of the Department of History faculty at the University of Texas at Austin and as a specialist in the field of Latin American history.



Papers are arranged by topic of correspondance, with a few films strips at the beginning.


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McGann, Thomas F.
University of Texas at Austin
Latin America--History

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Thomas F. McGann Papers, 1945-1980, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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CDL2/K28 Miscellaneous filmstrip, microfilm, cassette tape, reel-to-reel tape
Oversize printed material
CDL2/K29 Graduate Ed. Fin.
Miscellaneous course syllabi, newspaper clippings, magazines, printed material, articles, 1945-1980
Bibliography of books on role of military in South America
Argentinian social psychology papers
Galley proofs
Oversize maps
CDL2/K30 Index cards, Archivo General de Indias, Sevilla
Tutorials, 1957-1958
No Peace Beyond the Line: Spanish Defenses on Land and Sea in the Caribbean During the Colonial Period, Roger Willock, 1955
Miscellaneous printed material, articles, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1960-1977
Chapter I
CLAH (Conference on Latin American History), December 1970
Committees, pre-1961-1962
Harvard Library article, 1958-1959
Latin America committees, 1961-1962
Hispanic American Historical Review
American Historical Review, 1971
CLAH, 1971
ILAS (Institute of Latin American Studies) Administrative Council
Anvil book
Martinez Estrada
International Congress of Mexican Studies
Socialist Countries Committee
CDL2/K31 Miscellaneous class syllabi, handouts, correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, 1972-1980
Bibliographies and reading lists
Luan-Miller, Patricia Dolores, 1979-1980
Latin American recruitment (non-Mexican), 1972-1973
USAF Academy, academic, 1978-1979
Audio-visual, 1977-1979
Vice president, Administrative Committee, 1979-1980
Slatta, Richard, 1976-1980
McGann, DVP file
Correspondence, 1979
Ponce, Fernando Augustin, 1974-1980
Comprehensive lectures
USAF Academy, administration
Mendez, Jesus, 1976-1980
Pan American Institute of Geography and History
Class papers
CDL2/K32 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, printed material, publications, correspondence, articles, notes, class material, 1952-1976
Argentina manuscript
Pan American Institute of Geography and History
2 bound notebooks
History 366N, Military and political violence, bibliography
Oversize maps
"Mexican Economic Dependency on the United States," Thesis, Patricia Dolores Luan, 1975
Branden material
WHA (Western History Association) meeting, October 1981
Latin American jobs, 1979-1980
McGann replacement
LBJ Library and Museum dedication booklet
CDL2/K33 Correspondence, I-R; printed material, newspaper clippings, 1953-1975
National character
Rosas and ERA
U. S. Latin American relations
Miscellaneous printed material, publications
CDL2/K34 UT Press, 1967-1968
Graduate Council, 1970-1971
SHA (Southern Historical Association), 1970
Spain, grant
Sevilla correspondence, dead, 1967
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, correspondence, papers, printed material, articles, 1946-1965
Peru, grant
Miscellaneous course work, lecture notes, 1980-1981
Correspondence, J-L, S; articles, papers, printed material
AHA meeting, 1976
Haring Committee
Argentina class material
Keating class material
Government committee
University Publications of America
CDL2/K35 Miscellaneous printed material, magazines, papers, articles, correspondence, 1968-1971
Borges and Fierro and Tinker
Inter-American relations, 1981
It All Began With Brother Sam
Military aid
Armies and politics
Guerrillas and terrorism
International security, miscellaneous
Military, miscellaneous
Foreign relations
Archival guides
Education and universities
Argentine Conference
CDL2/K36 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, printed material, class notes, published material, correspondence, papers, reports, articles, 1953-1979
Clippings, Venezuala
Freshman seminar
Venezualan/Colombian, Administrative
Library Science seminar
Social character, Argentina
McGann committees
International Studies Committee
Latin American speech material
Budget Council minutes
Basic seminar
AHA meeting, 1964
Tinker introduction
Stanford exposition
U. S. and Latin America today
Stanford University, History Department
Stanford, miscellaneous
Stanford, correspondence, September 1962 - June 1963
Clippings, reviews, my books
Kennedy Memorial, lectures
University of Utah
World History
Reading lists
Colonia reading seminar, 1969
CDL2/K37 Correspondence, A-P, 1963-1966
Miscellaneous index cards, correspondence, printed material, 1964-1965
Oversize maps
Course lectures, reading lists
CDL2/K38 Miscellaneous articles, newspaper clippings, printed material, 1974-1981
Student papers, 1972-1976
International Affairs course
Contemporary Theories of Revolution in Latin America with Special Reference to Venezuala, Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile, by John Gerassi
CDL2/K39 Miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, printed material, articles, reports, student papers, 1959-1969
Clippings, 1966
Clippings for teaching
Correspondence, A-D, U-Z,
Hydro. information, Pacific
Braden file
General Argentine materials
CDL2/K40 Szuchman, Mark D.
University Research Institute, 1976-1977
MAS (Mexican American Studies) Committee
Tutorial back file, 1954-1956
CLAH, dist., serv., 1977
Latin America, recruitment, Caribbeanists
Latin America positions, 1972-1973
Brown, Johnathan C.
Correspondence, E-I, Mc
Miscellaneous printed material, magazines, published material, newspaper clipping, correspondence, reports, papers, 1953-1976
Economic Reform in Eighteenth Century Portugal, by S. C. Schneider, 3rd copy
CDL2/K41 Ambassador and Dictator
Military file, miscellaneous
"Latin American Militaries: Two Models, Many Problems"
"The Expanding Institutional Concerns of the Latin American Military Establishments"
"Military Motivations in the Seizure of Power"
Military and Society, class lecture
Inter-American relations
Argentina, past lectures
Miscellaneous class lectures, notes, handouts
Calder, Bruce J.
AHA session, 1973
O'Neil, C. F.
King, William Martin Rev., Dissertation discussion
Sweitlicki, Alain
Latin America Area Committee, 1975
NWC (National War College), general file, 1973
Sr. Szyszlo
Graduate students
Ph. D. students
Field book
War College
Mckay, Raymond
Sutin, Stewart Edward
Castles in Spain
CDL2/K42 Miscellaneous dissertations, theses
Correspondence, U-Z
Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, papers
Latin America clipping file, 1968
Fellowships, general
Tinker, post-doctorate
The Wilson Center
ILAS Publications Committee meetings, 1976-1978
Slick Committee
Use of history
PAIGH, colonial history
CDL2/K43 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1960-1961
Encyclopedia Britannica
Correspondence, November 30, 1978-
Clippings, articles, 1963-1965
Class lectures, notes, handouts, syllabi, reading lists
CDL2/K44 Miscellaneous correspondence, printed material, clippings, papers, articles; Course lectures, notes, handouts, 1953-1982
Meznar, Joan
Graduate file, 1981
Graduate programs, etc.
SAMA (San Antonio Museum Association)
Merubia, Hosmanek
Bottino, Maria Elida
Great estates
Correspondence, A-Z
CDL2/K45 Ph.D. candidates, working file, 1976-1978
Non-supervised Ph.D. graduate students
Major Downes
G. Witt, newscast
LAAC (Latin America Area Committee)
Tinker, Edward Larocque
Buenos Aires book
AWC (Air War College), 1980
HRC fellowships proposals and Professor Sherry
Book titles
Supplee, Joan E.
Simulations and games
Marine Corp Archives
McGann, manuscripts
Mexico, 1979
McGann, history, Iberia
Latin America, unity lecture
Humor, etc.
Oral exam questions
Graduate advising, 1963-1964
Miscellaneous lectures
AHA meeting, San Francisco
Spain, war (photographs)
CDL2/K46 University Research Institute
Tinker, chair
NWC, 1974
SWSSC (Southwestern Social Science Association)
Promotions Committee
Latin America candidates, 1973-1974
Graduate fellows
Bolton Committee
Committee on Humanities
Latin America, recruitment, Mexicanists
Latin America, recruitment, other
Latin America position, Mexico, 1972-1973
Lofstrom, William
History 101, course material
Spain, Congress
Manuscript, Buenos Aires
Search for Mexican position
Stein, Steve, papers, etc.
Latin America, recruitment, Andeanists (non-Peru)
CDL2/K47 Miscellaneous clippings, printed material, correspondence, articles, class materials, newspaper clippings, 1969-1981
A-H, correspondence, clippings, miscellaneous files, 1956-1974
Field notes, correspondence, manuscript
The University of Southwestern Louisiana, Ph.D. program in history, 1975
Military documents
Military and guerrillas, clippings and bibliography, 1971-1979
Louisiana State University, Graduate School catalog, 1975-1976
Braden file
CDL2/K48 Miscellaneous files, Q-Z
Spanish history
Haring Prize Committee
Western Hemisphere Series
CLAH, General Committee
Plan II seminar
Ditto masters
Dominican Republic Association
Venezuela, Colombia, and Caribbean lectures
Colombia seminar
ILAS Budget Advisory Committee, 1968-1969
FACP (Faculty Advisory Committee on Policy), 1968-1969
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Committee
McCrocklin, James H., clippings
ILAS, 1968-1969
Colombia and Cuba, clippings
Reading seminar, colonial period, 1961-1962
Miscellaneous published material
CDL2/K49 Miscellaneous files, M-R
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, printed material, correspondence, 1970-1971
Latin America jobs, 1970
Butler, M. D.
Budget Council
LASA (Latin America Studies Association) Nominating Committee, 1968
ILAS Graduate Committee
Ross, Stanley, Dr., 1968
AHA meeting, 1968
ILAS, general
Nominating Committee
UT Press Committee
Ph.D. program, revisions
HAHR location
CDL2/K50 Miscellaneous correspondence, printed material, newspaper clippings, articles, 1967-1970, 1984
Class material
CLAH, 1970
CLAH, Brazil
Student papers
Mexican Revolution Conference
O'Neil, Charles Francis, thesis
LASA, Austin
CLAH/AHA, 1969
CLASP (Consortium for Latin American Studies Programs)
CDL2/K51 Class material
Miscellaneous printed material, newspaper clippings, published material, oversize printed material, 1981
Lancaster, Michael Odell
Fr. Schiefen
Latin America, jobs, correspondence
Past due and other candidates
Vassberg, David E.
Lindley, Richard B.
Adams, Daniel
Chapman, John G.
Littlewood, David Scott
Schmidt, Henry Conrad
Findling, John Ellis
Cooper, Donald
Copeland, William J.
Colodner, Daniel
Butler, R. W.
Bryan, P.
Adams, John
Breedlove, James M.
Sweeney, Ernest S.
Sponberg, Darrell Lee
Romero, correspondence
Johnson, Dale
Hall, A. H.
Greer, Robert
LASA, Thomas McGann
Finances, 1969
Zimdars, Ben
ROTC, 1969
White, Robert
Macune, Charles W.
Cook, Noble David
Flores, Romeo Ricardo
Argueta, Mario
CLAH, Distinguished Srvice Award
Pacific Historical Review article
Argentina, German submarines
CDL2/K52 Miscellaneous printed material, newspaper clippings, published material, correspondence, 1960-1971
The Graduate Journal, 1965-1976
Innes, John
Leitman, Spencer Lewis
Webb, Dorothy Rose
McGann manuscript
European positions
Bennett, John
McLeroy, J. D.
Smith, D.
Cunniff, Roger
Latin America jobs, Svec, William R.
Sywak, William W.
Schneider, Susan Cora
Latin America jobs
Job offers
Hilton, Stanley E.
Vanderwood, Paul J.
Samponaro, Frank
Solem, Richard Ray
Rodriguez, Jaime E.
2.325/N1 Spain grants
Correspondence, 1966
Latin American placement file, 1967-1968
Tower Seminar, students and dead file
Graduate students
New Romero file, 1967
Argentina, Divided Land, clippings
Pacific Coast, 1976
McGann, salary commission
Latin American and Mexican history, positions, 1969-1970
Latin America, appointments, 1968-1969
SHA (Southern Historical Association), meeting, 1968
ILAS (Institute of Latin American Studies) meeting, 1966
Stanford Summer School
Library Commissions
Latin American positions, Spring 1969
Tjarks and Friede
Policy Committee, 1967-1968
Paek, Pong Hyon
Charles Harris III
Portrait clippings
Residential college, 1968-1969
Joseph R. Jaurez
Mrs. Brennan
McGann, clippings and UT official
Spain clippings
McGann replacement
Charles R. Berry
Miscellaneous file, graduate students, etc.
Latin American history, Ford proposal
2.325/N2 Spain, living
William Rudolph Svec, January 1965
Svec, 1966
Placement, 1965-1966
Former miscellaneous work file, Sevilla (dead)
Argentina history files
Miscellaneous printed material, published material, brochures, clippings, articles, conference papers